Super Hurricanes

Super Hurricanes

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For millennia, we saw the oceans as mysterious wellsprings of nature's power, capable of rising up and engulfing us. The history books are filled with stories of cities and towns caught off guard by the sudden onrush of a tropical storm.

We now see hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones as the product of climate systems on a much larger scale... water and wind, oceans and land. They are fueled by heat from the sun, captured and stored in the upper layer of tropical oceans. The deeper and warmer this upper layer becomes, the stronger and longer lasting a hurricane can be.

In the Atlantic Ocean, they often begin their lives over mountains in East Africa. As the wind sweeps over them, an area of low pressure forms. It travels across the Sahara Desert, then moves out over the warm Atlantic. There, it can spawn thunderstorms over a broad region. As the low gradually comes under the influence of the Earth's rotation, called the Coriolis force, it begins to spin.

As the storm intensifies, the pressure in its center continues to drop, forming what's known as "the eye." It acts like a partial vacuum, causing winds at the sea surface to spiral inward toward it. These in-spiraling winds evaporate moisture from the warm ocean surface. As they near the eye, they veer upward, producing clouds and rain.

Much of this air moves outward at the top of the storm, like a chimney. Some flows back down into the center, causing the eye to dry out and become clear. The path a hurricane takes, and the intensity it reaches, are determined by its interaction with global weather systems and ocean currents. In most cases, they form in vast ocean areas along the equator, pushed along by equatorial wind currents.

At higher latitudes, to the north and south, east-bound winds circle the globe. Where they converge in the tropics, the flow shifts to the west, forming the trade winds and a band of precipitation called the Inter-tropical Convergence Zone. Stretching all around the Earth, this is the breeding ground for countless thunderstorms and larger tropical storms.

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Achems Razor
Achems Razor
7 years ago


The only "intelligence" that this analogic Universe has, is based on scientific causes and effects following the laws of Evolution, "Enlightened"? NO! the human apes came swinging down from the trees only a very short time ago, like the flicker of a neutrino colliding with a hydrogen atom, according to the time span of the Universe. This may be a more viable supposition than all the millions of man made imaginary Deities since recorded history.

7 years ago


Yup, you're so enlightened that you believe the universe either: 1) popped into existence without a cause, 2) has been around for eternity oscillating in and out of existence without a cause, 3) is part of an infinite number of other near identical universes in some imaginary, mathematically contrived, multiverse where there's an infinite number of enlightened yous?

Or you can believe that the universe does have a cause and that this cause is an efficient cause that had a certain level of intelligence to bring about this unique universe with parameters finally tuned to allow an "enlightened" you to ask this question 14.8 billion years later!

10 years ago

When will the people take heed? Allah sends these great storms but why?

the Qur?an the statement of Allaah, Al-A?raf 7:94-99, ?And we sent no
Prophet unto any town, any village or any place and they denied him,
except that We seized it?s people with suffering from extreme poverty or
loss in wealth or loss of health and calamities, so that they might
humiliate themselves and repent to Allaah. Then We changed the evil for
good, until they increased in number and wealth. And said: Our fathers
were touched with evil, loss of health and calamities, and with good
prosperity.? So they were touched with the both of them. They were
touched with calamity, disease, death and what is like it. And they were
also touched with some prosperity. So Allaah mentioned; ?So We seized
them all of a sudden while they were unaware. And if the people of the
towns had believed and had Taq?wa (piety), and (fear of Allaah),
certainly We should have opened for them blessings from the heaven and
the earth, but they denied the messengers. So We took them, with
punishment, for what they used to earn. Did the people of the towns then
feel secure against the coming of Our punishment by night while they
were asleep? Or, did the people of the towns then feel secure against
the coming of Our punishment in the forenoon while they were playing?
Did they then feel secure against the Plan of Allaah? None feels secure
from the Plan of Allaah except the people who are the losers.?

10 years ago

This video has great graphics but is pretty short on facts. I did like the one where the earth appeared to be pulsing and I wondered if that could be a visual representation of the Schumann Frequency (7.83 Hz). If so, how cool.

BUT, to echo the comment below:
1) There is no mention of the tipping points we've all been discussing for over 10 years.
2) No mention of the impact of 15+ years of toxic geoengineering projects with their dual purposes of weather manipulation and population reduction through expensive chronic illness.

Producing propaganda videos like these only serves to further reinforce the utter lack of integrity inherent in our present corporatocracy. We are not fooled.

Mary Helen Neal
Mary Helen Neal
10 years ago

How can this be believed when one fact is so wrong. New Orleans was not in the direct path of Katrina. It was on the west side of the storm. A wall of water did not flood the city because it is 60 miles from the gulf coast. The city was flooded by eroded flood walls that were breached AFTER the storm had passed. The eye of Katrina passed over the small town of Pearlington, Mississippi. The entire Mississippi Coast resembled an area devestated by a bomb. I live 2 miles from the beach on the coast. My first floor is 20 feet above sea level. Yet I received 4 feet of flood water in my home. Please correct your information.