Who is Peter Joseph?

Who is Peter Joseph?

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Who is Peter Joseph?In late 2009, Charles Robinson was able to interview Peter Joseph, the creator of Zeitgeist: The Movie, Zeitgeist: Addendum, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, several lectures and a presentation; Founder of The Zeitgeist Movement and a friend of Jack Fresco, in his home.

He described himself and his life in details in what is likely a rare interview.

He was kind enough to provide him with previously unreleased media and video and in turn Charles did his best to create a documentary (albeit kinda poor in quality compared to his work!) that would help express who this person is.

Peter Joseph was born in North Carolina to a middle class family. He has said in interviews that his mother's role as a social worker helped shape his opinion and impressions of American life.

He later moved to New York to attend art school. Currently he lives and works in New York City as a freelance film editor/composer/producer for various industries.

Due to the controversial content of his films and a desire to keep his day job private, he has not released his full name to the public.

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1 year ago

Neuro linguistic programming by hardcore marxist..

2 years ago

HE is a FRAUD! His work in the Zeigiest has absolutley no archeological and historical basis. I cannot believe people do not fact check this! INSANEEEE

3 years ago

I understand capitalism can be a culture killer. Exp: people who leave or never peruse the dream job or hobby because it doesn't pay enough or provide health care. Money is our currency, plan and simple. Peter wants to replace money currency with law currency. Exp: We all agree to this set of guidelines and then we follow them and things all work out!
Peter Joseph made his millions in his former career. The guy is a an act.

5 years ago

At first this guy comes off as extremely intelligent and insightful, then he just becomes arrogant and annoying.
The truth is we're all dead in the end. We're all just "killing time" here, the current economic system is just a giant wealth distribution system with a few people ending up with more money than they need, they're also dead in the end. The rest of us spend our time doing basically meaningless jobs that prevent boredom and provide us with some income to enjoy a relatively easy life. Sure resources will run out and man will have to keep innovating. But change generally occurs out of necessity and it will eventually happen.

Dennis Rojo
6 years ago

Sorry after watching (most of) his pseudo interview "Abolishing Capitalism", i've come to the my conclusion that his double-speak, mombo-jumbo is mostly hot air. He doesn't sound like has any real knowledge of the free market system or of wall street...or main street. Does he have a degree in economics?...no art. Anyone who took Econ 101, from anyplace other than Berkeley, can figure out he's talking out his you know what. Don't waste your time.

7 years ago

Let me start by saying that I am an uneducated man but as a thinker, would simply like to add some remarks. I see many educated people comment here with arguments of opposition to Peter’s idealology. Most go on to say that he offers no real solutions to the monetary system he so despises and I agree with this statement but think that it is redundant since the respondents to which I refer offer no solutions either. Their commentaries then demonstrate the same redundancy that they target. The undeniable truths exposed by Zeitgeist remain, so why wouldn’t an educated or so called enlightened man simply “add to” what the solutions might be. I think that this is what Peter would like to inspire.

I didn’t hear the documentary say at any point that it had real solutions but perhaps a few “suggestions”. I think that in the confused and broken society we know today, simple identification, education and disclosure of truth and corruption is the first and foremost step to progress. You ask for all the answers at once and in so doing ignore the reveal of so many other truths that are being discussed here. There should be much more commenting concerning the atrocities of our current system and the intelligence of exposing these things to the masses, than a lot of naysaying about things that were barely touched upon in the documentary. It’s like miss-representing a “portion” of context.

What about the immoral, unlawful, unconscionable conduct of our ruling class. This is what should be under examination here. You speak of solutions offered or lacking in substance and of trials proven or unproven, yet ignore the true gist of the work. Exposure!
It takes a visionary man to see and to reveal truths to a world mired in darkness and ignorance. It takes a reasoning and academic politician to skew and manipulate those truths. E.g. Einstein’s science to Openhiemer’s horrible bomb.. Did Albert offer the solution? NO! He simply revealed the truth.

As educated men, should you not offer helpful solutions or substantial commentaries of your own as opposed to sarcasm and simple criticism? How are “you” being constructive?

We live in a society that is blind to its own reality and circumstance. Education is the key to enlightenment but those currently being educated seem to be so biased to the system that creates corruption that they can’t comment with any objectiveness. They think inside the box that made them. They have an agenda and are the future perpetuation of the very system under examination here.

What would truly happen if you educated a man without agenda or specific goal orientation? If all information was exposed to all men for free and for the purpose of general knowledge? If the exchange of knowledge was not kept privy for the purpose of advantage?
I think that because you were educating a whole new strain of people with very divers awareness’s that you might run the risk of filling the world with Albert’s and Isaac’s. How could our current system of drudgery deal with a development like that?

8 years ago

A "public" figure with big claims about Christianity and he wont'
reveal his last name so that his personal history and true motivations
can be examined. VERY suspect. Can we say muslim sympathizer?

SteelRocker .
9 years ago

Peter is way ahead of his time, I swear he must be one of the most eloquent speakers alive. Idol

9 years ago

Everything will change when it comes to the point that people would not be able to survive anymore and have to go on the so-called "World Protest" where all countries , cities and people with the same intentions, beliefs and motives will go on the streets and change the world to a better place. ( That is the real apocalypse for me where the good/light will overcome the evil/bad. "I live for this day"

9 years ago

Greedy Wall Street fat cats will kill us all since they cannot and will not ever stop business as usual.

9 years ago

The more we know, the more we realize how little we know. Peter Joseph expresses his sense of fear and frustration with the self-destructive nature of mankind, but does not seem to recognize its origin: the natural limitations of human consciousness - including his own. Man's perversion of religion, and the atrocities he commits in the name of God speak only of the failings of human nature; they do not disprove the existence of a form of intelligence superior to man. Yes, man is at the top of the hierarchy of intelligent life on earth. Yet, for thousands of years, history has proven that we are woefully unable to apply that intelligence to our own survival as a species? I seriously doubt the Zeitgeist people, well intentioned as they may be, will provide workable solutions. If man is the supreme being we are toast.

Johny Jacques
9 years ago

A mind that should be celebrated.

10 years ago

Im not trying toot this guys horn, but to many people he is humbling with intellegnce and information.

10 years ago

Got to chime in here, tried to get through the zeitgeist documentaries, and I found it interesting to challenge the basic assumptions of economics, indeed it is quite obvious that free markets can't solve everything, especially when every person has a vested interest in exploiting every resource available, as fast as possible. But there is so little attention paid or examples given towards what to actually DO that it's frustrating. Big computer gonna solve it all? Heard that one before. Someone has to design the algorithm, someone has to interpret the decisions, we aren't going to agree to turn over our lives to a computer, so that's not a solution. What else? Abstain from politics? Quit buying things? Live off the grid? Nothing is really offered in terms of practical application, and that is where the true challenge is. Communism should work as a theory in the abstract, but it has been tried many times over the last 150 years and failed every time, because even if the theory might be correct, those pesky humans just don't seem to cooperate.

11 years ago

Ah, well do I remember when I was a young man and my head was full of such self-righteous nonsense, and nothing was going to talk me out of it. Like Peter, I was born into a middle-class household and went to university. How could I not avoid the bourgeois fantasy that is socialism?

If you think Peter is getting a little old for this kind of self indulgence, consider Noam Chomsky. He has been able to make a nice living out of peddling nonsense for decades. But then, he's the exception: Most middle-class male revolutionaries end up in tweed jackets with patched elbows, striving for tenure in the Poly Sci departments of unknown Midwestern universities. No such fate for Peter. He lacks a doctorate, poor guy. But then again, it's unlikely a learning institution would employ a man so fearful of opposition he will not give out his full name. He lacks the courage that is required for strong convictions.

11 years ago

It is reallay amazing how many blindfolded people run around with the constant rainbow in front the eyes.

It is frustrating to see the humanity is too s*upid to think a bit further than the own door mat...

Start asking yourself:
Is fossil fuel finit or infinit?
Is food finit or infinit?
Are products made of derivates from patrol good or bad?
Are we destroying our planet - yes or no?
Are we contaminating everything we need to live (and most other species)?
Is the actual economy system good or bad?
Do we need oxygen to breath - yes or no?
Are we polluting our air, oceans and lands?

Actually we don't destroy our planet, we are converting our planet in something which will not serve us to survive and Peter is absolutely correct to say that.

Most of those sitting in the front of the football match, drinking Coke and beer without any end, eating one Burger after the other, listening carefully of what the priest tells you in the church and think they are good people because of that, meanwhile WE F*** AROUND WITH OUR BASE OF SURVIVAL do not understand ANYTHING of what this man talks about.

And it is really sad, very sad that nobody just tries to think a bit more global about everything.

Everything you do, your (and also my) work, your living and whatever you represent, is just made up to serve and consume.

Everybody is speaking of the need of an economy growth. But what does this mean: To grow we have to consume more, we have to produce more, if we have to produce more we need more resources, if we need more resources we will leave each time less resources for those who come after us.

It is simple and very logic and god (for those who believe in god) won't come down from heaven to save your a** when nothing else is left...

Stop thinking about god, think about humanity, because this is the only thing you can trust in. It is human beings helping other human beings and not god, neither religion are doing anything.

We are an embarracing, destructive species and the worse of all is that we think of ourselves that we are the crown and very best of what earth has to offer.

Embarracing and I see each sentence confirmed from what Peter says, just reading some of the ignorant, s*upid and mind limited comments written down here.

I feel big shame... and if politics was really made for people (which it isn't) and if religion was made for the best of everyone, there were not more than 35000 little children dying each day of hunger, the pope wouldn't go to 3rd world countries telling people telling these poor people to have sex without condoms, getting babies with AIDS. Instead of having 5 tp 10 kids they maybe would have 1 or 2 kids with a small, vanishing chance to be someone in this life, we would have less super rich people and more people with less problems.

Our economy and religious system is nothing else than modern slavery based on credit pressure made by banks.

Open your eyes...
Think about it...

The way we live right now is not the way our species will survive and this is the sad truth - no matter what you believe in, no matter what you work in and less it will matter where you live.

11 years ago

Peter, Its clear You are frustrated with humanity, hop on your kit and play away some stress. I DO! ..... take care, Red Tape

11 years ago

People shouldn't take Peter Josephs personal opinions and dispositions to represent the entire Zeitgeist Movement. This is not the case and TZM's website clearly states this, the main thing you need to do is check out everything this man is saying in as much depth as you possibly can. Do your own research, don't claim all of this is true or untrue based on something that took you 10 minutes to learn, because it's very likely you're lacking information.

disraeli zambizi
11 years ago

Excellent interview with a brave and great man, way ahead of his years. Watch this, then if you like it watch Zeitgeist. Very important messages here for those who have ears.

11 years ago

I find it fascinating the animosity that PJ engenders; I submit it is much the same as the reaction Galileo and Copernicus got for their 'new and unproven' ideas from the Catholic hierarchy (which in some instances included an unwillingness to even look through a telescope for fear of what they might find, or that the mere act would be blasphemous).

What I see when I hear this man talk is pure genius. He's ahead of his time but also right in time. His ideas are, he says himself, put out there for discussion and refinement; at this point he is only trying to reach as many people as possible, educating them as to his view of the world they were born into and the other possible ways of ordering and running things.

We won't be able to see past our present system until it collapses, which it is now doing at increasing speeds. I applaud him for being willing to come forward with other alternatives, especially when he is risking his very life to do so (yes, some of you 'naysayers' have threatened his life, congratulations on your irrational fears and religious BS getting in the way of a possible solution to our global problems).

It's a shame that someone as intelligent as DaVinci, and at such a young age, comes along so rarely that it's impossible for the masses to even identify him as such, and that the kneejerk response is an immediate call for a crucifixion of sorts.

I also applaud his rejection of 'credentialism'. We don't need more people extremely educated in restricted fields with virtually no awareness of other disciplines; we need more people with broad educations across the whole breadth of knowledge including subjects not yet imagined. We need people willing to spend a lifetime educating themselves rather than just engaging in mostly mindless 'entertainment' and likewise mindless 'employment'.

In the end, he is calling for people to serve others, to labor and invent and learn and engage willingly, with the knowledge that if their neighbors are enriched and supported, healthy, happy and well-fed, then they also will be. It's not socialism, it's not communism, it's not liberal or conservative. It's sanity, something in horrifically short supply.

"I still don't understand why you need money to live on the planet you were born on..." - an alleged quote from a perplexed alien from another planet; retold by Alex Collier. I have no idea if the quote is a true one or not, but it sure is food for thought. What if we are the only society, the only planet, where money became the medium of exchange, with winners and losers, and not a global society of enlightened self-interest?

I think Jacque Fresco is right; we haven't achieved anything even approximating 'civilization' yet. We are not yet civilized; we're more like the Roman Empire than anything else, and that failed miserably after a 1000 years of murder and plunder.

11 years ago

human life is a constant social evolutionary questionmark & we are in the middle of a journey but only at the beginning of intertwined technology connecting us all .we're understanding the failures of egoism via monetary slavery due to nature backlashing at us ,so we are forced to combine our technical knowledge with our true meaning of existance.we are not gods chosen children just an organism with a chance.

11 years ago

Why do u say its like but don't show how they r alike ur talking quimbys proves nothing. U also forgot that the fundamental point of zeitgeist movement and such can not even start to be experimented till the global monetary system ceases to exist. Soviet Union wasn't socialism it was just state capitalism as such it had banks, prisons, a monetary system inefficient use of technology and so much more that can't even allow it to be compared to zeitgeist and venus project. If u use our technology to its fullest without profits and shortcuts and such we would have an abundance not and i repeat an infinite supply of all things but with the correct use we can come close to keep some things on an equilibrium. And i am not saying we aren't scarce of everything but don't bring up theoretical possibilities that only trolls would claim would occur. Such as what if all people wanted an apple at the same time. Through lab techniques as well we could mimic many natural thing to an extent. Make cities designed actually to survive and less unorganized, a total doing away with cars and making cities designed for such, implement all the thing that right now we just lack the money to implement.

11 years ago

Thank you for bring to my attention to theology , I'm inspired to do my own research.

11 years ago

Thank you for bring to my attention to theology , I'm inspired to do my own research.

12 years ago

Whatever Zeitgeist mentions in all its documentaries is quiet well known or people all are aware of it(nothing new). People Know that the Problem is Practice Not Principles. People know that the rich always have a way to sneak out of law, save themselves. People know that even they can buy law at a price it is available out there. People know that the principles(whether Religious or State Laws) that they follow are so falsely interpreted and being used for the convenience of the few elite.
But People too know or they are not confident enough to take the Zeitgeist Solution - Because simply it is not promising enough(although you make it sound quiet robust & strong). Because in the heart of the heart the code says the Solution is Simpler Not such complicated called as Resource Base Economy or whatever things you add on to this movement.

What I say is a strong criticism of Zeitgeist, all I truly wish is Zeitgeist to come out and cause the revolution it claims to be...I truly wish that you gain some very long life...especially Jack Fresco (sorry if the spelling of the name is wrong) the Venus Project guy...so that we can test Zeitgeist on the Blade of Time...
My doubt is very simple: Man is such a mystery, I very much doubt if it will stick or subscribe to this system of Resource Based Economy, because Man the constant wanderer has hopped from one state to another...and as I feel by the under current in the Zeitgeist movement - This movement is scared to the core by this demon called religions..and why not? it must be because this demon has cast such a spell on Mankind and some how with all its follies held mankind together it seems very difficult to Zeitgeist to TRULY COME FORWARD or as the movement says: Moving Forward!

The Next Challenge for Zeitgeist is to do some Prequels, especially something that relates to Decoding God, Decoding Religions(beat them on their own grounds), Decoding Politics and the favorite part of Zeitgeist to Show How & Why money came into Existence, What Money helped in What money destroyed...this would truly give some value to Zeitgeist ..if not.

Zeitgeist will remain for People: Empty Vessel That is Making a Lot of Sound!!!

12 years ago

A System(Resource Based Economy) of morality which is based on relative emotional(so called Religions / Zeitgeist Movement) values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true.


He is a man(any revolutionist including zeitgeist people if they are) of courage who does not run away(scared of dying for the truth they stand for, hiding behind funny notions like revelation of one's last name...Oooh..Aaah), but remains at his post and fights against the enemy(just like the man who quoted this) - Socrates
History is replete with men who stood for their truth and hence they still survive by their teaching whether Religious or irreligious(freedom fighters for their land or for their race or Revolutionist who revolted against their oppressors)... They did not sit on their as**s(I mean donkeys) and wrote books or rather in today's world made documentaries they walk the talk...

What are the Zeitgeist people waiting for: "Like someone will come handover the keys of the world to them & ask them or rather request them: Please Lords of the Spirit of Zeitgeist, please help us survive with your Resource Based...whatever!!...
Grow up - For Zeitgeist sake at least...Go and Fight For Your Truth.
Men of Action are required to run the world...Not Men of words

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics(current world politics) is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. - Plato

So Zeitgeist people get into the gutters of today's world(whether Politics, religion, economics or whatever) to clean them...
Dont sit on the shores and wait for the currents to calm down...

The measure of a man is what he does with power(knowledge = power).

So that you think that you have the true knowledge of the mechanism of the world or nature(whatever you call it) then come out and show the people how it must work...then let the world decide or measure what the true worth you are!

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.Plato
The world waits when the Zeitgeist Idea will actually play(show us what Zeitgeist has done progress in action till date?(of course except the video & driving people astray )...So enough of Talks lets Fight(Kung Fu Panda)

12 years ago

AND. Lets just say an atheist will be good by willingness of heart while people who fear ''Shaytaan'' will always have this in the back of their mind while walking straight.

12 years ago

You are the exact kind of muslim beleiver that piss americans. You are not worthy of any recognition or accomodation. I am an atheist ( I know you KNEW!), and i personnaly don't have any wrong feelings about religious people (whatever the religion). But you show signs of blind faith, which i strongly disapprove. Its sad for your religion to have such bad representers.

12 years ago

I knew it... Atheist! Why do most of these types almost never believe in the exsistance of the Creator and the Creator is not Jesus nor Moses but The One Who created you is deserving of Worship and yet just because some don't practice it doesn't mean Allah doesn't control the earth. You're wrong about Islam and yet become a tool for Shaytaan(The Devil)

12 years ago

Open your minds. Don't be sheep and be part of the problem, but part of the solution. Many of the views in Zeitgeist are plainly obvious if you just open your eyes.

12 years ago

His presentation does put off a lot of people. His attitude is comical. Frustrated beyond belief. But, that is how he is. What the REAL challenge is ( at least for me ) is to ALWAYS listen to what is said, regardless of presentation. Going EMO ( how he does ) is as I say, comical to me. But, he is VERY influencial to the younger crowd for this very reason. If the idea is to spread Science and Understanding to the dumb high school kids then more power to him! Personally, I like P.J. but I can see how he can be labeled as Emotionally charged and somewhat frustrated.

What I do is study all types of intellectuals. Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, Einstein, Feynman and anyone else frankly. Determine my own views and mix it all together... You should NEVER take the word from a single authority. Variety is the answer.

So, like this web site... amazing with loads of information. Take it ALL in and make it your own. We are all able to determine our beliefs for our selves.

What P.J. is saying about our relationship to the Earth is probably the most important. Whether we live in balance with Nature by going back to the Jungles ( which is probably impossible at this point ) or learn to live in Nature and still be sustainable is VERY fun to think about.

Science helps A LOT. But, blind dry science without regard towards the spirit and love and intelligence can be a dull science.

Blah blah.. :P

12 years ago

Nothing new under the sun. This guy only understands from a bird perspective (perhaps 'higher' than most) but that's still not enough. He needs more natural history lessons.

Also, cut-n-paste videos aren't really that hard to do, esp. if you only care about your agenda and not turth.

Also, his lies outweight his truths.
9/11-truthers should never claim to understand anything.
Just sayin'

12 years ago

I am outraged by anyone calling P.J. a liar.
Who cares if he has distorted truths? What do you make of (for the latest) 30 decades of lies, abuses and manipulations from the Bush-Clinton’s Clan?
These united families have doomed the planet to a point of no return.

That said, P.J. should be awarded a Nobel Prize for his 3 landmarks.

Whatever you like it or not, he has done what you never had the education to do, what you never had the discipline to do, what you never had the care to do!

12 years ago


12 years ago

He's right at some points, but I can see a very frustrated man as well here.

12 years ago

Thank God we have some people that are actually awake and can see the outrageously insane premise the system we have all bought into...hook, line and sinker...is. The reason it requires such tremendous courage to step out there and tell it like it is, is because the vast majority of people are incapable of thinking for themselves.

12 years ago

Guy will be great when he grows up.

12 years ago

Just share and give up the attitude that you deserve all these things-people are so selfish.

12 years ago

Thanks for making this film! I love to bounce ideas off others and this film is an inspirational film in that aspect. The present is for those that will seize it!!

12 years ago

All you guys who got lost in details criticizing Peter Joseph and all you guys who do this terrible typical human thing of trying to defend their world view because changing it might hurt... you are the reason why humans fail.

I don't even care if he is right in every single thing he says. The main points he makes are valid and the human society will hit a wall rather sooner than later.

Writing this here is pretty much a waste of time because you guys will start understanding when its too late and even then some of you will be in denial.

12 years ago

I wish to send thanks to the moderator of these responses for allowing my posts to be read. I realize the potential danger involved in the wide exposure of the Silent Weapons document to this extremely important and informative site, and apologize in advance if something happens as a result of this brave move.

It is telling how the comments that have appeared after my own have been reduced to a level of a group of slack-jawed yokels gearing up to inflict physical harm on the subject of this doc because he's 'intellectual'. They fail to realize that all they are doing in reinforcing all messages delivered throughout all the Zeitgeist-related documentaries (as well as Kymatica as a bit of a 'plug').

It becomes pretty easy to tell which people have been 'poisoned' by the ingestion of nothing but government-controlled food and water supplies... I am forever grateful for growing up in a region that valued such institutions as cooperative extensions and 4-H clubs that embraced the importance of teaching self-sustainability, they truly have contributed to the 'hard-wiring' of my thinking even throughout my success in the technocratic environment.

The answers are all in the soil and in re-educating the new generation to respect it and use it to it's full potential instead of enslaving it in the way industrial farming has attempted to do to it AND US.


12 years ago

We should get Alex Jones and Peter Joseph in a no rules cage fight. Proceeds go to the needy and homeless.

12 years ago

Huzzah Sir!
We would all be better served if by a matter of due coarse the same scruteny we apply to others be applied on oneself.
I'll hold him down, you smack him. We can both profit and donate to worthy causes.

sonny corbi
12 years ago

to migrantworker: There is a lot of truth in what you say. This young man reminds me of myself at his age. I am in the top 2%, in sales, (i am now 69yrs, young)Two things i would like to pass on to this young man: 1. a quick articulate mind doesn't mean there is anything in there or the right thing to begin with and 2. Tell us something we don't know! The system we live under evolved over many many years. It has provided us with a good life and yes it is a depleting system But Peter would you be so kind, all knowing and the in lighten one, How do we change the system with out making a ripple in the pond?

12 years ago

No matter what this guy says, his intellecual snobbery makes me want to kick him in the junk.
Worst kind of liberal ever, the kind that hurts the movements he professes to support by arrogantly ignoring pragmatism and practicality.
Thanks buddy for being another douche telling the world how things ought to be and how we are not getting there because we are obviously not as smart as you... C'mon can't we see that this guy is that guy we all know who uses big words to sound smart?
Now we have yet another buzz-word for intellectual snobs to throw around.
Gonna make a video of me smacking this guy around... gonna make a fortune with it and donate it to his favorite charities.

12 years ago

Speaking of unexplainable, it's downright freaky sometimes how my life seems to parallel that of Monty Python's "Life of Brian"!

"You don't NEED a messiah telling you what to do, just think for yourselves!" LOL

And as it turns out, it really is the case... we've been fed so much FEAR of nature, we can't fathom being able to just 'exist' along side of it any more. OF COURSE there's going to be hardships and confusion and 'gasp' deaths, but how is that any different from what we're living now other than the fact that some other entity is doing the steering for us most of the time without out us really even realizing it any more? And where has it all gotten us? Look at the rates of cancer and birth defects and obesity and everything else as compared to say... the Amish or the Amazonian natives, or the Bushmen of the Kalahari desert... sure they may not have iphones, but look how quickly we get bored with all that stuff anyway in favor of something shinier or more gadgetagious!

Something creeps the hell out of me personally is this notion of self-aware, self-replicating nano-bots hat we can't even see! ... I'm almost 47 now and I've worked with stuff from vacuum tube level and watched in disappointment while the discrete, elegant, 'that part does this, this part does that' assuredness of purpose has 'morphed' into these little, multilegged creepy-crawly looking 'magical' multitaskers that I've learned are EXTREMELY sensitive to the slightest static discharge that completely wipes out ALL functionality... at least in the old days, you'd only lose the sound, or the green dots, or the knob would break and you'd have to use a needle-nose pliers to change the channel... but it still did SOMETHING at least!

And then you could simply pull the tubes out and head to the local pharmacy (of all places) do the tests yourself, discover the faulty tube, purchase and replace it and actually LEARN which area of your set does what...

Rambling again, sorry... I just have this lousy 'foreboding' feeling about the upcoming galactic alignment and the PREDICTABILITY that we're probably going to experience some pretty gnarly electromagnetic/static interferences that our consumer electronics industry just never took into consideration and it doesn't take a 'genius' to imagine the chaos that would ensue if every semiconductor barrier region on the planet suddenly and permanently 'bridged' (nerd-speak for permanent bye-bye to everything whimpier than a vacuum tube).

Ok, I'm dome spreading dread for the day... sleep tight everyone! };^D>


12 years ago

@Dreadragon...no sweat...i have myself experienced the unexplainable once or twice...see my long comment in Invisible Worlds...might sound far fetched to many but to me i had no doubts i connected and why not...the Black Hole of the eyes is where it's at!

12 years ago

My apologies azilda for the generic, unpersonalized response but your post did not appear here when I navigated from my e-mail notification with your post, so I felt I should add some context for elaboration.

I also don't want to appear as a liar about this being my first attempt to push this info, I have made one other brie post on this site in response to the "Moving Forward" documentary, but 'technically' it's still the same motivation, it just got 'reaffirmed' when I found this interview that finally put a 'face' to the Zeitgeist films for me (which by the way were presented to me much in the same manner as well as at the same time as the Ringing Cedars books.

I would also like to mention that I am currently engaged in a 'theocracy battle' with my own Mom over these books. She is the one whom I wholeheartedly believe saved my life after being inflicted with Lysterial Meningits back in fall of '07 when all the doctors had written me off. She has painstakenly taken up Bible study through the Shepherd's Chapel ministries over the past couple of decades and has found the healing power of anointment which I personally witnessed on more than one occasion prior to my own deadly affliction, and in one extremely brief moment of lucidity at what everyone assumed was 'the end' for me, (and the memory is now overwhelming me in tears of joy as I type this!)my Mom was able to reach me 'somehow' and get me to utter those critical words "I accept" after literally screaming at me to remind me how I KNEW how it worked and I had to give myself over to Christ and trust that I would be taken care of.

3 days later I just woke up hungry and thirsty and not one single person in that ward doubted for a second they had witnessed a miracle at work.

Whew... anyway... she's quite upset with me right now for suggesting she read these books, even though she fully supports my work with the gardens, and yet, she has fallen hook, line and sinker for the religious conservative, Islamic-hating agenda even though she DESPISES the lies that are taught in the church environments... in fact I just wrote a very difficult letter to her just today (gently) pointing out her hypocrisy.. so THIS is how strongly I believe the messages in these books... I'm willing to upset MY OWN MOTHER WHO SAVED MY LIFE for this!

I'm bogarting this comment section, I truly do apologize... but when the spirit moves me, I've learned I HAVE NO CHOICE but to see it through. Thanks for reading if indeed you have been...


12 years ago

Dreadragon...if you read my comment again...i say:I would suggest that you do not start the Ringing Cedar series with #1 ...i did not say: do not read it! I was very bothered by Mégré's attitude described by himself in the first book. As i wrote: #8.2 was much more interesting and also written with the benefit of obvious lessons from his past mistakes.
If the other books were to land in my hands i would read them but the series is a bit expensive. If those books want to have a farther reaching audience they should be offered in cheap paperback. She may not use money but the books are still 16.00us each and that is 9 books. How about condensing them all in one and selling it for 29.00US?
I know money is not the subject you are trying to communicate here, i myself use very little too.

12 years ago

ack! My shot at making an impression and I misspelled her name!

Just thought I'd mention that as immediately after my comment went through about Anastasia doing somersaults, my entire house had a momentary brown-out! WhoooOOOOoooo!

Seriously though... Ringing Cedars, read them... find them in the library if you can, but apparently they have become the number one most stolen library book...

I'm in the process of scanning the whole first book in digital format to share, somehow I doubt she would protest though since SHE DOESN'T USE MONEY!!!

I would also like ya'll to know that I'm on the verge of completing my prototype for my wind bottler invention that basically captures the power of wind directly to compressed air for use as a free, clean and endless energy supply... and I'm giving the designs away for free. But if you want to get started now, just build yourself a big carousel in your yard, gang the rotation to a compressor head and send your kids out to charge some tanks up! When they get tired, just attach a few vertical turbine blades to it or dangle a carrot in front of a goat tethered to it or something... honestly folks, it's gonna be THAT simple... especially when we just start running air hoses between houses and tell the power company to };^p~ pbbbbbth!