The Perfect Vagina

The Perfect Vagina

2008, Sexuality  -   901 Comments
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What began as a wander through the wacky world of genital plastic surgery became a passionate documentary about modern femininity, The Perfect Vagina. After My Penis And Everyone Else's, it's now time to look at women's insecurities.

Women are undergoing surgery to create perfect genitalia amid a "shocking" lack of information on the potential risks of the procedure, a report says. Research published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology also questions the very notion of aesthetically pleasing genitals.

Operations to improve the appearance of the sex organs for both psychological and physical reasons are on the rise. But surgeons said the report overplayed the risks of an established procedure. Researchers from University College London reviewed all the existing studies on cosmetic labial surgery - which generally involves reducing the amount of tissue that protrudes from the lips which cover the vagina. They found there had been little work to document any longer-term side effects.

Labioplasty, as it is known, costs about £3,000 privately and is offered for a variety of reasons: some women complain that wearing tight clothes or riding a bike is uncomfortable, while others say they are embarrassed in front of a sexual partner.

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  1. What I find most interesting about the 'outrage' the women posters here expressed about the 'pressures' put on women in 'our society' (read: by men) is that if you listen to the men interviewed they didn't have the slightest idea what she was talking about and said they couldn't care less. The women in the Penis Video ALL expressed clear preferences for penises, one going so far as to say she broke off a MARRIAGE because if it.

    I totally get the wanting a big c*ck, as (yet another) guy on this board with an average-ish 7" c*ck I do ok but have met women who express BEFORE hand that they are 'size queens' or 'only date guys with big c*cks'. And AGAIN I am fine with it; is it their body and their sexuality and their vagina and their mind that is going to be dealing with the penis in question so more power to them if they need/want 8-12 inches or more. What BOTHERS me is this thought that I and other men can't likewise have our own vagina preferences without it being some attack on women; just because we don't want what you have be it vagina, breast, hair, age, looks, style, personality doesn't make us beasts or shallow; it makes us just like you: human beings with preferences for what turns us on and what doesn't. So get the operation or don't. Clearly NONE OF US is pressuring you to do so. You just may have to do without THE some of us you want. Welcome to grown-up land.

  2. Not sure what the issue is; men are under constant pressure to have big penises, women talk about it ALL the time, 100/0s of blogs/articles where women go into detail about size/curvature/shape preferences. Female friends talk about it CONSTANTLY. Female friends talk about their boyfriends 'endowment' constantly.

    I'm unclear why if women can have a preference for the shape or size or 'cut' of penis that pleases them physically or visually the most why men can't? Why do we have to be PC and say they are all the same? Sorry they are not; some are beautiful and pleasing, some not. I'm going to say almost every woman on here would say the same about the penises they encountered.

    And are we really going to blame porn because if it's 'perfect' and
    'shaved' vaginas when they portray 90% of the male population as having penises that 1% possibly do?

    I say get over your selves already; if your guy doesn't like YOUR type of vagina, deal with it and move on. No one forces you to have surgery. Clearly men who have penis enlargement surgery with all the complications those entail are also making the wrong decision; just find a woman who likes YOU and your penis. Articles shaming women for having those preferences isn't going to accomplish anything and neither is this.

    Oh btw; a good part of the American male population is involuntarily circmuscised resulting in, among other things, a great loss in pleasure.

    Speaking as a man I have clear preferences for what I find vaginally pretty and find no need to pretend they are all the same TO ME or as attractive TO ME. Would I shame a woman for not living up to those standards? Hardly. But for all the ladies who get why your friend dumped the under-endowed or uncut or cut or bent the wrong way boyfriend, please extend us the same
    understanding and courtesy.

  3. I was somewhat part of the problem.
    At one point I found women with a pronounced labia minora absolutely revolting.
    I was around 18 at the time and my view has certainly changed.

    1. Clap clap clap from the Oprah audience. You do know 1990Banks you are allowed to prefer small labia minora, large ones, pinker lips, not so pink lips, short ones, wide ones, shaved ones, hairy ones, tight ones, not so tight ones, you do get that right? That is your right as a man and a human being.

  4. it is so very sad that women feel so badly about themselves because of what the outside world has to say about them. how are we, as mothers, failing our daughters so badly? how are we, as a society, failing our daughters so drastically? when a culture does this as a matter of course, then it's a culturally accepted practice. when women do this TO THEMSELVES to be more socially accepted by other individuals, it's emotionally degrading, heartbreakingly sad.

    1. Perhaps you didn't see the documentary before this one, with men mutilating their penises to make them bigger and more acceptable to women? Notice in this one we didn't have a group of men sitting around with fake vaginas talking about their preferences. I'm going to guess Raynebird YOU have penis preferences and have discussed your female friends bfs and husbands penises without shame, your preferences ditto and at least you or one of your friends has dumped a guy because he didn't have the right penis. Do you find that or the penis documentary heartbreaking?

    2. it's so kind of you to be so judgemental. actually, i do not have "penis preference" lol. if a man knows how to use his equipment to it's potential, i'm for whatever he's carrying. considering my age and experience, i've tried all kinds and found them all quite satisfactory. and no i don't discuss the qualities of penis's w/my friends. i discuss qualities of love and sex w/my friends, males and females alike. and yes i DO find the documentary about men's selfdepredation heartbreaking. even moreso than w/women because very rarely do men have someone, or feel that they havesomeone they can talk to about their true feelings. i was married for nearly 30yrs to a wonderful man, i know exactly how they feel about their bodies, how terrified they are about what others think and how women percieve them. it's frightening that the world/societies marketing skills are such that this is what we're left with.
      msnyc, please before you become so judgemental, and depleting to others, consider that you know nothing about anyone on the internet. take what you read w/a grain of salt and don't try to read between the lines. usually there isn't anything there but white space. have a good day.

  5. Here's a tip - Use the proper name FFS! What is with these s*upid cutesy names? How on earth is anyone supposed to feel comfortable in their sexuality, in their body, if they can't even call their body parts by their proper names. It should be something you learn at a young age - "this is my arm, this is my nose, this is my vagina, this is my penis, bottom etc" is it really that difficult?

    1. We do learn all that Katherine. Then when we find new names to use when we sexualize the same parts so it isn't so clinical. I have yet to hear a girl say "I want you in my vagina" or "give me that penis". If you can only feel comfortable in your sexuality using clinical vs sexual terminology for your parts, your problems go deeper then language.

  6. I don't think it is ever possible to be happy with what you've got...

  7. I have quite years behind me and can honestly say that I have never seen any women's genitals that did anything other than thrill me. Loved them all. I find it sad that some women resort to surgery to fulfill a desire to meet some criteria of what is perceived as beautiful. For a man, they are al beautiful, as is. :)

    1. Sorry, no. Some are not and you are lying if you say otherwise. If you've had more then say 5 lovers clearly you've seen vaginas that made your head spin with lust and couldn't wait to get your hands/mouth/cc*ck in and on, and some not as much and others that turned you off. That is just the plain truth Richard unless you just got out of jail or have such limited access that anything goes. Vaginas are not all the same and not all as attractive to everyone anymore then penises, people or anything else in this world.

  8. I've had quite a lot of sexual partners and I'm more than a bit chubby. No offence but I don't think men are really that picky and I think the reason I've done quite well is because despite the excess stone or two I'm pretty confident. I've found that confidence and being low maintenance has helped me dramatically. i can't imagine given my experience that by the time the flaps come out that a boy will be revolted by them more likely will just be excited to get his knob wet in whatever fu-fu is on offer. Though I do feel lucky to have quite a neat fu-fu but I know I will never have a body like Rosie. We all have our flaws and we should embrace what good qualities we have.

    1. So you've been happy and excited and not just that but just as excited by each and every one of the knobs you've had access to, regardless of the size or shape or other flaw? I doubt it highly and I bet a sexually active woman like yourself has quite clear preferences and I'm going to bet it all that when you come across say a 3" penis you don't embrace more then once.

    2. Deary me, msnyc10.... what has happened to make you so angry and bitter about this?

  9. in some african countries its cultural to circumcise girls n we blams tht its islamic wtf is wrong with us?no we do practise in uk same thing whts over concern to get involve in pplz personal matters?well if some one is going to get it or not its thier wish notting wrong with it as woemn maked up thier face eyebrows lashes lips thn why not pussy?as boy put gel on hairs n style n tatoos thn why not to get circumcise n get more harder by skin??some thing is really wrong with us with we westrn pplz we dont do wht we preach n we do wht we dont.

    1. in response - these women have made the choice as adults, and it is done in surgical conditions. You are making comment to a child having to undergo a procedure that can remove sensation, in a none surgical environment - based on her parents wishes. I am not saying either is right or wrong - only that on is done because the person effected is choosing it

  10. Dear ladies: I'm a lesbian woman and even I don't care what pussies look like, there are much better things to do with one than just look at it critically (seriously, who would do that but somebody that doesn't get aroused by it, and why would you bother with those people?). Remember, the eyes are way above the mouth, and in sex issues the eyes have a much lesser important opinion than the mouth, hands and everything elsse. Unless it's an actual medical reason, such as a physical discomfort when walking and such, there really is no reason to cut anything down there.

  11. Now this is WHACK! I do like me some vag but lets face it, it ain't pretty and neither is my ugly feller so who cares? I guess some ladies do...

  12. I had a labiaplasty when I was 13. It wasn't for vanity, it was because friction was an issue when I moved. But still, 13. And I think it's pretty strange. But some people actually get this done for medical reasons.

  13. Well... tragic. I think you REALLY have to go out of your way to find a guy who cares so much about how it looks he doesn't like the girl cause of it, or let it influence him in anyway. I have never even heard of it. Seriously, if you ever find a guy like that he is probably mentally ill. So please don't do surgery, you are absolutely fine!

  14. Wow, talk about a hypocritical host. So she daily plucks her eyebrows, puts on makeup, maintains her died hair and artificial hairstyle, but bashes all of the women that choose a one time fix for something they weren't happy with for years? I am no fan of plastic surgery but the woman in this film is a terrible person in my mind - her message of "It's ok to artificially fix X,Y,Z but talk about your whoo whoo and you must be depressed or think poorly of yourself, or be s*upid... Just silliness. If you're happy with your vagina then AWESOME! But if someone else isn't happy with theirs let them be; It's sad, but it's none of your business and how dare you to criticize their choice.

    1. And we didn't even get to see her vagina!

    2. I disagree, she is just exploring the idea. She's also exploring the idea of being unhappy with your body due to explore and media. She is exploring why there is a huge increase in labiaplasty when there wasn't years ago. Factors that influenced me - porn, people's negative comments both male and female. Making me feel different, ugly and unattractive. She is exploring why. I wish I didn't feel this way and people embraced large labia and love it like any other vagina but no...its not like that.

    3. While I concur that there is a debate to be had on the comparison of cosmetic surgery and make up, I think you are off the mark with your personal attack on the host. Nowhere did she say anything I could interpret as a bash on women who choose labiaplasty. If anything she bashed the practice, and the sector of society that makes women feel they need it, but never the women who choose to do so.

  15. Yes and I agree that Rosie had a beautify vagina!!! That doctor should have encouraged her to keep what she had. But then again.... doctors love money!!!!

  16. Just wanted to say that from experience men love dangling inner labia and ask me to stretch mine so that I have MORE not less.... girls/women its your confidence and sexuality that is the most important part of your anatomy.

    I must say though....Women have been targets of so much physical (and other) criticism for so very long that it is no wonder that they have the hang ups that they do.

    1. I wish I met someone like this! Must be an age thing. Men in their 20s grew up with born, as did I. Their normal is porn tidy little thing. Their normal isn't dangling inner labia. If it was why are people so crude? Doubt it would be the case in my grandparents day.

  17. I listened with great admiration and watched with great interest, but I hope all women understand that the view of flacid lips is a very different one than the view of aroused lips. The likelyhood is your lips will be aroused before your legs part to even enable an image. Aroused the inner labia puff a little and shorten, become more symmetrical, streamlined and appear at the very least, "beautiful". The drive men are cursed with short circuits the necessity for any particular appearance of a womans genitalia. An optimum appearance has never been defined to me either, so ladies, just enjoy the fact that most men crave your vagina both before and after they may see it. Anything else is the anomaly, not your labia. Of course feel free to have the surgery if your determined, but remember, you may be depriving the future love of your life from enjoying a bountiful plethora which he may have been dreaming about since he was 12 years old. I would hope a good surgeon would have to refer all potential patients to another doctor who specializes in education such that the patient can make an informed decision. Being a beneficiary, the surgeon has to admit he has a conflict of interest when it comes to providing advice to the patient about anything other than clarifying the procedure and its risks. Such a brilliant documentary. Well done.

  18. It's quite sad that so many women fall for what the media continually
    impose on them and society in general - that of feelings of inferiority,
    inadequacy, and inability. Being and believing so, it is difficult for
    women to face the media and their messages for much of what it is; a
    manipulative tool by the powerful to divide, weaken, and isolate us from
    ourselves and others. Divided, we, and the individual, fall prey to
    manipulation by the powerful. United in spirit, body, and mind, we can
    resist and defeat. Simple as that. "Vaginal inferiority" is an assault
    on one of your most private physical parts. Lose control of that and
    you have to admit that you are being manipulated at that level and on
    many other levels. Resist.

  19. The only surgery Rosie needs is the removal of her malignant sister.

  20. I completely agree with "boxgod" I can't speak for all men but as for me a real woman with curves or thick as they are called today is the best kind of woman. There truly is someone for everyone out there.

  21. The perfect virgina is the one the woman you love has. No if, buts or whatever, it is always perfect.

  22. 90% of women in Egypt are circumcised.

    1. Please elaborate. What is removed? Is anaesthesia involved?

    2. Female "circumcision" is a misnomer. Instead of removing the foreskin of the penis (analogous to the clitoral hood), the entire clitoris is removed. Please read the Wikipedia article on female genital mutilation. And, Catherine, you dance beautifully; it is a great short.

  23. i love my vagina i was born a boy with a vagina im never going to get surgery to change it i was born intersex

  24. i didn't know that there's such thing as this..for me every vagina are created and formed on its own..we are not to change the way it looks..and please others. for those men who only can be with you just because of the looks of you genital part..he's not the right man for you to be with and surely he's only after you to get into all the time. please don't be impulsive in making decision to yourself by going under surgery that one day you will regret for grateful for having beautiful body. we women are all created in special way. so we should treat ourselves special.

  25. Everyone has an optimal taste, vaginas without that extra skin are the most beautiful thing, they are a plus in my books, the same goes to a nice sized pair of breasts. I think its completely normal to say it (just think about it in a ''cold way'': would you rather be 4'11'' or 6'2''? ..the same goes to other preferences). So many women go "what a gentleman" or "I wish more men were like you!", but its hypocrisy. For example, I am a short guy (5'6''), and in countless occasions women mentioned my height as a deal breaker. We live in a hypocrite society where everyone judges and hate being judged. Do it like I do, deal with it!

  26. Rosie has such a lovely vagina! It's atrocious she'd want it surgically mutilated!

    1. I can't believe the doctor said she had "too much" skin!!! It's just different! wow!!

  27. Omg! i did not relise intill now that my vagina is normal! I was so scared i really wanted to go for the surgery and i am 14 and i worried every single night about it intill now! thank you :)

  28. Wow, what a great film!

  29. Those women should have lifted their boots and stomped those guys, little boy knobs.

  30. It's no different to a man having a circumcision. She's acting like they are having major disfiguring surgery. The truth is, like penises, some vaginas are less than pretty. Being a TV personality, she has a higher than average self image and will probably never understand other peoples low self confidence.

  31. In my tribe,and the country at large,research shows that men like women with ling labias. Woman take it too far to pull them so they can elongate them more to attract men. Ohh! i felt bad as i saw that Doctor chop it off.

  32. can a vagina after giving birth be tighten again?

    1. Yes I had a friend who had something done and said she was "double virgin" after.

    2. Absolutely. It's an exercise that strengthens the muscles at the floor of the pelvis, called a "kegel". And you can actually do them inconspicuously most anywhere, even while just sitting in a chair, for example. My wife employed the technique to good effect after the birth of our kids. As a matter of fact, I've heard that even men can use this exercise to help them with firmer erections, premature ejaculation, or urinary issues, but I wouldn't advise one to look over at the dude sitting in the booth next to his at work and say, "Hey, man, check it out! I'm doing my kegels right now!"

  33. So when a surgery for perfect guts ? perfect anus ? perfect trachea ????
    Poor humanity !

  34. Women are under the illusion all men like them shaved, I must have been born in the wrong time give me the 60' 70's any day nice hairy mounds oh and I like plenty bacon with mine.

  35. It's just so horribly sad that so many women have issues with how they are born. It doesn't help that porn has gotten this idea into people's heads that if you have large lips below that there is something wrong. No. Nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong with you and for those that say otherwise tell em to kick rocks and shut their trap. What right do they think they have to try to make anyone feel bad about how they naturally are?? Love yourself. You are important. You are a priority. You are loved. The people that love you the most would never try to make you feel less than for your body.

  36. Wow, I just stumbled upon this documentary and I must admit that I have always hated my own vagina and the thoughts had crossed my mind about doing this. But after going through breast cancer 3 years ago, having both breast removed, nipples and all and having reconstruction ( just had nipples made 2 weeks ago ) It's all about who you are on the inside. Why do we want to be like everyone else. Our uniqueness makes us who we are.

  37. Being unique is obviously what makes a person sexy or we would all be sleeping with dolls instead of people.

  38. This makes me so mad! Obviously the popularity of porn has homogenized what is considered an acceptable female body. The "ideal" seems so sterile and Barbie- like. Almost like nothing at all. It's like anorexia of the female genitalia- the opposite of the "idealized" male parts. Trying to disappear. This seems like a power grab to me – or at least a giving up of power by these women.

    1. The sad thing is neither gender is immune to this nonsense. I feel sorry for men as well because society and money-makers pressure them to have "big penises." When I flip through the channels at night and see these horrible commercials interviewing scantily clad paid actresses to say how they like big "members" to sell a penis-enlarging product, it makes me so mad! We are all pressured to be clones of this so-called perfect male or female specimen, and big wigs are making money off of the low self-esteem they make us feel in the first place! Is is the same age-old selling point: Make people think they are sick, then sell them a cure.

  39. really in reality, it is just more discrimination on females, why are men circumcised? because uncut dicks look like a pencil with broken lead. if females want to make their vagina more attractive to what they think guys like you are all up in arms about, mind your own business people can do whatever they f***ing want......

    1. Men are circumcized because although ostensibly to promote 'health' it was known that it drastically reduced male pleasure, not to make them more attractive to women.

  40. I am a 40 year old man from Melbourne Australia and just saw the documentary 'The Perfect Vagina' on SBS. I am not an emotional person by nature and am not prone to expressing my emotions - I truly admire people who have this ability but unfortunately it is not part of my DNA. I watched in horror as that beautiful girl Rosey went through mental hell at the hands of her peer group and family.

    For the first time in many years I was brought to real uncontrollable tears that she disliked herself so much that this was the only answer she felt available to her. What's worse, in what I can make out from the brief time she was in the documentary, she was absolutely beautiful in every possible way - her nature, her intellect, her physical beauty and finally her genital anatomy.

    As a man I felt so embarrassed that we as a gender tolerate a culture that can bring women and this girl to this point.

    I have two sons and hope that when they grow up they will treat their partners with absolute love, respect and treasure them as whole people.

    God help us if this is where we are going as species. For what is worth - please ladies (and every person with body image issues) - love and respect yourself you just as you are, because those people who don't love you just as you are, are simply not worth your time.

  41. That' why, if your p*ssy ain't looking sweet, keep you pubic hair ON,
    The original design ;)

    1. the young men of today like a vagina that looks like something a pedophile is into....apparently....weird....see what society has done to them?

  42. Psh, all genitalia is weird looking. You just roll with it and enjoy it anyway.

  43. It is sad that a young girl is so unselfconscious that she has to go through with a surgery like that. It really doesn't matter how big the lips only if she is tight. I don't think it would be that big of a deal to most guys !!! There is more important things how a woman's labia looks as long as it doesn't cause her discomfort or ruin sex with her. I think its kind of shallow that any guy would think that way she is a beautiful woman and shouldn't have had the surgery!!! I am a guy and wouldn't care !!! If you like a woman none of that should matter !!!! I can see if she has a few kids and is like 40 but at 18 its not necessary !!!

  44. 2 words. Vaginal Rejuinification.

    1. 3 words , learn to spell.

  45. I don't understand this trend. I have had girlfriends who felt that their pussies looked terrible. I feel the opposite. The fuller the lips the more gorgeous the pussy looks to me. I like lips that are full and long and can grip. To remove those lips makes the pussy look very "pedestrian", it is the lips that make them look erotic, sexy and desirable. When I meet a new woman one of the most exciting things I look forward to is feeling her pussy. When I feel her lips and they are full I am all the more exited about having sex with her. Leave those gorgeous lips alone.

  46. Lisa is too arrogant. She has quite a few surgeries on her face but patronizes the girl with the ugly cunt. She thinks she has the discernment to decide which plastic surgeries are ok and which are not. The real thing here is that fannies are still taboo. Pomulus, nose or vagina a plastic surgery is a plastic surgery. Why is the vagina different? Because it is taboo.

    1. First off, the fact that you used the words "ugly cunt" just shows how little respect you have for women in general! On a different note I think the other reason the vagina is different is because its not visible when you're out in public. At least that's the difference for me (genitals have never been something taboo in my family or circle of friends). Also, they're doing these surgeries on young girls, how is that ok? There's no way a 16 year old would be considered for a nose job! As far as i'm concerned, it's unnecessary and I consider it mutilation.

    2. What surgeries has she had on her face?

  47. who the hell what you will with your own damn body. Also note that male circumcision has been practiced for thousands of years, which is a vain/aesthetic procedure which has little or no purpose except to get your penis sucked more frequently. it is the same with labia surgery.

  48. I had a similar procedure done. Only I didn't get any anesthesia, I was an infant, and I wasn't given the choice. Oh wait, I am a boy, nothing to see here. Move on to the next comment.

  49. Any girl with big hanging lips should have this sugery.... if your outer lips dont touch together then you need to fix it........ hangy lips are gross...

    1. So glad you will never be dating my two daughters...or, in all probability, any woman, ever.

    2. YOU are gross and there is no surgery for that but you can always try to get educated..that might help.

    3. sez who?! sez you?! you are not shopping for a wallet or pair of shoes...whatever your partner has should be perfect.

    4. ... you're gross. Most womens outer lips only touch PRE puberty... Its people like you that reinforce this kind of pressure on women... I'll get rid of any and every guy who has a problem with my labia long before I ever take a knife to them. I just wish more women felt the same.

    5. Zoltan - You are either a pedophile or completely inexperienced with a real woman's body. Women just don't have vaginas like that - girls have vaginas like that.

    6. zoltan is prob 18-25 years old and the only female pubic hair he would ever have seen would have been his mothers... shaven vaginas are disturbing because they resemble a 9 or 10 year old child to anyone not born in the "lets shave our pubes as soon as we get em" era....society has no idea what it is creating....may god have mercy on you all.

    7. yeah ill bet you think anything that isnt looking like a 10 year old girls vagina is gross huh? you turkish? or hungarian? you would marry a 13 year old if you could wouldnt you?

  50. I wish that all I had to worry about with my vagina's looks were the lips. The lips are fine. I've had two kids, and my actual vaginal opening is torn up. It looks like an octopus. Having to explain why it looks like that keeps me from ever having sex. I hate it.

    1. why would you allow peer pressure to infect your mind?! you have what you have...there is no need to explain anything!!!!!

    2. it is not peer pressure, it is society.

    3. I'm sorry you dislike your body so much, but I would suggest that if feel you need to explain (or couldn't if asked) its appearance, perhaps the person you're with isn't worth the time.

  51. I have never met a vagina I didn't like . . .

    1. right on brother...

    2. Yeah, even when it's attached to something ugly!

  52. As a man with somewhat extensive scarring, hidden and apparent, surgical and of the dumbass variety, there is one factor in common with almost all of them. Numbness. Some of it minor, some of the scars from 20 year old and counting wounds that countinue to give me pause to this day. Most of them are of my own doing. A slashed carotid artery, 200 stitches to the back of my thigh, a bullet hole, a lip split to my chinand various others of lesser trauma. When I say of my own doing, I don't mean self-inflicted. I mean, by and large, that I had it coming. They don't hurt, but the numbness is what gives me the daily reminders.Speaking of pause, ladies, take a moment to reflect. Even if the odds were, say, 1 in 10,000. Would it be worth it to you to lose ANY sensitivity, in this most sensitive of areas? Keep it as God intended, and keep it clean. Appearance means nothing to us. A rose will always be arose.

  53. I am constantly amazed at the shallowness and vanity of that species called human... work in aged care for a while and you will find that most people's genitalia changes when they get older...flappy for the girls and a little turtle hiding in a bush for the boys...

  54. I just think it's funny that the host was too self conscious to show her vagina when the whole time she is around women that had no issue with it.

    1. :). She fully admitted to finding that difficult AND I can sort of relate. I consider myself a bit prudish, but don't feel that others around me need to be. We rented a lovely little house that had a six person sauna and we used to joke about going in nude or prude (it was usually a coed experience). I ALWAYS felt the need to wear a bathing suit, but was totally fine by all the men and women who chose to go buff and were really comfortable with it. Sometimes we struggle to "live up to" the values we hold. While I think nudity is totally fine, I'm still a little uncomfortable with it.

  55. I really don't see what the problem is. If an adult wants to have cosmetic surgery then why not? I've considered it. Would it improve my looks? Undoubtedly. Yes, we'd all like the world to judge us on who we are, rather than what we look like, but that's not going to happen. Only friends and family will do that. As for the labia reduction, it seems like a simple procedure under local anaesthetic. If it instils confidence then it has to be worth it.

  56. I read quite a ways down through the comments. I'll put my two sense in from a man's perspective.

    I think BIG lips are the bomb. It makes the vagina even more tantalizing. A vagina is a beautiful thing and full lips compliment that thing of beauty.

    I'm telling you ladies that there are many men who feel the same way. As for any men who find big lips disgusting? I absolutely cannot relate to such a thing. Big vagina lips ROCK. I love them.

  57. Is there a surgery that can remove that awful smell of a vagina?

    1. You probably just have bacterial vaginosis (BV). It's really common and makes your vagina quite odourous, usually in a fishy sort of smell. It also makes your vagina less acidic, which is also undesirable. Just means you need to do some cleaning and cultivating; you're host to the wrong kinds of fauna right now.

    2. Not a surgery per se, but it involves you just fully embracing your homosexuality.

    3. Yup, it's called a nosectomy!
      Everyone to their own opinion but, where's your nose man?

    4. soap and water . . . pat dry

    5. Youre gay.

    6. most likely it is a ph issue, or hygiene or possibly an infection the host is unaware of...she needs to see a doc for a proper diagnosis.

    7. thats not your wifes vag it is your breath blowing back in your face.

  58. whatever it been but in nice term Labioplasty is circumcision ( pharonic circumcision (search it effect in women sexual life) it so deteriorating and decreasing libido to it minimum .

  59. I would love to give that guy a lesson in life! how can he expect to sleep with as many girls as he likes, yet women cant sleep with other men! how does that even work? what does he think, that when he's done these women don't have a life afterwards? Honestly if you have that sort of mind set take a good long look at yourself! Mind you anyone reading this is probably far more mature and sensible than him! It really winds me up how so many people have no idea how to respect others! Grrrrr!

    I agree with mark below powerful film! should be compulsory school stuff!

    Great work!

  60. Powerful, powerful film. Should be required watching by every living adult. We don't realize how we are manipulated on a regular basis by magazines, advertising, the internet, porn. It's always right there, in our face screaming: you need to change! You need to buy our product or service! You need to come back to us again and again because the change process doesn't end!

    Maybe if we acknowledge the extent of us being manipulated, we'll get hissed off enough to reconsider OUR reasons do-buy-change, not being led by a system that just wants our money. We need to grab this power back and the sooner we do this the better off we'll be.

    Having two grown daughters I am astonished by the magazines aimed at changing women. Appearances, foods, fashions, how to satisfy their man, where to shop, where to vacation. Such drivel and **** being fed to them.

    I'm still shaking from seeing that girl cut and that horrible handling the minora and talking about them as rubber bands. His justification was laughable by blaming another doctor. More manipulation and enabling.

  61. I didn't notice the gown scene but I did notice the girl who had the sugery wasn't in a proper operating room setting. It is the Physicans core responsiblity to make sure during any surgery that everything in the room, including the people is completly sterile. And he did not put the girl in a hospitol gown, a hair net, or have her remove all her jewelery, and the paitent's friend and the documentry girl were both permitted in the room to hold her hand. And they should have had to wear gowns and hairnets as well. That Dr. would be shut down in the states. I guess they might have less restrictions in their country.
    But as far as the subject matter I instantly wanted to make a website of men who could tell all girls and woman that their vaginas are perfect and nothing to feel ashamed of. God builds us all differant and if we weren't all different we wouldn't be able to show off his work. I mean she touched on it a little bit with the construction m*rons, but all penises are very differant as well. Some are longer, shorter, skinny and fat (circularly) some are straight some bend or curve a certain way, some are differant in their pigment, veins, bigger heads, smaller heads, circumsised and uncurcumsised. And thats just the penis our testicles and sac's are very differant as well.
    And as far as if you think you member, male or female is ugly, I don't think their meant to be examined closely with the naked eye for long periods of time. And you probably wouldn't be able to get a high %age of people to tell you they think their vagina or penis is the best feature on their body. So what? They are sexual organs that have a function, and that function can be quite normal and satisfying without worrying about the way it looks.
    It is important to note that their are a percentage of people who have very real medical issues concerning their members and they should have every right and support to get the proper diagnosis and treatment for their problems without any stereo-types.
    But for the majority of people who seek this sugery out of worry or insecurity, I feel like their should be a law that you must see a phycologist/phycitris for 3 sessions or more before having the surgery. And I am a huge fan of Government staying out of people's lives and off of females bodie's. I am pro-choice, I don't think the Government should be able to control a womans right to birth control through insurance comp.'s etc. Or force them to have ultrasounds, or trans-vaginal ultra-sounds before an abortion. Or anything that puts rules on woman when it comes to their bodies and health. But I just feel like this isn't a freedom issue about a woman choosing about their body. I think it's a phycological issue that can save a lot of woman from unessacerry surguries.
    That's my opinion. Signed, Normal Adult Male

    1. Dear "Normal Adult Male",

      I'm a physician in Canada, and not all surgeries are done in operating rooms, and that includes many minor surgeries in the US as well. Yes, you would use a sterile operating suite if you're doing open-heart surgery, but this procedure is a minor one - all that's required is to keep the surgical field sterile and use sterile gloves and instruments - which you can be quite certain they did here. It's been a while since I've seen the film, but I believe it was filmed in Britain - I think you can be quite sure that Britain's surgical protocols are up to the US's high standards!

      Consider that procedures such as dental extractions, skin biopsies, and first trimester abortions are done in physician offices every day. They *can* be done in operating rooms (eg. getting ones wisdom teeth out at the hospital), but many people have these procedures done at doctor's offices, and it's perfectly appropriate. Consider that tattoos and piercings also carry a risk for infection, since they breach the skin barrier, yet reasonable precautions ensures this usually doesn't happen.

      Regarding your comment on the government "forcing" women to have ultrasounds prior to abortion - you're misinformed. Yes, ultrasounds are done, but it isn't "the government" that mandates this, it's medical standard-of-care. Perhaps you're imagining there's a punitive body forcing women to have ultrasounds so they can view the developing fetus and feel guilty? You're wrong. It's done to date the pregnancy, bc this determines the technique one would use. I've worked at an abortion clinic and seen women 24 weeks pregnant who swore they were "just a few months," and it turns out that trying to aspirate a 24-week old pregnancy would be a medical disaster (and in Canada, not even legal). It's also used to determine whether it's a twin pregnancy so that, if terminating, both fetuses are terminated.

  62. Wow...he contaminated his gown! Horrible technique! If I saw that in an R in the states he would have to change his gown. Shocking.

    1. Read the reply above; this procedure doesn't require a perfectly sterile environment. Only the immediate surgical field needs to be sterile.

  63. Thanks for putting this film out there. As a man, I think it's important to realize the negative impact that porn can have upon society--because really prior to widespread porn this sort of issue was really just off the radar of most people simply because we just didn't see that many vaginas in the course of our lives. Now that we can literally see hundreds, even thousands of different vaginas per day, there appears to be some baseline preferences emerging in terms of vaginal appearance. I don't think we can or should blame men for these preferences as they are often the result of bio-evolutionary processes that we're not even consciously aware of, but I think that we need to consider the negative impacts upon the women in our lives that result from easier and easier access to porn. That said, the flip side of ready access to porn is sexual liberation and education that can dramatically improve one's sex life, but as with anything else there are trade-offs. The bottom line I think is that we should learn to love and accept our bodies the way they are, and respect ourselves enough to find a partner that feels the same way.

  64. Just at the beginning she describes what she thinks men wants. Small demure and tucked in, to paraphrase her. She is so wrong.
    I know that it swells when a woman is horny. So I don't want a small packed away vagina. I want a woman, who is horny, so I need to see the meat. I can't see how a man would want the vagina as she describes it as that is a little girl who has no sexual desires. I need a woman who is ready for it.

  65. I suppose what really matters is whats attached to the vagina

  66. Bravo, I love what she says at the close of this documentary.
    It doesn't matter what it looks like, just love it.
    I have had many girlfriends and lovers, of which most thought the same as these women. They said that their vagina was ugly, hideous or grotesque. They never believed me when I told them that very few men out there would ever agree with them, Probably the only ones who would say that, were either homosexuals, gynaecologists, or plastic surgeons trying to get the sale. What I mean to say is that men, who are normal heterosexual males they all pretty much think that any vagina is lovely.

    We humans are silly creatures, we always want what we don't have or what is opposite and if and when we get that other thing, we often regret making the decision that can't be undone. "Love and appreciate thyself" and be the best you can be inside.

    1. but hey, the look is also a plus

  67. I have had many girlfriends and lovers. Almost all of the Women I have been with, thought that their vaginas were ugly or grotesque. I tried to explain of no avail that men think quite the opposite. Men think all vaginas are beautiful, unless of course the bloke is a Gynaecologist, then he sees a lot of the unhealthy ones too.

  68. Let all types, shapes and sizes of vaginas come to me! I love them all!! :)

    Great documentary!! I have a friend that studied plastic surgery and his specialty is vaginal and hymen reconstruction. He mentioned that it is a huge growing market. I seriously don't understand this world anymore.

  69. O.K...let's be frank..there is no ugly vagina...that stated, if you are a girl that feels like you should have your labia cut off, think again, if your boy friend or hubby thinks it is ugly, get another boyfriend or hubby. If you are comparing yours to your friends and you have wings and she doesn't then count your self lucky, don't go under the knife. I ran across a girl that had 3 levels of folds that looked like a bat when it spread out. I realized then that her beauty ran more than skin deep and that each and every one are different and lovely. Trust me my lady's we love all of you and your particular differences. If you were all the boring. Celebrate your difference and love your body...don't cut it off.

  70. I really have to laugh at all the men's comments because they say to women,"be proud of your womanly parts"... but that's the first thing they're going to masturbate to, which is all the manufactured and made for viewing genitalia.. No wonder why women get discouraged and depressed

    1. As opposed to the women masturbating with 8" motor driven rabbits? Get the f over yourselves. We have preferences for your parts just like you do ours. We fantaszie to whatever turns us on and it is aok just like it for you. You get discouraged and depressed because you aren't perfect and some men are going to like some women's somethings better then yours. Deal with it.

  71. Why this crap is called doc :)

  72. To the maker of this Doc - you are a hero.

  73. With the largest average breasts in the world, British plastic surgeons have to operate on something. What a crazy time we live in where the future victims of honor killings walk the same streets as 16 yrs olds who get surgery so they feel more comfortable "exposing themselves." No wonder everybody is so keyed up all the time.

  74. When will this end? women and their constant insecurities, stop buying into the myth that there is a perfect anything. Concern yourselves with your character and personality rather than physical appearance, if its not breasts, its weight issues now this how shallow and self indulgent!
    From a man's point of view its very off putting, lets be honest a person as an individual is what's attractive, not some fake sex in the city style bimbo, women stop being your own worst enemies, pls.

  75. If a plastic p*ssy feels anything like plastic boobs then don't bother girls. Exchanging functionality for form is a poor trade off at the best of times.

    1. From what I know about labiaplasty, it doesn't involve adding anything but stitches. They just cut the labia off, then stitch it up again. Sounds horrible to me.

    2. Yeauch

  76. Why would any girl go and put information about her vagina and (!!!!!!!!!!) PICTURES (!!!!!!!!!!) of it on the internet?! Any man (!!!!!) could acidentally get onto that page and then sexually please himself to your Q and A! There are other ways, you know!

    1. If you have a problem, don't post photos of your p*ssy on the internet.

  77. Personally, I find large protuding labia very attractive and stimulating. It seems such a shame to deface beauty.

  78. I can understand how if you had a very pendulous labia it could be uncomfortable, but if it's about how it looks I really can't understand it.
    Your labia is sensitive. If you're worried about sex, is your partner's visual pleasure really so much more important than your physical pleasure you'd risk the complications that can arise from surgery?

    There is pressure from sexual partners to have these things changed, I do know that. I've spoken to one woman whose ex-husband said she should get labioplasty and that her labia looked like mud flaps.
    We need to change our attitudes, not our bodies. Everybody finds different things attractive. If your partner doesn't like your body, maybe you should find a more compatible partner.

  79. Thank You so much Lisa! I loved this documentary :) And you are a beautiful woman!

  80. I am dumbfounded by the degree to which so many women, young girls particularly, are insecure about their appearance. Absolutely dumbfounded.
    Often I hear people lament that these girls seek surgery to please men rather than themselves. But I have to ask - what men told them they were ugly?
    Girls seem to obsess over their appearance to the extent that they project some completely self-conjured expectations upon the men in their world.
    If you are so concerned about what men might think why haven't you asked any? I am 38 and in my entire life have yet to meet another man who would find ANY vagina undesirable. Seriously - WTF?

    1. not all women go to the vagina surgery. Some do, it is their own choice and this is doc. about them.

    2. Its all very easy to blame men for the insecurities, which im sure are not pleasant for woman, but to lay the blame on what men think as the cause is nonsense!

    3. Really? You don't find any vaginas undesirable? Seriously-WTF?

  81. Requirements for the perfect vagina
    1: Hot
    Thank you for your time :)

  82. My wife has this kind of self-disgust because of her lips. However i really dont think its big deal. In my humble opinion vagina is a tool to have sex for some certain time and giving birth tool as well.
    What matters is love and heart. As a 24 years old male i can tell you that she was my first and hopefully the last but i really dont see "it" with the way she does.
    Problem is, having sex like an animal. If girls sleep with men they just "want" then of course those men will care about such minor details and those girls will start being obsessive about vagina etc.

  83. Watching this made me feel so much better about my yonni and definitely deterred me from making any drastic decisions on what to do with her. Thank you so much. I needed this. :)

  84. Wow! :/ Rosie had a really nice vagina before removing her Labia. Afterwards, it became horrible :/
    Why would anyone think of it as horrible? If guys do, then I'm disgusted as the perfect vagina is a vagina with a lot of lip.

  85. It's not just vaginas, or even penises. It is any part of your body, your hair, your clothes. The ability to choose to get a piercing or a tattoo, to wear makeup or not, to get surgery to make yourself look different.
    There is no reason why people shouldn't have these choices. Most people care about appearances, and why not? The way you look is an expression of who you are. Not to say that there is some universal idea of perfection, that is a very personal thing.

    1. well put, i totally agree! i, personally, don't suggest another to physically alter their body. although, the person making a change, inside or out, is doing it for themselves. them being first on the list to please, then after will they expect appreciation from other's. everyone has the own opinion on what "perfection" is... but in reality, no such thing exists. would you rather have that imaginary dream partner or someone that is real, in the flesh? just stumped all those simple minded creatures out there...

    2. if you want to be who you are then leave your body as it is. trying to be like someone else is not trying to look different but its more like trying to look like someone else. if you have self respect then you wouldnt like to be like someone else or u wouldnt choose a partner who wants u to be like someone else.

  86. A vagina is like a Van Gogh painting,
    it gets lot of attention.
    A weapon so powerful
    It can break a man down to his lowest point
    it has a language of all its own.

    Stop obsessing ladies
    You are perfect just the way you are.

    All vaginas are beautiful !!

  87. you guys have no idea how hard is for girls to deal with this.. and no it has nothing to do with disney!! but with men who think women should look like little girls down there!! I myself have big lips and yes i find it disgusting!! I started to worry about it when i was 12 and i didnt even watch porn or nothing!! it was something i just thought was sooo weird but didnt really care a lot about it. Then i grew up and ive seen magazines where girls vaginas were really perfect with no lips hanging no hair and i also had problems when i was shavin i had infections and it was all red!! Now its okay, i found a way to shave and its okay but i still think my lips are disgusting. And thats something you cant take away from your head!! I find it so ******* stupid and i know its normal i know im not the only one but theres nothing i can do!! I have a boyfriend now who realllyy loves me for what i am, but i know he doesnt like my vagina!! We are not stupid, we know men wont like it!! He told me once he had sex with a girl he really liked and after he saw her lips, wich he told me were bigger than mine, he didnt want to go out with that girl anymore!! Because it disgusted him! and yea again people might say oh hes so immature he doesnt deserve a woman to let him have sex with her blabla and all i hve to say is that if people really did like it and its beautiful there wouldnt be so much plastic surgeries and men saying they dont like it! Yes there might be some men who understand its normal and wont care but theyre rare!! Most of men dont like it and im sorry but thats the truth!! People will say oh no men dont care about it IM SORRY BUT MOST OF THEM DO CARE!! and thats the way it is!! Now its up to girls to chose if its really bothering them and if they want a surgery or if they dont care about what people say. And no its not the same thing about mens penises. Because we girls have already SO MUCH to worry about our bodies that having to worry about how our vagina looks too its something thats killing us!!..

    1. Im sorry that you have got that impression of men. I can't think of a conversation with any other man where we discussed women's bodies and we would talk about how we would love to "get" with her or how we found a woman attractive, I guarantee you that subject of p**** lip size never came into the discussion as a particular deal breaker. I in fact, have always noted it as an addition to a woman's sexiness, because of the "extra" fun stuff that appeals to need of men's visual action. Those lips are the toys and appeal to the image of the vulva and the women who cut them back, their p****** look just look like slits and a hole. Well, if I wanted just a slit and a hole, men could just carve a slit and a hole into a melon and drop sex from women all together. Its those protruding lips that differ women from child girls and engage the men's desire to penetrate them. Point being, p**** lips kick a**. When I heard about, and then saw this video, I was amazed at how warped the minds of some women had become from all the pressures they feel to change how their genetic codes had created them in order to compete among among other women, to not feel rejected, embarrassed, and insecure, as well as feel whole about their sexy stuff. I do know that most of the women I have ever met feel this kind of grossness about their p******, that I just don't get. To them, its too weird, too hairy, too fat, too smelly, too loose, etc. Look, to generalize the opinion of most men, WE DON"T GIVE A S*** ABOUT ANY OF THAT S*** THINKING! I promise we don't, We don't think they are weird looking, trimmed, shaved, half-shaved, whatever shaved or trimmed is fine to us, and the "smell" that most women fear some guy is going notice, well if its infected than your right, smell matters and you should see a doctor, but in a normal situation, if you are normally clean, we don't care and it smell like female, we know we are in the honey pot if we smell that particular smell, so girls get over that one as well, (Sick of hearing about it by other women).
      And as for the men that are choosing one woman over another woman based on p**** lip criteria. Really? What a joke that is. Girls..Please understand that when a man criticizes your body, in this case your p**** lip length, its because he is not at peace with himself and is not comfortable within his own skin but may attempt to portrait himself as Mr. Macho and sometimes that means belittling women or making them feel uncomfortable with themselves in order for him feel like he is not the flawed one. This tends to be usually immaturity based for most men until their late 20's and early 30's but can run into older ages. Remember this: Men who are in that state within their lives choose to down on a woman to get her feeling insecure herself, aim for the things that women already are feel somewhat uneasy, unsure, or unconfident about whether that is about weight, size, hands, face, back, moles, toes, feet, hair, beauty marks, p**** lip length, etc. And women always have some part of their own body that fits in that list, that men can use as a target and lie, make up stories, whatever will get them to believe and obsess over their insecurities. So much do women fall into this thought trap by men, media, environments, markets, porn, peer pressure, etc. that a person can nearly wipe out all other possible solutions to overcoming their insecurities about body image pushed and fueled by outside forces that the person comes to fully believe that it has to change. Next thing you know, you are having those awesome p**** lips cut and never getting them back for the future men in your life. Girls please cut through the bulls*it and really narrow down the real reason for all the extreme lengths you might be considering to feel that you look good, normal to yourself,and justifying it. Before you know it, there not be any p**** lips left in this world for all of us to enjoy.

    2. If you find huge p**** lips attractive, you're in the minority. Same as if you find a loose p**** attractive/desirable, you're part of a very small minority. It sounds like you have some strange fetishes (huge p**** lips, really!?) Don't act as though you're speaking for most men, because really, you're not.

    3. a "loose vagina" can be corrected by exercising the muscles....many women simply don't know that. [ kegel exercises and kegel master are a cpl of options ]

    4. nathan? have you ever watched a porno made after 2000? or ever looked at porn online? clearly the majority find big lips attractive or every pornstar would have this procedure, so dont act like you know what most men find attractive because you dont and have no idea what the minority is.

    5. Sorry Celo, the only people I hear discussing sex parts in graphic details are my female friends.Never once have any of my male friends gone into graphic detail about their dates/gs/wives vaginas and never once have any of them broken up wit one over it. Just deal with the fact already and get over yourselves it is annoying.

  88. When your interested in a woman, do you ask her about her 'outer lips'? I bet you dont. You only write about it on here cos yr one of the ones that dont do it a lot but you know a lot cos you watch pornos all day and night. What do you look like Z? I bet its not pretty. If I was a man and had a penis, no matter what size, I would laugh every time I looked in the

  89. I have the perfect vag. My doctor told me when I was 17. Pervert!

    1. No disrespect intended, but I love the irony in your statement.

  90. thats the nature of being

  91. the perfact vaj would have no mouth roughly 3 foot above it. snap.

  92. yeaaaaaay.

  93. If only women cared to remain virgins unto their husbands, such an issue would not arise even if it ruptured later as that cause would have been the husband's and not the wife's. Augusrine Pereira, Fontainhas, Panjim, goa. India.

    1. Even in India men can still marry a virgin. Just to make sure they marry a girl when she is 10 to 14.

  94. typical doctor - he messes up and blames the patient ! He doesnt wait log enough so all of a sudden she is on drugs ?
    I think if she or anyone wants an operation then why not? Just find the best surgeon you can.
    This documentary will probably create more customers not less, as its advertising the service !

  95. Hmm...I need to look into this myself, a deep probing hands on investigation!

    1. Yes I agree. Definitely needs to be some close follow-up.

  96. All women's vulvas are unique and beautiful- just like the women that possess them. They have evolved over millenia to serve their purpose - to attract males, to facilitate procreation and perform unique functions. Just like all women's faces , height weight, etc., are variable, so is the appearance of their genitalia. Trust nature and god- not some prejudiced magazine editor or some childish man-boy with inexperience or closed mind. Everthing about the vulva excites the reproductive instinct in men and variability is the spice of life- pendulous labia can be as, or even more attractive than smaller ones- but real men love them all. Surgery can be useful to enhance function, correct pathology or severe disfigurement - but cosmetically, no naturally complete vulva can be improved upon from its natural state. They are all evolutionarily perfect and attractive to men.
    Be proud of your vulvas ladies, they are like flowers in a garden. if the man
    in your life isn't enthusiastic about yours- don't alter your body, just tell him to buzz off. There are plenty of real men out there waiting to make a beeline
    to your precious blossom. Nature planned it that way!

    1. Komodo78 - your comment is so cute. It made me want to twirl in a garden with rainbows and butterflies. No sarcasm intended at all! Absolutely none. Your comment is spot on, on every level. Women need to take your advice and the advice of many others on this thread: that they are beautiful no matter and that they must accept themselves the way they were made naturally. Love yourself first. And you're right, what kind of heterosexual man out there isn't attracted to a vagina whether or not "improved"?

    2. Er I dunno Jenny, the kind of hetero man like his hetero 'sisteres'who are not attracted to all penises? Are you really going to 'man' and 'straight' shame us into liking every vagina we see? Sorry truth is we don't. And if you're honest you'd admit YOU don't like/want every penis you've come across and you have friends who feel the same exact way. PLEASE do accept yourselves as you are I am all for that. Let us choose whether we like or want you as you are and if not move on and don't shame us because we don't, there is someone else out there for you and for us. That is the way it was meant to be.

  97. What's infinetly worse than this...? Boys being circumsized at birth. They have no choice. Thanks Mom & Dad...

    1. A barbaric procedure.

    2. yes the ending of that procedure is long overjew.

  98. i just wanted to scream at them! "STOP DOING THIS TO MESS UP YOU HAPPY PLACE! DID YA THINK ABOUT THAT!!" unless its a medical or an accident, leave the ugly thing as it is. you did it. live with it

  99. Madness. That girl who had the labioplasty had a beautiful labia. Unless there is a medical reason for surgery, there is absolutely no reason to have something like this done!

  100. It seems like the psychological programming begins with Disney movies. The imagery gives young girls an unrealistic idea of what is desirable, which is nothing short of perfection, based on the criteria set forth.

    1. it's not just disney. it happens to be every image proclaimed to be perfect and that which is accepted by society, from society. disney princesses only wish to have a prince, as does every girl. a prince that will love her just the way she is... any woman can be a princess without looking like a disney character or the girl on the cover of a magazine. it just takes being confident, knowing they're beautiful and staying comfortable in one's own skin. if a woman carries none of these characteristics, she has the problem. it can easily be fixed by not accepting the judgemental society we all share. men and plenty of women that pressure, embarrass, and criticize other's about their vagina or penis only goes to show how shallow, narrow minded, and ugly those idividuals are, along with what they really care about. you accept the love you know you derserve. that's why you must love yourself and be nothing short of happy before you expect someone else to share and contribute to that. somewhere in time, they will disappoint you... whether it be in the bedroom or out.

    2. you think if disney made all of their princes and princesses incredibly ugly, girls would go about making themselves uglier than they are? the desire to be beautiful has been around much longer than big Walt has.

  101. Sorry, I have a degree, so not limited intelligence. Just hate typical male chauvinists that have an ego problem and try to put their insecurities on women. I don't hate men, just the stupid mindless ones that have ego problem and try to demean women because of it. Sounds like you might be one of them.

  102. Wow, very interesting doc. I had labioplasty 15 years ago at age 36 after 2 kids. I did it because I hated the "protruding lips". They were uncomfortable, interfered with sex and I believe caused me to have more vaginal yeast infections than normal. I didn't realize that most women seem to have big labia minora. I did think I was different. My GP had no problem referring me to a surgeon, but didn't tell me that I was "normal". However, I haven't regretted it for a minute. I love my new vulva, and my husband had no say in it at all. He never complained about my old one - it wasn't his decision at all. In fact, I never even consulted him. He did help me through it, tho! Although I enjoyed the documentary and think it was well done, I think that women should not be discouraged to have labioplasty if they want it. It's fine for you women who have short non-protruding labia to say it's ridiculous to have surgery, but I think it's a case of having walked in someone else's shoes. I am SO GLAD I had it done!

  103. LOL!! I can't believe this is real. The "Perfect" Vagina? A "perfect" vagina is one that is STD free! ahaha

  104. This documentary is making me consider homosexuality........ ALMOST

  105. I thought this was a very interesting doc, I have seen similar ones in the past from the male point of view so its only natural. The women who does the doc is way to emotional, so much so that it makes her quite unprofessional, for example she calls the man painting her house sexest just because she does not get the answer she was looking for.
    I was forced to stop watching when it got to the part with the muslims, once again our over sensitive fear culture has allowed a backwards disgusting harmfull ideology or non-rational belief sytem to poison us with dark age pseudoscience. When will people realize there is no middle ground, stop trying to fit into this PC nightmare all the time and see

    dogmatic theology(mythology) = War,prejudice,bigotry and hate. FOREVER!

    rationalism = Reflection of or past so we can see any hope for a enlightened future.

    thats my thought on that :)

    1. Women are emotional... She is a woman... sounds like your idea of 'professionalism' would be for her to be purely intellectual and factual about the subject. As the subject of the doc. is reguarding women and the impact of social and cultural influences on their self-esteem, from my perspective as a woman, her feminine response is more than appropriate. Your comment itself seems to be a symptom of your of your lack of appreciacion of this fundamental and necessary difference between masculine and feminine. It is unfortuanate that so many men making comment here are taking the content personally. Distortion and disfunction pervade different cultures in different ways and what affects the psyche and wellbeing of women affacts men and vice versa and so it is perpetuated. Ultimately we need to realize blame never solves anything and realize that taking personal responsibility is the only way towards respect and unity.
      I thank the beautiful soul for her feminine rawness and vulnerability and for havin the courage to shine light into dark places.

      P.S. To all of the men who took this as a personal might watch it again and notice the woman who had the surgery did so because her SISTER made fun of her.

  106. This is not an attack on the ideas that fuel the documentary this is an attack on the documentary itself which influence the legitimacies of the issue. This is a pathetic documentary. It mainly focuses on one woman who is comfortable with her vagina and tries to convince others to feel the same way as she does while only topically tapping into the real reason of why they feel uncomfortable, some of the women suffering from body dysmorphic disorder. She says that she is open minded and liberal but in reality she just wants everyone to be just like her. The documentary makes the viewer have an emotional bond with the main character and if we don't agree with her we seem closed-minded and foolish when in actuality she is the one who is closed-minded. In the end the viewer doesn’t even get to see what in her mind is the benchmark of what a vagina looks like, once again showing how narrow-minded she is. There are 7 billion people in the world and she has only interviewed a handful giving us a skewed vision of a “perfect vagina”. The woman interviews a religious girl and is surprised that she is having this surgery in order to fit in with her religious practices proving she doesn’t have a clear understanding of how the world works and how intolerant she is of others. One of the best parts is when she asks the painter what he thinks and is surprised his response is pigheaded. Documentaries are assumed to have a quality of objectivity to them but this just does not and should be classified as an objective piece of garbage. I do not disagree with any part of this documentary I have a problem with how the ideas are presented it is such a forward thinking idea but presented in a sheltered way.

  107. The Perfect Vagina Myth Exposed!

    I am so glad to see this in The Editor’s Picks Section.

    I would like to see it added to The Recommended Documentaries Section also.
    In fact I would like to see this made compulsory viewing for anyone coming to TDF. This is simply a MUST see Doc! For ALL FEMALES AND MALES.

    Responsible people must do what they can to stop this TRAGEDY!
    14 year olds are thinking of having this done!!!!!
    Middle aged women want the genitals of a child!!!!
    Watch this doc and do what you can to stop perhaps the Most Stupid Thing Women can Do! And Ladies we know you are right 99.99% of the time but this FGM is 100% WRONG!

    The CutUp One

  108. This was hard to watch, I was close to tears in parts. Not just at the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) but at the sad state of some of these female minds. This is madness. To allow yourselves to be butchered for the sake of fashion is Tragic! Remember, fashion is a thing so Ugly it has to be changed every six months. Nature has taken Millennia to make us how we are, listen to our Mother and don’t partake in FGM, you’ll be a more whole person in more ways than one.

    FGM is forcefully inflicted in some countries, that some choose to have this done is just beyond me. I was shocked to find that this is the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in the uK. On a personal level I love All Vaginas, whatever their appearance, but am in agreement with @Vee, big labs are especially lovely.

    Love your Labia Babia.

    The Loving One

  109. There is something wrong in the head of those women, they need to see a doctor and get their head examined. In some parts of the world this is FGM but here it self or voluntary FGM.

  110. @Woodat
    The perfect vagina would have a mouth full of canine sharp teeth & possibly make growling sounds.
    As for appearance - hmmm - I guess neat, trimmed and terrific - if you aren't sure - go look on public loo walls! Hope I was of some help x

    1. @norlavine


      Me Ow!


      The reason you don’t know.... there isn’t a perfect vagina!

      They are all beautifully, wonderfully...well... you know ;-)

  111. I am a man... adult... love women and yet I admit I do not know HOW A PERFECT VAGINA SHOULD LOOK LIKE ?!?!?!

  112. Good lord, what a butcher!

  113. This is so sad, and painful mutilation. The first girl that got cut......omfg I screamed and looked away. Id never! I loove my vajay jay lol. Big labias are so much more fun lol!

  114. Zoltan's just bitter because the only pussy he gets is paid for by the hour. Leave the troll be, and he'll slink back under his rock.

  115. Zoltan doesn't seem to know what he is talking about, the labia minora has no correlation with the amount of sexual activity nor penis size used to penetrate her. Contrary to popular male beliefs a penis is NEVER big enough to stretch the vaginal wall muscles, penises are actually quite small, the vagina is design to stretch and accommodate a BABY''s head during child that causes trauma to the area and the muscles get stretched so child birth= looser vagina, penis = no impact

  116. I really loved this documentary. The only thing that sticks out to me as really interesting is why the host of it never showed hers on the film. There were many others shown, including women who seemed MUCH MUCH more self conscious about it. For sure it was on purpose, the camera stayed away during her mold "reveal," during the group sharing session, she wasn't shown... Why could this have been? Curious

  117. Zoltan

    The reason people have not appreciated your comments is your linking the amount of sex one has had, to the size of their 'hangy lips'. By that token would it be fair to say that men who have had a lot of sex will have droopy saggy testicles and men who havent will have small ones?

    The lips have nothing to do with how tight someone is on the inside, although if you want to argue that point then how about I say that therefore men with saggy testicles must have a big penis and men with small testicles must have a small penis? Or how about saying people that talk alot have saggy necks and people who don't have tight necks? I understand this is an observation you have made however please don't try and apply it to the rest of the population.

    Making such broad comments has the potential to destroy a persons self confidence. what happens if a girl believes that just because she was genetically programmed to have larger outter lips that she will forever be seen as a slut who must have had sex when she was very young? Asides from things like muscularity and obesity we have little control over what our body looks like, we cant pick our nose or our height or how big our ears are, so why do you view genetalia to be any different? I understand it's your opinion but that doesn't make it true, and either way there will always be exceptions to the rule

    1. Very excellent comment. Though it may not do any good, that's precisely what he needed to hear. And I may be wrong, but it seems Zoltan may be too much under the influence of the "youth" culture, and all its physical "accoutrements," so to speak, that are so prevalent in the world right now. Women are not preteens; they are not supposed to LOOK like preteens... Honestly, it worries me a little bit that this unreasonable expectation of a woman's body is beginning to be held up as desirable more and more, because it seems a relatively short jump to me to something with much greater implications.

    2. Thanks for your comment of support. Self image is such a huge issue in society already. Girls already strive to starve themselves in order to be 'beautiful', the huge societal pressure to want to be thin with large breasts and the like are leading to the desire for plastic surgery (males aren't immune, I'm just mentioning women here though). And as more people go under the knife, the more alienated the 'normal' people feel. Designer noses is one thing but to encourage women to be even more insecure about the one area that most are probably already insecure about is plain insanity.
      In all honesty the one part of my body I would least like to look at is my vagina, so lets just go promote even more insecurity by introducing phrases like "hangy pussy lips" because that's not going to stick in peoples minds is it.

      We live in a world where first impressions result in labels, Girl with lots of make up - whore. Small guy with glasses and pimples - nerd. Then the jocks, the preppy girls, the woman who's a slut because you caught your husband looking at her. Lets just destroy anyone's sense of confidence by adding to that mix another one where once you take your clothes off, others feel entitled enough to judge what you "must" have done in the past purely because of the way you were made 'down there'. Exploiting existing vulnerability and in my opinion destroying society one label at a time.

  118. @ Zoltan - What a complete and utter m*ron.

  119. Yes I might seen insensitive but this is a free world and this is my opinion. Deal with it. It's the same as a guy with a small penis!
    Girls if you have hangy pussy lips.......... Gross.
    Girls if your your outer pussy lips touch together you are awesome and should be put on a pedestal!

    1. Was that misogynistic remark about women to make up for your small penis???

    2. Go eat some mussels in a restaurant, you'll see they come in all sizes. It's all part of nature.
      Do you feel that way about mouth too? Lips come in all sizes, not because people talk too much or suck on popcicle too much, they are born that way.

  120. Long live the tight Vagina. Hangy lips are gross. Stop making excuses for it!
    No lips = a nicer Vagina.
    Big lips = gross nasty Vagina

    Deal with it!

  121. Zoltan, It's the inside of the vagina that gets big when women have sex, not the outside

  122. That's not Gibran's Serenity Prayer. It's by Reinhold Niebuhr.

  123. This is my male perspective. There is a point in life when we realize that physically we are what we are and can do nothing about it. That is often an epiphany, a germinal point in our lives when we start focusing on building ourselves internally. Some come by it sooner than later, others obsess for a lifetime. We then embrace the philosophy in Niebuhr's Serenity Prayer (whether consciously or not) and get on with life. It is from that landmark where we work to satisfy our sense of what we want to get out of life. We are then able to appreciate those who were gifted while realizing what is fair and unfair. If we dwell on what is unfair then we will be unhappy; if we work with what we have and what is then we will attract those who appreciate multi-dimensional people (because we have become multi-dimensional)

    Some of us are gifted with physical looks and some are not. It is human nature to seek beauty so I feel no angst about that, we all do it and is as basic to being human as the sexual drive. However, when we go no further than appearances, we cheat ourselves of the richness of human possibilities. The trite maxim that beauty is only skin deep is a very narrow definition of beauty. Thus trying to define beauty is as complex as defining art or love but we all have our own internal standards of what it is and what we need in order to satisfy that requirement. Beauty is often tied to intimacy and what makes for intimacy is eternally subjective.

    If (when) we are judged by something as superficial as the size or nature of our sexual/reproductive equipment, we might honor the sense of strong sexual ideals that these specimens represent while realizing that physical appearance is only a microcosm of the whole person. We hear statements like "What a hunk of man/woman" and I think such is validation of the eternal standard that is held up for admiration. On the other hand if this ideal is a deal breaker for a relationship or even getting to know another person better, then we realize how shallow and vacuous the our evaluator(s) is/are. There are certain factors that we can in fact control like personality, weight, clothing, grooming, education, employment and the things we do to make ourselves interesting to others. If these things that we can control are nurtured and we are still "overlooked" because of our sexual/reproductive apparatuses then the people who do so have not grown enough to be worthwhile as friends.

    I think the more we dwell on what we can't help (and that is a choice), the more unhappy we will be. To heck with people who see only the surface of the iceberg. However if we work on being interesting, kind, and intelligent we won't have time to focus on what we can't help.

  124. All vaginal types and shapes are beautiful, the most exciting, gorgeous, interesting, sensuous body part that GOD created is the vagina. I have seen many in photos and in person. some with large labia minora, some very small. Some with thick fat labia majora, and some thin, the thing of it is, they are ALL very interesting and exciting. As a monogamous man, married for 21 years, I can still just look at my wife's vagina as a work of art. They are all works of art, pull back a layer and you find something even more interesting and intoxicating, the vagina is what ultimately puts a man in that sexual fervor that just explodes throughout their whole body, wanting so badly to be inside of it. But that is just lust. As I learned more and more about the vagina, I learned more of what I need to do to give my wife the most incredible orgasms of her entire life. Men who obsessively desire no labia minora showing are at heart a pedophile looking to have sex with a child or a child like woman. There are also the men who ridicule women with larger labia minora because it makes their own member look small by comparison. A healthy woman can have many orgasms during a sexual encounter, but only if her husband knows what he is doing, or if she does it herself ( which is sad ). The vagina is so full of surprises, and areas of extreme sensitivity, that a man can explore his wife's for 50 years and never stop finding it interesting, and exciting. please ladies, don't mutilate your already beautiful vagina, you WILL lose sensitivity, and the ability to have the most pleasure due to cut nerves, so please... let them be what they were meant to be.

  125. I am a guy who had two women with an 'excessive' inner labia (one of these I married!) and I do agree that you love the whole person and not just her vagina. Having said that, I find the presenter pathetic for slacking off the decorator only because he is so open and honest about his preferences....this has got nothing to do with 'men being out there' who have the taste for this or the other. It has got to do that not all people are so damn stuck up, repressed and politically correct like the presenter's friends in Hyde Park, who know what is proper to say and what is not....this is this new politically correct, false hippies brigade that are utterly intolerant of others' views and the presenter is one of them! THIS is pathetic!

  126. This is really ridiculous. The poor Iranian girl wants to get her hymen reattached and appear to be a virgin, while the men screw anything and no consequence? What a double standard. What I want to know is if the girls are supposed to be virgins and the men aren't who are they having sex with other men? probably!!!!!

  127. These men are freaking pathetic!!!!! Really, the Iranian girl that is not a virgin has to have an operation to reattach her hymen ???? All because of the stupid double standard that she has to be a virgin and the idiotic man doesn't??? If the women have to be virgin's who the hell are these men having sex with, other men lol probably. M*rons

    1. That's because Islam oppresses women, duh.
      Mindless man-haters like you are also pathetic.

  128. This is absolute insanity. Women wake up!!!!! Stop worrying about what a damn man thinks. They are not worth it!!!!!! All they care about is sex, they are pathetic!!!!! That's why they rape and there is a need for prostitution and such. The only thing they have on their mind is sex 24/7. Who cares if you are attractive to them????? Most of them need to worry about their looks not us.

    1. WHOA! Excuse me, but why isn't all sex free? Also, women do rape women! The drive for sex rivals that to eat. Women think about sex 24/7 too. You are taking one documentary and selling it to everyone. I appreciate your passion to end oppression and violence, but you assume all women care about your line of thoughts. Just saying - peace.

    2. I know they don't that is the sad part and why the oppression and exploitation continues.

    3. Uh oh - *someone* has issues! (And apparently very limited intelligence.)

  129. Very interesting! This documentary made me think about my experience. As a child I was told by my grandma that "playing with the lady parts" will make them bigger. And I'm not sure, but I think masturbation did effect my labia. Depends on how you do it, of cause. Now I'm 30 and I have a child (I had no changes in the looks with the childbirth) and kinda think it doesn't matter that much, there are just more important things in life than caring about how your p*ssy looks. But this film brought me back to the times I was very ashamed of how I look and the fact that I masturbated. I really was thinking a lot about it between 10 and 25 (15 years!). Now I think that it's just so stupid and self-centered! Whatever! It looks what it looks, it's fine, i'm fine!.. We'd better just stop analyzing ourselves too much (what is "too much" ? :)) It's the matter of self-acceptence, right? Think "I'm ok. What good can I do?" There's just so much else to do in this world!

  130. What is the big deal about this?? If someone doesn't like how a part of their body looks and they have the money to change it, what is wrong with that? She's making it out to be this huge thing about "being yourself" and loving who you are. She's cried about it four times!! If all it takes to feel confident good about yourself is trimming a few inches of skin, so what??

  131. my gosh, dont know what to say!

  132. Clearly they're not doing it for men, it's all for their own vanity. Men do the same thing to enlarge their penises so it's all the same game. Women don't care about size, men like bigger labia. But the ego has another idea.

  133. I would like to share some facts as much as they are not science proven:
    -I come from Mozambique/Africa.
    -In the north of Mozambique it's normal and a sign of beauty to have big, long inner labia
    -to get them long , girls in puberty are taken into some rite tradition in order to stretch it with specific natural oils
    - the women from the south travel to the north to experience the same rite in order to have it big and long labia
    - its taken that a long and big labis during intercourse evolves the man penis and with his in and out moves the pleasure is guaranteed.
    -so its all about how one culture sees 1 certain phenomenon/process in a certain society ....
    -I find it the Mozambican way more interesting cause I don't have to claim VAGINA BEING UGLY , cause for us it's believed to be beauty and a necessity if one wants to keep the husband warming ones bed every night.

    Funny enough in Somalia and whereabouts they do rites to circumcise the women...
    We don't do it and we actually make the labia grow to make sure the guy gets it all well done

    Don't you just love culture!!!! ??


  134. This documentara should've have started in África and more precise Mozambique. My country, to be precise in the north , IT IS CULTURE TO HAVE THE INNER LIPS BIG LIKE SOME OCTOPUS COMING OUT OF IT!!!!!!! It is the thing to have! I don't see it as a problem and neither does any of some girls.
    To start having small inner lips in some of the provinces on the north of Mozambique is a request for ladies who are going to marry. They go for initiation rites on early puberty to learn how to stretch the inner labia in order to become big. The purpose is this: when a man introduces his penis and moves all directions, the inner long labia tends to evolve around it and with the in and out there's more pleasure to be given to the man. It is for sure a bit of all about making sure your husband gets it nice and Lots of pleasure.
    While the north of Mozambique does this rite, the south doesn't and the irony is that women from the south dread the ones from the north......Lololololol. Like if your hubby or boyfriend goes on work to the north. .....better be afraid....the octopus ladies are in masses that side....
    And the funny thing is that many guys do want to try the girls from the north....
    I can understand that for the other side of the world it might look ugly but for us it's pride and for the ones that don't have they actually travel to the north to get it...

    It's amazing how perspective of things in different points of the world mean different things

  135. Loved it! Bush-Positive-Messaging

  136. i have no idea what these chicks have in their mind (probably nothing) but i have not found, seen, real life, image, description of a vagina that looks ... bad.

    the INSIDE that matters (:

  137. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  138. west gone wild

  139. i’m a male and find every single vagina beautiful, i also find the flappy ones attractive. it doesn’t matter about how it looks, its about who the woman is. i feel extremely pity and sympathetic for the girls who get judged by their vaginal looks and breast size. those men who do are just not worth being with. all they do is chase girls with big boobs and nice body parts. they should treat you with respect of who you are and love you by who you are.


    2. Kimura-san, while you are very kind and sweet, as a woman, I highly recommend you do not divulge that to your woman very often. She'll eat you alive and crush your soul. LOL. There's not a thing wrong with you loving women for their beauty and sex appeal. It's normal! Don't be ashamed to be a man - we ladies prefer that you do - you don't have to BS us.

      ;) xo

    3. i couldn't agree no more .......................

    4. yes, because if your woman is like 90% of the people on the planet she probably has no substance.

      not that i find flappy vaginas attractive, but if i were in love with a woman i would be attracted to her vagina no matter what it looked like, because im not a monkey.

    5. flappy....good un .

  140. It's not like you have to look at it for long. Leave the coochie alone. As long as it does not smell who cares what it looks like.

  141. i was pretty surprised at how small many of the womens labia were that thought they were huge. the lady w the really short blond hair who had the cast done of her labia had a practically microscopic labia. and the lady who showed hers to the other women at the end didnt have large labia at all. its very true that our society makes women feel like they should have "innies" or else they are loose and ran through. its simply not true. my mom has large labia as do i and my sister. just like we all have unique faces, we all have unique labia that are usually hereditary. of course when i was a teen and in my early 20's i didnt like my labia. but now i dont even think about it. i've never had a man or woman turn me down due my labia and i doubt that the men that talk down on large labia in front of others actually turn them down once they are faced with large labia. i have actually heard several people say that the labia that or completely hidden from sight are a bit unsettling because its like a little girls.

    1. As a man, I actualy prefer a woman with large labia. In my experience, a woman with more defined Labia, who isnt afraid of her sexuality, is a far better sexual partner than one who is predomantly concerned about how she looks, as apposed to how she can make her self feel...

  142. This is VERY, VERY GOOD.....AND RACHAEL DID NOT LOOK TRIPPY HIPPY. THE WALL WAS VERY GOOD TO SHOW KAL, I WISH ROSIE HAD SEEN IT. PERHAPS: THE PERSPECTIVE WITH THE TALLER MAN SAYING TUCKED,HE HAD BEEN WITH A LADY LIKE THE DOCTOR, WHO LOOKED AT YOU,SHOWED TO YOU THE 16 YR. OLD GIRL. TO ME THAT WAS SCAR TISSUE, or was it? I am a anthropology student, cultural, seeing in the past, a few videos showing me female circumcision and the way it was performed, by relatives, not a doctor. (angry about this gives me tears) A 4 yr. old female is approached by Mommy and Aunt. The child was casually relaxing on the floor one second, then you see mommy,grab her daughter, the child has no idea what is going to happen, the mom holds her down while her Aunt is thrashing a razor around the ENTIRE vagina, not just the clitoris, the child is screaming,my bits, noooo, screaming in extreme continued 45 -50 more seconds...but the child was not only w/o her clitoris, but, the slashing around of the razor, MUST have cut the labia on the little girl....I was in shock, angry, angry, she shook so much her little head pounced around after the ordeal. Her mom then pat her on the leg, saying, not so bad!!!...huh? it is a religious practice, ""The female is never going to seek pleasure, so, she will not roam"" was the reason a leader(man)said they do this to their females, it is in a country woman have no say so of their own bodies. It just seems very inhumane. In a situation of scar tissue, yes, on the surgery.
    ROSIE, I was worried she was going to get a little infection as the surgery looked painful, and I watched her get something done that was not REALLY my own perspective, But I just saw a little less symmetry than maybe she wanted.I have 3 sons, they respect women, they would not be discussing the situation Rosie, unfortunately, endured being made fun of. I am sorry your mates had anything to say.
    The man painting seems he could be speaking of a situation that he was not comfortable in, maybe not so much we judge his words, as we did not see the female, he DID see.
    I wish teenage girls here USA, could see this, SO, IT LOOKS LIKE OUR PLAY, VAGINA MONOLOGUES, DID NOT GET TO THE UK YET.....
    Aimee Robinson
    This a anthropological study on culture. A holistic image of culture. No religious value exceeded as I am atheist. The circumcision of a female is against the LAW in the USA, child abuse, child neglect. My study has nothing to do with this article, or the people in the video. Separate studies. This providing all public opinion, see reply, non-content, religious views will not be answered.

  143. I have seen a documentary on women circumcision(and they were doing the same as this labioplasty whatsoever) and in that documentary they presented as if it was what islam asks you to do and that muslim women do it in general which is totally false as I had never even heard of it,not any other muslim women either have.Now answer me one thing ;aren't these other women doing it christians? do you accuse christianity for their actions? They did it to please men and the muslim women did it to please her family ,she surely didn't do it for Allah(God),and God doesn't ask you to do such stuff.If you committed a sin you should repent to Him and only Him and he does not require you' to reconstruct it before He forgives you (imp:Muslim God is not a man but the pronoun "He" is used in compensation) .And don't even drag Muhammad s.a.w. here,as you do not know anything about him,and didn't jewish/christians prophets married so many women,they were still considered men of God;and you all know thats because the culture was so different then.
    And I agree with AnnabelleJ.
    I always feel when you lack something internally you try to compensate it with something superficial (mostly women only),even I do,but you know it may all change if they change their approach in life and if they may get some therapy.But I know for sure once an idea gets locked( cant think of any other word) its impossible to change it (in part because these women have so much time and money to spend on themselves and are exposed to so many inappropriate looking stuff( vulvas etc)
    I am a very good looking woman,and I have everything perfect on my face then even when I get insecure I think of doing plastic surgery on my face (although I don't need it but when you're insecure and ill confident you fall for these things) but my husband to be restores my confidence easily,and not just him my family(sister,parents)too.
    one thing I want to ask this Rosie girl in the video ;did she show her vulva to her peers( I mean how else would they make fun of her for her labia minora)?

    1. Ali Khan From Dubai !

      Salam Zarmina Irfan,

      I dont have a lot of words to appriate your comments and i really dont know how silent this slap was to others who they are just living their life in darkness. Well, Hope to see more valuable comments from you to inlight minds.

      Allah Hafiz
      Yours Well Wisher

      Ali Khan

  144. One mistake is the assumption after paging through some Playboy magazines that the porn industry might be to blame for some of the misconceptions. Mr Hefner might like "tucked away" labia as will most of the girls in Playboy reflect.
    Personally I find the Playboy girls to artificial and not at all attractive. To much makeup, lighting and Photoshop.
    There are at the same time many other porn producers that reflects a wide scale of different types of body, breast as well as genital sizes and shapes.
    I see as many tucked away labia as there are more prominent genitals out there.

  145. She's kind of an annoying journalist. Arrogant and condescending approach to the whole thing. I find any modifications unnecessary down there as well and there is no doubt a societal pressure that is the causality. The popularity of hairless vaginas and porn are a factor. So are preferences among men and judgmental assertions by women. But the way she projected the fact that these painters/drywallers had certain preferences such as no "meat-curtains" as if it was terrible thing to do was just ridiculous. "I knew it all along" as if she had been in denial that some guys like vaginas a certain way and that is a factor in pushing girls to genital modifications. It's no different for men, as many feel insecure about the shape and size of their penis and testicles. And equally, there many men that are judged by some (not all) women about their genital appearance.

  146. the person conducting this documentary is satanizing the surgery.. I think its a matter of choice. nobody has the right to frown upon those who would do a surgery... in my opinion is not bad.. what is bad are maybe if they are doing it for the wrong reasons, and if they using surgeries in excess

  147. I must say some people might do it, not because of social pressure, but because it is actually very uncomfortable when wearing jeans.

    I have heard its annoying because the labia minora actually rubs against the cloths a little bit but its enough to be uncomfortable.

    a quick solution would be to wear cloths that are one size bigger, but then who likes to wear clothes bigger than your own size?

  148. All those pussy's are beautiful. No need to "fix" them.

  149. at the end of the day, people should be able to do what they want to their bodies. they wanna do it and wanna pay big bucks and can do it safely why not? "more pleasure" seems unlikely but what do i know. it seems like its done for more of a mental contentment, rather than physical. if ya think it makes you younger and u believe that, go right ahead. but without exercise and a good diet you'll still feel old. and life would be boring if all vaginas looked the same no?

  150. I see all the men in this documentary and can't help but think, what a lucky bastards...

  151. Love me or hate the fact is that my opinion nothing more!
    And another fact is I still have sex with lots of beautiful women!

  152. Hi, Iwould just like to say that this documentary was really valueble, seeing how women are objectified in society today and how that has lead us to self objectify. We tend to look at ourselves from a third person point of view, constantly thinking how others view us and this could have roots in media, however it is not new, even back in the 1700s, it was being argued whether women's breasts were mere sensual toys for men, or if they were perhaps a 'natural gift'. This is terribly upsetting, seeing that a lot of things we do and think are so we can be seen as attractive by others,ultimately depending on others for self-security and love - this is obviously not the way! I would like to also find out how I can contact the narrator? Thanks!

  153. Interesting concept for a documentary.

  154. Zoltan- I was a virgin until I was 19, am in my early 20's now, and by choice have only had 2 sexual partners in my life because I can't do the whole "sex without feelings" thing that seems to be so popular with my generation. I also happen to have labia that are on the larger side, and have always been. So I guess that proves your theory wrong about women with larger labia being "easy."

    1. Bianca Franken, I agree with you. I am a 29 years old man and have the same mindset and behavior as yours. I feel like men have even a stronger pressure to have a casual sex life. The ones who don't do that are seen as fools. I am sure the origin for that is the same which motivated this really sad situation we saw in this documentary. This concept of "what we wanted to be and what we have to consume to get there", instead of embracing and appreciating who we really are.

  155. This documentary is ridicules.

    For starts, stop crying, how do you handle looking at the newspaper with a attitude like that? It's pathetic. Also, you are making a unjustified clam by stating that body parts,(not directly related to neural functions), are inseparable parts of ones self. If someone feels that they want to change how they look, by dying hair, piercings, or plastic surgery. That is their business, and by no means is it necessarly a cry for help from the helpless.

    This entire documentary presupposes that there cannot be any reasonable basis for wanting to change ones looks by plastic surgery, which is it flat out stupid. No matter how minor or how seemingly neurotic the surgery, if it will bring an individual happiness, and so much so that they are willing to pay for it... then you should screw off and stop forcing your judgements down other peoples throats.

    1. You sound like someone that might be doing this kind of surgery....
      The dilemma is that if you were not happy with yourself before the surgery you will definitely not be happy with yourself afterward as well.
      Learn to love the skin you are in, love the fact that it is very different from any other. You need one guy that will fall in love with it as well and if he is worth your attention he will love it exactly the way it is. The more natural you are the more lovable you are. I for one love large labia, It gets me off when they are prominent and look so swollen and inviting. I found it a large turn on. At the same time can I also say that I have had partners on both side of the scale and I do not let my preferences get it the way of fully appreciating and loving the person for who they are and the shape of their body or their labia.

  156. Attraction is involved in choosing a partner, but when you become interested in someone, I've never known the genitals to be involved in that in that process. Attraction to private parts seems to be new in this superficial day in age.

    There is no such thing as a "normal" lady part, the only thing "standard" about it is the anatomy: each one has a labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, urethra, and a vagina. Unless it causes some physical discomfort or a medical complication, I think it's unecessary...that doesn't mean that I don't understand why people do it. I understand why women do it and I don't judge them at all for it- I judge a society that makes women feel that it's necessary.

    As for pleasing men, um...since when did the "look" of a vagina impede on the physical/sensational experience of sex? Does a large labia satisfy less? Does a small labia make the pee-pee likey likey more? And any preference to groom/cut/remove pubic hair should be similar to any woman's preference to do anything else, such as putting on make-up, using perfume, or styling her hair... It's "her" choice, for whatever reason she may have.

    It's like we live in a world where men feel entitled to "custom-make" the physical appearance of women...the last time I checked, people aren't going around boasting about the beauty of testicles, but as women we realize they don't make the man...they just hang from him. Instead of focusing on what women should do to be more aesthetically pleasing for the eye of men, why don't they focus on things that matter- improving their own lives, improving the world, finding a woman that makes you happy, laugh and want to be a better person. Because in relationships, that's the core of what matters.

  157. the doc that i referred to is "my penis and I"

  158. wow..what a doc..It has become so apparent to me now that women have just as much of a stigma with their guys do with their jiggly bits...I would also like to add that it doesnt matter to me what it looks like if I care and love the person that is sharing it with me, so long as they take care of it....I urge people to watch the doc about the fellow with the small unit...This doc also makes me sickened at what society has done to people...yet again...each and every person on this planet is special..beautiful in each our own kind to one another...PLEASE

  159. OK so let me get this straight...........because I like vaginas clean and smooth I'm stupid and a pedophile? I never claimed to be a md or a phd but just made an observation from the WOMEN I have be with. The women with small or no hanging lips did not start having sex until later in life and had not been with a lot of guys. On the other hand the women with big saggy lips started hanging sex at a very early age and have slept with a lot of guys! I am in no way interested in young girl or ever have been so I'm not sure why you would assume I'm a pedophile?
    One more time........... It's my OPINION I don't like big hanging lips I think they are gross looking.

    1. Zoltan-

      a clean vulva and a smooth vulva are two very, very different things (and a vagina is something else, entirely. It is the birth canal, aka completely inside the woman). We evolved to have hair on our genitals for a reason. It acts as a physical barrier to bacteria and allows the vulva to stay moist (this is important in maintaining a healthy pH level). When you take away the pubic hair, the vulva becomes much, much more susceptible to infection. One becomes more likely to contract STIs (and therefore more likely to give them to YOU).
      Also, your presumptions about what causes larger labia minora are very offensive and make you sound beyond ignorant. "women with big saggy lips started hanging (sic) sex at a very early age and have slept with a lot of guys!" This kind of speech is hateful, not to mention stupid. Women look how they look. It's genetic. Just because pornography favors the very small, shaved little clam pussy does not mean it's any sexier than the orchid or the lily of the valley pussy. The vulva is a beautiful sight in all its forms. It's a thing of love and power, and if I may remind you, you're here today because of one.

      proud of my pearl

    2. That porn favors pussies it favors does mean something. The vulva is not a beautiful sight in all forms. It can actually be a revolting one. And even those pussies which aren't just ugly, can still be subjected to gradation. And they are. I've seen a lot of pussies: hundreds or thousands in porn and tens in real life. And I do know that some of them are more pleasing than others. You may not like this fact; you may not like me for this, but it's a fact. And the men I have talked to about it also do have preferences. Similar ones, although not homogenous.

    3. Zoltan- I was a virgin until I was 19, am in my early 20's now, and by choice have only had 2 sexual partners in my life because I can't do the whole "sex without a relationship" thing that seems to be so popular with my generation. I also happen to have labia that are on the larger side. So I guess that proves your theory wrong about women with larger labia being "easy."

    4. I think youve been watching to much porn.
      Im interested in your theory though. Perhaps you think that being born with larger labia predisposes a woman to promiscuity? Or are you saying that it is by sleeping with many partners that creates 'hanging' labia? Theres also the slightly irritating allusion that women who sleep with lots of men arent 'clean' and are 'gross' whereas your own sexual conquests have qualified you to make a correlation between a womans anatomy and number of partners.
      Yes you do come across as repellantly ignorant.

    5. Let me blow your whole theory, k? I have the type of anatomy you associate with "did not start having sex until later in life and had not been with a lot of guys"
      I have small lips and everything nice and neatly tucked away (I am not bragging)
      I was molested by 2 different people by the time I was 5, one was just fondling and the other intercourse. I know I was under 5 because my parents were not divorced yet and because I remember the house I was in when I woke up in soaking wet sheets horrified because I thought I had wet the bed (I did not do this).
      I also started having sex when I was 15, it was the same partner for all of high school, still I was sexually active. You would explain this as luck?

    6. Sorry to hear what had happened to you. As I said all my theories are from my own experiences and it is my opinion.

      Congratulations on having a good looking Vagina too :)

    7. Leslie, God bless you - though i'm buddhist so maybe rather Buddha bless you! Fortunately there is karma, the one whp molested you have hurt their own souls and scared their hearts for a lifetime! You are a strong woman as many in this thread - also Zarmina and Robinson - i salute and bow as deep as i can for you all! There are no world without women, good sensible women like yourselves are truely a gift to humanity! Namaste ~Om Shantideva~ and many blessings! ``^_^´´

    8. Thank You for your support, I really have never felt like I am putting myself "out their" talking about it even among strangers, I'm not ashamed, like so many victims seem to be, if I were to repeat the behavior, that would be different but guaranteed never to happen.

      I don't dwell on it anymore but I am aware I will never know the person I might have been w/o the experience. All in all I like who I am, I honestly, despite being bi-polar & battling with substance abuse off & on, I have never taken advantage of others, been a thief or a successful liar. I'm no saint butt I feel the only thing that matters in the end is the way we connect w/& treat others while we are here. If I were to die tomorrow, my conscience is clear and I wouldn't change that for anything.

      I have recently become aware of the human & child sex trafficking epidemic that seems to be on the rise. I am still amazed when it comes to the terror people are capable of and the #'s of people among us, who seem to lack all conscience when it comes to the way they treat others. I sometimes I find myself questioning our right as a species to exist?
      At the same time, I am in awe at what people can endure.
      No matter what, as long as you never let go of your spirit, your core self, you are the winner and in time, your scars can heal!

      1 in 3 children are molested and that is only the statistics on the cases reported, I'd love to make an impact on those statistics someday, well see, maybe I made a small one somehow just now.


  160. So I'm not allowed to have an opinion ? And no I don't watch a lot of porn! And yes I have seen lots of vulvas/vaginas in real life. Wow I really struck a nerve with the big lip women! Some guys like big hanging lips..... I don't! I'm sure there are things you don't like on guys. Everyone has opinions I'm just sharing mine.

    1. @Zoltan

      It's curious that your personal research does not align with scientific research. The MD/PhDs must have been mistaken! Your "research methodology" isn't based in evidence; to make an evidence-based claim you have to have seen images of the women you slept with as prepubescent girls and track their labia minora development through puberty in addition to their sexual activities. Otherwise you're conflating all of your research variables and making a faith-based argument to uphold your schema that the real research data strongly disproves.
      To make your claim of causation with any measure of authority, you'd have to admit to child porn, in essence. Are you really interested in extending your argument of causation?

      You didn't strike a nerve with the big lipped women, but rather all humans with IQs above 90--the level of confusion/conflation in your line of reasoning is embarrassing. Your personal preferences are not being judged here, just your inadequate reasoning abilities.

  161. Sorry you feel this way amy. You must be one of the girls i'm talking about. I'm just going by experience from the girls I've been with. The one's with big saggy lips/vaginas all started having sex at an early Age and put out a lot. The one's with no hanging lips and nice tight vaginas didn't start having sex until later in life after their body had developed. It's an observation I have noticed .

  162. I came across this video while looking to heal my own insecurities. Having only seen "porn star" vulvas myself, its very hard to know what is "normal", when all you've seen is "nipped and tucked". Seeing all the different casts of vulvas has really change the way I feel. I had no clue that we were all so different. One great point in this film is that girls are not told about the change that will happen during puberty. I am pleased to know that a lot of women felt as if they were deformed or whatnot. And its good to know that getting "more" or a fuller vulva is a sign of womenhood. I feel terrible for the women who get surgery. Though I had considered it myself, after having my child and receiving stitches "down there" I would never for any reason other than child birth, want stitches again! The healing is incredible unconfortable, not to mention the scar tissue can remain extra sensitive. So getting that type of surgery could be more damaging to your sex life than not liking your vulva. The group where they look at their vulvas is a good thing, if you are having insecurities. Even just looking at your own will make you feel more comfortable with it.

  163. Come on people. Really Big sagging lips is gross. It just proves that the woman put out a lot as a teenager and now she is trying to defend herself to her husband. If she was a good girl there would be no big hanging lips. I think they are gross and a real woman would not have any. I would never marry a woman with them. Gross!

    1. You really "think" a large vulva means a women is promiscuous?? You are oblivious! I am glad you wouldnt marry someone with "big hanging lips", Im sure no one wants to marry you. How can you be so judgemental? Have you ever even seen a real vulva in person? or do you just sit and watch porn all day?? God forbid you have a daughter one day. That poor girl will probably grow up thinking she needs to look like a porn star and will wind up "putting out a lot as a teenager" and getting all sorts of plastic surgery and hating herself, all because of your ignorance.

    2. the size of lips doesn't have to do with sex. It starts at the age of puberty. Virgins can have larger lips. So before making stupid comments, do your research. Its people like you that probably get their idea of a "perfect" vagina from women who do put out a lot: porn stars.

    3. you really wouldnt believe the number of people who think because lip size means the girl is "loose" or is a slut, I have had girl friends who thought this very same thing so its not a male isolated belief... I can how ever say I think the idea is perfectly ridiculous. mostly because amy is correct, the two things are totally unrelated. frankly i was horrified when i saw this video. and i felt awful for these girls. I'm all for modification of one's body but it makes me sad that people feel like they have to to be acceptable to others.

    4. I don't really want to insult you but you do come over as a grossly insensitive ignoramus!

    5. You come over as a grossly insensitive ignoramus! Put simply you don't know your ass from your elbow and you will not enrich the life of any woman who is foolish enough to have any kind of ralationship with you

    6. that is really a weird opinion. first time i heard it.

    7. culturally common...

    8. Zoltan you are an id**t. It's the inside of the vagina that gets bigger when girls have sex, not the outside. duhhhhh. Leave it to the penis to claim he knows about the vagina.

    9. Just like an Ob/Gyn being the expert on circumcision! lol

    10. Big lips do not form from having a lot of sex. Genitals change when you hit puberty and grow older. Only infants and little girls have vaginas that do not display lips/vulva. Oh you are in love with a woman and you decide to have sex with , all of the sudden it turns out she has big lips, you are going to stop liking her just because of it , than your an ***hole. I hope someone chops your d*ck off and feed it to sharks.

    11. Thank you for calling out that myth. Whoever started and carried that lie is gross and spiteful. I love my puss. The truth is more surface area = more nerve endings. :)

    12. Sadly, that isn't true, less surface area is better for most things because you want nerves to be packed tightly, this is what makes the clitoris WAY more sensitive than the head of a penis. It's because the clit is SMALLER. But I do think it's wrong to cut off your labia just because some immature a**hole says your p*ssy is ugly.

  164. thanks alot for this documentary which I was not able to view in other wellknown sites. 3 big cheers for all the crew and participants involved in making of this documentary

    1. My grandma will be sending out welcome cards upon payment of contributing viewers.

  165. OMFG!! Why!!! why! why!

  166. OMG, WHY would women have surgery "reducing the amount of tissue that protrudes from the lips which cover the vagina."?? That is what makes the vulva sexy. The more protrusion the better! Otherwise it looks like a preteen's! Women need to learn how to accept and love their bodies instead of trying to alter it artificially. The same goes for breast enhancement. Giant boobs filled with plastic bags of gel is NOT sexy! Geez, what is wrong with people? Is it all marketing and advertising that convinces people that they need to "enhance" what they were born with? I don't get it.

    1. 'Preteen' vaginas rule. So much cleaner.

      Flat chests too. Less grime underneath.

      If youthfulness is beautiful, then what's

      your beef with a woman with a preteen

      body? That's what I want/need to know.

    2. You really forgot your meds for sure!!

  167. This videographer is sp caught up in her own emotions that she lacks basic understanding and objectivity. Instead of presenting each situation as it is, she presents each one in direct contrast to her personal views. This stinks as much as most American political info-mercials.

  168. I think women are beautiful. It makes me so sad to think that a woman would feel so insecure with herself that she would surgically change herself - in her most intimate parts. Those men that mock women with different vulva are complete wastes of time, likely trying to cover up their own insecurities. If you are comfortable with yourself and happy as you are, why would you even bother to care about someone else's insecurities and flaws?

    If a guy doesn't like how you look, then I'm sorry to say, but he really doesn't care much for you at all. No sense changing yourself for that man, because you will be spending your whole life trying to please him. There, unfortunately, isn't enough emphasis on natural beauty. It's easy to see why women feel insecure when there is so much computerized glamour... and even those celebrities that are remarkably beautiful - even they surgically change themselves. This ideal of perfection is not achievable. We constantly strive for perfection, but there is no absolute point of perfection - no end result. Perfection is only perception. You should say instead, I'm perfectly flawed as I am.

  169. Absolutely ridiculous. I'm a guy, and this is total crap. If you have to go under the knife to impress someone, then your relationship with that person is nothing more than superficial, and you might as well consider yourself a call girl. Guys (when they love someone) don't give a crap. Get some self esteem girls. Sheesh.

  170. women are wonderful creation, the body shape is beautiful!

  171. From this site, even otherwise,it appears women enjoy more than men in sex.It may be one of the reasons, for sizable mtf srs! I see this site and some more coming out with information, free & frank. I appreciate!!

  172. What a joke....freedom to mutilate yourself for superficial reasons.

  173. I think the most important thing I learned here is that all women are totally different, I really had no idea of the variety, and that girls still aren't getting enough education. When I was a little lass, I knew I would get my period one day, and grow hair and grow breasts, but nobody ever told me that the appearance of the vagina would change. So when it did, I thought I was deformed. One night I saw an art film on Channel 4, about a guy much like thatBrighton sculptor, who had a wall of drawings and I was overjoyed to realise I was normal. I was jumping about on the bed. So I have been showing this documentary to my young girl students and they don't know so much either.

  174. meatheads love plastic surgery. most smart guys think its dumb. if you want surgery to get your boobs made bigger, you prolly care WAY more about your boobs than any guy does ;)

  175. Im a male and I've been with women that had large vags and very small childlike vags and to me they were all great as long as I had sexual chemistry with the woman and the thing was clean and smelled good. The shaving issue has more to do with being able to go down on them than aesthetics, if you want to get oral sex more often then shave but know it's not really a looks issue.

    And please for the love of God, Darwin or whatever you believe, stop following the trends that the media promotes, be yourself, find out what YOU think it's desirable not what someone else told you that it is. No one is completely aesthetically perfect to everyone else, the girls I like some of my friends don't like and viceversa.

    Dont be sheeple please, the world will thank you for it.

  176. Allways remember. No matter how you look. Your personality is what really matters.
    Real beauty comes from the inside.

  177. How painfully obvious it was when the narrator refused to show hers to the movie camera but made certain that the video camera showed the others parts, you get the feeling that she was setting a double standard and to correct this should add video of her parts even if only in the mirror sessions near the end of the movie

  178. Correction, Vagina is the incorrect term. Vulva is the correct term. Vagina is inside and the vulva the outside that consists of the labia is what these girls want to be changed

  179. BTW, we lads never talk to one another about how the gina looks but just that we scored ;)

  180. All people including men as well as women should go and do a 10 days meditation retreat before doing any type of plastic surgery :) I bet most of them would see the mind for what it is. Something one can not take seriously (at all). May all people be happy at heart and free from afflictions

    1. Amen---svaha! Please, leg's go beyond the superficial, exteriors, to the perfection of who we are. We're the luckiest people in the world at this time on the planet. Perfection is a state of mind. What's a "unique" vagina or a small penis in the face of eternity? The important question is, "Who am I and what does it mean to be a woman or man at this time on earth. As Lady Gaga says, "I was born this way."

  181. ladies... all of this surgery, waxing etc. really isn't necessary. 100% natural is my preference. any guy who truly likes/loves you will accept and cherish you as you are. the ones who don't or try to change you need kicking to the curb.

  182. This was an eye-opening documentary. I've never been fond of my vulva and have wished for years that I could change it. Recently however, I have begun to realise that the way my labia look is part of what makes me unique. Seeing all of those different casts of women's vaginas reminded me that every woman's bits are special. I could hardly bear to watch that poor 21 year old girl getting the surgery. I am proud of my womanhood and of my vagina!

  183. I'm a male but I can understand why some women wish to change the appearance of their vagina. Some are beautiful shaped while others are not. However, I've never refused one because of appearance. I've lived in many states and countries and locations have little effect on women's physical appearance from top to bottom. I've heard many man state "stand them on their head and they all look the same". This is not true and the men who say this don't know what he's talking about.

  184. my vagina is perfet

    1. too bad your grammar isn't....

    2. Too bad your manners aren't!

  185. For me, vaginoplasty and labioplasty was life changing. However, I wasn't born with a vagina. I'm transgendered. So I can see how body image is very important, but my case is very different than the women in this film for obvious reasons. My need for surgery was based purely on my perception of myself, and not how others perceived me. Before my surgery, I looked very fem, and had no trouble with people interacting with me as they would with any other woman. I'm sure that if I was born the proper parts, I would have been very content with however it looked, and would never have this type of surgery. Prior to my surgery, I specifically requested that my surgeon give me a more lippy look. I wanted to look like a woman, not a little girl. My surgeon did a great job at fulfilling this request. So this type of surgery isn't always bad. For it made my life so much more fulfilling. Having said that, I think it's a shame that so many women feel they need this type of surgery because of the reasons mentioned in this doc. None of them seem to be having it purely based on their own feelings of self, but because of how other people think and feel. My heart goes out to these women, no one needs to feel so self-conscious that they would go under the knife because of what someone else thinks or says. Love yourself and love your vagina :)

  186. does the documentary cut out around 13:10 for anyone else?

    1. It picks up again at 15:05.

  187. Has anybody got a vodker and tonic? Awesome documentary Lisa! To all women: don't worry about this topic. Please don't. And to the "discriminating" man who has some ideal; some vision of a perfect vagina, may you sleep with your plaster of paris casting and stay away from the beautiful women who make our world so wonderful.

    1. Wow. That's the most likes I've ever gotten on a comment. Too bad I didn't write or post it.

      My name is Joshua Johnson and I do not approve this ad.

      But I do like vagina, very much.

  188. I am so happy I watched this film - so amazing and empowering! The thing is, neither penises or vaginas are stunningly beautiful, and they are all different in shape, size and color. And penises are outside the body, so they're easier to see and examine - or just plain get used to! But vaginas, you can't really see your own vagina unless you sit down with your legs spread, take a mirror, and look around! To see all these women so upset when they look at, or even talk about, their own vagina is pretty much an outrage - we def should be able to be comfortable in our own skin, and our own labia!! Great movie.

  189. How is this different from FGM? Too sad. Also, I would think men would prefer longer labia as it would better "grip" the penis during intercourse and possibly spread lubrication more efficiently. I mean, form and function ladies and gents. And, my labia and clitoral hood directly contribute to my level of orgasm. Like if I didn't have 'em. . . . I don't want to think about the reduction in orgasms.

    1. You're right, as a man who has had sex with women with both small and big inner labia there is definitely more feeling with bigger labia and yes in my experiences it does spread the lubrication better. Women really shouldn't get concerned about how they look down there, with all different shapes I've never been turned off by the look of a womans labia infact big labia can be a turn on because it's womanly. Ladies be comfortable with your vulvas because as a man I have never heard a man comment that he slept with a woman and she had an ugly vulva! Men who think this must be really in the minority.

  190. Women love to blame men for their own insecurities, and especially as an excuse to not look at their own personality flaws.

    One anecdotal example that captures this perfectly.

    A female friend of mine was dating a male friend of mine. She was controlling, nagging and she called him like a 100 times a day to check up on him. She interviewed him and did CIA and FBI style interrogations on him daily.

    When he couldn't take it anymore, he quit the relationship. SHE however... concluded that he had dumped her for her "nose"... and then went on to get nose surgery, coz "men dump her for nose".

    UTTER BS!!!

    I hate all this sexism directed at men, where men are made out to be super-duper shallow, and women made out to be victims of "men's shallowness". Stop blaming us for your insecurities ladies.

    Men aren't NEARLY as shallow as women represent us to be, when they need an excuse for being rejected. If you keep getting rejected by men, it's your personality. If men don't like you, it's your personality.

    There's a very tiny percentage of women who are dumped for a bodypart (extremely rare).

    1. I don't think that the point of this documentary was to blame men for this shocking recent trend, but the fact of the matter is: this is how women are feeling. Its society as a whole, not just psychologically damaged females, or shallow men.

      One very good point that she brought up in the film is that her mothers generation wasn't looking at other peoples vaginas. But today, porn is a lot more openly accepted and viewed, by both sexes. And as a result, women feel they have this standard to live up to.

      From a very young age, women are told by all sorts of media outlets that they need to dress nicely, fix their hair, wear lots of makeup, have pretty jewelry, have a small stomach, have big boobs, have a small butt, wear clothes that are flattering, wear heels, etc. Of course, that's not to say that men don't receive any similar criticisms, but I do think that its harder for women to deal with because there are a lot more double standards. Even a woman in her late 40s should dress nice, wear flattering clothes, makeup, fixed hair, etc., while an older man can be laid back with a beer belly - and that is socially acceptable.

      The point is, women aren't intentionally bashing men for their insecurities, but rather, this is how they legitimately feel as a result of every standard that has ever been set for them and they have not met.

      And another great point of this movie is that WOMEN DON"T GENERALLY SEE OTHER WOMENS VAGINAS. So when there are 8 year old looking vaginas in every porn outlet, why wouldn't women start self-doubting??

    2. that's really ******* true whateva u said abt her that she blamed him for her nose surgery , women do it i would say most of them do

    3. Your argument that women don't feel belittled by men and made to feel as a gender entirely insecure by men is nonsense. Women are consistently made to feel like visual objects for men. Men rate women out of 10 consistently -- as was shown in Moneyball recently when the coaches rejected a player because his girlfriend was a '6'.
      I have a friend with a glandular condition which affects her weight. She's not big (UK 16-18) but I have seen with my own eyes men who've never seen or spoken to her before walk up to her and say 'you're fat/ugly' for a laugh with their mates.

      We all know that men are more appreciative / kinder to pretty women. I've been called pretty by a man in a pub who called my other friend ugly to her face. Men have NO problems rating women based just on looks. To deny misogyny based on looks saying it's all about 'personality' runs in the face of women's experience with men over countless centuries, social positions and countries. When a man says a woman has a 'great personality' it's code for the fact that she's not a looker. Women get judged solely on looks by many men and when they fall short the consequences can be horrific to a woman's self image and self esteem. One insult outweighs one compliment.

      Men increasingly face this type of evaluation from women and as a result body consciousness is increasing with men getting fit, having plastic surgery and developing eating disorders.

      Men and women are both subject to insecurity and a woman in particular because she can't see her own 'bits' can feel vulnerable to criticism and rejection. Think of a man's bald spot - he can't see it unless he looks in a mirror - but think of the stress and problems this causes him and how it affects many men. It's the same thing. Women will feel a need to alter their 'bits' until they are taught to value themselves.

  191. man and i thought they found it.......

  192. I think the English should spend more time on their teeth then they can pretty up the other bits. Got your attention. Well how about asthetics and symmetry. Men can be just as concerned about their bit and not just it's size. There is a beauty in shape. A lot of todo comes from the fundamentalist mindset, all sex is bad.

  193. Maybe I see things differently now that I'm a father of a three year old little girl... I found myself moved to tears a time or two.. Not only did I feel bad and horrified at what some women were putting themselves through..but I felt shame and conviction as a man. Admittedly, I've been sexist, chauvinistic and shallow in the past...but over the last couple years, through humility, I've learned and matured. I've come to see the mistakes of this world and how I fell into societies ways. We don't need another war (to the ***** who suggested such)... We need to look at ourselves and how we've been treating others in this world. Trying to force people to some non-existent "norm" is one of the main causes of war and conflict anyway. Ladies, for what its worth...I'm sorry for the shit we've put you through, since the dawn of time.

  194. I have been in relationships with more girls than would the average male person, Iv'e never asked any of the partners iv'e been with what they thought about thier hidden bits although girls are quite conscience about what a male might think about her private parts. but to me it doesn't matter too much what they look like down there,, it's the girl herself I'm interested in and to me it's what matters.

    By the way great Doco, Thanks

  195. I was surprised.I didn`t know these facts before.

  196. big lips are kinda sexy-ugly
    it's a sexual display - of course - and bold & tasteless (primitive)
    beyond taste - it's a thing that grabs you in the mid stem of the brain
    yes it's ugly but so is chomping on cow flesh


  197. First world problems. we need ww3 already to re-teach people what is actually valuable in life. Do you think people women in stallingrad during ww2 were worried about what thier vaginas looked like or should they throw up because they are too fat. Nope. They were too busy trying to survive and trying to help each other survive.

  198. 1 that dosn't smell,bleed and get thrush would be nice !

  199. OK documentary because one of a kind BUT what does it say in the end?

    Women want 'normal' vaginas (vulvas) because of others (men's..) point of view, and pornography, and sometimes muslims...

    Well, the author prob doesn't mean to, but it's a mismatch of issues that are quite different from each others, and in the end don't form a coherent hypothesis on why some women and girls don't feel comfortable with their vulvas.

    The important question that's not asked:
    why is there a need to normalise genitalias, separate them in two distinct categories (cf.surgeries on 'intersex' babies, no decision involved here for them), and within thoses categories, apply esthetical norms?

    Something else:
    why does she feel so uneasy before showing her 'bit' to a group of neo-hippy women, when it didn't seem to be a problem in front of a male surgeon whose motives to do such a job are yet to be explained?

    1. Because in all honesty, women are more critical of other women than men are of women. Women compare themselves to others constantly, in most cases I think most women are looking for the slightest fault in others to make themselves more at ease.

      Twisted, yes, just stating the facts.

      The girl who had surgery I fear will find fault with another body part and go after fixing that next.

      I had no idea we are all THAT different. The one 16 yr old's pic I am not sure surgery isn't the best option aside from the fact she is worried about what some boy will think. I say this mostly because to me it seems like wearing anything but a dress or skirt, unless wearing pantyhose or snug undergarments would be an issue. It is just not the type of thing you want to have to spend your life focusing on or worrying those bits of you, really would be obvious to all if you don't.

  200. The saddest thing ever. If you have to have surgery to please a man. Who wants a man THAT shallow? I think I'd rather be alone.

  201. I had surgery to fix a rectocele (a type of prolapse) I have to admit, part of it was for vanity, but it was also a physical issue. Best thing I've ever done for my sex life. My husband is happy.

    1. good for you. A prolapse is def. different than labia length.

  202. clean and sharp? as the hair cut say before they makeover you !!

  203. The truth is, this is complete vanity. None of this matters. A complete waste of disk space. Its filth

  204. Rosie has a perfectly normal vagina! ridiculous never ask sales man if you should buy their product the answer is always yes!

  205. as a man i just want to say that men like vaginas! we dont care about big lips all you do is spread them before insertion. typical example of girls getting advise about men from women instead of talking to actual men. its like a guy getting advise about women from playboy, it most likely bull.

    1. Most men from what I know like a little more play then in and done.

  206. People say Muhammad S.A.W married soo many times, why?? if you see... all of his wives were older than him except for 2, and he married all those women for a good cause, not for himself, not because HE S.A.W was (Nauzubillah) addicted to sex...

    About that muslim girl, you cant judge a whole religion just by one bad person. she did it to please her parents and hide her sin from her parents. she wouldn't have had sex if she was a really really religious girl so please guys don't judge a religion by just one person..

    1. Re Islam: the elephant in the room is the cosmetic surgery on the vagina of young girls that end up with the clitoris being cut out. And this is done by a special group of women "specialists" in the Muslim Because it make the vulva more attractive, so I've heard. Eve Ensler has a lot to say about this despicable practice.

  207. Islam is despicable. Not just because of this, but almost everything else about it as well. All religions are damaging delusions, but Islam is certainly the worst.

    1. thats a nasty comment and a stupid one since islam is the reason europe came out of thedark ages. if it wasnt for Islam there would have been no renaissance in the west and europeans would most likely still be living in the dark ages sleeping with pigs to keep warm

    2. yes, it was good of the muslims to preserve the greek and roman achievements for them

    3. they improved/expanded the knowledge as well lets not forget that. The Romans learned from the Greeks, and the Greeks learned from the Egyptians. so really they were just preserving African/middle eastern knowledge. and once again we get back to the fact that Europe would be nought without the Africans and middle eastern people. remember the Classical Greek philosophers went to Egypt to learn not the other way around.

    4. the first recorded paintings (and burials) are circa 30,000 BC from what is now mid west france. homo sapiens skulls have been found in the uk dating at 100,000 BC. the pyramids were built from 5,000 to 1,000 BC. go figure!
      yes the greeks/romans/persians/egyptians/nubians/ are all very influential but your statement is too bold (and wrong)
      and we all come from africa
      and single-celled organisms far before

    5. The statement was a simplification of history to point out to a racist that "Europe owes islam for the renaissance" which is true since they unlike the europeans kept the roman/greek learning alive which aloud them to then share it with Europe and start the renaissance, which wouldnt have happened otherwise. obviously europeans would have developed on their own but since they had contact with others after "the dark ages" they got to skip the development stage and go straight to renaissance.

    6. StephenMolinares, you're such a bigoted little ignoramus. The Greeks and Romans were doing anything BUT "just preserving" African/ Middle Eastern knowledge. What numskull imbecility -- that would imply that there had been (and following your line o freasoning further) still hasn't been any advance in civilization since the ancient Egyptian/Near Eastern times. Since then there have been COLOSSAL advances over anything and everything the Egyptians and other Near Easterners ever did, AND JUST ABOUT EVERY BIT OF THAT IS DOWN TO EUROPEANS BOTH ANCIENT AND MODERN -- that is all either self-evident or common knowledge. Europe may have begun by imitating already established civilizations, but they soon surpassed them by light years. Your incredible nescience (if it's not a deliberate pack of lies with malice aforethought) is even more pronounced when you say "Europe would be nought without the Africans and Middle Eastern people". If, in the very beginning, the ancient Greeks and Romans imitated their forerunners (because they were there to imitate -- as "copying the wheel" is obviously easier than "reinventing the wheel" --) that does NOT prove Europeans would have remained barbarians forever if Egypt etc. hadn't gone first. Who did the Egyptians imitate? (If you want to play smart-aleck and say the Sumerians, okay who did THEY imitate?) Somewhere there was an absolute beginning of civilization when somebody imitated nobody. It's manifest that that absolute beginning could just as well have been in Europe as anywhere else -- unless you believe in the racial superiority of Africans/Middle Easterners, which is what your idiotic reverse-Nazi "logic" seems to imply, StephenMolinares. Even your hamfisted attempt at vindicating Political Corruptness is shipwrecked on the rocks of your know-nothing know-it-all-ism: if you're trying to say the white-ass honky OWES Muslims and blacks, well sorry -- try to understand that the ANCIENT Egyptians were not black (Negroid) Africans nor were ANCIENT Middle Easterners Muslims. We owe Muslims and blacks exactly nothing.

    7. I actually wrote a pretty long response to your foolishness. I sympathetic for you and your lack of intelligence. You obviously have no knowledge of history. All you know is his-story! I unfortunately lost the other response i wrote to you which was very heartfelt and in depth. Since I have lost a significant amount of time, i will say in short. Ancient Egypt did create everything you now know and use. Egyptians were indeed BLACK! Egypt was originally called "KEMET" which means "land of the blacks". The Europeans re-named it. The number system you use... created by BLACKS!! The calender you follow... created by BLACKS!! Europeans were dirty, grimy, disgusting diseased people that slept with PIGS!!! That is why whites are always affiliated with PIGS and bologna. You really need to read books that are not filled with today's lies. Everything the Africans created was stolen. The Europeans tried to destroy everything that linked to the Africans. See the sphinxes, See how they were desecrated to hide the distinct black noses. The distinct black hue of the humans. You need to respect your ancestors. Africa is where the first man was created. He was "hue-man", not mankind. You need to understand and be foolish no more. I pity you and the people you falsely influence. READ!!!! (This was a lot nicer than my initial letter)

    8. This stuff is so insane. What, the word hue-man is some ancient African word, is it? "Hue", meaning colour, is derived from which African language? The number system was created by Arabs, not Blacks. There isn't that much that can be traced to black Africa. North africa is a different matter, but even then, it was more that the Moors kept the Greco-Roman achievements safe until the crusaders were able to re-discover them. And when starting in on white people, do remember just who sold all those slaves to the Europeans. Yes, that's right, it was Blacks. Specific tribes, like the Aro, rounded up helpless people, black kings made contract for certain numbers, not a single person could have been taken out of Africa without enthusiastic African help.The slave traders were just that, traders, not armies. And whereas the ignorant Europeans truly believed that Africans were animals, and that they were not really hurting them, the black salesmen knew only too well the agony they caused. When white English and French began to find out the reality of the slave trade, they agitated until it was stopped. And who objected? The black King Gezu, for one, along with all the other black traders.
      And as for dirty and diseased, really. Never noticed the achievements of the Greeks and Romans? Dirty? The great aqueducts, the piped water, the bath-houses? Christianity is what destroyed all that and brought down European hygiene.
      The picture is not, get this, black and white. It is complicated. One thing that Europeans are very good at is developing ideas. It doesn't matter that the Chinese invented paper and gunpowder. What matters is the British turned that into books, literacy, spread of ideas, and backed those ideas up with very big guns. So it wouldn't matter even if Africa had invented everything. What matters is: who sees the potential? Who has the energy to develop it?

    9. You sound like another complete ignoramus! See Zoltan's equally stupid comments above

    10. agree

    11. It's all true enough.Why are they always going on about who came up with an idea first? So what? What counts is who saw how to exploit that idea.

    12. i didn't say they would have remained barbarians forever i just said they would have remained so far longer(possible hundreds of years longer) and not have colonized the world when they did if they would have developed in isolation and not had the luck of just copying the wheel and not having to invent all those concepts like the wheel, agriculture, plant and animal domestication, village/city life, metallurgy, architecture,laws, kingship, religion, etc.. on their own instead of learning about them from others. Like you yourself say "copying the wheel" is obviously easier than "reinventing the wheel" since you cant copy something if you have no concept of it. Even the ruins of the Mycenaean(trojan war era greeks) civilization was so impressive and advanced they were called Cyclopean because the classical greeks thought only the mythical giant Cyclopes could build them. so obviously the Europeans being prone to "dark ages" couldn't even keep a constant level of technology and relied on the middle east and africa to safe guard the knowledge.

    13. Donk

  208. I hate Islam more than ever.

  209. I couldnt believe the women at the end of this film comparing their vaginas using a mirror. As a man, I have never thought about the different types of vaginas, of course I have seen more than a few, but they all are just beautiful. I would never want my girlfriend or wife to alter this "just perfect" place.

    1. They weren't comparing, they were letting them out of the closet. I think it's more like expression, hey, this is me and I'm OK with that.

  210. You know life is good when you have nothing better to do than talk about genitals.


    1. I agree, first thing I thought after watching the doco is that the women obsessing about their vaginas are victims of living in a completely over-privileged society (of which I too am part)... living with the absence of war, famine, poverty, and no real life/death situations to preoccupy them... so their critical gaze turns on themselves - one important aspect the documentary maker didn't explore

    2. wow, great way to put it annabelle. a privileged society with nothing else to worry about.

    3. Excellent movie , it’s worth adding this info as a part of sex education or Physical Education Training program!!!! once again, it’s worth watching everyone to clarify inner “Questions" “?” within.

    4. Yes! Glad you could be here with us!

  211. I would be happy to TRUTHFULLY without sugar coating or apologizing for my religion answer any questions you have. ask away.

  212. I am a mulsim women and only commenting to say I have read your comments and wont even waste my time refuting them as they are so fabricated, unreliable, and mainly just ignorant that it is not worth it. A little advice is dont take your information on Islam from a 10 minute clip of a girl who you have no idea is even a practicing muslim. As it was after all clearly stated she was trying to please her family not God. It also is unwise to go typing things into google and pasting whatever information you find that reffirms what you think about someone else's religion and then stating it is a relible source. Next time if your so curious to get the TRUTH just simply ask a muslim women.

    1. why do you value a man (Mohammed) who marries a 9 year old after he kills her family is this a man of god? maybe Mohammed has a perfect Vagina :)

    2. come with complete proof and then talk.......there is no need to talk untill u hve solid proof and a solid reason to blame.........

    3. there you go, a new story, ayesha's father was abu bakr, one of the caliphs of islam and a follower of muhammad. Don't make up lame stories for the truth will always prevail over falsehood

  213. There are hucksters and there are suckers both born every minute.
    You just sold your bits or bet your fanny on it

  214. Ladies, don’t hack bits of your body off in the mistaken act of thinking that you are in some way abnormal.

    If your partner or someone is pressuring you into undertaking this sort of surgery because they are repelled with your appearance, then that would indicate a problem with them, and not you.

    You are fine just as you are.

  215. Also if shes so proud of her vagina why cant she say the word vagina or show it? I think she even bashed hers......Seems like shes trying to cover up something no? Maybe she has a penis.

  216. If a guy cares about what your vagina looks like hes gay. Ladies lets be real if you have a awesome body and men dont want to sleep with you its not because the way your vagina looks. Its either because you keep running into gay men or their really saying you stink. Me personally I dont care what you look like down there, hell I even like lots of hair! And most of my guy friends would say the same so when some women comes out and says men are the reason women are hating there vaginas I laugh out loud.

  217. I can't stand this film maker's judgmental attitude. If women want to modify their genitalia, that their right. If you don't like it, don't get your genitals modified. I guess I prefer a more neutral attitude from documentary films.

    1. I agree she was all high and mighty the whole time. I think if some one wants to mutilate them selves let them! Humans have been doing so for a very long time ear peircings strecthing of the neck the list goes on. Who is she to look her noes down on some one for wanting to change themsleves??

  218. I've seen dozens of vaginas up close and personal and several hundred at more discrete distances and I have never sen one that wasn't perfect. Different in appearance, sure, in the same way as any other body part differs.

    1. Now that's a very well put response! Takes a real man!

  219. LADIES we guys don't give a F*** about how your P*****s look like, we just care about good old blow jobs :P

    1. If that's the case then you don't need a woman for that!

  220. I like the documentary- but I really wish woman (and I am one) would stop blaming men for our own insecurities. Holy hell, when are we going to become accountable for our own actions, especially against ourselves. Go to therapy, take some time and figure out your worth. Once you know the standard of how you are willing to treat yourself, raise the bar for everyone else. Confidence is sexy!

  221. What really strikes me about this is the hipocrasy of the filmaker. She was willing to let everyone else show theirs, but when it came time to show the plaster cast of hers, she had it faced away from the camera. How can she tell other women they should be comfortable in their own skin, when she so obviously is not comfortable in hers.

  222. I'm a man, my first reaction was," If she was my girlfriend, I'd be pissed. Don't mess with that beautiful p***y." I want to see her before, and after. I hope she's happy.

  223. Prettifying the vagina I can understand... but restoring the hymen?! I'm starting to really look down on the Muslim religion. No matter what I hear or see about it, it seems brutal, misogynistic and completely unfair. Recently read about it on BBC news, a woman from Afghan gets jailed... for being raped? It must be so rubbish to be born a Muslim woman....

    1. I'm a Muslim woman, born and raised in a orthodox Muslim family. i assure you that genital mutilation, restoring the hymen and being jailed for rape are cultural issues, not religious. a lot of people in less developed countries are stuck in a time warp and practice old customs that have nothing to do with religion. There is nothing in the Qur'an that says a woman should be punished for rape or speaks about the hymen at all... these are CULTURAL practices. Islam was the first religion of its time to grant women the right to own property, vote and divorce... it was radically feminist when introduced to Arabia. The Prophet Muhammad's wife Khadija was his boss, 15 years his senior and SHE proposed marriage to him. The ratio of female converts to male in America are 4 to 1. more than 1.2 billion people in the world are Muslim and these cases are anomalous. So please, before you "look down on the Muslim religion," educate yourself and don't believe everything you hear. these things are the exceptions, not the rule.

    2. Mohammed married a nine year old after he had her family killed. Give it a rest.

    3. Her(Ayesha's) father (abu-bakr) was muhammads companion and follower and a later islamic caliph, so are you making up stories this lame to blame islam for anything and everything

    4. and christians never did that kind of thing? elvis married a 14 year old 50 years ago people love him.

    5. In scrolling down, I was surprised at how many people are arguing things like religion and age differences in marriage... Funny thing is, none of it "got my goat" until Elvis got brought up!lol ( Its not related, but just had to say that Elvis met priscilla when she was the late fifties. He married her a decade later). And to everyone arguing these age and religion issues (again, I don't see why....the same insecurities exist for all of us as humans), most everyone married their women off early back in the day. Nature called the shots rather than politics. LIfe was harder and people had shorter life spans... the goal was to procreate and women were married off asap. To the angry, self righteous Christians, remember that Mary was married and had Jesus at around age 14. Joseph was most likely much older than her. Now we shove sex down everyone's throats through all forms of media and advertisement, yet we still expect everyone to stay virgins until marriage. Its not really any one person or organization's fault, I don't think. Instead of saying "look at what so and so did then", lets focus on what we're doing now. (btw, stephenM, my only response to you was the Elvis thing...I've agreed with your postings and have no beef with them!)

    6. for sure i got nothing against elivs i only brought him up to point out everyone married younger girls not just muslims.

    7. Yes, I have read about Mohammed's first wife, she sounds like quite a woman. Someone should make a movie about her and maybe dispel some myths.

    8. Thank you Nadia for saying this! I am not religious, but your point is common sense to me.

    9. yes. muslims are mostly awful people

  224. This documentary showed me showed me how sad it is when people don't love themselves for who they are. It also showed me how there are some really great people out there willing to reach out and help people.

  225. I've only watched the start of this but i don't think the surgery seemed extreme at all. quite the opposite of extreme as far as surgeries go. took about 5 mins and only required local anaesthetic. why not get it done?

    there are practical and aesthetic downsides of having that much lettuce in your taco so i say good on her for getting it sorted.

  226. Unbelievable. I mean the comments here. As a woman it should be INSTANTLY obvious why this girl wanted surgery. Just the feeling of walking with inner lips that are extended that far beyond the outer ones and all flappy and baggy like that - it would be so uncomfortable. During sex it would easily get pulled up inside and tugged on. It's true that the surgery was extreme, but in my opinion she really was deformed and needed it. Anyone else who posts with self-righteous dogmatic statements that women should just "let themselves be natural" should post a picture of themselves - I guaranteed they don't have a fanny like this girl had. Easy to judge when you like what you got, hmmm?

    I wish the girl didn't have to go through surgery because of the pain. But life isn't perfect, we certainly are not created perfectly, and I certainly am not going to sit here and talk about how shallow and stupid she is and how *I* would never do such a thing. Clearly she is a beautiful girl, and is insecure about herself - many beautiful women are. Wanting to be perfect is one thing, but she wasn't asking for someone to break off her toes so she could have smaller feet, she was asking for a deformity to be corrected.

    1. It's attitudes like yours that are the cause of the problem. The girl followed in the video? A deformity?? Really? Get a ******* grip.

    2. What an incredibly cruel and deeply unpleasant thing to say. Would you say a woman with A cup breasts was deformed? Or a slightly larger than average nose? Lip length ranges anywhere from barely there to around two inches on the average woman. The variety out there is huge. When she closes her legs her legs it would probably only stick out around a cm or so. In fact MORE women protrude than don't. This is not a 'deformity'. This is normal. Ok she doens't look like the average porn star but your nasty comments and attitudes could seriously offend people. Perhaps you should do your research before you pass comment.

    3. When you say "Just the feeling of walking with inner lips that are extended that far beyond the outer ones and all flappy and baggy like that - it would be so uncomfortable. During sex it would easily get pulled up inside and tugged on." Are you speaking from experience cuz to me it it sounds like your making assumptions about something you have no experience with. I've never heard any of the girls ive been with complain about that.

  227. what an ugly trend, its like they wont it to be photogenic, but in the dark when the romance is on who really has time to inspect and grade those things?

    1. well maybe if you were a bit more photogenic you wouldn't have to do it in the dark.

    2. who does it in the dark. thats like old school religious style. keep the lights on, break out the video cam, and get weird with it.

  228. Omg girls r so stupid.

    1. Oyg everybody is so stupid.

  229. I discovered I looked "different" down there since I was 11, watching porn movies; the first guy I had sex with said I was "strange", and even my boyfriend admitted I was not made as the average girl you see in porn movies... but he liked me also for this, he said I was "comfortable". Now I'm 27. I had wonderful sex experiences , I even had a naked photo shooting to cope with my problems, to accept myself. I never talked about it to anyone, I was so ashamed, but two months ago I discovered this kind of surgery is quite common. Hallelujah! I'm planning to have my bits cut a.s.a.p. If we have canons for the rest of the body, why is so strange that we developed a sense of beauty for our genitals as well? Moreover, even if you have an ugly face or body, when you come to the sexual act with someone, you can take for granted that you are liked. But that parts come as a surprise, like eating a sandwich and discovering insects in that... I want to feel sure that nobody thinks I'm a sandwich with cockroaches inside... Hope I made myself understood, English is not my mother tongue and this is not the kind of theme you practice to write about at school...

    1. My last girlfriend had very large lips, they were the biggest I had ever seen. BUT that was something I found very very attractive about her. It was like a beautiful butterfly and I loved it. Al the women I have been with had this but obviously some are bigger than others, but I never realised that this was a problem. I did notice that my ex was concious of it, but only slightly when we first met. I think she realised afterwards how much I loved that aspect, although we never discussed it.

      So before you consider surgery, please ask your man or change him! Many men love this not hate it!!! I would have been very disappointed if my ex would ever consider this...

    2. I liked your post. My former boyfriend said the same and even my fav bed-buddy states I don't need this operation (while on the other hand he understand why I'd like a mastopexy, although he would never tell me that I need it).
      I think most men are much more simple than women usually think: if they like someone, they like her, stop. And, after all p*ssy is p*ssy!

      I'm happy I didn't do this before, when I was younger, when I was desperately in need of feeling approved and reassured by others.

      But now the point is I (please, stress "I") don't like it, I want to feel beautiful and self-confident about my body aside from the man I am with, aside from what he likes... I feel uncomfortable the same way when I forget to wear earrings because I feel incomplete or in some way "wrong", and therefore my attitude towards people change, and, obviously, theirs change as well.

    3. Ssllss,
      you stated your problem as:
      "I don't like it", "I feel uncomfortable..." and "I feel incomplete".

      This sounds to me like an emotional problem, and you're trying to fix it with a physical solution! this won't work any better than fixing a physical one with an emotional solution.

      An emotional problem needs an emotional solution, so perhaps you could consult someone that will help you with the way you feel about yourself.

    4. It sounds wise! XD

    5. pretty sure you're in the minority on that one. do u get a boner when eating a double cheeseburger?

    6. good on you and best of luck with the surgery. i'm sure it will be fine. it's easy for the host of this show to condemn people who want a reduction down there but i bet her's looks about the same as what these girls will look like after the surgery.

  230. Get a clitoral hood piercing - you'll think twice about surgery.

  231. This is an interesting debate. On one hand, it's easy for me to decry how the media and popular culture, as well as a sex obsessed society sets unfair standards for women, and this is obviously the reason why they would surgically change their vagina and that it is wrong. That seems to be the easy answer.

    Yet, on the other hand...will you allow someone to suffer just for a point? To spit in the face of standards of beauty, you'd deny someone feeling good about themselves? Yes, I think cosmetic surgery should not be taken lightly, I've never done it, I don't like when people do it, but I know I have qualms about my body and would maybe like to change aspects of it. It doesn't eat me up inside, but then again, should I really judge people for who it does? Yes, they should embrace inner beauty and accept who they are, but that doesn't mean they'll be happy.

    Furthermore, I question if having a preference for a certain type of vagina is sexist. I don't care, in fact, all vaginas (as long as they don't look dirty, obviously) look great to me. Don't really see how childish a man could be to really make a big deal of it, but again, that's just me. If a man does have a "preference" how different is that than being physically attracted to a certain type of woman? Is that sexist? And why isn't it sexist for women to talk about men's penises and have a preferable size? It's basically the same idea and I'm sure more men worry about their penis size then women care about how their lady bits look. In reality, they're body parts. If you can justify a person changing their nose, then there's really nothing wrong with a woman changing her vagina to please herself and inevitably, someone else's expectations. Yes, it'd be all perfect if people "just accepted who they are" but that is so unrealistic. We all care what each other think, we all know some people are attractive and others are not. It just hurts some of us more and if surgery can relieve that, maybe it's not so bad.

    I think Rosie is a gorgeous girl and her vagina looks perfectly nice to me, but if it gives HER piece of mind, be it.
    P.S. Until this video, I had no idea fanny referred to

    1. Just a very thoughtful post.

  232. Too bad rosie's not insecure about the size of her intellect. She bases the decision to cut a part of her body because immature boys dump her when they hear she has a "flappy" vagina. This is beyond insane ... first off, I don't know if she's trying to date 8th graders or something but I don't know a single guy who would write off a beautiful girl like that just on rumors. Nor a single guy that would consider her vagina ugly... I might dump her because she's ******** but that's another issue.

    Why does her friend seek to know more details about the surgery than she does?

    To posters who liken this to girls bias against small penises, a small wiener means low testosterone and that's reproductively undesirable. Large labia don't imply hormonal deficiency and are probably a good sign of the girl's libido. It's therefore the opposite issue.

    1. Rose's vagina looked great to me; there was nothing wrong with it in my opinion.

      But what does that mean in terms of ethnicity? People of certain ethnic groups tend to have a larger penis than others, widespread measurements have proven that. That doesn't mean something is wrong with men from one part of the world that tend to have smaller penises...

      also, while scientifically yes, maybe it's an opposite issue, socio-culturally, it is not. it is about desirability and beauty, which is socially constructed. Western men tend to like a certain type of vagina, indicated by popular culture. And there's definitely the perception that women automatically like bigger penises as well, even if this is not totally true.

    2. "To posters who liken this to girls bias against small penises, a small wiener means low testosterone and that's reproductively undesirable. Large labia don't imply hormonal deficiency and are probably a good sign of the girl's libido. It's therefore the opposite issue."

      Absolute, fabricated nonsense.

      Maybe you're making an erection argument, but what factors into one's penis development is the same as the labia, and that's genetics.

    3. yes, i see your point. But clean, neat labia is an instinctual sign of healthy youth to men. Sloppy flabby labia is an instinctual sign of old age and over use. Why do you think men desire women with nice clean vaginae. Its for the same reason we like perky breasts. They are a sign of youth and fertility. And instinctually much more pleasing to the eye. cheers

    4. Brian~ How would you then explain the attraction to hairy vaginas up until the early 90's? It has only been 20 years or so that shaved "clean" vaginas are what are considered sexy. Prior to the 90's pubic hair was what identified a woman- so that she didn't look like a little girl. According to your "instinctual arguement" you are saying men want women to look like little girls. There is nothing "youthful-adolecent" about being shaved. Most girls are between the ages of 10-13 when they begin to grow pubic hair.

    5. its the illusion of the "clean" vagina is what shaving shows. the msg that if one takes care of their hair the quality will be fair... sniff my drift ;)

    6. hey, times change. If they didn't, men would still be taking 10-13 yr old girls for wives in the US, like they did in civil war times. BTW, i am totally against that.

    7. "perky breasts" do not equal's all genetic and environmental as far how you live, what you put into your body, your hydration and second to genetics--the elasticity of your skin (which is also somewhat genetic)... I've seen teens that had to "roll-em up" into a bra and ladies over 50 (me) who don't have to even wear one

  233. I refuse to read all of these comments, as most of them are deeply ignorant and offensive, but I just have to respond to Regan's insistence that vaginas are "unhygienic." No, sir. In fact, they are self-cleaning. I'd like to see your penis try that.

    I seriously don't get all the victim-blaming going on around here. Women are the prey of marketing firms who capitalize on insecurity and low self-esteem. Porno vaginas are clipped or photoshopped and women are kept utterly unaware of this and are led to hate their totally normal bodies. It is not their fault. They did not ask to be misled or preyed upon. And we live in such a sex-phobic culture that no one feels comfortable seeking new information or asking questions.

    1. actually the penis is also self cleaning. Urinating cleans out the seaman. Its just science. deal with it. fail.

    2. 1) It's spelled "semen."
      2) The vagina exclusively refers to the interior bits. The vagina is self-cleaning. Urine only sterilizes the urethra of the penis. The surfaces of the penis still require rinsing for hygiene.

      You're behaving as though I'm somehow anti-penis. I'm not. The external penis is not self-cleaning. "It[']s just science. [D]eal with it."

      Who fails?

    3. r u an english teacher? if ur implying that you dont need to wash your vag, your def not gonna get any.

    4. No, I'm an editor.

      Let's not imply, then. I'm saying you shouldn't use soap on your genitals. You shouldn't use soap on your skin at all. Rinsing with gentle agitation is sufficient and much healthier unless you're exposing yourself to extreme grime or chemicals more toxic than soap.

      Also, I think it's funny how you assume I'm somehow pathetic and lacking in sexual satisfaction. I "get" plenty. :-)

    5. you must have smelly armpits. and hairy

  234. This really saddens me, if people couldn't get plastic surgery, people wouldn't be worried about how their vagina looks.. i'm one of the women well girls i'm 15, who doesn't have a 'perfect vagina' i feel so down about the way my foof looks and its because of pricks who say that if they went down on a girl with big lips they'd walk straight out... it's just not fair, i do want surgery but i want to be natural, myself.. besides i don't have that kind of money... why can't boys just accept us for what we have and who we are... theres so many different looking fannys how can people be so horrible! grrr!

    1. Some men accept women, some women accept men. And the other way round. Some men don't accept and the same with women. So therefore, some people are just more tolerant and free-thinking. You just need to find the right people. When teen-boys get together and talk about sex, they always over-stretch their ideas to look cool. I know, I grew up with them hahaha. Don't let it get you down! You don't have to hate men to feel powerful and happy about your body, they're going through social pressures too. And don't hate yourself!
      Just look at yourself, and don't see another image in your head. Just who YOU are. Your reflection is only you, and one beauty can never be compared to another. And then, if you aren't happy, you can chose what you wish to do with your body, as it is your decision to make. But do it for you, not for the words of others
      Just ranting here :)

    2. That was a really nice thing you said. You call it a rant, but I call it the most sensible thing I've read in ages. :) Caroline

  235. i enjoy vagina thankyou for listening

  236. The movement of the labia is what most stimulates the clitoris. So, if you cut the labia you are quite likely to interfere with a woman's ability to orgasm. Hmmm. Another item, when you are young, your outer lips are slim and the inner lips more prominent, because of hormonal stimulation. Eventually the outer lips enlarge and the inner lips recede, as the heightened stimulation of the inner labia tissue diminishes.
    Labia measurements have nothing to do with vaginal tightness. Although vaginal tightness isn't something entirely desirable. It's appropriate timing of vaginal tightness that makes sex interesting.
    Well, now I've seen a woman having her labia cut off. Ehh...lucky I'm not terribly squeamish.
    It's like a man worrying about the wrinkles in his testicle skin. Sorry men, for a woman, especially in the early years, male genitialia are not the prettiest things seen. Rampant is generally better than at rest, just because there's so much wrinkling. But we don't tell me they need changing. I know there's a song that goes, "Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro..." and you realize, as you get older that the singer really isn't discussing ears.

  237. this horrible, terrible practice of western women having their labia trimmed is just so recent to the long-standing (sorry) industry of surgical penile enlargement. c'mon ladies, isn't this is that equality you were all wanting? weren't you?

  238. Jesus...people with too much free time used to contemplate their it's gone a bit lower, I suppose. Got news for Rosie...she has a weird ass back to the hacker...also, the maker of this film is so delighted that she gets so many women comfortable with their cunnies, and yet....while we see of a lot of theirs...the camera seems allergic to hers...a bit of hypocrisy there, old girl?

  239. it doesn't matter what your poonaynay looks like if you don't have sex with men. sex with men gets pretty boring after a while, so problem solved. don't chop up your chalupas, ladies. bad idea.

    1. if you dont have sex with men, what would you have sex with? and dont w on w sex. fail

  240. Everyone is someone else's type, and it doesn't matter what people think because they're usually wrong, I realized these things before I even went into kindergarten (thanks TV), but I think a lot and I guess took that for granted.

    I'm continuously surprised at how unobservant and sensitive people are, and that the words of others have so much power over most. I'm not going to say that no one has ever effected me, but I still use my brain and form my own opinions about myself and treat my body like I want it to last, because as far as I or anyone truly knows, this life could be all I get and my body IS me. Personally, I tend to like people who like me and not give two sh*ts about people who don't and scoff at me for any reason. The ONLY time I take criticism into account is if it rings true and I improve myself by changing habits or thought patterns. It's difficult sometimes but it always pays off to better yourself BY YOURSELF.

    I'm very much against plastic surgery, it's often unnecessary, and a huge misrepresentation of your genes, which in my mind -evolutionarily speaking- is immoral. Getting a nose job before hitting the dating scene and then breeding sounds too much like tricking someone into mating with you. Natural selection is taken out of play when you alter your appearance and spray on perfume or cologne. Attraction has a lot to do with the smell and the appearance of your partner. It's not superficial, it's natural selection, and it's important for keeping a strong gene pool. When guys see big tits, whether they know it or not, that's evolution telling them "Aw yeah, she's going to feed my children with those big boobies!", when a chick sees a big bulge in a man's pants whether she knows it or not that's "Ooh, he could impregnate me real easy!" that's what that IS! Even if both don't want children and ARE using some form of birth control, that's still the driving force! NO MORE PLASTIC SURGERY! USE MAKE-UP MINIMALLY OR NOT AT ALL! THROW OUT YOUR PERFUMES AND BATHE! If no one likes you, masturbate and try again tomorrow! SOME PEOPLE LIKE FREAKS, SOME PEOPLE LIKE SUPERMODELS, SOME PEOPLE THINK SUPERMODELS ARE FREAKS! THERE ARE PLENTY OF FISH IN THE SEA, GO FISH!

  241. Maybe it is a UK thing, but that guy in the beginning that said "If some has an unattractive bit, I am not going to do it..." , are you kidding me?!?! He was no Brad Pitt his self!! LOL. Ladies, The definition of an attractive "bit" (love that term), is the following: Clean, no pungent odors and does not look like a penis. I am sure that it will not get turned down. Bushy, Brazilian or Bare!

    Xan - Atlanta, USA

  242. Plastic surgery is one thing; if your calves are too small so what stop obsessing; but a honking nose, what can one do but obsess- get it fixed.

    I think a lot of this would be unesseccary if we committed to a disciplined exercize regimen more than that lame 20 minutes 3X a week. All thst does is hold your weight steady which is fine if you've reached your goal.

    God has given us (Mono Chris, Mono Abdullah, Mono Saul- religion is superfluous here and as usual harmful) two beautiful gifts- our bag of bones, or corpus and the ability to have sex with ourselves or one another as much as we can handle.

    Why in Lamb's name would a person allow themselves to substitute food for sex and become a whale? Sex and constant sex as long as it does not make our lives unmanageable, is the most fun we cn have on this planet. Eat Organic, avoid all corporate products of any kind and get jammin/!

  243. Hysterical.

    1. Except for the part where this was a sad and disgusting display of insecurity brought on by chauvinism and high expectations on women.

      Unless you meant they have to be hysterical to do this to themselves, which they very well might be.

  244. So weird, I'm married now but

  245. i feel sorry for rosie. she is a beautiful girl, all over. she went through all that pain, physically and emotionally, because of jerks. its fine if you arent attracted to her, but why tease her and laugh at her? it doesnt make sense to me. i would love to have a girl as beautiful as rosie, thats just those guys' loss

    1. Yes, but you're obviously kind and nice. And they aren't. She perhaps should have more wisdom to see people with your attitude in the world. :)

  246. wow;i watched this video and found a new respect for seeing what women go threw because of outside influences and also discovered that as much as we are different we are also very similar as a man we in general think that we need a longer member or that we should be thicker all in an effort to some how think that this is what the female wants, yet in truth we(just like women) are not happy with the size because of what magazines,porno stars,and even locker room bantering have put out there, so in reality if you ask most men if they could get an operation on there member to make it what we feel would be perfect, we would jump at the opportunity.
    so that all being said i just want to say what a great video you have created and it is about time this was really exposed.
    it just goes to show that as children we are cruel to each other and as adults we are even worse to ourselves. now there is an eye opener.

  247. Rosie should drop her sister and the other ****holes in her life. Her problem isn't physical but emotional. How can the muslim girl love her family, when they'd kill her out of shame for not being a virgin? Both of these girls are vicims of oppesion.

  248. Rosie's fanny looked awesome before the saddens me she felt it didn't.

  249. well, i've got to watch just long enuf to see what is considered a pretty vagina as opposed to an ugly one. i need to know where mine fits in. i hope i dont end up with another complex.

  250. They are all gorgeous just as they are

    1. no. fail.

  251. the fact that i think vaginas with a lot of lips are disgusting does not make me sexist or gay. fact. this is just women b*tching, making themselves victimized. men go thru the same thing with the size of their penises. so i am an ***hole pig cause i think your vagina is hideous but girls can dump guys cause they have a tiny dick or are two pump chumps and thats fine. this is women doing a kindof elementary school thing, everyone gets a trophy even the kid in last place. vaginas with a lot of lips are gross to me, but sexy to some guys. dont make me the bad guy cause i have a preference for a nice tight one. lol girls can have ugly vaginas just like they can have ugly faces/bodies, just like guys can. you need the ugly ones to make the good ones look good.

    1. you need the ugly ones to make the good ones look good? huh? I don't get that statement.

  252. I'm still shocked that there is such a surgery and that some women feel the need for this ! This is absolutely crazy......

  253. its a shame that young girls are so self concious i have never seen an ugly vagina and anyway i would NEVER criticise a partner of mine its not nice

  254. if someone judged a person by the look of their vagina i would say that was a very shallow person but come to think of it i have never seen an ugly vagina infact usually i love the sight of them ....

  255. own thoughts are that if there really is a God...His or Her finest work, was the vagina.

    But what do I know? I'm just a guy.

    Oh, oh...and I have never seen an ugly one.

    Oh, oh, oh...but they are all different, yet equally beautiful.

    1. thankyou!!!!!!

    2. yeah. a gay guy

  256. The brain is the major sex organ, but seems some women and men don't realize this. And you can have the best looking partner and sadly the worst sex.

    1. So let me ask you...what force or influence allows you to identify the "best looking" partner?

    2. 'Best looking'? I wager that men who are sure of themselves, have a great sense of humor and are successful in whatever profession they are in, may well radiate a scent or some type of attractive aroma, which is attractive to the opposite sex and even employers.

    3. Yeah, that pretty much is my take too....but why is it that "we" can both accept that "physical" beauty only acknowledges societal "norms"? And you KNOW what these are...right?

      Why is it that I see beauty in my own way and so many people accept a "standard"? I'd like to think, that I am special....but again....I got this Idea probably from a "dove" ad.

      Oh man! I will have to look into penis surgery....maybe mine is inadequate and I am unworthy.

  257. cmon guys.. seriously.. have you ever seen an ugly vagina before? this is just maddening! why would anyone bother? i can imagine guys with penis issues but this has gone too far@!

  258. Unfortunately, just like any body part, vaginas can be attractive or unattractive. Just like faces, breasts, figures, arms, hands, eyes, teeth, feet, etc. Today, every body part is aestheticized and presented to the gaze for scrutiny. Penises are in no way exempt. This is due to the proliferation of images, medical, pornographic, and artistic. It's the 'male gaze' combined withe the 'medical gaze'. Everybody can now be an 'authority' on the subject of beauty because we are sufficiently bombarded by information. In today's world, with the internet, you can see an endless amount of vaginal variability with the click of a button. I think men with 2 inch long penises, which Ive read that, while not the 'norm', is not terribly uncommon, are probably living in a world of much more pain and humiliation than women with uncommonly manifold labia. You probably couldn't find a man on this whole planet willing to be in a documentary about their tiny penis.

    What determines what constitutes attractiveness is culturally learned and somewhat arbitrary. I spent a lot of time in Indonesia as a young man and every girl I was with there had very discrete labia, the way a vagina looks on a female child (yes, this 'childlike' vagina is a normal type as well). Indonesian men tend to e very forthcoming with there sexual preferences and they would often say they wished their local women's vaginas were more like white women's with more external labia minora extruding from the mound... seemingly an opposite preference from the one assumed to be held by western men in this doc. Whenever a cultural preference about beauty exists, and they always do somehow, some people are going to suffer as a result of not fitting into these arbitrary preferences. In some countries the general preference is for very fat women, in others it's anorexically skinny.

    Why are some people unattractive? It is unfair. This documentary seems like it wants to some how restore the kind of democratic ideals of fairness and equality to physical beauty. Despite our progress in many areas of existence, beauty remains as undemocratic and unjust as it ever was in the history of human beings. Physical beauty remains an irritating vestige of our primal, animal, past where we seek out mates who appear best suited for procreation. I think we are programmed to construct a criterion for determining beauty. This construct is created when we are young and impressionable and becomes very difficult to change consciously. So much about our cultural lives as humans is arbitrary and superfluous....

    1. Simply share yourself that will love you as much as you love yourself.

  259. If these women weren't so shallow, vain & obsessed with appearance they wouldn't be depressed about their vagina's appearance. If they just looked it up online they would see vagina's vary massively

  260. Alot of men feel that it is about time women feel the same way as some men do without perfect looking sex organs and what do ladies expect they mock our Penis every chance they get. And laugh if it does meet what they think is " Normal" or very large .

    Before some ladies chimes in about being "Upset" by my comment think about this if you were in a group of women and you seen a mans small penis would your group not giggle about his size ? Or if you seen a man with a small penis would that stop you from giving the guy a chance date you or one day marry you?

    Well us men have learned to become picky and will join in the fun if they look different While myself i could careless what her vagina looks like since when you really think about it your not getting married to the sex organ . The person is who i'm looking at since i would have to spend time with her mind a lot longer than i will her labia minora and the labia majora .

    Women have it easy if they think their Boobs are small spend a few grand and boom you are a 44DDD . Lips of the vagina don't please her taste spend some more cash and boom it's all better . Vagina not tight as it was before kids do Kegel exercises or see a DR again it's better than brand new and could break a finger or two .

    Hell Women can even become reborn again Virgins if they have the money .

    But men are stuck with what they are born with and learn to deal with it . Every man would line up if a DR could make us 9 inches around and 12 inches long . I think ladies should take notice and just be happy with what they were born with just like us guys you never know some guys might like larger lips on their vagina's and some won't but i don't see why anybody worth his or her keep would leave you based on what it looks like . And if they did you are FAR better off without them in your life

    1. You know, I think this is a great point. How often do we see jokes on TV being made about "size mattering" or such? How rough is that on the guys? Especially since it doesn't matter, at all, and skill does. In fact, I reckon the 'big guys" might be more likely to think that's all they need. And why not, since countless movies and sitcoms make this totally incorrect point. "Coupling" is a good example, with Patrick the Tripod.
      If these jokes were made about tiny fannies and wizard's sleeves, or something, there'd be hell to pay. In fact, Sasha Cohen did this in Borat and it was so uncouth, but mocking the male size, that's just sitcom fodder. How is that right?

  261. Girls, let's get something straight (and no, I do NOT mean a penis).Without question, this is an extremely interesting subject. Where would we be without a vagina? Regardless of what they look like on the outside, once I get inside, they are ALL delicious.Hairy or bald, it matters no. Asian women all have a soft furry down, like a baby chicken or duckling. Pacific islands women have a similarity to 10 gauge fencing wire, while the rest of the world's women have a very acceptable medium strength hair (pubic I'm writing about!!).Without a doubt, it is true, that there certainly are some strange looking beavers out there.But, like I said, once you get inside them, they are all just sooooo delicious.Girls, you all should be extremely proud of your vagina.There's not a man (and I emphasize the word "man") who does not love what you have. Regardless of whether your skin is white, brown or black (or anything in between) your vagina is pink inside, just like every other female on this entire planet.Don't take a scrap of notice of the raging poofters and lunatics who try to tell you otherwise.They are specifically a back door only client and are not in the slightest interested in your pride and joy.Me? Well, I absolutely adore vaginas. Regardless of what colour your skin is, or what country you come from, you all have the thing that every man enjoys.....your beautiful vagina.Be proud of it and be thankful that you have something so delicious and desirable to offer a man (and yes, I did say "man").

    1. You Sir are one sick mother!Almost any woman will see right through your patronising, bordering on perverted, infactuation with a reproductive organ that left to it's own devices is an extremely unhygenic place to visit. You certainly don't speak for me buddy when you say "there's not a man who does not love what you have" so go shove your gross assumptions where you store your brain! And for the record I say to you Sir that some of us men have actually developed beyond the primal instincts and become more dveloped as human beings so think again before you try and tell the world that all men are obsessed with sex, women and their vaginas. It worries me what people like you get upto online!

    2. Is it just me who is upset by Regan's comment? It's such an unpleasant view on sex! I understand looking at something objectively is sometimes necessary to gain a greater understanding of it and how it fits into the world but this view goes completely beyond the objective - he is disgusted by vaginas!

      The subject of sex and genitals is always going to be closely linked to self esteem. Were people this insecure about their genitals 50 years ago when people didn't talk about it? I honestly believe that 'developing beyond primal instincts' and developing disgust towards the opposite sex's genitals is neither a step forward for humanity nor something that help improve happiness in society. More people are on anti-depressants than ever before in the UK.

      Good luck with sex, relationships and having children when a vagina is viewed as 'an extremely unhygenic place to visit'.

    3. For your information Stephanie I have a wonderful wife whom I love very much, I also love my family, I however do not live in LALA Land pretending my wifes vagina, or any other womans vagina for that matter is some kind of beautiful rose garden, I am not disgusted by female genitals but I equally do not worship them, it is a reproducitve organ not a flower garden. FYI Stephanie, my sister happens to be a Gynecologist so if you're trying to dispute my statement about womens health problems then you're barking up the wrong tree. As for my wife, she is so much more to me than just a sex object and the older I get the more I see the true beauty of a woman that comes from within. The true love we feel for our special woman has nothing to do with slipping our penis into their vaginas such as some men here will have you believe. It is about the deep bond we feel with them on a much more meaningful level. This infactuation with vaginas is bizarre, it is an organ for procreation end of story. I tell you what I do worship about my wife though is her patience, her sense of humor, her lovely curly hair, the way she makes me laugh and that wonderful female capacity for unconditional love. True love I do believe they call that Stephanie, true love :-)

    4. Not to side with the comment of the other guy, but i think u are really overreacting to the guy mere effort to boost a bit womens self confidence...
      The assumption that a vagina is a unhygienic place to visit is not advanced as u think, actually is middle age related, really.
      Beside the shallowness of disputing about the level of vaginas hygiene, which is related to their owners, I really think Id rather be obsessed with females, and every part of them, than being a cold stuck up hygiene-obsessed "man" like you. i guess your wife is happy anyway so good for u two, but there are a whole lot of people who do not live their sexuality in the way u do, for whom instinct is still important, and at least in bed some tabu might be broken.
      About true love, seriously, if u live ur sexual life that way id advise u to stick to her. not many people would like ur idea of it. I pity you. Enjoy some, stop overthinking.

    5. Well some of the vagina are a unhygienic place to visit . i say this because if you give a woman oral sex you would have no idea if she has the papilloma virus and without getting tested she won't . And that can lead to throat cancer .

      I think a lot of men think it is unhygienic because some due to a PH unbalance the smell can be quite strong

    6. but its true. all straight men areare obsessed with sex, women and their vaginas. Its healthy to have a strong sex drive. thy need to plant thy seed is a good one.

    7. It's actually no more unhygienic than any other part of the body. It's a self-cleaning organ, and if you mess with it too much, you can get infections. But, left to it's own devices, everything generally turns out ok "down there"

  262. Tattoos, body piercing, genital insecurity...why are we sooo self-involved when there's a whole universe to explore? At the end of the doc the woman says she'll have open sex talks with her kids. That's fine, but jeez, how come we never hear parents say, "I'm going to explore mathematics with my kids. And physics, and microbiology... All the stuff that increases intelligence and makes life truly interesting."? Unless a part of the body is actually deformed, to spend a life in misery because of the way one looks is REALLY shallow.

  263. What is she takling about, "don't look like real fannys". i thought we were all different. I've had nothing done and it looks exectly like the ones I've seen in magazines. I unedrstand thats makes me lucky but does mine not look 'normal'? Bit hypocritical.

  264. with a very open honest and positive atmosphere, that the vagina and penis are important and special, and that to talk about ones body with people one trusts is a positive and healthy thing, I was relieved to watch this. I think parents may fear that by talking with their chirldren about their body honestly is somehow a curruption, what is a parents job but to prepare a child to face life. I appreciate that this doc was created in the light of informing and supporting youth to understand their own body, respect it, and not to allow society to change their vision of themselves, or to purvert.

    I consider any mutilation of a childs body, whether through circumsition of either gender, or through the influence of "social" pressures on to a youth, an injustice of the most extreme!

    That being said, individuals must make their own choices, I respect all those made to create the body one feels one needs, it is not anyones place to judgement

    I do however, enjoy this dicussion, and feel it is a human right....


  265. I'll put my two cents in and say this.

    I've been around the block a fair share of times and as a well intentioned, 21 year old male I'd like to state that every female I've been with I've considered beautiful and in all ways extraordinary. I've seen the grandest art put forth by mankind but never once has anything come close to matching the beauty, grace and eloquence of the naked woman and every vagina is just as gorgeous and marvelous to behold as any rose to be found in any palace garden.

    Now when discussing cosmetic surgery, I have mixed feelings.
    On one hand, I'm completely in favor of cosmetic surgery that can be said to be necessary to maintaining a healthy standard of living such as in order to rebuild after suffering serious burns, catastrophic injuries, the like.
    On the other hand, if someone pursues cosmetic surgery simply for the sake of looking "normal", I'm afraid I don't know what they're talking about and am reluctant to offer support. I have no idea what a "perfect" vagina is supposed to look like because I've never seen an imperfect one.
    The same goes for breast enhancement and other what I call non-essential kinds of cosmetic surgery. I simply don't see the purpose : /

    1. WTF? "and every vagina is just as gorgeous and marvelous to behold as any rose to be found in any palace garden" Are you serious? it's an unhygenic reproductive organ you knob. That's the most pathetic and patronising load of bollocks I've ever read.

  266. How very English. Dizzy girls wanting perfect fannies and dumpy blokes with weird haircuts.

  267. im glad i watched this doc...very straight-forward and liberal...i hope this will help liberate women out there who has insecurities in any part of their body!!!Love what mother nature gave us!!

  268. P.S. Kudos to this being an editor's pic

  269. Incredible. Great doc. I have a friend that has considered the same thing and I am glad I can tell her to watch this. Trust me, as a male 35 yrs old and having met a few fannies, I too have never met one I don't like. My friend and I have become "personal" and I am of the mind that she is healthy, and sexy. The problem is convincing her. I have directed her to this doc in the hopes she can gain an awareness that she may not have had before. Very liberal, very introspective, and totally worth a watch.

  270. Future historian when looking back at our time will see things like this and say... "this is but a clear indication that mankind lost its way prior to the great fall in civilization". How can this even be a thing with staving children in the world!!! Wake the F+*K up people!!!!

    1. Yea your absolutely right, we should just ignore people with body image issues, just like anorexia or bulimia because there are starving children in the world and that's the only problem in modern society.
      And yet you still took the time to sit down and watch a documentary called "The perfect vagina". Way to help your cause and lead by example.

  271. Ok guys time to fess up......yeah I admit that I began watching this more out of typical male curiosity than anything else. But in seeing young Rosie go through the ordeal that she did, just to appease others that don't respect her as they should really bought home the emotional pain that teens and in particular young women, put themselves through in an effort to appear 'normal'.
    Well done Heather Leach in presenting in such a sensitive manner all aspects of what is truly involved in such an invasive and often unnecessary surgery.

  272. knives and surgery won't change anything because ugly holes will be ugly holes :D

    1. You're acting like an ugly *******.

      If that's how you objectify vaginas, I would wager you're not satisfied with much in life. But you obviously have no taste what so ever. Try empathy, friend, unless you want to remain a child forever.

    2. It's not a crime to have a different opinion right? and i don't even know how can you judge my taste, or even worse, judge me as a taste depraved person just by reading a stupid comment on the internet. And about empathy,friend, you just f-ed up that word by putting it in your comment. and yeah u lost the wager because i'm happy no matter how my gf's gina looks like because for me it's aspect is an irrelevant matter.

    3. way to go that you only prove that you clearly are a tool

  273. OMG i loved it .. I feel so relax and gain acceptance of who I am . honestly I have always loved my bits but I have a problem with my breast.. The first time I saw another Vagina , I was like OMG it's different and , wow .. I can't describe how different it was but she seem to feel comfortable about what she has. Aside from all this the same way Rose felt about her vagina is the same way I fell about my breast and I would change it for the world.. well maby not the world but you know what I mean. I just fell that as the doctor said if it bothers you and you fell that cutting it of is the only way to heal you pain.. you should cut it off.. don't agree with that..Everyone is different and that's what I need to come in terms with myself about with my breast.. Ladies I just want to say love yourself and be happy.. if a man or a women will love you face, tumy, boobs ,,(why can't they love you vagina?)

  274. OMG i loved it .. I feel so relax and gain acceptance of who I am . honestly I have always loved my bits but I have a problem with my breast.. The first time I saw another Vagina , I was like OMG it's different and , wow .. I can't describe how different it was but she seem to feel comfortable about what she has. Aside from all this the same way Rose felt about her vagina is the same way I fell about my breast and I would change it for the world.. well maby not the world but you know what I mean. I just fell that as the doctor said if it bothers you and you fell that cutting it of is the only way to heal you pain.. you should cut it off.. don't agree with that..Everyone is different and that's what I need to come in terms with myself about with my breast.. Ladies I just want to say love yourself and be happy.. if a man or a women will love you face, tumy, boobs ,,(why can't they love you vagina?)

  275. LOL! Instead of labioplasty these woman should get some personality implants.

  276. It's true that these sort of things shouldn't matter much. It's laughable that any of you think it's possible o r reasonable to ask anybody to not have a preference. Everybody has a preference for everything whether they admit it or not. This is just another one of those things that the political correctness nazis aren't smart enough to realize is unchangeable. Some people will always be insecure with themselves and some will not like things about others this can't be fixed by showing more vaginas you'll simply be showing these insecure people more possibilities for change to whatever they have, "normal" or not. Simpletons.

  277. I work for a plastic surgeon, who practices labiaplasty, vaginoplasty (Tightening), Hymenoplasty. Countless women come in to my office and have one or more of these procedures.

    These types of surgeries make them feel more confident, not only does it boost their self esteem, but enhances their comfortability with their partners.

    I have yet to meet one patient that regrets their decision.

    1. right, but should we continue encouraging people to change themselves or should we encourage people not to judge others on such superficial silly things?

    2. Unfortunately these things are not silly Thing to the patient... and can be quite hindering...

    3. right because society has a mindset that ought to be changed

  278. poor rosie she is so beuatiful any man would have her.very sad

    1. This is a story of ignorance, and an overly dramatic woman.
      I appreciate love for humanity in all aspects, (you're kind-hearted david) but Rosie is the last person in the world to deserve pity. She did not at any point even imply or allude to the fact that she has any issues in relationships whatsoever (your comment says it all, except there is no sadness). I am in her generation and without a doubt can say the following:

      She is stuck-up, apparently wealthy, and surrounds herself with the same closed-minded idiots as such, perpetuating unnecessary and irrelevant feelings, ideas, and ultimately choices that undermine, yet done out the simple joys in life.

      She chose to undergo the procedure for everyone but herself. Hate me for this, but she is basically gold-plating her money-maker. That is, she lives a status quo that holds her ability to make every male want to bang her, above any other trait or attractive quality that she may possess.

      She will not realize individuality until she is on her death bed and understands that she came into the world alone and will leave alone. Notice that her parents nor family members help her through the procedure, but her bff is there to cheer her on.

      tl:dr - Silly documentary for butthurt feminists who dont seem to care about true atrocities imposed on oppressed females trapped in ancient customs. also a delight for the average 12 year old boy seeking vag shots.

    2. this is just as important as other atrocities - no one should feel that they need to cut themselves to be normal. we should leave our bits alone.

  279. Anyone wondering how I reached my conclusion on how circumcision is a result and a cause of sexist attitudes ;
    Ask someone about the so called 'benefits' of circumcision and they will tell you lots of things which I think prove my point, they will tell you that being uncircumcised is dirty (as are boys, or in other cultures, girls.)

    That it deters them from sexual perversion (because men are sexually perverted in their natural state, or women are, again depending on culture.)

    That it's gives the other partner more pleasure during penetrative sex and is aesthetically pleasing to them (ignoring the pleasure of the person that has the circumcision.)

    A large difference between male circumcision and female circumcision is that male circumcision seems to have been founded on a form of 'benevolent sexism' towards women; the idea that women frail creatures that needed to be given special treatment by men, as the 'stronger sex' it is the man's 'job' to pay for dates, bring a woman gifts, please her sexually and support her emotionally, people seem to get it into their heads the men are too stoic to need or even want those things, or in the case of sexual pleasure,seen to need only a minimal amount, or only be capable of a minimal amount despite ironically being seen to crave more sex,men are expected to be silent and unemotional during sex, intense sexual experiences just aren't manly.

    Female circumcision seems to be based on the idea that women should be punished for being the 'weaker' sex and men should be rewarded for being 'stronger.'

  280. Wow, it is considered perfectly normal to remove a part of a tiny boy's penis as an act of cosmetic surgery and now women are explicitly asking to have their genitals cut into and now it's suddenly a horrible misogynist act and there is a whole documentary about why people would do something so bad and educating people about how they should love their 'ladybits.'

    1. "Wow, it is considered perfectly normal to remove a part of a tiny boy's America"

      Fixed that for ya! ;)

      Thankfully, some of us live in countries where it's considered to be a barbaric practice.

  281. I just find this whole subject quite bizarre. The average woman is so totally obsessed with her appearance, make-up, manicures, endless hair do's, the perfect wardrobe, eyelash tinting, pretty much every part of their bodies painted or altered in some way with some toxic substance to make them look supposedly beautiful! Yet they say we are the ones with the ego problems! Go figure?? Most modern women have got zero comprehension of where beauty comes from, it comes from within and the high maintenance modern girl is just away with the fairies if she thinks that all men are as endeared to their vaginas as they themselves obviously are. Quite frankly I would be quite happy to procreate asexually but that ain't an option. Look, fact is it don't matter what you do cosmetically to a vagina it still discharges, breeds bacteria, gets regulary infected, cultivates yeast colonies, etc etc, just accept it, it's a reproductive organ for ***** sake, nothing more, nothing less, it aint meant to be some pristinely attractive appendage so get over it. A penis ain't much better but as a general rule men ain't the ones living in ****** lala land pretending our pigs ear is a silk purse! ******* Pathetic!

    1. that's because most guys ignore natural girls like myself. 99% of guys want the fake plastic girls and will ignore you just for not wearing makeup.

    2. if u r a natural then even i will not ignore u

    3. do not agree.

    4. 99%, Huh? Where did you get this statistic? What poll was conducted?

    5. Try actually researching this one - the results may surprise you. I'll save you the time - the VAST majority of men think most women wear far too much makeup.

      This perception that so many women seem to have regarding mens expectations is all in your own heads. Blame the ridiculous magazines you read or the incessant TV advertising, but please stop blaming us. What the average guy really looks for is the natural you - honestly.

    6. Very well said Dave!

    7. I would like to disagree. my 99% is that 99% of compliments I get are for not wearing makeup. You might be paying attention to the wrong guys. don't get me wrong, lots of dudes are misguided because they see that **** on the media and don't yet know how to think for themselves. But if they ever do grow up they will come around.

    8. Lets be honest here, the media and women's mags do far less for young women's body image than men do. So pls lets not place this at the feet of a gender, its far to deep an issue to simply pass it off as such. I'm speaking here as the father of teenage girls, so i have some insight into this.

  282. Nicely Presented.

  283. If there is one this that I hate, its a woman who is all proud of her roast beef sandwich. Fuck that shit, and not literally. I will so head to the back door post haste. Honestly, I could fall in love with you. Have millions of things in common. Want to spend eternity together. But the moment you bring that wookie out, its all over. You have permanently fallen into the friend zone.

    1. 'Roast beef sammich turned sideways' and 'the wookie' are two different vaginal anomalies. The latter having no relevance to the topic herein.

      You have apparently never made such contact in real life. :p

  284. I also wanted to add one more point directly to the author of this very excellent documentary. Most of these "productions" from necessity have too much false outrage, or indignation, or empathy or similar emotional "fluff" put on by the film maker for my taste. (Yes Mr Moore I am talking to YOU) When you were overcome with emotion in the car I felt that moment where your motives might be suspect had arrived, but the last segment of the piece made me feel you were actually the decent and selfless person you were trying to come across as. (Or actually not trying to as it turns out).

    When you accompanied the lady to the therapy session to "get a grip on her bits" and she talked about all the negatives she had emotionally tied to her vagina I watched your face. You actually looked at her vagina as a fellow woman and all the sisterly support that entails but also from the critical viewpoint of someone with a sharp mind trying to understand a seemingly baffling subject--more often referred to as objectivity.

    When it came time to show off your vagina you were very reluctant, but again I was watching your face, (though I confess as a man I would not have minded seeing your fluffy bits =) and there was no real insecurity there. Your confidence is obvious and real . You could have hopped up on the table and showed you vagina effortlessly, or nearly so. You like who you are and that empowers you. Does that make you disingenuous as a film maker? Just the opposite in fact because your false insecurity and reluctance was actually a selfless act. I saw it in your subtle expressions and altered eye contact. You thought seeing your vagina would actually make the previous woman feel worse about hers. You went to great lengths to point out similarities that she had expressed she was unhappy about like the varicose veins etc. At the last moment when you had to decide between sisterly support or objective at any cost documentary film put her interests ahead of your own and ultimately made a better film for it.

  285. I am a surgical technician and have assisted with many of these procedures. It's a shame and heart breaking that women are made to feel that there uniqueness is an oddity or abnormal. There is no standard when it comes to any body part. It's all about personal preference. I personally enjoy oral sex and prefer a woman with large labia(also have nothing against smaller ones). That is my preference it doesn't automatically mean that small labia are horrible. You can't get caught up with the comments or opinions of a few a**holes! Rosey is a beautiful girl and had absolutely nothing wrong with her. You should have held out for the right guy to come along that would have appreciated and celebrated your labia the way they were originally. The only time I can see going under the knife for something like that is if it's causing discomfort, like bothering you when you walk or causing pain. Learn to love yourselves there is always someone out there that will too.

  286. beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. but i would not wish it upon anyone that they not have the choice to change their bodies, so long as it is healthy. but when it comes to men, we are far more judgmental about physical beauty than most women are. this is a simple truth.
    women look at men and judge them on status, on occupation and on our social skills. i might believe that some women would want me to be more outgoing and friendly to children, and so i could be more attractive by volunteering to teach boys football. perhaps they would find me more beautiful this way, perhaps it would raise my self esteem. perhaps it would be similar to getting vaginoplasty.
    i guarantee that if there was a surgery to make men's penises larger than there would be a long line to the surgeon. its not sexist, its just that there isn't a similar option for men. the humorous thing is that the women would be less inclined to care about the men's surgery than the men who cared about the woman's vagina. once again, this is simple truth ugly or pretty is up to you, but it is true.
    i support this type of surgery along with all types of cosmetic plastic surgery. i also support people's rights to get tattoos and body piercings. if they feel that these things will enhance their appearance and it makes them feel good about themselves and it is not overly dangerous than it should remain an accepted option in society.
    i definitely agree that men may place pressure on women. you may call these guy's bad names, but they are no more bad than a woman who looks for a guy with a good stable job over a street bum. its how the game of attraction works. an attractive man has a good income, is good with kids, is popular in his group of friends, is thought highly of within his community. an attractive woman has a positive personality and is physically beautiful. we all want to be attractive. if we think that we are attractive, than we are happier. being happy is what really matters. and if you find that happiness in some cosmetic surgery, than more power to you.

  287. I am 66, and my 3rd wife is 25 years younger. She has never had children, but enjoys sex! She has that perfect vagina, even at 41 years old. Keeps it shaved. Still looks like a babies vagina! I love it!

    1. Um...I'm not trying to be rude here, but saying how much you love your wife's vagina because it looks like a baby's vagina is a little bit more than creepy. Just sayin'.

    2. i suppose you think having soft skin is a bad thing as well? soft as a babies? maybe you don't like blue eyes that are "baby blue"? what makes you think that youth isn't beautiful? i am happy to hear that britphil loves his wive's vagina. its not creepy at all, it sounds like she has a beautiful vagina.

  288. 21:37 OMG, the wall of castings, is that one for real? There is a 4" penis hanging where the clit should be. I am having tiny nightmares.

    1. The wall is not the prettiest thing ever, very underwhelming when you see it in the flesh.

  289. You are Beautiful, By Na’ima B. Robert:
    When was the last time you looked in the mirror and smiled: ‘alhamdulillah’? Chances are, your last encounter with a full-length mirror was conducted with a worried frown on your face as you ran down a long, humiliating list of your figure’s faults and flaws. Why do we do this to ourselves?

    As women, the pressure to live up to a collagen-enhanced, air-brushed ideal of beauty is greater than ever. We are constantly bombarded with images of women with impossibly clear skin, symmetrical features, long, glossy hair, perky fronts and backs, toned thighs, dainty feet: no wonder we feel inadequate!

    Even being a Muslimah doesn’t necessarily shield one from our society’s insistence on codifying ‘beauty’ and making it a standard that all women should aspire to.

    What’s a girl to do? Some of us rise to the challenge: we work out, watch what we eat, keep our daily ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ routine and invest in flattering makeup and complementary clothes in shades that suit our complexions.

    Yet others opt out of the game: we eschew make-up and go for months without a trim; we throw our glamorous clothes out and stick to a wardrobe of comfortable basics, often opting to keep our abayahs on when in company.

    But we are not ‘conscientious objectors’. We have not taken the decision to neglect ourselves as a matter of principle and so, we are still unhappy when we look at ourselves in the mirror. We are still dissatisfied. And we are still ungrateful. Yes, we are ungrateful. We agonise over our stretch marks and ignore the miracle of the womb that blossomed and left us with those silvery marks. We worry about our dimply thighs and forget that our legs are strong and capable of bending in prostration, of walking around the Ka’aba and carrying us through life. We fret about our flabby upper arms and turn a blind eye to the amazing strength of our arms that have carried schoolbooks, rocked babies and comforted husbands and friends.

    My sister, look at your body. Take a long, hard look. Then say the du’a of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW): “O Allah, as you have made my appearance beautiful, make my character beautiful.”
    That’s right, my sister, you are beautiful, masha Allah: believe it! You are a unique, amazing creation of Allah ta’ala and your body is a witness to His Majesty every single moment of every day, with every breath you take and every beat of your heart. And your beauty is not fleeting or in and out of fashion like the false ideal of beauty being peddled on the high street. Your beauty is more than skin-deep: it radiates from your soul, from the beauty of your iman, from a life lived for the sake of Allah.

    For the ideal of beauty that we should be striving for is the beauty of the believer: the light of inner peace, the glow of the night prayer, the smile of contentment and gratitude, the beauty of a righteous and noble character. That is the true beauty and the only one worth striving for.

    So, if you work out, keep a daily exercise routine and keep your high standards, you go, girl. And if you don’t, just do your best. But just remember that beauty is about so much more than clear skin and toned thighs. It is about acknowledging the bounties of Allah and recognising the beauty He looks for and can see. And that is the kind of beauty that everyone should aspire to.

  290. Rosie had such a lovely cookie. Shame she didn't think so and butchered it just to raise her self esteem.

    1. off comments like this are what caused her to feel she needed the surgery in the first place. i think her vag looks great now, and i hope she is very happy with it.

  291. Why is the host so terrified of showing us her vulva?

    Kind of de-legitimizes her as a host.

  292. why cry tho?

    Men are SOOO much more de-valued based on their genitals.

    So ya know what? sod off lady! of course there are men who judge women based on their crotches.

    Doesn't make it right, but that's how things unfortunately are.

  293. This chick is too wishy washy for my tastes.

  294. Commenting on the scene with the painters in which the host calls them sexist.

    The painters never said a woman doesn't have the right to judge their genitals so how can she say they are sexist? Sexist would imply their is a double standard which there simply isn't.

    I'm a female and this doesn't make sense to me.

  295. omg ok the girl at 27:24 needed it done no guy would wanna get enywhere near that but after id hit that jus sayin its not all bad

  296. Listen to these people, including the presentor: what they say; their vocabulary; their syntax; their accent.

    This documentary clearly shows that any greatness Britain may once have possessed is now almost totally squandered.

  297. Girls, trust me when I say this is all a crock of sh$t! Google some porn and you'll see that guys crave; VARIETY! If anything the girl at the 11:00 minute mark had slightly to small labia. The outer could have been thinker too and the hairless look is defiantly getting old. Pubes look great but some sculpting is good.

    1. @Tom Laws
      A man after my own hard...I mean, heart, lol.

  298. In my opinion the sculptor guy is a wacko. There was also no reason for the host to try and justify how that 16 year old vagina prior to surgery looked anywhere near acceptable. I have seen various vaginas in my life and there are definitely some that look much better than others. They are visually appealing and are a major turn on. I think that justifies how women think about men penises as well. I can sit around and defend for hours how its absolutely fine for someone not to be circumcised, yet even though some women will accept it or even find nothing wrong with it, a majority of women even older women find circumcised ones more attractive. It's just like some guys find fat women attractive, although most don't.

  299. how many slangs is the host gonna use for a p*ssy, Damn!

    1. @Achems, if i'm talking about a cat, can i use pussy?

    2. Well yes Azilda, since you are the one that is most familiar with yours, Cat that is (LOL)

    3. purr.

    4. don't try too many here, 'cause you're gonna give a lot of work to the moderators.

  300. It does matter what vagina looks like. At least to me, I am 54 y.o. man and I’ve seen a few. Its looks matters as much as the looks of anything in the world and taking into consideration the delicate and intimate nature of the issue it matters even more. The spectrum spans from beautiful to ugly and that’s simply the truth of life. The overall message of this documentary, expressed in a trifle hysterical manner, tells us that beautiful and acceptable is anything that's feminine. By the way; Do not size or other masculine physical features matter?

  301. It does not matter what the vagina looks like. But doesn't it????? To me, a 54 y.o. man it does and very much so. It's looks does matter as much as the looks of anything elese in the world. And taking into consideration the delicate and intimate nature of the issue it does even more. I've seen a few and there were ones the aesthetics of which I liked like flowers and others less favourable with me and this is not the end of the spectrum. This is simply the truth of life. The overall message of the documentary is clearly - anything feminine is right. Does not size matter?

  302. But I agree its wrong all that kind of bs vagina surgery or whatever is bs

  303. If women do this sergery for a man or because of other people teasing them they need to know they are not the only ones like that and they shound not change for a man. If the man want's her to do it he is a *** whole!!

  304. I have no issues with women having the surgery...but 15 and 16 yr-olds? That's a little ridiculous.

  305. I can understand women getting labiaplasty for health purposes. I used to have a long labia that constantly became irritated when it rubbed against my underwear. Every morning i had to sort of "tuck it in", but it would eventually find its way out sooner or later. It always got in the way and I hated how annoying and itchy it was. My days were at their worst when I used tampons. It would rub against the string and I felt constant itch and discomfort throughout the day. The irritation was driving me mad. Removing mine was one of the best things I could have done for myself. Not everything the body develops naturally is perfect for our health, wisdom teeth and my past labia problems being examples of that.

  306. THESE are the type of girls that would do anything for male attention, even if that's hmmmm idk.....CUTTING OFF HALF THEIR VAGINAs!

  307. OH MY GOD!!! I was sickened that Rosie would feel that she needed that proceedure done. There was nothing wrong with the way her body looked before the surgury. I am a 44 year old male professional drummer. I have toured a lot of the world and have had many women in my life. Some just for a night and others for years in relationships. I have seen a lot of women and they are all different. But they do share two things in common... they were all unique and beautiful down below. Girls, ladies, women of all ages, please listen to a man that has been around a bit, DO NOT EVER DO THIS TO YOURSELF!!!!!! If a man can not love you and your bits he is NOT a real man and therefore NOT the man for you.

  308. So glad I watched this! Learned so much from it. I wish all girls could watch this so they could understand that they are perfectly beautiful as they are!

  309. Thats one of the worlds real problems!
    And i guess once the worlds vaginas are fixed there really aren´t any important problems left.
    So keep it up idiots!

  310. It's so said to hear how these women talk about their vagina. Why should you care about what other people thinks come-on ladies i know we r better than that. Love yourself, Love your bodies and don't give a f--k what others may say..

  311. What angers me most is that the men are doing the cutting.

    1. man hating much. What about circumsion or are you fine with that?

    2. duh. its the funnest part. plus you need a doctor to do it. ergo a man. cheers!!

    3. Doctor does not equal man you m*ron!

  312. Stupid girl listening to her sister about her body. Her sister must be jealous, what does her sister's pussy look like.

  313. Don't cut it unless it is for cleanliness.

    1. For cleanliness, just wash it!

  314. that is what is so weird; I find very large vagina lips extremely sexy and the small non existent ones much less so; I think that is true of a lot of guys so I don't know where these women are getting their information

  315. Actually I find woman with large vagina lips very hot .

    1. yeah but it also depends on color. thats why i recommend bleaching daily. keep it fresh please.

  316. Love your body, your vagina is gorgeous in somebody eyes

  317. Every woman has a beautiful vagina I think some woman are misled by friends , porn .

  318. I don't care, if a woman wants to get this done than why not! I for one would get mine done, not to please anyone or to look more normal but for when I was young.. when I hit puberty it scared me to see them grow the way they did, so if I can change it to look to the way I feel more comfortable, why not?

  319. I think labiaplasty is a good option for women who feel actual physical discomfort or pain because of the size of their labia. To those women who find it painful to have intercourse, or feel constant discomfort from wearing underwear or jeans. I think they have valid reasons for wanting to undergo the surgery. Not, for cosmetic reasons!

    Also, labiaplasty is still surgery and like other procedures, it poses many risks. For instance for some women who undergo labiaplasty, the pain never subsides. Daily activities become unbearable and their sex life becomes non-existent because they cannot handle the pain. That's a HUGE risk to take, especially if you want to undergo this for "cosmetic" reasons. So you have to think, is this worth it?

  320. oops, posted twice.

  321. Got an e-mail this morning from HealthyWoman (a BottomLine e-zine) focusing on the increased number of cosmetic labial surgeries, and found this provocative video.

  322. any vagina is so prity !!!!!!

  323. I dont really care about what the vagina looks like I just want to f*ck em.

    1. than your name should be KEEP IN

    2. Don't you mean KEEP IN AND OUT?

  324. i think this surgeon needs to have his penis removed

  325. vaginas-wow!
    282comments-eh 283 -except this hetero male is comment on comments on cunts-or talking on twats

    282 =dumb down sucksociety

  326. I think the painter is full of himself. I don't know any guy who turned down sex for any reason, especially not over how a vagina looks. I did a little experiment in various colleges and universities. I warn you it's rather funny and strange experience, but it proves my point that guys will not turn down sex over appearance. This was what I did... I just walked around the campuses randomly asking every guy if I was attractive enough to have sex with... please keep in mind I was dressed in a three piece mens' suit and walking a lobster plushie (in honor of Gerard de Nerval and the original true Bohemian movement). The responses were shocking to me. Out of the thousands of guys whom I came up to only one turned me down, but in all fairness that guy explained he already had a girlfriend so didn't need my service. :) I thought that the suit alone would turn guys away due to the conditioning we all had since childhood about what is masculinity and femininity, as well as the polluted concept of how people should dress and such, but clearly at the end boys and men in truth...when not around friends to impress or bad company... will go with anyone who will offer.

    With that being said, I don't think the painter was being sexist. If he were truly being sexist and misogynistic, he wouldn't blatantly admit to liking giving oral sex. I don't know any sexist/misogynistic guy who would please a woman... physically or mentally. A true sexist guy is very self centered. He would demand to have oral sex just for himself and not return the favor. If anyone is being sexist in that room, it's the hostess/narrator of this documentary.

    1. Seriously what made you think guys aren't attracted to suits? Lol this ain't the 20th century. Now I can see if you were prancing around in rollers, raggedy sweats, an old oversized t-shirt, and had crumbs around your mouth and crust in your eyes. Try to do the experiment over like that. I dunno, knowing men, you'll probably get the same results as last time lol. But women in suits or uniforms are hot

  327. Why would anyone say I don't like you because for example: Your head is .3 cm too long or too short? Does it matter if your vagina is too long or too short either? As every one has said multiple times in the past, You can never make anything perfect because nothing can be perfect or the same. Every one is different even at a fraction of the difference. Not if a snowflake is similar. They should change the title of this documentary because nothing can be "Perfect" and everyone should be aware of that! How come the people who made this didn't say that? Everyone has their only views/personalities/ideas/ and basically everything. This video is also very one sided (I noticed there are no comments about it) about many things especially about a very few experiences in an hour video? If it's not long enough to add at least other viewpoints other than mostly just a few people. Why not others from other countries? At certain points of the video was interesting and informative and will teach females and teens that others are experiencing the same psychological ideas. This may hopefully change their minds. I have to add one more thing. Who cares what someone else says or thinks of you? You are you and no one can change that, but if you wish to change reasonably (not with surgery or any other way that will potentially harm you) as in working out because you need to or want to. Not because someone else says you should. (I feel hypocritical right now.) If you ever need help always consult with a RESPONSIBLE and MATURE adult, parent, or friend. They can be more help then a bunch of comments on a website.

  328. It has been a while since I have seen this however while looking up "Extraordinary People - Out Law Births" I saw it again.
    This is sad, so many people are forced by society to become something to feel normal. But what they dont know is, they are normal, its the minority that looks as they do in the Magazines.

  329. I liked this video very much, It gives so much confidence , specially if your husband is a porn addict moron , who has made you feel like shit and gave you low self esteem and all other horrible treatment to avoid you in expectation of a airbrushed body

    1. I bet your are dead gorgious and he doesn't see it ANYMORE!
      Once upon a time.....

  330. men get there bits chopped up immediately. its called circumcision morons. women should do the same. this naive, one way, wanker is very close minded. the only reason for circumcision nowadays is aesthetics. so there argument resolved- women slice that up like salomi at the local butcher shop. in fact, if you ask them nicely, they'll do it for you.

    1. Circumcision isn't only done for aesthetics... it's also done for religious and sexual proposes. I knew a guy who did it so that he could last longer in sex and another man did it because he is Jewish.

      By the way, not all men are circumcised, so your sentence should read "Some men get their bits chopped off immediately."

      Also circumcision isn't done in a butcher shop, so don't advise women to do that...and if you were joking, it's done so in bad taste.

      Also this isn't one way because it's a doc about female genitals, not about human genitals as a whole. It's like criticizing a documentary about mens' penis size, because it's one way about how men feel about their genitals and doesn't include how women feel about their breast sizes.

      Finally the reason why this is a big deal is because women have been scrutinized and butchered for thousands of years on the bases of their appearance. It's now taken further to genital mutilation, something that usually takes place in third world nations. Enough is enough. Makes me want to chop off the whole d!ck just so that some men would stop thinking with that nasty filth and start thinking with their hearts and minds.

    2. Let's break this down, shall we?

      >"It's now taken further to genital mutilation, something that usually takes place in third world nations."

      Yes, in countries were women are forced into genital modification> Women in the western world choose to have this modification, whether you believe they are social pressured of not. But then again, your first sentence pretty much sums it up "Circumcision isn't only done for aesthetics... it's also done for religious and sexual proposes." Boys are cut without even self-inflicted scrutiny, at least you had that much. It's usually boiled down to religious or sexual purposes.

      >"Makes me want to chop off the whole d!ck just so that some men would stop thinking with that nasty filth and start thinking with their hearts and minds."

      Boy, what a misandristic thing to say. Especially when you are insinuating men as a whole judge a females on her genitals, which we rarely see until sex. As shown, most of this hate has been assumed by the females parties in this doc. It's sad to see anyone feeling insecure about their bodies, but I find idiots like you more offensive.

  331. All I want is a petite fanny, trimmed and, non-scented that is disease free, and helps in the aide of ejaculation, if the woman is pleasing to the eye, has a good personality, and makes me want to spend every waking day with her, that is all that really matters, the rest is just added bonuses. I wish I could find a woman who loves to please as much as I do, and excepts me for who I am, and not what I have.

    1. scent is main driving factor in sex, believe it or not... you now the difference between sex and a cake?
      well try sex and see for yourself

    2. haven't had my chocolat cake!

    3. You are nuts tonight! I'm starting to think I might need a slice of what you've got going on over there...

    4. Hey nuts in my cake!
      I could send you a bite but the "icing" wouldn't travel well!

  332. I guess to each their own, I look at all vaginas as beautiful, of course some are more pleasing to the eye than others, but I have never seen a vagina that hasn't either gave me an erection or turned me on, and I am a guy who knows more about the female anatomy than most. I know how to stimulate, and please the female body, and to be honest we don't think of women any less a woman, just because of what your bits looks like, there is a good part that has to do with hygiene, please keep it clean, and trimmed if you expect us to do any oral activities. Otherwise, that special place we hold so dear, is the height of your power over the male half of the population. Keep it clean and we will do whatever it takes to indulge ourselves. Each of you women out there deserve to hear that we men love many of your attributes the way they are, so please be kinder to yourselves.

  333. a pretty vagina is very important... nobody wants to nibble on beefie curtains... everybody wants to play captain 'okay with it', but in reality most dudes wont go down on a girl whos labia looks like a pack of carl buddig lunch meat.

    1. false, i would go down on 'beefie curtains'

    2. I bet you anything you find the right woman and you won't mind if her vagina looks and smells like a mussel fresh from the sea.

  334. Hey everyone, I just watched this documentary and did find it quite informative... I do agree the main woman in the documentary might of not been the more informed about the subject but I guess that's why she did it right? I was one of those girls who truely was incridibly self concious about my vagina since the age of 13 or 14 id say. I couldn't believe that they showed Rosie getting the surgery done .. I literally almost puked at the thought of someone doing that to me. I do think if it's causing you a health problem of discomfort that if you really really think that is what needs to be done than okay but if you are just ashamed of your appearence I think you can and will work through it. I'm 19 now and i had 7 or 8 years of constant suffering (from my eyes) when it came to this subject... being completely embarrassed around guys around myself, my friends, wearing beathing suits thinking everyone would know or see how "it" looked. I have come along way. and when it comes down to it ONLY ONE guy ever said anything and he was a pyscho prick who was f--ked up trying to make me feel terrible because of his own shitty life pardon my language and every other guy I have been with which for your information is over ten (i don't care personal choice) not once had anything but good to say about my lady parts and yes my labia hangs out and honestly I have come to terms with it and really do believe that it is decent looking and it's mine and it works and I actually kind of like it. I have a loving boyfriend now who thinks im beautiful.. but the most important thing is that i'm starting to believe i'm beautiful.

    When your overall thoughts of the person you are and the rights you have as a human being change and your confidence gets built up in other areas of your life I really truely believe you will realize what a small impact the look of your vagina has on your life. there is soo much more sososo much more. I am speaking out to all the young girls out there who used to cry themseleves to sleep or tell themseleves they are gross and ugly and they hate how they look and "no one understand me, no ones looks as bad as mine does..." i coudl go on forever ... that was me and I TRUELY believed that was the case and that it was the end of the world.. but as i've grown up and lived a little more.. and have gotten a more realistic view on things and judgments of people and myself and learned more and experienced more I have realized yes I probabaly will always be somewhat self concious but I have a right to embrace my body and be gentle with myself. YOU ARE worth so much more than you know and I guarentee you are all beautiful in your own individual way and someone will see that in you and most importantly one day you will see that in yourself. SO PLEASE take care of yourself and be gentle to the most important person in the world, your own person, mind, soul, and body..


  335. There is a word in the linux IT community: "if it works, let it so. if it doesn't, then workaround"... I would ask the first girl in the movie, the one who did the labiaplasty, what was the real problem with her vagina; she couldn't have "physical" sex? The partner's penis wouldn't get in? She felt pain during sex? Because if the answers are "no" then she did that surgery for nothing. Only because some guys dislike a larger labia? If is that so, then those guys don't deserve her body, nor her love. Now don't get me wrong, I can understand the need of surgery if there would be the case of that 16 years old girl or something like that or worse. It's just like if you would have a third smaller hand or something that is so "extra-" that it makes you feel uncomfortable and disturbes you both physically (meaning a disfunction) and psychologically. But let's keep our heads on our shoulders... to cut a part of your body for misconceptions of a few people? What should I do in response to some women who think that only a bigger penis than mine is a warranty for a good sex night? Take tons of penis enlargement pills? Hang a 5kg weight on my penis and wear it all day long for a year? Go to a surgeon to make two cuts on my penis and insert another piece of meat? I wouldn't do either way. I would tell her "you'll never know what I can do in bed unless you try me" or I shouldn't waste my time with her.
    On the "sexist painter": as some people already said here, it's a matter of choice. I would probably prefer a vagina with smaller inner labia... or probably not. Maybe it's all about the proportions, maybe is all about the individual taste. Maybe a too small or too large inner labia would be out of my range of taste. Maybe I would need a change so what I disliked in the past it will come as a desire in the future. There is nothing right or wrong about vaginas. There is always a matter of choice. So that painter answerd what he truely believed at that moment, which is not necessarily what he will answer over 5 years now. About shaved or hairy vagina, I prefer a shaved one to a hairy one but just for the record I most like a shaved vagina with some pubic hair on the upper zone and that is not because of Playboy or alike magazines but for the reason that it combines the freedon to touch&feel the skin of the outer labia with the particular charm that pubic hair always had. This is also a matter of choice (including your choice and your partner's choice). these ar things that should be discussed before you are already involved in a serious relation and, I think, that would avoid such psychological problems and radical decisions.
    About the ideea that vagina surgery is just the same as breast augmentation, botox and make-up. I would say that it is not the same thing because those changes do not involve taking out a part of your body but adding something to your body. Actually I think it is the same thing and it's equally wrong. All those procedures involve risks and leave traces. And of course they make you to return repeatedly to the surgeon. Till no more surgery can be made. And what then? Even the ordinary make-up has it's reverse (back-hand? sorry for my english); the more you use it the more your skin get damaged over years. I think a woman should rely on these tricks only when she would not care anymore about what she really looks like. I mean, when the bad effects would do no significant differences (like using make-up when your skin is already bad looking because of ageing and you've got to the point of "no return").
    You know, there is something else much more powerfull for making a man to desire a woman. not big breasts, not botox, not surgered vaginas. It is the atitude, the feminity expressed out in atitude and gestures... Botox, silicone, excessive make-up work only for that kind of women who want to attract superficial men, for taking advantage of their money or just to taste a bit of a so called highlife in the company of those guys. Which is only a hymera. They will end beeing abused and thrown away as soon as a new, better, younger, willing girl will appear on the scene.

    There is so much more to discuss about the subject but that is beyond the purpose of the movie that is commented here.

  336. omg watching tht made me want tht surgery!

  337. Being perfect or not is not the question.. to me it is more into hygiene. As a Muslim, i have to circumcise for that purpose. To other believers, to change it because of not being perfect it is quite wrong because you should cherish what you have. There are others who are not lucky enough to even have vagina. In the end, you are perfect your own way, unless you are doing the labia surgery due health problem.

    1. I'm circumsised too, but it's putatively hygienic effects are, at best, happenstance. I get the feeling you'd clap a mousetrap on your penis if the Koran mandated it.

    2. Great design there from God

    3. WTF are you on? 'There are others who are not lucky enough to even have vagina'

    4. from one post to the other....haven't laugh this loud in a while!

    5. circumsision has nothing to do with hygiene, quite the oposite, skin prevents bacteria and stuff... pubic hair has same function as well, read your anatomy, jiz

  338. i belong to a muslim family.i see this documentary.good thing in muslim families thing that the girls should not loss his virginity before his marriage.i personally say yes.but some reason its not matter.if a boy is not virgin so what that can do.its about what we thing.every one have his own culture.but in this documentary vagina surgery not will be need to do that.what the GOD give u live with that.nothing to need change yourself.its matter on that the girls love with is only 5,10,15,30 minutes only..hows care,,just live gather and feel each other.i think migratory people don't care about its s***.

    1. Absolute gibberish!

    2. with 5 she'll be pissed, with 10 she'll be disappointed, with 15 she is gettting into it, with 30 she is almost there.
      Sounds like tomorrow night may be better!

  339. I don't have a "perfect" vagina. I have a VAGINA. It isn't perfectly smooth, it isn't sculpted without 'flaw', it isn't hairless. It's mine, my partner loves it, and it is ultimately there so one day I can have a child. Just another part of the body, with its own personal look. I'm 19, and yes even I can admit that when I see images of women with "perfect bodies" or even "perfect vaginae" I do get a little jealous. It would be nice to look that way, but I don't have to look that way to be happy.

    As for the "They don't look like real women" they do look like real women, they are women, but the sad truth is those women you see in magazines have more often then not had some form of surgery on their body which gives them that flawless look. Try to argue all you want, but it's the truth. If you are born naturally looking like that, and you like looking like that, then good for you. But girls who have a vagina that isn't that small and even, please don't be embarrassed. You are beautiful, and it's all part of your anatomy.

    If you choose to get surgery, I'm not trying to discourage you, I just hope it is done for a good reason. If the shape or size of your vagina is hurting you during normal activities, then I say you have every right to want surgery. But if it's just because you think you're abnormal, don't.

    **I also believe not only girls need to be more educated about how every vagina is different, but boys as well at some point. I know that sounds unnecessary, but I believe there are a lot of men that add to the female self-consciousness towards vaginae. If guys grow up all their life believing that what they see in the media is what they should expect, they will be disappointed when they see one that isn't what their used to. And may reject any woman who doesn't meet their expectations.**

    *P.S. I'm not saying people can't have preferences, so long as they don't allow those preferences to make them outcast others.

    -I've written too much already. Sorry for being so wordy, this video just made me want to vent.

    <3 Your Vagina. <3 Yourself.

    1. Some of us, for what it's worth, like the 'excess' tissue this surgery putatively 'corrects."

    2. G'waaan girl...! Its only coz these days surgery is an option that these tings even get talked about .Since time began women have owned a vagina as unique as her face...Some cute n attractive some looking like an industrial accident but they jus got on with it either way coz the idea of paying another person to chop bits off n pull n sew ect...would have sounded insane for tha last hundred thousand yrs...

  340. Not sure if I heard this right, but they're calling a vagina a "fanny", "bits", "foo"? Well, I'm not from the UK so I guess that's why.

    Rosie's pussy looks just fine to me (before and after surgery). Nice and sexy.

    Why is there a few minutes in different parts of the video where there's no sound or picture? commercial intermission?

    one lady mentioned a hot dog "bap"? not sure what a "bap" is.

    I don't think the painter was being "sexist" by mentioning his preference. Unless there's something else I missed.

    I'm sorry people laughed at Rosie for that kind of thing. Really immature.

    Wow, going overboard to kill your own daughter and then yourself if she's not a virgin. But I know there are different cultures out there.

    I can't believe the rude things that have been said to these women in the video. Very sad.

    Yoni, the sanskrit word for vagina.

    good video. interesting info.

  341. Since when are genitals meant to look attractive? That's why we have pubes and wear underwear!
    Somehow it feels that women are constantly looking for reasons to dislike themselves. At the same time, surgeons make a lot of money...

    1. since the beginning of sexual attraction, thats when. pubes are actually meant to carry scent.

  342. I have a question for the girl: stinewd
    HI Stinewd that sad girl...hope you fix it.. .but I am really curious about if did he penis was nice? because I have been with a few guys that their penis was really fun.LOL* so guys have diffrent kind of penis as well and I am not talk about size I am taking about shape... it really dones't matter when you like the guy.but is just a little fun.
    well right now I am taking a lot of pictures of my vagina because I want show the doctor if he try to talk to me I am sure I want do it!

  343. "Don't look like real woman." Bullshit, frankly I'm insulted. I've never been in a porn, but I look that way, does that mean I'm not a "real woman" then? People look different, doesn't mean one look is more "real" than the other. Idiot. It's like saying "famous actresses/models don't look like real woman" because they're skinny. So skinny people aren't real?

  344. The woman documenting this piece has an awful lot of bias. And also, i find it quite ironic that she would go around advocating for ladies to be less self conscious and filming their vaginas, whiles she on the other hand, is too self conscious to show or film hers.

  345. Don't get surgeo.

  346. i think the only reason a woman would chose to do this (as far as aesthetics)is because someone at some point made them feel embarrassed about it, or they see the tons of adult stars and others with *perfect bits* so instead of loving what they have, they seek to change it, taking it from natural to fake. society's never ending push for perfection leaves women hating yet another part of themselves.

  347. VERY NICE

  348. Though it is very easy to say deal with it and learn to love yourself, everybody knows that it is not that easy to feel confident with yourself. Almost all women wear makeup and dress to look attractive, no one criticizes them for it. Obviously a woman would be better left unchanged but if they are so psychologically damaged by their labia that they feel the need to change it then let them! And the criticisms men receive for having a preference on size of labia isn't exactly fair, woman are aloud to say they like a sizable *ahem* but if you love someone you can get over something like that. I think the problem is the society we're living in and how it has become unacceptable to have an unusual vagina or even pubic hair!?

  349. How is this any different than breast augmentation? Botox? liposuction? the way you dress? Women who shave their legs and arm hair? Your haircut? make-up? For the most part, everything we do (men and women) is to impress a potential partner and feel better about ourselves.

    Not everyone will find your vagina attractive. Either wait for someone who will, or change it if it makes you feel better.

  350. im 15 years old and i hate my labia, the thought of it makes me feel sick and i could never expose my self to a boy. i cant bring my self to my mum or any of my family, there no point anyway because its not like we can afford sugery. It makes me feel so concious all the time, i try and embrace them, but i just cant. All i want its surgery, i dont care how much it hurts as long as it makes me look normal and not a disgusting freak. :(

    1. What you need is a psychologist not a surgeon.

    2. You are neither disgusting nor a freak. You decided on those labels yourself, probably subconsciously. If a man truly loves you he won't care about what your labia looks like. If you think there's something actually wring with it, see a doctor, preferably a lady doctor older than 40, and she will put you right.

    3. If you are born one way, you are normal. If you are born another way, you are normal. No two vaginas/vulvas look the same - so if you are not normal, what is?

    4. actually, in my experiences, i have found many vaginas that look the same and my friends and i even talk about our preferences in the aesthetics of a vagina, there being about 8 general 'looks' in vaginal composition. your vagina is not a pretty and singularly unique flower, just as my penis is not.

    5. your 15.... wait until you truly know yourself before you start to hate yourself... im guessing your american, so you have years of not feeling good enough ahead of you.. but youll get over it. trust me when i say no one, not even white athletic males from rich families, are happy with their self image at 15 in our land of doomed opportunities. learn to love yourself, then figure out what you hate... its easier that way...

    6. I dont know what pics you have seen and i dont know how yours look ike but i can not believe that it looks as bad as you tell us.

    7. Jenny, you are normal, not disgusting nor a freak..... I am a successful business man and professional fashion photographer. Do you have any idea how many vaginas I have seen in the many years I've been doing this? It is a part of your body,and might i say a very pretty part of your body. You are 15 so I'm respecting your age but at the same time trying to help you understand this is a turn on so much much more than you think. PLEASE take a second look and consider what someone is getting when they get Jenny.......the labia minora is just an extra bonus........good luck and think about this very carefully

  351. I'm one of them with bigger inner labia. I was at the doctor's yesterday, asking him to consult me to some professionals/gynecologist, because I am at the point where if I don't do anything about my lips, I'll cut them off myself! I am aware that a lot of people here try to tell us that this kind of surgery is wrong, and that we are normal. Yes, we're normal. A really huge nose would also be considered "normal", but we fully understand why people would want a nose-job if they had a huge nose. This is the same concept. I am TIRED and so HURT by hearing boys AND girls talk ugly about large lips. Having all kind of words to it as "bat-pussy", "dizzling pussy", "grandma-pussy" and so on. This is so damn hurtful, that I feel disgusting even if I am just using the toilet, and get a glimpse of it. It is so easy for people to say it is normal. When I was with my ex-boyfriend, I told him about my problem, and about how insecure I was. He told me "I don't care, everybody looks different", and just a few days ago, I was driving him and some of his friends home, and they started to talk about big labias, and my ex was like "eew", actually they all were like "eew". That's when I realised I had had enough. I confronted him about it, and he told me he didn't mean it that way. Well, I know EXACTLY what boys mean when they talk ugly about hanging labias. When my ex said that, I knew I wouldnt dare to trust anyone with it anymore. Not before I'd done something about it. So when I get this surgery, I'm going to tell him "Are you happy now? Making a 19 year old have a plastic surgery on her vagina? I hope you sleep well tonight. And maybe your next girlfriend will have the kind you like so much".

    1. He's not making you do anything, and if you're not dating him anymore, what do you care about his preference in labia sizes? If you're doing it because you're self-conscious about it to the point of it preventing you from being comfortable during sex, then it makes more sense than years of therapy. But if you're doing it to put an ex on a guilt trip, I think there are a lot better ways to spend your recovery time and money. All he has to do is say "it was your choice" and lose zero hours of sleep over it.

    2. Don't do it just so you can make him feel bad about it - see a psychologist instead. Otherwise two people are damaged by the whole pulava.

    3. F***ed-up reasoning. This guy is an idiot. Feminine genital comes in all form and shape and it's always a wonder. Learn to love yourself as me a man, loves woman. It's not a question of size, it's what you do with it.

    4. you needed a referral, not a consultation. you might want to try valium or xanex as well, the labia you save may be your own.

  352. ill be honest the first girl we saw in the vid who got what ever that was called ct off was starting to disturb me just a little

  353. Is it painless at all making the perfect vagina? :o

  354. probably more concerned about tits, ass, and face.

    1. That's not a very helpful comment, John. Are you perfect? Do you have one as big a Johnny Holmes? Perhaps you should consider surgery?

  355. Really just about anyone is self conscious at some point they say women mature faster then boys but apparently not in this respct maybe they are more perssured to feel that way but possible they are just overall more superficial. i thought most people would be discouraged from doing such things because of the idea of it, i really don't think anything should be changed probably natural ways of having it look different aside from slicing it up. But reallly because someone was teased about something really isn't good enough reason in my books.

  356. All Pussies are fabulous, they are all so different that no one is alike. Especially hairy ones which are the best. Shaved ones look like prepubescent little girls, what's so exiting about that. I would say that unless your inner labia are hanging down all the way to your knees, Leave it alone!!!! no matter what you got there, it turns us guys on very much. So, if it ain't wrong...
    Don't fix it.

    1. You can stay :)

    2. whats exciting about a shaved 'kitty' is simply that the woman took the time to clean up before you came over... like cleaning the house. i dig that you really seem to love vag, but dont insult the girls who prefer to have it clean for aesthetic reasons, or whatever reason inspires them.

    3. I agree with that. I do it because it's hygienic and looks more evolved. My husband also smooth out his area. Who wants a mouth full of hair?

    4. no way man. all pussies are only fabulous to guys who rarely get any. get it on the daily (and not from the same partner) and you will understand the quest for the perfect vaj. I'm so close to finding it. and when i do, i'll talk her into getting the surgery to make it even better. i can't wait!!!

    5. Trololololol.

    6. If you are going through different partners on a daily basis as you say then you must not have much down there that a woman wants to come back for another round with....that in addition to your swelled head which is such a turn-off!

  357. When Playboy first started showing women's private parts back in the 70s, for a long time they'd just show a wisp of pubic hair. Their competitors Penthouse and Hustler were cruder, and didn't worry about modesty. They were keen to show full frontal nudity. Rather than stand their ground, Playboy relented and started showing it full frontal too, though never 'inside', as Penthouse did and does. For the longest time, you couldn't see anything anyway - it was all covered by hair! (And that hair fulfills a pretty good function too, namely reducing friction and chafing in a sensitive area!) The pubic hair never bothered me in the slightest. I think the trend for these centerfolds to shave their hair off was to do with the idea that 'showing more' was naughtier and sexier, (e.g.: showing a naked breast is seen as 'sexier and naughtier' than lingerie). It was caused by competition between different pornographers to be naughtier and sexier. But I don't think it is sexier. Nevertheless the trend has caught on, and now the first view any boy in a developed country gets of a vagina will probably be from porn and it will probably be shaved, photoshopped, and possibly surgically altered. This 'first view' is going to definitely inform his tastes, as he gets older, and girls will pick up on it too. In short: Restrict porn, and ladies, stop waxing! What a hassle it must be, anyway!

    1. As much as people like to pick on Playboy for airbrushing or photoshopping their models, I don't think I've ever seen a Playboy photo that didn't include the model's head. Penthouse and Hustler layouts had pages and photos that were nothing but closeups of bits and pieces. The problem isn't porn or pictures of nude women, it's a juvenile approach to sexuality that breaks women into components that can be swapped out with a quick visit to the plastic surgeon. That being said, if someone needs a quick snip and 3 weeks of healing as opposed to years of therapy to feel comfortable and actually enjoy having sex, the tradeoff makes more sense. But it's sad that women need to focus on individual parts instead of feeling comfortable with who they are as a whole.

    2. Agreed, Playboy is far better than the rest. Not only can you see the models' faces, as you said, they are almost always smiling, ans seem happy to be there! Somewhere along the line, an angrier, dominating (and yes, juvenile) sexuality replaced the cheekiness and fun that Playboy established back in the 50s and 60s.

  358. I LOVE lips! Bad move girls. Like, like, like THINK!

    1. yep. love the lips. the bigger the better. something to play with and so sexy. if im fairlymodern with understanding various cosmetic procedures of today, this is one that is strange. beautiful lips...hmmm. please reconsider for those of you that are considering a change to this part of your body. what am i going to play with...

  359. What I don't understand is how is labiaplasty any different from male circumcision. Its all appearance-based to me. The interview lady is so busy judging women who want to change their appearance. What about the male babies who are circumcised daily? Why dont she go around and try to convince their parents to allow them to take the natural road.

    1. They are separate issues (which not not to say that male circumcision should not be the subject of a separate documentary, too). This documentary was specifically about women and girls. As well, male circumcision is not performed because of appearance, as these labioplasties are. If it's not done for religious reasons, it's for health or sanitary reasons. Many of those reasons have now been discounted so the trend to circumcise baby boys in western countries is declining.

      There is also an idea among some people to compare male and female circumcision, as though they were equal. They are not. The sex organs of boys and girls are different, and the effect of the circumcision is also different. This is not to say that male circumcision is good or bad, merely that its effects are less severe than female circumcision.

    2. *nods* Well said. Thank you.

  360. The only thing that could be a huge turnoff is a cheesy vagina or penis, specially if you're going to have your face in it.
    Although some people do like Limberger cheese.

    1. if its gouda 'nuff for you, its gouda 'nuff for me! i liked your reply...

  361. I am a woman and I have to tell you that I never knew that the inner labia could exist outside the outer labia. In all honesty, if my inner labia came outside of my outer labia it would probably drive me crazy too. it could even make you feel manly having something there when there shouldn't be.
    i agree with some of the earlier comments that this woman doesn't exactly.. it seems that she was horrified by the idea of vaginal plastic surgery without really thinking about it, and then was looking at it too black and white. like someone said before, i was surprised when she said that real women didn't have vaginas like the porn stars because, those porn stars are real women. perhaps there should be more representation of different kinds of vaginas in the porn industry but... and i do feel bad saying this, but perhaps the "tucked in" vagina is normal- think about it, i always thought the outer lips were there to protect the inside like an eyelid protects an eye. and then, when there was a lady actually doing something positive for women to help change how they thought about their vagina and heal all the psychological wounds associated with sex (present in MANY women).. she called her a trippy hippy or something. i mean come on. it's just immature quite frankly. and everyone has their own taste- i have been put off by a couple of penises i have seen, not necessarily a matter of size, and if i loved a person, it wouldn't matter. we all have preferences and i think that that is for the purpose of the optimisation of our genetic material, evolutionarily.

    1. What the hell are you talking about? Most pornstars have the UNATTRACTIVE vaginas, because most women have large inner labia lips rather than smaller inner labia. That's why it's considered attractive with smaller lips, because it's more rare and not so normal. Pornstars are real women too, they're as different from person to person as "civilian" women.

  362. Oh My God!
    I never even imagined there are this kind of surgeries on this planet.I Respect the doctors opinion for getting the surgery as well as the opinion of the Author for not getting the surgery like she said"Love V* you have".

    I say people research ahead of any decision you take but it's your life


    I am Indian,I never imagine this myself having for one of my close ones instead of respecting their Likes&Dislikes

  363. It's strange what some women will do just to try to be what they think is normal, when in my experience they all look different anyway & trust me I have seen a few vaginas in my time.

  364. What Rosie should have done was to report her sister to the police for sexual harassment and intimidation as soon as the sister told all these guys about Rosie's vagina.

    1. I presume you're being ironic. What a world that would be, if we reported our siblings to the police any time they were mean to us!

    2. i think shes serious.... what a bunch of pussies, no pun intended, americans are becoming when we can no longer verbally harass the s*** out of each other.

  365. Why shouldn't men also have preferences as long as they don't offend women with their opinion. I personally prefer small, tucked in lips as well, as in my opinion saggy, big lips really are a turn off.
    And guess what, I'm not sexist! Are women who prefer "large" men sexists? No! And no one cares... But if men state their honest opinion, they are?

    Think about it! She says that women in porn magazines don't look like real women. Well, looks like she's prejudiced as well. Tucked in lips are as natural as big lips are. Every woman's unique. One shouldn't be criticized for having preferences. I also know some women who are dissatisfied with the size of their lips and their opinion isn't influenced by porn magazines or anyone else, but only by their personal view, as they think that big "cauli flower" lips are unesthetic. I support labioplasty as long as it's being done for psychological, non influenced reasons, but I also think that women should be more self confident!

    Just don't judge people for their personal opinion and or preferences!

    1. AMEN!

  366. Why is it bad to want to enhance your physical appearance beyond what you were naturally given? Using that logic women should stop wearing makeup too.

    In fact it would be immoral to persuade a woman to live with this insecurity, a source of frequent psychological stress and sometimes a substantial obstacle to a lasting relationship, when there's a simple procedure to solve the problem.

    1. The point is not 'women should not change their appearance', the point is that the anxiety that young women are feeling about their vaginas is fueled by new social expectations. In other words, in the past it was not an issue what a woman's vagina looked like, at least, not to the extent it is nowadays. Make-up is quite different to labioplasty. People see women's faces every day, but only their most beloved and trusted are supposed to see their vaginas. I say 'should' - modern women also think that promiscuity is a pathway to happiness. May I suggest they stop showing their ya-yas to so many trashy, undeserving men who just want to hump 'em and dump 'em?

    2. That's true about women showing off their private parts to too many guys nowadays, and to me it seems like if they really wanted to do that because they (the WOMEN) really being into sex or something then it wouldn't bother them that much if a guy said that they looked bad or weird down there. They'd blow it off. What's more I doubt there are a bunch of guys out here turning women down for sex once they see that the women have big labia, yeah right! I can see it now their all hot & horny ready to do the deed and the woman takes her panties off and all of a sudden guy says I'm sorry I just cant do this your labia is way to big for me and walks out LOL!

  367. Oh, and I prefer nice tucked away lips, compared to saggy. Thats my PREFERENCE. How the hell does that make me wrong or sexist? I couldnt help but notice that her "partner" was not some fat bald dude. wonder why that is? does it make her a bad person because she isnt attracted to fat bald guys, or because she prefers steak to bologna? Bet you money she has had some small wieners in her time that she did not like or has joked around with her friends about. ;)

    1. I love the look of full labias and I especially like it with some darker skin on the outer edge and fading into pink...

  368. This chick needs to get a hobby. She asked a guy point blank how he likes vaginas, and because he was honest, she said he is sexist???? She is sexist! People will do what they want to do, and if you are able to talk them out of doing something, they will resent you. This woman needs to leave people alone. Spend some more time with your kids and your "partner" and less time walkin around obsessing over other peoples vaginas! Freaky Fem-nazi!

    1. Think about it for a nanosecond. If she had asked the painters how they felt about black people, and they responded with a thoroughly racist response, "I don't f--k black women," would you be so quick to accuse the film maker of racism? After all, vaginas are as predetermined as skin color, eye color, or penis length. You wouldn't happen to be less than 5 inches, would you? Don't blame yourself. It's all genetics.

    2. The painters' response was not sexist at all, it was just their honest opinion about what kind of vaginas they like. Yes, it was a bit crude, but she asked them for an honest opinion and they gave it. 'Sexism' does not mean "something someone says which makes women feel bad."

  369. women are crazy. This is a plot towards men. Save the vaginas, please, please, please, I beg you. I love the lips. I love the lose skin. I love the labias. Ladies, ladies, please learned. It's like a foreskin, and the more skin, the better; but there must be, should be some skin. You are ladies now, and not children. Stop the cutting.

    Incidentally, I have seen a smooth vagina with no outer lips or whatever you call it and in my opinion that woman probably should have seen a doctor early in her adolescent years as it may have related to the endocrine glandular or hormonal development, and as with some men, intervention at that stage may be necessary in some women. Nevertheless, I knew her several years and was involved with sexual intercourse with her quite a while before i even saw what it looked like, and by that time, it did not matter as it was only one aspect of the relationship and I never did mention it.

  370. I love the look of full labias and I especially like it with some darker skin on the outer edge and fading into pink... mmmm mmm don't cut on those pussies girls, most men love them 'just the way they are"!! Look through some porn, what do you see? full labias!! LEAVE THEM ALONE!!

    1. Oooh i like what you saying

  371. To most women who doesn't know the benifits of slightly bigger outer labia its actualy brings more sexual satisfaction due to simple knowledge of more area of sensory nerves in that area....if the man doesn't like it....then explain the positive side and he'll switch...

  372. Hey, I'm a guy and it's very easy for me to meet and enjoy women. I'll be honest...not all vajayjays are created equal! I've been with some strikingly beautiful women and yet, if their vajayjay was ugly or hanging out, it would kill the whole mood. I couldn't help it...I would just start to think of some of the beautiful ones I've previously experienced and then compare, instantly killing my sexual desire for the woman I was about to be intimate with. And, nothing could change that. I just know what I'm attracted to and what I'm not! And, more importantly, what I can have and what I don't need to settle for. I think a lot of guys who have choices are just as discerning as I am. At least the ones I know are. But really are women any different, less critical or less superficial in these areas? C,mon now, honest? And you fellow men who disagree with me...great! Great for the ladies who are not well blessed. It just goes to prove there is someone for everyone. Just as long as you're being honest here and not trying to say something "nice" which you know is false because you feel some irrational sympathy for someone for no other reason than simply because they lack a "Y" chromosome. Nothing's worse than an insincere kiss ass.

  373. surgery is NOT the answer

    i feel that this video is moderately sexist, because they say the guys nag on how their vag looks but really think about it if a girl has a lot of labia she pretends its the end of the world, and makes a big deal about it, and schedules a surgery. When a guy has a small penis he just keeps to himself and probably doesn't try to have sex alot. Maybe women should not exploit their so called ugly vagina.
    (i speak from experience because im a boy with a penis size either average or maybe a little below, and also im uncircumcised, so i feel i have an ugly penis and it probably does not please many women, BUT i am mature enough to realize there is more important things in life besides worrying about how my parts look.)
    No girl is to blame for the way her vagina looks. personally i do not feel that a girl's vagina is ugly, its the hygiene that gets to me. i love all vag. i think its the third most beautiful body part,(eyes are first and breast are second. I would say smile but that is not a body part)
    some men are A$$ holes and are rude to women about the way their vagina looks, but some women also say they want a sexually satisfying penis at least 6 inches. well what do you tell a man that is very small. A vagina will be sexually satisfying even if it has big lips small lips or no lips.
    i have never had a conversation at all in my life about the way a vagina is shaped, just how much hair there is and the smell, and i have never heard a guy describe a girl's vag. once there was a girl who sent a picture of hers around my school and every one made fun of her for it but no one said anything about her lips it was just how she had a bush.
    i dont mind hair as long as its reasonably trimmed, but i dont want to go down on it if it hairy. i do the same for my girlfriend i trim my hair if i want her to go down on me.
    in my opinion women brought this upon themselves, women put them selves in that awkward position, especially the young teens. A teenager doesn't need to be sexually active, and if so she needs to be more mature about it and find a mature partner. If a woman feels uncomfortable with the way her lips look why would she go out and look at other girls and ask other girls for their opinons????? Sounds like she is asking for drama. but im not sexist or judging i just dont like people complaining about their personal life publicly.

  374. i feel that this video is moderately sexist, because they say the guys nag on how their vag looks but really think about it if a girl has a lot of labia she pretends its the end of the world, and makes a big deal about it, and schedules a surgery. When a guy has a small penis he just keeps to himself and probably doesn't try to have sex alot. Maybe women should not exploit their so called ugly vagina. (i speak from experience because im a boy with a penis size either average or maybe a little below, and also im uncircumcised, so i feel i have an ugly penis and it probably does not please many women, BUT i am mature enough to realize there is more important things in life besides worrying about how my parts look.
    No girl is to blame for the way her vagina looks. personally i do not feel that a girl's vagina is ugly or not ugly, its the hygiene that gets to me.
    some men are A$$ holes and are rude to women about the way their vagina looks, but i have never had a conversation at all in my life about the way a vagina is shaped, just how much hair there is and the smell.
    i dont mind hair as long as its reasonably trimmed, but i dont want to go down on it if it hairy. i do the same for my girlfriend i trim my hair if i want her to go down on me.
    in my opinion women brought this upon themselves, women put them selves in that awkward position, especially the young teens. A teenager doesn't need to be sexually active, and if she needs to be more mature about it and find a mature partner.

  375. That was pretty sad. Rosie had a beautiful kitty. I wish people would just leave things alone... I feel very sorry for her, as her sister had obviously (unwittingly or not) done a real number on her. There was nothing wrong with her appearance at all that I could see, and I'm quite superficial.

    1. Nice profile pic.. I love labia, personally.. I think these girls are silly to cut and hack on their pussies..

  376. as long as I see two smooth lips to slip my tallywacker into, I really don't care what it looks like. And I bet most men are the same way.

  377. Wow...I think women, not all women but most in general, have to be the most insecure, narcissistic, self-adsorbed and hypocritical creatures alive. They obsess about themselves constantly and try to blame everyone else, especially men, for their narcissistic, self absorption. And, when a man, who was honest about what he was and was not attracted to says the truth, he labelled as being sexist and one of the causes of women's insecurities. Yet, these same type of women have no problem talking, critiquing and joking about men's penises with complete disregard or empathy of the effect it has on men. It's the classic insecure mean girl behavior..."lets make fun of others just as long as it's not me that's being made fun of because I couldn't handle it!" Women constantly judge men on shallow matters such as their height yet hate for themselves to judged physically. Hypocrites to the max!

  378. ahahahahahaha @ British women not liking their it because they look like their nasty ass teeth and when a man goes down on them he gets scared that the vagina is going to eat them?

    1. lol i sure hope you're trolling.
      cos yh you're being such a freaking hypocrite yourself that your comment is invalid and semi-amusing to read.
      i'll take the bait, since you genuinely seem to believe that.

      if you said tht a 'man who was honest enough about what he was and was not attracted to says the truth' you admit tht men are themselves shallow. want proof? just walk around in any given location and observe the crude way guys look at girls, or comment to their friends 'how hot' or 'how f--king ugly' tht girl was. women try to not make themselves Rejected, you twit, hence the fact that they take care of their appearance. and DUH insecurities ARE caused by the way that men act, the way media portrays what is beautiful, etc.

      although sure, i dont think tht its cool for girls to discuss a guy's penis w her friends.... don't guys do EXACTLY the same? 'normal guy talk' really consists of a detailed and sometimes 'funny' account of sex w gf's or ex's and its pretty nasty.
      Of course, every person is different, some guys are total and utter pricks, some girls are total and utter bi***es. both sides are able to act in narcissistic way.

      Anyways, if you Had a girlfriend or something maybe you wouldn't need to watch documentaries to see a vagina.
      maybe if you weren't such a self-absorbed prick you could find a woman that is more interesting.
      or maybe you're just gay, in which case why the hell are you looking at a documentary about vaginas?

    2. typical of a woman to strike back with rude jokes about a man's sexuality (ironic that this discussion is about women's confidence). in fact its typical of anyone. its all the negative emotion in this world that has woman getting snipped. it starts with a guy making a negative comment and a girl talking back and then the guy gets really personal, and that is where emotions are crushed.

    3. Typical bitter, angry, emotional chick response. When unable to articulate a rational point or argument...just insult with derogatory name calling and accusations of being gay. If I had a dollar for every woman who tried to rationalize to herself I was gay just for the simple fact I wasn't sexually attracted to her...well, I wouldn't be rich but I'd have enough to take my friends out for beers on it. Talk about a narcissistic defense mechanism...geez! Both women and men are superficial in common ways and unique ways. So what! Mother Teresa was a great woman...but I wouldn't have wanted to date her! Just don't try to put one gender on a pedestal over the other, you overbearing, bait taking, female chauvinist pig!

  379. How the f*** do you watch this crap

  380. without a vagina how will live on earth

    1. with a d*ck.

  381. To be vulgar; I'm yet to see a Vagina I won't go down on, based purely on aesthetics.

    Love your Vaginas girls, because they are beautiful.

  382. I thought I typed already but will again.
    They all looked good to me..rather tasty..I'm a man they all look good!

  383. All of those casts looked good to me..None of them looked odd ugly or strange. I'm a man and they all looked tasty!!

  384. I hate how it's like she's blaming the girls about they they get plastic surgery. Guys look at porn and see those fake ass vaginas and compare it to others. Like the girl she interviewed in the beginning (who's very beautiful btw) is getting rejected by guys because of her sister saying/teasing about her having a big labia. I have one too, and my mom and my sister make fun of me non stop and just check the net! You'll get guys that either don't care/like bigger labias or avoid dating/f****ng women with bigger labias.

  385. Charlie, those women in the porno mags have obviously had surgery to make themselves look like that. Please don't tell me you actually believe that their giant and perfectly round breasts are real too.

    1. He was not saying that, he was saying that the presenter dismissed the porn actresses as not real women. I think the presenter meant to say 'these are not what normal vaginas look like,' but said 'these are obviously not real women,' which is not quite the same thing. It sounds like she was judging their 'woman-ness', not the naturalness of their vaginas. Re your second sentence, the first time most boys see a naked women is in porn. With nothing to compare what they see to, what do you think is the impression they get of what a 'normal' woman looks like naked? Not an accurate one, and unfortunately first impressions are strong ones. Therefore, 'giant and perfectly round breasts' seem normal. Porn is responsible. It's done to sexuality what fast food has done to the way we eat. It's incredibly damaging to all involved with it, and yet it is thriving.

  386. It's annoying when she's looking at the pornstars and saying "these are obviously not real women." Um what are they robots? This are indeed real girls and that's just what their vaginas look like. Sure not all girls look like that, but that doesn't make them less 'real". Don't try to stand up for individuality and then slam someone for not being "real" because something they have falls more towards the perceived standard of "perfection".

    1. Something they have? More like something they paid for. If I'm not mistaken, prosthetics don't fall under the "real" category. Obviously they themselves are real women, and the presenter could have worded it better.

  387. wow! British docs can be pretty graphic. The girl's operation was really completely unnecessary but it's her money and if it makes her feel better, go for it. What is sad is that she thinks that little bit of skin is so important.. because society has objectified people and sex and people fall for it.

    Doc was very well done.. well done, but surprised by her reaction to the painters The guy was direct and honest (something she had not gotten from her friends) and that was sexist of him? Of course the appearance of one's genitals can matter to many, of either sex. Why wouldnt they?
    The issue is not that but people's deep insecurities that lead to them measure the whole of who they are by some small portion (in this case hidden from public view) of themselves.

  388. She asked the painters for their opinion on something which in ordinary life would never be asked, for politness' sake. They gave their opinions honestly, and then she accused them of being sexist. 'Sexist' now seems to mean, as I've suspected for a while now, 'something men say about women that makes women feel a bit upset'. The increasing presence of porno is to blame for women's and men's changing ideas about how vaginas 'should' look.

    Pubic hair becomes gradually less. Women went from 'normal, cute and fun' to being skanky strippers with naked vulvas, plastic shoes, breast implants, and tattoos. I.e. - naked women just became less normal, less attractive, and dare I say, less 'human'.

  389. never met a vagina that I couldnt lick no matter the shape

  390. Paris Hilton could do it, but the hole is so f--king big, there's nothing to do except put a piece of Tupperware over the whores hole.

  391. Guys don't even know what eye color we have. Leave it up to a woman to fuss over her bits so.

  392. All capitalistic brainwashing by the cosmetic entreprises! restore hymen?! LOLZ

  393. Do they cut their skin of because they want to be special? or beacause they don't want to be special/unique at all? In my opinion every man/woman is is a human, and all humans are different - except in their humanity. People forget nowadays how it is to be ' a living being in a whole world (and beyond) with lots other lifeforms'. Everybody is different and everybody is equal!

  394. Ladies...

    If it's not draggin' the ground when you walk, don't bother with the surgery.

    Just make sure it's shaven and smells like roses and we'll lick all the way to your knees... and back!

    1. why does it need to remove the hair that is the sign of womanhood, and (so long as clean) what is wrong with the natural scent? Which, btw, lets a woman know she is healthy. Using those disgusting douches washes away the natural lubricant, upsets the pJ balance and stops any bad smell which would indicate illness coming through. How many women are ending up with serious problems because they didn't notice the reek of infection through roses or lemon scents?

    2. Medically you are correct but I just don't want to be near a funky person... male or female!

  395. Rosie was hittable before and after.

  396. vagina is not a matter to make light of

  397. This was a great documentary. I'm a guy and I hope that the painters are not interpreted as a representation of the whole male community. I love vaginas. LOL - no surprise from a guy eh? However, let me say that I think vaginas are so beautiful and unique. I'm ashamed that we as a society have had the audacity to scrutinize and label what is "normal" for something so special and sacred. I know my wife agrees.

    Thank you for making this doc.

  398. I'm sorry but Rosie's whats-it is really kind of hanging out there in the wind. I mean really! I can understand why she's self-conscious. The picture of the 16 year olds vagina was horrendous and if I were her mother I would have approved of the surgery but it seems the presenter here doesn't really understand the issue because she probably has a vagina that looks fairly normal. The one in that picture did not and the picture after surgery looked amazing. If a woman can have her breasts enlarged or reduced I see no reason why the vajayjay should be any different. I think the presenter if making a mountain out of a molehill. If this is all women have to worry about and they can afford to do it then I don't think they are having too many problems in their life.

  399. gros.s do not watch. you will not get a boner for a month

    1. pathetic, despicable comment. every human being on this planet was born out of a woman's body. respect that.

  400. its crazy how women are insecure about their vagina. so what if you have extra skin? and the whole restoring your hymen. if its broken its broken. it makes no sense about a muslim woman has to prove her virginity if a muslim man is setting up a stupid double standard.

  401. This was a great movie and a great point of view. I agree that too many woman are mutilating their private areas. It is as bad as getting breast implants just becasue your husband or boyfreind think you should. How shallow and superficial is that. If our partners don't like us for who we are then it is time to move on, I have been teased growing up about my small breast and to this day I still am short of a B cup after after having three children. If they think my breasts are too small, MOVE ON! If you don't like my vagina or you thing it is "too loose", MOVE ON! God people are sooooooo shallow.

  402. Brave, bold, and breaks some taboos. I found this to be revealing, because I've never even considered appearance. Sad that the Muslim sects and some African communities still mutilate girls, but that's how the world is.

    Glad this was made, should be seen by a more significant audience.

  403. At first I laugh and criticized on why the heck women will do it but by the end of the videos i find why some women need to do it. Love this documentary very informative and uplifting to those who think they have abnormal vagina whether psychological or not whatever makes one happy that what matters. It open my mind not be critical.Thanks to all involved in this production.

  404. way to ruin her lips i thought they were okay.

  405. When I was younger I also thought my labia were abnormal - but I've grown to love them! Vulvas are out pretty parts, girls!

  406. changing in vagina by mustarbuting and less men to please their women

  407. Remarkable and lovely. So glad I stumbled onto this video.

  408. When did "fanny" change from referring to the buttocks to referring to the vagina???

    1. It's a cultural thing. I had a British friend about 15 years ago horrified that we called the small waist purses "fanny packs" because fanny doesn't mean buttocks over there. They call the purses "bum bags."

  409. Ok, I'm a middle-aged man and I must confess I'm pretty shocked and disappointed by what I saw.

    Firstly, men like all sorts of pussy's, and my preference has changed over time. But it's absolutely not a big deal in any way and I can't imagine someone being turned off a relationship by the shape of someone's pussy - any more than I'd expect someone to be turned off by where the bulge is in my penis.

    I suspect the reason the guys/gals were teasing that poor girl was just because it was *titilating* to tease her about her pussy.

    I remember reading that many countries have rules that they must airbrush out protuding genetalia in soft-core mens-mags and this is giving women a skewed image of what is normal. I'd suggest they look at the penthouses/hustlers from the 90's when I grew up to see what is normal, there was no shortage of protuding (and often uneven) labia minora in the 'butterfly spreads' from that era (I don't know about now).

  410. @DWillis

    Oh man that last one of yours lol sorry I had to laugh :)

  411. So much for unbiased journalism! As a woman, I appreciate this documentary for the sole purpose of shining light on labiaplasty and female genital cosmetic surgery, if for no other reason than education. However, I find the approach and tone of this piece to be so blatantly rooted in the hosts' personal opinion, that it overshadows the content itself. Who are you, as a journalist to impose your personal prejudice and judgements on these women, who had clearly entrusted you with access to their profoundly private experiences? We get aren't a fan of vaginal cosmetic surgery! I just wish you could have been selfless enough to report the facts from both sides of the issue instead of imposing guilt and shame on the subjects of your documentary who didn't adhere to your personal views. I find your approach embarrassingly self indulgent and unprofessional, although I do appreciate your efforts to bring the reality of labiaplasty into the mainstream media. Hopefully next time you can simply do your job and report the facts on both sides of the issue...the soap box you're currently preaching from doesn't suit you!

    1. I also thought the documentary maker was really poor. She was utterly lacking objectivity, was completely unprofessional (all those tears) and worst, insensitively insulting to the holistic vagina woman. That woman was extremely offended to be called 'trippy-hippy'. It's not the best way to deal with your interviewee: laugh in a childish sniggery way and then launch on their deepest, most passionately held beliefs. Plus, although I am not exactly New Age myself, it only makes sense that experience is stored in your body, and that would include the vagina. And I agree, the way she kept going on about celebrating vaginas, and then keeping hers hidden, destroyed her whole point. She was dragging other women to the sculptor and the holistic vagina movement, while claiming to be personally saving them from surgery! Also, she talked far too fast, and used childish expressions like 'cacking it': it made me cringe. She seems so....un-adult. This is a serious subject and needed an objective eye, not a personal crusade by a woman unable to show her own 'punani, or foo-foo' or all the other silly things she came up with.

  412. about this, a woman is just a vagina??? I do not think so...

  413. i think all p....'s should be attractive

  414. I'm not a fan of how this documentary is all about love and acceptance of all kinds of vaginas and labias while at the same time bashes women with smaller labia minor, saying that it doesn't even look like a real woman's vagina. I'm in love with my small lips, that was pretty hypocritical.

  415. I for years thought that I had too much skin down there, I made a point of looking at pictures or pornography as much as I could to see what was normal. I've had men tell me they really loved mine but I always thought they were just saying that.

    I now know, after years of feeling extremely self conscious and considering this surgery myself, that my vagina and my "beef curtains" are perfectly normal. Just as large penises or small ones are, just as big penis heads and small ones are normal, so are a variety of sizes of labia.

    I now believe it when a man tells me he loves my "bits"! And why wouldn't a man love it? It's warm and soft and just the way it's supposed to be. If a man can't appreciate your body the way it is he's probably not worth keeping, because you'll always feel like there is something not good enough about yourself.

    Pussies Unite - We're all gorgeous!

  416. the level of insecurity is just insane! this is just crazy...

  417. yeah i hate hairy. but vulcan, its never stinking (shouldnt be anyway)..i dont smell, and i expect the same

  418. i think its crazy going for this surgery cos most guys don't care how it looks. what we really care about how to get in lol. the only thing guys care about is if its hairy or not. well, i don't like it stinking too

  419. @rai, female circumcision is widely practiced in saudi arabia where nearly 100% of the population undergoes such surgery.

    On the other note I see nothing wrong with a girl cutting off some parts like the young one in the movie. As for the girl in the picture who had lots of skin on her p---sy, I think it made sense to cut that all off, if any man saw that he would run out the door but naked, well I would.

    I highly recommend watching this movie if you are bored and looking for some entertainment.

    I disagree I do not believe the Muslim girl was conned by some amazing man into tricking her into sex. No I think it was consensual and both men and women lie in relations just seems that people never remember all the lies they tell to their partners...o yes like I'm a virgin when you really had surgery

  420. Being a male on the hunt for some interesting movie, its no suprise I settled to have a peak based on the movie title. Perfect Vagina? Hell yeah, I wanna see the perfect vagina.

    This film is fantastic. The woman who ventured into this topic is so charming and beautiful. Her concerns and emotion during different scenes of the movie really moved me, despite being a male.

    One thing that wasnt covered in the film that my friends & I have discussed is how women with larger labia seem to hold more wetness when aroused. This may not be a fact, but is certainly a perception by my mates & I.

    If any women who are considering labia reduction are reading the comments, take if from me, men really dont care how it looks, we truly only care how to navigate it.

  421. I haven't watched this documentary yet but, thought I would throw my two cents in anyway. This may sound a bit strange but I always thought the labia sorta reminded me of those fried pork skins you can buy at the local convenience store. I wonder what they really are. Someone should do some research on this.....nah, don't bother, they taste pretty good even if....... just sayin. mmmmmm yummy

  422. What a muddle! The 16 year old girl appeared to need surgical intervention because her labia were so big they could interfere with normal life; Rosie was bullied by her sister and had a normal-looking vulva altered; the Muslim woman was conned and lost her virginity and hymen and was under immense social pressure to "fake" viriginity to satisfy her parents and family in law; and the women in the last segment were merely confronting normal aging.

  423. women are insecure - this is nothing new. Boob jobs, hair colouring, hair removal and now labioplasty. Men feel insecure, too. How many men are teased for not being circumcised? Parents are circumcising their infant sons so they won't be teased later on. What about men waxing their chests and backs? Men want hair transplants, as women want a man with a head full of hair. Moreover, women have caused men to be self-concious about the size of their penises. Surgery, surgery, surgery. It goes both ways.

  424. My sisters and I are very open about a lot of things. We're not afraid to show our bodies and they have seem two or three pictures of my ******(at times our parents consider us a little too open).The point of me writing this is that I know what some of those women feel like. I actually thought about the surgery, though I never got any complaint, I just thought it looked abnormal.... after watching that I was/am grateful for the way mine look compared to some...

  425. I'm 29 yrs old and have considered having that kind of surgery quite seriously.

    This because I'm having severe trouble riding my horse, taking spin-classes etc since they are "outside" of the vagina and it can get quite painful and they get sore. So, not because I wanna look like a pornstar or someting like that.

    It kind of makes me angry that the journalist already have made up her mind about the surgery prior to making the documentary and interwieving people.
    Of course, women might do the surgery to look better etc but that is not only the only reason.

  426. I just like them clean. Just that. To be clean is enough.

  427. Guys can f off if they dont like the apperance of a girls part down there. Its a girls body and u should be inspired whats down there . Every girls vagina is different!

  428. WELL my man likes nice looking clean shaven appearance so thats what he gets

  429. Warning: if you are a guy who wants to see some pretty Vagina , so this is NOT what you are searching for.
    also i think its not for men at all .
    its for some women who has to love their Vagina for some reason hehehe.

    1. I think this should be for men and women. Women need to learn to love their vagina and Men need to get off of that cloud that every Women's vagina looks like a porn star. This is natural and real.

  430. I am a man, but I'm really amazed how you women can be as open and honest as you can be. Thanks to those who made this documentary.

  431. Actually female circumcision has NOTHING to do with Islam. This is a cultural practice NOT a religious one and to my knowledge it mostly takes place in African countries. In fact, Islam actually forbids female circumcision. This is the first I've ever heard of people associating the two together. It is compulsory for males, but definitely not females! But any excuse to hate on Islam seems to be the motto.

  432. I was circumcised as an infant... If I hadn't been, I would go back today, 26 years later, to get it done. How is this woman justified in making a decision like this for other women? She's no better than the chauvinist Muslims who dress their women in public, by telling women how they should or shouldn't dress their vaginas. Getting away with showing vaginas on a non-porno film = win. Overall film = epic fail.

  433. This is why I don't shave anything, pluck, wax, wear makeup, dye my hair, or do anything to change my natural normal body.


  434. i dont care how the girl i loves vagina looks like all i know is that i love her.

  435. Hi all. I think it was an ok docu, not that good but not bad. I think she should have talked to more guys and maybe studdy more porn etc.

    For myself i have a fetish for large labias. Larger labias is the sexies thing there is.

    A Vagina without large labias for me is just boring, they all look the same. A vagina with large labias they all have a different look to them.

  436. I think they need to show this to girls at school..
    Everyone should see this!
    For my ENTIRE teen years I thought I had an ugly vagina..
    But after seeing this, I realize that mine is like.. on the nicer side! haha

  437. i wish men would get insecure about themselves having too meaty a penis...

    any vagina is attractive when aroused. consider that girls

  438. vanity leads to more plastic surgery procedures. people are becoming more conscious about their appearance '`:

  439. What's wrong with British Men??????

  440. What a very odd thing for women to worry about. I don't think anybody has particularly nice looking privates. They aren't for looking nice though, so why should they look good?

    I guess the real problem is that people are even concerned about this stuff in the first place...

    At the same time, it's pretty nice for a people to have the appearance of their genitals as a primary concern, because it has got to mean that their lives are pretty easy.

  441. I think the sculptures are so great! To see that so many vaginas are different is a wonder! All we need to do is understand that we are all different from the inside to the outside. I appreciate this movie which has helped with various questions and insecurities I've encountered as I've gotten older.

  442. Wtf was this, could not c the full doc......wonder how wiresd some ppl r.How could ppl go to such an extent.May God save alll of us from this kind of stuff.

  443. who cares if they bleed or not? it really doesnt matter

  444. jeff actually women can break their hymen while doing sports. I know girls who have experienced it (they openly talk about the fact that they have sex with guys so they don't use that as an excuse). But really, sometimes the hymen doesn't break. For me it didn't hurt and i certainly didn't bleed! So how can they prove that someone is virgin. I bet many women fail the test if they need to bleed.

  445. right on Grue

  446. Piece of s@#$ journalism. I Think the subject is very interesting and the amount of reflections to be made about our society are plenty. too bad that the documentalist is aproaching the subject the worng way all the way. When you push your personal view so far into the study you end up slicing the story and come out as self righteous.
    Too much judging, too much drama on it, all of which is all right in your inner forum and with messure in your own study. In this way it just kills all critical potency it could have had.

  447. this is Jim's wife...there is nothing wrong with someone making themselves attractive. if someone wants to change something, thats their right. in all fairness, i wouldn't want, small, unattractive d... either

  448. There is nothing as female circumcision in Islam. Some wild African countries follow this pagan practice. Those who do it and support it should have their d@#$% and b@#$ cut off.There is no female circumcision in Islam.

  449. By using that word to describe the female genitalia, you are demeaning yourself Jim.

    By reducing the value of a woman to a small part of her anatomy, you are also demeaning yourself.

    Would you like to be judged by the size and shape of your penis Jim?

    True love takes place between two adults, two people who admire love and appreciate each other. I love my wife's large lips and make no apology for that. I would love her whatever shape she were down there because I love the person she is.

    I hope that one day you will be able to find this sort of love and respect Jim.

  450. give me a nice cleanshaven twat Any Day

  451. My wife has big lips and I am not complaining.

    I have and appreciate a real woman. I consider myself a real man and my wife a real woman. There's no faking going on here!

  452. they should look like young porn Stars..thats what i want..and if they want to cut it good...nobody wants silly big lips

  453. The issue of the sensitivity of the labia and the effect of removal on sexual feelings was not discussed. Some cultures remove the clitoris and labia because they believe that women should not be allowed to feel any pleasure during sex. It could be that labia reduction might affect a woman's ability to enjoy making love or even to have an orgasm - who knows. If it happened to me I feel sure that my feelings would be affected. It's kind of like the equivalent of chopping off part of a man's penis. A woman gets a lot of sexual pleasure through the labia and clitoris.

    The removal of the labia seems to be about people wanting to look like porn stars and also the move to make women look more like children. These are not very encouraging trends.

    I have a friend with large labia who does not like them. However, her husband goes crazy for them and wants oral sex all the time. He calls them her "ears" and loves them. She also told me that they were on holiday and he pointed at a male hen (cock) and the flaps on the top of its head knowingly. Although he did not mean this is a bad way it upset her.

    Some men seem to say size doesn't matter, while others say it does. Some like small lips, while others like larger ones. Some like hair others don't. But at the end of the day surely it's the person on the end of the bits who matters more!

  454. personally i like clean, hairless, pristine twat

  455. What a sick documentry.

  456. This is just wrong, so very wrong! I think that plastic surgery should be prohibited for these young girls! Their minds are so influenced by everything from media and such! If you are 30 or 40 that is fine, but 16....that is just wrong! She does not know what is good for her! Learn to accept yourself as a human being! EVERY ONE IS DIFFERENT!!

    My mind goes to the poor muslim girl! It´s the 21:th century now! Who cares if the girl you are marrying are a virgin or not?! As long as you love her, right?!

    Fine, shave you privates if you want. But leave the knife to heart surgery instead!

    A marvelous documentary! I will recommend it to everyone i know!

    Take care!

  457. I really liked this documentary, its a great start for women to think different about their bodies.

  458. I enjoyed this documentary. All I can say is women will never be happy until they just accept themselves for who they are. Everyone's va-jay-jay is different. Accept it and move on.

    It's messed up that Rosie's sister made fun of her, though. There must have been some underlying jealousy or something in that situation. I would never do something like that to my sister. When we were kids we weren't looking at each other's crotches, though.

  459. Fantastic documentary, I love the Yoni therapy workshops I think they are a fantastic idea for women who feel insecure or judged, I am fortunate enough to have friends I can be fully open with and have the openness and closeness to be able to host our own yon therapy with mirrors and what not.

  460. I find the shaving of the pubes to be... horrendous, on males and females...

    Not that you should care about my opinion, but I will say this:

    A little "gardening" is fine and no one likes a huge "Wolf Bush" but, I also do not want to have sex with something that looks pre-pubescent. I find that disturbing...

    And it is very prevalent in porn and it is disturbing...

    There is this obsession with youth in our declining Empire that is indicitive of... yes, a declining Empire. Too young is too young, ok?

    Pubic hair is good. I like WOMEN, not girls.

    And vaginas are delicious... I'm sorry, that was gross, I apologize...

  461. Personally, I like a vagina to be shaved or at least trimmed but preferably shaved. The only reason is I love getting right into oral sex and find it gross getting hair in my mouth...After that to me, it doesn't really matter what it looks like.
    I once briefly dated a girl who I liked but didn't shave or trim and after the first time, that was it for me...

  462. I have to say this documentary was fantastic. I was horrified that Rosie had her "bits" removed because I felt her vagina was fine. It disgusts me that a man would not like my vagina, because that is my body, and he should love me for me, not my bits.

  463. As a guy, I can tell you with absolute certainty two exact things: 1, Guys do not care about the labia of a woman. Ever. And, 2, Whatever a woman feels about her "yoni" (vagina) is NEVER as great as what a guy thinks of it. Period. If the vagina makes a man feel good (which they ALL do) then looks are as superficial as a book cover. Labiaplasty is done for the emotional crutch of a woman. Never for the benefit of a man. Unless the man is insecure himself (in which case no surgery could ever fix an irrational problem).

  464. I will believe that a woman's large inner lips are a discomfort problem when men start getting their penises shortened or testicle sac tightened for the same reason. It is less the discomfort in the body than the discomfort in the mind.

  465. Their are still some medically acceptable cases regardless off media influence.

  466. i never thought that girls do this sort of thing, its horrible!!! having surgery on such a delicate part of the body!
    and the influence all come from the media
    and its not only girls but guys also, girls think that their vagina is not good enough at the same time guys think the same about their penises.
    people should really stop and think how different everyone is...
    women want bigger penises in men while men want "neater" vaginas in women all because the media is "showing" them what is perfect and what is normal...

  467. I thought the 21 year old and the other 16 year old in the picture at the plastic surgeon,really did need to have it done.Having that much hanging down is probably really uncomfortable during sex and wearing tight clothes.However I did not agree with the Doctor that cut it off with a razor blade-in the States they use a Lazer and do it from the inside out.Poor girl having that done when she was still awake!She is not a pit bull getting cropped,even most animals get put under.

  468. This whining journalist is ridiculous.

  469. Girls just be happy with what you have. I'd do every woman in this documentary.

  470. i loved it, this would have blew my mind when i was younger, i thought i was having too much sex and it just plaaagued me let me tell you, so nice work documentarian!

  471. To dre
    "p.s. stop watching porn! it’s for guys :P" Really? All I hear from real men is that women ought to watch more of it. They just need to stop watching the ones with other women in it. :)

    To this video and the women who have issues...
    As Eve Ensler said so beautifully in the documentary "America The Beautiful"... “to think you're not tight enough, well, get a bigger di*k.”

  472. This video was extremely well done. It really did shock me to the extent of tearing up. I was bullied for four years, not as horrible, but it was really tramatic. It can really leave extreme emotional scars. But what I do not understand is that someone so beautiful, caring so much about her vagina to slice off something that didnt need to be. People who bully others are insecure with themselves. And frankly, those group of male friends that were bullying her probably had an extremely small penis. Man it makes me sick to my stomach that people still try and act so hurtful to others. Boys its not 4th grade anymore. Grow the f*&$ up.

  473. hi guys

    Please ignore what "Zuzar" has said above. He doenst know anything about castration of Virgina in the muslim world! We(muslims)as a whole don't do this at all! only somewhere in Africa happens this thing which is not allowed in Islam!

    Zuzar is just an ignorant person who talks about thing without knowing the facts!

  474. and by them lips i mean the presenter's lips....shes horrible

  475. this shows a great in sight to the female fadge. i was suprised to see the amount of fannys that have too much labia..NOW thats some lips i wouldnt wanna kiss

    good night

  476. Everyone enjoys a nice contained vag.

  477. Isn't this just a case of free market consumer capitalism world we live in. Create a 'problem' where there isn't any so you can sell them a 'solution'.

  478. gr8 job!!maybe after seen this video ..young galz mind set will be change..

  479. I was interested in watching this... however I've since changed my mind, Seems like a waste of time, watching women complain about something so natural. They would probably be better off spending their money on therapy. What happened to loving/accepting who you are... Do these women plan banging a lot of guys or starting a career in porn? I really don't get it? You can hide your p***y(which will one day be aged any ways), but not your insecurities & emotional problems. Love who you are no matter what! no one is the same & shouldn't be that's what makes everyone unique.

  480. I bet that there is a guy in a trench coat waiting outside the hospital near the dumpster...."mmm pu**y lips"

  481. Definatly something for both men and women to watch. Very informative, and shows that women are just as insecure about their private parts as men are, only we're on opposite ends of the pole. Men want it larger while women want it smaller. As the wall of vag casts in this film shows, we are all unique. Who is to say what is "normal". To heck with what others think, in the end it's your body, learn to love it and embrace your uniqueness.

  482. Forgot to say that also goes for women. They can be just as harsh as men can be.

  483. I think a guy's reaction to the appearance of your vagina is a good indicator as to whether he's worth having sex with. If he freaks out and gives you a raft of s**t about it maybe your vagina will save you from sleeping with a jerk.

  484. I find it hilarious that the woman is so adamant on pushing her views on the other women, yet refuses to let the footage of HER "bits" be shown. The childishness of her presentation is pathetic, and the hypocrisy deems it very unworthy of mention.

  485. Um the way a vagina looks just like most other things is based genes. That's the way it is for men's genitals and that's the way it is for women.

    That was uncomfortable to watch. I can understand many types of plastic surgery that people can see and I can even understand the hymen surgery. However to cut to make it prettier I just can't loop that in with the other types of plastic surgery.

    I wonder about sensation. No amount of glamor, beautifulness, or guilted peer pressure would ever make me want to risk never having an outer lip orgasm (or any type of orgasm).

  486. @sasal:

    Do you have a citation for that? Sounds like "masturbation causes blindness" style nonsense to me. Stretching body modifications tend to require years of sustained effort and dedication.

  487. simply stop playing with your vagina,when you are too young,then those lips won`t growing.
    belive or not that is the most common resone to have huge lips.
    Dr sasal

  488. Oh my god!

  489. @Kay

    I think you might have an idealized notion of the past. Women have never been allowed to be themselves physically, neither have men. How long has makeup been around? Male circumcision? Female circumcision? What about the sundry piercing (genitals, lips, ears, ...) and tattooing rituals that have been practiced through the ages and across the world? You could even throw face shaving in the mix. The past wasn't a perfect place, it was at least as horrific, confused, and messed up as the present.

    Wether I agree with labioplasty or not depends on the woman's reasons for it. But either way, it isn't my decision so I'll neither curse nor praise them for it.

  490. Me too!

  491. How sad that woman aren't allowed to be themselves physically anymore and now even their vaginas must be altered. A real woman is as she is and has gential hair.

    I'm a man and wouldn't want it any other way.

  492. Wow... Didn't even know this was an issue for the ladies.
    is this going to become like the best thing since circumcision?
    (by witch i mean completely pointless form of ritualized genital mutilation?)Or, is it more like all the r-tarded penile enhancement devices and pills?

    GENITAL INSECURITY!!! it's not just for guys anymore!

  493. Hi,
    im a muslim woman and i read zuzar's comments. First of all, that castration practice is not a MUST in Islam. It is a culture in some countries. Secondly, dont bring up 9/11. it has nothing to do with this, as well as us muslims. Those are screwed up morons who read the quran wrongly. god forbids killing but they kill for god? Thats absurd man. And yavanni, we muslim are encouraged not to look at videos like this BUT we can if its for understanding why and what is going on. but we must know our limits. porn is of course out of the question.

    Anyway, back to this vagina plastic surgery. Oh boy, women these days are really insecure about themselves. Unless it's really outta the way(distorted to the point it is blocking holes) or have a growth or infection that can endanger her life or something. But to make it look pretty, erm... well.. nothings pretty down there.. unless you're a pornstar and u need to make money with it. Not encouraging anyone to be a pornstar. Just an example. Heh.


  494. yeah well, I don't suppose that they consider piercings a form of self-mutilation, do they? or ugly black tatoos? The body in its natural state is the one that is most beautiful.

    I'm sure that men will continue to be blamed for this form or m=narcissism, but in my experience some woman are competitive and vain to the point of being pathologically so.

  495. wonderfully said :)

  496. SICK! This is nuts.. women in that area really believe a man cares what a vagina LOOKS like? A woman who exudes confidence is beauty. Men are animals, they are under women on the food chain. Until a man can reproduce no woman on this earth should have insecurities about what anything on her body "looks" like. Women need to toughen up and start living like queens!

  497. Horse riding... yeah right. That's so weak. How often does happen? How many woman really ride horses? Women won't be able to get past a any double standard until they own up to their sexuality. "Love your vagina" and use it as much as you can. You won't want to marry some dude with a penis complex who thinks a marriage with a prude is going a happy, pure, long-lasting relationship. That man will be out there cheating when he feels even smaller once his in-experienced wife doesn't know how to climax. An experienced women who respects herself does what she believes is right not some insecure man. Those guys are just afraid women will find out their not "packing". Low-brows just don't get it. The size of a penis doesn't make a man.. BIGGER brains do. You can't change your penis so focus on the brain. Those idiots obsessing about penis size will die off sooner or later...Hopefully there will be couple men left.

  498. I’m a little confused as to how the journalist seemed to deduce that women were changing themselves for the men (except for the Muslim example, but that is meant to be for different reasons and not out of personal choice) when the girl quite frankly stated that it was her sister that teased her. Also that it was her friends with a bunch of guys that were ripping into her, the journalist turned that around to mean that the guys were teasing her. It was also quite frank that the guys she conversed with in the park didn’t even understand why there was a reason to worry. Yes it’s true that a fairly large number of women are unhappy with the appearance of their genitalia but jumping to the conclusion that it is men that are the underlying problem was defiantly premature. Especially if the journalist’s conclusion is based on what she saw in some porn magazines, because as she said “they don’t look like real women” I can’t speak for every man but I know for sure that I prefer real woman.

  499. I had no idea women "worried" about such. Both my wife and I were surprised at the funny looking oyster-like ones however, but even then, women shouldn't feel pressured into surgery if they "work" properly just for cosmetic reasons.

    As for the hyman repair surgery, I thought the commentator was just too over the top in condeming the girls for wanting to have it repaired. It's their choice and an intact hymen is important to them and to their families. That's nothing I required from my wife (but was gifted with it anyway), but for a lot of guys (Christians and Muslims alike) that little "pop" on the honeymoon, . . . . . well that's very important. I thought that was a lot less "shocking" than having the oyster lips trimmed off.

  500. Andrine, the whole video is about exactly what you're saying. If you're basing your rushed opinion off of the title, it's like sarcasm. The video clearly states over and over that nearly every vagina is normal.

  501. I refuse to watch this. I've never even thought, not in my entire life, that there could be something "wrong" with the way my vagina looks. So, no, I won't watch this, for the same reason I won't look at fashion magazines—I don't need yet another reason to feel insecure.

    Ladies, we can fight this sh^t. Refuse to play.

  502. I thought the first half of the documentary is interesting because first it shows that most women do feel self-conscious about their vagina, and second it shows women actually going through surgery. Also the host of the documentary interviews several people to get opinions, especially experts who perform cosmetic surgeries. She also showed people who use interesting therapeutic methods.

    The second half is when the whole documentary went down the hill. The Muslim example had more or less to do with the women feeling insecure about their vagina; it is more or less about virginity. It simply made most of people's complaints about the imperfections of their vagina to be insignificant in comparison.

    Also when the hostess begins to join support groups it became very awkward. They keep talking about their vagina in silly euphemisms, and euphemisms is merely a rhetorical tool to hide their insecurities rather than to resolve them directly.

    Its simply a biological fact that there is always going to be a diverse physical trait in anything especially one's own vagina, and the notion of a perfect vagina is more or less a myth and a cultural preference. I felt like the hostess has not pointed this out very well, and I personally feel like the guy who directed the documentary on the Penis did a better job in making sociological and psychological analysis.

  503. large fanny flaps rock... as does hairy bush.

    any man who disagrees is a wimp.

  504. Really? I thought it added some levity and her inventive use of terminology raised a few smiles.

  505. I find pathetic that in the entire documentary, especially at the beginning, the creator/host uses words like "bits" "poonany" and "twinkels", it removes any type of credibility she had and makes her seem like a school girl running around with a camera. Your an adult covering an adult subject, the next time you decided taking up an adult topic please try speaking like one.

  506. Wow. This saddens me.

  507. WOW, I Cant believe women go thru so much because of guys, sorry ladies, I know we can be a bit ignorent sometimes

  508. In answer to the question, "Why do women crave the perfect looking vagina?" We turn to the poet ADC from Brownsville, NY who penned-

    Jack and Jill went up the hill
    each with a buck-and-a-quarter.
    Jill came down....with $2.50!

  509. Amal

    Whilst I appreciate that male circumcision might have certain medical benefits in rare circumstances; most of what you have pasted here from a pro circumcision website is utter garbage. Especially with regards to it being partially responsible for HIV / Aids. Furthermore the Human Papilloma Virus and Balanitis are simply the effect of poor hygiene. So no it is not a simple matter of cutting part of a guy's knob off to prevent causing infection. More a simple case of people washing!

    I watched a very good documentary a while back which examined just such claims and found them to be false and generally made by Jewish physicians with a vested interest in maintaining the practice. Unfortunately the video is no longer available - Just spent the last hour looking for it.

    Just ask yourself this however. If a foreskin is so resolutely disdained by "Allah" (or Yahweh for that matter) why would he create people with them?

    At the very least this would be an argument for poor design from a perfect being....

  510. hey again yavanna ,

    i took a look at the website, and it seems to be that Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri is a follower of "Sh?fi‘? madhhab" which is one of the four schools of Fiqh in Islam " shafi'i ,Hanafi, Maliki and Hanbali, and i think they slightly differ in interpretation of some important matters in Islam, In Morocco we follow the "Almaliki Madhab" and i believe that they don't allow women circumcision in this Madhab .
    you can make your research in wikipedia .

    have a nice day

  511. hi I'm a Muslim (practicing) and islam does not support castration and infact it forbids it and also female circumcision

  512. Ouch, poor Rosie

    Ladies chunky monkeys are good, please do not cut the meat off. Just look at Rosie's, you dont want it cut like that. That's crazy.

  513. hey Yavanna ,

    in some Muslim communities, girls in early age get circumcised, i think they somehow screw their G spot, so they reduce their sexual desire, Circumcision is more related with culture not religion, because in my religion" Islam ", there is no such girl's Circumcision , it's forbidden, however some people in many countries like Egypt and Yemen still do it, they think they can protect their girls by Circumcising them which is very ignorant.
    and by the way there is no perfect vagina, i think perfection lies in accepting who we are ,and how we look like,it's crazy how people make up problems that they don't even exist, i guess a woman in Afghanistan or Irak the last thing she'd worry about is how her vagina look like, simply because women in these countries have real problems to deal with .

  514. Ann: Don't worry this is just Ninja journalism. If pathetic freaks buy into this then seriously who are we to care?

  515. This video was pretty shocking I thought. Why do I find it shocking? Well, we apparently now are in a situation where in some societies girls are circumsized and there are ngo's and other organizations working to abolish this practice and teach people about its dangers/health risks...and then we have girls in britian (and elsewhere i'm sure) that feel that their genitalia is so different that they are willingly going under the knife to make it look better...all I can say is at least it's being done in a hospital!
    Thought I kinda understand about the exaomle of that 16 year old girl one of the doctors showed the picture of...i guess this kind of surgery could be useful in some contexts, but i hope it would not become such common practice as other types of cosmetic surgery.

  516. @cjay:

    "If people go back to where they stood by their own opinions about themselves and not let some magazine or anything dictated on how their vaginas should look."

    What do you mean "go back"? Methinks that you have a distorted view of the past. Humans have been subject to the whims of fashion and media for as long as there have been people. There were paintings, sculptures, scriptures, gossip, pamphlets, and sundry other forms of mass programming before we had "some magazine or anything" to dictate ideal and proper appearance and behavior.

  517. Well I thought the presenter did a great job actually. I think the main problem is the messages women get from media in general, especially porn as it is the only place you are likely to see another to judge yourself against. And I do not think it is vanity, we have these fears for a reason, they stem from something, we are forced to feel this way by looking at images of perfect women continuously and being told and told and told by adverts and media and comments and stereotypes that we are no good unless we are perfect, and even then we are only a good f--k. It's not something you can understand unless you have lived a lifetime of this message being reinforced 200 times a day (the average amount of adverts a person sees in a day).

  518. I've never met a vagina that wasn't perfect.

    Tiger Woods

  519. Boy, I had it wrong. I thought guys liked oysters.

  520. Verbgage? The golden middle is the clit - If it is sawn off by Muslims then that's one avenue with a dead end. If on the other hand a western girl cant find a use for her organ's then she probably doesn't deserve to. She had a choice and took it or didn't.

    How about the Golden Middle is what nature intended? No wish fulfilment, no emotional religious, psychological babble, just plain old nature leaving people's genitals well alone. Would that be so hard to contemplate?

    Why should intact genitals be such a philosophical issue? Well..... it isnt!

    1. female genital mutilation crosses religious barriers and is common in many african countries. Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia and the like. It has nothing to do specificaly with islam. In the vast majority of the arab world it is never performed, among the christian and animistic peoples in eastern Africa it is!.

      An atheist doctor.

  521. In the end the sad thing is that if this woman had a fulfilling hobby or job and didnt have so much free time to worry about something as obscure and rarely seen as her genitals she would not even have remotely thought of it (my opinion of course).

    While the poor Muslim girl was forced to repair a tiny useless little tissue in her vagina so she would not be killed over it...

    In the end the problem in the west is lack of productive outlets while among the society of that muslim girl there is lack of choice. The documentary showed us two extremes, so no use arguing what is better. The golden middle must be found

  522. And another thing, what good are your 72 virgins if they do not want to f--k!

  523. In a culture where it is "forbidden" to discuss a woman's vagina and the crimes perpetrated on young girls by that culture - how is it then possible to watch a video about the subject? Will you be going to your version of hell for doing so?

    Seriously more comments from muslim women please!

  524. @ zuzar:

    Excuse me, but what does a perfect vagina have to do with 9-11.

    Why are the men supposed to reduce the sexual desire of there women, you would think it should be the other way around!

    You guys got it all, ass backwards.

  525. This video gives a great view on the subject of plastic surgery in general... We are becoming subject of a mass manipulation of the economic interest of individuals and groups... And why this vaganal problem is so much important is the fragility of women when judged about their beauty. There are women who really need it maybe and can say thans for having this opportunity, but maybe the medical practitioners don't really care about the rest of young or even older women who just feel they don't ''feet'' one frame of accepted beauty. This is scary. Because I might feet the viganal one but my nose hmmm, my ears hmmm, my chin hmmm... This women is right about one think... ust talk openly and less stereotypes will be made.

  526. I've lost my porsche I have my volvo now.. tehee!

  527. Hmmm. From my experience all you have to do to reduce a woman's sexual desire is to marry em.....

  528. Hello

    Scenes Males are forbidden to talk about this issue and no male i think has ever witness this procedural but what i understand it is only the labia and it is done to reduce the urge of sexual desire out of the women it is what i understand .
    Why do you'll don't try to respect(Achems Razor) A particular person religious believe . and then tell us why 9/11.

  529. She put her fanny on a mirror in mixed company - don't call her a bitch! Respect where it is due: how many of us chaps would do the same?

  530. The film-maker is such an annoying bitch, trying to force her own view upon others all this time and not responding at all to any rational argument given to her. Luckily, noone seems to be paying any attention to her constant babble.

  531. Don,t tell any of these Muslims that there is a "G" spot for women,
    otherwise they will get after that to. And maybe try, to eliminate that also??

  532. Zuzar

    By castration, you mean the clitoris is removed as well as the labia. Am I correct? Although this is generally accepted as done mainly by African Muslim's could you please explain why this is done at all? And what sects of Islam do this.

  533. Hi

    I am a Muslim male and i saw this video and i was a bit amazed about the women thinking of doing this kind of things to there Virgina . Any way if you'll donut know one thing that is still in are sect of Muslim religion girls at the age of 7 go through castration of there Virgina it is very regular practices in our community.

  534. I'd have a laugh if it weren't for these women really looking so depressed about it... It is amazing how content people always make up new problems to be discontent again. I bet a starving person would not believe his ears that this is a problem

  535. Ladies ignore DWillis OK!!!! Sort it out ! If it looks like Predator's face when it takes it's mask off NO-ONE is gonna wanna kiss it! I had a girl friend with such a p**** and I still have nightmares! OK I lie - it was my ex wife and I`m prejudiced :(

    More advice for the don't shave women - Come on I nicknames one GF's p**** Mr Goldstein. She got my drift quickly. Learn to trim!

    Muslim women - stay under a tent - if it works don't change it!

  536. Women: P**** is cool no matter what it looks like. As long as it is healthy and clean. Labia majora and minora will vary like noses and breasts so unless you're a porn star don't worry about it ladies. Most of us real men don't care.

    Men: If it is too loose- your d*** is too small. If it's too tight- you're going to prison (she lied about her age).

  537. be how you are.

  538. This was cool. You should chek Sheila Chandras track "Woman And Child". Another esoteric poem about loving your own body and yoni in particular.

  539. Another thing, its usually the "ideal" or "good-looking" women that don't understand because the media has let them in on a "good thing" Vanity is a spectrum dictated by whether your closer to the "ideal" or just downright "ugly".. The pressure always heavier at both ends.

  540. i read somewhere that about 70% if not more women dont fully enjoy sex because they arent pleased with their appearance.Not to mention eating disorders,extreme dieting, masochism, suicide, etc It definitely has a humungous impact on women. More women ought to wake up.

  541. This lady was so annoying. Prying herself into the story of the patients, then crying so we really feel for her, such rubbish. I wonder if she wears makeup, or how she feels about breast augmentation, or if her ears are pierced, or any other thing that makes women pretty themselves up. All is vanity, not just surgery.

  542. I wonder if this will have a long-term effect on the women (like less sexual feeling). cuz you know there's a lot of nerves around the labia that promotes positive sexual arousal. and if you cut some off. well, you do the math.

  543. I find this documentary amusing. I'm having a blast watching this. I can't believe how people let their lives to be dictated by the popular media. If people go back to where they stood by their own opinions about themselves and not let some magazine or anything dictated on how their vaginas should look. It doesn't really matter on how vaginas should look, as long as they feel great during sex.

  544. hahaha, it's not the vagina ladies, it's the mind that needs tunning ;)

    p.s. stop watching porn! it's for guys :P

  545. something is wrong with society, when young girls are getting their Vagina truned into Mcginas.Maybe Wal-Mart will offer this operation in acouple years.

  546. This is really good and bold work one should really appreciate your study but in my opinion you show your Virgina only to someone you love and in love it really don't matter how it looks but how you fell about it.

  547. Stupid people chaing in their own bodies, they don't have nothing better to do.

  548. @ carpenter

    lol I have to agree with you on that one!
    I had no problem watching the doc - from technical point of view at least...

  549. Vlatko has some explaining to do: what search did you type in to find this doc?

  550. The fact that women in general are insecure about their genitals concerns me on so, so many levels.

  551. British people should spend more money on better dental plan lol