Russian Godfathers

Russian Godfathers

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Russian GodfathersThis BBC documentary series examines the relationship between Russia’s richest men (the oligarchs) and Putin’s administration in the Kremlin.

Broadcast a year before the Litvinenko murder, this fascinating series lifted the lid on the struggle that still continues between Putin, and his adversaries, the Russian Oligarchs.

The series follows each one in turn to find out what they were up to in the years leading up to 2005, and the crew is granted intimate access. Two of the five are now in exile, wanted on criminal charges, and planning their own anti-Putin campaigns with their wealth and influence.

The second episode follows the trial and conviction of Russia’s richest man, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Khodorkovsky’s grinning face was famously beamed across the world from behind the bars of the court’s cage, and this episode reveals the tactics that Putin used to suppress the oil baron and separate him from his company and wealth.

Final part in the formidable series examines Putin’s fight with the only serious rival for the presidency, Yuri Luzhkov. The crew follow Luzhkov, the renegade billionaire Mayor of Moscow as he takes the fight to Putin. This is a fascinating film which shows both the ruthless methods in which Putin crushes his opposition and the extreme corruption that exist at the highest levels of Russian government.

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6 years ago


Wake up people of Russia, question your so called elite leaders, why are there so many rich wealthy Oligrachs?, your country and it's natural resources have been stolen from you all, can you not see that? Where are those riches now? start looking at your leaders.

6 years ago

Russiaian government, corrupt as F**k, as is and was always known, time for a revolution people.

Oleg zaicev
11 years ago

Its annoying me how the subtitles are so unreliable and incorrect, furthermore why are England giving him political asylum? This is a man who was overthrown and is seeking revenge, using his money to attack and intimidate the Russian government. Boris Believes in democracy and human rights? what a load of ****! 90's Russia shows different!

11 years ago

Oh, are we blaming 'the Jews' again ? Wonderful ! Now if only we could throw Muslims and Gypsies into the mix we'd have a lovely racist hatrick.

11 years ago

I'm going on a journey...

John Cury
11 years ago

This is not a documentary it is a joke. Jewish propaganda, all the people;le supporting Berezovski are Jew’s, all they want is to take control of another super power to serve the interests of Israel. Screw you Berezovski. Let Russia be undemocratic, but at least it will not serve interests of Israel. Furthermore a country should never be ruled by Oligarchs

11 years ago

This Berezovsky is such a sneaky little rat. He never loved Russia. Russia was just a milky cow for him. He was sponsoring Chechen terrorists and sending unprepared Russian troops to die. Huge blow for American president’s brother to be near this filthy rat.

11 years ago

It's as if I were reading Dostoyevsky.

11 years ago

Putin took away Boris's power in Russia and so now Boris wants it back. Pretty simple... Boris himself calls himself Oligarchy.

Sieben Stern
11 years ago

so let me make sure I understand this...

wealthy man buys russian resources super cheaply under corrupt system - becomes a billionaire on the backs of the russian people - then turns around and wonders why corrupt system doesn't follow the rule of law when the next corrupt system comes around to take it back.

you play with pigs, you get dirty.

I'm a little curious as to who financed this flick.

11 years ago

"I knew it was you Vasily. You broke my heart"