Pan-American Adventure

Pan-American Adventure

2012, Society  -   9 Comments
Ratings: 7.88/10 from 60 users.

This is an endurance test for men and material and on this journey we meet unusual people and encounter untamed nature. We discover many hidden jewels and rarely feel unwelcomed.

We dive into the unknown and travel through 14 American countries discovering an entire continent. The last stage takes us from Peru through Chile and Argentina to Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego.

We're in the Andes at 4,200 meter and find it difficult to breathe. Geralda Mamani lives high above the tree line. She breeds Alpaca and by Peruvian standards she's a rich woman, because she owns 800 of these animals. Alpaca wool is very high quality, it's soft with long fibers and very cozy.

For many, it is the absolutely perfect route: The Pan-American Highway. It leads through forests and deserts, through jungles and across high mountain passes. To the right and left of the Pan-Americana, drug wars and civil wars are contended, Hollywood films produced and computer programmes developed. And just a few thousand kilometres further south, Red Indians still hunt with bows and arrows.

Geralda isn't married as she is relatively well off, she remains suspicious towards men. She says they only want her money and nor does she want too much contact with the villagers in the valley that would only cause problems. Her happiness lies with her herd, not with people.

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9 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Jhon

    The documentary should be call from Peru to Argentina. I still can believe he complain about the Peruvian meal.

  2. terencegalland

    It must have been extensively edited in order to condense it into just 45 minutes.....was most enjoyable though!!!

  3. Dan Shemesh

    very nice film. interesting , well made. the south hemosphere is remote and tuogh to visit. i enjoyed it very much. Thanks.
    Dan Shemesh. Israel.

  4. Lauri Neva

    All I can say is that these explorers are well heeled. That Toyota 4 Runner alone costs almost 50,000.00 US Dollars! Anyone with money can match this adventure!

    1. mDk

      It is a Toyota Hilux, they are sold in Mexico and South America for much less than a 4 Runner… Also, they can be leased for projects like this.

  5. Rohan4

    Looking forward to watching this

  6. bringmeredwine

    I was left slightly disappointed. Didn't realise I wouldn't get to see Alaska or other places along the way.
    Couldn't believe my ears when the narrator complained about the grit in his potatoes!

  7. crbowley

    Excellent film, put this one on my list for viewing the entire series. Cinematography was outstanding, narration was very good, not overbearing.

  8. Imightberiding

    I enjoyed this one. I would be very happy if the other parts of this journey (Alaska to Peru) were to become available for our viewing pleasure here on TDF.

    Ever since I read Ted Simon's autobiographical adventure book "Jupiter's Travels", I have wanted to make this trip by way of motorcycle. I almost did it back in 1984/85 but of course life got in the way. I still have the intention of pulling it off but as I age, the truck they were driving in this doc looks more & more sensible.