Queen of Sheba: Behind the Myth

Queen of Sheba: Behind the Myth

2002, History  -   75 Comments
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Queen of Sheba: Behind the MythQueen Of Sheba: Behind The Myth follows the work of archaeologists as they piece together newly discovered evidence in the remote desert of Yemen to recreate the dramatic life of one of the most powerful woman of the Biblical era - consort of King Solomon and founder of the great Ethiopian dynasty that would harbor the Ark Of The Covenant.

The Queen of Sheba is one of the most alluring names in history, synonymous with the exotic and erotic, but until now her real story has remained elusive. Who was she? Did she have a child by King Solomon of Israel? And how did her nation grow so powerful, only to vanish beneath the sands of time?

Produced to accompany a major British Museum exhibition, the film gained exclusive access to the excavation of the Queen of Sheba's temple in the arid heartland of Yemen, to unveil the enigmatic riddle of this mysterious queen.

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4 years ago

For being from a site called top documentary would think more investigation would have been done before putting a video filled with lies, false teachings from Koran, and no sense. Follow the clues and only truths not myths or assumptions. It all ties to the Philippines.

4 years ago

It's in the Bible

4 years ago

Ophir Sheba Tarash....google it People.....

4 years ago

Some one got pregnant or mingle with foreigner

5 years ago

1.The Queen of Sheba is not from Ethiopia she is from Ophir (I Kings 10:1-13),Sheba was the brother of Ophir (Genesis 10:27-29). Sheba is from Islands in the Eastern border known in Hebrew word as QDM (Psalms 72;10) same is true with Ophir, In Matthew 12:42 it is known as the utmost part of the world meaning Eastern borther or South East Asia. Ophir is the modern day Philippines and Sheba is the Old name of Cebu Philippines the land of Gold. Read Rizal Code La Pluma de Sangre by Dr. RV Narag.

2.The Queen of Sheba was born in 1020 BCE in Ophir, and educated in Ethiopia. Her mother was Queen Ismenie. Sheba was known to be beautiful, intelligent, understanding, resourceful, and adventurous. Vancouver Grand Masonic Day, October 16, 1999
by VW Bro. Art Scott, Victoria Columbia Lodge No. 1

Augustus Henry Keane – 1969 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
Thus also ‘the gold of Sheba’ becomes ‘the gold of Ophir,’ that is, of the Sabaean emporium, the frankincense land, and importer of this gold from abroad.

10 years ago

For that matter King Solomon would not have been white either

10 years ago

p.s.why have wars Yemen and the Arabian peninsula America -we should be learning more ancient history not destroying everything and everyone in sight!!

10 years ago

All history will be destroyed I fear. We our are own worst enemy .

11 years ago

There is nothing new from this video. It is the usual lies of the whites to make she is white or Areb. She is an Ethiopian and they are also refering ethiopian old books, which is written many many years ago before the whites are civilized. Don't try to hide the truth!!!

11 years ago

what comes around goes around quen of sheba is an Ethiopian.guys please read the bible before posting videos and coments

11 years ago

I think it's just a white lie most of here what they telling us about Queen of Sheba... once I only know about her is at list she was not Arab..She was an east African woman who was ruling the Ethiopian land and some of the meddle east...and also, the holly bible mention about her many times as queen of Ethiopia...but here they make her up as Arab woman...that's utterly false..

11 years ago

Although we did go on a journey in excavation nothing was really discovered that proved the Queen of Sheba's existance. Interseting but disappointing.

12 years ago

every documentary on this site has a european bias. i won't be coming back.

12 years ago

So Southern Arabia and Ethiopia had the same script, what is so odd about that ? Most ME countries used Aramaic, now it is Arabic and Hebrew. These runes are very common all over Yemen. BTW, David and Solomon were horrid murderers, fornicators and plagiarists. You want stupid fairy tales, read the Bible and the Koran.

12 years ago

Lol, white people on their bullshit again.... What's new?
They deny everybody and anybody who was black and great... For what reason who knows? White people are truly psychopathic, I have come to this conclusion many years ago. So now when I hear whites say things like:

"Ohhh the Egyptians were not black"
"ooohhh the Ancient Nubians were not Black"
"ooohh Blacks are not the founders of modern day astronomy,mathematics, and medicine"
"ohhh Queen of Sheeba was not a Black woman"
"ooohhh Black people don't have history, your history began at the American slave trade"

I just laugh it off...Because White people are so awesomely silly. :-D
You just gotta love them.. I just wanna give them a hug. :-D

12 years ago

This doc is BS It claims to prove things it didn't prove, things that were already known and not discovered by this expedition. Very little is about the dig and its discovery and a lot of time wasted on the brother/sister memory and personal drive for the excavation. Very Oprah Winfrey does archeology. No wonder the commentary focuses on beauty, the Koran and a whole bag of nothing about the docs "discoveries". Somebody owes me 44mins & 26secs.

12 years ago

Interesting doc. I also am "not" interested in reading the fairy tales in the Koran.

12 years ago

The irony is that you're arguing they're being close-minded about History but you can't accept that the Queen of Sheba wasn't Ethiopian (or perhaps Abyssian might be more accurate). There is no definite proof either way. You might disagree with their theories but you can hardly say they are trying to "white wash" it, as if there is an obvious answer, like everyone knows for certain but is trying to hide it. Imo that's ignorance.

12 years ago

Queen of sheba has got her palace in the ancient civilization area of ETHIOPIA, its is found around Axum, another indication of ancient civilization of Ethiopia.

Clix (????)
12 years ago

I can hardly muster to watch any documentaries nor read any books dealing with northeastern Africa that is made/written by some western scholars and amateur historians. The whitewashing is getting more blatant and desperate by the day. Many ancient Arab historians have called her Queen of the Habashas. Habasha is a term Arabs have used to describe Ethiopians for thousands of years, including Habash Bilal, Prophet Muhammad's first muzein. There is enough ancient Ethiopian documents to repudiate the notion of 'Queen of South Arabia', but those are minor inconvenience to some western scholars hell bent on whitewashing most of northeastern Africa's ancient history.

12 years ago

....good call on deleting certain posts.

12 years ago

this Queen have noting to do with arab she is habesha even the alphabet she use GeeZ we still usin it in churchs of eritrean and ethiopian orthedx churchs

12 years ago

Just read the Qur'an all you need to know is there

12 years ago

I just love how the modern obsession with sex and beauty seep into everything. Historical figures such as the Queen of Sheba, Hellen of Troy, and Clopatra are always depicted as these statuesque godesses. When they were not busy ruling their nation and inspiring wars, they wre strutting the new line of Tutenkhamuns' Secret. Perspective people. Fine they were written up as "great beautys" but lets remember. In Egypt women used shredded reeds and crocodile crap for tampons, Soap and razors had not been invented, and the statues of fertility goddesses looked like chimps. They are all great and inspirational figures by their action and their intellect why do we have to paint them like whores?