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Investigative filmmaker Miguel Francis-Santiago hosts Mosaic of Facts, an exploration of the role of the media in information sharing, and the many ways in which it is used to sway and manipulate public opinion.

Inspired by his 2014 exploration of war-torn Crimea, Francis-Santiago embarks on a personal mission to gain a better understanding of those responsible for the Ukranian Crisis, an event he describes as "a humanitarian catastrophe." Along the way he discovers a tangled web of deception and misinformation. In one example we are shown a newscast that proclaims to be showing real-time footage of a ground assault, but is revealed to have been footage cut from a military training video found on YouTube. Although this particular tragedy is central to the film, the topics of power, control, and crowd psychology in relation to media in general are examined at length.

Resolving to find input from independent and unbiased sources, Francis-Santiago reaches out to independent journalists, filmmakers, and authors for their opinions on whether claims of the Western world's "information dominance" are valid.

His own association with Russia Today, the producers of this film, is scrutinized by author Naomi Wolf, whose critique of Russia Today as a "government mouthpiece" is in turn scrutinized by Geopolitics Analyst Eric Draitser. Draister rebuts that a freelancer for a Western brand such as the BBC or CNN would never be criticized in this way, and describes the state of the current global news media industry as an "information war," noting that non-Western news outlets are often maligned and disregarded. He does, however, note a more forceful pushback from these countries as they attempt to gain a stronger foothold in world news.

Infographics illustrating the corporate monopolies in charge of major news outlets and the media in general are sprinkled throughout the film. We are reminded that the media is not just responsible for disseminating news, but that it also plays a significant role in influencing societal decisions such as what foods to eat, what entertainment to consume, what clothes to buy, and so forth. Mosaic of Facts is a provocative look at the complacency of Western culture and the information we take for granted.

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  1. Ryan


    You say Putin has never killed any journalists. Do you mean there is no video of him pulling the trigger. I have heard that tens of journalists have died suspiciously while he has been in power. He is connected to the KGB. It's not outlandish to think some of these deaths were taken to benefit him. Look at the poisoning that happened to Litvinenko, who openly accused Putin of having a hand in the killing of another journalist.
    I'm not trying to demonize him Putin. I think it's crazy to think that there are mobsters to kill and then there are politicians and businessmen who are angels who play by the rules. What are 'the rules'? Life is not a video game. There aren't limiting rules to obey. If it were a video game, the government and businesses would be the creators of the game, and they could add cheats that only they can use, and that other players can't detect.
    There are numerous suspicious deaths on the US side too. But we don't hear about them like we do Putin, because you don't demonize your home country as you've inferred in the documentary.

    Kind regards.

  2. hutch

    some of this was great - and some of this was extremely taken out of context and/or purposefully misreprestened

  3. Miguel Francis-Santiago

    First off thank you all for the kind words on this documentary. It took me a little over 6 months to make it come to life. Working for RT has been for me as an American, an eye-opening experience. It is a platform that allows me express my view on things and back them up with facts, it allows me to report on things that I would never be able to report on be I in employment with CNN or BBC. And for me as a patriot of all the great things America has, I am able to point out all the rotten and evil that is also has by working with an alternative media platform.

    To answer Trent's concern - RT was never designed to report on local Russian events, its not a domestic news source, its is an international news platform with the main aim of reporting on events that are happening outside of Russia. Putin never kills or jails bloggers or journalists that speak out against him. See this is another total BS propaganda instilled into the minds of the people of the West by Hollywood films (Homeland, House of Cards, Blindspot etc) in these TV shows, there are direct references to Putin killing journalists. There are several alternative critical of Putin and RT and his policies networks freely roaming the radio and TV waves of Russia. The most prominent are Dozhd TV and Echo Moscow Radio. They have criticized and talked about the possibility of the apartment bombing that you speak of, of being a false flag attack etc. this is openly discussed in Russia, even on major mainstream media as well! And no one is killed or jailed. There are so many Putin critics I personally know living in Russia, who actually have influence in the mainstream media waves, yet not one of them has died under "uncertain" circumstances. Many of such claims by Western media that such and such was killed by Putin, are actually implants done by the CIA to then be blamed on Putin and Russia. Like Yushenko for example. Remember that Ukrainian president during the Orange Revolution who was made President by US soft-power organizing the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2006? Well guess what, his poisoning that led to the deformation of his face was intentional. I will not go into detail here, but it was made to look like supposedly Russia (Putin) poisoned him to make his face look deformed. But would an intelligent man like Putin, really do such a ridiculous stunt knowing that the face deformity will be visible to the whole world and the whole word will criticize his country for such a "sleazy offensive"? Think about that. Think about who benefits from calling the man of the 2nd strongest country in the world, and the largest country in the world, a man who leads a country that doesn't have to answer to the World Order of governments, a killer, a tyrant, the most corrupt individual blah blah etc. WHO BENEFITS Trent? and why? :)

    I'm very open, I enjoy speaking to my audience, I'm easy to find on Facebook and I got nothing to hide. Thanks for watching my film and stay tuned to RT Documentary for my next two films that are now in the making.

  4. Nikita

    Good points Trent, all of which further prove the main points of the story - governments control and will always control media in some form or fashion. Be it US, Russia, or any other state - media is controlled or at the very least heavily influenced by the governing body. Which is why any functioning human being should have the responsibility to take in more than one source of information. Unfortunately, that will never happen either - people are lazy, they will believe what they are told until educated otherwise. I'm curious as to the solution to this problem - how do we as human societies educate the citizens enough for them to make good decisions, and how do governments begin to trust the "public opinion" to reflect a true and good direction for the country?

    Lots to think about, but one thing is clear. The US information war does not work so well on the countries they destabilize in the middle east. It's too bad that it is working on Ukraine - the country that I am from.

    PS: Trent you should put in some primary sources for such big points.

  5. Trent

    Ok yes the USA does this stuff it bends the truth with media and messes with other countries governments. This report sort of bends the truth with that Ukrainian reporter supposedly smiling or laughing. I see a nervous reporter bracing for the concussion blast of the artillery being shot off right behind her. Russia does the same things. Russia is the most corrupt state in the world. Why doesnt RT do reports on that. Why doesnt RT do the reports on Puttins critics in Russia that get killed or put in jail. Why not the reports on Russia secret police that bombed apartment buildings as to look like terrorist attacks to then go after Chechnya. RT doesnt do reports like this because they want to keep living or have a job or not be put in Russian jails.

  6. Luke

    A documentary by Russian Television on events which led to Russian aggression towards Ukraine. Anyone see any bias here?

  7. Tom

    Finally - enough pieces of the Ukrainian Crisis puzzle are assembled to reveal a familiar and easily recognizable picture: yet another bungled covert attempt to prop up our failing empire by further expansion.

  8. Pete

    I am in agreement with Leslie, most of this is not well received by folks , maybe from fear of retaliation at some point, or just because the tactic of miss-information and propaganda in todays world is so effective. But yes it should be seen and given careful thought.

  9. Oliver

    @ 39:37 Arron Hawkins made the most lingering sediments of this Doc.
    Although Eric Draitser totally spilled the beanz @ 45:23!
    47:37 Ha! Sweet! Joseph for President 2016!


  10. Leslie

    This film gives even more credence to what I have believed for the last 14 years. I am no longer a part of the 'sheeple' and what this country has evolved into saddens me beyond words. And when I share information, even to well educated people, it is often not well received. Everyone should watch this.