Supernatural Science: Previous Lives

Supernatural Science: Previous Lives

1999, Science  -   79 Comments
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Supernatural Science: Previous LivesMillions believe in reincarnation. Is there proof that is really happens?

Do people pass through many lifetimes and can they bring back memories from having lived before?

Therapies now encouraging people to relive their violent moments of their deaths in previous lives.

But what can be known for certain. Scientists are trying to assess the evidence from those who've claimed to have live before.

Will they proof the case for reincarnation and reveal what brings those memories to the human mind?

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79 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Daizi

    Sometimes 'scientists' come across like mules who can't see due to the eye guards that are put around them to keep them from getting distracted when on route. Reincarnation is factual truth and not fiction.

  2. stephen adamo

    i use to believe in reincarnation but not any one of my past lives i fully believed it to be true, but in the life i live now.....i dont believe it to be true

  3. Ian Bell

    I think this film makes the mistake of not attempting to separate 'Past life regression' with actual past lives, im leaning toward the opinion that there is something in reincarnation to take seriously, however, i dont for a second think that hypnotic regression is anything more than a journey into one's own imagination.
    How then do we explain some children's absolute accuracy at very young ages, without external reference?
    That said, no one has yet to my knowledge looked into the possibility that that could be a trapped memory, rather than a past life memory.
    It may be a 'Genetic Memory' where the child can be genetically traced to the past life figure, and it has transposed in this way. This needs to be studied to be discounted.
    We know animals pass on genetic memories, turkeys for example.
    it may be that we are much more connected electrically than we know today, via a matrix or frequency, and if so, it may be that the past life figure's death moment was so traumatic that it somehow 'Glitched' (the memory) its way into a newborns circuit. It may be!
    It makes logical sense to be reincarnated to me, and makes no logical sense, other than via reincarnation, that some kids can supply intimate detail of someone they (or their parents) have no reason to have ever known anything about...........just a thought peeps!

    1. KateGladstone

      If it was a genetic memory, nobody who had reincarnation memories would ever remember dying (in any of their past lives), because our ancestors' genes were always passed on BEFORE our ancestors died. (For example — suppose that you remember living, and dying, as your great-grandfather, who died at age 22 in battle but who was only 21 when he made your great-grandmother pregnant with your grandfather ... Any memory you inherited, somehow, from your great-grandfather COULD NOT be a memory of him at age 22: at the very latest, if it was an inherited memory, it would have to be a memory that he formed no later than age 21. (In fact, the VERY latest event in his life that you could EVER possibly remember — if you inherited memories from his life — would be the memory of him making your great-grandmother pregnant ... )

    2. Ian Bell

      That's a very good point. Thanks.

    3. Kimberly Watson

      It's interesting what you said in your comment. I recently watched a YouTube video about the topic and there was a suggestion it all comes down to energy and matter. When we die, do we leave certain parts of ourselves to then be 'picked up' or 'intergrated' with other energy and matter, leaving traces or signs of who we once were to then become part of a new persons consciousness. It's all so very complicated and hard for me to explain correctly so I apologise if I'm not doing it right, but it's so fascinating and it's a more plausible theory than any other ones I've heard.

  4. bru th

    Chipoltaway laundry detergent. proof.

  5. Angeline Hall

    I hate when they put skeptics in the films. It really takes away from the stories.

    1. Guest

      no skeptic = no science :) Skeptics help keep it honest...ish :)

  6. Lauriesheri

    The woman at the beginning whose son was in WW1 does not seem credible to me at all.

  7. GeppyHoo

    Could Reincarnation actually be just another Dimension.

  8. Rocky Racoon

    As more and more species grow extinct there will not be enough container's for these souls that is why humanity if coming to end times.

    1. FOL AMI

      This is not the only planet...

  9. Turtle_maddness

    the spirit enters and exits through the pineal gland. read dmt-the spirit molecule.

  10. devlinwaugh

    We know that humans in the early days of evolution were in the thousands.I would use this one example to disprove reincarnation.In example were did all the lives come from the population is growing that means that new humans are coming into creation from nowhere and the amount of people that die is not equivalent to the amount of people that are born,thus by this simple equation we can say that reincarnation is total rubbish and religion trying to validate more madness.

    1. Tom

      Unless reality is composed of infinite dimensions. Mtheory is heading in that direction, and actually, theoretical phsyics is starting to bear this out.

  11. Hilda

    I get upset when some scientists think they can explain everything by science and insist on it while it is not this neuroscientis who thinks that those memories are only dreams...he cannot explain many other things like why after remembering that specific " dream", the problem goes away...I am not saying reincarnation is a true or wrong theory, but when you don't have enough explanation for something simply say " I don't know"....What is the philosophy of science? Is science or our 5 known senses the only tool to know about our universe??

    1. Perry Joe Rogantin

      The "philosophy" of science is simply to discover the true workings of seems strange you would get upset that scientists think they can explain everything with science...of course they do! they wouldn't be very good scientists if they used the supernatural to explain nature would they?? just because something isn't yet explainable through science yet doesn't mean we should just say that its supernatural...and is a way of getting past our 5 senses to discover the universe!

    2. soupisgoodfood

      The content of a dream does not need to be based on facts in order for it to allow the person to confront and resolve an issue they had. The neuroscience covered in there does explain a lot and it's a false premise to think that it has to explain why a person imagined the specific things they imagined. People may assign significance to the specifics of a dream even if they are random, because of the emotions they experienced during the dream.

  12. Xercès Des Stèles

    super-natural science? non sens oximoron.

    1. fl260

      First thing I thought.
      I have nothing about unscientific topics, unless they call themselves scientific.

  13. Terry Mckown

    @Squak, Bravo!

  14. Squak

    When I was younger I felt like a boy trapped in a woman's' body. Luckily all that changed when I was born.

  15. Sarah Brooks

    something i would like to know, the population of humans grows every single day there is not enough memories to reincarnate per person so the maths don't add up, if the memories were some how from people, why is there not more memories of animals, animals are treated just as cruel as any human with there forests been tourched down , captured, tortured ext lets just pretend there is this force where we have souls, there would always be and always of been the same amount of souls.. thats my argument

    1. Mindwars

      Well, i believe that its only one consciousness, time is not linear, reality is holographic, and the one force of life, witch we strive from, are subdivided over and over again- witch create the illusions of more bodies:)

    2. tariqxl

      I always imagined a production line with 1 of the saints as a foreman checkin souls of a list lmao. Whenever I hear a story of someone wanting to change gender sayin they were born into the wrong body I snigger thinkin uh oh another logistics error. The big man created the earth in a day but gets little details like that wrong... kinda like me puttin ketchup on my bacon then thinkin damn thats supposed to be HP

    3. Xercès Des Stèles

      Health Points?

    4. Tristan Christopher Pelser

      perhaps there are other planets on which human beings reside..

    5. MrStory

      If you take the Theravda Buddhist description of rebirth or reincarnation for instance, humans are not just reborn as humans. One can be born into 30 some realms of existence including humans, animals, spirits, heavens, and hells. I suppose the amount of "souls" would have to be the same from the beginning; they are just spread out amongst these different realms so trying to do the math becomes fairly difficult.

    6. Turtle_maddness

      Not all souls are in bodies at the same times.

    7. sknbsknb

      I asked this same question to various sources who believe in reincarnation during a project I did as a teenager trying to look at the topic from a skeptics viewpoint but still show respect for people's belief. The answer I received from some is that as the population grows there is a larger population of new souls and older experienced souls become rarer and rarer.

      Others said that since souls were not drawn from humans all the time, there is an endless supply. Think of how many insects there are.

      Not saying I believe this, but thought you might find it interesting.

    8. Karaine

      For what it's worth, I don't think human beings reincarnate from animals..or, at least not after having been a human being.
      I do know that some religions believe they can and I know I may be incorrect..Unless one's belief makes it reality, rather than the other way around.

    9. Mike Doyle

      Trying to figure out mathematically implies an understanding of how the other side works. That is, it assumes human in, human out, human in. What we don't know is a lot. It very well can be humanoid in, humanoid out, etc. That is, the many trillions x trillions of humanoids throughout the universe are interchangable. Or perhaps new souls are created, or perhaps souls can be split or perhaps…

  16. JimmytheLizard

    very interesting.. if you're interested in this then you should look lectures by Thomas Cambell who explains his theory of everything. This doesnt seem that bizzare when I relate back to that. His theory says that we are a subset of a larger system which uses our learning experiences to evolve... I can't explain it very well but check it out it definately makes sense.

  17. ?? ? A Citizen

    There is a difference between Reincarnation and Transmigration. I think the show failed to highlight the differences.

    Reincarnation is a term invented by the Buddhist, which states that an evolving stream of consciousness. It does not have a soul.

    Whereas, Transmigration theories have an eternal soul at the core of all explanation, and the soul moves around, resulting in the so-called past lives.

    1. Karaine

      True Calvin, only I think it is Hinduism that considered it reincarnation long before there was Buddhism.

  18. Marsha Benson

    open minds change the world

  19. Marsha Benson

    just want to say everyone is in tittle to there option. What science knows today has most always latter been proven false. So I think its a real insult to discount these people.

    1. soupisgoodfood

      Scientific theories are often revised, but that's not the same thing as science most always latter being proven false. Psychology shows that people are very susceptible to imagining such events as past lives and that other people are willing to believe them, perhaps because they want to believe in life after death. I've read books on the subject and there is never any conclusive evidence.

  20. Demeter

    I'm not going to comment on my beliefs about this one way or the other, nor affirm or debunk anyone's thoughts or experiences (and not opine at least right now ;-). I hope I'm not copying someone else's post totally though, by showing concern that, unlike docs on almost any other topic, it bothered me to see someone used by this BBC doc, who doubtless is passionate about his stance and research on the topic (Dr. Robert Baker), but who showed such obvious contempt and lack of respect for both the patient groups he has seen, those he hasn't but was discussing, and the issues and questions he was asked to opine on, by using everything from dismissive terms to describe a patient's reaction of tears - "blubbering" - to a racial slur.
    It's very hard to take any expert of any credential seriously if they choose to take such an attitude, as it does tempt one to think they have a negative _bias_ in their view or evidence they're about to present! That's why it's also disturbing to me that Dr. Baker was featured in this doc at all while treating the matter that way; it just doesn't seem "up to snuff".. not the same standards all around, and not BBC.
    But then again, it's an older doc, and another thing?
    Always grateful to be able to watch a variety of docs like this one here! I think more should be posted on the subject - though I bet those that are balanced enough to satisfy a variety of viewers are rare - but I'd really be enthusiastic if a modern documentary was available on reincarnation/past lives/genetic memory, too! Or maybe more than one?
    Because one thing I feel passionately about is that like accounts of NDEs in the 70s and 80s when they were just coming into popular literature, far more people than are currently willing or able to come out and talk about it for fear of ridicule have experienced these things, and only with more persistence and research - and respect at the very least - given to them to say their piece, will they come out and tell us what they're experiencing.

    1. Karaine

      I'm late in reading this, but I really appreciate what you said here.


    reincarnation is cellular memory! I never (My name here) existed as this person before yet I can remember existing in another life: most likely I was seeing through my ancestors eyes. I once saw through my mothers eyes in a past life regression, hence this theory. imho... we are all connected

    1. d-krah

      Not likely. How do you explain the 1000 + cases investigated by Prof. Ian Stevenson, in which children seemed to remember the end of the alleged past life (i.e. the death of that person)? I have had a six year old tell me that he was killed in his "former" life. Logically thinking, you would expect only memories of the parents (and their ancestors) up to the moment of birth of a person, if these memories were somehow stored in DNA. Perceptions after that could not be transported by any natural cellular mechanism.


      I can't explain anything other than my own experience, I have never been (this Id) before! imho. I am pretty skeptical of peoples claims. I claimed a bunch of stuff as a child, none of it true.

    3. d-krah

      I'm sure you did. And so did I. Believe me, I can tell the difference between a child making up a story and a child talking about something he or she shouldn't know anything about. And it's much more than just stories I experienced. Strange birthmarks and behavioural patterns, a mother (who never believed in or thought about reincarnation) dreaming of a deceased relative announcing her rebirth etc. You just can't explain that with a child making up stories or with cellular memories. But why am I telling you this, you won't believe anything I say. And rightfully so. I wouldn't believe any of this either, if it wasn't happening around me right now.

  22. d-krah

    Esoterics and cultists, charlatans, crackpots and new agers have seized it and use it for their own purpose, which has made reincarnation suspect for us western materialists. But the simple truth - which you will only begin to see after you have had your own irrefutable experiences - is that reincarnation happens and it's nothing supernatural, esoteric or even special.

    1. soupisgoodfood

      How did you come to the conclusion that it's irrefutable?

  23. Harshanee Jayasekera

    thank you this is really interesting. i come from a religious background that think there is life after death. however what i really want to stress here is about the laboratory experiment of "creating the wow response."

    when you ask somebody to create a life or an experience of death (like the young man creating his previous death experience to be cubed and to be a painful death) it will always be something that had really happened- what you have seen on TV, a movie or what you have read in a newspaper or a book. but what is recorded in these formed (newspapers, TV, Film) are often real happenings, what really has happened or somebody's experience. therefore even if you create these 'wow" stories in lab or whether it is real you cannot distinguish. so i think the experiment here is not very valid.

    particularly in Sri Lanka, from where i am there are numerous stories about children talking about their experiences in a previous life (even my sister did) and some even talk in different languages (the widely used language in Sri Lanka is Sinhalese and tamil in some parts of the island).

  24. Proof

    Check out Prof Ian Stevensons work " Where biology & reincarnation meets." There are many case studies there.
    I do not beleive in religion or god but I have sort of started beleiving in Reincarnation & Karma. No religion says one can be born as Animals. You cannot go back to animal form untill and unless you have such deep desire for most of your life. Much are fleeting desire and are wiped out.
    Only thing we can do is wait and see in the future whether it comes out to be ture or not. I think it will come out to be true.

  25. em

    Maybe people who were terrible in a past life get reincarnated as animals in factory farms.

  26. 8livesin

    This is hilarious. My 4 yr old niece can barely put a sentence together and most involve the words mommy, daddy, love, hate, yummy and so fourth. Super basic things that we all know. This lady expects us to believe her 4yr old told her he was shot in the neck in a previous war? That's Retarded ; ) Were all worthless bags of blood. Whether you belive in christ, santa or pringles were all pretty useless. There are no super humans. Except maybe the dude who invented Facebook. It's kinda sad to think but really why would you think any different?

    1. Turtle_maddness

      I think it's sad you think this way, you sound very ignorant and closed minded. The story about her 4 year old, even SHE was shocked and never believed before that. I dont know if i believe in reincarnation, but i do believe in life after death, i do believe in a spiritual word, and no i am not religious..but I do think we are more than "worthless bags of blood"...I feel sorry that your kids have to have you as a mother.

    2. amdalk

      you do know that facebook is filled with flaws right?

    3. signalfire1

      Your 4 year old niece sounds rather... r********. Most four year olds can communicate just fine; they're only one year out from kindergarten. I was reading proficiently at 3. Maybe you should have her checked out for vaccine damage (which I'm sure you don't believe in either).

  27. Hrt

    Two people suffering from epilepsy met in a hospital while being tested over a 3 week period to locate and decide if epilepsy surgery was possible. All went well until one person asked the other "What type of seizures do you have?"

    These patients were hooked up to EEGs 24 hours a day and had their meds manipulated so as to induce reactions which would enable neurologists to find out the specifics needed in order to make decisions as to whether surgery was viable or not.
    As soon as the one person asked the other the question, nursing staff literally came flying out of nowhere, separated the two and told them never to discuss the matter again.

    Seeing what I saw made me ask the head nurse why they reacted the way they did. Her response was, in my own words, based on the fact that the power of suggestion can greatly affect the outcome of the testing. In short, there was a risk that person number 1 could possibly start to experience person number 2's seizure activity and person number 2 could experience person number 1's. That, in turn could mess up the telemetry readings of each patient. More importantly, it could lead to a misdiagnosis that would have surgeons working on the wrong part of their brains.

    What I am trying to say is it is too easy to fill someone's head full of garbage. As adults we are easily swayed, yet as children at early ages we are open and honest.
    I myself would rather focus on children than adults.

    If we were at a party and a bunch of people kept telling you that you looked awful and seemed ready to be sick. I am willing to bet that with enough peer pressure, you probably would blow chunks. If people really want to know the truth, focus on the innocence of childhood and not the suggestive filled wishful thinking we as adults are capable of creating.

    Watch the documentary "The Boy Who Lived Before". I myself watched it here and was blown away by the little guy's reaction when all info he provided to people brought him to the place he claimed to have lived in a past life. His body language betrayed his experiences. In his previous life, he died young and God asked him if he wanted to go back. His response was yes and back he came. Not until he was exposed to what he claimed did he finally withdraw from talking about his past life. If you watch the doc, watch the boy as he comes to grips with what he was dealing with.

    Why don't we all experience reincarnation? I myself cannot claim to have lived before and with all due respect would never trust any type of hypnosis based therapies. I'm quite surprised the lady in one scene was acting out being choked to death and never suffered a heart attack. To me, stimuli like that are dangerous and unfounded.
    You would think if life was to be a lesson and if the lesson was never learned for whatever reason and God needed to send you back, you would remember the lessons learned from before and use them to better yourself in another life. Yet, for some reason, we are not capable of remembering those things probably because if we were capable of figuring this whole mess out, we'd all commit suicide in order to free ourselves from the shackles of the human body.

    It's a big universe and I myself feel there is more to life than meets the eye, espescially when we act in a selfish religion induced way that lays claim to the fact all this crap pertains to humans and only humans.

    Study what you want, believe what you want and don't let anyone fill your heads full of s***. Also, don't fill others' heads with your own suggestive types of thought either. Just live your lives, be the best you can and remember, all life is equal. We are NOT the be - all end - all life forms we have led ourselves to believe to be on this planet.
    One more thing. Ever notice how people who have had near death experiences and those who claim to have been reincarnated have never sent us a message from God stating which religion is true and which ones are false? Typical sullied, self induced and suggestive human self righteous arrogance forces us to deify our existance over every other living thing...

  28. The dude abides

    Are we dealing with genuine memories, or the power of the imaginative mind ?
    I think it's the power of the imaginative mind.

  29. Creatio-whaa!?

    I'm quite skeptical of supernatural stuff in general, including these types of claims regarding reincarnation. This business with kids telling stories about "past lives" are cute but they are not scientific evidence. These types of stories should be dismissed immediately unless they can give some sort of tangible, conclusive proof. Using children's stories as "proof" is silly; would you use a kid's utter conviction when talking about imaginary friends or goblins under the bed as "proof" of ghosts or crypto-zoology? Give me a break.

    The fact that they can literally manufacture these religious/spiritual/past life emotions in the lab with electromagnetic equipment is a strong demonstration (to me) that this is nothing more than a neural + psychological phenomenon.

    Is it possible that reincarnation is real? Sure, but it seems a rather extraordinary claim, particularly considering that the mechanism and means of memory/consciousness transfer beyond death is completely unknown to modern science. This film (and all human inquiry into the reincarnation subject thus far in human history) is nothing more than wild speculation, almost always reinforced by individual or cultural religious/spiritual/new age beliefs.

    As it stands today, the consciousness that you consider "self" are the result of electrochemical activity in the brain. We can demonstrate this physical, neural basis as the mechanism of consciousness because we can manufacture a wide range of emotions, feelings, and convictions by manipulating the electrochemical activity in the brain. Based on this scientific understanding, when the brain tissue dies the electrochemical activity also ceases, thus the "self" cannot persist after death. This is all that science alone can really say at this point. The first step in making any headway to scientifically demonstrating reincarnation (or any life-after-death claim) is to discover and demonstrate the mechanism of "self" that replaces or supersedes electro-chemistry in the brain and the substrate for this mechanism that supersedes grey matter. Until you can genuinely find this (and demonstrate its existence scientifically), all this chatter and argument about reincarnation is just (in my own, skeptical, opinion) new age feel-good speculation.

    Sorry to burst your bubble guys.

    1. Luo

      You haven't burst any bubbles (aside from the fact that it is not bubbles, but actual evidence). There is nothing in neuroscience to show that the brain is the source of consciousness. All of the evidence is equally compatible with the idea that the brain is a kind of modem, between physical reality and the mind. There is, however, evidence, in the form of veridical reincarnation memories, veridical information from NDEs, and other sources, to show that the mind exists independently of the physical brain. So, when you weigh it up: no evidence to demonstrate that the brain is the source of evidence, and various forms of evidence to demonstrate that it is not - it is not that difficult to make an informed choice.

  30. son of zaphod

    Thank you Vlatko, your site is an awesome source of information!
    On this particular documentary the questions you need to ask are, if reincarnation is possible then in what way does this effect our current lives? How does that help change society and stop the cycles of War, Poverty and Famine?
    The answers are obvious, it can't and wont do any good to our lives or to humanity as a whole, it only breeds ignorance and doesn't improve our lives or indeed our environment in anyway, shape or form.

  31. Philosophocles

    If the things that are visible to you are obscure to you, how can you hear about the things that are not visible? If the deeds of the truth that are visible in the world are difficult for you to understand, how indeed, then, shall you understand those which are not visible?

  32. Epicurus

    @number3, the helmet is designed to induce the same electrical impulses that the brain creates to have these experiences. just like in someone with temporal lobe epilepsy.

    the study of this provides important evidence concerning the neural basis for religious and mystic experiences.

  33. Philosophocles

    @ Syke-hook
    I completely agree with your main point. Our past lives (wether you believe in them or not) should have absolutely nothing to do with our lives now. If they did, what would be the point of living another life in the first place? Living again and again would only make sense if we are meant to learn new things. And there are an infinite amount of situations that can be created through experience in a physical body. Add in the point in history, government, parents, illnesses, friends, agriculture, etc etc and the things one could experience and grasp to understand in a million years would still only be the tip of the iceberg.

    So, why rehash old memories and lives? There are so many new things to learn. There is no point to suffer from past mistakes. The only true mistake, in this particular scheme, is not learning anything new. Not experiencing and understanding why. If you don't wish to learn then you will probably start your next life lower on the totem pole (degenerative disease, brain malfunction, etc) but your past life memories won't make you wet the bed. Where does that even fit in the grand scheme? So in a way, this doc is interesting, but at the same time silly.

    However, I truly believe that everything in this world is subjective. An apple might be sweet to me but bitter to you. Who's wrong? Neither. We both have been given the freedom of choice to experience our current lives exactly as we imagine. And only our own thoughts can alter our reality.

  34. number3

    "Dr. persingers team is working on an
    experiment to show they can create intrusive experiences by running electromagnetic fields through the brain."

    Well that is just silly because its not like these people go around exposing their brains to high electromagnetic fields,
    unless you can prove that radio/cell phone signals are the cause then his research is really moot.

    The question is can the brain create intrusive experiences without external stimulation? That would validate his hypothesis that this is all in the brain!

    Other than that, you have to remain open to the possibility of reincarnation.

  35. Skye-hook

    I don't think we need to make any decisions or conclusions right now, til more info is in. I've read and heard a lot about reincarnation, & I don't think it's usually a hoax, or at least not a conscious decision to play a hoax. I'm sure sometimes people fake it for attention. But mostly they are serious, I believe. I KNOW the power of suggestion can contaminate it, & I didn't like when that guy was asking questions that were like suggestions, while someone was under hypnosis.
    In general I shall keep an open mind, although I tend to lean toward believing it, due to several things I've heard elsewhere.
    @Daniel-Really think about what you said. I doubt if it exists that we come back right away nor that everyone is living on earth all at one time. I would think we wait hundreds of years usually between lives, & some may only have had 5 or 6, while others may have have had 20, or maybe we've all had thousands of lives, considering that man has been evolving for so many years. I don't think we'd necessarily have to choose Earth either, do you? So then, why would the population stay the same at any given time? Does not compute. Maybe some have never had a human life before, even.
    My actual conclusion at this point, is that even if it's true, unless we have an illness due to it like some reported, then what difference does it really make? If we lived before, well, we aren't those people now, & now is what counts. No excuses from things like that, please. I once had a girl that stole from me say something like "if I stole from you, maybe that's because you stole from me in a past life." Stupid. Or hearing people claim to have been someone great from history. Like Cleopatra or Caesar or a "saint". Yeh, right. A lot of people need to get a firm grip on reality before they get another life, -from before or after this. lol If you think you're Jesus, & you're not Hispanic, seek help. lol At least, if you think you recall past lives, don't dwell on it & make a big deal of it, cause if it's true, then we all have had the same recycling, & really I think it could be a bit unbalancing mentally to dwell on it much. Those who tend to be obsessive come to mind.
    I also think we have no right to judge anyone on this video, for any reason. To distinquish is good, to judge is not. Just my 2 1/2 cents. :)

  36. daniel

    What Idont get about reincarnation is that the population is getting bigger. if reincarnation is true then the population would stay the same because each life would be replaced by the prevouis one.

  37. lisa

    reincarnation is a hoax

  38. Mr. Deschamps

    Awesome documentary! I had heard all of this before and it is good to have such information. Keep up the good work!

  39. makisig

    Those memories are called ''fake memories''. I remember a docu from Discovery where a psychiatrist showed a picture of a traffic collision to a ''subject'',she put the picture away, then asked the subject if the collision happened because the drivers did not saw the stop sign, the subject then responded that he can recall that there was a stop sign in the picture. But what actually was at the picture was an advertisement from a local church. The power of suggestion made the man think that he saw a stop sign, but he did not. I am not a psychiatrist, but I think their claims to have had memories from their ''past lives'' are just the same sh*t as the subject's response to the doctors question.

  40. oliarguello

    I am a pretty open minded person, but this is nonsense. To be fair...I only saw the first 15 minutes, but the first two accounts were enough to show me what kind of "evidence" they had to work with.

    I agree with SHUGGA in that remembering a past life has nothing to do with knowing the whereabouts of a clock....yet this is what convinced the dreamer that his past life was real? As if anyone can know what will become of their possessions 50 years from now. I am pretty sure I can dream of antique clock...and gee...find an antique clock in a.....drum roll antique store.

    As for the kid getting cured from his throat disease.... A religious person would have called it a miracle and given credit to GOD and comepltely dismissed the past life rant. A woman who is an atheist and wants to believe their kid has special past life cognition abilities would credit the past life rant. The kid not being scared of the rain is called getting older not exorcising some past life rain-scared demon.

    I am not saying past lives and re-incarnation dont exist. This doc seems to be aimed at the gullible or people who already believe in such things...but this so called documentary does nothing to help convince the skeptic... well at least not the first 15 minutes :)

  41. Damis

    It would be too easy to trounce all over Shugga, however tempting that might be after taking note of the gross mispellings of one so eager to denounce others as "retards". Hehe, enough said on that point.

    I personally liked the video and truly believe that there is more to learn about our existence, life, if you prefer, than we currently understand. Phychologists, as well as other scientists would be the first to agree with this point of view. To what extent, would of course vary with the individual.

    The study of the physical brain vs. memory and thought, belong to two different branches of science. There is much that we still don't know.

    Final thought: It's probably as tempting for a closeminded individual to call an openminded person crazy, as it is for the other to consider the first person an ignoramus.

    1. Demeter

      I liked your inclusion of that last thought..but it got me thinking..IS there really any open-minded person anyway? It wouldn't invalidate your musing there; I just feel too many are closed-minded in their striving for - or facade of - open-mindedness :) What I mean is, today so many people seem downright determined to swing to one end of the spectrum or the other - no in between - even to deride supposed "fence-sitters" for not being immediate and complete in judgement of all things and people, that society is acting ridiculously, simplistically polarized on every issue. It seems to me there's an intolerable amount of that, sometimes rising up all the way to self-righteousness, in anyone who claims to be "firm" or "devout" to any point of view, but far worse in my's spreading like wildfire to be self-righteous about one's open mind *l* :-l
      I just find it very discouraging, no, disturbing!
      I guess that for me, the best thing I can do is remain aware of what I don't know, which I do, even when I stand up for my views on something..though that awareness will falter regularly enough! ;-)
      But I feel there are few genuinely "open-minded", much less unbiased people in their search for the truth.
      For historically or currently understandable reasons that still simply do not reflect all of the religious, they are a favourite target. But there are those who dishearten me in their zeal for the truth who act like The High Priests of Science - making it as exclusive, elitist and dogmatic as any organized religion whose zealots they claim to hate.
      In fact, as soon as I've posted the fact that I value the adage that true wisdom is knowing what you don't know, and that I like to jokingly refer to myself as "devoutly moderate" in this time of voluntary polarization, with people eager to willfully misunderstand each other and pigeonhole them, someone will think me self-righteous in that! *lol* Hoo boy..*sigh* ;-)
      (But back to you, I enjoyed reading your remarks.)

    2. soupisgoodfood

      The study of the physical brain vs. memory and thought is called neuroscience.

  42. Achems Razor

    I have to agree with,@ Triad. on this doc.

    Since Quantum Mechanics came around, they are now postulating 11 dimensions.
    And 10 to the 500 power of parallel universes.
    No telling what the future may bring in science.

    But @ Shugga has some valid points, Basically you cannot travel back in time unless you bend space-time, they have not figured out how to do that yet. Some scientists do say, past lives are possible, but what past life? Which Parallel universe, which dimension?

    According to Quantum Theory, there are unlimited probabilities, that go hand in hand with the vast sea of Quantum energy. Therefore it is impossible to pinpoint an exact location and time for past lives.

    But that is not to say in future, scientists may not be able to figure that out.

    1. soupisgoodfood

      Pretty sure you can bend space-time with gravity.

  43. Triad

    Another narrow mind.
    Imagine you were around a couple of hundred years ago,
    with your other narrow minded sheep.

    Then some one suggests that the earth Is spinning through something called spacetime, which In turn causes gravity.

    You like the other sheep, would laugh and say

    But It Is true, and because It wouldnt be able to be proved back then, does not mean It`s false..

    Likewise, just because science cannot prove something YET,
    does not mean Its untrue.

    And you actually wrote this..
    `The proof that most of these people are just filthy liars is even given in this doc, in a way that I bet NONE OF U EVEN NOTICED` What abnoxious Ignorance..

    Its clear by saying that, AND calling people RETARDS,
    that you are writing comments here to grow your pathetic little ego,and have zero respect for anyone!

    Keep your negative opinions to yourself and stop stinking up the website. I have enough decency not to call you a retard back, try to get some sometime.

    1. Demeter

      Just wanted to say that I often mention things in this way - centuries ago, electricity had not yet been experienced/encountered, harnessed, or measured by science, our methods, and our instruments. But that didn't mean it wasn't there!! No one would dare insinuate the opposite was true about that nowadays. And in a more open-ended way, I also add that we can't see the wind (directly) but of course it's there, and people would look at you strangely if you maintained it wasn't.
      So yeah, different words, but same sentiment..I'm with ya here! ;-)
      Just because our current science has not encountered in an irrefutably measurable way various controversial phenomena, does not disprove their “existence”, for lack of better terms.
      My final comment is directed at anyone who hopefully identifies:
      I've always been a stickler for proper spelling and grammar, as it shows respect for the conversation we're having.
      But in wordy people like me, maybe abbreviations are more thoughtful?*l*
      And we all do make typos too, and some people may have low vision, etc. So, not keen on the..I think it's called "ad hominem" ways people debate here when mere typos are obvious in a post! Now, that doesn't mean my hair doesn't just curl when I see someone not even trying to spell, though one can never be sure English is their first language either..

  44. Shugga

    Thanx Vlatko, love these docs.

    This though, was annoying and ridiculous.
    So called 'Past-Live' memories are the most primitive explanation for what these people are describing. 'Past-Lives' derives from the whole 'reincarnation' scam that was told onto us by religion, and should be dismissed by the scientific community as a whole.

    Experiences listed by children should be dismissed instantly unless physical or irrefutable evidence can be provided. The fact that these sickeningly self-involved parents actually delude themselves into this 'My child is holier than thou and I'm an attention type of mindset is repulsive and morally wrong.

    IF there indeed are people that do experience these phenomenon, and DO come with evidence, than a reasonable SCIENTIFIC and RATIONAL explanation could perhaps be found in quantum-mechanics, IE; the Doppler Effect in action.

    The proof that most of these people are just filthy liars is even given in this doc, in a way that I bet NONE OF U EVEN NOTICED,

    Take the person who claimed to be a persecuted Jew, remember his old clock, of which the current whereabouts where brought to his attention conveniently?
    Technically he could have NEVER gotten this information, even if he possessed ALL the knowledge from this 'past-life', none of that information could POSSIBLY have told him the current location of that clock. It's just NOT POSSIBLE.

    People are retards, again and again. When will we learn to embrace cold hard fact and let go of this medieval nonsense!

  45. cld

    Although the scientific investigations were interesting, I kept waiting for a discussion of the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson of teh University of Virginia as described in the several editions of his book, "20 Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation". Dr. Stevenson's personally studied cases represent the kind of evidence that should cause scientists to try to search for paranormal sources as well as more conventional for the past life information. Dr. Stevenson, discussed the conventional sources including cryptoamnesia, which would cause these recalls and eliminated them in his methodology.

    My own thoughts are that for most who have a past life recall, the conventional sources researched by the scientists shown do affect the recall. But that does not invalidate the recall possibility, it just suggests that there may be several sources for any recall based on Dr. Stevenson's work. And, this should not cause these scientists to therefore, think that they have eliminated the possibility of reincarnation.

  46. Satyabroto

    All life forms are based on just four amino acids. Each of us is joined with every being that has ever lived. Reincarnation is not a matter of faith but an incontrovertible fact. Evolution, rather than living in the past, is an equally compelling force of nature. Therefore, we should make every attempt to delve as far back in time as possible, but only with a view to preparing our successors for a better future.