Paul and the Word

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This documentary explores the divine evolution of the human race and our planet through the experiences of New York based psychic, empath and channel Paul Selig.

Paul describes himself as an ordinary guy that has developed an ability to hear and repeat guidance from divine beings calling themselves simply "the Word" which they define as God in action.

Humanity has lost itself. Both as individuals and as a world culture, we have forgotten our true nature. Paul Selig has recorded an extraordinary program for self- realization, as dispensed through beings of higher intelligence, sometimes called Guides or Ascended Masters.

These figures seek, as they have in the past, to assist men and women in discovering the higher, purposeful nature-or "Christed Self"-that lies dormant within us all.

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33 Comments / User Reviews

    Paul Gloor
  1. Paul Gloor

    It really looks to me like a man with a psychological disorder, or a man trying to sell a book....

  2. Dean Edgington
  3. Dean Edgington

    It's much worse than that I'm afraid...

  4. Dean Edgington
  5. Dean Edgington

    There's one born every minute...and thier suckers too.

  6. Craig Bailey
  7. Craig Bailey

    Kabbalah is really making a run at things these days its everywhere.

  8. 1concept1
  9. 1concept1

    Personally i feel that the people who developed nukes and sold them to people who don't like us are the ones with a psychological disorder. A friend of mine purchased a rolex watch that doesn't keep proper time, that's a psychological disorder. TICK TOCK! If Paul has a problem its that he is coming out of the ether and he is trying to fiend his footing.

  10. Vicki_in_Greece
  11. Vicki_in_Greece

    Nice to see a documentary with creativity instead of destruction as the focus. Spirituality is a very personal development in each person who wants to be a better person. Paul is a kind, compassionate person. Lovely peek into his world.

  12. Martin Ellacott
  13. Martin Ellacott

    I lasted 4 minutes into this ridiculous presentation....waste of time.

  14. Vicki_in_Greece
  15. Vicki_in_Greece

    so creepy to read the work shite after seeing the sweet people in this film, an open mind and listening to a variety of ideas has nothing to do with buying fecal mater, manure, shite, etc.
    You have many extremely judgemenal comrades on the bandwagon say the same unimaginative blah blah blah
    Tell us how something that you do not find interesting should not be interesting to anyone else though
    I always wonder about that

  16. Vicki_in_Greece
  17. Vicki_in_Greece

    If this type of thing is not of interest to you why are you on this web page?
    To find easy targets for abuse perhaps?

  18. Martin Ellacott
  19. Martin Ellacott

    Vicki....if you have bought into this crap, all the pragmatic realism that the World has to offer won't change your mind. The good thing about our society is that we are free to believe what we far that is.

  20. pwndecaf
  21. pwndecaf

    How come they never channel someone interesting from history that we would all know. Madison, Jefferson, Lincoln, Nostradamus hehe, Cayce hehe again, so they would have to really study hard to not slip up.

    I think I just answered my question.

    I would like to vibrate on a whole, new level. I don't think I'm vibrating much at all right now, so pretty much any level would be interesting, I'm sure.

  22. Jane Doe
  23. Jane Doe

    He's on this web page because it's great and interesting... with a lot of different topics. He obviously didn't like this one, so he expressed his opinion.

    Are you on this page just to make sarcastic comments of comments that you don't agree with?

  24. rocketmahn
  25. rocketmahn

    I got to 19.00, and this doc is a total laughable mess. This man has a lot of gall to make it.

  26. sigh
  27. sigh

    If these disembodied spirits/collective are really trying to talk to us through Paul, then you would think they would want to say something profound and of significant substance, rather than: "There is tremendous change coming, it will take different forms, you must manifest yourselves as the creator of your own light"... which is vague horoscope mumbo-jumbo and completely inapplicable as an instruction.

  28. drmollycules
  29. drmollycules

    Even if this guy were for real, the weird whispering/talking thing would make me want to shoot myself before I ever learned anything from the dude.

    Reminds me of the part in Natural Born Killers where the Robert Downey Jr/Geraldo mimic character says "Repetition works David! Repetition works David!" when he's talking about getting people to listen to his ridiculous show.

  30. Paul Gloor
  31. Paul Gloor

    I think that disorder involving the nukes is called greed.

  32. Paul Gloor
  33. Paul Gloor

    More caffeine... makes me vibrate well enough :P

  34. a_no_n
  35. a_no_n

    i would say not to be so harsh in judging the people who fall for this. Many of them are vulnerable, they've been bereaved and are looking for comfort.
    The fact that their memories are being trampled over by con artists and delusional's is another matter, but the fault of it i believe lies with them and not their victims.

  36. Vicki_in_Greece
  37. Vicki_in_Greece

    I don't think you understand my point - it is very creepy to have someone write to me by name and use filthy language to pass such harsh judgement on something that is so harmless. The people involved have good intentions. How angry are you about American and UK state sanction murders around the world or sucking all the money out of their systems so the people in the countries suffer and die. Do you have a a one-size-fits-all disdain or do you use some discernment? (am asking rhetorically not to annoy you)

    Where I live there is a free society but in other parts of the world like the US, UK and China life is not so good. People aren't free to believe what they want unless it fits the nationalistic views of their neighbors - that's what I have noticed with my friends. They 'sush' me on the phone and things like that. Especially in the US, fear is being used very successfully to keep people in the proper belief system.

    That's why I like the documentaries where people are creative and using their imaginations and exploring human spirituality and destiny. Very calming.

  38. a_no_n
  39. a_no_n

    I think saying it's harmless is wrong...there is a lot of evidence that so called Psychcs (especially the ones who meddle in police investigations and hold private readings) do an incredible ammount of damage to the people they are exposed to...however,

    I agree with you on one point though. resorting to foul language as a first reaction with someone who is expressing an opinion is childish, unnecessary, and serves to better nobodies life, not all sceptics are so inclined. And to just try swearing at you until you go away is in itself quite a pathetic response that does nothing but stifle any serious debate and as a result puts the brakes on the wheels of progress.

  40. dmxi
  41. dmxi

    his surname 'selig' is german for 'blessed'....very disturbing esp.:"WE have a book to write!"...meaning:"WE have to sell something...WE have to make money...WE have to dupe people in search in a soulless world!"WEEE can kiss my humble butt!"

  42. Patrick Adrien Varencaus
  43. Patrick Adrien Varencaus

    Anybody that cant name these (so called entities) with proof of existence,they give no name(proof) place(proof) origine (proof) is a deceiver!!!!! beeing deceive !! I have the same gift but from God the Father wich the relationship through Christ-crucified and resurected-(Proof) that whosoever beleive in Him the communication relatioship is restablish !! And the Word of God the Bible is indeed prouveable by itself ! It tells you about exactly that (the voises that you eaar who they are according to God word,usefull as a guide ,human history, a love letter prophecies coming through on and on !! Tallking here about a relation not a man made religion inpired the (the one that hides all the time in darkness destroying human kind satn =The falle cherubin and a third of his fallen angel ! wich will soon end !

  44. Vicki_in_Greece
  45. Vicki_in_Greece

    :) nice to hear from you
    I am only talking about this particular group in the documentary they don't any of them seem like bad people.And they have interesting comments about spirituality. There has to be a new way to discuss spirituality because the time of churches is past. I don't know what it will be though

  46. Vicki_in_Greece
  47. Vicki_in_Greece

    no that is not necessarily why people write books. 'they' are working other jobs after all

  48. dmxi
  49. dmxi

    a pity that fallen angels don't supply 'spell check' or you haven't 'checked the spell' that they casted on you?mysterious times we live in!....& grammar will end soon!

    - the demystified one -

  50. Helen Lasham
  51. Helen Lasham

    OMG, I have worked in mental health for years, there is a big difference between illness and enlightenment. He is a very successful human being, he seems to me to have a wonderful life which has meaning and direction. Who's making a profit sigh? This man is strong in his choices and he is sharing somthing beautiful with people, his choice. Your choice to take it on board or not. Sigh, if there was light to be manifested on this planet for the betterment of humanity would you choose to allow and support it? I love, admire and respect Paul;s choices.

  52. 1concept1
  53. 1concept1

    True Paul, that's part of it, who can disagree with that. You are such a clever person Paul, why didn't i think of that.

  54. 1concept1
  55. 1concept1

    son you don't know the first thing about "God" you are so clueless you don't even know your alive.

  56. 1concept1
  57. 1concept1

    You got that right sigh, just look at the millions of people that go into these buildings a couple times a week and drop to there knees and worship man made synthetic god's The only difference in Paul and these priest, who took god 101 and received certification papers is the priest ware customs and Paul dresses in street clothes. Paul shoots form the hip and the accadaminammazoids read from and edited filtered book of he said she said and proclaim it was written by, "God". The proof, well, the book in question proclaims its self to be true! Do you think maybe the book might be biased? "you feel sorry for guy" sigh take a good look in the looking glass! Not only are these organized man made religious people clueless but worse than that THERE "GODLESS"! The name Jesus means, "THE SON OF MAN", (look it up), Why would his mother name him that knowing he was "Gods child"?, Answer me that! What puzzles me is you feel sorry for Paul and not the rest of these idiots!

  58. Pysmythe
  59. Pysmythe

    Just watch the film 'Zelig,' instead. You'll find the channeling has much more substance.

  60. WAS
  61. WAS

    This is an absolute deception and it is absolutely anti-christian.This man calls him self a channel but these are not angels he speaks to.God never sends his messages like this.These are disembodied spirits a.k.a. demons and decievers and these man needs Jesus.

  62. Dragomir
  63. Dragomir

    I will not even watch this 28min blasphemy. Just the first minute he said he channeled spirits to talk to him - and it's enough to stop it. He is letting himself be willingly possessed by demons and deceive many people who are not grounded in scripture. I do pray and will pray for this guy if possible for him to be saved and for him to repent. Do not be deceived people! You cannot attain godhood! Those entities he channels are called familiar spirits - again the Bible warns us about them. And my goal is not bringing people to denominations as many might think - no, in fact I hate religion and reject it. My goal is to warn you to stay away from people like this channeler and read the Bible KJV 1611 Cambridge edition (the pure unchanged Bible). Go to Jesus directly you don't need churches or pastors or any denomination! You only need the Word of God.

  64. Patrick Murray
  65. Patrick Murray

    I find it highly amusing to hear the bible bangers going on about there not being any proof of what another purveyor of fairy tales is saying, when there is not one single piece of evedence to show god, allah, budda, the sun , the moon, or a rock named Trevor, (or incert the diety of your choice ) are anything other than society control mechanisms at best, and a cruel joke at worse.
    Dont worry about a fairytale afterlife or a bull s*it spirt world, live everyday of your life like it's your last