Martin Luther: Reluctant Revolutionary

Martin Luther: Reluctant Revolutionary

2003, History  -   44 Comments
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Martin LutherFew if any men have changed the course of history like Martin Luther. In less than ten years, this fevered German monk plunged a knife into the heart of an empire that had ruled for a thousand years, and set in motion a train of revolution, war and conflict that would reshape Western civilization, and lift it out of the Dark Ages.

Luther's is a drama that still resonates half a millennium on. It's an epic tale that stretches from the gilded corridors of the Vatican to the weathered church door of a small South German town; from the barbarous pyres of heretics to the technological triumph of printing. It is the story of the birth of the modern age, of the collapse of medieval feudalism, and the first shaping of ideals of freedom and liberty that lie at the heart of the 21st century.

But this is also an intensely human tale, a story that hurtles from the depths of despair to the heights of triumph and back again. This is the story of a man who ultimately found himself a lightning conductor of history, crackling with forces he could not quite comprehend or control. (Excerpt from

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  1. aqui

    can anyone explain as to why the word reluctant is used in the title?

  2. jiggy

    anastasius, i am so glad there are still people like you left in your orwellian countries. down with "thought crimes". keep up the good fight my friend.

  3. anastasius

    I thought this video was pretty informative and balanced until the producers established Luther as a "hater". They did so by taking Luther's thoughts about the peasants out of context. Sure enough, that was quickly followed by Luther's attack on Jewry.
    . The producers never mentioned one of Luther's books; "The Jews and Their Lies" but there was no need to since they already painted Luther as a "hater".
    Luther loved mankind with the fervour he loved Jesus. His aforementioned book is now being published and sold by Texe Marrs. I strongly suggest obtaining a copy and reading it. It will help you understand why things are unfolding today as they are. Come back and watch this video again and I promise you will see it in a much different light.
    I wish I could go on about this but I live in a land where free speech is illegal and those who hate are those having the laws against free speech passed.
    In spite of the producers attempt to smear this great man, the documentary did offer a reasonable chronology and synopsis of Luther's work and how it led to the reformation.

  4. shelsky

    why should we kneel and pray to a wood carved by human who was created by a real God who we should be praying to?

    1. cinesimon

      Why should we kneel and pray to a man-made tool of control?

  5. shelsky

    I think Martin Luther was really intelligent and strong to stand for what he thought was right. He was against the wrong interpretations of the words of God by the catholicism. He obviously believed in the bible and had a strong passion to it. His mind was so open to see all the wrong doings of the pope, cardinals and priests, living a luxurious life out of the pocket of the ordinary people. And the people were even punished if they oppossed to catholicism, forced to believe and to be a member.

  6. shelsky

    the Spaniards brought catholicism in the Philippines and what these priest did was lived a luxurious life from the people's money and even raped some of the filipina.

  7. Ksmormris

    When the Medicis put a former pirate and then two of their own family onto the Papal throne, and the latter began selling indulgences hand over fist in order to replenish Papal coffers their own personal extravagance had emptied, this was a test of Christian faith. It was a certainty that some Christian(s) would reject the Church corrupted by the non-believing Popes put into place by the Medicis, and stand for Christ and for break away from a Church so corrupted, if necessary.

  8. MsTruNorth

    Videos on YouTube don't buffer any more. This is the death of YT.

    1. Alexandru Matei

      When have they ever buffered on Youtube?

      It's your connection, that's the problem.

  9. madscirat

    A complex figure whom I understand far better after viewing this documentary. Luther was not perfect and a product of his time, but he did aid humanity in making a significant step toward mental freedom. This I can appreciate, despite not sharing his faith.

  10. Bob Hope

    OK! Settle down, boys!

    The 42 Commandments of Maat were what Moses learned in Egypt. They were condensed to 10 but the Israelites rejected them (Moses broke the tablets).

    The first Priestly sacrifices offered by Aaron at the base of Mt Sinai were HUMAN & were offered to Moloch aka the Golden Calf (Read Exodus 32; Amos 5; Acts 7) Then Google Sanhedrin 64a-64b where you will read about how Jews are to offer Human Sacrifices to Moloch TODAY & not be guilty. The secret is to get someone else to do the dirty deed i.e., the Nazis & then you have your Holocaust (Burnt Offering) to Moloch, so as to get Palestine by demonic power.

    The god of the Israelites/Jews is Moloch/YHWH, a blood thirsty. sadistic psychotic!

    1. Phillip Watkins

      And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD.-Leviticus 18:21

      And they built the high places of the Ba‘al, which are in the valley of Ben-hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire l'Molech; which I did not command them, nor did it come into my mind that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.-Jeremiah 32:35

  11. Bob Hope

    Get it right!

    The church door was the NOTICEBOARD where notification was placed about forth coming debates. Martin NEVER intended in having these thesis printed UNTIL after the debate. Someone got their hands on the thesis & had it copied before Martin could do anything about it. In a letter to a friend, he said he intended to delete some of the thesis. If he had been given time to debate the thesis, maybe things would have turned out different?

    1. anastasius

      In all, things turned out just fine.

  12. Stephanie winham

    I enjoyed this documentary. However, in the documentary,it is mentioned that Luther found only 2 sacraments. If you read Luther's Babylonian Captivity of the Church, you will find that Luther speaks of 3, not 2. I think the documentary left out several key factors including the influence of Greek philosophy in the Catholic church. Luther is "anti-Greek" and was opposed to the teachings of Aristotle, Aquinas, ect. in the Catholic churches and schools.

  13. TonyIII

    Entertaining but not very deep History or Theology. Luther's turning against the peasant revolts was entirely reasonable.They were communist beasts who stole, tortured and destroyed . They often shared wives and some groups abolished baptism. Read about Thomas Meunzer. These people were lawless and dependent upon private fantasies as the revelation of God.That leaves a religion entirely leaderless.
    Breaking the power od the church may sound really democratic today ; but look at how Christianity has declined. It's even against the law to pray in school.

    1. padelispol

      well it depends on the country and the culture really. My country is an EU member for thirty years and Christian prayer is actually obligatory in all schools and public ceremonies still.

    2. anastasius

      Do you think banning prayer at school was the work of Christians?

  14. tomregit

    @Bill: I don't understand your slagging Tim without any explanation or counter argument. Maybe he does have a university "education". Your comment is more suited to primary school playground.

  15. The Potter

    Of course he was the lesser of two evils; if he was not evil for encouraging the murder of 100,000 people, then what was he? The only thing these people seemed to be guilty of was a purer belief in the ideals of freedom and liberty, as compared with Martin Luther. The average person wanted to be free from all tyrants (including the Princes and Kings in Germany, not just from the Pope), whereas Martin Luther was still content for these people to be subjugated by a higher authority, with the power shifting to the nobleman. It took hundreds of years for the emancipation of peasants to become a reality.

  16. Bill

    "The lesser of two evils"

    Wow, Tim...that kind of ignorance can only be the result of a University "education."

  17. avidseeker

    Can anyone make any sense out of Solomon S.Buyco?

  18. naf

    Jesus was a Jew. How could you enslave yourself to a person and be primitive enough to believe he's a God????

    It's the lowest one could get.

    Montezuma believed Cortes was a God. Cortez killed him. same will happen to you. your Twisted faith will kill you.

    1. padelispol

      If people are stupid enough to believe Muhammad was a prophet, they will believe in whichever god they want.

  19. David

    Whether you like the man or not, the story of Martin Luther is one that all should know; few men hold the same impact on modern day society as Luther did!

  20. Justin

    Great Doc and Luther really is one of those rare men who truly and significantly 'changed the world' as we know it. Interestingly, even the RC has long since reformed many of the things Luther had railed against. So I guess you can say he was successful after all.
    An amazing life really.. of tremendous pain, agony, love, passion, courage, humility.
    Great Post. More people (esp in the west) really need to see this if they don't know how significant Luther really was and to this day.

  21. Tia

    I admire and respect a person with conviction, even when it means to lose his/her freedom or life for that matter.

  22. Fudd72

    thanks Vlatko!

  23. Fudd72

    how do i watch this? when i click play, it says it's a private video and i have to accept somebody's friend request.... anyone...?

    1. Vlatko

      There you go @Fudd72. The whole doc is in one playlist now.

  24. Ryan H

    Moises Alou was a baseball player for the Montreal Expos

  25. Solomon S. Buyco

    @Rebellius. Don't get the issue entangled with fagots...

    I "hate" liars especially and most of them are also on within every religions... but I admire those who 'hates' the hate that the fagots emotes. :o)

  26. rebelliuss

    anyone who "Hates" anyone and claims to follow christianity, islam or judaism is a liar.. whether they know it or not...

    1. anastasius

      Do you decide who is a "hater" and who is not? Based on what criteria? Are you using the "political correct" dogma to aid you in this decision or can you rely on the producers of this documentary?

  27. Solomon S. Buyco


    "Do what I'm telling you to do but don't do what I do" = Governor of Rome's last words and committed suicide by drinking poison.

    Confessions for repentance is not a Commandments.

    Chaotic order!

  28. Tim

    Solomon, who/what is this Moises you're talking about?

  29. Solomon S. Buyco

    I'm still amaze of the influential of Moises in terms of destroying leaderships, a chaotic scheming to endues and discredit someone of the true faith ... No wonder I have always thought that Moises and its free slaves really hated Jesus and David's Kingdom. Using one unto another for their own destruction and delusions.I also wonder where did King Saul's people have gone? 'Graft and Corruption' of what was written on the books of Hebrews? It is financial system that is deeply rooted on Christians.

    What a fool we have been not to see an unbeliever telling us to believe in God. Beware of the "False Prophets." Self confession(ten commandments) is supposed to be not to be done again but instead it became a system... do it and I'll forgive as you are my beloved son.

  30. Este

    Don't forget he was quite the misogynist, according to some of his pronouncements. But hey, nobody's perfect.

  31. Tim

    js: Not likely. Luther believed that Islam was an abomination and a punishment to Christianity for straying from God's word. He had read from the Qur'an, but he didn't much like it.

  32. js

    this man is very inspirational as depicted in this document. i think he is right to say that we must return to the word of God and the word of God alone rather than the sayings of people.

    to be able to reach to God without the intermediary of someone seems to be a natural instinct and a right. it seems that it is exactly what the muslims, i know preach reach to God and ask from him alone... i'll like to know... was luther influenced by some of their (muslim's) teachings or literature..??

  33. Tim

    Very informative. If it weren't for his hatred of Jews, I could almost like the guy. I suppose he was just the lesser of two evils, the greater being the corruption of the Catholic Church.

    1. Alexandru Matei

      Forgot to mention Orthodox, they're all greedy and in the greedy money game. Come to europe to see how much money priests have, even the priests from small villages are damn wealthy with little to no effort.

    2. anastasius

      You would love Luther's book; The Jews and Their Lies". It is now being republished by Texe Marrs. Google it, buy it, enjoy...;)