Ten Commandments of the Mafia

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Ten Commandments of The MafiaIn 2007, Italian police make an astonishing discovery during a raid on a Mafia boss’ villa: a list of the Mafia’s most sacred laws.

It’s an incredible find: a code of conduct for the Mob. Now, for the first time, former Mobsters speak out about the rules that govern their criminal world; and reveal what happened when gangland began to question the so-called Ten Commandments of the Mafia.

The document makes clear that people with police or informers in their family cannot become members of the Mob. And although mobsters' wives must be respected, they should not expect much support during childbirth: the rules state that "always being available for Cosa Nostra is a duty - even if your wife's about to give birth".

The Decalogue was discovered along with a large number of other coded documents in a house near Palermo where Mr Lo Piccolo was apprehended after spending more than two decades on the run from police. Investigators say that the documents - including the Ten Commandments - will give them an insight into how the Mafia operates.

The papers also reveal details of companies with Mafia connections and information about the hierarchy within the organization.

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  1. evilmaster

    This documentary was great! I enjoyed it even more because I recently finished the Mafia II game. :)

    Today's gangsters have no style or class...


    @evilmaster - Style or class? Theres nothing classy or stylish about murder & the drug trade!

  4. ez2b12
  5. ez2b12

    @ evilmaster

    I agree, "gangsta wanna bees".

    @ Year one
    chill out man, its all good. We never said it was moral, just has a certain style or class- or it used to anyway.

  6. BJ
  7. BJ

    YEAR-ONE are you in the FBI or something. evilmaster is 100% correct.

  8. Randy
  9. Randy

    Hey, man, there is always gonna be organized crime. Always and forever, where ever there is human civilization.

    It was in Babylon, it was in Egypt, it was in Greece, it was in Rome (oh it was REALLY in Rome), and so on and so on...

    You you will never be rid of it.

    I'm from Jersey, and my mob uncles are from Boston, I know what I am sayin', you get me?

    Listen, whenever the bosses want to keep you away from something you like, the mob will be there to get it for you! It's a good thing! You want stuff, the mob can get you stuff, what's not to love?

    In Philly, near where I live, there was a social club where the mob hung out. Like they do. Well, the mayor and the cops spent tons of dollars to run them out of the neighborhood.

    The reaction was not expected. The people in the nieghborhood rebelled! They wanted the mob there, it was one of the safest places in the city!

    Nobody was gonna steal a car there. No body was gonna try and jack anyone there. There were mob bosses walking the streets... it was as safe as houses... C'MON!

    But, the bosses ran them out, and now it is a crack den.

    Moral of the story? Learn to live with the mob, it ain't goin' anywhere...

  10. Cliff
  11. Cliff


    If your uncles are in the mob I'm sure they'd beat your a$$ if they knew you were talking about them on a public forum. You do realize your IP address can be found out easily. If your information is on the IP it's very easy to find out your parents' information, including who their brothers are. If your uncles are anything like you, they are probably already tapped! lol

  12. Randy
  13. Randy


    You're right, of course. But I only got one left, (out of eight! A big Irish Catholic family...), and he lookes out for me pretty good, although I never axed him for any help.

    Plus, when I was running games in his territory, I kicked up my tribute, so he gives me a pass.

    'Course, he could come for me, anytime. *shrug* I never liked him much... Solid Gold, World Class Racist and my wife is Mexican. B@stard told Mexican jokes in front of my wife!

    That was a fight! I lost a tooth, he lost a lot of blood. There was respect. That's how the Irish do.

  14. Randy
  15. Randy

    But, remember also, that the Irish mob is much more a "loose" association than the Italian or the Russian, or any of the Asian mobs.

    There are "crews" in the Irish mob, with singular heads, but no real organization above that. Very tribal, very cellular.

    They will work for other mobs, (the Italians really do not like us, I love them, but they don't like me/us, so we don't work together that often, if at all), But the Russians and the Asians will take our money.

    Hmmm... that was way too much. I could be dead soon. Oh well... I only had about 10 more years anyway...

  16. Irish Shane
  17. Irish Shane

    Bunch of middle class suburban kids with a warped sense of identity. whatever happened to the movie heroes of decency who took on the Nazis and bully boys..

    society is going to hell... ah well, who wants to go heaven with a bunch of f@#$ in the clouds anyway? GET F@#$%&!

    crack open the whiskey Mr Lucifer. Party in Hell.

  18. Irish Shane
  19. Irish Shane


    at least the Irish dont shoot their own brothers in the back. Italian mafia is full of deception, perhaps what made them so cunning and succesful. (watch sun Tzu's Art of War).

    Irish mobsters arent in the crime game to take over the world, they do it for jam money to drink with their buddies from the neaighbourhood. proper commradeship. even though they are thugs who kill people at least they got some moral and a sense of humour.

    "I killed your father and raped your sister, but hey I'm only joking" the art of humour, an Irish thing

  20. Randy
  21. Randy

    Irish Shane,

    What an interesting way of looking at it...

    Hmmm... I like it!

    (Oh, the joke is SOOO New Jersey, very funny, in a sick way! LOL!)

  22. Carl Hendershot
  23. Carl Hendershot

    Worth a watch. Alot of questions left unanswered but other then that forget about it lol. Seriously though if your into the not long ago history of a few guys getting in trouble over money issues then you will like this.

  24. Carl Hendershot
  25. Carl Hendershot

    And control among other things.

  26. Justin
  27. Justin

    This is a straightforward and 'basic' format television documentary but the content is rich and explains the fundamentals using interviews from some of the best known former mobsters of once higher rankings.
    One thing I find missing in a lot of these documentaries is a little more focus on the damage, immorality, suffering and pain caused to victims of the mafia. Innocent people lose business unfairly, people who play by the rules get skimmed and pushed down, someones daughter is that prostitute and good policemen have died. Just the community destruction of the heroine, cocaine that the mafia brings in would be a horror movie unto itself.
    Anyways, this documentary didn't focus there but one thing is they did show the regret and repentance of some of these ex-mobsters which is interesting too.
    A basic doc about the basics - in a good way. Liked!

  28. Randy
  29. Randy

    @Justin who wrote:

    "...suffering and pain caused to victims of the mafia. Innocent people lose business unfairly, people who play by the rules get skimmed and pushed down..."

    Doesn't Wal*Mart do the same thing? You think they don't sell little girls? You think they don't put small business out of business?

    Listen, morality, is what sells... that's life... get over it, grow up...

  30. Cliff
  31. Cliff

    So the moral of the story is to be like WalMart to suceed in life.

  32. Randy
  33. Randy


    Well, if you had Wal*Mart's money, wouldn't you feel pretty "successful at life..."

    I mean, what are we talking about here...

    Money, honey! Everything else walks.

  34. Linda
  35. Linda

    I realy enjoyed this docu it did not glamorise the mafia in any way and it just goes to show no matter how loyal you are you still have to look over your shoulder every day no way to live even with all the money and "class" that goes along with it.

  36. JustinLee
  37. JustinLee

    Morality sales? Get over it? You are right, it does. But who the FUK are you to tell anyone to get over it? Most of you on here who obviously think these fukin thugs are cool need a mouth full of gravel to chew on.

  38. JustinLee
  39. JustinLee

    P.S. I lump the thugs of Monsanto, the MSM, Goldman S., etc. together. This planet is one big orgy of greed. F@#$ greed.

  40. Randy
  41. Randy


    By that I meant, "Whatever sells IS morality..."

    In other words, money talks, bullsh*t walks, really.

    Sorry, if I was unclear.

    I see I touched a nerve, money problems?

    I'm the guy with the cash. No credit... so...

    Credit cards are worse than the mob ever was... do you have credit cards?

  42. JustinLee
  43. JustinLee


    No prob. If someone tried to steal my identification they would drop it like a hot potato. I'm a cash guy as well. Medical debt is it for me. Fortunately not much debt in that particular area. Especially when considering some of the heavy medical debt people have on their backs. Mine is but a mere feather upon my back.

  44. Randy
  45. Randy

    If you had cash in the bank, whether you had credit or not, your ID would be valuable.

    What I read there is that you are living paycheck to paycheck.

    That is a heavy burden. You gotta have a large nest egg and many investments and money working for you.

    In America anyway. It sucks, but it's life...

  46. Carl Hendershot
  47. Carl Hendershot

    LMAO @ Randy,JustinLee,Cliff,Irish Shane,BJ,YEAR-ONE,evilmaster,ez2b12, Linda. LMAO LOL I do like how Linda "" cLAss. Thanks for the laughs guys.

  48. Charles B.
  49. Charles B.

    This video doesn't track well, at least on my computer.

  50. Frankie Fivefingers
  51. Frankie Fivefingers

    Great documentary. I pretty much knew most of the stuff covered in this film, from watching all the mobster movies. What i didn't know was how the Cosa Nostra started, with the Spanish thing in Sicily.

    I also want to say that this website for free documentary's is great. I'm telling all my friends about it... I'll just take a cut from them for the information, charge them a fee for my protection, and we'll have this new little thing of ours... HAHAHA

    Just kidding to all you FBI guys out there. I'm not a wiseguy. I'm just having fun!

  52. Randy
  53. Randy


    LOL! Yes, me too! I was never "connected" or associated with any criminal organization!

    All just internet fantasy!

    *nothing to see here, move along*

  54. Frankie Fivefingers
  55. Frankie Fivefingers

    @ Randy...

    HAHAHA!!! Yeah, the next thing they do is bring me up on RICO violations for that cheesy bad joke...

    As Randy sez, I / Me, was never Connected, or associated with any criminal organization... So Help Me GOD (Right hand press firmly on The Bible)...

    It's just a joke...

  56. Tom Lowry
  57. Tom Lowry

    There wouldn't be any Mafia to worry about if we had politicians that didn't try to take advantage by fear induced legislation that attempts feebly to regulate peoples moral behaviors. Make something illegal and you "make my day" for a gangster. Now you know why JE Hoover tried to distance the FBI from the Mafia and it's corrosive influence by claiming "there was no Mafia". AAMOF there isn't, but there are plenty of corrupt politicians who get rich by passing laws that put a happy face on 'The War on Drugs'. A battle lost the very first day laws werer passed that put the play into the cartels hands, and they're still running with the ball.

  58. Achems Razor
  59. Achems Razor

    Enjoyed this doc. have read and watched basically everything there is know? about the gansta's organizations throughout the years.

    Almost everything is a rip off, a scam, (gansta's)? but a horse with a different name.

    Yes, Number one is (Wars)!! credit cards, federal reserve, etc: etc: etc: it is always about control, money and power, since the dawn of time. And I must add...Religion! the biggest gansta's of all!, the number one rip off on money, control and power!

  60. Randy
  61. Randy


    Yes, indeed!


    *shrug* that's the world. Maybe it will get better... I hope so, but I have huge doubts about our capacity for rational thinking, (as a species...)

    Again, though, you can't blame the bosses, they will get away with what we let them.

    Most people in the Western world are too distracted by mindless trivia to care whether their lives are being stolen by theives.

    But theives gotta eat, too!

    A magic trick. The art of distraction... etc.

  62. Randy
  63. Randy


    And to add to your point, if you don't mind, there is an old saying, (from Prohibition times, in fact...):

    "It's only a crime if someone passes a law against it..."

  64. joebanana
  65. joebanana

    There's still a faction of the mob in operation, it's called the US government.

  66. spaceace2012
  67. spaceace2012

    To the people at the top of this list....

    Two friends put into comas.... one died. They were walking past a nightclub run by these people and reports say they supposedly "looked" at someone the wrong way. The owner.

    One was 23...one was 25. They were going to meet their girlfriends for a once-off expensive dinner which they'd both saved up for.

    The video footage went missing. No one saw anything. COWARDS!!

    Where's the "style and class" in that.

  68. chrissy
  69. chrissy

    all be good i say from aussie reading all this ,,,,it makes me feel who has the balls

  70. aristidh koka
  71. aristidh koka

    they were all Albanians escapet from albania by turks at 1460 and puted in itally. the code of mafia is the code of blud of the albanians. itlian and vatikan inteligent services with cia colaboration inducted all the wars betwen them. this was a secret genocide. and the result was the total assimilation. but still in southern italy sicyly and calabria remain some who speak still albanian and call themself arberesh. the prof is the two major of mafia chiefs toto riina and provenzano were captured and sentecied only few years ago when all the wars were finished that demostrate they were the spies. want to controll a mouvment pot your man in the head of this mouvment.

  72. Rocky
  73. Rocky

    I don't know anything about mobs. I find the stuff you have said very interesting though.

    the mob = entertainment for me...i ain't f@#$%^ with'em they can do what they want i won't be steppin on anyones toes...people stop getting worked up over s@#$ you really have no clue about. Everyones gotta hustle. Legal or not. whats yours?

  74. Joe Aiala
  75. Joe Aiala

    they were all Albanians who emigrated from albania during the Ottoman Empire in the 15-th centry in southern italy. the code of mafia is the same with the albanian code of honor.Something that never egsisted before in Italy.still in southern italy ,sicyly and calabria remain some villages and cities who speak the old albanian language and call themself old albanians.

  76. John Moore
  77. John Moore

    Hell yeah ,i just wrote the Albanian code of honor..or as they call it the blood code,its the same thing.Still there are a lot of old albanians in southern italy and sicily,most of them mafia members.

  78. Juan Garcia
  79. Juan Garcia

    The albanian code of honor is the same.and is the code that operates the most of albanian mafia in the world

  80. Guest
  81. Guest

    Pretty much something of the past. Although, they had time to take over the USA government. They don't kill anyone anymore. Just send then to Iraq!
    Most important USA financial activity? Killing.

    Then, explain how "Good Guys" they can be?


  82. Ed Lau
  83. Ed Lau

    All organize crime syndicates have the same rules, Mafia, Russian Mafia, Chinese Triads, Japanese Yakuza... These are basic rules to keep an underground organization going

  84. Whatever
  85. Whatever

    Mafia, what Mafia, there is no Mafia!?

  86. Sy2502
  87. Sy2502

    This isn't a documentary, it's pure garbage. Whoever made it knows nothing of the mafia. The most obvious sign is that they insist in equating the American mafia to the Italian mafia when they in fact have little to nothing to do with each other. It is a fallacy to use one to describe the other. The second mistake is to insist in describing the mafia as a somewhat romantic secret society that started with noble intents. Wrong, it always was a criminal society, and there's nothing romantic about it, it is all about power and money. Finally, the rules of the mafia weren't learned in 2007 but in the late 80s from boss Tommaso Buscetta.
    If you want to cling to Hollywood's stereotype of mafia, this piece of fiction is for you. If you actually want to learn something, skip it altogether.

  88. tony pro jr
  89. tony pro jr

    All this talk of mafia there is know such thing. Im Italian and every time some one finds out im Italian they ask are you in the mob,, like if I was I would say yes.. But there is no mob..

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