Queen of Sheba: Behind the Myth

Queen of Sheba: Behind the Myth

2002, History  -   74 Comments
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Queen of Sheba: Behind the MythQueen Of Sheba: Behind The Myth follows the work of archaeologists as they piece together newly discovered evidence in the remote desert of Yemen to recreate the dramatic life of one of the most powerful woman of the Biblical era - consort of King Solomon and founder of the great Ethiopian dynasty that would harbor the Ark Of The Covenant.

The Queen of Sheba is one of the most alluring names in history, synonymous with the exotic and erotic, but until now her real story has remained elusive. Who was she? Did she have a child by King Solomon of Israel? And how did her nation grow so powerful, only to vanish beneath the sands of time?

Produced to accompany a major British Museum exhibition, the film gained exclusive access to the excavation of the Queen of Sheba's temple in the arid heartland of Yemen, to unveil the enigmatic riddle of this mysterious queen.

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  1. Davidchauv

    For being from a site called top documentary would think more investigation would have been done before putting a video filled with lies, false teachings from Koran, and no sense. Follow the clues and only truths not myths or assumptions. It all ties to the Philippines.

    1. ELE1

      Please where did she die .?

  2. DarkRyder

    It's in the Bible

  3. DarkRyder

    Ophir Sheba Tarash....google it People.....

  4. DarkRyder

    Some one got pregnant or mingle with foreigner

  5. LJ

    1.The Queen of Sheba is not from Ethiopia she is from Ophir (I Kings 10:1-13),Sheba was the brother of Ophir (Genesis 10:27-29). Sheba is from Islands in the Eastern border known in Hebrew word as QDM (Psalms 72;10) same is true with Ophir, In Matthew 12:42 it is known as the utmost part of the world meaning Eastern borther or South East Asia. Ophir is the modern day Philippines and Sheba is the Old name of Cebu Philippines the land of Gold. Read Rizal Code La Pluma de Sangre by Dr. RV Narag.

    2.The Queen of Sheba was born in 1020 BCE in Ophir, and educated in Ethiopia. Her mother was Queen Ismenie. Sheba was known to be beautiful, intelligent, understanding, resourceful, and adventurous. Vancouver Grand Masonic Day, October 16, 1999
    by VW Bro. Art Scott, Victoria Columbia Lodge No. 1

    Augustus Henry Keane – 1969 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
    Thus also ‘the gold of Sheba’ becomes ‘the gold of Ophir,’ that is, of the Sabaean emporium, the frankincense land, and importer of this gold from abroad.


      1.The Queen of Sheba is not from Ethiopia she is from Ophir (I Kings 10:1-13),Sheba was the brother of Ophir (Genesis 10:27-29). Sheba is from Islands in the Eastern border known in Hebrew word as QDM (Psalms 72;10) same is true with Ophir, In Matthew 12:42 it is known as the utmost part of the world meaning Eastern borther or South East Asia. Ophir is the modern day Philippines and Sheba is the Old name of Cebu Philippines the land of Gold. Read Rizal Code La Pluma de Sangre by Dr. RV Narag.

      2.The Queen of Sheba was born in 1020 BCE in Ophir, and educated in Ethiopia. Her mother was Queen Ismenie. Sheba was known to be beautiful, intelligent, understanding, resourceful, and adventurous. Vancouver Grand Masonic Day, October 16, 1999
      by VW Bro. Art Scott, Victoria Columbia Lodge No. 1

      Augustus Henry Keane – 1969 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
      Thus also ‘the gold of Sheba’ becomes ‘the gold of Ophir,’ that is, of the Sabaean emporium, the frankincense land, and importer of this gold from abroad.

  6. Vicki_in_Greece

    For that matter King Solomon would not have been white either

    1. Arabian Knight

      She is not black , Yemen is not in Africa its in Asia ,,,, and this queen is Yemeni :)

    2. Vicki_in_Greece

      just thinking about travel in the desert all that sun . . .

    3. oQ

      Chinghetti, Marvelous!

    4. Arabian Knight

      we travel all the time but no one get black ,, maybe little dark skin but not black at all , and the queen doesn't travel without some protection of the hot sun

    5. Vicki_in_Greece

      I was trying to be humorous. Here some of us tan so much in the summer whe have black skin by september.

    6. southernsepia

      This is a very ignorant argument. Americans today are not the same as the ancient inhabitants of the land. Neither are the North Africans. Check out a college textbook on the subject and educate yourself.

  7. Vicki_in_Greece

    p.s.why have wars Yemen and the Arabian peninsula America -we should be learning more ancient history not destroying everything and everyone in sight!!

  8. N

    All history will be destroyed I fear. We our are own worst enemy .

  9. Degu

    There is nothing new from this video. It is the usual lies of the whites to make she is white or Areb. She is an Ethiopian and they are also refering ethiopian old books, which is written many many years ago before the whites are civilized. Don't try to hide the truth!!!

    1. hernandayoleary

      This is how it is man, it all eurocentric trash, they try to portray all black civilizations and historical figures as white or non black regardless of what they were. They try to say phoenicians, sumer, egypt,nubia, greece, rome, ethiopia, mali, kanem bornu, carthage, etc were all white they even said great zimbabwe was built by whites.

  10. teddymax

    what comes around goes around quen of sheba is an Ethiopian.guys please read the bible before posting videos and coments

    1. Princess

      She’s not Ethiopian. In the people she brought gold, spices, algum woods as gifts to solomon. Ethiopia was not abundant of spices, no algum wood and gold mining in Africa started just during the era of Ptolemy. Egypt was the one that mined gold then

  11. goodnewgood

    I think it's just a white lie most of here what they telling us about Queen of Sheba... once I only know about her is at list she was not Arab..She was an east African woman who was ruling the Ethiopian land and some of the meddle east...and also, the holly bible mention about her many times as queen of Ethiopia...but here they make her up as Arab woman...that's utterly false..

  12. oracle2012

    Although we did go on a journey in excavation nothing was really discovered that proved the Queen of Sheba's existance. Interseting but disappointing.

  13. Lori

    every documentary on this site has a european bias. i won't be coming back.

    1. knowledgeizpower

      Lol like you really watched every single documentary on this site...idiot get the hell out then.

  14. ramallah

    So Southern Arabia and Ethiopia had the same script, what is so odd about that ? Most ME countries used Aramaic, now it is Arabic and Hebrew. These runes are very common all over Yemen. BTW, David and Solomon were horrid murderers, fornicators and plagiarists. You want stupid fairy tales, read the Bible and the Koran.

  15. ObamaATL

    Lol, white people on their bullshit again.... What's new?
    They deny everybody and anybody who was black and great... For what reason who knows? White people are truly psychopathic, I have come to this conclusion many years ago. So now when I hear whites say things like:

    "Ohhh the Egyptians were not black"
    "ooohhh the Ancient Nubians were not Black"
    "ooohh Blacks are not the founders of modern day astronomy,mathematics, and medicine"
    "ohhh Queen of Sheeba was not a Black woman"
    "ooohhh Black people don't have history, your history began at the American slave trade"

    I just laugh it off...Because White people are so awesomely silly. :-D
    You just gotta love them.. I just wanna give them a hug. :-D

    1. Blissful_Harmony

      What is a white people? What is black people? What is people for that matter?
      Were not the Mayans founders of modern day astronomy and mathematics?
      I think we all silly ;) I also need a hug :D

    2. dorahargrove

      You need to be more erudite. Blacks from Africa and China ventured to America, the Pacific Islands, Mexico, Central and South America, bringing the high arts, sciences and mathematics thousands of years before the division of the land masses or the genesis of the modern-day version of Mayans. It's obvious you aren't educated in the Mysteries or education in general.

    3. Isiah

      lol holy **** they turned her white...they need to stop with white washing everything..im sure its only a matter of time until Geronimo will be white along with sitting bull and the rest of the great Native warriors. this is sad and pathetic

    4. Phillip Martin

      How can you make a fictional character white? There's no proof she never existed. She mentioned in the bible and a old Ethiopian book written by a king to legitimize his rule.

    5. Jeanette

      There is no proof that Cleopatra ever existed. But because she is written about in history books and literature, people believe in her. When something is mentioned in the Bible, people will say, "We don't know if that is true or not because man wrote the Bible." But if something is seen in a history book, people believe in it and take it as law. The same imperfect humans that wrote the Bible are no different than the imperfect humans that wrote the history books. I would rather trust God's word (The Bible) than man's word (history books) any day.

    6. dorahargrove

      You contradict yourself. There's no proof the bible is God's word either. You said "the same imperfect humans that wrote the history books are no different than the imperfect humans who wrote the bible", thereby creating a lacuna when subsequently stating, "Id rather trust God's word than man's word (history books) any day". Therefor, you first say men wrote both books, next you say only one is by man, the other by God. Both books were and are written by men. If you don't believe it, you'll find the name of a publishing company in your bible, just as you will in a history book. Both are allegedly "history" books, and a great philosopher said, (quote) "History is a wonderful thing, if only it were true" (unquote).

    7. hernandayoleary

      Agreed, throw in every other black civilization in their, zimbabwe, greece, rome, moors, carthage, nok, mali, nubia, they were all run by ancient dark skin, broad nose, curly headed whites and any blacks there where just slaves or mercenary from further south in Africa. Euroclowns just need a pat on their back.

    8. dorahargrove

      Not me.

  16. who_me_yeah_you

    This doc is BS It claims to prove things it didn't prove, things that were already known and not discovered by this expedition. Very little is about the dig and its discovery and a lot of time wasted on the brother/sister memory and personal drive for the excavation. Very Oprah Winfrey does archeology. No wonder the commentary focuses on beauty, the Koran and a whole bag of nothing about the docs "discoveries". Somebody owes me 44mins & 26secs.

    1. Tarik Edmonson

      me and u both....lol

  17. Achems_Razor

    Interesting doc. I also am "not" interested in reading the fairy tales in the Koran.

    1. dorahargrove

      Heard that!

  18. thekingbeyondthegate

    The irony is that you're arguing they're being close-minded about History but you can't accept that the Queen of Sheba wasn't Ethiopian (or perhaps Abyssian might be more accurate). There is no definite proof either way. You might disagree with their theories but you can hardly say they are trying to "white wash" it, as if there is an obvious answer, like everyone knows for certain but is trying to hide it. Imo that's ignorance.

    1. dorahargrove

      "Trying" to white wash it? It already is "white washed". Wasn't she portrayed as being white? Isn't every film about inventors, innovators, famous historic figures etc, always accredited to white people? For people to "not know for certain", whites certainly take liberties in portraying all important people, accomplishments, discoveries, historical events, intelligence and whatever have you, to themselves exclusively.

  19. Birhanemeskel Abera

    Queen of sheba has got her palace in the ancient civilization area of ETHIOPIA, its is found around Axum, another indication of ancient civilization of Ethiopia.

  20. Clix (????)

    I can hardly muster to watch any documentaries nor read any books dealing with northeastern Africa that is made/written by some western scholars and amateur historians. The whitewashing is getting more blatant and desperate by the day. Many ancient Arab historians have called her Queen of the Habashas. Habasha is a term Arabs have used to describe Ethiopians for thousands of years, including Habash Bilal, Prophet Muhammad's first muzein. There is enough ancient Ethiopian documents to repudiate the notion of 'Queen of South Arabia', but those are minor inconvenience to some western scholars hell bent on whitewashing most of northeastern Africa's ancient history.

    1. dorahargrove

      Well stated!

  21. Guest

    @Vlatko....good call on deleting certain posts.

    1. Vlatko

      Yeah... it was too much @Az.

    2. Guest

      If this is what you refered to in your comment yesterday. Quote:" while simultaneously keeping an eye out for Vlatko so as to alert whenever things approach the fringe and appropriate deletions might be called for ~ or am I being paranoid?"

      I did not request that your comment be removed but i did give my approval on it haven been taken away. Frankly i still do. It was like a lure too big for the lake!

  22. Eastafrica

    this Queen have noting to do with arab she is habesha even the alphabet she use GeeZ we still usin it in churchs of eritrean and ethiopian orthedx churchs

    1. StillRV

      I was a bit confused by the Arabian aspect myself. I always assumed that Solomons interaction with her was said to be in relation to his mining and colonization in Ethiopia.

    2. Jack1952

      I tend to agree with you. The tradition of the Queen of Sheba in Ethiopia is one of oldest traditions on the planet.

  23. abdulwalee

    Just read the Qur'an all you need to know is there

    1. 0zyxcba1

      I have read the Koran, in English. Nothing I need to know is there!
      Why do you go about telling people such silly nonsense?

    2. Guest

      Are you telling us that you read the whole Koran? Why?

    3. 0zyxcba1

      @ Azilda,

      I read the Koran(all of it) for exactly the same reason that I read the whole of the Bible(KJV). I want to know all about that over which billions of my fellow humans are so worked up.

      Both the Koran and Bible have left me utterly perplexed. Both the Bible and the Koran are so transparently ridiculous, it is impossible for me to comprehend how anyone could possibly take either seriously.

      As an aside, I did find much of the Bible entertaining: good stories woven in amongst the boring 'filler'. The Koran, by contrast, is ALL 'filler!

      Also, the Koran is organized in a bizarre manner: surahs are listed by their lengths(shortest first), and some take president over others(apparently Allah 'changes its mind', from time to time). When contradictions arise, it is always the last in the sequence that takes precedent. However, because the surahs are listed in order by length, it takes a true scholar to figure out chronology and, consequently, which surah takes president over another.

      All 'filler', and no 'fun'. VERY boring!

      Definitely, NOT recommended reading!

    4. 0zyxcba1

      @ Eddy Jawed,
      Who says it's silly to like cute boys. Have you no taste?

    5. Eddy Jawed

      You're so incredibly dim that I don't even see the point in why I should waste time and reply to you. Also some ones deleted my other comments, so don't know how long these will last.

      The fact is, that you haven't read the Quran and from what you have read you obviously don't know how to read it. Had you also paid attention to the documentary above you would have recalled them mention the Quran several times to piece together some evidence of Sheba's movements.

      Its not about 'weaving' elaborate corrupted stories that any raconteur can make to entertain your mind in its limited capacity of comprehending a vital part of history in the middle east, its about finding the relevant facts which the Quran provides in a precise straightforward manner. All the detail from the messenger bird passing information to and from Solomon to Sheba, their meetings and then her acknowledgement of the Abrahamic faith of monotheism is all well documented in the Quran. So obviously you talk out of your rear-end when you reckon to be some kind of expert in Quran and Bible studies. You don't even know who you're dealing with when you spout nonsense over the net.

      Best you stick to magazines which show 'cute boys', which is within your capacity.

    6. Epic Acid

      "As an aside, I did find much of the Bible entertaining: good stories woven in amongst the boring 'filler'. The Koran, by contrast, is ALL 'filler!"

      Hey man, i know i dont know you or anything but... i think, you might not have your priorities in order. what i mean is, the "good stories" in the bible were the filler and the "filler" was the substance. the lesson. the nourishment.

      if it were a stew, you wouldnt get much from just drinking the broth. you could hardly say you even tasted the meal.

      "I read the Koran(all of it) for exactly the same reason that I read the whole of the Bible(KJV). I want to know all about that over which billions of my fellow humans are so worked up."

      an honest question, have you learned and can you share you you think they are all worked up over? or share what your personal search has uncovered? i have not read the Qur'an.

    7. dorahargrove

      Religionists are all stupid and bellicose. They love murdering each other over the unprovable. It would be nice if the wasted energy spent annihilating each other could be spent on uniting in the curing of diseases.

    8. Jack1952

      I learned to read from a children's bible when I was five years old. I still love the stories and there are some lessons to be learned from them. There are also some very hateful passages in the Bible. I take in the good and ignore the bad....being an atheist does make it a lot easier.

    9. StillRV

      I need a recipe for sweet and sour pork short ribs. JK lol

    10. Jack1952

      That is worth knowing. I've spent an afternoon reading the Qur'an. Would just as soon make spare ribs.

    11. dorahargrove

      When you find it send it to me.

    12. A51

      No, we need to be intelligent and read many books and scriptures. Thats where true knowledge comes from.

      Ps: I'm muslim and even i know that.

    13. Tarik Edmonson

      what surah and iyat?

  24. StillRV

    I just love how the modern obsession with sex and beauty seep into everything. Historical figures such as the Queen of Sheba, Hellen of Troy, and Clopatra are always depicted as these statuesque godesses. When they were not busy ruling their nation and inspiring wars, they wre strutting the new line of Tutenkhamuns' Secret. Perspective people. Fine they were written up as "great beautys" but lets remember. In Egypt women used shredded reeds and crocodile crap for tampons, Soap and razors had not been invented, and the statues of fertility goddesses looked like chimps. They are all great and inspirational figures by their action and their intellect why do we have to paint them like whores?

    1. V T

      This is purportrated upon all imagery of women throughout our past and history, especially those who had power or were royalty, to destroy the core of feminity in the psychological sense. It's how big bro maintains the status quo of a masculine society, religion, and government. Not that women or men get promiscuious or act out immorally, but the concern is how their actions are escalated into some wild jargon by the establishment in order to slander or destroy their personal image or legacy just so the non-inituitive people never reason to research any further why these characters works and their ideals must be supressed.

    2. Kateye70

      I think you're wrong about humanity's obsession with sex and beauty being 'modern'. I have no way to prove it, of course, but I'm of the opinion that the first use for a knapped flint wasn't to kill prey, but to scrape hair off a (living) hominid.

      Can't you just see it? Two million years or so ago, Lucy or one of her kin, hangin' out at the campfire. Some kid's messing around, annoying the grownups by banging rocks around. Oooh! Sharp flake! Scrape it on the forearm, see how the hair comes off??

      Next thing you know all the adolescents are running around bald, or with fancy designs scraped onto their heads. Of course, the adults are pissed--"What's wrong with kids nowadays?? They look awful!" ... Then of course, there's the charcoal...wonder what they could do with a dark pigment and a sharp edge?

    3. StillRV

      Pretty funny @Kat. Although there has never been any evidence to back that sort of thing up. The record has shown us though that the Ideal of beauty has warped and twisted and continues to do so at an alarming rate. 100 years ago bathing was done once a week, men did shave their faces and women wore fancy clothes but only in elite circles. 50 years ago Women shaved their legs and pits in some cultures and more attention was focused on slimmer more adolescent body shapes was beginning to come forward. 20 years ago the waif had taken over women starving themselves all over, having bags of saline shoved into themselves and dropping inches from their wardrobe in any conceivable direction. Today 90% ish (at least here in the US) of women shave off all body hair except on the head, Thus completing a regression to an image of prepubescence. Plastic surgeries are common place and tanning beds a must. So when we see a documentary or even a painting of a historical female figure we get a shaven preteen with implanted double Ds caked with makeup dressed in ribbons and jewels airbrushed and photo shopped. And in reality the role should be played or depicted by a broad hipped, probably chubby, hairy, and definitely smelly woman with a strong personality and a sharp mind.

    4. Kateye70

      @RV: While I agree that our media culture has taken things to extremes (more below), people have been shaving their armpits (and elsewhere), wearing attractive clothing and perfumes, and altering their looks in any way available for as long as there have been humans.

      There's plenty of research to show that the mature adolescent (not pre-pubescent!) female body's qualities of slim waist, curves, etc., are designed to attract males looking for healthy females to procreate with.

      Vice-versa, while females desire males who can support them and their infants (it's costly to raise a human, no matter when or where you lived), they will also sneak off to mate with a physically attractive male, as well, since they could then have offspring with desirable characteristics as well as the resources to nurture them.

      So it's a dance between competing interests, right? and any advantage is quickly taken advantage of, by either sex. You really can't say its only women who do it, either. The physically-attractive (but apparently ne'er-do-well) male cited above is obviously going around wooing other male's mates. (Very simplistic, I know, but illustrating my point)

      People *used* to measure beauty against the most beautiful person within walking distance. That person might or might not hold up to the local beauty a few villages over, but if you could never compare them, you would be satisfied you got the best one.

      Back to modern times, the problem with unrealistically-beautiful images of both men and women is that it makes us dissatisfied with our local mating resources: One cannot walk into the local grocery and find that hyper-beauty walking around where one could approach and court them--but now we are conditioned to measure real people against that unrealistic image. Real people lose. So I agree with you there; things are very extreme!

      As far as the past goes, there's no reason to think that rulers from 2 or 3 or 5,000 years ago weren't as well-groomed and physically attractive as their mating pool allowed.

      A clean, well-attired but not beautiful person is still more attractive than a dirty, smelly, unkempt one no matter how beautiful they might be. Think of Cinderella in the ashes. Everyone ignored her until she was washed, dressed and at the ball. Then, not even her own family recognized her.

      *Every* healthy animal keeps itself well-groomed. An unkempt animal is signalling that it is too ill to defend itself, and therefore easy prey, to parasites and predators alike.

      And finally, you can't just accuse women. Male use of the exact same body-altering techniques you spoke of is also on the rise. And just look at men who were considered to have good physiques even 30 years ago vs. the steroid muscle-monsters we see nowadays.

    5. StillRV

      @Kat; It was not my intention to single out women in some sort of biased manner. The only reason I stuck with female image is that is the topic of the documentary. It is true that makeup and wigs and the like did exist back in ancient times. However perfumes became super abundant due to the lack of sanitation and proper bathing. What we consider smelly today to them was nothing at all. Animal waste and garbage littered the streets so a little sweat was no big deal. You are correct in that the male image has changed greatly as well but nowhere near as drastically in the physical realm. My comments were not meant as a criticism of women, more of a lament for what they put themselves through to keep up with the times.

    6. Blissful_Harmony

      I think there are some important factors here that have been brushed over a little that is still to the point. I agree with you RV why is it that women in power are always painted as beautiful? I would like to introduce three points.
      Firstly, your statement is entirely biased against men and their ability to determine beauty in their own eyes. For most men, there are different qualities that are valued. I have heard on many occasions that men prefer painted women who smell pretty and are in essence, the shiny horse symbol on their car. I can tell you though, when pressed about the qualities of that particular beauty of women that men admire, pure physical beauty is considered ‘a bonus’ and not the ‘source’ of the beauty. Adolescent boys are not included in this discussion obviously, they gots a whole different deal going on in their bodies that does skew their perception. Two pertinent long standing phrases come to mind; Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; the more you get to know someone, the better looking or worse looking they become. The interaction between two personalities is in essence determines whether or not there is beauty. (I am in no way shape or form, rebuking that physical beauty does take precedence when people have first met or not at all. I am also not rebuking Kates particular take on how the perception could have been made as well. It makes perfect sense. In the instance of pure physical beauty, it is usually symmetry that makes a person physically beautiful, which on a subconscious level does depict superior genealogy, this is the ONLY thing that has stood the test of time and across cultures.)
      From this point I want to raise, that considering that there are different qualities that men admire, a powerful woman holds the same beauty as a powerful man. It is the power, the achievement and the accomplishment that they have that is considered in essence ‘beauty’ because beauty is always tied with ‘sex’ and as humans we cannot escape this particular aspect of our raison d’etre. The fact that it is so much harder for women to do this, and as according to a male standard and expectation adds to this admiration. It is not the ‘bread winner’ issue here, its more along the lines of everything that person was capable of doing and therefore being a more than capable of mate to teach children etc etc. As I’ve heard many a times from men, (but I’ll put it much nicer than what they did) a knowledgeable woman is desired because it will improve chances of children being knowledgeable and therefore be more capable and more ‘great’ than their parents before them. My point being, not only would physical beauty be considered differently in this time, but nothing is stopping another quality of the woman taking precedence and that being the reason being depicted as ‘beautiful’.
      I wouldn’t necessarily agree with you that they were painted as whores, as what is truly a whore? Many housewives if you were to go down the definitive trail of sex for money. It doesn’t make it any more respectable for women just because they have signed a piece of paper to say they are owned by the men they are trading sex for being looked after financially for n’est-ce pas? If we were to say these powerful women in history were whores, how could this be characterised? They were independent women making their own dough, and if they wanted sex, they went and got it. I see no real transaction there except sex. To me they are less whores and more truly of what women are capable of, if women were to drop the images of which they themselves continue to perpetuate of whore or virgin. Women should not be giving validity to this two sided coin. As in the matrix, there is no coin (insert spoon for die-hard fans). Just because there are depictions of their female sexuality does not make them a whore. Nor did this particular documentary suggest that Sheba was. I can only guess it was a value judgement you made yourself. Her sexuality did come into view though, and this is the only thing that I could determine as what you have made that statement on. Male virility is always depicted and yet they are not characterised as whores are they? Men can show great strength and beauty yet you will not find a comment regarding whoring there.
      In one very clear and concise statement you have basically upheld the whore and virgin coin, I’m guessing thinking that you were raging against it non? You’ve done this by slighting men ? and reducing their capability in determining anything else but physical beauty is valued. (thus letting the young ones getting away with thinking this is true- golly will they be disappointed when they grow up) And then adding cream to the top, letting us all know that women who have sex and have a sexy image (and making sure that no other trait can be seen as beautiful except physical beauty) are all bound to the whore image. My advice to you is to deconstruct what you think a whore is, and then perhaps, just perhaps, we’d welcome you into the feminist realms ;)

    7. StillRV

      I think that you perhaps read too deeply into my utilization of the word whore. I was not speaking to the sexual exploits or lack there of. I was simply using the term to conjure the image that most have of the whore. Makeup thick enough to chip with a chisel, False eyelashes, skimpy clothes, and the like. I also do not think that men are incapable of determining a beauty deeper than the skin. I do however believe that for many, especially the young, they will not admit as much. We live in a superficial world more now than ever in the past. While maturity does indeed change those perceptions and behaviors, maturity develops later and later and later in our entitled and childish society.
      I speak only of what I know through conversation and interaction. In the last ten years I would say the majority of women I have dated would rather see themselves as porn star than as strong independent and intelligent woman. On the other side Most men I know view the definition of being a man more as the number of sexual conquests they can acquire in stead of the ability to self sacrifice for the betterment of their loved ones.
      Personally I would not wish to be taken into the feminist realms. Not in its current incarnation at least. Like most other minority representative organizations, feminism has warped more into a concept of entitlement and venom than one of equality and stoicism. Of course that is not a blanket statement to cover all who consider themselves feminist. It is just an observation of the norm.

    8. Blissful_Harmony

      I do disagree with your observations of what feminism is :) what it is perceived to be in the mainstream is not what it is. Rather thats a particular group of people who, I agree pushes the 'concept of entitlement and venom' rather than one of 'equality and stoicism' The one particular group that you are focusing on, are also very white. And have a particular privileged view of the world that they cannot deconstruct and get past. That kind of feminism is highly unappealing.

      My reading of your comment into the word whore is exactly the baseline problem :) It still stands RV. Its also the baseline of what you are talking about. This whore and virgin concept is exactly why we have superficial societies that only looks skin deep.

    9. Jesse

      I slightly disagree. We have a superficial society because in most constitutional countries, there is some similar to a Bill of Rights, unfortunately no one ever thought to put in a Bill of Responsibility. Feminism and other groups claiming to want equality often want something they can't have - a complete rewrite of history. Those who oppose these groups, just want to pass laws banning discrimination, then pretend none of the bad stuff before the law ever happened. The Root of all these problems is = "I'm a hoosier" (person from Indiana), other people are black, half of all people are women, others are Jews, some are mentally unstable; the problem is of course, no one wants to say "Hey I'm a human being, no further definition required."