Who is Peter Joseph?

Who is Peter Joseph?

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Who is Peter Joseph?In late 2009, Charles Robinson was able to interview Peter Joseph, the creator of Zeitgeist: The Movie, Zeitgeist: Addendum, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, several lectures and a presentation; Founder of The Zeitgeist Movement and a friend of Jack Fresco, in his home.

He described himself and his life in details in what is likely a rare interview.

He was kind enough to provide him with previously unreleased media and video and in turn Charles did his best to create a documentary (albeit kinda poor in quality compared to his work!) that would help express who this person is.

Peter Joseph was born in North Carolina to a middle class family. He has said in interviews that his mother's role as a social worker helped shape his opinion and impressions of American life.

He later moved to New York to attend art school. Currently he lives and works in New York City as a freelance film editor/composer/producer for various industries.

Due to the controversial content of his films and a desire to keep his day job private, he has not released his full name to the public.

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  1. Neuro linguistic programming by hardcore marxist..

    1. I think it’s programmed in our mind to think…questioning capitalism or even attacking its true flaws then makes you a Marxist. Was Marx only one questioning capitalism?

  2. HE is a FRAUD! His work in the Zeigiest has absolutley no archeological and historical basis. I cannot believe people do not fact check this! INSANEEEE

    1. Actually it does, Valerie. There’s a comprehensive companion guide that pretty much debunks everything you wrote here.

    2. I hope Valerie put this same energy into attacking the real culprits of all this madness. Peter Joseph I don't care about knowing your real name I'm just fascinated about learning my part in cleaning up this MESS. I DONT FEAR IF WE PEOPLE COME TO AN END IF WE DONT CHANGE WHY? FOR THE WICKED WHO IS HEADING THIS THING WILL ALSO BE MET WITH THE ENDING GAME!!!! THANKS!!! PETER

  3. I understand capitalism can be a culture killer. Exp: people who leave or never peruse the dream job or hobby because it doesn't pay enough or provide health care. Money is our currency, plan and simple. Peter wants to replace money currency with law currency. Exp: We all agree to this set of guidelines and then we follow them and things all work out!
    Peter Joseph made his millions in his former career. The guy is a an act.

    1. No, Maria. That’s not accurate. He has never said or even implied that he wants to replace money with anything. If you had actually read or watched any of his talks/lectures/interviews or films you would know that.

  4. At first this guy comes off as extremely intelligent and insightful, then he just becomes arrogant and annoying.
    The truth is we're all dead in the end. We're all just "killing time" here, the current economic system is just a giant wealth distribution system with a few people ending up with more money than they need, they're also dead in the end. The rest of us spend our time doing basically meaningless jobs that prevent boredom and provide us with some income to enjoy a relatively easy life. Sure resources will run out and man will have to keep innovating. But change generally occurs out of necessity and it will eventually happen.

    1. So until then, you're fine, living and dying, in an intrinsically violent system, and hoping that after you're gone, after years of possible outcry by you and all you know, you're fine with hoping that it changes by the time your kids are your age? Or worse yet, you have no hope, and don't care how they live?

  5. Sorry after watching (most of) his pseudo interview "Abolishing Capitalism", i've come to the my conclusion that his double-speak, mombo-jumbo is mostly hot air. He doesn't sound like has any real knowledge of the free market system or of wall street...or main street. Does he have a degree in economics?...no art. Anyone who took Econ 101, from anyplace other than Berkeley, can figure out he's talking out his you know what. Don't waste your time.

    1. If what you say is true, Dennis, then provide your data to back it up. Do YOU have any degrees? If so, from where and in what? It’s so easy to claim someone else is or isn’t something, does or doesn’t do this or that without any proof of the claim, and sadly there are actually people so stupid they will believe it. Especially the author him/herself.

    2. Ah yes, Eco 101, a class designed to teach you that this is the only way to keep an economy alive, is capitalism. God, when will you learn everything you've been taught is a product of the very system that we need to replace

  6. Let me start by saying that I am an uneducated man but as a thinker, would simply like to add some remarks. I see many educated people comment here with arguments of opposition to Peter’s idealology. Most go on to say that he offers no real solutions to the monetary system he so despises and I agree with this statement but think that it is redundant since the respondents to which I refer offer no solutions either. Their commentaries then demonstrate the same redundancy that they target. The undeniable truths exposed by Zeitgeist remain, so why wouldn’t an educated or so called enlightened man simply “add to” what the solutions might be. I think that this is what Peter would like to inspire.

    I didn’t hear the documentary say at any point that it had real solutions but perhaps a few “suggestions”. I think that in the confused and broken society we know today, simple identification, education and disclosure of truth and corruption is the first and foremost step to progress. You ask for all the answers at once and in so doing ignore the reveal of so many other truths that are being discussed here. There should be much more commenting concerning the atrocities of our current system and the intelligence of exposing these things to the masses, than a lot of naysaying about things that were barely touched upon in the documentary. It’s like miss-representing a “portion” of context.

    What about the immoral, unlawful, unconscionable conduct of our ruling class. This is what should be under examination here. You speak of solutions offered or lacking in substance and of trials proven or unproven, yet ignore the true gist of the work. Exposure!
    It takes a visionary man to see and to reveal truths to a world mired in darkness and ignorance. It takes a reasoning and academic politician to skew and manipulate those truths. E.g. Einstein’s science to Openhiemer’s horrible bomb.. Did Albert offer the solution? NO! He simply revealed the truth.

    As educated men, should you not offer helpful solutions or substantial commentaries of your own as opposed to sarcasm and simple criticism? How are “you” being constructive?

    We live in a society that is blind to its own reality and circumstance. Education is the key to enlightenment but those currently being educated seem to be so biased to the system that creates corruption that they can’t comment with any objectiveness. They think inside the box that made them. They have an agenda and are the future perpetuation of the very system under examination here.

    What would truly happen if you educated a man without agenda or specific goal orientation? If all information was exposed to all men for free and for the purpose of general knowledge? If the exchange of knowledge was not kept privy for the purpose of advantage?
    I think that because you were educating a whole new strain of people with very divers awareness’s that you might run the risk of filling the world with Albert’s and Isaac’s. How could our current system of drudgery deal with a development like that?

    1. Uneducated man, you are awsome.

    2. Reminds me of the lawnmower scene in Sling Blade. “It’s outta gas! Mhm.” Brilliant sput!

  7. A "public" figure with big claims about Christianity and he wont'
    reveal his last name so that his personal history and true motivations
    can be examined. VERY suspect. Can we say muslim sympathizer?

    1. muslim sympathizer? oh stfu

    2. Wow, so you've just completely discredited everything you've ever said.

  8. Peter is way ahead of his time, I swear he must be one of the most eloquent speakers alive. Idol

    1. People, LONG before Pete have been preaching his words. One of the first was Jesus. And yes, he was a real person. Pete likes to leave out the fact that Jesus's name appears in well documented historical artifacts.

    2. Like what, Maria? Where’s YOUR evidence??

  9. Everything will change when it comes to the point that people would not be able to survive anymore and have to go on the so-called "World Protest" where all countries , cities and people with the same intentions, beliefs and motives will go on the streets and change the world to a better place. ( That is the real apocalypse for me where the good/light will overcome the evil/bad. "I live for this day"

  10. Greedy Wall Street fat cats will kill us all since they cannot and will not ever stop business as usual.

    1. And all the factories around the globe are destroying the earth. But yet it is up to us to change everything. IF factories were forced to become "green" REAL environmental changes would take place.

  11. The more we know, the more we realize how little we know. Peter Joseph expresses his sense of fear and frustration with the self-destructive nature of mankind, but does not seem to recognize its origin: the natural limitations of human consciousness - including his own. Man's perversion of religion, and the atrocities he commits in the name of God speak only of the failings of human nature; they do not disprove the existence of a form of intelligence superior to man. Yes, man is at the top of the hierarchy of intelligent life on earth. Yet, for thousands of years, history has proven that we are woefully unable to apply that intelligence to our own survival as a species? I seriously doubt the Zeitgeist people, well intentioned as they may be, will provide workable solutions. If man is the supreme being we are toast.

    1. I applaud you!!!

  12. A mind that should be celebrated.

  13. Im not trying toot this guys horn, but to many people he is humbling with intellegnce and information.

  14. Got to chime in here, tried to get through the zeitgeist documentaries, and I found it interesting to challenge the basic assumptions of economics, indeed it is quite obvious that free markets can't solve everything, especially when every person has a vested interest in exploiting every resource available, as fast as possible. But there is so little attention paid or examples given towards what to actually DO that it's frustrating. Big computer gonna solve it all? Heard that one before. Someone has to design the algorithm, someone has to interpret the decisions, we aren't going to agree to turn over our lives to a computer, so that's not a solution. What else? Abstain from politics? Quit buying things? Live off the grid? Nothing is really offered in terms of practical application, and that is where the true challenge is. Communism should work as a theory in the abstract, but it has been tried many times over the last 150 years and failed every time, because even if the theory might be correct, those pesky humans just don't seem to cooperate.

    1. That's exactly what i got out of it (except that the fact a system hasn't work regardless where it has been applied, means it does NOT work in theory, regardless of how utopic it sounds). Central planning has been tried before, and the Venus Project is basically communism with better graphics. It is understandable some people believed in this crap 100 years ago, but now after so much suffering and poverty caused by it, why would anyone intelligent still believe in this dream?

    2. Fresco: "Karl Marx was wrong!"

  15. Ah, well do I remember when I was a young man and my head was full of such self-righteous nonsense, and nothing was going to talk me out of it. Like Peter, I was born into a middle-class household and went to university. How could I not avoid the bourgeois fantasy that is socialism?

    If you think Peter is getting a little old for this kind of self indulgence, consider Noam Chomsky. He has been able to make a nice living out of peddling nonsense for decades. But then, he's the exception: Most middle-class male revolutionaries end up in tweed jackets with patched elbows, striving for tenure in the Poly Sci departments of unknown Midwestern universities. No such fate for Peter. He lacks a doctorate, poor guy. But then again, it's unlikely a learning institution would employ a man so fearful of opposition he will not give out his full name. He lacks the courage that is required for strong convictions.

    1. Noam Chomsky has made his living for decades as the professor of linguistics at MIT Boston, far from peddling nonsense, he revolutionized his field. What are you doing watching these kind of documentaries? A little masochism, self-flagellation?

    2. What are you even talking about. To solve problems you need to discuss them. You sound like a self defeatist.

    3. It's clear that some people posting comments here either didn't actually watch the video, or didn't understand it. Or perhaps the fog of their indoctrination is too thick for them to see through.

    4. Funny, you post as guest, and your referring to others lack of courage, is name could be fizzy bubbly it doesn't matter, it's the message

    5. why the hell would u give ur last name to these ***holes and who needs a name for the truth that u can see for yourself or even prove! Old man what Peter did u can never achieve cos u lack true education! Wipe ur *** with ur doctorate or what ever paper that limits u ok!

  16. It is reallay amazing how many blindfolded people run around with the constant rainbow in front the eyes.

    It is frustrating to see the humanity is too s*upid to think a bit further than the own door mat...

    Start asking yourself:
    Is fossil fuel finit or infinit?
    Is food finit or infinit?
    Are products made of derivates from patrol good or bad?
    Are we destroying our planet - yes or no?
    Are we contaminating everything we need to live (and most other species)?
    Is the actual economy system good or bad?
    Do we need oxygen to breath - yes or no?
    Are we polluting our air, oceans and lands?

    Actually we don't destroy our planet, we are converting our planet in something which will not serve us to survive and Peter is absolutely correct to say that.

    Most of those sitting in the front of the football match, drinking Coke and beer without any end, eating one Burger after the other, listening carefully of what the priest tells you in the church and think they are good people because of that, meanwhile WE F*** AROUND WITH OUR BASE OF SURVIVAL do not understand ANYTHING of what this man talks about.

    And it is really sad, very sad that nobody just tries to think a bit more global about everything.

    Everything you do, your (and also my) work, your living and whatever you represent, is just made up to serve and consume.

    Everybody is speaking of the need of an economy growth. But what does this mean: To grow we have to consume more, we have to produce more, if we have to produce more we need more resources, if we need more resources we will leave each time less resources for those who come after us.

    It is simple and very logic and god (for those who believe in god) won't come down from heaven to save your a** when nothing else is left...

    Stop thinking about god, think about humanity, because this is the only thing you can trust in. It is human beings helping other human beings and not god, neither religion are doing anything.

    We are an embarracing, destructive species and the worse of all is that we think of ourselves that we are the crown and very best of what earth has to offer.

    Embarracing and I see each sentence confirmed from what Peter says, just reading some of the ignorant, s*upid and mind limited comments written down here.

    I feel big shame... and if politics was really made for people (which it isn't) and if religion was made for the best of everyone, there were not more than 35000 little children dying each day of hunger, the pope wouldn't go to 3rd world countries telling people telling these poor people to have sex without condoms, getting babies with AIDS. Instead of having 5 tp 10 kids they maybe would have 1 or 2 kids with a small, vanishing chance to be someone in this life, we would have less super rich people and more people with less problems.

    Our economy and religious system is nothing else than modern slavery based on credit pressure made by banks.

    Open your eyes...
    Think about it...

    The way we live right now is not the way our species will survive and this is the sad truth - no matter what you believe in, no matter what you work in and less it will matter where you live.

  17. Peter, Its clear You are frustrated with humanity, hop on your kit and play away some stress. I DO! ..... take care, Red Tape

  18. People shouldn't take Peter Josephs personal opinions and dispositions to represent the entire Zeitgeist Movement. This is not the case and TZM's website clearly states this, the main thing you need to do is check out everything this man is saying in as much depth as you possibly can. Do your own research, don't claim all of this is true or untrue based on something that took you 10 minutes to learn, because it's very likely you're lacking information.

  19. Excellent interview with a brave and great man, way ahead of his years. Watch this, then if you like it watch Zeitgeist. Very important messages here for those who have ears.

  20. I find it fascinating the animosity that PJ engenders; I submit it is much the same as the reaction Galileo and Copernicus got for their 'new and unproven' ideas from the Catholic hierarchy (which in some instances included an unwillingness to even look through a telescope for fear of what they might find, or that the mere act would be blasphemous).

    What I see when I hear this man talk is pure genius. He's ahead of his time but also right in time. His ideas are, he says himself, put out there for discussion and refinement; at this point he is only trying to reach as many people as possible, educating them as to his view of the world they were born into and the other possible ways of ordering and running things.

    We won't be able to see past our present system until it collapses, which it is now doing at increasing speeds. I applaud him for being willing to come forward with other alternatives, especially when he is risking his very life to do so (yes, some of you 'naysayers' have threatened his life, congratulations on your irrational fears and religious BS getting in the way of a possible solution to our global problems).

    It's a shame that someone as intelligent as DaVinci, and at such a young age, comes along so rarely that it's impossible for the masses to even identify him as such, and that the kneejerk response is an immediate call for a crucifixion of sorts.

    I also applaud his rejection of 'credentialism'. We don't need more people extremely educated in restricted fields with virtually no awareness of other disciplines; we need more people with broad educations across the whole breadth of knowledge including subjects not yet imagined. We need people willing to spend a lifetime educating themselves rather than just engaging in mostly mindless 'entertainment' and likewise mindless 'employment'.

    In the end, he is calling for people to serve others, to labor and invent and learn and engage willingly, with the knowledge that if their neighbors are enriched and supported, healthy, happy and well-fed, then they also will be. It's not socialism, it's not communism, it's not liberal or conservative. It's sanity, something in horrifically short supply.

    "I still don't understand why you need money to live on the planet you were born on..." - an alleged quote from a perplexed alien from another planet; retold by Alex Collier. I have no idea if the quote is a true one or not, but it sure is food for thought. What if we are the only society, the only planet, where money became the medium of exchange, with winners and losers, and not a global society of enlightened self-interest?

    I think Jacque Fresco is right; we haven't achieved anything even approximating 'civilization' yet. We are not yet civilized; we're more like the Roman Empire than anything else, and that failed miserably after a 1000 years of murder and plunder.

    1. I agree with you, I also believe that every human being is intelligent. However, due to some barriers of distractions that prevent logical thinking such as certain programs on Television, War, Misguided values of a person, pretty much anything that deprives a person to think rationally and positively for the benefit of humanity. Nonetheless I presume that every person from all generations has asked him or herself the reason of out existence. Who are we? What is the purpose of our existence? Why is their so much hatred and hostility in the world? Fortunately Peter Joseph, along with many others that have shared his views and ideas before him, have sparked the flame to live in a world with love, sharing of resources, respect, empathy of one another, basically (despite the corniness of it) in a world of peace and love. And it is thanks to Peter's films that have spread the message like wildfire. :)

  21. human life is a constant social evolutionary questionmark & we are in the middle of a journey but only at the beginning of intertwined technology connecting us all .we're understanding the failures of egoism via monetary slavery due to nature backlashing at us ,so we are forced to combine our technical knowledge with our true meaning of existance.we are not gods chosen children just an organism with a chance.

  22. Why do u say its like but don't show how they r alike ur talking quimbys proves nothing. U also forgot that the fundamental point of zeitgeist movement and such can not even start to be experimented till the global monetary system ceases to exist. Soviet Union wasn't socialism it was just state capitalism as such it had banks, prisons, a monetary system inefficient use of technology and so much more that can't even allow it to be compared to zeitgeist and venus project. If u use our technology to its fullest without profits and shortcuts and such we would have an abundance not and i repeat an infinite supply of all things but with the correct use we can come close to keep some things on an equilibrium. And i am not saying we aren't scarce of everything but don't bring up theoretical possibilities that only trolls would claim would occur. Such as what if all people wanted an apple at the same time. Through lab techniques as well we could mimic many natural thing to an extent. Make cities designed actually to survive and less unorganized, a total doing away with cars and making cities designed for such, implement all the thing that right now we just lack the money to implement.

  23. Thank you for bring to my attention to theology , I'm inspired to do my own research.

  24. Thank you for bring to my attention to theology , I'm inspired to do my own research.

  25. Whatever Zeitgeist mentions in all its documentaries is quiet well known or people all are aware of it(nothing new). People Know that the Problem is Practice Not Principles. People know that the rich always have a way to sneak out of law, save themselves. People know that even they can buy law at a price it is available out there. People know that the principles(whether Religious or State Laws) that they follow are so falsely interpreted and being used for the convenience of the few elite.
    But People too know or they are not confident enough to take the Zeitgeist Solution - Because simply it is not promising enough(although you make it sound quiet robust & strong). Because in the heart of the heart the code says the Solution is Simpler Not such complicated called as Resource Base Economy or whatever things you add on to this movement.

    What I say is a strong criticism of Zeitgeist, all I truly wish is Zeitgeist to come out and cause the revolution it claims to be...I truly wish that you gain some very long life...especially Jack Fresco (sorry if the spelling of the name is wrong) the Venus Project guy...so that we can test Zeitgeist on the Blade of Time...
    My doubt is very simple: Man is such a mystery, I very much doubt if it will stick or subscribe to this system of Resource Based Economy, because Man the constant wanderer has hopped from one state to another...and as I feel by the under current in the Zeitgeist movement - This movement is scared to the core by this demon called religions..and why not? it must be because this demon has cast such a spell on Mankind and some how with all its follies held mankind together it seems very difficult to Zeitgeist to TRULY COME FORWARD or as the movement says: Moving Forward!

    The Next Challenge for Zeitgeist is to do some Prequels, especially something that relates to Decoding God, Decoding Religions(beat them on their own grounds), Decoding Politics and the favorite part of Zeitgeist to Show How & Why money came into Existence, What Money helped in What money destroyed...this would truly give some value to Zeitgeist ..if not.

    Zeitgeist will remain for People: Empty Vessel That is Making a Lot of Sound!!!

    1. I disagree with you that man will never accept a resource-based economy since we always do what is necessary to survive, and also that religion (I speak of Christianity in particular) has somehow "held Mankind together." Seems to me it has really only torn us apart. Just look at "A History of Christianity" here on topdocumentaryfilms.

      Freaking brilliant website by the way. I log on almost every single day!

  26. A System(Resource Based Economy) of morality which is based on relative emotional(so called Religions / Zeitgeist Movement) values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true.


    He is a man(any revolutionist including zeitgeist people if they are) of courage who does not run away(scared of dying for the truth they stand for, hiding behind funny notions like revelation of one's last name...Oooh..Aaah), but remains at his post and fights against the enemy(just like the man who quoted this) - Socrates
    History is replete with men who stood for their truth and hence they still survive by their teaching whether Religious or irreligious(freedom fighters for their land or for their race or Revolutionist who revolted against their oppressors)... They did not sit on their as**s(I mean donkeys) and wrote books or rather in today's world made documentaries they walk the talk...

    What are the Zeitgeist people waiting for: "Like someone will come handover the keys of the world to them & ask them or rather request them: Please Lords of the Spirit of Zeitgeist, please help us survive with your Resource Based...whatever!!...
    Grow up - For Zeitgeist sake at least...Go and Fight For Your Truth.
    Men of Action are required to run the world...Not Men of words

    One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics(current world politics) is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. - Plato

    So Zeitgeist people get into the gutters of today's world(whether Politics, religion, economics or whatever) to clean them...
    Dont sit on the shores and wait for the currents to calm down...

    The measure of a man is what he does with power(knowledge = power).

    So that you think that you have the true knowledge of the mechanism of the world or nature(whatever you call it) then come out and show the people how it must work...then let the world decide or measure what the true worth you are!

    You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.Plato
    The world waits when the Zeitgeist Idea will actually play(show us what Zeitgeist has done progress in action till date?(of course except the video & driving people astray )...So enough of Talks lets Fight(Kung Fu Panda)

  27. AND. Lets just say an atheist will be good by willingness of heart while people who fear ''Shaytaan'' will always have this in the back of their mind while walking straight.

  28. You are the exact kind of muslim beleiver that piss americans. You are not worthy of any recognition or accomodation. I am an atheist ( I know you KNEW!), and i personnaly don't have any wrong feelings about religious people (whatever the religion). But you show signs of blind faith, which i strongly disapprove. Its sad for your religion to have such bad representers.

  29. I knew it... Atheist! Why do most of these types almost never believe in the exsistance of the Creator and the Creator is not Jesus nor Moses but The One Who created you is deserving of Worship and yet just because some don't practice it doesn't mean Allah doesn't control the earth. You're wrong about Islam and yet become a tool for Shaytaan(The Devil)

    1. lol

    2. allah/god is only a voice inside your empty head and now you are asking this voice to show you the way, defination of insanity..

  30. Open your minds. Don't be sheep and be part of the problem, but part of the solution. Many of the views in Zeitgeist are plainly obvious if you just open your eyes.

    1. So if you're not with Zeitgeist you are a sheep and part of the problem? That statement screams "CULT!"

  31. His presentation does put off a lot of people. His attitude is comical. Frustrated beyond belief. But, that is how he is. What the REAL challenge is ( at least for me ) is to ALWAYS listen to what is said, regardless of presentation. Going EMO ( how he does ) is as I say, comical to me. But, he is VERY influencial to the younger crowd for this very reason. If the idea is to spread Science and Understanding to the dumb high school kids then more power to him! Personally, I like P.J. but I can see how he can be labeled as Emotionally charged and somewhat frustrated.

    What I do is study all types of intellectuals. Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, Einstein, Feynman and anyone else frankly. Determine my own views and mix it all together... You should NEVER take the word from a single authority. Variety is the answer.

    So, like this web site... amazing with loads of information. Take it ALL in and make it your own. We are all able to determine our beliefs for our selves.

    What P.J. is saying about our relationship to the Earth is probably the most important. Whether we live in balance with Nature by going back to the Jungles ( which is probably impossible at this point ) or learn to live in Nature and still be sustainable is VERY fun to think about.

    Science helps A LOT. But, blind dry science without regard towards the spirit and love and intelligence can be a dull science.

    Blah blah.. :P

  32. Nothing new under the sun. This guy only understands from a bird perspective (perhaps 'higher' than most) but that's still not enough. He needs more natural history lessons.

    Also, cut-n-paste videos aren't really that hard to do, esp. if you only care about your agenda and not turth.

    Also, his lies outweight his truths.
    9/11-truthers should never claim to understand anything.
    Just sayin'

    1. You're saying essentially that he's right, but that these things are not new (implying we should only value relaying information that is totally unequivocally new, i.e. the double-slit experiment) but he needs to study the natural world, and shouldn't be listened to because of past assumptions he had on a terrorist attack.

      Theres nothing really in your comment that detracts from the fact that he is, actually, saying some extremely important and necessary things, and pretty damn well I might add. He's actually a very articulate and effective communicator, an avid reader, and extremely sincere.

      Frankly, anyone saying he lacks studying needs to be more specific, since he is quite well studied in a lot of topics. And anyone saying he lacks substance, as I saw in one comment, is just downright disingenuous. Such comments are better dished out for Donald Trump, not this man.

  33. I am outraged by anyone calling P.J. a liar.
    Who cares if he has distorted truths? What do you make of (for the latest) 30 decades of lies, abuses and manipulations from the Bush-Clinton’s Clan?
    These united families have doomed the planet to a point of no return.

    That said, P.J. should be awarded a Nobel Prize for his 3 landmarks.

    Whatever you like it or not, he has done what you never had the education to do, what you never had the discipline to do, what you never had the care to do!

  34. B-o-r-i-n-g.

    1. So is quantum mechanics to a 6 year old. Get educated and keep up and this stuff seems easy. This message i'm typing is more towards everyone who responds similar to you and not directly to you as an individual person alone.

  35. He's right at some points, but I can see a very frustrated man as well here.

  36. Thank God we have some people that are actually awake and can see the outrageously insane premise the system we have all bought into...hook, line and sinker...is. The reason it requires such tremendous courage to step out there and tell it like it is, is because the vast majority of people are incapable of thinking for themselves.

  37. Guy will be great when he grows up.

  38. Just share and give up the attitude that you deserve all these things-people are so selfish.

  39. Thanks for making this film! I love to bounce ideas off others and this film is an inspirational film in that aspect. The present is for those that will seize it!!

  40. All you guys who got lost in details criticizing Peter Joseph and all you guys who do this terrible typical human thing of trying to defend their world view because changing it might hurt... you are the reason why humans fail.

    I don't even care if he is right in every single thing he says. The main points he makes are valid and the human society will hit a wall rather sooner than later.

    Writing this here is pretty much a waste of time because you guys will start understanding when its too late and even then some of you will be in denial.

    1. I fcking agree.

  41. I wish to send thanks to the moderator of these responses for allowing my posts to be read. I realize the potential danger involved in the wide exposure of the Silent Weapons document to this extremely important and informative site, and apologize in advance if something happens as a result of this brave move.

    It is telling how the comments that have appeared after my own have been reduced to a level of a group of slack-jawed yokels gearing up to inflict physical harm on the subject of this doc because he's 'intellectual'. They fail to realize that all they are doing in reinforcing all messages delivered throughout all the Zeitgeist-related documentaries (as well as Kymatica as a bit of a 'plug').

    It becomes pretty easy to tell which people have been 'poisoned' by the ingestion of nothing but government-controlled food and water supplies... I am forever grateful for growing up in a region that valued such institutions as cooperative extensions and 4-H clubs that embraced the importance of teaching self-sustainability, they truly have contributed to the 'hard-wiring' of my thinking even throughout my success in the technocratic environment.

    The answers are all in the soil and in re-educating the new generation to respect it and use it to it's full potential instead of enslaving it in the way industrial farming has attempted to do to it AND US.


  42. We should get Alex Jones and Peter Joseph in a no rules cage fight. Proceeds go to the needy and homeless.

  43. Sonny,
    Huzzah Sir!
    We would all be better served if by a matter of due coarse the same scruteny we apply to others be applied on oneself.
    I'll hold him down, you smack him. We can both profit and donate to worthy causes.

  44. to migrantworker: There is a lot of truth in what you say. This young man reminds me of myself at his age. I am in the top 2%, in sales, (i am now 69yrs, young)Two things i would like to pass on to this young man: 1. a quick articulate mind doesn't mean there is anything in there or the right thing to begin with and 2. Tell us something we don't know! The system we live under evolved over many many years. It has provided us with a good life and yes it is a depleting system But Peter would you be so kind, all knowing and the in lighten one, How do we change the system with out making a ripple in the pond?

  45. No matter what this guy says, his intellecual snobbery makes me want to kick him in the junk.
    Worst kind of liberal ever, the kind that hurts the movements he professes to support by arrogantly ignoring pragmatism and practicality.
    Thanks buddy for being another douche telling the world how things ought to be and how we are not getting there because we are obviously not as smart as you... C'mon can't we see that this guy is that guy we all know who uses big words to sound smart?
    Now we have yet another buzz-word for intellectual snobs to throw around.
    Gonna make a video of me smacking this guy around... gonna make a fortune with it and donate it to his favorite charities.

    1. No, you're the smart one, migrantworker! You are!

  46. Speaking of unexplainable, it's downright freaky sometimes how my life seems to parallel that of Monty Python's "Life of Brian"!

    "You don't NEED a messiah telling you what to do, just think for yourselves!" LOL

    And as it turns out, it really is the case... we've been fed so much FEAR of nature, we can't fathom being able to just 'exist' along side of it any more. OF COURSE there's going to be hardships and confusion and 'gasp' deaths, but how is that any different from what we're living now other than the fact that some other entity is doing the steering for us most of the time without out us really even realizing it any more? And where has it all gotten us? Look at the rates of cancer and birth defects and obesity and everything else as compared to say... the Amish or the Amazonian natives, or the Bushmen of the Kalahari desert... sure they may not have iphones, but look how quickly we get bored with all that stuff anyway in favor of something shinier or more gadgetagious!

    Something creeps the hell out of me personally is this notion of self-aware, self-replicating nano-bots hat we can't even see! ... I'm almost 47 now and I've worked with stuff from vacuum tube level and watched in disappointment while the discrete, elegant, 'that part does this, this part does that' assuredness of purpose has 'morphed' into these little, multilegged creepy-crawly looking 'magical' multitaskers that I've learned are EXTREMELY sensitive to the slightest static discharge that completely wipes out ALL functionality... at least in the old days, you'd only lose the sound, or the green dots, or the knob would break and you'd have to use a needle-nose pliers to change the channel... but it still did SOMETHING at least!

    And then you could simply pull the tubes out and head to the local pharmacy (of all places) do the tests yourself, discover the faulty tube, purchase and replace it and actually LEARN which area of your set does what...

    Rambling again, sorry... I just have this lousy 'foreboding' feeling about the upcoming galactic alignment and the PREDICTABILITY that we're probably going to experience some pretty gnarly electromagnetic/static interferences that our consumer electronics industry just never took into consideration and it doesn't take a 'genius' to imagine the chaos that would ensue if every semiconductor barrier region on the planet suddenly and permanently 'bridged' (nerd-speak for permanent bye-bye to everything whimpier than a vacuum tube).

    Ok, I'm dome spreading dread for the day... sleep tight everyone! };^D>


  47. @Dreadragon...no sweat...i have myself experienced the unexplainable once or twice...see my long comment in Invisible Worlds...might sound far fetched to many but to me i had no doubts i connected and why not...the Black Hole of the eyes is where it's at!

  48. My apologies azilda for the generic, unpersonalized response but your post did not appear here when I navigated from my e-mail notification with your post, so I felt I should add some context for elaboration.

    I also don't want to appear as a liar about this being my first attempt to push this info, I have made one other brie post on this site in response to the "Moving Forward" documentary, but 'technically' it's still the same motivation, it just got 'reaffirmed' when I found this interview that finally put a 'face' to the Zeitgeist films for me (which by the way were presented to me much in the same manner as well as at the same time as the Ringing Cedars books.

    I would also like to mention that I am currently engaged in a 'theocracy battle' with my own Mom over these books. She is the one whom I wholeheartedly believe saved my life after being inflicted with Lysterial Meningits back in fall of '07 when all the doctors had written me off. She has painstakenly taken up Bible study through the Shepherd's Chapel ministries over the past couple of decades and has found the healing power of anointment which I personally witnessed on more than one occasion prior to my own deadly affliction, and in one extremely brief moment of lucidity at what everyone assumed was 'the end' for me, (and the memory is now overwhelming me in tears of joy as I type this!)my Mom was able to reach me 'somehow' and get me to utter those critical words "I accept" after literally screaming at me to remind me how I KNEW how it worked and I had to give myself over to Christ and trust that I would be taken care of.

    3 days later I just woke up hungry and thirsty and not one single person in that ward doubted for a second they had witnessed a miracle at work.

    Whew... anyway... she's quite upset with me right now for suggesting she read these books, even though she fully supports my work with the gardens, and yet, she has fallen hook, line and sinker for the religious conservative, Islamic-hating agenda even though she DESPISES the lies that are taught in the church environments... in fact I just wrote a very difficult letter to her just today (gently) pointing out her hypocrisy.. so THIS is how strongly I believe the messages in these books... I'm willing to upset MY OWN MOTHER WHO SAVED MY LIFE for this!

    I'm bogarting this comment section, I truly do apologize... but when the spirit moves me, I've learned I HAVE NO CHOICE but to see it through. Thanks for reading if indeed you have been...


  49. Dreadragon...if you read my comment again...i say:I would suggest that you do not start the Ringing Cedar series with #1 ...i did not say: do not read it! I was very bothered by Mégré's attitude described by himself in the first book. As i wrote: #8.2 was much more interesting and also written with the benefit of obvious lessons from his past mistakes.
    If the other books were to land in my hands i would read them but the series is a bit expensive. If those books want to have a farther reaching audience they should be offered in cheap paperback. She may not use money but the books are still 16.00us each and that is 9 books. How about condensing them all in one and selling it for 29.00US?
    I know money is not the subject you are trying to communicate here, i myself use very little too.

  50. ack! My shot at making an impression and I misspelled her name!

    Just thought I'd mention that as immediately after my comment went through about Anastasia doing somersaults, my entire house had a momentary brown-out! WhoooOOOOoooo!

    Seriously though... Ringing Cedars, read them... find them in the library if you can, but apparently they have become the number one most stolen library book...

    I'm in the process of scanning the whole first book in digital format to share, somehow I doubt she would protest though since SHE DOESN'T USE MONEY!!!

    I would also like ya'll to know that I'm on the verge of completing my prototype for my wind bottler invention that basically captures the power of wind directly to compressed air for use as a free, clean and endless energy supply... and I'm giving the designs away for free. But if you want to get started now, just build yourself a big carousel in your yard, gang the rotation to a compressor head and send your kids out to charge some tanks up! When they get tired, just attach a few vertical turbine blades to it or dangle a carrot in front of a goat tethered to it or something... honestly folks, it's gonna be THAT simple... especially when we just start running air hoses between houses and tell the power company to };^p~ pbbbbbth!


  51. The beauty of the Ringing Cedars books is also in the way that ALL religions are brought into the fold in a way that expresses the common, good portions and affirmations of the existence of their respective prophets and various VALID contributors while exposing how the religions themselves were developed out of the desire to 'force' a creator to reveal true form to our fragile physical selves...

    I get the sense though that whoever came up with that 'plan' may not have taken into account the possibility that our creator may be made up of complex modulation patterns in a big ball of GAMMA RAYS!! (whoopsie!)

    Speaking of whoopsies... did I actually see whoopie goldberg posting here? Hi girlfriend! };^D>

    (don't really know her in person, but now I feel like do!)


  52. I have read all nine and the 'scruffiness' of the first book only adds credibility to the whole story as being legitimate! Think about that for a moment... if he waas doing it strictly for monetary purposes, wouldn't you think he'd do his best work right off the bat?

    Besides, without the first book, (especially chapter 11), you wouldn't get the gardening instructions and bee hive construction directions, and you don't get the lead in on how Anastasia came to bear Vladimir's first son (who should be coming of age to continue the legacy about now btw)...

    FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC that the very first responder after me is familiar with the books!!!

    My heat is skipping beats... I bet Anastasia herself is doing somersaults! LOL


  53. @dreadragon
    I would suggest to not start the Ringing Cedar series with #1 or you may not go on to read the rest of the series. Mégré goes on explaining in #1 that he had no writing experience what so ever and it shows. I have only read two of these books #1 and #8.2, this one was very interesting and obviously either written with help or he picked up new skills along the way. But i agree there seemed to be a lot of great knowledge, i remember the part about gardening and how to plant seedlings, spring is coming...thanks for reminding me.
    Both of these books landed in my hands at very peculiar time, specially the second one. Strange that i had forgotten about those books since.

  54. I forgot to add the request for notification of follow-ups, so to fill some space, allow me drop another useful name in this regard: Dr. Leonid Sharashkin, the English language editor of the Ringing Cedars books and a tireless promoter of the permaculture gardening movement. I have attended one of his seminars and can tell you this man is not doing this for the money, he is WALKING THE WALK himself and has been an absolute priceless resource for placing Anastasia's claims into the scientific perspective and making countless invaluable suggestions for creating gardens in urban environments as well as RIGHT INSIDE HOMES AND APARTMENTS!

    I especially love the 'tire tater' idea that I incorporated into the community garden located in an empty city-owned lot adjacent to my home (this will be it's 3rd season and stuff is already beginning to pop up on it's own all over the place).

    I do hope I've made a good impression and not come across as some hippie-commie wacko-dude, I actually used to be a highly skilled electronic/computer engineer but came to the very same conclusions as Peter Joseph, apparently right about the same time! I'm ow retired/disabled on VA and Social Security disability, but I'm putting it all into community endeavors to try to 'walk the walk' myself, so this is not just 'empty preaching' here!

    We have a lot to relearn, but the feeling while doing it is absolutely exhilarating and I invite everyone to share that unequaled joy once again, it really is the one TRUE remaining freedom we have left that cannot be (yet) taken from us!


  55. The one thing that seems to be missing from the entire notion of a 'resource based economy' is where to start.

    I haven't read through all the comments here, but if nobody has mentioned the existence of a series of books from Russia known as "The Ringing Cedars of Russia", then I guess I was meant to post here today. I was guided to these books after a near-death experience and what is strange about this is I typically HATE reading (or used to anyway). The main 'character' of these books is a Woman who lives in the middle of the Siberian Tiaga, yet knows every single thing that is happening and ever has happened not only on Earth but the entire Universe! And she affirms that every person on the planet is completely capable of doing the same if ONLY we were to return to our 'pristine' state of living in harmony with nature.

    Within these books are DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS for how Man can do this right where they are right now simply by starting to GROW OUR OWN FOOD! The recreation and CO-CREATION of the 'garden of Eden' can be accomplished by simply sharing our biological information with the foods we eat so they can finally learn again exactly what it's feeding! The way we currently eat, from monocrop farms with no connection not only to Man, but with the rest of it's surrounding environment, our food has become 'generic' at best which has resulted in our need to 'supplement' our diets with even more generic 'best guess' quantities of vitamins, minerals, etc, etc, in attempts to recreate what millions of years of evolution already has 'built in' for us already!

    Start composting local foliage, start using composting toilets to add into the mix, start planting seeds by germinating them in your own saliva, walk barefoot in the soil you plant stuff in, start watering them with natural rainwater that you have bathed in (without detergents), and the next thing you know, you;ll have food that automatically begins to heal every ailment that has been caused simply by the lack of this 'circle of life' (as cliche' as that sounds).

    I can't possibly do these books justice in one post, but I PLEAD to everyone out there to find the first book "Anastasia" by Vladimir Megre' and read for yourself how we can turn the entire course of the planet around in a single growing season!

    Be well! For a change!


  56. @1perspective; That was a figure of speech that is often used an holds no connotation of my view of people. You may consider my attitude to be defeatist but to me it is not. I can only look out for myself in this world. I do my best to live a clean selfless life. I have little need of what is considered materialist goods. I work hard, I enjoy life, and after a lifetime of attempting to help others and watching them trample my efforts under their feat, I have gotten over it. If you build a beautiful new building with spacious apartments in the worst part of town. Then you rent those places out to the locals at a rate that they can afford, what you will have in one year is a nice building with holes in the walls broken windows and trash everywhere. You call me defeatist, I call myself bored with peoples refusal to improve themselves. That is why I worry about me and only me. I once had a bleeding heart too, but once I realized that all that did was make me weak from blood loss, I patched the hole and moved on.

  57. peace

  58. so if i`m hearing you right your saying because change for the better is difficult we should not even attempt it.

    come on man you talk about the world view of the younger generation as being childish and unrealistic but give me that any day over your "grown up" defeatist mentality.

    you talk about actively trying to cull the troublemakers from the herds. have you really been conditioned over the years to view human life in terms of cattle? do you have children? do you view them as nothing but cattle? or is it only a view that is held for those that will not conform to your religious or cultural ideals?

    like i said before i dont necessarily agree with Peter Joseph and his ideals. in fact i feel a major part of the problem in the world today (other than the fact we live in a greed based capitalist economy) is that particularly in the "developed" world we have taken it upon ourselves to push our ideals on the rest of the planet weather they like it or not.

    i dont have the answers unfortunately but that dosent mean there arent any solutions. in my opinion it would make a lot more sense to have more intelligent people of all ages and all cultures with fresh ideas to have a forum where they are encouraged to express and discuss those ideas.

    there is to much self righteousness around today we all think we know how others need to be but we are rarely ever actually really listening to each other.

  59. Yea the world today is destructive, and yes if we keep on this way we will ensure our own demise. Honestly though I am of a mind to say so be it. I am one human being that is honest enough with myself to admit that there is no reason our species should have a guarantee of unlimited perpetuity. If we go extinct we will only be joining millions of other species as well as our developmental ancestors. Are we really that special?
    As to the issues I mentioned above. It is all well and good to want these things but none of it will happen without massive bloodshed. Religious bodies are not all corrupt nor are governments, however when you actively try to cull the troublemakers from those herds you will inevitably end up with stampedes.

  60. @Reasons Voice

    you say "the ideals of twenty and thiirty somethings of todays world are often about as realistic as a childs".

    i could say the ideals of fifty and sixty somthings of todays world are outdated and as realistic as a cavemans.

    you say " We are just as likely to find an orchard of lollipop trees and gingerbread houses as we are to experiance some sort of global agreement".

    i could say We are just as likely to find an orchard of lollipop trees and gingerbread houses as we are to survive as a species if we dont find a suitable global agreement.

    i am not religious but i dont think that anyones religious views should be "done away with or subdued". on the contrary i believe that its the manipulation of religions by the systems of society that we live in that are the problem.

    i think that we should create communities where peoples beliefs and cultures are respected and before you say i`m living in cloud cuckoo land and it cant be done, i agree it cant be done within the existing system which is why i advocate a radical reform of the entire global system. weather or not that is a resource based system without money is debatable but somethings got to happen i think all rational thinking humans can agree on that.

    i`m not saying Peter joseph has got all the answers i`m just happy to see there are people thinking beyond the parameters of the existing paradigm. weather those people are young or old is irrelevant.

    you say "It is my stance that this ideal comes from an assumption that life is supposed to be fair and easy".

    while i agree that it is unrealistic to assume that life is supposed to be fair and easy it is also unrealistic to assume it to be childish to believe we can make our lives fairer and easier.

    you say " At some point ya just have to grow up and understand that there was never any garontee that you would grow up to be an astronaut rock-star doctor".

    i dont think anyone is really expecting a guarantee to be an
    astronaut rock-star doctor.

    people would be happy with a guarantee that we will do all we
    can do together for a fairer easier more pleasant world for ourselves our children and our grandchildren ect...


    stop taking for granted that things are the way they are because they have to be and realise that things are this way because the people with the most influence want them to be this way.

    future historians will look back at this era as the oil age and the age of greed and by then the paradigm WILL be different so stop believing those that say it cannot change because sooner or later things WILL and there`s no reason it cannot be sooner.


  61. This year there is 1/1/11, 11/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/11/11 and if you add the last two numbers of your birth year and the age you will be this year it will amount to 111 like every one else on this planet!
    Mine is on March 13th...Named Zeitgeist Day or ZDAY where there will be events all over the world, on every continent. Now agree with this mouvement or not, it is a good opportunity to participate in YOUR magical way to change the world, at least your world! and prove that you can do better than this guy... if not do it with him...contribute!

  62. @Silktop
    Ok so you won't watch the movie and comment on any thing good coming from it.

    Here i quote you from above: "Now comes the crucial point in personal development – you are at a dangerous stage where you think you “got it”. If you stop learning and start constructing new ideas now, you’re likely to reinforce your negative approach, fall in love with yourself and come up with inferior, simpleton solutions"

    Here i quote you from Dangerous Knowledge: "When I posted the above comment, I was unaware that Poincaré and Gauss essentially stood by my intuitive interpretation of infinity, as did Wittgenstein later on. Having informed myself, I’m even more confident that Cantor’s treatment of “infinite sets” is ******** and that it’s not ME who is a looney having trouble to accept the obvious. How reassuring."

    Here i quote what someone thought of your comment:"silkop – you sound like a second year student in some vaguely related discipline. Very pretentious and very shallow. Read more, think harder and type less."

    As i wrote earlier, we post opinion, we make films or discoveries, some spending years or even life time trying to share the inner voice. Although none of us are really religious, all of us are spiritual, becuase none of us can shut the words that are rolling in our mind indefinitally.

    Someone said:" The mind has an infinite capacity to know the world becuase the mind created it".

    I say: A world so ready to see the worst and so slow to accept the best. One day there will be a "stand down", a comedy scrawl where humanity finally becomes proud of laughing at one self.

    In the future Quantum may become labelled as a religion, people will say i am Quantum. Quantum Physic, a science half religion, a religion half science, a merging or a re-legion which is growing faster then muslem, buddhism, catholic or any other religions from the past. This may be because it is the first to rest upon the biggest thinkers of our time, the scientist.
    By the way i think you have a lot of knowledge, share the best of it! I have enjoyed many of your past comments.

  63. he is right and help is needed!!! you can discuss what Peter wants and what would be better and so on..... but the answer is in front of us all the time. What are all the prophets, wise man, sons of gods saying to us? In the past and more then ever today we are faced with a choice.... To live for yourself and do everything necessary to survive or to cooperate with others and live to help others! Live to help others..... The most advanced being on our planet are humans and that is possible because about 50 trillion cells are working together to form this amazing body. 50 trillion!!! So what is the next big thing in evolution think what is 8 billion people as one!!
    You may say that I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you'll join us
    And the world will live as one. J.L.

  64. @1perspective; You take me wrong if you think my concern is thecomparison. I wasn't even really making the comparison so much as offering justification for looking at the man behind the ideas. In my perspective, the ideals of twenty and thiirty somethings of todays world are often about as realistic as a childs. We are just as likely to find an orchard of lollipop trees and gingerbread houses as we are to experiance some sort of global agreement. Just to pick one of the foundational issues he mentions, religion will not be done away with by any means short of force. Extreme force at that. Yet to acheive this global unification of ideal religion must either be done away with or subdued, as it divides the people imensely. Do you believe for one second that any of the extreme religious people of the world are going to put their beliefs asside any time soon? It is my stance that this ideal comes from an assumption that life is supposed to be fair and easy. That is not true life is not fair nor easy. Not just for us humans but for every living thing on earth. Life is a struggle filled with sadness and loss, sickness and death, but also triumph and joy. For a young man like this who by his own admission has failed time and again in his endevors in life. I can understand his mentality of disappointment and disilusionment but again that is a luxury of the young. At some point ya just have to grow up and understand that there was never any garontee that you would grow up to be an astronaut rock-star doctor.

  65. @Reasons Voice

    i do not support his ideas, i support all forward thinking ideas and feel they should be discussed.

    i concede that the man behind the message is important particularly in this case given the title of the doc is Who is Peter Joseph? i seem to have got muddled between this and the moving forward thread. you do seem though more interested in comparing him to Adolf Hitler, Jim Jones, and Charles Manson than you do to being open to discussing his idea`s.

    what you view in young people as a need to grow up i view in older people as a need to be open to new idea`s.

    you view his idea`s as unrealistic.
    i view staying with the status quo as equally unrealistic.


  66. @Silkop
    In a way you did exactly what he did except your participation required less effort. You posted Your opinion and got people to agree and disagree with you. Your opinion has touched 82 people (or comments) so far, his... millions of people. And out of those millions, i would guess that at least a million or two of them needed to have a "first" window open about something that was said.
    Let things be that you have not created, enjoy whatever becomes available. If you see knowledge, enjoy it-- if you see failure enjoy it--because failure brings knowledge that no given knowledge would have brought. And if you want to destroy an idea, become aware entirely of the idea before you try to destroy the man from which the idea came from...the mind of this man you will never know.
    All bright parades have a beginning and an end.
    I asked: "what good if any did you get from the film Zeitgeist Moving Forward?" i am still waiting.

  67. @Az. You are very right and I apologize for my tone in the last response to you. Yes there is a great wealth in the untapped ideas of young men and women. However it is not just becoming jaded that alters those perceptions. Often it is just simply growing up and realizing they were wrong. Not always but much of the time that is the case. New ideas are great and they lead to progress, however it is folly not to temper them with the wisdom of experience.

  68. @Waldo; The only solutions I have ever heard out of the movement involve ultra high tech that doesn't even work on the levels required, or just plain doesn't exist at all. It is funny how many of these types are coming out of NYC. It is true that only the wealthy and pampered have time to experiment with this stuff.
    @1perspective. When a man says "I realized that EVEN I was backwards on allot of issues" it is a pretty blatant indicator of an inflated ego. Even I? Unlike the rest of the idiot drone masses, it is a surprise for him to discover he could be wrong. Follow that up with comparing ones-self to Gandhi and Martin Luther King. You think that the person behind the message doesn't matter? Adolf Hitler made great, unifying proposals in his speeches, Jim Jones had the keys to heaven. And hell if ya take Charles Manson out of the picture who knows maybe helter skelter would be more appealing. The man behind the message is important. The guy talks so much about thinking outside the box and being original in ones perspective. And here I find the people who support his ideas getting upset when some one pokes a hole in the box he built for them. He stands on a platform that questioning everything is the ultimate achievement, but question him and his movement and you must be an idiot.

  69. @Reasons Voice. The moment i sent the comment about Cat Stevens i knew i would have someone say something about his affiliation with the Muslim world. My intent was not to say i agree with Cat Stevens'life, but i saw in this a similarity of young people's potential. People go on living the way they are living even if it is miserable, even if nothing comes out of it except anguish. They continue because at least it is familiar, they have become skillfull in it and they go on sleeping....and i will add even more so if a huge amount of cash is flowing in from stardom. I sure don't know what went on in Stevens' mind while he was raised as a young man, while he composed his first songs, while he became popular and after he jumped out of the wheel, something of value was there for sure and no doubt still is.

  70. it amazes me how people on here that seem so intelligent on the one hand are completely blind to these issue`s.

    it also saddens me that in our modern technologically advanced society intelligent people would rather try to discredit the guys character and intentions rather than offer any alternative solutions.

    Peter Joseph may or may not be a complete dick, (the fact that he works in advertising is not a good sign given his stance on these issue`s) but to just say these movies are to difficult to deal with and fall into the "conspiracy theory" category while also admitting not to have watched it is a complete joke.

    and the claim that Peter Joseph is "verbally masturbating his own ego" is rich coming from you guys.


    1. He doesn't 'work in advertising'; at one point he did work for advertising agencies, I would presume either music or video as they would seem to be his skill set. That hardly makes him a Madison Avenue titan, more like a guy who needed a job...

  71. @ Reasons Voice

    He gives solutions in his documentary, I may not agree with them but he gives them.

  72. well... at least this guy tries to change something, unlike all these businessmen and corporate rats, politicians and lawyers who live off the misfortunes of others (read: silkop)

    tits out

  73. One hour of a narcissist verbally masturbating his own ego is not informative. He summed it up best in the last 2 minutes. The entire film, as well as the previous films, and the entire movement for that matter, is nothing but rhetoric and anti-establishment sentimentalism. Number of complaints infinite number of solutions none. Not one single proposed active solution to any of the issues raised. That is not a movement that is a crying session.

  74. Take only that which is essential (for survivlal) & the remainder will still flourish.

  75. "humanity is going to have to be smacked around quite a bit" i would say thats an understatement reading these comments, as i believe change will only ever come out of necessity & so it remains to be seen how the whole 'fossil fuel crisis' will impact society when considering we pretty much BUILT the modern world from oil.

  76. @ Princeton

    How can you ask this: " I guess no one owns anything so its nobody’s stuff, just grab and take whatever you like and do what you want with it? surely there must be some oversight (dictatorship) or else how do you stop thousands of people from “taking” things as they see fit and not according to “everyone’s needs” or the central plan." but support anarchy? There is no oversight involved in anarchy, yet you say people will spontaneousely coordinate and be charitable and productive under that system. It seems a little hypocritical to me. You seem to think they will run wild under the zietgiest sytem of no government.

  77. I like this guy.

    Im not 100% sold on the venus project ideas, but I think this guy is a clever chap and Id feel much better with him in control of my country than any of the 600+ mps that currently rule over the uk.

  78. @Az; You do know that Cat Stevens is currently being held for his cooperation and collusion with taliban funded terrorist groups? And that he has converted into a Muslim extremist nut job? I will apply the words of the good reverend Maynard to this guy along with any other talking head, "he had allot to say. he had allot of nothin' to say". Like any good speaker with a depth of mind to back him up he manages to draw many in by offering nothing. The worlds disillusionment is the fertile soil in which he plants straw. It will grow but it will not be edible.

  79. @azilda To satisfy your curiosity: I haven't watched the "Moving Forward" movie. Actually, I think I started watching it, but got disinterested. From my POV these movies fall into the conspiracy theory category. Elsewhere I commented that attempting to debunk such material is a rather fruitless struggle.

    The movies are (intentionally?) difficult to deal with in that they mix some plausible propositions, throw in some more or less relevant data, then jump to making some false assertions, draw some conclusions based upon those, add another tidbit of data, and so on. It takes great determination to sift through the claims and even greater to do it right without committing any mistakes yourself in the process and contributing to the confusion.

    It's like trying to debug a large piece of software riddled with an unknown number of interdependent bugs by previous developers; fix one and you're likely to bump into two new ones. Sometimes when confronted with such highly defective software, it is more cost-effective to make a clean start and to try a "correctness by construction" approach instead of "refactoring". Another analogy may be found in HR: if a hired employee turns out incapable, sometimes it's better to fire them quickly rather than go through the trouble of educating/training them (possibly causing offense in the progress).

    Such effort assymetries are also a known problem with pseudoscience and a "loophole" that kooks love to exploit. To advance an argument (at least toward a fairly unsophisticated audience), bombard your opponent with mass-constructed hypotheses and then shift the burden of verifying or disproving these hypotheses off your own shoulders. If you're on the receiving end, you will soon find yourself swamped doing difficult investigative work, while the attacker revels in assumed certainty.

    I believe that a better approach is either to avoid these sort of debates altogether or appeal to audience's common sense and own analytical skills by exposing some of the rhetorical techniques at play. Of course, this will be countered by your opponents pointing out that you are sidestepping the important issues, not contributing anything valuable yourself (which is a nice combo of ad hominem + exerting group pressure), etc. But in the end, we must not forget that we don't owe anyone our opinions (or vice versa), and stop before things get too confrontational or time-consuming.

  80. This guy is so full of himself. Also watch zeitgeist refuted.

  81. its almost like hes trying to start his own religion

  82. IS THE "ENDGAME" ONLY TO SURVIVE? (as my teenage daughter says "I'm just askin"

  83. If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.
    C. S. Lewis

  84. So what's the point? This film highlights the obvious problems we face without stating the point of the survival of man. If, as he suggest God is nothing more than nature then our whole purpose to keep man and nature surviving??? So everything from the "big bang" foward has no purpose but to survice in a infinite void of meaning? Has evolution "failed" because it has created humans which are naturally self centered and cant stop our own destruction? Almost everything he says seems obvious to me but what is the purpose if our only purpose is to keep the species alive? Dont even worry about the 99% of the world's population that dont even have the luxury of pondering this theory because they are too busy surviving, or too illiterate or too hate driven to listen to anyone else. The idea that we are all going to join hands hands and create a better humanity is no more plausible than chasing the corporate greed he targets. If history tells us anything it is people are in the end self centered, even its David Joseph just trying to make himself feel better about the human condition and his role in the "great awakening" Yes I'm negative on the subject but I welcome any attempt to change my mind.

    1. Well, for starters, it's Peter Joseph, not David. Methinks you need to pay a bit more attention.

  85. @Aron...i also appreciate what you write.
    Although it may feel scary to put one more child in this world, it probably always did for all past generations, but that never stopped love from winning overall.
    And i also agree with the following quote:And like the rest of us, he too will make refinements and adjustments to his beliefs as he grows old. Nobody gets it’s right 100% of the time, nobody is perfect.
    At 52 i can say ...i did say a lot of stupid things in my life even though i was always pulled by a strong desire to be the best i can for the world surrounding me, specially my kids. What is important is not to have failed in certain efforts but to have tried.


  86. Listen to what he is saying and you will come to the realization that he contradicts himself a great bit. For instance, he talks elitism and how it is irrelevant to the field of social sciences, yet goes on to say how people in trailer parks are uneducated so that is why they make so many babies. He also preaches against fanatic belief in religion, but yet speaks of his movement with more fanaticism than I have seen in a long time. The list goes on...

    He also speaks as if all the countries in the world would be willing to adopt his model for a Utopian society. As any social science student would tell you, what is accepted in one society is not always accepted in another. Even within our own society there are so many micro cultures and counter-cultures (non-religious) that would be so against the notions of using technology in the ways that he presents.

    Its funny that he criticizes the same institutions that he once worked for. He did not seem to be to successful, so I assume it left him with a bitter taste in his mouth which motivated him to make these films which justify his lack of ability to function in current day society. Perhaps he would be in the same field if he were to have been more successful.

    I am glad to have watched this documentary as I find it shows Peter Joseph to be a fanatic, who is putting all his eggs into one oversimplified basket.

    Please be wary of people who claim to know the solutions to all societies problems... Also, have faith in the ingenuity and adaptability of the human race. We have come this far, and I think we have the ability and good will to continue on.

  87. um... so like... why is he so irritated with the system? i dont really get it cause everything's pretty great right now.

    1. The 30K+ people who die every day of starvation because they don't have little pieces of green paper beg to differ with you.

  88. I enjoyed this. Felt his passion and frustration; what I appreciate most about that is it's 'real'. I think that most of what I have seen & heard behind the 'movement' is sincere, genuine - This is not, however, about a person or the ideas of one small group (not so small anymore - mind), so any personal attacks are truly not relevant. I have to think that's a good thing. Unfortunately, I also can not see how joining Zeitgeist helps change anything. ( I heard nearly all these concepts, sharing,considering the needs of the earth first, egalitarianism - sorry it's an ism, etc. from First Nation philosophies & 10,000 + years of mostly successful experience), so I know it's doable biologically.If 'you/I/we' are already convinced that current systems do not work - then action is required. Michael Moore's films (namely Capitalism)suggests we stop buying the 'product' of multi national corporations, join locally owned coops, transfer income to local credit unions, etc. Countless other films on sustainability suggest growing our own food, farmers markets, etc.Political change starts with local politics - which any small group can impact, leading to larger focused movements... We are moving forward. We are waking up so to speak. The good ideas, and how to supports are now accessible. So 'do it' already. Then tell every body how you did it on your own blog or website ... A Zeitgeist like day may come; today it's gardens,renewable energy,electric cars,shop consciously,share more, think global and live local...(a good start I think) :)

  89. Great doc!

  90. imagine no possessions it`s easy if you try.

  91. its his opinion....

  92. @ aron, beautiful words, thank you

  93. this is a beautiful man, in my eyes he is one of the best scientists allive today, I say that comfortably

  94. He's on point with a lot of what he has to say, and I do value his work and efforts. I have to say though, a little humility would go a long way. It's good practice to incorporate into your message an acknowledgment of your own biases. And the point he makes about opting not to have children in such a flawed environment makes it apparent that he either hasn't experienced real and pure love, or he's too cynical to comprehend the absolute sheer f-in delight that a child can bring to your life and contribute to the world.

    Say it's your career, say it's a fear of commitment, say it's your traumatic upbringing, say it's that you simply hate kids. But to say that it's irresponsible is a cop-out and immature at best. Where would he and the Zeitgeist movement be had his parents taken the same stance? Giving life is the single most pure and rewarding contribution one can offer the world.

    Good guy, good movies, good message (for the most part), so long as everyone knows; he's just a guy with an opinion and a vision, just like the rest of us. And like the rest of us, he too will make refinements and adjustments to his beliefs as he grows old. Nobody gets it's right 100% of the time, nobody is perfect.

    1. Would YOU really have a child IF you were a hard luck farmer with a barren field and no food to feed it at all? Would YOU enjoy watching it suffer and starve to death? With our current wasteful system that's a highly probable fate for everyone's grandchildren. He didn't say he hates kids at all... he said he cares to much for their future to put them into a world that could not sustain their well being. The guy is brilliant and far seeing, not fooled by the illusion of never-ending security and prosperity.

  95. This documentary is an excellent presentation of a young man who is responsible and a fighter for a possible world. May our times experience more people tuning in into the defense of our only Home: EARTH! Thanks for this doc.

  96. "I seriously hope all the things i talk about are erroneous and false" - Peter Joseph....about 5 minutes from the end of this film. Criticising a guy that hopes he is wrong, Well....it's a bit silly really.

  97. try thinking outside of the existing paradigm guys, if everyone has access then it surely wont matter who own`s anything.

  98. @silkop

    Actually they didn't grow up as you say it, they where just out gunned. That's the irony of things like this its all just hot air. ultimately changing society involves confronting the institutionalised power system and the only way that has ever been carried out is through direct action.

    Today that is not possible since the state has incredibly technically complex weapon systems.

    I don't like this guy either he just sounds like your average cultist loon.

    I disagree with you though, they genuinely tried to look for a new direction back then. But they didn't change their minds as you say, they just lost.

    What then happened was that people tried to condition themselves back into society through various popular movements, ultimately ending back where they started; with capitalism. That's the funny part.

  99. to simply say "get rid of money" is not a solution or a new idea. it has been tried several times, each leading to starvation and the mis-allocation of resources. no central planner (even computers) can accurately reflect the needs of millions of people, hence the need for currency and prices. economics is not made up, it is a science to describe the allocation of resources and flow of goods between individuals.

    either way, will the Zm enforce their "no money" rules? will I get kidnapped for trading? can I call anything mine.. or I guess no one owns anything so its nobody's stuff, just grab and take whatever you like and do what you want with it? surely there must be some oversight (dictatorship) or else how do you stop thousands of people from "taking" things as they see fit and not according to "everyone's needs" or the central plan.

    I think humans are generally kind and want to help each other, but to propose that no one own anything or can trade for personal gain, living according to some "supercomputer" is to reject human nature and self ownership. not the scientific method at all.. if you want a scientifically based society, first accept the science of economics and recognize that people respond to incentives and markets are the most efficient way to allocate resources.

  100. @silkop
    just for curiosity i went back to Zeitgeist:Moving Forward to see what you had to say about the film...out of 306 comments, not one from you! Hum! Have you even seen the movie? I have the impression that if you did you would have commented at least once your strong disagreement.

  101. Definitely some good things in his message to ponder. In a world filled with shallowness and greed, at least he is a deep thinker and has respect for our planet. Gotta give him credit for that!

  102. peter should become a politician and create a fall of the monetary system, then eventually the party he involves in:)

  103. I like the ideas espoused in the Zeitgeist movies.Peter Joseph is doing a great service by exposing the fraud of the fractional reserve banking system,and the blight that is organized religion. Good for him.
    And to all those who feel threatened by the Zeitgeist movies,or "Poo poo" their content,well,dont watch them!The fact that so many people seem on a mission to debunk these movies is a testament to the validity of the messages contained in them.
    Also,these films not only critique the current system,but they offer solutions. Kudos again to Peter Joseph.
    The current system we have is based on fear and hierachies,and in my opinion is long overdue for an "Overhaul"----and these Zeitgeist movies are a good start.

  104. for all that are knocking down Peter Joseph and the idea of a rbe,

    please share your idea`s for fixing this broken system because it`s easy to sit back and put down those who have a vision while offering nothing positive as an alternative.

    while i do not think the zeitgeist movement is the answer to the issue`s society has it is the only idea that is being put out there that comes anywhere near.

  105. The narcissism, the narcissism...
    Comparing oneself to Martin Luther King and Ghandi. But where is the substance? Yes, yes the world is messed up. But we already know this ( the points he makes about economics, science, philosophy and religion have been made before and better-e.g. Carlin on religion).

    Also, what EXACTLY, are your proposals for improving it? Get rid of money and isms. Good luck actually implementing that. No, really. Good luck.
    This dude seems completely unaware of the extent to which he has been conditioned by these isms he so deplores. His discourse is well within the parameters of the 'verbal hobbies' on which he pours scorn. He has conjured a certain millenarianism (i.e. the world we know is coming to the end) and I have the answers that will allow us to make it anew!

    However, what definitively handicaps his argument is that HE DOESN'T PRESENT US WITH TANGIBLE ANSWERS! For someone whose critique of isms centers on their intangibility, He has no tangible program or manifesto. He has a long polemic, spiced with his musings and assertions (many of which I happen to agree with). But he has no coherent framework for unifying these disparate themes into a resource based economy.

    Nevertheless, this is going to become popular. Because it allows people to think they are making a change by 'coming together' and 'challenging the system' when they are really just shills for his T-shirt and DVD sales.

  106. This guy knows his s@#$.

  107. I enjoyed reading Silkop's criticism against Peter Joseph because I share the similar sentiment about Peter Joseph but I couldn't really articulate it the best I could like Silkop could. I guess my main problem with Peter Joseph is his naive and unrealistic attempts to think that he can change the world dramatically by simply distributing $5 DVDs and Zeitgeist T-Shirts.

    It was not only his expectations that I find problematic but sometimes his arrogant attitude that all other "-isms", including philosophy and academia, do not have a place. His criticism against academia is what I found to be most problematic because I was thinking that he was referring more or less to Economics rather than other academic fields. His arguments against the appeal to credentials was some-what convincing, but overall weak, because people with credentials are actually people who are rigorously trained to understand their own fields, and know how to approach the body of knowledge more appropriately. It is true that anyone can master these fields by simply going to the library, but to train oneself to do this alone is pretty difficult, which is why we have universities and professors to give a little help.

    Another thing I find problematic with Peter Joseph is his criticism against Religion. Whether or not God exists is besides but point, but as for the moral effectiveness of religion I think there were some problems with Peter Joseph view on religion.

    First, there are many examples of religious groups and individuals who did fight against certain institutions or regimes. Dietrich Bonheofer, Karl Barth, Paul Tillich, and the Confessing Church resisted the Nazi Regime (they were all theologians); one of them even tried to help assassinate Hitler. Martin Luther King (Baptist Minister) and Gandhi (Hindu) were religious characters who lead the movement against inequality. The Quakers are important examples of religious people who fought against the institutional norms of slavery. It is true that you have religions that instituted and reinforced ideologies and norms that oppressed people, but you also have religious people who resisted them. The Social Gospel movement was another important religious movement popular among Protestant liberals back in the 1920's; basically the movement was emphasizing social justice and helping the poor.

    Second, Peter Joseph's views on the origin of religion is dubious at best. People who actually do study the origins of religions are really struggling to find out how it really begin, and for Peter Joseph to simply claim that there is an answer is quite pretentious. I agree with Peter Joseph that religions borrows ideas from each other, but this is a trivial claim because humans always share ideas and values from each other all the time since the dawn of civilization. Culture, Language, Religion, Politics, Technology, etc, are all examples of this. All scholars of comparative religions unanimously agree that religions share from one another, but as to how it occurs and the exact origins of religions is still disputed, which is why I find Peter Joseph's presumption that the explanation he acquired from anyone is the definitive answer.

    Another problem I had with Peter Joseph's view is not merely his prophetic approach to the problem, but his "my way is the only way" approach that I find annoying. His "Either we do this or we die" is a false dichotomy, because there maybe many ways to fix the circumstances. What disappointed me some-what is that he never took a brief moment to defend his views and undermine his critics' views, and simply dismissed them as being corrupted by the system. This seems to show that he is very convinced that his views and approach is probably the only option, and he barely took a moment to say why he thinks so. True his documentaries are his views, and did make some arguments, but so far, half of the time he depends on experts, and simply extrapolate from their views to come to his own conclusions.

    What annoyed me a little is his understanding that his approach is "scientific method", which demonstrates that he has no idea what "scientific method" is. Basically you make an observation, asks questions, make hypothesis, do experimentation, evaluate results, and come to conclusions (either confirming or disproving the hypothesis). If I got the steps wrong, anyone can notify me, but my point is that Peter Joseph misunderstands the purpose of scientific methods. Scientific methods are meant to come up theories (explanations), and prove them through observation and deduction, in order to describe the world as accurately as possible. Scientific Methods are not meant to prescribe a political and ideological solution to the problem, or establish a Utopia. Thus Scientific Method is very different from Conservation (to use resources efficiently), and I think Peter Joseph confuses the two together. All scientists really do is use statistics to show that we waste our resources, and warn us about it, but as for how we're going to solve it is for the rest of us to decide.

    Like Silkop, I don't hate Peter Joseph, I simply find reasons to disagree with him, and to be cautious and reluctant to agree with him. He may not admit that having credentials is all that important when it comes to understanding things in general, but I personally think that credentials are objective indicators that someone is well trained enough to understand the circumstances or body-of-knowledge better than anyone else. I like his last documentary, I thought things flowed and followed very smoothly, but I disagree with how he envisions what the revolution would be like. I certainly doubt that billions of people will march in major cities to protest against the "establishment", to think otherwise would simply ignore the reasons why billions of people normally would not march against the establishment (I think relatively very little amounts of people in contrast to 6 billion have relevant college degree to understand the real issues).

    Anyways, I enjoyed the interview, despite the fact that Peter Joseph seem angry and frustrated at times. Thanks for posting this!

  108. @vlatko
    you misunderstand.. when i say violence i don't mean any kind of violence and relatively uncommon criminal acts. I mean the violence that is institutionalized, widespread and that everyone knows is occurring all the time.
    I'm talking about the violence that is at the root of all gubments and their corruption. they steal private individual's money at gun point. this is coercion and yet we all act as if it is not really coercion, because it is hidden behind paperwork, letters, bureaucrats and "law books" but eventually it all comes down to somebody with a weapon at your door because they want some of your money.

    this is also a worldwide phenomenon and the money taken by force is rarely used to benefit society at large. the corrupt get wealthy and spend the money "educating" private citizens and justifying why their existence is necessary.

    I wasn't just talking about any violent incident. I was talking about the system of violence / pretending its not violence .

    the true situation we face is "are we gonna live & let live... or will we try to force our opinions onto others?"
    society will self organize and all theorizing would be unnecessary, if people were to simply be left alone by "the powers"

  109. Peter Joseph did not invent or compose what is said in Zeitgeist...he is a marathon runner...he took the stick that society passed to him and ran with it...and...someone else will pick up from messages like Zeitgeist and run with a different idea in the same direction. There is a new concience that is growing from under like a mushroom. It is touching all subjects of life including science, specially science, it is spreading faster than any religion because it is an anti religion a Re-Legion. It is hardly talked about in the media such as television ,newspapers, or billboards but it is being talked about by the mass more and more. This site and many others are growing like mmushrooms because there is a need to share and to discover who or what is behind the body and the mind, and we sense that we are getting closer to an answer.
    Mind is a vehicle, awareness is not a part OF it, but awareness flows through it. Mind is needed to talk, to relate, to learn and to pass on messages but the source of it is within all of us in different degree of awareness. Awareness is unstoppable and that is the reason that when a young man has a strong urge to tell his story society cannot stop it because it is society itself saying it in unison.

  110. Agreed - however Oil is Abiotic; Just another artificial scarcity conspiracy (while important to conserve).
    I wholeheartedly support the movement!

    1. It may or may not be abiotic, but that doesn't change the fact that burning it is not a good idea for the air we're trying to breathe and the climate we're trying to keep from changing too radically. Wouldn't it be nice to have the cleanest air possible, with an optimum level of CO2 and oxygen?

  111. Well, these are certainly exciting times. Society is crumbling around us, and it's becoming clearer and clearer to see. I've noticed some positive remarks and some negative ones. To help bring some perspective on the matter to those who either have questions or those who think there are no answers, I will address a couple of the major issues.

    Firstly, the matter of who Peter Joseph is, or where he comes from is irrelevant to the problems at hand. He may fall into the stereotypical role of "art student, anti-establishment, youth" but do not project your own opinions of him and call it a day. Let's address the relevant issues and move forward from there.

    I think we can safely agree that the current monetary system is one of perpetual debt and cyclical consumption that cannot be sustainable on a finite resourced planet. However, some might argue that it's "just money" and that we only need to remove government to truly have a "free" market. A resource-based economy removes both politics and money, but for material reasons and because of the indoctrinating system we live in, many still don't want to "give up" money, as if there is something to be lost. The removal of money is more than just paper money, for going back to the gold standard or even barter and trade would not solve the root problem.

    Access is more important than ownership. In fact, you can never actually claim ownership to anything, as everything has a life cycle and once you die, you cannot take what you own (or think you own) with you. It's a construct of our mind and ego that we stake claim to material and intellectual property. In order to solve something as simple as poverty around the world, just feed cloth and shelter everyone. Money and politics slows down progress and innovation. It creates inequality, and yet, we struggle so hard to create equality in a system that thrives on just the opposite. You need to eat, and not to own the food you eat. You need a warm place to sleep at night, and not to own a house. You need to travel and not to own the car you travel in. It really is quite simple, yet we believe everything to be far too complex for human understanding. If we always thought this way, we would never have left the cave or jumped out of the tree.

    Money has also been claimed to be nothing more than a measuring devise. While that is half true, please tell me how long a meter is? A kilometer? What does one pound weight? How cold is zero degrees celcius? Those are measurable tools that, no matter where you take your measuring stick, it's the same scale regardless. You can't say the same for money. A dollar today is worth less than a dollar a year ago, and continues this path. Last I checked, my ruler was still 12 inches. There was no adjustment for inflation. In conclusion, money can never be an accurate measuring tool because to fluctuates with the whole supply and demand model. If we used such fragile and inaccurate measurements for engineering, I would think twice about crossing any large bridges.

    Another issue that pops up is "This will never be possible." By what information is that based on? Statistics? Countless human behavioral studies? When you look back at the past, you might be surprised to notice that almost all great innovation was faced with harsh and often brutal skepticism. Scholars of the establishment have written entire books on how flight could never be achieved. They thought it was impossible for organisms to be smaller than the human eye could see. It was commonly understood that the earth was flat or that the sun revolved around it. So don't be so quick to know what the future has in store, or how people will behave. Patterns only occur when there's no change in events, whether they be external or internal influences. Also, time cannot be easily be determined for how long such a social change could take place. Human technology is on an exponential curve, as we've done more in the last fifty years than all the years since. The possibility and how fast change occurs lies with each individual. The more people actively move in a direction, the more likely and the faster things will flow. Just because something hasn't happened doesn't mean it can't. Look at what we currently have at our disposal. The technology is clearly there. The average human intellect is greater than it has been in recorded history. And human behavior is no longer subject to simply your biological composition, as our environment plays a much more significant role in shaping lives than we originally suspected.

    The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project are far larger than their names and the people who advocate it. This quite possibly is humanity taking an evolutionary jump. There have always been great speakers and humanitarians, but they are catalysts for something much bigger than themselves. People are coming together, sharing ideas, and the future looks promising to me. Especially in dark times, the light looks ever brighter. I do agree that a financial collapse will occur, but the chain reaction to follow will be the rebirth of humanity. I'm not naive to the fact that many will suffer during a transition, including myself, but we will come out much stronger, because sometimes, people have to experience the worst before they know what's best. And don't we already suffer so much right now? Something like 20,000 people die every day due to lack of basic necessities. That's a statistic that will carry on if we choose to do nothing. We know where this road leads, and we may be fearful of the path not yet taken, but it doesn't seem like things could be much worse than they already are.

    Personally, I'd rather die trying to create positive change in society, than to merely survive, knowing I'm limited by the social system and that my destiny is written by the laws and economic decisions of an elite few. Who am I to benefit simply because I was born in a "wealthy" country? What have I done to deserve the relative abundance of North America? And is what I have really the best we can make? I think things could be very different and much better. And if you cannot imagine such a world, is that due to a lack of imagination, or lack of motivation? I can't predict the future, but if people continue speaking out as they do, and joining movements such as the Zeitgeist Movement, at the rate they are now, it may be a bumpy ride, but the destination looks beautiful.

    1. Excellent, excellent discussion of the subject at hand. Thank you.

  112. Peter Joseph's views in general are refreshingly optimistic in this day of the fear-profiteers and doomsayers like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck, whom literally make a living scaring the shit out of people with their crazy conspiracy nonsense.

    I used to respect Alex Jones until I heard him interview Peter Joseph on his radio show... Look it up on youtube. Alex exposes himself.

  113. that was awesome. <3

  114. Thanks for the dedication in making this interview possible.

  115. What a breath of fresh air!!! This vid should be in every civics and philosophical class around the globe!

  116. @silkop in fact, young people often decide to shut up because older people think they know it all and are not willing to create new realities anymore. Many young get so tired of this world, they completely disconnect and end up in the street that is the only way they figure they can get off the wheel of the " financial machine". I say if you got something to say...say it and let others search among your words what truth there is for them. Now i would like to hear what good you got out of this...any??? any at all??

  117. "We change or we die." That sums it up in five words. All I can say is "Amen, Brother!" This was 49 minutes of some of the most straight-forward, on-target common sense analysis of the global situation anywhere on the Internet (the closest competition being "Collapse," with Michael Ruppert, that you can also find here on TDF). Of course, I am COMPLETELY PESSIMISTIC that this mythical "critical mass" will ever form -- from the trailer parks to the multi-national corporate boardrooms to the cities (and villages) of China, India, and Brazil, the madness that has gripped this globe will continue unabated, until we have destroyed ourselves. "We change or we die," indeed. Since we are clearly never gonna change, I only see one choice.

  118. All of the posts have some merit. But no one really understands death-we can't take money with us thats for sure... So lets say we die and rebirth----Now what?

    Praise the greatest VLATKO! Thank You.

  119. i respect this guy so much

  120. Expecting people to act responsibly and be charitable, honest, and willing to work together in equality and peace just becuase government is gone or we have a resourced based economy is giving people more credit than I am willing to concede. The rest of the zietgiest agenda I can dig. Life would be so different than what I have ever known, its hard to imagine. But what would it take to make this come about? I can't imagine a senario where we could transition to this kind of system without major collapse. Not only would money have to be done away with, but all the different isms and religious sects would have to be disolved, social systems completely abandoned and yet we would still have to work together and be efficient. Just the physical logistics of that is demanding, especially with no established central body or universal system of communication and cooperation. Its a worthy goal, don't get me wrong. I just don't know if it is really possible though.

  121. wow
    the most annoying part for me about this guy/movement is that he gets soo much right.. he understands the world pretty well and i don't blame him for wanting to take action.
    in the end though, he makes the worse mistake in the worse area possible.
    the problem with society is not money (a medium for exchange) the problem is the initiation of force against citizens by their governments.
    the problem is not that the fed prints all this money, the problem is that the government forces citizens to use this money. if currencies were allowed to arise spontaneously out of the private sector, you would never see what we currently have going on because of competition.

    the problem with the world is not people trading with each other.. which is all that money represents. the problem is that governments initiate violence against citizens through the police and military.. and people are not able to freely trade with each other and fully control their own resources. we are forced to use money which is debt in essence and not allowed to create and promote our own currencies. half of our money is taken by force to pay for this fake money. our markets are constantly abused by politicians who can do favors for certain lobbying groups and their own business interests.
    the real question we need to be asking ourselves is "are voluntary relationships better than forced interactions?"
    everyone always says "violence doesn't solve any problems" and we know this is true at least in the long run violence won't solve any problems, but we then have violence at the core of our society.. every time we vote or try to pass a law, we are just telling a certain group of individuals, that we want them to go and use force against another group of individuals.
    this is not acceptable in a rational society and as long as humans are not able to freely interact with each other, we will keep facing the consequences.
    also funny how peter dismisses property rights.. well, i would ask him if he thought he owned his body and its effects. property rights are a description of ppl because inherently only we own and are able to control our bodies directly... without property rights, then it is necessarily a dictatorship.
    the funny thing about the rbe is that even if it were to take off , same as all other "moneyless" economies people would still trade and barter in private. you would have to enforce your "no property" rules because people left alone with no violent intervention would own their creations and effects and trade with others.
    --------> youtube /watch?v=b9WEWcbfnHg

    1. @princton,

      Yes... but violence does not exist on its own. Violence is caused. So stating that the removal of the violence is the key for better society just isn't good enough, and simply it isn't doable.

      Violence comes in various forms and in most cases the triggers are: scarcity (true or planed) of resources and divisions amongst humans (race, ideology, nationality, religion, reach, poor, etc.) Those are the root problems. Violence on it's own does not mean anything.

  122. Interesting doc.

    Maybe in the future when human's get out of our money addiction, they'll look back and say "Damn, they were f--king stupid."

  123. This guy understands religion perfectly.

    1. Interesting remark @Saturnine, although there isn't much to understand there.

  124. Nothing but rave reviews I must watch this!

  125. Good video the message was clear if you live long enough were all ****'d at the rate we consume. Dont worrie when the chineman, and shylock over the horizon come for their pound of flesh we all can turn our loot into travelers checks to take to heaven or hell since they wont be taking dollars there either. Great video vlatko this one's gona get a lot of coments for a long time. Can you also get some more comedy docs that would be great.

  126. @Waldo Of course, I am judging him from my own position. There is research out there which suggests that even being aware of different types of bias and being able to recognize it in others does not protect ourselves from falling victim to our own biases. So I suppose the best thing we can do if we want to reduce bias is to admit it and hope that others point the more specific instances of it.

    I also don't see a point in becoming very rich. I do see it as a possibility that would require lots of hard work and personal sacrifice. I tend to be lazy and satisfied with what I have, and I believe I already have a great deal in comparison to the world average. I no longer see it possible for me to gain real intellectual heights either (meeting and listening to people much more gifted by nature made me realize my limitations).

    I don't despise materialism, which doesn't mean that I would advocate wasteful consumerism. I view material goods as a fairly objective proxy for resourcefulness (or success), although they don't necessarily measure success of the individual who's currently in their possesion (luck is also a factor). A fool and his money are soon parted, though. There is a natural mechanism for fair redistribution of wealth and tracking back the careers of today's wealthy individuals gives ample historical evidence for how it works.

    Of course, there are things that money can't buy, but how does it support an argument against money-oriented economies? It's still better to be rich (= in control of many resources), smart, healthy, and respected than to have any of these traits alone. They are not necessarily exclusive either (in fact, unfair as the world is, correlations abound).

    Having said that, possibilities for misconduct and conflicts of interest are present, and it is up to us as a democratic enlightened society to devise and enforce means to guard against them as much as we like to. We know about it, we're not asleep, we don't need prophets to "awaken" us, there is no hidden enemy to fight, there is no need for any radical reorientation, and there is plenty of people much smarter than Mr. Joseph and me truly working on solving the issues. They are incentivized by the built-in human desire to help others and also by money (very significantly so, I dare say).

    If/shortly before resources run out, we will feel economic pressure to consume less and invent more and, as things stand, those who have the fewest resources and can't adapt well will be most likely to suffer most greatly from it. It will be up to us citizens of the resourceful, well-armed countries to make a choice between self-restraint and aggression. Due to our brain physiology few of us enjoy the concept of exploiting those less fortunate, but many of us do benefit from it all the same, often in ways we don't even realize. Contemplating it a bit and gathering data in favor or against different possible interpretations certainly doesn't hurt.

    On the other hand, death ultimately awaits us all, so maybe devoting yourself to drawing big rescue plans for humanity on shaky foundations is not so worthwhile after all. To end on an even more flippant note, I don't see an inherent justification for prolonging existence of humanity, as opposed to prolonging existence of the population of cats (which I like) or cockroaches (which I don't). Maybe this is what Waldo means by the coldness of a scientific mindset, and maybe this is why I have no ambition of going into politics any time soon.

  127. @azilda In fact, paraphrasing your comment sums up my position nicely: if you're a young man with a lot to say, maybe you should shut up instead. Or to quote Eminem, "words are a motherf*cker, they can be great". Note a certain resemblance between the angry-youth-idol Eminem, angry-youth-idol Joseph, angry-youth-idol Nietzsche and .

  128. While I disagree that he gets the "monetary policy issue" wrong, he seems to have perfectly described fractional reserve banking and the role of the federal reserve to me, I think he is leaving out the human nature issue. I wish people would be able to: work together and see each other as equals- innovate for only the satisfaction of helping humanity- submit to logical control of all resources- aim for sustainability and not excess- etc. but I don't think it will happen. This approach reminds me of the anarchist movemnmet which generally believes mankind can thrive with no social safety nets or rule of law, its a very beautiful picture they paint but its not reality in my opinion.

    @ Silkop

    Don't you think you are judging this from the point of view of a businessman, that might have something to do with your outright rejection of his ideas? I am not criticizing at all, but we have spoken before and you tried to persuade me to drop out of college and dive into the business world. I understand this has been a good path for you, and I am glad you have been happy with it, but its not for everyone. To me the knowledge I gain in one day at college is worth more than all the money you make in a year. I don't need to make big money to be happy, just enough to pay my bills and lead a modest life. I am 38 years old, debt free, well educated, not bitter in the slightest, and happy (for the most part).

    In my opinion you dismiss this guy to easily. He may not have the perfect solution, but he exposes some real weaknesses in our current way of thinking. Of course that just my two cents, I am not trying to start an arguement. Arueing this guys point seems sensless to me, as I have no idea how you would ever make it reality even if it was the perfect solution. We are too deeply emmersed in the monetary system to ever shed it, in my opinion. But, I would love it if we could. I think money's primary function in our society is to be an incentive, unfortunately it becomes an end unto itself for too many people.

  129. Of course one doesn't stay silent for ever...if alive and curious.

    And Peter is in the line with many others....what is great about these people is that they shake opinions, they move the mirror around, from facing themself to allowing others to face their self.

    money is just an illusion created by time
    we got used to it and we accept it
    but all in all it is just paper

  130. This video and some of the comments made me think of Cat Stevens...a young man who had a lot to say and decide to shut up instead.
    same same as they say in Asia but very different.

  131. @Rodrigo I don't think pursuing science leads to atrocities (the ability to control the world afforded by scientific progress seems quite independent from our choices to do good or evil). I do think that Peter Joseph is embarassingly out of his depth and contributing very little in terms of realistic solutions. Basically, he's reinventing the wheel, poorly. Social institutions exist whose precise goal is to address the problems he has so brilliantly identified, and guess what, people have known about these problems for centuries.

    If you want to help humanity by pursuing science, become a scientist. If you want to help humanity by reducing the difference between the rich and poor, become rich and charitable, and convince other rich people to be the same. If you want to help humanity by reinventing the rules, rise to lead a major political party and effect the necessary changes in law. All these ambitions will surely consume a lot of individual effort, much more so than bitching about life, armchair philosophy, publishing video collages or writing comments in Internet forums such as this one.

    So why do we engage into these activities? Well, partly for the entertainment of communication, and partly because verbalizing ideas makes us rethink and improve our own positions. However, it takes a certain type of exhibitionist megalomaniac personality to dress up this internal process into "think tank" clothes (advertising background, eh?) and strive to gain mind followership. I believe that true leadership should be based upon achievements and deeds only rather than on popular ideas (aka demagogy). Whatever his intentions, he seems to be doing a disservice (if only temporary) to those who choose to swallow his propaganda. He's at a crossroads. It will be interesting to see what will become of him - whether he will stay trapped in his ideology for life, like those religious personas he so despises, or whether he will at some time become more sensible and abandon his pipe dreams for the dreary normal life.

  132. @Rodrigo

    Just noticed your comment as well. An excellent summary as well.

  133. @silkop
    @billy the kid

    I think together you all sum up the man quite nicely. Certainly no reason to hate on him (I've met far dumber), and he does make some good points, especially when considered from, as he himself states, a "systems theory" point of view. But silkop is astutely correct in observing Peter's own apparent obliviousness to the fact that he is using a point of view, as must we all.

    It's amazing how easily he dismisses philosophy, religion and "-isms" as completely irrelevant when what Aristotle and Kant and Smith and Marx (a philosopher despite his belief that he wasn't) and so many others before and after all realized in one way or another is that while the scientific method is a wonderful way of testing physical theories, it doesn't completely apply to the human experience, and never can, because our consciousness exists both within and beyond what we perceive as the natural world. We are all versions of Schrodinger's cat; in other words, we exist in a box but are capable of thinking outside it. That, however, does not mean we can exist outside the box. And therein lies the universal paradox that no system will ever overcome.

    And so, in summary, Peter's "noise" of Time Square, while certainly containing much waste and greed and avarice, also contains the messy, chaotic and necessary ingredients that will catalyze our future political economic realities (which will constantly, if slowly, evolve). We can reach for infinity, but never touch it.

  134. I'm with Silkop, things are way more complex then in Peter Joseph views, and if Peter effectively could scratch the surface he would voluntarily humble him self and rethimk the whole thing out.

    I'm not saying that we don't need to do something, i'm just saying the answer isn't in sience rules.

    Middle class artist, i know the type, i'm one, i am even a film editor working in cinema.

    But i think - What the hell have I lived compared to others that suffer the real consequences of human irresponsability.

    I bet even one of them would advise something as science to resolve all our problems.
    I think Peter's very naive and engendered a rapid solution wich everyone likes without the need to think to much.

    Read the books by Soljenitzing or other that fought in war and were arrested in concentration camps they know better what are the needs of the human soul.

    Not a freelancer kid with a bunch of computerized obejcts in his room, that was born playing computer games and watching warner brother cartoons, like me, my mom is even a social worker too.

    Peter Joseph is an easy and dangerous way out, because science is colder than the worst criminal in the story of humanity because science doesn't weight even the existence of our species. In the end it's all a mathematical solution, this kind of thinking leads to stalinist athrocities.

  135. BRAVO ! ... This is the one that think, the one that love, the one that is awaken, the man that we need. Thank you Peter (from Zagreb, Croatia)!

  136. @billy, I don't hate the guy (why would I?), I'm just speculating about where he is coming from and why he is thinking the way he is, just trying to apply the scientific method to which he himself pays lip service. I'm not saying he's got wrong everything wrong either. (I suspect he is wrong on and largely ignorant of the monetary policy issues, though.) The impression is that he has worked hard personally to reduce his ignorance, but got severely stuck at a half-ignorant/preconceived level. He gets some matters right, but unfortunately these are the rather trivial and inconsequential things (e.g. the orgin of and role of religion). On other, more complex matters (e.g. sustainability, viability of economics as science), he firmly believes that he's got them right, while in reality he hasn't even scratched the surface. There are also some dangerous undertones to his diatribe, such as the idea that "we" (who?) should somehow decide which occupations are "efficient and worthwhile" and destroy other occupations. Overall, the guy seems to be driven by his frustration with himself rather than anything else, and projecting his frustrations onto the outside world.

  137. @Avii, the main point of view expressed by this guy (namely, unsustainability) has been in circulation since the late 18th century (Thomas Malthus). Obviously, the catastrophe predicted by Malthus hasn't occurred. So what do you prefer, to stick to the "we're doomed" belief still, or perhaps think about why Malthus wasn't correct? If you do the latter, you may well discover the reason why Peter Joseph is also off the point.

    Regarding the "easy answers" approach: the process of thought of this guy is to deconstruct and attack the "establishment". This in itself is psychologically underpinned and common for young people (I've been there myself). It stems from your own personal lack of understanding how things work and insecurity. This process is destructive, but helpful, as you definitely become more knowledgeable about reality. Possibly also disillusioned about the authorities in charge. Now comes the crucial point in personal development - you are at a dangerous stage where you think you "got it". If you stop learning and start constructing new ideas now, you're likely to reinforce your negative approach, fall in love with yourself and come up with inferior, simpleton solutions (hey, let's all love each other and give up money) that are much worse than those ideas that you're seeking to replace. At best you're going to reinvent the same old thing and dress it up in other words. If you're instead keen on continuing your education and improving your understanding, you may end up in academia for decades. This might give you in the end a satisfaction of insight why these seemingly "wrong, obsolete, boxed" ideas were not so bad after all. There is even a remote possibility that you will discover some slight improvements and help humanity. Alternatively, you can give up the pursuit of academic knowledge and go into business or professional world, where you will encounter rather more trivial (but still interesting) problems. Both approaches are more worthwhile than becoming an embittered armchair philosopher or social activist at an age of 30, falling prey to the illusion that the world is against you while you have superior insight into how it operates.

  138. smart guy

  139. silkop. its funny to hate on people you dont know. If he was talking total untruths i would understand. Not concerned with anyones personal life, but SILKOP if you cant see things like fiat currency in north america and see how its done nothing good for us at all then you have nothing to really say about past hippie movements. mid 7os which is past the "hippie" movement nixon changed currency in america forever making for the first time in US history paper money not redeemable in gold or silver. Big mistake. Silkop sir i would say you probly have a thrust for knowledge and agree to take everything with a grain of salt but somethings making posts like that just makes me think how negative people can be.

  140. Best message here..think outside your own identified indoctrination.

  141. @Silkop

    I happen to be one of those "like-minded young" even tho i'm 27 and studied economy for 3 years...and where in the world is this the "easy answers"?

    I personally believe this is inevitable in the long run when technology gets more advanced, but i would prefer we go do it faster so that billions of people would not have to die until that time...and this movement will not die, trust me...when things starts to go really bad in the coming years then people themselfs will start looking for alternatives, and tbh there is NOT ONE realistic alternative then this...so you and others will come around i suspect...time will tell

    Great up Vlatko

  142. Good doc, it definitely helps put the whole Zeitgeist mania into perspective. Here we have a distressed artsy young guy who fails in normal life (engaging into day trading is akin to falling in love with alcohol) and then instead of contemplating his personal inadequacies decides that "the system is at fault", becomes a social activist, spins conspiracies, (perhaps unsurprisingly) finds many like-minded young people who are seeking for easy answers, becomes an Internet star.

    I predict that the whole "movement" will meet a fate akin to the hippie movement from the 60's - the followers will grow up and either label themselves "victims of the system" with bitterness that stays for life or learn to work and prosper, and shake heads at their past involvement.

    1. watch his docs then reconsider your definition of "prosper"

  143. played musical instrument, done video in a advertising industry, done day trading , my goodness , so similar to my life. anyway nice movement that will never pickup. a nice room with many expensive stuff that is bought from "establishment"

  144. @Vlatko
    Thank you so much for the excellent documentaries. I actually run into these in the classroom at Indiana University, where I am a student. There is so much potential knowledge on this site. I watch at least one documentary on here nearly every night. Although this is the first comment I've ever posted on TDF, I've been boasting the site for well over a year now to everyone. Thank you for the hard work, dedication, and sincerity.

  145. I have a LOT of trouble visualizing society without money.

  146. absolutely excellent

  147. well universally versed...thumbs up...way up!
    Of course some 1 will find opposition...the easiest thing to do when 1 is sitting at home doing nothing to change the world. This is a snowball rolling in the right direction and yes it goes over a few bumbs that need to be flattened but not stopped...but pushed even more! It is a white tornado that has the potential to clean the crap if we really listen to our senses.
    Last words: We change or we die!