Queen: Days of Our Lives

Queen: Days of Our Lives

2011, Performing Arts  -   64 Comments
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Queen: Days of Our LivesIn 1971, four university students got together to form a band. Since then, that certain band called Queen have released 26 albums and sold over 300 million records worldwide. The popularity of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon is stronger than ever. Their story is a remarkable one, a narrative that covers early struggles, huge obstacles, success, arguments, breakups, triumph, tragedy and an enduring legacy - all against a backdrop of brilliant music and stunning live performances from every corner of the globe.

In this film, for the first time, it is the band that tells their story. Guiding us through an extensive archive full of hitherto unseen footage, the documentary reveals how four strong-minded individuals, all capable of writing massive hit songs, worked together so successfully for four decades.

Queen never did anything by halves - meaning their highs were massive, but their lows catastrophic. It is a compelling story told with intelligence, wit, plenty of humor and painful honesty.

But the band quickly learned that if reaching the top is tough, staying there is the biggest challenge of all. With a loss of focus in the studio, the decline in popularity in North America, increasing internal tension and a desire to pursue solo projects, it seemed as if the band had had its day.

Then came the performance from Mercury at Live Aid, and their record breaking Magic tour in 1986. Queen were propelled back amongst the very best. Rejuvenated, the world was once again at their feet, but then tragedy struck and threatened to tear the band apart. Featuring musical performances, previously unseen and rare footage, and intimate interviews.

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  1. sandy salerno

    know one did it better than Freddie and the boys of Queen. We have Da'vinci, Warhol, Picasso and Freddie. True artistic creative art that will live on forever. Watch and enjoy what they gave us, it truly is a treat.Thank's for the memories. R.I.P Freddie.

  2. Sandy

    that was beautiful, i love you and miss you Freddie

  3. Vocheri Thomas

    Great doc for a great band...

  4. Jes Cervoni

    So many mentions in the comments of his sexuality and how it doesnt have to do with his performing. Thats like saying "I dont like eggs, but it has nothing to do with how much I like my birthday."


  5. rljp

    I saw them live in 1982 I believe after Pressure came out. It was simply brilliant. Live was like listening to them in the studio. Freddy was a true showman and the show was a production. Thanks for the memories Queen. What a ride you had.

    The critics that tried to pigeon hole them didn't get it and thankfully they had the artistic control to do what they wanted on every album.

  6. Jens Nash

    In the history of modern music Queen is a stand alone!,Freddy and the boy's taught Hard Core 1970's Rock fans a lesson in a Form of musical satire that people of the 1700 called Opera and they loved it! without anyone pushing it down there throat's .We ALL learned a bit about musical culture which will last through out our lives ,Thank you Queen !!!!!! R.I.P Freddy Mercury-

  7. delhibiguy

    Thank you for embedding a new video link. I love Queen and just had to see this. I was dressed as Freddie and singing along the whole time. LOL. And of course, I was in tears at the end ::-(

  8. XenoLair

    Damn Queen was awsome. Great docu.

  9. Guest

    Is there a reason why when i type a comment it only shows two-three lines of it at a time. If i want to revise my comment before pushing SENT, i have to scrool in the little box.
    Is it the fault of my old computer? Or does this have anything to do with your last request to minimizing the lenghth of our comments?

    1. Vlatko

      That is on your end @Az. Probably a browser issue. I use Firefox and the comment box is expanding as I type.

  10. His Forever

    I was surprised by the fact that only Mercury was gay. I suppose finding out that piece of information alone was worth watching the documentary.

    1. Guest


    2. His Forever

      Because They were called "Queen!" I figured they were all doing what Oz calls lying with "mankind". Even if I had the talent and the opportunity, surely there is no way on earth I would have joined a band named "Queen".

    3. Guest

      I would participate in a rock band named Queen, specially if i was in the UK...just to make fun of the whole British Monarchy. Charles with your name, you specially would have fit the bill!

    4. His Forever

      Ha ha! Az, you made me laugh! I didn't think of them as being British! "Queen" might have been some silly British humor thing; in America,it's just a . . . . . trying to avoid moderation here . . . . . a gay man (usually in drag)! Good night. Very very late.

    5. Achems_Razor

      Ha,Ha, So the truth comes out, you are plain and simply "homophobic"
      Charles, are you scared you would of been classed as homosexual by definition because you belonged to a band called Queen?

    6. His Forever


    7. Achems_Razor


      You say yes? then be careful of what you fear, or wish for, they may come to fruition! Thoughts know no boundaries.

    8. His Forever

      That's true, Mr. Razor. What we think and believe (or fear) often comes to fruition for many reason. I agree with you wholeheartedly. The phrase that popped into my mind is: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so shall he is." Don't you guys ever get tired of discing me? You and V. really got me blue tonight.

    9. Guest

      Who is V.? Edit: Of course where was my head?

    10. His Forever

      Az: :-)

    11. Achems_Razor


      Vlatko and I got you blue?? We are not discing (sic) you, Charles, I still say you, a lone person, have a lot of guts to fight all us heathens (LOL) you have to keep in mind, when you put in religious points of view expect some adversary Charles, and take it in stride.

    12. Guest

      I have a way to see TDF as a game, like a game of CLUE. We are exploring the purpose of life, it's making and it's direction and everyone has a different take on how to explain it. Is any of us fully right? I don't think so.
      The Most Active Members will get the most opposition and sometimes the most support.

    13. His Forever

      Ok. Thanks. I'm prone to mood swings, to be honest. I like this new edit option. I think I'll edit my life story now that it's been read by the person (Az) it was intended for.

    14. leonardobdas

      he was bi, but what really came out was the dancer and performer in him which is sadly associated with homosexuality in this world, specially if we know the orientation of someone beforehand.

    15. His Forever

      Well, he was a good performer . . . . bare hairy chest and all.

    16. Guest

      He had an awesome voice, he was theatrical, he had a great body, and was surrounded by a bunch of clever guys.
      Great performer with hairy chest and ALL!

    17. 0zyxcba1

      @ leonardobdas

      What really came out was the dancer and performer in him which,
      happily, is associated with homosexuality!


    18. Johan Windh

      Yeah... definitively bi!

    19. Guest

      There is no fact that only Mercury was gay. Any other could have been too although not necessarily self declared as such.

  11. maadonna

    Fantastic viewing. I enjoyed their Journey... watching the Band still gives me chills..

  12. Joseph Carl Ruger

    This doc is great! Great!

  13. fire77

    not able to watch it in Germany :(

    1. patricialee

      I live in Germany and was able to watch all but the last segment of part 2.

    2. fire77

      You are right now is possible to watch this documentary.

  14. gabbledegook

    I enjoyed that a lot more than i thought i would :) good doc

  15. leonardobdas

    loved it. thanks drugs and gays for creating awesome music. :) now seriously, genius musicianship, great doc.

  16. Guest

    I enjoyed that very much....2 hours went by pretty fast.
    That was living a passion to the fullest!

  17. michael

    Thank you! This was awesome, it made me cry, he was awesome.

  18. Sertsis

    Wow, this one really took me back! What an amazing body of music, and old Freddie could really belt em out, couldn't he? I'll probably watch this doc again,and it's a nice break from the doomsday scenarios we've seen lately, but first I think I'll take a trip to the music store.

  19. greyspoppa

    That was friggin awesome. No mention of the live show they played in Rio that was on HBO. I remember learning how to set the family VCR(lol right)so i could watch it later since i had to work the close shift at mickey d's. Oh the memories this brings back. Thank you for the post Vlatko, you are da man!!!

  20. His Forever

    Isn't Adam Lambert Queen's new lead singer? Wonder if he'll exit the same sad way Mercury did. A good documentary nonetheless; made me glad I didn't waste even one day or even one cent on the music in my adolecense!

    1. Jack1952

      Mercury was a very self indulgent individual and he had to pay for his excesses with his life. I wish that he had managed his personal life with a great deal more self control but none of this has anything to do with his incredible singing ability. I am glad I listened and paid to witness his music when I was young and I will continue to do so into my senior years. I do not have to approve of his life style to appreciate his God given talent.

    2. His Forever

      That was well said.

    3. 0zyxcba1

      @ Jack1952
      "I do not have to approve of his life style to appreciate his
      God given talent."

      How condescendingly lofty of you, Jack.

      That CnN approves of your post should, I think, already be
      giving you cause for concern.

      Jack, what precisely do you mean by "life style?"

      Could you be more specific?


    4. Guest

      What music did you waste one day or even one cent on, in your adolescense?

    5. His Forever

      Az, you are pretty nice in some ways.

      To be very honest, I did a lot of chruch activities when I was a teenager. Never had a rock 'n' roll tape, ever. John Denver was the only non-Christian record I had.

      Charles B.

    6. Achems_Razor


      Charles my man, if it is any consolation, even though you are a religee, a lot of TDF commentors including me, do like you. Why, even Vlatko maybe. So suck it in, and stand tall.

    7. Guest

      Sounds like your whole life unfolded in church and church choirs, full of hopes and dissapointments about becoming a priest. You have a lot to let go before you can accept that your true self does not need to be owned by a group with rules directing you to either Hell or Heaven.
      Christianity seem to be you more than you.
      I suppose what i am suggesting is "start" by being you in Christianity instead of Christianity being you.
      In other words, learn to swim by letting go of the "submarine" And then you'll see ....where that leads you.

    8. Guest

      Might be why you rub OZ the wrong way so often. You represent the shackles (Dogma) strangling his very personal life for so long in his past.
      In his way, he does his best at helping you.
      Does he like you? Hum! i would guess, not so much.
      Do you like him? Hum! i would guess you have to because your religion tells you so.

  21. Nakor420

    Great doc. So sad. R.I.P Freddy

  22. Colin Todd

    Doesn't really do this group of guys justice.

  23. GrittyKat

    ABSOLUTLEY FANTASTIC! The best part was when watching it that I looked into the livingroom, (I watched it while cleaning the kitchen) my 9 year old son was totally jammin to some of the songs that he could hear playing. He has become a great Queen fan thanks to Mario videos. Works for me. I love that I can pass this amazing music onto my children. QUEEN ROCKS!

  24. Art Vinette

    Queen - A fantastic group that I was blessed to grow up with as a teenager!

    Great documentary about Queen and things I never knew about until now.

  25. Yasuhiro Usuba

    Brilliant Documentary! My father would talk about Freddie and how awesome Queen was. I had no idea!

  26. Achems_Razor

    Great doc. getting into it, now have to search for my (Sheer Heart Attack) album, know I have it.

  27. His Forever

    "Freddy was from a very very traditional Zoroastrian background." Am I the only one that thought such a statement was theoretically impossible?!?

    1. wald0

      It does seem some what odd, but not impossible. After all Christianity survived for two thousand years, why not Zoroastrianism. It was the largest religion in the world before Christianity came about. Many religious historians believe Christianity borrowed a lot of its beliefs and practices from Zoroastrianism. I won't go further with that though as I don't want to offend you.The most important texts of the religion are those of the Avesta, most of which have been lost and are only known to have existed through references in later works but, the liturgy has survived intact. In fact online estimates say about two hundred thousand people still practice this religion. I am sure if you could examine the way they worship and compare it to Zoroastrianism of yester-year it would be some what different, but so is Christianity and every other religion still being clung to.

  28. Earthwinger

    I wouldn't exactly call myself a "fan" of Queen, as they went a bit too mainstream for my tastes, with their later albums. It has to be said though, their early stuff is absolute classic rock. If you're not familiar with the early stuff, check out their songs, Great King Rat or Brighton Rock on Youtube, and make sure you crank up that volume! And as frontmen go, Freddie Mercury is up there as one of the greatest ever IMO. The way that he worked the audience was pure class.

    This a great documentary about one of the all-time great bands, and I highly recommend it. Thanks a lot for posting this one up, Vlatko! :)

    Raaaaawk! m/

  29. spikebat

    Awesome!! As Norm says thanks for the light relief!! Night at the Opera was the first album I ever bought and where would rock be without Sheer Heart Attack........

    1. David Foster

      I once knocked a guys front teeth out for stealing that album. That's just how much I like it!

    2. spikebat

      The dude got off light David!!

  30. Norm

    Thanks Vlatko! Throwing one of these in once and a while eases the mind. Can't be thinking about science and such all the time.

  31. Guest

    Brian May looks a little bit like Isaac Newton now, lol. (Smart guys. Smart music. Always liked 'em.)