Quantum Communication

Quantum Communication

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Quantum CommunicationThis documentary film by Producer, David Sereda, Quantum Communication, attempts to teach us how communication really works from the Quantum level and how this is connected to the Universal Laws of Attraction. How do we manifest our future Soul-Matches, Business Partners, Teachers, and how do we communicate with God? What is actually happening when we pray? How do we create an intelligent dialog with the creative force of the Universe to allow us to experience a Quantum leap in our own intelligence?

The way we manifest abundance in our lives is to awaken the genius within each one of us so that we can excel in our relationships, careers and super-learning to transform our lives and those around us. Discover how to master this in your life! This awakening of intelligence happens when we understand how Quantum Communication actually functions within each of us. Learn techniques to open this awareness within yourself to become a Fully-Actualized human being.

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  1. If volt meter tests can be done on the heart and brain, can't early detection of heart disease and depression be used as a common-and cheaper diagnostic tool?

  2. There has always been a segment of the populace that operates with an aberrated mind process of compulsive obsessive control. They migrate to positions of management, political and religious leadership in order to "control" other people as a means to justify their own beliefs which manifest out of their own fears.It is the paranoia of their thoughtsthat attack others who do not join them in their mental prisons. They are a minority that obsesses with dictating to others their reality which is based upon illusions handed down through generations through eons of the same dictated mind control social orders. That is why nothing changes and wars and poverty and hunger and disease continue to plague their lives and the lives of everyone else.
    In a sense, they need the horrors of evil they manifest in order to fulfill their twisted needs, and to what avail?
    The answer to their limited mental function is to ignore their
    dysfunctional commentary as though they do not exist and focus on what is positive. Eventually they just go away as if they do not matter. That is why they do what they do as a means to justify their presence.
    Again, they are truly a minority.

  3. Oh my God, so much negativity here. It's only too easy to dismiss something as New Age airheadism to coin a word. I don't agree with everything in this vid, only some of the ideas put forth resonate with me. One thing is for certain and sure: there is and always has been a small, evil cartel of people who don't want the rest of us to think outside the box--else we'd be pretty darn much impossible to control. Back in the so-called Dark Ages, the Roman Church and the powers-that-were got together, as a case-in-point, and decided that people were not to hear about the process of reincarnation; better an image of a jealous and vengeful God of Whom they would be scared shitless. Again, such a populace would be very easy to control--especially if the controllers purported to have a "hot line" to Divinity. So my take on the matter of things is to fully employ the minds which God has given and to use discernment.

  4. Some interesting idea's were raised. The "healer" from bornio being just about the most believable story. But alas.. most of these are PROBABLY just stories.
    For me, everything is a story until it is backed up and proven beyond doubt. Anyone here that is interested or educated in any science field will more than likely feel the same way.
    However, there have been many theories/stories that we once accepted as being fact, which were disproven many years later. Not to mention the many theories which were once suggested, based on hunches, which were then proven to be true many years later. So we shouldn't take anything for granted.
    It makes me wonder why so many are so sure that all of these videos are either true or untrue. Unless you're an expert in all the fields and have researched them in depth, you can't really say whether they are actually true or untrue.

  5. There's a tonne of evidence available to support what this documentary posits - that consciousness is (1) not of the brain and (2) has causal agency. If in doubt, do some homework on the subject and see for yourself.

    google "alan wallace revolution mind sciences" (no quotes)
    google "dean radin pk meta analysis" (no quotes)

    And there are many more.

    1. To your list add Amit Goswami, The Quantum Activist
      A quote: "Mystics, contrary to religionists, are always saying that reality is not two things — God and the world — but one thing, consciousness. It is a monistic view of reality based on consciousness that mystics claim to directly intuit. The problem with science has always been that most scientists believe that science must be done within a different monistic framework, one based on the primacy of matter. And then, quantum physics showed us that we must change that myopic prejudice of scientists, otherwise we cannot comprehend quantum physics. So now we have science within consciousness, a new paradigm of science based on the primacy of consciousness that is gradually replacing the old materialist science. Why? Not only because you can't understand quantum physics without this new metaphysics but also because the new paradigm resolves many other paradoxes of the old paradigm and explains much anomalous data."

  6. A lot of critics around here. Some geeks learned a physics lesson and feel like knowing everything. pussies . Scientists are still discovering new things and realize they were wrong some time ago and you people feel like knowing everything.

  7. Look at the people defending it lol.. They have to type SO much to try and claw their ground back. Sad.. there's no telepathy. You're saying there is, prove it right now.

  8. I thought this was about actual Quantum communications. You know, using the properties of subatomic particles being able to exist in 2 places at the same time, creating a means for digital communication wirelessly and instantaneously over distances of over a kilometer to date. Turns out this is pseudo-science, psycho-BS.

    Note: Power is measured in Watts (W), Energy is measured in Joules (J)
    What Power and Energy are they talking about?

    1. And what was there before the discovery and observation of the Watt or the Joule? There were others that believed that the sun was a GOD and scientists were fools and devils who operated in the realm of magic. Many were put to death for going against the grain of limited thought.
      What is gravity? Explain the source and condition of electromagnetic force. Why does a wave form change when it is being observed? How does matter exist as solid when the atoms it is made of are mostly empty space and a minute amount of matter?
      Watt box do you keep your limited Joules in?

  9. This documentary has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Some of it does strike a chord, remaining is food for thought. Its easy to dismiss all of it assuming 'you' know everything about life and the universe, but that would be sheer arrogance. Scientists are investigating these phenomena based on various effects observed by people all over the world. I guess some people here find their comfort zone threatened which is making them lash out almost defensively.
    As humans , we barely use 10% of our brain potential. We are still exploring the functions of the 'mind' . Human brain still remains the least understood organ in the body. So how can we assume that we 'know' everything about it. Some people are able to experience phenomena, which our collective human scientific efforts are still exploring. You cant shut out every person's experience just cause it clashes with yours. Everyone is experiencing life through their own unique perspective. Our collective scientific efforts have yet to catch up with it. This documentary may have been a lot of speculation, which is yet to be confirmed, but we have to leave room for the possibilities that arise as a part of this speculation. We already know how the 'earth is round' idea was opposed with the same kind of passion by people who were carried away with thier own intelligence. And if we keep repeating the same mistakes, we may just slow down the progress of our race. There are things to be understood.
    In the end, in my opinion i do like the documentary's attempt to kind of 'introduce' the concept and idea to a lay person. The scientists shown in the documentary are definitely not fake. They are bold enough to have been researching this phenomena. Maybe a more polished form of this concept in a more convincing way would go down well with the naysayers here.

    1. Very well said!

  10. If the fluff brains want to believe this, then fine. It's an improvement over hellfire and antisemitism and they're going to believe some sentimental, anthropocentric hogwash anyway. Might as well be hogwash that convinces them all to love one another.... Then again that's what I might have said had I been around 2000 years ago...

    1. if hogwash is what it takes... then so be it. you can't go wrong with Love.

  11. There were a few errors in the documentery that sort of ruined it for me. First all they claim that ions flow through your body. I don't know about ions but i'm pretty sure that's not how they work. What I DO know about is time travel and other quantum stuff and they claim that a stone IS in the shape of the universe (not proven yet) charged up with FASTER than the speed of light energies. Well we have a problem here due to the speed of light being literly the fastest anything in our world can go without teleporting. If the magic stones were really charged with faster than light than HOOOLEEEYY sh****t you just invented reliable time travel. Patent it NOW or atleast put in on the internet. There were also a few small issues that struck me off, but they were mostly personal things. For example the "finding your soul mate" sounds good but you realise that by increasing your ability to controll your world you don't have to deal with destiny anymore you're in (more) controll now.

    There were a some good points but also some glaring flaws. Overall I just can't take this seriouslly.

  12. i watched this over two years ago and rubbished the entire thing.. I've since watched 100s of other docs and have come back to review it on my updated understanding and life experience.

    all of the minds working is pretty much according to the enviornment. sound plays a huge role in what you think. when we say the subconcious it often means something that is very subtle or overlooked as unimportant by you. it does however contribute to your thinking.

    I have also learned to listen much more carefully through meditation, some know it as the inner ear where its as if there is a buzzing inside your head or a pulse beat close to whatever ear you are focused with, left or right.

    this is heavily linked to the nervous system and the electric flow throughout your body. eastern cultures know this as chi energy but really it is just the nervous system and the minds ability of where to direct focus.

    all of what is been said in this doc does concur with all known physics. energy is merely vibration, it is simply a case of been sensitive enough to recognise this energy and understanding enough to interperut it.

    there is also more than one way to look at something, so when you feel depressed by a certain thought, it also has the same capacity to deliver you relief or happiness.

    mental or spiritual strenght is required in any case. the problem with most people today is their lack of inner strenght, much due to the ongoing superficial and fake workings of hollywood buzz culture and other spiritual terrorists.

    watch this space, it is by far the most interesting line of study in the 21st centuary. I beleive telepathic healing is something we are close to rediscovering.

  13. This is cutting edge in that we're now able to quantify what the ancients have successfully tapped into to give us wisdom of the ages. We have always been God like in nature, creator beings of unlimited potential but because of the dumb-downess we recieve from media programming, religious mis-leading and those 2% Neanderthals who don't want us to be enlightened and self-realised, we're enslaved and bound.

    If you watched these string of documentaries, you've asked questions...are you ready for the answers?

    1. evidence of the stupidity comes through in such terms as "cutting edge", "wisdom of the ages", "creatures of unlimited potential", etc. All this points to one simple fact, you use other people's words because you haven't thought this through for yourself. And not having any real thought eliminates you from progressive considerations. You do not know what you are talking about, although you seem to pride your smug-self on trying to contain the answers.

  14. I actually find these videos useful in terms that an other perspective is open to me for observation and discussion. I'm a scientist of the biomedical field, I'm not a theoretical physicist but reading some comments by people that are obviously in science and are heretically rejecting anything out of the box, really makes me scratch my head since this is not the 14th century. And even more, since quantum physics is a legit field of science that is already insane enough by itself to begin with. Why should all those other possibilities discussed in these videos be instantly rejected, is beyond me.

    1. I think it all arises from the self preserving nature of the established status quo so to speak. It's much easier to label and criticize than to address new information and attempt to integrate it. Sure, the 'new agers' as people like to call them, have gone off on a tangent in light of new discoveries and possibilities, but that's not grounds for outright dismissal of any information that relates to what they claim.

  15. this stuff is for the people who are desperate enough to believe in anything, as long as they're hearing what they want to hear, and not the sad truth.

    there may come a day where i become one of them... hopefully not soon.

  16. I'm glad most people who watched this are intelligent (as evidence in your comments.) I don't mind people posting bullshit or categorizing them as documentary - I only mind when our society is too dumb to know they are being fed bull shit.

    1. I think you misunderstand what intelligence is. Because what's evident to me by the comments I read is lack of actual intelligence but just evidence of cleverness combined with some high I/Qs. But that's just me.

  17. This is amazing

  18. This video does not belong in the documentary collection. This is fiction as far as I can tell. Incidentally it is easy to measure high voltage fields without much apparatus at all. We are immersed in 60 Hertz; just touch an 1/8 inch jack at the tip which is plugged into the aux in of your stereo and you'll hear the 60 Hertz picked up from your body. With disregard for high impedance circuits it is quite easy to get misleading voltage measurements. There is quite a bit of relevant detail here and I am not going to deny the possibility that we are affected by these fields. We are immersed in much information flow and our neurons are fairly sensitive. Still, there is much to consider before claiming proof: for instance the wavelength of 60 Hertz electromagnetic radiation is five million meters. Yet we can still pick it up locally. Depending upon how many problems we are willing to regard as open problems we can land in many areas of study, but this quantum communication video is not one that I find likely to land upon. This is of course merely the opinion of one human.

    - Tim Golden, BandTechnologyDotCom

  19. Stop hijacking scientific terms for your damn fairytale hogwash! Quantum communication? What's next for these people? "How listening to whalesong, touching crystals and weakly interacting massive particles can help your lovelife".

    1. LOL! I tend to agree with some of the stuff but I'm also aware that it could just be the fantasy world. Either way, your post made me laugh, for REAL!

  20. @ David Lee Everyone knows that the rainbow butterfly gave it's colors away to make the rainbow, and that's why there are moths.

  21. Pure New Age BS. It amazes me how people are limitlessly capable of spewing knowledge they don´t really posses. It enrages me, still, when this sort of guru charlatans sease the mistic generated by the weirdness of the quantum mechanical world, confusing the public as to what science realy knows about it all. Nauseating.

  22. Don't "throw the baby out with the bath water". Freud was way off on some of his ideas, but if we would have completely disregarded his theories, Psychology would not have advanced to the level it is today. I don't completely accept, nor do I completely reject anything. Allow your mind to stay flexible. This has worked well for all area's of my life (as well as academically through the years).

  23. All the lonely ppl : where do they all come from ?...

  24. @pamelajm, Just press play.

  25. I cannot play this. Please, somebody tell me how to make this play. Somebody just commented on this an hour ago.

  26. Couldn't stand this documentary. The title is misleading and there is no proof whatsoever in the 10 minutes it took me to stop watching; in addiction they took quotes out of context to use them in their own favor...

    I don't care what anyone thinks, but if you don't believe in the maths and physics, and choose to oblige to this documentary and the messages it portrays, then you might as well believe in pixy fairies, unicorns, to some extent even ghosts and quite possibly a higher intelligence.

    Some day there will be a cure for cancer but I don't think there will ever be a cure for st*pidity. All you who believe this hogwash, do yourself a favor, go get a professional diagnosis of yourself because if you turn out to be a genius yourself, then maybe you will actually make a difference in the advancement of science and technology. If you choose not to believe me, read the comments bellow. Maybe you can make friends with the one odd-job who enjoyed and believes what this documentary proves (nothing!).

    I give this documentary 3 thumbs down, because at least I can ask scientists, engineers and doctors (who actually know what they are doing), to biologically engineer a third arm to stick out of my *ss so that I can manage to stick that thumb way way way down!!! At least they have the right formulas and are able to carry out experiments to prove it's possible. Common now, we can't all just imagine a third arm to stick out of my *ss; to then have it magically appear on it's own. The only case in which this will work is if I and any other person imagines that the believers of this documentary are r*tards!
    POOF! WHAAA? it came true!!! But genie how??? Ohhhh wait, it's those hallucinogens I took. That was fun! Uhm, which drugs did you guys take? I'd love to be all kinds of that f****d up!

    1. yea it's kinda like reading your post


  27. ok the first video was kind of off putting and was gunna change it but when i got to the second video i was interested. reminded me of the discussion in "what the bleep" concerning double slit (?) experiment, mainly oberver influence on outcomes. i am now at the third vid and will continue on, very interesting stuff if you have an open mind. its really starting to make me think. i can now see why the powers that be aim to poison us and negatively effect our voltage/frequency.

  28. Truly fascinating. Opened my mind.

  29. Looks like you can stick the word 'quantum' on anything these days and get taken seriously by some.

  30. When a so called doctor says some people get ulcers from stress when we now know that a bacterium called helicobacter something something causes them, its time to change the station... I would even go as far to say that he was probably an actor in a white jacket.

  31. Let me finish that for you.
    P= IV
    E= PT
    E= IVT
    So you are saying...

    However, if you simplify E and P you get...

    As you can see, potential is not the same as energy. Which I believe was the point of the engineer. This is specifically appalling to "engineers" and "scientist" because there is a big difference between the potential energy and energy.

    1. "P" is not "Potential", it stands for "Power": the amount of energy in a unit of time.
      And "Potential difference" which is the voltage V applied to a conductor (that creates a current I) in a period of time t will become energy: E = VIt.

  32. How is this not under 'Religion' and ONLY under 'Religion'?

  33. It amuses me how the fact that touching an antenna enhances the signal is used to prove that our consciousness is transmitted into the space. The crudity of such assumptions is so obvious that I wonder if additional comment is necessary.

    1. Don't know if you'll read this, but some scientists believe this answer too simple. Our consciousness could be born out of quantum entanglement of neurons, and this also allows it to be theoretically possible that the information that constitutes one human's "soul" is contained somewhere in the universe.

  34. absolutely a great documentary. everything I study in Persian theosophy i can see it here. these are all match, in our books we study about this sort of matter for 1400 years.

  35. Recovering one's power depends on erasing the subconcious program known as one's Life History program. This is tantamount to waking up from the waking trance that many call their life. It also equivalent to what many believe is impossible to do i.e. erase the past. That "past", as in the film The Matrix, is simply a background "virtual reality movie" playing itself out in the mind and influencing how we choose, or are compelled out of fear, to direct our creative energies. A new process (The Mind Resonance Process or MRP) has the ability to progressively erase/delete this internal movie thereby helping one to evolve into true consciousness.
    Nick Arrizza M.D.

    1. dude stop putting your website at the end of your comments. i wouldnt have a problem with it if you werent trying to sell something.

    2. Seriously!! From the begginning of his sentence I noticed a TROLL Alert. XP

    3. and he probably read the request ten times by now...still ...he won't get it!
      Reminds me of the way Gehovah Witnesses come barging in!

    4. To truly erase ones memories of the past is to erase their very identity. Recently researchers working with mice have discovered that by removing a protein from the region of the brain responsible for recalling fear, they can permanently delete traumatic memories. However the consensus of opinion amongst these scientists, and the scientific community in general, is that the erasing of memories, whether they be good or bad, has a direct correlation to personal identity and therefore the practice of manipulating these memories brings up all kinds of ethical concerns. People should deal with their memories, learn to come to terms with them and realize that they are capable of rising above them, but they should never seek to erase them in my opinion.

      Do you have any shame what so ever about your free loading on someone else's web site, consistently, simply to plug your newest spin on life coaching? It doesn't exactly inspire faith in your professionalism or sense of ethics you know. I expected more from a college professor and accredited psychiatrist.

  36. dis video is made from total morons and idiots I would call as hoaxer and Dr. Quaks.
    The mV you see on a Voltmeter, in this video for example 30mV to 100mV is inductive energy from electromagnetive waves like radio waves or electrical installations, transformers and so on. Some call its also electrosmog.

    If u place a human into a room which is build to shield electromagnetic waves and then that person use a Voltmeter the way it was shown in the video its shows 0.00 mV.

    That is proof that the mV results shown in the video are not emited from persons body within, but rather transfered from energy sources like readiowaves and other electromagnetic sources partly onto the body.

    There are several more idiotic hoax experiments which are so stupid its amazing anyone is falling for this.

    Whoever believe in this nonsense presented here has probably failed science basic classes or maybe never seen a school from inside at all, might even believe the world is flat and the earth is the center of the universe.

    Its sad how some people present this nonsense as if its science.

    David Sereda, you are a moron

    1. i think you are a complete dumbass if i do say so myself. schools are part of te biggest cause of the horrid lives people think they have to bear through. they teach on a memorizing basis so that we can be conformed and controled. have you made it so far in your life and still not noticed the experience of this consperiecy that is sort of TRUE i practise ideas such as these often since i was little and have experienced them myself. only i dont even KNOW what im doin i only have a simple idea or theory and yet as a young adolesent and child i managed to get similer results. i may not know my mV whatever amounts but i do know your further from the truth than they are by far.

    2. I don't think that calling people names helps your case.

      That being said, it is quite clear that all of the information provided in this film was not rigorously tested, and some not really tested at all...just "pushed" on you.

      However, if you go to princeton.edu/~pear you will find a whole bunch of reports published in peer reviewed journals about very similar stuff. It's really awesome, highly recommend it.

      Still though, I wouldn't go changing my life unless those changes were specifically tested because one thing we do know is that we don't know anything...until we can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

  37. This is exactly what Napoleon Hill teaches in the ORIGINAL Law Of Success Course, before 700+ pages were ripped out of it to keep it from the masses. Later this information is called a "Secret" that the reader must find for himself.... Graham Bell knew about all this in the late 1800's. Why do we always assume governments and institutions are going to tell us everything? We put people in power who serve themselves and their own kind.

  38. Leebo says above:

    I am an award winning Electrical Engineer and I also have a degree in a field of physics partly in acoustics, waves and frequency.
    In this documentary there was a part where a “scientist” (yes the speech marks are mocking him) mentions voltage generated by humans and then refers to it as energy. Very simple physics here will show he is a complete ***…. simply put voltage is pressure which pushes a current. Voltage is not energy! Energy is measured in Joules. Work = Force × Distance, Watt (W/m2 or Wm-2) is the metric unit of measurement of the intensity of radiation in watts over 1 square meter surface. One watt is equal to 1 joule of work per second, like I say very simple physics.

    I just googled "voltage".
    "Voltage" is apparently "potential energy".
    Even if "potential energy" is not "energy", it seems to me, a lay person, that there'd be no energy if there were no potential for energy...
    "Voltage" seems to be pretty damn important. Without it, would I be writing this now on my Mac?

    Award winning Electrical Engineer?

    1. P=IV

      what kind of electrical engineer are you?

  39. Actually what this documentary presents is correct but, because it's discovery is still in it's infintile stages(which it shouldn't be because it's been around for eon's) it's presented somewhat ridiculously.

    Chris, as far as your bong...there has been people althrough history achieving enlightenment through drugs...I'm not sure if it matters how it's done, the experience derived through drugs or no drugs is still real to you.

    The woman in this doc who can't get past her soulmate issues is annoying. A whole being doesn't see the male/female agenda but, the well being of the spirit they embody. It's unconditional....

  40. Any time I see the word 'Quantum' associated with 'thought', I run. Any time I see the words 'Law of Attraction', I especially run. As Dave Chappelle put it at a recent Laugh Factory performance (Not verbatim), tell that shit to starving children in Africa.

    Woman: "What's wrong with you?"

    African: "I have not eaten in... 5 days"

    Woman: "Well, what you need to do is visualize some roast beef and some mashed potatoes & gravy"

    African: "Oh, please bitch, you're killin me, stop talkin like that!"

    Woman: "No, no, no! The problem is you have a bad attitude about starving to death!"

    1. Everything you have spoken of is in cliche form. You run from something to Dave Chapelle?? lol No serious student of the mind believes in the Law Of Attraction as you present, thats not even close to what the teaching is. What you really need to do is make fun of the PEOPLE who get these things wrong and perpetuate lies and misinformation all over the internet and actually research the SUBJECT behind it!!

  41. Awesome, AWESOME documentary. I will be meditating and praying for the healing of the earth and humanity.

  42. Fake

    1. agreed. He s just telling some random stuffs. I know his trick on transmitting electric charges to another conducting objects such as human body.

  43. Amazing! Too much commeecials!!

  44. *Positive and negative charges that use/give off energy

  45. This documentary is interesting and very intriguing. I definitely believe that there are positive and negative energies in people (figuratively and literally), although I am skeptical of the conscious communication over distances. I also love the part about everything giving off frequencies that others can pick up on... from people to planets. Maybe that's why you can just meet someone and either like them or hate them without even knowing them!

    And as a side note to a previous comment: These ideas are more based on Eastern countries ideas, not American. Plus, most of these ideas are from *Highly Educated* people in physics and other sciences, which I'm assuming most people commenting are not.

  46. OMG! What a way to sell stupid stuff with serious info!

  47. All of you want some "scientific" proof. That is fine, read Bohm Theory. It is very good introduction. There is new 21 century Science on horizon. Way above that you ever imagined. This movie is just a quick introduction to what is coming next. Still sceptic, well consider that gov. research has been positive on "remote viewing" and other "alternatives".
    So much so, that information gathering remotely, is today practicised as standard. Further most of scientists "main-stream" are not even scientists. They are silly Parots singing together that Earth is flat. All compromised truth for the sake of incompetence.. Have good day PS. Tesla got it right 100 years ago, but Parots have got louder voice :)

  48. when i read the title of this, i thought it would be interesting, but when i read the description and the moment i read "and how do we communicate with God?" i just laughed, and no way in hell I'm gonna watch this, and by the look of other comments, it seems I shouldn't either.

    god, religion and all that c@#$ doesn't belong in a docu like this, it belongs in a docu that ridicules the narrow mindedness of these ppl

  49. How is everyone watching this. It tells me no embedded videos???

  50. Good grief, the level of spelling and grammar in some posts here is execrable. Are you guys off your faces when you're posting here?

    I've watched this doc. A lot of the science is familar, speaking as someone who was working academically on quantum consciousness over 20yrs ago at a major UK uni. I'm one of those who is very annoyed by the way e.g. 'What the Bleep' bastardised and abused quantum physics.

    Some of the connections the producers are making between the science and consciousness appear to be wacky. But I'm not so sure that this doc is that wacky. What I think this doc is doing is levering a new paradigm entirely. As such, I'm not surprised that so many viewers are dismissive or even hostile. What 'What the Bleep' and other such productions are doing is wholly rooted in humankind's base greed and need to acquire material goodies. Sereda's production takes us so far away from such parochial petty me/me/me concerns and shows us a way of looking at being/doing consciousness that is infinitely different and new.

    If one accepts that this is a truly novel paradign, then this way of looking at and appreciating our connection with the essence of how our universe renders, almost by definition, our conventional scientists redundant.Just as Einstein's General Relativity could not be apprehended by the scientists of the day and necessitated a whole new breed of investigators with minds blown open, Sereda's thesis requires the willing suspension of disbelief - the investigator must set aside so many of the shackles of mighty, hallowed 21st century Science. As quantum physics has taught us, we are intrinsically part of our searching, our presence and consciousness of what we see actually changes what we are seeing. Thus, Sereda's thesis requires us to fully participate in a field of being.

    Take or leave it. If you insist on applying shackled Science to it then you're never going to get it.

    Just a couple of points on the efficacy and utility of our hallowed Science. E.g. it took 1500years for medical science to drop Galen's dodgy medical schema - 1500YEARS! Conservative much? Blinkered plenty! Science would rather kill people than accept that its beloved tenets are wrong and change its mind. There are very few noble scientists - most are grubbing around battling for power, money, reputation, publication. People who are focused on their own ego and survival needs are hardly the best people to whom to entrust the search for truth and knowledge.

  51. The ancients talk about using their gateways to communicate over vast distances. and by gateways i mean the pineal gland. ever sinc the begining man...or at least what we believe is the beginning of man...entire teaching have been around "the gateway to the soul" or "the door to infinite". I believe that the great pyramids were used as and amplification device to amplify our conscience and our abilities to use our minds. Its well known that man made megolithic structures that are on ley lines have a measurable change in the magnetism surrounding that area. One day we will unlock many abilities within our minds that ar currently believe to be things of fiction

  52. the movie isn't working now :(

  53. the above statement was directed towards jadeclipse

  54. You seem to contradict yourself all over the place in this statement. It might not be a good idea to through it off on, "New Age Hippies" because of your lack of understanding. In essence, YOU DON'T KNOW YOU DON'T KNOW. There is one life, one force that manifest into many forms. The same force that runs the air conditioner also runs your computer, same force different forms. Your problem seems to be, you can't put a handle on what you can't see so you appear to dismiss it as tripe. It might be better if you would keep your mouth shut and your ears and mind open. IN CLOSING I WOULD LIKE TO ADD; A QUICK OR SHARP ARTICULATE MIND DOES NOT MEAN THE RIGHT THING OR ANYTHING IS IN THERE.

  55. What if we were beyond measurement and facts? What if logic was as limited as our human senses? We only perceive a fraction of true reality, even then, what is reality? Science is still fixated on mind, body and soul being detached. The physical ailments are treated separately from the mental ones, and let's not even mention soul. Soul is a hope created by these "new age hippies". And though soul has existed since the dawn of time with many cultures aware of it... Throw that idea out the window because the facts are just not there!
    We are only restricted by our beliefs. I am empathetic to those who only believe in facts, their reality is so restricted.
    To those who who reside the alternative... Cheers!

  56. Link broken, does not embed. Pls mail me when fixed oke vlad :). thanks

    1. All right... I fixed that @sander.

  57. @Achems

    Radar? Indeed.Bas**rds of christ.

  58. @ eire666:

    I know what you mean, even air by itself isn't observable either, but we are breathing it.

    Be careful (LOL) religee's have radar you know.

  59. Correction ~just I meant

  60. @Achems

    I will say that hust because its not observable doesnt mean its not there. Alot of evidence supports Quantum, so I wouldnt rule anything out.

    NO! Please people dont read into this statement as a way of throwing god into the equation. The evidence actually points away from god.So before you say god cant be seen so he could be , study the scientific evidence.

    Phew, I almost opened myself up to a god theory again.

  61. If you want to know weather a scientist or physicist is lying, just look at their background. Who do they work for? Who is sponsoring them? What groups do they belong to? The money trail is almost always the answer.

  62. @Herb

    What is wrong about the big bang? Specificly. What are your sources?

    Please elaborate.

  63. @HM "considered by most to be psudoscience just like the above."
    I have to agree. Psudo indeed.

    My favorite post was,"people reject the faith of a big man in the sky for the divine spirit in the atom."
    Thats what happens when faith becomes involved in science. Faith in anything is bad. Tested facts are what matters. Slainte! I enjoyed this read.

    The doc was a good watch, even though I didnt like the emphasis on there not being an infinite repeat of the universe. You know, an eternal dynamics to the constant reproduction of the universe. Over and over. Achems?Or the one thats fun , Maybe we are nothing more than parasites , feeding in the vat cosmos? Just fleas on matter's nads!?

    HM- "correlated to the number of beers I have drank."
    Ha! Slainte.

    @Achems "Quantum entanglement"
    I know. Its intresting. Maybe could be , but I think maybe that it implies more than we can really prove.
    It proves things on a scale of micros, but not on a scale observable. Thats also calculating probabilities .

    Cheers fellas'

  64. Hi this is more like a question than an opinion... but... is it me or it uses some kind of hypnosis tecnique at the beginning? (careful with bright lights that look like fireworks combined with unusual frequencies [I think that the first speech is ment to reach everyone using the voice of a man, a woman and a combination of a pattern with low frequencies]I think that it's designed to open you to subliminal msg (it doesn't work for everybody but it hooks a lot of people...) Well i don't know if this is the case 'cause i saw only a few seconds and stoped it... but someone who knows better please enlight me THX =o) (by the way, sorry for my english I speak spanish only) =o)))

  65. Very interesting reading comments of various strongly opinionated people:)
    I strongly suggest listening through higher math and physics lectures on quantum entanglement, with all the matrix operations and imaginary numbers etc....videos are out there from different universities. You can be angry and call it "new age" or what not...it only shows the ignorance of knowledge that has been proved by respectable scientists and researchers and yet there are many more questions!
    Open your mind - learn, think for yourself and avoid TV brain conditioning, which spoon feeds the "right" perception of the world.
    Great video.

  66. this is not science!!
    seems more like brainwashing....
    freaked me out!!!

  67. @ HateMachine
    I love how your so set on science and hard evidence yet you accept the big bang theory... If the Big Bang theory were true and a randome explosion created our existance, why isnt it common place for life to manifest out of thin air?.. Like bang theres randomly a horse in your living room. And if the Big Bang created life scientifically there should be scientific equations to reproduce such anomalies. logicaly if I suppose the theory correct every grenade thrown should give birth to new life not kill and destroy life...
    My point being I dont think any of us are Omnipotent. Its arrogant to say you know everything there is to know and there for this is wrong.. You dont even know, what you dont know...

  68. This is one of the most interesting documentaries I have ever seen on this subject. It makes logical sense - how else can paranormal experiences be explained? There's got to be more than just the physical level of existence.

    For the sceptics, I would suggest experimenting with some of the theories put forward in this video and perhaps then make an informed decision.

  69. Oh, and he and I have gone around a few times, (and I still regret it...), but his knowledge and mind are fully functional beyond, obviously, your capacity.

    Read his work and learn.

  70. SwamOfMunky,

    HaTe_MachIne was absolutely correct. He may drink too much, but he is fairly brilliant!

    Listen to him.

  71. HATE_MACHINE says:
    "When I see people falling for this stuff I just want to reach out and grab them, hold them, look into their eyes, and say “Cant you see they are lying to you”

    just a tiny example, Dr Willaim Tiler .........
    being a physicst he has a lot more to loose supporting these theories then he will gain

    why would he lie just to end up shooting himself in the foot?

    i think, these people lying is actually the only other explanation you have of why they would support these theories. Other than that they believe its true from their research.
    so thier either lying, or believe its true and want to share this with you.

    i know which one i think is correct

    and oh yeh :
    "it seems the length of my post are directly related to how many beers ive drank"
    ...... wikid ........
    can we have a post of a few sentences then .... so we know that uve only had one beer and are there for giving a sober constructive side to an argument...... not an alchohol impaired mess of an atempt to use an incorrent (alcohol induced) brain to debunk something you dont understand.... possibly cos your pissed ...... please dont rant at these ideas pissed ..... its like taking Ketamine at a healing conferance and trying to add so helpfully to their discussion

  72. pheldespat, She still has love for you. But you need to become more conscious of your self and intentions before there is any true hope. I think quitting smoking will really help you.

  73. Why all the overly emotional comments? And insults? If we don't like it, we can watch something else. No biggy. As with all things, never blindly believe anything. Use your own judgement. But where is the respect for others?
    I personally think some of this doc should have been left out, as it didn't add anything to this one & didn't seem to really belong in it, like the "soul-mate" thing.And the voice of the narrator is really irritating, especially when he tries to stress something, & he shoulda got a different person to do it. But that's just me, & my opinion. I certainly wouldn't call it a scam or all those other odd names. If someone has a different opinion than mine, more power to 'em!
    If any 2 people agree 100% on everything, 1 of them isn't needed.

  74. @ Randy
    To avoid rhetoric, I will concede that his latest movie is only available for sale. But my understanding of marketing & more specifically brochures, is that you only allow enough of a sample for good enticement, not the whole enchilada. I don't begrudge the guy earning a living, & I know that were I to go into the film business for the money, I would choose subject matter that would draw the largest audience per expense ratio. I don't believe this would be it.

    As to your niece; I would never wish harm or ill to any mans family. I take that very seriously. I would hope that Even those of us that do subscribe to the "where the head goes, the ass follows" theory, will be aware that balance is a key to most all philosophies that I'm aware of.
    I wish you, & yours the best.

  75. @razzdg27

    I'm sure you are a sincere and probably very nice person. As I said, my niece is a devotee of this brain killing stuff, too, and I still love her very much.

    But to your comments, I say this: An advertising brochure doesn't, directly, make any money either. It gets the customers in the door so they can buy the real "products".

    This DVD is like that brochure...

  76. It is so tempting to continue to use their own tool (ridicule) to rein in a few egos here. But I'll take comfort in knowing that the sincere ones are on a good path, & that the others will soon be stuck on the couch belching bud & saying "yes dear" to their "soccer mom" wives.

    I'm sure that if it was the film makers goal to make a c**p load of money, they would be more likely to choose a comic book super hero, & have t-shirts/action figures for sale.
    Several years ago I had sent D.Sereda an e-m with a couple questions, and he happened to be online at the time. The guy not only e-mailed me right back, but gave non rushed in depth answers to a guy he didn't even know. A few e-mails both ways, and didn't ask for a nickle.

    I'm sure it's the case that some don't agree, and that others don't yet understand. I will say though that I believe the people in the film have a genuine interest in advancing our knowledge as a whole. And from their position they would gain far more gratification from sharing that knowledge with others so that more might understand, than from selling a few gross of widgets. I mean really, do you think that after expenses & a pizza there was enough left over for a winter home in st. Thomas,& a Bugatti?

  77. This is that "The Secret" crap that my new-age niece is into. It's a cult! The new Scientology, people! Run away from Deepak Chopra!!!

    Curse Oprah Winfrey for legitemizing this "The Secret" nonsense! When she gave it her stamp of approval the whole world of soccer moms became born again new agers, (they still loved their nice jewish boy, jesus, though, oh heavens, yes!).

    When Richard Dawkins cornered Deepak Chopra, (a major contributor to this cult), about his use of quantum mechanics in his "work", the man showed his ignorance and then copped out by saying, "well, it's used as a metaphore..."

    The Universe is not alive and aware of you. Get over yourselves. The Universe doesn't even know you exist, and therefore, is incapable of caring whether or not you live to your "fullfilled potentiality!" It's just more American, (Western), narcissism and homocentricity, (that idea that humanity is the center of creation bulls**t.)

  78. Ameri su stvarno degenerici...

  79. oh my...just watch the documentary, see for yourself if it actually makes sense and is truthful...and move on.

  80. Is that Guy 14 or something? It appears like he cut-n-pastes parts of theories, hopping from one to another with twisted & incomplete explanations that always seem to fall short. Much like the orange belts first trip to the bar, with his chest all puffed out. He"s sure He looks bad, but can't figure out why nobody is cowering in fear. Simple: They know all they have to do is stand back and watch his mouth overload his ass. He's going to jump up, do a fancy triple somersault 2&1/2 twist reverse side kick, hit his head on the rafter & kick his own ass. But once you get by his doing the very things his pointing the finger @ the film makers for, it is entertaining. well in a train wreck sort of way. Keep at it hot shot!

  81. I just loved the speed of the narrator. Kinda reminded me of Eeyore. Too many swiss cheese theories. But Einstein eventually agreed with this one, so it must be true!

  82. Very intersting ideas but presented by the wrong people

  83. Quite a lot of egotistical rants going on in this comment section.

  84. Hate_machine

    These are books by the first 4 authors that Amazon recommends.
    Which one do you recommend?

    Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration into the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation, and Time Travel by Michio Kaku (Paperback - Apr. 7, 2009)

    The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time and the Texture of Reality (Penguin Press Science) by B. Greene (Paperback - Feb. 24, 2005)

    Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy (Commonwealth Fund Book Program) by Kip S. Thorne and Stephen Hawking (Paperback - Jan. 17, 1995)

    Principles of Quantum Mechanics by Ramamurti Shankar (Hardcover - Sept. 1, 1994)

  85. Razor & Hate

    I just want to say THANK YOU. I am learning so much. :)

  86. Also, Google..."youtube-a conscious universe-the observer effect"

    With such scientists as follows:
    *David Bohm...Quantum Physicist.
    *Anton Zeilinger...Quantum Physicist.
    *John Hagelin...Quantum Physicist.
    *Fred Alan Wolf...Quantum Physicist.
    *Dean Radin... Senior scientist.
    *Amit Goswami...Theoretical Nuclear Physicist.

  87. @ H.M:

    A lot of good docs. about Quantum physics on the site I offered you, by some reputable scientists.

    You do not want to see them because you yourself are stuck in a mold. Just like the religee's. you only saw a portion and then gave your conclusion, some scientist you are!

    You can not even tell me which scientists that you disagree with, was it Max Planck, Einstein, or others on these docs?

    So there is some Eastern stuff on here , so what, scientists are today finding out what they have been saying thousands of years ago now is truth.

  88. About "the reality as you know it does not exist"

    I stopped when they started talking about holograms. Alchem, the reason you cant explain this yourself is because it is gibberish. Pseudoscience. Make believe. It is made up. I showed it to my niece and she actually laughed when they mentioned holograms. 15 year old could tell it was nonsense. Alchem, learn to think for yourself. It will be hard at first but you'll get the hang of it.

  89. These docs. will explain better then I can, from top scientists,

    Google..."youtube-the reality as you know it does not exist"

  90. @Achems Razor - Maxwell's unification of "Plank" magnetism says the matter has to exist before any messenger particle for energy can exist. You cant observe something without energy, so nothing was observed until well after matter had formed.

    If you believe that I have a book that will get you directly into heaven for only $20. The book also helps explain the source of Quantum food duality.

  91. Yes and by the same token you could say, all matter is also subjective since we speak of it as a word, only objective to the observer, (observers).

    So if there were no observers would there be the matter? Or would it be unrealized potentiality only.

  92. @Achems Razor - "but our thoughts are entangled with matter" has no bases in science, logic, or reason. The words "thought" and "entangled" are very subjective. Combining 2 subjective words with a concept like matter makes it seem it might have a bases in science. It does not.

    I could say. Conciseness is the result of the decay of entropy.

    Sounds pretty but doesnt mean anything. Since it doesnt mean anything you really cant prove it wrong.

    One of the first math classes I ever took we proved that all unicorns are in fact blue. Since there were no unicorns around to prove the statement wrong it is always true. Its a simple trick.

  93. Anything from

    Michio Kaku
    Brian Greene
    Kip S. Thorne
    Ramamurti Shankar

    and of course

    Carl Sagan
    Stephen Hawking

    All are well know for there ability to write "to the masses" and most are authors of books by the same name as docs on this site. Most books by these authors are limited preview on google books so you can at least start there.

  94. Well yes, we are capable! We are capable of "Ideas" that are outside of the simple laws of physics and chemistry, and that is where everything comes from, Ideas!

    And not to be irritating, but our thoughts are entangled with matter!

  95. WOW. wow. And thanks. Mathematics is that powerful...I didn't know.
    I would like to learn more. Can you recommend some EASY books or websites(no library card)?

  96. @ -Achems Razor "life and humanity, through Evolution, are fine-tuned to the Universe (especially the Earth) as it is."

    You sir are very correct.

    We are not capably of anything outside the simple laws of physics and chemistry.

  97. @godsmacked - there is no such thing as a "quantum scientist"

    The measurement problem has been explained many times. But since there is no experiment or observation to prove any explanation it is not "science". Many well respected physicist have formed hypotheses and it is almost assured that the current answer is known just not proven. Im also sure none of them are any where related to the dribble in this film.

    Thinking outside the box is fine. But not being able to backup your ideas is called fiction. Science rewards those that question the establishment. The US alone spends billions every year on grants so scientists can push the envelope of thinking. There are think-tanks established for the purpose of unconventional thinking. The difference is the people in the think-tanks are not gullible enough to fall for this video. Since there is no entry for gullible at wikipedia, im going to create one and put this documentry on the first paragraph.

    " I teach others how to work with people affected by the same indoctrination as you appear to be suffering from…and I get paid well for it."

    You are either lying (good chance) of you are a snake oil salesman just like the people in the video.

    As the saying goes "those who cant... teach".

    If you really teach I hope you have a degree, if you really have a degree I hope its an advanced degree. If its an advanced degree, put a link to your masters thesis or your doctoral thesis, or any publication. Would love to read them.

  98. Yes, true.
    But another way of looking at it is...The Universe (including the Earth) and its constants are not fine-tuned for life and humanity.

    Instead life and humanity, through Evolution, are fine-tuned to the Universe (especially the Earth) as it is.

  99. This is off subject but ill let the moderators decide if it should stay.

    Ok Joe. The skinny is that when building models of the universe people used equations that are fairly well defined. Like the gravitational constant. The problem is that if they use a number even slightly off, the universe never seems to form as we see it today. If gravity is too week you get weird results anywhere from inability to form stars to matter never forming. When gravity is too strong, stars form very easily and burn out much quicker. Galaxies would be much larger and less dispersed.

    Dont quote me on this but if i remember right the models, where gravity were set for 1 power in either direction, never formed stars or the stars burned out in a few thousand years.

    that is the difference between
    .000000000006 and .00000000006

    That is very high precision.

    The crazy part is Im pretty sure the other forces are measured to even higher precision. Sense the weak force doesn't come up in conversation much I choose something that I was more familiar with.

    Like I said that doesn't leave much room for "other powers".

  100. HaTe_MaChInE

    "I think if you adjust the numbers by less then 6.67428 x 10^-11 (gravitational constant) models cannot recreate the universe."

    I don't have a library card but can you still explain it to us, iphone worshippers?

  101. @SexMoneyMonkey
    so do u count what your eating in waves or particles?

  102. @Achems Razor


  103. @ S.M.M:

    Congrat's. on both parts!

  104. @Achems Razor

    Summer break - I'm engaged - I'm a computer programmer, I'm always in front of the computer.

  105. I couldn't get past the third part.

    I agree there are questions that many parts of quantum mechanics create. I just don't see why these people have tried to plug in answers without tests.

    Maybe there were more tests later on, who knows, as I said, I couldn't get passed the third part.

    There should be a test done to see what % of people believe stuff without evidence more than they believe stuff without. I'm guessing it's about 80%.

  106. Why aren't you in school? on spring break or something? should be out chasing girls instead of in front of the computer!


  107. I'd just like to say that I've discovered the secret of quantum eating! I'm going to be writing a book and selling it for 50$!

    It's -Quantum-! :P

  108. @ razzdg27:

    My sentiments exactly, seems like right here on TDF. is an influx of college kids that know it all.

  109. Every year during summer break we would get an influx of "college kids" in my industry. It was common for some to be so sure that they had ALL the answers, they knew it all. Well of course, their swami prof. told them so. "He said we were the brightest minds, & look we all got a trophy to prove it!"
    Try this for a "heads up"
    "To believe without question or to dismiss without investigation is to comport oneself unscientifically"
    Margret Mead
    Back in the 60s a book titled: The secret life of plants, addressed both non local intelligence & entanglement. More recently, but not most recent a book titled: The Field speaks to the zero point field. A bit more technical, but I'm sure most could keep up. There is A Lot more "double blind/ Newtonian science already available on this issue. If you lighten the load of lead in your butt, and do a little research yourself instead of Auto-regurgitate you might become a "brighter mind as your prof., professed!

  110. What a load of rubbish.

  111. Part 2 is missing. :-(

  112. @ HaTe_MaChinE:

    I really do not care what you think of me. You have to know someone before you can offer that perspective, which you do not!

    But I will agree with you in point, books are better sources of info.
    And I do have a lot of them. Extensive library as a matter of fact.

    And I do peruse the public library constantly, (have a library card also).

    Even though it may seem to you that I am indifferent to you, I am in reality not, because don't know you either.


  113. @Achems Razor - Saying that "you can get proper and better info. about the big bang on the net" proves everything I have thought about you.

  114. @JZ - Well its kinda confusing. Modern science says that nothing came before the big bag. There was no time or space before the big bang. So there was no "before" the big bang. There is alot of new theory that suggests that other dimensions exist before the big bang, even though the math is very convincing it is though that it might never be testable so not really science (at least not yet)

    To answer your question matter didnt exist until a short time after the big bang. Initially, the energy levels were so high that there was no matter. Matter could not exist under those conditions, it could not form. But after a period where more spacetime was available and the energy that filled it "thinned out" some (things were cooling down), matter began to form.

    Even though there are some good sources of information on the internet (many more bad sources, including me) most of the published works are still under copywrite. So either you hope google books has a copy or you have to stealing it. A library card will prevent you from having to steal it. Even though I did have some success with CC Attribution-Share Alike books I found online. I find a good old fashion book is easier to focus on.

  115. i had to watch this all the way too the end and it became quite painful. i really enjoyed how they tried to explain soul mates and laws of attraction through spiritual communications that lead you to find your partner. even better was using this kind of spiritual vocalized communication in long time partners to be able to communicate without full sentences. i always used to think that people had the ability to learn and notice obvious patterns that repeat, like knowing your partner is upset when they become quiet and unresponsive for example. i am happy to learn the truth now and i can forget about all that mambo jumbo that was supported by "evidence". for all of you who can now support this truth with me you will be able to complete my communication through our spiritual connection and feel free to suck my ____ and eat my ___. then we will all be in our proper places :).

  116. nice comment pheldespat!

  117. @ JZ:

    Your question was not answered, You can get proper and better info. about the big bang on the net, the strong and the weak forces on the net, quarks, hadrons, gluons etc: on the net. I do not even know what Hate Machine was getting at.

    What has the the gravitational constant, Gravity, that every school boy knows, have to do with, (telepathic communication) as per the doc. I think that what he was referring to.

    In answer to your question, How did matter get here, in other words was came before the big bang? nobody knows!

  118. &Hate Machine - first of all a library card? I read online now (real books). But I get your point ...

    Anyway, your argument danced around my point ... you bring up that it's energy, fine. I do believe that the universe is expanding - my point was, you can keep asking the question, "Where does matter come from?" - Energy .. "Where does energy come from?" Science can only explain what is here. It is ignorant and foolish to think there is nothing else that governs besides science.

  119. @Gobsmacked- Fear? The shepard does not fear the sheep. The shepard does not fear the wolf. Only the sheep fear. The shepard sacrifices the less productive sheep to the wolf. How productive have you been lately Gobsmacked.

    The shepard cannot brainwash the wolf and the wolf cannot brainwash the shepard. Only the sheep are brainwashed.

    The people in this video are acting like shepards but are really the wolves. Either way I have no doubt there pockets are lined with wool.

    @JZ matter cannot be destroyed but it can be turned into energy and vice-versa. We proved that over Japan 65 years ago. The theory goes (at least the parts I understand) that as the universe expands and cools... this cooling causes the superforce to break down into the 4 forces we are familiar with. This also has the effect of precipitation of very basic building block of matter like quarks, and from quarks the first proton is formed. If the proton doesnt hit a anti-proton of happen to get caught in a particle accelerator it is still with us and exists in spacetime as we know it.

    I know this sounds kinda hookie but is actually quite simple.

    1. If you believe that the Large Hadron Collider breaks particles into smaller peices using high energy.

    2. If you believe that the universe is expanding and has always been expanding.

    You put 1 and 2 together. Like this. If you play back the universe in reverse it gets smaller and hotter. Since the universe is so big it gets REALLY hot when its gets small. It gets so hot that the particles are under more presure than the particles in the LHC. And since we know(mostly know) what happens to particles in the LHC we know what the universe was like about 13.7 billion years ago.

    The real questions is, Where did the energy for the big bang come come from.

    The problem is that all this sounds like voodoo. But the math is very specific and has amazingly little room for error. I think if you adjust the numbers by less then 6.67428 x 10^-11 (gravitational constant) models cannot recreate the universe. That means there is very little wiggle room for things like universal communication. That is why we know that these people are fabricating what the are saying... their theories would break the exact theories they depend on.

    Oh and JZ... Im not a scientist I just happen to have a library card. You should look into getting one.

  120. Scientists: "if matter can't be created nor destroyed" how did it get here?

  121. This is not science. It may or may not be philosophy, but it is not science.

  122. This documetary is good in certain ways and bad in others. Its good in that in a way it kinda paints a romantic image of the universe and existance. Its says you know what, you may not be religious nor you may not be so called pro-traditional science establishment. So we shall offer you an alternative where we will mix both elements and create this new thing, its kinda retro, its kinda youthful its amazing isnt it??
    This is meant to appeal to people who havent yet been satisfied by just traditional religion or traditional classical science - you know those who are abit dissilussioned.. And do you know why they might be dissillusioned, its because its a new world, its vibrant its colourful the youth of today dont care much about tradition they dnt really care much about substance, its all about style over substance so what we shall do is make this lovely documentary where we will use religious and scientific ideas mix them up in such a beautiful almost artist way and present it and i tell you what, you just watch them bite!!

    The bottom line though is that this documentary might look pretty, hell if it had a smell am sure it would smell wonderful but scratch beneath the surface am sure you'll find nuthing of any practical use whatsoever...

  123. Interesting concepts. I must say, I'm tired of all the conspiracy cr^p!

  124. @Kingmob:

    you said:

    "This inference that somehow scientists are cold walking meat calculators is idiotic."

    You may think it is idiotic, but if it's true, then what does that make many scientists? I never said scientists were "cold walking meat calculators". What I said was:

    "...something most scientists lack: the knowledge and experience from the right hemisphere of the brain. The non-linear, intuitive, big picture side.

    Most scientists today are stuck in the left brain, and see only half of reality. They see only logical data, numbers, things that can be measured physically."

    That is true, is it not? Now, think about this. Scientists routinely dismiss dreams, premonitions, and intuitive or psychic experiences, because they give the excuse that there are no numbers involved or "hard data". They don't look at these experiences directly (without their biased filters). Instead, they ignore it and try to force it into their own limited understanding, explaining it away with whatever "logical" explanation (logical in quotes because it's not really logical, it's just what most people have believed for a long time) they can find. Just like you did with the typical ignorant conclusion of "oh it must just be hallucinations".

    you also said:

    "Religion speaks in absolutes. Science says “this is the best way we can describe this at this moment in time”, scientific understanding changes when a better explanation comes along."

    Those are so pretty big and incorrect false statements. Many religious people are very ignorant of reality, I agree. But not all of them. And many scientists, who claim to be open to new ideas and describing something in the best way at this moment in time, regularly make ridiculous absolute statements, such as:

    "That is impossible."
    "It could never happen."
    "Anyone who thinks that way is stupid."

    If scientists were really being true scientists, and not dogmatic parrots of an official scientific paradigm that has existed for a time, they would be open to studying these now-ridiculed phenomena more.

    finally, (and this is interesting), you said:

    "Whose to say that those memories aren’t hallucinations experienced before the brain death occured..."

    There's that common and in many ways invalid hallucination idea. Yes it is true many people have hallucinations for many reasons, and that is a definite cause in some cases.

    However, in many near-death experiences, the person accurately knew what words were spoken by the physicians around them, saw the machines operating on them, and can describe what they did in their procedure, all the while they were unconscious (physically).

    So it's impossible to be a hallucination in this case, unless it were an EXTREMELY remote chance of a random hallucination that just happened to fit all the details that matched reality.

  125. @ sonny corbi and anyony else who cares to listen.
    I will be as consice as possible without being too heavy.

    the question where we come from is one that I cannot answer definately, but as you know there are many theories to choose from. Whether you choose evolution or creationism or alien experiments. The answer will have no effect on the here and now because for the majority to believe it you would need overwheling proof/first hand evidence which is never going to happen.
    A better question would be how we came to being/existing.

    To answer WHY we are here is a pointless question (not trying to ridcule you because it is a common question asked by everyone seeking purpose. The reality is that there is no WHY to us being here. The problem is not WHY we are here it is the fact that YOU feel you need purpose to exist, you are not happy just being and therefore feel the need to be more than what you are. The best way for you to see my point of view is to change the question from we to something thats less significant eg.slug or grass(not the drug), so why does grass exist, answer: because it simply just does for it aesthetic beauty alone.
    These are the same principles echoed in eastern mythology to be exact a basic principle of NIRVANA, the state of being truly free and untill you can grasp that you will continually be running in circles chasing your tail.

    PS: As a race of humans we stumbled thru the age of TAURUS. Then the blind led the blind thru the age of PISCSE. This is the age of AQUARIUS the age of consciousness... so think before you speak.

  126. Amen Jeffery some people just don't know they don't know!

  127. @HaTe_MaChInE

    What an appropriate name!...You are brainwashed to the point that you think hate and ignorance of what your unrecognised privelage does to others is winning? sounds more like fear to me!

    What the bleep has scared the crap out of the real pseudoscientists who project their alice in wonderland scientific views on the real science that is full of potential.

    Enjoy being on the winning side...whilst you still can!

    @ Jeffrey James

    I entirely agree with you...why does such potential scare people so much...the brainwashing techniques of a hierarchical science where things are made to fit, not analysed because they dont perhaps?

  128. so much negative reaction to such a positive and beautiful documentary. I can only presume that these feelings rise from those who cannot except themselves to be capable of what this doc in sues. Im sorry for you and I hope you come around and join us.

  129. Hate_Machine is pretty much hitting the nail on the head. This inference that somehow scientists are cold walking meat calculators is idiotic. It's born out of thought patterns so thoroughly removed from understanding of science. Science isn't a belief system, i wish people would stop equating the two. Religion doesn't actually explain the universe, in fact it makes it more difficult to explore. Science provides a method by which people can study, theorize about and test observations. The results are measured not only by the participants own wish to know the truth of why things happen, but by the community at large.

    Religion speaks in absolutes. Science says "this is the best way we can describe this at this moment in time", scientific understanding changes when a better explanation comes along.

    Whose to say that those memories aren't hallucinations experienced before the brain death occured. I've experienced some pretty intense hallucinations myself, how i won't say, sometimes like to the point where i saw things of a seemingly infinite scale or seeing things from angles i had no physical way of seeing them from.

    See neuroscientists have discovered that vision and seeing are mostly generated from memory. If our eyes simply "saw" like a camera does the level of visual information would be overwhelming.As a result our brains don't even bother with that information and make inferences based on what we see from memory. This process is extremely fast.

    So with this in mind seeing is not some magical process. When you hallucinate you aren't actually seeing a damn thing. your brain is just reacting to chemicals in your brain ( something made in abundance during death in order to make dieing easier) and producing those images.

    I also say this giving the benefit of the doubt to those who claim to have experienced these events. They could quite simply be lying.

  130. This documentary is like good weed. Those who don't like it are probably fundamentalist Christians. And those who do, well come on over to my place and let's light one up! Call me up on my telepathic phone.

  131. Nice comment, @HaTe_MaChInE. Interesting subjects.

    One thing about what you wrote though:

    "They are called biochemists and psychiatrists. Consciousness is not a huge mystery, it is all brain chemistry. If you take a man and scoop out his brains you scoop out his consciousness..."

    What more up-to-date science is finding is that brain != consciousness. The two are certainly very tightly intertwined. However, people who have had near-death experiences have had no pulse, no brain activity whatsoever, and return to consciousness with vivid memories of where they just were and what they experiences.

    Not only that, but they accurately saw, heard, and in other ways observed the surgeons/medical staff working and talking around them.

    So how can a brain = consciousness theory explain that?

  132. @Ned - There are many, many, people working on understanding consciousness. They are called biochemists and psychiatrists. Consciousness is not a huge mystery, it is all brain chemistry. If you take a man and scoop out his brains you scoop out his consciousness. If you look at what you scoop out it is just a pile of cells... really no different than any others. The fact that we have so many and arranged in suck a way is what makes us special.

    Anyone who says consciousness is something besides simple brain chemistry is lying to you and is most likely trying to sale you something.

    I don't know why some people need to take simple concepts and blow them out of per-portion to give themselves the sense that the are something special. Isn't it enough that "we are" just because "we are".

    Why do people grasp for something spectacular. Its almost like life isn't possible for you unless you make it unrealistically complicated. Why do you reject the fact that life is very simple. Why do you invent nonsense.

    There is no magic voltage that ties "consciousness" to "man". I feel like people reject the faith of a big man in the sky for the divine spirit in the atom. In the middle ages the bible was either Latin, Greek, or Hebrew. Since very few people could read let alone read Latin the priest were able to use the powerful and exotic language to impart importance on the everyday.

    These people are doing the same thing. The use the words they here others speak, invent some random nonsense, and say it with confidence. Then the followers chase blindly never questioning. They say "it is in the book.. and that is good enough" If you "open your mind you will see the light" You just "dont understand" But dont you see... I do understand!

    I am by no means a expert in chemistry, biology, physics... hell it took me three tries just to spell chemistry, but I do know enough to know what I understand and what I don't understand. I know enough to know this is fraud.

    When I see people falling for this stuff I just want to reach out and grab them, hold them, look into their eyes, and say "Cant you see they are lying to you". Sadly compassion is not my strong suit so in its stead I lash out. I try to cut deep, and hope that maybe that cut will scar and that scar will remind you of my words and somewhere deep down you might reconsider and say... you know maybe that HaTe_MaChInE guy was a little bit right.

    Sorry for the long post. I have discovered that the length of my posts are directly correlated to the number of beers I have drank.

  133. Haters: - you are re-inforcing a man-made version of Reality here - so maybe that is why you were given some aspects of Life ....
    I think you're aggression would be welcome in the Military - Hey - become a braindead Thackleberry !

  134. Good doc. watched it all.

    Love the old, new age stuff, a lot of good science by scientists.
    The doc is simple and straightforward, easy to comprehend.

    Everything that is in this doc. I already knew, but put together in one flowing paradigm, that should make sense to everyone with an "open mind".

  135. Interesting comment "Con.science..." I like the thought you put into it.

    One thing many people are unaware of or do not yet understand, is that religions, while different, at their core, all are talking about the same thing. There are always dogmatic people who start jumping in and claiming theirs is best, or fighting, but what I'm saying is very true.

    If you look at the core points and read between the lines of what the *original* founders/creators/messengers of the major religions talk about, they agree on many things, and their message is very similar.

    It's the branches, the people who take up leadership in religions like imams, priests, popes, etc. who start to differentiate and argue amongst themselves.

    A wise man understands that Hinduism, Christian, Islam, Judaism, etc....they all come from one core, and that core is based on reality. It's not based on a belief/faith, rather it's based on a higher reality that involves intuition more than what we can see, hear, measure with a ruler, etc.

    Documentaries like these try to connect with that same core. They are not talking about a religion or dogma..the reason they show verses/ideas from multiple religions is to show that connectedness to that same underlying foundation in reality.

  136. absolute cr^p, its took some basic concepts of quantum physics (5%) with about 95 percent of their own metaphysical take on it, essentially its useless unless watched for entertainment. You can see how they are applying their own subjective world outlook from an emic perspecive, which is fair enough if you want entertainment, but its not science. Nobody understands the mysteries of this world, especially for the why's of the quantum world.

    tbh i only saw half of it!

  137. I think everyone has a valid point on this doc (yes I watched the entire thing), but the problem with this doc and the reason why it has such a polemic love/hate response is because it mixes scientific fact (which is consciousness is the basis of life and it can not be quantifed in scientific terms), with giant leaps of imagination/faith that religion/god is tantamount to quantum physics at its purest form.

    This does not work because faith and empricisim are at opposite ends of the scale and can only be placed in the same category by someone who either knows no better or is zelous in their beliefs and would stop at nothing to prove their case.

    I would like to say that many things in this doc regarding conciousness is correct or viable(i leave that for you to decide what exactly), but the creater of this doc has done themselves an injustice by building their premiss on shakey ground. By this I mean to say that by constructing the first half of the doc on a scientific background then placing it on a vast shifting paradigim as religion, using quotes from the bible and vedas to support it(which can be used to prove anything), takes away any crediblity.

    In all the doc was ok to pass time while I do the iorning..

  138. Since I work as a clay artist, I would tend to say that it is rather easy to manifest an intangible into a tangible. Bickering is not conducive to healing. We really must find a way to cultivate Power with Others on this planet. Since living thru hurricane katrina on the MS gulf coast, I assure You ALL that changes are happening very rapidly now. Most of my friends and family lost their Homes and businesses, but we did not. I worked as an R.N. for many years and am a caring person who is able to use both my left and right brain. It is learning to integrate all of our experiences and knowledge. Manifesting is easy and synchronicity is a sign that we are in a higher brain wave state. I would ask, are you JoyFULL in life and do you want to live in a more harmonious Universe? I do. This series was empowering even IF the brilliant scientists do not like it or agree with it. If the average person was able to watch it and open to a few of the concepts, I do believe that life on the planet would SHIFT into something more beautiful. No matter what anybody says, I KNOW we are powerful beyond measure and we must learn to cooperate and be more loving and less judgemental.

  139. I think it must at least be a good documentary to have a discussion go on like this in such a short amount of time.

  140. a dunkleosteus would have swallowed you whole! i find them to be quite charming, actually.

  141. Ok. I'm off to bed. No more Quantum for me, but in my heart I do believe in strings! Oh, I do believe in strings! :-)

  142. Sorry guys. After watching it for a few minutes I got a huge migraine Way too much candles and incense. If this kind of new age stuff is the new frontier then I'll have Scotty beam me back to the quandary of quantum.

  143. Ugly critters, weren't they? I wonder if they would have BBQ'd well.

  144. @Charles: It's a Bone-Fish (Dunkleosteus). Look it up on wikipedia (watch out, it says millions of years on that page).

  145. Is everybody drunk on this thread, or what?!?

    Mr. Razor: Religees again? Hey! I resemble that remark. Thanks for the heands up. I do so detest New Age stuff . . . remember that last time I tried to watch one. Well, anyway. "Quatum entanglement" sounds like a painful process; I'll pass, thanks.

    Sonny Corbi. I watched 3 minutes before I added my comment. ;-)

    Dr. Dunkleosteus: I had to cut and paste your name just to spell it correctly! Is that your real name or what?!? Maybe. Sorry if it is; just having fun at your expense. :-)

  146. I am just wondering how many people actually watched this whole doc. before they posted comments? I did and they documented every thing they stated. I am going back and watch it again. It seems to me a lot of people are just passing judgement to spout their ego. If i came across like that i sure did not mean to! Anthony your right i went back and read my statement. The beginning and body of the text was right on but there at the end it went side ways. It's late and i guess i went side ways. I was wondering Anthony if you could not understand my gibberish why were you so mad at what i said? Your Good Friend Sonny Corbi

  147. excellent doc ... if u are watching this movie with the straight urge to understand what other ppl may consider bogus/fake/nonsense data, then u really need something stronger to get ... high!! There's no way to watch a doc about quantum mechanics (which is really NOT a part of your daily life as u know it) and then blame the producer for misinterpretation or lack of evidence. How the hell do u even know about this s*** anyway? Oh wait ... it was maybe your first doc that told u about quantum s*** and then .... BAM ... u became over night a quantum scientific lame ass licker who can spread words about physics and stuff at the speed of light. What a boomer ..

    I say let ppl explain what they find and discover ever if they can and then, drawn your own conclusion regarding people, trends, events, or ideas. Stiffening your own ego in front of each other is simply bad for the brain health no matter how "quantum" it may sound;)

  148. ...and I do like these docs. Way better than anything the discovery channel or history channel would put on concerning the subject. Some how I feel like everything put on tv has to be screened and therefor diluted so that after a while, every space doc is the same, every science doc is the same, every religon doc is the same, etc.

    At least this is a hypothesis that I've never been exposed to before. I dig the far-out stuff, even if it is only to make the conventional stuff appealing again.

  149. My mind!

    I think we all need to calm it down on all the religion/science/politics/mystery/conspiracy docs for a little while.

    It's like poking an ant hill with a stick and said stick can't be proven to be real or imaginary, 3 dimensional or 4, figurative or literal, mortal or immortal, holy or secular, divine or evil, domestic or extra-terrestrial... gah, my mind!

    I like the Daily Show from tonight: John Stewart needed to see footage of kittens to heal his mind from the horrible truth of the pope helping priests to get away with molestation.

    I need more mindless entertainment to heal my mind from these outragous documentaries! Vlatko! More docs about volcanoes, race cars, rocket ships, dinosaurs, video games, and yes kittens!

    Oh and by the way, an hour after the bong... I had given up.

  150. Well I watched up to 5, don,t want to stay up all night, so will watch the rest tomorrow. So far a lot of old, new age theories, which I love, because it so infuriates the religee's. And some so called scientists.

    A lot of this stuff makes sense to me, you have to think out of the box about linear time, space etc: and think of higher dimensions than our 3 dimensions , 4 dimensions if considering time. There is supposed to be 11 dimensions,
    I give you no math just quoting theoretical physics. Einstein and Quantum say time and space are an illusion.

    Again no math, just quoting, so the "pseudo know it all's" the brain surgeons as I call them don't jump on my frame saying show me the math!

    Dose anybody know the process of Quantum entanglement? are we all in a process of entanglement?

    Is our thoughts and matter entangled, the doc. says they are, actually Quantum say the same thing, our bodies are made of matter are they not? and according to the doc. our thoughts affect our bodies right? Figure it out. maybe our thoughts make our bodies.
    Will wait for repercussions tomorrow, going to bed am tired.

  151. Wow awesome, I'm glad I can bring an ounce of entertainment to the few people who like to try to always debate other people......ON THE INTERNET!!! I'm going outside for a run :)
    And to tell you the truth, I put no stock in others, especially anyone who calls themselves an "expert". Listen to your inner self people!
    Have fun everyone, and keep watching, thanks for posting all these Docs!! I'm loving it!!

  152. I'm on video #5, and up to this point have found many of the negative comments preceding my quite off base. Yes, this documentary is quite forward thinking and progressive - but so far i've found the science to be quite sound.

    ...don't permit an old school electrical engineer's limited mechanistic perspective to determine the value of this information, b/c his thinking represents a paradigm that already we've grown beyond... neither accept whole-heartedly everything they say - rather, check it out for yourself

    thank you for posting this documentary, it's very compelling

  153. @HaTe_MaChInE

    You can call me whatever you like, the fact is scientists are stuck in a certain paradigm. Until they branch out deeper into studies of consciousness, they won't begin to understand these things.

  154. @Ned - I apologize I reread what you said... and to think "Most scientists today are stuck in the left brain, and see only half of reality." "Only when scientists start using their right brain more, they will begin to see the rest of reality that they’ve been hiding from themselves." you sir are a fool.

  155. @HaTe_MaChInE

    you said:

    "@Ned – To think that scientists are not creative shows that
    you sir are a fool."

    I never said that. What are you talking about. Please re-read my comment.

  156. @ Blandy - What the Bleep, Down The Rabbit Hole is considered by most to be psudoscience just like the above.

    Here are some quotes about what the bleep

    Simon Singh called it pseudoscience and said the suggestion "that if observing water changes its molecular structure, and if we are 90% water, then by observing ourselves we can change at a fundamental level via the laws of quantum physics" was "ridiculous balderdash."

    According to João Magueijo, professor in theoretical physics at Imperial College, the film deliberately misquotes science.

    The American Chemical Society's review criticizes the film as a "pseudoscientific docudrama", saying "Among the more outlandish assertions are that people can travel backward in time, and that matter is actually thought."

    David Albert, a physicist who appears in the film, has accused the filmmakers of selectively editing his interview to make it appear that he endorses the film's thesis that quantum mechanics are linked with consciousness. He says he is "profoundly unsympathetic to attempts at linking quantum mechanics with consciousness."

    Do not use a discredited film to support an un-creditable film.

    @godsmacked - When you are on the winning team you dont need to be brainwashed... I am part of the "they". So I am secure.

    @Ned - To think that scientists are not creative shows that you sir are a fool. The most beautiful creations in this world are based on fact and logic. A example would be the scientists that described DNA using models. They sculpted something that was not just beautiful but it was something most sculptures will never understand. James D. Watson and Francis Crick received the Nobel Prize

    So I say... scientists can do art, but can artiest do science?

    @Psykick - Definition of skeptic

    a person who questions the validity or authenticity of something purporting to be factual.

    Definition of sheep

    a meek, unimaginative, or easily led person.

    Problem with sheep is they think skepticism is a bad thing.

    @Leebo - Do write more. Any real scientist would applaud criticism of their hypothesis.

  157. I would simply like to mention that a long time ago we believed the earth was flat and somewhere along the line someone was brave enough to go against the "established" beliefs and explored the unexplored, the unexplainable. Thanks to those people who dared and weren't afraid of ridicule we now know with certainty that the earth is round. To believe that our current "scientific" knowledge is advanced enough to explain all the phenomena in this universe and therefore discard anything that does not agree with it would be the equivalent of thinking we know everything. Honestly there is a lot of data in this documentary that raises questions that should be explored not swept under the rug. He who thinks he knows everything obviously knows nothing! Peace! Btw if you want to reply please do so telepathically!

    1. The brave ones who discovered that the earth was round were scientist. Through observation and applying mathematics they formulated a model of a round earth. Many years later that model was proven to be correct when men sailed around the earth.

      No scientist has ever said that he knows it all. Science observes and collects data to formulate theories which is either proven or disproved using all observations. If there is data that proves that this stuff is indeed true, the most excited individuals would be the scientists as it would open a brand new field of science.

  158. Many things out there that "science" has not caught up to yet. It's really hard to talk about them, because they involve something most scientists lack: the knowledge and experience from the right hemisphere of the brain. The non-linear, intuitive, big picture side.

    Most scientists today are stuck in the left brain, and see only half of reality. They see only logical data, numbers, things that can be measured physically. They still feel love for their spouse or other loved ones; they still know that life is a giant mystery and may have strange dreams, or even premonitional dreams (seeing what will happen in the future before it happens, not that uncommon, especially among intuitives). Because these things aren't numerical and ordered, scientists ignore them.

    Only when scientists start using their right brain more, they will begin to see the rest of reality that they've been hiding from themselves.

  159. I have yet to watch this, but wanted to skim over the comments first. Many of you have cast it aside. I interviewed Dr. Aubrey De Grey. Knowing that in 15-20 years we may have a cure for age related death is thrilling and I now look forward to my 70's. Numerous times I have mentioned
    this to family and friends and a high percentage of them cannot believe it or find some reason why it can't be so. Interesting as this is similar to the posts from most of you. My mind is open to all possibilities. Very exciting times ahead for us all!

  160. "You don't know what you don't know." Coulove

  161. I'd have to be high as a kite to take this documentary seriously... maybe an hour into a bong I'd be willing to accept the scientific validity of 'positive vibes'

  162. All brainwashing destroys creative ability...so 'not a bad thing'? depends on whether you want change or stagnation.

    Brainwashing to the extent that you don't think the government has any power over you is very dangerous indeed

  163. Well, thankfully my wife has saved me from watching more than 8 minutes of this boring doc. Where's Mr. Razor when you need him to translate the quantum gobbledygook!

    godsmacked: We all have some form of "brainwashing" but that's not a bad thing if you can decide who you want to "wash" your "brain"! Most of us need a good scrub now and then.

  164. Would you consider watching 'What the Bleep, Down The Rabbit Hole', which deals with Quantum Mechanics, and is produced by those white coat people. See they say the same thing in that documentary and that has scientific proof given to you, including experiments that they have published to the scientific community and the public. This is University professors and well known figures in the scientific community today, so not some wannabe's trying to sell some pendants.

    The bit that I think makes people doubt any of this is when they research it further, is that you connect with ancient mystery teachings which talks about the same thing, "the quantum field" or a "force"... If you can look past your biased views on this subject you would see that it does exist and it is very powerful. The fact that ancient civilisations spoke about this same power, doesn't mean it is hocus pocus.

    The fact that some today have spun it into a way of "success building", or "attracting whatever you want", doesn't mean it doesn't work. I was sceptical at first until I started researching more about the quantum world and the amazing things that have been achieved so far. We have only scratched the surface on how powerful the mind and body is.

    PS Stop this, "I am enlightened and you are brainwashed crap" - We are all brainwashed, even me, even when I research alternative open-minded works, it is still indoctrination of my mind. Bickering about who accepts and denies this information doesn't help us at all.

  165. @ Learned "It must suck to think the government and its stooges have so much power over you"!

    What! and you dont think they do?...what planet do you come from?

    I can give you the contact details of a very good psychotherapist who has had huge success reversing the effects of 'brainwashing'!

  166. This was the worst movie I have seen lately. It takes bits and pieces of quantum physics, psychology, and bad spirituality and puts them together as some ridiculous conspiracy. I can always tell who the conspiracy people are from their comments: uneducated and paranoid. It must suck to think the government and its stooges have so much power over you!

  167. I could write thousands of words on how wrong this but I will not. All I will say is this.... I am an award winning Electrical Engineer and I also have a degree in a field of physics partly in acoustics, waves and frequency.

    This documentary is what happens when bad science meets spirituality... utter pig swill! As a scientist I don't like saying such things but in this case I have made an exception. In this documentary there was a part where a "scientist" (yes the speech marks are mocking him) mentions voltage generated by humans and then refers to it as energy. Very simple physics here will show he is a complete tit.... simply put voltage is pressure which pushes a current. Voltage is not energy! Energy is measured in Joules. Work = Force × Distance, Watt (W/m2 or Wm-2) is the metric unit of measurement of the intensity of radiation in watts over 1 square meter surface. One watt is equal to 1 joule of work per second, like I say very simple physics.

    The other thing that angered me was the part where it was stated that sexual and romantic attraction were a product of this mystical "energy". They forgot to mention the psychological element of why one person finds another attractive and the next person does not.

    With any theory I like to keep an open mind but when I see the gaping holes and very simple mistakes in the science of said theory... well I just have to say... horse s***! Excuse my language but this really did anger me!

  168. The problem with a skeptic is that even if he met god in person he would be unconvinced. Why? Lack of evidence!!

  169. People like this is the reason no one takes Americans seriously. Anyone that associates science with this madness should be ashamed.

    @Yehaa - The scientific method consists of the collection of data through observation and experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses.

    I ask what can be tested here... what observations can be reproduced. Nothing. If it cant be tested it is not science.

    I repeat. If it cannot be reproduced it is not science.

    People like these should be jailed for some type of perjury.

    So a human generates 1.5 volts... so he can commune with the universe?

    I learned that I am able to radiate enough energy in 0.7 to 300 micrometers wave length that it can be detected from space. Hence I am the Absolute Being. Try to prove that incorrect.

  170. Great information.
    This is definetly the future. The current system won't last much longer. This where we are going. So watch this more then once.

  171. @BooDa - Experts are the people that give us cell phones, microprocessors, gps, CRTs, High temp superconductors, and so on , and so on. These crack pots give nothing... they are takers. They take advantage of the weak. They convince the simplest among us that they can "help".

    I would hope that anyone with even a grade school education can sort out the nonsense these people are spouting.

    It does make me wish I was creative enough to make this stuff up myself... I could use a little disposable income.

  172. Haha just to note I might have come off oddly, I am a heavy believer in Science, but also of its limitations...

  173. @SirCapt'n,

    well cap'n, to begin with you might like to look into biophotonics (particularly Dr. Popp's research), it does support some of these claims. The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Darby is also a good read although as a synthesis of science and spirituality it is still fringe science. "Vernetze Intelligenz" is supposedly the authority on a more scientific viewpoint of DNA as the greatest communications network known (using biophotons) and the Russians did a whole lot of research into these matters as well, but unfortunately I speak neither German nor Russian so it is only conjecture on these matters.

    Although many of these ideas are still completely unsupported scientifically, these bold claims should not be discounted as our current physical framework in science does leave out the mental and spiritual dimensions which produce the 'pseudo-science' theories portrayed here.

    Lastly I would like to state to all those under the impression that the scientific method is the ultimate and infallable method of gaining knowledge, please go to your closest university and find the section 'Philosophy of Science', where hopefully you will change your mind and help me tell Dawkins to suck it!

  174. this doc gives quantum a bad name

  175. This should be listed under Entertainment / Comedy.

  176. To BooDa. Piles of research data is what you gather proof from. That is why I trust the guys in white coats over someones opinion with no research data to back it up. Show us all some hard evidence of so called "Quantum Communication" then the "sheeple" might cosider it.

  177. To pheldespat:
    I guess there are not enough people in this documentary with white coats and piles of researched data, calling themselves "experts" for you to put your fingers on your chin and nod in agreeance like most sheeple.
    Open your mind, the mainstream doctors, and it does not matter what government you and the other sheeple vote in. They are both the quackery, bogus, false, scam, swindle, high-tech snake oil, 21st century pharmaceutical mumbo-jumbo, totally soulless, lies, deception which you speak of. You just have to open your eyes and ears to the possibilities of the unexplained of the human body, and stop listening the the "experts!", they will do you more harm then good!

  178. Quackery. Bogus. False. Scam. Swindle. High-tech snake oil. 21st Century Quantum-New Age mumbo-jumbo. Totally baseless. Lies. Deception.