The City Addicted to Crystal Meth
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The City Addicted to Crystal Meth

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Central Valley, California, is home to some of the most impoverished rural towns in America, where crystal meth addiction is prolific. In Fresno, Louis finds a community ravaged by this cheap and highly addictive drug.

As he infiltrates the town, he experiences the reality of meth abuse, as addicts who are high (or 'tweaking', as it is known) invite him into their homes to see them take hit after hit of their favorite drug. Louis becomes surrounded by the madness of daily addiction and the meth-addled confusion which is breaking this community apart.

He sees its impact through the eyes of the local police, and meets Diane and Karl, a couple who have sustained their marriage despite a 25-year meth addiction and losing custody of their five children. He witnesses arrests of sons doing meth with their mothers, and family after family broken apart from generations of meth abuse. (Excerpt from

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  1. Chris

    I know John to

  2. jay

    i know a john from fresno :)

  3. Sarah Jennings

    I am from Fresno and have never tried Meth and don't know anyone that has. Fresno has a good side as well and it is unfortunate that none of that was shown. Fresno/Central Valley is agricultural capital of the world, close to everything that anyone would want to do in the state of CA. We have the mountains to the east which provides lakes and skiing and not to mention 3 national parks..Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon. I love my city and this comes from a 10 year flight attendant who has lived in many other big cities.

    1. Karen Henderson

      Sorry honey. You probably BELIEVE you don't know anyone who uses Meth. But, you do boo boo. You are either blind, oblivious, or in a cave. Indianapolis isn't the most fast paced, richest, nor as wealthy as som California cities. However, even in 2013 when you made this comment, there was a national crisis of meth use. If there was here, it was damn sure making its way through YOR TOWN. Now let me ask you this. Has your awareness , or lack thereof, changed?

    2. Karen Henderson


    3. Goldnugget

      Yes,fresno has alot crime n drugs,murders,the weather Sucks,hot n sticky,valley s I

  4. disgusted

    I thought this documentary was boring. It was common. It asked the same boring questions asked by every other person trying to make money on other people's sorrow. Like Oh, you lost your children, you went to jail............. In this case why don't you go back to your country and exploit some of your own population. I'm sure you probably have that and more where you come fron Louis. ...... oH, yeah, the money..... I don't see how the word prolific got used to describe the content of this doc. I think all your docs are boring and common. ..... I hope the people who poured out their lives on your movie, so you could make money got PAID..... Boring ! , why don't you go home.!.............

    1. ToAd gRoAn

      what dumb comments you make. people NEED to see this stuff. americans need to come out of their coma. americans like you are the ones who will ruin your country and also the world. the plutocracy are walking away with everything while folks are either strung out on street drugs or highly medicated by american big pharma (the biggest drug pushers) for mass depression. all you care about is what you can see at the end of your nose. injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. why do we americans always say go away when someone doesn't agree? even if we are also citizens if we disagree with you you say: "if you don't like it leave!"? like you have the option to go to any country of your choice yeah right. try it. that's about as mature as saying you'll take your dolly and go home! grow up... and open up your mind so your eyes can see.

    2. Stuck in Cali

      Bull Sarah, Ive lived here for 40 years and theres tweakers everywhere in the valley on a daily basis. Just because you throw some change at them on the freeway offramp doesnt mean they dont exist. This chicks delusional and probably from the "uppity" part of Fresno, wannabe (Clovis).

      The rich wannabe live in Clovis, (which arent really rcih, they just live off of credit cards, if Im wrong and you live in Clovis, how many CC are in your wallet.?)

      I work for many of them on a daily basis, they throw a check in my face and I leave. The rest of the world thats NOT behind a gated community, is gangs,Base music,homeless abound, graffiti/trash everywhere in Fresno, every highway exit homeless sitting at freeway exits panning for money on a daily basis. The cops quit arresting them and giving them a free night in the jail, its so bad. Youl spot them living in bushes off highway also, often.

      Just go to any local hospital in the valley and youll see them on the ground screaming for "pain meds" Or outside the hospital getting high in a corner somewhere.

      I live in the mountains you speak of, its VERY different than the Central Valley, locally we have very little crime except what the casino brings here, and to have the gall, to say "We have" anything and live in Fresno is a crime in itself.

      What she meant to say is we have" Drugs,worst air almost in nation (next to L.A.),homeless and crime everywhere." We love how these Valley people come up to our national parks and every year start forest fires with their stupidity, and leave the rest of the residents for MONTHS dealing with record drought blazing forest fires. "Thanks"

      It was so bad this year THEY CLOSED THE PARK, thats how retarded and useless these Fresno peeps are., they drive low power hybrids at 40-45 MPH (limits 55-60) because they cant drive anything but a straight line.

      At Bass Lake I lived here for 30 years, parking for a PUBLIC Lake was free, 30 years later its 10-15$ to park at the lake because nasty city people come up and leave their rotten baby diapers everywhere, empty bait fishing trash, they dont even clean off their picnic tables, leave full garbage bags strewn on the ground,walk in the middle of the road (very narrow road) and give you dirty looks for driving on the street in their way.

      Its also the same thing they do in restaurants, even fast food! Too lazy to take it to the trash on your way out. At the lake, leave garbage, play rap music banging the N word as loud as they can, break glass everywhere, Giant pot clouds of ignorance and many of them arent even 18...

      Then mad dog every person who walks by, thats Fresno at the lake.. The funny part is many of them cant swim, I find it hysterical its 108+ degree day and they only get wet up to their waist haha! Covered in gang tattoos lookin hard and cant swim! ROFL.

      Sometimes we just hang around too close to their camp and it makes them uncomfortable, just stand there and smile, makes them very uncomfortable. Because city people are very protective of their space, so if you want them to leave, just hang out and make camp really close to theirs, works everytime. (Youll have to clean up their trash on the way out though be warned.)

      Fresno,Madera,Merced counties are the central valley record holders of meth busts, they have been for last 30-40 years I can remember. Its because theres very little employment here uless you pick grapes/nuts, and even then.. unless you speak spanish they wont hire a white person, its discriminatory and ILLEGAL, welcome to Cali.

      Come to think of it ANY job you get, you MUST speak spanish, in Cali, look on Craigslist at the "employment" ads, gigs, "skilled labor".
      Wiki says, "California's income distribution is quite broad; compared to the U.S. as a whole, California has relatively more residents with no income and with income over $100,000. Low incomes combine with high housing and living costs to produce a California poverty rate much higher than that of the U.S. as a whole. Calculated by comparing household income to a locally-adjusted poverty threshold, the Census Bureau’s Supplemental Poverty Measure reports that 20.7% of California's population has income insufficient for their basic needs, as compared to 12.9% in the U.S. as a whole.[69] This calculation of income includes the benefits of California welfare programs such as food stamps and earned income tax credits — without these income transfers, California's poverty rate would be 28%. In other words, of the people receiving a 1–2× poverty level income with benefits, about one quarter would fall below the poverty level without benefits."

      California has the largest population density for its size than any other state even Texas which is 2-3x larger than Cali.
      Honestly though Id like to think every city has its jewel(s) but honestly I cant find one for Fresno, and help? how is a National park 2 hoursd away a jewel for Fresno, its just a bad gimmick to move here, all we got is heat gangs, meth,pot and over policed honestly.
      Cost of living is outrageous, gas is generally $3.25 here when its been about $2.25 average in every other state. almost 4$ for a gallon of milk.

      Just compare your local everyday needs with where your looking to move and youll see in every way cali is NOT the place to be. Its also rated the #1 unhappiest state in the nation (more wiki).

  5. ilduderino

    Tried what I know to be the best meth money can buy, and it was very empty...I like amphetamines and I imagined this would be like a better amphetamine, but it's not...the "euphoria" has a different flavor that is unpleasant and not IQ enhancing...when on amphetamine I feel sharper, smarter, while meth makes me awkward and dumber...what gives? I was expecting a much better quality rush and euphoria but meth is crap and way more toxic. I suppose the cost is much lower than say adderal or dexies but it ain't worth it at all...especially with all the negatives...

  6. don wreford

    Drug consumption appears as if Man has had a long history of imbibing, as at present the availability of diverse drugs and consumption, invites the question why? The problem with this need is a definition as to how we define what are considered drugs? i.e. is fame a drug? is money a drug? The search for a identity, to be someone? Our obsession with becoming, What if you decided to become nothing? Many who have have lived a life of drug free, are some of the most limited and boring stereotypes ever, I have encountered, yet those who have had a addiction and overcome this are some of the most interesting.
    Considering the World condition today with regard to Ponzi schemes, police states, military trade and war, the third World impoverishment, and general corruption, to mention only a few problems that come to mind, is it surprising the need to "To get out of it"

  7. PokerKnave

    After knowing the effects of these types of drugs why do people still use them?

    1. Eddy

      well...for gets you really really high.

    2. Stuck in Cali

      Depressed life, loss of relationship,loved one, pick one. How bout just homeless and cant find work, tired of getting caught selling meth, so they do the homeless thing.

  8. silverfuk

    The documentary was really interesting and educational. It clearly shows the devastating effects of a truly shitty drug.
    But Louis has really lost his touch. I loved all his early stuff, especially the wierd weekends, where he really connects with the people he interviews. He has become a stone faced Louis, being very judging, creating awkward silences and making all his interviewees cry, making for pretty bad interviewing techniques. I know they are very sad people and probably have all the reasons in the world to cry, but I think the old Louis would have had the power to inspire them instead of break them down.

  9. sam

    wow.. I am betting that rehab place is the best "home" many of those people have had in years. Will they "go home" to anything even half as nice? prolly not. They won't have the same positive minded group around them 24/7 either.

  10. chonewit

    Best movie ever never cried and laughed so hard so many times i am goin to be come a social worker

  11. Justen Bontekoe

    what the hell? isn't that a bush?

    1. knowledgeizpower

      Roflmao...Damn dude does look and talk just like him!

  12. André Amelo Vyent

    Didnt know Bush was on meth ;p

    1. Zach Fraser

      explaines alot

  13. MmmmGHB

    Of course a lot of people who start taking meth regularly will go through a life transfomation. All usually at some point reach what they may think is rock bottom (different people with think differently). Then there is only 3 paths to go.

    1. Get cleaned up get back to where they were before, start physical activities to distract themselves and occasional use in future.

    2. Complete meltdown, use everyone they know up till left with nothing and noone who cares about them.

    3. Learn to control their addictions with minimal impact on most of their lives, but not truely keeping all their lives together, ie: Work, Family, Friends and drug world freinds. Next to impossible to keep all functioning properly.

    In my experience anyway. I've been through all stages. Now in stage 1.

  14. jester

    anyone who says they can do it for x amount of time and quit is lying to themsevles becasue they will never actually be able to quit no matter how frequent or infrequent they use- even if you do manage to quit toally you will still be smoking something until you die-- did meth for 5 years myself....think your situation governs how meth does you (you really do not do it, it does you) The people in this movie were not even that bad compared to the people i knew and is not even an acurate representation of how tragic it is. To all yall you say "oh it didnt get me high, oh i did it just a couple times ect" its basically becasue your too stupid to even get hooked on it. People with actual intellegence succumb to the drug due to the glitch it casues in your mind as yout ry to think, people who do not think do not think and thus, do not think about anything in depth...the devil has spared you do to you already being halfminded.

    1. weston ford

      Maybe you're the idiot who couldn't control his addiction. Not everyone in this world lacks self control and discipline. Sounds like you're trying to make yourself feel better because you made some stupid mistakes in your past. You aren't more intelligent for being addicted to meth. What kind of crackpot reasoning is that? O wait...

    2. kirastianity

      Haaa!! He's saying you have to be smart to get hooked, because if you're stupid, you're already "halfminded" and don't need the drugs.
      See, kids- that's what happens when you do drugs: you write nonsense on the internet.

    3. PinkFloydian90

      Not true at all, I am by far more intelligent than my older brother (He has some slight MR) & he's the one addicted to Meth. I have a slightly higher than normal IQ & I have never thought about using/ trying Meth. I have had offers to try it but I am smart enough to say no. So your theory stating that only smart people get addicted is a laughable concept.

  15. mbuotye

    Is it just me or do anyone else think Carl (the meth user for 30 years) would make a great George W. Bush impersonator? I think yes.

  16. bassick

    @mkey the egg, dinosaurs and fish laid them way before the hen did.

  17. Brett

    To those commenting on how Theroux places himself as the centerpiece of his stories have obviously never heard of the Gonzo style of journalism. The style pioneered by Hunter S Thompson (Fear and Loathing in Las Vagas). Louis is very good at getting his interviewees to trust him and this is due to the way the he acts as the centerpiece and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Have watched all of Louis work and love nearly every single one.

  18. Mkey

    A bit different take among all the other 9000 propaganda drivel meth "documentaries" that usually are just "drugs are bad, mmmkey...coz drugs are bad."

    Drugs ARE bad but it's usually a bit more complicated than that.
    What came first: meth or mental, social and economical alienation?
    Hen or the egg?

  19. Frances

    I just do not understand the allure of Meth. All they had to do was a. tell me the toxic ingredients and b. show me a "Meth Mouth" and I was scared straight! Alcohol, weed, narcotics....I get why people do them but this stuff? Yikes!!!

  20. sisterofmeth

    Seems to me that this film showed mostly the less devestating lifestyles... there is no way to show the long term horror of meth use... I've watched families torn apart and brutal beatings. I've seen both my brother and sister being hauled off to mental facilities. Those kids were being told to get inside and out of the window but my guess would be that there would have been screaming at those kids if a camera wasn't there. It is the day after day of ups and downs, mostly downs, that meth brings to a family. The guy did a great job showing a few snapshots but could not have shown the way these addicts run and live in packs and rob and steal and hurt innocent people. I have shut my door to anyone who even goes near the stuff to the point of giving up my family. If they had a problem before and use meth because they can't bear the pain, I feel so, so sorry for them because all that is left is an empty shell. The concious is buried and the soul is gone.

  21. ghoulie13

    yeah that was bush. he even lost train of thought then started somewhere else. oh and its not just fresno but stockton and sacramento all the way up to lake county. lost many peeps to the might meth.

  22. Mmmm_GHB

    Its really not that bad. It depends alot on who the person is who takes it.

  23. Sabje

    I'm a 33 year old woman from Amsterdam. In the Netherlands meth is fortunately not common at all. I am shocked by comments telling others that 'not everybody gets addicted' or 'i can use occasionally and not have the horrendous lifestyle portrayed in this film'. What exactly are you trying to achieve here? Encouraging others to give meth a try? All documentaries i've seen (the meth epidemic, Meth the worlds' most dangerous drug, several CNN items and this one) mention that approximately 85% of first time users get addicted. Also, Tyrone: this is not a race discussion. I'm also black but I do not wish this devastation on anyone. Not my black and not my white, asian or whatever colour brothers and sisters anywhere in the world.

    1. Noob

      You can get prescrtibed pharmaceutical meth, buddy. Most meth users have ADHD, use for a few years, and stop. Don't become a pawn for some anti-drug program, be an adult.

  24. Gus

    I love when I read through that a Christian talk about drug addicts running away from reality cause peace and joy are lacking in their life, and that Jesus can help them run away from reality also. So do you say that Jesus is crystal meth? I think so.... And I know youre right :O If only jesus was in their heart to save them there would not be any drug addicts in the whole f world!!!!! Come on give me a (f)ing break!!!! You ridicule and piss on this poor people.

  25. Mmmm_GHB

    On a lighter note juice (GHB) is cheaper here, $2-$3 a mil compared to sydney's 3-4 and QLD/WA 4-5 dollars a mil lol...

  26. Mmmm_GHB

    I dont know the prices for all aus just melb inner eastern and western suburbs. Prices are so high I believe is due to many busts and increased police efforts to combat it. We dont have the entire chain run by the bikies like in SA and WA because of mainly I believe the Hong Kong/ Vietnamese cooporative syndicates. Recently around 2 years ago though many of them were busted and thus their highly sort after cheap quality products dissapeared for about 5 months... this pushed prices way up and when it came back dealers now enjoy the high margins. This also allows more ppl in the chains to help buffer those who matter.. I think :)

  27. nick_kcin

    @ kb

    yeah I know that, I just have to have faith that they know that as well. I'm not going to tell them what to do with their lives and like I said, theyre not having any problems at all yet and all but one that I know of hasnt used it for months, but as you pointed out it is a pretty bad drug. I'm 99% confident I could take it once or twice or maybe even every other weekend and not develop a problem, but that 1% seems not worth the risk so I'm not going to do it any time soon.
    also just to set the record straight apparently I was pretty badly misquoted for the price of it, another friend recently told me its more like 500+ a gram. still seems weird that its cheaper than in aus but its pretty much the drug of choice over here other than weed atm so I guess it makes sense

  28. Tyrone

    To: “Meth: A County in Crisis.”

    I'm black 53 year old and not and never been a drug user! But the white control media associate drugs and black people as one! Crime and black people as one! This is so not true but your program “Meth: A County in Crisis.” did a disservice to all people but especially white people! Because you did everything to avoid mentioning white people and how they dominate the use of Meth. How 87% of Meth user in America are white! You showed the so-call upscale people that happen to be all white! But your program commentator neglected to tell white people that they are at a higher rate of danger for the drug! You also neglected to inform white people that because of America racist mentality! White People will more then likely not be imprison and more then likely get a past to continue drug use and kill themselves! This society because of the racist justice system intermittently hurt white people by allowing white to skip jail and prison! The " “Meth: A County in Crisis. " program did the same thing by telling half truth! By not stating as many white media outlets have done to black people WHITE PEOPLE! Never did the program address the horrible parenting and total neglect of these white children and many young white adults! White people continue to say as did your program IT'S JUST COMING TO WHITE COMMUNITY! Or These drugs is moving to white neighborhoods! LIE LIE LIE! Meth originated in white community! 61% of all drug use in America is in white community! White stick there heads in the ground and points fingers at minority and away from them and your program HELPS!

    1. Zach Fraser

      get over it white or black were all as bad as each other

    2. Nub

      I think the national stereotype is that blacks do not enjoy meth, and prefer crack cocaine. "Poor white rural laborors, trailer parks, white men casually wearing camo with beards and tattered hats driving trucks from the 80s" are the stereotyped users. Used to live in Chicago, now I live in a rural state where meth is fairly common. I think every has a right to do whatever drugs they want, unfortunately the cartels are cutting the drugs and making them dangerous. The cuts should be illegal, drugs legal. They all have medical purposes.

  29. Tyrone

    To: Meth in the City

    I'm black 53 year old and not and never been a drug user! But the white control media associate drugs and black people as one! Crime and black people as one! This is so not true but your program Meth in the City" did a disservice to all people but especially white people! Because you did everything to avoid mentioning white people and how they dominate the use of Meth. How 87% of Meth user in America are white! You showed the so-call upscale people that happen to be all white! But your program commentator neglected to tell white people that they are at a higher rate of danger for the drug! You also neglected to inform white people that because of America racist mentality! White People will more then likely not be imprison and more then likely get a past to continue drug use and kill themselves! This society because of the racist justice system intermittently hurt white people by allowing white to skip jail and prison! The " Meth in the City " program did the same thing by telling half truth! By not stating as many white media outlets have done to black people WHITE PEOPLE!

  30. Mmmm_GHB

    The quality I usually get you dont need any more than 0.2-3 of a gram over a whole day/night. But recently went to perth and my brother showed me what the "bikies" he knew had and we had a whole 8-ball between us. Impossible to do with the quality I get in melb..

  31. Mmmm_GHB

    For the pure stuff in melbourne atm its going for around 10-12k an ounce, roughly 2k 8-ball, then usually 800 a gram. Of course if you buy more its alot cheaper. Or you can hang with the "skattered" crazy f*cks and get cheaper, but they will always in the long run rip you off or sell cutters. Sydney is alot cheaper than melb though...

  32. JaneDoe

    have a roomie who uses for a month or so on a continuous basis and puts it down for half a year or more like its nothing. just goes to show not everyone is doomed to the junkie lifestyle. actually put herself thru colege with it. gave her the time to work go to school and do all the homework. sad really that its soo imposible to just concentrate on education, if it wasnt so expensive to do that and live comforatbly she said she never would have touched the stuff.

  33. kb

    nick_kcin - sorry but after reading the start of your comment i just had to say something.
    Your friends that do meth might not have a problem yet but believe me if they continue to use regularly they will adopt a habit. Be very careful and whatever you do please do not take this drug.
    I am also not a user myself however i know only too well that there is a real problem with this drug in NZ and my family has been affected by it unfortunately. It is devastating and the stats for people getting off it is minimal.
    this doc is on tv1 tonight here in NZ so will be having a watch - however i have already seen and also currently living through my own experience with this drug and it is taking its toll. I just hope the people i know that have been using this drug continue to fight it and eventually win the battle - they are all amazing people but are struggling at present.

  34. nick_kcin

    800 a gram is fuc***g ridiculous, I don't think you know the right people man coz its about $100 a gram here in NZ and drugs are usually way cheaper in aus. Don't do it personally but a lot of my friends have and they don't get hooked so they don't have any problems with it, gets demonized a bit in the media and whatot.

    Also to all you people criticizing Louis Theroux I don't know what the fu*k is wrong with you, maybe a bit of subtlety goes way over some peoples heads. Pauls comments i found especially strange because hes really non-judgmental compared to most documentary makers, if something seems wrong to him he might make a weird face at them and a "why are you doing that?" sort of comment but its to genuinely try to understand why, not because he thinks he knows the answer already and wants to show the people up to be fu*kwits which is the feeling I get from a lot of film makers.

    But if you prefer watching someone who pulls out a megaphone and tries to publicly humiliate people he disagrees with I guess hes not for you.

    1. Guest

      dude what your talking about for $100 in NZ is a point bag, a gram of pure meth is about $700 (atleast in chch anyway-but dont quote me) so considering everythings cheaper over the strait then i imagine a gram be abt $600 in unless ya got good hookup.. (but theres absolutely no way yad get a gram for $100.. i dont do it myself either but i have on occasion tried it cut as speed.. i once chewed on ice and the feeling was totally soulless & empty-def not my buzz.. when i did used to get high i preferd MDMA & acid.. yeah ive seen others do meth, lots of hospo workers & DJs do it, people will be surprised how cross class it is.. in society alot of sales reps, business types & even lawyers do it, & obviously truck drivers due to the long hours required by the job.... but moderation is key, plus as you get older your comedowns get worse as your serotonin/dopamine receptors get more sluggish-5htp helps.. i have though seen some get beyond moderation & get into dangerous territory . i think it can happen to anyone if they have an addictive tendency or become reliant on it even for a short time as a pick me up say for work or gigging.. if very occasionally i think its OK as long as you dont have a previous addiction history, but if you do it every day for a week then yad def be asking for trouble..

  35. Alexandrea

    I met this guy once who was an ex-meth addict. He said when he was on meth he felt like his brain was unraveling. OMG! Just hearing him say that scared me so bad.

    Is it true that meth is an extremely hard drug to quit?


    how do you make that..

  37. Mmmm_GHB

    in Melbourne Australia the meth culture uses 14b or GHB as a "come down" substance. It really helps alot to restrain the meth induced psychosis. I cant imagine using meth without it or people who take it with out it. Does your head in too much.

  38. Mmmm_GHB

    its amazing how cheap meth is in america. In Australia its roughly $800 a gram here. $10,000 an ounce min for pure. Its alot harder to get so addicted here i guess.

  39. Andy

    Lets just get this straight. These people that they are showing are called JUNKIESS, Everyone say it with me JUNKIEEESSSS. I have done meth plenty of times in my life about 1 time every 3 or 4 months with my wife, we get the kids on a 3 day vacation either with uncle grandma or aunties. my wife and I do it together for 3 days and then stop. We have been doing it like that for about 7 years. 3 or 4 times a year. People with no self control should not do it. Not everyone who does meth gets addicted to meth, I personally know a lot of people who do it once in a while. Im not saying to do it but not everyone on meth lives like these crackhead junkies do.

  40. Marmak

    This guy sucks!! His questions are so ignorant and he clearly has had no experience with anything drug related. If you want to get to the bottom of meth addiction don't get surprised people are smoking it and ditching their kids. He seems to know less than the average american about meth I hated listening to him

  41. Ashley

    @Andy - BRAVO! Couldn't have said it better myself :)

  42. Hugh

    @Charles B.
    I doubt the book did you much good, I suspect you probably come from a) a better family and b) a better neighborhood than these people. If the above do not apply to you, and you come from situations similar to some of these people then I say give your own strength some credit and don't belittle it to ink and paper.

  43. Dave

    Meth is probably the only drug that I can agree should be illegal. All the others do more harm than good making keeping them illegal. Way more.

  44. billy

    P.S. — is it just me, or was the husband of the ‘married for 20 years’ couple a dead ringer for George W. Bush? lol.

    That was the first thing i thought also lol

  45. Paul

    I don't agree about judging a book by its cover. I mean, I agree with the actual sentiment, but not in this case, lol. And I do feel that -though there are some good moments in the film- he botches it by putting his -let's face it- boring self into everything. He's like a bad boxing ref that keeps getting in the way of the audience.
    Some guys can pull off the double role of being in the movie and adding something to it, but I will argue that Theroux adds very little to the experience at all. His main talent seems to be pointing a camera and having great premises.
    Not to sound like I'm hating on the guy. Hey, at least he's made a film while I'm just moaning about his contribution like some ineffective cineaste. I recognize that. But there is something fundamental here about his approach that just annoys the hell out of me.
    It's like seeing a painting that could be beautiful if the guy knew how to draw people.

  46. DakkaDakkaDakka

    I hear what your sayin paul. I felt almost like rushing to defend him but bah, Its a pretty fair kop mate.
    He does look down on the baseheads and I cant say I blame him, Addicts here in the uk generally abuse the benefit system and so this generally gives the feeling that they are a waste of space. The only other people who seem to abuse the benefit system with such skill are the politicians but since s**t rolls down hill everyones frustration of the abuse of the system falls on the baseheads and the addicts. I think this feeling has traveled with him, also he is bit of a toff which always makes the class divide very visable in his work.
    I dont get the entire "-Consider that he puts a large image of himself on the cover of his movie -why? Are we supposed to care about him for some reason no one explained to me?"
    I think the 'never judge a book by its cover' applies here.

  47. Paul

    Theroux got under my skin enough that I actually stopped in the middle of his documentary to write this.

    The man stares at people like they are bugs or maybe something gross but fascinating on the sidewalk. Sure, he tries to hide his repulsion, but it's always there; a bit below the surface (wouldn't be surprised if he looked up to Doctor Phil). Further, he asks such juvenile questions it actually hurts sometimes. Do you think these people are dumber than you, Theroux, you pretentious schlub?
    What becomes obvious after awhile is that what he is really interested in, is himself. It's like he's toting around a camera and thinking 'hey, how do I feel about these disgusting, base people?'

    -Consider that he puts a large image of himself on the cover of his movie -why? Are we supposed to care about him for some reason no one explained to me?

    Yes, the real subject of the documentary is Theroux. Hell, this might have even been illuminating, or at least tolerable, but though Theroux insists on center stage, he is never emotionally available, never at risk of anything. We are essentially watching a dull filmmaker bungle a great idea.

    Get out of your documentaries, Theroux. Meth is such an interesting topic. Unfortunately, you are not.

  48. DakkaDakkaDakka

    This is an excellent documentary, I cant name one by loui that has been anything but excellent. He lures people in to say more than they would atfirst say because of acting so nieve.

    Since there is alot of offtopic bullshittery ill have to stick my oar in :D

    If you think all drugs are as dangerous as meth/crack/coke/heroin then youve been fooled. Nothing better than a cup of tea/coffee in the morning eh? And a nice sugary snack with lunch eh? How about some sudafed for that cold? Put down the mars bar druggy! Legal drugs have more addicts and cause more deaths than illegal ones that is fact. Im not telling you to use drugs. I'm telling you you use drugs reguardless of their legality. Personally Ill stick to my coffee and a nice spliff when I get home from work.

    As for religious 'im better than you because ive found god' stand point and dont use those illicit drugs now praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Behave yourself, you are above no one :D

  49. mazzy

    Charles B., yeah I have lost too many friends to Meth. They aren't dead, but they are just empty shells of themselves now. I wish I could tell you it's only the bigger inner cities in Oregon that have a problem with Meth. But, unfortunately it is everywhere. :(

  50. Charles B.

    Mazzy: Meth is scary stuff. I'm not sure why people even start. Just be careful. It's one thing I worry about if I take my family back to Oregon to live any time soon.

  51. mazzy

    I was walking down the sidewalk this morning...and saw two tweekers. One was obviously picking her face all night long, and the other was shooting up right there on the sidewalk, he had a knife also. Right next to the Head Start building. What the hell!!!

  52. Andy

    ohh please, Canada is hardly the slimmest nation in the world with a significant portion of the population regularly feeding on American fast food. To be honest, there is little Canada in Canadian culture, which, like it or not is more American than any other place in the world but America. Your comments about Americans are just as cliche (and lame) as the ones that apparently they say about Canadians, which means that if you were born south of the great lakes you'd probably be coming to Canada with skis in your car in July. ignorance, ignorance

    Finally, it seems that you missed the point. This is first and foremost a story about social problems and PEOPLE struggling with addiction and not obese AMERICANS. These problems are not limited to the US.

    Oh me? I'm from Ottawa, eh, the crack capital of Canada (but still a lovely town), and am apparently bothered by postings of insecure fellow Canadians who find great pleasure in watching obese Americans.

  53. mike

    Some may say that I make fun of the states, but I say the country and its citizens does the job for me. Obese tweakers, people having more kids in their families then you see in a third world country(except the state has taken them away due to gross negligence) and the icing on the cake, the land where when your wife gets too ugly to touch, instead of leaving her, you start banging your sister in the same house. Please refer to the most hated family in america and louis' adventures with the fundamentalists for more outrageous yankee behavior, I feel almost guilty pointing out the endless faults with the "greatest nation" of war mongers on earth.
    Oh me? I'm from Canada, we say "eh" a lot and it snows here a few months a year. Americans make fun of us except for when they travel abroad and face the option of pretending to be one of us, or be shunned by the locals.

  54. mike

    God bless america the land where even 90% of the tweakers are obese..... Seriously, what the heck is up with overweight tweakers? That rehab center and that hot seat place was full of em as well. On a side note I couldn't help but notice someone saying something about escaping reality and then going on about their delusional fantasy land of invisible omnipotent men that live in the sky, and having genuine walks with someone that may or may not have lived a couple thousand years ago. To the casual observer It would appear that the drug addicts are far more grounded into reality then some of our non-users.

    1. Richard

      There is actually a very good reason why several tweakers are obese, after the initial "rush" it causes laziness, overeating and sleep.
      Source: Experience.

  55. jonas

    OMG brother of george bush on high on meth

  56. mazzy

    Meth has nothing to with Theology. The users care about meth more than their own children. Users sometimes suffer from delusions of grandeur, thinking that they are Gods. Even if God appeared next to them while they were slamming meth, they wouldn't even notice. God would be told to tie his arm, because it's his shot.

  57. Charles B.

    I think the Meth plague in the U.S.A. especially is largely a failure of the Christian Church as a whole. If we had been offering a truly powerful, non watered-down, vibrant, more attractive and more life-changing option for people then Crystal Meth, then maybe more people would be getting high off "Jesus" rather then Crystal Meth. God forgive me! And Lord, please help us!

    1. mbutler1985

      No offence but drug abuse and addiction has nothing to do with Jesus and/or having a lack of "god" in your life. I have been watching documentaries and reading comments on this website for about a week...and that is most definitely the most ridiculous thing I have read thus far.

  58. Falcon

    Louis does a good job, and he is always nice and polite to the people he interviews. This is one of his best films.

  59. Jay


    found this doc a preferred watch of Theroux's films...Had to comment to John about the "Bush" look alike..Very funny right down to the dialog..
    Meth is winning the drug war..i am a 38yrold recovering drug addict and i've never scene a drug do so much damage so fast...that said from a X-coke head who used to smoke and shoot coke...meth is coke on steriods...

  60. dbjohn

    I'm an atheist and I have never taken drugs. The christian myth has nothing to do with this program. Wake up already.

  61. Karenep

    Louis Theroux makes very interesting documentaries. The reason for substance abuse seems to point to a lack of peace and joy. Obviously those that do this want to escape reality. However, the reality of any form of substance abuse gives no true peace and joy but brings its users into more problems and bondage. There is also a high costs to these users families and society at large. I am glad for the peace and joy that I have received due to a genuine walk with Jesus. I am grateful for the wisdom of God's thoughts seen in the Bible that guides my steps to avoid such destruction to my physical and spiritual life. I have never taken drugs and it is wonderful to walk in the freedom of Christ.

  62. Del

    Louis does have an unusual approach to his docs but I appreciate it. I think if someone comes in as a not it all then it wouldnt be a good presentation. I know people think he is not taking it serious or some way being naive. I enjoy his shows and would like to see more of his work. I wish I had BBC2 lol.

  63. e

    good documentary, and yes he is a lot like george w. bush! however, i don't think it revealed the true personal horrors of meth addiction. but, it was good in showing how meth addicts live within society at large.

  64. Lee Bertling

    "Chris had been taking occasional breaks all afternoon, i had a hunch that they were meth related." let me tell ya this guy is sharp.

  65. john

    Okay... well, i have watched many of Louis Theroux's docs... and the awkwardness of his style is usually just BARELY evened out by the entertainment of the documentary. However, in this particular film, he didn't act as awkward/ignorant as he usually does... so that's a plus. The whole 'meth' investigation has been done a TON lately and i wasn't expecting much from this... but it turned out to have some very interesting stories. I would recommend this doc.

    P.S. -- is it just me, or was the husband of the 'married for 20 years' couple a dead ringer for George W. Bush? lol.