Louis Theroux: Bodybuilding
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Louis Theroux: Bodybuilding

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Louis Theroux: BodybuildingLouis travels to California, home of the body beautiful, to see if he can join the world of extreme body building.

After working out with Guy Grundy, a leading amateur, he soon realizes he is not cut out to be a muscle man and goes off in search of another role in the bodybuilding world.

Theroux travels to Charles Peeple's farm in Connecticut, where Peeple has transformed his farm into a playboy mansion for female body builders. While here, Theroux gets a part in a female muscle film being made at the farm.

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  1. Marcel van Delft

    where is the documentary? :O

  2. AlekNovy

    It's truly annoying how dishonest the roid-users are. I don't mind that the aussie-roider lied that he doesn't use (he has to, it's illegal in the usa, and you go to jail). This guy is not only on roids, he's bigger than what most people can achieve on just steroids, he's probably using growth hormone too (at least).

    But, the BIGGEST lie steroid-using bodybuilders say, and this guy said is that "you can't just take stuff and grow muscle without training".

    The truth is, a study was done on this. A group of steroid users sitting at home DOING NOTHING AT ALL gained 3x more muscle than guys busting their ass off in the gym training hardcore.

    Let me repeat... By just taking steroids and LYING AROUND and doing NO ACTIVITY they gained more muscle than the group training their butt off naturally.

    Of course, the group taking steroids AND training gained the fastest, but only a bit faster than the steroiders lying around. That just proves that the steroids do the most of the work.

  3. patriotbill

    Hummm, after seeing women like Maria,it raises the question for me uh at what point is a woman no longer a woman.hormonally when a woman take steroids they can increase there testosterone level to the same amount that men have.So is this still a women? having the parts of a female but the hormones of a male.It's like a new gender of humans not male or female.It's like a science project going wrong.I personally think there is nothing wrong with females building there muscals but when the women take steroids it really destroys there femininity...

    1. D & D

      Go to wikipedia, search : Andreas Krieger

  4. CatnipBubbleGum

    i think i've seen all his Weird Weekend twice/thrice already! WE WANT MORE!!! Does any know if Louis will make more? I also watched his other stuff and the doc on Michael Jackson, but Weird Weekends wins hands down :) More More!

  5. StillRV

    That Maria chick reminded me of the Trans-gender inmate Louie interviewed in San Quentin.

  6. dogsaysbark

    Was hoping this was new...saw this doc several years back. Very good

  7. Guest

    Louis always makes his subject look bad in a sneaky way, and yes most of the stuff he is after is easily shown to look substandard. So if one can put that aside, he is pretty funny and willing to try just about anything. He did have a tummy tuck on one of his past video, although he didn't achieve much with that. The married girl sure makes you wonder if she really is a woman. To say that the world is conditioned to find woman like Claudia Schiffer pretty is a reality but to say that we are conditioned to find these woman ugly is pushing it...let's face it there is nothing natural about their look. Working your every muscles to that extend seem to stiffen your face too, i did not see one pretty face in the whole gang although i suppose some used to be quite pretty...and i also saw a lot of boobs job.
    I believe a woman who goes to the gym, exercise a lot, eat healthy and stay off those drugs can achieve a very nice look if she knows the limit to overdoing it, though it appears to be addictive. I think the world of body building is a bit like the world of plastic surgery, one eye fix turns into many more, people seem to loose a sense of natural beauty.
    It is a matter of taste...beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    I have often asked woman what do you like in a man's physic...i heard nice smile, beautiful eyes, straight back, nice bum, long legs...never or very rarely have i heard body buider!

    1. Epicurean_Logic

      Louis is a hilarious guy to watch but I wouldn't want to invite him around to mine for dinner; he is a bit of an annoying fellow in a sneaky way. When he persist with a question you can see people going red in the face and getting up to 99. Makes for great TV though.

      I agree with you @az and most others that they look too masculine, the big nose and the Adam's apple in particular. I have to say that the big black girl still managed to retain some femininity although not in a conventional soft manner. Her voice and mannerisms were certainly feminine in my eyes. She could bench press me any time. Does any one else agree? Or is it because my mother beat me when I was a child(lol). It was interesting that she was one of the few that claimed to have never taken steroids, and I think it showed.

      I also agree with you when you say that,

      ' to say that we are conditioned to find these woman ugly is pushing it '

      Because most men do not find masculine features/other men attractive by nature. I would be interested to know if gay men find female body-builders attractive. Out of curiosity you know. For the sake of scientific research. Anyone?

    2. Guest

      I think gay men would find men body-builders attractive in majority and lesbians would find women body-builders attractive in majority IF THEY DID but in there too there would be exceptions. I am not sure from my standpoint... but i think what attracts a man to a man is his own need, his view stands from where is belly is, same for women. And it is my impression that most gay men really like the very feminine women..for some it is a quality they try to copy in their attitude and maneurism.
      And by the way...gay men can be the best friends for women...no bull **** just straight friendship.
      Let's hear it from the real gay bull's eye!

    3. Craig Adlard

      "Louis always makes his subject look bad in a sneaky way, and yes most of the stuff he is after is easily shown to look substandard."

      I don't think that's what he does at all. It's more like he tries to get everyone to bring out their true personality and admit some of their thoughts and worries. He presents them honestly so then the viewer can get to know them a bit and make their own judgement.

      Sometimes he says his own opinion, but I think that's a way to get people to open up more.. and explain their thinking to the viewers more.

      The people in this documentary come across well, they seem like really nice people. Sometimes I do think the people are bad, but that's just my judgement.

      In the 'most hated family' one, he tries to give the viewers every chance to understand them and what goes through their heads. They were obviously going to be very unpopular, but they'd instantly be that unpopular as soon as you heard about them anyway.

      Most times the program is more about personalities that I would describe as unusual, thought-provoking and entertaining to learn about.

  8. Rob Henderson

    theres a difference in fitness models and women looking like men..puhlease..

  9. Golden Chantarelle

    Yay more Theroux!

  10. bogdanvladimir

    ooo...another doc from Louis Theroux can't wait to see it

  11. Nevermore_in_Oz

    Thanks, love his work, his ability to ALMOST hide his disbelief is just a riot.