Love, Reality, and the Time of Transition
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Love, Reality, and the Time of Transition

2011, Conspiracy  -   45 Comments
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All we require is love, but do we actually recognize what love is? Love is a concept that is chanted about in songs, logged in poems, babbled about a lot, and it's a "thing" many people crave for, mainly in the form of a significant other. Most often used phrases are: be heart focused, be adored, love is the key, love invariably wins, convey love and light, etc. People utilize it nonchalantly in dialogs in their daily lives. It is perceived as the fix to all the world difficulties.

If that's so straightforward, how come nothing has essentially transformed on our planet, regardless the evident technological advance? We still witness massacres, abuse, and war. Lot of children and noncombatants have perished in the Middle East and all over the world, as a consequence of the war apparatus under the command of madmen, who simply don't care about people holding up peace signs with the announcement of love as the agent of change.

Observing it more carefully we can see that love is one of the most misused and misinterpreted concepts. We confuse things like fulfilment, affection, commitment, responsibility, enthusiasm, aspiration, and many other feelings, notions and concepts, as love, in order to suffuse something that is absent within us.

These misinterpretations are also employed mostly unintentionally as shields to evade facing real life as it is, by observing the world with bias, instead of perceiving oneself and the world more impartially, beyond facade.

There is intimate love between human beings, maternal love, love of parents and community, self love, love for the divine, and even love for manufactured doctrines and ideas such as nations and countries. So what is in fact love? How can we illustrate or explain such a potent energy? Words are very restrictive and can only point a finger to it, but are not actually it.

Perhaps we can begin by inspecting what love isn't. When it comes to social correlations we often see dominance schemes, resentment and discontent, which are of course not love, but articulations rooted in anxiety and possessiveness. Love is associated with sentiment but feelings can't be solely founded on chemical reactions in the brain either.

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6 years ago

"The road less traveled"
That's a book by Scott Peck m.d.
It describes the concept of love beautifully and clearly.

7 years ago

Looking for Love...What is Love?
Love is why we are here…Love connects us and holds us together. Love is the most powerful force on Earth.

❀ Understanding, finding and connecting with Love from the heart:

To feel and connect to and with love, love must be received with the heart… Felt, shared and given from the heart.
All the love you feel, receive, share, give…take all that love and place it in your heart. Feel the love in your heart, feel the deeper connection to soul and mind. Keep the love in your heart at all times, when you receive more love, feel, share and give more love…place the love in your heart. Everything you do, touch and think will arise from a heart of love.

Take a moment of silence to focus only on the love in your heart pumping life blood and beating in harmonious love with your life.
You will feel clarity arising from within, a connection with self and you will learn to know yourself as you truly are with love and you will discover and feel love for self and in this, loving yourself, is where miracles of love begin to happen.
There will be less clutter in your thoughts and you will gain more perspective when you have a heart full of love.

There will be no room in your heart for hate, deception, lies, anger, envy, greed...all these heavy and negative obstacles and forces that weigh you down, that consume your mind, soul and the light within, will progressively dissolve into love.
Love is free and love will set you free to love from your heart and to think in love.

Love is light. Love is simple…when love comes from the heart; love feels and recognizes love everywhere and in everything. Love sees and finds love and it becomes easier to connect with hearts that are full of love. With love in our heart, our minds open and remind us of who we truly are. We are love... Love has the power to unite us and to reconnect us with our humanity.

Faith, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, positive thoughts, inner peace and happiness are attained easily and naturally. Your life will be filled with actions of love and positive choices.

Falling in love becomes more realistic and truthful ...when you fall in love with another being with a heart full of love, your mind and thoughts are filled with overwhelming excitement, happiness, passion, ecstasy… a beautiful place of euphoria and adventure. Love will know Love in a heartbeat. When we love another with all our heart and soul, our minds are freed to expand into love and to be love.

When you express and touch your children with Love from the heart, they will sense and feel the love and in return love will blossom in their hearts, minds and souls.
All living beings will sense and feel love as pure and love will vibrate from their hearts and souls.

Love from the heart, sees love through the eyes of love with thoughts of love for one other, family, friends, animals, Earth, all life on Earth, nature, the ocean and it’s majestic and glorious life.
Beauty will radiate from inside and outside with love’s gentle touch.

Love and Light :-)♥

❀Why are we disconnected from Love?

Our world and people are truly and seriously lacking and deprived of love and the true meaning, feeling and actions of love.
Love from the heart is not shown, felt, practiced enough or taught in schools and at home.
Pure love from the heart is not preached enough in churches and communities and leaves one feeling unsatisfied and fear and worry takes control.
Love from the heart is not spread enough through all the diverse and plentiful media available that most humans have access to.

Love is often replaced with sensationalism, melodrama and dramatic events and occurrences and leaves mankind hungry for success and status in order fit in with a society created through negative messages and broadcasts, materialistic desires and media diversions. There is not much room left for love when the heart and mind are filled with ego and it's pursuits.

When we become or are disconnected from love within our heart, love comes from the mind and is a spoken word to express the emotion. Love is then heard instead of felt and not stored in our heart and conscious.
Love is often misunderstood and not experienced, shared, received or given in its pure and simple seems more complicated and fear of not having enough or being good enough clutters the passage to Love.
Love becomes abusive and abused and the meaning of love becomes blurred and is sometimes lost. The search for Love seems hopeless and one gives up easily.

Love becomes less spoken and practiced on a daily basis and life is not lived in love's truth...preaching and sermons of love are not taken to heart and love begins to feel unreal.
Love becomes a basic necessity where and when needed and then stowed away so that one can continue with the daily pursuit of survival, money and material needs... attention is focused on daily stress and pressure along with a number of other matters of the heart and mind to continue its daily course.
The true power of Love’s pure force and energy has implanted fear into the minds and hearts of narcissist men, political figures and pious leaders...fear of a starving ego, fear of not having control, influence or power over love's truth and power to cure, heal, nourish, sustain, to change and unite.
This fear of pure love's threatening presence is replaced with desire for power to control, influence and manipulate; power fed by greed for wealth to control and indoctrinate; greed so gluttonous to create and cause the devastating annihilation and destruction of Earth that is ruled by and through fear.

Love becomes secondary to ego and the lust for power and self-regarding survival; This is the leading cause of corruption and the disconnection from our hearts and our humanity. Fear and the race to survive takes over and love becomes futile.

The absence of Love and compassion is the greatest cause of continuous dreadful suffering and poverty stricken countries.
The suffering and merciless slaughter of the innocent that is viewed and accepted as everyday normality; creating doubt and fear in the hearts of mankind; Faith and hope are abandoned, love forgotten and lost to the need for self-obsessed survival.

Love will rise! Love is the answer...The solution...The change... Love will heal and replenish Mother Earth.
Humanity will be reborn from Love and life will flourish.

7 years ago

Thank you so much for creating and producing the documentary.
My only comment is that festivals don't essentially need to have workshops of what is already known with much repetition. We do speak among us about the devastation and destruction, the absence of love from the heart that disconnects us from our humanity. we discuss solutions and share positive energy. and yes! we do yoga, discuss self sustainability and permaculture. Most festivals aim to provide a platform for a little release from the reality our daily norm and events, our computers and cellphones, negative news feeds of war and destruction, eco-system crisis etc. There is no need to take the drama of politics and religion to festivals or to wherever we go in order to be more conscious or aware. Respect.

7 years ago

I really enjoyed this overall. There was one recited quote that was a bit too long for my liking. The idea of compassion being all-encompassing, rather than simply positive, had a big effect on me. I look forward to trying it out.

7 years ago

The philosophy of love mixed with a "call to arms" to get involved with the political process. The world is as it always has been and always will be - Power takes wealth or wealth buys power. The powerful/wealthy form an oligarchy that rules over the masses. Minorities of any type (race, religion, sexuality) are persecuted. The only variable is to what extent these actions happen (how much power do the elite have, what protections do the persecuted have, what is the standard of living for those at the bottom). Accept the world as it is and find beauty there. If, after such acceptance, you decide to make effort to change the variables in one direction or the other, you must do it with no emotional attachment to the results. Act, not out of righteous indignation, but in love and patience. Any "way" other than this is the same old call for revolution we've heard since the beginning of recorded history. It results in a momentary reshuffling of the deck and then the same paradigms emerge.

8 years ago

This is really off base. This sounds like postulated truths that are so yesterday.

Nancy Vail
9 years ago

I know many of us don't like to hear it but many of the answers are found in the bible if we can read between the lines...but in its own way it does try to address the reality of our existence and how to function in the world which a lot of new age stuff misses. Even in the bible it talks about love being a key component of wellness (as opposed to ego) and successful living and in does go to great lengths to say what that is.

Nancy Vail
9 years ago

Well done

9 years ago

Atheists looking for a devil in world politics and making a missionary effort spreading their ridiculous views based on their generations chronic paranoia and their need to find something spiritual in their disgusting ego worship. They are exactly the same as all the other religious zealots of the world regardless of what they claim to believe in.

9 years ago

Caroline Mys really is one of the most uninformed speakers that I have ever heard. Did Buddha become enlightened through knowledge of self. I believe that's how the story go's. However I think the most important aspect of the story is that he became the embodiment of compassion after he was finished meditating on the nature of the self being a microcosm of the macrocosm. Now a days every id*ots an expert. This documentary really is turning out to be more of the same hippy s*it.

9 years ago

Can anyone here please tell me how I can contact the makers of this documentary? Links to sites or names of people, any leads at all.

10 years ago

But transformation can only begin with the self, the TRUTH is just a perception, u live and u die but then u live again, cause u are immortal, the only thing that matters is your own experience, because experience is all we have, and we ARE all one, since we are all connected, my thoughts will affect u, and yours will affect me, we are still caught up in the mammalian circuitry, as we go pass them we will reach a higher state of conciousness, and AT A HIGHER STATE THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN U AND ME.
love and light

Charles Alderson
10 years ago

Anyone know where the artwork is from at 0:12:05?

10 years ago

Good documentary but it went off topic some where it suddenly became about enlightenment and the reading was too much man seriously,and some of your info was very subjective and some of it true which makes it just like any other conspiracy documentary...nice try

10 years ago

I agree with the first 10 minutes or so of this documentary in terms of people using love for its addictive chemical properties and trying to match up to society's projection of "love" versus reality. However, the thesis of this film that " Spiritual Truth" in terms of working out oneself to the deity's version of truth in order to be able to grasp true love is just speculation and has no scientific backing. Define spirit please? Whoops human creation oh my...Proof of deity please?

Scientifically, "love" is produced by a hormone called oxytocin. It was introduced into the brain through evolution to increase offspring survival rate so that mommas and poppas would be more willing to babysit. Its a chemical high like sex or eating food that is necessary for our survival, so we crave it. Anyone who isn't a sociopath can experience it. If you take all the oxytocin receptors out of someones brain, it won't matter if they understand "Spiritual Truth", they won't feel love. Thats what it is. Woohoo end of movie.

armypop54 .
10 years ago

I liked it. Those that did not missed the point of the movie. Be ready to read a lot of quotes that are very enlightening. One is even from the terribly missed philosophy of George Carlen.

Erika Joslin
10 years ago

I want to meet other people that are awake. This documentary was true, and it makes me want to scream out in frustration that so many people are blind and asleep. I want to grow and I want to be conscious, I work on it every day, but I do it alone. People don’t want to grow! They just want to stay the same and continue to live their life like a dream, like a robot or a sheep unconsciously following the herd. So where are you, awake ones? Can we please talk of the beauty of the sunset? Of the silence and peace of the world that surrounds us when we stop our incessant stream of thoughts? Can we just do nothing but be?

I defiantly fall into the “love will solve all” category and I see how that is damaging. But how do I talk about the problems in our world? How can I focus on things I cannot change? I cant stop our country from sending hundreds of thousands of men and women to the middle east to kill and destroy the lives of others, I cant change the fact that the pharmaceutical industry sells addiction and death to the masses, I cant change the fact that our president is a paid off puppet and that our country is running itself into ruin. What am I supposed to do? All I can do to calm my sense of mind is to spread love and be kind. To wait for those I love to awaken, and to continue the sometimes beautiful, sometimes horrible process of self growth.

It’s the waiting that kills me. Can I just be frank with everyone around me, no, it just pushes them away. That’s all it does. People don’t want to hear what they need to work on, f*ck, I don’t want to hear it most times as well. But I need to hear it. We all need to hear it.

Jerry Hayes
10 years ago

ok until his anti-american rant. Nothing new there and pretty stale at that.

10 years ago

Nothing actionable here... from one describing how he wants others to view the world. In reality there is no essence.. There is nothing in this cosmos that does not consist of a multiplicity of component parts, including our bodies and minds. This is veiled negative political propaganda as evidenced by the name chosen to be called out. Why focus on one individual?

GLWillaims .
10 years ago

don[t bring me down!

10 years ago

The lead in article here really puts me off. It's as if they're trying to sell a negative attitude towards love. Who ever heard of love in the middle east? Love is kept inside the family... or at least the tribe in the middle east.

Mark Mandell
10 years ago

I suppose you could call this something on the order of "Conscious Love: 101." There are a trite mish mash of platitudes throughout and so nothing really original or insightful(which is not to say that someone might pick up on a few things here and there and maybe find them useful in some capacity).

10 years ago

This seems to be mislabeled being under Conspiracy. Mislabeled that is if you don't consider the whole world a conspiracy.

10 years ago

This is the kind of documentary i would have prefered to watch in a theatre, big screen, quiet, lot of popcorn, stocked inside for 75 minutes. Watching it at home i kept dozing off, plus reading the text was annoying, something a big screen would have improved.

10 years ago

10 minutes with the same picture on the screen? Enough for me. I want some moving pictures! Something isn't working right for me and I don't care.

Muun Macdonald
10 years ago

I really like this documentary,
Of coarse like all documentaries it is a mixture of theory and opinion, but the ideas expressed here are reflect a new kind of message that is trying to incorporate science, theology, ideology. politics and everything into a unified theory. The question is will it stand up to your discrimination and if not can you come up with a more unified theory....cos I sure like unified theories

10 years ago

This documentary is odd in some ways. On one level, it is a ruse for the topic of 911 conspiracies and anti-Obama agitprop. And, as the viewer watches, this creeps in awkwardly several times throughout. Truthers will jump for joy, others (like me) might be perplexed. That said, I find a few of his ideas compelling. The idea that real, genuine love is only possible through the act of full acceptance of reality and working through reality (or perceptions of reality). Of course, this brings up all kinds of ontological questions...

I think this narrator (whomever he is) misappropriates a few terms (or makes up a few). He uses the term "subjective love" - there's no such term (not in academic parlance)- to refer to the action of being centered on oneself. And objective love: "acting from one's true self...opening up to vulnerability to become compassionate". When, what he really means is not love but positive self-concepts, or, better yet, self-actualization vis-a-vis the psychological use of those terms.

Some examples that he uses for love he rightly points out are not examples of such, including some forms of so called romantic love that are, in fact, eroticism/fetishism.

In between the odd placement of 911 truther shout-outs, he takes issue with some New Age philosophy approaches- those that call for loving and praying for everyone. But, then, he peddles the ideas of "healing modalities" and the "Spirit of Divine Will".

He does make a good point that "self image is [often] based on lies to the self". This is what, in some psychological circles, is termed true self vs. false self.

10 years ago

Check out Dr Shermer... There is no such thing as love.

Love is only the firing of brain synapse in response to endorphins. Telling your significant other that he/she excites one's synapse is not too romantic and this will put a big dent in Hallmark's Valentine card sales... Actually, all thoughts, feelings, emotions discussed in this documentary fall into nothing more than chemical brain connections and are a construct of that activity, therefore, none of those described emotions exist except in one's mental interpretation of those brain signals... Again, check out Dr Shermer for validation of this process..

Science is bound to win over all things eventually anyway...

10 years ago

This sounds really wu-wu fluffy from the description... Does it have anything original to say?

Phil Dor
10 years ago

Phenomenal and revealing. And Badass.