Run From The Cure

Run From The Cure

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Run From The CureAfter a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal hemp oil. When Rick discovered that the hemp oil (with its high concentration of T.H.C.) cured cancers and other illnesses, he tried to share it with as many people as he could free of charge, curing and controlling literally hundreds of people's illnesses... but when the story went public, the long arm of the law snatched the medicine - leaving potentially thousands of people without their cancer treatments - and leaving Rick with unconsitutional charges of possessing and trafficking marijuana!

Canada is in the middle of a CANCER EPIDEMIC! Meet the people who were not allowed to testify on Rick's behalf at the Supreme Court of Canada's Infamous Rick Simpson Trial on September 10, 2007... INCLUDING A MAN WHO WAS CURED OF TERMINAL CANCER USING HEMP OIL!

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  1. In January 20201 my father inlaw was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic cancer. He was completely unable to eat and was dropping weight fast. We took him to a natural path who told us about phoenix tears. By summer the cancer was gone and the doctors were calling it a miracle. This works. Period. My only advice is make your own so you can control the quality. There are a lot of shady sites out there selling product that is made with god knows what.

  2. Plenty of evidence if you seek you'll find that government has at least known that THC kills cancer.

  3. I have stage 4 prostate cancer and I am NOT using RSO for two reasons: it's a rip-off on the cost and I still work. The loading dose of something like 9g of THC is debilitating; I've heard first-hand from another cancer patient (more later).

    In my opinion, you should try RSO if you're sick and desperate or just believe in witchcraft or whatever rather than "western medicine". I would try RSO if I got beyond hope of other treatments, which I have not.

    A physician friend of mine sent me a couple of medical journal articles that said 80mg of full spectrum CBD oil twice/day could help cancer cells to commit suicide by shutting off their blood supply. I have been doing that ever since my diagnosis and, to date, the tumors are not growing or spreading. (I am taking standard-of-care treatment as well.) I recommend anyone with stage 4 prostate cancer consider this.

    I know a guy who did either RSO oil or homemade and is winding down chemotherapy from his prostate cancer. He's doubling the dosage of RSO after his chemo is over; is RSO doing him any good? Hard to say. He was also taking standard-of-care treatment. He said RSO completely disabled him for at least half the day. This is unacceptable to me right now.

    1. I guess it comes down to what your priorities are.🤷‍♀️

  4. I used rso oil instead of chemo and radiation, I beat stage 3 uterine cancer with a metastatic tumor.

    1. That's wonderful! ❤🌻

  5. I had a friend that hadn't made any other life changes but using this item and his prostate cancer went away.


    1. You are the ignorant one here. Maybe you should tell the children and others that had anywhere from 1 week to 6 months to live and treated themselves or loved ones with RSO and are still alive today. Very sad even pets have been cured from RSO. You dont understand the medical benefits this plant has, and you comment like a small closed minded child? Who's the moron?

    2. I am guessing your in the medical profession

    3. What triggers you so much about people healing themselves naturally?....Your Daddy works in pharmaceuticals doesn't he?!🤭😆

  7. It's healing me more every day. Thank you Lord.

  8. Ok guys wake up!!! Cannabis may not cure everyones cancers ok.. everybody is different everyones bodies are different and there are a lot of variables... clearly there is hard and scientific evidence proving that thc oil has cured people.. so for all the people who jist conpetely discredit thc as a viable medicine... your are jusy too stupid for words and so closed minded idk how you have survived for this long

    1. Who u know that died while treating with the oil? If not why speak against it? If so why not say why you are against it. This is life and death not time for opinions

    2. It did not cure my brain tumor, but I’d still recommend anyone to try it before taking the poison that is chemo.

  9. Lol, some of these comments are so full of shit it's unbelievable! The fact that big pharma companies aren't using canabis Is because they can't claim it as 'there's ' or make a good enough synthetic copy of it. It's the mix of cbd and thc that's the natural mixture.
    Why do you think thc is illegal???? Because it's the active ingredient.

    1. it is illegal because big pharma can not make themselves rich off of it, they have made it a class 1 controlled drug to keep us sick they do not want us well .

    2. Pharma can't make money off it

  10. All this time later and there's still loads of UTTER M*RONS berating me and others for TRYING TO SAVE YOU money and hopes beinf dashed by this SCAM.
    But no, everyone and his dog is a f*cking scientist.
    Well b*llocks to thse that think I'm talking for my own benefit.
    And to those in the know I salute you for not being drawn into this nonsense.
    'Cure', my ARSE!

    1. Have you ever tried it? If not than you know nothing about must have stocks in pharmaceuticals

    2. Go somewhere this not for you

  11. Watch Stoned Kids from Vice news. It gives a basic explanation of how cannabis oil affects cancer cells.

  12. Hi I
    had breast cancer and I have been smoking marijuana.hash and weed oil since I was 17 and I am m 46 now. If THC cures cancer why did a get breast cancer at 43 I feel your statement that THC cures cancer why did I get it in the first place

    1. Smoking flowers and hash do not have the properties hemp oil or CBD oils do.

    2. You where smoking it Please get Educated

    3. Because you were smoking and smoking causes cancer? There's an obvious difference between taking the oil and smoking it.

    4. You said you smoke it.. that's the unhealthy way of Consuming it

  13. Goodness. I love when people tell others to "do research," and claim that there are plenty of medical articles that show can avid cures cancer. If that were the case, medicine would use cannibis to cure cancer. The fact is, no where in scientific literature has any study shown that any component of cannabis cures cancer. Some show the need for further study about *possible* anti-tumour effects. Some studies actually show acceleration of tumour growth in certain types of cancer (but why would you mention that?).

    The fact that no one doubts the credibility of a man you can't find a shred of information on, aside from on a website he made, is alarming to me. In what ways did Rick Simpson make the leap from "I have a minor injury that I decided to treat without modern medicine" to "this treatment cures everything." What proof does he have? What studies has he published? On what sample sizes has he conducted these experiments on? How did he come up with recommended dosage? All by himself, no less! He has no proof, no academic background, no professional authority, and yet no one questions this. He has mass hysteria, placebo effects, and, I realise this is a little rude, but he preys on the naivety of people with false hopes. It's dangerous.

    I won't dismiss the benefits associated with any form of hemp/marijuana (I know there are many), but to claim one substance as a cure-all for every possible ailment - many genetically and chemically different in almost every way - is foolish. And to accuse an entire establishment of good men and women who literally dedicate their lives to helping others is incredibly disrespectful. Physicians and researchers go to school for a minimum of 8 years, then spend another 3-5 practicing under established physicians, just to start their careers. You seriously think they do that so they can watch some of their patients deteriorate? You honestly think they get pleasure out of being the ones to tell people they probably won't live much longer? To council patients and families on the trials that will need to be endured? Some of you need to wake up. And you can respond to me in whatever manner you deem appropriate. I question the validity of this man who seems to be using unsuspecting, desperate, sick individuals, for reasons I can't be sure of. Profit, recognition. Either is just as sad.

    1. Doctors really don't have a choice after spending all that time and money to start their careers. After going through all that, do you think they're stop being doctors even though they know they're not helping many people? Or there might be better alternative, that they can't recommend for fear of being sued? I don't think they derive pleasure from it. It's probably really hard to say no to the money though.

      Rick Simpson claims to have never sold hemp oil. After spending many hours researching, I've never heard anyone claim otherwise. He insists that you make the oil yourself, because this is the only way you can know for sure that it's the stuff he reccomends and tells you how to make.

    2. A very close friend of ours has stage 4 lung cancer! Last year, he was diagnosed with this. The black spots are disappearing since taking the oil and the doctors are dumbfounded, as we are! They have a cure and are DEFINITELY NOT telling anyone because they will not make the damn money they make "for the cure"! Money hungry bastards and do not care about anything but the money! I had to see it to believe it and he isn't the only person we know that its working for! It makes me sick to my stomach because people are dying when they do have a cure!

    3. Very well articulated, As recent Paraplegic and my loving wife just went thru chemo we have been on a quest for the correct Tincture. One CBD took care of muscle pain and depression for a niebour, one Of the THC helped with night time sleep but is too psychedelic for my liking.I truly believe Hemp helps but until the science is in,hope and a strong will to get off pain killers for the rest of my life makes me pursue a hemp remedy for both myself and my wife

    4. No they won't, period your close minded ,any alternative way dont matter if its proven people like you will talk down on it,government don't want anyone well period

    5. MANY excellent physicians now encourage people to use this when pharmaceuticals fail! Nobody's discrediting Doctors or arguing how essential they are to maintaining health! & BELIEVE me when I tell you that the pharmaceutical companies have had Washington, Healthcare & insurance regulators & the Legacy media in thier pocket,...bought & paid for, for years, because they stand to lose billions over affordable, natural alternatives that one can make for themselves!
      This is clearly a life saving medicinal alternative for many intelligent people who have not gotten positive results from synthetic medicine.

  14. Hemp is the marijuanna plant

  15. Hemp does not have thc.. it is the bud of the marijuanna plant that holds the thc, which is also what makes us high. You cannot get high from hemp plants. So is this docco a lie?? Orrrrr......

  16. Did I smell a troll or two, below?

  17. I planted in 2006. a couple of hemp in a few flowerpots behind my house,
    the police came and measured with the root and soil in the flowerPOTS, a total of 7 kg (hemp with roots and soil out of the flowerpots), I was sentenced two years in prison, of which I was kept ( in the prison of course) investigate 7 months, to say that I would not repeat the offense: planting marijuana.

    1. two years?! ridiculous

  18. So a drug dealer with no medical background tells everyone that his drugs will cure all that ails them? Sounds legit. Then he makes a video about how legit he is? I'm convinced.

    1. nice analogy?!? did you even bother to watch the film or are you using our government's method of judging without justification?

    2. Wouldn't recommend THC use for you buddy, sounds like you're already running on fumes as it is, in the intelligence department! 🥴🤯

  19. This message must get out to lots of people in order for cancer to be beaten

  20. that is because people are so ignorant when it come to drugs types and what they do and what a dying cancer patient really needs....PAIN KILLERS and they are expensive anyway you get them....meds are too costly for patients and it puts a stain on the family environment that should NOT occur like is hard someone is nice enough to save lives and he goes to jail WEAR is the justice.....LAW read the history books and you will find our fathers did this s*it for years they just didn't mention it to the US Governmet so now people are running scared and the whole process with fail if we all don't put an end to the stupidty soon....sorry i don't like spelling much so if you don't like it don't read it...BUT have a nice day and peace be with you

  21. "When Rick discovered that the hemp oil (with its high concentration of T.H.C.) cured cancers"

    "CURED". Seriously, WHAT THE HELL? This so called documentary needs to be deleted asap. This is the biggest bullshit I've ever seen.

    1. Actually it causes cancer cells to go dormant. Problem is that some cancers are harder to reach with the thc than others. There are lab tests that prove it. However radiation is proven to cause cancer. The same crap they inject you with. Also being that profits from chemo treatment are very lucrative, they don't wanna stop using it. You can thank the lobbyist.

    2. You don't sound very intelligent to me since your education is missing the key component shown on the documentary. You actually sound rather foolish since this is backed up by modern science. The smartest thing you could do if you truly have cancer is to get over yourself for just long enough to research cannabinoids and cancers. Google works very well for that, just type in the two words and click SEARCH.

    3. @CharlieBlue1 Yes, the government is willing to finance the money required for chemo/radiotherapy... It's not their money to begin with, you already paid for treatment with TAXES.

      @runfromthecure These people should definitely research the topic instead of bashing the information with ignorance, though I don't believe you should let them hear this by disrespecting them and challenging their intelligence. Which only causes them to behave defensively instead of using rational insight.
      I believe "medical" drug institutions are focused primarily on profit than general health, and I do feel there is no effort towards really curing cancer and finding the causes (priority in my eyes). I haven't found this to be enough to convince the people of the truth. The personal experiences narrated in this documentary might not be convincing for the skeptic public. I have to agree with some critics that the documentary would be more complete showing how the THC reacts/interacts with the body, with the organs, with the cells and with the tumor... inform the public of the specific compounds used in chemotherapy, show how these substances affect the whole body at a cellular scope.
      Regrettable or not, it is getting more popular to watch a film than to pick up a book. The same goes for the information, it is easier for people to sit down and watch a documentary, than it is for them to research the information themselves; which would imply not only reading (which people already find hard to do), but searching and choosing different sources. So it's harder to tell several documentary watchers to "google" the information, than it is to show proof on the film itself.
      Regardless, I support and respect the intention of the film in informing the people. The easiest way to do so is showing them the research you did yourself.

    4. I know 3 people it cured including me.

  22. If the Government was truly concerned for our health and well being then why would they quickly arrest us for the personal use of something that can cure a sickness that many people have?
    It doesn't matter to them as to why you are using it, what does matter to them is that you are using it. There is only one logical reason why and that is a complete cover up of the truth for reasons of money.
    Pharmaceutical companies do not want us to be healthy and well. There is no money in that. However, there is plenty of money in feeding sick people with drugs that only make you sicker in the long run. There is also plenty of money to be made by arresting people for illegal drugs and sending them through the court systems and mandatory drug testing.

  23. Another good documentary to watch (or book to read) on the topic of cancer is "Healing Cancer From Inside Out" by Mike Anderson.

  24. Charlie Blue,

    You are naive.

    Yes, your government is willing to pay exorbitant fees for conventional cancer treatments. What makes you think that your politicians aren't bought and paid for, as are most politicians around the world?

    Aside from the profit motives of the Health Care industry itself, we live within a monetary-economic paradigm that requires perpetual growth. With the exception of the Health Care sector, the economy is mostly floundering.

    So you work in the public health sector as an Oncology Pharmacist, but claim that you have no private interests? Well, let's get past the semantics here. You certainly have personal interests in perpetuating the medical status quo!

  25. What a crock.

    I don't have a problem with cancer patients with extensive and/or palliative disease dipping into THC, as it IS extremely good for pain control, anxiety, and anorexia. I do however, know that THIS STORY ABOUT HEMP OIL CURING CANCER IS BULLSHIT. And what's more, this 'documentary' is dangerous bullshit. Dangerous, unsubstantiated bullshit with no credible evidentiary support.

    To those of you are buying into it, I can't blame you for being intrigued. Unless you've studied for years to understand this area of medicine I can see how this video would have you believe that chemo and other treatments are a sham created by pharmaceutical companies to make money. But I live in Australia, where, unlike in the US where people largely pay for all their medical care themselves or through their insurance, our government foots the bill for cancer treatments. Do you really think the Australian government, and so many others around the world for that matter, are going to finance the exorbitant amount of money required for chemo/radiotherapy without there being an extraordinary amount of unbiased, credible evidence for it? Haven't you noticed that compared to ten, twenty, fifty years ago people with cancer are not just 'dying from wasting disease', but living far longer, sometimes going into full remission?

    People need to understand that yes, current treatment regimens ARE barbaric. Surgeons cut out pieces of flesh, most chemo is effectively poison and radiation therapy too has its bad points... but they kill or remove cancer cells, which in turn increases survival times. The difficult part is, the more aggressive the treatment, the worse the side effects are likely to be, but the better the chances are of beating the cancer. The aggressiveness of the treatment is partly determined by a patient's 'performance status' - patients who have more reserve and are otherwise quite well have a higher status and are able to be treated more aggressively. In other words, patients who are in pain, are not eating well, are stressed/depressed etc. are not only less likely to survive their cancer on their own, but they are less able to tolerate the aggressive treatments. They are therefore treated more 'gently' with treatment regimens that have much lower success rates. The supposed benefits of hemp oil and other THC products are almost definitely due to the effects of these drugs on improving symptom management and quality of life, subsequently increasing a patient's 'performance status'. THC products are likely to be linked to improved survival simply because patients may be better physically and psychologically equipped for the most aggressive and therefore the most effective treatments available.

    Oh and as for the claims that THC products actually cure the cancer itself... There isn't anything out there that 'CURES' cancer, because we never know if we have ever completely eliminated the cancer cells from the body. Have you noticed that people don't bounce out of medical appointments and say they're CURED of cancer? Their doctors instead say they're IN REMISSION. This is as good as it gets in the oncology world. REMISSION means the cancerous cells have been reduced in numbers. To be in full remission often means the cancer cells have reduced to a 'less than detectable level'. The cancerous cell count MIGHT be zero, but unfortunately it MIGHT be anywhere between zero and up to half to one billion cells (roughly half a cubic centimetre), which is generally understood to be the detection limit of tumours with modern day technology. Those remaining cells continue to grow and spread, which is why those who have been IN REMISSION can often 'relapse' with further growth and/or metastases later on. There are surgical, radiotherapeutic and chemotherapeutic treatments available that can be used to fight cancer, but there is no such thing as a cure!

    And to anyone who may be wondering, I work in the public health sector as an Oncology Pharmacist - I have no private interests or kickbacks from anything. How cancer treatments work is kind of my thing. Unlike this pathetic excuse for a documentary, I'm not just making shit up to sound intelligent.

    1. CharlieBlue, it's not your fault. You are just defending what you "believe" rather than researching what you don't understand. You don't sound intelligent to me because you make claims that are simply untrue and bash this film which is saving lives all over the planet. You, sir, need an education that doesn't fill the pockets of the rich. Your eyes are not open.

    2. chemo and radiation kills more people than anything out there, my wife has lost 3 grandparents, 2 uncles and an aunt to chemo and radiation treatments within 2 years of diagnosis, they all had different types of cancer and all 6 died from complications linked to treatment by so called medical professionals (well documented )
      so there is nothing that you can spew about the medical treatment with caustic deadly chemicals or radiation that basically burns them to death from the inside out that can justify their use on any living being.
      the medical establishment has in fact robbed my family of some of the best people i have ever known in order to make a couple million bucks.
      i watched them die and it was not pretty in fact it was horrible!

      THC treatment works as well as a number of others i have researched in an effort to find a less barbaric form of treatment.
      i have used THC and other natural medicines to cure multiple types of cancer in parrots, dogs and cats that were listed for euthanasia due to the advanced (terminal) stage of their illness.
      3 to 5 % were lost to cancer within 3 years of treatment and a 1% loss due to other factors such as heart disease, renal failure, Acute liver failure, aspergillosis and Immunodeficiency (conditions documented prior to intake and verified during necropsy)
      There is no such thing as a cure all treatment but as far as i am concerned close is good enough when it comes to long term survivability and quality of life.
      my advice to to you is to have an open mind and think for yourself because if cancer has not come into your life yet all you have to do is wait, someone you know, a beloved pet or maybe yourself will be diagnosed with this affliction and then what will you do?

    3. you are one of those people i call self-delusional sheeple, who think that just because they went through a systematic brainwashing by this scientific establishment, should constantly repeat their scientific bulls*it. of course most of us didn't learn all these jingle bingles and scientific jargons surrounding this issue, but simply knowing how corrupted this system is, is enough to look into other alternative cures and indeed any alternative cure that this establishment fights so strongly against is perhaps the way to nirvana.

  26. Thats really inspiring... Only if the gov't werent as dumb as they are... they only care for themsevles and the money they make for themselves... wish they would let it out so the people around me would be cured and i wont have to see the pain in them anymore.... Dont give up on this discovery u made! :(

  27. Everyone should view the video "Run From the Cure" by Rick Simpson a Canadian.Google it.

    1. I agree ...
      I just finished watching & will be recommending it to my family & friends.

  28. This is typical of the big pharmaceutical companies and BIG gov't. They don't want a cure for cancer,as it is big business or money.This is why government needs to be downsized.We have been lied to and brainwashed for years and the general public believe and accept it.Everyone should view this video.Another thing,why is the FDA so involved with natural healing or the taking of vitamins.The minimum daily requirements they've made for the vitamin companies are way too low. Again,do they not want us to cure ourselves ? Its a question we all need to ask ourselves.Their isn't one documented case of someone dying from an overdose of vitamins.Further,how many people die from flu vaccinations(which is a hoax),and why are their so many warnings of these drugs if you get certain symtoms.Watch TV and doesn't it seem like we are getting more and more drug commercials.Its not a coincidence.Hemp Oil-if it heals,legalize it !!

  29. I am a 21 year old female and I have hip dysplasia, which is a condition where I was born with neither of my hip sockets connected and, though it was corrected when I was an infant (with the use of physical therapy, surgeries, and a cast that covered my entire bottom-half of my body, disallowing me to move freely or walk at the same time as other children). I began having problems again with my hips when I was seventeen. These problems have increased slowly over time, eventually making it nearly impossible to walk. Recently, I had a surgery to correct this. Despite what I told my doctor, he believed that my pain had nothing to do with dysplasia, and merely fixed a fracture that, later, turned out to have happened due to my dysplasia and my hips literally coming apart from my body. After the surgery, I was in extreme pain. Though the surgery was performed on my left hip, my right hip became my crutch, and, soon, I was experiencing just as much pain in my right hip as my left. I was prescribed two or more Percoset every 4 hours. At one point, I remember not having eaten for a day and a half, hallucinating, incapable of sleep, though I also never felt fully-awake. I told the doctor that I thought that this was too strong and they told me that it was what I needed and that they knew best. Finally, I stopped taking it and decided to smoke a joint before going to sleep. Instead of being kept awake by the pain of my hips, while being dazed by the side-effects of the drugs, I was able to sleep. I still felt the pain in my hips, but only enough to let me know that it was still hurting. What really helped was that it calmed my mind and got me to eat again. Months later, I still have much of my prescribed Percoset. I continue to smoke marijuana for health problems such as migraines, which I get regularly, and my continuing hip dysplasia problems.

  30. I have a wife who suffers from several symptoms including chronic pain... is hemp oil very hard to get in canada and what would the cost be of a few ounces..? We do not care about the legalities anymore... as long as she gets relief...

  31. my name is christina and i have cancer and the doctors think i am remission but i feel i am not from my lung cancer it and i have cracked ribs now casue my bobes are week i was woundering if any one could help me or stir me in the right directions for RSO

    1. hi, may i ask where you are?
      Please e-mail me at

    2. look up Gerson Therapy online...there's even a documentary on here called Dying to Have Known in the Health section. They cure cancer...

  32. If this isn't the most ironic bit of news I've ever heard, I don't know what is.

    I mean seriously. After all these years of false, negative propaganda about marijuana, we find out not only is marijuana not that bad for you... it's actually good for you and may offer the cure to cancer.


    This is truly a SICK, TWISTED world we live in.

    Don't you agree?

  33. "It is clear from the available data that cannabinoid receptors do exist and that they are present in mammalian tissues in high concentrations. Particularly important factors in the discovery of these receptors, have been the detection of large amounts of specific, high-affinity cannabinoid binding sites, appropriately distributed in the brain, and the cloning of a functional cannabinoid receptor. These findings are backed up by evidence that cannabinoids show a remarkable degree of chemical selectivity and stereoselectivity, that many of them are highly potent agents, that cannabinoids can interact with certain classical second messenger systems, and that the structural and geometric features of cannabinoid molecules governing their ability to interact with cannabinoid binding sites or second messenger systems closely resemble those thought to account for their characteristic pharmacological properties. That the cannabinoid receptor is a new class of receptor is indicated primarily by the finding that its amino acid sequence differs significantly from that of any other known type of receptor and by evidence that its recognition site shows a high degree of selectivity for cannabimimetic agents."

    1993 Roger Pertwee

  34. Hey Vlatko,

    Thank you for posting this one. I really think that whether people agree or disagree with alternatives to Big Pharma, they should all have an opportunity to see all the options. And I think that Canadian Media, should have done a much better job, reporting the Supreme court case.

  35. this film should be in the recommended documentary category. do not the happy faces speak volumes. At any body keep an open mind about things that go against mainstream thought. I know that smoked from personal experience it has medicinal qualities, but this just blew my mind and to think that the medical community dosn't want to know shame on them

  36. @ Johnny Thumbs - The simple fact that you came back, explained yourself and apologized shows us that hemp possibly can help us rationalize things in a more productive manner.

  37. @jonny thumbs - I sincerely hope you get well. I didn't do this for any other reason than when it helped me out of my 10/10 pain that I suffered with constantly, and I saw tumors come off of people... I had to do something more than just stand there doing nothing. This is my gift to the world. It takes a big person to come back and say what you have said here recently.
    Best of health and happiness to you.

    1. hi
      would you know how to contact Rick Simpson, or anyone who can provide hemp oil to a friend of mine who is dying from cancer?

  38. Your cool Johnny Thumbs gawd knows none of us knows what the people behind the post go through and I think it sux that you're ill - we've been using it as prescribed and as far as pain and mobility (not sure if it was supposed to help that or not) there is a noticeable improvement, especially with Joe who has some very bad arthritic hips (he's 6'6" and worked very hard his whole life) and I didn't tell him what this should/would or could do - I just suggested he take it and do a little research on it. He hasn't taken any Aleve since. We were just talking about it tonight and where I used to have to help him tie up his boots in the morning because he couldn't bend - now he's back to dancing jigs and lacing up his own boots - I've gotta believe there is some serious benefit here - as with most of mother natures flora & fauna - I wish you well and really appreciate the self appraisal - peace to you too (and all that :>} )

  39. Hello again.

    I was just sitting thinking of this thread and what was said and well ... I already mentioned I am ill myself and I think it would be the honest thing to come back and tell of my thoughts.

    I do not know if this stuff does or will in future be shown to be able to 'cure' cancer or treat cancer or many other illnesses. I do know that it CAN have amazing effects on health and that goes for so many ailments that I won't bother trying to list them here.! I didn't mean to come off sounding so arrogant and harsh and well, a bit of a prick to be honest. Hehe. Let me just say that life was pretty difficult on the days I wrote!

    Not an excuse - an explanation! Of course being in pain or whatever doesn't make me write things I absolutely disagree with, it just influences my erm, attitude towards others when I think they are trying to give people false hopes as I spoke of already. so I just want to be clear:

    If you are wanting to, or trying this oil in the desperate hopes that it may help or cure whatever it is that you are suffering with, then PLEASE DO try it! I will try just about anything to benefit my suffering and pain and I am sure most people are like me. I wasn't trying to say this is a load of crap, my initial statement was meaning 'to say it is a cure' is a crock. That doesn't mean the stuff will not help or benefit anyone.

    On the contrary, I tend to think it will have SOME beneficial effect on anyone who consumes it. Yes, I really do believe in the stuff that much :)

    Like Tjo said to me, Let everyone try it for themselves and I am 110% behind that statement. Also I wish you reading this, that you get some benefit and we can all reduce or end our personal suffering and pain from illness one day.

    I know, I've gone from 'sarcastic Mr angry', to 'corny almost christian'...hehe

    Well I'm neither. OK then I'm sarcastic. And angry sometimes. I like to think it's in context at least 75% of the time. Anyway...what do I know, we are all irrational humans. Read 'Irrationality by Stuart Sutherland'. So yes, that was an apology of sorts to the people I've been speaking to here!

    Peace and all that.

  40. I happen to know that what Rick says is truth because I use the hemp oil medicine. Rick Simpson sells nothing, he just tells people about the medicinal properties of the marijuana plant. Those who are using it know the truth, it doesn't take smarts to see it... just the time it takes to do it. Prove it to yourself or not, who cares what you do?

    1. The government has no right to tell us what we can or cannot take,as long as we don't hurt anyone else in the process. We have lost our personal freedoms to a tyrannical gov't and thus needs to be downsized.

  41. Hmm very very good. The thing is, firstly I said Rick Simpson is spreading disinformation, that still stands. I was kindly sent a lot of documents written by him, by someone here. NOT ONE OF THEM contains ANY evidence at all and yet, every single one of them has Simpson claiming the document WILL contain such info.

    Here is a quote from one article he wrote entitled: 'WHAT THE OIL DOES AND HOW IT DOES IT.docx' ... of course I thought this would finally tell me what I was looking for. Of course, it doesn't. If the guy knew this information would this not be the document he would use to put that information out there? Apparently not.

    Here is some of what this useless over-generalising document says 'Over the years people have come to me who after years of treatment by the medical system did not even have a diagnosis for their conditions. But the oil exercised its amazing healing power and their medical problems were solved.' OK but how does it work again...?

    'Another aspect of the use of hemp as medicine is its anti-aging properties. As we age, our vital organs deteriorate and of course this impairs the function of these organs.' I see, but how does it work? 'Hemp oil rejuvenates vital organs even in small doses it is very common for people to report to me that they feel 20 to 30 years younger after only ingesting the oil for a short time.'

    It rejuvenates vital organs? That is nothing more than CAM speak for nothing at all. It probably 'boosts the immune system' too I bet But getting back to the point of his article, by it's title... So, how does it work rick?

    'Many people who have taken the oil have stated that they thought it to be the fountain of youth. From my own experiences with the oil I believe this to be true.'
    OK. we get the point there Rick but you are STILL not even close to telling us how it works!!!

    'Throughout our lives the system has told us they want preventative medicine. Now what greater preventative medicine could there possibly be than hemp oil? Judging from what I have seen, if children were given tiny doses of oil each day like a supplement, diseases like cancer diabetes MS and many other conditions could be eliminated entirely.'

    Wow! That is quite a statement Rick. I assume you are now going to take us through what leads you to make such fantastic claims...? 'Myself and many others have gone through realms of so-called scientific studies which I found to be mostly doubletalk and most of these studies were about synthetic THC which bears little resemblance to natural THC and its associated cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.'

    Wow. OK Rick that is all well and good but would you care to list these so called studies so that the reader may judge them too, or, as I suspected, are you assuming absolute trust in YOU and no need for any reader to question you, therefore you leave out the studies you speak of!? 'After studying all this scientific jargon, I had learned what amounted to nothing. But the oil continued to work the miracles so who was I to question it.'

    That says it all really. yes, WHO ARE YOU Rick? 'I had just about given up hope that we would ever find out why the oil worked so well [Yes, me too Rick!] for all these different medical conditions. But recently a lady named Batya Stark has provided me with what I think is all the missing pieces to the puzzle.' Oh Oh is this it, finally...? 'She has sent me a great deal of information about melatonin and the pineal gland which produces it. It seems that the pineal gland is in the driver’s seat when it comes to healing our bodies.'

    Scientific revelations! 'Studies have been released that show people suffering from cancer have low levels of melatonin in their bodies. Also studies have shown that just smoking hemp can raise the melatonin levels in our bodies. So one can only imagine what the oil that is in a concentrated state can do to increase melatonin levels.'

    OK two points here. One: What studies?! Don't you understand, rick, that you can't just shout about studies and then say nothing of them. If you write an article like this then you have to have the guts to put all the information into it. Unless it doesn't exist? Second thing here: Correlation IS NOT causation. the fact that cancer patients have a changed melatonin level, plus that a cannabis smoker has a changed melatonin level (taking your 'facts' as facts) then that does not amount to any data that you can extrapolate a figure from that relates to the relationship between cannabis smoking and cancer!

    Even a 1st year student will know that. So you can imagine yes, but don't go around saying 'how the oil works' and 'the oil is a cure all for all diseases' when it quite clearly, isn't.

    He goes on, digging a deeper hole of pseudo-scientific fallacies and absolute codswallop.. ''As we age we acidify and cancer thrives in an acidic environment. So bringing the body´s PH level up is very important when you are suffering from cancer and many other conditions. The oil works to do this but also other things can be of great benefit. Simple things like baking soda and lemon juice can raise the body´s PH very rapidly. HAHAHA so let me get this right, baking soda, being alkaline, will change the body PH?

    I think not. How do we know the oil works to do this? Just because Rick says so? This is turning into more of a farce than I imagined...and I was sent this document as PROOF?! And finally, as I can hardly write the whole document out here, a choice quote from Dr Scientist Rick Simpson:

    'Tumours are simply the symptom of an underlying condition that is present in the bodies of people who are suffering from cancer. Indeed this underlying condition must be treated to cure the cancer and prevent it from returning.'

    Yes Rick, it's that condition known as cancer.

    Oh he then goes on to talk of mobile phones and the dangers of the radio waves they put out. He talks of other various conspiracy stuff. Not once does he offer ANY kind of evidence at all. He thinks the pineal gland is the main problem area and he also thinks that cannabis oil (He calls it HEMP for some reason, I think to try to get it more accepted by people...again, dishonest! It is CERTAINLY NOT HEMP) is an absolute cure-all.

    Think of this for a second will you: a cure all. it cures everything. Every disease we have, every sick child, old person in pain and all the suffering the world over can all be stopped by this amazing plant. I am the first to say the plant is amazing and I believe it but this is, as I said at first, an absolute crock.

    To the people asking ME for studies...the law has stopped the study of this plant for so long, as you well know(!) so I am very glad at last to see that situation changing. Then you will get your studies. In fact if it shows cannabis to be able to cure cancer I will be here apologising you can count on that. I look for truth, I don't just discount things for no reason...what would be the point? I want a cure for things as much as anyone else.

    What I despise is people giving others false hopes and spreading half truths... So cannabis can shrink a tumor, it can have effects on cancer. It DOES NOT automatically mean cannabis CURES cancer. It is a HUGE leap of faith and I am not wiling to jump blindly into it like the majority of you here seem to do. Go on then, just count me out. oh and if you really want to read the absolutes of evidence and facts from Rick then why not get a hold of the same documents I have been sent.

    1. Thanks.

    2. Please google,Dr Cristina Sanchez explains how cannabis cures cancer,facebook

  42. to johnny thumbs - you've made your point, albeit with much sarcasm. Sorry it didn't work out for you, please let others figure this out for themselves without any more judgement from you.

  43. "jonny thumbs"

    So where is the research that your opinions are based upon? You've quoted no one but yourself. Who has performed the scientific research to disprove the "hemp oil cure"? And, why do you take such a vicious interest in Rick Simpson?

    Oh, BTW, I have no connection what-so-ever to Mr. Simpson et. al.

  44. -A gentleman had 2 weeks to live, weighing 82 pounds & wasn't eating anything. Was given a (Cannabis) brownie & within 30 min. said "where's the pizza".
    JoAnna LaForce, Clinical Director, The Farmacy
    -While THC may get you high, that opens the discussion as to why people prefer to drink wine instead of just grape juice!
    -If Politicians, Doctors & Lawyers were tested for THC, Cannabis would be legalized in nano second because ... "The human body has the capacity to store large quantities of THC and it may remain stored for many weeks, months or even years."
    Dr. Jonathon Arnold, Bosch Institute, Australia

    THC (Rick Simpson's Cancer Cure Hemp Oil) achieves this wizardry by binding to protein receptors on a cancerous cell's surface. Once attached, the THC induces the cell to make a fatty substance called ceramide, which prompts the cell to start devouring itself. "We see programmed cell death," Velasco says. What's more, noncancerous cells don't make ceramide when they come into contact with THC. The healthy cells don't die.
    Biochemists Guillermo Velasco & Manuel Guzmán
    Complutense University, Madrid, Spain

    "I believe that it's very possible that some people are in fact getting cured (using Rick Simpson's Cancer Cure Hemp Oil) in 30-60 days from being treated with Cancer. I think that's a distinct possibility again in animal studies & in tissue culture it kills Cancers. Do I believe that it's possible absolutely, but no nobody's going to do the studies. Because none of these drug companies are going to make money, because they can't patent the plant."
    Dr. Melamede, Ph.D. in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
    Chairman of the Biology Dept. of the University of Colorado, Colorado
    CEO & President of Cannabis Science, Inc.

  45. Bought and Got! Trying it out now can't wait to see what, if anything happens. Nothing ventured................well, you know the rest.

    1. Where did you get it? Please share....

    2. How did it work?

  46. OK I got it. Christian is the no bias there then! :)

  47. Well well well it would seem we have an alias amongst us!
    Christian Laurette is none other than the great Rick Simpson!
    Or, a huge fan of his who is determined to further the website of his, that DOES earn money(look it up!) and is NOT a non profit charity!
    who ever this christian is, I click the link in his name and it takes me to Rick Simpson.
    The plot thickens.

  48. Hmm. Hey christian that was clever. You really added to the discussion there with that apparently witty comment.

    The problem with people like you, that spread DISinformation without a care or a thought for the people you are really affecting, is that you're assuming superior knowledge (amazingly that no one can actually find in any kind of reasonable or scientific format, just anecdotes and whispers!) and berating or dismissing ALL who say otherwise, who cares if they actually have evidence for what they say!

    Why don't you do some REAL research.

    Run from the Cure is NOT SCIENTIFICALLY VALID!


    In my opinion after many hours of research, put together with that fact, this means the case is closed until further NEW evidence is found.
    If YOU and others like you cannot ACCEPT the TRUTH then that is your problem.

    1. Thank you so much for being the voice of reason! These comments make me sad because firstly I am truly afraid that if some of these people or their children will be diagnosed with cancer, they will not turn to scientific and tested medicine for help. The most important thing in beating cancer is getting the right treatment as soon as possible, otherwise it might have fatal consequences. Take for example Steve Jobs.
      I understand why people fall for this kind of misinformation. Today's medicine is too complicated for an avarage person without science education to understand, so they don't see a distinction between scams and real hard science.
      Secondly cancer is terrifying, and when people are scared they tend to think irrationally and jump to wrong but more comfortable conclusions. And it is always easy to blame the goverment or some other organisation. Also, I guess people from countries without universal healthcare are also more likely to believe these kinds of conspiracy theories, because they have to pay a lot of money for traditional treatment.

      Anyways, thank you for your comment, it made me little less worried.

    2. to every one out there jonnie thumbs is spreading disinfo all you have to do is google thc and cancer there are 1000s of studys showing thc cures cancer from breast cancer to skin cancer to lung cancer he is an agent of disinformation most likely in the government or working for big pharm

  49. jonny thumbs, you don't have to be sorry... but anyone who listens to you will be.

  50. What a crock of sh*t.
    Sorry people but you are ALL kidding yourselves.

    This guy has NO scientific backing, his own studies, if you can call it that, are horrendous and the figures he has been quoting for years are just crap. He prefers to shower you with soundbytes, anecdotes, film of people who tell a moving story about being 'cured' of just about everything.

    Well I have an illness and I am also a fan of weed, hemp, call it what you will and I can guarantee you that, today, as we are with all the knowledge we have right now, there is NO benefits to be taken from ingesting large amounts of weed oil.

    Apart from the obvious benefit of course!!

    Yes I know weed has it's medical benefits and I am not condemning those or saying they do not exist. Far from it. I get amazing help with increased appetite - from feeling severe nausea, and it means I am less likely to waste away with my illness getting aggressive. I won't even say what illness - it is not relevant in this discussion.

    Just do your research properly and you will find that, like me, you will have to conclude that the great Mr Simpson is erm, incorrect.

    I am not saying he is out and out lying and scamming (but remember people - IT IS A POSSIBILITY!) I tend to think more of the possibility that he really does BELIEVE what he is doing and in what he is saying.

    The FACT is, he is incorrect.

    It makes me sadder to have to accept this, so please don't be accusing me of being a nay sayer or a shill for this or that. If you wish to respond to what I say then please be serious or I won't bother entering into it.

    I have looked into this for years and I am absolutely satisfied with my conclusion.

    If all you have done is watch his movie and read the sites that support it then you have done almost no research at all!

    I wish everyone who needs medical or emotional help, via cannabis or otherwise, peace.

  51. Ooo my gawd................... unbelievable, I just can't believe it.................this is ... words escape me, I love this doc, it rings so damn true - gotta get the word out, gotta get the word out, gotta get the word out...!!!

  52. I agree. Perhaps this is why God created Hemp in the first place. It's such a useful plant for so many reasons. I would support medical use of Hemp and industrial use of hemp fiber as well. Hemp paper is supposed to be top, bar none. etc. Recreational use, I'm still not very supportive of, but why throw the baby out with the bathwather!

  53. I have the answer;Let`s just keep talking..that`ll get em.
    These bad people do what they do because they have NO FEAR!
    They need a BIG DOSE OF FEAR,and!Put their Pictures on telephone poles;on the backs of buses,in toilets..anywhere their faces will be noticed...maybe their families will run away from home,or,worse due to not being able to walk around town without embarrassment....knowing everyone hates them,and that they married Money and don`t really give a damn about anyone else..not even their own children...SICK!

  54. If I'd only known about this my mother & grandmother & possibly other family members would still be alive!!! I'm SO ANGRY with all the drug companies and my Government!!!
    The constitution guarantees the right ti LIFE, liberty, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!!! Now am I the only one that can see something wrong with this picture?????

  55. whenever i read comments from people like take notice,i think population control and the poisoning of society is a good idea.People that are intelligent,empathetic and well read usually know what to avoid and whats good for them anyway.On a personal level I'm one of the lazy, low life's that he mentioned,i've broken my back endured three spinal surgeries that have left me crippled,suffering from constant horrible pain.I already feel guilty enough,insults from people lucky enough to have their health infuriate me.Also anything that is good and will cure major problems will not be adopted the people that control things like it the way it is people,oh and take notice its been a long time since your taxes went anywhere but into the central bankers pockets.Your greed does more damage than good.

  56. On another point - will you please include RUN FROM THE CURE at a second location on your TDF site - DRUGS.

    My reason is simply because the DRUGS section has so many other films about marijuana - and RUN FROM THE CURE has to be THE MOST IMPORTANT MARIJUANA FILM IN THE ENTIRE MIX.

    It might help Mr. Simpson's film get a lot more exposure, help people learn more reasons why marijuana legalization must become a ballot issue in CanaDUH? per California, and help raise awareness to Mr Simpson's legal situation while he is living abroad in exile from CanaDUH? - because he broke a fake law to create a real cure for cancer.

    As far as I am concerned - Rick Simpson is another HERO who deserves to be praised for his courage, intelligence and tenacity to disregard purely self serving scumbag politico's like our PM stevie, and his harper ottawa Nazi's in the 4th Reich of CanaDUH? - who have vilified a man for curing cancer.

    If I only had one wish - it would be for every scumbag politician, sleazy lawyer and boot-licking jurist in CanaDUH? to all get cancer - most expecially stevie and his children - and for them to die slow painful ugly, but politically correct deaths - because of their own stupidity and phake, Big Pharma / Lobbyist / Bribery / Payola games.


  57. Dear Vlatko
    Will you please edit my last post - to delete everything below "RSVPeter". Obviously I screwed-up a cut and paste.

    If you will also delete this entire comment with my above noted screw-up, it will be appreciated.


    1. Wish cancer on anyone is straight cruel but to mention children is inhumane. I would not wish the suffering of any children to support a cause. I smoke weed everyday cuz I like to get stoned so I believe in the cause. But, at that expense? Grow up

  58. Excellent film, I recommend this to anyone seeking information on the medical benefits of cannabis.

    I checked out his site, but the news hasn't been updated since 2008. Is he in jail? What's going on with his company?

  59. In a country where a person can live on welfare.. own a pitbull, have bags of illegal substances and watch tv all day long.

    In a country where a female can have 4 children and recieve over $900 a month in baby tax benefits.. even while working, or receiving child support..

    In a country where an alcoholic or substance user can inflict damages over time to his/her body and receive full care free of charge

    In a country where an immigrant who cannot receive any of these in their own native land, moves here to be way better off, and considers all of the above a luxery compared to where they used to live.


    We all do our part with taxes and paying to support the less fortunate.. uhmm.. i mean THE LAZY..

    so when we need a cure for cancer.. we SHOULD GET IT IN ANY FORM ITS AVAILABLE... HEMP.. so we can get back out there, back to work, paying taxes... to support our countrys low lives..

    1. Agreed. However, I have been fostering horribly abused Pit Bulls for a Humane Society for many years now and have come to know, love and admire them. Have you any personal experience with the breed? Are you suggesting they should be illegal? It is sad when...the "Nanny Dog" of the 50's, World Ware II "hero" dog and "Petey" (of The Little Rascals) now serve only as a metaphor for Evil.

  60. Population control.. it is the real answer..

    Cigarettes are $11 a pack... cure for cancer is 2 seeds some sunlight, and moisture..

    funny eh?? $11 to kill you. Imprisonment to cure you..

    BUT!.. canada is the only country that uses like 1/20th of its land. WE SHOULD NOT BE INCLUDED IN POPULATION CONTROL.. hell we take in immigrants by the thousands.. cause we have the space..

    so yes i say canada should be the only country who is allowed to have and create this cure.

    ... were also the only country who pays large taxes.. for our free health care system.. so wtf are we banning this method of curing deseases for?????????????????

  61. THIS IS SICK!... People saving lives ( or even the attempts too) and the world... the FEDS!.. say no because they have a stupid BADGE!..

    atheletes are people, cops are people, goverment is just people.. but the world doesnt care..

    this plant was made and created by god.. its here for s reason.

    heres what Canada should do.. take a maritime province.. allow it to be the only province " call it the medicinal province"... allow growers to create this product. To get it.. you have to travel there, live there, use it there.

    This would make people move to live and work in the maritimes, get cured.. also laws remain the same for the rest of canada, so kids wont just go out and get high.


    How much would it generate foriegners to come to this maritime province for a cure.. and use spend money while living the few months in this province.

    basically its a win win.. also in the same time which ever province it is.. is HEAVILY SECURED.. and in the same time its also securing the east coast from terrorists.. by being heavily secured for protecting its marijuana fields, and canadas east coast..

    The big thing that gets me is.. this video is all people over 50!!!!!!!!!!! not kids.. the proof is its being used for the right purposes!!!!

  62. i have personally used this medicine and the results are amazing! it gives tumors no chance to survive and helps you get the rest you need to recover. this video probably saved my life, as well as this web site since this is how i found it. big thanks to rick simpson and to vladko for sharing. i hope this information comes out as soon as possible because it will save thousands of lives.

  63. Being told you can't consume a substance, it's banned and it's illegal, is not freedom. You should have the freedom to choose your medicines and treatments in a free society. When they give you a piss test they're looking for marijuana which can't possibly kill you and may be beneficial to your health. Meanwhile they could care less about any deadly chemicals that are in your body. We work hard, always trying to get money and for what, so we can have crappy overpriced health care?

  64. This world is so evil - (the evil is so bad and the good is so innocent) in fact we are not just against flesh and blood - it is the evil spirit. I am so angry as I learnt at least a dozen natual substances that cure cancer and other illness like AIDS ( unrefined coconut oil, H202 hydrogen peroxide ETC )but they have withheld the information and banned those things from the public !

  65. There is a population control in effect... Big Pharma and Big Brother do not want a cure. The time is now to wake up!

  66. the drug companyies of this world have killed my mother the governments of the world have controlled all of us for thousands of years it really is time for a change why would anyone care who does what in their own living room

  67. Run from the cure is a must see. After watching the movie I went to search for information, and the film is correct. It's disgusting to outlaw a medicinal plant that has been proven to reduce tumors and prevent spreading of cancer. Instead they give patients chemical poison or radiation that kills mostly healthy cells.