The Protestant Revolution

The Protestant Revolution

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The Protestant RevolutionHistorian Tristram Hunt looks at how Protestantism has affected people's lives in The Protestant Revolution. This is a story of a revolution which has affected every person in the West, and nearly every country in the world. It is a revolution which influences the very fabric of existence – from what we do for a living, to who we vote for, who we go to war with and how we see ourselves as individuals and as nations.

The series investigates the scientific, cultural, economic and political aspects of the movement with the aid of key academic witnesses, and concludes that the reach of Protestantism is so profound that it is impossible to imagine the modern world without it. The series explores how the revolutionary nature of the Reformation shaped the world we live in today, from modern art to the war in Iraq. When Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the Wittenberg Church door, he unleashed a revolution in thought and events which would have both astonished and horrified him.

From modern capitalism to the shape of the nuclear family, Protestantism has molded the Western world in its image, and this is the dramatic story of how and why that happened. Tristram says: "Now that the traditional culture of Protestantism has fallen away in the UK, I wanted to show just how elemental a force this religion has been in shaping our modern world."From the books we read, to the political parties we vote for, to the ways we live and love, the Protestant revolution continues to reverberate.

As Britain struggles with its sense of national identity and as the forces of evangelical Protestantism grow across the world an understanding of this faith, its meanings and legacy seems more vital than ever. Episodes: 1. The Politics of Belief, 2. The Godly Family, 3. A Reformation of the Mind, and 4. No Rest for the Wicked.

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Liv Averill
9 years ago

The documentary is completely biased. Not at all what I was looking for.

9 years ago

Video posted here is not the documentary The Protestant Revolution. What happened to the four videos previously posted here?

Paul Leonard
9 years ago

We need a bonfire day! That looks like fun!

Rachid Talal
10 years ago

Disgusting and inaccurate version of history

11 years ago

Fantastic! I especially liked the idea of Protestant Revolution as being the backbone of sexual liberation... and a turning of one's back on the homosexual Catholic Church... accept that wasn't such a good idea... as soon as the back was turned, the sodomy began...

11 years ago

Great great docu : this site is really a gold mine , thanks site guys , from the bottom of my heart , very enlightening & eye opener's stuff .

P.S.: what most people do not know is that individualistic & holsitic islam or islamic Spain had fundamentally influenced the individualistic protestatnt reformation & therefore the philosophical liberalism & empirism of protestant ...John Locke , to mention just that fact .

The protestant reformation that was walking & standing only on one foot : the individualistic one , that's why it triggered its unintended effects as shown in the videos above .

See how post-modernism tries to combine western individualism & Oriental holism while islam is already individualistic & holistic at the same time = an understatement .

Post-modernism that considers heart , feeling , intuition as sources of knowledge together with reason, logics, empirics ...

see how muslims were the first ever to invent & practice the very experiemental empirical grounds of modern science , modern science as the legetimate natural daughter of islam .

see how muslim scientists had fundamentally influenced Copernicus & others , how they were the first ever to discover evolution centuries before Darwin was even born , the discovered evolution by muslims that was fundamentally different than the materialistic Darwinina one ...

There is a huge cover -up by the west in that regard ; history must be rewritten, i guess .

Disgusting how this west lies to the world making it sound as if the west had invented everything & that the rest of mankind had achieved almost nothing or just minor things ..........

12 years ago

Religion is based upon four pillars:
- community
- system of core beliefs
- faith
- ritual
Note god(s) is/are not necessary.
Communism is a perfect example:
1. Community: The very word 'Communism' covers that one!
2. System of core beliefs: Marxist-Leninism (note the "-ism")
3. Faith: Believing in 'Rock-Candy Mountains of the Future', when fear and deprivation are the only day-to-day realities, requires FAITH.
4. Ritual: May Day parades; endless state orchestrated rallies, flags all a flutter and all in unison...

Be it a secular cult (as in North Korea), Protestantism, Islam, Catholicism... At root, they're indistinguishable.

12 years ago

I was hoping for an insightful documentary on the topic Protestant Revolution but gave up after the first few minutes of anti-Catholic monologue. To develop a better understanding of what happened surely we need facts more than someones personal opinion. Martin Luther wasn't a Protestant and the Pope wasn't a Catholic, they were both Christians belonging to the same Church; the titles came as a result of the split. It is almost a certainty that they would each have reacted differently had they been able to see the outcome since central to the message of Christ is that "they should all be one". If Tristram Hunt could stick to the facts rather than airing his personal agenda this could have been quite good because the facts speak for themselves: Luther's actions, apart from leading to the creation of Protestantism, eventually brought about a reformation in the Catholic Church which was obviously needed and agreed to by the majority within. However I'm not interested in watching someone 'having a go', I'm hoping to learn something rather than develop a prejudice.

J Kirk
12 years ago

There was nothing good about the Puritans and NO ONE would want to live that way today. There's nothing to praise here.

12 years ago

Not good huh, thanks sir..
It's perhaps those who have been misguided still are, and most likely will be further with time. I hold no religion or bow to no God, or obey no illogical controlling force. My information comes from ET's in which I find very understanding. Which can be validated. You may not understand -So pay no attention to it. I'm not an expert, and can't use any negative comments anyway. Kindly and respectfully have a really nice 2010+

12 years ago

@Kurrt, you sound very new age religion. Waaaay out there and not good.

12 years ago

Keep the lie short, say it often and after a while, sooner or later everyone will believe it as a truth. (Hitler used the method with success, it's in his quotes) So did ancient dictators who paid scribes to type it within the bible. The devil made them do it. Rulers then enslaved their ancient society, using the bible, into fighting for them, to take over other nations to either enslave rape or kill them too. Good God why? Future of man can't use ancient controlling enslavement tatics to bring us into our new culture and new understandings. Co-existing with the religious is tretcherous.

12 years ago

Didnt see the doc yet but i see the comments and i find it so primitive and hard to believ that in our day and age ppl still believ that god is a person or a separate being that rules over ppl and the devil... uuuuu be carefull, dont say blafemous things couse the devil will get you. lol . In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments; there are only consequences. read some dhamma (dharma) if you want to know how life functions. ppl invent things others believe them only when they dont know or cant understand something

13 years ago

*note) MHz.
The normal vibrational rate of a human body has been determined to be between 62 and 68 MHz. The brain functions optimally between 72 and 90 MHz. when the body vibration lowers to 58 MHz it can "catch a cold"; at 57 Mhz the flu; 55 MHz candida, 52 MHz Epstein Barr; 42 MHz cancer annd 25 MHz death begins.
Our interisting negative planners simply lower the MHz of of someone they would like to eliminate through their recently devised methods.
(Allopathic medicine, TV radiation, computer screens, processed canned foods, etc., continues the process of lowering MHz)
*Encompassing planetary consciousness reverses the MHz lowering process, and it is not at all hopeless.

13 years ago

Thought influences, indeed the top pick of + change. (Void of religious view). St. Augustine in his sayings says "Seek not abroad, turn thyself around, the inner man lies the truth". refering to negative outside influence. Yes sir there is a way, to assist willing members of mankind to access the nessary information to provide a way to trancend this current aberrant state, various volunteer awareness points within higher vibrational frequencies have acted as booster stations to focus this information through those willing to participate on the earth plane. It's understood that expansive consciousness can only continue it's expansion within a context of changing conceptual understandings.
The solution lies in the ability of Earth's evolved human residents to lay claim to their planet by their own recognizance, for unknown to them, theirs is the first right of refusal.
Those who think they are in control and planning this scenario are just as controlled as their plan is for you.
I can assure you that Jesus, Buddha and mohammed had nothing to do with it. It is not that these beings did not exist, nor that they were not here to attempt to give you guidance in getting through this dilemma, but the messages they brought were distorted long ago. Neither did they come here to "get you out" by your belief in their existence, past or present. They came to teach you that you must get yourself through this by taking personal responsibility and creating through thought a new planetary experience. In this way only, will you be able to move through this painful experence. The evidence of the necessity to do this surrounds you in irrefutable profusion. You need only to open your eyes.
It seems the destiny of the planet has been wrested from the control of its inhabitants, as it would appear the control of the Republic of the USA has been taken from its people.
The good news is that the shift in focus of purpose by the critical mass within the encompassinng planetary consciousness can go beyond removing a few critical dominos as placed by the interisting planners. It could reverse the way they fall thereby releasing the lowering process and allowing the MHz of the bodies to increase.
Anyway, it will require transcending old belief systems and leaving them in the bag to be left in the hands of the evil planners. Those beliefs were "designed by them to serve them". The sooner all committed messengers realize and face this truth, the sooner the end of their planned senario will come. The new paradigm will bring into being a new set of belief systems that serve humanity not enslavers. When this re-birthing takes place, those who hear last will be the first to know.

Scott Henthorn
13 years ago


Can’t say I followed your narrative fully but it does strike me as primarily metaphysical and Rationalistic, rather than purely empirical. Not knowing your metaphysical convictions, are you saying that ideas have power in themselves or that there are powers using ideas to delude, or is this just a metaphorical way of categorizing some of the major thought influences in the world.

Together your ideas have all the general marks of a religious view.

13 years ago

This offering of one god by controlling forces introduced religion for one thing. And it's achieved it's objective. This directive has humanity to only enslave itself, as anyone can witness it has, and is progressing.
Most people are unable to separate their focus to ignore the world around them and replace it with one they cannot perceive through their 5 senses. All creation ideals are abandoned. Each can perceive only that portion of the whole through personal observation and through what truthful media information is available. This is further complicated by the filter of opinion, experience and feelings through which each reaches their own conclusions. We return to the conclusion that someone or some group is misusing their intelligence to perpetrate an injustice of great magnitude. The victim/abuser consciousness is being played out on a massive scale.
Those who have evolved and those who have chosen to incarnate on this planet for the purpose of changing the paradigm of experience on this planet hold the key within their conscious determination to play a leading role within this drama that is playing it self out now. Depends on enough human beings rising above the victim focus and accepting responsibility. Knowledge is thought which flows from the light of understanding. Once illogical ideas are identified- internal arrangement for more efficient sequences begin to reprogram a world of disharmony, and any other illogical data present also. This is a process of being in two fields of awareness simultaneously. There is the world of deception and the world of knowing that the deception is being perpetrated on the planetary inhabitants. This planet is extremely valuable, outside influences are vying for control of this planet, religion is only a part of it's means. For those awake and aware human beings, it is possible to perceive these as factions vie for control. Even within the controlled media and religious dogmas there is confusion. These attempts to prevent humanities natural evolutionary progress is available for change now. Let nothing stand in it's way.

Have a wonderful day -and every one after.

Scott Henthorn
13 years ago


And many others,

What does it mean that ‘religion has to go’? How is this to be accomplished? Through education, coercion, incarceration or elimination? It is protection of power and absolutist thinking that leads to violence against others, not theistic faith only. Not all theistic faith seeks coercive power and not all is absolutists either.

It is as irrational every time religious faith is mentioned to drag out the inquisition, the crusades and suicide bombers, as it is to harp on the Manhattan Project, Social Darwinism, or some of the hyper objectification of people that has lead to mass programs of social control unknown before secularism.

We all stand free to put worth or waste into the world whatever our ontological or metaphysical convictions. Good in all areas of human inquiry and endeavor have been provided by both theists and atheists. When we begin to think we cannot move forward before one group, who happen to be holders of certain ideas, are reschooled or eliminated we plant the seeds of brutal tyranny.

There are two conditions where humans are most likely to engage in systemic violence. Established powers will use coercive violence to maintain power. In times of social unrest this violence will be more common. Revolution is the other condition of ubiquitous violence. Here it becomes necessary to crush opposition in order to establish a new authority. The political posturing of the Protestant Reformation and the secular revolt in the French Revolution are good examples. It is our relationship to power that will determine our tendency to use or condone intolerance or violence against those we differ from. The actual commitments we hold on theism or atheism do not a priori determine our actions one way or the other.

We will all need to learn to be more thoughtful and tolerant of difference if we do not want our society to decay into some form of fascism.


As a set these are very informative docs. Thanks for posting them.

13 years ago

Corruption is religion onto humanity. Science has caught up to supernatural sillyness. The restriction restricting humanity progressing into our future culture is destroyed by (dark invisable) Gods, every one of them. An aweful shame that all earths religious cults offer, and the cause of millions of shameful deaths. None are excluded from this wrath laid in the path of becoming one with creation. Massave deception of our future existence. In order to progress religion has to go. It's about becoming more human not more religious.

13 years ago

According to wikipedia, historian Tristram Hunt is now MP for stoke-on-trent. Doesn't seem to be particularly religious, as he's also written a biography of Engels. This documentary seems to be very influenced by the famous book by Max Weber.

j payne
13 years ago

let me guess,,,,,,, Historian Tristram Hunt is ........................Protestant !!!!

13 years ago

This goes way beyond American politics, even Europe has benefited from Protestant ideals. Very interesting, I thought that the religious influence in America was somewhat negative. The truth is that many of the ideals we believe in are Protestant. Being socialized with these values show how the Protestant's were the formation of a modern need for religion without the matriarchy or fascism.

13 years ago

Seems like religion was founded on the blood of those who don't agree with the status quo and continues today to be the stinks and needs to be left in the churches and homes...secular is what should rule the country....and if Bush is a christian...nuf said...

13 years ago

Excellent documentary.
But at the same time i am reminded of the parable of the Mustard seed in which Jesus teaches that in the Kingdom of God truth and lies grow together. Whenever God is at work the devil does his bit too. The day will come where truth will triumph and lies will be exposed.

13 years ago

I didnt watch the first one, but Transformation of the Mind was quite good. It shows the cultural impact of Protestantism in all of the humanities and then some.

James Hunt
13 years ago

Excellent documentary, very very well made. Thank you.

13 years ago

*section, has

13 years ago

I've only watched the first secioon, but I feel like the film oversimplies the tie between religion and politics in America.

George Bush never had represented my views as an American Christian. The Religious Left does exist; it's just not as vocal.

Also, not mentioning Reagan definitely felt like a blaring omission.