Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land

2004, Politics  -   48 Comments
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Peace, Propaganda, and The Promised LandWhen Israelis in the occupied territories now claim that they have to defend themselves, they are defending themselves in the sense that any military occupier has to defend itself against the population they are crushing...

You can't defend yourself when you're militarily occupying someone else's land. That's not defense.

Call it what you like, it's not defense. Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land provides a striking comparison of U.S. and international media coverage of the crisis in the Middle East, zeroing in on how structural distortions in U.S. coverage have reinforced false perceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This pivotal documentary exposes how the foreign policy interests of American political elites-oil, and a need to have a secure military base in the region, among others - work in combination with Israeli public relations strategies to exercise a powerful influence over how news from the region is reported.

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  1. David

    for viewing from an american who is not brainwashed by media. All one has to do to realize truth is read Exodus. After receiving "GOD's" law not to KILL or COVET then according to the "GOOD BOOK" : "GOD told the jews to go into the land of Cannan and kill all taking the land that belongs to others.{unless of course they are young and pretty then make them your slaves as you were supposedly in Egypt. If this one chapter in a book that three major religions are based on doesn't make you realize that Man created god not the other way around is delusional and a victim of brainwashing much older and more wide spread than today's media. And in addition as bad as it is today it used to be much worse not that long ago. A conquering army used to give the conquered a choice convert or die. I hate what my country's government and military has done to many areas of the world starting with the native Americans 250 years ago. The USA is the 800lb gorilla in the school yard. If we didn't have some in our country with morals and willing to hold back the military to some extant then the Persian, Roman, Mongolian and British Empires would look like small businesses compared the Mega corporation the USA is capable of today. And as long as we control the oil supply, it probably won't get better. Unless major portions of the world evolve from Religion and educate themselves in science and finance. Even the richest countries per citizen like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are no threat because of greed so they use ancient propaganda in the form of Religion to keep the masses believing in fairly tales and manipulating them to distraction [an enemy to hate] and an illusion to unite them [defending the fairy tale]. There is no invisible being in the sky, the reason that religion promises everlasting eternal paradise is because no one comes back from the dead to tell you its all bullshit. Dead is dead, no amount of praying, suffering or good deeds will change that, this is it now while you are living. Martyrs are really stupid. Hating others only ruins people lives including your own happiness. Religion is the most evil weapon of mass destruction ever created by Man, it has been used to kill more people than any other reason. It is time to evolve to the next step as a planetary community, we are one species, we need to rid ourselves of our own primitive cultures that divide us.

  2. Michael Johnson

    Support the BDS movement. Free Palestine.

    The link to the video will not open. It says, "This video is private." Can you fix that?

  3. Cedrik Thibert

    How can a human being who has a conscience be an accomplice of this with full knowledge of the situation?

    How can people in USA and the West let this happen?

    How can Jewish people in the world who are NOT in favor of this tell the world about what's going on??

    What are we ALL doing here writing internet comments over and over when our countries are committing genocide right in front of our eyes and cover it up?

    People have to do something, commenting on the internet and arguing with each other won't change the situation!!! Can people we STAND UP as responsible HUMAN BEINGS and say no to this? A social-media comment won't change this world, a Youtube comment won't change this world!

    1. Jackal

      It's tough to do something as an individual. But, getting a group together to stand against what Israel is doing, then immediately you are pigeon-holed as an anti-semite. There is little defense to this, unless the group is formed of Jews. But, you don't have to be aJew to join the many Jewish groups in NA as well as Europe that are anti-Zionists and oppose what Israel is doing against the Palestinians. I belong to Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) which is composted mostly of University Jews, even though I'm a Canadian Atheist. There are other groups such as Peace Now, that are also trying to convince Israeli Jews that they need to find a compromist with the Palestinians.

  4. Rich


    Do you think the Creator you believe in would support the tyranny that Israelis have heaped upon the Palestinians? God given Promised Land? don't make me laugh. Every species on this earth has a right to live wherever they wish, in peace, regardless of their religious beliefs. If you watched this documentary, and still hold your beliefs, you must have had some serious Jewish brainwashing.

  5. salem

    I believe that the Creator gave the land of what is now Israel to the Jewish People which also probably included most of the middle east as "Mesopotamia" and exactly the opposite has happened where the Hebrews have lost most of their God Given Promised land to the Arabs.

  6. Dryasiulia

    Cute video but symptom propaganda. I worked trying to keep people from killing each other, along with colleagues, for over 40 years while making a bit of progress here and a tad there. All this while the people who paid our wages with their taxes enjoyed the drama that in their heart of hearts they really didn't want to end. So enjoy your heroes and villains and be sure to pick your favorite side. If you're really serious about what's going on in this region then research the history in fair detail back to the, let's say..., mid 1800's. Don't choose sides, just study. Accept evil of either side. Accept good of either side. Discount no good or evil of either side. Keep telling yourself the people are NOT all the same on either side over and over. If you keep score and you're honest the final score will be equal so don't bother. Cry as needed, PRN...Or.. just pick your favorite heroes and villains. It's far easier socially and genetically for the same reason we're at the top of the food chain. Yum!

  7. arglebargle

    This is the problem with identifying so closely with this concept of nation states, assuming a culture or a religion as a personal identity and "ownership" of land and resources. The earth owns people, because without it, we'd die. Are we not all human beings? Shouldn't that come first, over regional cultural identity? All blood runs red, does it not?

    Without money, would any of this be happening?

    I particularly enjoyed the exposition of spin tactics employed by the marvellous propaganda machine, and the very clear explanation of the motivation for the nation state of America to even be involved in the first place. Oil oil oil. Always comes back to that. I hope that alternative energy strategies are implemented before all of the fossil fuel runs out. I imagine that governments will then find something else to fight about.

  8. bluetortilla

    The war commanders, especially the hateful ones at the top like Cheney, Sharon, and Bin Ladin are in fact sociopaths who have no regard or empathy for human life or suffering. This is evidenced by a fact that one cannot deny: they watch scenes of innocents being killed, of children and families, of these peoples killed by bombs that they ordered to be dropped, and after watching this they can still order the same bombs in the same places to dropped again. We as a global community should not stand for such cowardly leaders that commit murder and we should not tolerate or allow their ascent to power, and demand their ouster and subsequent criminal trails should they do. For I as a regular human being have never seen a sicker sight in my life than the dead bodies of children killed by bombs, and I would do absolutely everything in my power to stop such violence if I were a leader.
    And that is why i have no respect for hardly any statesperson in the world today. Wars are insane because they are driven by insane, inhuman people.
    Today we will weep for Palestine more, for it suffers the greater, and also for Israel, whose leaders made the decisions to torment the Palestinian people to the point of madness. We weep for all innocent blood, but we demand to know the killers are allowed to keep on killing.
    The horror of these problems is not confined to the Israel-Palestine conflict but to the whole of our human history. Incessantly, non-stop. The blood that has been spilled over the millennium would fill the oceans of the earth. We can shrug our heads and say I don't know, or that we have bad leaders, or we can change as individuals in our hearts and our minds and vow to speak out against war, to call for our leaders to resign, to lobby for disarmament, to do something. Because war is waged by the masses, not the vampire megalomaniacs at the top who dine safely in their palaces. The masses are to blame even more for their obedience and preferring blindness to opening their eyes- their cowardice is just as great. As human relationships are self-evident in opposition and cooperation even in the home, no one has an excuse to allow themselves to be brainwashed by the outer world or to not be deprogrammed if they are. We know deep down we are fed a pack of lies, but people are to afraid to turn the channel.
    Several thousand Israeli soldiers, including officers, refuse to fight in the occupied territories. They refuse to 'humiliate a people.' Some served jail time rather than fight. They are the brave, the ones we can proud of and the ones that give us hope for a better Israel and a better future. Hope for a solution to the madness. Out of all the people in the documentary, I learned the most from these.

  9. bluetortilla

    Whether you prefer the word foolish or ignorant in regards to people who believe Western media, particularly American media, is up to you. Furthermore, this notion that Israel is controlling (I acknowledge influence) American policy, this repugnant neoantisemitic rant all over again that Jews control the banking system and the media ad nauseaum, is the price we're paying American encouragement of Israel's policies of hegemony. Assuming things don't change for the better in Israel, when this all turns sour and America finds itself overextended in the Middle East to the crisis point, the world is going to hold its breath as Israel becomes an imploded state, resource hungry and armed with nuclear weapons.
    Any military and economic might that has been given Israel has been given it to by the U.S. for specific political motives and you would be a fool to think otherwise. The image that Israel uses the U.S. to get what it wants is an illusion that Washington is only too happy to promote. And that includes the Jewish leaders.
    Why the U.S. ever allowed Israel to arm itself with nuclear weapons I'll never know. Will they be able to take them away if necessary? If you think the scenes of war victims ripped your heart out, imagine what a nuclear bomb will do. Maybe when things really deteriorate in the Middle East, all the rich and powerful Jewish people will emigrate back to the U.S. and leave the middle and lower classes behind. That's what happened in the years before WWII.

  10. Hans Weissenborn

    Maybe they could make "Greater Israel" one country and call it Palesirael where everyone has equal rights. They may eventually intermarry and become one happy family.

    1. Krimson Knwati

      I was thinking we could revert to the region's historic name, Canaan. But I doubt there will be intermarriage between Muslims and Jews, women from both sides who marry men from the other will be ostracized by their families cuz it's taboo for a Muslim woman to marry an non-Muslim man, and I think similar rules apply among conservative Jews. It's alright though, they managed to coexist before the Crusades, they might do so again... if they first overthrow their deluded leaders (both Israelis and Palestinians, though I suppose Israel might have to go first :P ). And given the violence in the last 3 days, Israel has not done much effort for peace, except preemptively launch planes and rockets and assassinate some key Palestinian leaders along with a whole bunch of "collateral" civilians.

    2. looes74 .

      Come on! Muslim prophet said that Jews & christians are worshipping the same allah

    3. Tim Caffery

      I must point out, Abraham is not "The Father of Many Nations". 'Ham' is the land of Canaan. 'Ab' implies 'to take away'. It's like Americans not know Darth Vader means Dark Father, thus it stands one of the best "twists" in movie history. They won't call it Canaan, because the genocidal doctrine, to "take no prisoners, or bounty" still resonates within the centuries long trauma the Jewish people have suffered. Not 1 century has past since year 0, that they have been specific targets of genocidal tendencies. Who wouldn't be willing to kill at that point. Plus, Canaan is no only the Crown of Africa, it is our first human expedition away from Mother.

    4. bluetortilla

      A secular Israeli-Palestine state would solve a lot of problems: the immediate war of occupation, stability in the region, and stability for the world at large. It would be a powerful state, a nuclear power ruled by both Jews and Palestinians, which would greatly ease nuclear tensions in the region compared to now.
      The problems of creating such a state are enormous, but everyone should know by now that Israel's intents are on annexation of land it feels in conquered in the 1967 war (nearly half a century ago). But whatever the costs and sacrifices in the creation of such a state, they pale to the grim reality of the occupied territories today where the lines between blatant ethnic cleansing and genocide are blurry. Palestinian resentment and hate toward the right wing Israeli governments, the Israeli occupying army, and the settlers that occupy their land (they will have to leave) will be a huge problem for many years to come.
      Without an abandonment of Zionism Arab opposition to Israel is unlikely to ever end and Israel will live indefinitely under siege. Zionism by its very definition will prevent a formation of a secular state based on power sharing. A state that Palestinians could claim a stake in and use as a vehicle to further their own interests as well.
      There is nothing revealing in that it is the Palestine people who have lost this war and who are the victims of aggressive Israel policies bent on starving them to death or driving them out as refugees. For Israel, the policy is short-sighted and highly volatile. I'm afraid that if Israel does not have the courage to make tough decisions in its own interests, the day will come when it too is besieged. The dream that a Zionist state will finally bring security to the Jewish people is just that, a pipe dream. The reality is that Israel needs to work harder with its neighbors, stop the war, and start investing in financing the infrastructure and social services of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Obviously, there are plenty of Israelis willing to help, and therein lies hope.

  11. E. Meyr

    Israeli policy of occupation and colonization victimizes the Palestinians now and will ultimately cost the Israelis their "Jewish" state as the West Bank and Israel are, in fact, one country - approximately 50% Palestinian and 50% Jewish. We can expect more to die---and US support has ensured that.

    1. looes74 .

      I am not being isrealite apologist but then before pointing finger on the Jews or Zionis or whatever. Ask the Turks.....What happen to the Armenian genocide

  12. Patti Haynes

    Excellent! Everyone should view this.

  13. Ahmed nawaz

    Excellent documentary

  14. freeyamindo0

    Great Video!

    Now if only the American people would understand that the same media is spinning all news they watch so that they have a certain perspective on any given event.

    Now if only the American people would realize that the same "trustworthy" media outlets (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC, NPR, TIMES, ETC) are all filtered to a certain extent on basically every issue. Mainly on the most important events like war, the economy, politics and individual rights.

  15. Guest

    Hum! The USA is close to lose its world record of war crime to the hands of Isreael. Though, most if not all Israel human rights violations & harrassements are funded by the USA citizens.

    This ought to be why USA citizens just love their televisions networks that bring them biased news on the effeciency of their taxes abroad that subsidize torture & war crime abroad, (Not only in the mid-east)...

    In now days, I'd wonder to what extent would a common average american defend his own house if invaded and occupied as the peoples were over there? What any animal including an homosapiens does once abused in such a manner?

    In any instances, just as a matter of security, I rather find chemical raw materials in other countries, elsewhere than this USA SLUMP!
    You never know if you'll be dealing with with that 80% gang of sub-humans who use their pseudo democracy their congress to promote murders and weapon production,

    Sort of psychopath that gets an erection while watching a teen girl running over a bridge with her skin dangling down her back after a USA air force dropped a napalm bomb on her family house!
    Too bad for the 20%, but I don't want to be seen aside a brainless zombie.
    Beside, the only business they're fit is weaponeries.
    The more one hang around, the higher is the risk of infection.

    Comes a time, things needs to be said.


  16. Guest

    Whooh! Reading the comments, I gotto watch this one!
    I don't rememeber who gave me hint but looks as one of the best of TDF?



  17. joe31

    cause isreal is heartless wolves

    1. Patti Haynes

      No, not all of Israel are heartless wolves, if you watched this documentary and understood it. It is mainly the government in control. Much the same as it is here in America. Of course you have people who agree with the government, but you must then consider why they agree; is it because of the Media spin? Probably! Just take a look at all of the Televangelists that have Jews on every show crying how they need money for poor Jews in Russia! This is propaganda in it's ugliest form. They take money from these unsuspecting Christians and buy more Arms to bomb the Palestinians!! But you have some of the people of Israel helping Palestinians rebuild their homes.
      Our own Media misleads us every day because of money!! Most people are not interested enough to delve into research the topic. They believe blindly because that is what the Bible and faith has taught them to do, so they are easy prey for the propaganda.

    2. Ryad Arlan

      I dont understand why people like Israel and Palestine are fighting they should round up all the "joe31's" and fight them.

    3. looes74 .

      Yes why? It's 60 years. Why not just keep calm & carry on

  18. Guest

    Good Documentary. I'm going to watch it again and again. So who are these Fake Palestinian Suicide Bombers I wonder?!

  19. Salman Ahmed

    I am speechless...

  20. oddsrhuge

    Wow...this film just makes me very sad. I really don't know if there is any help for humanity as long as we keep "profit" as the main theme.

    And we, the poor sheep feel powerless to change this ridiculous paradigm.

    Greed has led to: genocide, endless war and fear-mongering, all on the backs of millions of innocents dying, and the middle class of the West joining the poor and destitute.

    Meanwhile, "back at the ranch" the fat-cats continue to feast on the remains of freedom and democracy.

    Give me my life, my land and my beliefs, back to me.

  21. Amra Blanchett

    Who disabled this link???

  22. iboman

    People believe whatever they are told,plain and simple as long as they can eat their Macdonalds,buy crap they do not need and get consumed by the smokescreen of lies and deception,that play out in front of their very eyes.Then they call you a conspiracy theorist, no i am just better informed than you,so open your mind and eyes,because what is going on around us is truly evil manifested as politics masquerading as FREEDOM but as you know FREEDOM comes at a price.People of Palestine stay strong you have survived this much for which you have my uptmost respect and admiration.Peace to you.

  23. ryu

    Germany kills alot of the jews....
    The jews kill alot of the palestinians....
    Not sure who the palestinians are going to take it out on but i hope they don't invade canada...

    Where is the u.s.a on this issue... OOOOO thats right no oil in that part of the holy land!!! they have wmd there but usa doesn't want them because they probably sold them to the jews 10 years ago...

    p.s its the usa that should be blown to piece's!!!9-11, president killing nimrods!! im surprized ye haven't blown yourselve's up yet!!

    who lived there first.... exactly!!!!

    1. looes74 .

      Palestinians messed up in Lebanon & Jordan. Why not ask Jordan to open up some teritory to palestinians.....See

  24. ccf.

    This documentary brought tears to my eyes,to comment about the situation I couldn't find words to express myself,I don't think it's possible.All I can say for now is shame,shame and more shame to the powerful and elites.How could I respect any head of state who could encourage such crime against defenseless people.These men of power are in my opinion are useless to the human race,I always say what do we need governments for again?Oh yes, to subdue us and control our existence.In the scripture it says,those who are first shall be last and those who are last shall be first.It's just a matter of time,so people of Plalestine just keep up the faith and be strong.For god doesn't like ugliest.A day of reckoning is coming and the oppressors of these helpless people will in turn be on the receiving end.Nothing last forever.

    1. looes74 .

      Why not Rwanda? Or one forsaken place in western sahara? Or even the armenians? Hypos

  25. ccf.

    This documentary brought tears to my eyes,to comment about the situation I couldn't find words to express myself,I don't think it's possible.All I can say for now is shame,shame and more shame to the powerful and elites.How could I respect any head of state who could encourage such crime against defenseless people.These men of power are in my opinion are useless to the human race,I always say what do we need governments for again?Oh yes, to subdue us and control our existence.In the scripture it says,those who are first shall be last and those who are last shall be first.It's just a matter of time,so people of Plalestian just keep up the faith and be strong.For god doesn't like ugliest.A day of reckoning is coming and the oppressors of these helpless people will in turn be on the receiving end.Nothing last forever.

  26. richard mchale

    The sate of Israel will last less than 100 years. Its end will come about by its own greed and weakness, not by any action from outside of its 'borders'. Palestinians need to stay strong and resolute and resist the temptation of violence, your time will come.

    1. looes74 .

      Then Israelites would be terrorists. Never ending vicious cycle which brings no benefits to everybody

  27. Golden_Standard

    Very good film! I had a feeling something was up b/tw the US and Israel because the news broadcasts left me with so many questions...I always wondered why they were fighting over then land and how it was that Israel was always right...I know now. This is why so many people in the world hate the U.S. and it really pisses me off when people get angry for saying that the U.S. is wrong, sometimes we are. And I really believe that we will pay for our crimes, just like every other nation will pay for theirs. Reminds me of a quote from "The Wire" "You'd rather live in s#$% than let the world see you with a shovel."

    And, the media is playing a very big role in us losing our democracy. As Big Brother would say: IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.

  28. Stephen

    DeathSSghosT, It was Ghandi.

    1. looes74 .

      Ghandi asked muslims & hindus to unite. Ask Jinnah why exacebate the split. Muslims themselves got to get the blame you know

  29. Slippery Jim

    Freedom and unity among all.How? Stay informed.

  30. DeathSSghosT

    we shoulnt hope god avenges the palestinians but gives them strength to forgive israel. who said it, an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. jesus tells us to forgive.

  31. jmack

    Never before have i seen the Isreali/USA - Palestinian conflict in this light. Basicly this brutal genocide made me sick in the guts, sick with anger and i hope God/Allah avenges the Palestinian suffering.

  32. Yavanna

    Tagging for discussion notification - I have strong views (against Israel) and prefer to keep my powder dry for now.

    Question for now: Does anyone actually support Israel that isn't directly making money from the concept whilst putting the world in utter jeopardy?

    Pop fact; The resources spent by the USA on Israel is annually equivalent to $16,000 per every Israeli citizen. USA citizen $16,000 would be nice as a windfall wouldn't it?

    I guess I wasn't just tagging; The Israeli subject just makes me so damn angry! And why shouldn't it! Park the lot of em in some Arizona desert and call it zion. Retarded superstitious thugs can go to hell for all I care. I utterly resent and hate the whole matter.

    I have only ever come in contact with 2-3 real Israelis and have found them to be utterly psychotic a-holes!

    But the real blame lies with America for subsidising and promoting the whole gang of crooks!

    Democracy my a$$ - when did any of you vote for any of this?

  33. santasa

    Revealing documentary ! Their (USA) freedom of press and their democracy - what a crap ... The Nazi state propaganda was a child play if compared to American mainstream journalism !

  34. Jay


    1. Patti Haynes

      Amen! Unlike Newt Gingrich and some moron on Fox Spews said, that Palestinians are a made up people and never existed before now. What an irrational and idiotic thing to say! But consider the sources!
      Palestine and Palestinians have been there for thousands of years and will always be there! It is THEIR home!! You'd think more people would get the link by the names being so similar... However, true stupidity runs deep!