Our Generation

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Our Generation is feature-length documentary that explores the complicated relationship between the world's oldest living culture, the Australian Indigenous (Aboriginal) people, and the world's newest, the colonization of Western peoples in the same country. For over 60,000 years, more than 400 aboriginal communities have thrived on the continent. In the late 18th century, Western civilization began colonizing their land and various forms of oppression directed towards the indigenous people have been steadfast in their growth ever since.

Much the same way the United States has tried to push the Native Americans into lands (i.e. "reservations") the government sees fit, Australian officials that reflect little to no elected representation of the indigenous people themselves have in essence herded Aboriginals into small sectors of the continent that are of course disadvantageous places to live for a range of reasons. In recent years, efforts to take even those lands for the purposes of excavating minerals and other resources have been put into motion under the guise that the Aboriginal people will be better served to be restricted to even smaller plots of land that are more urbanized - a way of life that is entirely contradictory to the nomadic one they have lived for tens of thousands of years.

The forms of basic human rights Aboriginals are denied are many, but one of the most glaring facts touched on in the film is the lack of a formal agreement of any kind between the indigenous people and the Western government that has systematically seized their land for centuries now. It is the only such large-scale case in the world today.

The story is told through interviews with a number of local people in the community of Yolngu in Northeast Arnhem Land, which is one of the few remaining lands where traditional Aboriginal culture can be found in Australia, many prominent indigenous leaders throughout the country, as well as accomplished historians and human rights activists that deal in the issue. First-time filmmakers Sinem Saban and Damien Curtis paint a concise picture of the deprivation of rights the Aboriginal people are being subject to in the film, as evidenced by its selection as Best Campaign Film at the London International Documentary Festival in 2011.

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  1. Ceci

    Wow..they are documenting current genocide. They have the same effect everywhere they go! However, these are strong first nation people so the government needs the intervention to continue because they are not dying fast enough! I pray from where I am, halfway around the world from wondering the same thing mother said here, "Why do they do this to us?" Who Australia belongs to is self-evident. If you use sunscreen, it is not your GOD given land! God isn't cruel to place you in a place where you don't have naturally what you need to survive! All I can say is that many complicit beneficiaries of this system who claim they aren't racist should be more honest with themselves. Many will be shocked to find out their own ends. Yes, I have a western viewpoint and I believe these infiltrators are going to bust hell wide open. That mine owning woman is making A BILLION DOLLARS A WEEK, but doesn't want to pay taxes?!?!?! While aboriginals pay taxes to live in squalor off rations? WHAT IS THEIR FASCINATION with birth control, sterilization, and stealing people's babies and kids? Oh, I am so appalled! I believe that is why many of them are suffering infertility now! UK gives everybody two free goes on In Vitro Fertilization treatment! SMH...as if the world needs more of you!

  2. Maya

    I couldn't watch more than 20 minutes, couldn't hear those politicians utter one more lie. I am Australian..a very ashamed one, I'm white..but no one can or should hide the truth, those in government are absolute liars, no such thing as child abuse, it is a lie they fabricated as a cover up for their criminal behaviours. Aboriginals are tribes, they don't want to live like the white people...and as it is THIER land, they should have the right to exercise their own beliefs, laws and traditions. Aboriginals own Australia and yet they are treated as thieves, when in reality we are the thieves. Every month Aboriginals die in police custody because of mistreatment, but you never hear about it. But then again...no one should be surprised really...after all we are the same people who stole their children in the past...that's right..we stole them by the hundreds, look up"Aboriginal stolen generation" on the Internet and what you find isn't even half of the truth. The Australian government is happy to splash billions of dollars in aids for other countries, but not for its real citizens..the oldest civilisation on earth that still exists (that is a fact).

    1. coryn

      It's so painful... and the same has happened in Canada, and in the United States, and in South America....... 'Absolute power corrupts absolutely' I've read, and yes it seems to be true. Wealth and power are worse than drugs.

  3. StillTruth

    Human nature is warped.....government programs and welfare seduce people like the sirens to their peril....

  4. User_1

    Thanks for the doc! I have not really heard of problems going on in Oz. I assumed that things were pretty much evenly handled. Looks like it's the same story wherever the whites invade.

    I hope and wish for the best with the Australian Aboriginal people. I had the desire to some day visit the land of Oz, but after seeing this, I'm rethinking those ideas!

  5. Ruairi

    It is shameful what the Australian Government continues to do. I wish more Australian people would stand up an be heard and stop this.

  6. Eric Lawson

    This is very much what happened here with our Aboriginals in Canada !!!The government to this day is trying to make things right. The big breakthrough was when the natives got educated in Law!! This is what these people need to do as well Peace!!!