The Cost of a Coke

The Cost of a Coke

2009, Economics  -   39 Comments
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Coca Cola, we've found out, has actually been cooperating with paramilitaries in Colombia to execute workers in their own bottling plants that are trying to form unions and trying to demand better working conditions. So we've been able to bring this to the attention of Universities and say 'if Coca Cola doesn't stop doing this and if Coca Cola doesn't adopt different practices, then our University is no longer willing to have anything to do with Coca Cola.

In the world of the Coca-Cola Company, whenever there's a union there's always a bust, whenever there's corruption there's always the real thing, yeah!! Justice Productions second release, The Cost of a Coke: 2nd Edition is the updated version to Matt Beard's first documentary, The Cost of a Coke.

The Cost of a Coke: 2nd Edition explores the corruption and moral bankruptcy of the world's most popular soda, and what you can do to help end a gruesome cycle of murders and environmental degradation.

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4 years ago

It seems several commenters point the finger at corporations. Understood but it is actually pseudo-Humans doing the killing. Just as guns don't pull their own trigger, nor do corporations. It takes a honorless, Godless, maniacal psychopath hiding behind that legal construct and similar minions to do the dirty work.

Further, you could replace "Coke" with Big oil or the Banksters or the Deep State or Shadow Govt using the military, in the story line description for too many locales around the world.

Every decent person has an obligation to stop buying products from killer corporations INCLUDING China and the USA corporation. In the latter case minimize your taxes anyway you can and do not buy their notes and bonds, to starve the beast. It won't stop until they can no longer get anyone to buy their dirty bloody bonds. If you stop buying Asian products they won't have money with which to buy the treasury bonds either.

Brian Jacobsen
5 years ago

Why would this documentary be such a surprise. Coke Cola was using Nazi slave labor to make fanta for the Germans. Corp are the problem.

7 years ago

I used to work in the Securities Dept of a large law firm as an administrative assistant. What I learned there is that when a corporation goes public and starts selling stock to the public, it does so for the purpose of having a lot more money to run their business. But, what happens is the stockholders want to see the value of their stock holdings increase each year or they will sell their stock in the company. If too many stockholders sold at once, it collapses the company. So, corporations go from being all about their product or service to being all about increasing profits at all costs. This may mean reducing staff, increasing cost of goods sold or buying out their competition, all to increase profits to keep the stockholders happy. To me, this is the very source of what is making so many corporations become corrupt.

8 years ago

Liquidation of all the Killer Corporations.......A lasting solution is needed - The real truth, the solid facts - Water under threat, Tree-lands under threat, Soil/Earth based resources under threat, and animal species under threat. There is no stopping the human killing machine.......

jaime carpintero
10 years ago

Colombia is owned by big corporations. It is not only coca- cola, but the rest as well. The U.S. is taking so many companies to Colombia to abuse of peoples rights, pay less, work long shifts, it feels as if you were a slave; i tell you this because i am colombian. this is not the only company in Colombia abusing the people. the colombian government is controlled by the U.S. and money is what they get. You would think that the Colombian government would get involved in this type of situations... didn't hear a thing about them doing something in the doc. Colombia is a beautiful country; do you want to know why they qualify us as a third world country? simple answer: politicians and big corporations that destroy the people. Things get worst and worst days pass by. God bless

10 years ago

There is a pattern of abuse among huge corporations. They contaminate the planet, contaminate our bodies, violate human rights and nothing is done because they are too powerful and they brainwash us via the media which is paid for by them.

11 years ago

Hopefully more universities (and all consumers) get on board with the program. Coke is a major abuser of water rights around the globe. They deserve to be boycotted for that alone.

Hopefully noconman (below) is just being sarcastic with his comments, either that or he is one of those who still believes that the US will find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

11 years ago

Wow!!! Are you really that naive? Even if it is not true, the point is there is enough corporate corruption AND DESTRUCTION to at least consider it. Greed and money are very powerful and can buy anything, especially the opinions of consumers such as yourself. You owe it to yourself to educate yourself on financial scandals such as Enron, Goldman Sach's, Bernie Madoff, BP, Exxon, Shell and our own governments involvement with Saudi Arabia arms trading....should I go on? I too used to revere corporations in a more favorable light. Then I began to question what I heard and taking things at face value was no longer adequate for me so I began to investigate for myself. Lord knows we have the resources to do so. I'm not the same trusting gullible soul I once was. I encourage you to be sensitive to both sides of the truth. Good luck to you.

11 years ago

What? You expect me to believe that the Coke corporation is corrupt? It is an american Icon, it's the real thing (especially when it was made with coke) It taught us to sing in perfect harmony for god's sake!
It gave us images of Santa that changed our perception of Christmas forever and now it's logo is a symbol known around the world representing all thats good in america, and our greedy capitalistic way of life.
Next you commie fag conspiracy theorists are gonna try and tell me that our government has been infiltrated and corrupted by corporate money and they don't care about human rights or fair business practices.
You expect me to believe that money rules our government and the profits made by our openly acceptable insider trading within Congress and the huge campain donations by all of the giant corporations to politicians would sway our world leaders to endorse unfair treatment of low class workers who should just shut up and be grateful that the job makers are even willing to let them sweat for them?
Wake up people, just because corporations are constructed by our richest citizens and politicians, legally combining them into identities that have the same rights of a real person, without the restrictions or accountabilities of you or me, it is not fair to assume they are above the law or have anything to do with making or breaking laws.
If you peon 99 percenters had any sense, you would back or lawmakers and coporations before you're out of a job.
God bless America! Greed is american as Coke!

11 years ago

Its a good message the only thing i have a problem with is singling out just one corporation. I would of liked them to comment that this isn't the only corporation with a lack of morals. Lets take Nike for instance they pay workers 7 cents per shoe made turn arould and sell it for a hundred plus dollars. What about Monsanto producing Bovine Somatotropin a hormone that increases milk production in cows they pushed that right through the FDA and now it turns out that it causes infections in cows resulting in us consuming small amounts of antibiotics causing antibiotic resistant strands of bactria. We need to change the law that states that you have a legal obligation to your share holders to do everything in your power to create as much revenue as you can. Not saying that coke hasn't done outragious acts of inhumanity just trying to remind people that coke is not a minority of big business to ruin lives for thier own bottum line they are in the majority. One more complaint that music was awful in the part were I'm suppose to tear up sounded like a scene from jaws.

Opinions by an *****

11 years ago

Why are people so ignorant ? who cares about the quality of the video, or the year in which the students are ?? The important thing here is the message they are giving us. It is important to understand the concept and make people aware of the situation. It is also important to care about ourselves and others. The sad truth is that companies only care about profits, they dont care about their product and if its harmful to people and or to the environment. they are only interested in seeing numbers !!!!! They would do anything not to loose a penny because people who are used to getting large amounts of money on a regular basis are greedy .. They want more and more even if they cant seem to use all the money. If each one of us stops drinking coke not only our health would be better, but also the environment and there would be less harm made to those of lower economic resources who have to be slaves to this company in order to feed themselves and their families.

11 years ago

also i would like to say this: who cares about the video quality guys as long as the facts are true. you are being sold by these very companies that everything should be in hd. you know in other countries, people watch tv drinking a coke.

11 years ago

i will tell everyone who likes their coke/subproduct that. cause sad but true the only way to change this is to stop buying. but now that i come to think of it, coke probly owns much of the things i eat/drink/watch/listen to and i dont know it so, impossible. pepsi for the win.

11 years ago

coca cola is poison , a massive dose of high fructose e corn syrup and phosphoric acid in an aluminum can .. the shits weapon

11 years ago

Did 1st year students of Montana University made this "documentary"?! This is Columbia, for goodness sake, and this is just one single case for one product!

12 years ago

To quote, this guy is "gonna have to answer to the Coca Cola company for this."

I'm not making fun. Companies get away with murder in developing countries. Literally. Concentration camps are just extreme forms of a paradigm that is a daily life for billions around the world.

12 years ago

This documentary is right below the standards of quality, it must have been done by some undergraduate media student as a class project.

12 years ago

Of course its true. All the big multi-nationals behave this way to varying degrees.

Non believers need to wake up. There's plenty of evidence available going back decades.

We're not innocent in all this. If we didnt buy all their worthless junk then the big firms would lose their power.

Vote with your feet. I mean, Coca Cola is some of the worst type of crap you can put inside your body in any case.

12 years ago

It's true. If you don't believe it, watch Channel 4's documentary, look at Wikipedia's page fo Critcism of Coca Cola, and go to Not nice people.

Unzar Jones
12 years ago

American corporations "oppressing" indigenous peoples. Oh bleeding hearts! Some people actually prefer having those "oppressive" jobs instead of starving. Get your self-righteous ass down there and create some jobs or give them your daddy's money.

12 years ago

American Corporations oppressing indigenous peoples...

What's that you say

... United Fruit, The Banana Workers, Guatemala. The use of the military to put down dissent...

This is how they operate...Business as Usual

Which planet have you been living on?...

13 years ago

Coke'll Kill' way or another. What about the many other capitalistic corporations that operate sweat shops in third-world countries? Look at those NIKE-EES on your feet... I don't drink any gut-rot fizzy shit anyway... Water works fine...and is corrosive enough. Unless perhaps? If Coke put the cocaine back in the bottle...

PS: Universities should tip the coke machines over in the parking lot...that might send a message... label it as: TOXIC WASTE.

13 years ago

I have always enjoyed brands besides the Coca Cola company and have in fact always preferred the natural soda options. This documentary has permanently steered me away from any of their products. No more Coca Cola coke n rum at my place. I'm throwing down the big bucks for Shasta! :P

13 years ago

After watching this documentary, my eyes moved to the right. It was there that i saw that all the "google ads" were for the benefit of Coca-Cola. Ironic?

13 years ago

I don't care if coca-cola killed someone. I know that it removes rust and dissolves liver, that is enough for me not to drink it.

13 years ago

These 3RD World nations are so poor and so corrupt there are bound to be problems. I am glad to here the Coke factory was pulled in India where it was effecting the water table and poor peasant farmers. Social responsibility is a must and doing no harm to be encouraged. I hope Coka Cola will put in place more measures that will improve the enviornment and the economies of the communities in which they place their factories. Swiftness in positive action is a virtue I hope they adopt.

On a side note; a can of coka cola in the Bahamas cost $4.00 more than a pack of cigarettes which are $3.00 and half the price of a $8.00 bottle of rum which I like to mix with coka cola.

13 years ago

I say why not beleive it. The makers of this documentary would be dragged threw the courts, by coka cola, if the information wasn't correct. Plus it is obvious that multi-nationals have been, are and will continue to corrupt the justice system inorder to influence outcomes in their favour. Great documentary. Thanks

13 years ago

B******, don't believe any of it. Such a large company would not kill union workers to save a couple of million on better salary or working conditions. They have already lost billions on those university contracts.

And by the way, the breweries in Colombia isn't owned by Coca Cola, it's a Coca Cola reseller.

13 years ago

Then go ahead Glen, drink the Kool-ai..... uh I mean coke. Enjoy!

13 years ago

Killer Coke!! ..well said!

Coca Cola kills people in various ways - fast and slowly.
If you want to be gone fast, become a union leader/member.
If you prefer the slow way - drink Coca Cola drinks. Their ingredients will contaminate your health. Research on aspartame for more info.

Don't support this Killer Co. by not letting it come into your home or body. Just don't consume its products. It can't go far if people stop buying its poisonous potions or if they stop working for it.

Keep yourself clean!! Love nature and it will love you back!! Drink what is natural, it will also be better accepted by your body!!