Secrets of the Stone Age

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Secrets of the Stone AgeA three-part series in which anthropologist and author Richard Rudgley sets off on an epic journey back in time and around the world to discover the real roots of civilization.

The Wisdom of the Stones - Richard travels from New York to the Pyramids and beyond in search of evidence of writing, medicine and architecture from the Neolithic or New Stone Age (8000 - 3000 BC) - way before conventional history says they existed. It was the time when human beings embarked on a bold experiment - settling down in fixed communities - and establishing a style of living that still exists today.

Frozen In Time - Richard Rudgley continues his journey back in time and discovers that woolly mammoths and cave paintings aren't the only relics of the Ice Age. In his travels through the Upper Palaeolithic (or Ice Age), Richard finds beauty, social complexity and technological skill.

He visits a 35,000-year-old bead factory - maybe the first ever production line - and builds up a collection of beautifully sculpted female figurines - fertility symbols or early pornography? And he tunnels deep into the earth in search of the spiritual secrets of our Ice Age ancestors - in full glory on the painted walls of their cave-cathedrals.

The Human Story - In this final programme of the series, Richard Rudgley meets Neanderthal Man - our supposedly stupid cousin who became extinct 30,000 years ago.

Richard travels to Israel where early moderns and Neanderthals coincided for tens of thousands of years. And he visits Portugal, where the skeleton of a child caused an international outcry when it was suggested he might be the hybrid offspring of Neanderthal and modern interbreeding.

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  1. Draw Vinette

    Thank you Roland for your information on the "Secrets of the Stone Age torrent" search. I was having the same problem too. Thank you.

  2. roland gopel

    there are torrents available for this docco.
    just search for:
    Secrets of the Stone Age torrent
    and you'll find links.... you'll need to have either bitcomet or utorrent or somesuch installed ....

  3. QueenBee

    Sadly, none of the links are working...the doc has been removed from YouTube, and 4Chan says service is not available (I'm in US).

  4. Martin

    This caused a huge mindshift as I watched it.

  5. foui

    Good doco , makes me feel more connected of who we are and our struggle to understand the world we live in.


  6. Martin

    @ Dan. Why do you say that?

  7. Riley


    His point went sailing right over your head.

  8. Dan

    That guy saying we couldn't build that underground temple nowadays because we don't have the "soul" made my jaw drop. What a jackass.

  9. riley

    great doc. the creator has a high regard for the capabilities of paleolithic humans - a lot of novel insights herein...

  10. doof

    doc was cool until the word israel came in.

  11. silkop

    Kooky, but still entertaining.

  12. glwilliams

    watch, dont fish and drive!

  13. Tan

    @ Mags:lol

  14. Mags

    This is an awesome documentary, but sadly let down by annoying and wildly inappropriate music/sound which does nothing but distract from the fascinating subject.

  15. roland gopel

    this docco may be over 10 years old but it is entirely enjoyable. wouldn't it be great to have a time machine so that we could go back and see how accurate this actually is.

    enjoy :D

  16. Linda

    Me also I dont understand the censorship of channel 4 will try 4od and see if I can see it there
    Linda ;-*

  17. elliott

    Marc, its a shame really. I cannot see the videos in channel4 either.

  18. McGarvey

    @ Marc

    Go to 4od, it may be there - if not, install Hotspot shield(or similar).

  19. francois

    Wonderful, Thanx a million!!! Archeology is always a bit far fetch, but it is a very well organized documentary series.

  20. Marc

    Why can't somebody living in Britian watch a documentary made by a British TV company???