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Secret Bible

2008 ,    » 34 Comments
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Secret BibleDelve into the myths and mysteries of the legendary medieval order - the Knights Templar. The Templar have recently attracted global attention following Dan Brown's best selling novel The Da Vinci Code, where they are presented as mysterious protectors of the Holy Grail.

Modern Conspiracy theorists suggest that the Knights Templar still exists in secret to this day and still protects a vast and mysterious treasure. Using historical re-enactments of battles and long secret rituals, we separate fact from fiction behind these legendary warriors.

There was a man who cured the sick, performed miracles, was called the son of God and rose from the grave three days after his death. His name was Apollonius of Tyana and he was not unique. We ask why so many preachers and supposed miracle workers appeared by the Mediterranean around the 1st Century AD and why the cult of Jesus won out in Rivals of Jesus.

These are the days of miracles and wonders, disasters and destruction, hurricanes and tsunamis... but are these the end days as prophesied in the Bible? Many people believe that The Apocalypse is at hand. We explore the prophesies of the end of the world and compare them to newly uncovered scientific facts. Is The Apocalypse simply a first Century poetic description of an internal religious state as some theologians insist or the prophecy of impending doom?

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  1. Guest

    Enjoyed what there was of this, but I have soft spot for the Templars and anything that's linked to the Knights of the Round Table etc. Nice bit of sunday afternoon viewing, not too demanding!Any chance you can find the other parts, pretty please? :)

  2. Vlatko
  3. Vlatko


    Sure I'll update the doc soon.

  4. Guest
  5. Guest

    Lovely Mr V, thank-you :)

  6. combination
  7. combination

    Folow your hart and you will find your way...

  8. Guest
  9. Guest

    Rivals of Jesus- Peoples Popular Front of Judea or Judean Peoples Popular Front? I like them both but which one's better?

  10. CapnCanard
  11. CapnCanard

    For someone who has no real evidence of his existence, Jesus had a lot of rivals ...before he was ever "born".

  12. Mantid
  13. Mantid

    How does one follow an organ that pumps blood?

  14. Subject6teen
  15. Subject6teen

    I hope you can find extra L and E while you're at it.

  16. Simple Simon says
  17. Simple Simon says

    As 9/11 was an inside job, i find it funny hearing yanks talk as if this anti christ is outside the usa, lol, think about it.

  18. Joel Zumokuta Hall
  19. Joel Zumokuta Hall

    There's only one way to find out...

  20. Epicurus
  21. Epicurus

    9/11 was not an inside job, and there is no such thing as the anti-christ.

  22. Guest
  23. Guest

    Hello bosses, I put a comment up earlier in reply to Joel Zumokuta Hall that said 'fight'. It vanished and that's ok but I just wanted you to know that I wasn't being nasty, Its the end of the catchphrase that he wrote below. Sorry for that :)) Thought I was getting oldtimers for a second there!

  24. Achems_Razor
  25. Achems_Razor

    @54 4 40:

    Yes, that's me, sorry about that, but only one word comprising a whole comment will be deleted, bosses rules.

  26. Guest
  27. Guest

    No worries, just didn't want anyone to think I was being gobby :)

  28. Guest
  29. Guest

    Ya everything you read and heard in the news about 9/11 is abbbbsolutely true.

  30. Epicurus
  31. Epicurus

    i would say the news was the main culprit of the conspiracy theories. people always quote something the news said just hours after the event happened, forgetting that the news is not infallible, especially when they are trying to get as much information as possible with all the chaos still going on.

  32. Yavanna
  33. Yavanna

    "the news is not infallible"

    Like when the BBC and Fox reported the collapse of WTC7 26 minutes before it happened you mean? Or was that just ordinary precognition?

  34. Yavanna
  35. Yavanna

    This brought a wry smile@

    "In Rome early Christians were often called atheists."

  36. His Forever
  37. His Forever

    Now THAT is truly ironic!

  38. Vlatko
  39. Vlatko

    Isn't this a documentary about the Secrets of the Bible?

  40. Yavanna
  41. Yavanna

    I really wish this was your own thinking rather than a cut and paste from your favourite website. (Lazy!) I`m not going to elaborate much here because this isn't a 911 doc, but this cut and paste does not deal with the question. Rather it creates straw men to argue against it.

    I have mentioned to you before that the position of 911 Truth Vs official Story is very similar to that of Creationists Vs Evolutionists. Only the situation here is in reverse. When a creationist is asked a question such as; Well where is the evidence? they will often counter with a question such as Well you cant prove that God didn't do blah blah blah.

    In this case the straw man you cut and paste is ".....some reporters of some news organizations were given a script? " Whenever this BBC / Fox reporting issue comes up this is the straw man used. I don't personally believe reporters were given a script. I think that they were released information too early and this is one of the many screw ups (and indicators) that all was not as reported by the official version.

    "come on Yavanna, why does the 9/11 stuff turn logical people into irrational conspiracy theorists? "

    Well to be honest I would reverse the question to you. But firstly the words conspiracy and theorist. They are good English words that have been subverted by "Officialists" There are perfectly good and bad conspiracies and there are perfectly rational and cr4p theories. If you and me decided to secretly bake a cake for your girlfriend's birthday that would be a conspiracy. If we decided to send it anonymously she could well come up with the conspiracy theory that two such people as ourselves had conspired to do so. These are NOT dirty words and you should firstly recognise the fact that you have succumbed to the propaganda and perversion of the English language.

    Questions are not irrational. People question because they want to learn and know answers. The official version of 911 is complete BS if not in totality but at the very least in part. I don't take umbrage at what is possibly a slur because I understand your position on this, Insofar as I do not take offence when a creationist says I am stupid because I believe there is overwhelming evidence that we are 'distantly' related to apes. Because in this matter (in which we are diametrically opposed) I believe the argument from authority is wrong and has a severely warped official stand point.

    I will stop right here because I am sick of 911 arguments. I wrote a much longer response to you on a similar matter which you probably forgot to answer but I suppose the main point is that I have known some highly intelligent Christians and Muslims who no matter how much I have tried to convince otherwise; remain completely opposed to reality.Which is in all essence how we face off with regards to each other on 911.

  42. Epicurus
  43. Epicurus

    i typed out a long response but im not going to leave it since it is off topic.

    this is another example of why everyone should get skype and add one another.

  44. Yavanna
  45. Yavanna

    I have skype I`d be happy to have a chat one night. As you said - it's off topic. I don't switch skype on much but I`ll add you now

  46. Guest
  47. Guest

    I would be interested to know if it was positively progressive?
    I am not sure why @Epicurus keeps wanting to connect through Skype, especially with people who obviously have opposite views on subjects. Is it to practice one's ability to challenge? Also when you (Epi) skype do you also let your cam on or does one have to sit in front of Darwin?
    I am certain you have good intention even if it is only to keep the conversation on subject here on TDF. How many people do you have time for?

  48. Achems_Razor
  49. Achems_Razor


    Actually I would be interested to read what they have to say about 9/11, is there any reason that they cannot switch their conversation over to the 9/11 docs? would be easy to do. This doc is about secret bibles et al.

  50. Guest
  51. Guest

    @Epi, after re.reading this, i realize it wasn't very bad!

  52. Yavanna
  53. Yavanna

    Well I don't personally see a problem with off topic conversations. I did have a brief convo on skype with Epi but only by text as he was busy selling at work.

    Essentially he said that my analogy to his type being like a creationist was a fallacy. He wanted to argue the free fall stuff but I told him that wasn't my argument.

    I might put up a properly constructed argument at some stage regarding this 'fallacy' of mine but in essence it runs like this:

    Truthers say how / why / what / where?

    Officialists answer with insults / generalisations / questions (which switch attention elsewhere) and straw man arguments.

    Rationalists are supposed to be the questioners. Yet the officialists seem always to be the excusers and apologetics to the authority figure.

    Creationists authority figure God / Bible.
    911 Officialists Government (daddy figure)

    After all our daddy would never hurt us would he?

  54. tomregit
  55. tomregit

    That is a heart. As spelled by "combination" a hart is in fact a stag; a male deer. :o) English lessons for two please.

  56. GrittyKat
  57. GrittyKat

    Thats what I was thinking, I always read the comments to see if it is worth a watch and after reading a few I had to go back to the top of the page to see what doc I was researching. Oh well, I am going to watch it now since I love me some good ol religion, even if I don't believe it. ;)

  58. shane van Ireland
  59. shane van Ireland

    good idea.. group discussions would be very worthwhile.

  60. Michelle Pujols
  61. Michelle Pujols

    That is exactly the same way that I chose docs to watch on this site. =)

  62. David
  63. David

    The True Miracle of Jesus wasn't walking on water, or raising the dead, not the loaves and fishes, or healing the sick, curing the blind. It was teaching an Empire that put thousands of people to death every day in arenas, disembowling them simply for an afternoon's pleasure, the simplicity of compassion. And being willing to die for it when others paid to watch people die. I don't care if you are religious and recognize Him as the Son of God, you owe many blessings in your life, and that of your family, to this man, here on Earth if nowhere else. Even if He is fictional or not. I don't need any further miracle.

  64. James
  65. James

    The Templars were rumoured to have found the Holy Grail & the Ark of the Covenant at their home in Jerusalem,they were also documented as having a piece of the True Cross,which was later captured by Saladin!

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