Subconscious War

Subconscious War

2011, Conspiracy  -   87 Comments
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Subconscious War is a short documentary detailing the impact of media and the culture of violence on the everyday life, and the development of the common principles in society. The film analyzes the works of Aldous Huxley and Neil Postman's hopeless judgments; relating the ideas of pieces such as 'Brave New World' and 'Amusing Ourselves to Death' to the momentary cultural values that promote the corporate media saturation, games, television, and the extensive technoculture.

In the 'Brave New World' most of the people are united under one World State, an everlasting, serene, fixed, worldwide society in which there is abundance (the number of people is constantly controlled) and all are satisfied. To keep up with the World State's economy, all people are trained from young age to appreciate consumption, because non-stop consumption and universal employment are the basis of economic and social balance for the World State.

Being alone is labeled as a scandalous waste of resources and wanting to be alone is terrible. Society makes people to promote consumption and never to enjoy as being an individual. People die at age 60 having a good health for their whole life. Nobody is afraid of death; anyone thinking of it is assured that what counts is that society goes on. Reproduction is artificial, no one has family, so they have no family to mourn.

In the 'Amusing Ourselves to Death', Postman argues that mass communication media is unable to share serious ideas. Since television virtually replaced the written word, television replaces serious issues with humiliating and subversive political dialog and turns important and complicated issues into depthless flashy images... it is just entertainment. Television can't provide education, as it supports only one way information circulation, rather than the interaction that is necessary to for proper learning.

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  1. oldandjaded

    God, that was painful. Nothing new here, but it's presented so coherently, and it really connects on an emotional level. I have a child, and I have done my best to insulate her from the omnipresent neuro-linguistic programming that we as a society are immersed in, and I have been fairly successful. We talk about Edward Bernays and Gustave LeBon, we talk about post-modernism, we talk about the addiction to personal electronics and their dual use as tools of both thought monitoring and thought control. Most of the children in her school already have their own phones, and she complains to me that its getting harder to find other children to talk to, as they are so immersed in them. The children in her class ask her why she doesn't play video games, or use facebook, why she "talks funny" and uses so many "big words", and why she reads so much. I can barely type this without tearing up. We are the outliers. I fear there is very little hope. I think it is highly unlikely that they will not triumph over us, and soon.

    1. solidarity

      Not sure if you’re going to read this. But as one parent to another, I can say I believe you are doing your very best and to keep your head and keep up the good fight.

  2. Bryan

    great topic, and sad ,worth the watch for sure , that's why JA is still locked up is'nt it ,? for exposing the fact's, too many people,

  3. Dipesh

    ---"Protect your spirits. Spirits get eaten nowadays"

  4. Murat

    :et us not forget , WAR is a political word for MURDER

  5. john

    Oh yeah and Obama turned out to be a major scum bag.

    1. Eileen

      a charismatic, pretty face scum bag

  6. john

    Yeah baby. Humanity is basically evil either active or complicit with a few notable exceptions.
    The Orwellian nightmare started long before 1984. Violence is nature in all her glory and humans like it.

    1. Bill Farley

      If you go thru life thinking that's all there is, I pity your future.

  7. Lajaj

    Only me that noticed the picture from the cover is from arma 3?

    1. major tom

      Yeah lmao

  8. Anthony Forwood

    This documentary could have been a whole lot better. The message it presented is already an old one, as the many clips they used reveals. I expected a little more shock effect to wake the viewer up and keep him/her awake. My interest was lost about a 1/4 the way in, but I struggled through to the end.

    We have to realize that the media is an unnatural invasion on our lives that we need to e more in control of, and that means taking that control away from the 5 ig media moguls that exist today.

  9. Jarad

    "Protect your spirit. You're in the place where spirits get eaten." Great words to sum it up and describe the world we live in.

  10. Kay Moua

    The purpose of this film as I see it has two purposes, one for the children who are playing these games and the soldiers who actually go out into the war and see these acts first hand; then lastly technology which is easily accessible. In the film one of the interviewers also said “Manipulating the mind with reality and what’s not reality; our intelligence.” I believe that what we see and look up on the internet as well as the games that we play, have an influence on what we learn and our daily lives. I know people who divorce because one of the spouses is always playing games and not getting things done. We see and hear what happens on the news when people try to do the things that they see on games, and on television. To be it’s so sad because they only see what happens but they don’t get to see the consequence of that has been done. Violence has influenced the younger and younger generations.

  11. 10incharound

    I have a question to any one who sees this. How suggestible are you? Do you believe rather than think. I used to think, then I believed, and now I think again. Do you live in a virtual reality? Well if we live are lives through movies, television, music, and the internet (don't get caught in the net) isn't that a kind of virtual reality. Tell-a-vision but you have to wonder who's vision are they telling because it sure isn't mine of a perfect utopia not that there would ever be one. Aldous huxleys interview w/ mike wallace also talks about suggestibility and also cocaine use on mice, very interesting interview with a very intelligent man.

  12. Caleb Webber

    Will definitely share with others. Thank you for this.

  13. RBM

    'Protect your soul.' That is what I took away from this piece and what I think made it better than it would have otherwise been. I liked the contrasting of the ideas of Orwell and Huxley, but this wasn't enough to carry the rest of the film, which was a collection of images and political commentary that didn't offer anything new or illuminating. And yes, earlier commenter, I agree, the muzak is unnecessary at best.

  14. Simon DW

    aimed at the 90's brain and a crap attempt to blame pop music and video games, i think my nan made it?!

  15. Richard Neva

    As you reap so shall you sow.

  16. fleshbug02

    As it is being "Reviewed" by the audience below, I do ascertain the actual force of the truth is being ignored, or more like not realized due to a complete dis-integration of the human capacity to discern external reality from the internalized imagination. Those commenting here, seem to feel, as apposed to think, that this is just another video game plot. It is not. It is going to become even more vial, more rotten, disgusting, and much more evil, for that is the design of this destruction. And the masses of braindead fools are doing it to themselves.
    File this statement under 'IGNORE". That seems to be the largest file there is present;y. Lol.

  17. Eric Lawson

    Great Doc Thoroughly enjoyed it !!!

  18. Richard Neva

    Pretty damn sad

  19. stampece

    This is not a documentary film. It's just a collection of video clips. Someone selected some clips and put them together in an attempt to infer some correlations, but no such correlations can be established by merely selecting various clips and sticking them together. If the person who assembled this is trying to suggest that the violent aspects of human nature are more present in political institutions, technology, or militaries than in the absence of those things, that's just patently false, and history bears out that that's false. If he or she is implying that basic human nature is the problem, then the very specific references included are not particularly useful.

    1. Brad Trimas


      " If the person who assembled this is trying to suggest that the violent aspects of human nature are more present in political institutions, technology, or militaries than in the absence of those things, that's just patently false"

      Blanket Statement.

      Political Institutions are funded by Lobbyists. That statement alone destroys anything viable that you have to say in the above quotations. Violence is needed to establish control of powers. This is why gas is still used in vehicles, why electricity is still used to power your homes, why banks will never fail in bankruptcy, why the federal reserve prints money at will and is re-wrote the constitution on it's tax bias. Do some research before you assume why "Violence" is not needed to control and monetize the massess.

    2. edgedweller

      " excuse me while I look the other way"

    3. podsandiegan

      Right. And brave new world was very prophetic.
      Same time, peace through superior firepower is an unfortunate reality.
      It's just that the leaders have become so dam greedy and dictatorial .

  20. Lauriesheri

    If there is a hell, those low-life maggots of the U.S. military will be condemned to it for all eternity. And that includes Ethan

  21. awful_truth

    Another great short doc exposing the evil that permeates humanity at the core. Imagine the possibilities if a very high percentage of the population really understood the implications of our actions; Yes, imagine if evil (exploitation of inequity) was put underfoot where it belonged, instead of running the planet? I can dream, can't I?

  22. kafka11

    great stuff, Huxley was on the money, did he have a crystal ball,,genius!

  23. jaberwokky

    I remember flipping through a Playboy magazine ( for the articles ... of course ... ahem ) back around either xmas 2000 or 2001. The particular issue had a special xmas spread which tracked some historic moments of prediction as part of its celebration. One of these moments was Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. The text gloatingly proclaimed how wrong he had been and was accompanied by a suitably lambasting caricature. At the time I had not yet read Brave New World but the gauntlet had been thrown down with those bold words and my interest had been piqued so I set about my duties. After I finished reading Huxley's masterpiece and had some time to reflect I found that the thing which struck me most, and which my mind still returns to, was how ironic it was for Playboy to have made that assertion.

    My .02.

    Edit: Maybe the moral of my little story is that if you're reading Playboy for the articles then you're doing it wrong ;)

    1. fleshbug02

      Well stated. See ? "PLAYBOY" IS read, (observed, viewed...), by thmarter guys. Good thought. as we continue the cascade over the cliff onto the jagged rocks of an orchestrated, implemented, and now, a self fulfilled fate, demolishing to complete smithereens...Lol.

  24. David Faubion

    The constant muzak in this video seems too loud, even unnecessary. The muzak distracts and obscures, in an ironic sense, the valuable words of solutions oriented scholars/ artists. Perhaps the idea of this loud, constant drone is as an allegory of the popular culture being exposed in the doc for what much of it is: poisonous distraction. The documentary would be more coherent and credible with the muzak volume circa 50%. Better yet, make a version with no muzak at all because the critical ideas and seminal thinking here are just too valuable. Maybe then the documentary would be worth the enduring of the hellish scenes--more than once. The audience at Top Docs likely would rather hear Huxley, John Trudeau, Noam and McLuhan --unaccompanied by and competing with an over-loud, subjective electronic synthesizer. Those hearty scholars need no accompaniment, and they need us to hear, even commit to memory their words and ideas. In a sense, this documentary gives us a mixed message about the media and info consumption crisis. The doc uses a similar sort of sensationalism that we see and hear in mass-media drowning out the voice(s) of reason.

  25. Horst Manure

    Search online for War is a Racket...

  26. papaval

    Show us more of this Nazi memorabilia collection. Entertainment is now used to take away our sensibility to violence, Technology is not evil; concepts, religions, tools and words aren't either. War is a seductive pathology that's part of us: we can reflect and raise our consciousness to higher levels beyond our reptile brain. Please don't forget Bradley Manning! War is America's main industry. America could actually be a proud nation. The truth can lay within a thorough investigation. In the male dominated institutions, such as sports, politics and the military, comparisons to being anything female becomes the ultimate insult. The fact that we are being spied on regularly has been common knowledge since the passage of the Patriot Act.This is a very powerful documentary that shows the cruelties and deceptions of our civilization, and the kind of human beings we are on our way to becoming if we fail to act and to resist the prevailing ideology, or any ideology? if we do not want to become non-humans, non-beings - a civilization were we no longer believe in anything or feel anything,

  27. Gabriel Forbes

    Very good video. Though I agreed with the fact that entertainment is now used to take away our sensibility to violence, please, let's not succumb to fear and blame it all on art and entertainment, but on those who use art and entertainment to vile ends. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is one of many videogames that are part of it, but not ALL videogames are insensitive violent piece of brainwashing entertainment.
    Technology is not evil; concepts, religions, tools and words aren't either. But as humans can use those to evolve, flourish and make the conscious choice of working for the universal peace, there are those sadly corrupted by our body's needs and the illusion of reality that is the physical boundaries.
    I liked this video but I'd be sad to see it used to but a blanket blame and hate on everything that has to do with entertainment.

  28. L Swift Palmer

    A film with some valuable insights. War is a seductive pathology that's part of us: strange animals we be. 97% of our time on earth we've enjoyed warfare. Yet consciousness is evolving so that we can reflect and raise our consciousness to higher levels beyond our reptile brain. If not, we'll join the extinction list and earth will return to its microbial balance without us. We have a modicum of choice: good news and bad news.

  29. ChairmanDrew

    another youtube copy+paste compilation "documentary".

    1. NX2

      Is that purely meant as a statement or meant to devalue anything?

  30. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

    Q: Who pulled the trigger on that 30mm cannon that took out a bunch of civilians and kids?

    A: I did... we all did... in the same thought & notion that: Him and I (we) grew up on the same video games... the same tv shows, the same public schooling, the same Hollywood favorites & heroes. In the grand scheme of things... him and I have very very few differences.

    But it is not my fault, just the same that it is not his fault.

    Why was He there? What was the greater purpose of that gunship floating around their skies?

    ~ Who turned Who, against Who? ~

    ...Really it doesn't matter, nobody is truly at fault. We are just -still- at a point in time where circumstantial victimization is the pinnacle of non volitional influence. We have yet to evolve past that rational.

    With religion, and the class wars that come from that. That lead to violence, and the distraction from poverty, hunger, and education. Its a vicious furry of hate and angst that conditions the distractions necessary to brainwash the "desired" mentalities.

    We have quite the web... to not dismantle, not destroy, but to re-connect; synchronously & cooperatively.

    Excellent Doc!

    1. NX2

      I agree, it's not about 'waking up' and blaming others for the mistakes happening, but about being responsible for ones own choices. Albeit, as the documentary states, often a hard thing to do in an age of information overkill.

    2. Tomislav R

      What does that even mean?

    3. NX2

      What does what mean? I'm not sure what exactly you're asking.

    4. Tomislav R

      Being responsible for one's own choices.

      How do we reconcile the knowledge acquired in recent times on animal and human behavior and how it is formed with the notion of personal responsibility?

      Have you ever been able to sympathize with a person who has made all the wrong choices through understanding how he came to make them?

    5. NX2

      I see your point, of course people make 'wrong' choices. With responsibility i mean to accept the choices you made, in whatever conscious state, instead of simply blaming others, denying personal involvement.

    6. Tomislav R

      Well certainly you can accept them once you are able to but it doesn't mean anything.

      People have vastly different conceptions of responsibility just as they do of right, wrong, fair and unfair.

      Their psychology is such as it is and there is a vast array of reasons why a given individual may not be 'responsible'.

      If it were that easy we wouldn't be where we are, because I'm sure that sentiments like yours have always been around.

      Just do this or just be that.

      Not the solution.

    7. NX2

      Bit of an awkward reply you give. It seems to me you're misunderstanding what i wrote. I do believe that accepting one's own choices has certain psychological implications. So, it doesn't mean 'nothing'.

      And where have i stated "just do this or just be that" to be the incentive? That gives me the impression you're projecting your own understanding of responsibility.

    8. Tomislav R

      Alright, so there's the problem.

      I may think that it's responsible to behave in ways you deem irresponsible.

      So what do we solve and what wisdom do we spread by simply encouraging people to be responsible for their own choices?

      You said it's not about 'waking up', a term which suggests an expansion of knowledge and perspective. So it's not about knowledge or perspective, but about some universal way of being responsible.

    9. NX2

      Perhaps i should clarify my perception of being responsible a bit more. To me it means to be able to respond, it doesn't need to mean you need to justify yourself according to a certain norm or set of norms. In such, being responsible is not a behaviour.

      I understand that in your perception of responsibility, encouraging people to be responsible for their own choices is pointless.
      Perhaps my perception of responsibility is a bit off, i don't know. But clearly, we are talking about different concepts here.

  31. watchtheduck

    Please don't forget Bradley Manning, who has been locked away for 35 years in a military prison for exposing the horrific events of the video footage because of being a man of conscience. He was truly heroic by acting on his conscience and has paid a high price. Read more of my comments below about how reprehensibly he was treated for exposing this horrible blot on American history.

    1. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

      Who's to say Chelsea wasn't exaggerated if not created, upon legal advise from his attorney?

      Please try using some tact when correcting a conversation about a hero.

    2. watchtheduck

      Thank you Oliver.

    3. watchtheduck

      Let's make it simple. Every divorced woman who wants her maiden name knows that she does not simply say, "as of today I wish to be known by my maiden name" to have her wish granted. No, she must go through a legal process for recognition of that. In redefining Bradley Manning without legal process, Bradley Manning is STILL Bradley Manning! And the only reason I can see as to why the media and military are so vocal about referring to HIM as Chelsea, is further humiliate him. There is absolutely no LEGAL cause for him to be known as Chelsea.

    4. yourmom

      let's not

    5. watchtheduck

      NO! If you read my message below about BRADLEY Manning, you will see that I DO NOT mean Chelsea, but Bradley Manning. Anyone with a keen awareness, would be able to look at what happened and see that the "switch" from Bradley to Chelsea was imposed on him as the ultimate humiliation by a super macho institution that denigrates males who do not march in strict conformity with the "brotherhood", by slapping female characteristics upon them in the most insulting way as a form of punishment and humiliation. As a female, I find this not only demeaning to the males that this happens to, but to the overall body of females as well. Read my messages below if you don't understand this.

    6. a_no_n

      and what evidence do you have for that claim?

      I've seen all of your ranting but am yet to find a single shred of evidence to back up your ignorant assumptions.

    7. watchtheduck

      Evidence is often well hidden, and it takes digging deeper to expose the evidence. There are many cases of people who were sentenced to death row and later released after DNA science refuted the evidence presented at time of trial. Imagine how many people might be wrongly convicted but their cases never reopened because the "evidence" presented was enough to convict them and nobody bothered to look deeper into the case.

    8. a_no_n

      so in other words you can't find evidence and feel that justifies you to just make up whatever you want and present it as fact...good to know.

    9. watchtheduck

      Without legal process Bradley Manning is STILL Bradley Manning, and he is still male! I didn't make up the fact that it's common within the hyper macho male institutions to mock men considered weak by comparing them in some way to females. As I said, without due process, Bradley Manning is STILL Bradley Manning and he is still MALE! How much more evidence do you need?

    10. a_no_n

      it's hard to get due process when you're locked in solitary confinement.
      Did nobody tell you that assumptions aren't evidence?

      I don't see evidence, I just see LBGT bashing hate speech.

    11. watchtheduck

      Lot's of lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender bashing hate speech is what you see? Not in my comments unless you are delusional. FACTS are facts. Without due legal process, solitary confinement or not, there simply is no legal name change, therefore, Bradley is still Bradley. And without a sex change operation, he is still a male with all parts intact. FACTS, not bashing.

    12. a_no_n

      hm, so somebody identifies as a woman, and yet you insist that they are still a man, and that makes me delusional for thinking it's hate speech?

      Well aren't we lucky we have you to pass judgement and tell us all what we really are.

    13. Jjdftt

      Btw you get all mad and say watchtheduck is narrowminded. But she is kinda right in the case of bradley manning. He was made less credible, by posting articles about him wanting to be a woman. In dutch news paper's it said he was sick minded. This is so obvious and for her making assumption like that on this site is her right. And unless you have a real reason to prove her wrong you shouldnt react;)

    14. a_no_n

      nah that's crap...I don't think she's narrow minded i think she's a hatemonger.

      Dutch news...well they're going to have a good idea about what's happening to a person in solitary confinement on the other side of the world aren't they?
      If you're going to try and use sources to make me think i have no right to voice an opinion, at least make them relevant sources.

    15. kjdfkkd

      ehm dutch news gets it sources from Reuters, worlds largest news agency. So you calling that not a relevant source is pretty funny.

    16. a_no_n

      So because they're large they're infallible?

    17. watchtheduck

      To you I say this...I have absolutely NOTHING against Gay, Lesbian, Transexuals, or Bi's and I am all for the rights of all people. But how one feels on the inside doesn't make it so on the outside. I know lots of people who feel ugly on the outside, but they aren't.. And in the case of Bradley Manning, even if he feels like a she on the inside (and I'm not convinced that he does, though it's okay if he does) he still has all of his male parts, and no female parts, so biologically speaking, he is a male, and that's what I said. I'd like him no matter what, because to me he/she is a hero.

    18. Tomislav R

      I would not put it past them.

      That is how the alpha work. Nothing extraordinary in their ranks.

      But, Manning's incarceration is a despicable enough act.

  32. gnarliman

    NOT a waste of 30 minutes.

  33. fewoptions

    unfortunally tv/news these days is more opinion or has agenda than actual facts. its used as a means of getting ppl to fit in line and to think a certain way. if you don't agree as bush would say your against us. hardly what u can call freedom of speech which is what I presume americans think they have....... from day 1 I said the Iraq invasion was wrong, (my friends thought I was mad as I said it was based on lies and zero facts)none of my friends agreed at the time I wonder if they still believe the hype and bs. we all know now that it had nothing to do with 911 just wanted excuse to steal Iraqi oil and use there weapons on innocent ppl. war is Americas main industry, the gov has to feed the industry by invading countries that can hardly protect themselfs. uk gov fed the same bs here! what was the headline again IRAQ HAS MISSLES THAT CAN HIT UK IN 45MINS(completely false), this was the gov bs they feed us to create panic. turns out that gov used a college students essay to scare everyone. it was all made up BS. another great doc from tdf that helps ppl to wake up (I hope)! don't believe what the media say do your own investigating and you always find eventually a hidden truth that the media just seems to miss or just wants to ignore. I wish usa spent as much time and $$$ helping ppl rather than trying to kill them, then America could actually be a proud nation. we can only dream lol. lets hope for a more peaceful 2014!

    1. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

      Thats right!
      Good Comment!

      Though the truth -can- lay within thorough investigation.
      One must examine & question All information, from All media outlets (including the independent ones) carefully & thoughtfully.

      As within complacency and content comes conformity (on the bottom) and corruption (on the top).

      Wake Up!
      Cut Your Cable TV Sub's!
      Travel to and experience far away lands!


    2. dmxi

      the information regarding iraq having mobile production capacity for
      WMD'S was given by an iraq citizen to the german secret service (bnd)
      which had no
      cross-checking proof & was deemed futile but the
      americans persisted on using his obvious false statement.this led to
      diplomatic problems between germany & the US as the foreign minister
      (joschka fischer) told rumsfeld that the american intelligence given
      did not make the case for german troops to be deployed for the 'war
      against terror' to iraq.....afghanistan was a different case.this was
      well documented & was aired on german TV (it started with a lie...)
      which i doubt is/was accessible in america.btw,the informant is now
      living in germany on social welfare & smirked dumbly in the
      aforementioned documentary when confessing to the lie that cost so many
      lives of his fellow citizens.....a disgrace on behalf of all
      participating in this murderous machine.

  34. watchtheduck

    As for the claim that after being convicted Bradley Manning wanted to become a woman known as Chelsea, it's not difficult for anyone who understands the "language" to comprehend that in male dominated institutions, such as sports, politics and the military, comparisons to being anything female becomes the ultimate insult. Though there are plenty of good examples, one of the more famous insults was when Arnold Schwarzenneger called his political opponents "girly men". Quoting from this video, when Ethan McCord went to the Staff Sargent asking for mental health services, he (Ethan) was told to "get the sand out of his vagina, and suck it up and be a soldier."

    I don't buy into the media hype that portrayed Manning after he was led away to serve his sentence, as a mentally impaired man who from then on wanted to be known as Chelsea. To a keen observer, that photo of him in a ridiculously ugly blond wig, was a cut and paste job, meant to deliver the ultimate form of humiliation of the super macho against men who are perceived as weak or who go against the grain which is standing with the "brothers". I fear for Manning in that military prison. I fear that they will indeed shoot him full of female hormones, not because that's what he truly wants, but because it would be the ultimate and most extreme form of punishment, and there would be nothing he could do about it in a military prison.

    1. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

      Ha! Yes!

      The hyper aggressive attitude taken to anyone "lesser then". Especially picking on the mentally disordered or otherwise not-normal... makes for the easiest of "wins".

      A cheap and hollow mentality that proves only that violence cycles. In other words the trappings of an irrationally emotionless culture.

      I feel Manning knows what he has done.
      I feel he must acknowledge his own heroism.
      If not everyday, at least in moments of clarity.

    2. bcbingram

      Seemed that way to me also

    3. JonKepler

      I think you are correct. I hadn't really thought about this aspect of the propaganda against dissidents. I've lived among military, I know them well. I exactly know what you mean!

    4. gustave courbet

      I have to politely disagree with your assessment. Some people don't feel comfortable with the gender gifted them by circumstance and feel compelled to change that. It is not a political statement, other than having the courage to repudiate the reactionary perspectives of the general population (and seen at their most extreme by 'macho' bastions such as the military). Perhaps Manning felt that she had nothing else to gain or lose by catering to the desires of the establishment that hung her out to dry, and felt that she was finally in a position to honestly show herself to the world in the visage that she preferred. I could be misunderstanding your position, but do you have any issues with transgender people?

    5. Pysmythe

      Exactly. Also, the wish to be known as Chelsea was conveyed by her own attorney, and this is supposed to be part of a military conspiracy?

    6. a_no_n

      so because you don't think he was 'beautiful' in a wig, you think his gender issues are made up?

      Is it possible in your mind for a man to want to be a woman?

      As someone with Transvestite and post op friends i find your attitude to be quite revolting...I don't buy that you have a clue on what you're talking about.

  35. watchtheduck

    Let's not forget that the man who exposed this travesty, Bradley Manning, has been convicted and locked away in a military prison for 35 years, while Edward Snowden, another whistleblower became a hero in the eyes of the public and has managed to remain free, though in another country. While Snowden's confessions really grabbed media and public attention, the fact that we were being spied on regularly was already common knowledge since the passage of the Patriot Act. In light of how media is used to distract and lead the masses, ask yourself, why did the Snowden confession come at the very moment when Bradley Manning was going to trial, thereby shifting the public focus from Manning, to Snowden? At that same time, the media stopped referring to the trial as the Manning trial and started calling it the Wikileaks trial, a tactic that for many would have created a negative mental association with Julian Asange, who had also been villainized for exposing the humiliating truth.

    1. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

      My gosh I forgot about Manning...
      All the while vying to kickstart a bronze statue of Snowden.

      Manning deserves one just the same!

      Great Comment!

  36. a_no_n

    lol, i love the idea of a documentary suggesting that tv can't be educational...the irony of it is absolutely hilarious.

  37. Scartera

    I love technology and video games, on the call of duty level in the airport you don't have to pull the trigger at all to pass the level. seems like this doc just demonised technology as a whole most of the way through, no mention of the good things it does at all.

    1. Songwish

      This is a very powerful documentary that shows the cruelties and deceptions of our civilization, and the kind of human beings we are on our way to becoming if we fail to act and to resist the prevailing ideology or any ideology if we do not want to become non-humans, non-beings - a civilization were we no longer believe in anything or feel anything, I feel that a symptom if this condition is cynicism as expressed by a_no -n.
      Technology can be used for good, as this documentary shows. Thank you for making.

  38. CapnCanard

    Excellent documentary... I like Neil Postman description of Huxley's idea that we need to "resist egoism and passivity". I implore everyone, please wake up!

  39. Chul

    Great Docu! share please!

    1. bringmeredwine

      Yes, this is well worth watching. It has a very important message.