Sex Sense: Love Chemicals

Sex Sense: Love Chemicals

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Sex Sense - Love ChemicalsLove is any of a number of emotions related to a sense of strong affection and attachment. The word love can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from generic pleasure (I loved that meal) to intense interpersonal attraction (I love my husband).

This diversity of uses and meanings, combined with the complexity of the feelings involved, makes love unusually difficult to consistently define, even compared to other emotional states.

As an abstract concept, love usually refers to a deep, ineffable feeling of tenderly caring for another person. Even this limited conception of love, however, encompasses a wealth of different feelings, from the passionate desire and intimacy of romantic love to the nonsexual emotional closeness of familial and platonic love to the profound oneness or devotion of religious love.

Love in its various forms acts as a major facilitator of interpersonal relationships and, owing to its central psychological importance, is one of the most common themes in the creative arts. (Excerpt from

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  1. Rainmaker

    I'm with Eric...more to learn by going straight to the comments.

  2. the tao master

    sexual alchemy teaches you how to master your chemistry to make both love and lust strong for a life time, it teaches you about the source of our emotional states are black hole activation at a quantum level these are our charkras. all emotion is source from desire. sexual alchemy teaches us about the atom and how electron stimulation causes photon release the alchemy is using the energy of the photons for heightened states of awareness and sexual alchemy explains the chemistry in the body that cause our emotional state that are cause effected into being from black hole activation at a quantum level this teaches us our thoughts and emotions have effect all the way down to the finest level of our beings and to finish this simple summation sexual alchemy teaches what food are best to maintain balance chemistry for hood health and strong sexual energy and relationship

  3. Pertro

    I think, it is sex

  4. bringmeredwine

    This was cute and to the point. Silly and funny at times. Made the scientific aspects easy to understand.
    I noticed that the dialogue didn't match the mouths moving on the participants.
    I am assuming they were speaking english but all the dialogue still looked dubbed. I found that to be visually distracting.
    I'd recommend this doc if you're looking for something short and light-hearted.

  5. lilbug14

    sex just cames naturally in people life

  6. guerkan hantal

    I dunno. Discovery's documentaries get worse and worse. Most of this documenatary's just bla bla. No real new insights, nothing really unrevealing.

  7. Sarah Bennett

    This was so sad. I've been with my wife for 3 years, and I still think she is the greatest partner I could ever want. I hope I continue to believe that my whole life.

  8. mikeantony

    Ithink Eric has been reading Krishnamurti,all what you talk about is true,but difficult to put into practice........unless your enlightened? Mike.

  9. Colleen

    I kind of understand what you are saying, Eric. Your thoughts seem to be jumbled somewhat, but I take that is coming from your passion about this subject, along with the desire for people to understand. I think you should at least watch this program, Eric. Yes, people do throw the word "love" around, and this does deplete the meaning. The truth is though, if you are in love, it doesn't matter if the word has been overused by others. Love is what it means to you and your partner. We can't forget that we are made of chemicals and reactions and all sorts of things science doesn't even completely understand, but that is the point of producing programs like this one, or books, or doing studies. We are all curious, we are all learning, we are being educated and educating others. There are different meanings of the word love based on who you are. This is about sex, chemistry, and why some people fall in love while others fall in lust. You really should watch it, because reading the description is not enough. You can't know what is being said if you aren't listening, so how can you really argue it? Please watch.

  10. hannah

    this made me depressed!

  11. eric

    the thought of it is obviously not the thing, what you are deriving is something else, this is a question of pleasure, you dont love sex, you desire pleasure, which is really an act all on your own, even if is includes someone else, if you follow, in such an act there cant be love, this is a selfish gratification which one peruses throughout their life

  12. ancientfossil

    Some of you guys are way too funny (Tim, Eric) I agree with Dorani I love sex...the smell... the sight... the touch...the thought of it. cheers

  13. Landless Peasant

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  14. ronanthem

    Tim and Eric Awesome Show.......great job! Sorry I couldn't resist :D I read every comment and still don't have a clue what eric is talking about. Love is the best/worst thing to ever happen. Eric you do have a point in saying that hate is the yang to love. Seldom are they far apart from each other. But, you seem a little too jaded. Hope I never meet the one that took a dump on your spirit. I don't think anyone is trying to make you feel stupid. You might be the brightest bulb on the strand. Your method of idea conveyance is....well....mind-boggling and a bit tiresome to follow. No, offence intended (we're in the honesty tree here).
    To me, love is like my apartment. The rent comes due every so often, tears are shed, rent gets paid anyways, cycle repeats next goes on. Hell, even Butters from Southpark figured it out. You would never know how happy you are, until you feel an equal part of sadness.
    Take the good with the bad, pay your money and take your chances. You only get one shot @ this life. Nobody believes that, till it's too late. (Damn that's too many affirmations in one space!)I wish you folks all the best. I'm going to turn this robot box off and interact with the world for a bit. Thanks for your thoughts!

  15. to eric

    To eric:

    Your a bigot. watch the f'ing documentary or stfu. Your so f'ing insecure about what 'love' is you cant even see some other person(s) point of view.

  16. ...

    eric and tim SHUT THE HELL UP! JESUS.

  17. Stoke City

    I haven't heard anybody talk like Eric since I was in rehab for alcohol abuse and had a crack addict in my group.

    it's just a big pile of words that hurts your brain if you give him the time of day.

  18. Lisa O

    Good documentary, but you must realize this is offering a scientific perspective on love, not a philosophical one. If you are looking for something other than a chemical description of love, you are not going to find it in this documentary.

  19. hmm

    people for centuries have tried to redefine the mysteries of love/ sex .. learned very little from this doco but hey it's still interesting.. :)

  20. yavanna

    What this video fails to mention is the adverse affects. That is to say being in love - utterly head over heels in love is in my opinion unbeatable but the come-down is extremely harsh.

    That said - (that's life) wouldnt it be nice to bottle this stuff

  21. Achems Razor


    I do not know what to say!

    Your flow of words, like Tim says, actually makes sense!

    Keep it up, and then maybe people can have some discourse with you.


  22. Tim

    Eric, why did you wait until your last post to say something that makes sense? You should have done that in the beginning. It would have saved a lot of time.

  23. eric

    you really are not this dull are you? that beyond the verbal, intellectual exchanges there is absolutely no understanding of yourselves, to be stupid is not that you don't know; you refuse to appreciate anything anyone on here has to say, must you jump on every word,reacting, is the ego really that big? that kind of discourse must spoil it for those who really have something to say that doesn't include verbal critiques that are so dull, wasteful, distracting and take up a whole lot of time, and what have you done? show what you know, or to make the other feel stupid? which is a discourse in which there is no learning what so ever;So what is the world like which is filled with those that talk of love and do nothing but insult, attack, oppose the other,id say that is a world in which there is a whole lot of wars,which is the world we live in, the violence, the hate, the conflicts which we have to deal with, and that does not exclude anyone, and if you don't feel responsible than be honest when you talk about love, there is nothing wrong to not know, it is only then that learning can take place which is new, not a modification or addition or abstraction of what one already knows; What is knowledge? and if you have been reading carefully that has been pointed out in many of the comments, what is the difference between pointing out and critique?
    this is my last commentary, you can carry on in that way if you want

  24. Tim

    What kind of book should I send?

  25. Achems Razor


    And don't forget Tim, send him a book also.

  26. Tim

    That book would probably be longer than the entire works of Stephen King and have less relevance to the real world.

  27. Achems Razor


    Did you say you are going to write a book?

    Please send Carlo Coello and Me, a copy.

    Thank you.

  28. eric

    I appreciate the honesty, I really mean it; but I don’t expect a pat on the back and it does not matter to me whether anyone agrees, because in that moment of agreement one denies all questioning, inquiry beyond that verbal, ideological, conceptual interpretation; what is the relationship between agreement and conclusion? And why is it that such discourse of agreement and disagreement begins with conflict? And is it possible to put aside ones opinions, conclusions, and hypothesis be it they are grown in a lab or at home, so that one can look anew even at that which opposes, to look at the whole thing; which is a very difficult thing to do the more we become concerned with each other; the obstacle to a teacher is not that the student will not know, cause it is the nature of the brain to store memory, knowledge; but what is it that comes in between the teacher and student? When there is that understanding then that division must come to an end which is when there is no one that says I know; learning implies now and if I were a student and I pose a question, and my teacher says that we will get back to that, than that takes time; but that question is very important to me, so what is it that I must do?

    I am a hateful man; and someone comes and talks to me about love, chemical reactions, sex and all the research,concepts; I may find it interesting, write a book, talk about it with my friends but your love has not put an end to hate, which is something that when there is love must take place; and you may not hate me, but you may be confused about love yourself, and what it really means to hate, so all that you know really helps and I will find ways to use that, cause some day I will have kids, a wife.

  29. Carlo Coello

    Achem, LoL!, now I see that Eric's condition is contagious. You just sound like him. I told you Eric, you have some special ability to make people to hate you or to love you. And yes, in my humble opinion, "Love is a continuous chain of chemical and physical events, catalyzed by our own perceptions of the surrounding world."

  30. Achems Razor

    Exactly, eric:

    My conveyance to you though, is you might extrapolate your processes of thought into more fluent, and fluid flowing subjective impulses of nonconformity, in other words, of specific gender, and collaboration of all the senses of your interpretation of colloquial matters pertaining to the fold and bent of your specific thought processes.

  31. Carlo Coello

    However, I must credit Eric with his uncanny ability to keep the audience engaged. I would say that Eric has a very promissory career in politics. People will agree or disagree with you just for the heck of it. Please, do not take it as a personal attack, Eric. You are probably a very well educated person, with a lot to say and not too much time to explain. Keep up the good work, good practice makes you better. Finally, allow me to give you a little hint to improve your convey of thoughts: "Before clicking the send key, re-read your writings; if you have, to say the least, a feeling of not getting through your our mind barriers, it means that your audience will have a big deal of trouble in trying to get what your words really mean."

  32. Tim

    I guess I'm not the only one who was confused then. =P

  33. eric

    you see sir I wont say you are wrong, but whether something without direction is meaningless is quite a conclusion; but when reading can there be exploration which is of no point, a point implies a precise location, and only then there can be discovery of something unknown;
    before commenting read the have in mind section, some do get offended, not everyone can remain unaffected and what you have to understand is that beyond this virtual world and all that is created, there is someone at the computer, hopefully......

  34. Achems Razor


    Yes, "Eric's" words are nonsensical,meaningless, double talk.
    Utterly devoid of any direction.
    No beginning, no middle, and no ending.
    I hope he keeps his day job.

  35. eric

    it takes a very still mind to read without pre conceived notions, one that is not demanding more from anyone: seeking to get to a point, a conclusion, is a very tiresome thing and can get in the way of reading, listening which is something one must do first and if you can do that without all of your own noise,translation then you may join this conversation,inquiry,questioning, not just on this page

  36. Carlo Coello

    For some reason, every time I read Eric's posts, I get dizzy. He uses too much words to convey too little. If he was a teacher, I would feel sorry for his students. They would go back home with a big headache after class. The problem with Eric is that he writes the same way as he thinks: "running thoughts without a clear direction". It is like a verbal hemorrhage.

  37. Nyax

    The way we perceive and feel everything is through chemical reactions, love is one of them. We give spiritual meaning to many things, and sometimes it's a good thing, but in the end our reality is the effect of chemical reactions. Although I think some of the conclusions in this docu. are a bit hasty, love is still a mysterious phenomenon and an important quantity of explanations in this docu. are preceded by "may..." or "possibly...". That and the narrator and visual media was poor at best, interesting info though.

  38. eric

    yes,words have their place, but suppose one says that you cannot know, which is that it is not knowledge,idea;What is knowledge?and what is the relationship between an idea, words, and knowledge?
    If this is important to you then we can relate, and we can talk actually, skype, or phone or something, not in a commentated discussion which to often becomes very verbal and almost impossible to go beyond that, this is really not a place to actually go into something seriously, cause really its just a commentary and to go back and forth will take a lot of time, so if you want i give permission to vlatko to send my email to you, if he does not mind and delete this thread after or remove this last part

  39. Tim

    Eric: Of course the description is not the described, otherwise a ham sandwich would just look like the words "ham sandwich." Words are necessary for communication and transmission of knowledge. If we give up on explaining things, like you do, and simply insist that something is beyond explanation, and that descriptions are so inferior to the realness of something, then the human race never gains anything. We just have people thinking that they understand but unable to convey their ideas because they believe that their ideas are so grand that words will not suffice, and thus we don't advance as a species.

  40. eric

    all seeking to know of love implies defining,imitation; I hold your hand and we are in love, but what happens when one goes home? first Tim you have to understand that the moment one comes to the conclusion that these are just my thoughts, then inevitably understanding becomes difficult; you are not dealing with the writer obviously,but the words; so what are words? descriptions, you see in no way have i ever said what love is or tried to describe it cause the description is not the described; you see the word vague in the origin of the word meant something unsettled, so hopefully we are trying to settle all of this but it becomes very difficult when one is more concerned with what the other is saying, thinking, when none of that is taking place here, you see the moment I finish, it is done with, of the past just like the word
    and is it possible to read carefully, not to be so concerned with grammar but to what is being said

  41. Tim

    Kelly: Yes, that's the elusive period. Its use has been in decline since the dawn of the internet age, and I really think people ought to start using it again. It's just so much easier to understand people when they finish one sentence before stumbling into the next.

    Leebo: I didn't really enjoy this one either. It seemed kinda watered down, but I shouldn't expect much from a half-hour TV documentary.

    Eric: I'm still not sure what you think love is. You're being very vague. I'm also interested in what you have to say about 6 and 8 in my last post. You don't have to answer, but I'd like to have some insight into your thoughts.

  42. Leebo

    I have to agree with Tim. Any good point Eric had was lost when he judged the documentary without having seen it. I would also like to say that gramma does not a smart man make lol, however I have no problem not knowing you and calling you stupid because as a wise man once said your actions determine who you are. More to the point I personally didnt enjoy this Documentary. To paraphrase Kelly K...... it is not what I was expecting.

  43. Kelly K.

    An observation: Why does the story about "fistulas" a valid medical condition in women have a warning about "adult content" but this one does not? Granted it's got the word "sex" right in the title, but I was expecting more of a "intellectual only" documentary. Now I'm sure every is quite curious what I'm talking about.

    Eric: This is what Tim (and the rest of us) call a period ----> . ;-)


  44. Dorani

    Wow I love sex.

  45. eric

    Isn't it already clear that it is not just about the doc, why continue to analyze, number it down, your not my authority to tell me when to talk or comment, when clearly one is questioning love? nor am I arguing, you responded didn't you? one is just making things clear, i don't seek to be right, or dominate your point of view which is the general point of view; this has absolutely to do with war, hate,anger reactions to another countries threat, and that same man or woman, says I love you; what effect does the reactions, the stimuli have on action? one has to go beyond the verbal, to understand at a deeper level, and unfortunately in this commenting there is nothing else to see, but can i be aware of the hate, the anger, the emotion not condemning, judging, resisting, and you see for that there must be love, looking, awareness throughout all living;

  46. Tim

    Damn, it turned my 8 into a 8)

  47. Tim


    1) War is a completely different topic. It has nothing to do with this, it is only complicating the issue, and this issue is already complex enough without bringing other topics into the discussion.
    2) You shouldn't be commenting on the documentary if you haven't watched it. If you want to start a discussion about this documentary, at least watch it so you can refer to what the documentary actually says, not what you think it says.
    3) Whether you want to accept that love involved chemical reactions has no bearing on whether or not it's true. If you want to counter that argument, use facts.
    4) You say that "you don't accept love as a chemical reaction, or emotion," so what is love then? I've never heard anyone claim that love is not an emotion.
    5) Again, and I stress this, watch the documentary before you criticize the points it makes. How can you know what you're arguing about if you haven't even watched it?
    6) Why do you think that describing things in terms of chemical reactions is "superficial and demeaning"? Life is dependent on chemical reactions; are these things superficial and demeaning? Are all the chemical reactions that occur constantly in our universe so boring?
    7) There is a big difference between saying that something makes you seem less intelligent and calling you stupid. I'm not going to call you stupid because I don't know you. I can only comment on what you write.
    8) You say that "finding out what love is, is far more important cause it has an effect on us in our daily lives, the lab wont and cant show you that which one has to be aware of in daily life, which is now". How exactly does one find out what love is? And why do you claim that science can't help us learn about things that are important to daily life?
    9) I'm not offended by anything you say. I'm merely participating in the discussion. I don't have to be offended to disagree with you.
    10) And once again, I strongly recommend that you watch this documentary. It's short, and it's not very good, but arguing about it without watching it is like insulting someone's cooking without having tasted it. It just doesn't make sense.

  48. eric

    Tim; we are questioning love, at least i am; what is the relationship, between, war, conditioning, and being told to say i love you? Like we already went over, when it is said that one is seeking to validate, that implies an existing belief, theory or commonly accepted norm and so the scientist compares, analyzes, studies validate such a thing, this its nothing new; all that is being said that that norm is false, partial and nor does any such approach at all touch up on what love is? to understand, one must go into, question, not reacting, i do not accept love as a chemical reaction,or emotion, nor does it have anything to do with the act of sex, a chemical reactions is a reaction, none the less, it is like the symptom that medicine treats, the pain of a physical injury, and that is what we call love,which is superficial and quite demeaning in some sense; first when one says it makes you sound less intelligent, you can say stupid and be honest at least, with all respect its like that philosophy some say, its not what you say but its how you say it, which has no effect on what is said,it is in insult none the less, don't be offended, but I think that finding out what love is, is far more important cause it has an effect on us in our daily lives, the lab wont and cant show you that which one has to be aware of in daily life, which is now;

  49. Tim

    I think I understand what you're trying to say, but you might want to try organizing your thoughts a bit before you write them down. And please, try not to write it all in one long sentence. It makes you seem less intelligent.

    Also I have no idea why you're bringing up soldiers and war, because that has nothing to do with the chemical/emotional/sexual/spiritual/whatever nature of love. And if you're going to criticize what the makers of this documentary are saying, you should actually watch it so you know what they're saying.

  50. eric

    because that its not love,look at the world, we say i love you, i love this,and yet we are hurting each-other,neglecting,abusing and that is fact and one can see that throughout all life; why are there wars, why do we send our kids to war, don't tell me Tim that you think those toy soldiers are just good fun;why is it that we accept what the scientist, the psychologists call love? not questioning for oneself, what love is cause after all i say i love you, i say i hate you, so can i be aware of myself, and be aware of the distorted thing we have made of love?one can be affectionate,one can imitate as they have been disciplined; have you noticed how parents say to kids say thank you, say i love you,which has very little meaning? we have been conditioned to say i love you and so we don't find out what love is but we say it, and throughout life we gather knowledge, philosophies, science, religious definitions on what love is, attaching it to the very thing we call love, putting in our emotions, hurts,past relationships, which have an effect on all relationship; and i deny any approach in such manner, its just jargon; one hes to be careful what we look at facts, and that some have preconceived notions which we they seek to validate, and that does not exclude the scientist, cause after all I'm not denying chemistry, or the physical effects of sex, and i think that Vlatko states this well in his essence paragraph on the first page, don't be offended, this is my point of view and i adhere to completely, and that should in no way stop you from questioning yourself

  51. Tim

    Eric, why are you commenting on a documentary that you refuse to watch? And why do you hate using periods so much? You're not making a very convincing argument like that. Perhaps you should at least watch the documentary instead of bashing it for making claims that you disagree with solely on the basis of personal opinion rather than fact.

  52. eric

    what is love? a lot of us say sex is not love yet when it comes to that it becomes a significant part of whatever we do, sexual pleasure creates so many problems in relationship, attachment, fears, loneliness,dependencies all go together when you fear loss, there is jealousy, violence, hatred, control, which is all a part of attachment, emotion,anger which is an emotion and some have killed that which they say they love, love to me is sacred and mankind has made such a terrible thing out of it, before hate was hate,murder was murder, and now we use hate, control to be loved which is not love, i did not watch this doc, nor am i going to watch something so wrong being valided by scientific conclusions,analysis that have absolutely nothing to do with love, nor is it some chemicals, it is this very kind of belief, conclusion that leads to seeking chemical control of the brain, the pill industries, and we see what that does

    1. Yusiley S

      That is so beautifully typed up. It's poetic even. Took the words right out of my mind too... though I actually did watch this doc and I do believe that sex is just a physical manifestation of a deeper love. I personally wouldn't have sex just for physical gratification.... if so I wouldn't bother with getting to know the person and being fully in love with that person. If I just needed to just have physical sex...I would just wam-bam thank you mam or sir and move on, but I don't do that. I need to know and be open with that person. Hell even my fantasies are like that. LOL To me... I have to be totally connected with that person in order to have sex with him or her. Most men aren't like this. I truly believe most men (beyond 80%) are incapable of true love which is why they go around and have sex with anything they could get their hands on. I view many of them as subhuman and not fully evolved beings. There is hope though... there are a few, very rare evolved male humans who need to feel that connection. My man, for example, gets mad with me when I don't kiss and hug him enough. He needs that intimacy and connection. To him that is love. Anyways I agree love is more deep than chemistry in the air and sex... btw the love you're referring to... the sacred kind... is called Agape by most psychologists and sociologists. It's also one of the rarest and one that my man would properly score high on.