The Mysterious Origins of Man

The Mysterious Origins of Man

1996, Conspiracy  -   224 Comments
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This documentary presents ancient artifacts that contradict the official historical perspective that mankind has advanced scientifically since the beginning of human history.

It’s not necessarily a deliberate conspiracy in the sense that some people getting together in a smoke filled room and saying "we’re going to deceive people". It’s something that happens automatically within the scientific community.

So when a given piece of evidence disagrees with the predominant theory, then automatically people won’t talk about it, they won't report it and that means that science fails to progress in the way that one would hope.

Although a lot of the evidence in this presentation has been highly debated and disproved, there is some evidence that is very difficult to dispute. The main purpose of this presentation is to show that the official view of human history is very questionable, especially the progression of knowledge in the sciences, mathematics, and spirituality.

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1 year ago

It is very easy to know where we came from, just read your Bible. "How" is none of our business. Trust God is all you have to do.

peruda hudson
2 years ago

who walks one foot directly in front of the other?

4 years ago

Excellent documentary.

I don't buy the argument that this was made by bunch of Christians trying to justify religious dogma in the face of contrary scientific evidence. If it were, it wouldn't respectfully present the work of many different researchers who claim civilization and modern man may go back tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, or even billions of years. Instead, it would highlight only research/theories supporting the notion that human history only goes back several thousand years.

Contrary to popular belief, Science is as politicized as any other institution on this corrupt planet. When it's clear that the established power structure is lying about so much else, is it really a big leap to imagine that they might be doing the same with Science and History?

mike mathwig
5 years ago

to all those interacting with the jackrabit,
Never argue with a fool
for those around you watching
will have trouble determining which of you it is.

7 years ago

Honest discovery is labeled anomaly while the ape theory continues to dominate, despite the evidence of sophisticated civilizations pre dating 12,000 BC. This is a good documentary. Kudos to those who look beyond the "imposed received wisdom" to open our minds and question it.

8 years ago

Who walks one foot directly in front of the other as this picture shows - my guess, it's one big footed runway model!

9 years ago

Whilst it is true that stupid people tend to believe stupid things when they can't explain what they see, it is also true that intelligent people tend to believe stupid things when there is a societally accepted scientific theory to back them up. Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson's book "The Hidden History of the Human Race" demonstrates irrefutably the way theory can take precedence over facts in scientific and academic circles, whilst proving that the accepted model of human evolution is not correct. Similarly, erosion on the Sphinx caused by heavy precipitation proves that it is much older than Egyptologists claim. Look at the evidence and fit a theory to that, not the other way round.

9 years ago

People who believe in Gods have a tendency to have a lower IQ then people who do not. People on remote islands outside of Japan thought Americans where Gods too during the world war 2. Are Americans Gods? No. Stupid people tend to believe in stupid things when they cant explain what they see =)

David Pickup
9 years ago

I am amazed at the blinkered minds of so many people. There is so much on this earth that has no rational explanation. Is it not possible to allow one's mind to expand to take in the maybe's, the what if's, the could it be's?
But no, this is just dismissed outright as being total rubbish. I seem to remember that a certain Charles Darwin's theories had the same effect on 'educated' people in the 1800's. Please allow some of us the space to question the currently accepted theories and to have conjecture without being belittled.

10 years ago

i love comedy lol, a group of crackpots with their leader Charlton Heston
funny stuff

10 years ago

id like to know what exactly was disproved in this video

10 years ago

Personally, I don't feel this need to pick out one possible line of human history and tell myself it's the truth until I believe it. People are so scared of an alternate truth. Sweep the evidence under the rug. Whatever helps you sleep at night. The world is more than we know.

10 years ago

I seriously thought it was going to be an interesting and serious approach to anomalies found in layers of rock. But its so obvious its just presenting stuff and then mentioning some flaw in evolution theory and science.
To people that can't pick that up, it shows that this video is a video with an agenda. And when I scrolled down the comments and search for some of the background of the people in the video sure enough they are all non scientific religious lunatics.
These types of videos that can easily be taken for a serious informative video should be banned. Seriously what F! year are we in?

10 years ago

Religious propaganda again.

10 years ago

Look it's Moses! it must be a true right. Give a break!

10 years ago

Well that took all of two minutes with first suspicions when Charleton Heston appeared.

10 years ago

too bad its not working :|

10 years ago

its funny how the human brain works. theres already an answer to this. earth humans were dumped here by other humans from other star systems..its simple as that. some say we were genetically designed to live these conditions which if fairly considerable. But i'd say personally that its the most realistic possibility one could ever come up with without bias to a certain belief, or which science has proven more or what not. Back in the day when it was empty, this planet had some good spots to raise "humans". These guys from the outside, navigating along on their "advanced" method of travel discovered this, so they left a few of their own designs. and so on and so forth..same with any other living organisms. same with most of the technologies that we have, same with the systems of society and all that. it was never from the mind of the "earth human", well at least most of it wasn't..I better watch this video now. what up Vlat... :)

11 years ago

Was a very interesting video to watch, however with most things i'm not going to jump in whole heartedly and believe what's been presented.

There were a few things that didn't make sense to me, such as the guy talking about geological years could be much shorter than our years so that it's possible for dinosaurs to coexist with humans (or something like that? i'm thinking time travel for sure would be a better explanation and much more exciting haha). What was the basis of this? and how does that work??

and also what Jani said
"Very interesting document here... but one thing in it was very disturbing to me.. First they calculated the dating of the old structures by comparing the position of how the stars would have been back then.. and at the end they say that earths "skin" shifted 2000 miles about 12000 years ago.. if this happened those old strucktures shouldnt be anywhere near on lineing up with those stars.."

just a little inconsistent...not good for a documentary.

11 years ago

In my studies I have found origins of different peoples that are backed up by science and ancient writings. Remember the truth is written and witnessed. The Bible in the 6 Ages of re creation (Gen.1:28 "replenish") tells of all of the things created. It is a synopsis in English which is translated from various ancient languages. Studying the words translated to English shows many errors from the scribes, just as the Bible said there would be. The word, "generation" is a word that means "races" of people. Gen 2:4, "These are the generations of the heavens and the earth." In Gen 2:5 the Hebrew word, Adam, appears for the 1st time. It says man in this passage but it is Adam.
Who is Adam? Adam is the son of God. Luke 3:38. Adam man is the only one of his kind. See Strong's Exhaustive Concordance and Gensenius' Hebrew Lexicon #120.
In that the Genesis tells us 10 times that kind begets like kind then Adam can only produce Adam kind. Adam is ruddy, red and able to show blood in the face. Biological law tells us that kind begets like kind. So science proves the Bible in this instance.
Archaeology shows the bones of the Negroid on Mt. Kilimanjaro carbon test back 73,000 years. The Voodoo priests in Africa pray to the Great white God to put them back on the planet where they came from as they were seduced by Lucifer and are not happy here. Also take a look at what the Dogon people say. Again 2 witnesses.
The Sumerian histories go back hundreds of thousands of years and they, as well as the ancient Books of Enoch tell of the Satanic warring ships of heaven crashing to earth and on board were the black headed ones. The Bible tells of the wars in heaven in the Book of revelation Chapter 12. The Book of Jude calls them "The Angels who lost their first estate." So all of these different people arrived on planet earth at different times. Lest I forget, Adam man's bones cannot be found before 7500 years ago. The Scriptures tell of this also. God told Adam He would come in 5 1/2 days. A day is a thousand years so that is 5,500 years. Jesus Christ (God in the flesh) came at that exact time. We are 2,000years AD so Adam is 7500 years old and the last people to arrive to bring in the Kingdom (government) of God.
There is so much more about this subject but these are just high lights to awaken you. Many are called but few are chosen. Study to be approved.
The Bible says that it is the Book of the generation (race) of Adam. It is only to Adam man. It tells of the continuing war on earth against satanic forces. As above so below. The word, hell, is meaning the grave, hades, in the Hebrew language. Hell is death and death has been conquered by Jesus Christ. Adam man cannot die. When he leaves this body his Spirit immediately goes to Heavenly Plains (The Pleiades) where the throne of God is located. So this hell business is a scare tactic of the business religions to get more money.
I will write more later if you would like to hear it. Bye for now.

Luis Alvarado
11 years ago

this is so funny . a picture of child playing with a lovely dinosaur
This peaceful paintings are typic of some religion magazines they sell when buggin on you door.

11 years ago

Also keep in mind the age of this documentary. The description, itself, admits a lot of the evidence presented has been disproved. That's what happens when you watch a documentary decades after its production. Cut them a little slack, they didn't have the knowledge of technology we have now.

11 years ago

Fact or false, I personally still found the video rather fascinating.

In the end, even science all chalks up to mostly speculation. The amount of legitimate physical proof to back up what we scientifically "know" to be our history is ridiculously rare.

I say until you can prove it wrong, you can't claim to know definitively the answer to ANY of the questions of our history's origins--because if you can't prove it wrong, that means you can't prove your own theories right, either.

11 years ago

lol, this guy

Marta Bernardes
11 years ago

"for every st*pid idea, there's an id**t ready to signed under it" - I say this to both sides. Learn to think by yourselves! and don't fall in the other extreme of accepting all that it's being fed to you.

11 years ago

This film is full of LIES and outrageous BULLS***! This kind of offensive junk is exactly what makes this website a useless waste of time. Films should not be censored just because people don't like them, but they very definitely should be censored when any sane, rational person can see they are obviously outrageous lies, propaganda and pure harmful nonsense.

11 years ago

lol!! how ridiculous.. its one error after the other! only the ignorant could be impressed by this 'evidence/'

Ryan Evans
11 years ago

Ok, so I just wasted my time watching this, but it was my decision and it didn't cost me anything except 47 minutes of my time. The question I have is why would time and effort be put into creating this program? I'm surprised no one said, "This is bulls***!" and stopped production.

11 years ago

One of the worst piece of s*** movies ever made. Could be debunked by a 12-year old armed with wikipedia. A complete joke.

11 years ago

@ tariqxl

I believe that when National Geographic says "Seafaring peoples" they mean people who built a civilization around the idea of sea exploration and trading and things of that nature. When the Aborigines migrated to Australia and crossed the sea, they were just Migrating, and never really developed an Industry and Empire based around Sea Voyages. Yeah they have their fishing boats and small distance boats, but it was the Phoenicians who first really started expanding that stuff. According to most scientific and anthropological texts most cultures just stayed "Local", even though some evidence provides for native Europeans and Chinese peoples making sea voyages, but nothing in substantial Numbers and none of them made an empire out of these chance voyages.

However I'd also like to point out the theory that some geologists and environmental Scientists, (The REAL ones, not the global warming disaster freaks) believe that around the previous ice ages the sea levels dropped low enough that the Philippines, Asia, and all of that area were connected by land. So its very possible a number of the population may have migrated there during that time, but there was also the portion that arrived via the sea. So I believe that to be the MAIN difference between those two cultures.
And to answer your question about the Glaciation on Australia and what not, according to this article I'm reading on Wiki about Australia, there was a period of Glacial erosion about 280 MYA and that half the continent was covered in them. So maybe your informant was wrong or or misinformed. Nothing wrong with that, I had no idea Australia ever had glaciers until I looked it up just now. So I hope my mini college thesis was of assistance to you, and if any of my info is wrong I would LOVE if somebody could correct me :)

11 years ago

This is a f*****g joke!

They use evidence out of context! They even say the discoverer of java man admitted it was wrong and was an "accident" which is not true! Java man was a hoax and was exposed by the scientific community.

It pisses me off knowing these m*rons are allowed to lie and brain wash a generation of kids unfortunate enough to grow up in a Christian family and in doing so are protected by freedom of speech.

11 years ago

The part I like the best is the North Pole getting so heavy it tipped the earth over . Comedy for sure . Remember guns don't kill .

11 years ago

this bullshit video is created by religion protectors, it is all fake actors as scientist

11 years ago

This was bad, A real waste of time. I feel like i was watching "most haunted".

Fuad Becic
11 years ago

I have a theory about the last ice age which happen (i believe) 10,000 years ago. What if the civilization they refer to as 'Atlantis' was thriving during the time when the North American Continent was under neath ice. While Neanderthals were fight with Early man, Atlantis may have been the continental bridge between South America, and Africa. (I am not referring to Pangaea. More over an Accidental bridge made by tectonic plate movement.) This would explain why the Aztecs and Egyptians had similar methods of building, and also explain Atlantis. Again I'm not proposing this idea to be true, but much rather trying to rationalize the evidence presented in this video. Anyone think there is any merit to this theory?

11 years ago

This was a great documentary every researcher in the film top shelf and charleston heston himself.

12 years ago

Funny! :)
This documentary should be under comedy, or at least conspiracy.

mittu mittu
12 years ago

Great documentary, look beyond the signs and evidences.

12 years ago

the most stupid documentary i ever watched

12 years ago

Darwin has been disproven...a little research in the universe and math will tell you that. but most people will believe any "theroy" that comes along..remember the "lucy" thing, that was a big joke and most believed it.If science can't explain it they make it up, simple as that. Do some research.

12 years ago

Wicked. I believe a lot of these docs. Along with Ancient aliens the Series, the world is full of wonders that no Darwinian fanatic or anyone else can explain or disprove. I believe in Darwin's theory of evolution, but just because this theory is universally accepted that doesn't mean it's complete. There is could be much more to discover. Even after discovering the human genome, we still have much much more to discover and learn. Therefor we cannot stop there and must be open to the possibility that there is more evidence to discover that very likely could rewrite history as we know it.

12 years ago

Its one of the most incomplete documentaries I have ever seen. There is so much of info jst waiting to be interpreted but instead its only seen through the eyes of a typical ill informed explorer with his Bible. Since, all most all of the interpretations of our history have been made by the European elite , one can also say they were all done by Christians. All their notions about God come from Bible , which is now known to be manipulated by the court of Rome. Many instances and references to non humans beings with intelligence have been either removed or given the status of angels, giants etc . So , wen a Christian encounters new polytheist religion(ones in Americas)while exploring, he stamps their stories as Myths. Then begins to analyze them after ruling out so much of data. Scientists have a subliminal fear of rejection from the Public as well as his mates. For, no one wants to be proved wrong. This fear is regulated by religion(Christianity in particular) and then it percolates down to the Scientists who are not affected by it. With time the stakes go up , en the truth is forever buried. All the 'whys' have been fixed up by the 'Ancient Astronaut Theory' but the science is too scared to admit to it, cos it will again dig out much older lies told to the public.

Scientists are willing to make the most weirdest assumption in physics like 11 dimensions, strings constitute everything bla bla, jst cos faith is not involved. But wen it comes to history en archeology, no one wants to smear the image a dead Scientist becos he is Father of Bla Bla, Nation's Pride, Most celebrated intellect of his time etc etc.

12 years ago

We shouldn't let facts get in the way of the truth. As all true scholars know, the facts obscure the truth. The truth can only be found when all facts are discarded and rumor, innuendo and a lively imagination are allowed to flourish. Nothing has greater honesty than the imagination of a five year old. The people who brought us this doc have never lost touch with their inner child.

12 years ago

its just made for convincing the grandma. but i'm sure even she going to believe it.

12 years ago

Should be in the comedy section.

12 years ago

Even the introduction above the video says that most of what is in the film is completely disproved. What is the point of putting this up?

12 years ago

This documentary is so full of Fail that it's embarassing to think it was even made.

Crock-umentary is more like it.

12 years ago

Planet of the...Humans

12 years ago

the bit on the earths crust moving is rubbish. Gravity isn't pulling down its pulling into the earth. lets say there 2miles of snow on top or even 10miles of snow. the crust in the northern india is more than 150miles thick???and its rock so alot heavyer. does bring up some good points though.

12 years ago

This is one of my all time favorite documentary.