The Origins of AIDS

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The Origins of AIDSWhile AIDS may be one of the most feared diseases of modern times, there is still a degree of scientific debate over the subject of just how the disease originated, and how the first cases spread. Two filmmakers explore a controversial theory about the beginnings of the disease.

In the 1950s, American and Belgian missionaries in the Belgian colonies of the Congo widely distributed polio vaccine to a million children in a bid to wipe out the crippling disease; however, evidence now suggests that Dr. Koprowski's oral vaccine may have been tainted, and that the first instances of the disease may be linked to these inoculations.

Using interviews, newsreel footage, and documented research experiments, The Origin of AIDS examines how a combination of benevolence, careless lab procedures, and the need of a desperate few to cover their tracks could have led to one of the most serious pandemics of the 20th century.

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  1. Tim

    Good doc. Not completely unbiased, but it's better than those AIDS denialist docs.

  2. johnphilippines
  3. johnphilippines

    Thanks for uploading this doc, Vlatko. It prompted me to do more research as the where HIV-AIDS originated from. Keep the "docs" coming, buddy!

  4. Vlatko
  5. Vlatko

    Not a problem @johnphilippines. Thanks.

  6. yavanna
  7. yavanna

    There are Aids denial docs Tim? Do you mean those docs claiming that Aids was invented and released on purpose or there are people actually believe Aids doesnt exist.

    (BTW on a lighter note - Simon Cowell spotted at 12.30)

  8. Tim
  9. Tim

    Yavanna: I mean the ones that claim HIV doesn't cause AIDS.

  10. Dundahead
  11. Dundahead

    It is Possible that HIV does not cause AIDS

  12. Tim
  13. Tim

    Anything is possible in the wonderful world of magic.

  14. Karen
  15. Karen

    So it wasn't a governmental conspiracy it was lack of safety controls over vacination production. I always wondered where these rumors stemmed from.

  16. Kelly K.
  17. Kelly K.

    I was incredulous until I saw this documentary, but I really believe they have it right here. It did come from Chimps originally, and it was spead by accident en mass by accident via polio shots made from chimps. What a tragic event in our sordid history of this diease and cover ups.

  18. Jerry
  19. Jerry


    Is it not within the realm of possiblity that HIV doesn't cause AIDS? Isn't scientific knowledge always subject to falsification or revision?

    Your certainty is puzzling.

  20. Tim
  21. Tim

    Yes Jerry, anything is possible, but the evidence points to HIV as the cause of AIDS. This debate has been going on for years, and the majority of scientists are convinced that HIV does indeed cause AIDS. All other theories have been debunked. I do not know what about this is puzzling to you.

  22. Tim
  23. Tim

    All the info I can find says that HIV strains are descendants of SIV, so they're similar, but not identical. I've also read that SIV strains are not always harmful to their native hosts, but when transferred to a different species of primate, they can develop simian AIDS. So HIV and SIV do have a lot in common, but they refer to different retroviruses.

  24. Charles B.
  25. Charles B.

    Tim: Do you know if the SIV in the chimps and HIV in humans genetically identical? It's not entirely clear in this documentary if they are identical. Perhaps I missed it. There's no doubt they were using chimps for the vaccines.

  26. chocolatestarfish
  27. chocolatestarfish

    Dundahead: "It is Possible that HIV does not cause AIDS";
    Tim: "...but they refer to different retroviruses";
    charles b: "it's not entirely clear [...] if they are identical".

    of course SIV and HIV are not virtually the same viruses. that's why they've been given different, non-synonymous names. rather HIV-1 derived from SIV, starting out zoonotic, by cross-species adaptation.

    SIV and HIV belong to the Genus of lentiviruses of group VI single-strand RNA retroviruses, acc. to baltimore classification.

    HIV is the cause for AIDS! period. it has been observed in vivo and pathogenesis can be reproduced in the lab under pathophysiological conditions.
    there is NO debate anymore cos the evidence is clear (anyone reminded of that stupid anti-gobal warming charade?).

    SIVcpz, which is the viral origin of HIV-1, and SIVsmm induce simian AIDS in chimpanzees and macaques, respectively. again, verified by science.

    finally, this documentary is hogshit (no offense to ya, vlatko! i know you're just providing a free platform for information).
    the oral polio vaccine (OPV) AIDS hypothesis has been disproven almost 2 decades ago!

    and it is a disgrace to keep this ill-belief still alive and weaken the current polio vaccine campaign. radical muslims to this day refer to the OPV AIDS hypothesis to deny their people in africa and the indian subcontinent vaccination against such a terrible disease. as a consequence a nearly extinct disease like polio is on the march again. bravo.

  28. kim woods
  29. kim woods

    Keep up the good work.i absolutly love your docu/film site.thank you so much for this brilliant site. lol xxx

  30. KT
  31. KT

    They said that a certain strain of Polio Vaxine was prepared in bad conditions and "might" have been the reason another virus was in the vaxine.

    This does NOT mean all polio vaxines contain AIDS HIV. Polio vaxines are a blessing to the health of our children.

    I was vaxined for polio as an infant here in europe and of course do not have AIDS HIV from it. (at all actually)

    But the documentary was very strict in not being absolute in this theory. You must agree though that this issue stinks like a mess up. They abused the native population for the sake of another. What should shock us is this disgusting racism displayed. Did you see they vaxined the poor people in this film with THE SAME NEEDLE? You can say what you wish, I find this disrespectful and dangerous.

  32. coschaos
  33. coschaos

    this guy edward done his job well

  34. DreaI
  35. DreaI

    This is the best ever website. I have looked at over 10 docs in 3 days since I found this website and I love everyone of them. Great Job!!!

  36. mike
  37. mike

    Easily the best documentary on the subject. Thanks for posting this and keeping it up.

  38. superfreak
  39. superfreak

    ridge: have u watched "in lies we trust" (also on this site)? dr horrowitz did an amazing 2 1/2 hr doc listing all the proof for the cia's involvement in most viruses we have today - including aids and cancer.

  40. M-files
  41. M-files

    Excellent hypothesis.Can't deny the research methods at the time (1950s) as far as how through human arrogance such things can and did happen. "Ridge" points out that it is naive to assume that such fiascos can be turned inside out,weaponised and put back into use for the vary purpose it was never ment for. Excellent journalism,great doc.

  42. karen
  43. karen

    I have a question that doesn't seem to be addressed here at all. HIV is not ordinarily contracted through the digestive tract. So how is it that an orally administered substance could bring about HIV? I'm not saying this is impossible, perhaps the way in which an oral vaccine interacts with the body in order to produce immunity allows for "piggybacking" of the HIV virus onto the polio virus, but I'd like to see an explanation of the contagion hypothesis.

  44. karen
  45. karen

    ETA: the question, asked in reverse: what effect does using SIV-infected chimpanzee kidney have on the receiver of the vaccine made from it. Obviously I don't want to be the recipient of such a vaccine, but if there is a way to recreate the scenario and test the results on non-human animals that could theoretically prove that virus transmission was occurring, it might be worth a shot. Do chimpanzees orally fed this virus develop SIV?

  46. karen
  47. karen

    sigh - correction to above: do chimpanzees orally fed this *vaccine* contract SIV. If there is no correlation between using infected kidneys and contraction of the SIV/HIV virus, then the entire question of whether the polio vaccines contained contaminant virus is moot.

  48. Anthony
  49. Anthony


    I agree with what your saying it is the only stone left unturned, but one that would require the effort of the scientific community. I seriously doubt any independent company would stand to make money from this type of research or if they made public their intention to so so they would probably suffer derision from those who stood to loose. Its quite probable that the research has already been done though; I imagine that any pharmaceutical company at the time of this journalist's work that where still using chimp cells, would have very quickly run tests or established screening techniques. it is very worrying to think that the potential for contamination in such circumstances was ignored but alas how often is this so?

  50. Khandra
  51. Khandra


    You're right - HIV is not contracted through the digestive tract but it might be contracted through small cuts and open sores in the mouth. It is also less likely to be contracted orally (than say through the vaginal or anal routes). Many researchers study SIV to better understand HIV so your question about whether non-human primates can contract the virus if it's administered orally has been studied.

    To be clear, some of the polio vaccines were contaminated with simian virus 40 (SV40) which is not related to SIV. I think it is also really important to note that Lentiviruses, the genus of viruses to which HIV and SIV belong, are sensitive to formalin/formaldehyde fixation (among other treatments) and this is a part of the preparation for the injected vaccine. So infection via this route is highly unlikely. The oral vaccine is a live-attenuated virus and no fixatives are included in its preparation but HIV and other lentiviruses cannot survive for long outside of a host so the likelihood of infecting many people by this route is also unlikely.

    I wouldn't say the potential for contamination was ignored so much as it simply wasn't seriously considered in the rush to save so many lives. Also,detecting other viral contaminants back then would have been extremely difficult.

    People need to understand how viruses and other pathogens evolve and come to coexist with their hosts before they buy into these conspiracy theories.

  52. ASHU
  53. ASHU

    Thanks for the documentary.

  54. Werm
  55. Werm

    "People need to understand how viruses and other pathogens evolve and come to coexist with their hosts before they buy into these conspiracy theories."

    If a conspiracy can be proven, then it's no longer a theory... it's a theorem.

    "The question is, how was it first introduced into existence? Because we cannot trace its existence prior to the recent outbreak which emerged simultaneously in Africa and America in the late 1970s."

    Ridge's response has the most compelling facts to answer the above question. Additional evidence of the man-made origin of HIV/AIDS is found in a federal virus program that produced 15,000 gallons of AIDS called the U.S. SVCP. The United States Special Virus Program (1962-1978) is a formerly secret federal virus development initiative to develop a contagious cancer that selectively kills based on genetic ethnic markers of the host. The U.S. Special Virus Program published 15 annual progress reports detailing the progression of manipulating animal viruses to infect human hosts. Each progress report details the progress of 'special virus' scientists including Dr. Robert Gallo and Dr. Duesberg as they work towards their contracted goal to create the 'special virus'.


    U.S. Special Virus program, Progress Report #8 (1971), pg. 61 (the flowchart)

    National Security Defense Memorandum (NSDM) #314, Brent Scowcroft (1975).

    "Special Message to the U.S. Congress on Problems of Population Growth", Richard M. Nixon, July 18, 1969

    Public Law 91-213, "To Stabilize World Populations", John D. Rockefeller, III, Chairman, March 16, 1970

    National Security Council Memorandum (NSCM) #46, "Black Africa and the U.S. Black Movement", Zbigniew Brezinski, March 17, 1978

    Facts, not theories, conclude that HIV/AIDS does have a man-made origin!

  56. Anonymous1
  57. Anonymous1

    it was NOT an accident. they did it on purpose to kill the africans. they just didnt think it would spread worldwide.

  58. obeinson22
  59. obeinson22

    Why AFRICA ? Why not there own race?

  60. 0zyxcba1
  61. 0zyxcba1

    @ obeinson22
    "Why AFRICA ? Why not there own race?"

    I don't understand what it is that you are tying to say.
    Could you please explain?


  62. 0zyxcba1
  63. 0zyxcba1

    Is the Pope a murderer?
    You be the judge:

    BBC, Tuesday, 17 March 2009

    Some 22 million people are infected with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa, according
    to UN figures for 2007. This amounts to about two-thirds of the global total.

    HIV/Aids is a tragedy that cannot be overcome through the distribution
    of condoms, which can even increase the problem.

    ~ His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI


  64. poiuz
  65. poiuz

    why the population of Africa doubled since 1984, did you know that the government of many African country give money to poor people who are infected by HIV.
    If you don't have any money to survive, no money to buy food for your children, tell me what you would do?

  66. alex
  67. alex

    If you believe even for a moment this BS then you're not very smart. AIDS was invented to eliminate black people from this world and especially Africa. It was abvious it was unleashed on Africans just as African countries were gaining independence.
    This polio vaccine nonesense is a smokes screen to be believed by slow people.
    With their knowledge of African culture in hand, they knew that something had to be done to slow down the Africans. They did this because they knew they had done some pretty terrible things over there. I'm talking about rape, murder, looting, inciting ethnic clashes. They did not want Africans to demand their justice soon after independence.
    I personally have known many many people who have died from AIDS and to think that some person sat down and came up with this makes me sick.

  68. spystyle
  69. spystyle

    AIDS was made by the CIA

  70. Moveta
  71. Moveta

    Ethnic specific viruses are created in the laboratory.

  72. Brittany Bajaa Cameron-Smith
  73. Brittany Bajaa Cameron-Smith

    Really ? Because last time I checked Im white and HIV +

  74. Clover_8
  75. Clover_8

    I know Brittany. People are so ignorant and think they know what they're talking about when really they have not a clue! I think this documentary has a very valid case.

  76. Kurt Smith
  77. Kurt Smith

    I fear you may die of stupidity before you die of AIDS. Conspiracies are fun, but hardly relevant.

  78. liridon_n1988
  79. liridon_n1988

    HIV/AIDS is man made creation for slowing or decreasing world population and making money with this deadly virus like selling drugs that can longer your life expectancy but not cure it completely.

  80. sanujams
  81. sanujams

    HIV was first made to kill Black people, but it went wrong causing all people to get sick. So Moveta is RIGHT. HIV+ is same thing as H1NI created by Americans biological warfare.

  82. Agatka ??ƒ??¡??
  83. Agatka ??ƒ??¡??

    Africans are in fact doing a very good job at slowing themselves down and the deadly virus that Europeans have given to Africans is called Christianity, not HIV.

  84. norlavine
  85. norlavine

    I am so sorry Alex that you have lost people in your life from AIDS.
    Personally, I believe there are too many people in this world allowed access to the materials and tools of which they know little about.
    As with everything, people eventually find a way to make a fast buck out of others misery.xx

  86. norlavine
  87. norlavine

    @Agatka ??ƒ??¡??
    Christianity can be cured but AIDS cannot be. While everyone is babbling on and on about religion they cannot see what is really going on under their noses.x

  88. Agatka ??ƒ??¡??
  89. Agatka ??ƒ??¡??

    AIDS can not be yet cured (though there has been one case but the same method is too dangerous and too costly to be used on mass scale, even if the right bone marrow was readily available, which is not going to happen).
    The tainted-polio vaccine hypothesis is interesting but lacks evidence supporting it to be taken seriously.


    Of course that son-of-a-bitch is a murderer! Every Vatican asset in Africa should have been seized, liquidated and the proceeds used to pay for not just CONDOMS but ALSO for the medical care for the HIV/AIDs victims who might not have contracted it in the first place if that freak in the vatican had the decency to do the right thing instead of MOLESTING ALTER BOYS!

  92. aubreyfarmer
  93. aubreyfarmer

    Who would be the most logical sub set of researchers that would be interested in developing a disease that is race specific? Isn't that what eugenics is all about. Look back in history and who were the best funded eugenicists. Where did many that were a part of that regime show up after WW2? Operation Paper Clip brought them to the US. Nazis have gone underground but they are surely continuing their unfinished work.

  94. aubreyfarmer
  95. aubreyfarmer

    After the African continent is depopulated it will be much easier for imperialists to take whatever they want.

  96. aubreyfarmer
  97. aubreyfarmer

    A map of the locations where the polio vaccine was administered was overlaid with a map of where the first epidemic of aids was recorded and it was almost a perfect match. It is not within the realm of possibility that it was mere coincidence. Gallo and Duesburg knew the risk existed that their vaccine was tainted. They just didn't give a damn.

  98. Tim Shaw
  99. Tim Shaw

    While I was doing some literature review, to singly attribute polio vaccine for the circulation of HIV seems to be highly unlikely.

  100. Hefay
  101. Hefay


  102. pwndecaf
  103. pwndecaf

    This appears to be an older doc. I happened across it on YouTube the other day researching some other info. That topic was even more conspiracy theory. I love me some good CT, so I watched this again tonight.

    That info I was looking into was about a guy named Ed Haslam and his book "Dr. Mary's Monkey." The story is about Dr. Mary Sherman. Mr. Haslam goes even further by talking about the book by Judith Vary Baker, "Me and Lee." Lee is Lee Harvey Oswald.

    Enough background - you can look up all that info yourself. It is very interesting and combines the CIA/government creating fast-killing cancer with David Ferrie, LH Oswald and Judith Baker acting together in New Orleans before Oswald headed for Dallas. Whoa, this is deep conspiracy!

    After sincerely backing vaccines and medicines on another recently posted doc, I feel rather silly going into this rabbit hole, but the AIDS explanation makes sense as presented here. Combining the supposed upswing in cancer at the same time is what Ed Haslam brings to the table in his book.

    I can be quite gullible if someone paints a good picture. I don't believe the polio vaccine was intentionally made or modified to give people HIV, but no one can screw up as bad as government, and then deny it as easily as tying shoes. This makes sense to me, or at least plausible.

    Can anyone point me to some other info that debunks this position on this doc? I think it may be more difficult to go down the cancer from polio vaccine conspiracy, but if anyone has info on that, too, I'd love to see it. I need deep debunk!

  104. Charles Hoag
  105. Charles Hoag

    The Doctor, Hilary Kaprowski does have to deny this so as to preserve his reputation...

  106. Lola
  107. Lola

    Millions of people, from around the world were vaccinated against polio in the 1950's. But we're supposed to believe that the 1million people vaccinated in the Congo, accidentally received the 'contaminated version'. (As it was the only place where AIDs emerged) And it happened to have been prepared & administrated, by a man who was just caught, secretly testing drugs on 20 disabled kids in New York? Are you serious?!! I've always thought AIDS is man made. Humans & chimps have existed for billions of years. People would've eaten their meat, worn their skin & probably 'have sex with them' too. But NOW, in the 20th century it happens to organically cause AIDS? If this disgusting, vile piece trash was in front of me,I'd spit in his face & have him locked up. They should've already put him in jail for those poor children in the US.

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