Testing Tolerance

Testing Tolerance

2018, Society  -   31 Comments
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Sweden has been an incredibly accommodating host to a record number of immigrants in recent years, including many who have fled to Europe from war torn regions in search of a more peaceful existence. Close to a quarter of a million migrants have descended upon the small country of just under seven million, and they've been provided shelter, meals and resources from its socially liberal government. Undoubtedly, many inspiring personal success stories have arisen from this show of generosity, and lives have been changed for the better. Testing Tolerance examines the opposite end of the spectrum and exposes real concerns from a country in the midst of an identity crisis.

By welcoming such a significant influx of migrants, it was inevitable that the fingerprint of the country and its many communities would change. But perhaps no one could have predicted the rise in gang activity, drug trafficking, violent crime and sexual assault.

Angered by the impotence and inaction of their police and government, a group of watchdog activists roam and patrol the most dangerous streets. They fight for a return to the country they once knew, and freedom from the violence and desperation that have consumed their once peaceful communities.

Their approach has proven controversial, and they are often labeled as racists or vigilantes. The filmmakers follow several of them as they venture out on their night patrols. They claim they are not prejudiced against any particular race, ethnicity or religion; they merely want a return to order where their citizens can live without fear. Some place the blame on an apathetic government that fails to enforce the restrictions that many citizens demand.

The filmmakers speak with other figures at the center of the immigration debate, and several migrants who testify to their difficulties in assimilating to a distrusting environment.

Testing Tolerance treads into volatile territory that will likely provoke some viewers, but it presents points of view that are worthy of consideration.

Directed by: Aleksandr Avilov

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1 month ago

why is this not available in the UK?

Johan Signorelli
2 years ago

Has there been a single positive result from the mass importation/acceptance of third-world immigrants in White/European nations?


The people "fleeing" those shjthole countries, are the reason that they are shjtholes.

2 years ago

The problem is not "immigrants", it's immigrant men. Why was this not centred on openly in this documentary?

The solution is simple. Western countries should accept largely only women and girls, who face the worst fates in the Middle Eastern countries. Get rid of the men and the problem gets rid of itself.

2 years ago

Swedish people whatsoever they are facing is because of their corrupt, greedy politicians who are ruling them. They are the ones bringing in those the refuges (as they are actually their puppets) whom they using them to sell & flourished their drug business (it is well known to everybody with common sense that to do drug business you need a decent capita which the poor refugees can't afford to do and never will be able to do so), giving them guns (of course, the same guns which they brought to their mothers' land whereby they used for killing each other and then thus directed where to run and become the puppets in Sweden, whom actually are very useful and profitable to the politician(s) for steal and squandering the taxes of the Swedish people); command them to commit every kind of wickedness even place them wherever the politician(s) thinks will benefit and profited him/her (them).

And those refuges whom claim to get their families back at their refuges countries, are they really refuges or rather the puppets of those corrupt politician(s) whom brought them there for the purpose of squandering the Swedish taxes via them...? Hoping they do not think one day they will be somebody since they are already been snare to be puppets their whole life as they allowed themselves to be used and thus failed to see that someone is taking their country under their very own noises and even running their country thru them..!? They are selling themselves to be slaveries and lost their really identity for failure of discern things surrounding them and going in their lives with excuse of different conflict of interests with their countries. (But the again, it is a bitter pill to swallow but surely few of mankind thinks and believe that majority of their fellows' mankind are cattle whom need to be organized how to live as they themselves are uncapable of doing so.

Money is the root of all evil. Swedish people your problem is none other but your politician(s) whom you give power to run you.

2 years ago

I'm Swedish. Don't believe the racist fake news. The lies comes from idiots who only have white friends. I've debated so many times with them at works, dinner tables, internet and that's a mistake I did... Now days I have more intelligent discussions with dog shit on the street. Fridens liljor

2 years ago

Now this is a sensible, respectable summary by Aleksandr Avilov. Many other countries along with Sweden feel the same about these ridiculous immigration policies, but no one wants to listen. And so, the people take up the responsibility themselves only to be labelled racist bigots. Easy to see why regular middle class folks are getting pissed off right?

2 years ago

I am not swedish , but I have lived in sweden and i can tell you that this is such a good documentary about muslim immigration in Sweden. I can assure you that Swedes that are fighting against muslim immigration are dead right to the point. It's a severe problem with those migrants. But mind you, not all of them are rapists and trouble makers. I know really decent and hard working refugees from Syria. The problem is with their religion and their seriousness with islam. I have no stake in Sweden , but even I can see that this refugee chain immigration is a bad thing. Food for thought for Swedes - back in 2013 - zero days of post study work permit for international students who have studied and completed a master program in Sweden and direct Permanent residency for refugees who burn their fingers and lie about their age.

Vincent Marini
3 years ago

It seems that some people are confusing the term criminal with immigrant as if there was direct correlation between the two.

4 years ago

i have lived in numerous countries and in each place that has let muslims in has seen the same issues, violence, rape, murder and a so on. They bring trouble wherever they go.

4 years ago

The blond, older Swedish women's comments about Muslims is typical of the conjured fears that all uninformed, bigoted people around the world have about people who look different, speak another language, or pray differently. My next-dooor neighbor made the same ignorant remarks about Asian women working in nail salons and expressed her resentment about people who don't learn English before they come to the U.S. It matters little to people like my neighbor and the Swedish racist that these immigrants are often fleeing from war-torn countries, poverty, brutal dictatorships, and genocide.

5 years ago

Someone out there. Please look into the Kalergi Plan and tell me this is just a co-incidence.

5 years ago

did they cite briebartnews in the beginning?

5 years ago

Using their argument that it is less than 1 percent of the refugees are the problem, the question is, why didn't the police crack down ton that 1% instead of treating them like the other 99%? I suspect that some of the higher up want that 1% running loose in order to destroy the country.

5 years ago

Why wouldn't you do basic screening on each immigrant's criminal background? That's the protocol under any other circumstance when there's not an influx of immigrants, right? Or does Sweden just grant anyone asylum/citizenship? If an asylum-seeker IS caught committing a violent crime like rape, are they not deported?

Regardless of which country's immigrants you're taking in, that's not good practice. Also: it takes a lot of narcissism to enter another country & blatantly disrespect their laws & culture when your own country isn't even fit for living. Nobody wants to deal with an increase in violent crime regardless of the race/culture of the people committing it.

It's not about skin color--or at least it shouldn't be. When you make it about that, you negate your own valid points & people stop listening. Focus on the BEHAVIOR & avoid sounding xenophobic and you will be taken much more seriously.

5 years ago

Good docu, but its a looooot of re-used footage for people who already follow the subject

5 years ago

Excellent documentary. It's nice, and refreshing, to see the other side of the immigration debate given a forum and treated respectfully. It's not racist to recognize that there must be limits to immigration.

It's also ludicrous to hide the crimes of immigrants based on the lame excuse that you don't want to encourage hatred of minorities. Honesty is the best policy. It's certainly inarguable that it's much easier to solve a crime when the physical characteristics of the perpetrator can be shared with the public.

I don't buy the argument that immigrants should be allowed to practice their "culture" in the host country, even when that culture violates the laws and most fundamental values of the host country. If immigrants are unwilling or unable to live by such rules, they need to go.

Roger Andout
5 years ago

I suggest that any journalist who uses the expression " some would say",(45.26 et al) means, "I would say" but hasn't the moral fibre to say so. Further, perhaps RT might do a program on Russia's immigrant situation.

5 years ago

If immigrants to Sweden are committing crimes then it seems logical to deport them back to their homeland one plane load at a time.

5 years ago

They need to GTFO
Swedes need to grow some balls.
In 2018 Europeans are paying 3rd worlders to invade their county and rape and murder their women and dishonest media hides these stories

Sweden 20 years ago was the safest country and best place to live. It now is the rape capital of the world. Thanks multiculturalism

Hell Seger
5 years ago

These people don't belong here, no matter how much you want them to. With this insane amount of immigration you also get insane amount of problems. This is just the beginning of turning Sweden into a third world country.

5 years ago

Directed by: Aleksandr Avilov
Alexander Avilov. Born in Leningrad, Aleksandr started as an assistant director and assistant operator at the Saint-Petersburg documentary film studio in 1993...

5 years ago

First of all, get it right or get rid of the damn video. We are 10 million citizens here in Sweden.
Second, these "watchdogs" are part of a nazi group.
Third, of course this russian "director" want people to believe this utter crap. The russian propaganda machine is known for making fake documentaries with a little true facts in there to make it believable by idiots.

We lose much more money letting rich people and big corporations get away with tax evasion and loopholes than anything we throw at the refugees.

I really liked this page but now I don´t know, you don´t seem trustworthy at all now.

Pi Nesmash
5 years ago

Whats the psychology behind racist with shaved heads and purple sports sunglasses?