Zero Point

Zero Point

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Zero PointZero Point is a three part series consisting of excerpts from freely available information found online.

Zero Point uncovers the messages expressed through ancient monuments worldwide, examines various maps, monuments and artifacts which seem to reveal great secrets about the nature of time, our past and our future.

The film also discusses the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio throughout the natural world and in the ancient megaliths are fundamental clues in uncovering the true nature of reality.

Messages from the Past features Graham Hancock, David Wilcock, Terrence McKenna and more, and focuses on a hidden episode in human history, unlocking the secrets of the Precession of the Equnioxes and its significance.

The Structure of Infinity takes a more focused look at the fractal nature of the Universe. Through examination of The Mandelbrot set and Fractal Geometry, Zero Point : Volume II takes us on a journey through the Fractal Universe culminating in a paradigm shifting view on the nature of reality itself.

The Legacy of the Ark concludes by examining the secrets of the Ark of the Covenant. What was the Ark? What was its Purpose? and How did it work?

Beyond, explores the nature of consciousness, examining scientific discoveries that demonstrate the effect of consciousness on the material world and considering the implications.

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2 months ago

someone link this please

10 months ago

The success of this documentary is apparent. It got people thinking and talking.

5 years ago

Watched this movie but was total bullshit. 10/10 would watch again

5 years ago

DustUp....Here here, couldn't have said it better myself . I was just gonna copy and paste your comment but didn't want to be accused of promoting dogma. Lol

6 years ago

Enjoyed it. They present ideas. They don't claim everything must lead to the conclusion they came to. They offer something they find more palatable than what they have been fed. The TRUE CONSPIRACY is the supposedly sound scientific dogma they poke holes in.

Nassim H. makes an excellent point about things going in both directions. Expansion and contraction. That the establishment only speaks of a limited aspect of what is happening. I might add that that is usually the case.

Interestingly Tesla's description of how electricity flows through a conductor is in stark contrast to what your supposed learned professors teach. His view was that the electrons typically get in the way of smaller particles that carry the charge. And if I remember correctly? he believed the electrons may be causing the resistance. Yet 100 years later we are still taught such that keeps you from understanding things better so that many will not devise something which competes with the vested interests. The few that manage to escape their indoctrination are easy to keep track of and tamp down. Where is the media announcing that Pons and Fleischman were vindicated after all. That a number have been able to replicate cold fusion, for many years now? (which they seem to call LENR nowadays) Where was the apology by the lame weasels claiming it was bunk?

Why is it necessary to keep promoting the old BS and keep from the student alternative concepts until they are proven? Just say they are not proven. Just like when I was going to school they should have stated that the 2nd law of thermo as it existed at that time, only applies to closed systems ... and that there are very few closed systems. Closest thing is in a lab, restricting as many factors as possible.

So we have people spending billions stolen from others of more modest means observing what they consider to be an expanding universe. And others spending billions stolen from others of more modest means, to look for smaller particles which last a fraction of a second. And what will they discover? A better weapon to vaporize you with? Unlimited energy? Not likely, and both already exist. The true conspiracy is that the powers that be telling you they don't.

The matrix has you ...and those who teach. Even Nassim. We have all been infected by it. That is why it is so difficult to make progress. Things we think are basic facts which aren't or only apply under certain conditions. So demonstrated under those certain conditions they mislead claiming that it is universal law.

6 years ago

Really people " we know how they created these monuments" ????? Are you living in 1950??? Google baalbek trilithon, 1500 ton rocks stacked 20 feet up. This is currently impossible to us. We cannot achieve this at the current moment. Or Google gobekli tepe , circa 10,000 bc. My god you have Google at your fingertips and you condemn this man for having original ideas. Ignorance in society is astounding. But the again you killed galileo.

6 years ago

It is now the end of May 2016 and the world still turns, much the same as 2010.
G. Hancock main suggestion was not to listen to the dogmatic authorities when evidence leads in other possible directions. It is a very valid point that these so called experts or authorities have a vested interest in keeping their theory as supposed fact. One of the biggest reasons is ego. Most don't like being shown their whole work life revolved around a falsehood.

HOWEVER, even those experts telling you not to listen to experts, like G. Hancock, pointing to alternatives ...well, the lazy should not fall into taking up their suggested theories so fast either.

Two or three years prior to 2012, my brother watched some video on the coming 2012 end of Mayan calender and all the perilous end of world stuff that some of those videos proposed. He called to ask if I had heard about the Mayan calender and what I thought about it. I simply said that it is hard to know but they had to end their calender sometime otherwise they would still be carving numbers. Also the calender doesn't really end, from what I've seen, it seems to be an end of an era or age and the beginning of a new era, whatever that meant to the Mayans. It could be that the point 2012 was a convenient stopping point much the same as when I make my own calender with custom photos, I typically stop at a convenient point at the end of December. It doesn't mean the world is going to end then, just that a new year starts. So, it seems the ordinary observation can be as telling as experts on videos.

I can also say, I've looked at the Elliot Wave theory of the markets close enough to discard it for myself. Like most all market indicators, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Those who control the markets, right up until events where they don't, make it most profitable for themselves. Who gets to control the opening bid of the SPY etf? Sometimes it is a logical open price near yesterday's close, sometimes it is very distant with absolutely no reason other than a serious screwing of the sheep to be sheared.
To a degree, people are pattern matching machines, we are comparators. The market manipulators use every aspect of human nature against you.

In comparison to this "info" I would reco reading what Nikola Tesla had to say along with Thomas Jefferson. These men were well studied and very insightful in their understanding of the world from their realm. Tesla seemed far beyond some of those regard as the the masters. And if only we had Thomas Jefferson hammering sense into the world leaders of today.

7 years ago

I have yet to watch this. Just read through the comments and quite surprised at how many people that sound well educated yet seem to fall short of grasping the concept of documentary's like these. The truth is our ancient past is unknown to us. Mainstream archaeology has many theories in place but they are just that. Much evidence has been exaggerated or modified to nicely fit into modern excepted understanding. To just believe what someone tells you to be true is irresponsible and naive. Like someone else here said, its a big problem of our world today. People get an apparent education and actually believe everything they have learnt is based on hard facts and they will defend their knowledge to the point of anger. This really is the intention of mainstream education - to dissolve any open minded unbiased way of thinking and create a population of robots unable to really evaluate and decide what what really makes sense. To actually believe these ancient megaliths were created using just man power and basic tools highlight's a level of stupidity that can only come from real human brainwashing and social control. Anyone who has dealt with mordern engineering on a practical hands on level knows what goes into constructing anything with substantial weight. For us to recreate what was done thousands of years ago would be too expensive, too time consuming and basically not viable at all. Just to build the great pyramid using modern technology would be an engineering nightmare. People really need to get their head out the clouds and stop excepting something just because its said to be an official fact. What was know to be impossible just decades ago is now common knowledge so who knows what current understandings will change in then future. To believe in anything shows ignorance no matter what it is. If you still think these thousand tonne stones or whatever were carved and moved by hand I suggest you get out their and do some manual work so you can see for yourself the reality of the physics involved. I'm the first one to admit I have absolutely no idea how these ancient structures were built, but for me its crystal clear how they were not. So documentary's like these may get slated by closed minds but at least they are exploring possible options, unlike mainstream archaeology and its naive followers who are happy to fully except a theory as fact and criticise anything that condricts it. True wisdom is knowing you know nothing. Nothing since these sites in history have come even close to the level of skill and and craftsmanship on show. So does this really mean some of the earliest civilised man were the best at building and its gone downhill ever since.... I don't think so. Many of these sites all around the world to me look like just the remains of much larger structures or whole cities even and our know ancestor's just found them, built upon them, remamed them and sometimes even worshiped them as the work of the gods. Is it really that hard to believe that there was once an established civilisation of people living on this planet maybe thousands of years earlier then our relatively modern know ancient history. I tend to lean towards what makes practical sense and the current excepted mainstream views on these sites fall well short of what I can personally process. As far as alien involvement goes I'm completely open to it but without actual proof Im never going to argue the point but it dose still make more sense then a few thousand men with chisels, which to me is an idea even a child can see as ridiculous. It's funny as I've never quite understood any religion and am bewildered that so many people live by and would even die for their chosen religion. However if you see all the gods of every religion as actual physical beings that were not from this earth all of a sudden it all makes sense! Maybe there is truth to it all after all. What a pleasant thought :)

Steve D
7 years ago

Watched this series and then "The Great Year" narrated by James Earl Jones (not on TDF???). One thing to remember is that these topics are all just thought experiments. They were all developed and put forth for you to explore. No one is claiming fact in these type of documentaries except the people who desperately want for them to be dubbed as nonsense. The folks who naysay based on either science or religion are driven by nothing more than Ego. Feels good to call others idiots. Grant it the "ancient aliens" crowd didn't do anybody any favors but it is easy to see that those shows were designed to discredit out of the box thinking much in the way that Alex Jones discredits his field.

Claudio Alves
7 years ago

I can't watch it in the UK! Has anyone worked out away around this? Even using Hola doesn't seem to work!

8 years ago

awesome stuff, another great watch is Carl Munck - The code

8 years ago

Many wrong facts. Grouping and division of continents is a normal process. Continents will again be grouped in one supercontinent. Google terms "pangea" and "gondwana". This guy missed many scientific facts in his theory of continents. He acknowledged Wegener but did not read Wegener's work till the end. Nothing miraculous about Antarctica's position

8 years ago

garbage...more of the same lucifer's propaganda

Matuvo Namikaze
8 years ago

see, God isnt even in the QUESTION for them, its instantly "technology." they must have had high technology

Brad Walter England
9 years ago

Intellectual masturbation. Fun to do... but creates no offspring. I feel slightly cheated by having watched this :)

9 years ago

Typically I would never write a comment about superficial things like this, but this started out interesting, and I wanted to keep watching. However, whoever it is that edited this together got really lazy after about 30 minutes. And honestly, the music was so annoying that I had to stop. Yes, music is important to the mood of a documentary, but this was WAY too heavy handed.

10 years ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this doc! AWESOME!!

10 years ago

Aliens did indeed build the pyramids - FACT

10 years ago

This doc is full of facts and good evidence for the first hour and then degenerates into "pseudoscience" at the end. But give these men some credit, they are thinking outside the box and none of them are saying they have an answer. They are merely presenting hypothesis which we can never have enough of. Open your mind to the idea that the established science could be wrong. The earth was the center of the universe and flat not so long ago. Now we are a globe that is an unimportant speck of dust in the vastness of the Universe. Just because the current paradigm accepts something as true does not make it so. There are many interesting ideas in this doc, don't discredit it purely because the people presenting them believe in unconventional ideas. So did DaVinci, so did Einstein, so did Tesla and many of the great minds ahead of their times.

meso phyl
10 years ago

coming up with theories isnt the hard part. Putting the proof together takes hard work which these theories lack.
Part 2 of zero point sums it up nicely, serious (proven) nonsense that takes the whole 'zero point series' down in its credibility. Debunked.... next

10 years ago

Time rules, Nature dictates, Change is constant. Humans are just reluctant .

Everything we think we know will change in time. So all we know are just opinions. In time Truths are just a hindrance of change.

10 years ago

Who is the narrator of part 1?

...sounds like the actor Brian Cox

or is that McKenna

10 years ago

Terrence McKenna talks about some crazy things... BUT !!! if you see things from his perspective (research him and DMT or Try it lol). Then you would definately be challenging everything you "thought" u knew... I mean that stuffs heavy..

+ They use big stones because they had problems with other rivals building projects elsewhere.. I mean why the hell would go half way across the continent or further to quarry stone... U'd jus jack it off some other derilict building wouldn't u... So they used MASSIVE blocks to construct the important ones they really wanted to go the distance..

BUT still a very intriging mystery around the mathematics, geological position/orientation and vast similaraties with other supposed unreachable continents..

10 years ago

Long but pretty dam awesome !

10 years ago

Hard to believe how many are defending this as anything meaningful.
I watched the entire thing (with some difficulty & pain). What waste of time; it's a load of brown stuff and outright foolishness. Lightweight silliness.

10 years ago

Embracing those who bring a small part of the puzzle are also the ones that add a brick to the castle we all need built. I'm no expert, there isn't any. It's about how humans treat each other in our course of uncovering truths. Once truths exit from a planet that changes it's surface that has within hidden old civilizations deep and gone forever. Once technology allows us to leave the planet without wasteful toxic rockets, that technology will be quickly taken away from any societies on a prison planet. Money and Gods equal dictatorship, and that is not allowed off this planet. Gods and money does not exist off this planet. We are spiritual beings only being taught on a physical plane, ancients were tricked and made to believe wrapping mummies are shared with the spiritual world with physical riches. They were vastly mislead. Sadly the dumbing down still takes it's journey farther into enslavement. At your death your spirit may get captured in a manufactured electric net and memory swiped so you don't get to retain it for your next incarnation. This process against you restricts all of humanity from evolving. 160,000 people die on the planet daily. There must be over 200,000 incarnating every day. The controllers who are involved to this memory erasing process, are not even human. Pyramids, Arks, staged megalithic stones, Gods and old books will do absolutely nothing to bring mankind into his future. But an honest focus of consciousness on the human race will, but I'm no expert.

10 years ago

I'm not a devot believer in all the theories mentioned but I think its funny that the majority of disbelievers in this theory based documentary speaks as if they KNOW the truth. Ruling out the possibilities being presented without crucial evidence or fact in some form is, from my perspective, neanderthalic.
If anything history has shown us to keep an open mind. Peace.

David Griffith
10 years ago

I would personally like to see more information on the monoatomic gold in the third video.

I followed a lot of the maths in the first video re: the pyramids, and placement of locations on Earth, and I have to say he is spot on. And anybody can recreate that as I did, however, with all of the mysterious properties of monoatomic gold, it's weightless/weighted nature, even the bright light it emitted, etc... Have not been able to find any useful records or documentation on these phenomena. I mean, if something were to shine brightly then disappear, somebody must have taken a video of this surely

10 years ago

If the crust did make such a shift, why are the Haywain Islands still over that hot spot?

10 years ago

I think his theory of the earth's crust shifting is wrong, i think it's more likely to be a polar shift. It explains how antartica got its location today and how fast it got to its place

10 years ago

watched 10 minutes (with difficulty) and got frustrated because this "expert" is using a well-known trick to make his points. The trick is combining facts and bulls*** in the same sentence or paragraph, which makes it look like the entire thing is true.
- YES Piri Reis's detailed maps is a real mystery.
- NO we have a good idea when those monuments were built.
- YES it is surprising that these monuments were built at all, but it is not impossible to build them with the time's primitive technology.
- NO the stone in Japan cant be 10,000 years old AND show a huge continent that is not there anymore. Continental drift takes a little longer than this. Perhaps millions of years?
- NO the maps of any prior era does not compare with today's GPS maps. Today's maps are accurate to 1 inch! There is no freakin' comparison.

Overall, disappointment.

10 years ago

From a technological perspective it seems that people in the past were highly advanced. It makes me wonder what happened to these people.

They say that history repeats itself, and looking at our civilisation today there have been moments in our own history when we our selves have come close to total distruction.

Maybe in the distant future some new civilisation emerges and finds evidence of us..... lol kinda sounds like planet of the apes

10 years ago

Awesome compilation, so much to think about!

Jeffrey McGinnis
10 years ago

Dear Straw Paganda, thank you for taking the time to compile this series. I agree with your statement regarding the comments in that those who disregard the statements made in this series are often aggresive and without any intellectual value.

The point of this information is exactly that. Information, the open sharing of theories that are just as sound from a scientific deduction process as what conventional theories hold true to today.

The entire history of mankind is a constantly evolving process of birthing new ideas and transforming above the theories often held on to.

How can anyone doubt the profound mystery of our ancient pasts? The monumental evidence supporting the theories in this series is so overwhelming it cannot be ignored.

In the end, you have still reached out and enabled people a resource to better enlighten themselves. It is not your responsibility on whether people use it or not.

For some it is simply.. entertainment. For others like myself, a part of my life revolves around understanding these mysteries.


Thanks again.


10 years ago

Did you notice the length of volume one? 2(h)00=0(m)12(sec)
2012! :-)

10 years ago

Wow!! i can't believe my video is up here, this is my first attempt at a documentary, i am a sound engineer by trade. I made this series in my spare time whilst i was studying for my degree as i find the subject matter fascinating and struggle to verbally convey this information to others. Volume I was made using Windows Live Movie Maker! I can see there is some quite heated debate and discussion about the subject matter and some disappointingly dismissive comments, ah well, you can't please everyone :-) I had noticed though that the people that call bullsh*t on everything in this video do not provide any supporting evidence for their statements and are characterised by an aggressive manner. By all means discuss and "debunk" the subject matter if you so desire, that's what the video is for and is no means meant as a statement of absolute truth, rather a starting point for additional research, but lets keep things constructive...

Anyway, whatever your stance on the subject matter i want to thank you for taking the time to watch my little video project, i had no idea it would be viewed so many times. I am truly humbled and honoured, thankyou

10 years ago

This is the kind of documentary I put on before going to bed. I suffer from a sleeping disorder, and I've found this type of uninhibited nonsense to be of great help.

I'm actually serious - you should all try it.

J. Pell
10 years ago

lake vostok?

10 years ago

I found this to be a great doc!

10 years ago

well... At least it's interesting to watch. Watching this does not demand anyone to try and figure out who or what is right or wrong.

10 years ago

if you are alreay mentaly ill, and want to deepen you symptoms
take this doc. Very Serriously - it is ALL TRUE!

and we (alien gods) are watching you

10 years ago

"snake-oil dilutes cognitive abilities."
"bull-sh*t should be enjoyed with a nose peg !"
"if mexicans illegally entered egypt 4ooo years ago then the pyramids were truly built by (illegal) 'aliens' !"
-the producers
-the wife of G.H.
-the director

10 years ago

wow, mumbo-jumbo supported by mathematical mumbo-jumbo. when they somehow made a leap from a post and lentle doorway to the greek letter pi, and then the leap that that greek letter would somehow be used to represent 22/7 by every civilization on the planet, i had to go find my rubber boots (much easier to rinse the residual bovine excrement from). when they then started playing "let's pretend" with geometry, i began searching online for hip waders. flights of fancy are not proven by supposition. every "proof" these charlatans offer up is entirely based on their own inferences. just the whole "circle-square" nonsense with the pyramid they demonstrated showed they are just playing games with numbers to convince the unintelligent they "had something". their con entirely reminds me of those "bible codebreakers" that spew nonsense to support randomly pulling letters from text to find "messages" they want to see there. yes, cereal boxes have the 10:16 ratio, because 10 inch wide boxes divide evenly into 40 inch wide pallets, and a height of 16 inches divides evenly into a 4 foot stacking height on those pallets. EUREKA!! proof pallet makers and shippers have "hidden esoteric knowledge".... how many of these lame vids must we be subjected to??

10 years ago

Approach these with extreme caution and even watch them in reverese order, so you can see the mumbo jumbo without any hypnotically induced side effects. Hypnotic? How? ...they always take this form:

1) Extremely long to break down your ability to think critically, constantly.

2) Extremely plausible to begin with. By presenting some mysteries (to an already questioning, open mind) that can easily be investigated.

3) Swiftly [or not so swiftly] followed by, extremely blatant and contrived leaps that make the science fit the view (pseudo science).

4) Terminating in the extremely ridiculous.

Pseudo Science in action folks:

1) That 26,000 year cycle just happens to be restarting all over again because 'some' unspecified arabs call some inobscure lump of rock pretruding from the chest of the sphynx 'the lion's heart', which also happens to be a name given to a star in some far flung constellation, which happens to be coming around again.

2) From what I can tell, many folks conveniently signal 21st Dec 2012 as the move from Pisces to the age of Aquarius. But fixing this date is ridiculous. I.e. yesterday we were in the house of Pisces and today it is Aquarius - discrepancies surrounding this transition vary over a period of one hundred and twenty years. Here, they fix it convenietly to 21st Dec 2012 (no doubt to tie in with the Mayan calender) what 3:26pm? Ludicrous.

Q: did YOU question these, or just hynotically let them slide in viewing an entertaining, interesting perspective?

10 years ago

I'm about 1 hour in and I fear it might turn into an ancient alien affair. Hopefully it doesn't as I'm enjoying it so far. Some really intriguing points are raised with regards to the general opaqueness of our past and how little we actually know. While the construction techniques of these monoliths are beginning to be understood their ultimate purpose remains somewhat mysterious.

The notion that a sophisticated civilisation existed in our deep past isn't so far fetched when you consider just how easily information/knowledge can be destroyed, lost and forgotten. During the Dark Ages much of the knowledge of antiquity was lost only for it to be rediscovered. Imagine where we would be now if the Renaissance never happened, or worst still the knowledge was completely lost.

10 years ago

I you give blocks to a child he will eventually build a pyramid form it has nothing to do with a linked culture its just the mosy solid way to build without concrete and strucural steel

10 years ago

hey any one who has studied string theory in any depth would understand that nassims theories arent all that weird. and the math that he provided is sound even if it is not logical but the same can be said for quantum mechanics and string theory ill have to do more research as the video did not provide much info on how he derived his formulas but as i said its not to strange to imagine. especially when you account for fractals appearing everywhere in nature

10 years ago

at the risk of offending Objectivists and other followers of Ayn Rand, this doc is not bad. Yes, a lot of fun conjecture and speculation but still worth watching if you got the time to spend watching 5 plus hours. Enjoy...

10 years ago

Those maps at the very beginning of the film may have come from the Chinese... Read "1421 - The Year China Discovered the World" by Gavin Menzies. Gavin Menzies is a former British naval officer who has documented voyages by three Chinese armadas, which in 1421, went in different directions and together, circumnavigated Antarctica.

10 years ago

@Dew..i think skipping volume 1 is a good idea, you wouldn't miss much as it has been presented a bunch of times. Seeing volume 2 will make you ponder on things as you eat that wonderful cake and volume 3 will give you the chuckle you wish for.
All in all volume 2 is like the substance in a white bread sandwich.
If you hate Haramein, you'll have even more reason to hate him.