9/11: Missing Links

9/11: Missing Links

2008, 9/11  -   292 Comments
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Missing LinksDiscover the definitive truth about 9/11 and learn why even the most popular movies on the subject have failed to address the evidence exhaustively presented in this video.

The facts will make it abundantly clear that the so-called 9/11 “Truth” movement has been infiltrated and is ultimately controlled by the same criminal group who masterminded the attacks.

As they say, ‘if you want to control the dissent you lead the dissent.’ Utilizing evidence from the FBI, CIA, NSA, US Armed Forces Intelligence sectors, Foreign Intelligence organizations, local law enforcement agencies and independent investigators, Missing Links goes where no other 9/11 video has dared to.

Israel's negative impact on America & other countries: 9/11, attack on USS Liberty, theft of state secrets, control of our government's policies re the Middle East and much more.

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  1. we all know by now that jews did it

  2. The only thing I can say positive about this video is that it is nice to find a media platform that doesn't sensor lunatics for what they say. Thank you Top Documentary Films for keeping free speech alive. To anyone who thinks this kind of nonsense should be banned: sell your crazy some place else, the supporters of this video are all stocked up; and the rest of us want freedom of speech even when we do not agree with what is said.

  3. Everything was going good until Adam Sandler finished off the Pro-Israel propaganda initiative by releasing his Zohan flick? And then quickly followed by some dude overheard a gravely voiced man talk about the 9/11 attacks outside a Jewish cemetery. Then showing a dialogue box addressed to Mr. Ashcroft? I actually have a copy of the "email" as shown below. Mr. Ashcroft, I heard some dudes talking about planes go fly fly into WTC buildings and make big boom. True story. Sincerely, A Guy. This is where I stopped.

  4. Stop the jokes

  5. very interesting

  6. Jews make up 2% of the population yet they control 95& of media, banking, education, government, judicial system etc. If you can't see anything wrong with that equation then something the fook is wrong with you!

  7. In order to understand why agents of Israel were behind the 9/11 attacks, one must better understand the history of Judaism. In particular, the Talmud, the Kabbalah, Sabbati Zevi, Jacob Frank, the Rothschilds and history of Central Banking, Zionism, and the Oded Yinon Plan. Once you understand how much power this group, which has used Judaism as a cover, has because of their control of Central Banks, you can understand how they also control the news media, Hollywood, and governments through lobby groups. So you have this group with so much power with the same agenda and motive, in a position to plan, execute, and cover up an event such as 9/11.

    Why would they need such a huge event to further their goal of expanding Israel's borders and power? They are the parasite and the US military and tax payer is the host. They are using the US to Balkanize all of Israel's opposition. 9/11 and the war on terror is the perfect plan to further their agenda and garnish the support of the US.

    It is clear that Israel has benefited from 9/11 and the war on terror, which even Netanyahu has affirmed.

    This documentary is not the best produced, but it does a thorough job linking Israeli agents to 9/11.

  8. Can anyone explain to me the reasoning behind spoiling this video with the annoying thumpity-thump ghetto music in the background. This noise does not even relate in any way to the content of the film. The video relates in no way to American blacks, so why put this noise in here, making it difficult and unpleasant to try to listen to what is being said. It would be more appropriate to play klesmer music, or, how about no noise at all?

  9. @Rodney Thank you. People have had enough of this overpriced band of Hitler wannabes. They'd sell their mothers and daughters on the street for a buck. They have no self-respect (how could you?), no decency, and if left to their own devices, would eventually self-destruct. Paranoia has a way of destroying you from the inside. They are now standing in the light, they're exposed, and the masses are waking up. I wouldn't wanna be in their situation where nearly everyone on the planet hates me. We should throw them out of Israel and build a nice resort for the Palestinian people. God knows they deserve it.

  10. @over the edge 'If' Saudi Arabia was an ally of mine, I sure as heck wouldn't claim them. It's one of the worst counties on the planet, bar-none. Do some research. That's why it disgusts me to see the Clintons and Bush clan kissing their butts for handouts.

  11. Condemning ALL Jewish people because of some of the excessively cowardly, greedy, murderous, and delusional a*&holes, would be like saying ALL of the American people wanted the atrocities committed in Iraq, and around the world at some time or another, in our name. These are the mentally ill, evil Zionists that truly believe they are God's chosen people, when in fact, the rest of us know that they are the scum of the Earth. It's about money and power, always has been. Unfortunately (for them), secrecy has always played a HUGE part in their spineless acts. They have to operate in the shadows, but now the light is falling on them. Once support for the terrorist state of Israel is withdrawn by their only 'friend' on the planet, the U.S., the problem will be taken care of for us. Again, as usual, at the cost of so many innocent lives. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Just be man enough to not take innocent women and children with you. Cowardly swine.

    1. Revelations 2:9 (KJV)
      I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

  12. Israel is the most violent, evil, corrupt country in the world, without a doubt. Those that control the wealth, control the people. They control the U.S. Government, they just need to eliminate the Arabs, and that's in progress. The Jews are despicable. They have absolutely no regard for human life, other than their own. If the eyes of the world weren't on them, I'm sure the Palestinians would have been eliminated long ago.

  13. The second buddy started explaining the "Jewish Criminal Network" I was just like, "Nope, I'm out homie."

  14. This site has zero credibility until it stops piling conspiratorial and racist paranoid delusions together with real documentaries on 9/11 such as those from the BBC and other serious sources.
    If you're so keen on providing every lunatic with a stage to voice their "opinions" then I suggest you create a new category and put all of the conspiracy bullcrap in there for the untermensch to enjoy, while decent folks can watch actual documentaries without having to sift for them in this garbage.

  15. Good documentary!

  16. So three minutes into it its clear its an anti jewish film. I bet if we could see who actually funded it or the AE 911 group it leads back to the middle east.

    1. Why is it that if a film points the finger at an Israeli state sponsored black op or anything , the knee jerk/ brainwahed/sheeple/mainstream media reaction is "anti jewish"? Congratulations, mainstream media(owned/run primarily by a certain ethnic minority) has successfully brainwashed you into being a hyper aware of anything criticizing anything related to Jews as being a hate mongering nazi. Christ, I'm so sick of you sheeple. Grow up and start to actually think for yourselves. This fact, of likely Mossad/Israeli involvement, is the ONLY subject that all the other truthers(like the academics and Engineers and scientists) will not touch because of that very reaction. The media has so convinced us that anyone who says ANYTHING negative about anything jewish or Israeli is somekind of nazi monster that will be vilified instantly and will loose their jobs or positions because of the medias influence. All you have to do is educate yourselves as to who runs these media machines and their loyalties to see why this is. Its both sad and sick that people have to fear for their lively hood just to state an opinion or even a fact in what is supposed to be a free country. We can blame Muslims all day long because al jazeera doesn't own the big media corporations here. So sick of the politically correct Zionphobes.

    2. Wow, it takes big Kahunas to state your opinion so openly. I too have noticed that any criticism of Israel or their treatment of another "oppressed" people is explained as their (Israel's). "Right to defend themselves against extremists." No one ever mentions that the "State" of Israel was created by annexing a part of Palestine. Kinda like Hitler and the Sudatenland?
      I've said it before and I will say it again, Israel, should not be throwing rocks at, Palestine, (did I say "rocks? I meant bombs and rockets) If anyone EVER lived in a glass house.....

    3. You are aware that Jordan was also "Palestine" as well right? When the land was divided up. Jews purchased land and a section was created for the Arab population that demanded a claim. This gave two sections of Palestine to Arab nations and a small section to Jews. This is because Jewish people were constantly murdered in other countries and this was our historic land. No distinct Arab group lived there.

      Again, the same group called "Palestinians" were divided into Jordan. More so actually since Jordan is much larger.

      You must be joking to say criticism of Israel is negative since that is the only view provided despite decades of world-changing positive work.

      There is no "oppressed" people under Israel's control. You hAve dozens of Arab countries and this small group of terrorists live there and you only cry for them.

      It would be helpful to educate yourself before spouting clearly false nonsense that shows bigotry and ignorance.

    4. Liar! Anyone with even half a brain can easily verify it too.

    5. Also...if you guys really think we Jews have all this power and control, why haven't we just bombed all the Arabs, destroyed the dome of the rock and made the entire Middle East "Israel"?

      Look at a map. Do you see how tiny Israel is? Why would we go through all this effort to fight over miles of land. That is why anti-Israel speech is essentially anti-Jewish. No rational mind could look at the situation and not understand that this is th only land we have. Muslims and Christians have dozens of places and we have just one which we make open to all who don't try ans blow us up.

    6. Not ALL Jews are implicated, only the smallest handfull of the most influential. It requires the majority of ordinary Jewish people to rise up and put a stop to what they are doing. God knows, they are the very cause of anti-semitism that falls on the rest of you while they hide in safety. It's happened so many times before ; now it's up to you NOT TO LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN !
      For ALL our sakes wake up and don't be a schmuck.

    7. Jew boy. Listen up, it's your tribes influence in the US that does your cults' bidding

    8. Cut the crap, the Jews control the USA govt. America is puppet to Israel. There's more jews in America than in Israel. When the WTC was demolished five jews were dancing in glee around a white van. At least I know you are not our ally but our boss, which most people haven't a clue. You got the whole damn world buffaloed. God forbid somebody challenges the phoney-baloney holocaust - 6 million my left boot.

    9. Why are so many of you people so blind that you can't even consider that the Israeli's actually did do 9/11? Why is it impossible for Israel to have done it?
      Cui Bono? Answer: Israel, CLEARLY.
      Try a little critical thinking.

  17. I watched a lot of news right after 911 and the fact that jews that worked in the trade center had a few weeks warning was televised and I wondered why it never came up again. This explains a lot. It is very suprising to me that we have politicians with duel citizenships, that is so suprising where would thier loyalties be? Why is our defense department being run by foreingers with ties to a foreign mafia. I alwayse thought that our government was taken over by the American Mob but it seams it is a foreign mob. It doesn't matter anyway, anyone who still believes our's and all governments are honest trusting people are ignorant and deserve all that we are gettng. All the crap that our forfathers came here to get away from followed us here. GREED AND POWER . From Pearl Harbor, The Killing of JFK and Robrert Kenedy, Martin Luther King and now Blowing up of WTC if you are still blind it is a chosen blindness and your children will pay the price

    1. can you provide evidence that jews got weeks warning?

      where did you see that on the news? what news station? do you have a link to that video?

    2. It was ABC or CBS those are the only news channels I watch. I watched in real time a short time after 911 happened

    3. find me ANY evidence. because right now you are making an empty claim.

      i could simply say all african americans were warned and stayed home, and I saw that reported on BBC (just to be clear im making that up).

      find evidence. even if you believe what you are telling me, i think you should try to find evidence to support your claim. that is how debate works.

    4. 911/missing link has that info of jews being informed not to work that day.

    5. If I was commenting on 911/missing link documentary, you would wonder where my info came from. I saw in real time after 911 and that info was confirmed in the 911/missing link doc. Do you just comment on the comments and not watch the docs.

    6. i saw the doc a long time ago. what time mark in the video is the claim at?

    7. The doc is still available to watch. I am not your info gatherer, see for yourself and open your eyes and your ears this time, lol

    8. so you want me to sit through a 2 hour documentary just to find a short mention of something that im going to debunk and you will ignore? ya i will pass.

      but if you have seen this lately you should be able to find the spot quickly enough to just give me a time in the video that i should go to.

      Also how come 18% of the victims that can be identified by religious affiliation were jewish?

      "A total of 2,071 occupants of the World Trade Center died on September 11, among the 2,749 victims of the WTC attacks. According to an article in the October 11, 2001, Wall Street Journal, roughly 1,700 people had listed the religion of a person missing in the WTC attacks; approximately 10% were Jewish. A later article, in the September 5, 2002, Jewish Week, states, “based on the list of names, biographical information compiled by The New York Times, and information from records at the Medical Examiner’s Office, there were at least 400 victims either confirmed or strongly believed to be Jewish.” This would be approximately 15% of the total victims of the WTC attacks. A partial list of 390 Cantor Fitzgerald employees who died (out of 658 in the company) lists 49 Jewish memorial services, which is between 12% and 13%.”

    9. It used to happen that the Chief Corner's Officer is Jewish, too.

      That list of "dead" o "missing" Jewish people it would be very easily complied with all the high-rank dual citizen US Government officers, don't you agree?

      Furthermore, it would be interesting to research if all the "dead/missing" Jewish people didn't appear later alive, as several alleged hijackers and passengers found alive a couple months later, and with a lot of cash to spend...

    10. The hijackers that were alive were announced VERY shortly after the attack when there is lots of confusion.

      the amounts of people dead and reports from the medical examiners office was done painstakingly over time so that information is accurate.

    11. It was a mixture of American and foreign mob as well as Jews since they are the people that are associated with the big banks. The banks gave the farmers home loans to people who were nothing but welfare recipients here in VT. A lot of them if not all were mafia or associated with them. I was talking about it on line just before 9/11. And the Government was definitely involved with that. At least here in VT they were.

    12. They gave the farmers home loans as mortgages that were like section 8. That is the real mortgage crisis. They are covering it up and saying it was FHA but it was really Farmers Home Assoc.

  18. Hey guys, I'm Mexican so throw me a few insults just to get off of the Jew/Muslim thing! The fact of the matter is (for us old guys) the "Leave it to Beaver" America image was all bulls*** and we have always had, and will continue to have , dirty motherf***ers as leaders here and in other countries also, that are just getting more and more arrogant because they do what they want, nobody has the balls to send them to prison so why should they change? Be cool, The Beaner

  19. Hey guys, I'm Mexican so call me some offensive things just to get off of the Jew/Muslim ****! The fact of the matter is, all of the **** we believed as we were growing up about America being Heaven on Earth was all bull**** and we have had, and continue to have, a bunch of dirty ************* as leaders here, and in other countries also. Even if 1/100 of the stuff that has been coming out is true, we have been played for suckers for many years, and as long as nobody with any juice has the balls to throw these guys in prison it will continue because they have nothing to fear!

  20. I've always known that we only see what we're allowed, but this film is naming a lot of Jews and making them part of something that might not even exist. My elementary school was in classes of about 35 kids. Nearly half were Jews. Does that mean their parents were all part of a conspiracy? Not likely but I knew adults at the time that would have said yes, simply because they were Jews. Mitt Romney's family cottage on Lake Huron in Canada is in a subdivision that at one time had a large banner on its gate that said 'No Jews Allowed'. Right around the time his father bought the place. There was a guard at that gate, presumably in case there were Jews that couldn't read. Does that make him a Jew hater? Probably. Interesting film.

    1. Hey Jimmy, If you drop the jew line how would this look? My concern is why we have politicians with duel citizenships, that in itself should raise suspicion. If they were talkin about arabs, canadiens, or mexicans woul it be any different? Why are foreigners in top positions in our government

  21. This is probably the definitive "truther" news story. Any good cop will tell you that when a crime occurs, the first suspects are those who benefit. Funny how the 911 comission said that the money aspect was irrelevant.

    Curious that about a year ago the SEC destroyed all documents pertaining to the massive short position taken out on American Airline stocks just days before the attack. If it was Moslems who shorted those shares you can bet we would have heard about it.

  22. Very little knowledge and VERY dangerous

  23. This is a Jews bad , Muslims good (always) video. This truly does prove that a little knowledge is dangerous

  24. The Narrators voice had me expecting him to break into a rap song at any moment and I found that to be somewhat trendy but not very credible. Then, there was the initial "setting up"the main characters or in this case, what the video attempts to do is cast Israel as a self serving country they seem to think is so bad, he even calls it the "Apartheid" state of Israel which tipped me off this was just going to be another "The Joooos did it". After they choose some historic events such as the Lavon affair, the USS Liberty etc,. they assume the main villain of the story has been established but using paralles and guilt by association doesn't cut it for me because they are logical fallacies and not how REAL professionals prove a theory or build a case. This video is nothing but what I consider a comic book understanding of investigative research and inquiry. I am no fan of Israel but I am an even bigger fan of, good, honest and objective investigation into this matter

    Thumbs Down for this video's obvious mistakes

    1. Rubbish. Israel is an apartheid state. that's not particularly controversial. Unless you're a Zionist. Which is not something to be proud of. Not one little bit.

      psssst you gave yourself away when you put 'apartheid' in quotation marks - and the "jooooos' bit -it's always Jewish folk who write that way... or 'Christian' Zionists(crypto-Zionists)...like Angelina Jolies' father...he likes having lot's of money(and who can blame him) - hes a "Christian"!!

  25. Facts of the matter is we have not been told the truth, and one only has to ask who benefited. Let's face some facts, 17 arab highjackers did not benefit. We need to follow the money trail and we were not allowed to do that thank-you GWB. Or look at who got John O'Neil his job at the WTC how convenient for them that he was killed on day one of his new job on Sept 11, 2001. I know there are lots of questions that were not answered. Funny how GWB foreign policy matches the PNAC that was put out 1 yr prior. Do I think Israel was involved in 911, let's put it this way it would not surprise me. Then again you can not even get the government to admit there were bombs in the WTC's buildings even though on the day of attack it was reported by eye witness that there were secondary devices. We need a new investigation that is independent of the government but has the power to view all government policies and documentation with powers to suopena and place officials under oath. Cause no matter what anyone states the fact is what happened on 911 was no less than treason. There is so much information out there that implicates involvement of our government and state sponsored attacks the american citizens would be stupid not to demand a independent investigation. The Iran contra revealed that there is a group out there that has the funding, the military equipment and their own private army. We allowed Clinton to pardon Regan/Bush administration not to be charged with the treason they committed. PNAC was signed by Chaney, Abrams, Jeb Bush, and several in GWB's cabinet. These traitors need to be brought to justice along with everyone involved. It also would not hurt to know what Sybial Edmonds knew and they jagged her. We truly need to demand a new independent investigation of 911, we can accomplish nothing until the American people know the facts.

  26. Hey Jack....psst..Jack...over here man! ..hey bro, keep that stuff on the down low, ok? We don't want that those things getting out..(wink)...you know what I mean Brother Jack? If you want some REAL info I can sell it to ya for $23.85 +tax. OK? This doesn't include shipping and handling....and ah..all purchases are final. OK, lets not contact eachother here again...I'm starting to get nervous!

  27. IF you truly want to find the answers to WHY the US would want the death of 3000 innocent people, allow me to refer all of you to a man by the name of 'Chris Pinto.' IF you will take the time and read the subject matter he has amassed pertaining to the history of this country, you 'may' actually, see the light. It will however require some research on your part.

  28. Yeah, the American government totally planned, executed and covered up 9/11..

    But wait a minute, why? If they wanted to attack Iraq, they could have anyway. Since when did America need such a crazy excuse to go to war? They invaded Iraq in 1991 on a far lesser excuse, they invaded Panama on a ridiculous excuse, they invaded Vietnam on a stupid excuse..

    Second, if they were that good at planning, executing and covering up 9/11, why didn't they go the full Monty and plant WMD's in Iraq for them to find, rather than make Bush look like the idiot man-child that he is?!

    Third, Why were none of the terrorists that allegedly drove the planes Iraqi? I mean if they wanted to attack Iraq and Afghanistan, why claim that a bunch of Saudis did it, helped by a renegade Saudi living in Pakistan?

    Fourth, who were in on it? Defence contractors? Pentagon? CIA, FBI, Secret Service, NYPD (how else did they get those bombs in there), the WTC security (many of whom were killed on 9/11), the respective lessees of the WTC's (again how else they got the bombs in there without anyone knowing?), and who on earth did they hire to do the demolitions? An operation of this scale would have required the coordinated efforts of hundreds of people. NEVER in the history of man has controlled demolition been used to demolish such giant buildings. It would have involved planning on a scale unprecedented. You're seriously telling me not ONE of them dares to speak out? Please. No amount of tyranny can scare so many people for so long. Even TIANANMEN SQUARE in CHINA we know happened, no matter how much the Chinese denied it in 1989, before internet had even been invented.

    And finally fifth, if American government agencies had no problems killing three thousand citizens to start a war that killed another few thousands, why not just kill the id*ots who came up with ridiculous 9/11 movies to complete their plan anyway? You're telling me a nation that can execute 9/11 with such precision, spy on every email, every phone call and every website can't shut down a few sites made by a few conspiracy nuts? Come on.

    Common sense is alas, not as common as once thought.

    1. tell me ur only 10 yrs old, or u live in a box,,,, it has 2 b one or the other

    2. They don't need to. Yet. Your skirt is showing Bala...yeah right....

    3. Your simple answere is money -- the twin towers and a third bulding was leased by a jewish businessman (won't say his name but you can verify!) shortly before bringing down the towers, and insured for $70 billion. They wanted to demolish the towers anyway, becasue of the old asbestos coated structure, so the idea was, let's make money on it first and set it up to become a reason for hatred against the arab world. It was NOT an american co. who rigged up the bulding,they all 5 denied involvement, but a facelss, unmarked, blue uniformed Israely secret sevice spec.ops. They worked at night for a week, undetected, only the people walking into the building in the morning saw strange concrete dust covering everything in a usually pristine buildings, and complained about "hearing strange noises in the walls". Yes, everyone was in on this covert operation between Israel and US, and they pulled the best chutzpah on the world, after st.Paul's judeo-christianity of course, which in my opanion took the cake :)))

    4. that's so great that you have the whole inside story Are you sure you should be saying these things? Won't the CIA come after you? I'd go in hiding if I were you.

    5. What selective "common sense" you have...

      Point 1) The motivation wasn't simply to provide an excuse to attack Iraq, but to achieve a number of objectives of the international criminal cabal: to enable a broader war in the Middle East and Asia which would bring many more nations under their control and eliminate rivals to Israeli hegemony; to usher in an open-ended War on Terror which would allow the conspirators to vastly increase surveillance and control over the masses in supposedly democratic western nations, not to mention make a fantastic pile of money for the insiders; and to tie the U.S. to Israel and obscure the real Middle East terrorist threat by slandering Arab Muslims as the culprits.
      Point 2) Just because WMDs weren't found in Iraq doesn't necessarily mean that there wasn't an effort to plant them - there have been a number of leaks purporting that what really caused Valerie Plame to be targeted wasn't an op-ed by her husband, but the fact that a team led by Plame intercepted a truck convoy that was attempting to penetrate Iraq via Turkey, to plant WMDs.
      Point 3) See point 1. Taking down the Iraqi regime was just one objective in a wider plan. Please note that Army General Wesley Clark, once Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, publicly stated that when he visited former Pentagon colleagues (Clark was retired by 9/11) roughly ten days after 9/11, a general that he knew stated that the military had already decided to go to war with Iraq. When Clark visited again a few weeks later, the same general stated that the situation was now even worse - the military had decided to take out 7 regimes over the next 5 years, the additions being Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.
      Point 4) This is probably your best argument, but it's hardly a slam dunk. We're talking about extremely compartmentalized organizations where information is divvied out on a "need to know" basis, and most people don't really know what they're part of. For some of the key jobs, like laying explosives in New York buildings or the Pentagon, they would use very carefully vetted people they knew they could control. Also, the cabal is incredibly ruthless and the flunkies know it. Silence is ensured by terror. Nevertheless, there have been a number of witnesses and whistleblowers who have contradicted the official story, a number of whom have ended up dead under suspicious circumstances, e.g., Danny Jowenko, Barry Jennings, Christopher Landis, Kenneth Johannemann, and Phillip Marshall. You may also want to consider the Manhattan Project, involving many thousands of people, that was effectively kept secret over a number of years. I would add that the building "collapses" in New York - per the official story - contravened the laws of physics. What is more likely, that the laws of physics were suspended for one day in Manhattan, or that your assumptions about what’s possible in the way of conspiracies needs revision?
      Point 5) The problem with killing all these "conspiracy nuts" is that it would tend to draw attention to, and give credibility to, these people. Additionally, mistakes are bound to be made that could cause problems. Better to ignore most of these people and use one's control of media to marginalize those that are getting any traction (note the recent and ongoing YouTube, Facebook and other campaigns against those posting inconvenient content).

  29. Well said Kamakaze and you didn't revert to name calling and insulting people like jacksonboot did, comments are genuinley fully read and taken more seriously when you treat the people you are speaking to with a little respect. If people who treat others with courtsey and some respect while having a discussion are as jacksonboot says "absolute idots (sic) with no redeeming value whatsoever" what in the end does that say about him?

    "So this is where all the worms who buy into the "truther" cr*p about conspiracies."

    Complete sentences are easier to follow jackson. I could go on but kamakaze covered as much as was needed and I have a feeling that when these comments are read to jackson (lol unlike kamakaze I couldn't stop myself from throwing in one gratuitess insult) that they will go in one ear and out the other, or at best be taken as more cr*p from some id**t.

    I was given some valuable advice many years ago that had I heeded it sooner would have made me a smarter person.

    "You learn more from listening than from talking."

    Advice I shall now shut up and follow.

  30. Seemingly good points, but any documentary that references Fox News as a legitimate source for anything is worth questioning. The soundtrack featuring little john and T.I instrumentals is hilarious. The "Evil Jew" thing got tiresome... i stopped watching. Bad execution. Ya alllllmost had me...

  31. Jews have been blamed for ridiculous crimes and scapegoated by Christians and Muslims for two thousand years, why would anyone be surprised that they get blamed for 9/11, too? Time to find a new boogeyman because this one is getting rather old. BTW, if you are going to blame Israel for the USS Liberty don't forget to blame President Johnson who gave the order to send her to the bottom.

    1. Reputations proceed people... it amazes me that some people actually believe Jews are beyond reproach when there is so much evidence out there that they engage in black flag ops all of the time, and always have.

  32. After watching this documentary, I can confirm that much of the inmformation reported has already been exposed on many other documentaries, except now it is all contained on just one. The only problem I have with this one is the prevelant use of the term "jew" as opposed to Israeli. While this may upset some who watch it, this does not impact the credibility of the information itself. The gentlemen below my blog states only neo nazi's and skinheads will find value in this program, but I would suggest it is worth watching, and let the viewer decide for themselves. Besides, every documentary has bias, and like all inofrmation should be assessed via critical thinking and skepticism. The more the subject matter is researched, the easier it becomes to determine true reality. In other words, don't shoot the messenger, and don't confuse style with intent. Live long and prosper everyone!

  33. I am a 9/11 truther, but this is a documentary put out with the premise of disclosing truths, but which is nothing more then a cover letter for a far more sinister subject, prejudice, particular prejudice against the jews. If you look into the websites shown at the end of the "documentary" you will find that they espouse such wonderful themes as Hitler was a god fearing christian, and Mein Kampf revisited.... stay away from this as you will be disappointed, unless of course you're a neo nazi or skinhead.

    1. I disagree, alot of what is presented here is fact. Yes, it is true that just saying jew is the death knell to any story but it is also a fact that they do control much of, if not all, the mainstream media and Hollywood, which explains why. Kind of like communism in the 50's ,just saying jew somehow immediately means you are anti semetic and an evil Nazi. While not being completely politically correct, you can still say Arab without being ostracized-at least on mainstream media. This is just common knowledge and frankly I'm so sick of people being scared to say anything but that jews and Israel are just innocent perfect people. It is brainwashing by pop media that is pro Israel.Alex Jones even agrees but knows that to state so publicly would destroy reputation due to the obvious power mainstream media has.(and yes Jones is a Jewish name).To outright label this film as being skinhead and nazi just shows how brainwashed and ignorant you have become.They aren't saying jews should be killed or that whites are superior, all they are saying is that jews and more specifically Israel were involved. Thats it.

    2. in retrospect to the mainstream media tarnishing all islamists as extremist, murderous, terrorists etc...

  34. This Doc follows the money, which is what you need to do to figure s*** out sometimes. I believe this is the closest thing to the truth so far out there.

  35. People are quick to dismiss this but it's actually good information on the subject of Israeli espionage and possible involvement in 9/11. The narrator does throw around the word "Jew" in a questionable way no doubt, but the info speaks for itself.

    It amazes me that this stuff was covered up so well from the highest levels and all investigations halted. Pretty interesting.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. A whole nation can covertly disappear with very plausible 'explanations' when power is abused. Lots of very interesting info here.

  36. i cant watch this propaganda, its reminds me of north korea too much..

    anyways just wanted to tell those who say..

    oohwell i guess will never know what happend..well ive got news.. the rest of the world know what hapend.. your selected and their allais faked a attack, as they have done many times before in other wars.. the attack offcourse as always is to have a reson to kill and terrorise other countrys, your just som bullies with guns.. think about it why would anyone wanna attack usa, first look at history, the countrys with alots of nature resourses is the ones keep getting attacked by how ever. u aint got no resourse to steal.. U are the greatest nation in the world, well in what way? your a young country with nothing going for ya soo the only thing u can do is to rob and steal.. yall have a weight problem when afrika is starving..

    Americans is guilty for being stupid and ignorant.. what ever politic party u choose its all the same for the rest of the world.. U have money but then again not really.. your money aint nutthing more then fake crap the rest of the world has to sign up for.. I dont know anybody in all of europ that like america as a country when it comes to this matter..

    before we used to say -stop acting like a jew when ever somebody was greedy,, now we just say stop acting like an american..
    You will always be the lowest creature on the planet as long as you subbmit to the kapitalism and the few big fish of the cooperative america thats been slaughting the rest of the worl just to secure economic power and slavery.

    The afro-americans, come on dudes WTF? first they inslave your ancesters and then you help them inslave the rest of the world? why arent u attacking those who killed your pplz? why your in bed with your forfathers enemy? the devil in suit.. i wunder what they would say if they saw you on knees licking the as of the master, without even getting beaten up.. its a joke right.. i hope yall got some secret plan otherwise yall some weak ass bi^¨es..

    I always catch my self thinking.. they got cripz and bloodz and this and that.. lots of guns.. but they too stupid to point the trigger at the right person, insted of killing the enemy they kill their brother.. it makes no sens.. unless u braindwashed that is.. still think the hope is in the meny ghetto soldiers.. they just aint got the right leader.. they are too American all about steal money to serve for own purposes..

    sorry for spelling errors.. ;)

    1. If you can't watch it why are you commenting?

  37. Wow! You actually managed to sit thru the whole thing?

  38. You guys might just be the stupidest batch of human beings I have come across. And I say this after having watched the entire documentary.

    This was the most rediculous racist thing I've seen in a very long time, and the only thing sadder is that many of you agree with it.

    1. We Israelis admire the USA we axist here thanks to the US nation,
      I can only guess that extrimly radical elements are behind this stupid idea.
      Two israelis civilians were killed on those horrible attacks. we do NOT kill our own people.
      when i saw this "movie" i did not know if i should cry or luagh.
      i believe that one day all those lies would be revealed.

    2. All of what lies?


  40. If we are honest with ourselves, there is a funny relationship between the USA and Israeli government. I am aware that if anyone ever mentions Israel you will be called a Nazi, or Jew hater. But, of course you can demonize the Muslims or Palestinians until the cows come home... might even get you a show on FOX News. Ironic, but so true. Interesting how self censorship works...anyhooo

    We do know that 911 was an inside job. A stand down/false flag operation. From the evidence, it seems to also involve a few external elements: I would not put anything past Mossad; Pakistan ISI also seems to have been involved; PNAC seems to be involved in planning stage; CIA assets seem to have been used; NORAD seems to have had stand down orders. Elements inside the Pentagon where involved. Dick Cheney was involved without a doubt. All very blatant with the mountain of evidence.

    Every Intelligence Agency on the planet knows 911 was a false flag operation.

  41. The Bush administration, and therefore, the "new" administration, continue the chant that Muslims are some evil heathenistic society that hates America's "Freedom". Do all our belief systems over-rule another belief? In America, Christians can do NO WRONG in society, (according to the media, yet again)...well, we all know this is NOT the case.

    This really is the same rhetoric that was used during the cold war, when Communism was "coming to git us" ..."In the form of a mushroom cloud." Now due to declassified documents and a little reading, we can all find out just how absurd that whole 50's-60's"fear" generation was, but it sure kept us "sheep" in line.

    This is a political strategy, that has been used very effectively in the conquest of many countries, nations and peoples throughout history. (Unfortunately, in the years since WWII, America, has been the leader in conquest.) It is being used yet again. If you truly believe in your country you believe that ALL enemies to the constitution are bad. The constitution protects individuals...not the system.

    That so many Americans can deny or become apologists for a system that, (and I want to be clear here) consistently, shows it's hipocracy, and down-right blatent lies and dis-regard for anyone or anything,I find quite disheartening.

    America was built upon an idea that people could rule themselves with some very basic human rights. Frankly, common decency and respect for others, would be great in my mind. I wish that could be true, cause I LOVE the idea and the concept. Then you look at the roots of power, and realize that the same history is repeating.

    Unless we stop getting distracted by divisions based upon any difference between ourselves, then the very idea of democracy is impossible.

    1. Well said and I totally agree. I am Canadian and as such I can only imagine how much more difficult this truth of American (Empire) false-flag operations must be for Americans.

  42. I have been watching this documentary for over an hour now but I am not yet finished. However, the high level of facts and researchable evidence presented is pretty good. There are many solid points. On the other hand, there is also a lot rhetoric and conjecture typical to "adopt my opinion" based documentaries. It is plainly obvious that the producer of this film (or writer/director/all of the above) hates Jews. The words, [insert name here] "a JEW," ring constantly from the lips of the narrator. This leads to a very opinionated feel and also causes the watcher to feel a lack of confidence in the overall delivery of information based upon the fact the dialogue is delivered with such harsh bias.

    As a spiritual servant of GOD myself, I realize that love conquers all. Though I lean towards Christianity, and the New Testament, I still find much great counsel in the Torah, Aramaic Scriptures, and Qu'ran. There is also a lot of great information for the human spirit in Sabian, Buddhist, Kabbalist, Zoroastrian, Hermetical, Apocryphal, and Krishna teachings as well. I believe that for so long as we center our spiritual sight on GOD, our respect on HIS Earth, and universal love towards all HIS creations, primarily one another, we will achieve the "Christ-like" love we are commanded to seek after in all these spiritual tomes.

    One cannot blame ALL JEWS, for the evil in the world, nor can one blame ALL MUSLIMS. When you get into "all inclusive" thinking, you are behaving primitively and solely in ignorance. Basically, you have people that want to live, and people that want to rule. Those that want to live will seek life while those that seek power will do whatever they can to attain their desires.

    Our problem in life these days is that some have begun a new era of mental and spiritual elevation to rationalize beyond the primitive mindset that has governed mankind for tens of thousands of years. While the remainder still has a mind existing in the dark ages and refuses to catch up with the spiritually elevated. They envy and despise those who have learned to reason and rationalize their existence. In turn not knowing how to stop this fearful new age, they would prefer to reign chaos, confusion, or otherwise destroy this movement towards true world peace because they cannot control or capitalize on it.

    To maintain the old ways of "progress," they must stop true progress.

    Therefore they will do all they can to turn the spiritually enlightened against one another. Looking at this series of posts, they are doing an amazing job also. They feed you anti-muslim, anti-semetic, anti-christ, anti-black, anti-[whatever, insert race, religion, cultural movement name here], propaganda through many facets of popular media creating a cult-of-personality which makes you feel the need to choose sides in a false war with non-existent boundaries.

    Never underestimate the power of faith, good or bad, if you believe it is there, it is...

    Don't you really think it is time everyone put these differences aside and realize we are all children of this Earth and therefore MUST learn to coexist peacefully once and for all?

    9-11 is a fraud, I think we all realize that in our hearts. Who did it is pretty much irrelevant. The fact we allowed them to do it, and blindly turned away because it was to inconvenient to stand up and speak against it is the real problem. The problem exists within each one of us. Will we allow it to happen again? Only time will tell.

    Call the perpetrators what you will: the enemy is evil; ignorant, arrogant, bigot, megalomaniac, narcissistic, sociopathic leaders we refer to as the elitists. Be it members of governement or corporate chairpersons, any corrupt individual falling into this role are the ones responsible for these things, not any nation, race, religion, etc. specifically.


    I have finally (painstakingly) survived through this overly monotonous monotone monlogue. In conclusion: The video, though probably better served as an audio book or (here is an idea) an actual book, was quite interesting to say the least.

    If you can get past the constant reinterations of "Silverstein, a Jew...," and "Wolfowitz, a Jew...," the base information presented shows trends that do certainly point to things beyond the realm of circumstance. After viewing this I would say that I would definitely agree in some form of Israeli diplomatic involvements and would not suggest to simply discredit the whole of the information presented.

    However, one must keep in mind that the people listed are a merely 30-40 individuals and a dozen or more private organizations and/or contracting corporations that certainly DO NOT represent the (at present) 13.3 million Jewish individuals worldwide. You cannot crucify them all for the actions of a handful. That is simply ignorance again.

    I think replacing "a Jew" with "a Zionist extremist radical," is about as appropriate here as replacing "a Muslim," or "a Shi'ite," in most news reports with the words "Islamic terrorist radical." These people, on both ends of the paradigm, are no different than Christian Inquisitors during the Crusades or Witch Trials. They are all left/right wing extremist religious radicals that basically have lost their right minds and suddenly feel the need to fight wars for their God. Which, in my opinion, shows a complete lack of confidence in the power of one's diety. (Which probably means you should try a new religion or take up a hobby instead of bombing innocent people)

    I do agree that all of the people mentioned herein and many others should be brought up on charges related to this incident and tried in an international court for various degrees of treason to many nations and peoples and recieve due process of law. To each one found guilty with proper evidence, death by firing squad dump them into a mass grave and make a momument as a message to generations to come.

    "Here lies the bodies of the scum that defiled their own humanity."

    The video isn't rely that bad, has a lot of great information for the curious person with a lot of time to invest into researching the validity of it all. I wouldn't simply write it off, but it does certainly have a lot of anti-semitic and racial undertones.

    I feel sections like the part about "Don't Mess With the Zohan," starring "Adam Sandler, a Jew..." being some form of Israeli counter-inteligence cloaking operation to make people accept Israeli's as good guys... simply could have gone without.

    It is like the people that give these great presentations about 9/11 truth loaded with undisputable facts then follow up with tales of an ancient race of lizard-like aliens that have been overseeing human development for tens of thousands of years and have assumed every position of royalty and power in the world, and when we don't look they shed their skin... LOL!

    (though gazing into the eyes of Bernanke and Paulson long enough would make anyone consider this theory)

    1. Most religions have their war-mongering extremists, jews just happen to have violence-approving zionists as you say. Don't hate all the americans, all the norvegian counterjihadists, all muslims etc... that's just as bad as what they do.

  43. i dont agree to punish just the jewish as stated in the video but still there is some facts we can think it contains some conspiracies...lot of facts about the attacked make sense in terms of the the way WTC collapses and also most of the the higher power in US is being hold by so called jewish...i think zionism would make sense since they kill innocent palestinians merciless...and its true Israel is the biggest ally of USA...just wisely thinks about that...every documentary films were made from their own view and we as the observer need to watch and compare it with others and ponder a while bout it...

  44. I don't think we'll ever know the truth.

    1. i agree with yu

  45. ROFLMAO, what a waste of eight minutes.

  46. I would be very careful and very sceptical about the kind of racial hatred running throughout this kind of 'documentary'. We only have to look at history to see where the persecution of jews has been used to control the public, the type of propaganda used in Nazi Germany to commit heinous crimes. It's a strategy to keep the public in fear and under control. At the end of the day, the only ones we can keep accountable to us are our government. Are they really working for our interests or those of the powerful and corrupt global corporations?

    9/11 was an excuse for increasing control over the population by taking away our democratic rights. They had planned well in advance for dissent and protest but are moving us very quickly towards dismantling our democratic rights to those, hence the need to fight for those rights while we still have some left.

    1. It's not Racial Hatred in any matter, at one point it even says... jews are not the enemy, but the Jewish Mafia. That's like saying not all humans are bad, just the ones who are criminals and kill people for profit. I also had those bells and whistles go off in my head during this documentary, I have many jewish friends who believe that 9/11 was an inside job. It does not mean that they were part of the Isreali and American government who attacked american soil. Don't hate the country, hate the government.

  47. So this is where all the worms who buy into the "truther" crap about conspiracies. Anyone with even half a brain could figure out that it would be virtually impossible for anyone - Israel, US, etc - to pull something like the 9/11 attacks off without any hitch in the plans, without anyone breaking their silence after 10 years . . . and actually convince bin laden to go along with the hoax and then make a video of him in Afganistan gloating about toppling the towers.
    Only half a brain is required to understand how impossible it would be to do what you numbskulls believe. And for what reason would anyone go to all that trouble? If the US wanted to attack Iraq and Afganistan, who was going to stop them? And, for alll you Jew haters who have posted here - how would you explain how the Israelis could pull it off. Huh? do you know anything about logistics and how hard it is to keep secrets?

    I for one find all of you who entertain such lunacy to be absolute idots with no redeeming value whatsoever. To suggest your own government would purposely kill 3000 of its own citizens is beyond reprehensible.

    but I guess someone has to watch and believe fairy tale docs made by pure vultures.

    May you all get what you deserve.

    1. Watch "The Most Dangerous Man In America" and tell me GOVs are not willing to kill their own men. Rarely is it layed for all to see.
      May you all get what you deserve? What kind of phrase is that? We all get what we serve not what other people think we deserve.

    2. Not as hard to keep such a thing secret as you think obviously.

      Look up 'Project Trinity', how long they kept it secret before even the vice-president at that time, and how many people were involved. If they had not launched the bombs on Japan it sure would still be a secret.

      Do you know how many people work and/or worked in Area 51? And does the public have the slightest clue what's going on there? Or any other secretive military base for that matter?

      The key concept here is compartmentalization and the in/famous 'need to know', and of course, a mix of corruption and fear. They are pretty good in finding the weakness of anybody - they have centuries of experience.

      Maybe you should use the other half, too...

    3. Let me ask you this, if you were responsible for an act that killed 7010 people directly then killed millions more in the conflicts to follow, would you go around professing your involvement? If you were caught you would get the death penalty like 10,000 times! Your whole family would be shamed for the next 100 years! C'mon, is anyone thinking anymore? Of course they will keep it a secret, they are raised and educated in secrecy, secret societies, secret meetings, secret rituals, etc... How many spies do you know personally? None right? Because they are educated to live like ancient ninjas and die before spilling a drop of information.

    4. i havent watched the doc yet but i wanted to reply to you. First Bin Laden did not brag in video that he was responsible for 9/11 and the only video showing this is obviously not Bin Laden in it and all you have to do is know what Bin Laden looks like and you can easily tell this is not him in the video. Second, Bin Laden actually denied any involvement in 9/11 and any other attack he committed (embassy bombings, cole, etc.) he took credit for them immediately and laid out his reasons for doing so. So he would not have denied involvement if he did it because it was obviously bigger and more extraordinary than any of his other attacks AND HE DENIED INVOLVEMENT. Please look at the so-called video of him admitting he did it and you can tell (as long as you have eye sight) that IT IS NOT HIM IN THE VIDEO. Oh and all your talk about governments would never kill their own people... you're joking right? This has happened throughout history and its been proven. Look up operation Northwoods and see what it is, i.e. US government - CIA plan to sink our own ship and blame Cuba for the sole purpose of invading Cuba... this is from a CIA declassified document which you can read for yourself. Also the Gulf of Tonkin incident in which the govt. lied about the North Vietnamese attacking our ship and that's what got us into Vietnam (which killed over 10 times the amount of Americans than 9/11 did). While I do not pretend to know exactly what happened and by whom on 9/11 people like you need to wake up and read history, and the examples I gave you are just the tip of the iceberg but they are easy to prove... Do some research before you start calling other people idiots. Wow is ignorance bliss.

  48. Im Canadian, I take everything like this with a grain of salt.
    However, I would not put it past the Government of Israel to commit crimes as heinous as the rest of the world Governments, I know they like using Canadian passports and posing as Canadians while Assonating people and our Government just sweeps it under the carpet as fast as they can.

    Israel does have the most to gain from 9-11, but like everything, we will never know the truth.

  49. there is too much hate in the world.
    jewish believe they are god's chosen people. as do muslims. christians want you to be saved like them. jehovahs witnesses say they are chosen. nazis also said this. with everyone trying to one-up eachother it is no wonder we earthlings get no where! while elites make money off everyones blood. even on a freaking comment thread everyone is hating. can we jus chill out for a second and give out hugs?

  50. this is not a documentary... It has clear advocation for antisemitics. socalled facts gathered from unreliable sources, such as 4000 jews warned prior to 911 has been taken from a newspaper article in lubnään. the word jew emphasized in a highly suspect way... I advise consulting wikipedia on this. (I mean the cospirasy of 4000 warned)
    it has allso real and good important information about grimes conducted by Israel, but that is drowned under biggetry it contains.
    consider this; when there are a lot off people, there are bound to be a number of Onanites among them. these Onanites do not constitute the whole nation, be it Israel, USofA or Finland. middle-east; what a brain####.., but this "doc" does not help in understanding it at all... I am a critic of Israel, but this BS makes me -.-
    apologies for blausible errors in grammar; english is not my native tongue

    1. Ever read the Talmud? Go read it..... and take a vomit bag with you, then read what you just said, and see if you agree.

  51. I used to like to read some of the comments written about whichever doc I was interested in watching before I saw it so I could see what others thought of it and use those opinions to help me gauge whether or not it was worth watching. Not that that was solely what I used to dictate whether i watched it
    or not but if you listen to what others have to say you may sometimes just learn something. Unfortunately far to often all i read are people argueing their points completely ignoring valid comments from people with opposing views trying to sound smarter than everyone else and I rarely see anything about the doc spoken of. Although I would imagine when these discussions started the doc was the focus but I am far to lazy to read back page after page of posts to find this out. Or maybe I have just been on the site to long and have become overly cynical of what seems the same people argueing the same point on different pages.

    1. maybe thats because the video is complete garbage and not worth talking about, anyway you can choose to see oldest comments first

  52. might have been a slip of the tongue maybe but its repeated and repeated, I have lost count of how many different links are about Muslims saying they are going to take over the world because it is the word of Mohammad, they are completely crazy and there can be no compromising, we obviously need to go back to basics and recreate the British Empire because they need oppression its all they can understand and no I'm not being a war monger, its in their culture they always are ruled by force and so its the only answer unless we can somehow make them stop believing in all this nonsense, I'm finished now because I know whats coming your a hate preacher propaganda merchant but no I'm stating the facts its just some people cant handle reality because it is so sickening its unbelievable.

  53. @The Chai from I Ran what does Islam will conquer all the mountain tops of the world mean?

  54. @jesus in another guise. Do you understand what comprehension means? perhaps if you read and understood what OTHERS are saying rather than sitting there thinking of what your answer is going to be, you would not have made your last comment.

    How many ties have I stressed (in comments to this site) that I am not aligned with anyone.

    I am however, able to see who are causing problems and I have advised the readers of this.

    It appears you cannot handle anyone stating facts that you do not want to agree with, even though they are true.

    A little child throws a tantrum when their mother says, no lollies before dinner. All they can understand is that they want a lolly and no matter what their mother says or does to convince them otherwise, their innocent selfishness demands a lolly.


    Ps. If you want facts, well you claim you are very adept in finding these things out. Get on the internet and find them yourself. They are there!

  55. @ The Chai from I Ran you seem to be taking this rather personal which would indicate to me where your true allegiance lies, I think your name gives you away a bit, I don't care about your opinion only the facts.
    Give me some facts to back up your obvious hostility, prove Iran are little innocent kittens, I've proved they are not and you cant handle it.

    @Rodney I seen your attempt at propaganda lol man I'm not even going to comment you know what the video says, I seriously have never had such a laugh as I have had tonight cheers for that

  56. @ Jesus in another guise. Are you still trying to influence people with your WAR MONGER ATTITUDE AND PROPAGANDA. You have one eye open and the other completely closed.

    You a full of excrement. Your words a tarnished with lies and hatred.

    Both sides kill and maim each other. Both sides need to learn to love thy neighbour. Not just the Muslims.

    You keep referring to you-tube videos which have been posted by self opinionated mossad agents hell bent on causing havoc. Not to say there is also negative Islamic opinions there also.

    I bet you were a one sided bully at school whereby you picked on the poor bloke that looked different or was maimed or disabled.

    Hitler was a Jew. His mates were Jews. They tried to eliminate as many Jews as possible in order to gain control of the Monetary system in Germany which was then controlled by the Jews. They initially targeted true blood line Jews, not the war monger Khazarian ring in Jews. But his cronies got carried away and started to eliminate them all. This did not matter to Hitler as the less Jews there were the more money he controlled. How was that the Muslims fault? The Jewish survivors of Hitlers Jewish family took control by stealth by influencing Great Britain... no,.. by threatening Great Britain. Eventually they did the same to the USA.

    Hitler was also related to the Monarchy who also have a Jewish bloodline as well as German and Greek.

    Its all a game for this secret cabal who are in fact hiding behind the veil of Judaism. A true Jew would never consider doing what they are today. Just like a true follower of Islam would not create havoc. But the true Jew does not have the voice these imitators have.

    Have a look at what is happening in Egypt today. Mubarak is part Jew and was put in charge by the cabal after the Anwar El Sadat assassination which was orchestrated by the cabal. Anwar El Sadat was a true seeker of peace in the middle east. But alas, this is not what the cabal wants. No money in peace is there? who is going to buy their weapons? and no infrastructure to rebuild etc etc.

    WHY the current Egyptian uproar? because Mubarak has stolen all the money from the Egyptian people. Similar to what Hitler did. The Egyptian people have finally been able to use technology in order to find the truth.

    I cant stress enough that you are a BLIND vindictive nasty low life of a human.

    A true highly evolved human does not hate, does not wish pain on anyone nor do they influence people with YOUR TYPE OF LIES.

    Lucky for you there is no hell as if there was you would be in charge. However, your karma is going to be huge! Your karma will keep you going in the reincarnation cycle for a long long time until you learn the lessons your meant to.

    You are still in kindergarten and have a long way to go before you complete your schooling on this planet.

  57. @Jesus in another guise...it's the most studied book is Israhell...for them we are animals...no LESS than animals...I AIN'T NO GOI!!!

  58. just watched the talmud, right lets look at this, it says that the talmud was a revelation which was not written down yet it took president over the written law and wasnt written down until nearly 5 centuries after the death of christ, they say that mymodinese tried to change the babalonian ways to enable the jews to survive in christian lands, it says he was excommunicated by the jewish community on the charge of making new laws yet his goal to take the jewish religion back to the way it was before the talmud, began to take effect and that jews began to abandon immorale practices over the centuries, it says the Talmud is not observed today and that most jews dont even know that this literature exists.

    Right how can literature survive for 500 years without being written down for a start but its also very convenient that jews don't know about it today. Even if it were true it is therefore not applicable to jews of today.

    I would like to see evidence of this writing inside a genuine jewish encyclopedia because from the story I've just heard I dont believe it exists.

    If it does exist it isnt practiced so why are you hating someone for something which they know nothing about, Jews are basicly introverts as a society and will do us no harm even by the admission of this propoganda, lets not be picking on people for no legitimate reason when the Muslims still practice every single sick thing in the Koran and there is a difference too because they are extroverted and want to impose it on others, on top of that there are 2 factions sunni and shia so even if the world was completely islamic there will still be people getting killed because one wants complete domination over the other. Watch the iranium video and you will begin to learn whats going on. We basicly have 2 islamic factions trying to spread their own form of Islam, ask yourself why did Saudi arabia ask the USA to invade Iran, if you watch iranium you will learn they are petrified of what the future can bring for their own sect of Islam, they know fine well how dangerous they are because they know the Koran.
    learn what the muslim brotherhood is and you will begin to understand the situation, you can blame the jews even although its not their fault but that would be like blaming the versaille treaty for the rise of the Nazis, once something like that is in motion there is no going back and changing the past because we cant stop it by ignoring it.

    I'm signing off because maybe you are just looking to hate the jews because you dont want to face reality.

  59. I think anyone who says anything bad about any Jew is labeled an anti-Semite. The Talmud preaches Jewish superiority. Not all Jews think this way, of course. But any other group who thought this way would be demonized and their beliefs made very public. It seems a double-standard is at work.

  60. @jesus in another guise
    this is my last poet because we are getting too far off topic. but what part of wipe out the aggressors off of the globe isn't a threat ? and kim jong il's son is taking over when dad retires or dies and he is crazier than his dad so it is not to get better.

  61. you might be right that not all Muslims are bad I found out today that a Muslim on the internet isnt aware that mohammad cut of the heads of many men personally and that he is a pedophile, he said it was untrue but its fact so maybe the radicals keep that to themselves until they are in a muslim majority country and then they can do what they like. There are many many links to prove muslims are evil, all may not be because like I said they dont know what Islam really means. Muslims touch little boys too and little girls but there is something wrong with christian doctrine in that sins get forgiven if you believe in God or words to that effect, personally I think christianity is false but that jesus was the genuine article.
    I know about the North korea thing but they didnt threaten to attack America and they dont plan to make us all eat with chipsticks. The head man there is crazy but when he goes it will be fine, you cant say the same for Islam because every single one of the leaders are crazy with hate.

  62. @jesus in another guise
    i never said that people aren't mistreated in Muslim countries and i agree with you that it happens. i never stated that groups within these countries don't hate America and plot against her.maybe it is my fault i might not have been clear enough so i will be blunt.
    -show me a link proving your quote "all Islamic countries are evil "
    -proof (you know facts) "people who complain about invading Iraq is that it was a disaster because we didn’t invade Iran too"
    -you say north Korea never threatened America "North Korean spokesman, Ri Tong-il, threatened a “physical response” to planned military exercises by the United States and South Korea " or "North Korea issued a statement via the official Korean Central News Agency that “If the U.S. imperialists start another war, the army and people of Korea will … wipe out the aggressors on the globe once and for all.”
    just so you know i agree that religion breeds hate but i blame all religions they all have a history of hate and violence. but using your logic of attributing the characteristics of a few to the whole then. all Germans are Nazis, all Christians touch little boys, all Asians are ninjas and all Americans have the same opinion as yourself. do you see how useless and incorrect those assertions are?

    1. This is the most logical point of view on the page... Kudos to "over the edge."

  63. I'm not jesus christ I'm the Muslim jesus come back for payback, i'm not going to kill all the jews like Islam wants lol, anyone with half a brain can see Islam is evil.

    Saudi Arabia is playing a double game, they take the priveledges of being allied to the USA but behind their back they are spreading Wahabbism all over the world, their long term plan is to dominate the world through Islam, Also the Saudi Arabians do not allow any other relgion but islam in their country, they bring in cheap labour from Philippines and refuse to pay them and so they deal in the slave trade. Egypt gives no rights to coptic christians in their country, they have to ask permission from the head of the region to even fix a toilet, they get harrassed daily and killed often by the majority muslim population. kuwait have been caught talking about attacking the white house with anthrax, I'll put the links up if you want me to prove all this.

    1. Have you ever studied Islam or just radicalism in Islamic states?

      Muslims believe in the immortality of the soul, and the accountability for human actions in another existence. If a bad Muslim amends and reforms by sincere repentance, Allah will forgive his sins.

      "But whoever repents after his wrongdoing and reforms, Allah will turn to him mercifully. Surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful". - al-Ma'idah 5:39

      Islam does not promise salvation to Muslims alone, but gives equal hope to the righteous and GOD fearing of all religions. The Quran states:

      "Whether Muslim, Jew, Christian or Sabian, whosoever believes in Allah and in the Last Day and does good to others, verily he shall find his recompense with his Lard. For him there shall be no terror, neither any torment or suffering''. - Sura 2:62

      Islam is against aggression, sanction is given for war only in self-defence. It orders

      "Fight in the way of Allah against those who attack you, but begin not hostilities. Verily Allah loveth not the aggressors". al-Baqarah 2:190

      The Qu'ran also says :

      "And if they (the enemies) indice towards peace, incline thou also to it, and trust in Allah". al-Anfal 8:61

      Muslims also do believe in Jesus, his message, and that he is the Savior/Messiah, they do not believe that he was GOD.

      Usually before speaking one checks what he is speaking about. Radicals, not Muslims. Terrorists, not Islam. Fanatics, not Allah.

  64. @jesus in another guise. The more I read of what you have to say the more convinced I am that you are a tool (in more way's than one) YOU ARE FULL OF LIES AND DECEPTION. I am sure you are a HaMossad leModi'in uleTafkidim Meyuchadim sympathiser.

    They are as evil as they come. They were meant to protect Jews but have become the real terrorists of our time. Just like the CIA. Both Infiltrated by the dark side.

    Your propaganda is tarnished with holes and as you can see a lot of watchers have made comments about your lies and deception.

    Please hurry up and find that rock, climb under it and stay there! for the sake of mankind!

  65. @jesus in another guise
    Muslim extremists hate America not all Muslims. you are preaching the sane garbage as the hate mongers on the other side. are you saying that America has no Muslim allies?(Egypt, Kuwait, turkey, Saudi Arabia ....) and if north Korea isn't a threat why the u.s. sanctions? and while you are at it how did your oil get under their sand?

  66. You don't want invade anyone. The last thing we need is more wars in the world. A lot of bad people get killed but worse a lot of good honest ones are killed too. In the end nothing is accomplished but destruction and human pain.

    The name "Jesus in another guise" fits you. The Jesus I grew up learning about would never preach war and hatred like you do. It has to be someone else.

    1. Amen to that.

  67. I love this website, can't believe what I'm hearing lol, North Korea don't preach hate against Americans and the west all Islamic countries do so need I say more, they need a size 9 right up the gritter, pointless arguing with fairies who like it when there man speaks rough to them. Allah Akbur, they words are enough reason to invade any Islamic country when you put it into its correct context.

  68. @ Joe Blow

    There are a lot of criminals in the world. To blame only Americans is short sighted and biased. To encourage blanket retribution against all American politicians shows little understanding of the U.S. government and how it functions. There are good and bad people there but the bad ones are the most aggressive and therefore the most effective. Name calling will not solve any problems in the United States.

    We live in a world which allows men like Saddam Hussein take power and then maintain that power through force. No free speech, press, elections or any of those rights that I take for granted here in Canada. Unfortunately, removing him from power like the U.S. did only served to create chaos that did not exist before. Hussein used extreme oppressive measures to maintain order. Now there are different factions all wanting to be the next Hussein. They are glad that Hussein is gone but can't wait for the Americans to leave so they can exert their own brand of autocratic rule. In the end, it would seem that it was a mistake for the Americans to invade Iraq.

    1. Another thing, don't forget all the good things Hussein did for Iraq! Like Castro has done in Cuba. Yeah their politics aren't the same, but neither are their cultures. Different people require different rule. That is that. Forcing one countries methods on another will never work.

      Take Moses for example, he ruled with an iron fist, but it was because he people were going crazy. They left Egypt and the next thing you know guys were coming up saying; "Hey Mosey man! Can have sex with this goat?" Thus the invention of stoning was created.

      Sometimes when people are transition from one extreme, lets say a strict fundamentalist, despotic, or fascist government to a more modern communism, republic, or democracy, they need to ease into it. There are many examples throughout history of people being set free only to return to slavery. Why? Because the moment they get free they go nuts and then usually offend and or harm others to a point of intolerability.

      If people are truly discontent, they will seek their own contenment. The U.S. in the Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, etc) is for the corrupt U.S. government/businessmen and Israeli government/businessmen to take forceful aquisition from the terrible Muslim boogey-men.

      When will people simply accept, we are wrong, we are bullying innocent people while the offenders roam free.

  69. @jesus in another guise
    congratulations you win for the most ignorant and hateful comment of the day. the invasion of Iraq was based on lies and seeing how the war is still going on adding an invasion of Iran (pop 72,903,921 in 2009 over twice Iraq pop Iran land mass is almost four times the size of Iraq and their military is larger and better armed) would be harder then invading Iraq.then you go on about preventing nuclear war here is an idea how about north Korea they have them and have threatened to use them (oh wait they don't have any oil forget i said anything). then some religious nonsense to add to your wild imagination. then you mention the nuclear facility bombed by Israel. are you referring to the secret purchase bought on the open market from France or just the bombing that was condemned world wide including the u.s who supported Iraq at the time. and then you end by saying approx 1 in 5 people are secretly out to get you up the dosage my friend

  70. @ Jesus in another guise. You are clearly out of order. You have gone too far. You are a tool for the cabal. You are a war monger. You are an evil person. You are a low life. You have no idea what your are taking about. You are a materialistic fool. You have no spiritual understanding at all. How dare you hate so much. You have been given life and you waste it by instilling hate.

    Instead of creating hate, apartheid, racism and global destruction, why don't you just shut up and sit under a rock. There you will be more useful to mankind.

    Again I say to thee SHAME SHAME SHAME.

    Also, you can say whatever you want to me in return, but it will not change a thing, or make you look like a hero. As long as you have that attitude you will not achieve what every man, woman and child are meant to achieve by living on this planet.

  71. All around the globe Governments have been infiltrated by the evil cabal who are hell bent on taking control of the world. These people are the private bankers.. not their workers, they are only their silly greedy blind puppets. A lot of their workers are in Government.

    If they are not working for the cabal, they are set up (prostitutes, drugs etc) in order to get them out of the way.

    In the USA one has to be a billionaire in order to run for the presidency.. again.. money rules. How disgusting.

    How many times have we heard USA and British Government leaders talk about a "One World Order"??.... over and over again....

    Everyone is full of fear from all the orchestrated wars, terrorism, monetary collapses etc etc etc which has been implemented by the cabal in order to instil fear amongst mankind in order for them to stealthily take over every man woman and child's lives.

    The evil cabal are using us as fodder while the cabal power brokers fight for leadership.

    Meanwhile so many gullible people get caught up with their game. They provide them with ammunition in order to take control.

    They use religion to create havoc amongst mankind. They feed us lies about man's history. They hide the truth so we don't see what they are doing.

    They tell us we are the only intelligent life form in the entire known universe, but our holy books, witnesses, and technology tell us a different story.

    If you claim you have interacted with another life form you are called crazy!

    If one says, "I talk to God" we say "oh what a wonderful spiritual person" But if they say "God speaks to me" we call them an idiot, liar, crazy person etc etc.

    It goes on and on and all that seems to result is more hatred, more wars, more inhumanity.

    Almost every great spiritual leader was exterminated one way or another by the cabal.

    A lot of religions are fighting in the name of God. Well if one opens their eyes on this issue, it is clear each of these groups are say "God belongs to us".

    Now the truth is no-one can claim ownership of God as that puts them above God. But the fools don't see that they have been sucked in.

    1. Amen brother...

  72. all I can say to people who complain about invading Iraq is that it was a disaster because we didn't invade Iran too, in fact we should have invaded Iran first and then Iraq and it would have worked. Its all about preventing a Nuclear war anti gov people, lets pray that the holy spirit will rise and destroy Islam once and for all amen.
    If you think Iraq were defenseless they had nuclear facilities which were blown up by Israel in the 1980s so who wants to risk them having secret weapons facilities, it is there own fault for being so secretive, all Islamic countries are evil and should not be underestimated.

    1. Wow that is rather horrid... Actually if you research what they have is actually reactor-grade uranium235 @ 0.9%, also known as heavy water, and they built a CANDU styled reactor which is solely used for energy generation, especially since the failed Nazi attempts in creating such a dirty bomb, 90% of those around where they are constructed will most likely die of radiation poisoning.

      In retrospect to believe they would use them for weapons is laughable at best. The best they could hope for is highly radioactive toxic waste. Secondly, have you ever researched Iran's ballistic missile programs? Their technology leaves much to be desired. Give 30-40 years maybe they could eventually become a sincere threat to the U.S. and get one bomb off.

      I mean seriously (and this is an exaggerated comment not deemed to offend any Iranians out there) what are they going to do? Carry the bomb to a really tall mountain on the backs of 100 camels and charge forward hurtling it towards Israel guided by 200 Chinese bottle-rockets?

      Really they are no threat, nor do they desire to be. They simply want to advance out of their early 1900's styled technology consisting of wind farms and coal plants. I don't think that is to much to ask.

      I see many many people are blinded to the many forms of propaganda.

  73. Oh ya, one more thing.Nothing from a doc.(propaganda stuff I mean)

  74. @Joe Blow

    Why don't you tell us who all these criminals are. Exactly what their accused of. But remember, list ALL the crimes they did. To whom. Why. How? I'm not being a smart a$$. Just curious to how anti-gov. people think.

  75. One thing that I think most will agree on

    1. The United States Government is corrupt and is staff by the worst criminals on the planet.

    2. Those same criminals go back in a long linage of scum.

    3. The mass population, if they have any chance at a better world better clean out the trash, take back their house, and put the criminals where they belong. In jail.

  76. it starts around minute 37:50 not 35:00... oops
    but they do mention the USSS twice.

  77. why does this film list the Secret Service twice in it's list between 35:00 and 38:00 of the film?

    the U-SSS is actually an initialisation of United States Secret Service. So they are actually listed twice.

    it just seems like their research should have been reviewed once more before final production. i'm not picking sides to blame any group, mind you. it was wrong.

    If the israelies did it and lied they broke mosaic law by not telling the truth and trying to disguise themselves.

    If the muslims did it then they did it for a book based on religious texts that are thoroughly mistranslated, edited, and filled with false information.

    If the government did it, tried to cover it up, or new it was going to happen and did nothing... then they are a danger to the people they are supposed to protect.

    What really bothers me about the subject is that God keeps flying around in the conversation as if he were the cause or the best excuse for why such a thing needs to be done.

    God doesn't exist.

    What man does to himself or neighbors is solely the act of man. Any repercusions are also the act of man. Two wrongs don't make a right.

    Stop being sheep.

    These attacks happened because virtually no one took responsibility to stand up for what was truly right... except for flight 93 who were really only out to save their own skin, hence why they fought back. Luckily in sacrificing their safety and security they saved many more lives. They were heroes for being human... not religious.

    and if you don't believe me when i just said, "...virtually no one took responsibility to stand up for what was truly right," then let's point out...

    1) the fact we invaded Iraq under false pretenses just to over throw Saddam who was, in fact, anti-terrorism even though he dabbled in his own version himself.

    2) the fact that the attacks were said to be "to crumble our economy". the WTC were a financial hub with a large repository of gold. Now their selling the gold to us and using the steel of the building to make warships. Then they had a false contest to design the new WTC before giving the actual contract to a designer who had never built anything over 5 stories tall and upon unveiling his design was soon ridiculed by everyone and the designed were tossed out. Just rebuild the towers one floor higher but, for the most part, as they were originally designed.

    ... but if you want the economy to fail and you want to see you father, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters all die in a cause based in lies and untruths then keep being a sheep. Watch your Fox News and die in a 'holy' war.

  78. i could not watch this documentary until the end just because the annoying hip-hop at the background. And its just anti Israel propaganda with no evidence attached.

  79. The first you-tube video you posted is just propaganda, If you had watched the protocols of Zion like I told you u should you would know this, so because a crazy old woman says they were celebrating does that mean they weren't just acting like any one else would have if they seen something like that happen if you were used to being in a war zone. The van they show near a bridge is a different van from the one the 3 kids who were on the TV show were in anyway. If you are going to accuse Israel of involvement then you had best play a fair game and take everything into consideration, I'm going to post a link which would suggest the Saudis who have a lot of influence in the USA were involved.

  80. @Rodney I'll be having a look in a bit but I have a few things for you too but I'll watch them when I get the chance, I look forward to having a laugh.

  81. great video thanks Rodney. "With friends like these!" lol...

  82. Hey~ did y'all know they Jooooooooos drink the blood of Christian babies on top of all their other mafia-lizard wickedness?!? lool, you guys are great ;)

    ~Seriously though, such smut... I dont know what's sadder; this poorly produced doc or the idiot comments below.

    It's worth skimming through for a laugh at least ;)

  83. @The Chai from I Ran if you want to talk about conspiracies I will. Watch the links 246 and on 248 on mythbusters:moon landing wasn't a hoax and then answer me why people would make videos which are blatant lies. I think money would do the trick for a lot of people, lots of it and mayb'e that money is Saudi. In the 9/11 conspiracy where is the official evidence there was an equivalent exercise with the exact same scenario held on that day. Also if there was an exercise held on that day would it not be possible that the Saudis knew about it and orchestrated the 9/11 attacks to happen during the exercise, what about the buildings being blown up, how do we know these so called experts are not receiving vast sums of money to make false claims, is there official verification of their credentials. However lets assume it was blown up who is to say the Saudis didn't plan it, they could have planned the whole thing just as easily and with as much credibility as the claims made against Israel and the American government.
    Oh there is the footage of the tower 7 standing on the BBC news when they said it had just been blown up, are these videos authentic, it is easy to fake images on a TV screen as everyone knows, I would like to see verification this is genuine live footage. There is a propaganda war being waged by the Muslims and they are winning, maybe because the government pays no attention to conspiracy theories but they best wake up and tackle it head on but they obviously underestimate its impact or else either they would not have been so stupid in their planning of such a failure or they don't realize how much these accusations have poisoned the minds of individuals who wish to believe what is more comforting for them. It's better your government are liars rather than the Muslims being an aggressive threat. People ignore the threat and underestimate it. Even the government it seems underestimate it because they don't know the tactics of Islam or they choose to ignore issues because they need the oil from Saudi Arabia.

  84. @The Chai from I Ran so basically what you are saying is that all the Pakistanis and other Muslims who have came to Britain and other countries in Europe do not belong there, I wish you were my Prime Minister it would make things a lot simpler. The fact is the Jews were refugees from the War and from persecution so where do you want them to go if they could go nowhere else. Also the Muslims who live there are conquerors and it was actually Christians who lived there before the Muslims invaded it hundreds of years ago. The Jews have a right to half of the land no problem, don't see a problem with that since they were there before the Muslims. As for your theory on Iraq and Iran there is more than just Israel who have an interest in destroying them both.

  85. @jesus in another guise. As I have previously stated, a REAL Jew is not behind the Palestinian debacle.

    Palestinians have lived on that land for thousands of years. The Jews of Europe and Morocco have no ancestral link to that land as their ancestors were CONVERTS of Judaism. The real Judea of Israel have more "Jewish" DNA than the Jews of Europe whose ancestors were barbarians and not Israelites.

    The majority of the Jews in Israel are immigrants or descendants of the immigrants from mostly Europe and Russia from the late 1800's. Then there are the Jews from Morocco, Ethiopia and other parts of the world. Anybody who converts to Judaism can move to Israel. For decades, the Jewish immigrants and their descendants have been deporting Palestinians from their own land.

    Jews are like Christians and Muslims. None of which have/had their own Country! they are just people following a certain belief structure.

    Should we divide the world so we can have separate countries for the separate religions... Come ON!

    I do not agree with a lot of what Muslims are doing either and I am far from defending them for their negative actions. In fact I am appalled by what they have been brainwashed to believe hence the continuation of hate, war violence (etc) in the world.

    Those who have the material power(money) are the CONVERTS of Judaism and are behind a lot of negative actions. The reason 9-11 happened was to force the USA to take retaliatory action against Saddam Hussein in order to disassemble their war machine which Israel recognised as being the only Arab country at the time which could be a major threat against them. Now they are putting the pressure on the USA to invade Iran.

    World Politics and World domination is a joke, no matter if its Islam, Israel, or the Vatican.

    God does not have a religion.

    I have Jewish and Islam Friends.. we all get on... we all know the truth.. Come ON!

  86. @ The Chai from I Ran I am not spreading lies if you look at my link on the Koran it is all fully referenced, as for the Jews they do no harm to anyone unlike the Muslims, if you are lebanese you should know this after what they did to the christians there. I don't believe you really know anything about Judiasm and I don't claim to either but who was it who saved the christians from certain death at the hands of the Muslims in lebannon after the Muslims launched Jihad. You obviously don't pay attention to the facts in concern to Islam. They teach there kids to hate the jews and train them as soldiers from a young age in Palestine hence probably why they end up getting killed. A bullet is a bullet who ever fires it, man woman or child. It is a sick religion who think the world owes them everything. They cry and use deception to make themselves look like victims however all over the world christians are being murdered for their beliefs and the end goal is to have a 100% Muslim country just as Saudi Arabia is where it is compulsary to be Muslim. The main reason the arabs cant suffer the Jews having their own state is that in Islam muslims must rule over other religions in an Islamic state. Do you think it is fair that every arab country seek to deprive the jews of having a homeland on land where they have always lived. Stop feeling sympaphy for these murderers.

  87. @jesus in another guise. You obviously have not understood what I have written. I am Not a Jew! I am Not a Muslim. I was brought up a Catholic!!!!! ( Maronite in fact). My background is Lebanese. My Great Great Grandmother on my mothers side was a Jew! ie my Mothers, Mothers, Mother. I do not hate Jews, Muslims Christians, Pagans calathumpians etc .. Simply put, I just do not hate people!!! I do, however, hate what they can do!!!!

    I am a born again spiritual being, I am a mystical traveller searching for the truth. I know I am on the right path but still have a long way to go.

    As for the Talmud, your knowledge is tarnished with anomalies.

    Traditionally, the Talmud is the supreme sourcebook of Law, as it takes the rules listed in the Torah/Bible and describes how to apply them to different circumstances (THIS WORK WAS CREATED BY RABBIS... OR MAN!). Although technically not a legal code (other works were created for that purpose), it is the ultimate source material that is used to decide all matters of Halakha (Jewish law).

    The term Old Testament is a Christian term. The term Torah is a Jewish term. If you are asking if the Old Testament of the Christians is the same as the Torah of the Jews, yes, it would be the same.

    The term Torah generally speaks of the first five books of Moses. When Jewish people speak of all the Old Testament writings, they use the term Tanach. (Or Tanakh.) The Tanakh speaks of the three sections of the Jewish Bible, which is the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings.

    Do your research before you decide to lie to the world!

    Stating what you believe as truth rather than knowing the truth is not a good idea. By the end of the day, you are deceiving yourself and others.

    Deceiving yourself is not good for your spiritual growth.

  88. @The Chai from I Ran I doubt you are a jew and I'm far from it, my forefathers were Nazi's and so I have been brought up to hate jews and I used to think they were evil and Hitler was correct. The truth is the opposite everything you said about the Tulmud is what is in the Koran, I think you are Muslim trying to use that vile propoganda your kind create and use it as a weopon against the non-muslims.

    Deception in Islam is an honor.

  89. @jesus in another guise

    How dare you use Jesus name in vain! How dare you state I talk through my hoop. How dare you LIE and show hatred evil and everything else that is negative. Rodney has many valid points.

    How dare you encourage killing!

    If you believe in God you should believe that he told us:-

    "Though Shall Not Kill"

    You are just a vindictive nasty piece of humanity sitting on the bottom of the awareness ladder yet to place a foot on the lowest rung.

    Your demeaning manner reminds me of a satanists point of view. KILL KILL KILL - SACRIFICE A GENTILE TODAY..

    From they way you are trying to present you argument it is clear to me which sect you follow.


    It is time you opened your eyes to reality and stop protecting the perpetrators.

    A real Jew follows the Tora/Bible... not the man made Talmud which promotes hate, racism, paedophilia, murder, sacrifice etc etc against so called Gentiles. Shame Shame Shame!

    By the way, I have a REAL Jewish bloodline... do you?

  90. I couldnt give a flying F*ck about the palestinians and if you all had any sense you wouldnt either, did you look at the links I gave you, Rodney I can understand what you are saying but The Chai from I Ran talks through his hoop, what oppression are the palestinians experiencing can u tell me this, they are terrorists every single one of them, there is only one way to solve this and that is to kill them all and attack every arab nation and destroy all the mosques in the world and behead the muslum unbelievers, they are just kufaar

  91. Jesus in other guise: Have you ever READ the protocols of the elder's of Zion?? It's happening today, ever since the end of the cold war when the US didn't have anybody else to spend their money for the arms they buy from the contractors, they got a perpetual war ''the war on terror'' there's more people that die from smoking than terror but Ohh boy there's money for them and money for Israel. The G** Damned country's rich but the US still sends them money..WHY?? And there are quotes from BIBI and that fat fart Ariel Sharon who made this statement and I quote:
    "Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that... I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."
    Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio. Now tell me something...is he right??? YES!! and that's the problem, The khazar jews who are not semitic, are warmongers and were thrown out of practicaly every country in Europe because of their theiving and deceiving. Now that they're in Palestine they know they can get away with all the crap they're doing to the palestinians Have you read the info I posted here it is again!!
    Israeli and Palestinian Children Killed
    September 29, 2000 – Present
    124 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 1,452 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000.
    1,084 Israelis and at least 6,430 Palestinians have been killed since September 29, 2000.
    41,394 Palestinians and 9,075 Israelis
    have been injured since September 29, 2000.
    During Fiscal Year 2009, the U.S. is providing Israel with at least $8.2 million per day in military aid and $0 in military aid to the Palestinians.
    Israel has been targeted by at least 65 UN resolutions and the Palestinians have been targeted by none.
    1 Israeli is being held prisoner by Palestinians, while 5,935 Palestinians are currently imprisoned by Israel.
    0 Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians and 24,813 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel since 1967.
    The Israeli unemployment rate is 6.4%, while the Palestinian unemployment in the West Bank is 16.5% and 40% in Gaza.
    Israel currently has 236 Jewish-only settlements and ‘outposts’ built on confiscated Palestinian land. Palestinians do not have any settlements on Israeli land
    GO TO and get the facts from jewish americans who are sick of seeing crimes that The US helps perpetrate on the palestinians.

  92. No use having a titt for tatt session, no one wins as there will never be a winner, only losers.

    The losers are going to be those who think they can control another with individual thinking. We are part of a universal colony of souls trying to grow spiritually.

    The three main biblical religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam have all been infiltrated by the "dark side" They all have their own individual agendas which is all about controlling the world and becoming the so called "True Religion".....What a cload of rap!

    The same is happening within the Eastern Religions!

    At this moment in history, the khazarian ring-in Jews who do not have any blood connections to Judism, have infiltrated the Jewish religion and have managed to control the monetary systems of the world and ultimately gained control over most Governments of the world. The Bible warned the Jews that satan will take control, and this evil force has done so using stealth.

    Please my brother Jews, open your eyes, your hearts your souls and look what you are doing to Gods people! When you stop, the Muslims will stop defending themselves by attacking everything that is Jewish or Jewish controlled

    Jesus tried to tell you one needs not be born a Jew to understand God. Gentiles and Jews are the same! His message was ignored.

    Mohammed tried to free Islam from the wrath of the Jews.

    A lot of Jews to this day curse Jesus name and believe that he and Mohammed are burning in excrement in hell. "Shame on these thoughts."

    There is no such thing as a true religion, they are mostly all schools of spiritual studies which are currently fighting for world dominance by the secret Dark Hierarchies within each of these Religious groups.

    While this is all happening, the planet is being ruined by pollution and misguided science and their hidden agendas. There is so much mind boggling scientific crap going on such as weather control, misuse and abuse of Tesla's scientific achievements hence preventing free energy but creating mass destruction by way of manipulating earthquakes.

    Then there is mind control achieved through various electronic media and chemicals put into the food chain, which also is causing disease etc.

    Not only are the Palestinians suffering, have a look at all the Native tribes around the world! Their land is taken away for logging and growing cash crops. Millions of humans, animals, plants and other biological lives are being lost while one percent of the world population become rich.

    Its a heavy price to pay as these low lives are on this planet but for a short time.

    We have powerful monarchies and their various blood lines (the evil Cabal) who ensure their dark agenda's continues.

    We all can see the truth when we throw away our fears.

    It is fear which they use to control. It is fear which is holding back humanities development.

    I only wish that mankind will reach spiritual enlightenment sooner than later, hence preventing any devastating consequences on this wonderful planet.

    We have been warned by our ancestors.

    Take heed.

  93. Rodney thats a pathetic argument, the Russians have killed as many Jews as the nazi's, don't believe nazi propoganda that the jews created communism, like i said watch the protocols of zion, if there was ever a group of people who continually get mistreated it is the jews so forgive them for not caring what you think of them and hence creating propoganda like muslims do. You have to see past the lies, it's so easy if you try.

  94. Hey, Just look at what happens when you question Jews or the crap they do...YOU'RE ANTI-SEMITE!!! Hmmm I wonder how many christians died in jewish Russia???
    It is estimated that 21 million Russian Orthodox Christians were martyred in the gulags by the Soviet government, not including torture or other Christian denominations killed.
    BUT NOOOOOOOOO we never talk about that...to ''jews'' we're just Goyim....NOT ME!!!

  95. people like you are the problem Rodney I'm going to put a couple of links up and hopefully you can watch them soon.

  96. Israeli and Palestinian Children Killed
    September 29, 2000 - Present

    124 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 1,452 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000.

    1,084 Israelis and at least 6,430 Palestinians have been killed since September 29, 2000.

    41,394 Palestinians and 9,075 Israelis
    have been injured since September 29, 2000.

    During Fiscal Year 2009, the U.S. is providing Israel with at least $8.2 million per day in military aid and $0 in military aid to the Palestinians.

    Israel has been targeted by at least 65 UN resolutions and the Palestinians have been targeted by none.

    1 Israeli is being held prisoner by Palestinians, while 5,935 Palestinians are currently imprisoned by Israel.

    0 Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians and 24,813 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel since 1967.

    The Israeli unemployment rate is 6.4%, while the Palestinian unemployment in the West Bank is 16.5% and 40% in Gaza.

    Israel currently has 236 Jewish-only settlements and ‘outposts’ built on confiscated Palestinian land. Palestinians do not have any settlements on Israeli land
    NEED I SAY MORE??? Khazar ''jews'' are the world's problem!!

  97. I recommend people watch the protocols of zion because all this jew hating is stupid, if people think the jews are evil because of what is happening in palestine, the muslims are the aggressors, lebanon used to be a christian country until the muslims became the majority, this was through their breeding program of having 4 wifes and temporary wifes etc, once they were the majority they launched jihad on the christians just as they will in europe and in the usa. The jews rescued the christians in lebanon. In palestine the jews have offered too much for peace but the muslims dont want peace because allah said the hostility between them and the jews is eternal, also muslims always have to rule over any religion in their country, christians and jews should have no rights in there eyes and so thats what this war is about. Leave the Jews alone and start attacking the muslims they are the real enemy

  98. Are there any non Jews in control in the American Government ? Pretty scary when Jews only make up a few percent of the American population.

  99. Donald Rumsfeld is easily the sexiest man alive,.. I wanna nibble on his dingle bells

  100. @Waldo How do you presume to know my "religious beliefs"? Because my kid was the Messiah, you think you know MY thoughts and feelings? That's right, blame the mother. I wish to hell sometimes I'd just died instead of ascending to heaven to live to see what kind of nonsense you people believe since Freud.

    Everyone else: It isn't that hard to figure out. If you were Mossad, and you had been intimately involved in 911, and strong implications that you were involved were out there for all to see, you could not very well deny it. You could not argue facts. What you COULD do is present the case AGAINST you, the case FOR your obvious involvement, and make it seem like rabid anti Jewish anti Semitic diatribe. Then, anyone hearing those facts would automatically associate them with "Jews did it".

    Look how many people will respond to a suggestion that Mossad was involved by either spewing nonsense prefaces with "I am a proud Nazi War Criminal, and I endorse this message" or some lighthearted, sarcastic comment meant to associate the content of this documentary with the most absurd and laughable sorts of bigots.

  101. why is the guy narrating sounding like a robot

  102. With "friends" like Israel, who needs enemies ?

  103. This doc makes a lot of accusations and some of them may be true but I doubt Israel is the only country doing false flags. The trap is getting people to think that Jews are the worst people in the history of the earth while the Anglo-Americans secure as much peak oil as they can.

  104. to rodney @this docum.what u posted on 152 is true,there is a secret low what u presented there(shulham aruh)and it is still in full use because every ruby before becames ruby must know all of it and has to pass the test!!!beside all the lows where they have right to kill,rob etc.any other nationality and race(goy-there r jews and then goyi-all the others)the most shoking is that they have right to have sex with 3 years old girl witch show how r the real creators of pedofillia!!!also they r responsiblle for slavery and now even today black people hate white because of that but jews r the ones and they r not white-they r jews midlle estern which is big-big deferents,they control the biggest drug smaggling operations in the world,they manipulate scienctific discoverys i the history too(most they claim was created by jewis scientists and any other were block couse they only let those patents out which can make money for them not to help human race!!!(nikola tesla was the biggest scientist of all time but was humanitarian and the jews who finance him in the beginning have seen that he will help the whole planet earth not just them to make money so they cut him off(j p morgan)stole his patents and work and man went to work in secret,we can just emagine how much the whole human race lost there!!!chek docum.forgotten secrets of nikola tesla and u'll see for ur self!!!

  105. If you want a real conspiracy to believe in watch "Food Inc" on this site. To be able to control our food sources is imperative. This doc shows who is in control, how they maintain control and who in the American government is helping them. A real problem with real perpetrators. The American people must do something soon or they may a real crisis on their hands.

  106. I just cant believe the comments, the anger, the hate and the anti humanitarian attitudes (from some of you) in which have been portrayed in your replies. All manifested as a result of this documentary.

    Not all Jews want to take over the world, nor all Muslims, Christians and so on.

    Those who do are not Godly in any way shape or form, even though they may think they are.

    There are two energies at work in this dimension, the light and the dark. Both Created by God.

    Understand the dark and cherish the light.

    Each individual chooses to do what they want with this energy. The outcome is either good or evil.

    What do you do with this energy?

  107. Well one thing is for sure ......there will never be peace..........its not the terroists who live today weve got to be worried about ( no matter what religion )....its the ones who aint born yet!

  108. Very interesting discusion guys, I've been following it since the begining. Keep posting contaversial vids like this. It's important we have discourse. I personally believe we are living under a criminal mafia style group of elites, it only makes sence they would share ethnic bloodlines, that's how many elite groups have been formed.

    But everything is fleeting, even this will crumble to dust and be forgotten. Live your life, make your mark and believe you can change the world, you will!

    This is your experince, your conscious state, make it however you want. No Jew, banker, or criminal elite can take that from you.

  109. I'm a neo Nazi and proud of it but even I can see that everything which is made up about the Jews is all propaganda. There has always been Jews living in the middle east however before the state of Israel was created they had to accept 2nd class citizenship under Muslim rule. Did you know that in Egypt there are 20,000 christians living on the site of a rubbish dump because the Muslims do not give them any rights.
    Between 1917 when the British defeated the arabs and 1947 when the United nations decided to split Palestine into 2 seperate states one Muslim and one Jewish. Between these times the British encouraged more Jews to go to Palestine, as more Jews arrived they faced increased attacks by the Muslims. The Jews formed into defensive areas from which they did not take reprisals against the Muslims they were for defensive purposes only. When the United Nations determined the Jews should have there own partition with self rule all the neighbouring arab countries declared war on the Jews. The reason for this is that Muslims do not accept any situation in which they do not rule over other religions within a country. This is in the Koran. There is also hate speech against the Jews within the Koran.
    Eversince that time the Israelis have won battle after battle and without the support of the United States. The USA havnt supported Israel until after the 1967 war.
    So let me ask all of the people here who defend the arabs, what is wrong with the current situation the arabs are getting what they deserve. Think of the 20,000 christians living on rubbish dumps in Egypt. No sympaphy for Muslims they intend to rule over us all and that could become a reality unless we stop keeping up this myth about the Jews and concentrate on the real enemy before they create a nightmare for every one of us. HH

  110. Here's what the Bible says about eastern Europe's jews.... ''I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. (Revelation 2:9).

    Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. (Revelation 3:9).'' NEED I SAY MORE???

  111. imagine...
    waking up one morning
    to a middle east turned atheist...

  112. yewish r responssiblle for all events from egypt ''till present days,that is mean for over 4000 years of history!!!the main goal is new world order!!!one world gov.one religion,one president of the world(anticrist)in order to control the world and human race and nothing will stop them to do so!no wonder we have jewis on the main positions of money ,power and military lobys in every country in the world!!!one of the main goals to is to reduce the population of the world in order to control better and chiping the people!!!(there is computer in brussel -belgium with the name ''beast''where all the people in the world will be conected but they wont only 2 billion to be in so with 6.5 billion people at the moment 2/3 has to desaper!!!who r the main groups?cristians-all the cristian grops r in danger couse jewis hate cristians very much even if u think they don't!(in last 50 years almost every war -russia,bosnia,cyper,lebanon etc.same scenario-they would peak a fight between muslim minority and cristian majority,sell the wepons to both sides help muslim minoriti to win get there goverment and send crisrtians out of there land and of course they show up as a peace makers at the end!!!they helping muslims couse they r closer to them then to cristians(islam was made by baze of old testament wich is religion of jews!!!)if they have to choose between two
    ''evils''they will choose''smaller ''for them)))and black and all other colors(in afrika there r countrys where 9 from 10 black people has a.i.d.s.which virus was made in laboratory for that purpose and we all know the science today was finance from the same people who finance the wars and they using science against humanity for most of the part couse if it is oposit the world would be much more tecnicali advence then now,but they coudnt control people then ,that is why they strongly support monetary sistem and world bank and the chairmans of those organisations r again jewis!!!everything is coneced to them!!!

  113. what bunch of b.s.

  114. @ Mary, Mother of God

    This I you pretend to be when confusing racism with truth purposely, who is it? The US government? They have never one time said the Jewish were involved; they have blamed Osama since day one. Or is it the Jewish you refer to, they did not make this doc, as evidenced by the obvious anti Jewish tone and propaganda. Besides, why would they bother when they have never been officially blamed by any government, it would make much more sense for them to sit back and say nothing if they were guilty. I assert that your name gives away your true motives for trying to blame the Jews, honestly how could you think anyone would take you serious when you are so obviously biased by your religious beliefs.

    @ Antogonist

    I thought you were done spewing nonsense, Einstein. If this alleged molestation ring has been covered up, how would someone like you know anything about it? Forgive me for saying so, but you don’t strike me as someone capable of deducing truth from local propaganda and racism. Here in the US it's the catholic priests that molest our children, should we blame them for 9/11? The truth is molestation and sexual perversion knows no ethnic or religious bias, it affects us all and is perpetrated not by only one group or ethnicity but sexual perverts of all kinds. Even if there is some child sex ring run by Muslims (not moslems, learn to spell) in your country, which I highly doubt, it doesn't mean the entire Muslim population of the world is evil or out to get anyone. Like I said if we here in the US followed that logic we would be blaming the Catholics for 9/11 and all other atrocities.

    Look, if you are dead set on hating all Muslims or Jews then go for it. Your prejudice is misplaced and simple minded, but yours to do with as you please. I trust we have enough educated people in this country that your misplaced hate will not sway any but the small minded and already racist, and what harm does that really do? Besides, even though I do not subscribe to hating any ethnicity or religious group of people, I do blame the extreme Muslims for 9/11. I simply refuse to believe that all Muslims are to be blamed for the actions of a handful of extremists.

    You have seriously misunderstood the motivations of your beloved George Bush when he invaded Iraq, if you lived here you would know this. He invaded that country for one reason and one reason only. He, along with most other neocon trash, is/was determined to keep America the dominant super power of this globe, no matter what it takes- even selling out the very principles that America has stood for, for hundreds of years. Since oil is now running out they knew that whoever ended up with control of the Middle Eastern oil fields would be that power. You see for this group of peoples what America has stood for means nothing compared to the power she has and that they want to ensure she always has. They would turn this country into a dictatorship devoid of freedom, civil rights, honesty, compassion, or humanity to achieve their goals- as evidenced by the patriot act and their illegal wire tapping of American citizen’s telephones. You would do well to realize this fact as their ultimate goal is one world rule, including Scotland. They have made this statement publicly many times. There failure was that the mismanagement of our economy ended up undermining their goals; the American dollar is in true jeopardy of losing it status as the universal currency. If we lose that privilege we lose ninety percent of the influence we have enjoyed up until now. I must admit I am not looking forward to the hard times this suggests is coming for all American citizens, but if it stopped world control by a group of people that place profit and power over human life and civil rights- so be it.

  115. @Antogonist

    I appologize for assuming you were American.

    Scottland ,huh,I just watched a 8hr doc on it.You guys are some tough ol'motherf*ckers with a lot of heart and a beautiful country.
    Hopefully you boys can keep them sand monkies away with just some good old fasion racism.Let them know they aren't wanted there.

  116. @mary mother of god
    where are these indisputable facts they re not in this doc please show me what "indisputable" facts you have

  117. You have to filter out the "noise" of "Jews, Jews, Jewish Jews" to glean the alleged facts. Then you can do your own research to determine whether the facts are facts or wild stories.

    If I wanted to prevent the public from becoming alarmed that Mossad and members of Israel's current right wing were behind 911 and the resulting mayhem in Iraq and Afghanistan (Iran is next on the list) I would TELL THE TRUTH but make THE TRUTH seem like anti-semitic, anti-Jewish conspiratorial ranting by interspersing THE TRUTH with "Jews did it, because they are Jewish". By so doing, I would condition young and innocent minds to associate THESE TRUE FACTS with the blathering of racists so they would blow them off.

    Members of Mossad and Israel's right wing are guilty of 911, and genocidal war crimes. This is indisputable. There are plenty of Jews and Israeli citizens who will tell you so.

  118. @ProudinUS although it would be an honor I'm not American I'm British/Scottish. @Waldo we dont get American propaganda here, I've seen what you are talking about, maybe its laid on a bit thick but doesn't mean it isn't true. Moslems aren't a problem in Scotland yet but they are a serious problem in England and they mean to mess up our society, they groom little kids for sex, ply them with alcohol and pass them around as sex toys and thats not propaganda, in fact it has been covered up from the public in fear of a backlash against Moslems. The clock is ticking for them here in UK. Apart from that @ ProudinUS I cant wait for the next installment of the fun when the US and Israel do Iran. Then hopefully we do the Saudia Arabian backstabers and every moslem country in the world. This could be the 27 year war that decides everything predicted by Nostradamus. The destruction of the Moslems could be the last step in obtaining peace for the world with the united states leading the way. We could be seeing daylight beyond the storm which is about to come.

  119. Jews from Europe are not true jews, they are khazarian, phallus worshipers and? warmongers, they? are notoriously greedy and see non-''jews'' as animals put on? earth to serve them. They are rats (even that's too good for them), scum. They LOVE money and have NO consience (as you can tell as how the palestinians are treated), they send others to fight their battles, or invent imaginary threats. They are bankers and need to be stoped..life was great between palestinians and TRUE jews before them.

  120. Holy sh%t!

    It seems our enemies are succeeding!
    .....playing American against American............

    We should save all our hostility for the true enemies we face and let egos rest.

  121. @Waldo I am finished with this now if you dont support your own government over a bunch of cave men who want to cut of your head then you deserve anything that happens to you, it's one thing being a pacifist but being a traitor is something completely different.

  122. @ Antogonist

    To be anti-semitic means to hate Jews, mor0n. I just tried to tell you I had nothing against Jews or any other ethnicity. In fact you could be called anti-semitic because the word has been used on occasion to express hate toward any of the semitic peoples, which includes Arabs, Ethiopians, Assyrians, etc. You have been brain washed by the conservative neocon's fear machine to hate all peoples of a particular religion, whether or not you claim to be one is beside the point. Get an education, get a life, just get a clue- please. By the way it is spelled semitic and antagonist, not semetic and atogonist- what a genuise!!

  123. How about all you US bashers give it a rest.Why would we kill are own .Not only are you disrepecting a country that has every race, culture,and religion known on the face of the intire world living inside it's borders and they are welcomed.The gov. might be holding a little stuff back but quit frankly their so embaressed tthat a little group of snake herders(Who have absolutly no muscle or say in anything)got by all our laid back security defenses and marred our soil for the first time in 8 decades.
    Come on, Jews Holy sh^t in Mary's womb!Are you nut jobs serious? You really think the Jews did it.You people are just jumpin on the band wagon of 9-11 con.ther.I bet you waste of skin motherf%ckers are real proud of yourselves for making a profit on a tragic day in US history profiting from the deaths of Americans just for a couple handfuls of cash.

    A small group of sandworms getting access to killing thousands of people who's only crime was showing up for work.
    That doesn't show anybody in the world that their of any importance.(Well they did kill our people so I guess a quick bomb on the country beleived to be hiding our bearded thug would be justifiable (And I don't care what none of you US bashing Islam monkeys think!Your religion is hate not love .Its to bad your Islam countries don't have the military backing to develop any where but in the sand.It must be pretty degrading to know your very exintance is based on the US.Your only survived through our good graces!That must eat you sand toads up inside that you only exist because of a nation you hate!Where's your God now.(Jews did it?Thats because Elvis got them all high on Meds.It's true.Elvis was really an offspring of a consotration camp mulestation ring.It's true ,that's why he's made a come back .He wants to get jews high so they will admit to 9-11.

    The only thing your little fairytale religion is going to accoplish is the death of your culture .The world will amuse you for a while and let you think you have clout but at the moment when it's time to pay for the lives of my people that you so cowardly killed I asure it will be swift and deadly.Then we'll see where your Paigon God is.

    I don't care what responses I get back it doesn't matter.I'm tired, espessially of fellow Americans beleiving that there's always a bad motive for everything that you don't agree with in Washington.How about just a little respect for our troops overseas and them accomplishing their jobs.

    I'm sorry to say world but US will get all the resources we need to thrive ,Not only for our selves but more importantly our children.The world has always obeyed the laws of survival of the fittest.If they are correct and our oil supply dwindle by 2030.Do you honestly beleive we will nagotiate for remaining oil.I don't think so,we're gonna take what OUR CHILDREN requireso they tocan live live the same lifestyle of our forefathers.Don't really care if I sound like a "REDNECK" Don't care for no nation that doesn't have our back and bashes us because when it 's all blah.blah,blah and done wev'e got some dam fine people from all walks of life and get along just fine.Yes I beleive if a country has a resource of something we need and raise prices out of greed.It's not like their going to do anything about it if we went in their own yard and just take what we need.

    That's the reality of living in a free society such as ours.Sometimes you just have to be forceful and take what is needed to secure our way of life(AND especially resources for our children.You might say that is all rubbish but that's how every great nation from the history of man has always made sure we get ours even if we have to take by force.Well you US bashing p^ssies I guess I probably erked you a bit with my pro-American pride.So,it's not like your US hating country couldn't be demolished in less time then it takes our president to eat lunch.I think even the president would be impressed with the speed our military can actually flatten an entire nation.

    I know what most of what I'm saying is just rambling on but I'm doing it on purpose to show how desrpectful you sound in comments.I gaurantee you wouldn't be talking none of that sh^t if you were in anytown or any state in US.I can most asure you of one good ol'American a$$beating.

    I'm proud of all my fellow Americans regardless of race coulture or religion who try to make a good living from good old fashion sweat and hard work and bind their beleifs with others and be totally loyal to this free society whether you agree with gov. or not.Things are done for a reason in this country cruel or not.Let things take it's course. Gov. has seem to get us at the top for centuries now.If it ain't broke why waist your money and time on a repair man!

    Come on,conspiricy?I think a soficticated and technically advanced society such as ours would have came up with a better lie then a couple of Islamic sandgoons tearing through the sky with out any interseption from our air fleet who could have wiped them out at ten miles .Would still crash down and civilians casulties would still be high.

  124. Man is created equal in the eyes of God only.

  125. @seajay it doesnt look good for the homosexuals when they are thrown from the mountain. The jews will all be dead and the christians will be 2nd class citizens. Ok there will be peace but at the cost of everything else, I would rather not have peace thanks. I'm not a radical of anything or a war monger but tell me this if someone plans to kill you is it not best to kill him first.

  126. @seajay. I think the ideal of equality is truely trash when it is used in for ur arguement. You can just take birth defects into play or prenatal malnutrition and use them as a metaphor for being born into a cult for example and all ur arguements are void. Ideals must be backed by fact.

  127. @Grim reaper. The rules of this site suggest there should not be general chat, nor should we get involved it a tit for tat battle.

    I am neither Muslim, or Jewish I was christened Catholic. I am related to Jews by direct bloodline via my mother, her mother and her mothers mother. I love my heritage.

    I am married to an Anglo Saxon. My Brother in law is a Muslim. I love him, his family and friends.

    I have friends of all denominations and I can guarantee you unless you change your attitude about Muslims, you will not be ready to pass on to higher realms of spirit.

    No more responses from me on this subject as it should be clear to you by now what my thoughts are. The day to day Muslim, Jew, Christian etc, are not involved. People with an attitude like yourself have a lot to answer to. Are you a radical Jew, Christian or just a war monger hell bent on killing innocent women and children for the sake of your own selfish ideals? God help you.. and others like you.

  128. @Seajay I hope you begin to see the truth before it is too late too, or maybe you already know the truth, pretending to be nice but are really the devil, I can see right through you too, you are just another Moslem propaganda machine are you not, I know your type first hand there will be no peace for you I gaurantee, do not delude yourself the British and Americans will kill you all.

  129. @Grim Reaper, it appears you are one of the playground bully's I was talking about. Intimidation means nothing to me and it appears you are hiding behind the guise of Grim reaper which makes me think you really are a Dim Weeper. You cant get what you want so you try to bully your way through life. Shame really as you probably have a lot of positive stuff to offer.

    No need to hide behind the internet and try to demoralize people because it will all fall back on you. You don't scare me nor do I take your comments seriously because I can see right through you.

    Good luck in your current life...I hope you begin to see the truth before it is too late.

  130. @Seajay you live in a fantasy world by the sounds of it, some of the comments on here are from people who like to take it up the bum. They are like the little pacifists in the school playground who will go with the strongest group and continue to pick on the kid no one likes but in the end they will be getting it up the bum from this stonger group. Maybe they like it that way. Kinky yeah David I'm particularly talking to you and your anti-semitic crew.

  131. @charlesovery
    yes they did present things that were factual but they never factually tied these people to 911. because a jewish person works or owns a company that made mistakes or profited from 911 that doesn't mean they caused it "correlation doesn't equal causation " . that is my problem with this doc they lay out some facts and then attempt to tie it to this event. it is these ties that lack facts.please show me some hard evidence presented in this doc that directly pertains to a conspiracy on 911.now i suggest you take your own advice and go to the website provided at the end by the producer like myself and imightberiding suggested. these people hate everyone but white christian supremesists. and that amount of hate and small mindedness taints anything that they say. as i stated earlier i am not jewish and don't follow any religion but fear mongering never solves anything

  132. Goodness me, I can't believe some of the comments.

    It's like a school playground where you have normal students bullies, prefects, teachers, student bodies etc etc all striving to achieve their own agendas instead of looking after each other and learning by their mistakes. No one wants to accept they are, or have been wrong, and the bias and bullying goes on and on and on.

    How can we humans live in harmony with all your racist bias and selfish views.

    when are humans going to grow up and realise we were all created equal! not one race, religion or belief can control or judge anyone.

    As humans, we can only judge our own individual actions. We have learnt hate so we can use Love, we have learnt from war so we can have Peace. We have gone through the dark so we can see Light.

    Please can we just get on with healing this planet and helping all our Brothers and Sisters, and especially the Little Children who learn from us. We need to teach them unconditional love.

    Once all of humanity unites, we would have beaten the oppressors (regardless of who they are) as they would have lost all those they once controlled. It is a lot more simple than you may think. But its up to each individual soul.


  133. @ grim reaper

    The West may be in a mess as you say but they still have the best lifestyles of all. Health care, human rights, living standards and access to education are equal or better than any where else. China has a poor record when it comes to human rights. The persecution of the Fulon Gong is disgraceful. I don't want to be a Muslim, either. Any group that insists on religious law in place of civil law really doesn't care about human rights.

    @ carlos

    Where is this man now? It would be nice to know how he knew.

  134. two days before sept 9/11, the american embassy in rome,around 02:03 pm,received a phone call.The man who was calling ask to talk with a security officer, concerning a threat against new york city.When the security officer asked, how..the man simply said.."they gonna hit the twin towers.."

  135. Finally .. people all over the world began to wake up and understand the influence of the zion-jewish movement and the negative impact of those lizards. But what surprise the most is that americans "at last" began to notice how and in what way their government and politicians are controlled by israeli- fanatic groups. At the end .. all my thanks to the team behind this extraordinary documentary.

  136. OK OK I have watched this doc 13 times as reference to researching the information within this documentary. The only facts that i can find are the attack on the USS Liberty and the information with in it. So, that piece is accurately told in this documentary.

    However, the correlation between the Virginia tech shooting and the president being a Jew is nothing but racist garbage. On the hand there is information of vans appearing near the towers of 9/11 and the connection between "jewish" businesses and the 9/11 event is true as well. So, is this doc really trying to outline a racist purpose while trying to hide behind a conspiracy theory? Well was our government involved in 9/11? If so then obviously this doc is proprtioned correctly in pointing the finger to our governments relationship with the Isreal. Thus meaning that just because someone puts a new spin on a well known conspiracy theory, doesn't mean that the facts within it are based on some rascist motive. If that were the case the informatin presented within would be laking proof in the research methods department. However, doing the research on this doc most of the connections presented here within are proven as the doc stated.

    So, before people get offended because the narrator uses words like "jews" or "jewish" get off your asses and do some research for once in your life!

  137. @jack 1952 very true words, if someone has to control the world it might as well be you rather than someone else, just a pity there are too many people who think about the right of others and forget about their own rights, this is why Europe and the USA are in such a mess now. Every empire collapses the European Empires will die through kindness. The less advanced nations will prevail through this free dinner ticket, all may not be lost though if the chinese dominate the world at least they are hygenic and have an advanced intellect and desire for better technological advancements. The arabs have yet to invent a proper toilet yet or proper sanitation. A bad thing has happened to our society and maybe we should just give it up to Islam why not it's messed up anyway let them have it.

  138. @ aerun

    Funny clip! However, it is an child like view of human history.

    Human history has always been one one of war, atrocity and subjugation. It is a primal urge. To lay the blame at the feet of one group is a band-aid understanding of what motivates humans. The fault lies inside all of us. The Europeans have been the most successful at it for the last 500 years. Before that others were just as nasty. Romans, Mongols, Huns, Persians, just to name a few. Even in the Americas, before Columbus, I'm sure there were native Amerindians who had little good to say about the Aztecs or the Incas. Some day European domination will be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, there will be some other group who will quite eagerly step in. It is the cycle of human history. The only way out is for every person to declare that he/she will no longer participate in this type of behavior. I really can't see that ever happening.

    @ greg

    The "CHEMTRAILS" remark is hilarious!

  139. Its frustrating to be so helpless in the midst of all this. And being sprayed by CHEMTRAILS to top it off?

  140. @Waldo and your followers I am not a neo con or anything else, I'm actually a pacifist and wish that Britian had appeased Hitler but that is another story. You are all anti semetic because you have been brainwashed. If you look at my comments on True Islam you will see that until recently I felt the same way that you all did. I have many moslem friends who are not what people would deem to be extremists, they seem perfectly normal. I asked them to watch undercover mosque and tell me what this is about and I can tell you right now there is no such thing as an extreemist. If you want to loose everything because you are so blind with anti-semitism, then in reality the moslems are giving you a right good shafting and are laughing at you behind your back. You need to wake up and think about defending yourselfs and like I said stop being appeasers because you believe the Israelis are the problem. The moslems get taught anti-semitism as part of the Koran, the jews have to live somewhere so why not in a land which belongs to the christians. If you are so blind to these parisites the moslems you are simply their bitch.

  141. "i need to see hard facts first"...
    your not going to see hard facts if someone/organization does not want you to. There are, and have been powers that corrupt throughout the centuries. Out of the many, many 911 conspiracies this one seems to be closest to the truth. In a world dominated by greed, money, and power (seems sad, but it is true)we must keep an open mind. This does mean we should believe everything we see hear, but we should be open minded and not ignorant to history. Power corrupts... therefore those desperate enough will go to whatever lengths necessary to fulfill their dreams. We have seen throughout history that even the most obvious crimes or genocides have occured without any worry about repercussion because the perps are blinded and supported by the notion of "I have the power and ability to make whatever I want to happen, and I dare you to stop or question me". The names provided, and links to various companies and websites show a link to possible truths. The numerous news stories regarding these 'people' around 9/11 and their subsequent silencing by the patriot act seems very fishy. The litany of crimes throughout history, whether it be murdering US navy on the Liberty, or stealing and selling innumerable government secrets, to the weak and corrupt leadership of Wolfowitz, et al and their dumbing down of the population, all point to some kind of cover up (a lot of familiar passports!?). Lastly, though we do not know exactly who may be responsible for the 9/11 attacks (purchasing and insuring 2 buildings on a 99 year lease, insure them against terrorist attacks a week before.... c'mon did anyone investigate this guy!!??)but those two buildings obviously came down in planned demolition perfectly falling in a columnar fashion. Too bad there was not any forsight to investigate ALL of the incredible amounts of forensic data at the WTC site, oh yeah it was trucked out and disposed of before anyone thought of that or could...who was the that company again? So, if they did not do it who did? Because 9/11 was an orchestrated attack by far more sophisticated people/orgs than Al Qaeda.
    It would be nice to know the truth once in a while (ie. JFK, Martin Luther King, Jimmy Hoffa, Malcolm X......will we ever know?
    If the US had a navy ship attacked ruthlessly and inhumanely today by Israel, do you think they would sit back like an intimidated introvert and not help their people or investigate theses crimes, or have someone held accountable? It depends if it is Al Qaeda or....? Alot of things don't add up. I believe there is more to this story, and to many others through history that we will never know about. It is unfortunate that with all these historical cover ups and injustices that we the people of the planet are powerless against a few high powered, influential, and very wealthy people who seem to control most everything we say and do.
    Just my thoughts.......I wish I had more answers.

  142. What the hell kinda documentary is this, its stupid. its all based on speculations and hearsay with no basis on forensic and scientific evidence that the jews "did it".

    If they were responsible then how come no jews have been arrested yet after all these years? Regarding the twin towers - lotsa high ranking Al Qaeda terrorists have been captured and not one of them "extracted" for information has confessed to a jewish connection...as far as i know :)

    i need to see hard facts first - like a real live jew caught red handed with his pants down before i can believe.

  143. Nicely put Greg. It all gets back to money and power over others and the ability to control. Bloodlines have hidden behind various spiritual/religious groups for eons. So many whistle-blowers have come forward. Many have been assassinated.

    Not many realise that Muslims, Jews and Christians are all from the one family. Muslims and Jews are basically two sides of a family, ie cousins... Christians are a Group of Jews who chose to open the door to anyone who wished to worship the One God. They believe you need not have been born a Jew to be a Jew. Jesus fought for the Jewish Faith and his ideals were the same as what Christians believe. We are all sons of God. We are all the chosen people.

    It's a damn shame that these ideals did not rub off at that time. The greedy sectarian Illuminati of the time hoodwinked most of the Jewish people pretending that their bloodline was the only one God would take to heaven. Sad really as they believe what they have been told and treat all non Jews with contempt. (This is why you must be born a Jew to practice the Jewish faith.) Like mentioned above the Illuminati (the cabal or whatever ) have since infiltrated all denominations using money as their basic power source.then there is Tv, drugs, scientific tools etc etc etc.

    Imagine God... shaking his head wondering "when are they going to grow up!"

  144. Nicely put Greg. It all gets back to money and power over others and the ability to control. Bloodlines have hidden behind various spiritual/religious groups for eons. So many whistle-blowers have come forward. Many have been assassinated.

    Not many realise that Muslims, Jews and Christians are all from the one family. Muslims and Jews are basically two sides of a family, ie cousins... Christians are a Group of Jews who chose to open the door to anyone who wished to worship the One God. They believe you need not have been born a Jew to be a Jew. Jesus fought for the Jewish Faith and his ideals were the same as what Christians believe. We are all sons of God. We are all the chosen people. It's a damn shame that these ideals did not rub off at that time. The greedy sectarian Illuminati of the time hoodwinked most of the Jewish people pretending that their bloodline was the only one God would take to heaven. Sad really as they believe what they have been told. This is why you must be born a Jew to practice the Jewish faith. Like mentioned above the Illuminati have since infiltrated all denominations using money as their power source.

  145. @Plutox - your comment was the best yet.

    Even if we do have differing opinions as to who are the ones responsible for all of the atrocities of the world, we have to hold to our ethics.

    We have to hold those at the top responsible and not point the fingers at each other. And that is what we are doing when pointing out Jews or Muslims as being responsible for the horrors of lets call them what they are, an organized crime syndicate, the illuminati or whatever else they might call themselves. It just so happens that they are running their game from Israel and are using the guise and tenets of Judaism as a front for their NEO-NE0-NAZI NEW WORLD ORDER.

  146. jews are the most closed of all religion, it is by far the most difficult religion to convert to, 'cause they simply don't want outsiders, and they are all about money and domination, it is not coincidence that they are always in clash with someone throughout history...

  147. @ ProudinUS

    Good to hear from you again friend. Well, that's a hard question to answer. Yes, they were proclaimed to be the chosen peoples in the Old Testament, and if you believe in the bible as some type of historical record then I suppose it is truth to you. If you do not see the bible as anything more than a book written by normal men, then its questionable at the least. If you do some research on Abraham and the seedline blessing, based on his covenant with Yahweh, you will find the source of the whole idea, and the reason why the Muslims and Jews debate over whom is the actual chosen peoples and rightful heir to Isreal. It all comes down to a magic phrase, the first born son.

    I would have to go into a lot of Old Testament lore and theological discussion to explain completely but you can go to google and type in "who is the rightful heir of Abraham" and get a good start on understanding this age old conflict. The Jews and Muslims have so much in common it is unreal, I know they hate that fact but its simple truth.

  148. @Waldo

    Always like your comments.
    Weren't the Jews God's "chosen people" or is that a narrow-minded Bible based myth?

  149. This is decidedly an anti-jewish doco that is 99% conjecture but for those that doubt it is possible see below. It's actually more likely that this piece is designed so that i can be used to slander conspiracy theorists as 'anti-semitic'...

    From Raw Story

    In a 2008 academic paper, President Barack Obama’s appointee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs advocated “cognitive infiltration” of groups that advocate “conspiracy theories” like the ones surrounding 9/11.

    Cass Sunstein, a Harvard law professor, co-wrote an academic article entitled “Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures,” in which he argued that the government should stealthily infiltrate groups that pose alternative theories on historical events via “chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine” those groups.

    As head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Sunstein is in charge of “overseeing policies relating to privacy, information quality, and statistical programs,” according to the White House Web site.

    Sunstein’s article, published in the Journal of Political Philosphy in 2008 and recently uncovered by blogger Marc Estrin, states that “our primary claim is that conspiracy theories typically stem not from irrationality or mental illness of any kind but from a ‘crippled epistemology,’ in the form of a sharply limited number of (relevant) informational sources.”

    By “crippled epistemology” Sunstein means that people who believe in conspiracy theories have a limited number of sources of information that they trust. Therefore, Sunstein argued in the article, it would not work to simply refute the conspiracy theories in public — the very sources that conspiracy theorists believe would have to be infiltrated.

  150. (I saw why this went into moderation and fixed for you Vlatko, sorry for the double posting)

    @ Antagonist

    You said, “…history will see George Bush as someone as Iconic as Abraham Lincoln but not just to Americans but he will be revered around the world as the man who stood up for our freedom when everyone wanted appeasement.”

    and I now label you, FOX JUNKY OF THE YEAR (as well as in need of a english lesson). Get real man, George Bush and Cheney will be remembered for the muderous criminals they really are. Your freedom, look into the patriot act pal- they took your freedoms and civil rights in the name of protecting them. No wonder we just elected a predominantly conservative republican senate and house, is there anything they could do to you to make you wake up?

    There are militant muslims and there are militant christians and militant Jews and militant atheists even, no one religion or lack there of is innocent nor more guilty than the others. All religion is simply a way to divide and simplify, much as the concept of freedom or patriotism is used to divide and over simplify. Pull your head out of your, Whoops… excuse me. I am done now, man that feels better.

  151. I'm not going to get into this back and forth who did what and who is evil b.s. But, you guys obviousely do not understand the word antisemitic and how it used and what it means. Yes the word semitic referrs to all peoples that share a common link to the semitic languages of old, this included Arabs, Ethiopians, Assyrians, and Jews. However the term antisemitic referrs to the hatred of the Jewish peoples alone, not to the hatred of all semitic peoples. See you guys have a common link after all, both your languages are of the semitic family. Here is a explanation of the term from wikipedia:

    "Despite the use of the prefix anti-, the terms Semitic and anti-Semitic are not directly opposed to each other. Antisemitism refers specifically to prejudice against Jews alone and in general,[3][22] despite the fact that there are other speakers of Semitic languages (e.g. Arabs, Ethiopians, or Assyrians) and that not all Jews speak a Semitic language.

    The term anti-Semitic has been used on occasion to include bigotry against other Semitic-language peoples such as Arabs, but such usage is not widely accepted.[23][24]

    Both terms anti-Semitism and antisemitism are in common use. Some scholars favor the unhyphenated form antisemitism to avoid possible confusion involving whether the term refers specifically to Jews, or to Semitic-language speakers as a whole.[25][26][27][28] For example, Emil Fackenheim supported the unhyphenated spelling, in order to "dispel[] the notion that there is an entity 'Semitism' which 'anti-Semitism' opposes."[29]"

    Now I am sure I will get many replies along the lines of, "Well, you know what I meant.." and "I have better thing to do than worry about the proper usage of the word." But, if you guys want to paint yourselves the historical and cultural genuises you seem so confident of being, perhaps using the word correctly would lend to your credibility.

    All I will say about the documentary or the racist simple minded comments that have followed is, this is a good example of why this world is so screwed up. Information overload is having a very negative effect on culture in general. The web has become the breeding place of conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. All that is needed to convience others of your point of view, no matter how crazy, is some video editing skills and a decent vocabulary.

    I read things like, "I have done some research..." and "After doing some reading and watching a few documentaries now I believe..." The problem is that anyone can make a documentary and anyone can post what ever they feel like posting to read. This doesn't mean that the information contained therein is of any validity or reflects reality. I feel the same anguish and disgust as everyone else here about 9/11, and I don't pretend to think the government has made a full discloser of what happened, they never do. But. this outburst of racist hatred and the generalization of entire nations or ethnic groups is pathetic and gets us no closer to real truth.

  152. @princeton I have thought about things in the same way as you before. I wondered what was the point in beating Hitler and the Japanese to end up with a system which kills people not for land but simply to fill the pockets of a few select persons who have used propaganda in order to rule the masses in order for them to achieve this. I did consider that we should be moving on by now because the war gene should be becoming weaker because we do not need to fight for survival in this day and age. However you are failing miserably again to recognise the threat from Islam, when you learn the true threat aimed at every single level of free society around the world then you will begin to see that history will see George Bush as someone as Iconic as Abraham Lincoln but not just to Americans but he will be revered around the world as the man who stood up for our freedom when everyone wanted appeasement. This is quite similar to the case of Winston Churchill of the UK. I don't like the man however the way he is revered by the British will be how Bush will be revered around the world when the truth about these parasites rears it's ugly head in public.

  153. in august 2001 i told a friend that my girlfriend was going to travel to the us in september and he just said this"tell your girlfriend not to travel to america because something big is going to happen there" this guy was a moslim and he hated jewes and americans and had first hand information about the attack and i dont think he was working for mosad.

  154. Alas, I am sure if more Jewish people could watch this with an open mind, and fully understand the depth of this truth, they would stand up and have their voices heard.

    The group behind this network are an evil bunch of brainwashing, money hungry asses who hide behind the false flag of God. Their god is satan. They are not true Jews.

    This evil Cabal has infiltrated everything that once stood for the good of all mankind, it consists of selfish power hungry idiots who live a life full of fear and hate.

    Anyone who kills and worships the material world without any care for humanity are not Godly in any way.

    The time of times is nearing fruition and their agendas will all have been in vain (Thank God!)

  155. Posts above range from blame to insults. I'd say it's wiser to "follow the money". Look at who benefited from this attack, not only financially but politically also?

  156. Oh crap! That didn't sound right in the above comment. Of course I would condemn anyone of practicing world wide genocide. Please.... you know what I meant, right?

    Peace & harmony for all our brothers & sisters throughout the world regardless of race, colour, creed, religion, & sexuality.

  157. I made the above comment only in the spirit of ultimate peace. Not that I condemn any one of practicing world wide genocide. I too hope for jews & all their semite brothers & sisters to create an oasis of peace & stability in this troubled region. Good riddance to the tyrants.

  158. @arcadia
    Although I do not feel the same as you according to the first 2/3 of your comment. I have to say the last 1/3 was quite eloquent & I hope for all involved comes to pass.

  159. Hello! People, has no one paid attention. I mentioned earlier in this thread as did "over the edge" this video is produced by white supremacists! Is that clear enough for you? Don't believe me? Check out the web site that the producer recommends at the end of this video. Research people! Study, read books, don't believe everything the media feeds you daily. Kill your television! It is pablum for your brain. Use your computer for your best advantage & again read, read, read! Visit your local library & ask help in researching topical news items. Books & news papers are things that when read can actually expand your brain & its capacity for further knowledge. Do not watch the big three network news channels on your T.V. They will destroy your brain & will & turn you into a babbling idiot like so many walking the streets that you see every day on T.V. making fools of themselves answering impromptu surveys on the street making fools of themselves. That is you, you just don't know it. Are you smarter than a 5th grader? What a joke the U.S.A. has become! My god people, wake up! Most of this thread reeks of ignorance & hatred.

  160. @WOW
    I have much better things to do than to learn how to spell Hebrew words in American English.

    I have no problem with Jews other than the fact that the lobby and agenda of Israel and Jewish people is held in regard of the masses disproportionately.

    I mean, what percentage of the human population are they? Look what strings are pulled to puppet the world using money funneled through their banking and middle-man skills. Taking common sense and turning it all into a bureaucratic fog where money is milked and then skimmed from the top again.

    Just look at who is involved in these conspiracies. I'm not blaming Jews as a whole or individually. I'm blaming the fundamental structure of a culture badly in need of reform. If anything it is the Jewish people who need to hear beyond the smoke and mirrors of the media and conventional thinking perpetrated by corporations and billionaires. The average Jew is just a sub-pawn just like everyone else in this world.

    @arcadia- I feel your pain. too bad there is nothing to do about anything.

  161. a well-researched documentary. very informative and, i believe, necessary. so many red flags that go unacknowledged - it is so important to pay close attention to history and to be willing to see what is before your eyes.

    while i have long been in knowledge of and in agreement with the assertions and conclusions put forth in this video, i am also in agreement with those who felt it would have been more appropriate to use the name 'zionist' rather than jew. it would have made for a better production.

    i am optimistic that the citizens of israel and the jews worldwide grow weary of the genocide and occupation perpetrated on the semites et al by the blood-thirsty zionist government. i believe it will be the jews along with their semite brothers who will recreate an oasis in this historically war-torn region. the age of tyrants is over.

  162. @antogonist
    lol.. gotcha ... ill just throw in that the world hasn't been messed up since world war 2.. its been messed up from the beginning, even before we became humans of present form.. I think war and violence are just something we need to evolve and simply walk away from (watch the animal kingdom and you'll understand).. no mystery.. the hidden costs of violence are not obvious.. we are starting to learn... I think it'll get better over time..

    and honestly..we are already being ruled, your fear is a reality.. once thats acknowledged, you can begin to seek real solutions... the same soldiers who'll grant your wish will come home to treat you just as bad or worse than muslims.. but hey.. just my 2 pennies.

  163. @ boris

    I would answer your question but apparently you already know.

  164. hello people let's answer this simple question - in your opinion who killed the towers? (just straight answers)
    i say american goverment (or an organization behind it, connected with Bush)

  165. I love how everyone said "This is BS!"

    Than proceeds to explain 9.11 in a completely different way from the previous poster, and the video.

  166. @princeton know what you mean, I dont want anyone ruling over me. I look at western society and wonder am I really part of this craziness. It's a crazy messed up world but moslems scare the hell out of me. They are psychos and the only way to beat them is to destroy them completely otherwise they will keep coming back like germs in a toiletbowl. Its not my fault there is no other option to save ourselves because at some point in the future Islam will obtain a solid foothold into British society and as they say in undercover mosque then they will wage Jihad against non moslems, words from the video I know it means personal struggle. Who cares what it means we know exactly what they mean by it. I'm tired of this conversation really now, I don't think the magic fairy will grant me my wish so I guess it wont happen. The whole world is messed up ever since world war two ended but doesnt mean we should give it all up to fanatics because we feel pity for them because they feel like they have been oppressed by Israel and the western allies. Who knows all this 9/11 conspiracy may well be propaganda created by the moslems or antisemites. We are going round in circles so I'm having a rest.

  167. @ David

    Western expansion over the last 500 years had more to do with greed than religion. There were strong religious aspects to those European nations but quite often Christian denominations fought with each other. Christians would quote the Bible to justify their actions such as the enslavement of Africans, but their prime motivation was personal gain and not to fulfill Biblical directives. The separation of church and state is an important element of Western democratic nations. This secular approach is a major problem for fundamentalist Muslims. Here in Ontario, Canada, Sharia law was allowed in place of civic law for a brief time for any Muslim who might want it. In the end this was deemed unconstitutional. Many Muslims were outraged. Almost all Christians agreed that no religious code of laws should supersede civic law. This is an elemental difference between the secular West and the Islamic nations. In the U.S. there are fundamentalist Christians who complain about their secular government but most Americans also support the separation of church and state.

    The war in Afghanistan and Iraq has many causes but to most Westerners the imposition of religious philosophies is not a motivation for these invasions. Canada has troops in Afghanistan and any arguments concerning our presence there, never, never includes our having Christian objectives in this war.

    As for Israel, I believe they have set up an apartheid society and they should be criticized for it. If apartheid was wrong in South Africa then it is also wrong in Israel.

  168. @david

    well articulated.. we are killing far more of them than they ever have and probably ever will us.

    as stated before.. i dislike all religion and think it to be mostly the fruits of child abuse and indoctrination.. belief in all out war and "preemptive" strikes is a $illy notion used by fearful and murderou$ individuals to quench their blood-thir$t.

    world war II? don't get me started.. first of all, look into who funded and backed Hitler as well as how he came into power..
    its more of the same "all out war" types like yourself who made the whole thing possible..
    oh.. and also look into how the allied forces deliberately murdered millions of German civilians after the war ended.. no better than Hitler in my mind but hey..

    Simple truth is, our government policies are creating hatred for us throughout the world.. we already wage enough unprovoked war which has created these radical groups that want us dead (in many cases i can sympathize..)...
    this was simply not the case before our interference and now we are just fueling the fire.. if you get your all out war, America will become just another bl00dbath like Israel and'em..

    either way.. don't you realize we don have any more money lol.. these wars are gonna bleed us dry.. but oh well.. give in to your irrational fear and allow war profiteers to suck all the money out of productive citizens who actually deliver wanted products..

    As far as I'm concerned, I fear Christians/cops/soldiers/Jew in my backyard waaaayyyy more than some Muslim halfway across the planet. Saudis are not the ones who will kidnap me for not paying them or for burning leaves, its your good ole choir boi in blue..

  169. @David give it a rest man listen to yourself, are you a preacher lol who cares about these people man, look at africa now the place is a sh*t pile and India too so where did we go wrong we gave them a better society, dont preech this freedom bull they have had the opportunity to make a decent society with the experience which we gave to them and yet they have failed miserably, maybe if they werent such backward people then we wouldnt have went into their country and treated them like idiots, think about it man dont give misplaced pity to people open up your mind.

  170. The other videos at Global Information Services are very interesting.

    This is a very important video. So much to think about. Would be interesting to have it updated to include Obama’s regime.

  171. Muslim countries routinely have demonstrations where individuals carry placards advocating death to Westerners. We have hate laws hoping to prevent violence against specific groups. The Koran and Sharia law allows for slavery, discrimination, and even the killing of any non Muslims. That is not to say all Muslims will do those things but the fact that their religion gives them the freedom to do so is very troubling and may have severe consequences of us in the West.

  172. @David watch undercover mosque and then Islam:what the west should know, taking into account the current situation in regards to the spreading of the Taliban which was ocurring pre september 11 then it cannot be written off as extremism as the propaganda from Moslems is inferring. Moslems all follow the Koran and saudia arabia is the heart of Islam, watch them and then tell me I'm just paranoid.

  173. @over the edge completely agree with you but just like in a court of law some evidence is so strong it cannot be refuted as possible lies for the sake of propaganda particularly if the words are heard in the mouths of Moslems, ok they may not be moslems but plants pretending to be moslem but I don't think despatches go in for that kind of thing. @princeton it is better to be safe than sorry, do you think that the Britian, America and the USSR could have won world war 2 if they hadnt carpet bombed Germany and just messed around trying to please the public at home. I agree with all out war because I close my heart to people who wish to take away my country from me, it is mine and no one else can have it particularly if they are backstabbing Moslems. @David the evidence that Moslems say Jesus will be punished by God is not such an important issue, it matters not we what they believe about Jesus, they want to rule over us regardless of this but watch the documentary the Moslem Jesus. Loads of people here think the sun shines out of Moslem arses the murder rate of women in Iraq is outragous, I forgot thats the fault of the Americans and the British for invading let me get a tissue for you have a good cry.

  174. U.S. shadow gov propaganda at its worst.

  175. @ greg

    Could you please tell me where I can find one of these two dollar prostitutes? My uncle died and left me a whole closet full of body condoms and I need to cut back a bit on the socializing budget. This economic situation is taking all the fun out of life if ya know what I mean. Just sayin

  176. Good doc, but the real enemy of all humanity are theists of any ilk. I mean, this is the freaking 21st century! Why do these religious idiots Christian, Muslim and Jew and any fringe in between who believes in an almighty Big Guy in the Sky keep killing each other for saying "my god can whip your god". Gimmee a freakin' break. Religion has killed more people throughout recorded history than all the plagues and whatever else. Try listening to Richard Dawkins or George Carlin to get a real insight on the insidious plague of organized religion./Peace and Love

  177. @ imightberiding
    I agree with you that people need to do their own research and look at multiple sides before forming an opinion. I find in our society of instant information that people are bombarded with so much that they only look into things they disagree with and that any opinion that they agree with is accepted without question (i have been guilty of this as well and am trying to force myself to question most everything). sorry to go off topic but felt it needed to be said

  178. @antagonist
    thanks for the kind and thoughtful response.. you are not scary because what you believe about Muslims is wrong.
    It is a certain fact that the most prominent religions promote the murder of unbelievers and other groups of individuals... this is not something new, and we also know that certain practitioners of these religions are extremists and will carry out their beliefs, while others just believe because they were raised that way but wouldn't actually follow the commands and get violent (we hope)..
    nonetheless, your proposal of all out war is what makes you a scary individual.. the fact that you support the initiation of the use of military violence because some people halfway across the planet scare you renders you no better than the people you attempt to vilify.. I am all for defending innocent individuals.. but defending yourself is not "all out war" against people halfway across the world..
    sadly enough.. western powers have already interfered (sanctions, staging coups, invasions ) with those countries and have already caused the deaths of many foreign civilians while they themselves (christian jew whateverTF) are just as violent, corrupt and oppressive. you can't fight evil by becoming evil yourself.. that is just garbage!

  179. what a load of sh*te! Haven't even seen it and after the preview text above, dont need to.... talk about shooting yourself in the foot!! 'with evidence from CIA, NSA, FBI etc etc' and since when has ANY evidence from ANY authority even remotely resembled the truth?!?!?! Seen enough 'official' 9/11 films and enough '9/11 conspiricy' films to know that nothing we have been told is the truth and we are left to guess and argue amoungst ourselves about what is the truth while those responsible sit back and laugh, while counting the profits...... again....

  180. Before commenting on this doc, each & every viewer should visit the web site promoted by the producer of this film. @ over the edge said he went to the site. I did too. Visit the site first & then form your own opinions about this film. Oh yeah, as over the edge said in his comment: "what a surprise, it is a white christian supremacist site", for those of you who haven't seen the site he or she was being extremely sarcastic. Once again people, research before closing your minds & forming jaded opinions. I don't recall the exact source, but it is an old chinese proverb that has been one of my favorites for years. It goes something but probably not exactly like this: "A closed mind is like a closed book on a shelf, no different than a block of wood.
    Peace & fulfillment brothers & sisters.

  181. @David my views are set you are correct but I have kept an open mind until now. Every moslem boasts that the Kuran has not changed, they say it is still the same as when the prophet mohamed was around, In the Koran there is a command direct from Mohamad to lie if the situation suits it, it is ok to lie to keep the peace with your wife and also it is ok to lie to your enemies to give them a false sense of security while you build up your strenghth to impose your will upon them and force them to accept Islam or else grant them second class citizen ship if they pay homage else the command is to kill them. You may be saying there is a verse in the Koran saying that there is no compulsion in religion however there is also a command direct from Mohamed which states that if a better command comes along which contradicts an earlier command then the first one is cancelled, the first command was given when the moslems were in their infancy and did not have the upper hand but that changed when Mohamed became powerful. As for the Moslems believing in Jesus i knew that but they also believe he did not die on the cross but that Judas replaced him and afterwards he rose directly up to heaven, they also claim one day he will be punished by god for claiming to be god. There is more believable scientific information which supports the resuruction of christ or a man which had the same injuries consistent with crucifixion and scourging, these two are never combined the Romans scourged jesus in an attempt to appease the Jews who wanted him killed but had to crucify him anyway. There is no evidence in the Koran only fanciful stories like when Jesus was born he began to talk, ok there is no proof he didnt but then the evidence that he escaped the crucifion falls flat when you consider the evidence that jesus was indeed resuructed. Islam in my mind is just an evil cult with some good side effects but so was Nazism and communism, in all of them the dark side outweighed any good they brought through reducing crime and improving stability.

  182. You guys its real easy to understand: 9-11 was a distraction so Israel gets more of the Palestine land, we invaded Iraq and Afganastan so we could intimidate and will eventually invade Iran. The American Govt. intentions all along have been to get Iran. Now that we are on both sides of their border wait and see what happens. Check out the doc "One Nation Under Siege."

  183. @over the edge you are right about white supremacists they are just immature fools, they don't have any real reason to hate jews other than the heroes they worship the Nazi's. Add in a bit of palestine into the ingredients and hey Hitler was right, (to everyone else here who has bad things to say about the jews I dont mean you over the edge I know you are a sensible level headed guy), it's so easy because the jews make it that way because of whats happening there but you dont let yourself be shagged up the bum by the moslems to keep a myth going, anyone who looks at the facts about Islam will realise that Israel likely have no other choice other than to do what they do, when you think about it Palestine belongs to the christians because it's where jesus was born, Islam wasnt even around then so they should do the decent thing and get off the land which is not theirs in reality. I'm keen to have a reply to that particularly from a Moslem.

  184. Ah, F-uck we are all going to limbo!

  185. sry, meant to mock Josh, not Greg for his spelling....
    Greg I just need to mock for his ignorance and his 'opinion'

  186. @Greg Wow, just looking at some of these comments, it is clear how anti-semetic and ignorant so many people really are.
    (Are for the record, why is the word "Goy"- (a 'non-jew'), inappropriate when there is even a word for hatred specifically toward the Jews- 'antisemitism'..

    And Greg, such a racist, ignorant f--k should really learn to spell.....

    By the way, very happy to see all the enlightened people defending the Jews on here as well...

    A couple comments....
    Firstly, EVEN IF this was all true, and there is a Jewish conspiracy...... HOW does one being born into that religion automatically make them evil and deserve death. This is so ignorant and I do not even know how to simplify this further.

    On the same 'logic', EVERY muslum person must hate America. (please do not tell me you are going to agree on this point also, or all of our efforts are moot).

    Further, why is it that the biggest serial killers in the US, have been white and christian? All Christians must therefore be serial killers, right Greg? Oh yea.. and didn't the christians take part in something called the 'Crusades'? or the 'Spanish Inquisition'? Wow, all you Christian 'goy-im' must be some EVIL EVIL mo-fo's, lol


    Go read a book, and take off your KKK hood.

    La Chaim! (To life...)

  187. The reality of life in America is this.If you believe what you are taught in school,what you read in the paper and what you see on TV,which most of us do you are screwed and have no idea what really goes on in this country.You have to make a concerted effort to do your own research and wade through all the bull crap and you will be amazed on what you find out.Some of it is so fantastic that it is hard to comprehend it as reality.As long as most of us have our little house,SUV and plasma TV we will not do the work required to find the truth and to make any real changes in this country.Sadly this is the way we are brought up and"trained" to be by our government.We are meant to be ignorant and sedate and take at face value whatever the media and our government tells us...If I went into detail about all of the truths that I have discovered,and even more un-answered questions it would fill many volumes and take many years.Educate yourself.Do not believe everything you read or hear.Do research...Oh by the way I used to be employed by the NSA in Maryland...

    1. As what, a janitor? If you'd actually been employed there in any kind of intelligence capacity at all, I should think you'd know better than to suggest or trumpet such a thing around, even on a site like this, and however long ago it might have been. Having (or having had) a job like that is not something you ever advertise unnecessarily. I find it hard to believe you ever would've passed the profile for employment at that type of work.

  188. At first glance I thought this was a piece of crap. It seems well put together, I didn't spend any time to verify the facts about the USS Liberty or the many people who are named in the video. That being said, those events are very troubling and I makes me think about how easy it would be to control people and to have a small group of individuals take control of everything by pooling their assets and connections to direct the minds of individuals to a reinforced belief...

    we all live in the mob, we are the mob.

  189. I don't need to finish watching this film to conclude that this is all just bullshit!!! The Israelis knew about the attack on 9/11 because they were informed by those who co-conspired with the attacks who were using it to justify the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan!!! Its all about the control of oil!!!

  190. this doc made me angry. they use twisted logic and deception and half truths. if a Jew works for a company/government that does something wrong then it is the Jews fault, if they work for a company/government that does something right it is an attempt to divert attention, if they do nothing at all they are complacent. so according to this doc they are at fault no matter what. i am neither Jewish or American (atheist Canadian btw) and have little time for religion but to blame everything on one group is useless. as a side i went to the web site promoted by the producer at the end of doc and what a surprise it is a white christian supremacist site.

  191. The jewish peoples treat the Holocaust like a non-healing festering wound,that they can pick at the scab and make it bleed when ever it suits them...

  192. *expert
    Everyone assumes...

  193. Education isn't keeping up with technology.

    The overwhelming amount of information available on the internet is just overwhelming the viewers. Everyone assumes they are an expect in everything, simply because they know how to research the answers they are expecting. Information on demand is killing scientific theory.

    I think we have this all backwards. The terrorists were not Islamic extremists. They had just become fed up with the Corporatocracy that rules our life style. Their religion and ethnic background really had nothing to do with the attacks. They just used the anti-religious movement to push the Corporatocracy into Islamic countries. Than they convinced everyone to continue spending immediately after 9.11.

    Save your money. That's the solution. Stop spending and be prepared for a real depression.

  194. @ deg

    That's the dumbest reason for wanting to die I have ever heard.

  195. "Goim" comes from the book, "Protocols of the Elders of ZION." So you read a book "ilan." By what you "claim" you must also be a JEW. I don't think "all Jews" are guilty, any more than "all" Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, or any other "religious" organization. It is the Elite Jewish Criminal Network, with "names" like Illuminati, CFR, Bilderberg, etc. Those are only "names" given as deceptive devices to keep people "divided" and thereby CONQUERED. Every one is a know-it-all. I only know one thing for positive...we are being MANIPULATED and LIED TO. "Goim?" I am a Norwegian American. Norwegian American. I was born in California USA. I have to admit, I was heavily TRAPPED in the Matrix, (for lack of a better term) 39 years of my life. It feels good to "get-out." It feels good, to be able to see, better than ever; even though my eyes are failing me. And my hearing is extraordinary! I look forward to death, because I will be free for the first time from the Jewish banking cartels that rule the world; and have been ruling America, since 1913!~

  196. loving the conversation guys keep this conversation intelligent!

  197. @princeton thanks for your compliments but watch the videos I mentioned and you will see why I feel like that, self preservation is a strong instinct. I have moslem friends who I have sent these videos, one said dont send me these things thanks, the other said it is all conspiracy and then changed his mind to its people trying to f up Islam, I asked my best moslem friend about this form of islam which comes out of saudi arabia and he said that we cannot question things which come from the land of mecca, thats where the prophet comes from, I asked him about the meaning of Kufar and he said I would be a Kufar if I didnt pray 5 times a day, watch the videos please I would love to know what you think. kisses

  198. @arnold vinnete

    I agree with the majority of what you said, but believe there is a lot more to this mess than oil!

  199. good job Farren -
    couldn't have said it better myself.
    charles ranalli

  200. @antagonist

    you sir/ma'am are a scary individual and I hope you never get your wish!

  201. @ Arnold Vinette I think everything would point towards what you are saying because I've seen these videos you recommend and they are very convincing and make a lot of sense, however I'm now guessing that like me you were so overwelmed with hate towards greedy rich people and the Israelis that you have completely neglected one part of the equation. If you want to see a good reason for actually creating a pretext for war on Islam then watch firstly undercover mosque and then Islam: what the west should know and like me I think you will become pacifistic towards any shady plans to create a pretext for war. My only fear now is that oil means more to these people than a quick solution to the current situation, dont want to spoil anything for you but a quick solution would involve invading and controlling saudi arabia or else creating subscription and declaring all out war. Due to the fact this has not happened yet is proof in itself that oil is the primary reason for this endouver however its a good thing its happening I think I just wish we would declare all out war thats all.

  202. What Farren said

  203. "911 has absolutely nothing to do with the Jewish people. (That said I will watch the video too.)"

    if by "Jewish people", you include the leaders of Israel and many arrogant and Zionist people in the US and in Israel, then that statement falls on its face

    if you just mean the religion-abiding peaceful Jews who are not rabid about killing or pushing out Palestinians from the land they've lived on for a long time, then yea, 911 didn't have anything to do with them

  204. @simon
    aye boi..
    don't diss that music..
    those Instrumentals are classics

  205. possible but even if its true who cares, the moslems want to take us all over anyway so are we really bothered

  206. Israel paints all Palestinians with the same brush. The more they treat all Arabs as terrorists the angrier everyone becomes. The result is an Jewish government that endorses apartheid. No rational person should support this.

    This should not be taken as evidence that Israel carried out the 9/11 attacks. A few stories about odd behavior and speculating how Israel would benefit from those attacks is not evidence in any court. It may make for interesting discussion but can not go any further than this until more solid evidence is brought to light.

  207. Lol What a bunch off bull shit some of your comments about the jews , come on like I can't see through the text your hatred for the jews , greg I'm up for the challenge , first of all Hanuka is not some made up holiday that look a like Christmas Hanuka is a holiday which is celebrated to remember how the " Macabis"- a jewish group of rebels againts the imperial occupation of Israel by the Romans succeeded in their fight againt The "goim's"- (romans) role over the Most sacred place for the jews - The Temple Of King Solomon , Only jews by the jewish religion are allowed inside and only Koahanim - The high priests are allowed into the chamber of Ark of the Covenant , After the macabis successfully took the temple from the romans israel was freed from Roman role , only for a short period of times until the legionres came back and took Israel back by force.
    Look Seriously the hate and lies that you are spreding againt so called zionist is degrading because you don't even know what zionizm is all about , The zionist movement Started and the end of the 19th century as did many others Nationality groups in Europe , That is basic history for you , The Zionist movement was founded on the basis that jews should start being more prodoctive and more of a land working people instead of god fearing closed hasidic communities , and to draw as many young jews as possible towards that Idea they chose zion - Jerusalem - as the name and the goal towards self recognition as a people , Thus the foundation of Israel is based on the escape from the closed haidic communities in europe , And you can ask hasidic jews and they will tell you it is true . So What we are talking about when we say the zionist - we talk about those who are inspired and recognize the idea of the jews as a people live in their own land and support them self as a people and not as a closed hasidic community .
    Writing down Bullshit with CAPS LOCK ON and Sign marks !!!! doesn't make it true .

    P.s When i said goim- romans i did not mean that goim in general are romans , goim are as you saide all people who are not jewish , Because jewdaism is such an ancient religion , there was a time long long time ago when jews were all at one place , and to identify them self as a people they referred to all others as "goim" .

  208. greg - I am really disappointed in this documentary and in the comments being made.

    To be fair I have never been in favor of the way that American politicians and the American media portray Israel. It is very one-sided in favor of Israel.

    The problem with the documentary and the comments being made is that they suggest that Jewish people have committed evil simply because they are Jewish. That is disgusting.

    The documentary has highlighted some bad things done by the state of Israel. But every state has committed evil acts in its history and a large number of states had things to gain from the US foreign policy that occurred as a result of 9/11.

    When the documentary and those that comment attempt to link the state of Israel and Jewish people to 9/11 and other 'conspiracies' they do so without evidence but by suggesting they are simply bad people. I don't know how you do not see a problem with this!

  209. It was actually me. I adapted the controller from my radio controlled Knight Rider car and took control of the planes. I'm sorry, I was actually aiming for Bloomingdales.

  210. This is a lame attempt of Muslim propaganda. Totally anti-semtic. Basically a load of &%@#.

  211. I seriously challenge anyone to take opposition to my comments. Lets get an intelligent dialog going people. If I am wrong I would love someone to put me on the right track. thank you in advance.

  212. It was Mossad, Israeli hit-men, paid mercenaries.. they blew up the towers then blamed it on Islam... they had nothing to lose everything to gain from this. to the people who are calling this racist are just mad cause this documentary wasn't Kosher! only people who defend Israel are Zionists I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CHECKING OUT THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION AFTER THIS ONE!!!

  213. According to Jews, the word "goyum" means non-jew. When in reality it means anyTHING that is not jewish including; you, I, your parents, grandparents, a black, an arab, an asian, a dog, a rat, an insect, a worm, or a piece of excrement. Jewish culture isn't really the nice, affectionate, or gentle of the cultures of the world. They join into a nation, doesn't matter which nation, assimilate and blend with tactics such as chanukah. Chanukah is a minor holiday that has been hyper-inflated just so it could go hand in hand with Christmas. All these little tactics created through the Jewish controlled media and government were used to blend Jewish culture in with America's Christian culture. Finally creating this Judeo-Christian monster we call American! From WWII this country has transformed completely into a completely new Judeo-Christian Monstrosity.

  214. @coyote03- semite means arab! how could all this be anti-semitic?? if anything this is just anti-zionist. I have no problem with jews individually. I just dont like the Israel Agenda turning us "free people" into dominated Chinese like in China. Israel has spun such a huge intricate evil web of tyranny that it is impossible to unravel completely. So as a "GOYUM" I have to sit and wait for Israel to do something brave, finally, without hiding behind its attack dog (USA). Then everyone will see what the Zionist movement is really about, Global domination and complete serfdom/servitude/submission of the goyum animals.

  215. Watching this long doc right now.

    It's amazing how all roads keep leading back to Israel. Not the majority of the Jewish popluation. But the leaders, those fanatical about killing off or pushing out all Palestinians and Arabs.

    How anyone can close their eyes to this and keep their head in the sand is beyond me. Well maybe it's not beyond me. People like to stay in their comfortable beliefs. Most beliefs of the American people have been deliberately fed to them subtly through the media and movies like Don't Mess With the Zohan (an elite Israeli solidier kickin' a** and being a hero)

  216. jewish people and israel are not necessarily synonymous
    there is no international jewish conspiracy, just a state that has politicians that make bad decisions (for religious or other reasons) just like the US or Canada, etc

  217. Josh 14

    "We need to kick all the Jewish people out of this Country. We need to look at every Jewish person with suspecion for now on. I’ll never look at another jew the same. They are all killers unless proven different. I now have a better understanding of why the Iranian people hate Jewish people/goverment. Can’t we all get a long and enjoy life?"

    See how easy killing people is and how many Hitlers live in our neighbourhood. There are milions like Josh easy brainwashed to dehumanizes anyone.

  218. Why, with most of these type of documentaries do we need such shite music in the background ?

  219. Racist

  220. If something is true, no amount of attacking it can change it.

    There is so much evidence of the Zionist people (not Jewish, Zionist specifically) in 9/11. Why deny that evidence? It's like a criminal just went in a room and shot 5 people. But his parents and grandparents were treated unfairly 60 years ago, so you say "poor criminal, how dare anyone accuse you of being a criminal"

  221. This documentaries sole purpose is to make all Jewish people look evil, and create an environment of hate and fear by presenting half truths and whole lies. This is the most racist documentary I've ever watched on this site, it is just racist drivel. I'm embarrassed for anyone who actually watches this and believes all the ridiculously manipulated facts. I'm Jewish, I just wish I had heard about all these world domination plans that apparently all other Jewish people are in on :p You people who believe there is some kind of Jewish conspiracy, are seriously twisted, misguided, fools!

    These conspiracy theories are created by racists who hate the Jewish people and want them gone forever. I believe in no god or religion, it only creates division amongst us. What I do know for fact though, is that we're all from the same place regardless of what religion you believe in. Treating each-other as such is how we should all live. Grow up you idiots!

    I know we normally don't remove videos, but I've literally watched every other documentary on this site and this is by far the most anti-semitic, it has no educational value whatsoever, its simply trying to get people to hate anyone and everyone who is Jewish. Its goal is to incite hatred.

  222. "All generalizations are false, including this one." Mark Twain.

    The doc's bias is pretty evident at the beginning. It tries to make a coherent argument but fails because of the tone of the narrative. While it is the first amendment right to express your opinion, racist opinions usually turn off the ears of the more rationally minded people that were listening.

    Wars and death because of religious "anger" has occurred for millennia. As long as the human race continues to see is brothers and sisters as enemies, we'll remain vicious animals locked in the cage of our making.

    Yes, war is inhumane, but only listing the atrocities of one nation and not of the other, shows how this documentary is unduly biased and an invalid argument. Because of the sacrifices of the men and women you make into villians, we live comfortably with grocery stores, nintendo's and micro-brews. Yes, their methods may sometimes make stomachs turn, but would you rather be living in a third world country fighting every day for your life? Or better yet, in a closed police state where documentaries like these are blocked? If you don't like their protection, imagine a world without the benefits it provides and remember freedom isn't free.

  223. now i know why Cartman hates Kyle so much, gd dmn joo!

  224. The Jews are an alien advance column infiltrating all institutions we hold dear. Mere humans could never devise such intricate and diabolical schemes.

  225. We need to kick all the Jewish people out of this Country. We need to look at every Jewish person with suspecion for now on. I'll never look at another jew the same. They are all killers unless proven different. I now have a better understanding of why the Iranian people hate Jewish people/goverment. Can't we all get a long and enjoy life?

  226. Yes, the American and Isreal Goverment was behind the 9-11 attacts without question. Isreal is a bad country with a bad agenda. I use to think the Jewish people were good people. However, after informing myself through some docs and reading I've come to the conlusion the Jewish people are very bad people. Check out the amazing documentaries regarding Isreal and Palestine. Just type in those two works and your see what I'm talking about. Also a must see is "One Nation Under Siege." It appears we are getting ready to go to work with Iran. We have stregegicaly placed our troops on both side of the Iran border. It's a must see.

  227. ok.... the conspiracy theorists believe a government conspiracy has infiltrated their conspiracy theory. Rock solid........ get a job and lay off the reefer

  228. @the loler - i think "jewish" has been turned into a curse word. its worse than saying "n*gger" now...

  229. I think this was the best and most useful documentary i have ever seen. It is good to know who is really controlling this country. Someone should publish a deck of cards with all of the duel-citizens that are in high positions in our government. They all obviously hold higher allegiance to religion over country. They have infiltrated this government like the HIV in a 2 dollar prostitute.

  230. F..ing lizards! -_-v

  231. they did it again .. suicide bomber .. more likely mind controlled puppet

  232. You know who invented artificial turf don't you. The Jews. They hate real grass; always have.

  233. Im 20 minutes in and I think he has said 'jewish' about 100 times already. Enough of this doc, it gets a great big lol.

  234. what a waste of time, only top doc pls!

  235. The first comment about "blah blah blah against Islam" tells me this is made by Muslims with malicious intent to cover their blood on their hands.


  236. what a load of ******** !!!

  237. The Jews did it!

    1. It’s a mixture of Jews and puppet politicians, money money money in a rich mans world.