In the Name of Science

2018, History  -   9 Comments
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In the midst of World War II, Reich University was positioned to be the central hub for spreading the Nazi ideology to future generations. Staffed by a team of German intellectuals who were sympathetic to the cause, the university's mandate was severely compromised upon the Allied occupation of Strasbourg in November of 1944. In the Name of Science attempts to unravel the legacy of death and barbaric thinking that was harvested on the campus, and profiles key figures who lead a revolution against these practices at their detriment.

More than a dry history lesson, the film tracks a personal journey of discovery for its central writer and narrator - Kirsten Esch. Her grandfather was the Dean of the Medical Facility at the university, and he even stayed on following the Allied occupation. The film's quest to paint an accurate portrait of the university and its culpability also allows Esch an opportunity to define her grandfather's role in these atrocities. Was he aware of the goings-on at nearby concentration camps? Did he buy into their contorted philosophy wholesale? Did he sanction the atrocious medical experiments that were propagated in the university's classrooms and research labs?

The medical program represented the bulk of the university's ambitions - it hosted nearly half of all the student body and absorbed an equal segment of its budget - and it held a tremendous source of promise for those eager to further the National Socialism movement. By empowering grotesque experimentation on Jewish subjects, they hoped to embolden their racial doctrine through the guise of sound scientific reasoning.

The film also profiles a committed group of students who banded together to protest the university's support of the Nazi doctrine, and many of them paid the ultimate price for voicing their conscience. The film features interviews with historians and survivors, and contains a collage of provocative footage from the period.

In the Name of Science painstakingly recounts horrific, but essential history. It's an academic effort, but also a deeply personal one. This unexpected layer imbues the film with a stirring note of humanism, and the darkly fascinating tone of a great detective story.

Directed by: Kirsten Esch

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  1. Dwight Hayes

    I know why, its been going on since ancient Rome. The Black Pope gave Hitler a map of the North American continent and told him this is our final global conquest. Hitler then showed the same map to the Nazi SS and said this is my final global conquest. It is actually the Spirit of the Anti-Christ possessing people to carry out its dirty deeds of waging war on Gods people, his creation of Humanity which the Anti-Christ jealously hates especially the real sincere Christians who refuse to bow down to their Pope. Without everyone bowing to their phony Pope, they will not be able to claim they rule the world.

    Their Roman Catholic Oligarchs and the Cryptic Jews that created their fake church government entity of Rome are the ones who instigate the wars for resources for their own profit with the help of the Black Pope. With those wars the Black Pope and the Rothschilds and other global war funders (funding both sides of every war for their share of banking and debt slavery profits) who are connected to the Vatican Bank, and have funded the creation of modern Israel (Anti-Jewish) by exterminating as many real devout Jews they can in those wars and replacing them with those who will bow down to their Pope. They have been doing the same to us devout Protestant Christians for millenniums, because we also do not bow down to their Pope.

    It is the Roman Catholic State Church global conquest of the whole Earth for the Anti-Christ. Jesus pointed out the creator of that organization in his day and called him the Anti-Christ. That organization has been around persecuting real Christians for over 2500 years. The Anti-Christ wants to rule the world and its minions are monopolizing on control of global banking and everyone's economies. The Unholy Trinity points out their involvement in the Communist insurgency into the Americas with physical proof, declassified documents and confessions. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers both said they would rather America be a Communist Dictatorship that a Capitalist Democracy. Mass immigration is part of the Communist Manifesto.

    The banking Oligarchs of World Bank which Vatican Bank is connected through the 5 Houses of Rothschilds, the 5 continents World Banking head offices who print and control global currencies, control Mexico's Pesos so it never is worth anything so that countries Roman Catholic people flock across our border to work for American Dollar for its greater value to have a life. Out of Rome came Britain, out of Rome and Britain came Nazi Germany, out of Britain came America. All secret societies on Earth are under the auspices of the Roman Catholic (fake church) Government entity. That includes OSS, Nazi SS, Freemasonry of all 5 continents (the Satanic sect of Rothschilds, Cryptic Jew Priest and Kazarian Mafias Freemason Order of the 5 continents) The Cryptic Jews descended from Babylon who worshiped Baal by violating 3 month old baby girls virginity which is in their Cryptic Talmud. One of their Priest infiltrated the early Greek Church just like Jesus told them that he would and created arguments and caused 50% of the congregation to split away and used them to create the Roman Catholic Church in partnership with the early Roman Government. The Jesuit Order of Rome is a Secret Global Military Intelligence Order of Rome under the Black Pope (Intelligence General) Adolfo Nicholaus.

    It has nothing to do with the real Jesuit Order of Christ. It tries to mimic Christianity to help to deceive the population of the Earth (hence the Anti-Christ, the Great Deceiver), in order to complete their Global Conquest of the Earth. They instigated and funded both sides of the Civil War and one Confederate General and two Union Generals who were 33+ degree Freemasons(Members of the Jesuit Order of Roman Intelligence) kept the Civil War going longer than they needed to just so Roman Intelligence could have as many Real Protestant Christians in the Bible Belt (my ancestors)murdered because we Real Protestant Christians refuse to bow down to their Pope. ISIS stands for Israeli Intelligence Service of the new (FAKE ISRAEL).

    The fake Israel was created and funded by worlds only family of Trillionaires, the Rothschilds family(descended from the Cryptic Jewish Priest and Kazarian Mafia of Babylon (Kazaria, where Georgia is now next ot Russia). A Orthodox Christian Army destroyed their homeland of Kazaria. The Kazarian people were the Jews God disowned for their perverted sacrifice practices to Baal,(another name for Satan). The Kazarian Mafia Banking Oligarchs hate us real Christians for that, even today.

    Donald Trump recently signed a bill to arrest and convict a lot of them who intentionally had their minions in our American Banks to create those housing bubbles and have them popped in America. In the process of creating and maintaining that recession those idiots got a lot wealthier, they are Billionaires now since they helped two Communist Regimes steal some more American Capital Wealth. Only working class people create capital wealth. Those idiots only steal it from us. And they just get richer and richer doing it.

    1. UrbanDweller

      They steal it from us and THEY'RE the idiots? Also, what's with the "Black" Pope? Since we're any popes ever black?

  2. Don Duncan

    At 76 I have seen dozens of documentaries on the Nazis and their victims. I watch to learn about the Nazi philosophy, especially their politics. Also, I want to know what their victims thought. This documentary, like the majority, tells me what people did, not what they thought. It is not helpful if one wants to understand how people become inhumane and why others allow it without resistance. That's essential to studying war. the state's murder of its own citizens, and oppression. More people die by the hand of their own govt than by foreign invaders. Why? We will never know unless someone does a more in-depth study.

    1. Ilija

      Right on! I could be your son in terms of age, but came to the same conclusion nevertheless. There is something fishy about these "documentaries". They keep repeating over and over againg who the bad guys were, and what kind of bad deeds they were allegedly involved in. While, on the other hand, ordinary German folks depicted in archive footage look quite happy to be around them.

    2. MatterHorn

      With the Powers That Be marching us towards Globalism(communism via socialism) in other words Marxism, it seems they find it necessary to DISTRACT people from the truth about how much worse their favored Marxism has been than even the Nazis. Typical of their modus operandi, lie, lie, lie or the people will never go for it, as Alinsky stated in his book "Rules for Radicals"; the playbook of Obama and Hillary and most of the left. For example Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. Minimum of 100mln slaughtered by the leaders of those lands ...and if one does some minor looking they will discover that Hitler didn't even have access to 6mln Jews. The fake Jews, the Kazarian mafia which were never Semites, are some of the greatest Propagandists.

      I reco watching The Greatest Story Never Told for a better picture of things... of history not written totally by the victors or propagandists. No doubt bad things were done. But if you pay attention to the "Evil Nazi" drum beat, which are cake decorators compared to their Marxist contemporaries, you are taking your eyes off the MUCH WORSE problem of what is coming right at us right now.

      You can even hear it in the so called Socialist Democrats or whatever name they give themselves. They want power over everything, want to tell you how to live, what to eat, what you can say, what you can read and hear, and state that you are evil Nazi's if you don't agree with them so should be "eliminated" from any position of authority; while they really just mean eliminated. They are mean spirited, hateful, angry, and have no logic, just emotion. So caught up in the propaganda lies, when they look in the mirror they fail to see the worst Marxists staring back. They fail to see in themselves the very thing they mistakenly accuse their opponents of, every single time.

      In my many years, I've encountered many people who were messed up and have had things backwards, some would even see it when it was explained to them better. Not so the current crop of emotionalized creatures who desire to believe the reason their slice of pie is just crumbs because their neighbor with the nice house and cars, with a Republican candidates sign in their yard, took their slice.

      They are just too pathetic, too gutless, too clueless to go after the real thieves, stealing everyone's wealth, those who are grabbing the pie with an excavator; the banksters and their corporate and govt minions running their govt, military, industrial, and media complex.

      Their brilliant solution: Make everyone equally poor, dependent, and subservient... Except those in the ruling class of course! So kill what's left of the middle class so the rich become even more so, the exact opposite of what you claim you want, brilliant move you lying Progressive Socialist Communist Nazis.

  3. Martin

    Complete nonsense. Try watching a real documentary on WW2 and the issue. Europa: The Last Battle.

    1. Ilija

      I went through the whole 12.5 hours of it. Stunning!

      There's another one from 2013 (The greatest story never told), which is half the length, but equally relevant and poignant.

    2. Lucas Wheeler

      While definitely look that one up. This Top Documentary out fit are a bunch of pozzed out J-left NPCs. They really are trotting the old Nazi Boogeyman quite a bit lately. Without question one of the best Nazi/Holocaust documentaries is: One Third the Holocaust.

    3. Tadepalli subrahmanyam

      Still the old philosophy and pursuit of human superiority over others in the name of race ,gender ,nationality encompasses the human psyche in myriad ways which may lead to the destruction of entire human race very soon unless pure hindu philosophy is not followed by the present generations as the pace of engineering and medical advancements mo ving with freightening pace sans philosophical wisdom.In India,we already feel the results of amniocentesis and many more.Sadly we lost to the hindu/vedaas wisdom..