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2009, Health  -   144 Comments
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TappedExamines the role of the bottled water industry and its effects on our health, climate change, pollution, and our reliance on oil. The documentary is well structured and presents an overwhelming amount of evidence which will change the way anyone thinks about bottled and municipal water.

Both the "manufacture" of the water itself, and also where the bottles come from, where they go after use and how they influence our lives while they're with us. The willful absence of major companies such as Coke, Pepsi and Nestle is extremely telling in light of all the material presented.

One can only hope that the small voice of this film will be heard over the huge booming commercial machine that these and other companies represent in the popular media. If you haven't seen this movie, simply watch it. It's that good and the information is something everyone should know.

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144 Comments / User Reviews

  1. I don't pay a cent for my water,I get it from the sky and it's free,pure and beautiful here in New Zealand.

  2. A docu by a homemaker discovered that families living at end of public water lines had a higher than average incident of breast, colon, pancreas and prostate cancers compared to all other locations.

  3. Tap water contains chlorine, lithium, fluoride , lye ... not to mention the medications that get flushed .. government has control of everything. . Unless you truly investigate and educate yourself you'll keep on drinking and eating things that potentially make you sick. . Y'all should truly do research on Kangen water over 6,500 doctors in Japan not only recommend it but prescribe it. . Japan is a preventative country unlike the us were for profit! Smh! Then we wonder why so many people are sick keep getting sick asks take tons of medications! Truly sickening. ..

  4. Anyone mind telling me the TL;DR verion?

  5. Honestly all that really needs to happen is cities not being so flippant when they make contracts with these companies.. Setting limits as to how much they are allowed to take per year, during drought restrictions..etc..

  6. Not that I support this, but the only reason a lot of people buy bottled water is because the city stuff has tons of fluoride..etc.. in it.. If people really want to stop this they simply need to demand changes in city water treatment policy..

  7. are we allowed to show this documentaries to the public? I'm thinking about showing it in my school, but I'm not sure of the legal issues. Did anyone done this before in your campus?

  8. after watching this, i vowed never to buy bottled water again. unfortunately, i am not that pious as i still enjoy my plastic bottled soda here and there. bottled water is also now banned in my house. we are trying to look for alternative ways to store water (for emergencies).

  9. They were the stats from 2007/2008, I hate to think where they're at now. Hoping they've improved, but sadly I doubt it.

  10. Bottled water is forever banned at my house.
    Share this movie; bring awareness to others and hopefully our planet can recover.

  11. Love my tap water

  12. Tap water in my country is dirty as hell, water filter Ftw! Also water bottles where I live cost less than $.5

    1. It costs $.5 at the cash register, but that doesn't factor in all the environmental costs that we all pay

  13. I distill my tap water and fill stainless steel bottles for on the go.

  14. I am using tap water forever

  15. I think I have a finally thought of a solution to Capitalism, Free Markets and Government Regulation responsibility.

    ...because it's so simple, it might actually work!...(please tell me your thoughts? :-)...

    Any corporation or company or government organisation, that will potentially affect the environment must have all their management sign the same Hippocratic Oath as doctors, to 'do no harm'. And if they do, those people responsible within the organisation face being struck off (or jailed), in the same way.

    If they do harm, that harm must be remedied and made better. Examples: Cut down one tree, plant two. Upset a habit, create a sanctuary.

    In that way, if their profits would be so adversely affected to warrant the business unprofitable, then so be it.

    Companies would then be forced to do good, or make good, of the environment and be accountable, by law, for their actions.

    Q: How could we, the people, use our free speech as money, to lobby for such a thing?

  16. I would like to drawn attention to one side issue of this program...

    39:45 "People say 'Why do you live next to a refinery?[…] and now in retrospect we'd like to move but it'll be very difficult to sell our house." - you can see the 'poor victim' attitude here quite clearly. What is not shown is the definite psychology of people wanting to pass the buck and blame for their own poor judgement - the refinery was there first!

    Some people have nothing better to do with their miserable lives than make battles from the bitterness of the failed expectations they once had. Anyone who has had to misfortune to experience this will know exactly what I'm talking about. If you told these folks outright to just move, they would retort "Why should we suffer more? These rich folks are going to pay!"

    It begins with a complaint and it grows into a battle of wills, and when they don't get their way, they cry foul, cry helpless victim, cite health problems, employ lawyers and create devious havoc without relent until they achieve a purely personal victory.

  17. I've always drunk from the tap :-)

  18. This documentary was so thought provoking. I really feel the need to do something about this. It is absolutely mad what is going on this planet.

  19. What's wrong with selling water? Food is necessary for survival too, is there also a problem with selling that?

    1. its not the fact that they are selling water, its the fact that we could get it for free without use of factories which package the water which use billions of
      gallons of fossil fuels, those neighborhoods dont need to have all those
      sick people who live near the plants, the environment could be better
      off without all of that plastic that didnt get recycled, and we dont
      really need to drink from water that has been contained in that cheap
      plastic which releases chemicals into that water. THAT is what the
      problem is. We could easily prevent all of that if we just used a
      reusable canteen and got water from our faucet at home

    2. Unfortunately, for over 70% of the US residents, the water is no longer safely drinkable from their faucet tap.

    3. Now where did you get that information. Tap water is regulated by Federal, State and Municipal authorities while bottled water is not regulated.

    4. Bert is obviously reading material on what the government adds to city water. In many states it is mandatory for the state to add fluoride, and chlorine.. AKA toxic substances..

      If one wants to safely drink tap water now they have to distill it at home.

    5. Same with food.. People can choose to grow their own, and many do.

  20. Shocking on every level. Our family has just drunk our last plastic bottle of drinking water other than for disaster relief. Makes me wonder whether we should also try to stop buying bottled soda and juice as well.

    1. That brings up a good point.. They are using the same water sources to get the water they carbonate for soda.. etc..

  21. Wow! very informative.

  22. They need to do a informational video about the chemtrails in our skies world wide. What in the world are they spraying is great but now we need one for our water because these trails are causing people to become sick the air we breathe & it gets on our skin hair, also into our water system no one in Washington wants to discuss this issue.

  23. disturbing on so many levels.....we give patients bottled water after their CT exams to flush out their kidneys. Will need to fight to go back to paper cups and tap water.

    1. I found this film to be very disturbing! I drink bottled water every day because it is continent! I am starting to see the effects of my decisions on our planet earth! Sooo scary.

  24. It gets me how little interest there is in even making a comment on what they have just seen in this documentary. Showing 106 comments and the last one to comment four months ago was a duck that prefers bottled water to tapped water. The duck needs to get a water purifier or distiller to distill his own water. In other words; even if bottled water was perfectly harmless to drink we should all be pissing mad about the byproduct of the container it is sold in polluting our environment.

    One thing I would have liked to have seen in this documentary is questions asked of government officials on the byproduct of plastic bottles after the corporations got paid and what those corporations should be responsible for when it comes to cleaning up the environment. If government officials aren't making these companies responsible for the waste they create we need officials that will. After all corporations are the ones that made the container to throw away.

    I had started boycotting not only plastic bottles when I go in our local convenience stores. What needs to be done people that are boycotting things made in plastic containers should let others know what they're doing and why. We can look at the big corporations putting the blame on them and yet when we look in the mirror we can blame ourselves for even wanting a products made in easy throw away packages. We have become a throw away world and we are now paying for it.

    It is like the steward has become the cancer to our planet.

    BWP... James...

  25. My tap water is fluoridated and smells and tastes like it's piped directly from a swimming pool. I'm not going near that. I know reverse osmotic filters are an option to reduce the fluoride content, but my parents don't seem to give two *****, and I'm only on student allowance so I'm ****** either way.

    1. That's exactly why I plan to get a home distillery.. So I can purify the water my self..

    2. Before you do that consider bying a Kangen water machine. It might be more expensive in the short run but in the long run it is so darn good for you and the environment. Distilled water is not good for you in the long run as it has no minerals in it.

    3. Actually there are many half truths concerning distilled water. The minerals you find in water are dead minerals that the body cannot utilize any way. So what ends up happening is that the minerals pile up burdening your bones and organs over the years.

      The trick is to distill the watter then add sea salt which has bioavailable minerals.

    4. I did not write this. I found it and I believe this to be true:

      Drinking Distilled Water Does Not Hydrate the Body Well

      The size and shape of clusters of molecules in water determines how well it will hydrate the body.

      The size and shape of the water molecule clusters after distillation are significantly different. They are larger in size and thus do not absorb into the body’s tissues as easily as tap, filtered or ionized water.

      In addition, when water is stripped of minerals and oxygen through distillation and the other purification processes, it loses its natural structure.

      Japanese researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, showed how distillation destroys the natural crystalline structure of water in his numerous studies.

      When the innate structure of water is destroyed it makes the water essentially useless to the body. Thus, the Japanese scientists refer to distilled water as “dead water.”

      In conclusion, Dr. Rona says it best:

      “Disease and early death is more likely to be seen with the long term drinking of distilled water. Avoid it except in special circumstances.”

  26. What can I say... Welcome to America. The land of the free; free means free for the companies.

  27. The best way to rectify this problem is "boycotting"! NO DEMAND, NO SUPPLY! Make it a zero revenue business for these companies and they will automatically stop producing such products.

  28. I know it's not part of the main focus of the documentary but I would have liked to see the film makers blast the bottling companies for all their advertisements about their bottles "honorably" and "for the sake of the environment" using 40% less plastic. Do we really think they care about the environment?! All their doing is lowering their PRODUCTION COST by 40% and still charging us the same high price they always have. If they were honorable they'd drop their price 40% but we know they'd never do it. Instead these companies now take a free resource, package it in a cheap flimsy bottle that crumples in your hand, increase their profits by an additional 40%, and the best part is people actually praise these companies for doing it because they think they are actually environmentally friendly. I got to hand it to them, it's actually quite brilliant! As well as amazing how ignorant so many are.

  29. At least you can drink bottled water in the U.S. In South America and in Mexico, even bottled water gets you sick. >_______<"

    1. How do you know?

  30. I wish this video was a little broader in it's look at the deplorable practices water barons participate in. These same companies are also attacking our public drinking water source in a more direct and insidious way; they are contracting with municipalities to serve as the provider of public drinking water to communities. This ensures these companies are able to have unmitigated access to public water, lowered regulations for tap drinking water, easier means of controlling the "water wars" (tap vs bottled), and rising costs of public drinking water to ensure profiteering no matter how you get your H2O.

  31. I'm glad that one of my students sent this link to me - I have been mindful of the seriousness of this issue for the past few years, but please, if you want the uninformed to take you seriously, learn how to spell before posting!

  32. what about cans ?

  33. Well, I am really going to boykot this company finally, and I really almost never drink bottled water.
    People, why don't you try be more active, in trying to stop them? I bet even 1 month boykot will be enough.

  34. i think the viewers and myself are lucky enough to see such a doc like this and we are dump enough to drink a bottle water. good luck

  35. These Documentaries sometimes show the greed in the world and sometimes give much needed information .I think they are kindly uploaded by individuals and then their docs are greedily charged to be viewed.
    A superb doc until I was asked to pay to see the end .
    This world sucks like bottled water companies suck lakes so chant Hare Krishna and make your why back to the spiritual world .


  36. This film is the most profound, shocking, and deeply disturbing documentary I have ever seen. It should be required that every American be made to view it. How this crisis developed and continues to worsen is brilliantly explained and the producers should be highly praised for their efforts. Nestle, Pepsi, and Coca-Cola can do nothing but hang their heads in shame as they count their massive profits. For obvious reasons, those in the FDA and the federal government who have allowed this horror to continue should be imprisoned.

  37. The town I live in is reckognised by world wide experts as having the best water in the world for drinking. Easthampton MA sits directly above what's known as the Barnes Aquifer. It's like an underground spring of pure water that is piped into storage tanks and then to the homes, no filtration or purification required. It's awesome. No chlorine, no floride, just pure god given elixer of life. Want good safe water for your kids? Move to Easthampton,Massachusetts.

  38. "you have watched 72 minutes of video today. please wait 30 minutes..."

    wtf? please upload this to youtube

    1. I realize this isn't so helpful after the fact but you can unplug your wireless router and plug it back in. This changes your ip address (or something like that) so you won't have to wait and you can pick up where you left off in the film.

  39. Makes me sick. Well then... glass bottles it is for containing water? I will never buy that poison unless that's the last choise. Glad I visited the liquor store for a bottle.

    Seriously. Don't those companies think what they're doing to the water supply? This'll backfire on our children.

    Use glass bottles, I tell you. Glass is made fby heating sand to a high temperature and by giving that mold a form. It's healthier and you know where it's coming from.

  40. thank you for posting this movie!!

  41. Water, energy, food, anything that comes from the earth belongs to everyone. There is more then enough of resources on the planet. And we do have the technology to be much more efficient with resources that how we use them now.One of the biggest abuses of water is commercial farming, the talk about this in food.inc a great deal.This doc was really good for how much info the give about the plastic battles and what they contain. I guess there is not much difference between plastic battles and smoking unnatural, chemically sprayed tobacco.

  42. Thank you Vlatko! Good job!

  43. @ gheghe

    Though your idea is simplistcally genious;I guess that would never happen until mankind learns to share as a whole and learn to overcome greed.
    As long as the world system works and Lives on a pyramid scheme of monetary value, then greed ranks at the top of the capstone with power and unjustice over all.

    Not till the sufferings are great enough Will mankind be strong enough to have a world Revolution like the brave Egyptians recently did.

    I keep thinking these days about how proud and inspired the world is because of what they have done and at the same time ,I think about how much they must of been suffering beyond what we can comprehend for them to finally have had enough to brave life or death in the attempts for freedom.

    They had to fight fear it self, right in the face.
    The oppression must of been so great ,that even death was better then what they had.

    Greed will monopolize anywhere it can and so we can only assume with good reason that it will try to conquer water too.Will we let it get a good foothold or can we as a people stop it before its too late?

  44. how about a simple solution? make it illegal to sell water in any form.

    1. Not so easy, as long as they have the money $$$$$ and they control the political floor, we lose. That is why we unionize. We only have each other people need to get off the couch and stand up and fight? What a novel idea. It is the only way they here our voices together. I know I was a union activist for 8 years. Nothing changes with out organizing, what this film shows is people starting to fight back.

  45. still not full doc plz fix if you can great doc i will also never look at bottle water the same in fact i dont want to buy any bottle of liquid dont support damaging the earth it not human in fact FTW

  46. Wow, I will never look at bottled water the same way ever again.

  47. Germans because of war and no government that tested water forced people to drink another source.

    It has changed and the tap water is super. However, people here drink bottled water (mostly glass but it is changing because plastic is lighter and available here) they were conditioned after the war. The producers of water in the USA see this and use it. When we first moved here we bought only bottled water because we feared it was a foreign country. We learned it was much better regulated and conservative about resources than anything we knew in the USA.

    We do not buy water any longer. Often guests, German mostly, are surprised but accepting. This video confirms much research and insight we have read over the years. Taxes are already high why pay more for something that does not have to be dumped and does not create potential influence on our genetic disposition. Drink it pure.

  48. Doc was very well presented. I appreciated the comment towards the end about "David & Goliath". What we need to remember is that there are a lot to Davids out there and he won, and we can too. Use your voice every way you can. Voters are fed up with government, big pharma, and mega corporations. Let them know how you think, and stop buying their products.

  49. I have not seen this doc yet, wanted to check out the comments first and as I suspected it is about the health hazards of drinking bottled water. I still see lots of people hauling cart loads of water out of the supermarket. I was doing it myself walking it about a mile one way in a cart. I finally purchased a Pur filter for my tap that only cost $25 and the filters are $20 for three months. Then I found a Watt counter top filter at Amazon for about $45.00 including a carbon block filter that last about 6 months and only costs $20 to replace. I also use a KVM shower filter that will last me a year for $30. The Watt filter is great and the water tastes great and no chlorine taste at all. I had my tap water tested with and without the filter and without there was little to be concerned about, only at the first of several months when they chlorinate the water, it's awful. With the filter there was hardly anything detected, so I felt it was cheaper for my wallet and time wise to use a counter top filter. I get alot more great tasting water at a much cheaper price. You can also get higher quality filters for the Watt counter top unit. New Wave sells one that is a 10 stage filter for $75-$100 available at Amazon, that filters out practically everything and last for a year providing enough filtered water for a family of four, for me being single it would last two or three years. An economical option.

  50. Personally, I'm grateful for having seen this documentary here. There's a citizen/student group at CalTech (Pasadena CA) that shows such documentaries and holds discussions monthly. Because I work with a water conservation company, I will be hosting the next showing, which is . . . . Tapped. This free source site has helped me to prepare. Thank you!

  51. It is true that people are just as much the cause when they buy such products - but that doesn't mean they would be so low.

    Just look at how many who doesn't wanna touch a bottle after this. But "they" know - and they just keep right on producing - that is the big difference. They are not just retards stumbling upon some free water. They KNOW. They have been in the family for years... The same family who banned the most fibrous/oily plant in the world - because they didn't want fiber and oil to be cheap and easily available... WAKE UP!

  52. @ Johny

    What a wonderful point of view, perfect perspective !

  53. Just to comment on some of the earlier conversations around silkop and Vlatko. Suggesting that Vlatko is being hypocritical by also being guilty on stealing or deceiving for profit, has it's point, yet it doesn't really help alleviate the BIGGER mass spread problem of bottled water, discussed in the documentary. Implying that we should all be perfect does not really deal with the original cause/problem.

    Although I hear you and understand your frustration with people blaming others, and forgetting that they're also responsible. If you consider the intentions of corporations, and intentions of Vlatko you will see a large difference in motivation.

    Corporations are driven by positive, sustainable, PROFIT. That concept is firmly embedded into our modern economy driven civilization, and that creates gaps between costs incurred by the business (company) and by society/environment. It's all too common for us (organisations) to push our costs down, and increase the margins ignoring the wider aspects of impact on ALL of the surrounding environment. We simply pollute, waste, and discard because it's easier/cheaper than cleaning - individually and collectively. So how can we change this? Well first we need to bring awareness to issues, so that all of us can SEE that we are doing harm to ourselves + others, and our will then guides on cleaning up...hopefully.

    That is what Vlatkos' motivation is on... sharing important VITAL information for YOU and ALL to bring awareness to important issues that are otherwise ignored by our gadget obsessed, image seeking, confused society. Even if Vlatko was guilty of some greed, it's not poisoning people, and it's not to be compared to global critical problems.

    The basic motivation behind profit, is accumulation of MORE, MORE, NEW MORE - which is present in most of us. We like our iPhones, our x-mas presents, our cars, our clothes, our possessions to which we relate ourselves. We get bored of old and want the new. Be honest and look at your own life.

    This and documentaries like Gasland, Age of Stupid, and many others are starting to emerge more often to remind us, of our insane ways of living. And yes, there is no "THEM" corporations are NOT the culprits. Who runs them? We do, people. Who consumes the products? We do, people. Hence pointing fingers is useless, we are all a part of this. There is no THEM, there is just one whole us. If all of the consumers were to one day become conscious of what they buy (bottled water for example) and stop, then this would bring change. If the motivation in our economic system was to change from profit/greed to something new, then that would also manifest a different reality. Who makes the changes? We do, who invents the systems? We do. Hence raising awareness is one of the best things one can do.

  54. I ran the Gauntlet but now I am back. Did I miss anything exciting round here? Too many emails to catch up.

    Ez2b12 maybe now I can take that time I wanted to research the info you emailed me. I've been wanting to get to it.

    Vlatko whats on the menu this week? Got any more of those Ancient Historical Religious Docs Hiding in your vault. I need something to feed my brain. So Randy getsa well balanced diet when he eats it. :-)
    Ps. Are brains spongy and rubbery to chew or is that only if you over cook them?

  55. too bad our tap water is flouridated....

  56. And here is another related bit of food for thought.. As more and more waterways the world over are polluted and rendered anywhere from unsuitable for human consumption, all the way to downright deadly, (brings to mind the red sludge disaster in Hungary for the past week). While others are depleted to a point beyond return by droughts (which are mainly the result of human-caused global warming) and the coca-colas, pepsis and nestles of the world, we are dooming ourselves and the future generations. Just immagine, in a few generations people would be vying for the scarse water, and the price they would be paying will be lives instead of money. Why Is it that we are so short-sighted, so narrow minded? Isn't the ability to foresee the results of our actions (to workout what will happen if we take/do not take a specific action) what separates us from other animals? And yet we are unable to see beyond our immediate needs, desires. Further than our own noses (walets if we speak of the BIG CORPORATIONS) one could say. This is really sad and depressing, to be honest.

    I recommend a really good, insightful documentary called "The Age of Stupid", it is pretty easy to find on line and watch for free.
    It deals with this and other related topics.

    Cheers, the GreenBee.

  57. I really enjoyed the blasting of the BIG CORPORATIONS in this film, and agree with everything it says. Frankly it'q quite scary, isn't? Just to think of all this toxic garbage we are putting into our bodies, while thinking that we are drinking "pure" unadulterated water from some "magical" spring untouched by human hands. But, to be honest, if we can't drink bottled water due to all the toxic, carcinogenic, estrogenated, etc.. cocktail it contains, and we can't drink the chlorinated, fluoridated, water treatment plant treated, tap water which (you never know..) may well have come from somebody else's toilet, what does that ACTUALLY leave us with? Brita? I wouldn't recommend it, as it is not supposed to be heated after being purified (as in making tea, coffe, etc..) Also Isn't Brita made of the same plastic as the rest of the water containers? The large water dispenser bottles contain BPA which is poisonous in so many ways. So, What Does This Leave Us With? Well for those lucky enough to live by a lake or a river with clean drinkable water the solution is easy, get water from the lake (middle of it not the knee deep area) boil it (or not if just drank as a refreshing glass of water) and make the best cup of tea/coffee you've ever had. (I drank from a lake once, I was in a canoe and was thirsty, and it was the most delicious water I ever tasted. Same with a river very cold and very delicious.) As for the rest of us especially those living concrete filled cities, with no lake or river in site well it's a bit more complicated, rain water might have worked if it were not polluted through air pollution. Building your own filtering and purifying devices is good but, A. not everyone can, B. not everyone will bother. So what does that leave us with?

    Any Ideas, guys?

    Cheers, the GreenBee

  58. @ Randy

    gotcha! right, Ive decided that Adam and Jamie (Mythbusters) definately did NOT land on the moon. there.

  59. Well, he's kinda doing something illegal. I mean he is broadcasting copyrighted material for free...

    But! His case histories and preidents are sound. The law hasn't quite caught up with technology yet...

    But! I will defend him to the death for the service he provides us!

  60. .... and if you make a bob or two out of it, well, you certainly deserve it, darn it! :-)

  61. Hey Vlatko,

    I think all of us here, who are with you for so long now, know you, man, and we support you all the way. It's not only because what you have done here is simply great and unique, it's because we understand that you are not doing anything illegal either. Period, silkop!

  62. @Vlatko; Legal shmegal, love what ya do here. D@mn the man!!

  63. @Vlatko

    The fact that you just link to the documentaries rather than host them yourself is a rather weak excuse. It means that you are now in the business of "handling stolen goods". Actually, it even makes you appear in a slightly worse light because you're not only trafficking the content without proactively asking the original authors' permission, but also freeloading on the bandwidth provided by hosters.

    It's as if I "borrowed" a friend's car to set up a mobile stand for dealing (most probably) stolen property for ultralow prices and accepted "donations" from the local community for doing them the favor. Of course if the rightful owner accidentally came by and asked me to give his property back to him, I promise I would... Just to keep my record clean. Obviously this hoax would not hold water in any court. The only possible defense is that by distributing someone's intellectual property you are not actually taking it away from the owner (unlike with physical goods), but this is also very arguable and very unlikely to be taken seriously by courts.

    Some people here assume: "the site exists and operates, so it must be legit". This is a very naive and very wrong assumption. See Piratebay for a great precedent case. Some people assume "the documentary producers unlike the big evil music labels actually want to spread their work". This is also very naive. The more likely explanation is that documentary producers, being in a much smaller market, may simply lack funds to defend themselves effectively.

    jono is right, I'm not wishing you bad luck, nor am I denying that I benefit from this site or that you work hard to keep it running (so does a drug trafficker with his business). I'm just thinking aloud and pointing out analogies. Yes, it's a "grey area", but only in the sense that it's difficult to persecute and that some IP owners (more likely, the creative people who work for them) might actually view a wide distribution of their work as beneficial (if so, one must wonder why they don't publish their work under a suitable license in the first place). And yes, everybody's doing it and nobody seems to be paying much attention.

    My only point is that it seems hypocritical to become upset when mineral water bottling companies come around to engage in similar practices. The better choice is to admit that we have shaky morals and are ready to attack whatever goes against us while defending whatever brings us benefit. It's simple as that.

    (Ok, the bandwidth theft issue above is not so drastic because the hosters themselves expressly tolerate deep linking.)

    1. @silkop,

      Nope... I don't agree. YouTube and others explicitly encourage embedding of any video material by publicly providing the embed code, so nobody is stilling bandwidth here.

      Try to look at it this way: You have a blog, where you write simple articles every day and one day you find very funny video on YouTube. You want to share it with your readers on your blog and you embed it since YouTube explicitly says that you can do that.

      You could not possible know if the author has copyright on it. You don't know if the author himself uploaded that video on YouTube or if it's uploaded by someone else.

      However if the author of the video finds his video on your blog, and asks you to remove it, while he proves that he has copyright on it, you remove it. To completely remove the video from the Internet the author must contact all the other video sharing sites.

      Notable court cases (wikipedia):

      1. Viacom Inc. vs. YouTube, Google Inc. On March 13, 2007, Viacom filed a lawsuit against YouTube and its corporate parent Google for copyright infringement seeking more than $1 billion in damages. Viacom claims the popular video-sharing site was engaging in "massive intentional copyright infringement" for making available a contended 160,000 unauthorized clips of Viacom's entertainment programming. On June 23, 2010, U.S. District Judge Louis Stanton granted summary judgment in favor of YouTube.

      2. IO Group, Inc. v. Veoh Networks, Inc. On June 23, 2006 IO Group, Inc. filed a complaint against Veoh Networks, Inc. in the U.S. District Court for California's Northern District. IO Group alleged that Veoh was responsible for copyright infringement by allowing videos owned by Io Group to be accessed through Veoh's online service without permission over 40,000 times between the dates June 1 and June 22. Veoh won the court case.

  64. @Vlatko

    Well, when you call me an "old genius..." I just tear up a little.

    Coming from YOU that is powerful praise!

  65. BTW apologies for my spelling etc, haven't had my first caffiene yet!

  66. "Why shouldn’t he be compensated"

    I don't actually think anyone was disagreeing with this but merely pointing out the parallels in the 2 models, which although tenuous do in some small part exist.

    I guess it would be a similar argument to the torrent engines in that they don't host product, they just allow it to be accessed.

    I imagine the reason that these docs continue on the sites that host them is because, unlike the short sighted moguls of the music industry, these producers understand that many people try before they buy, and as with music, if the product is good enough to stand then people will buy it.

    Without sites like Vlatko's many of these documentaries wouldnt see day never mind selling the DVDs of them, and as such the site is a genuine advetising opportunity for them.


  67. @silikop

    I don't agree with your view of the TV-channels getting discouraged because of free viewing. Some documentaries are actually on their homepage so US people can watch them for free. If someone has an interest their bound to be people who want to have these documentaries in their original form and physical shape.

    It also helps people to open their eyes. It doesn't matter if it's conspiracy, religion or science. As long as you get knowledge and challenge everyones views as well as your own, everyone profits. All of the development would halt if we stopped sharing knowledge.

    Thank you for a very nice documentary Vlatko.

    PS: Vlatko, you know I would love to comment "OMFG AWESOME DOCUMENTARY!!!1eleventyone!1" on nearly all of the documentaries you have put up, but I think that would count as spam. I love this site, thanks again for making this happen.

  68. Oh, I want Vlatko to be super-super rich! Intelligent, curious, people should be as wealthy as they wish to be.

    Inteligence and strength of will, creativity, etc... should be the progenitors of wealth...

    All else is food!

    BUT! Vlatko, just a taste... a little bit from your frontal lobe... Come over here, Uncle Randy wants to whisper something to you...

    1. @Randy... hahahaha. No I will not give my brain to you, you old... genius.

  69. @silikop,

    "Just because we’re not paying to watch these docs doesn't mean providing them is different than selling bottled water. You are "tapping" the resource "documentaries", which originates from its producers (not mother nature, but I don’t see how that would make a qualitative difference) without compensation."

    I do not take documentaries from the producers and I do not stream them from my server. There is a middleman here - YouTube and others. They (YouTube users) take documentaries from the producers and they offer them to the people on the net. I'm just showing you what I've found browsing the web. Everyone can find these videos on the web on their own.

    It's a gray area of the copyright. I do not copy the videos, I don't host them, nor I sell them. If any producer wants his video to be removed from TDF I comply immediately.

    "...getting people into habit of watching documentaries online in the long term converts them into buying DVDs..."

    That is very true. I've received countless of emails from people asking where they can buy particular documentary, although there is a full version of that documentary at TDF and they already watched it.

    "You also do it for profit, although the payment is not direct but rather through advertising (and affiliate fees from merchandise)."

    Yes there are adverts which cover the costs for hosting and they pay my countless of hours of work on a daily bases on this site, but the original drive is not profit, but spreading knowledge and awareness.

    "How about Vlatko making a documentary about how he became a millionaire from TDF? Like the Zuckerberg movie…"

    I really can't become a millionaire from TDF. But from my next project I will... (just a joke).

    Having said all the above it's really obvious that you can't compare TDF with Tapped (Bottled) watter business.

  70. @ Achems,

    Good point , so many of us benefit from his services. And get to enjoy his labors at no cost . Why shouldn't he be compensated. He doesn't even get to enjoy watching the films as we do cause he is working the site.

    Obviously it is a legal service or he would not be doing it.

    I see it is touchy about copyrights. But even I as a songwriter understand that I am responsible for my own marketing and need to do my homework if I want to protect my copyrights.

  71. How about Vlatko making a documentary about how he became a millionaire from TDF? Like the Zuckerberg movie...

  72. So what?? let Vlatko make money! hope he makes a ton of money, I would do the same!! would anybody in their right mind not do the same??

    Would love to see Vlatko riding around in limousines and hot cars, to and fro, from his million dollar mansions! wearing three thousand dollar suits. Yeah! go Vlatko go!

  73. The significant difference is that Vlatko's "bottling" of the documentaries does not prevent other web site owners from doing the same (and indeed there are other such sites, perhaps copycats). It's as if Nestle could not put a fence around "their" supply points, but had to tolerate all the other water bottling companies tapping in the same place. That would make the business rather less attractive for Nestle, but even worse for the "rightful" resource owners/providers.

  74. @Vlatko Just because we're not paying to watch these docs doesn't mean providing them is different than selling bottled water. You are "tapping" the resource "documentaries", which originates from its producers (not mother nature, but I don't see how that would make a qualitative difference) without compensation. This possibly discourages them to produce more and better documentaries, much like bottling water (supposedly?) drains the clear water in the underground springs. This point is arguable, as you could say that getting people into habit of watching documentaries online in the long term converts them into buying DVDs, but that would be like saying that providing people bottled water in the long term converts them into eco-friendly citizens willing to pay higher taxes for the preservation of water reservoirs. You also do it for profit, although the payment is not direct but rather through advertising (and affiliate fees from merchandise).

    I'm not complaining, as I'm playing along in your sinister scheme as a freeloading video consumer and ad clicker. Just having a little snicker about it. The world is not a very fair place.

  75. "The next world war will be fought over water"

    100% on the money.

  76. THe next world war will be fought over water, not oil or any other resource.

    This according to a recent Pentagon report...

    However, the Pentagon is house to a summoned Demon that devours the souls of humans sacrificed by purposefully poor highway design, including any of your loved ones!

    So... there is that...

    Praise, Purespbatu! Is all's I'm sayin'...

  77. "This service is free of charge"

    while it is free of charge to us there is obviously a commercial interest as there is paid advertising on the site.

    Before everyone starts screaming I am not pointing ANY fingers here, I enjoy these docs as much as anybody but if you are going to debate Joe-nyc et al, then the baseline facts need to be clear.

  78. @ Joe NyC
    These Docs are so good they just make us say funny things sometimes :-)

  79. Agreed, Connie, no need to force ourselves into Vlatko's censorship.

  80. @ Joe_nyc

    wait a minute! I understand what you are saying, but you are generalising way too much on this (copyright) subject - buying a DVD or CD is a whole lot different to watching or listening.....its too complicated a subject! different countries have different laws, but I am certain that NO law is being broken on TopDoc.

  81. @Joe_Nyc

    Sorry neighbor but I don't know what you are talking about. I don't steal and I don't know what you are implying by if I really care. I don't buy bottled water.
    I live in upstate ny and I have my own great tasting spring fed well.

    Your addy you gave me come up as a search page.

    i will have to end my side of the conversation here I promised Vlatko I would stick with the program here. Thanks for understanding.

  82. REasons...Dude, you nail it!

  83. @Joe; You got the best tap water of any major city on earth thanks to my ability to hold my bladder while i fish those resevoirs. :P your welcome

  84. Good film, very informative. I never knew about the estrogenic compound in the water and the fertility testing done on lab rats. Wow! just get that message out there and there will be an impact. From my expirience here in America, if you tell guys that a product is gonna effect their boners they will hiit the product with a bat and run screeching away from it.

  85. Joe-NyC

    How can it be stealing if they are areline for free?

  86. Connie and Sadie

    silktop made a valid point. Every time we click and watch these videos (whether you want to admit it or not) we are actually stealing. Let's not be hypocrites like religees and make excuses. Lets just call it like it is.

  87. Reasons

    We been drinking fine chlorine(ized?) upstate New York water for over 10 years without growing any extra limb. All thanks to people like you who doesn't urinate on the Catskill. :P

    Best way to curve empty plastic bottle garbage is to tax them like cigarettes and forbid massive discounters like Costco from selling bottled water for pennies.

  88. @ silktopn

    another addition is that Vlatko provides another additional service at no charge.

    That is a medium for advanced self education thru these Commenterys we meet and study with other like minded peers to discuss Ideas and concepts.
    This service is free of charge.

  89. @ silktop

    its all about ethics isnt it? everybody wants to make money, but some people are more selfish in their pursuit, ie nestle, cos they are a conglomerate. Vlatko aint nowhere near comparison - cant you see that? thats a bizarre analogy - sorry but it is

  90. @ no love in fear

    yep im up on the flouride info....whats the prob with flouride? ive got no fillings....cos I got no teeth (I was kidding about the 'no teeth' bit -

  91. So... corporations collect water they didn't produce and make money off it without paying the locals. Vlatko collects links to docs he didn't produce and makes money off it without paying the authors. Corporations bad, Vlatko good. Strange? No, just human business as usual.

    1. You've got me @silikop. There is one difference though. Documentaries are produced by people. Water is natural resource scattered around.

    2. And another difference @silikop. You pay nothing for watching these documentaries, but corporations charge you for drinking water.

  92. I live in upstate NY where my well water is so good I would rather drink it than anything else. It's true that the city gets their water from the reserviors up here but it is treated with flouride etc. still good though. However when I lived in florida I boiled/distilled my own water because the supplied water was full of antimicrobials and all other kinds of treatment junk. So much so that it tasted like a liquid tin can. People need to be less lazy what was wrong with recyclable reusable glass bottles? If beer can do it why not water, soda, etc. Not only good for the environment but on the side a fun little kick in the wallet (nuts) to the petroleum industry.

  93. although they have started putting flouride in some bottled waters aswell now

  94. @sadie.. just thought I'd say that sometimes we buy bottled water because of the c@#$ that they put in our drinking water eg fluoride there are docs on this subject i would recommend the fluoride deception. Not sure if its on here but it shouldn't be hard to find :)

  95. oh - I just did a huge blog on 'Tapped' but I got a bit 'agitated' and accidentally deleted it!
    Prob just as well, cos all I wanted to say is WHY are you buying bottled water anyway? you pay Council Rates/ Water Rates in order to receive perfectly good drinkable water - unpackeged - through your taps, dont you?
    Bottled water is just plain unecessary indulgence - the plastic containers are clogging up our planet so fast!
    I would only buy bottled water if I was (for instance) in Spain, India and other countries where the water supply is not fit for consuption.
    America has lovely clean water - conveniently delivered in an Eco - friendly way.
    Why bother shouting and pouting about Nestle (etc)
    Just dont buy bottled water! Stop wasting money and save our planet!

  96. thanks

  97. @ Connie

    You can aviod the time limit by following faq 10 on this site. Basically you start the movie just as Vlatko instructed above and then hit pause. Once it has buffered all the way tell IE to work off line. Now you can watch the movie all the way through. If you do not know how to tell IE to work off line, just unplug the ethernet cable from the back of your pc. Like I said faq 10 explains it better, Good looking out Vlatko.

  98. @ Joe
    WOw ! I guess that was not a good idea. It sure was nice of you to try it though. Thanks for the eye opener.

    This film sure is an eye opener. Until you see with your eyes what the ecologists are telling us, It didn't seem as critical.

  99. Wouldn't be brilliant if kids at school see some of TDF's eyeopening videos. But no can do. I tried already with my kid's school. They flatly rejected because it's not part of NYC's already (so they think) wonderful and advanced public academic curriculum. So I did the next best thing. Had my kids invite their friends to watch some videos together. But even then this also failed. My wife almost ripped my head off. Something about getting sued by the parents.......

  100. @ It appeared everyone else did , so I went back and watched the second half.
    I was thinking this would be a good thing to pass around. It would only cost around $5.00 to post this Addy in the local newspaper and make sure to mention that it would be nice to see some science teachers show this film.Or even one of those Auditorium films where the whole school and teachers watched it together.
    Perfect timing at that. because there just happens to be some recent postings about Our little Clean town starting to become littered with trash. plastic bottles at that. Wouldn't cost me a dime if I added a A note to the editor about the recent littering problem.

  101. @Joe Nyc

    Joe "I saw you said if I didnt know you better" Meaning you were friends and that you were jesting.
    If I had put a smiley face after my post you and others would of seen my poke also. Wish I had, it would of saved some trouble.
    I guess the only reason Achems knew better was because he knows me.
    I am interested in your project. Let me know if you are looking for any particulars into solor. I have tons of saved info as I tinker at it myself.

  102. Connie... I have to admit you have made me super angry to suggest I would not stand up for my friends.... but perhaps I am too sensitive for forum posting and am not really one to get into this kinda thing, so I will leave it there.

    Glad to hear Joe and Razor are Buddies... I was always under the impression that you were.

    **My apologies for diverting the thread comments**

  103. @Joe_nyc:

    Yes, am familiar with stirling engine, and fresnal lens, let me know how yours turns out, I have plans for one that I can build out of tin cans, would be a good project for our sub-zero winter months here in our cold,cold, part of Canada, where at times can go to 50 degrees below zero, hope I do not blow up my townhouse though, (LOL)

    Have to stock up on distilled water though, Rain water is best next thing, that @LisaP: mentioned, after all rain water is distilled water, but from clouds.

  104. Connie - I have the greatest respect for Razor - he's the one who is responsible for messin my head with quantum stuffs. And as for your overly excessive maternal comment - no comment.

    Razor - My son and I are trying to build and produce electricity with a stirling engine via solar energy collected from a fresnal lens. I am sure you are familiar with it. I will let you know how it turns out. BTW, I did try to read Julian Barbour but the stuffs in the book is way over my head. Perhaps later when I have more time (and knowledge) I'll take another crack at it. Meanwhile; are you all prepared for the long winter hibernation in your cave?

  105. Jeez, the full doc just makes this whole thing worse. Here's one who will never buy another bottle of water again.

    As one who lived on a small volcanice island for 14 years I can vouch for water filtation. As the island had no natural water whatsoever all of the potable water was desalienated, clean etc but not very tasty if not filtered ^^

  106. @LisaP:

    Nobody was threatening anybody here, Joe_nyc: and I are buddies, we go back a long way, everything was said in jest,

    And Connie applied no threats also, read between the lines @LisaP:
    Most of us at least try to instill a bit of humor here on TDF. occasionally.

  107. @ Lisa P
    If you think it is horrible to stand up for a friend then don't bother me.

  108. @ Connie

    Thanks for taking away the option for people to feel safe to post as they like here. What a horrible, threatening statement to make. You may be here all the time, but it does not give you the right to threaten others with a different viewpoint to your and your friends.

    Now, for the doc... Fantastic!! I am lucky to live in a rain-rich place and so have been drinking my own rain water for years. The film has armed me with lots of interesting information to pass on to my bottle hungry friends. Anyone who drinks bottled water should watch this.

  109. @ Joe_ nyc

    Joe , Just letting you know you are being watched!
    Achems Razor is very Loved by many.
    We stand up for our own.
    My Advice is: "If you can't beat em' then join them."

    Careful now the steps are steep.

  110. @Joe_nyc:

    How did you know all that? it is all Vlatko's fault anyway, no life, no life, because of TDF.

    Vitamin D? have to take D3 vitamins, never see the Sun!!

    ...so YANKEE, are "youse" a "Joizy" boy?

  111. Razor

    Vitamin D!

    When are you gonna come out of your cave?

    If I didn't know you better I bet you got tons chemicals in white generic plastic bottles and precut 4" metallic pipes in your basement.

    ...so CANADIAN

  112. @Peter Carson:

    I use a "Kenmore" distiller, model number-625.75287 bought from Sears, Canada.

    No filters needed, but you can use a pre-filter in spout, I never do.

    Pure water from condensation from steam, makes 2 gallons, every 5 hours. Use it for drinking, coffee, tea, etc: use britta filter for everything else.
    There are many various makes on the market.

    Pure water, no chemicals, no "flouride," but store water in glass containers only.

    About 300$, there are no dangers of operation, shuts off automatically.

  113. @CUX How so?

  114. what a bunch of hypocrites,and im not talking about Nestle

  115. @ Achems Razor
    Kindly tell us more about your distiller.
    Brand, cost, where to buy, how long to distill 1 gallon, pre-filters, life of filters, dangers of operation etc.


  116. Am watching the doc. don't know why people even buy bottled water, in most cases it is straight from the tap anyway, actually on the news lately tap water is safer than bottled water. Google it!

    I make my own pure water (LOL) for drinking, have a water distiller, used it for about 2 years now, safest water in the world! cost about 8 cents per gallon for electricity.

  117. Unbelieveable! I have to admit, I opened this not really expecting much. However, this is perhaps one of the most informative piece I've seen in some time.

  118. devolution

  119. This was a real great Doc. until they stopped and said I exceeded my 72 minutes. I could resume watching in 34 minutes or sign up to the paid subscription.

  120. @ Vlatko

    Ok Thanks sorry for the Alarm. I was trying to use caution.
    I must of done what you said wrong the first time.

    Works great now !

  121. @ VLATKO

    I just went to watch this film and my norton security system which never fails me said this is a threat and something unusual happened that never happens on your fims says it was downloading automatically. I was able to shut it down.

    Can you ck it out . I will stand by if you want me to test it again on my norton.

  122. great vid.. we'r f'in up dis lil rock..
    i knew about water.. jus not how serious.
    to hell with the rest of yall. time to get my rain water harvestin' on :p

  123. very nice short docu

  124. WOW, call me a dumb as*! You know water didn't even occur to me. But again, the large corps roll over the individuals using their megga bucks, but in fairness, someone in the local area planning knew it was going on before it started.

  125. LOL, Coke was mentioned, hope this isn't going to be another Asknot epic.