Palestine is Still the Issue

Palestine is Still the Issue

2003, Military and War  -   84 Comments
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Palestine Is Still The IssueThis is a huge bluff of the Israeli establishment, that every criticism of its' policy is anti-semitism. In 1977, the award-winning journalist and film-maker, John Pilger, made a documentary called Palestine Is Still The Issue (1977). He told how almost a million Palestinians had been forced off their land in 1948, and again in 1967. In this in-depth documentary, he has returned to the West Bank of the Jordan and Gaza, and to Israel, to ask why the Palestinians, whose right of return was affirmed by the United Nations more than half a century ago, are still caught in a terrible limbo -- refugees in their own land, controlled by Israel in the longest military occupation in modern times.

"The fate and struggle of the Palestinians," says Pilger, "are not just critical to the overdue recognition of their basic human rights, but are also central to whether the region, and the wider world, are plunged into war. Israel is now one of the biggest military powers in the world. While nothing changes, the dangers become greater. This is a film about a nation of people, traumatized, humiliated and yet resilient. In trying to liberate less than a quarter of historic Palestine, they have had no army, no air force, and no powerful friends -- and have fought back with slingshots and now with the terrorism of the suicide bombers."

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1 year ago

typical leftist propaganda---Israel has been a nation for three thousand years and a nation-state since 1948. Arabs could have had a state alongside Israel, but they were more interested in killing Jews--that is, in being Muslims.

Anyone who cares about reality need only follow the history since San Remo, 1920, to get a feel for the truth.

sanford sklansky
2 years ago

is the first film he made avaiable

Karen Snyder
3 years ago

I want to see up to date stories and fa ts from overseas.

6 years ago

They can thank Fatah and Hamas for their misery. There is a reason every Muslim country is dysfunctional.

Giulia S.
7 years ago

A documentary full of half truths... this is not a serious treatment of the issue.

8 years ago

Zionist ideology needs to be exterminated immediately.

8 years ago

Boy every drop of my blood boils when I see this documentary.. I do hope the day will come when the Israelis are pushed to the see and the conflict resolved.

8 years ago

America stands with Israel. Send Hamas back to hell and if the Palestinians don't want peace they don't have to have it. Its up to them. The walls come down when the suicide vests do. Personally I think the Palestinians are lucky to be facing the worlds most moral military. Any other country would had wiped them out after the first few rockets.

10 years ago

Walter's full time job appears to be in line with the Zionist directive which advised agents to monitor and respond to Internet criticism of their preposterous propaganda. Though judging from his spelling errors and cartoon book grasp of history, he needs a long spell in further education before being able to properly fulfill his "noble" mission of defending the indefensible.

10 years ago

The Israeli's have to come to a compromise; if they want to do the Godly correct thing

11 years ago

Compounding the problem was that Arafat and the PLO were about as corrupt as they could get. Set back any peace process considerably. For a long time it would have been a coin flip as to whether the Israelis or PLO were a greater detriment to the average Palestinian. Pilger glosses over this a bit, but overall a good documentary.

11 years ago

walter stop distorting the truth. its not about making peace with israel' its about israel coming to be as a colony of european white man by force.

11 years ago

Very interesting documentary, it is very sad to see how soon the israeli goverment has forgotten how they were treated by Hitler now they are doing the same thing to the Palestinians.
Don't forget it is written in the bible that Israel will never be in peace and so far is has been proved now they have Iran to worry about.

11 years ago

This infuriates me.............I can easily see how people will sacrifice themselves for their family and friends.

11 years ago

I don't kow why my answer to Mickbo is now gone, I hope it was only accidently removed. There was nothing offensive in it

I could suggest to mickbo that he research the facts and then he'll find
that everything I said can be substantiated. But I know that would be futile.
So I make these requests to anyone reading this and wants to know the truth.
Look up what Yassir Arafat said about Amin Huysani
Look up Amin Huysani, the grand mufti of Jerusalem
Look up the Palestinian charter of 1968 and the Hamas charter of 1988,
especially article 7 determine if these documents are seeking peace with Isrsael
Look at the offer Olmert made to Arafat to see who is serious about peace.
Look up how the Palestinians are treated in Arab countries.
Compare that with Arabs were treated in Israel and decide who really
engages in apartheid.

There is so much more but this is a start. Israel is the good guy

11 years ago

In 1947 The Jewish agancy accepted the partition plan. the Arabs rejected
it and the newpapers of that era are replete with reports on how
the Arab officials bragged how they will annihilate the Jews. Most arabs left the area onthe request of the arab states so the massacre can vbe carried out.
A million jews were forced out of Arabian lands penniless. Israel was settled almost as much by refugees from arab countries as from europe. But unlike the so called Palestinians they were not subject to apartheid. They were not prmanently confined to refugee camps for sixty years. they were not second class citizens inIsrael. But the so called Palestinians were so treated that way in their Arab host countries. The arabs living in Israel are citizens of Israel.
From 1949 to 1967 Jordan controlled the West Bank and Egypt
controlled Gaza. why wasn't a palestinian state created then??
Where were the "human rights" advocates protesting the apartheid
treatment of so-called palestinians in Arab countries?
Where were the so called palestinians protesting their treatment?
Where were the so called human rights activists when Jews were being
persecuted in Arab countries?

This documentary is a huge distortion.

11 years ago

I am so grateful for being able to see the other side of the coin. One now begins to understand why the west is so despised when it turns a blind eye to the atrocities being committed by Israel. It is heartening to see that in spite of the actions of the Israeli govt, that some people on both sides want peace and respect....what century are we living in again?

11 years ago

Good Documentary. John Pilger is amazing. Interesting comments too but I disagree with the notion of Atheism being equal to Peace.
Peace and Tc.

11 years ago

obviously takes a unbalanced approach...but an interesting doc. I am currently writing a paper on the rise of Palestinian nationalism, if any one can point me to a doc on that topic i would greatly appreciate it!
the destruction of cultural centers demonstrated in this film is an obvious attempt to halt such a thing

11 years ago

An amazing and well written documentary on the Palestinian struggle! I highly recommend it!

12 years ago

Well the U.S is slowly running out of wealth, so their propping up of Israel with billions of dollars each year will sooner or later have to be reviewed.

It's hard to fathom a people that went through a terrible Holocaust, is now responsible for a form of ethnic cleansing and illegal occupation of another people's land.

12 years ago

a t h e i s m = p e a c e

12 years ago

it is about religion but we can not to deside the rigth religion .the only allah{god} to do the things that is whey beture we do peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

12 years ago

Israel has several new generations of "God's chosen people" jackbooting around in silly desert army hats. This latest generation, like many young people, is behaving badly... like every other insulated tribal group of fanatical youths with a criminal sense of religious entitlement.

Just think of Israeli youth as hordes of medieval, Mongol barbarians in absurd military garb, deluded by religious missionary zeal but armed with modern weapons --- and you've got it. [Except that on the other side is another equally fanatical group... equally certain that God is backing their 'play'.]

If ever there was a tragic, self-destructive impulse in man, religions of the fertile crescent must be it. Funny how the three main Abrahamic faiths arose in one dessicated place, sharing the same rudimentary dogmas, and went on to unhinge the sanity of civilization for thousands of years... A pox on all three houses!

12 years ago

Atheism = new "granfloons" will soon be needed

[A granfalloon, in the fictional religion of Bokononism (created by Kurt Vonnegut in his 1963 novel Cat's Cradle), is defined as a "false karass." That is, it is a group of people who outwardly choose or claim to have a shared identity or purpose, but whose mutual association is actually meaningless.]

12 years ago

love you palestine !!!
my heart will be always with you, arabs are the best, they are not terrorists, my arab boyfriends made me see another part of arab countries

12 years ago

It's all about religion. Get rid of religion, get rid of the problem!

Atheism = Peace

Search Our Souls
12 years ago

Those of us who watch (even in horror), and do nothing are equally contributing.

Whatever Man
12 years ago

The whole world is made victimized by occupation most evident by the suffering of these people and the people of Africa by those who think themselves entitled by religion, race and so called civilization. They are Incapable of reason, justice or equality. There is no "struggle", there is only violence and oppression.

12 years ago

When hitler come to power the jewish population were expelled from their homes and land, persecuted and murderd. And yet still, Israel only replicates with the blessing of several countries,the very same perpitrations.When will America stop providing arms and money to any war intent country for thier own political ends. Cambodia, rhwanda,and several other genocides have seen no intervetions. Why,because there are no ill gotten gains to be had from these war torn communities.Never in all my 42 years,except for jews in the last war, have I seen people so abandoned as the palestinions.

Samir S. Halabi
12 years ago

So you want all the arabs of the former British Mandate of Palestine to convert to Judaism.
I they do that would mean they would all be loyal to Judaism, they would all fight to protect Israel, they would all be loyal citizens of Israel. I am sure you don't really mean that, what you mean is that they should through the art and cunning of 'TAQIYYA' all convert en-masse to Judaism just like the 'Trojan Horse' through trickery. Do you really believe it's as easy as that to convert to Judais, it could take years to convert and to show the Rabbinical authorities that you are sincere in your conversion, unlike converting to Islam where the induction to that religion is far quicker.
You refer to the Naqba of the Arabs of palestine 1948, what about the Naqba of the Jews including my family who were all forced out of our comfortable lives in the arab world just after the inception of The state of Israel in May 1948. We the Jews of the arab world outnumbered the arabs of Palestine, We numbered almost 1,000,000 and that was not including Jews from Iran and Turkey, The arab armies ordered those poor wretched souls out of Palestine so as not to hamper their progress in annihiting the newly declared state of Israel together with her Jewish population, so when they the arab legions succeeded in their operation of liquidating the newly formed state at it's inception, those arabs of palestine could return to their former homes and also inherit the homes of the fleeing or dead Jews.

12 years ago


it was never God.

12 years ago

It's amazing how we play God with the lives of others.Even the devil isn't this cruel,he knows his limits,I've watched this film for the second time and it sickens me to think that there are people without a conscious.Basic human decency and compassion are not found in them.Shame on a nation as powerful as Israel and further shame on the governments who gives it full support,I could never respect these people who call themselves our leaders.Man has no right to govern another man,we are all free to decide and choose for ourselves,this is our human right.What we want for ourselves we should want for others,it's time for those of us who are sleeping to wake up,speak up and do the right thing.Otherwise what is really the purpose of this life.In my opinion,a Palestian is not an arab,speaking a language and practicing a religion doesn't define a people.Jesus was a palestian,what is a jew.Someone who obeys the laws of god,if the prophets of the torah were present today,they would condemn the nation of Israel and the policies they practice in the name of god and the right to this land.If that's the case of anyone who can prove that he's a jew to inherit the land,then I say to the palestians convert to judaism, problem should be solved then.

12 years ago

These jews in my opinion are the remnants of Hitler's regime.Their policy towards the Palestians are the same,like the saying,"the apple doesn't fall far from the tree".They say that they were treated so badly,well why are they subjecting other human beings to the same cruelty.The same god whom they claim gave this land to them also said to love your neighbours as yourself and thou shalt not kill.I don't think I need to say any more.Amen!!

Diana Rayan
13 years ago

The solution for having two countries is not accepted! Palestine land belongs to Palestinian people and the Israeli came and stole it and started to build in y=their settelment so its nt fair to say then its their country! If US and UK believe in them, then they can have them in their countries, yes why not? Lets be realistic!!

13 years ago

they are occupying and building on there land illegally,get the facts straight,they will go to far and world war three will begin,did you ever ask yourself when you were young why do people kill each other why doe we have wars,look at ther in humane treatment ,extreme brings out the extreme responce isreal will never live in peace,because peace is not in them,hatred is and the all want us to hate like them ,the same people,they are nullifying there own trajic past with there behaviour and bullying here and over seas,nothing explains the truth more then the quran,about isreal and there history with god, read and you will understand both sides.

13 years ago

thow shall not kill,thow shall not bear false witness,thow shall not steal ect. the latest news ia 78 senators agree to defend themselfs againts what people who are trying to defend themselves against oppression and military ocuupation ,what would you do,if your land was invaded,how did everything get so twisted that main stream media makes right wrong and wrong right,why is when any one runs for office,first question is what his thoughts on isreal policies and right to exist,and if aposed,or critical they are discredited why are revolving around isreal and not our own standards human right standard we onced believed,we are not suposed to swear aliance to any foriegn government ,forieng or abroad,we have to quit voting for those who are bought and sold to us for there special interest,and they lastest divide and conqure politics.

13 years ago

obama is doing something and againts the israel occupation and land expansion.. but his not hard about implementing his belief maybe because israel is a long time ally or domestic affair is his immidiate attention..

personally if US just stop giving them military aid(US mostly gave israels weapon they dont usually buy them) isreal will definitly fold.

also US is not a christian country or ruled by the jews(well its mostly ruled by protestant) its a DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY! US doesnt just mean united state but also united people, and race.. everyone can relaite to this country and everyone is accepted the wrter of the independence, abraham lincon, and rev. king make sure this happens..

the only problem of US is its foreign policy its mostly historically dictated and control by the hardliners.. in the past maybe the hardliners see israel as a democratic country againts a dictatorship countries and in circle specially in the capital vs communist era..

well all in all the only way too stop the violence in that region is to forgive and forget.. and the countries around it including israel should stop calling their coutry a religious country(jews state, muslim state). if they dont know religion is a race term. cause its a description of a group of people. so if they call their country a state of that 1 religion then its a racist state.. so most jew will side with israel ignoring the main issue disame with the muslim.. maybe thats the reason the US hardliners are protecting them maybe they think without their help israel my face two genozide in the 20th century..

but all of that are in the past since now the arabs are willing to forgive and forget and willing for long term peace if israel free palestain and stop land expansion.. israel have no more moral grounds anymore. they should know the pain of being cage in the getto and persecuted as a whole people so they should free palestian

13 years ago

@Tyler: Fine, replace "Palestinian" with "Arab living in the Gaza-Strip and West-Bank" - does that change anything?

13 years ago

Silly - every educated person knows that there is no such thing as a "Palestinian," and there never has; anyone who says otherwise is simply stupid or a liar.

13 years ago

"The suicide bomber was a victim the same as my girl was." If the father of this girl can get it, the whole world should probably try to understand..

13 years ago

At last a documentary pro Palestine.
I cannot understand this foolish belief of the jews, a promised land from God Himself. History radicaly changes but how can a diaspora come after WW2 and demand a soil that has been in Arab hands for a thousand years. The one day its Arab, the next day its not. They are just lucky that the States is being run by Jews. (dont get me wrong i dont have anything against Jews as human individuals but their politic and fanatic beliefs irritates me sometimes) ..

buck fush
13 years ago

I equally blame US for this. US sends 3 billion dollars to Israel despite the fact Israel is a rich country. They also organization like AIPAC. I believe US and Israel are the roots to all the problems in the world.You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand that US is biggest terrorist .

13 years ago

The whole issue is, the bible says that God gave the land to the Jews, this is where people don't get it, Even Christians are divided about this problem, This cannot be normal, but we see how God told the sons of Israel to kill other nations and take their land since they were his people, and most Christians think it's normal, how can God do something like this? This why you see all the Christians nations supporting this while , we all know that this is evil doing, The US just doing what the bible says, since it is a Christian nation. With no religion, there will be peace on earth.

13 years ago

Hope all arab country will help those people and help them to have settlement atleast give them half of theyre original land.US invade iraq n afgan for rumor intel.why they cant do anything about this prob.its like Israelies have the rights to kill whenever they want,Saudi are also have a good relationship w/ US n 1 of d rich country n yet they dont do anything bout this prob. maybe its because Israel buy more weapon frm US goverment thats why theyre protecting n not even asking them to stop what theyre doing,btw im not even a muslim but im a human that knows what Israel doing are violating d human right law and as what i know US originate that law,hope Obama n all UN officials make some action bout this n if they wont its better for them to ask d whole world that its ok to kill children n conquer others country cause thats what Israel doing for so long,Palestine must have theyre rights as human n they should have it now.(Watch Dead in Gaza)american journalist was shot by a Israel souldier n still US goverment did nothing shame on them for being d worlds Super Power n cant handle Israel cause of MONEY that only few gaining...Peace All :)

14 years ago

Obama promised change then he started recycling the same old faces in Washington. I don't hold out much hope of him taking a stand against Israel. And since when is constructive criticism against a Jewish State anti-semitism? The more things change.......

14 years ago

If only it WAS the hidden truth,sadly it is plain to see and only the truly ignorant or willfully blind and deaf will not acknowledge it.Palestinians have been subjected to what is far and away the longest and most brutal military occupation in modern history.This occupation could be brought to an end almost overnight if the US stopped providing economic,military and diplomatic succour to this rogue state and joined the rest of the world in Demanding an end to occupation and a return to the June 4 1967 borders,which still "gives" Israel 78% of a land which at the declaration of independence,the mainly immigrant Zionist Jews only represented 30% of the population,owning a mere 3% of the land.I believe[and so do many others]that Palestine represents the most terrible injustice perpetrated on a people out of Western guilt over the European holocaust of Jews[and Gypsies,homosexuals,mentally and physically handicapped,Communists etc] to which the native Palestinians-Semites to the last man,woman and child-bare absolutely no responsibility.

14 years ago

This is the hidden truth.