Nazi Concentration Camps

Nazi Concentration Camps

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Nazi Concentration CampsOn conditions found in Nazi concentration camps in Germany and Belgium by advancing Allied Armies during World War II.

Consists primarily of dead and surviving prisoners and of facilities used to kill and torture. Map of Europe shows locations of various camps. At Leipsig Concentration Camp, piles of dead bodies, and many living Russian, Czechoslovakian, Polish and French prisoners.

U.S. Red Cross workers move them to German Air Force hospital where their former captors are forced to care for them.

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Harry Berwick
3 years ago

quite amazing!!!!

3 years ago

Anyone who can sit there and say that this never happened will also tell you that man has never walked on the moon. What was that Joe Biden said about Trump. He believes in TRUTH, NOT FACTS. God help America when Trump gets done with his second term.

3 years ago

All lies and exaggerations. The Holocaust was a FAKE. There were NO extermination camps. Only work camps. Most inmates died from Typhus. Do not allow history to be written by the Jews and their Russian counterparts. Do your own research on Auschwitz as a start.

Frank Keys
4 years ago

Yeh of course it's all clear we have been fooled .A mountain of evidence to support this propaganda to a molehill against.Millions of pictures thousands of camps evidence from NAZI SUPPORTERS AND GUARDS .How could we not believe the facts .I would suggest you watch a very good film called denial it was sure the last nail in the coffin for anyone who tries to deny facts

4 years ago

Nice piece of allies propaganda. Those were refugee camps and people who had viral diseases that could create a pandemic. These camps could not be mantained at the end of the war and so the conditions were bad.

frank kodadek
6 years ago

It belongs to one of the ironies of history that Germany, whose death
machine some Jews had just escaped, became a center for Jewish life in post-war
Europe. The number of Jewish Displaced Persons or DPs (concentration camp
survivors and Jews who had fled to the Soviet Union during the war) in only the
American Zone of Germany increased from 39,902 in January 1946 to 145,735 in
December of the same year.2
Some areas that Hitler did not have to make
judenrein, because Jews never had lived there, now were populated by several
hundreds or thousands of Jews. The numbers of the Jewish population in unlikely
Bavarian places such as Feldafing, Föhrenwald, Pocking, and Landsberg
approached those of the pre-war Bavarian centers of Jewish life, such as Munich
and Nuremberg. Bavaria was one of the very few places in Europe where the
Jewish population one year after the Holocaust was higher than at any time
before. To be sure, this phenomenon was a temporary one but, during their stay in
Germany, the Jewish DPs developed a wide-ranging network of religious, social,
and cultural institutions. Of the approximately 250,000 Jewish DPs who went
through Germany in the postwar years, approximately ten percent remained there.
The Eastern European DPs were the largest and most prominent group of
Jews living in Germany immediately after the war. They were not alone, however;
at the same time, there existed a small group of German Jews who had survived
the Nazi terror within Germany itself. Approximately 15,000 German Jews were
liberated in 1945, some of whom had been in hiding, others in concentration
camps. Most of them had had only very loose contacts with the Jewish
communities before 1933, and a high percentage of them had survived only
because they had been protected to a certain degree by a non-Jewish spouse or
parent. More than two-thirds of the members of the Berlin Jewish community of
1946 were intermarried or children of mixed marriages. In some smaller
communities all of the members were either married to non-Jews or were Jews
only according to Nazi definition

6 years ago

Oh yes, fractional reserve banking must be eliminated. The ability to create money out of thin air. That would require regulation such that If the gold or silver isn't on deposit then you cannot loan it. This would be required to stop the theft of your wealth by the banksters. Unless various private or group funding sources could beat the efficiency of the bankers ability to just create money out of nothing via debt entry on a ledger and their employee and building expense overhead.

Most wars are about money in one way or another. The oppressed having a lack of it. The power hungry wanting more power via more of it. Why did Hitler come to power? The Germans were treated like second class/low class people after WW1. Why did Churchill want war with Hitler? Because the British Export business was getting beat by the Germans after Hitler got his people moving in the right direction again. Eventually the Germans got around to bombing the Brits and rightfully so for attacking them instead of figuring out a way to compete better or find different markets.

Why did Hitler need an army? He was surrounded by armies, the huge red army of Stalin, the French, Italians, and when you start eating people's lunch economically they aren't going to be happy about it. Further he wanted to end the Treaty of Versailles and you have no way to do so without a threat to back your demand.

Was Hitler a saint? Hardly. Was he as bad as claimed, unlikely. Certainly had some legitimate reasons for some but not all of the things he did. Same can be said of usa presidents. Doubt there was any justification to what Stalin or Mao or Pol Pot or several African wacko war lords did.

It would seem wise to prevent psychopaths and greedy self serving from power. That is on your shoulders regarding your country. You can listen to fake news. You can sit and do nothing. You can do your own homework and see to it decent wise people are running for all office from all parties in numbers. Or you can say, "Oh that is so horrible" after you allowed it to happen.

6 years ago

Well it appears that the Yanks aren't enslaving, just causing and leaving a mess and plenty of dead where ever they go to "liberate the people" from their oil.

It seems the Brits like oil, bankster war loans, and war supplier revenue as well; as do the French much of the time.

When oh when will the people wake up and throw the bums out of office, drain the cesspool, and eliminate the need for both oil and the banksters. Not so much via regulation but a true solution eliminating the need for them altogether... A Nikola Tesla or similar type energy technology has been doable since his day. Silver coins and Silver Certificates (silver backed paper money) was once the money in the usa. It easily could be again, eliminating the inflation and deflation of your money, eliminating the stealing of what you worked for by the bankster elite. All you need to do is vote the bankster minions out of congress.

6 years ago

People suck up limited information and/or propaganda like it is the whole story.

What is going to look like to the Allied forces when they see such a horrible thing? And what was the result of JUMPING to conclusions? The same distortions of history we still have today. When the Allieds bomb out the supply rails and roads to these camps, FOOD and Medicine doesn't arrive. What little does make it in a jeep or such the camp staff eat. Typhus was rampant. Many deaths resulted in stacks of emaciated bodies overwhelming the walking starved prisoners ability to deal with them. If you were a guard, would you want to risk catching what killed them?

The supposed locations in roofs where Germans supposed gassed their Jewish victims were merely roof vents. The supposed killing agent was actually used to kill lice. Thrown on them at ground level. The Jews in camps where the supply lines were intact stated they were well treated, put on performance and plays for themselves and such.

Recall that Eisenhower admittedly hated the Germans. At the end of the war rounded up hordes of them into a large camp area and instructed the guards not to feed or water them, even with a creek a short distance away. Who was worse?

In the beginning what was Hitler's beef with the Jews? Their banksters Rothchild was sucking the life out of Germany if not the world. Not all but some other Jewish businessmen were aiding the decay of the goyim(non jewish so they don't matter) profiting off of the sex and other decadent trade in Germany which was struggling to survive after the harsh penalties and reparations put upon it via WW1 Treaty of Versailles.

So the information is out there if you care to look, also Youtubes of a young Jewish investigator who tours and explains the nazi camps, and others. Where did the number 6 million come from when Hitler didn't have access to that many? Simply halving of the original number published by the Jews, which a prominent american Jew criticized saying that will be uncovered as false and should not be used. What is the true number? And was it more than some of the other nationalities? Do your own homework.

Who are the greatest terrorists ever known? Was it Alexander the Great? Mao? Stalin? The Ottomans? The Brits who went worldwide killing and subduing and enslaving? Talk about an arrogant bunch who decided they were entitled "for king and country". Now the USA is has followed in their footsteps.

I'd have to agree with General Patton who in WW2 stated we fighting the wrong enemy and should be fighting the Soviets. That is where the true holocaust happened.

Propaganda and limited information has always been part of "the news" resulting in you coming to the logical conclusions they desire as a result. The CIA, likely near its beginning has had its people at the news agencies. Do a youtube search. You will find a CIA director admitting this in front of the congressman Church committee. The CIA original organization began as an information gathering arm of the bankster elite until they managed to get the usa taxpayer to pay for it as it morphed into the CIA.

Did you know there are ex Israeli Defense Forces soldiers who have teamed with ex mulim terrorists or freedom fighters in trying to promote peace and prevent further bloodshed? Both finally realized that is some mother's grown child they are killing and it is wrong. They have of course run into the real problem, the leaders of their peoples who profit greatly from conflict. Much the same as banksters and other military contractors/suppliers profit greatly from war.

It should tell you plenty that the Israeli govt controls their media. In the usa the banksters who own the major media control it through their minions in the CIA and Editors. In 2008 or so there were a few instant firings of financial reporters who spoke the truth about what had actually occurred that they chose not to ignore. And why do you still watch? There are several good independent news websites. Just choose wisely since there are some bad, propaganda websites as well.

john smith
6 years ago

Awful, and in addition 3 MILLION German women and girls were raped by the Russians and Allies after the war.

Mowgli Gallogly
6 years ago

Doesnt matter if one person was murdered or millions, it still stems the same way

Rocky McKoy
6 years ago

As difficult as these recordings of History are to watch it's imperative that they are available for public viewing because history forgot can be repeated.

7 years ago

Please brothers, let us not think about the history, let all we live happily.

Joe History
8 years ago

So i am assuming this is the us produced film "DeathMills," not the Hitchcock Bernstein film.

8 years ago

My grandfather and grandmother and aunts and uncle died in Auschwitz . My father is 91 and survived. We must never forget the Holocaust.

8 years ago

At 8 years of age I saw the last excerpt at the local cinema of the bulldozer pushing the bodies into the pit. There can be NO denying the holocaust. The saddest part is that 70 years later the descendants of those victims are now perpetrating the same atrocities on other helpless human beings . . . . .so the wheel turns. Inhumanity breeds ever more inhumanity, violence more violence. Since the time of Cain and Abel the only advance of the human race appears to be the scale on which such things are done.

9 years ago

Hitler was more complex than a narcissist. He was a psychopath, but not the only psychopath among Nazi leaders, and certainly not the only psychopath among world leaders through history and today. These are people without conscience or compassion. In government and in industry, presidents, prime ministers and dictators, their goal is absolute power over others: Pinochet, Tito, Stalin, Hitler, Franco to name only a few from the past century. Consider Hussein and Netanyahu today, but do not exclude the CEO's of corporations and industry, for these are the tyrants of today.

9 years ago

Nobody wants to believe that human beings can be so cruel towards another human being. The one thing you should remember is Adolf Hitler was a narcissist. Narcissists have no empathy towards others. They are cold and cruel. It is also important to remember that Adolf Hitler not only killed Jews but he also killed gays, gypsy's and anyone who had physical, mental and intellectual disabilities. Human rights abuses are committed around the world since the beginning of time and if we fail to recognize these atrocities and remember the brutality towards other human beings in and throughout history we are doomed to keep repeating it!

Matthew Munchenbach
9 years ago

Just my two cents worth. However evil Hitler and the Nazi state appears. What of the atrocities that Hitler's neighbor to the East did? Stalin was resposible (at best estimate) for the slaughter of upwards of 35 million from his own paranoid doctrine!

9 years ago

well I think that what I've seen is that no human should endure my father is 84 and just recently he has told me stories about the camps and they are all true my father has no reason to lie I had to pull the stories out of him maann!!! I wish I hadn't I am pushed beyond words what a waste of life my father will never forget and lives with it every day. wow!!!!!! poor souls are troops witness things and could not understand that a human being could do that to another human mind blowing if there are still defectors out there may they burn in hell that's pure evil

Jason Adams
9 years ago

Nothing has been debunked. My grandfather was one of the Americans sent in to clean up that mess..

JB Dean
10 years ago

Many of the things (the human skin lamps, shrunken heads, etc.) presented in this film have been de-bunked for decades. Also there were no camps in Germany that had "gas chambers." "Gas chambers" may have existed in some of the camps in Poland
(Aushwitz, etc.), but even in Poland the evidence used to establish the existence of "gas chambers" is problematic and far from definitive.

11 years ago

The first comment is the right one!!!......maybe,!!!!!

11 years ago

But all joking aside, I mean it's a given that nobody ever no matter what should ever get hurt or worse killed due to their race or religion, And what happened back then was one of the worst things to ever happen to the human race.Nobody and i mean nobody deserves to have happen what happened to the jews,Rather it's the jews or communists or whoever that was some evil stuff! I believe there's noone that can find any positive's in such a horrific attrocity!!!Hopefully mankind has learned it's lesson and something like the holocaust never happens again to anyone!!! maybe this documentary will keep the world's eyes open so that these attrocities won't be repeated!

11 years ago

I know your not serious , riiiiight? !

11 years ago

What did they do to deserve this ...Well the reasons are there in history clearly stated!!!....They are parasites on any culture they go into. That's why they have to constantly be moving and hoarding their finances. And this damn countries bleeding heart liberals let them lobby and register all the bills in the world to stop REAL AMERICANS from kicking them the hell out of this country, Thank the p*ssy a** liberals, democrats and to be blunt money chasing republicans who only care about not having their corporations over taxed or even taxed at all now REAL AMERICANS have to be bled dry through the economy and the banking systems so alot of jews and some fake whites can get a little richer..THANKS "BROTHERS"???? The ACLU should be there so REAL AMERICANS don't have to be in a police state not so immigrants and jews can do as they please and feed on the governments agreements with the banks and on the welfare system.I mean how easy is this government gonna make it to get welfare and food stamps and make our country reliant on it...Now they give them honest to god credit cards as welfare.(are you f***!ng kidding me???,And as well provide free medical care while and i cant stress this term enough REAL AMERICANS are bled dry at pharmacy and hospitals which just drop us to the lower classes with the immigrants and help destroy this miidle class we've worked so hard to accomplish, and at the same time the jews feed on the lobbyists bills and registrations for insurance companies pharmaceutical companies and all corps likewise and raise themselves up and the greedy a** elected officials skim their pockets and don't think twice about it.MY people didn't come to this country so many centuries ago and rape and pillage and kill and all other destructive forms of manifest destiny and then have to be told it was bad for so long so that upstarts and carpetbaggers and immigrants could come here abd enjoy our worked lands , And enjoy our civilization. Go back to ya'll's countries !!...Oh yeah you don't want to cause you see the garbage you came from and now want to infest and dirty our land like u did yours.Well consider yourselves worthless, a parasite and a vermin on america...Basically you "people" should only consider yourselves mighty as one would consider in saying the mighty cochroach!!!

12 years ago

what did the Jew do to deserve this much suffering...

12 years ago

I'm disgusted. What a cruel world.

12 years ago

Whats so funny about that. You sick f***.. Put yourself in there shoes dumba**. How would you feel if your kids and family were beaten with clubs starved and tortured to death. Its really not that funny then...

12 years ago

From some of the disgusting comments here it seems a sad fact that there are always sociopaths amongst us and, just as a weakened body succumbs to disease it could normally ward off, whenever civilization is undermined by economic foolishness and subsequent war, the sociopaths crawl out of the (rotten) woodwork.

(And about China and Tibet; don't think Iraq and Afghanistan aren't travesties, too. Watch The War We Don't See available on this site)

12 years ago

how can you put million jews in a car? in an ash trey simonW that is a good joke about gas bill

12 years ago

Undoubtedly, this doc shows the worst footage i have seen of the Holocaust & it should not be diminished in any way.

As for "current world events," we should also look at Tibet. The world seems to ignore the plight of those who do not represent monetary gain. We "support" China. We give them our endorsement & our blessings. We no longer try to bring about change in their human rights policies. Why bother? We are making money from them. We supported the Olympics. We showed them our true colors by this action, alone. We ignore the conditions that the Chinese people live under & have lived under for scores of years. And we ignore what the government has done in Tibet.

Watch "Cry of the Snow Lion" & other docs on this site.

the USA stands for nothing, anymore.
the world powers only want one thing … control!

12 years ago

When only one person, overtakes another, because they feel superior/stronger/smarter than others, it is unacceptable.

For all of the wars and conflicts that have occurred, are occurring, or will occur, because of the arrogance of one side against a weaker side, ALL are atrocities.

For those who sit by and ALLOW it to happen, you are as culpable.

As humanity goes … shame on us all.

Lenyon Pitterson
12 years ago


12 years ago

after this holocaust the britich and americans felt soo bad for the jews and said: you suffered a lot you do not deserve this so we will give you Palestine.Jews came in and did exactly the same to poor,defenseless arabes. entire villages were wiped out, children killed,massacred,elderly exterminated ... this is as bad as what happened in the 1940 the only difference is in palestine it has been since 1948 to 2011 and more to come .
yes this documentary is sad but my view would have been different if the jews are not doing the same to palestenians .

12 years ago

Why not show a documentary about freezing Soviet gulag concentration camps or psychiatric prisons ? Why not mention the German refugee women crucified with hands nailed to church doors by Soviet troops ? When will the victims receive justice and reparations ? Why not a Nuremburg trial for Allied War Crimes ?

12 years ago

iiiish why must there always be an argument. can't we all agree this is horrible tragic period in history. great doc. praying for those who passed through this experience. i couldn't even imagine how they must have felt :'(

smelly cat
12 years ago

I didn't know what was happening in Sri Lanka. How terrible. My family are refugees from Cambodia. They also witnessed the terrible atrocity of mass murder. For people to be so childish as to oppose the degree of similarity between any place where there is mass killing is ridiculous. People suffer everywhere, it is not just one holocaust, but many(all over the world). Just because more people die in one area doesn't make the other places less terrible. People died. Yes thats bad. Families torn apart..

Some of the comments on here are just a shame. One day when something f--ked up happens to you, you will understand. Proles.

13 years ago

Dan you ought to be ashamed to leave such a comment about Travis. quote" Travis just die"
Dan you are ignorant, and not very intelligent

13 years ago

Whatever happened was so wrong!
But ever wondered why jews are singled out for vehement world wide sympathies when pre and aftermath of world wars or any genocide wasn't kind to anyone. Shouldn't we then sympathize in equal measure with the Japanese, Vietnamese, Kashmiris and belief-wise with the Palestinian muslims, Irish christians, tibetan monks etc etc.
The scale is far too tipped to make brainwashed media loyalists actually see what Israeli jews are doing with impunity holding out the shield of antisemitism and holocaust memories for every criticism they face. Too bad they haven't learned anything yet.

13 years ago

week is always wrong, strong is always right, this is the way of life. we will never learn from our past. mistaks, no these r not mistaks. killing any 1 innocent person is like killing all humanity, what about killing wast number of peoples.

question now is what about now, where we go from hare.

Joe C
13 years ago

Wonder why we have little faith in are fellow man.

13 years ago

We should stop comparing and start accepting human nature and all it's cruelties.

It is here to stay with us and any attempt to change this will be futile.

Only then we can be prepared for the next time.

13 years ago

I knew there was a reason I had never investigated concentration camps. My god... The footage and figures quoted is almost too much for my brain to fathom.
I must admit, I did enjoy the idea of the US making the SS and townsfolk witness then clean up their mess.
Very confronting stuff, not for the easily upset.

13 years ago

I heard Hitler killed himself at the end of WW2 when he got the gas bill in the mail.

13 years ago

People that deny the holocaust is on some way or another mentally ill! Humans need to find a social structure that is somewhere between religion and atheism for this to never happen again!!

13 years ago

This is like what is happening in palestine.

If you argue otherwise, yo uare a fool in complete denial.

Jews are hypocitical murderers.

Santa Claws
13 years ago

To John M whatever-your-name is - shut up you prick.

Santa Claws
13 years ago

I was wanting to puke up during this film. It's left me with a very bad taste in the mouth. I have smelt dead bodies before and it's not pleasant. Yet the scale of this disgusting savagery is still utterly shocking.

This is one film I'd tell people to watch. This is also the same film I'd like people not to watch. If anyone can look upon those corpses and learn nothing, I despair.

What really got me was the flies. Oh my god.

F'in Nazis. I'm not a fighter but you made me into one.

13 years ago

'I completely agree with' Anon (sorry for the cut & paiste), except that we ALL should care; who and who is not dying. This, and all of this IS weather we are or aren't.

Live and let live. That's what someone used to say, and it doesn't have to talk about a history that was written by the victors.

The truth is the first casualty of war, let it not be the last.

'The meek shall inherit the Earth'. S***, I don't even qualify for that; who does?