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Robberies of the Century

2001 ,    » 6 Comments
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Robberies of the CenturyThey did it for money, for fame and for thrills. They used disguises, cunning, and bravado. Some traveled through foreign lands, leading top detectives on a wild pursuit around the world.

Some got away with millions, others were captured within days. They were leaders, followers, and masterminds behind the 20th century's greatest robberies. Robberies of the Century... the con-men, the cops, the amazing heists...

The UK Great Train Robbery of 1963; Mystery of the Missing Masterpieces (Boston); The Robbers Pension Fund (UK); Take This Job and Rob It - the Loomis Fargo and Company Heist of 1997.

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6 Comments / User Reviews

  1. BeardHero420

    Anyone need a Rembrandt?

  2. Earthwinger
  3. Earthwinger

    Dunno about Rembrandt, but if anyone wants a fake Van Gogh, I've got one 'ere.

    ......I'll get my coat.

  4. Guest
  5. Guest

    Fortunately I'll never know if I'm that quick. I would never endanger my freedom for money. I can't imagine being thrown in a prison cell with Bubba who wants to be my boyfriend.

  6. Gary MacDonald
  7. Gary MacDonald

    Nice to sit back and relax with a good old fashioned Cops and Robbers story, nice change and rather nostalgic! Good stuff.

  8. Liam Rowe
  9. Liam Rowe

    good stuff

  10. ShaVerZ
  11. ShaVerZ

    Always weigh the pros and cons ;) of a job.

    Do a job alone, you'll have only yourself to worry about - tell nobody is the secret to success!

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