Inside the DEA

Inside the DEA

2010, Crime  -   24 Comments
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Explorer reveals the inner workings of a sting operation designed to bring down one of the world's most prolific and untouchable criminals.

With unprecedented and exclusive access to the US Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA), and the global narco-terrorism agents, enter the shadowy world of illegal arms trafficking.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has been around since 1973, and performs an important law enforcement mission across America and in more than 50 countries around the globe.

From Colombia to Afghanistan and from Los Angeles to New York, DEA agents, investigators, analysts, chemists, lawyers, and support staff all work together to make sure drug traffickers are brought to justice.

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6 years ago

Cathy may be onto something here

Reddit Merc
9 years ago

F*** DEA and their war on drugs. The most vile institution that men had ever set up. What a monumental waste of money and human lives. End this idiocy, divert funds to much needed social and economic programs and the world will suddenly become a much much better place.

Oh and nice propaganda work GEO.. very "transparent" ehem..

10 years ago

Lots of Bulls*it, the DEA is one of the most corrupt organizations in the World. Their agents are involved in guns and dope running and when they get caught they get promotions. See the killing of police officer Franklin Brewster in Panama.

jake wiebe
10 years ago

National Geo has lost all credibility with me. Their shows are so politically biased its almost a farce. Gotta love how the DEA portrays this guy as a real bad person being involved in drugs and weapons meanwhile the CIA and American government has been guilty of all these things on much larger scale not to mention starting illegal wars/conflicts. Its so obvious that this guy just pissed off the Zionists and are looking to set him up its sick. How about some agency get Bush for starting an illegal war and occupation killing hundreds of thousands?

10 years ago

The DEA and the CIA are the world's drug dealers.

10 years ago

On the other hand, their members can traffic drugs, weapons and kill cops, like the case of Franklin Brewster in Panama. What a joke

10 years ago

After watching this,There are many who are aware of such SOPS and the term buyer beware is probably in the minds of many who seek to distrust until all backgrounds are checked,again and again.The world of crime will never cease and the warlords and the law will produce more illegal issues and cause more deaths,I certainly would not have the Kahoonas to mess with any type of operation such as this and the D.E.A.will always hit and miss as well as hit and hit again until they don't miss.What puzzles me is the SAMS were military weapons.Do the makers of such deadly arms have any conscience?I'm talking about the arms manufacturers who profit from death.

10 years ago

DEA is about eliminating the CIA's competition

Ryan Terry
10 years ago

Get down or lay down is the American way. I love it.

Richard T
10 years ago

Why was the DEA involved in this case at all? If the case is dealing with weapons sales - why is the drug enforcement agency involved?

Paul Gloor
10 years ago

Only 30 years... I guess its fortunate that will be beyond his natural life span.
The saying, "history favors the winners", is the best way to put it. America may traffic arms, but so does everyone else. What matters is whose side you're on when the line gets drawn.
In his case, he was known to provide weapons to all sides of a war and traffic drugs, both things that the US don't like very much.

10 years ago

Of course if USSA wanted some one to ship arms they would have no hesitation of using some one like this.
Like Vic Bout was used to ship arms in to Iran when he was a known arms dealer.

10 years ago

There is too much money in drugs now to stop them ..if the Drug lord;s pulled their money out bank's would go broke in a flash.

10 years ago

Cathy you might be right? No way of telling, not by me anyway.

10 years ago

Just another propaganda film. The only reason the DEA wanted Kassar was to get him out of their way, he was cutting into their government's illegal arms sale profits and anyone who believes otherwise is badly misinformed or ignorant.

10 years ago

to take a thief,it takes a thief......

10 years ago

How can we call this man a thug or criminal when our government does the exact same thing constantly and we say nothing? I am not saying this guy wasn't guilty I am saying we should also hold governments accountable just as we hold individuals accountable. Small crooks get arrested while big crooks get elected. Our troops face the very weapons that our government sold a few months prior to the so called "enemy". The very people that are in charge of whether or not we go to war also openly hold financial interests in the corporations that make the weapons for war, are they any better than Mr. Kassar?