Risking It All

2011 ,    » 26 Comments
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Risking It AllBrazilian children at the Tajaparu river risk getting cut to pieces as they fasten their canoes onto fast-moving tourist boats in order to sell their goods.

They are risking death in order to make a few pennies selling sweets and jams.

We follow Pakistani truck drivers facing death at every turn transporting goods across mountain passes on arguably the world's most dangerous road.

Latin American migrants risk life and limb to reach the US border in search of the American dream.

Pilots fly through storms over the jungle along one of the most perilous air routes in the world to deliver supplies.

Bolivia's coca farmers make a living criss-crossing deep valleys on a web of makeshift cables high above forest canopy.

Congolese drivers navigate trucks laden with goods and passengers through jungle floods for hundreds of kilometers.

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    Mohd Yamyam
  1. Mohd Yamyam

    nice docu. but would like to know what happens next in chasing impossible dreams... arent they caught???

  2. beedahosen
  3. beedahosen

    that was a mean slap by the older brother! damn

  4. gert2222
  5. gert2222

    lol smoke the hashish to make it relaxed

  6. Sieben Stern
  7. Sieben Stern

    12 kids in a family! no wonder there's no food around... that's insane.

  8. KooKookaChoo
  9. KooKookaChoo

    those roads are terrifying!

    here I am, sitting in a comfy chair in front of a computer, covering my eyes and squealing!

    They remind me of the roads around Cape Breton - except those were actually paved and didn't crumble away while you drove over them. Cape Breton also has those flimsy rails along the cliff side (they wouldn't actually do much, but they give you a nice false sense of a barrier between you and the ocean)

    Edit: more specifically the Cabot Trail

  10. drinker69
  11. drinker69

    There is no American Dream for fk sake. Take the peyote dream. Its the closest any human can get to anything.

  12. His Forever
  13. His Forever

    I'm depressed just reading the summary--can't take stress tonight! Our ballot man was recently stabbed near our house for the pennies in his pocket after a night of selling his duck eggs (ballot is a duck egg with a partially formed duckling inside--boiled, and served hot only at night). Life doesn't get much harder than it is in my neighborhood. I see the results of crushing poverty every day. It's been a rough day--nearly to stressed to comment! lol. Where's Sunshine when you need her (a.k.a. The Az)? ;-)

  14. dewflirt
  15. dewflirt

    Don't know where Az is but I see a little one sitting on your lap :)

  16. rtiom
  17. rtiom

    I think Mexico is full of very patriotic and foolish people.

  18. His Forever
  19. His Forever

    My kids keep me going most of the time. I love them more than my own life!

  20. dewflirt
  21. dewflirt

    Wonderful little beasts aren't they, best pets ever ;)

  22. thomas_5900
  23. thomas_5900

    i felt really bad for the coca farmer... gives all the money he makes to his wife, who he sees like once a month... for all i know she could be sleeping around the entire time. i wouldn't do what he does...

  24. Guest
  25. Guest

    Hey CnN, i am right here....Even i go through rainy days.

  26. His Forever
  27. His Forever

    I'm been having a lot of bad days lately. The kid had hand foot and mouth disease 2 months ago (no pictures on the internet were even as bad as my daughter's--no cure--no treatment)--she even lost fingernails where the blisters were on the cuticles. My son got it too (mildly) and I did too (but it was in my throat which is typical for adults). I felt like I was dying, but didn't. Fortunately she doesn't seem to be scarring much.

    Now my wife is very sick with chest pains and extremly sore throat (not related to the chest pains and probably not HFMD). Maybe. HFMD in adults often infects the throat with large amounts of pus as it heals. Too much information, probably, but it ads to the stress for me. I'd like to move back to the U.S.A. for a while, but would have no income there--or less so than here.

    But, there's no guarantee of avoiding crime, disease and disaster in the U.S.A. either. I read too much--I know it's just a matter of time until even lovely Oregon has a huge earthquake and tsunami, etc.

    Here or there, our lives are in the hands of God. Nonetheless, it's nice to have "friends" however that are sympathetic.


    Charles B.

  28. Achems_Razor
  29. Achems_Razor

    Hi Charles, sorry to hear about all the bad stuff that is happening to you and yours.

    Hand, foot and mouth disease are caused by intestinal viruses of the picomaviridae family. Very contagious.

    Not common in USA but large outbreaks that occur often in Asian countries, affects thousands. Still under research for causes and treatments.

    Don't rely on your god's to much, your lives depend on you and your actions Charles.

    Wish you all speedy recovery!

  30. lakhotason
  31. lakhotason

    Careful with that bad juju on Oregon. I do live here you know.

  32. Guest
  33. Guest

    So sorry to hear about all these medical problems that are hitting your family. When children are sick it's the worst, they are so helpless and don't understand what is going on.
    I had noticed you were'nt around much, little did we know.
    I sure wish your family pulls through this soon.
    Sending compassion packed thoughts.

  34. His Forever
  35. His Forever

    Mr. Razor: Very good! Hand Foot and Mouth disease, (a human strain) not to be confused with Hoof and Mouth diseas (found mostly in livestock but sometimes in people). It's been the only time in my life I've been able to spit out streams of puss from my throat. I didn't get the visible blisters like my daughter (or just a few). Looked it up online and it has a very small mortality rate. I shuttered to think how bad it would have to be to kill you with as bad as it was. The boy was so mild he barely had symptoms. I told his cousin to go home when she came to visit, but her mother said, "Oh, she has it too!' and she stayed. Exasperating! So, It must have spread like wildfire in our neighborhood for a while. I wondered why some got 5 or 6 blisters and others got multiple hundreds. My daugher even had them on her privates, poor baby. But seems to be 99% scare free, thankfully. Contagious for 2 months after symptoms disappear via fecal mater, so my wife really might have it now. Or not. I just don't like this stress! But I think prayer does help, Mr. Razor if for nothing other than peace of mind.

  36. WTC7
  37. WTC7

    Charles, I am so sorry to hear about what is happening! My heart is with you and your family.

  38. avd420
  39. avd420

    yay! My home island lol

  40. sknb
  41. sknb

    Where do you live?

  42. His Forever
  43. His Forever

    I live in Metro Manila. I live in Habitat for Humanity housing as my wife's sister was a sponsor child, and she got basically everything free--but we've had to buy our house and build on it (but at a reasonable amount). But, we also live close to where the government relocates the most unwanted of the unwanted involuntarily. They move all the squatters out of land that is being cleared for a mall, for instance, and smash them into housing units without jobs, without proper sanitation, and without much hope. Then they wonder why the crime rate is so high around there. Last week a high school girl was killed for her cell phone and then the 20 year old that did it was found dead a week later. Oops! Go figure! Kill a kid for her cell phone and not expect to get a bullet between your eyes from her dad? Hum. Anyway, I'm still seriously thinking about getting a watch goose or two. No dog on earth compares with the noise of a startled goose and the only way to stop it is to kill it! And, a goose won't bark needlessly at anything that passes by as a stupid dog will. I hear one barking now! I hate that! Bark bark bark! No way! It's goose for me, for sure. I want to put her on the tarrace. If she throws a fit in the middle of the night, then we know someone's climbed on the tarrace as no dog could get on the 3rd floor from the outside to bother her. Geese are mean as hell too, and might even actaully repell a startled intruder! Blessings.

  44. His Forever
  45. His Forever

    Thank you, WTC7.

    Everyone is well now, and praying we all stay that way.

    Charles B.

  46. WTC7
  47. WTC7

    Dear Charles, I am truly so glad to hear that! And I am sure there are many people here that feel the same! Warmest greetings to you and your family!

  48. docoman
  49. docoman

    Sounds like a very nasty disease to suffer through :( I agree with WTC7, I hope all stays well for you and yours Charles. Your little girl sounds very brave.

    I had geese around the farm when I was a kid, they were very good guards! I recall going to a friends house, getting out of the car and being chased around the car by their goose, hissing and making a hell of a racket. It was very intimidating for a ten year old! Get a breeding pair, your kids will love the goslings.

  50. His Forever
  51. His Forever

    Docoman: I had a goose attack when I was a kid too! Pinched the crap out of me! Of course I was messing with eggs. Hope she was ok afterwards as in a panic I picked her up by the neck, but that didn't stop the attack until I got my 11-year-old behind out of the area entirely. My daughter was diagnosed with TB last year too, but in my wisdom, and got a 2n and then a 3rd opinion (boy was I praying with that one). I thought it was a systemic staph infection from her earring and a chest cold--turned out I was right. Still life-threatening, but better news than TB which killed 3 neighbors this year. The 3rd doctor agreed with me and said the two illnesses together were mimicing primary TB. 2 weeks of strong antibiotics as opposed to six months of toxic unneeded poisons. My baby's had a hard year, but she is well and healthy now. Now there's a typhoid outbreak. Last month was German measals and always Dengue all over Metro Manila (but down 60% from last year). Very stressful, but we got her measeals vaccines. No vaccines for the others, other than prayer. Blessings!

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