A Second Shot: Drug Addiction in Afghanistan

A Second Shot: Drug Addiction in Afghanistan

2023, Drugs  -   1 Comment
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Afghanistan, a nation historically marred by conflict and instability, now grapples with a rising crisis - a surge in drug addiction. The Taliban, in a recent revelation, stated that an alarming four million individuals are ensnared by drug addiction across the country, marking one of the highest rates globally.

Among the shadows of this crisis emerges the story of Babrak, a former mujaheddin fighter turned beacon of hope. Once entangled in the clutches of addiction himself, he has metamorphosed into a dedicated advocate for supporting addicts on their journey to recovery. His battleground now lies within the under-resourced drug rehabilitation hospital in the capital.

The challenges faced by Babrak and his fellow staff are formidable, exacerbated by the withdrawal of international aid and the near-collapse of public services since the Taliban assumed power in 2021, as well as the Taliban anti-drug policies.

The withdrawal of international aid has cast a dark shadow over the prospects of those fighting addiction. Rehabilitation facilities, already operating with limited resources, now find themselves at the brink. Babrak and his colleagues navigate this crisis with unwavering determination, attempting to provide a lifeline to those caught in the clutches of addiction.

The Taliban's anti-drug policies, while aimed at curbing the drug epidemic, have inadvertently strained an already beleaguered healthcare system. Balancing the need for enforcement with the imperative of compassion is a delicate dance that authorities must master to address the root causes of addiction and provide sustainable solutions.

Directed by: Marcel Mettelsiefen

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5 months ago

Brutal reality of the horrors of drug addiction. But what is the drug they are addicted to? Heroin? I never heard that mentioned.