The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

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The Dancing Boys of AfghanistanThe Dancing Boys of Afghanistan exposes the horrific practice called Bacha Bazi, in which young Afghan boys are sold to warlords and powerful businessmen to be trained as dancers who perform for male audiences in women's clothing and are then used and traded for sex. The practice is sadly making a comeback in that country.

As the West pours billions of dollars into the fight against the Taliban in southern Afghanistan, an ancient tradition (banned when the Taliban were in power) has re-emerged across the rest of the country. Many hundreds of young boys living in extreme poverty are lured off the streets on the promise of a new life away from destitution, unaware their real fate is to be used for entertainment by the warlords and other powerful men of Afghanistan.

Having gained remarkable access inside a sexual exploitation ring, award-winning Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi investigates this illegal practice, the consequences of which are shrouded by a focus on the war. The film exposes the lack of support from those in authority and explores possible responses to the plight of children in this conflict zone.

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  1. This practice and the opium trade both returned once we occupied the country. Both did so with our blessing and protection. The Taliban will stop them both now.

  2. Welcome to what women the world over have dealt with for the entire history of humankind.

    1. Men have been in similar situations as long. Not all, but nor have all women. This practice was not tolerated by the Taliban and it will not be any more. We brought it back to popularity with our occupation.

  3. I hope these demented pedophiles burn in hell. Those boys have been indelibly harmed.

  4. This documentary is very disturbing and should not be to let happen . It is wrong in whatever country or religious beliefs. Sick people in the world and anyone who says this is a good thing for the poor children are crazy themselves.

  5. Orlando, Florida: We pray for you. Mateen's father claims (online)to be prime minister of Afghanistan. Forsooth, he has indulged in this kind of activity!

  6. YES Maria!! I know we all try to make sense of this, with all our thoughts flying around. Sure Pedos are everywhere, but check it out. Atleast the US has a means to track them. Seriously, free run off the country, would mean A LOT more sex crimes in America. Free run of Afghans opium and "boy play" equals, TWISTED! Addicted pedophiles. We can find them in our own back yard. Should we be in Afghanistan?? Well, are any of US qualified and privy to the secrets behind why we are there? Probably not. A bunch of debate here. Very little enlightenment. #StopBoyPlayEverywhere

  7. too sad this is real i am from aghnistan and all afghan people are willing too attain such type of program

  8. If you do some research, you will find a very organised ring for under age boys in Europe, Britian and the USA. It's a sick practice indeed, but don't be an ignorant and say that it's because women are not accessible in Muslim countries. In western countries sex is available in abundance, and yet pedophiles are everywhere, even the most powerful in governments who seemingly have wives and children...yet..they have thier never ending supply of young boys. Why don't you google "Boys town" and see what you get, and search for why pope benedict really retired. Unfortunately, this problem has nothing to do with the religion or geographic location, it's about powerful men abusing thier powers, in some countries the child is taken from the parents without revealing the true purpose..and in other countries children disappear and you'll see that child's face on the news as "missing".

  9. It's an ancient pederastic Pashtun tradition that predates Islam, Societies that deprive men from having normal healthy contact with opposite sex will inevitably end up with sexually frustrated men creating substitutes.

  10. The Devil NO DOUBT has residence in Afghanistan! Deplorable, Ignorant and disgusting..... why is America giving aide to Afghanistan; there is a reason Russia and the US have spent a combined 20 + years in that country... Is it Oil? Why? There is some reason and it has nothing to do with Bin Laden or Terrorism!

  11. Quite sad indeed but this practice is quite common in many countries not in shape of dancing boys but similar to it. The biggest problem for this horrible crime is the money, secondly the education and thirdly culture.

  12. And this iswhat we're allowing into our country?

  13. If you watch the documentary you'll see that these boys are also killed when they get to be too old to be interesting (around age 16). Also, the families often sell them willingly.

  14. Afghanistan men are really hardcore pedophiles.
    That is what this video is saying.

  15. This is so sick....

  16. The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan exposes the horrific practice called Bacha Bazi, in which young Afghan boys are sold to warlords and powerful businessmen to be trained as dancers who perform for male audiences in women’s clothing and are then used and traded for sex. The practice is sadly making a comeback in that country.
    As the West pours billions of dollars into the fight against the Taliban in southern Afghanistan, an ancient tradition (banned when the Taliban were in power) has re-emerged across the rest of the country. Many hundreds of young boys living in extreme poverty are lured off the streets on the promise of a new life away from destitution, unaware their real fate is to be used for entertainment by the warlords and other powerful men of Afghanistan.
    Having gained remarkable access inside a sexual exploitation ring, award-winning Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi investigates this illegal practice, the consequences of which are shrouded by a focus on the war. The film exposes the lack of support from those in authority and explores possible responses to the plight of children in this conflict zone.
    Tancujuci chlapci Afganistanu sa vystavuju hroznej skusenosti nazvanej Bacha Bazi, v ktorej mlady Afganski chlapci su predani vojvodcovi (vojna pan) a do silneho obchodu aby boli cviceni ako tanecnici ktory sa predvadzaju muzskemu publiku v zenskych satach a su potom pouzivani a predavani(obchodovani) na sex. Uskutocnovanie je smutne robenie navratu na scenu v krajine. Ako Zapad leje biliony do boju proti Talibanu v juznom Afganistane, stara tradicia (zakazane ked Taliban bol v moci) sa znovu vynorila cez zvysok krajiny. Vela stoviek mladych chlapcov zijucich v extremnej chudobe su pokusani z ulice so slubom noveho zivota prec z chudoby , netusiacich ich skutocny osud je ze budu vyuzity na sexualnu zabavu vojnovymi panmi - generalmi- a inymi silnymi muzmi v Afganistane. Preto ze dosiahli mimoriadny vstup do sexualneho vykoristovanie kruhu, vyherca ceny -novinar- Najibullah Quraishi vysetruje toto nelegalne vykonavanie, dosledky coho su zastresene pred sustredenim sa na vojnu. The film odhaluje nedostatok podpory od tich v uradoch -pravomoci- a skuma mozne odpovede aby dali slovo detom v tejto spornej zone.

  17. the war made deep roots in Afghanistan, creating corruption and a comfort zone for pedophiles. Therefore the UN should take actions now to stop this criminal spreading to other countries without waiting the end of the war.

  18. These atrocities against innocent children are simply another example of the hollow proclamations of Islam being a religion of peace. The lifelong devastation to the psyche of a child is tantamount to the loss of a limb if not causing greater mental torment. The drug lords of Afghanistan enjoy the protection of not only the puppet government of Karzi, but the complicity of the United States (OBama), along with the United Nations. A professing Islamic nation that produces over 90% of the world's heroin. A schizophrenic religion that punishes the sin of dancing and making music by cutting off the heads of seventeen Muslims, yet embraces sexual deviance, and the production of poison intoxicants for the world's consumption. The financial backs of the American taxpayer groans under the weight of supporting societies whose internal conflicts and hypocricy is beyond the pale of civilized nations.

    1. How do the actions of these people speak for every Muslim in the world? Saying that these pedophiles represent the whole of Islam is like saying that the Westboro Baptist Church represents all of Christianity. Don't judge a whole religion on the actions of a few. That's why we have so much Islamophobia in the West.

  19. At the moment someone has the whole video on youtube. Just type in the name of the documentary. Not sure how long it will be up though.

  20. Dancing boys are cool as long as they want to dance. Dancing boys that are tricked, then raped and forced into slavery, not so cool. That's the difference.
    You cannot compare porn and rape, unless its smut, but then it is illegal and most normal ppl don't like that crap anyways. Are you aware of where this film took place? Little boys don't have a say to what their terms are. And if the only choice is to starve or dance and get raped then there is something wrong with the place that they live. This isn't philosophy 101. You are swinging the pendulum into pedophilia territory. Pls save the intelligent convos for war debates, women rights and abortion. This one is not debatable.

  21. I completely agree that forcing innocent boys into property "party favor" / prostitutes is criminal and should be stopped by authority. Having said that, I think the phenomenon of Bacha Bazi deserves a closer and more complex examination once the illicit aspects of it has been addressed. What I mean is, this raises more questions, such as why is Bacha Bazi so demonized while other similar practices like pornography, geishas, transgendered entertainers in Thailand, etc, is tolerated, even celebrated? Again, before any trolls start flaming me online, I'm just opening up an avenue through which sexuality can be viewed, its behavior in cross-cultural societies surveyed, and the limits of sexual decency redefined. When America makes Sasha Grey a celebrity, and makes reality tv stardom of toddlers and tiaras (yes, a very tasteless show, but one that has profit and fandom to show in the industry nonetheless), what makes dancing boys so much more gruesome a case? At what point do we draw the line of taboo and crime, and at what point do we leave it up to personal freedom and sexual tolerance? Finally, at what point do we look at Bacha Bazi and call it "art"? (I am referring to the boy who claimed that dancing is his passion, and that he is self-motivated to pursue Bacha Bazi. I'm trusting that while exploitation and sexual slavery exist, so does the case where boys in pursuit of a career enter the industry on their own terms).

    1. I just have to add that in porn, the actors must be of age and then it is considered child porn. In Thailand, a place that I have been many times, most of the trans-genders that I met where of age. Sasha Cohen is also a man and is free to express himself as he pleases. Toddlers in tiaras is gross and demeaning. But here is the difference, the toddlers in all their tiara glory are not getting raped by a bunch of pedophiles. Sexual tolerance ends when a child is being used. If you want to argue that the dancing is nice and boys should be allowed to dance without being preyed upon then ok. There is no personal freedom in rape or child sex slavery.

  22. sick sick sick sickkkkkkkkk

  23. @Ellen Murphy: Bro, it is right that rich and powerful people dont truly lose BUT what if a person has lost humanity? what if a person has lost relations with God? what if a person has lost the human being senses? what if a person has lost his position in public hearts? Can we call him a WINNER? And in Afghanistan the loser is often some one completely different. Cruel people are always given punishment via public warriors and that is why we are proud. But some are punished soon and some later. Now, these powerful people lost their reputation in the eyes of ISAF, NATO forces and other countries too. And on the other hand Taliban are also their Death angels. So I hope that this information will be enough to change your idea and never try to be a slave of rich & Powerful people BUT always try to get freedom, if not for urself then at least get freedom for ur new generation.
    Thank You

  24. I dont get it why do they have sex with boys are they homosexual

    1. No, being homosexual has nothing to do with it. They're pedophiles. Homosexuals, just like heterosexuals, prefer consensual relationships with adults. There is no categorizing pedophilia. It's wrong and it's just plain pedophilia.

  25. I am speechless, it is beyond sickness... want to belive that the video I just watched was not happening in real, this is a horrible sin & crime...

  26. There nothing but a load of pedo pimps and there training these poor boys to be the same as them so they will become the mosters that trained them....And its even more paathetic how these sick cowards hide behind there titles and the police that are supposed to protect the youth...Its a sick and pathetic culture!!

    1. they must be a way to stop this..everywhere,maby if the money system finally brakes down..dunno..

  27. We are the Israelis of Time and Powerful people are the Pharohs of Time but No Moses to save us. They are the Israelis of Today and we are the Palastineans of Today but a socalled UN to save us. They are the Modren Smokers and We are the Ciggarets ( they buy us for their addiction, changes us into ashes for their pleasure and finally put their foots for killing us). A country with Poor but Proud people (the Afghan Nation) - with Weak and Corrupt Government - with Pure Culture - with Plenty of Uneducated People - with Corrupted Parliament - with ISAF and NATO friends (that kills more civilians than Taliban, the true sons of Afghanistan) - with Pakistan and Iran Friendly Neighboring Countries (that has always been the causes of War on Afghan Earth) and with Plenty of personal enmities ( my two uncles and four cousines are a good example that died) and with a lot of Racism and Discrimination IS CALLED AFGHANISTAN. I respect every religion (Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Induism and every other one) but oppose of Secularism, Now our Powerful people are Secular internally but the Angels of God externally so how can the Afghan nation truely respect them? Oh guys! I am writing this comment that I swear my eye are full of Tears with sad Emotions heart and the Realities of this Nation will even make a Donkey to weep. Just a shit Democracy that takes our Culture, our Liberty and our True Elders. lolz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slap guys these are the Benifits of the Modren Democracy.

    By: Proud Pashton Afghan

  28. why are the americans keeping quiet on this!! .why aren't they enforcing law

  29. sick ....sick....just sick!! now im having nightmares!!

    1. you are only sick now but when know the reality about the warlords, MP's and power men of this country then u will absolutely die, my bro!
      THE LAW IS ONLY FOR POOR and power people do what they wish in Afghanistan. If i get some spy devices, I ensure the world that I will reveal all their bad deeds and all the nations will come to know that how the Afghan angels (Afghan politations) are students of Satan and how the follow the philosophy of Satan in this country.

  30. Dudes! Accept my kind Regards. This practice of Boy Play is still going on in Afghanistan. I dont know why Afghan politicians call Taliban as cruel and I wonder that why Afghan politicians call suicide attackers as mad and insane people. In fact, if this kind of cruelty is going on an a country, every man of that country will become a Talib and a suicide attacker. Is it a sin to be poor??? Ahhh? Not at all!!! If you are poor, should you be used like a toy for playing or should you be helped and supported? There are many members of the Afghan parliament that they keep play boys for sex and playing. Just think, if an MP that passes the laws of a country and still acts against the law, will it be fair to call this system of government legal??? Many warlords are still the powerful men of the country and they play on our futures, but no one ask them why? Some of these powerful men were also play boy when they were 15 to 22. Abdul Rab Rasool Sayaf had a play boy called Asadullah Khalid and now Asadullah Khalid is a minister and having his own guys. Abdul Jabar Qahraman, who is a repectable MP of Helmand province and he shows himself like an angel with no sins, but he has kept more than three play boys. Gull Agha Shirzai ( Governor of Nangarhar province ) a trustworthy man to Nato Forces and close friend of USG, has many play boys. There are many Afghan powerful men that they themselves are busy with this horrific practice then who will avoid it? They have kept their play boys as secretaries, bodyguards or drivers in order to avoid people from suspecting them as gays or Bacha Baaz ( boy players). The only way of solution is to put a gun on their heads and send them to the real world, where the only judge is God. I have many proofs in my hands against them but can you find me some one that can punish them or can judge in this country??? You will never succeed.The new democracy has only given has a corrupted type of government, ruled by such corrupted people. The Ministers, Governors & MP's are all corrupted and busy with Bacha Bazi practice. Only God can save us and we only have blood to sacrifice it for our freedom from these nightmares.
    Thanks a lot for reading it.

    1. God thats really interesting...But you know the old ssayin the rich and powerful never truley lose...well its something like that anyway.

  31. its so sad that females can be killed by their own fathers or brothers on just the suspision of not being a virgin yet these boys are being Prostituted. Isnt homosexuality a sin? how could he have fought in the jihad war against russians yet commit the sin of homosexuality. Your morals are quite messed up people.

    1. While I agree that they have their morals backwards, thinking that homosexuality is a "sin" is extremely draconian.

  32. In the United States of America we have our warlords and generals (people of power and status) like the ones they show and talk of in this film. But the difference is that in the United States of America if you are middle to lower class...YOU are the "dancing boy"! Calm down people just a metaphor forthe sad mess the US has become. No disrespect for the poor impressionable young victims that are being used and abused by these sick pedophiles that have power and money. But really folks, think about it. Those kind of sickos are evrywhere. These guys are just masking it as a status sybol or tradition. BS. They are just pedophiles with enough power to perpetuate their (and human natures) dark , basic, carnal desire. It's a story as old as man...or monkey. ;-)

  33. This made my stomach turn and soul wrench.

  34. That is so sad...I feel so sorry for these boys.

  35. Anyone trying to say this has anything to do with Islam needs to get off the hater wagon, A. 60 of the men in afghanistan cannot read, 85% of the women. In any language, I can't Imagine that more that 5% of the men can read arabic, even the taliban cannot for the most part. And while everyone knows that some so called sheiks have taken advantage of an uneducated populace, this is not one of those cases this is a sick Afghan practice, nothing to do with Islam, yes they happen to be Muslim, nearly 2 billion people are, however, how can they know what is right and wrong in Islam if they cannot read the Quran in Arabic, it is not like the Bible, which accepts translations as the same, the Quran is only the Quran in Arabic,so how can they know they cannot.

    1. Not saying all catholic priests rape young boys. Just saying the ones that do are hypocrites. True, these cats being Muslim has nothing really to do with it, but, if they rape young boys they too are hypocrites.
      Who cares if 100% of Afghanistan men can't read the Quran, the Bible, or The Cat in the Hat. If an adult man forces a child to take it up the hoop then that man is messed up.
      Ignorance is no excuses for rape and oppression. We can't enable these dudes by saying they don't understand their "true" religion or culture. It has nothing to do with it.
      Don't believe me? Have some large gentlemen hold you down and force themselves up in you. Hopefully this will give you time to educate these men that this act is wrong and not just because it is WRONG but because it is not written in the Quran, the Bible, or The Cat in the Hat.

  36. Sick motherf--kers. I wonder what they are praying to.
    Somebody really needs to blow them to kingdom come

  37. We should have just bombed this place to kingdom come.

  38. Why don't these men simply breed children of their own for Bacha Bazi, instead of wasting money by buying someone else's child of poverty? This is a terribly flippant comment but does a raise legitimate question about attitudes towards children including their own.

    1. I thought of that myself. I was betting his own kids (he had two young sons) weren't being sodomized after dancing like little girls! It sounded like that one boy in the van (not shown on the doc, but mentioned) had been repeatedly sodomized until he died as they were talking about him in past tense saying he was such a "pretty boy" and what a pity it was. Now I'm angry all over again!

  39. the taliban were trying to correct these wrongs by the only way they knew how- strict fundamentalist islamic law. this is only the tip of the iceburg. other atrocities i.e. abducting women, dancing girls, etc were ALSO banned by the taliban, only to have returned. the taliban were takin small steps but bottom line this s*** wasnt going on. when america funded the afghan war to win but then leave the country in ruins- there was ANARCHY raging. taliban brought back law and order to a country now lost 2 generations of education. and now, we are back at step 1.

  40. This is what you get when children are considered items to sell. Are we any better in the West with our capitalism placing money above people?

    1. Hell no. We in the West just use much more covert and clandestine methods to shaft people. I think it's just the bare-facedness of how it's done in Afghanistan that shocks. (I'm trying to figure out which way is worse.)

    2. Don't compare evils or rank them on a graph. What an individual does is his responsibility alone. If someone behaves in an unethical and abusive manner, we should not check the evil meter to see were it stands in relation to someone else's acts. We deal with the atrocity in question and deal with someone else's wrong doing in another discussion. The discussion is whether this abuse is happening and how can we help the victims if it is. Talking about other victims somewhere else does not help these young boys at all.

    3. What someone else does has nothing to do with what they are doing. It only serves to cloud a specific issue when one starts to compare it to other issues. Deal with the topic on hand and deal with the next problem when it is being discussed.

  41. I can't describe the rage I felt watching the "abduction by deception" in this film!

    "In a country were woman are hidden behind the berqua, young boys take their place, dancing for men as female substitutes . . . a life of sexual slavery and even murdered."

    Bacha Bazi = boy play.

    Yeah, I'd like to take my garden sheers to your "bacha bazi"!

  42. It's insane how it's very much ok to behave like that, as a middle-aged man in Afghanistan. To be proud of it, no less. The cultural difference (which 99 out of 100 times, I embrace, and am all for) from what in the West is normal, is striking.

    1. What is hardest for me to understand is how they could rape and sodomize young boys (and murder them), and they wouldn't break Islamic culture to have a real (and willing) woman for sex. Mind boggleling.

    2. I wonder what Mohamed has to say about this practice, if anything. I'm sure he wouldn't approve but I could be wrong. It could be why they feel comfortable doing it.

  43. disgusting..

  44. This video is reason enough to pull our troops out of Afghanistan. If under the Taliban this was banned as were the heroin poppy fields. Why are our troops their throwing our democracy at them, not only is it costing Billions of £`s it is costing immense trauma for these children. SHAME on Tony BLIAR, who is far too busy spending his blood money. He has this on his hands now the filthy ugly human specimen.

    1. I disagree, just because this was banned doesn't mean it no longer happened. I read-up on it and apparently this has happened during the talibans reign but it was a taboo subject, never to be spoken of in public. Thanks to us, the filmaker was able to expose this atroscity.

    2. you have to remember theres pro's and cons to everything. with the taliban, girls couldnt also go to school. now they are slowly going to start sending girls to have an education. dont worry, i thought the same thing about the taliban's worthy ban, its hard to weigh the differences.. boys being abused or girl's education. hopefully.. with the girls receiving education, then the system could turn around in the future and wont be so flawed when it comes to these topics.

    3. In plain fact, the women would civilize them, if they would allow it.

    4. The Taliban had other evils. The solution is true MORALITY and strength of character, rather than trading one form of evil for another.

    5. The troops should be withdrawn but you can't blame Tony Blair for what Afghan perverts are doing. They should be held responsible for their own actions. This sexual practice was an unforeseen consequence of the Afghan invasion. I disagree with a lot of what Blair does but I don't think he encourages or endorses this behavior.

  45. prayin' paedos!!

    1. uh huh, but we sdnt forget that stuff like this happens in other religions.

  46. Why is it, every time when a religion reaches a certain point the priest´s muslims, the inkas proberly, everyone just feeling like "F***ING YOUNG BOY`S" .....!!!! 1700th europe, the vigkings, the romans, and the list goes on.....???

    1. It occurs when a society undermines their women and considers them as lesser beings and not as equals. Any society that embraces it's women becomes a successful one. We clearly still have so much to learn...

    2. I don't know if "lesser beings" or "unequal" is the right choice of words. It seems more like they look at women as something more akin to the household pet! :)

      Like a bird , delicate and fragile,but the fear that it may fly away is to great to let it out of the cage.

    3. "embraces its women"
      What a lovely phrase that is.

    4. Young boys have always been preyed on by adults, the same way young girls have been. It's called "pedophilia".

      Just because you hear about it in a certain context (such as the Catholic priest scandals, or in this video) doesn't mean that's the *only* place it happens, it just means you heard about it.

      It won't stop happening. The most that can happen is that it is made unacceptable...although that just makes it 'unheard' again, it doesn't stop it. Where there is powerlessness, there will always be prey.

    5. Even the Japanese samari did so. I was told by a Japanese man that it was dishonerable to have a woman on the battlefield, so the samari had young boys for sex instead. I was pretty shocked! My idea of the noble samari faded quite a bit at that point in time.

    6. It happens outside of religion as well. It is the hypocrisy of the pedophiles that upsets us when they hide behind the cloak of religious piety. It becomes a newsworthy event when a person who claims to be trustworthy, is, in reality, a sexual predator. Teachers, politicians, and police officers who are pedophiles are also vilified in the press more than the average person would be. Betrayed trust and hypocrisy are particularly outrageous and attract greater anger. A pedophile priest receives ten times the press than a pedophile mailman would. I have never read about a child molesting postal worker but I am sure they exist.

  47. Prison would be too good for these men!!

  48. This doc. was a disturbing look into a cultural depravity I had thought was a sort of one off incident depicted in "The Kite Runner". Reading that book I had no idea that it was/is far from a singular occurrence. I know that most of the regulars on here are nonspiritual but even as such you all must admit. Acts such as these do more than harm the bodies and minds of these victims. An indefinable aspect of these boys will forever be marred beyond repair. To me I can only call that aspect their soul. These victims (as with all child victims of similar abuses) have had their souls torn from them. Look into the eyes of one such as these boys and you will no longer see the glimmer of life in them. This is not political, it is not religious, it is not cultural, This is a sickening madness, it is sociopathy at it's most base display. The will of one man to destroy someone weaker than themselves to their very essence. No punishment can suit the crime, and no "cause" or "reason" can justify them.

  49. Looks like Muslims and Catholics have a lot more in common than I thought

    1. It's very very true. The Catholic or Chirstians and Muslims are a lot more alike than different really. In fact, we as humans are a lot similar then we think. I don't think we should blame any religion for anything. It is the people who follow them with disgusting mind sets. There is good and bad people in every religion and in every race.

    2. yeaa...people who follow certain religions often don't act in accordance to the beliefs etc giving their religion or belief system a bad name....people..humanity have become very shallow, so sad coz there is so much potential for great things to happen in this world, instead of sad things like these dancing boys..

    3. This seems to be a practice exclusive to Afghanistan...I hardly see it as a major part of Islam in fact, I don't get why you had to bring it up. Just because it's a Muslim country, doesn't really mean it's a practice related to Islam...

    4. It's not exclusive to Afghanistan...they said the Bacci Bazi comes from Pakistan, and is a status symbol to have a dancing boy/s. So sick. I can't believe their parents don't know what the boys are doing. Perhaps it's a status symbol for their parents to say they have a playing boy.

    5. The children and impoverished and orphans.

  50. Thanks Taliban for banning Bacha boy and Opium. Thank Obama for bringing that buck to Afghanistan

    1. Obama didn't "bring that buck" to Afghanistan. Perhaps you would do better to remember which President brought this down on Afghanistan.

    2. Ohh yes. Definitely an American president responsible for the discussing depravities in Afghanistan. You guys were much better off with the stonings in the soccer fields. Fix you backward culture then point fingers.

    3. I just have so say that it amazing how incredibly ignorant you really are. Just b/c the guy's name is "Mohammed El Hamraoui" you automatically think he is Afghan! judging from the name he is clearly Arab. Please don't be so damn closed minded. The American government are just as guilty as the Talibans. The Talibans were created by the American government to fight against the Soviet Unions, who at the time was in war with Afghanistan to gain control of the country just like its other neighboring nations. Therefore, the American government created the Talibans and helped them financially by spending their own American people's tax money... which explains the debt situation right now. BTW for the record, Afghanistan was not as back-warded of a nation as you think. The reason why it is so "back-warded" is b/c the Talibans brought their nonsense rules and laws as soon as they become in power and attached "Islam" to it. Trust me it is far from Islam and Islam is far from their heinous way of life, beliefs, rules and laws. I hope you learned something from this. Good day!

    4. @Shakilaq; I did not assume anything about his nationality. My statement of "fix your backward culture" mentioned no nationality at all. He clearly was pawning off responsibility for Afghani wrong doings on a scape goat, and by proxy associating himself with them. That being the case it is perfectly acceptable to lump him into the mix, regardless of where he is from. I am well aware that the Taliban was originally funded and armed by by the US. The Soviet occupation was between 1979 and 1988 with final troop withdrawal completed by February 15 1989. The US involvement was a part of the cold war between ourselves and the Soviet Union. With full knowledge of the facts that we did fund and arm the Taliban as a liberation force against the occupying Soviets, I can say without a scrap of doubt that we did not arm them with intent for them to become religious zealot despots. That we assisted them as a means to control Soviet expansionism and dropped them like a spent weapon when that goal was achieved does not make us responsible for their actions afterward. If I hire and train someone to do demolition work for my at a construction company, and after the job is done that person goes on to bulldoze all of his neighbors homes, I am not responsible for that. See what I am saying. Own your own faults and you will mature and grow. Blame someone else for what you have done and you will forever be condemned to repeat yourself.
      I am also well aware that Afghanistan was just as developed and culturally advanced as it's contemporary neighbors for the most part before all of that happened. The facts of Afghanistan are that city life such as found in Kabul were just like one would see in other big cities. Women with equal rights to work and seek education etc. However even at that time the country was divided between two ethnic cultural groups, The Pashtuns who were the dominant ethnic group were from the south and took their ideals from neighboring countries like India. The Tajik from the north were the second largest ethnic group and their beliefs were already what today we call Muslim extremist. When the Soviets invaded most of the Pashtun who were able fled the country into Pakistan or Iran. The Pashtun, being more western as well as the controlling government at the time were forced out. Those who did not flee were either killed or subjugated by the Soviets. The Tajik being from the north did not flee they stayed and therefore became the resident freedom fighting group to which the Americans could turn to thwart the Soviet occupation. And thus is born the Taliban.
      I hope that this has educated you to some degree on a topic of which you falsely believe I am ignorant. The Tajik were present long before either Soviet or US involvement in the region, They gained power due to A) The exodus of the more culturally advanced Pashtun at the onset and during the Soviet occupation and B) The US utilizing them as a liberation army to throw back a Soviet expansion. So when looking to assign blame in this matter try pointing to the Tajik peoples and their backward ideals. It was they who brought with them the stoneings and the Burquas and the back room rape of little boys, no outside force gave them that. All the outside forces gave them was the power to pursue their own twisted ways. Good Day Sir!

    5. @ StillRV, all i have to say is where on earth are you getting your information from? There are so many wrong facts in your comment i don't even know where to begin. The Pashtuns? really? FYI Majority of the Talibans belong to the ethnic group Pashtuns. Not sure how you mean they are "western" in anyway since they are the ones running the so called "backward" nation. Oh and yes i do agree that the American government never in their wildest dream thought that their very own seed that they planted aka the Taliban would one day go against them and back fire them. To being with American government should have NEVER gotten involved... what good came out of getting involve in the Vietnam war?. I guess history does have a way of repeating itself and yet they never learn but no worries every one has their day. The state that the Afghans are in today is b/c of BIG power hungry nation like USA and their puppets like Talibans. so many Innocent people of are suffering because of what? simply because of US thirst for power. and again i hope this helped oh btw it's good day mam! thank you and good day to you!

    6. @shakilaq or shakila q; I cut and pasted just 4 of dozens of web sites dedicated to the history of the divergent Ethnicity s of Afghanistan. It may take some time for that comment to post through moderation. When it does have some fun reading. All of what I said is factual based upon credible documentation by experts both within and external to the region. Yes many of the Taliban are indeed Pashtun in ethnicity however they are more from the rural tribes not the city peoples who had the more modern ideals. The Pashtuns in the Taliban are more akin in their beliefs to the Tajik in their faith based lives.
      You are poorly informed no matter what you may think you are. I do agree that the US should not get involved in any foreign disputes, however to lay the blame on them is idiotic at best. The Taliban or some group like them would have emerged eventually to repel the Soviet occupation of their land regardless of US involvement. The Afghani people have tossed out many would be usurpers in their long history. Or perhaps it would have stayed under Soviet control until the fall of the Soviet union an then been taken over by whatever Taliban like fighting force that was in power to do so.
      By your statements like "everyone has their day" I take you to be a bit of an anti-American sentimentalist That's fine everyone is entitled to their own feelings and yes the US has been waving their flag pole in peoples faces for quite a while and should just stop the nonsense. However if you are of a mind that the US deserves some sort of military attack against them then you are a hypocrite. You cannot pity the innocent of one land while wishing destruction on another.
      And it is good day ma'am if you are female not mam. Ma'am comes from the word madam where the apostrophe replaces the D, Mam is a short form of mammary or breast, or less commonly the Mam are a small tribal group in Guatemala and Mexico who are a sub culture of the ancient Maya.

    7. since we seem to be correcting each other's mistakes then i think it's appropriate to let you know since you seem to know a great deal of "facts" about Afghanistan, it's history and people you should know that term "Afghani" means currency. The correct way to refer to the people of Afghanistan is "Afghan" I am not anti American I just hate the policy makers. OH and i must say thank you so very much for your little "did you know fact" about Mam. I had no idea... i just thought it was short form for madame i thought i would save myself some time and say "mam" instead of ma'am but thank you for your thought, the interesting info. about the many different definition of mam. After all i did learn something from you.

    8. @shakilaq; Indeed we agree to disagree, if only those in charge could do the same. Thanks on the Afghani/Afghan correction I forget that sometimes as in the states the term afghani is used allot. Just remember that for some time now the Policy Makers have not represented the citizens of this nation any better than the Taliban represented the Afghan peoples. Power and corruption is well rooted in every corner of our world.

    9. Touche! I am glad we have settled. I definitely agree, if only those in charge thought like you and I and solved their issues with words rather than war. I believe our world would be a little less hostile. I have said this before and i'm going to say it again i have nothing against the American people if anything it is the policy makers that piss me off oh and closed minded people. Good day!

    10. actually as matter of fact they did not! I thought it was interesting when i read that under the description. However, it is not true.The Talibans actually brought it back and it was well practiced under their rule just like homosexuality. It was a source of entertainment for them. & as for Opium... yes they banned others from using but instead they used it themselves & for their benefit. It's not about whether Taliban or Obama is right. The American government is just as guilty as the Talibans. As they were the ones who supported and pretty much created the Talibans, since they ( the American government) provided $$$$$... & weapons to the Talibans. The only and only people who are suffering and have the price are the Afghan civilians that being women and children.

    11. Eh Mohammed, you've got you facts a bit jumbled. It was jr bush who thought it was a good idea to stay in Afghanistan. But in all fairness you really can't blame anyone except the pedophiles of Afghanistan. It seems like they could hardly wait to resume this vile practice.

  51. This is even harder to watch as a parent…

    It would seem that all our efforts in Afghanistan for the past decade or so have been in vain (on all fronts). Of course, one could argue that the values from the West are decadent and perverse and cannot be imprinted in such a society... Come to think about it, do we really want to be in Afghanistan in help their civil society and their elites? Or do we care? The question is rhetorical: bring the troops home ASAP and let them drown in their perversity and backwardness. I will take western decadence over obscure backwardness and smallness anytime! I’m appalled that our northern Afghan “allies” who fought the Taliban (very poorly) would encourage this…

    Vlatko: thank you for this site. I’ve been watching stuff here for over a year now. This monstrosity has prompted me to post for the first time…

  52. hand in hand with the catholic church!

    1. Except not even remotely close to related to Catholics in the slightest but good try.

    2. yeah the muslims dont prey on young boys at deaf schools!

    3. Because deaf schools are much more pitiable than orphanages? Granted the sins of the Catholic church are well documented and quite honestly the individuals who carried out those acts were no where near punished enough. And yet that is not related to this doc in any way whatsoever. These are not priests doing this they are warlord pseudo-muslims. I get that you have an ax to grind against the Catholics and that's fine, feel free to do so on any of the dozens of docs on this site about Catholicism. By ranting about a separate issue on this comment forum for this doc you only accomplish two things. You detract from the horror and suffering of THESE VICTIMS of THIS ISSUE, and show yourself as someone who cannot speak on the matter at hand with any form of constructive discourse. Rather you go for the populist rhetoric of a past issue to lend yourself a false guise of enlightened thinking.

  53. Proabobly the only good thing the Taliban did was ban this, sickening

  54. This doc was hard to watch. Very bizarre, very strange, very sad, very disgusting. I don't really know what else to say.

    Young boys dancing around in womens clothes like wtf is that?

    I can see having a "Young Boy" as a status symbol. As in Japan high status pro-wrestlers all have a "Young Boy" who carries the luggage, brings their meals, laces their boots in exchange for being taught something about the buisness. But like Pysmthe said, there must be something missing in there culture combined with something twisted in these men for it to be like this.

  55. does sharia law permit pedophilia? seems strange that a country which, when run by the taliban, would stone people to death for some of the pettiest and most accusatory "offenses" would condone such a blatant form of sexuality as homosexual pedophilia.

    1. I don't think it's anything like that. Several times in this doc it's said that the people who participate in disseminating this crap are either in positions of some power, or know someone who is. Therefore, I think it's similar to what you'd find most anywhere: Those with money and influence can generally find a way to get what they want, including indulging such perversions, no matter what the law may say. I'd even be willing to bet this still went on (more) underground even when the Taliban were in charge.

      I do think, however, if they had less restrictive views regarding women, this problem would at least be somewhat less prevalent than it appears to be now. No good ever comes out of keeping men away from women...

    2. good point, kind of how prison inmates dont see homosexual rape as gay as long as it serves their purpose. and one only has to look at the catholic diocese to see that seperating men from women is a bad idea...

    3. Exactly! Fight Nature, and you may get a war with unexpected casualties of the very worst kind.

    4. It's not about the Sharia law. You have to remember that the country is run by men, by men i mean those who have the most extremist mind set. They have set rules that only favors them. Believe it or not most Taliban practice homosexuality behind closed doors and practice bacha bazi as source of entertainment which is the equivalent of strippers in the west. So really in a country that is run by men/talibans who have set their own rules that only and only favors them why should it be a crime? Therefore, You don't really have a voice or say in anything especially if you're a female, child or youth. Pedophilia is crime in every country and is consider sin in every religion. Talibans do not follow the laws of Islam... they just attach "Islam" to their most unislamic way of life. It's their way of interpreting Islam which is why they are called extremists.

    5. Taliban's are long gone i have no idea why you stuck with them in order to spew your blatant lies. If you watch and listen the doc carefully you will understand that this tragedy is condone and practice by perverts from the Northern Alliance, remember in the doc its say BOY PLAY was banned during the Daliban but came back after the Norther Alliance were reinstated. You must be a Tajic because a lot the perverts look like they're Tajics.

  56. To repeat -- get your head out of your ass!!

    1. Who the hell are you telling this to? Me? Go up to the top of the page and make sure you're addressing the right person, fella...

  57. Maybe if they took the burkas off of their women they would have less of a problem with this? It strikes me a little bit like a giant prison, where some men refer to what's left for them... since a proper outlet for their drives isn't much permitted to them culturally. And, no, I'm not advocating Rampant Western Promiscuity! Just a more reasonable view of the charm and beauty of women, for heaven's sake... The fact that these boys are forced to dress in women's clothes seems like a dead giveaway to me that something fundamental is missing for these people.

    1. "Take the burkas off their women", yes! That is the strangest part of this culture to me.

  58. Really.. who would watch boys getting raped up the butt? This guy is a pervert!!

  59. This is one of the horrific videos on here. These guys are twisted fuc*s and hopefully justice will be handed out to them.

    The sad truth is that it is probably worse for the women.

    Naocat, in defending this video you are an idi*t.

    1. How am I defending it?

      By saying that life of prostitution is less painful? Is it that I said it's a propaganda video?

      Sure it's sick awful and horrible, it's suppose to look like that to you or anyone else watching. You think this is new or that stuff like this happens only in that particular county or the other?

      The stuff is all over the place and all over the world but noooo... you only need to see how arabs are being horrible... News flash the same thing is happening right now in every country in every continent everywhere. Where there are rich and filthy people there is mess, but you don't care about that do you?

      You just sit there and reflect on the video you saw about how horrible those people are, that's how the same kind of people as you saw remain free in your country! You never hear about them much less get to see a docu by someone who has infiltrated them.

      So no I'm not 'defending' this video, I deem it misleading and dangerous if seen by someone who feels sickened BEFORE they THINK about it rationally.

    2. I have watched videos about the child sex trade in Thailand. I have never heard anyone call them propaganda films. I think your problem has do with the fact that the you believe that the United States is the evil one and should not be in Afghanistan. Any news that puts a segment of Afghan life in a negative light, you feel compelled to respond in a defensive manner. The description makes it quite clear that the Taliban outlawed this practice and it has returned since the United States ousted them. It is blaming the United States for supporting these ruthless warlords and by proxy, their perverse practices and the film is suggesting that this perversion would not be happening if the Taliban were still in power. In other words, a good reason why the United States should never have went there.

      Just because sexual perversion is committed in other places does not mean we should ignore it in Afghanistan. By that logic, we would ignore it everywhere.

    3. naocat isn't defending this. Me thinks thou doest protest too much.

  60. "I have yet to watch this docu but I'm positive from the description that it's a propaganda video."

    "When I left him, I reasoned thus with myself: I am wiser than this man, for neither of us appears to know anything great and good; but he fancies he knows something, although he knows nothing; whereas I, as I do not know anything, so I do not fancy I do. In this trifling particular, then, I appear to be wiser than he, because I do not fancy I know what I do not know."

    No, if I had to choose between poverty and getting raped for a living, I think I would probably choose poverty. But thanks for your BS conspiracy anyhoo. How exactly does child rape equal "a moderate life without worries"? Get your head out of your ass.

    1. It is always refreshing to hear (Plato's) Socrates. Thank you!
      (fits pretty well here, too, I might add...)

    2. Speaking of Plato, perhaps you should remember his thoughts on this very subject.

    3. I do remember that, believe it or not. In fact, it's part of what I privately had in mind when I wrote "fits pretty well here"... But since that's not the context in which she was employing his words, why would I bring it up? Whatever Plato's views about underage relations may have been, they are not immediately relevant to this discussion, unless in terms of the irony: Plato may have been Plato, but progress is progress...

    4. I only brought Plato up because you brought Plato up.

    5. I edited my response: Does it make more sense to you now?

    6. Can't see your edit.

    7. Sorry - yes I can.

    8. But this was the norm in the society, not only the basis of our western civilization, but the very system we mimic.

    9. great observation

  61. If you had to choose, either a life of poverty, pain and misery somewhere in in a cave out in a desert or a moderate life without worries and plate full of food I bet you'd be willing to take one in and smile while doing it.

    (Mind you, I have yet to watch this docu but I am positive from the description that it's a propaganda video.)

    1. @ NeoCat

      You said:
      "If you had to choose, either a life of poverty, pain and misery somewhere in in a cave out in a desert or a moderate life without worries and plate full of food I bet you'd be willing to take one in and smile while doing it."

      You scare me.

    2. Surprised at you CandN. You're going to just jump out and agree to this?

    3. Lakhotason: I don't understand your post. Agree to what? Staying out of most of the argument and discussion?

      Please be more precise.

    4. You actually talk like a lot of pedophiles do, preying upon children in poor places like Cambodia, Vietnam, Aghanistan ... "oh i gave them a better life". Very scary indeed!

    5. Wow, really? I mean, now that I look at my comment I can see how one could interpret it the way you did, but come on.

      I am not even that old myself to be the kind of person you think I am >.<

    6. age has nothing to do with being a pedophile, naocat. if you are 17 and rape a 10 year old your a pedophile... your comments do sound sketchy at best chester.

    7. No he does not. You talk a lot like a pedophile. How's that feel?

    8. Propaganda. The modern catch word to describe any art form which may happen to question a person's viewpoint. Over used and misunderstood.

      I have noticed on documentary sites how individuals will use the word "propaganda" but very seldom will elaborate. It's as if they believe the word is an argument in itself and its use needs no elaboration.

    9. Well the way I see it yea the word "propaganda" is kind of self explanatory!

      It means that the media (in most cases that is) is being used to create public opinion about a subject/object/situation that would most benefit the one on whose order it was made.

      So it does explain everything you just need to know more than it's being presented. For example:

      1. It's happening in Afghanistan, people in the west need to think it's **** up so they wouldn't feel bad about what they have done with this whole war effort.

      2. Pedophilia is a modern witch hunt, there is hardly anything more image damaging than to call someone like that, in this case it's "warlords and powerful businessmen" of Afghanistan.

      3. The region of Afghanistan this 'supposed' tradition is taking place is still unoccupied. And these 'warlords' are running amok down there. Ever consider it to be a miss information? Like WMD and all the other propaganda just on a smaller scale?

      Ask yourself if they were to save those kids would you support US interfering with it? If your answer is "yes" you don't know what propaganda means.

    10. Propaganda, to me, means lying by omission. A common tool for todays media.

    11. I in no way see you to be a pedophile. Rather, I am suspicious of those that point at you. Oh, by the way, I don't particularly agree with anything you say. But at least you have a point of view.

    12. Now I know why you call it propaganda and you have some valid points. My problem with the use of the word propaganda is that there are people who use it almost automatically. I have seen posts where all its says is "propaganda". To me, that says nothing except "I disagree". There is no substance or even any attempt to show how a film went from disseminating facts to using those facts to support a point of view. What one man calls news or information, another man calls propaganda. Its a matter of perspective.

      If this horrific practice turns out to be true, then it is would be appalling that someone is using this situation to further their own agenda. We shouldn't turn a blind eye to it because we don't like the reasons why they are telling you the story. We should find out if it is actually happening and then come to a decision on how it can be stopped.

      I believe that the United States should have left Afghanistan a long time ago. If their objective was to capture Bin Laden, it should have been, go there, mission accomplished or mission failed and then go home. They should never have stayed for years and they have lost the support of a great many people around the world. The whole Iraq thing was just foolish and naive, although Saddam and his sons were as ruthless as any ruler can get.