Sex Change Hospital
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Sex Change Hospital

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Sex Change HospitalSex Change Hospital is a six part series based in Trinidad, Colorado, the sex change capital of the world.

Each one hour episode is a self-contained journey following 2 people as they take the final step in their transition from one gender to another.

Dr. Marci Bowers performs the surgeries and calls upon her own experiences as a transgender woman to guide her patients as they go through the ultimate life changing procedure.

From retired grandfathers to construction workers, businessman to office managers, each shares their unique story of how they came to terms with their sexuality.

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  1. Some people are so blunt and short-sighted, it makes me sick ! These people are living with a feeling they do not belong, they are wierd, and a body that doesn't 'fit'. I'm glad they can be helped and operated on. Some kids are just 3 years old and they KNOW that their sexe isn't right. Some people think the parents are talking them into it, i think that's not true. I LOVE these people and their courage !! Wish you all the best, and praying for a better, understandable and more tolerant world .. Peace ^_^

  2. Wow!

    I don't capitalize her name because she's not worthy. I'm the female to male she's referring to about "begging " for money for my sex change. For one, I didn't beg I jested. Two, we did have high medical bills because of the surgeries and the director at the time we were being filmed shown looking at bills, (not Chris) had asked us about them, which is why we were discussing them. "A real man doesn't beg" yeah right moo moo, what the heck do you know about being a real man? Oh wait...I see! You feel trapped in a woman's body too! Oh cool! Now you know how I feel. ?

  3. @ boobsbegone: Either you don't live in Japan or you don't leave the house. There is absolutely no violence, gross intolerance, or mass hatred of those who are homosexual in a way that even comes close to countries which are supposed to be "the best", like the U.S.

    Laws regarding homosexuals as couples are few and far between in Japan, because intolerance and targeting of gays is a NON ISSUE in that country.

    Ffs, they sell homoerotic manga on shelves in corner stores there. They've had same-sex tv series and written works for half a century. People are just now pining for LBGT laws because it's time couples there get the couple treatment as far as taxing, housing, etc. goes. They're not fighting because they have to worry about their safety and their very lives.

  4. No, I'm sorry, this isn't normal in the least. If you were born a're always going to be a man. Same if your a women. Being different is one thing, but acting as if we should all except this freak!
    This practice is disgusting and unnatural. I can't believe they allow dr. to do these vile operations. This isn't right

    1. and allowing dumb asses like to have an opinion ain't right either

    2. And when self-propagating chromosome transplants become so advanced, that one's body will reconstruct itself in accord with the new information (2180 CE)? Then what?

      Now you know why I've arranged to be frozen.

  5. me-randy-wants-to-change-from-a-male-to-a-felmale-

    1. i know you.. you are the one who spam in my blog..

  6. hi,sir, i'm in tamilnadu,i' in women,but i,m in men feelings,
    what about that?

  7. hw a male is converted or changed to woman? is it possible by surgery?

  8. I am staying out of this one, because its a different matter.

  9. I am 22 years old from Bulgaria live as a girl of 13 years my dream is to change their gender has no day in which I have not asked it to sluchi.Za now it seems to me impossible, my country is very poor here normal salary people is $ 200 a month ... I am writing this letter in hopes someone with a good heart to read it and help me if so my dream to come true my life will become meaningful and will be the happiest man in the world if someone can help my facebook: Aleks Simeonova

    1. This is almost certainly somebody's scam.

  10. well i m seeing a lot of people here trying to change... ahem.. ahem.. their gender based on their orientation ..... so for lot of them they are worried about the expanses for them i must tell INDIA is the solution as it is DAMN CHEAP ...... and Medical advancement is of high level...... so better start packing.............

  11. I'm sorry to tell you but gender is determined by chromosomes not surgical mutilation.

    1. You need to learn the difference between sex and gender.
      Sex = Biological determination (XX vs. XY chromosomes)
      Gender = The social and emotional state of being male or female

    2. I'm sorry to tell you but sex is determined by chromosomes, however gender is not the same and has roots in both nature and nurture.

      My sex and gender are not congruent. Whether I ever have surgery to change my form or not will not change the fact that my gender does not match my birth assigned sex. My sense of my gender has not changed since I first became aware of it in early childhood, and I am fifty years old and it remains the same. However whatever steps I have taken to bring my body into alignment with my gender helps me to feel more whole and congruent as a person.

      I would feel most congruent if I could transition to female form, but I have chosen to remain in {nominally} male form for the sake of my wife and my marriage vows to her and God. (I am prayerfully and Biblically convinced that God doesn't have a problem with transgender/transsexual people and sex changes per se, but in my case, I've vowed to remain with my wife for life in a heterosexual relationship, and she therefore needs me to remain in male form.)

      I'm also sorry to tell you that unless your sex and gender is mismatched, you really can't understand what people like me go through, and the glib answers given by most everyone about us and our experiences is generally not helpful and is often deeply hurtful. Of course it's "no big deal" and people think we should "get over it," because when your sex and gender match, the distinction is nearly invisible and it hardly comes to mind. For us, it's like the "check engine" lite is *always* lit, and we know at the deepest levels that we have a "car computer" trying to run a "truck" or vise-versa. Over a third of transsexuals cannot endure the pain this causes and they take their own lives. Half of the remaining have tried to suicide or have otherwise self-hurt (I am in this category). Only two things help me here and they are God and the fact that I am allowed to live somewhat closer to who I am inside: that is, God gives me grace to live a transgendered life where I express myself on the feminine-side of androgynous. In all, Christ pours a "Niagara Falls" of grace over me continually to help me endure my present body...

    3. That's a myopic way to look at gender. I mean no disrespect, but there are many ways to look at things in the world, not just one. Things do not always have one single explanation or are clearly defined in one way.

  12. if have posibal give us name and adrees or total charges.

  13. why the will no give dr numbers and hospital name

  14. Goodaftenoon sir,
    Iam female. I will change male please information give me?
    Were is your hospital?
    Hospital phonenumbers give me?
    How much fees?

    1. hello how are you..where the same..may i know what is their reply in your question?so that i can in that country...thank you sooooooooo much

  15. @ Jessica.

    Now why would you be calling me a Hypocrite and Quoting Matthew 7:5 “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

    ME :If I never said anything derogatory to you personally? I am afraid my dear that you have created your own mirror image upon yourself.

    Then You quote " Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone "at her.Again you casted the first stone Not I.. Again mirrors back to you about your own admittance of Sin. It is you who called it Sin not I.

    Then you mistakenly write: "Now you sound like a good woman, and a conservative christian" Wrong again I am not the conservative Christian. Have you not read some of my posts? or only the ones that call up your fire of guilt?

    Then you say :I could go on forever on the things in your post that go against the bible.

    ME:Good cause i have alot to say against the Bible and against the way Man has used the bible.

    You Worte: I’m a transgendered MTF and a christian, god made me like this to test my faith and I trust in him fully."

    ME:God did not make you this way. You changed it to that way.
    You didnt like it so you changed it.

    You said "If it weren’t for tests like this how would we ever grow? You have had tests in your life, this is mine it will make me stronger and ready for his will in my life. God bless you hun."

    ME: Again you changed it not him. If you think you are doing his will then why did you change what he already willed.Whos the Hypocrite? Who changed Gods will and who didnt trust he knew what he was doing and perhaps that was your test?

    Do you really think you passed a test by doing your own will? How hard was that?

    Now you spoke and I answered but this is off the subject of the Doc am
    nd I already got in trouble yesterday for answering back on someones grievances to my comment and views of a Doc. So disscussion has ended.

    You do whatever you want and think is best for you and Your Godself. and I will do and think what I need to.

  16. @ connie may I refer you to Matthew 7:5 "You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye." may I also refer you to John 8:7 “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” also Matthew 7:1 "Judge not, that ye be not judged." Now you sound like a good woman, and a conservative christian, so I probably don't need to say this but; I could go on forever on the things in your post that go against the bible. I'm a transgendered MTF and a christian, god made me like this to test my faith and I trust in him fully. If it weren't for tests like this how would we ever grow? You have had tests in your life, this is mine it will make me stronger and ready for his will in my life. God bless you hun.

  17. influence is influence, depends on how woman use it, some use the hoochie tactic to get what they want and some dont

  18. @ Kristen
    Now I feel bad. I should of just said what was on my mind and that was: That I enjoyed meeting you and had fun being bad. But now I better behave before I get in trouble.I got off track from the Doc's theme.
    Nice meeting you.

  19. @ Kristen

    Don't believe Achems cause he encourages me to be bad. Honest! But now I better behave cause I am getting behind on all those other good Docs. I have had two free weeks to watch Docs when my internet and phone was suppose to be shut off.I need to make the best of the time.

  20. I am staying out of this one, this is a chick thing!

  21. @Connie

    HAHAH! You're a gem.

  22. @ Kristen
    Ok ! A Hole new way to make hot popcorn for all the Docs.!

    OK lets start popping :-)

  23. @Connie

    Kernels, dear. :)

  24. @ Kristen
    (LMAO) Is that with or without the kernals in case I want to try it someday?
    I think this puts a whole new twist on the Farmer in the Dell. (hilarious)

  25. @Connie
    Corn cobs are the best. ;)

  26. @ Achems
    Ok 99%

  27. @ Achems

    (LOL) I would never do that. No , Not me, not all the time. Ok maybe only 1% of the time.

  28. @Star:

    I quote..."we were born with an incredible gift called INFLUENCE"

    Let me tell you the influence you were born with, comes from the junction of your thighs, namely the "mons veneris" et al,
    That a lot of women take advantage of!

  29. no matter what you do or what you change, you can never reverse how you came into this world, its going to be in the back of your mind for the rest of your life, even if you do convince yourself your REALLY a woman or man it won't change the fact of others knowing who you really are. Like the man who had a baby lol even though she LOOKS like a male she is still able to conceive and be the one to berth the baby! A long time ago Woman used to be the ones fighting for equal rights to the males, Now its the MEN who want to be woman! IRONIC or what??? its BEYOND strange and amusing world we live in, its turning a lil topsy turvey!! If you don't believe your a woman or a man, CHECK YOUR EQUIPMENT ONE MORE TIME!! oh and being a woman isnt what its all cracked out to be, TRUST me if you were a woman you would know how much more difficult it is to survive, men were made for hard work and woman were made to do all the other hard stuff like all the thinking and problem solving for their husbands, we were born with an incredible gift called INFLUENCE, Woman can think about several things at a time look at things in many different ways, while males think for the moment, so if you tell them a story and then switch it to a different story to make a point, then go back to what you were first talking about, its harder for them to put it all together, WE ARE WAY TO DIFFERENT, My point is is that ther is way more things you can't change, you can change the body but not the other stuff that only woman are supposed to have, But this is my outlook, no one needs to agree, it makes me sad that their are people in the world who are not happy with themselves, Even when they do change and there happy, there will always be something else added on to their misery, but as free moral agents our choices will set the course of our life,

    1. Hmm, well speaking as a post operative transsexual, it was never my intent to try and "reverse how I came into this world" as you put it. I'm the sum of my life experiences, and as a reasonably contented person, I see no value in trying to unravel or undermine any of my personal history. I'm the sum of my life experiences, and I'm very comfortable with that.

      I don't really view my own experience of transitioning, as any real significant change in the sense that I think you mean. As far back as I can remember, I identified as female. So no shift in my own viewpoint was necessary. In having surgery, all I did was to rid myself of bits that were of no use to me. So now I'm the same female I always felt I was, only with a body to match. ;)

      Regarding your point about other people "always knowing what you are". The only response that statement should need is a two word what! I should probably expand on it though. Whatever you do in life, others will always judge you one way or the other. My view is this, those thoughts belong to those other people, and are really none of my business. Unless of course, they vocalise those thoughts, and try to make them my business. In which case, I'm no push-over, and they will very quickly realise that. So woe betide those that feel a need to shove their toxic little ramblings on the subject, in my face. I've really no problem with people being feeble minded little bigots long as they do it in the privacy of their own home. ;)

      As an interesting aside to all this, I've known a couple of cis-gendered women, who due their height/build, have been judged by others to be transsexuals. So it just goes to show that "knowing what other people are" doesn't always equate to anything even resembling the truth.


    2. Well said ma'am, I am in the reverse situation. FtM--very few can truly understand what it is like to be born into this body that doesn't match what we feel. It isn't about what other people think, it is about feeling comfortable in our own skin. For me it is something I've always felt. Growing up I was different, my parents knew, yet felt therapy could "fix" me. My brain & thoughts are masculine, that can not be changed. My upbringing has "softened" me I guess you might say, I can see things from both perspectives. Any ways, just wanted to toss my thoughts into this, how said it is that some people will remain closed minded & not see people as individuals. They must place a label on others.

    3. Labels are going to exist. It's how humans put things into neat little categories so we know how things work. Labels or stereotypes is how TS come to discover that we are in fact TS, cause we don't fit the mold of a typical male or female. If we got to where we are, or where we're going by the existence of labels in the first place, it doesn't make a lot of sense to shirk them once we arrive at our center. When it comes down to it we wear many labels. I'm TS you're TS, but that's not all we are. We also wear the label of son or daughter, friend, lover, enemy, colleague, and so on. I say embrace the labels we wear, and don't sweat someone trying to use that label against you. I say embrace it, then they have no power to hurt us with it anymore. Case in point, look at how blacks took the label of the N word and removed the venom from it by embracing it. Nowadays, someone does more harm to themselves when they try dropping the N bomb than the person they're trying to use it against.

    4. Couldn't have said it better myself ^5 I completed my transition last September, but even before my GRS no one knew I was TS,unless I told them, and even then many didn't believe me when I did. Like I would lie about something like that????

  30. Ps @ Kristen

    Jesus already knows you are getting the emails and obviously are reading them too. Its got something to do when you checked the block that says its ok to email you.

    You don't have to read them and can discontinue each thread anytime you want to.
    You probably know that, but in case, just reminding you , There is a choice.

  31. @ Kristen,
    Oh Lordy, Kristen you have me rolling on the floor in laughter, Don't you recognize an Archie bunker playwright? LOL. You say you find me offensive Hugh. LOL you havent seen me when I'm 100% deadlocked serious.
    But, I bet you know alot more about corn cobs then I do, Don't you. Yes you do!

  32. Jesus, I keep getting emails from this thread...

    Connie, a corn cob could make a more valid and coherent argument than you. You're absolutely insufferable and I find you incredibly offensive.

  33. @Connie:

    I only admit in the "parody" of "your" gods, there ain't any gods in my life..
    Yes , when I say substandard, I mean all humans, no one is perfect.

    Plant do have their own dance to nature, but not sentient, they march to the beat of a different drummer. Yes, my plants like music, rock and roll to be precise, that is why some of mine are over 12 feet tall.

    Transgender humans are not sicko's, in what way do you regard them as such?

    They are an entity in a body they should not be in, it is the genes, baby, the genes.
    As @Pia: says, has male and female chromosomes xxy.

    Sure you have the right to believe in reincarnation, now don't forget, since you are going on this horse tangent, according to quantum physics, what you wished for just now you got, because everything will, and already has happened that you envision, so be careful what you wish for... Have fun in the fields of your dreams. (LOL)

  34. @ Achems

    It is a proven fact that plants strive when talked to and music played they are just as equally part of the whole system as we are.

    Of coarse corn germinates. A Star isn't born either but people pay to see them.
    Think poetically !
    So you admit in God after all hmm and you blame them for the substandard humans.and their mistakes? hmm.. Even I did not refer to them as substandard. At least I consider them at a higher perspective.More like full fledged Sickos.

    Sure, I can be a horse I have the right to believe in reincanation and should let it be known that A terrible mistake occurred and while in astral travels My cart collided with a woman and I was sent down as a woman instead of the horse I am. So now I can get my operation and become my true horsey self Just like all the girls who want to be boys and boys who want to be a sissy.

  35. @Connie:

    Are you sure that you are not a comedy writer, for one thing I did not know that vegetables could talk back and forth, please do not eat me! don't eat me! are you listening!

    Peas, squash, tomatoes, wouldn't give a flying ^**1<. what they are, they are not sentient.

    And corn cobs are not born, they germinate!

    It is your obtuse gods that are mentally sick for creating substandard humans and then blaming them for their mistakes.

    And now you think you may, or want to be a horse, an analogy I hope, than what? a human wanting to be a horse, Oh! my...Zues? that works. Ah! still a prurient nature, prurient thoughts I see Hmmm?

  36. @ Achems

    You said: people have to live with the realization.
    I say: Thats exactly what I say. I agree they need to realize they are what they are.
    Remember we are not talking about those who were born with extra stuff or double stuff as in a physically born with abnormalities. We are disagreeing about those who do not want to exept what they are.

    I am not in the bad light. It is those who except the lies of mentally warped misfits.

    When a Pea is born does it say I should be a squash?

    When a corn cob is born does it say I need to be a tomato

    Does anyone else think a pea should be a squash?

    Does one kind of corn cob need to be another kind? NO but people have allowed science and government to alter and genetically change of vegtables and now whathas developed?????? Rotten decaying corn.. You might as well call it what it is cause now it is a cancerous product that rotts and decays the flesh. Same with humans... Alter that and what do you have. Go ahead and support that and you will be helping support an illness.

    Anyone must be blind not to see anyone of those characters on that Doc were mentally sick.

    How dare you sweetheart! make reference that I am playing god or have special favor of a God for my viewpoints, When it is your thoughts and the likes that support such illnesses.
    When you alter what is naturally created then you are playing God and not I.

    Think about it. If they are so much the opposite sex and nature supposedly made a mistake then what are the hormones for that they need to take afterwards?

    Who ever, told you people that it was a mistake and that they are suppose to be the opposite sex.. Who told you those lies?

    I would like to see some scientific proof that a girl is suppose to be a boy and a boy was suppose to be a girl...

    Changing body parts and giving hormones.. is not exepting who they are and is an alteration a complete change .. Not a slight modification for correction.

    The only evidence I see you guys base it on is. what they say they think and feel.

    Think and feel is not scientific.. It is mental and emotional..Funny thats what you atheist say about God and yet you will except feeling and thinking as proff for such drastic measures.

    Tell me, whats the difference If I said I am sad and can't go on in life. Because I was suppose to be born a horse. Yes indeed I am a horse by thinking and feeling and no one will give me hay and run me in the green pastures. Yes indeed I am a horse and I want the right to be excepted as a horse and I want to live in the stables and be able to P*ss freely in the openness of the pasture and as long as we are at it I want one big Long shaft betwen my rear quarters and I want to be ridden everyday by a beautiful maiden....

    Now why does that sound any different and as long as they can think and feel and have a right to a sex change then I can have a change too? And they can alter our food anyway they want to and yet they can call a corn squash and a pea a cumtwat as far as I care.

  37. @Connie:

    Those are some pretty severe words there kiddo! People that have to live with the realization that they have been anthropomorphized into a decaying rotting flesh, according to your viewpoint, just because they (entities) have been put into a wrong body, puts you into a very bad light!

    Thinking what you are saying, but telling the whole world via. TDF that they should have no right to existence, should hold no credence.
    You are not gods gift to anything!

    I do not know what gods you believe in, but whatever they may be, they should not (the gods) extricate themselves from whatever cesspool they originate from, to the world, via your mind!


  38. @ Pia

    I will have to give you a quick response for now because I am off to do our weekend paper routes and also took an extra route this week.However I can get back with you later if needed.

    Firstly, Your comments about my spirtual beliefs are out of synche for I do (N O T) adhere to the churches or the conventional Religions.

    Secondly, Your case does not fall under the sicko catagory of which I am against.
    You have a medical condition you were born with and anyone who condemns that should be "neutered" or spayed themselves.
    I truly hope that the Drs. could not of done surgery for you when you were born to prevent you from going thru this later in life. I truly hope they left things as they are because they had no choice.

    I am sorry, that you have to go thru this and who knows Maybe it was for a reason, Maybe you are meant to understand others more than someone like me.

    I am dead set against those who do not have a medical reason and only change their sex because they want to change/alter/ Mutilate themselves for a Pyschological personal self-satisfactual agenda that to me, is a sexual perversion of nature, Thought up by the corrupted minds of Phychological mentally,emotionally and spirtually sick entities. I can't even call them people at that point. They are just entities dwelling in some decaying rotting flesh at that point.

    This is of coarse is my view and I am glad I am not alone otherwise the whole world would think its all just perfectly normal for the mutilations to continue as though the world is ok.

  39. Oh..and Connie, if you had been abused and bullied by people because of your PP for the last 30-40 years, and suddenly it was getting changed, so you didn't feel like a freak and you could actually get on with your life without people judging you all the time...wouldn't you go on about it? These people are on camera for a grand total of ten minutes or so, on a programme about Gender Reassignment. Go Figure.
    Take your highly stigmatized and conditional love to the religion thread, there are lots of people willing to have a holy war with you.
    Yes, I am particularly annoyed, you claim enlightenment, and reached all of that by only reading one book. Disgusting.
    God would be disappointed.

  40. @Connie..
    I am transgendered, I am also intersex, that means that I was born with male and female chromosomes..XXY.
    So...where does that leave me in the eyes of your god,(the use of a little g is intentional) does that mean I am lost, mentally ill, a pervert, full of demons? Do you realise just how ridiculous you sound? I am a believer in 'God' however, my God isn't preoccupied with something as insignificant as gender, my God isn't He or She, or It.
    What Psychiatric help do I need, to be what?
    Hermaphodites exist through out nature, get with the programme, you are offending some of us that are evolved enough to see beyond black and white, and actually see a spectrum...
    If You are unable to see that you are bigoted, transphobic, and a religious zealot, you are unworthy of 'His' love in the first place, She without sin can cast the first stone?
    Read the gospel of St.Thomas? Jesus talks about taking the tree out of your own eye before taking the splinter out of your neighbours, He also talks of Male and Female being reconciled to evolve as a human.
    You say it is not someones right to tell you what you can think or what your opinion should be...Well that means you should be able to allow me to exist as someone created perfect in Gods eyes, Ie, Hermaphroditic.
    If you are truly someone that has faith, and not a rule book, your heart will tel you you are wrong. If you met me on the street you wouldn't ever know I was a freak or a pervert, as I look just like any other woman, which should be a relief so you couldn't nail me to a cross and then burn me at the stake like you would have done 600 years ago.

    If you bother to look into the origins of religion, it wasn't a crime to be intersexed until the reformation of the catholic church in 377ad.

    Secondly, Do you also agree with the burning of old ladies that were witches? or was that because these wise old women took power away from your precious church?

    Faith and religion are two very different things, and after seeing how these people have suffered, maybe you should pray for societies sickness and not theirs?

  41. @ Anthony

    Regardsless of what you think or believe in ,I will have my opinions and my say whenever and however I may. That is my right and my viewpoint. I may even sway back and forth depending on whatever view I see it at the time and that too is my right.
    It is not your right to tell me what I think and what I believe and what my opinions are.
    It is also my right to express my beliefs that these tortured souls are mentally ill. And need phychiatric help more than they need sex changes. And since you are so free to tell me what you think I should do or say ,concerning my viewpoints on a free open commentary then in my opinion you can get some counseling too.

  42. @ antoni @connie and others who use the idea of god having created 2 seperate and non spectrum genders or sexes.

    I understand that "God" does not make mistakes, and that your "god" created man and woman with nothing meant to be inbetween or different.

    Where do the intersexed children fall in your black and white world, the people i know with your view on the world would have surgery preformed immediately to hide it from their peers. But god i thought did not make mistakes. And personaly i find it revolting that any parent would have their childs genitals mutilated in order to have that child meet their parents standards. I for one would not stand by while my child was sexualy assulted let alone alow or ask someone to mutilate their genitals.

    So it seems the world is not so black and white as you have learned and it seems that nature is full of every variation of gender possible, I think that if you look around at the world your "god" has created you will realize he has made a "rainbow" for us to see colour in all its forms not a black and white tv for our oppressors to censor and feed us a manipulated virsion of the truth shown in only black and white by the same forces who have over many years used "gods way" as a reason for war prejudice and hate.

    @ connie i appreciate your thoughts to pray for these people, but it is unfortunate that you assert your beliefs and gods, maybe rather then putting your own aim on your prayers just leave your opinion out of it and pray for happiness and unity among people rather then using your prayers to put your words into gods mouth. I don't think god would like having words put in his mouth anymore then i would. Unless of course you are totaly sane and have a direct line to Gods home phone, in that case ask him to call me and explain why he is as unloving as to have 2 sides of a war fight eachother and pretend to be on both sides.

  43. No amount of surgery or dressing up will change what you are. The sex you are born is the sex you are, no matter what.

  44. @ Richard Weare

    I did a search on your phone number online in several search engines and I can't believe you havent found an answer to your question yet. I mean you asked so so many places the same question.
    Oh yeah by the way the other question you asked all over was looking for a gay Lover and Husband. Did you find any of those either?

    I think you already know . And I think you are a phony!
    I also think something is very not right with you and I would advice anyone Not to Call you.
    I think you are either fishing for dates as appears on net or you are out to hurt those who are Gay.

    I smell a fish tank !

  45. My name is Richard Weare and I am going to become a woman by having a sex change operation but I don't have a clue to the cost of this operation. If someone could help me please phone me at 1-403-305-7727.

  46. Great documentary! Phenomenal human drive actuated. I have only awe for the people in the film that have overcome the momentous task of physically changing their body gender to match their mind gender.

    I DO have a bit of a problem with the way the surgeries were performed (or at least portrayed in the documentary).

    In Canada, there is absolutely no makeup allowed on the patients (fingernail polish especially, due to looking for oxygenation in extremities). The doctors and nurses in the operating theatre wouldn't be allowed to wear any either (flake of mascara into body cavity).

    Although the surgeries are routine for the team, and they are comfortable with chat during the procedures, there are studies that show that the unconscious mind of the patient is taking in all the talk and interpreting it literally.

    Perhaps it’s only my overly anal training as a research tech. working with animals, but we are much more cautious with our animal patients than this film seems to be with their human patients.

  47. The downfall of the western world.

  48. I feel sympathy for Jim's mother, but I am shocked that a parent would refer to the sex change of their child as a "death". It should be celebrated as a proper rebirth. The statement is also callous, considering there are so many parents out there who have actually lost a child, and she is lucky enough to not only have a child, but a child who knows who he is.

  49. What a future for Western cultures!

  50. Is it just me ... or is their a correlation between being a nutter and the inability to capitalize your words appropriately ...

    Having read the Dawn Horse Testament is not an excuse to capitalize your words like a nutter :P It makes it so hard to read ... and it makes me hear the words as if a drunky person who cant control the volume of their voice is speaking.

    Great documentary on a world I knew almost nothing about.

  51. Vlatko: I see my other comment didn't make it out of moderation but got the "ax". A rare thing. Ok. That's just as well I suppose. You can delete these two comments also then. Please. Thanks.

  52. Sid: I have a post in moderation for you because I used one of my e-mail addresses. Check back for it later, and hopefully it will pass "moderation."

    Don't worry about giving your opinions. We can switch threads if you'd like also.

    Charles B.

  53. OK NAked truth it is.. I sent my last post before I saw siddartha guatama's comment.

    Sid : The bottom of it is we all need each other to get where we want to go.We have to keep picking up each other and keep walking. When one falls the others take over and just keep walking.

  54. @ LOL I can't find any better place to go for now !

    Go to this Doc. The Life of Buddha

    Gues who is already there LOL Go to the Documentery lists . acsroll down to Contents for Religion. then Look for Doc called "The Life of Buddha" or put the title in the search engine.

  55. @ Reasons Voice & Connie!

    Thank you both! Yes I have just watched " The Naked Truth" - and posted a rather 'weak' comment - but at least it will enable us to continue chatting about religion - or lack of it!
    Connie you have such a kind heart! I only wish I could 'get to the bottom' of it! or better still - help you to?
    Reasons Voice, you also are exceptionally kind - it will be very rewarding to talk with you more!
    thank you, Sid

  56. @ps I meant that in whatever way your way of thought and heart is TDK members whether scientific mind transcending. Prayer, or plain good wishes or abbra Kaddabra :-)

  57. @ siddartha guatama

    gotcha :-) The Woman Worm Healer :-)

    Charles I and Gary are joining in we too have your Babies in our thoughts and hearts.With joined in efforts they should be well soon. When TDK members join together we can make miracles :-)

  58. @ I too am looking for a place to go. I think the conversation would fit into a Buddist Doc... very well. LEt me know where we are going.
    @ Reasons voice, I know you didn't say that in that way. But That is when I thought of the equality of sources idea. and I agree on the rest too.
    @ Vlatko please help us not to be disrespectful and yet let us continue our conversation somewhere until we can find a solution.

    I am willing to pay between $20.00 - $30.00 a month to somehow stay connected with TDK and yet have a forum where we can take conversations that stemmed from a TDK Doc but then traveled into another conversation.

    We LOve TDK and we come here to learn and it is the talking afterwards that is the most beneficial part of why we are here.BUt when the subject that drew people together alters for your Doc comment purposes it doesnt support you and causes us to feel guilty sneaking in words like crimminals.
    Even though you are so generous.

    Can we fix this?

    Even if we could have a old forum to use that people can ck off their email if they dont want to see it.

    We could add above each comment we make as to which Doc our comment originated from.

    Whatever will work for you. It would not be the same if we just made our own website. We want to stay connected to you and TDK We could even take turns moderating if it would help or pay someone of your choice.

    Thank you

  59. @Sid; Just name the doc. and I'll find my way over to continue if you like. I have watched the majority of them on this site and may have already commented there.

  60. @ waldo

    YES! oh yes indeed - you are half way there. the realisation that the journey begins with yourself is the biggest hurdle to overcome. whilst I am 'on the wrong page again'! - i will tell you that when i first found Buddhism - I had converted to Judaism - prior to that I had spent 11 years in an undemoninational but Christiam envoronment - i joined the salvation army, and I even tried Catholicism - then a more diluted form - the Anglican church. I was always searching but nothing seemed to suit me, I found it too hard - too restrictive and yet I knew in my heart that I was not a 'sinner' ....but I felt lost.
    My 1st sucessfull meditation was unbelieveable - i can only liken it to a surge of euphoria! - but I soon lost my concentration because i was so overwhelmed and exicted!
    meditation is not anything 'special' its a feeling of peace and harmony and understanding within yourself - everything becomes so clear. The starting point is to unclutter your mind - this is hard to do - but you must concentrate on ONE thing at a time. If I am (for instance) peeling a potato - then that is all i do - I put my entire concentration into that potato! - it sounds trivial - but its a good way to start.
    'right mindfullness' - this is (I suppose) the oppposite of 'Multitasking' - I cannot multitask - it ruins my state of mind. perhaps Waldo - you are too busy? perhaps you are setting your goals too high ? perhaps you are looking too hard? its so simple that many people just dont 'get it' - thats what I find - but I am a noboby - I am just sharing my path with you!

  61. @ siddartha guatama

    Your kind words and pacifism has changed the tone of an otherwise ugly thread, thankyou. I can't say I share your ideology or faith in the transcendent world, but i see the value of a life lived as such. I just can't seem to find any kind of spirituality that seems real to me, though I often try. I want it, that peaceful feeling of belonging- of finding your groove so to speak. I have only experienced it briefly, and it was when I was younger, but I remember that it felt really good.

    Western faiths are simply not appealing to me at all, all that judgement and blind belief with no flexability. I will say though that there is beauty in some of the ritual the Judeo-Christian faith uses- not all or even much of it- but some is beautiful. The dedication and self-discipline is what is appealing to me at times. Did you know that most orthodox Jews can recite the entire pentateuch by age thriteen, they chant it to make it easier- still it is hours long and very impressive to me.

    But the Eastern traditions, which i have just begun to study, are really more appealing to me. The idea of no judgement or specific dogma sounds great. Still, like I said earlier, i just can't get it to feel real to me, any suggestions? I am trying to practice meditation and through doing so find some type of spirituality that both feels real to me and can help deepen the life I am living. I have always been anti-religion but this doesn't feel like what I would call religion really, as I base my definition of it off the western traditions I suppose.

    As I get older I can't help but feel there is more, a part of life that I have written off and by doing so thrown off some sort of spiritual balance that brings deeper meaning to the already meaningful. I tried to use science to fill this gap, but it is falling somewhat short for me lately. I think it is enough for many many people, but it just doesn't seem so for me sometimes.

  62. @ Reasons Voice

    OH! I am laughing and laughing i cannot stop! - thank you so much - I must stop 'poaching' my idle talk on this page - but I just had to say thank you for such sensible words - coupled with humour - quite irresistable! yes I am watching some Buddhist documentaries now - perhaps we could 'meet' in the religion aisle? I would love to listen to your words more.
    thank you for making us all laugh!Sid

  63. Thank you for your kind words @ Siddartha; As I said you are to be commended for your compassion for all things living. Not sure what religious sect you afiliate yourself with but definately an eastern buddhist derivitive of one type or annother would be my guess. I too find deep wisdom in the far eastern faiths. Not so much the deities and theology, but more the underlying messages. The peace and oneness of many Eastern philosophies have over time evolved into the "do no harm" mentality that you embrace. Yet in the beginning the message was harmony with the world not benevolence. It is through that message that I take the idea that we are to interact with our world just as would any other animal. Both taking and giving to maintain ballance of environment as well as the self. I too have gone out of my way to help even lowly animals but in ballance to that yes I do eat meat. I never kill without need, I never waste what meat I have. If I have more than what I need I feed it to my dogs. I never waste it. Same goes for everything that I can do. Yet I was born human and humans are omnivors, we have sharp teeth for tearing meat. Our bodies are the reflection of our intended nature. To deny that aspect of our nature, to me, is simply a more benevolent corruption of the self. I will, however never condemn anyone for choosing such a life.
    @connie; Reread my post. I never implied that @Charles had no right to interject his faith into the topic. I see what you mean with the difference between preaching and jamming ones faith down others throats. To me though, The statements "such and such will go to hell" "those who think XXXX are corrupted sinners" and the like cross that line.

  64. @ Charles & Vlatko

    I have just had permission to be excused from my morning meditation because I could not concentrate! - I must apologise for talking about Buddhism on the wrong page
    I must also apologise to you Charles for not considering how you must feel when your children are ill.
    My solution is to watch documentaries relevant to my words
    2nd - I will be thinking about your children Charles - as much as I can. They will be in our thoughts today
    Thank you!

  65. @ Charles

    I have a feeling that I am frustrating you? Its natural for you to feel a deep sense of 'annoyance' with bugs - when your children are not in full health. I wish them a speedy recovery.
    My belief 'system' is NOT foolish Charles - its simply my way of life. I did not grow vegetables in my garden - for it was too small! - It is so hard trying to follow my path in life, when I am surrounded by modern living. But I try. I am now living in a Buddhist Meditation Centre - in the foothills of the Black Mountains, I am able to concentrate more on my studies while I am here. I am so fortunate.
    I am reading your words over and over - I cannot pass judgement on the way you live your life, all I can say is that it does not seem to be in harmony....there is a conflict of ethics and logic - are you a christian?
    All life is suffering, there are just 3 things that we can be certain of.....just 3, and nothing else is certain.
    To form attachment to anything - even a papaya garden will only bring pain - if or when it is lost.
    if you love everything and everybody, but seek to love without attachment, then you will experience a grater sense of love.
    I am not the Dalai Lama! - but even the Dalai Lama is just a human being who is far more enlightened than I - he has studied extensively and shares his knowledge freely. I try and do the same. I am not perfect, I am still on the journey to enlightenment - if I dont reach enlightenment - then I will try harder next time. I hope the Dalai Lama becomes a boddisattva - that is Buddhism - the concise version!

  66. Sid: The worm story is interesting. I wonder if they were really "ill" or just a sub spiecies with yellow heads? I watched a film that said that worms are one of the only spiecies on earth that have no known illnesses or even cencer or disease at all (but chemicals can hurt them, that's true). The fresh dirt may have helped more than the other worms, actually.

    A garden? You mean you kill plants for food? Hum. Even if you wash your hands with soap, you're killing germs. You eat a salad and you're eating plants that died that you might live! How violent. I'm just joking. Really. Just razzing you!

    But, seriously, mosquitos cost the lives of millions of people yearly. I mean that litterally. M I L L I I O N S! Malaria, Dengue Hemmoragic Fever, Yellow Feaver, West Nile Virus, etc. We live in a Dengue Fever epidemic area in Manila (or have and will again). Have you ever attended a baby's funeral that died from a mosquito bite (Dengue)? There's no words on earth to concole the mother even if you wanted to. 500+ have died this year in the Philippines (mostly children). Our next door neice had it, but survived.

    Which do you like better, Snowy Owls or mosquitoes? I do believe the zoo in New York (based on memorey) lost ALL of their owls to West Nile a few years ago. Had someone killed that ONE mosquito on the plane from Africa to America, then countless birds in America would have been spared, and horses, and people. My philosophy: Kill ever mosquito we can.

    I read a story about a Buddhist that felt the way you do about mosquitoes and wouldn't forbid them their livelihood when the landed on him, and he caught Malaria from it! Sounds like the just rewards of his foolish belief system.

    I'm a true conservationist; I love nature and believe we should preserve all that is good as much as we can, but I fully agree with the eradication of Small Pox, Influenza, and "vermin" spiecies like the Asian Brown Rat etc. Things like fleas and ticks do not rank on the same level as a butterfly or a bird or a person, I'm sorry. Rat have conqured the world, so when a huge sewer rat is in our house, we trap and kill it -- our life can depend on it, as Leptispirosis (sp?) from rat pee kills many in the Philippnes too (usually kids).

    Nonetheless, I'm quite sure we'd get along well in person if we were in a well-mantained nature preservatory! :-)

    My kids are sick, Sid. They both have a high fever. I'm a bit worried. If I knew how to help them I'd be more than willing to kill a few million viruses on their behalf as the life of my little ones are worth more than all the flu or cold viruses in the world, thank you very much. Wouldn't you do the same?

    Really, we probably are not so different in person, Sid. But surely I'd hate to visit your house if you lived in the Philppines with all the cockroaches eating your garbage scaps, the rats, and the mosquitos using your house as a breeding center! Come live where we live and let me see how you feel when you can't even open a box of cerial or your rice container without vermin infesting it. Oh, and they will eat you AND your babies too. Litterally. It's gross, but infants left unprotected get bites and infections from both rats, mice and cockroaches. Our newphew had to be hospitalized or visited the hospital with a cockroach bite infection that was eating his toe in his crib. You're philosophy works well in a Western world, but in a third world country, you do what you have to to survive, and being "selective" with what wildlife you allow to live in your house is essential!

    Blessings! :-)

    I didn't mean to share so much stuff, but it just happened that way, sorta like your "worm" story. Cheers! I'd love to come garden with you sometime. I have a whole "papaya garden" waiting for me when I get to Manila, but Lolo (Grandpa) said people are stealing them--no sweat! I can always buy them from the market; I just think the plants look so cool!

  67. @ Vlatko

    No offence, but I think it's pretty bad to allow the use of the term GAY but not LESBIAN. What gives??

  68. @ connie

    Connie - life is an inward journey, towards finding yourself. you are doing well, you are mindful of others and seem to be seeking the truth. that is a noble path. It does not matter that we make mistakes - only that we learn from them.
    Most important thing is to act (in everything) without ego or greed...those two things (EGO & GREED) are the destroyer of mankind
    ...I am not a man - i am a girl!
    LOL - bye Connie - i hope to talk again with you - you are one of the open hearts in this world - everything else will follow - you will see!
    bye xxx

  69. @ siddartha guatama

    You are not out of line or being naughty in my view.
    You are exactly perfect. Any man who would take a bus 40 miles everyday to he can fill two cloth/canvas bags to nurse the life of some garden worms and repair a piece of earth should take presidence over any subject.

    If I have offended you in any way with my extra on purpose viewpoints to make my perspective a bit clearer, Then I apoligize.
    And what you did,is what I mostly am talking about when I say these other people are "me" centered. And if they could get help coming out of that mindframe I truly believe most of them would not be in the torment they are in.

    I have some past posts coming that are not posted yet and in moderation. Please ignore them.
    I am no longer interested in sharing my opinion of the matter nor making anyone else see my viewpoint.

    I am With tears from the loving heart of yours, siddartha guatama

    I back out of spending my energy on this conversation any further. I want to make a good difference in the world like you did. And that takes minding my own business and getting down to work.

    I will always and never forget from now on, my struggle is to "nurse the worms" Metaphorically And to " Carry my sacks of dirt"

    Knowing what you did will help me move forward in my Journey.

    I curtsey to you, with great admiration and respect.

    Do not ever feel embarressed for telling anyone! Actually this is the stuff of Greatness in a man in humankind this is the kind of Story that changes lives . It just changed mine and set me back on track.

    Going forward now thanks to you !

    I won't be posting anymore on this issue , Thanks to all who commented back esp. Kristen and Scott who gave me a good stage to rant from :-)

  70. Connie I did not mean to post that story and afterwards I felt my cheeks burning with embarassment - I came back to see who had laughed at me.
    thank you for not laughing Connie.
    No i have not got a truck - or a car - thats why i had to make so many tripd - I could only carry 2 canvas bags each time (on the bus)
    oh well I am being naughty now - engaging in idle chatter - but I mean well, thank you again connie

  71. @ Connie

    Connie - I did not intend to post that story - it just happened! - and when I posted it, I found my cheeks burning with embarassment - I dont know why - but I came back expecting everyone to be laughing at me.
    thank you for not laughing - I am so grateful.
    I am being naughty here - i am engaging in idle chatter - its not right - but i mean well. Connie thank you

  72. @ siddartha guatama

    What an awesome loving kind thing to do.
    You made the world better with just a little dirt at a time.
    Now that is contributing to the world.

    Thank you and no one would of noticed but you and your kind friend who give up his good garden soil.

    Though the act was so small in one view it really was a Big Deal and that little act of love is what made a big difference.
    Now the soil is repaired and the worms can do their magic that they do for the soil.

    See what a difference there is between a miind that is handed over to a repubate with me me thinking compared to a person who has a giving heart one who thinks what he can do and not what he needs to get.

    You didn't have a truck and didnt say well nothing i can do.
    Instead you used what you had and made it happen.

    i am proud of you Thank you! Siddartha Guatama

  73. @ Reasons Voice

    LOL what a thoroughly good post - thank you for that! - I cannot find a single word (in it) that I disagree with!
    Yes your words are very sensible - especially in todays society, for I find it quite difficult staying on my 'Noble 8 fold path' due to hardly anything being 'natural' anymore.
    I hope I have not inadvertently caused the death of anything!
    I was terribly upset a few years ago, when I was digging the garden where I lived. the worms in the ground all were deformed! (they had yellow heads) I was beside myself with grief - I really was. I soon discovered that the reason for their malady was that the Dry Cleaning shop next door, was careless in the was they desposed of their 'dry cleaning fluid' - percothylyde I think it was called. No matter - the damage was profound, and they did not care.
    So, i went to visit a friend of mine - some 40 miles east - every day I went to visit, and everyday i returned with as much soil from my friends garden as i could carry in one trip. this soil contained healthy earth worms and i added this soil to the soil in my garden - day after day.
    The wonderful result was, after about 2 months - the 'ill' worms got better! - I was so happy it was a wonderful thing to see. How it happened I do not know. I like to think that the healthy ones 'nursed' the sick back to health!
    I know that flies and bugs can be irritating - but its not my place to end their life - the World has its (natural) way of dealing with this, not me - with a fly-swatter or a knife!
    it makes me shudder!

  74. @ REasons Voice

    I disagree that Charles or anyone cannot use the Bible as reference or the Quran as reference to state their claim.

    Everyone can disagree with the resource all they want but the choice of Charles usage of reference should be up to him.

    After all they are some of the oldest books and have been around for centurys and it is no difference if someone wanted to Quote Plato or Socrates Or King Herod. No matter what the contents of the books contain they are still a document and written source of info to be debated used or discarded depending upon individual.

    To not let someone use their source if that is what they base their thoughts from is to dictate who does and doesnt have a right to speak and be heard.

    There is a difference between being preachy and pushing stuff down peoples throats weather it be negativly supported or Positively supported from any source. And I have not seen Charles push anything except what his viewpoint is and his source. At least that I recall I didnt go back and re read.

    I am not argueing with you Its just I saw this flag and wanted to address that.

    And I myself would of liked to use the Bible as a reference and was unable to due to.. political correctness and see now that I was deprived of my right. And so now that I see this I would like to address it.

    Morals is a great part of this scenario and Moral instruction has been a basis and still is today. So anyone should be allowed to use any sources they desire.

  75. @ On Behalf of Charles

    I would like to jump in here, And hope I am not intruding.
    I have purposely tried to keep my Spirtual viewpoints out of this since that alone would not stand in this arena.
    And I do not connect the problem to just a Spiritual disfunction.

    However, I do not think it is fair to not allow someone to use Biblical or any Spiritual references if that is where their viewpoint is based on.

    It is not fair for some to use , Historical references, Governmental records, Gov. Statistics, The Quran, The Bible, The newspaper, the Watchtower, Scientific, the Porn monthly magazine or Playboy. without allowing someone else to use their refernces .
    All references should be freely used to support someones viewpoint. Whether someone agrees with the information as factual actual true data is up to the individual who is listening. A free open forum does not regulate the sources from which someone chooses to use to support their claim or viewpoint or thoughts.

    If this is to be a free open forum then one cannot say this is that is the only references allowed.

  76. @ Charles B; You are correct anyone has the right to express their views on faith or any topic. However to suggest that there is a moral imperitive to prostlitize to the people is folly. No where in the new testament does it say that spreading the word is a requirement or even that it is a virtue. In fact it is mentioned often that those who choose to will turn to god on their own and for their own reasons. Look through your bible. How many of the saints turned to god because someone frequently harrassed them into it? None people choose faith when faith comes to them. Don't presume that it is your job to convert the people. That was an idea conceptuallized by by the holly Roman empire and later solidified by the European Aristocracy in the time of crusades and conquistadores.
    @Siddarth; your ideology is commendable however all of nature mast take from other forms of life to survive from the lowest bacteria to the apex predator. You may not actively seak to harm living things but when you eat you must destroy plant life. When you are ill and take medicine (or even just fight it with your own immunity) You kill millions of organisms. Life feeds on life that is not a perversion it is an essential aspect of life.

  77. @ I would love to hear some remarks from these wretched ones about How the sex change could make them a more productive person and contributor to society other than Geezzzz I wanta feel my new PP...

    Oh anything other than how their sex life can improve .

    But nope, all we hear is about how they will fit into society better with a whole new PP.

    Geez... How about I tell my Boss that I can't function today I just can't get my PP to think.

  78. @ I now have 3 posts waiting moderation this might make 4 stay tuned .... the best is yet to come:-)

  79. @ Charles B.

    lol NO! sorry - I cannot be selective - and neither can you! how can you suggest that I be selective? what right do you have to suggest this?
    I do not harm any living thing - end of!
    I dont need to justify it - I am NOT a christian, I am just mindful of others. and by 'others' I mean EVERY living thing - I never harm ANY living thing.

  80. @Waldo; You make some very valid points. I suppose you could be right about the motivation behind the over the top in your face behavior of (not all) but a large number of homosexuals. I have a few friends who are gay and non of them are the flamboyant type in fact if they hadn't told me I would never know their orientation. I guess thats why I don't really see it. I mean if the goal is to get the homophobic and the ignorant to understand you perhaps a$$less chapps and a gimp mask is not the right apparel. No?
    I know that is the minority but still because of how often the get media exposure the vast majority of people getan image that it is the norm for homosexuals. The image of a drug fueled orgiastic community that doesn't use protection and loathed the "breeders" is out there and fueling the feer and disgust of many. I know that is just a smal demographic for the community but it is the most visible. Kind od like the fact that to outsiders the young American is seen as a spoild rich wanna be pop tart or dim witt who obsesses over his own abdominal muscles. The media perpetuates these images and damages the peope by doing so. For my part I have always made a point to just simply ignore over the top people of any group be it sexual orientation, religion, or what have you. People who actively seek so much attention, to me, have personality disorders and more often than not are self loathing individuals. So perhapse the long running stigma placed uppon Homosexuality has led to this behavior. On the other hand history is full of known and accepted people who were gay or lesbian. And in the past it seems there was actually less stigma than there is today. I guess I just stick to the argument in terms of what I said about @Achems and religion. People will always find a way to dislike what they are slapped in the face with.

  81. Siddartha Guatama: Hey! My keyboard is working fine now! (If you spill something on it, I recomend NOT rinsing it, just turn it upside down until it dries. Rinsing might actually utterly destoy it as opposed to temporarily disable it).

    You made me laugh, but I know you're very serious about not killing mosquitoes which is a bit scary! Smile. :-) I don't like to kill most bugs (I even have pity on moths and wasps and funnel them outside if I can, as I saw a documentary that said their numbers are plummeting worldwide), but mosquiteos are deadly killers in the Philippines, so they are an "enemy" that I'll never have "mercy" on.

    That culture is a unique place: Cockroaches and mosquitors are true enemies. Spiders: ignored as nutral even in the houses as they eat mosquitos. Even the near tarantual-sized ones. Geckos - loved and cherrished universally from what I've seen. A house is not a home without a gecko or two or three. I didn't realize how many we had until we had to move and we had like 40. I had to move eggs we found behind books or table legs to knooks in the wall. I really like them. I learned if something jumps on you in the shower--scratchy is cockroach and slimy is gecko. Siddartha Guatama, you can love all of God's creatures great and small, but I would suggest at least some "selectiveness".

    For our new house, I'll have to see if the geckos have moved in yet (they do naturually when there is a food source), but if not, I'll go catch some and let them deal with the mosquitos mostly. How's that? They use the window screens to trap them and then one by one yum them all down. Potentially life-saving allies indeed. We even had one that ate our spilled rice. He would come when we had dinner, and I thougt, "What?!?" and then he would slip down under the table, and sure enough, was eating the rice grains the babies dropped.

    Anyway, this is like the never-ending documentary! I'll try and finish part six tonight. I wife asked me if I ever had the desire to cut off "Charlie" and I said, "Never!"

  82. I still think that (in order for us) to get a better understanding of these people who feel the need for gender reassignment, we have to 'feel' as they feel - and the closest way is to dress in clothes that are completely 'alien' to us -
    If I, was forced to wear a suit and tie - with big metal toed boots....and instead of my favourite perfume, I splashed on some 'thuggish' after confidence would be zero, and I would be very unhappy.
    but what if I actually HAD male genatalia - would I feel better then?
    Its got to be all about 'hormones' - and like so many 'defects' in Mankind, - those people who feel 'trapped' in the wrong body obviously have a chromosone/hormone deficiency.
    Just because such defiencies are not visible....does not mean they are less debilitating to the person.
    Whose got the right to enfoece supression of such overwhelming emotions? these people have (usually) been FIGHTING their natural instincts ....until they could not anymore.
    To face the 'less than perfect' result of Gender re-assignment operations, only proves how desperately unhappy these people were before.
    we must not admonish or judge or punish ......they have suffered enough, we must accept - just accept!
    as far as 'God' in 'involved' - I can only think that the 'Balance of life' is previlent everywhere. Without ugliness, we would never learn to appreciate beauty. Without sorrow - we would not recognise happiness. this is the 'Balance' the yin & yan to which I referred earlier.
    Those of us that are fortunate to be born exquistly Male or grateful - but dont be smug.
    @ Charles B
    I see you are a devout Christian, good for you - I respect your views. BUT! - please dont harm any living things - you talk of swatting bugs....I am sure that you find them uncomfortable - but to kill them without a second thought is not right. the cosmos is carefully balanced - all for a reason, we must accept the balance and not try and change it.
    Id there is a 'god' perhaps he will send you ENORMOUS bugs in Heaven....who may surround you and swat you mercilessy, until you wished you were in hell?
    its only a thought.
    @ Achems Razor - thank you for the keyboard advice! I never realised that this was possible! - like Charles B. - I also have no dishwasher, (or hairdryer) or anything that is a luxury! but if I ever spill anything on my keyoard - I will rinse it and hang it upside down - remarkable! Thank you!
    @ connie
    your energy is bouncing off the screen! I admire your tenacity. I feel that there is something bothering you greatly - its deeper than the Documentary - the documentary, and comments have touched a raw nerve inside you. the comments posted by Kristen, Scott and others are perfectly lucid arguments (in their own right) and your points are valid also.
    The conflict is merely a misunderstanding, of that I am sure!

  83. @ Scott

    Tell me your joking right ?

    I mean the human species does not come that ill equipt that there can actually be two a like ,Hugh ?

    I mean you have got to be in Ka=hoots with Kristen and are playing a new game.

    Yeah thats it.. who has the hollowest head?

  84. @ Connie

    Vladimir Lenin does not speak for all of communism; just as George Bush doesn't speak for all of democracy; just as a Pedophilic priest does not speak for all Christians.

  85. Ram rod !

  86. @kristen

    Look I was being nice go study for yourself.I thought it was a no brainer but now I think so much different of you,

    You are not rude
    you are not Ignorant
    I Think your insane ...Your words are right there in writing and yet you deny everything you said....

    I Had a change of heart and was trying to be nice to you. Go piss on your self.. in fact take your historical dildo with you !

  87. I'll take that as a compliment, thank you Connie. I just think that there are more important morals than whatever you're talking about - presumably pride and greed, with all of this talk of bankruptcy. I'll take it with a grain of salt, because you obviously do not know much about Communism. I'd rather be devoid of morals than a morally corrupt extremist.

    I'm a history and cultural studies major, I study plenty - about the world, it's history, the influence of media over people, different cultures and perspectives. I'm not an expert on everything, but I like to think I have a fairly open mind and a thirst for knowledge.

    I have learned that there is no arguing with people like you. That's fine, you can believe what you want, but do not accuse me of discrediting other people's opinions when I have done no such thing, and do not judge me and say I don't have any morals (based on what? I would really like to know). You need to open your mind and your heart up a bit.

  88. @ Kristen and Scott

    Start here :It was Communist dictator and brutal mass-murderer, Vladimir Lenin, who said, “The best revolutionary is a youth devoid of morals.” But there is much much more.

    Obviously you both opened mouth and tried belittling and tried discredting without knowing what your talking about.

    Thats a start for you.....Go study !

  89. Yeah, I know Dr. Randy left by his own choice; what a stubborn man! Though the chances were slim, I was still hoping to "encourage" him to turn around and reembrace what he once professed in his youth: faith in Christ. But, yes, life does go on.

    I cannot say all temptation towards homosexuality, etc. is demonic in nature, but I think the demonic elements push and tear at a person's weaknesses, whatever they may be. God votes for you; Satan votes against you; you cast the deciding vote, so-to-speak.

    As for Onus of proof of my statements, I cannot beyond a shadow of a doubt (especially to academic minded individuals like yourself) prove that God exists, and therefore can be trusted, but neither can you deinitively prove He does not exist, therefore that "sin and consequences" do not exist either. We both have to go with our heart on such matters.

    About the keyborad: we don't even have a hairdryer let alone a dish washer! :-) I wonder if just letting the keyborad airdry for a few days upside down will help.

    Anyway, I'm moving back to Manila in about 4 weeks, and won't have access to much internetting after that anyway. No more TopDocs until I have my own computer and/or have the time as well. Generally speaking I'm more occupied with "life" in the Philippines then in Korea where I internet more! :-) Life is more simple there; In your spare time, you just sit on a chair and watch the people on the streets pass, the yucky dogs, the roosters on a string and kill 12 dozen mosquitos and run from the giant cockroaches that fly and look like small birds, and eat papaya! Great fun; I love it. We may or maynot even have internet capabilities in our place even if we had a computer there.

    I've already got a school waiting for me there as well (A Christian shool) where I will teach history and English of course. :-)

  90. @Charles B:

    It was @Randy's choice to leave TDF. No one forced him. But life goes on.

    Are you implying that Satanic forces are the cause of trans gender prevalences? Something that can be overcome? I think not Charles.
    Does that mean that there is a little horned one sitting on peoples shoulder telling people whether they should like men or women?

    You say "not an insurmountable temptation for a person to eventually overcome with God's help" for that the onus is on you to show proof of that Charles. Also "a case in point" tell that to the priests that molest little boys.

    Anyway on a lighter note if I spill stuff on my keyboards, I throw them into the dishwasher, on low heat, let drip dry for a few to three days, and as good as new.

  91. @ Reasons Voice

    The reason minorities want the majority to understand them is because it is the lack of understanding that breeds violence and the prejudicial treatment they encounter. The reason we, the American people, make a big deal of don't ask don't tell is because we have lost several very accomplished and professional soldiers because they were somehow exposed as gay or bi-sexual, it directly contradicts the honor system on which the military is founded to tell a soldier to lie about himself or hide his true identity, and it sends a message to the young gay adults growing up that they should be ashamed of their sexuality. I am hetero myself, and do not claim to understand why someone would want to change their gender or be gay or bi-sexual, but I do understand living in fear of people finding out certain things about you. No one should have to live in fear or shame over something that doesn’t encroach on the rights of others and/or something they have no control over.

    The “don’t ask don’t tell” policy also sells our hetero soldiers short in my opinion; it suggests they will not be able to accept a gay or bi-sexual person- which is not the case for the vast majority of them. The military higher ups have recently came out and said this issue relates very closely to the denial of admission for blacks in the past, and went on to point out that the military was the first American institution to do away with exclusion and segregation based on race. The Secretary of the Army under the Carter administration was, Clifford Alexander Jr., a black man. He gained this rank twenty years before Obama was elected as our first black president. The military has always led this country in doing away with useless stereotypes and prejudice, and it is high time they show the rest of us that people are people regardless of race, creed, color, sexual orientation, religion, or gender, and as such they deserve the opportunity to earn respect and trust.

    I do respect you, and we agree on a lot. But, to compare yourself (a heterosexual male) with gays or bi-sexuals is just not fair. You do not have any reason to do the things they do, they do have a reason- its as simple as that. If we would grant them their rights, same as the hetero white male in this country, they would no longer need to make a display to show that they are not ashamed and will not hide who and what they are. In reality most are just as modest as you or I, as sexuality is a hard to thing to display for the average person, but those that do make a spectacle of it do so because they feel they need to not because it is their nature. It may be the nature of some, a few hetero sexuals also have this nature, but not of the majority.

  92. P.S. My home computer had coffee spilled on the keyboard, so I can watch videos but can't comment. I only can comment from between classes for the time being.

  93. @ Connie

    You ignore people by responding to them?

    I said you are sporadic because you jump all over the place in your arguments. Not because I think the time line of your comments are sporadic (clearly they aren't.)

    Here's some fun ones:

    "Tolerism is a war tool.
    It works to destroy not make Peace.

    There are people who fought for what is right and still are. Do you see their rifles filled with little white surrender flags? or is there ammunition that kills?"

    "YEs they would get a taste of their own medicine everytime they dropped the soap… Oh yes… Lets hear it from the womans side and not the men who are afraid of getting a taste of their own medicine.

    Oh I wish I was a surgeon !"

    "What is behind the scenes are Familys of broken hearted Fathers who might never walk their daughter down the Isle.

    Mothers who might be denied being a Grand mother.
    Do you not see the victums are not the sexual oddityies, The victums are the Love ones who are torn from what has always been socially the norm. The norm that keeps the world filled with humanity thru procreation.
    Our existance of who we are has now been filtrated by the one cell Omeba’s passavists, The tolerant."

    "But now society has evolved so that now children are faced with actully excepting that their is a choice to make.


    Does anybody understand this is communism? The breaking down of peoples morals? and excepted normal behavior as a family member?

    Do you understand that it is their goal to break down the family and they stated years ago that thru the family and moral breakdown they will succeed."

    Be honest Connie... you wrote Sarah Palin's book didn't you?

  94. Mr. Razor: Hi! I've not commented much since the Good doctor "departed" (hopefully just on-line). That outcome discouraged me.

    We all have a God-given right to speak on matters of faith, if not a mandate! You just have to be willing to do so when it is most productive. The Apostle Paul spoke a lot about things of faith, and he got his face smashed in quite a bit too! I may not like your anti-God comments, but you have the right to speak them at least this point in time in history, as I do opinions that support it.

    As far as God not fully being capable of making a person one gener or another infallably, so that they don't want to be the other sex, my answer to that is there are other forces in the world besides God; Satanic forces that push a person (yes, even from birth) one direction or another do happen. The reasons are complicated and I don't fully understand them all.

    Nonetheless, homosexuality is not an insurmountable temptation for a person to eventually overcome with God's help. We all have a temptation that can "get us" more than others. I could have drugs set on my kitchen table for six months and never even look their way, but a pipping hot brownie with whipped creme frosting sprinkled with cinnimon and butter and a bowl of vanilla icecream to go along with it wouldn't last 4 minutes in my presence!

    Those with life-controling drug habits can't blame God for it, and I can't blame God for overeating, but I'm quite sure there is some genetic factors involved in the overeating at least. My son forgoes even chocolate when he's not hungry. My duaghter won't stop eating as long as food is available, and then she'll seek it out when it's not. She's just 25 months old. We raised them the same, but they have very different eating desires.

    Whatever the drive to change your sex, you cannot blame God for it, and you are still held accountable for your actions in God's eyes, and He is the One that makes the ultimate judgment. I'd rather struggle with a temptation all my life and overcome it eventually and make Heaven, then to give into it completely and gain Hell. My opinion, of course.

    What I don't understand is the men that cut off their "P" to become a woman, and then lived and had sex with another woman!!!! That's just plain doesn't even make sense to me. Why become a woman to be a "les bi en"?

    Anyway, the bottom line is: Don't blame God for the temptations you personally face, and "man-up" and take responsibility for your actions and/or "sin" in this case.

    They do have my compassion, however. God alone knows the state of a man's heart completely, and that is good enough reason for me to trust Him completely.

  95. Hahaha, oh Connie...

  96. @ Kristen

    In case you have not noticed I am ignoring you..

    You make too many claims against what I say because you are too ignorant to know better.

    Sorry but you are way to rude , Ignorant I can handle but stupid and rude I cannot.

    Perhaps you should spend a little less time in Solo sex.

    You pretend you know things you obviously do not know.
    If you would of made them an opinion fine.. But I have not the time to educate Rudeness.

  97. @Connie

    What morals have to do with going bankrupt? Or begging? Are these values that should be upheld in our society? There are more things you should be concerned about, rather than worrying about the finances of a few families. People can spend their money on what they want. If they want material possessions, if they want a sex change operation, if they want to give their money to charity. It's THEIR money. And if, after spending it on any of those things, they so happen to be bankrupt, then it really isn't any of your business.

    No one said that this was the "norm," and it is not, because the transgendered community is a minority in most of Western society. I'm not quite sure what else you were trying to say in that comment, and I'm going to ignore all of the excuses you've tried to make regarding your writing skills (I suggest spell check, for starters).

    "Does anyone not think there is something twisted in showing their genitalia on TV? and Oh My !!!! Masterbating too !! What kind of mind conditioning have we evolved down to"

    This is a statement that I find completely ridiculous. People are so afraid of their bodies, of their sexuality - for what reason? Why is it okay to show gratuitous violence, drug use, war mongering, etc. on television, but the second a naked human body is involved, there is a problem. I don't think there is anything wrong with showing genitalia on television - there are far worse things that children are watching, if that's what you're concerned about. Sexual education (and a greater variety of it) should be taught to children earlier - maybe then there wouldn't be such a stigma attached to the LGBTQQ communities, or such repression and negativity towards are own bodies.

    I think you just need to masturbate and sleep a bit more, Connie.

  98. @ Scott
    You Said:
    You only assume that I was mocking your spelling and grammar. I was really mocking your horribly sporadic style of argument. Totally unfocused and long winded ranting. You obviously don’t proof read your posts.

    I say : What would please you then That I do not speak at all? If thats my style. and thats how I communicate sporadically in between working and do not have time to write a whole full body letter ?

    Should I consider myself unable to communicate so.. say nothing...?

    Geez! Since its ok to beg for a sex change, maybe I should beg for finances to take some Speaking and grammer classes?????Poor, Poor me !

    I am smiling just so you know ! my words sound sarcastic.. But I am smiling !

  99. @ Connie
    You only assume that I was mocking your spelling and grammar. I was really mocking your horribly sporadic style of argument. Totally unfocused and long winded ranting. You obviously don't proof read your posts.

    @ Reasons Voice
    You make an alright point, but I would ask you how much violence is perpetrated against heterosexuals simply for being heterosexual? I would also remind you that the 'dudes dancing in thongs' are only one voice in a community and don't really speak for everyone.

  100. @ Reasons Voice

    Refreshing you are !

    Youu hit it on the head!
    If people want to change their sex fine go to it.
    But nobody or organization is going to dictate to me that I have to except their behavior as normal.And if I saw someone beating a Dog or cat or cow I would and have stepped up to stop it. Same goes for the innocent children that this way of life is being pushed on as Normal. Leaving them who are not so guided by parents wondering what sex they are?
    I do not stand by and say its the new Norm.
    Sick !!!!!

    I do not support it ! And I will not !

    Does anyone not think there is something twisted in showing their genitalia on TV? and Oh My !!!! Masterbating too !!
    What kind of mind conditioning have we evolved down to?

    I couldn't believe another comment supporting them stated that Unquote that: It was ok to spend everything for a me, me, me want then go bankrupt, trying to change their sex
    and.... then go begging for more money was ok and not any different than going bankrupt for a Tv or other material things. PlEaSe ..... what Logic? No one said going bankrupt after over spending was OK ! Its not OK !!!! IS their no morals left????
    Its never right for anyone to over spend then go bankrupt and then go beg !

    Twisted.... Good Grief, Charlie Brown !

  101. I just don't know. I don't now nor will I ever "understand" this issue. I try to remove all indoctrination from my mind, eliminate all the predetermined norms of society and make my own mind up on each issue based on the knowledge I seek and then ultimately my gut feeling on the matter. If some people feel this procedure is needed for them to feel one with their body then fine go for it. My issue is that it seems of utmost importance to most minority groups that the majority "understand" them. Why? Be who you are as you are. I think that for the most part sexual preference based activism is self damaging. For instance 1000 leather thong clad gay men dryhumping their way down broadway really doesn't make me see being gay as "normal". Quite the contrary really. Take @Achems for instance. He loudly contests any and all religion mostly due to the fact that he feels the religeous people cram their beliefs into the faces of those who don't want it. And He is right overt in your face prosteletizing of faith is annoying and repugnant to most people. So why if the idea is to gain understanding or sympathy do so many people try to smash you over the head with it. We make such a big deal in the US over things like (Don't Ask Don't Tell) in the military. Why? I don't feel that I need to parade through the streets of san francisco shouting about my physical attraction to naked women. I am what I am (hetero) and that is all. I only need acceptance from myself and whoever I am dating for that to be ok. Same goes for them. Be ok with you and who you share your life with. Why trouble yourself SO much with the opinions of others.

  102. @ Vlatko
    sorry about the double post. I saw my mistake was caps and it went to moderation so I took out caps and tried again.

    Say Vlatko whats your opinion about the Doc?

  103. @ siddartha guatama

    Thank you for your kind words.
    However I don't think I am anymore confused than anyone else.
    None of us have all the answers esp. those who are always searching for knowledge.

    I am tired though and haven't slept much and was not upset until the slanderous remarks once again about my Grammer and spelling.
    I am handicapped at that . For my writing poems and songs the ability to say sentences without structure and used more as a use forconcept communication works very well to my advantage. But for the business world it is very difficult. In fact the project I was working on was a 444,444 Grant for a local township to use on their Million dollar sewer project. I took on a several month job Knowing I only had two weeks to do it.But I thought it is better to try than not at all.

    I have a good portion of money into expenses that was suppose to be for my bills. But Thanks to my Lack of wording things properly for busines I didnt make my deadline. I was short probably only two hrs maybe 3 or 4 But I think two more hours would of let me finish and get it on the desk of Albany by 4;00 as required.

    So you see I am not so happy about the mean remarks of others Just because I have a different opinion from theirs and where I come from the subject at hand is most definitly not the Norm. It is frowned on as dispicable.

    Even though I have my opinion and helped them. Here on this thread I am the abnorm now !

    I thank you for your thoughts and kind words to all and not to just myself.

  104. @Connie63 Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    @ Waldo

    You said :Waldo61 Well, since my last comment did not get deleted I will try again. Really at this point, after reading all the right wing closed minded simpleton rhetoric from certain people on this thread, I do not want to be part of it. All I will say;

    I sAY :: OPh what you want to add your two cents without making change ?

    YOu sAID : is it is you that is enslaved by your declaration of an ideology.

    I sAY : THAt is your perspective . IN my Perspective I am free to my own values & beliefs. I do Not let Society tell me what I must except for the sake of a few minorities.

    I cause no harm to them . They can have their say and I expect to have my say without condemnation. But as you see they are winning the poles in the thread and My Perspective and opinion is offensive. Which is exactly why I demonstrate that let them have an inch and they control the mile.

    You sAID :Now you have backed yourself into a corner and can no longer judge each situation on its own merits, without looking as if you are a hypocrite. They simply do not make an ideology big enough to cover all cases, most in fact will cover only a very few cases- while many poke out from around the edges demanding an original or more common sense based solution.

    I sAY : What on earth possesses you to think I am backed in a corner? I am LMAO watching you guys attack me for having my conservative opinion and imagine yourselves thinking I am high and mighty when it is the other way around.

    The Magority here wants to take my rights away of having my own opinion on such a offensive act of humanity in my view.
    Even to such a degree as to attack and poke fun of my writing skills and grammer.. Hey come on ! Whos the ***** here?

    YOu sAid :By the way, suing for people’s sympathy and understanding over your earlier deafness is tacky after the judgmental and condescending tone of your earlier rants about proper family values and so forth. Why should people grant you what you refuse to grant others? Now do you see what it is like to be persecuted for something you had no control over? Sux, when people just assume they have the right to criticize and judge you, doesn’t it?

    I sAY : You cause me to think you are insane. I never asked sympathy. I stated a fact that should of provoked embarressment upon those who critisized someones Grammer ability….Just because they are voicing their opinion.
    Not some fool accusing me of seeking sympathy.
    The shame is on them not me.

    I have every right to my opinion with or without how i say it.

    I help those people, I help their children. I cause no harm.
    BuT I will not nor will never condone it. And I will die standing for what I believe.

    In my eyes if you stand for anything ,then you stand for nothing!

  105. @ Connie

    I can sense that you are in a lot of conflict (?)
    please dont be offended or angry by my words, I can only offer my sincere kind thought - without any relgious connotation whatsoever!
    Achems Razor is another 'writer' (as well as you Connie) who has captured my attention!
    I love listening to your words, and, whilst I do not always agree......I try and understand.
    @Over the edge
    - I like you style - and attitude also!
    @I might be riding - is fresh and vibrant
    @ Kristen you are very very gentil and kind!
    I respect every one of you!
    thank you, Sid

  106. Well, since my last comment did not get deleted I will try again. Really at this point, after reading all the right wing closed minded simpleton rhetoric from certain people on this thread, I do not want to be part of it. All I will say; is it is you that is enslaved by your declaration of an ideology. Now you have backed yourself into a corner and can no longer judge each situation on its own merits, without looking as if you are a hypocrite. They simply do not make an ideology big enough to cover all cases, most in fact will cover only a very few cases- while many poke out from around the edges demanding an original or more common sense based solution.

    By the way, suing for people’s sympathy and understanding over your earlier deafness is tacky after the judgmental and condescending tone of your earlier rants about proper family values and so forth. Why should people grant you what you refuse to grant others? Now do you see what it is like to be persecuted for something you had no control over? Sux, when people just assume they have the right to criticize and judge you, doesn’t it?

  107. ya gotta laugh

    keep banging away there connie

    i don't know why people bother trying to enlighten a narrow-minded twit like her. you will never get the better of such ignorance. all ya do is give yourself high blood pressure.

  108. @ still ((((((LMAO))))))

    Good Morning America! home of the freely inslaved !

  109. Blooper (lol)

    A’s in achool meant A's in School LOl can't type either. Thats most of my spelling bloopers LMAO

  110. @ Over the Edge and Scott

    Do you think I now care what you might scribble yourselves?
    I had stated that I had been up for 3 days already and was going into a 4th since I was over tired.

    If you are the type of people who make fun of someones writing skills, Then I have no ear to listen to you.

    This shows me and should show others your ignorance and demonstrates just what kind of heart you truly have.

    Very nice job ! you would make fun of someones writing skills , spelling and Grammer.

    Same goes for you who try to insinuate that I was coming from a higher than mighty or Religious view.

    Did anyone notice that I was not the only one that lacked perfect spelling or Grammer?

    Does anyone know that I was deaf and missed alot of school from 4-12 yrs old?

    Does anyone know that I was not suppose to talk at home growing up and I spent many years alone growing up.

    But there is an advantage to the way I form sentences. I was graded with lots of A's in achool for my ability to use words with a different bend and this supposed disadvantage turns out to be an advantage in my writing of poems and songs.

    So do as you will, say as you will, I gave my view point and I said it strongly.
    I have the capacity to see beyond what you don't see.
    If you want to take the road to Live and Let Live and allow all abnorms to control society, Then so be it.

    To even address you after your low attack sickens me.

  111. @Charles B:

    Howdy Charles, how is my favourite religee?

    "You say you/we have the right to interject faith"??
    I want to ask by "what" right do you have to interject matters of faith into a topic if you want to?
    Is it from a certain God? or from a certain preacher? or from a certain collective of a certain religion? or just from your vague authority? hmmm?

  112. IT'S ok!

  113. @ Charles B

    I think religion is very very personal. its something that, whilst giving great comfort to some - can be seen as a source of utter irritation to others.
    It was for this reason that I try not to let religion cloud my opinions, I dont 'live' for my religion,
    my religion (if thats what you call it) - is my way of life.
    I hope I have not offended you

  114. @ Charles B

    I apologise. I did watch the documentary, I must have ignored the relgious conjecture. I often do. again I apologise for seeing things differently....I often do !

  115. Siddartha: Several people mentioned something "religious" in nature. The doctor said "God made you this way" once and one "woman" was a "born-again Christian", so you're quite wrong that no one mentioned religion in thid documentary. Even so, we have every right to interject matters of faith into a topic if we want to.

  116. @ those of you who cannot 'understand' the needs of people that undergo 'Gender Re-Assisnment'
    can I suggest this?

    If you are a Woman - please stop wearing your femine clothes - I suggest that from tomorrow you cut off your hair (maybe go bald)and wear nothing but mens clothes -
    If you are a man - then do likewise but wear womens clothes

    if all of you do this for a week - then, maybe you will begin to understand what it feels like to be in the wrong body.

    I know that if I was forced to be a Man - i would go nuts. Perhaps if I had been born a Man - I would be hoping for Gender-reassignment?

    another suggestion - why dont you all keep religion out of this? NOBODY mentioned religion in the documentary - but as far as 'Achems Razor's' comments go - think Yin & Yan.....just give it some thought - ok?

  117. LOL!

    Now I get it... Connie is just playing ultra-right wing madlibs.

    I mean, geez Connie, you can barely formulate a sentence. Why should we look to you as a moral authority?

  118. @ connie
    i never said that the ab norm is the norm. i only stated that we should not impose our definition as the norm on others. i will take my share of responsibility for the misunderstanding in the rest of your response. i don't get paid for my work i volunteer at a help center (the explanation is vague on purpose so as to not get my views put on the whole) i and many others try to help out of an obligation to others. we try to be understanding and non judgmental to people in need. a very small percentage of people i have contact there with have questions about their sexuality and i try to be patient and understanding while not pointing them in any particular direction. their decisions belong to them and them alone i only try to support them in whatever decision they have. in closing i would like to point out in case i implied that i have a medical background in any of this i don't, the reason i say that is that my views are my own and based on my experiences not claiming any expertise

  119. @Imightberiding

    As one of the few sane people on this thread, I just wanted to thank you for having an openminded perspective and a brain.


    I'm trying to look past your abysmal spelling and grammar in order to understand what you're saying, but it's so completely backwards and ridiculous, I'm having a hard time of it.

    Who are you to decide what a man is? What a woman is? What the norm is? Western society dictates certain stereotypes, sure, but that is exactly what they are - stereotypes.

    "Does anybody understand this is communism? The breaking down of peoples morals? and excepted normal behavior as a family member? Do you understand that it is their goal to break down the family and they stated years ago that thru the family and moral breakdown they will succeed."

    Communism is not about the "breaking down" of people's morals or the "family." This is not communism. At all. Please get a basic understanding of what communism actually is before you start throwing around wild accusations.

    There are more important things than fathers being denied walking their daughters down the aisle, or people unable to have grandchildren (there are still alternative ways people can have children...). As much as issues like this tear families apart, something can be said for the people who stick their loved ones through tumultuous times.

    And yes, I do feel horrible for the members of the transgendered community who cannot afford their gender reassignment surgeries - families who will scrimp and save for years, but for the sake of happiness. Isn't that better than buying a flatscreen television, or whatever else people spend an excess of money on?

    The families may feel victimized, but there is such a horrible negative social stigma attached to the transgender community that I can't even fathom what they themselves must feel. And neither can you.

  120. 6@ over the Edge

    Your name does seem to fit your response very well.

    It is your Over the View perpective that supports my view .
    The Over the Edge view is passive in regards to again support the abnorm as Norm.

    In one breath you make the claim I am confused and yet you defend the ab norm as being Norm and Yet you say You work with the sexually confused. can I assume that means couseling? if so...

    You support my claim because you are in facT as you say reffering them as sexually confused." Sexually confused."HA ! there seems to be away of making a living off these sexually confused hummm... I would say that your financial gain probably would make your opinion a matter of "Conflict of Interest"

    Or do you mean you work with these Sexually Confused as peers? Sorry for you! It must be difficult working with any confused person on a daily basis esp. one that can't except weather to stand or sit in the rest room.

  121. @connie
    you are so confused. how dare you tell people what is the your logic what if the norm decided that your ideas and values are bad and you had to live the way we tell you ? i am a well adjusted heterosexual male and I DO work with people who are sexually confused and neither you or i have the right to tell them how to live THEIR life. The best the rest of us can do is be as understanding as we can and realize that their choices weather they offend us or not are theirs alone. as long as another s choice doesn't affect society in a real and negative way it is none of our business . don't you dare push your religious or moral convictions on another .

  122. @ Alleycat 43

    Achems Razor is my friend ! I have high regards for him and he has my utmost respect.

    You are correct when you say he is asounding with his vast knowledge.
    If only everyone was so fortunate.But I also know his knowledge doesn't come by spending his time idleing, but instead he is busy studying and learning.
    No one should be jealous for he has earned his Knowledge.

    Something I know about Achems also, Is that he has earned my respect because he will stands up for what he believes in.

    He is not tossed with the wind at every whim that mankind can conceive.
    He is a man of Honor and is valiant!
    His Moral character is unblemished from my view and I would not be afraid to trust him with anything.

    I know he will protect the innocent and not let passiveness creep its way into his household and tear down his loved ones or friends.
    He is gifted with insight and I am proud to be his friend.

  123. @ PS
    @ to the Peace Mongers
    @ to the Offended
    @ To the Tolerant Supporters

    Perhaps you might be confused with where your emotions are concerned.
    I understand the sympathizing in some cases like as where the Mother who is forced to come to terms with her daughter turning into a boy.. She had no choice because her daughter was suicidal. In cases like that we need to be sympathetic and except her daughter/son out of compassionate understanding and forgiveness.
    But It needs to be addressed as what it is !
    It is a person with some very real issues....
    This DOES NOT constitute a major over haul as excepted normal social behavior.
    This is where the blind is leading the blind into those small pivotal points that are breaking down society.

    IT needs to be focused on with the corect sense of sight !

    Its not norm people. Stop condoning it as Norm!

  124. @ to the Peace Mongers
    @ to the Offended
    @ To the Tolerant Supporters.

    Sorry, I couldn't get back to you right away, I saw your posts but was working on a project with sensitive Deadline.

    I just typed a lot and hit a button and lost it ,
    as usual :-) So I'll have to regather my thoughts and start over.
    The Jest of what I wanted to relate you is that while you have nice intentions and meaning to project Peace Love and Harmony , and think it is a good thing to be so passive and the world would be a better place, Think again :-)

    What is behind the scenes are Familys of broken hearted Fathers who might never walk their daughter down the Isle.

    Mothers who might be denied being a Grand mother.
    Do you not see the victums are not the sexual oddityies, The victums are the Love ones who are torn from what has always been socially the norm. The norm that keeps the world filled with humanity thru procreation.
    Our existance of who we are has now been filtrated by the one cell Omeba's passavists, The tolerant.

    Children with confused sexual Idnetities whom might have never had emotional, mental sexual issues if not for their enviroment.
    When they already were facing norm puberty issues and academic issues; now, thanks to tolerance the children face a choice of which they will be.
    As though they actually needed to make choices in the past.
    But now society has evolved so that now children are faced with actully excepting that their is a choice to make.

    Does anybody understand this is communism? The breaking down of peoples morals? and excepted normal behavior as a family member?

    Do you understand that it is their goal to break down the family and they stated years ago that thru the family and moral breakdown they will succeed.

    Have any of you had open doors at your home and fed these children, gave them safe shelter and clothed and shoed them like I have ? Have you actually dealt with the victums of these selfish me, me, me, sexual deviant parents?

    Have you comforted their tears and try your best to raise their confidence and self esteem , because they were emotionally and mentally torn?

    I have ! too much I have !

    There is a time for Peace and there is a time for war.

    There is a balance people ! But there is a time when the peaceful right thing to do is to stand for what you believe in. Tolerism is a war tool.
    It works to destroy not make Peace.

    There are people who fought for what is right and still are. Do you see their rifles filled with little white surrender flags? or is there ammunition that kills?

    Peace does not always come by way of cinnimon and spice and everything nice. Peace is and protection for the innocent comes by way of War and standing up for what is right.
    If you allow the me, me ,me's to have the control then the world is not safe.
    It is not Good and Kind to allow such things that seem so harmless go unguarded and become the norm.There are consequences to every single thing we allow.
    The biggest events in our lives is always created from the tiniest little event.
    It is always the little things where we find the bigger things pivoted.

    Try to imagine a Documentery made of the victums, the family of these sexual deviates. Watch the Docs. again and imagine yourself making a doc from them looking thru the eyes of the family and loved ones.

    Look at the selfish me, me, me, behaviors and Look at the social impact these Sexual confused . Are they contributing to society? Are They really trully going in debt and even bankruptcy?
    Are we really suppose to buy their poor me bankrupt beings as a victum? What is wrong????
    Dont tell me that Going in Debt and even bankruptcy is supposed to be oK? You mean if I wanted to go bankrupt and let Society pic up the financial burden I left in my wake all because I wanted plastic surgery or wanted to get eye laser surgery that It would be ok?

    Did anyone feel sorry for the woman who was trying to be a man but could not afford surgery? Did anyone hear him begging with his hinting for compassionate financial aid ? Cause he could not afford it any more and his credit ran out and has gone bankrupt while his female partner suffers the financial loss and burden too.

    DId you feel sorry for him/Her ? OK I did too! But then I woke up and got mad . How dare he ! I said to myself. If she is truly a man she would of took care of the household and her loved one ! Thats being a man! A man does not beg !
    There is more to being a man or woman that what sits between their crotch !

    I have not slept in near three days trying to get that project done. so I am closing... try to think about this subject with bigger eyes here......
    Don't let passive, peaceful images blindside the truth of the destruction created by these types of society breakdowns...
    Think it thru.....

  125. @achems razor - good man you got a comment in including the word 'religee' well done. did you coin the term?

    also, i wondered about the name 'achems razor', is that so people will call you on the spelling and you can astound them with your vast knowledge?

    as for the docu - live and let live, i say.

  126. I keep posting on this thread and it keeps getting deleted somehow, what's up?

  127. I do not pretend to know how the people in this document feel/felt. I certainly would NOT want to be in the position they are, with feeling outcast and as if they are not who they were truly MEANT to be. I do however know how it feels to be judged based on who you feel you are, on what you think is right or what you believe. I am a Muslim woman and even though something of this nature is completely against Islam, I say leave them alone. They know themselves better than we know them and what a person does is between themselves and their higher power belief (if any). Thanks for this documentary, I think it's important to see the humanity side of people even in context of what we might not necessarily agree with. We are all part of the same human family, let us at least try to understand one another.

  128. Really, I'm honestly done with commenting on this page. I fear I am exhausting people & may not be welcome in the future, but why is my comment to Connie still "awaiting moderation" after so many hours? That's what it shows to me when I scan the comments. Just wondering if she ever got to read it? I would never presume to have the answers but hoped perhaps it may have offered her some food for thought, a different opinion & perhaps a challenge to see herself & others in a more illuminated environment.

    Also: @Kristen

    Amen sister! You go girl! Snap! Snap!

    Seriously, well said, especially on love & acceptance vs tolerance. Excellent! I trust some of my lighter comments were not those you found insulting or embarrassing. Tried to touch on some of your same opinions/ideas re: polarity of her thought & the potential for inflicted harm to others regardless of one's genitalia in my response to Connie as well. People are a diverse, amazing wonder & as beautiful & varied as all of nature. ( no corniness intended )

    OK, done!

  129. Connie, it's people like you who give members of the LGBTQQ community so many reasons to hate themselves, when they should be living their lives and trying to be happy. It's an absolutely disgusting and deplorable way to think of others, I hope you are ashamed of yourself.

    I'm sick of bigots trying to hide behind religious dogma and ignorance. This absurd "polarity" that people seem to think exists - good and evil, love and hate, etc. Nearly every aspect of human emotion and life exists in a spectrum, and what a beautiful spectrum it is.

    I find many of the comments on this documentary to be insulting and embarrassing. I'm happy for the people in this documentary who are finally able to be their own selves, in bodies that they were not lucky enough to be given at birth. The LGBTQQ community needs our love and acceptance - acceptance, not tolerance. Hopefully more people will watch this documentary and others like it, and get a broader perspective of our world and the people in it.

    And just to address this comment, because I found it ridiculous and completely irrelevant to this documentary: removing a rapists' genitalia will not prevent them from damaging another life. There may be a physical rape, but the psychological damage, the terror, is so much worse, and that is something that can be inflicted on another person, regardless of the presence or lack of genitals.

  130. I have not watched this doc and probably won't I just wanted to mention the title sounds like a porno movie.

  131. @coyote03

    Said I was done. Just got home from picking up a few groceries & couldn't possibly resist the temptation of a quick look at this site.

    Thank you for your generous comment about my verbal/typed vomit! Like when the stomach flu hits, I couldn't help myself, really. Some people leave a bad taste in our mouths & the only reaction is to purge. Hopefully enough stuck as to make a difference to these ill-informed individuals. :-)

    It's the people who think their poop doesn't stink that have always perplexed me. Generally as a rule, all they do is try to spread their poop around as much & as often as possible so that others now smell like them. End result..... now lots of people smell just like they do & the putrid stench is lost on them & hence their poop doesn't stink. It's only when an outsider who has not been exposed to the first person's poop is any where near these people that the wretched smell is finally exposed!

    My humble goal? To shower these poor souls with truth! ( Ha! Ha! I said poop! )

  132. I haven't watched the documentary, but the hate and intolerance on here is shocking!

    Imightberiding, you've done an amazing job, your posts are enlightening and a joy to read.

    @ Connie

    "Its not a two way street you either Hate or LOve" so do you hate or love?

    "Do you think that just because someone was a victum themselves that they can react and put the same abuse and misery on someone else?" Isn't that exactly what you're suggesting we do?

    "I am not condemning anyone" now lets see, 'condemning' - to express complete disapproval of, typically in public; "I could easily cry for these people. But they are not tears of Joy and celebration. But instead tears of sadness that they are so sick and lost inside… I believe these people are sick with Evil spirits And thoughts." hmmm, your words.

    Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion :) most on this site just happen to think people like yourself are what's wrong with the world, so we respond to your crazy posts.

  133. These comments are lively, trying to be politically correct myself to watch this doc. but because all the religee's are now coming out of the woodwork must add.

    The blame lies squarely on their so called invisible Gods for making some humans not quite gendered properly, that they must rely on science to achieve what their completely impotent Gods should of got right in the first place!!

    The Gods?? apparently do not know how to make proper gendered humans. Take note, am not blaming humans, but Gods, which in itself proves that they (Gods) are non-existent.

    So yeah, I agree, people like @Believer should go and preach somewhere else. Or better yet, not preach at all, ever!

  134. OK, OK, I promise I'm done with my comments on this doc page. Just wondering why my comment for Connie has still been in "Moderation" for the past hour or so?

    as always, thank you Vlatko for all the great docs you make available to us.

  135. @Believer

    Thanks for your concern for my soul. You misunderstood almost all that I wrote. I never once mentioned anything concerning what the media may or may not have portrayed about anything you stated in your comment. Where are you getting this from?

    Sorry but I do not support you in that it is your obligation to insinuate yourself in discussions about the documentary if your only intention is to insert your religious dogma & spread hateful ideas & attitudes about your fellow man.

    I'll say it again as I mentioned in my above comment to you. I don't think you would appreciate my intrusion in your life & attempt at some how saving you from yourself especially in a place you go for self edification, intelligent discourse, or just to sit back, relax & be entertained by a good film.

    I'm done commenting, go preach on a street corner or better yet in your own place of worship.

  136. @Connie

    I think your solution would produce vengeful sexual predators in female bodies. What is to stop them from acting out even worse in the future after this abhorrent treatment they would be given against their will if you had your way. Just because they now lack penis does not preclude them towards a rehabilitated life. There are many ways to violently & sexually assault some one.

    Trans-gendered people go on to live their lives because they finally can live as they believe themselves to be (for whatever the reasons) but the mindset of the "changed" criminals I fear would remain the same as before. Most likely worse because they are now violent male offenders in a female body with a huge chip on their shoulders. The entire idea is ridiculous in that it would never produce a successful transformation. These reassignments take years of counseling & voluntary administration of supplements & hormones. Not to mention a willing participant with mental, emotional & physiological ideas of who they are & who they ultimately want to be in all ways.

    Your tit for tat mentality of "look what they did to others, so they deserve this" is short sited, spiteful & hateful at best. As Backslider mentioned, most of these criminals were probably molested themselves. Sure, punishment is necessary, but rehabilitation & breaking the cycle I tend to think is more important if your true motivation is to prevent further harm to innocent victims in the future. I've gone on far too much in these comments, ..... enough said.

  137. @ Imightb...
    "Are you without sin?" well, I am not without sin. And yes, I hope and ask Allah to forgive all my sins. The righteous Muslim believer is the one protected from the influence of satan.

    I am Allah's creation, I owe him obedience for this is the reason I was created and for whatever he had bestowed on me.

    I am also obligated to convey the message of Islam, even in a great website like this.

    I declare myself a "slave of Allah (that does not mean I will blow myself up or something, leave the media behind you) and you be my witness for saying this on the day of resurrection and judgment. May Allah guide you.

  138. @ Tipsy
    Thanks for the info.

    @ Backslider
    Totally agree. Thanks for elucidating my thoughts.

  139. @ Backslider,

    I don't understand these people either, Just watching 3 segments shows I tried. and I did feel sympathetic for them and nearly did have a tear or two. BUt it was because I see them as I see them.

    It is not out of hatred.
    And to be honest with you I really truly believe that turing repeated male sex Offenders into woman would eliminate the repeated offense..
    Subscribe to KTLA news and ABC7 news out of LOs Angeles and see ONe sick story after another of rape crimes on innocent children and woman and then take notice how they are repeated offenders and so many that they have to let them out of Jail and they repeat and repeat.........

    You judge me harsh when you say I hate. Like I am not suppose to?

    WHat? Its not ok to love rapist who rap

  140. @ Backslider,

    I don't understand these people either, Just watching 3 segments shows I tried. and I did feel sympathetic for them and nearly did have a tear or two. BUt it was because I see them as I see them.

    It is not out of hatred.
    And to be honest with you I really truly believe that turing repeated male sex Offenders into woman would eliminate the repeated offense..
    Subscribe to KTLA news and ABC7 news out of LOs Angeles and see ONe sick story after another of rape crimes on innocent children and woman and then take notice how they are repeated offenders and so many that they have to let them out of Jail and they repeat and repeat.........

    You judge me harsh when you say I hate. Like I am not suppose to?

    WHat? Its not ok to be mad and hate in the name of jUstice? against rapist's who take victums as young as a few months old and up to seniors.......
    How could anyone stand up for them I ask.

    Its not a two way street you either Hate or LOve . There is no Grey here..... Do you think that just because someone was a victum themselves that they can react and put the same abuse and misery on someone else?

    There are times in Life we have to take a stand one way or another.
    Sometimes we have to do what might seem unfair for the sake of many as a whole.

    We must stop the perpetrators and end the sex violence. The system we have does not work! This is unacceptable!

  141. @Connie

    You show very clearly what is so common in the devout..

    You censor yourself and deny your true self so much that the pressure comes out in hatred instead. Anyone who believes in capital punishment is, to paraphrase your earlier post, using one's urges/impulses/instinct rather than their rationality/free will. Is hatred and cruelty ever justified? Do those who hate go to heaven too?

    Often times violent and sexual criminals were victims themselves. Wouldn't a better solution be to start a campaign of help and support, and hope to eventually eliminate these horrible happenings from society completely? Punishment rather than rehabilitation only makes the problem worse. For a real world example, see "United States Foreign Policy."

    I'm not trying to drag your name through the mud or make you angry, I just truly don't understand your logic.

  142. I have a hard time trying to figure out why a man would want to become a woman, or vice versa. I have a hard time understanding what it would be like to feel like a man but be trapped in a woman's body. Is it simply ego that makes a man feel like a woman trapped inside a man's body? Or is it their true identity, and perhaps nature made a mistake?

    I have an equally hard time figuring out how one could be so condemning, using religion and antiquated values that reach back a couple thousand years when science couldn't explain the everyday mysteries as their moral high ground. You are using your faith, which is based purely upon feeling and hearsay to pass judgment on those around you.

    While I don't understand these things, I believe that people are people are people, and have the right to live their lives as they see fit, so long as no one is harmed or forced in any way to do the same. You have your right to believe in the man in the sky just like these people have the right to change their sex if they so desire. How often do religious condemnations manifest out of a true desire to save that which is condemned? My bet is on NOT VERY OFTEN.

    I agree with previous posters that the support these boys and girls all received was incredible. I wish we all had such great families - maybe if we did we wouldn't be so quick to condemn others. ;)

  143. @ Ti Pay
    You said: "And the idea of permanently mutilating someone's body against their will for the sake of a crime is... disgusting.?

    What about TheThe rapist who Raped against someones will, Taking their body against someones will.?

    Did you not see the word Rapist not "The Willing"

    YEs they would get a taste of their own medicine everytime they dropped the soap... Oh yes... Lets hear it from the womans side and not the men who are afraid of getting a taste of their own medicine.

    Oh I wish I was a surgeon !

  144. @ Scott

    You missed the mark of what I said . I said ; " Thats what I think" I also said " I was not condemning anyone"
    I did not make any references to being an expert. You are the one referring it not me.
    I do not need to be an expert to have an opinion.

    You also have the right to condone it and do a sex change yourself. I do not care.
    But it doesn't mean I won't look at you as a sick pathetic person who has an evil unclean spirit.
    Sorry ! thats just the way it is.

    And as far as Hormones having brains. I hope it doesn't upset you that it is quite well known that one main difference between Animals and man is the supposed ability to use their brains over their hormones.
    One is the socially acceptable way and the other is an animalistic way.
    I will leave that up to you to discover for yourself and then decide.

    That being said, Thank you for your comment and sharing your opinion. I shsred my opinion and did not ask for a debate. Thank you.

    PS. I think this is a great film into the minds of those who are afflicted. It might be uncomfortable and queezy to watch but, It gives insight into what those dark windows that I believe the magority of us cannot fathom.

  145. @Scott: I don't know much about the female-to-male cases, but because of the re-use of sensitive skin during reconstructive surgery in male-to-female cases, things are rebuilt with a fair amount of sensation.

    A different doc which I saw a long time ago had an interview with a post-op male-to-female and her husband, which they happily proclaimed that their love life was very active. The only thing that they had to keep in mind was that she couldn't "self-lubricate", so they had to keep lube around the house.
    (that was a strange one to watch, since I was only in high school at the time - hearing that in a classroom totally weirded me out!)

  146. @Connie: ...what? So you think that people who want, and potentially need this surgery should not be allowed to have it, but unwilling prisoners should be forced to? ...that's utterly horrible.
    I don't see "the evil of society guiding and enabling" sickness, I see the acceptance and well being of society reaching out to people who need understanding and compassion.

    And the idea of permanently mutilating someone's body against their will for the sake of a crime is... disgusting. I can't find an appropriate word to express how detestable I find even the mere thought.

  147. @ Connie

    You are sick.
    You think we should punish molesters by molesting them ourselves?

    ALSO, this is your quote:
    "I sympathize knowing you are mentally ill there are some cross wires here not crossed hormones"

    News flash! Brains DO have hormones and DON'T have 'wires'.
    What makes you an expert?

    One thing I don't really understand about this stuff. Why would you want to exchange your functioning genitalia for genitalia that doesn't work? I understand wanting to be the other gender and everything, but it seems like you'd still want to enjoy sex. Maybe I'm wrong here, but I've been told that 'new' genitals are really just for show. Anyone?

  148. Ouch - all that suffering - just to look like my Gran

  149. @ I watched Most of three parts trying to understand and see what it was I do not get. And I still think it is not what I do not get. But it is What they Got.

    I am not condemning anyone,Everyone has the Their own free will built upon their choices.
    But I have my beliefs and choices too. And with Full sympathetic heart I could easily cry for these people.
    But they are not tears of Joy and celebration.
    But instead tears of sadness that they are so sick and lost inside... I believe these people are sick with Evil spirits And thoughts. Instead of helping these individuals society fuels there illness and spirits with acceptance and even helps them permanately change and makes it easy for the sick person to stay sick... BUt Oh well we are too busy in the mainstream .

    I do see a good use for this surgery... How about all the tens of thousands of prisoners that CA. is going to release onto the streets because of over crowded prisons.. How about all those Male sex offenders that were found to be with out any resonable doubt they were guily getting a sex change operation firt... Make all those Male rapist serve their remainder of time in prison with a total sex change.....

    Well thats my thoughts !
    I really sympathize with you people who suffer the want to be an opposite sex.. BUt I hope you understand that I sympathize knowing you are mentally ill there are some cross wires here not crossed hormones and you need help but The evil of society as a whole is only guiding and enabling you to remain sick.... Sorry, but thats what I think.

  150. Don't worry, no more ranting. Different topic this time.

    Wow! Cool! I just noticed if I put my cursor on the (*****) I can read the dirty words. Tee Hee! Sorry for my enthusiasm folks, I was really into computers in the olden days (floppy discs & Commodore 64's) but I've been kinda busy with life the past couple decades & I'm just picking up this whole "new" internet thing. Seriously! Just got myself a Mac Book this year & love it! Any way, besides the doc, I just learned something new today!


  151. @Believer

    How can you possibly think anyone is going to pay any attention let alone listen to you or consider what you have to say is worthwhile thinking about when you come across like the religious zealot that you most likely are.

    Are you without sin? I don't think so. Supposedly we are all sinners & supposedly all sins are equal before your god. You sir/madame are a self righteous, bigoted, finger pointing, know it all, narrow minded, ignorant fool! I hope your god can forgive you for all your sins!

    From your quote it says satan will take a portion of Allah's slaves. WTF? Your god keeps slaves now too? I hope satan changed the nature created by your Allah if that's his idea of normalcy. Who knows? If your story is true then at least a portion of slaves have been set free & changed from their captive "nature" as determined by your Allah.

    BTW I think the people featured in this doc have already suffered a "manifest loss" mostly because of people with intolerant attitudes like you!

    Take your holier than thou attitude back to the mountain or cave or where ever it came from. This is a documentary site for all to enjoy. Please respect that. Many other faithful members of this excellent site have pointed this out countless times to others like yourself.

    How would you feel or respond if I came into your church, temple or synagogue while you were doing what you do there, or for that matter while you were hanging upside down in your closet while choking yourself & reading the Quran or whatever else you do on your own time? I think you would like to be left alone, am I right?

    Peace & Love to you brother or sister..... hope you really & I mean really find it for yourself one day.

  152. Source: The Noble Quran

  153. Chapter 3, verses 118 & 119
    {Allah cursed him(satan). And he(satan) said: "I will take an appointed portion of your slaves. Verily, I will mislead them, and surly, I will arouse in them false desires; and certainly, I will order them to slit the ears of cattle, and indeed I will order them to change the nature created by Allah." And whoever takes satan as Wali (protector or helper) instead of Allah, has surely suffered a manifest loss.}

  154. That should have read advertisement. Oops

  155. Why, when I clicked on this documentary, did a google advertisent for `Dating with LadyBoys' come up. Very disturbing.

    I live in Japan and one of the most famous celebs right now is a Ladyboy named Haruna. Although it seems Japan has accepted transgenders, they are far from accepting homosexuals. Japan has and forever will be completely backwards compared to Western cultures.

  156. Did he just say there is a dildo in my new

  157. #$@@! Moderated even after my closing sentence/note.

    Those weren't cuss words & the last one was accepted terminology to describe a woman who is attracted to the same gender.

    Again, please no offense was intended. If you read my entire comment I'm sure you'll understand I had good intentions & a good heart.

  158. Like many viewers of this site, I'm just an average dude that appreciates knowledge.

    Years ago I remember walking down the street to my local grocery store & out of the blue a big loud 4x4 truck screeched to a halt next to me & from the open door of the passenger side as the truck came to a stop I recall a muscular man & younger teen emerge as he shouted: "I'm gonna kick your ass faggot!" I was so shaken at the time I didn't understand why they were being so aggressive towards me. Of course I would have run but at the time I was wearing a form fitting fabulous ultra mini skirt & stiletto heals that were almost impossible to walk in.

    Relax people, it's a joke! It is just that even those of us, probably a majority of us because we watch documentaries on a site like this, prefer to be accepted by our friends, family, colleagues, what have you, as enlightened, intelligent, progressively thinking individuals. Unfortunately we all harbor hidden prejudices, ideas & opinions about those who are "really" different from us.

    I am a heterosexual male & openly admit I do not understand the mindset or emotional state of a trans-gendered person. I have many close gay & trans-gendered friends & have met many others throughout my life. I will say, it is unfortunate when the person going through this struggle has overly masculine features all the while wanting to be a woman & vice versa. It sometimes perpetuates stares & uneducated comments from all the "experts" on the subject while going through their difficult process.

    Heck, I struggled with getting my ears pierced (not me, but the judgement of others as this was way back in the late 70's & early 80's) & my first tattoo. Many more since. All I'm trying to say is: (again, I don't fully understand why some one can not be fully happy with their sexuality) Live & Let Live! Who knows? Maybe I'm a lesbian in a male body! Maybe you are too!

    Note to Vlatko: Please don't moderate my language. It is imperative to my story & not meant in a harmful spirit. It was meant to lighten the topic & perhaps educate. Thanks!

  159. This was the most interesting documentary i'v ever seen.
    I cannot believe how supportive Vickie's Dad is !
    What an inspiring piece.
    Totally changed my perspective on sex change.
    My hats off to you all!

  160. @steve/barbara - "Maybe we need another world war to keep people in check or something." - Your kiding right?

  161. The father is so supportive! :-)

  162. Colorado? I figured the sex change capital of the world would be somewhere in Thailand.

    On a serious note I probably won't watch this, just another depressing reminder that I don't have a job yet and can't possibly afford my sex change.

  163. This was kinda hilarious. I don't know. Good luck on your new journey but really I think overall this is kinda r@#$%^&*. I wonder how many folks in third world countries think about having a sex change? not to mention getting one. I kinda think this has something to do with the west having too much time and money to burn or maybe its more about emotional bologne. I don't know. Maybe we need another world war to keep people in check or something.

  164. Whatever your personal opinions, what great support these families give. Wow. Man or woman they are human and the needs, wants, and emotions are very strong,