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RestrepoSebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington's year dug in with the Second Platoon in one of Afghanistan's most strategically crucial valleys reveals extraordinary insight into the surreal combination of back breaking labor, deadly firefights, and camaraderie as the soldiers painfully push back the Taliban.

The film follows the 2nd Platoon of Battle Company on a 15-month deployment in the Korengal Valley of northeast Afghanistan. It chronicles the lives of the men from their deployment to the time of their return home.

The Korengal Valley was at the time regarded as the deadliest place on Earth (as stated in the documentary itself, trailers, and television commercials on the National Geographic Channel).

The goal of the deployment is to clear the Korengal Valley of insurgency and continue to gain the trust of the local populace. They begin their deployment at OP Korengal, and early in the campaign PFC Restrepo is killed, as well as another team member.

The film portrays the construction of an advanced outpost, OP Restrepo, as well as the challenges and intermittent firefights they faced while they managed to build the outpost from nothing in only one night. In the latter portion of the film, the extremely dangerous mission Operation Rock Avalanche is shown along with some of its tragic consequences, such as dead civilians and soldiers, as well as the emotional distress that the soldiers are left with in its aftermath.

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  1. I would recommend all of you watch the film "which way to the front lines" to get an idea of who Tim was and the reasons he made the film Restrepo. This was not meant to be a "political" piece of work.

  2. Look been there done that. I'm a Force Recon Marine from 2nd Force, 2Plt. And until we stop the Pakistani problem & stop giving them money a they are the largest damn "terrorists" at present then NOTHING will ever change point blank! They openly harbor the Taliban, shoot look at the wonderful job at their hiding of Bin Laden! So personally I say f-em, and just turn the whole region into a parking lot! But hey I'm swayed a different way as I was pissed at having to fight both the so-called terrorists,the Taliban, and our so called allies the Pakistani Taliban! So F-EM!

  3. all thank god because there are soo many who are actually realising exactly what is fact,,, and fact what is that,,,evidence,,proof,,,witness,,,statistics genetics,,,and history. AND NOW THERE ARE THE SIGNS,, AND SIGNS WHAT ARE THEY,,, MALEOVELENCE, PESTILENCE,NWO, MARK OF BEAST...

  4. The sheer ignorance in the posts below are disgraceful. First off, if you're not American then don't argue something that doesn't matter to you. This is a US affair, and if you can't support the people that actually DO VOLUNTEER and sacrifice their well-being, then get the hell out of our country! I volunteered, and so badly wanted to become a US Soldier, to be a part of something bigger than yourself; to help more than just your immediate family; to create a future for oneself. This doesn't mean killing people or engaging in warfare, but sometimes that may be the case. One must put aside differences and fight for survival. None of these soldiers truly want to kill others. Again, it's a sacrifice.

    1. I understand what you are saying, but, if criminals in our government and the super powerful corporations that influence the government were not engaged in "pre-emptive" strikes and wars for profit, then who would be put in any situations where they would be forced to fight for their lives, and WHY? And if "we" are involved in a "War" of agression, how does that get redefined as fighting to preserve "our" freedoms? By taking freedoms away from people in distant lands who can not be and have not been verifyable threats to us, our freedoms or our way of life, except in the MSM propaganda? Brother, please spit out the Kool-Aide...

    2. Really, Marco? What sector of the galaxy are you from, and how long ago did your spaceship land? Do you, by any chance, wear an aluminum foil hat? One of these days, someone should do a profile of the 9-11 "truthers." You and Rosie O'Donnell truly deserve one another.

  5. I personally think this documentary is neither a propaganda piece that is trying to serve the Americans or the people who oppose the war. If you read the book called War by Sebastian Junger which is the book version of Restrepo you will understand that war is hell but it doesn't mean that the soldiers themselves are evil or bad. War is just about survival... Most of the American soldiers do care about the Afghans civilians since some were raised in peaceful homes while the rest were riased in broken homes. Yet they were still taught morals. However suppose you and your family were being ambushed and you know someone in your family will die and the only way to stop this is by bombing the insurgents but at the same time they are hiding among civilians. Would you allow your son, daughter, brother or sister to die or kill an innocent person that you don't know... There is no good or bad answer since its just about survival... Its nature... Also the phrase "give peace a chance" can never work because humans in nature always want more and more and humans can never have enough commodities therefore this is why dictators exist and greed exist because quite simply when we were dwelling in caves by having more resources meant our chances of survival will be higher. Once people have far too much power and resources they will become an oppressor and of course this leads to revolutions or war... Therefore war can become a great equalizer to oppressive regimes. And to those good doers out there... Trust me when you have nothing to eat or drink and you are living in a dsytopian world you will steal or even murder just for survival becomes humans adapt, we can adapt to a world that is brutal and barbaric.

    1. because humans in nature always want more and more and humans can never have enough commodities therefore this is why dictators exist and greed exist because quite simply when we were dwelling in caves by having more resources meant our chances of survival will be higher.

      ummm...WHAT?!?!?! Not just that sentence either, but most of your post simply does not make sense in reality. I see your point about survival and all, but...God only knows how you formulated those opinions. Do you listen to NPR or other liberal radio?

  6. "irrationality of people fighting in, or supporting this war?" thats a broad spectrum to group people into. why am i irrational? because i am patriotic? because i am a service member? what about the 3000 people whom died on 911, let alone all the other terrorist attacks before hand? And i know, i know, "bin laden was a cia informant under the handle tim osman." wrap the tin foil around your head with alex jones. propaganda? how. showing that people lose their lives, showing that one can be put into situations were civilions get killed? and you think this is what our service men and women want? f*** you. be the person behind the trigger, and be put into the situation where you have to return fire into a building packed with civilians, and then make your idiotic remarks about this war, better yet analyze the a**hole putting the civilians into that position, until then, f*** you, and shut the f*** up. what do they let slip by? how would you know? how would you have any f***ing idea what its like to be out there, away from your family, friends, everything you know, how would you know what its like. you sit behind a computer, behind a keyboard, and do nothing. do what YOU can to change things, instead of adding moronic commentary to a film showing the horrors of modern day combat. until you've been there in your own shoes, shut up. anyone whos been down range knows exactly what im talking about. your safe where you are becuase of people like them, because of the people who have lost thier lives protecting the ability and freedom to speak as you are now, show some god damn respect. you voted these people into office as a whole. on 9-12-2001 you wouldnt be preaching this bulls***, iraq was a mistake, vietnam was bulls***, speak out then, stand up, every "empire" has fallen from within, get the point? you i think agree with this s***? no im trying to change it, and im not just half a**ed talking s*** on a documentary, im actually doing it? and what are you doing? inviting people to lynch you. bring me the rope and i'll tie the knot dumba**,

    1. :) After reading your long post first of all I have to ask you if by any chance fought in a war and suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder? My advice is to take care of your rage and medicate yourself, living would be much easier.

      Good point, it was a broad spectrum to group people in, but killing other people for the excitement of it, revenge or profit doesn't seem very rational.

      It is hard not to be cynical when you mention 9/11 and the 3000 Americans who died then. You're right, 3000 American lives value more than the hundred of thousands if not millions of civilians who died in all the unjustified USA wars, or in wars supported by the USA.

      The last war heroes died in WW2, so there is little sympathy for patriotic mercenaries. I'm not an American citizen (and I'm glad of it), but all the "soldiers" from my country that fought in the Iraq or Afghan war only did it for the money.
      All the people that fought for my freedom and rights died inside my country.

      Compared to you, I can change a lot of things form behind my computer just by simply not killing(or supporting the killing of) other human beings.

      That's all I can say...all the arguments you give are pro-war cliches, which I can top with the equal amount of anti-war cliches.
      Get well soon and I hope your life isn't as bleak as your sense of humor :)

    2. There would likely be many that are glad you are not a US citizen, if they knew you. lol

    3. Thanks Doug Everett for confirming my point of view:D

    4. Complete twaddle, complete and utter twaddle!
      Its the game of life, if you don't like it don't play!

  7. Putting aside the irrationality of the people fighting in or supporting this war, I couldn't help my self not to think that this documentary is just another propaganda device for recruiting uneducated young men in the war machine. They let a few things slip by for the sense of realism, but besides them whole documentary looks carefully "unnatural", for example the part where the American soldiers really care about the Afghan people, given their history in Iraq and Vietnam.
    Just an opinion so feel free to lynch me :)

    1. I think you are way of the mark like so many people are, the Taleban are the bad guys not the Americans or the British. The soldiers really do care for these young kids from afghanistan, its amazing to see all these friendly young kids and the soldiers do their best to protect them from the Taleban. I think you need to learn exactly what is going on before you churn out boring anti war cliches which amounts to nothing but supporting evil, if some boys wosh to risk their lives for these kids then they deserve respect for being unselfish in their thoughts and actions.

    2. Are you aware of the factual history of the Taliban? Do you know who founded it, funded it, equipped it, trained it, controlled it...? The USA did, through the CIA, all to stop the USSR from successfully invading Afghanistan. CIA asset/operative Tim Osman aka Osama bin Laden trained in the US Army, achieved the rank of Lt, was the main leader. Once the USSR dissolved and there was no longer a need to thwart the Soviets, the Taliban was basically abandoned. But the Taliban did not fade away, the Taliban became the ruling force in Afghanistan, implimented Sharia Law, and no longer had any loyalty or association with the US gov overt or covert until early 2002...

      Your post indicates that you NOTHING about what you speak, yet you admonish others for speaking truth. You are under the hypnotic effects of the MSM Matrix.

  8. We have zero business in their country.
    We are where we do not belong.
    That is there country, not ours.

    1. Ummm their country is the one that provided a safe haven for the terrorists that killed 3,000 American civilians. Since these wars obviously have zero effect on your life as an american you are welcome to keep your opinion to yourself.

    2. Like Ron Paul says, if we weren't over there, they wouldn't
      be over here.
      And as that old man was shot dead and dumped in the ocean.
      What is the excuse for being over there now?
      We keep on invading their countries, setting up our military
      bases in their countries, bombing their countries, stealing
      their oil and then act like we don't know why they hate us.

    3. Terrorists killed 3,000 Americans??? LMFAO!!! I cannot believe anyone is so stupid to still repeat the lies told about 9-11. Th "terrorists" are Bush, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld,Chertoff, Giulianni, Biden, Schumer, Frank, Reid, Pelosi, Boxer, Boehner, the CIA, FBI, NSA, Mossad, MI-5 MI-6...Osama had nothing to do with 9-11 the FBI has admitted so much, so has the US Justice Dept, but even if you want to still believe that Osama was the orchestrator of the "attacks" on September 11th, 2001, then maybe you should be made aware that Osama bin Laden was a CIA Operative, so even IF Osama bin Laden was involved in 9-11, that is evidence that the CIA was also involved...

      As far as opinions go, if your opinion is based on LIES and not on facts and evidence, then what exactly is your opinion worth to others?
      Answer: Not a damn thing.

    4. you are such a selfish individual, what about the people who dont want the taliban, you obviously know nothing about the situation which is typical of too many do gooders who as good as give the green light to barbararism and ethnic cleansing.

    5. What about Patriotic Americans who do not our corrupted government sending our parents children and friends to fight an illegal unConstitutional War of Aggression based on LIES and carefully constructed propaganda? Do WE have that same right not to be oppressed by our own "leaders" or is that just something for those whom we wish to have "democracy"? I am sorry, but you are totally clueless and a tool.

  9. Your kids? Did you actually have a child maimed or killed? If so im sorry.

    If not, dont claim me.

  10. Ah if only the world was so simple. Good vs evil and all that.

    My opinions of the war are my own but I had to laugh when I read "the bush family and their cronies". Oh they must be rolling in money right now. Probably shooting puppies for target practice.

  11. Its common practice by the Taliban to kill the youngest member of a persons family on up when a man refuses to join. They take over towns and recruit fighters willing or not to joing their cause. I dont agree with a lot of the tactics used by the United States in Afghanistan or in other areas of the world but this statement is completely unfair.

    The Taliban are not freedom fighters.

  12. Learnt is a word.

  13. Your understanding of how things work in Afghanistan are second hand at best. Watch and learn. Obscenity considered offensive in a country where child rape is the norm. Please mrre. They fought the Russians for decades they can handle the "F word", and to be honest if they cant they are living in a fantasy world and undeserving of my consideration.

    But to be more to the point. I have yet to meet and Afghani that is insulted by harsh language. They are a harsh people and I say that with the utmost respect.

  14. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Best.

    Papa Gorsk

  15. Wish this documentary also brought to light the way American tax payers are giving money that goes to kill their own teenagers..but that is too dangerous for the downtown I guess

  16. Every time I saw soldiers shooting and using other sophisticated weaponry I flashed back to the lack of educational material in public schools. NO MORE WARS!!!!!!.Give Peace a chance!

  17. You are not soldiers....You are a bunch of paid killers..$$$$ is your motive.....

  18. In response to Pamela, many of the U.S. soldiers are also Pakistani.

  19. no bodies nowere,nothing just dudes smoking cigs and talking about firefights..boring as fawk..

  20. this film looked fake as can be...payed looks like the bad guys prolly locals pissed you shootin into their town and shit..fake

    1. ...where to even start, fake? why? because this reality isnt portreyed through the use of your f***ing xbox? easy to say for some fat f*** who probably sits behind a counter at kinkos organizing colored paperclips. Take advantage of what we fight for, better yet go back to whatever third world country your from, theres probably a goat there waiting to get buttf***ed by you. And btw yes, we are "payed" you illiterate moron. we are paid for putting ourselves in harms way so you can enjoy your f***ing whopper with cheese while sitting on your a** b****ing about anything and everything that you can because your too much of a coward to stand up and fight for what you believe in. your a leech. you'll probably work 50 jobs in your lifetime because you have zero intelligence, zero aspirations to become anything or do anything with your life, you'll simply sit around and continue to get fatter and dumber while you suck down tacos and pizza, you my friend are the exact reason i think people should undergo screening to be able to breed. quit f***ing up our gene pool, stfu, show respect to our soldiers, and pay respect to our fallen soldiers because we BOTH know when it comes down to it, you wouldnt say a f***ing word face to face with any service member like what youve said above, and that goes for every dumb motherf***er on here talking down on our service members, dont hate us, hate the leaders YOU f***ing elected. get up, get out and stand up for what you believe in, because if shit gets really hectic in this country, remember that were the ones that protect you. HOOAH

    2. Don't bother protecting me man, kill kids in somebody else's name. I'd rather take my chances with the Afghans. The "soldiers" in this doc. are braindead morons.

    3. @irishkev, then move to afghanistan, see how long you last there when your thrown back into the stone age. kill kids in someone elses name? better yet why dont you go and sit down with the locals who accept mere dollars a day from the taliban to pay there sons to take pop shots at us and end up getting killed because they cant fight us head on nor will they come out of the holes they hide in. sit down and talk with the taliban fighters who shoot at us from buildings packed with women and children, its a price that has to be paid, yes it is unfortunate. thats something we can agree on, but acting like its intentional makes you look like the brain dead moron. move to afghanistan pal

    4. Mere dollars huh, what do they pay you with, or do you do it for the glory?

    5. My last comment seems to have been lost in moderation. I was in Peshawar a long time ago and Afghanistan was a magical place. The people were friendly , hospitable and curious about the West. That seems to have changed. I was also saying that it is a terrible shame that the U.S. spends so much on war at the expense of education. The proof of this can be seen in your filthy language and lack of consideration for your fellow human beings. Wake up brother. Who/What are you really fighting for?

    6. Take a load off and have a beer and a cigarette, actually... just chill the f*** out dude, and stop feeling sorry for yourself because you were too psycho to get entry into the armed forces.

    7. Soldiers are but dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy. -Henry Kissinger

      Soldier, you are a tool, and your hatred is obvious and out of line with the standards expected from a Member of the US Military.

      Your post is disgusting and you have embarrassed yourself. It is also obvious that somewhere along your journey, you adopted the attitude that you and the other Citizens of the US are not in the same group of People.

      If the **** gets really hectic in this country, you will be under illegal orders to disarm and apprehend American Citizens, and quite possibly to shoot to kill when confronted by "seditionists" and "dissenters". How will you protect us, when you have orders to kill us???

  21. Get rid of ''Rambo''-americans + get rid of zionist jews + get rid of fanatical muslims = A Happier Planet!

    1. @kris sto
      You forgot about all the Christian fundamentalists, don't forget them too. They are just as dangerous to Humanity as the others.

    2. Do you see the error in that statement? People are not made to listen to your will and thus conflict. Consider the most destructive ideology of the 20th century. It left hundreds of millions dead in China and the former USSR. Its a system void of religion. Completely apposed to it really.

      Get rid of the "problems" you mention and tomorrow it will be the non Muslim Arabs, the eastern Europeans, the strange kid down the street that needs to go. Because if you take the label off these groups they are all just people and we are flawed.

      This is the real world. It would be great if we got along but we don't. Once you gain more experience in life (if you do) you will likely find that most of the people out there causing problems in the world are not motivated by any ideology but greed and power though they try to put labels on it to cover their intentions and recruit the poor and ignorant. Its been the same throughout all of history.

      Its unfortunate this black and white view of the world is so popular these days. Its lazy thinking really. I would suggest you devote your time to something more constructive than thinking of who needs to go.

  22. much respect to our young brave soldiers.

    1. You make it sound as if they have gone there out of the goodness of their hearts & at their own expense. They are there because they chose to go to war, their own choice & they are getting paid good money to be there. If they don't want to be there then they shouldn't have joined up. They don't deserve a pat on the back for doing the job that they are paid to do, I don't give the mail man a pat on the back & say well done every time he delivers the mail do I, no because he is just doing what he is paid to do.

      Before anyone says that I am not patriotic, my answer to that is simple. No I am not, I do not pledge any allegiance to any flag, my allegiance is with all of Humanity. Yep I'm a Goddamn Hippy (although I prefer the term Secular Humanist) & proud to be one. lol

    2. being a hippy wont save the world, if you ask me you are being selfish thinking the way you are, so do you care about your great grandchildren or do you just think about yourself all the time or maybe you are thinking of them because you want a strict super Islamic regime introduced all over the world.

    3. Are we still calling our soldiers - heroes?

  23. thanks vlatko,
    was waiting for this one

  24. Its the strong picking on the weak.

    A world where might is right.

    One day these people will be strong.

  25. Unjust war, inconsiderate occupiers, traumatized youth, violated populace, just another chapter in the evil agenda of America's foreign policy.

    1. shows a lack of understanding Joseph

    2. It seems to me that he has got a lot better understanding than you have.
      Unjust war - definitely
      Inconsiderate occupiers - yes
      Traumatized youth - check
      Violated populace - yes to that one too
      Another chapter in the evil agenda of America's foreign policy - yes I think that he has got a perfect understanding of the situation.

    3. its far from being an unjust war, the Taliban are not stopping if the USA pulls out, you and plenty others are living in a fantasy world, there is no stopping the juggernaut if you want proof ill give it ill post it on the main thread. It will take time to be approved.

    4. Your comment shows the level of how deep you have swallowed the false propaganda of your government's spin machine. Might is Right! Being brainwashed is nothing new. You probably think the Vietnam war was justified, and wish you could touch the hem of G W Bush's trousers. I would pity you, but I'm too pissed off at id*ots like you that fan the flames of war.

  26. Promising jobs and healthcare to the village elders, when the the US corporate state does't deliver either healthcare and employment to millions of it's own citizens is duplicity and deceit at its most brazen. The US military machine, equipped with the latest fire-power, waging hell-fire against those who are in effect local tribesmen, wearing sandals is like "taking crack" is it? The decline of an empire is a dangerous thing.

    1. dude, giving the afghan people the infrastructure, support and freedom to build their own roads, buildings and communitys will open up jobs for those people.

      so yes, helping them become sustainable and trive will give them jobs and healthcare.

    2. They will not be building their own roads, buildings & communities though because American companies have already been given the contracts to build them all. They are the only ones who are going benefit from the war not the Afghani people.

  27. Wow. i am sitting here appalled at the cow controversy. There should be no controversy at all. Regardless of if the treatment of the cow was humane, the loss cannot be covered by equal weight in rice, beans and sugar. A cow provides much more than that to a family over it's lifetime. Had it been killed during a bombing, these men would not have made the trek to have the injustice adjudicated. But it wasn't. It wandered into an area occupied by the occupying forces. The populace did not ask to be occupied; so being occupied is not an excuse. If each of the young men had experienced this response at home for such a significant loss..say, an individual wrecks their car, and has no insurance, but the state says the loss will be covered by an equal weight of rice, beans and sugar; would they be willing to accept that in trade? A car in the USA is often the difference between working, hence eating; the same as a cow in Afghanistan. A cow is a means of producing both income and food.

    i also question the use of obscenity while talking with the men of the area during efforts to come to make an agreement of working together. In a society such as this, obscenity strikes me as something that would be considered offensive...and better left to conversations with fellow soldiers and not with the local populace. Not understanding English would not mean they would not have figured out by now, (in year 10 of occupation,) what English swear words are. i have a friend who is going back to Afghanistan soon, and i would not have thought to touch on this issue with him before he goes..but now i will.

    1. You are at a loss over the cow controversy, yes I have to say this was the most heart wrenching part of the documentary (sarcasm)

      To be frank, you are a narrow-sighted obtuse id***.

    2. And you sir, are an A.H.

    3. At a "loss"? No. Appalled. Narrow-sighted and idiotic, am i?:) To have the capacity to feed one's family and be productive in the community through no fault of one's own is a catastrophic occurence. Since you cannot wrap your head this, let's find an appropriate analogy. Let's take the financial crisis in America as example. Currently, unemployment and underemployment have resulted in the incapacity for low-wage workers to provide for their families. That such an event occured as a result of the derivatives market which served only to redirect and concentrate wealth, is an appalling and catastrophic event. That social programs which would have formerly mitigated such losses are being cut and more families turned away who seek assistance, creates further devastation. So, the individual whose job is his "cow," not only has his cow taken, but is offered something that is not at all equitable as solution for his loss. The circumstances in which this loss occured were through no fault of his own, but were the result of actions taken by those who were placed in the role of his superior, (occupier in the case of the real cow,) in the financial markets. It is all relevant, and can be analogized in a number of ways other than this. All manner of examples are there for you to exercise empathy. That you choose not to do so, and insult those who do in the process of your blindness, speaks not to my idiocy, but your own.

  28. lols @ young ppl wanting to go to war.

    I am ex-military. War is old men talking and young men dying.

    You would think a lesson might be learnt when the most powerful countries on earth cannot even force the poorest people on earth to submit. But no.

    You think you just need more men and more ammo.

    1. Did you actually spell the word "learnt", that's halarious!! I usually don't pick on spelling, because I am horrible at it. But it seemed you meant it to be funny, if not- I'm sorry I didn't mean to pick. I once spelled the contraction of "there would be" as "theyr'd be" in a highschool essay, attempting to be funny. I got a zero on the whole paper and the teacher freaked, guess he lacked a sense of humor.

    2. er - not everybody in the world is from the US - the correct English is learnt - you stole it from the UK and changed it to learned.

      And it is SPELT "hilarious".
      I suggest you DON'T pick people up on spelling.

    3. Maybe you should invest in a dictionary & if your going to speak English, then at least learn how to speak it properly. It's not our fault that you Americans are all illiterate.

    4. @Locksmith247
      "if you're going to speak".
      A boomerang comes back from behind.


    5. "I once spelled... "theyr'd be"... attempting to be funny. I got a zero..."

      "Aye, theyr'd be little fer comprehendin', wer't not fer the writt'n werd!"

    6. learnt:chiefly Brit past and past part of learn......The Merriam-Webster Dictionary

  29. We are not in there for the profit of it, nor for applause, Only the common comfort that it caused. So if you are against us, if you're weak, or meek form a queue and we will travel from afar and systematically we'll do to you what we have done here. But more regular and always twice as hard.

    1. Common comfort? Are you so arrogant and ignorant you do not know there is already a long queue? Remember Rome. They were 10 times as hard. BTW how comfortable are you feeling?

    2. Very comfortable.

    3. Hey zatarra, are you like "in treatment", or something? Keep taking the tabloids!

  30. I absolutely love this doc. Thanks for posting. Truly shows how war has evolved into such Hell on Earth. What a waste of supplies and lives.

  31. When Russia occupied Afghanistan she faced the Taliban, Osama Bin Laden and his group which we`re told were funded by America. Is it therefore not unreasonable to suspect that Russia might be helping to fund those that want to see America vacate the region? Just a thought.

    1. I really don't think that Russia would want to get involved, I expect that they can still remember what a waste of time, life & money it was the last time. You are right about our troops being killed with the same guns & ammunition that we supplied the Taliban with in the fist place though.

    2. not quite lol usa dont use ak47s and they didnt supply iraq with them either

    3. Yes that's right they are using the ak47's that they got after seeing off the Russians with the guns that we gave them to fight them with, which they are also using now to fight us. I don't think that they really mind where they came from. I think that you will find that the US did supply Saddam with the weapons that they had in Iraq, do a little research.

    4. Gary the USA did not supply Iraq with weapons but they did give them anthrax for whatever crazy messed up reason, you will find that Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries supplied most of the funding to the Afghans for the war against Russia, the USA supplied ground to air missiles and some funding. The USA were wrong to help anyone fight the Russians but I don't think they expected that the Muslims would turn on them especially after all the help places like Kuwait, Bosnia and Kosovo received now even a hippy must see something wrong with people who turn Judas and just because the USA still had a military base in Saudi Arabia.

    5. Don't be dumb, America did finance Bin Laden, and the Mujahadeen as late as 1999 in Kosovo, and before that in Bosnia. Russia doesn't care about politics, what their policy is is "buy it from us" and "I dare you to use it against me" They built their military up to the US level if not even better, for the sole puropse of DEFENSE, something dirty beuracratic America should learn to do, and protect our freedoms, and make OUR country prosperous, not some sand people who lived the same for 500 years and will continue too no matter how much money the US wastes on them, and in the end they will turn their back on America just like they always do, and for good reason. They dont want our lifestyle, so force feeding it to them doesn't sound like a smart thing to do, but hey try telling Washington that... Our biggest threat, where most muslim radicals come from is Saudi Arabia, our number 1 ally. Pakistan had Bin Laden in their country for years, we have the best intelligence service in our galaxy, and now Washington and the Media is pissed at who? Pakistan? FUCK THAT, we should be pissed, and questioning Washington DC and Obama's little spies. This country and world is starting to make me f--king sick. Money and Politics have officially taken over Liberty, disgusting.

  32. It's sad how everybody lives in a BD World. How Bad Taliban are????
    Please, they are killing families. Every afgan man in the premisses is considered an insurgent. I would like to see if your father and brother were killed in cold blood while doing nothing. Wouldn't you become an insurgent by free will. Multiply this death tool for entire villages and entire countries Just so you can have the oil necessary for you to live your superficial life and write that sad commentary over the internet.

    1. Come one man, what a load of bs.

  33. Been looking everywhere for this doc, thanks Vlatko.

  34. I think too many people are missing the point of this war, it is not a waste of anything, do you even realise how evil the Taliban are?

    1. People support it when it's going well, they stop when it isn't. They like the idea of helping people when economic times are good, then despise the idea when it's bad. It's a little hypocritical if you ask me.

      I still believe the Afghan war is not the awful crusade that people make it out to be; there are good intentions with this war, it's not another Iraq.

    2. It's just going to end up another Vietnam & if you remember it wasn't the Taliban that we originally went in there for it was Al Qaeda, it just got changed to the Taliban as an after thought so the the war could carry on & the Bush family & their cronies can make lots of money out of it at the expense of our troops & the thousands of innocent civilians who are getting caught up in it.

    3. Do you really think that when it is all over that Bush is going to give a damn about all the troops that will have died, no because he will be to busy rubbing his hands together about all the money that he's made from it all. Wake up.

    4. this war will never end until the Taliban are destroyed, there is no choice but to fight them if you ever listened to what the Taliban are saying

    5. James, what are your sources for Taliban objectives?

    6. Gary what makes you know so much, the Taliban had already began their offensive just as the Nazis had begun theirs in Poland, you don't know the first thing about what the Taliban are all about.

    7. There is no "al Qaeda" there never has been...

      Google that sentence to learn the truth behind the CIA false-flag covert psy-op referred to as al Qaeda which translated from Arabic means "the base". The term al Qaeda, or The Base, is the term Arabs use when taking about using the toilet, or 'the base" of operations while taking a dump.

      Al Qaeda is the name of a database of those who worked with and for the Taliban, who might be used in covert operations, false-flag attacks, suicide bombings, and other nefarious activities.

      Get informed with some historically accurate knowledge, because without it, you will continue to show the world that you don't have any idea what you talk about.

    8. Just where do you get your information? You might want to do a little checking and watch an interview with Osama in which he explains the origin of the term, which can mean several other things besides "toilet."

    9. James, were the Taliban invading the U.S. or something?

    10. they are invading the world Irishkev

    11. No, they live here man.

  35. Americans treat war like it's a game. There is something wrong if America isn't at war with somebody somewhere. These guys have invaded another country to what? Build a road.... Get outta here.
    Warfare is an industry in America and they have to justify that industry by starting a war with someone. This video just shows the Americans need to get their gun off.
    Americans haven't figured out that they lose men because they stick in close companies, their enemies just flank them and get them in cqb at which point Americans fall apart and get slaughtered. They can only fight at distance. A lesson not learned from Vietnam.

  36. A complete waste of lives & money, but hey just think how much the bush family & their cronies are going to make out of it, I wonder if they are going to share any of it with the families of the troops who are dying so that they can profit from it. I doubt it very much.

  37. Our kids are getting maimed and killed for nothing.

    1. dont agree I think its the most justified war in history, its the first time ever that war is necessary it has to be cranked up or we will lose, the alternative is to liquidate Israel something I would love to happen but the Jews are too powerful so we must defend ourselfs from the evil Israel has created.

  38. as i posted on my facebook, RIP Tim Hetherington. you brought me into where my beloved is serving his country in a way he couldn't tell me about. your work was just starting.

  39. I am struck by the futility of it all and how much all this garbage is costing us. We don't have health insurance yet The US Army is going to "flood" a remote valley of Afghani hillbillys with health care, supplies and money and for what? It won't change a damn thing. What's wrong with this picture? The more I think about it the angrier I get. This is another reason why unrestricted news coverage of our wars is not allowed. Get us the Hell out of this damn war NOW.

  40. Operation Pointless?
    What exactly did they accomplish militarily or strategically in this Korengal Valley?
    According to field commander they built a Base (Restrepo) that prevented some additional attacks....

    But beside this minor goal, they certainly failed to win the hearts of minds of the locals, was the Road ever built? did these people actually care? and how many joined the ranks of the Jihadists as a result of civilian casualties and destruction?
    They finally pulled out and left it worse than they arrived and it only took 50 dead American soldiers..
    All the supplies, bombs, missile, ammunition probably cost the tax payer millions of dollars to kill people who raise goats and chickens and live in shanty huts.

    This War Costs us hundreds of billions of dollars a year when the economy stinks already...

    Well thats my rant,
    Good luck winning the Afghan war!

    1. i enjoyed your rant, as you covered what i would have said and therefore, saved me mine.

    2. This was a documentary meant show the real conditions that the American soldier faced at this location, and it did it well. The men that were there showed great courage and restraint- and as much compassion as they could considering the situation. If you paid attention you saw that they regretted the civilian casualties and tried to make amends, but this is war and there is no way to avoid the loss of innocent life. As far as the war itself, these guys have no control over that. They simply do what they are told, and do it well. The out post (Restrepo) they established saved many soldiers lives that followed behind them after they had left, and many of thier own while they were there. It was erected in a strategic location that changed the entire layout of the valley. The guys that were there before them for what ever reasons were not able to accomplish this goal.

      By the way, these goat farmers that live in shanties defeated the Russian military not so long ago, and killed many American soldiers that were very brave, capable, and well supplied. It is very nieve to expect them to be able to win the hearts and minds of the locals, religion is a powerful brain washing tool and can not be undone in a couple of months. All things considered they did one h3ll of a job, could you have done it?

      I could not agree with you more about the war itself being a waste of tax payer money and a failure. I think if we spent that same money, time, and effort developing a renewable fuel we would careless about what they are doing in Afghanistan. Lets face it this and the Iraq war are all about securing future oil and natural gas reserves and, by doing so, remaining the dominate world power. I think we could achieve the same goal by developing a renewable fuel and leading the world in an energy revolution. That said, I think you could have found a more appropriate place to rant as you call it. Have some respect!!

    3. I despair.

    4. Yeah,
      I have to admit the documentary itself within the context of the individual soldier is gut-wrenching.

      These are ordinary people who either volunteered or were seduced into joining the military, they aren't bad people and like one soldier declared many simply wanted to defend their own country.

      But that being said,
      I do not "Support the troops', nor am I inclined to give them any respect...
      I feel sorry for them in truth, as I've said they arn't bad people

      But lets not kid ourselves, they are trained to be professional killers! and they will return scarred for life one way or another.

      if people really did support their troops and respect them they would

      1. Bring them home from a lost war
      2. Pay more money on their mental/health care when they return
      3. Listen to their stories of woe and learn something
      4. Make sure nobody suffers like they had to suffer.

      Adding a bumper sticker to your car that says "Support the Troops", and proclaiming they are defending nuanced ideals like "Freedom and Democracy" is not RESPECT.
      It is in fact simply an enabler that drives more people into war and ultimately some into death.

    5. I couldn't agree with you more. I will say I respect these guys though, they do something I don't think i could so i have to. Plus they are honorable people generally. As far as the war, i want it over and done- I would love to bring them home. I never supported it from day one. But i don't think this is the place for that conversation. This was made inorder to honor the job they accomplished and show the reality of the situation they faced. It didn't deal with the ideals of freddom or democracy or any of the other cheesy stuff you refered to. I mean don't these guys deserve to be honored at least once without bringing in these questions that have nothing to do with them? Apparently not, but i wished they could be.

    6. Your right, this guys deserve a lot of respect, they do something that few of us can do, kill people(including innocent children) for money(and for their country, rights and freedom, and of course for the freedom of the Afghan people) and they are good at it. This is the basic fact, they are not volunteering, they are getting payed. You can argue that in every war civilians are "accidentally" killed, but I don't think the soldiers didn't know this in advance before going to war.

      My opinion is that war shouldn't be made sacred and people should say whatever they want about it, else risk developing a twisted morality.

  41. can't help but picturing that this was america and that they were defending their home front against the pakistanis

    1. They aren't Pakistanis, they're Afghans. Although "they" have been called many things, even British, depending on who was trying to move in. "They" however are still there. Call them what you like, they don't need McD's and Coca cola. They've got oil, hashish and opium. Beat that Yanks!

    2. Many of the Taliban are infact Pakistani.