The Real Enemy

The Real Enemy

2015, Religion  -   19 Comments
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On the theatre stage of a small, unassuming civic center in Oklahoma City, preparations are underway for an upcoming event which is generating an increasingly vocal chorus of opposition. A group of self-proclaimed Satan worshippers will soon take the stage to conduct a Black Mass ceremony, during which they will exorcise the Holy Spirit from a willing participant. In the heart of the Bible belt, such a ceremony is interpreted as a serious threat against the Christian leaders and residents of the community, and to the sanctity of their beliefs. The Real Enemy examines this perceived threat from the inside.

The ceremony is led by Adam Daniels, the head of the Church of Ahriman. Daniels is a controversial figure who is widely viewed as a subject of disdain and disgust, and whose reputation is further marred by his legal status as a convicted sex offender.

News of Daniels' event sends shockwaves of controversy throughout the United States. Contributors from FOX News are viewed debating the issue on air. Local ministries are shown organizing an aggressive ground game with the hopes of inspiring a cancellation of the event. But perhaps the most vociferous opposition comes from an entirely unexpected source: other Satanists in the community.

For them, Daniels is a tacky and tasteless showman who perverts the religion they hold dear. These devil worshippers express their beliefs in a much more subdued and orderly fashion than Daniels, and they're shamed by and dismissive of his court jester theatrics. Meanwhile, city officials defend the group's right to host their ceremony in one of their venues. The government, they say, cannot impinge upon the right of free speech. All the elements are in place for a combustible conclusion.

The film gives occasionally foul-mouthed voice to each player in this circus, and the results are fascinating, colorful and often humorous. The Real Enemy seems to approach its subject with a sly wink at times, but there are worthy currents of depth hidden behind its outrageous fa├žade. What's happening in Oklahoma City is a microcosm of some larger cultural themes, including religious-based intolerance, delusion and hypocrisy.

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11 months ago

So obvious that child is brainwashed and just spuing Christian rhetoric

4 years ago

Sigh. These docus are interesting stuff, but I'm always left with this hollow feeling and naive question: why can't people just dig their thing and accept others diggin theirs? Even pick up a thing or two from "opposing ideas" and incorporate them. I just wanna invite them all to a big ass garden party with lots of good hearty food, everyone gets drunk and high and tries out for size the others ideas. Let us come together and exchange ideas so that we may tailor our own cloths cut from the grand tapestry of the world's ideas/philosophies/religions. Don't worry about contradictions, people are complex and to cover everything, you're gonna run into contradictions sometimes.

5 years ago

This dude is a master level 5 troll. I love it.

5 years ago

Fooled by the chief fooler
deceived by the chief deceiver
dragging them to their torment as they idiotically obey

see you in The Fire (from Paradise)

6 years ago

At the root of most any problem between two or more people, is the ego or selfishness of one, the other, or quite often both. --DU

Satanism promotes selfishness.

Collectivists(socialists, communists, progressives, corporatists, etc) would like to manipulate you into believing that true Capitalism(the ability to freely trade among yourselves without govt interference) is selfish. Is it? Is everyone working in their self interest (actually different than selfish) which creates a vibrant economy, is that selfish or is giving much of what you worked for to others at the helm who did not, so they can debauch and party and take advantage while dribbling a little of what is left to those of little motivation with a tiny percentage of those that truly need assistance, simply foolish?

Suckers falling for the truly selfish vote buyers calling the self interested as the selfish.

Are the polluters and planet ruiners self interested or selfish? It should be clear that they are not interested in keeping things nice like a self interested person would. Selfish greed is far afield from self interest. Don't fall for the word twisting of the media propagandizers, please! Or surrender your freedom to them, falling for the word manipulations. Your choice.

You will find, if you do a little digging, that the self interested capitalist Protestant Christians donate far more to charity to help their fellow man by a large margin, that the collectivists who claim you must be forced to give, taxed and taxed again in order to help your fellow human beings in need, while they and their cronies suck up most of it for themselves and make the delusional socialists feel good because they are too selfish to donate on their own. A satanic racket if their ever was one.

6 years ago

From the last sentence of the intro: "What's happening in Oklahoma City is a microcosm of some larger cultural themes, including religious-based intolerance, delusion and hypocrisy."

It is clear whoever wrote that intro IS intolerant, delusional, and hypocritical, desperately desiring to be their own god and trying to deny there are higher forces than themselves.

While they rot in their graves, the forces of good and evil, love and hate, will still go on. Is it good science of psychology, which the Bible is filled with, to welcome evil and hate into a community to tempt the weak minded or religion haters, who hate to be told that it is unwise to do unwise things? To welcome such evil is akin to welcoming those with ebola into your community. The only religion of intolerance is that of Islam, originated by and with renewed vigor, used to take advantage. Have individuals of the so called Christian religions done similar? Certainly, but it is not the widely held view and actually against their teachings to be taking advantage of others.

It would seem those who detest religion beyond the vileness of some of those who claim to be religious but are actually satan worshipers as described well by @MEJ above or are confused individuals who have taken up religion as a cloak to hide behind finding it much easier to point fingers at others than to look in the mirror... detest it simply because they don't like having a reminder near them that they are doing wrong things. Drinking or drugging and sexing seem to be the main issues. Yet those who worship science simply deny that it tells them the same thing via empirical evidence. Drinking too much rarely helps and usually causes problems. Sexing spreads disease. Yet if a scientist says it, that is fine but if a person of a religion says it they are intolerant? Who is delusional? Then of course religions ask the individual to admit there are higher powers or forces than themselves. Yet the science worshipers and socialists believe that ants and termites have the ideal social structure wherein all are there to serve the group as a whole. The elite prefer that greatly since they get served best at the expense of all the rest. Yet if one were to actually look at the various social structures scientifically, it would be easy to see which produced the best results and furthered mankind to make things better for their offspring than they were for themselves. For each person to stretch as far as they could envision rather than settling for what the elite prescribed for them as being good for all, when in reality it was just good for the elite, who seem to be good propagandists.

So now we have blatant evil worshipers who are not hiding behind any cloak of religion or science, propagandizing. And their fellow travelers in govt claiming they cannot distinguish between a religion which can be a force for good and a cult which has a purpose to obliterate good, cause disruption and chaos, spread disease, death, and destruction, propagandized as more fun and true freedom, designed specifically to attract those of little to no wisdom who will then claim they are simply more intelligent, their egos having taken over, rather than their reason.

How does satan or the devil worm their way in? Via the ego. The same is true of govts, of churches, and in the individual from which they are comprised and compromised.

Pray tell, what is the Bergerbuilders and any similar organization, its subsidiaries, and collectivist govts but a group of evil ant farmers?

7 years ago

Oh wow! This takes stupid to a WHOLE new level! LOL!

Roma Fraser-Engler
7 years ago

The mathematical science of the universe is love - Positive Quantum Physics.

7 years ago

The summary alone left me suspicious of a city that allows this controversial 3 ring circus to happen under the guise of "free speech". When cities are the first to throw out military armed police for peaceful gatherings under the free speech amendment. I think the city is using this controversy to gauge the temperature of the people, as they did with the water situation in Flint Michigan, and many other incidences. If you look a bit deeper, you can see how little they (officials) do with what they know is going on, you can see how they are allowing things to take shape. This allows them to use the info to fulfill their own agendas on a larger scale and cover their asses in a large scale similar situation ahead of time. Use your imaginations to see all the ways they could need that info and what they could do with it to benefit their own sense of control, power and money, while justifying their assumptions that the general public are uneducated and ignorant and NEED their authority to keep things ordered as they see fit. All a head fake on their part. A free society needs no authority.

7 years ago

I think, Scimitar, that humans and monkeys evolved from a common ancestral species that resembled monkeys more than humans. That is what the evidence of paleontology and genetics indicates.
Demons, gods, and ghosts, on the other hand, are beliefs unfounded on evidence and held factual by people I regard as deluded.
I have talked with a few "satanists" and what they see is that Christians acknowledge by their actions that "Satan" is more powerful than the Christian god, and is a lot more fun.

7 years ago

I don t understand why he mentioned Canada in the introduction of this doc. This is simply not an issue for my country. Our population is educated and have critical mind. . Such belief is for disturbed minds in Canada. Very small % since we look after our sick people with our Health Care.

7 years ago

TomazZzz, most christian churches only start around 8 or 9am in the morning, ample time for you to sleep in. You want annoying? Try having a muslim church next to you with a loudspeaker and some guy bellowing into that! If you want to believe you "evolved" from a monkey, then that is your opinion and your religion. People are still trying to find that missing link...therefore it is still the "theory of evolution".

7 years ago

Some comments in this thread claim that the hypocrites who espouse false pseudo-Christianity are not much different from the Satanists. Has it ever occurred to these people that these Christian churches and organizations have been infiltrated BY Satanists who want people to switch their affiliation from "real" Christianity to Satanism, which appears to promise more "freedom" and no pretense at sanctimonious hypocritical values? There is a large difference between those who perform Black Mass ceremonies and those who follow spiritual practices of uplifting Life and preserving the sanctity of Life. The merging of these values which obscure and blur the lines between Satanism and other religious worship has been part of a warfare campaign on the part of the Satanic groups and it has been successful in a large part. I hope people will realize the modus operandi of Satanic groups and how they feign to be part of the organizations they want to topple and destroy--from the inside as they infiltrate. There is a world of difference between a real avowed Satanist and anyone who is of the other extreme, spiritual affiliation or not. Satanists love to torture and murder, and they love to destroy for their own gain. If you find anyone in any religious organization with any resemblance to these tactics of power and gain, you will know they are not authentic, but don't blame the religion itself or try to find solace in running to the Satanists because you think it will make you "free" of hypocritical values. The essence of Satanism IS hypocrisy.

7 years ago

Weirdos! Don't recommend this documentary to anyone who has an IQ higher than a jellyfish!

7 years ago

Roger Ailes of FOX News is the REAL Satan. Also, someone tell Tucker Carlson to fire his barber.

7 years ago

katolicism is not oppresive? regardless that a guy just said he cant walk 200m without bumping into church?
I live in europe.. and I cant have one peacefull sunday morning without those churches banging onto their half-a-tone bells that can be heard for eons (too)far..
In my view..and in the phase that I live in now - IT IS OPRESSING ME!!! I am no part of it, still I have to listen to it every day of my life...specially sundays, as sunday is the only day I can spleep in, since I dont need to get up at 4:30 to go to work..
...And it makes me think each time how is it possible that 2000 years after "they think it all went down" - ppl still belive in it???!!!... althou it was all written 200 - 300 years after it "happened"??? commooon ppl!!! its 2016!!
and don't tell me that "the house of David" written on some rock in the middle of Israel desert is a proof that bible is real.... yuck! we detached from lower primates like 6 to 8 million years ago!!!

7 years ago

All I see are people who are deceiving themselves in order to compensate for some insecurity.
Rationalization after rationalization with rampant self victimization.

7 years ago

Oliver, you can't really have a belief system based on science and logic since that would undermine the principles of science itself. Science is evidence based, whereas a belief is an internal conviction that can be held regardless of, or in spite of, evidence to the contrary.

An example of this in real life is the flat earth society. Their belief system is based on science and logic, but their conviction that the earth is flat compromises the principles of that system as they twist evidence to fit their beliefs.

Oliver Koslik
7 years ago

Interesting Doc.

I see no difference between the "evil" people and the "good" people.
They both are relying on a fantasmagorical philosophy.
Albeit the social-communal aspects of either
churches is a definite plus to the individual.

I think humanity should join together and create a
new belief system, based on science & logic.