Sherlock Holmes: The True Story

Sherlock Holmes: The True Story

2003, Crime  -   22 Comments
Ratings: 8.09/10 from 44 users.

A documentary about the real life inspirations for Sherlock Holmes.

A leading professor of medicine, Dr. Joseph Bell is a pioneer in a new field, forensic science.

Joseph Bell is the real life model for the greatest fictional detective in history.

He inspired his student, Arthur Conan Doyle to create a legend.

Includes interviews with literary historians and Holmes experts and asks the question what is it about this imaginary Victorian detective seem so real.

Directed by: Christopher Rowley

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Steven Bentley
6 years ago

Sherlock Holmes ain't real

Ajay dadmal
6 years ago

My favorite film in my life,I request to conan sir to next part, I love sherlock Holmes

6 years ago

i love conan he is the best

7 years ago

Book is awesome.The interpretation of ideas by the author is superb. The reasoning skills and intelligence of sherlock holmes really amazed me. I always liked writings of Arthur Conan Doyle. I wish sherlock holmes would be a real character.

Marissa Lorene King
8 years ago

i love detective stuffs.. at first i thought because the book was so thick that it was boring... but as i read it in my ebooks later on. I became interested with sherlock holmes and his cases... how he did his deduction..

Alberto Leal
10 years ago

Borring. Too flashy.

10 years ago

Outstanding information and presentation.

11 years ago

Just shocked the hell out of me. I live In Southsea and never knew Arthur Conan Doyle was just a few roads down from me, all that time ago. Loved the books and films, but never really knew much about the author. There is only one Sherlock Holmes portrail for me and that was Jeremy Brett.

12 years ago

great video. for a while already i wanted to know the story behind the whole sherlock holmes buisness, if it was fact or fiction being that i got the kind of impression that it was "half fact and half faction" (the way how i felt was described so perfectly in the video) and now thanx to this documantry i got it that much clearer. thanx fro putting it up. great video.

12 years ago

I've never really much liked Sherlock Holmes however the insight into early forensics was interesting, well worth watching even if like me you're not into the Sherlock Holmes stories :)

12 years ago

very interesting..;o)

12 years ago

I really enjoyed this documentary. I have read just one Sherlock Holmes story, and am of the opinion that it's pap. Love Basil Rathbone, though (at least when he's not being the mean Guy of Gisbourne).

12 years ago

ez2b12 - social science and natural science are very different things, I'd say. And it's been tried - quite a few times, in the UK at least. It just ended up destroying communities and creating impersonal high-rise flats. It was also tried in what is referred to as eugenics. Scientists tend to be excellent with impersonal data, but are still a long way from understanding humans. And I believe social sciences are just too fluffy at the moment - opinion and theory abound, while hard facts are elusive.

rich miller
12 years ago

bet americans will love it lol brits should stick to the books

12 years ago

Not that bad, not as good as the previouse posts led me to believe but still- not bad. I guess I am not that interested int Sherlock Holmes as I have never read any of the stories. Still it is interesting to know where the science of forensics came from. This is another example of how science made another human practice safer, more human, and more effective. Why is that we seem to still resist science in other aspects of life? Maybe if we practiced more social science and designed society accordingly we would not need forensics so much.

12 years ago

This is a very good documentary. Excellent all around. I usually put docs on to fall asleep to but this one was too interesting to sleep through.

5 stars.

12 years ago

Awesome movie and great to see again.
I watched it as I fell asleep it was so good I stayed awake yet so full of info I wasn't awake enough to absorb it all.
SO.... Now I get to watch it again. :-)
Ps I like these kinda docs randomly brought in and breaks up the mind Boggling Docs of Deep Science and understandings of the Cosmos.I love them all but this was more of a relaxing Non - fiction instead of hard core need of understanding of the universe.

Very Good Doc

12 years ago

I love the fictional character, Sherlock Holmes, so I could not resist watching this film. Although the vampire-like transition of the film between scenes were irritating, and the constant flash backs to drawings of Sherlock Holmes over-done the film is worthwhile viewing even to see the beginnings of forensic science. Joseph Bell was worth investigating without all of the Sherlock Holmes references. I just wished it was so shallow of a presentation.

As for Kathy Reich, she was alright and it was not said in the film that she did her own book on who Jack the Ripper really was. It seemed a bit self-serving for her to be interviewed so much. Of course, she could have later got interested in it.

I wish the film went into Bell more and about his family especially his wife and son. He was the personal physician for Queen Victoria when she was in London. He was a great-grandson of Benjamin Bell, a forensic surgeon.