Quantum Communication

Quantum Communication

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Quantum CommunicationThis documentary film by Producer, David Sereda, Quantum Communication, attempts to teach us how communication really works from the Quantum level and how this is connected to the Universal Laws of Attraction. How do we manifest our future Soul-Matches, Business Partners, Teachers, and how do we communicate with God? What is actually happening when we pray? How do we create an intelligent dialog with the creative force of the Universe to allow us to experience a Quantum leap in our own intelligence?

The way we manifest abundance in our lives is to awaken the genius within each one of us so that we can excel in our relationships, careers and super-learning to transform our lives and those around us. Discover how to master this in your life! This awakening of intelligence happens when we understand how Quantum Communication actually functions within each of us. Learn techniques to open this awareness within yourself to become a Fully-Actualized human being.

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8 years ago

If volt meter tests can be done on the heart and brain, can't early detection of heart disease and depression be used as a common-and cheaper diagnostic tool?

Sid Cox
9 years ago

There has always been a segment of the populace that operates with an aberrated mind process of compulsive obsessive control. They migrate to positions of management, political and religious leadership in order to "control" other people as a means to justify their own beliefs which manifest out of their own fears.It is the paranoia of their thoughtsthat attack others who do not join them in their mental prisons. They are a minority that obsesses with dictating to others their reality which is based upon illusions handed down through generations through eons of the same dictated mind control social orders. That is why nothing changes and wars and poverty and hunger and disease continue to plague their lives and the lives of everyone else.
In a sense, they need the horrors of evil they manifest in order to fulfill their twisted needs, and to what avail?
The answer to their limited mental function is to ignore their
dysfunctional commentary as though they do not exist and focus on what is positive. Eventually they just go away as if they do not matter. That is why they do what they do as a means to justify their presence.
Again, they are truly a minority.

9 years ago

Oh my God, so much negativity here. It's only too easy to dismiss something as New Age airheadism to coin a word. I don't agree with everything in this vid, only some of the ideas put forth resonate with me. One thing is for certain and sure: there is and always has been a small, evil cartel of people who don't want the rest of us to think outside the box--else we'd be pretty darn much impossible to control. Back in the so-called Dark Ages, the Roman Church and the powers-that-were got together, as a case-in-point, and decided that people were not to hear about the process of reincarnation; better an image of a jealous and vengeful God of Whom they would be scared shitless. Again, such a populace would be very easy to control--especially if the controllers purported to have a "hot line" to Divinity. So my take on the matter of things is to fully employ the minds which God has given and to use discernment.

10 years ago

Some interesting idea's were raised. The "healer" from bornio being just about the most believable story. But alas.. most of these are PROBABLY just stories.
For me, everything is a story until it is backed up and proven beyond doubt. Anyone here that is interested or educated in any science field will more than likely feel the same way.
However, there have been many theories/stories that we once accepted as being fact, which were disproven many years later. Not to mention the many theories which were once suggested, based on hunches, which were then proven to be true many years later. So we shouldn't take anything for granted.
It makes me wonder why so many are so sure that all of these videos are either true or untrue. Unless you're an expert in all the fields and have researched them in depth, you can't really say whether they are actually true or untrue.

G 13
10 years ago

There's a tonne of evidence available to support what this documentary posits - that consciousness is (1) not of the brain and (2) has causal agency. If in doubt, do some homework on the subject and see for yourself.

google "alan wallace revolution mind sciences" (no quotes)
google "dean radin pk meta analysis" (no quotes)

And there are many more.

10 years ago

A lot of critics around here. Some geeks learned a physics lesson and feel like knowing everything. pussies . Scientists are still discovering new things and realize they were wrong some time ago and you people feel like knowing everything.

10 years ago

Look at the people defending it lol.. They have to type SO much to try and claw their ground back. Sad.. there's no telepathy. You're saying there is, prove it right now.

10 years ago

I thought this was about actual Quantum communications. You know, using the properties of subatomic particles being able to exist in 2 places at the same time, creating a means for digital communication wirelessly and instantaneously over distances of over a kilometer to date. Turns out this is pseudo-science, psycho-BS.

Note: Power is measured in Watts (W), Energy is measured in Joules (J)
What Power and Energy are they talking about?

10 years ago

This documentary has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Some of it does strike a chord, remaining is food for thought. Its easy to dismiss all of it assuming 'you' know everything about life and the universe, but that would be sheer arrogance. Scientists are investigating these phenomena based on various effects observed by people all over the world. I guess some people here find their comfort zone threatened which is making them lash out almost defensively.
As humans , we barely use 10% of our brain potential. We are still exploring the functions of the 'mind' . Human brain still remains the least understood organ in the body. So how can we assume that we 'know' everything about it. Some people are able to experience phenomena, which our collective human scientific efforts are still exploring. You cant shut out every person's experience just cause it clashes with yours. Everyone is experiencing life through their own unique perspective. Our collective scientific efforts have yet to catch up with it. This documentary may have been a lot of speculation, which is yet to be confirmed, but we have to leave room for the possibilities that arise as a part of this speculation. We already know how the 'earth is round' idea was opposed with the same kind of passion by people who were carried away with thier own intelligence. And if we keep repeating the same mistakes, we may just slow down the progress of our race. There are things to be understood.
In the end, in my opinion i do like the documentary's attempt to kind of 'introduce' the concept and idea to a lay person. The scientists shown in the documentary are definitely not fake. They are bold enough to have been researching this phenomena. Maybe a more polished form of this concept in a more convincing way would go down well with the naysayers here.

10 years ago

If the fluff brains want to believe this, then fine. It's an improvement over hellfire and antisemitism and they're going to believe some sentimental, anthropocentric hogwash anyway. Might as well be hogwash that convinces them all to love one another.... Then again that's what I might have said had I been around 2000 years ago...

10 years ago

There were a few errors in the documentery that sort of ruined it for me. First all they claim that ions flow through your body. I don't know about ions but i'm pretty sure that's not how they work. What I DO know about is time travel and other quantum stuff and they claim that a stone IS in the shape of the universe (not proven yet) charged up with FASTER than the speed of light energies. Well we have a problem here due to the speed of light being literly the fastest anything in our world can go without teleporting. If the magic stones were really charged with faster than light than HOOOLEEEYY sh****t you just invented reliable time travel. Patent it NOW or atleast put in on the internet. There were also a few small issues that struck me off, but they were mostly personal things. For example the "finding your soul mate" sounds good but you realise that by increasing your ability to controll your world you don't have to deal with destiny anymore you're in (more) controll now.

There were a some good points but also some glaring flaws. Overall I just can't take this seriouslly.

shane scallan
11 years ago

i watched this over two years ago and rubbished the entire thing.. I've since watched 100s of other docs and have come back to review it on my updated understanding and life experience.

all of the minds working is pretty much according to the enviornment. sound plays a huge role in what you think. when we say the subconcious it often means something that is very subtle or overlooked as unimportant by you. it does however contribute to your thinking.

I have also learned to listen much more carefully through meditation, some know it as the inner ear where its as if there is a buzzing inside your head or a pulse beat close to whatever ear you are focused with, left or right.

this is heavily linked to the nervous system and the electric flow throughout your body. eastern cultures know this as chi energy but really it is just the nervous system and the minds ability of where to direct focus.

all of what is been said in this doc does concur with all known physics. energy is merely vibration, it is simply a case of been sensitive enough to recognise this energy and understanding enough to interperut it.

there is also more than one way to look at something, so when you feel depressed by a certain thought, it also has the same capacity to deliver you relief or happiness.

mental or spiritual strenght is required in any case. the problem with most people today is their lack of inner strenght, much due to the ongoing superficial and fake workings of hollywood buzz culture and other spiritual terrorists.

watch this space, it is by far the most interesting line of study in the 21st centuary. I beleive telepathic healing is something we are close to rediscovering.

Crispin Adler
11 years ago

This is cutting edge in that we're now able to quantify what the ancients have successfully tapped into to give us wisdom of the ages. We have always been God like in nature, creator beings of unlimited potential but because of the dumb-downess we recieve from media programming, religious mis-leading and those 2% Neanderthals who don't want us to be enlightened and self-realised, we're enslaved and bound.

If you watched these string of documentaries, you've asked questions...are you ready for the answers?

11 years ago

I actually find these videos useful in terms that an other perspective is open to me for observation and discussion. I'm a scientist of the biomedical field, I'm not a theoretical physicist but reading some comments by people that are obviously in science and are heretically rejecting anything out of the box, really makes me scratch my head since this is not the 14th century. And even more, since quantum physics is a legit field of science that is already insane enough by itself to begin with. Why should all those other possibilities discussed in these videos be instantly rejected, is beyond me.

11 years ago

this stuff is for the people who are desperate enough to believe in anything, as long as they're hearing what they want to hear, and not the sad truth.

there may come a day where i become one of them... hopefully not soon.

11 years ago

I'm glad most people who watched this are intelligent (as evidence in your comments.) I don't mind people posting bullshit or categorizing them as documentary - I only mind when our society is too dumb to know they are being fed bull shit.

11 years ago

This is amazing

11 years ago

This video does not belong in the documentary collection. This is fiction as far as I can tell. Incidentally it is easy to measure high voltage fields without much apparatus at all. We are immersed in 60 Hertz; just touch an 1/8 inch jack at the tip which is plugged into the aux in of your stereo and you'll hear the 60 Hertz picked up from your body. With disregard for high impedance circuits it is quite easy to get misleading voltage measurements. There is quite a bit of relevant detail here and I am not going to deny the possibility that we are affected by these fields. We are immersed in much information flow and our neurons are fairly sensitive. Still, there is much to consider before claiming proof: for instance the wavelength of 60 Hertz electromagnetic radiation is five million meters. Yet we can still pick it up locally. Depending upon how many problems we are willing to regard as open problems we can land in many areas of study, but this quantum communication video is not one that I find likely to land upon. This is of course merely the opinion of one human.

- Tim Golden, BandTechnologyDotCom

Charles Horatio Merriweather
11 years ago

Stop hijacking scientific terms for your damn fairytale hogwash! Quantum communication? What's next for these people? "How listening to whalesong, touching crystals and weakly interacting massive particles can help your lovelife".

Ryan Evans
11 years ago

@ David Lee Everyone knows that the rainbow butterfly gave it's colors away to make the rainbow, and that's why there are moths.

11 years ago

Pure New Age BS. It amazes me how people are limitlessly capable of spewing knowledge they don´t really posses. It enrages me, still, when this sort of guru charlatans sease the mistic generated by the weirdness of the quantum mechanical world, confusing the public as to what science realy knows about it all. Nauseating.

11 years ago

Don't "throw the baby out with the bath water". Freud was way off on some of his ideas, but if we would have completely disregarded his theories, Psychology would not have advanced to the level it is today. I don't completely accept, nor do I completely reject anything. Allow your mind to stay flexible. This has worked well for all area's of my life (as well as academically through the years).

11 years ago

All the lonely ppl : where do they all come from ?...

11 years ago

@pamelajm, Just press play.

11 years ago

I cannot play this. Please, somebody tell me how to make this play. Somebody just commented on this an hour ago.

11 years ago

Couldn't stand this documentary. The title is misleading and there is no proof whatsoever in the 10 minutes it took me to stop watching; in addiction they took quotes out of context to use them in their own favor...

I don't care what anyone thinks, but if you don't believe in the maths and physics, and choose to oblige to this documentary and the messages it portrays, then you might as well believe in pixy fairies, unicorns, to some extent even ghosts and quite possibly a higher intelligence.

Some day there will be a cure for cancer but I don't think there will ever be a cure for st*pidity. All you who believe this hogwash, do yourself a favor, go get a professional diagnosis of yourself because if you turn out to be a genius yourself, then maybe you will actually make a difference in the advancement of science and technology. If you choose not to believe me, read the comments bellow. Maybe you can make friends with the one odd-job who enjoyed and believes what this documentary proves (nothing!).

I give this documentary 3 thumbs down, because at least I can ask scientists, engineers and doctors (who actually know what they are doing), to biologically engineer a third arm to stick out of my *ss so that I can manage to stick that thumb way way way down!!! At least they have the right formulas and are able to carry out experiments to prove it's possible. Common now, we can't all just imagine a third arm to stick out of my *ss; to then have it magically appear on it's own. The only case in which this will work is if I and any other person imagines that the believers of this documentary are r*tards!
POOF! WHAAA? it came true!!! But genie how??? Ohhhh wait, it's those hallucinogens I took. That was fun! Uhm, which drugs did you guys take? I'd love to be all kinds of that f****d up!

11 years ago

ok the first video was kind of off putting and was gunna change it but when i got to the second video i was interested. reminded me of the discussion in "what the bleep" concerning double slit (?) experiment, mainly oberver influence on outcomes. i am now at the third vid and will continue on, very interesting stuff if you have an open mind. its really starting to make me think. i can now see why the powers that be aim to poison us and negatively effect our voltage/frequency.

11 years ago

Truly fascinating. Opened my mind.

11 years ago

Looks like you can stick the word 'quantum' on anything these days and get taken seriously by some.

11 years ago

When a so called doctor says some people get ulcers from stress when we now know that a bacterium called helicobacter something something causes them, its time to change the station... I would even go as far to say that he was probably an actor in a white jacket.

11 years ago

Let me finish that for you.
So you are saying...

However, if you simplify E and P you get...

As you can see, potential is not the same as energy. Which I believe was the point of the engineer. This is specifically appalling to "engineers" and "scientist" because there is a big difference between the potential energy and energy.

11 years ago

How is this not under 'Religion' and ONLY under 'Religion'?

11 years ago

It amuses me how the fact that touching an antenna enhances the signal is used to prove that our consciousness is transmitted into the space. The crudity of such assumptions is so obvious that I wonder if additional comment is necessary.

11 years ago

absolutely a great documentary. everything I study in Persian theosophy i can see it here. these are all match, in our books we study about this sort of matter for 1400 years.

12 years ago

Recovering one's power depends on erasing the subconcious program known as one's Life History program. This is tantamount to waking up from the waking trance that many call their life. It also equivalent to what many believe is impossible to do i.e. erase the past. That "past", as in the film The Matrix, is simply a background "virtual reality movie" playing itself out in the mind and influencing how we choose, or are compelled out of fear, to direct our creative energies. A new process (The Mind Resonance Process or MRP) has the ability to progressively erase/delete this internal movie thereby helping one to evolve into true consciousness.
Nick Arrizza M.D.

12 years ago

dis video is made from total morons and idiots I would call as hoaxer and Dr. Quaks.
The mV you see on a Voltmeter, in this video for example 30mV to 100mV is inductive energy from electromagnetive waves like radio waves or electrical installations, transformers and so on. Some call its also electrosmog.

If u place a human into a room which is build to shield electromagnetic waves and then that person use a Voltmeter the way it was shown in the video its shows 0.00 mV.

That is proof that the mV results shown in the video are not emited from persons body within, but rather transfered from energy sources like readiowaves and other electromagnetic sources partly onto the body.

There are several more idiotic hoax experiments which are so stupid its amazing anyone is falling for this.

Whoever believe in this nonsense presented here has probably failed science basic classes or maybe never seen a school from inside at all, might even believe the world is flat and the earth is the center of the universe.

Its sad how some people present this nonsense as if its science.

David Sereda, you are a moron

12 years ago

This is exactly what Napoleon Hill teaches in the ORIGINAL Law Of Success Course, before 700+ pages were ripped out of it to keep it from the masses. Later this information is called a "Secret" that the reader must find for himself.... Graham Bell knew about all this in the late 1800's. Why do we always assume governments and institutions are going to tell us everything? We put people in power who serve themselves and their own kind.

12 years ago

Leebo says above:

I am an award winning Electrical Engineer and I also have a degree in a field of physics partly in acoustics, waves and frequency.
In this documentary there was a part where a “scientist” (yes the speech marks are mocking him) mentions voltage generated by humans and then refers to it as energy. Very simple physics here will show he is a complete ***…. simply put voltage is pressure which pushes a current. Voltage is not energy! Energy is measured in Joules. Work = Force × Distance, Watt (W/m2 or Wm-2) is the metric unit of measurement of the intensity of radiation in watts over 1 square meter surface. One watt is equal to 1 joule of work per second, like I say very simple physics.

I just googled "voltage".
"Voltage" is apparently "potential energy".
Even if "potential energy" is not "energy", it seems to me, a lay person, that there'd be no energy if there were no potential for energy...
"Voltage" seems to be pretty damn important. Without it, would I be writing this now on my Mac?

Award winning Electrical Engineer?

12 years ago

Actually what this documentary presents is correct but, because it's discovery is still in it's infintile stages(which it shouldn't be because it's been around for eon's) it's presented somewhat ridiculously.

Chris, as far as your bong...there has been people althrough history achieving enlightenment through drugs...I'm not sure if it matters how it's done, the experience derived through drugs or no drugs is still real to you.

The woman in this doc who can't get past her soulmate issues is annoying. A whole being doesn't see the male/female agenda but, the well being of the spirit they embody. It's unconditional....

12 years ago

Any time I see the word 'Quantum' associated with 'thought', I run. Any time I see the words 'Law of Attraction', I especially run. As Dave Chappelle put it at a recent Laugh Factory performance (Not verbatim), tell that shit to starving children in Africa.

Woman: "What's wrong with you?"

African: "I have not eaten in... 5 days"

Woman: "Well, what you need to do is visualize some roast beef and some mashed potatoes & gravy"

African: "Oh, please bitch, you're killin me, stop talkin like that!"

Woman: "No, no, no! The problem is you have a bad attitude about starving to death!"

12 years ago

Awesome, AWESOME documentary. I will be meditating and praying for the healing of the earth and humanity.

12 years ago


12 years ago

Amazing! Too much commeecials!!

12 years ago

*Positive and negative charges that use/give off energy

12 years ago

This documentary is interesting and very intriguing. I definitely believe that there are positive and negative energies in people (figuratively and literally), although I am skeptical of the conscious communication over distances. I also love the part about everything giving off frequencies that others can pick up on... from people to planets. Maybe that's why you can just meet someone and either like them or hate them without even knowing them!

And as a side note to a previous comment: These ideas are more based on Eastern countries ideas, not American. Plus, most of these ideas are from *Highly Educated* people in physics and other sciences, which I'm assuming most people commenting are not.

12 years ago

OMG! What a way to sell stupid stuff with serious info!

12 years ago

All of you want some "scientific" proof. That is fine, read Bohm Theory. It is very good introduction. There is new 21 century Science on horizon. Way above that you ever imagined. This movie is just a quick introduction to what is coming next. Still sceptic, well consider that gov. research has been positive on "remote viewing" and other "alternatives".
So much so, that information gathering remotely, is today practicised as standard. Further most of scientists "main-stream" are not even scientists. They are silly Parots singing together that Earth is flat. All compromised truth for the sake of incompetence.. Have good day PS. Tesla got it right 100 years ago, but Parots have got louder voice :)

12 years ago

when i read the title of this, i thought it would be interesting, but when i read the description and the moment i read "and how do we communicate with God?" i just laughed, and no way in hell I'm gonna watch this, and by the look of other comments, it seems I shouldn't either.

god, religion and all that c@#$ doesn't belong in a docu like this, it belongs in a docu that ridicules the narrow mindedness of these ppl

12 years ago

How is everyone watching this. It tells me no embedded videos???

12 years ago

Good grief, the level of spelling and grammar in some posts here is execrable. Are you guys off your faces when you're posting here?

I've watched this doc. A lot of the science is familar, speaking as someone who was working academically on quantum consciousness over 20yrs ago at a major UK uni. I'm one of those who is very annoyed by the way e.g. 'What the Bleep' bastardised and abused quantum physics.

Some of the connections the producers are making between the science and consciousness appear to be wacky. But I'm not so sure that this doc is that wacky. What I think this doc is doing is levering a new paradigm entirely. As such, I'm not surprised that so many viewers are dismissive or even hostile. What 'What the Bleep' and other such productions are doing is wholly rooted in humankind's base greed and need to acquire material goodies. Sereda's production takes us so far away from such parochial petty me/me/me concerns and shows us a way of looking at being/doing consciousness that is infinitely different and new.

If one accepts that this is a truly novel paradign, then this way of looking at and appreciating our connection with the essence of how our universe renders, almost by definition, our conventional scientists redundant.Just as Einstein's General Relativity could not be apprehended by the scientists of the day and necessitated a whole new breed of investigators with minds blown open, Sereda's thesis requires the willing suspension of disbelief - the investigator must set aside so many of the shackles of mighty, hallowed 21st century Science. As quantum physics has taught us, we are intrinsically part of our searching, our presence and consciousness of what we see actually changes what we are seeing. Thus, Sereda's thesis requires us to fully participate in a field of being.

Take or leave it. If you insist on applying shackled Science to it then you're never going to get it.

Just a couple of points on the efficacy and utility of our hallowed Science. E.g. it took 1500years for medical science to drop Galen's dodgy medical schema - 1500YEARS! Conservative much? Blinkered plenty! Science would rather kill people than accept that its beloved tenets are wrong and change its mind. There are very few noble scientists - most are grubbing around battling for power, money, reputation, publication. People who are focused on their own ego and survival needs are hardly the best people to whom to entrust the search for truth and knowledge.