180° - The Movie

180° - The Movie

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180° - The MovieChristian Evangelist, Ray Comfort attacks again. The main premise in this film is the portrayal of abortion as modern Holocaust, thus claiming to be a powerful, irrefutable argument against abortion that it will reverse pro-choice opinions within seconds.

The argument goes like this: Hitler murdered Jews. Abortion kills babies. Therefore, abortion is just like the Holocaust.

The interesting thing is that this secret that can change people's opinions 180 degrees on the issue of abortion in seconds actually is a thirty-three minute long film which doesn't really give an argument that can be made in seconds as promised.

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1 year ago

The question isn't is abortion good or bad, the question is are you willing to re-write the Constitution in order to take away a person's 14th amendment right to privacy so that you can tell every woman in America what to do in the first 12 weeks of her pregnancy. If you want to stop abortion, you're going to have to overthrow the Constitution. You're all arguing apples and oranges.

3 years ago

Abortion is a women's choice, period. It is individual and very personal. Probably one of the most difficult decisions any woman will ever have to make.

Fortunately, I have never been in a position where I would have to make that choice so I can't honestly say what I would do but I'm grateful that I would have a safe option to terminate if necessary.

The film was lame, so lame in fact that I had to turn it off at 33:03. Chock full of stupid arguments and idiotic comparisons! Comparing abortion to the holocaust? Seriously!? You're comparing the deaths, oftentimes slow & tortuous, of mostly adult human beings (they were out of the womb, walking & talking etc) to the surgical removal of an unplanned fetus. And let's use our grownup words. Can you say "fetus"? Because that's what it is, a fetus not a baby. Talk about twisting words. You keep referring to anyone who is pro choice as being hateful, having no love in our hearts. How did you deduce that? Do you know any of these people personally? Are they all nasty & hateful? You're sort of depicting them that way. What book was that where I read "judge not lest ye be judged "??? Lemmie think...

I managed to copy and paste just a bit of your comment here. (I'm not good at copy & paste) "Which exposes the hatred in their hearts. Just as they view the death of millions of unborn people as OK, so they perhaps hate and wish to kill, in their hearts, anyone who opposes a woman's right to choose." I didn't copy exactly what I wanted to but good enough to make my point. You are generalizing and lumping in one big heap all who are pro choice as " Just as they view the death of millions of unborn people as OK, so they perhaps hate and wish to kill, in their hearts, anyone who opposes a woman's right to choose. Murderers commit more murder in their hearts." So we are all full of hate & murderous intent & want to kill anti-abortionists? Really? Have any pro choice activists bombed your churches plainly stating they did it because you are pro-life? Funny because I seem to remember plenty of news stories about christian pro-lifers assassinating doctors who perform abortions and bombing women's health clinics. Could I be wrong? Could it be the other way around, as you are claiming? I know many, many women who have had abortions who went on to later have families and were wonderful, very loving mothers. Do you think these women are just deceiving us? Do they just appear loving for show but secretly hide their true, hateful & murderous nature?

Twisted words you say, twisted words... and you call yourself Christian, how sad. God must be crying.

On a personal note, between my last 2 pregnancies which both resulted in happy healthy babies, I had the unfortunate experience of a late miscarriage. I was 7&1\2 months along with a baby boy which for reasons the doctors never understood, died within me but didn't naturally abort. Just to be clear, my baby died but remained inside my uterus. I had to go into hospital to have it removed so as to prevent my developing a uterine infection. I already had a low grade fever which my doctor discovered at my normal monthly prenatal exam which is how we discovered the baby had died. This was one of the most difficult experiences I have ever had to go through. But to make matters even worse, some people thought I had actually had a late term abortion because of my belly size & the fact that I had to be hospitalized for the procedure. Also, medically what I went through is called a missed abortion. All that really means is I was pregnant, the baby died in utero (abortion) but my body did not do it's part & push the dead child out (missed). Every one of the people who misjudged me were hard core Christians. That hurt!

And by the way, at 7 months the term is no longer fetus, it's baby. Just so you know before the comments start.

If men could become pregnant abortion would be a holy sacrament! The man who had the most abortions would be invited to dine with the Pope at the Vatican as are mothers who give birth to the most children today.

3 years ago

Wow what a crock !!! Lies upon lies. Jewish Zionist propaganda.

Martin Scrase
6 years ago

I think the video powerfully makes people think about the logic of their views.

If you view a foetus as a non life, none baby, then you are acting like the Nazis who viewed Jews as sub human. If you view a baby in a womb that is growing from conception as a life to be valued then you will fight against people like the Nazis.

The comments expose what people believe. The first comment said:-

"Sorry, didn't change my mind about abortion. I feel like comparing abortion to the Holocaust is immoral in and of itself."

It is immoral if you view the death of 50,000,000 foetus's as subhumans. But it is not immoral if you view 50,000,000 babies as human lives.

Many of the comments against this video just resort to verbal abuse. Which exposes the hatred in their hearts. Just as they view the death of millions of unborn people as OK, so they perhaps hate and wish to kill, in their hearts, anyone who opposes a woman's right to choose. Murderers commit more murder in their hearts.

God will judge those who twist reality. He shows grace to those who realize their lack of love. What is the most loving thing to do? To kill life or to save it? God gives life and offers us life if we turn to him for life. Just look how Jesus the Jew was so persecuted by the Jews. They killed him on a cross. But the God of love was dying for their sins and so loved them that he rose again and now offers you and me forgiveness, and a new mind and spirit.

Who hates more? Baby killers or baby savers! Yet God loves to save anyone who sees his love. Please think about your responses. Are they based on love? Please look at God's love for all of us.

7 years ago

180 is so factual and I love the realistic comparison between the Holocaust and Abortion. Abortion is becoming the worlds Holocaust, and no one seems to care. Three weeks into pregnancy, and that child is most definitely alive. You can identify body parts, and six weeks into the pregnancy, to kill it would be murder to any decent person. Abortion, to me, is literally assassination made legal. Murder made normal. The child might have a disease, and if the child dies after birth, the parent can live knowing that it was not under their own hand. The child might grow to eventually commit suicide, and again, the parent can live knowing that they were not the one who killed their child. No man has any right to steal away the life of another, nor the opportunity.
"It's the woman's body," says the feminist, "Who are we to tell her what she can or can't do?" A huge majority of children killed through Abortion would have been female. Besides, who is she to decide whether someone can or can't live? It's the child's body. Don't mistake the mother for the child, nor the visitor for the home. The host does not deem control over his visitors, neither should a mother over her child. She should not be allowed to decide between life and death.
This documentary was very realistic and insightful. People who criticise this clearly have a thing against either life or religion. It is not my place to criticise the critics, but this documentary truly was worth the time.

Stevie Mark
7 years ago

180 DEGREES IS PURE GENIUS!!! My comment is this: To be conceived is a gift, and if there is gratitude to allow others to be conceived, the gift of death will be met with eternal life. Only in death does a soul understand its eternal outcome. Many do not believe in eternal existence, but once the last breath is taken, each person will. GOD bless us everyone

8 years ago

@Tg - in total agreement, and if i may piggyback - the comparison of abortion to the holocaust (which I always heard it referred to as the Shoah) is a false analogy. Also, pro-birthers only look at the act itself without knowing everything involved in pregnancy (biologically and socio-economically).

1) A pregnant female must visit the doc once a month until her third trimester, and then it's once a week (USA has no maternity/parental protection for employment - so basically asking for that much time off can literally put a woman in a tight spot regarding employment). These absences are exclusive of sickness that can occur during pregnancy, or if you already have a child who is sick and need time off for that child)

2) Once as mother - no employer takes you seriously - you are on the "mommy track" and are consigned to menial tasks. Further, should you happen to lose your job because of maternity leave - good luck finding a new one - no employer wants to hire new mothers because of how often they have to be out with their infant for "wellness visits" or the fact that daycare's are petrie dishes. Both you and your kid will be sick, and often.

3) Daycare costs as much as private schooling - I pay 640.00 a month for my two year old - plus snacks and supplies and diapers, and so on...

4) I don't know how familiar you guys are with embryonic development, but there is this thing called a blastocyst. it divides - one part baby, one part placenta (not baby). so stop it with the "life begins at conception" clap trap. we are also speaking about something that doesn't crap until it's well into it's second trimester or has a fully formed central nervous system - so when my rights as a taxpaying citizen are dismissed for a "potential life" - many pregnancies miscarry within the first three months - yeah, i get a bit miffed.

for those talking about long term relationships - yep, that would be crappy to do to someone, but it is still her life and we don't have to live with her choice. so we have to trust that she knows what is best for her. i live in alabama where a personhood bill has just passed allowing a fetus the right to an attorney. alabama is also a state where a rapist can sue for visitation. not to mention a woman cannot voluntarily legate her tubes - even if she knows she doesn't want kids.

i just worked a case where a 3 year old and a 6 year old were barely surviving in 105 degree heat, in an apartment with no power - little food - and living in their own filth - open sores all over their bottoms - and malnourished to a horrific extent. snuffing out a "life" at 8-12 weeks is way more humane than relegating a small child to those kinds of horrors. people should consider themselves very lucky to live a life where nothing is worse than death.
women do not spontaneously reproduce - vasectomies are only 500-600.00. a child costs over 250,000.00 to raise to the age of 18.

9 years ago

No uterus = no opinion. Get out of my womb dude.

10 years ago

what an absolutely twisted bias crock of bullshat.. thou shalt not kill.. unless of course god tells you too.. If you believe in the invisible man then the atrocities commit by god.. ordered by and done in his name make the nazi's look like school children.. and even in the magic fairy tale book god recognizes the official beginning of life as birth..genesis 2:7. a womans body is her own.. her choice but if you have read the magic book it's clear that women to god are basically property all of these christian apolgetics are the same take what ever scripture suits there agenda and ignore the rest.. if you can ignore part of it then its fair to ignore it all god is a fairy tale and religion invented to control bronze age barbarians continually perpetuated by indoctrination to further control the masses intelligent design has nothing to say that is intelligent morals are based on the mores of society.. if yours are based on fairy tales if your morals are based on some promise of a glorious after life then you are nor moral there was nothing before this life and nothing after.. it's a one shot deal.. do the most good you can while you are here.. i dont find many adults believe in the easter bunny..santa clause the tooth fairy or unicorns.. get over this mystical bullshat .. embrace knowledge based on empirical facts evidence and reason and perhaps we could truly make this world a decent place to live in !!

10 years ago

Abortion is not Murder! A fetus and a Human are two very different things. Humans have souls, fetus' do not. Our souls are bestowed upon us at birth. The Hour the day the month the year that we are born. That's what astrology shows us. The fact is we are all made up of energy. The energy we receive from the stars and planets the moment we are born is the soul we will carry with our bodies until we expire and return to being just energy.

Gaia O'Dea
10 years ago

According to the Xian who did this video all Jews are going to hell anyway because they do not take Jesus as their personal saviour but know this is bull****. So no matter how good they are, no matter they have never broken any of the ten commandments this God of YOURS will torture each and every Jew for all eternity so horribly for not obeying such a disgusting tyrant god ...so..obviously better they aborted before birth and all others who since god knows if they will ever sin and not repent they go to hell forever too! So all i can say is VIVA ABORTION for it saves most everyone in the world from an eternity of fire and brimestones. **** your god i want nothing to do with this god of your and those like you's fake god.

10 years ago

Of course a bunch of 14 year old american girls aren't going to know who Hitler is. They're too busy being brainwashed by MTV and Disney Channel to have room for worrying about some guy from so long ago they can't even comprehend who killed some people. They see like 3 realistic looking murders a day or more on TV. Whatever. And then he finds the kid that has been smoking weed since he was 8 and who was probably skipping class when everyone was learning about Hitler.

I got 2 minutes and 15 seconds in. Good luck.

10 years ago

It's funny how he does not ask the lady who had an abortion if she had changed her mind about it, only the opinnions of the people who have no experience with the subject seem to matter in this video.

10 years ago

It's actually not even a fetus until about 6 or 7 weeks, if you want to go by the heartbeat rule. But even then, it's a fetus that's just beginning to develop, when you first hear the heartbeat. Stem cell research wouldn't exist if it weren't for the fact that it's not a fully developed baby in the womb for the first two or three months. I personally think the abortion law should change to the that theory: If you can detect a heartbeat, you are no longer allowed to abort that baby, and it's usually an average of about 6 weeks, give or take. I'm pro choice, I just think that abortion should be the last choice to give yourself. If you can't even take care of yourself, then you should get an abortion. Another thing that anti-abortionists don't tend to think about is that although abortion is legal up to the end of the first trimester, 99% of abortions are done WAY before that, so the vast majority of abortions is nothing like murdering a baby. Everybody needs to educate themselves on this topic, Pro choice or Pro life, makes no difference, get educated, know how abortions work, the laws surrounding them, stem cell research, things like that. Be an autodidact on this issue.

Michael Ptacek
10 years ago

Do we really want to go back to what we had before 1973? When young women used coat hangers to maim themselves or paid a king's ransom to a back alley "doctor" with a dirty knife and as a result of no legal, safe, or cheap alternative many of these young women died either from bleeding to death or from infection. Today there are safe, affordable, sterile abortion clinics widely available. Do we really want to go back to young women bleeding to death? My parents back in the 60's "had to get married" because of me. They had an unhappy marriage, abused me, and I wanted to kill myself all of the time, and have suffered from lifelong clinical depression. I would rather have been aborted. Just as many abortions occurred before abortion was legal, but it was just underground, and many young women died. Furthermore, comparing legalized, voluntary abortion to the holocaust is a terrible insult to the Jewish people. No one is forced to have an abortion in this country. If abortion is against your religion then carry your child to term and then give it up for adoption, but don't try to tell me that I should vote republican in the name of god just so we can make it illegal and drive it underground again which will be to the detriment of public health. You have no right to mix religion with politics. You can't legislate morality. There are many different faiths in this country. Telling me that I am going to hell for whatever is against YOUR religion is not being a good christian. People like this id**t make me ashamed to be a born again christian.

10 years ago

This docu is a joke. They selected slow people in the beginning and asked them if they knew who Hitler was, knowing they would give a negative response to the question. The concept of Hell is also greatly overstated because the punishment (hellfire and pain for ETERNITY) would never fit the crime (lying, lusting, etc.). The analogy of the Holocaust and abortion is terrible and full of so many holes.

If you take away choice from women, you'll be taking away their personal freedom. Choice is something that is very important to people, especially the older generations. We choose who we love, we choose what we eat, we choose to drink or not to drink (substance abuse being a negative and extreme case, I'm just talking about social drinking). This is yet another scare tactic documentary with an emotional soundtrack and dead people slideshow.

10 years ago

This doc is a bible basher fear mongering plebs into submission to religion. I can't believe people are so stupid. The problem is not that abortion is legal but that people are so stupid they don't even know who hitler was. Stupid is a very serious disease and is spreading very fast, but there is an extremely effective cure; EDUCATION.

Abortion should be legal as it is a progressive step full stop, but it is education that makes the difference between a woman having an abortion because she's not in the mood to have a child or because she has learned there will be gross deformities or medical complications down the line.

Without education there is no critical thinking and without that people just run around being influenced by the last opinion they hear, which is what happened in this documentary. Education is a defence against ignorance and that includes manipulative religious biggots

10 years ago

thank you for taking a stand for those who cannot speak for themselves

10 years ago

Just wondering: would you like a public, moderated debate? That way we can get past the name-calling etc. and keep the real issue in focus: do pre-born children have the right of protection from those who wish to kill them?

10 years ago

You ask me to provide "factual arguments" for deciding what another person does with her body. I'm not interested in providing such evidence. I am very interested in providing evidence for deciding what we do with the bodies of pre-born humans.

10 years ago

And you have just made the point of the movie comparing the holocaust to abortion. Hitler had to de-humanize the Jews in order to justify killing them. He called them sub-human beings.

Abortion does the same: it has to de-humanize the baby by calling it a parasite, a fetus, or a collection of cells. The very act of doing that labels the baby as sub-human in order to justifiably dispose of the baby.

The genocide in Rwanda happened under the mantra: crush all the cockroaches. Hitler portrayed the Jews as an evil plague in their country. Abortionists call the baby a parasite. Once you dehumanize someone, you can justify their killing.

10 years ago

I dare, even if you dont like it. What it is, IS. Your screaming, calling names , changing names (baby for fetus), won't change the fact you are taking the life out of that human being. I don't appeal to emotion, just call it in all those cases like it is. Incidentally, you were once that small (so, you are NOT a human being now?) and it is my business to defend the helpless.

10 years ago

Rape is very difficult to bear. So is killing. If you don't think so, go tell that to the mothers of all the innocent children killed recently in the school shooting.
That little human baby is NOT her body. And yes, that will impact her the rest of her life, that is why comiting murder should NOT add to her pain.

10 years ago

Sorry YOU don't understand what a human being is. So you are raped, something violent is done to you, and you turn around and don't rape, but take the life out of that inocent baby? A decent human being is more than to look at the tip ofyour nose, look beyond your pain - to stop the act of violence done to you. Your name calling proves you don't have valid arguments. Get it?

10 years ago

Abortion = taking of inocent life
Holocaust= taking of inocent life
Get it?

And for all who claim to save the "mother', have you heard about ADOPTION?

10 years ago

He's inciting trouble by asking people to visit "Abortion Clinics." Nowhere was mentioned the wire hangers that women used to abort their pregnancies prior to 1973. If he's so concerned with life, is he campaigning against war? How about the way the Palestinians are treated by Israel? How many children has he adopted or of those in his congregation? How much money has he given to the poor so by chance someone will be able to afford the child, as was part of the conversation here? How about free contraception to high school students to avoid pregnancy? More openness about sex. How about talking about a culture that markets sex to its youth to sell everything from music to underwear? How about the gun culture we have here in the USA? Twenty 6 and 7 year olds killed with a semi-automatic weapon. Why do I never hear outrage about these other issues from the Right-to-Life crowd?

10 years ago

You simply can not compare Abortion to the Holocaust.

He is comparing the hatred & evil of one man, to women's rights.

Perhaps he should go visit some abused & neglected children that were unfortunate enough to be born to mothers who did not want them.

I have one question for Ray.

Do you believe Hitlers mother should of had an Abortion?

10 years ago

-Abortion. Its a woman's choice full stop. ...I really doubt that most women would want a child from their rapist! All you would think about is where that kid came from and through no fault of your own feel resentment, and wish the kid never existed. POOR KID if that's its future life...*crying , mummy hates me.
god! this guy is a r*tard, he's taking the holocaust & guilting people into feeling bad about abortion *sighhhh, WTF. neither topics have aNything to do with each other at all.
kudos on your MANIPULATION skills. Well done d**che bag.

10 years ago

Well if this guy thinks everyone is a liar, he has no reason to logically believe in god considering his only proof is a bunch of liars told him god wrote a book. I would love some fool like this to try and come use his dumb logic at me. I didn't hate him too much until that god bul****t at the end.

10 years ago

I spent thirty minutes trying to get to the point of this documentary. The Holocaust was a practicing geneocide. Abortion is about the free of women to dicate their lives and bodies. These are two different things. If this documentary was a SAT essay, it would recieve a low grade because it does not connect direct how the Holocaust and abortion on similar.

10 years ago

I am confused. Is this about abortion or the holocaust? It seems silly to me that you compare abortion to the holocaust. It is comparing apples to oranges.

11 years ago

oh god, an aussie id**t interviewing the most uneducated kids ever. hitler killing jews for reasons of personal hate at a time when being primitive was the way of the world and comparing it to abortion, what a r*tarded spin on things. unborn children are unaware of life period. that's where i personally draw the line. nobody ever wonders about the conditions that child is being born into and asking a bunch of spoiled dopeheads by the beachfront is not good enough to make point with these stupid holocaust comparisons...

Daniel Ray
11 years ago

The interviewer seemed perfectly fine with aborting baby Hitler, right? Would that be considered a justifiable abortion? Wowzers! such moral dilemmas!!

Daniel Ray
11 years ago

The Nazis are knocking on my door, and I am hiding Jews in my attic. If I lie, will I still go to hell??

11 years ago

Hitler killed by the intention of hate for specific type of race and this is racism, he killed people who are already on this earth and alive not just whom their heart is beating. Hitler killed with his full intention, but when moms get abortion it is like they are asking for a chance to live! The raped mom for example has 9 months to figure out how to find a job to support this child, where to live with this child giving the consideration that one: she is pregnant and her body is not as strong while pregnancy and two her family and friends might not support her because of the "shameful" thing she has committed which is to sleep with a man and have sex without birth control. Keeping the baby in the mom's womb is like killing the mother! killing all of her opportunities, rights, and privileges especially if this mother was a 16 years old teenager! Abortion is harsh, but it is a decision to make to save a young girl's life. because being a mother WILL change your life forever!!!!
one more thought, after learning about science and molecular biology I have learned that through common sense and logic there is no supernatural power than could exist in this world. People thounsands of years ago had so many questions and gaps about the universe and the idea of God pretty much answered all of their questions (just like asking where does human come to exist, it's very overwhelming question if you ask for someone thousands of years ago) but now with modern science we have these questions mostly answered and understood. we understand the world around us now! so the idea of God and supernatural power does not have a place here in 2012! .. besides morality has nothing to do with religion since religion teaches nothing but massive murders (just like Hitler, if you don't believe me look through history of Islam and Christianity) rape and disrespect of human rights and especially women rights (see how women are conveyed in the bible and Quran! it's a shame!) so it was kind of funny for the editor to add a little about the fantasies of hell fire and heaven on there as well! :)

Zoidberg 1201
11 years ago

Why is it that when someone in America has a foreign accent they're subbed, when Americans sound like they have a gobstoper in their mouth when they speak?

11 years ago

Ray Comfort interviewed a handful of ignorant young people who didn't even know who Adolf Hitler was. If he had convinced legitimate medical professionals, such as physicians and midwives (people who understand fetal development and see first hand the effects of abortion), that abortion can be appropriately compared to the extermination of the Jews during the holocaust ... then his video may have had a valid point.

11 years ago

If/then statements do not work like that. Whichever side of the debate you fall on, using specious reasoning and false equivalencies does not help your cause.

11 years ago

I have no doubt that Ray believes he is right, and righteous in his efforts to spread his righteousness - but that by no means makes him so.

I call what I just saw a deceitful interrogation with malicious intent to leverage coercion towards your [ray comfort] opinions, upon malleable minds...and I bet you [ray comfort] loved every minute of it. As did Hitler, as does the church.

11 years ago

Any excuse to bring the holocaust back into the picture, there have been many holocausts, why are they insisting on shoving the Jewish one down our throats every opportunity. So sick and tired of hearing about this ****

11 years ago

I had to stop it after the embarrassing question: "Finish the sentence, It's ok to KILL a baby in the womb when..."

That was all I needed to see.

The man is a limbo genius. Limber. He stoops loooooow! You can see the moment in everyone's eyes when they realise they've been tricked. Snaffled like bush turkeys. There was gold tho...When he got them all emotional with Hitler talk then... WHAM! "What about abortion, ass hole?" Ha! Gold.

I tell you what though... It was informative. Learned a lot about me. I think if that insane Neo-Nazi dk-bag headbutted him, it would have been the first time I gave a Neo-Nazi dk-bag a standing, bloody, ovation! That's a heavy burden for me...alright?

Here's a question for the viewer: If you had one bullet in a rifle and Hitler's fetus-packed mum is standing next to Ray Comfort... Who would you shoot?


11 years ago

Why didn't any one in this documentary question "Ray Comfort" about his motives when asking one sided questions? Clearly his questions were meant to corner the people who were being questioned. The editing implies a very weak argument on his behalf.

11 years ago

That was very compelling!

11 years ago

This is selective video. He selected people which were fit for his documentary. He can twist the thema to his use. Very unbalanced! I wonder if he would kill Hitler's mom.

But the guy has his point.

11 years ago

The only problem is ... there were not even 6 million Jews in Europe
before WW2 ...

But moreover , Hitler ( a jewish name ) was the grandson of a Rothshild
with a jewish mam , Eichmann ( the " architect " of the shoa ) was 108%
jewish , so was Rosenberg ( the Guru of Nazi racial purity " ) !?!

There were 9 generals , 74 top officers ( like SS Fuhrer Reinhart Heydrich ) , 1200 officers , and 150 000 soldiers that were half jewish , within Nazi
ranks ...

And all that financed by Jewish zionists !!!

P.S. BTW ... the " zi " in " Nazi " , stood for " zionist " ( but nobody
knew that at the time ... )

11 years ago

How can you be "pro-life" and be in favor of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Drone attacks, and the death penalty. Be consistent and keep your hands off a woman's body. Fetuses are not persons, they are potential persons. We are only persons when we can exist outside the womb. To compare Hitler, who killed people to an abortion which destroys a potential person is a false equivalence. Estimates are as high as 30% of fertilized eggs spontaneously abort. That makes God the greatest abortionist there is!

andy seymour
11 years ago

What a scum bag...Even making the comparison of the Holocaust and Abortion. Shows how stupid this man is.

Felicity Spencer-Smith
11 years ago

The holocaust and abortion, you cannot compare the two. If you think from the perspective of the woman. You cannot simply the situation with "Its okay to kill a baby in the womb, when..."
There are a million situations - what if you were diagonised with cancer and you had to choose between having a baby and dying, or saving your own life and having children later on.

The interviewer's questions were badly phrased and too leading. This documentary made me so frustrated, I just wish he had interviewed me and I would have been able to let him see things from a different and open-minded perspective.

11 years ago

lol. It is ok to kill a baby in the womb when you are a jewish soldier in the old testament and where ordered by jehova to dash the little ones against the stone, and to cut out the babies of the mothers so that they can watch them die. (bible reference?? if you want to know go find it, for if i tell you you will only google the appoligetic argument.)

11 years ago

Ok ill play Achems' advocate. When do you suppose consciousness comes into play? I.E. when is it fair to say that this fetus has a conscious drive to want to be born? Not the instinctive drive of genetics
, just because thats what it does in these circumstances. But when is it self aware of its own being? Does it ever? Dors anybody have any hard data?

(Im not talking a soul. No religion please. Im talking only from a realistic standpoint. Please.)

Which leads me to another question depending on the answer, of course.