Teenage Sex for Sale

Teenage Sex for Sale

2008, Sexuality  -   91 Comments
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Teenage Sex for SaleA Panorama investigation has uncovered how girls, sometimes as young as 12, are being groomed for prostitution by gangs on the streets of Britain. In what is often a hidden crime, gangs are targeting young girls in a process that starts as adolescent fun but soon leads to abuse, drug addiction and prostitution.

The girls are often flattered by the attentions of older boys and like the idea of having an older boyfriend, but the initial friendship can soon turn ugly. We spoke to "Jane" who got caught up with one of the gangs. She told Panorama that it all started when she met a group of boys in the local town centre:

"The grooming starts when you meet them and they're nice to you and take you for McDonalds and buy you cigarettes. I was flattered by it at first cos older boys were interested in you, which at 13 is nice." But things took a sinister turn when the boys brought their friends, who were older, and Jane realised she'd been passed on. The abuse started with Jane being held down by two of the men while another raped her.

She was too scared to tell her parents and within weeks she was trapped and pimped, being forced to have unprotected sex with a succession of men day after day. She explains how the gang introduced her to drugs, building up a debt that had to be worked off by sleeping with lots of different men. Although the gang was making money from Jane, she never saw a penny of it. (Excerpt from bbc.co.uk)

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91 Comments / User Reviews

  1. mat

    all muslim

  2. Lauren Talbot

    You are gross what do you know about victimisation and women .

  3. Annie Stone

    6 years for kidnapping, drugging, and raping two 14 year old girls?

  4. Guest

    usually the ones who turn prostitute are so ugly that i don't see what man would want them

    1. Janet Balk

      This is REALLY the ONLY thing you took away?

  5. Nathan1111

    well ive been trying to get a girlfriend for ages and now i find out all i need to do is buy her mcdonalds?

  6. backhaul1

    The film said the parents were unaware that anything was going on. Well this is intentional neglect. Who lets their 13 year old daughter go out every night?

    1. Jess

      I agree, but the issue is the perpetrator ... not the victims parents

    2. Jess

      very true, it may be sh*tty parenting, but the perpetrator needs to be the focus, HE did the crime, not the victims parents

    3. Nick Eslinger

      I don't blame the parents but they do need to be more aware of these kinds of dangers and protect their children a bit more.

  7. Hourriya Nura-Eman

    @MoralHazzards: what are you trying to say? Moral standards should be abolished so that you can have sex with 8 year olds?

  8. KING33

    at the end of the day, anyone who wants to have sex with a girl who is under 16 is a vile animal who deserves the death penalty. Its the most sickest thing i can imagine

    1. MoralHazzards

      Think back. A hundred years ago, men were encourage to marry underage girls. It was promoted, the right thing to do in the eyes of society. If time changes moral standards, what's the use of moral standards?

    2. Ann Rhodes

      Spoken like a true pedophile trying to justify their depravity.

    3. Fairyice1215

      a hundred-plus years ago it was only considered acceptable (not encouraged) when people married 13& up. and back then, they werent considered under age, because society was different. 13 year olds were grown up in maturity, mentaly, etc. 13 for the longest time was adult. but times changed, children stay children longer because society doest need them to become adults so quickly. life spans are up, schooling is more in-depth and long-term, and businesses cant afford to hire people under 18 most of the time, all these factors show a change in society, not just in their eyes.
      no-where in history was it generally accepted to marry prepubescent children. and rarely was there a person who did, and for the most part, they had some screws loose.

    4. Lil Nick

      There was also the factor of wanting to produce as many kids as possible, because then large families were encouraged

    5. Jess

      So just because it was done before that condones it, we did a lot of questionable things as a society in the past

    6. Thomas Schaffnit

      unless that person was also like 15 or 16.

  9. Cupcakesz Noel

    That's insane. I mean couldn't they arrest the people who raped the girls? But i get that its hard to catch criminals with no concrete evidence. And as for the girls no speaking up? I agree. If your scared and don't have protection from the police, how can you speak up? I'd be scared for me & my family too.

  10. Devin_C_1991

    this is the first time ive been upset with a documentary this is appalling they should be delt with as harshly as possible people who do this to any children forfeit their right to been seen as human

  11. Marnie Watson O Brien

    The most ironic thing is my friend (in galway) is facing extradition to america and a 108 year prision sentence for hacking into the cia (allegedly). SEx offenders, rapists are getting ****all. how is this fair?

  12. Javed060

    The blame lies with the parents who brought the children into this world and then throw them to the wolves. Parents boast they give everything to children. But children need parents' time and guidance more than anything else. When will parents understand this.

    1. HumanFirst

      What rubbish you write the blame lies with the paedophiles who trap and take advantage of some of the most vulnerable in our society. The victims are young, white and female. The offenders from what I see and hear are mainly muslim men of pakistani origin. You as muslims should accept this and do more as a community rather than write bullshit that mask facts and aim to shifts blame only.

    2. Jess

      No ... the blame is the person who COMMITTED the crime!

  13. Robert Schwedt

    The two slime balls were given 6 years . What the hell is wrong with us they should have been given 20 or more years

    1. Cristina V

      Sex offenders should have their balls chopped off and be given estrogen injections to curb their twisted sex drive, aside from being locked up.

    2. Sara Sa

      exactly !! if am to do a crime 6 years isn't nearly enough to make me rethink, also to keep the money i got from my crimes might actually worth the punishment

    3. Red Wings

      Life imprisonment is the only just solution for horrific sex crimes.

  14. Molly Barclay

    What angers me about this is the fact that all of the attention is on the girls and not the abusers, whether it be an attack on the girls for "dressing provocatively" or at the parents for seemingly not "controlling" their children effectively. This problem needs to be addressed by changing the way women are viewed in society. They are seen as sexual commodities at any age, all over the world and are therefore abused and exploited. The idea that it is the victims fault and the lack of action by governments perpetuates this idea. Millions of women and girls all over the world "disappear" either through trafficking or murder and nothing is done. "Life should be lived not as a child or as a woman. They are the two worst things to be." How right this is.

  15. knowledgeizpower

    Since this film is focused on teenagers and prostitution, From what I gathered is, is that some of the teenagers really didn't have an understanding that they were being prostituted at first. They were thinking that they were hanging out with older boys and getting introduced to older guys who lure them in with free stuff or so they thought, taking them out spending money, buying them drugs everyone supposedly having a good time. I don't think if they were told from the beginning that they were going to have sex as a prostitute they would have gone with the older boys but thats the con and game unfortunately that these young girls got into.

    Someone mentioned about the discipline that some teenagers have a lack of from parents, in that I agree. I know a few of my peers growing up who were sexually active early some at 12 and 14 who dressed more sexually and hung out with older boys. Some just by them being sexually active at a young age and some were willing participants got lured into situations that they were not mentally mature to handle and thats how some were raped.

    Sometimes bad things can happen to young girls and they were not sexually dressed or promiscious as someone mentioned below, no child should go through that. I don't think prostitution should be legal personally. But it will not stop those who are willing from selling their bodies for profit. Whatever makes large amounts of money there will be those to chase after it....Peace

  16. Amanda Mae Viers

    Blame rapists for rape. Your dress doesn't give consent for you. Are you in a third world country?

  17. Johnathon Shae Richardson

    Im going to Briton !!!!

  18. Yusiley S

    I'm a believer in legalizing prostitution and providing education and safety to the women who are whiling participates of this profession and to end this slave trade shown in the video. Please to those who will reply to this, keep in mind that not all prostitutes are forced and not all prostitutes are like the ones shown in anti-prostitute documentaries. With that said, I think what has occurred in this documentary is sick and deplorable. WTF!? Why would I want to be with a 16 yr old? I prefer an expert fornication technician with 5 or more yrs of experience, not an intern.

    Also where are the parents of these girls... seriously. And don't give me the excuse that parents have no power, that kids will do whatever they want... blah blah blah... that's all horse sh!t!When I was 16, I never given my parents any trouble or went out with older boys (In fact I attracted mostly the younger ones)...why? My mother beat the cr@p out of me at age 14/15 for disobeying her at a store. That's what these kids with the "Oh I know everything" attitude need these days. A good hardcore smack right across the face... super hard and in front of everyone. That ought to straighten them out. It did for me and I turned out great because of it.

    1. LindseyW

      I do not know how legalization of prostitution would end sex slavery at all. Please explain.

    2. Epicurus

      if prostitution was legalized there would be a clean, regulated, safe place for the prostitues to work and the johns to get a prostitute. if prostitution were legal the women would be tested on a regular basis in order to be eligible to work. that is better for everyone. they also will not be afraid of going to police if someone tries to rape them or rob them or hurt them in any way.

      if people were able to legally get a prostitute at a brothel then they wouldnt have to be buying illegal underage girls.

      Las Vegas and Amsterdam are good examples to look up.

      it does make sense. Now I admit it wont end the problems depicted in this documentary as there will still be sick people out there who want to have sex with a minor, but it would be a start.

    3. Fabian Krook

      Sure it would solve a BIT of the problem, the problem would be to first of control the industry within a government perspective to ensure that everything is under control and not a "forced" brothel business.
      Second of all underage children would still be as popular because that is what some people tend to like to have instead of an "over used" 29 year old +, since it is already legal in the UK to be a prostitute but not to own a brothel, but then again UK is one of the unfortunate places where there is a new area of cruel gangs developing.
      Or more of an extreme "a**hole" which has no moral perspective on anyone except for themselves.

    4. Sara Sa

      what the hell are you? a girl? a boy? i don't understand you want service from experience prostitutes.... you were a gd girl who doesn't go with older boys.. for your information peoples' outfits doesn't give you any right to hurt them! you can just say your a lazy selfish person who believe it's OK to rape a trafficked victim rather than putting 'some' effort to make sure this person is doing it voluntarily.. but no people like you are only good to pass judgment on others.. "she's guilty she must want to suffer deep inside.. it's her parents' fault... bla BLAH ".. the only one to blame are the low animals who pimped her and if it was up to me i would vote for their execution.

    5. Sara Sa

      i don't think you turned out 'great'.. i think you turned out as an abusive $h!t

  19. RubyMoon

    @AIG- Did you actually watch this documentary? Your racist slurs have no backing by the film, as they point out that the crimes are committed by every race and mostly blacks and Asians in some specific parts of the country. People like you need to spend more time learning and less time talking. I'm sure you don't know anything about Islam or its teachings but instead take it upon yourself to spread uninformed hatred and fear, you honestly make me sick.

    @ Timmy987- yet another ill informed remark that has no real basis! what about the catholic faith? that could be seen as creating sexual frustration as could any religion with strict rules regarding sex. Do you like spreading fear and making unjust assumptions on a whole race of people because you feel entitled too? because your not and any one with half a brain or individual thought can see what a dick you are.

    How about both of you do some independent research into the Muslim faith and not just take what the western media says for truth!

  20. Viridiana

    This is a real serious issue that can't be ignore. I'm currently a senior in high school and have interested on the issue of "Teenage Sex for Sale". Me and 2 of my other colleges are currently creating a social action project, for our school, were we are spreading awareness to other younger students about the reality of trafficking or young ones, being presented to sex. We would actually want some more information or organizations that we would be able to contact, in order to continue with our mission.

  21. timmyy987

    Yep, Muslims are a huge part in the pedophilia rings. It's the muslim faith that causes sexual frustration which consequently leads to stuff like this.
    Another good argument against the filth that Islam is.

    1. Anad Maxamed

      f*** you people like you play with our name..without us Muslims you would be lost. Go learn to respect.
      and keep out of your mouth the muslim. What made ??you say
      that muslims are pedophiles????????

    2. aaisha

      you brother need some sabr with dealing with these people. It is not worth it to get upset and use foul language. Foul language does not help to make your case but only gives them what they wanted. Which is to upset you.
      Also, obviously the reason why people say Muslims are pedophiles is because of The Prophet saws marriage to Aaisha when she was young.
      But simply it doesn't make sense when they say in one sentence Mulsims are sexually frustrated and in the next that that they are pedophiles. Because Muslims can have 4 wives so how would they even have time to be sexually frustrated to begin with. So laugh it off my brother, their ignorance is not worth losing your temper.

    3. Tira_ShadowHeart

      Aaisha was nine (9) years old when the marriage was consummated. That's young enough that she would have been badly damaged from the intercourse.

      Why would Muhammad have sexual intercourse with a nine-year-old unless he was attracted to her? Didn't he have other wives he could have slept with at the time?

      And it's not just the issue of /sexual/ frustration. Having four wives and four sets of children to spend time equally among must be quite mentally and emotionally strenuous, especially with competition (intentional or unintentional) between the fractions of family. Having a single spouse is far easier on a person's mind, and having fewer children means more attention for each of them, from both parents.

    4. Tira_ShadowHeart

      Also I just looked it up and Muhammad did not conceive any children with Aaisha. She was probably rendered infertile.

    5. Islam Tawba

      calm down brother and don't judge the book by its cover.If you have a least knowledge about ISLAM faith you would automaticly change your mis-understanding and thoughts.people around the world belonging either to different ethnics ,race or religion are simply humans capabale of doing right and doing wrong,however doctrines or religions can't be judged on the basis of theirs belongers.Eventually, Islamic faith which is written by Allah the allmighty is proven more effecient in avoiding those durty tasks .for instance a muslim is allowed to marry 4 women this is what you call polygamy the process here has an objective for staying awayper forming an illigal intercourse :since 4women can fill the biological needs a man can feel satisfied and there is nothing which causes problems.the western life is full of betrayal between spouses particularly in UNS GERMANY,FRANCE....§If you want a deep data I can send you recent statistique concerning the subject.

    6. Tira_ShadowHeart

      And meanwhile the women each have one fourth of the attention, affection, and sexual satisfaction that they would otherwise have in a monogamous marriage.

      That's assuming they don't feel the need to compete among themselves for their shared husband's time, furthering the divides between them and the strain on the husband.

      Besides, doesn't the Quran say that Allah gave woman nine-tenths of the concept of sexual lust? Why then would multiple wives instead of multiple husbands ever be a good idea?

  22. Luke

    @mikey ....Some spastic always jumps on the NWO bandwagon. World wide conspiracy is so old school, Didn't you know that alex jones and davide icke are soooooooo last decade.

    When we Get some decent friends and all that stuff becomes obsolete.

    @jack the rabbit............It'd be quicker to just have you killed. At least then we wont be fighting dumb people AND child prostitution

  23. Greg

    Valkyri23 1. People can reproduce at around age 13 or so. When someone can be a parent, they are – in terms of human development – grown up. What we decide is a “child” is a social construct, not a natural one. We make them children, therefore they are

    13 years old is a child no matter how you look at it. Physically being able to have a baby does not a grown up make. And to be fair a couple of your points were very well said, I just can't agree with 13 being anything but a child.

  24. dadas

    i want to watch this movie can sameone to help me

  25. me

    Awe, you can even see if the girls are cute!

  26. Nina

    Alot of young teens give oral sex for an ipod. So this documentary shouldn't be shocking. The world have trained young woman that sex is nothing and that it should be swapped for material things.

  27. Bar

    Jaysus the uploader could of cut out the weather and adverts!

  28. Anonymous

    Good work, now every parent in the UK will be afraid that their own daughter will become a prostitute. All these s@#$$% media programs do is incite fear into the person watching (especially this one because your children are involved).
    Child prostitution is a concerning and serious issue, but media programs like this aren't helping. I don't know about others, but while watching this, all I could think about was how much effort they put in to make it seem as scary as they possibly could. They didn't tell you any proper statistics or any good information, instead they just told a bunch of sex stories told by the girls interviewed (who were probably actors). A bunch of sex stories isn't going to influence the government to act on child prostitution, but it does get the BBC shitloads of money.
    And btw, Daniel, muslims are against prostitution. I'm pretty sure you'll get stoned to death if you're a prostitute and muslim.
    And @ Sukhuy, when somebody becomes 18, they are psychologically mature enough to make their own decisions. Making prostitution illegal is only going to make the problem worse. Because prostitution is legal, these girls are able to call the police if they were abused, if it were illegal they couldn't do that.

    1. DonDonaldson

      Actually the psychological brain is not fully developed until the age of 21 ... that is why the drinking age is 21 in the USA. Aside from that though, maturity comes at different times for different people. How many 18-year-olds would you trust with a) your car, b) your infant child, c) your bank card, d) your house for an entire weekend, or e) your liquor cabinet? Get real already ...

    2. AllanA

      I was wondering why we send them off to war as young as 18. Thanks!

  29. Old becomes new

    The instructions for society, contained in the book of Deuteronomy, largely address how to guard against this sort of crime against youth.

    The concepts work well, amidst lawlessness when you have to build a society from scratch, or when you must rebuild, amidst the sort of crime-ruled culture we currently experience.

    Communities would have to enforce the Deuteronomical instructions as vigilantly, and violently as the gangs perform their enforcements, against its victims.

    We have legislated our "law enforcement" personnel into merely monitors, removing from them the tools and authority to actually protect the public, in many spheres.

  30. robert

    well i've always wanted a girl to tie me up and have sex with me while i'm tied to a bed

  31. Valkyri

    1. People can reproduce at around age 13 or so. When someone can be a parent, they are - in terms of human development - grown up. What we decide is a "child" is a social construct, not a natural one. We make them children, therefore they are.

    2. Rather than blaming the victims parents, why don't you blame the perp's parents? They were the ones that raised the "bad" kids, now see #3

    3. It takes a community to raise a child. People are not born inherently evil, they are made that way, usually through abuse. Those that do these kinds of things were likely subject to abuse or neglect themselves. At the very least they have no connection with their community, and therefore defy it - so do we blame them, or the community? Blame the community, because it's ills are passed on and it reaps what it sows.

    4. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That does not mean cutting someone's nuts off before they can do bad things, that means making sure every member of our society is wanted and loved. Access to abortion on demand helps, that way, no unwanted children are born.

    5. To cure what ails society means that each and every one of us has to put down the torches and pitchforks, stop blaming everyone btu the person in the mirror and go do something to help people feel as though they belong to the community so that they want to serve it, rather than destroy it. If YOU don't serve your community by love, and assistance, then YOU are guilty.

    That is all.

    1. Guest

      About point 1, you are not entirely correct. This has gotten to be a very common idea, and I feel compelled to point out a little something about it in the interest of accuracy. Just because a young girl has had her first period does NOT mean she is therefore ready to reproduce... Her reproductive-system from that point still needs to undergo further maturation before she is most ideally suited to safely give birth, which typically occurs around age 16, or even a little later. Not 13. For the young man, he is shooting blanks during at least the first year after he is able to ejaculate: There are no viable sperm in his semen during this time. When these changes have first occurred in young people, what nature is really saying is that it is getting these people READY to reproduce most effectively, not that they may be immediately best advised to do so. The higher incidences of cervical-cancer among young girls who engage in intercourse before the rest of their reproductive-system has caught up with the fact of their menstruation is indicative of this. And for both sexes, mental development, which is at least as important, is not generally anywhere near complete at this age... We say they are children not JUST because it is a social construct, but because it is a necessary one, borne out by the complexity of the world they are expected to navigate. As far as your other points go, you make some very fine ones which I fully agree with, but please be more careful on this first one. It is too important for young people, especially, to be in any way misinformed about.

    2. avd420

      About point one, yes it is a social construct, but we live in a social world where 13 year olds do not possess the life skills to raise a child.

      I do like the rest of what you had to say though.

    3. Jess

      Don't agree with #1 at all, sexual maturity does not mean overall maturity, it is just one component ! Sexual maturity is not the end of human development, that is quite inaccurate! The brain is no where near developed at that age! Decision making, impulse control, rationalization, the list goes on, are FAR from developed! Keep in mind the decision to have sex involves more than having mature sexual organs, the brain is also at work.
      We do come up with the construct of the term "child" and what a child does and does not do, but the fact that they are not developmentally like an adult is not constructed

    4. Jess

      Reaching the age you can reproduce and maturity are not the same thing, your brain has to be capable too, not just your sex organs

  32. tongan sam


  33. Phil Atio

    The parents, age 16, most people do what they want by age 16, parents can't do much. When I was 16 I snook out my house at night, and I'm not even a bad kid. Look you can't stop young adults from being what they want to be

    1. Yusiley S

      Speak only for yourself. You're properly white that's why your parents couldn't do anything about you snicking about at night.

      In the household I grew up in, I was a good teen. I only disobeyed my mom once. It was at a store, but she took care of it right away. She smacked that demon inside of me right out, before it took over. Therefore you can stop teenagers from doing what they want, my moms' proof that parents have more power than you think. Only weak parents overlook at reinforcing and disciplining their teens. It's because of the bullsh!t white suburban soccer moms that teenagers these days are running a muck. No wonder many of them end up being sex slaves. Stupid soccer moms need to back the F8ck up and let parents go back to the old ways. A good hardcore smack in public will straighten any smart @ss teen right up.

  34. Brian

    Each of us have a role to play in society, who has the courage to tell gang members that the path they are taking is not helping??Who has the sense to tell men to stay with their partners/wives and love them unconditionally, and learn how to show love to their children??Who has the love of humanity to report to the police any gang activity, then follow up what the police are doing about it...writing letters to local government and MP's until it is dealt with??Who has the wisdom to look at history and find out what is the best way to raise children in a way they are kept safe from harm??These are just questions...the cities of today are "melting pot's" of cultures, there is no point in pointing the finger.

  35. jack the rabbit

    no women will be a prostitute if there was no man willing to pay and demand prostitute. I wish there was a way to kill of these sick men all at once.

  36. hadi

    criminals are criminals ...they dont belong any particular religion ,race or ethnicity......

  37. Allyson (19)

    I'd predict most of these parents were only trying not to smuther their children. No one wants their child to rebel. My mom was like them and luckily her way worked. You can't make your child be a certain way, you can only hope that what you teach them sticks, and so much of the time it doesn't. You can only do what you THINK is right, and hopefully you are.
    Someone said something about blaming everyone but ourselves? I think that blaming the gangs would be a pretty safe bet..
    Most of the police seem to be naive. Obviously things need to be changed on their part also. All of this seems so 3rd worldish! Just like the police, I wouldn't have thought it was going on if it weren't shown to my face.

  38. david

    omg....i find these people, they better hope that im sick that day cause i will whip some ass....rape is the lowest of the low. it pretty much means your too pathetic to get any from anyone your age.....and being sold off for drug money??? someone needs to do something...and im not one of those people that are just saying that and waiting for "something" to happen. most of my friends have gotten raped and i took care of ALL the guys. sent em to the hospital then straight to jail so they can get some backside fun from bubba as a cripple

  39. Solomon S. Buyco

    It says there "filthy Muslims" and not all Muslims are filthy... :o)

    I am sure that those who ate pork are filthy...

  40. surprised

    oh my god

    the Muslims are too powerful so the government can't do any thing to stop them !!!

    waht a fanatic attitude! Daniel

    the fact is absolutely inverted

    do you know that these kinds of crimes are lesser in islamic countries than any other country?
    and even those cases because of the influence of the sexy movies witch are come from the west

  41. father

    Yeah that's right... blame it on everyone else except ourselves.

    Blame the law for being too soft, muslims and asians for being different, police for turning a blind eye, parents for not watching out for their kids, kids who doesn't listen to parents, gangs that are trying to make easy bucks.

    If this happens to my daughter, part of it is my fault for failing to teach her how to take care of herself.

  42. Sukhuy

    Dear Readers,
    This a result of allowing prostitution as an official job in UK and EU!!
    Number tow is the BROKEN "free"-society which allowed so much freedom for all, and then the non-right-education from the parents to the children!
    Why does the mother or the father think about 14, 15 or 16 years old daughter as a young girl? NOT A CHILD? she stills a child till 18.
    The law has to be more HARDER to awo the criminals. An abuse costs 6 months in prison. what a nice game??!!!
    i have a lot to say, but .....


  43. Ilyaas

    daniel I gott Q for u!

    are the bishops muslims?

  44. Solomon S. Buyco

    Police can't watch Police... but Police can watch Civil Servants, who can watch civil activities....

  45. Michelle

    People who blame parents are ridiculous - half the problem is that these jerks only get 6 YEARS in prison... I think that this crime of sex trafficking should be a life sentence. Half the problem is that the law is too nice to these pimps and other people who sexually abuse children. A man who lived near me sexually abused his own children for over 10 years and he got 2, yes TWO years in prison for it. There is something totally wrong with that.
    Only thing to blame is patriarchy. And it goes back to men helping men objectify women.

    1. NikolaTesla

      these "jerks" had parents that failed them just like this girl.(just saying) and before

      what would help alot more then blame is maybe a drug test?standards for being parents, multiple choice test i dunno SOMETHING besides just sexual organs?

  46. Solomon S. Buyco

    How about giving a law? That all children under 18 should not be roaming the street at 8:00 pm without the accompaniment of adults, but the adult company should be pictured if any would come forward to take the responsibility, for records purposes and confirmations later on... Anyway, this cases should be on civil action staffs of the City offices coordinated with Police forces and not on Police alone.

    Mickey's post seems to have a point though, about promoting a crime networks under the noses of Police forces. Better be aware...

    1. Yusiley S

      I agree. There needs to be a chaperon system. I had a chaperon till I was 20 yrs old and it lasted that long because I wanted it to. My chaperon was my grandma. She was the best. We stayed at home in most nights, watching and talking about soap operas while she would play with my hair (I love it when my hair gets brushed and styled by others).

      Most people would view the chaperone system negatively, but of course they were indoctrinated by the media to think of it as a bad thing. Young people need to understand that they're not truly free if they're doing what others besides their parents say its cool. They just replacing one set of parents with another... bad parents called the media and peers (what do most teenagers know about real life... nothing).

  47. emily

    One of the issues with this is that teenagers are so sexualised. I mean look at the image used to sell this documentary! A teenager with her pink knickers around her ankles, that's not exactly portraying it as a dreadful frightening thing. We forget that young teens are still children when they really clearly are.

  48. Daniel

    The vast majority of these child sex crimes are being conducted by filthy Muslims and that is why the police and authorities vare reluctant to expose it and deal properly with the perpetrators.

  49. jamac Mohmed

    Its no doubt that such crimes against young innocent girls are disaster and yet an acceptable through out the society. we should be more careful to our kids to monitor where and whom they are assocaiting with, parents should be able to keep eyes on thier daughter movement for the time being and crimes against humanity should be punished severly and brough in to justice whose who committed,and I would also suggest young daughter to be more careful and limits their assocaition with group of freinds,

  50. Julia

    I think punishment for crimes like that should be more severe. For example, pimps should be publicly punished by getting their intimate parts amputated. This is how it was in ancient times and that worked. Crime should be severely punished to scare out potential criminals. Too much freedom is against freedom... the back side of democracy.

  51. Jodie Lee

    How stupid for saying its the parents fault! The parents don't know that they are going off with older boys! No wonder these sick scummy pervs get away with these barbaric crimes and its because of yours and everyone else's numb attitudes towards rape and sexual assaults. People always put the spotlight on the victims and in a childs case the victims parents: "What was she doing out at that time of night?" and, "Look at what she was wearing!" and, "She shouldn't be walking home on her own." and, "What are the parents doing letting her stay out till that time of night?" These crimes are no ones fault but the sick bastards that are committing them! If it was your mother, daughter, sister, aunty, niece, Grandma, or yourself that became a victim i'm pretty damn sure your attitude would soon change!

    1. Yusiley S

      I agree with you to an extent. But...and we can debate this over till its dead... but parents ought to monitor what they're kids are at and what they're dressing, all teenagers are still kids till they reach 18.

      Also people will treat you the way you dress and act as. Otherwise we wouldn't be wearing dress or pant suits to an interview to appear professionally. If you dress like a whore, you'll be treated as such, simple as that.

      Sorry it is hard to believe that a teen girl dressing like a whore after dark isn't asking for it. Clearly she is dressed that way, that late at night to attract guys, usually the wrong type of guy in order to piss her parents off, and what do all guys want... easy sex... what does easy sex look like... a whore. Therefore, if my daughter is dressing like a hooker, especially at night, people are going to assume she is selling sex or wants it... whether she asked for it or not. Being the parent I have to set up rules and boundaries so that she would know what's appropriate and what isn't and understand that if she dress like a whore she will be treated as such. Guys aren't going to be interest your personality if your dressed like a hooker... they want sex. PERIOD! Dress like a lady and you'll attract gentlemen. Simple...no brainer there, but as the saying goes... common sense isn't so common.

    2. Charlotte Hill

      Rude, inconsiderate and just down right out of order for you to say that. That's like saying to young girls who were sexually abused by an older man that they asked for it. I was abused by my own father when i was 13, i sure as hell didn't dress like it or act like i wanted it. Seems like your mother should have hit you harder and knocked some tact into you too.

  52. Mickey

    All this seems to be is a guide on how to start your own prostitute game... they tell you how to do it and tell you that there have hardly been any convictions!
    Pathetic, evil, government controlled media programmes...
    all they do is promote paeodophilia, violence, rape and murder in order to keep us in a constant state of fear!

    What has the world come to? Wake up people, the NWO is on your doorstep!!!

    Watch Zeitgeist, Esoteric Agenda and the Obama Deception.
    Time is running out!!!

  53. Sandra

    Their parents are irresponsible in my opinion. My mom would never let me go out with older boys without knowing them. And I would have to be at home by 7:00pm till I was 16 and by 10:00pm till I was 18! How can a mother let her little girl go out to some park with older boys and not knowing who she meets and what she does?!

    1. Yusiley S

      Smartest comment posted here. Thank you.