Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover Up

Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover Up

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Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover UpConspiracy of Silence, a documentary listed for viewing in TV Guide Magazine was to be aired on the Discovery Channel, on May 3 1994. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. Many children suffered the indignity of wearing nothing but their underwear and a number displayed on a piece of cardboard hanging from their necks when being auctioned off to foreigners in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Toronto, Canada.

At the last minute before airing, unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired. Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who ordered all copies destroyed.

A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired FBI Agent Ted L. Gunderson. While the video quality is not top grade, this tape is a blockbuster in what is revealed by its participants involved.

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  1. I grew up in Omaha. In 1981 I knew these three "brothers" . I don't know if they really were. But anyway, one of the brothers, I will call him "willy", I learned through him, Willy, that he turned tricks for cash. His daily post was behind the Greyhound Bus station. Willy was only 18. Now Im a pretty naive person at 21, in 1981. This is Omaha after all. I had no idea things like this happened. Willy would hang out behind the bus station and the cars, BMWs, Audi, Mercedes, Lincolns, would pull up. His customers he told me were people like, Hal Daub, Omahas Mayor, The President of Omaha National Bank, The Editor of the Omaha World Herald, the County Attorney, or Lawyers. Powerful men in the Omaha political scene. Shocked!!! I was floored! I could hardly believe my ears.
    Sometime later, I ran into Willy and he was with one of his brothesr, and some of his friends who I did not know. Immediately I noticed the injuries on all of these "kids". Red, deep, burns from cigarettes and cigars, they said. Bite marks. Bruises. Scratches. Willy said they had been at a party at Alan Baers (sp) downtown Twin Towers Apt. Some of the party goers are mentioned above. It had been a drug fueled sex party. These were all kids. 15 to 17 y/o.
    I did not know these kids and never saw them again.
    Another time, and maybe the last time I saw Willy, was in his house. Both his brothers were there with someone else i cant remember. Willy was packing a suitcase. Willy was also wearing the most beautiful "bomber jacket" I had ever seen or felt. This jacket was super nice. High dollar!!! When I inquired about the beautiful jacket, all in attendance simultaneously turned toward Willy and said , " It's the Colonel's! Willy is going on a trip flying with the Colonel." I asked if it was a real Air Force Colonel. As Offutt Air Base is just 5 miles to the south in Bellevue. Yes, was the reply. I still to this day wonder, was it Colonel Aquino??? I don't remember ever seeing Willy after that night. I think cuz I moved across town off NW Radial HWY.
    If I allow myself to think back 6 or 7 years, I don't know; if its connected, but, when I was a teenager, I had a neighbor who's son had been placed in Boystown. One evening out of the blue he showed up driving a brand-new Camaro and gave us a bag of weed. the car belonged to someone at Boystown is all I remember bout that car.

  2. Mike. I watched Nick Bryant on Shaun Attwood two days ago. He really didnt elaborate on the petition he was asking the public to sign. Might be due to the very controlled media r8ght now. Which should be a wake up call for everyone. I had heard about the Franklin Files Scandal just after Nancy Schafer was murdered. She was trying to shut the child trafficking pipeline down that seems to be the black market that keeps this Country economically afloat. Dave McGowan waa another person who helped in showing how the US Intel Agencies along with MI5 have been behind alot of these crazy seriel killers with occult practices using the sales of children through snuff films, ORGAN HARVESTING, slave trade, etc. His research is 25 years in. He died in 2016 under unusual circumstance, but LOLFIELD on Youtube is someone you might want in your testimonials. Becsuse this is a GLOBAL network of what i knoe is the worst type of crime that continues today. They took my daughter away after I. Called FBI, ICE, INTERPOL, and HAGUE regarding a 12 year old Vietnamese girl that my now deceased ex had moved in with him. This world is not worth protecting unless we can stop this. Its whats funding all your politicians, and their campaigns. I made an interesting map of connections with this child trafficking network. Its called The Octopus BTW. Jimmy Saville, Mark Dutrox, and Jeffrey Epstein ALL work for the same people running this at the top level. George Bush Sr is much more than an ex President. His father in law, ran Aushwitz.
    If you want more info on this, because it ALL needs to come out before they start hiding, just let me know. P.S. Aquino died last week. Or did he?

    1. I'd love to have any and all info you have as well. I've been researching this for a few years and it sounds like you're on to something very important. It would be greatly appreciated as well as spread to people to hopefully open some eyes. Thanks in advance!

  3. I was a victim of child abuse in Ft Calhoun Nebraska the foster mom was Larry Kings cousin. There names were the Webbs. If you watched the video about this story you will see Larry King singing the national anthem if you notice a tall black man in a blue suit with a white shirt standing next to Larry King he was our foster dad. The Webbs our foster parents had adopted me when i was a baby in the early 70s then they adopted 3 girls which were sisters in the late 70s and then adopted a boy in the early 80s and turned around and got 3 more kids in the mid 80s. There was alot of abuse in that home from my understanding Larry King would fly my oldest foster sister out of town to have sex parties at the White House when Bush's dad was in office. Also my foster sister past three polygraph tests from our foster dad sexual abusing her and no charges were never brought against him. So those of you seem to think that Lisa Owens and Paul were lying you are way wrong alot of kids were scared including me but I'm not any more us foster kids are grown now and we are so ready to tell our side of the story. We are mentioned in a book The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant. We know that the statue of limitations have ran out long ago and the State of Nebraska failed us we think that we deserve to tell our story. Reason being so that we can heal because counseling was never offered to us.

    1. It's about time that these people be held accountable. So many victims..More people need to speak up take some of there power away these sick people..There should have been damages awarded, there should be suites against all the government agencies that failed these victims.

  4. I lived in Omaha and remember when Nebraska legislator John DeCamp tried to get to the bottom of this. When he passed away a year or so ago, I was reminded of this travesty.

    1. Hello. Me and my foster siblings were close victims to this case if you ever want to know more Im available to chat. Thanks

    2. I am just listening to this story for the first time on Sword and Scale. I live in Lincoln, but am not originally from here.

  5. more proof for anyone's journey.

  6. FBI just released previously classified documents on: THE FINDERS. It was a CIA Black-OP. The CIA were procuring children. You can find these on the FBI website. Remember. Children. Covert Weapons. and Drug running. But....just say no. We 8n America have been lied to on so many levels . Expand your thinking. Use logic. Learn to analyze using critical thinking.

  7. Frances is either in total denial and has a low I.Q. or she is a schill for the Deep State

  8. Whenever this scandal pops up the government trolls come out of the wood work to do damage control. It wasn't a hoax or they wouldn't have paid the kids to shut up

    1. You are so right it was not a hoax me and my foster siblings were very close victims to this case. I'm available to chat any time. Thanks

  9. It was such a HOX they paid out the last victin Bonacci not long ago

    1. I don’t believe in the outrageous claims made for the sake of the insane alt-right political agenda. However, you should realize that portions of the Franklin-cover up are well documented. To use or dismiss information about child abuse to serve either side of the political agenda is heartless. This is about children being abused not politics.

  10. Simply un-seal those records @ 56:00, and that should clear up this HOAX for good. Correct ??


    1. Nope - it was very real - I lived in Omaha when it occurred.


    3. And so what if you lived in Omaha. How would you know if it was real? Were you there? Did yo see actual evidence? Did you really even live there? I mean I guess I could take our word on it like everyone else is doing with this case. It's funny how it's all right wing people blaming left wing people. Seems totally politically & personally motivated, too many coincidences. I don't believe the story, ridiculous and I'm a fairly moderate conspiracy theorist.

    4. @Frances
      "it's all right wing people blaming left wing people"

      The Franklin Sex Scandal took place during the Reagan/Bush 1 Administration who were Republicans. It involves both parties.

      The Epstein Articles show that just about all the top politicians & celebrities were enjoying his Island & Parties. Just like the Harvey Weinstein Saga.

    5. Nope. Not at all a hoax dear.

    6. You have no idea what you're talking about. I know. We should have your facts together before you make such ludicrous statements. People died for this truth

    7. I understand that every one has there opinion but you are totally wrong me and my foster siblings were victims to this case you just know until you hear our side of the story we are in one of the books The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant.

  12. The same thing was.being done to young boys at the Boys Club in N Y in the 40s and60s and may still be going on, my Husband was there after he's Mother left her kids on the street.

  13. @15:46 are they saying Cory Feldman?

  14. it would be nice if there was even a shred of evidence to back any of this up but if you take out the testimony of the kids making the accusations there's literally nothing that even suggests anything like this ever took place.

    1. I suggest you study the dark under belly of the shadow government for answers.
      It`s all connected to mind control and getting people to do things they wouldn't do under normal circumstances. All for the purpose of black mail,creating a patsy and whatever else they can dream up.

      With the combination of hypnosis,trauma based mind control,drugging and other evil they have in their bag of tricks they can make people do all kinds of things.

      Start with googling trauma based mind control. Then maybe hypnosis youube videos of people doing absurd things on stage. Even acting out sex acts. Ask yourself,would all these people really do this on their own?

    2. There is more proof than anyone can imagine. These children’s lives were ruined. What possible gain would they accomplish by falsely accusing these people. Real problem is the power and money these perverts have, they just pay for cover up........NOT anymore, they are being exposed, they are sick

    3. wow. deflect much? Out of the mouth's of babes victims comes the only purely unfiltered truth. interesting comment though Jeff and what is your last name? Mine is McGowan

    4. There are 3 books that very clearly lay out, with proof, that this situation was covered up by the DOJ on both state and federal levels. Names are named at length in each title, clearly witnesses were "disappeared" or threatened. The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant, The Franklin Cover-up by John DeCamp, and Confessions of a D.C. Madam by Henry Vinson.

    5. Oh buddy there is.
      Listen to sword and scale. Episode 5 and 6.

    6. I totally agree Jeff. I've seen 0 evidence and I've read the actual court transcripts. Too many different conspiracies and too much made up ****. So guess who would be suffering if this were really true? Actually this is one of the worst forms of hold abuse and says a lot about the character of a person who lies under oath. Anyone can claim this but without evidence to back it up, it has a very low chance of reality to me. I guess with all of Donald Trump's accusations, he's guilty too because all of those women should be heard. Politically motivated and personal grudges =Using children to get ahead. Horrible human beings.

    7. Try reading the book written by Decamp. You will be shocked by the evidence. Don’t forget that this documentary was just a short sketch of the documentary that was pulled from being released at the last minute. That is the biggest smoking gun.

    8. Ted Gunderson, former Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent In Charge and head of the Los Angeles FBI, did the internal investigation.

  15. This is very real Tony was a dear good friend. We are the same age we all went to school together. Im a. Witness.

    1. Proof? ?

  16. Thank you, Jimmy!
    There are a huge number of stupid people on the planet.
    Half of them are much worse.

  17. What a load of nonsense.

    1. Ted Gunderson, former Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent In Charge and head of the Los Angeles FBI, did the internal investigation.

  18. @Jeremy Hughes

    I have watched The Power of Nightmares (and most other documentaries by Adam Curtis) and I don't think it has anything about the Franklin child prostitution ring allegations in it. Also I always thought the narrator on this version of the video:

    sounds a lot like Adam curtis

    Either way seeing as several of the people involved are dead (and died under suspicious circumstances) I don't see how you can say they admitted they made it all up.

  19. For those disputing this, I am living proof this is real as the Franklin Scandal didn't end, it just moved, to D.C. Through research and my own experience, I found that the Fairfax County Virginia Assistant DA Chris M. Sigler is the nephew of the DA from the Franklin Scandal with same last name. This same Assistant DA destroyed my family. If the owner of this sight wants to contact me, feel free to email me.

  20. I was born in southeast Nebraska and am eternally grateful my mom left there when I was a baby. I went through the "Hazard" type small town where I came into the world late one Sunday night in 1992. Wow. And to think this crap was going on then hardcore creeps me out!
    Omagawd has some hard core sh# going down. Now it's a "sanctuary city". Wt-?! Yeah. So nothing's changed. Crazy crap in the Dead Letter Midwest capital

  21. Ted Gunderson, ex-FBI in LA, CA, and John deCamp, ex-Senator have revealed much concerning a Satanic-ritual-murder-pedophile-rape- ring that actually extends worldwide. Lt Col Michael Aquino is deeply involved in it. Aquino, head of the Satanic Temple of Set was military mind-control at the highest levels. MIND-CONTROL through CIA development of NAZI techniques have been used for at about 60+ years, and involve the BLACKMAIL of government officials using secretly filmed sex with children....rape.......and then they are tortured and killed. It's not delusion, not LIES, as it's well documented in enough places, that if a person does the investigation thoroughly, like Gunderson and deCamp did, they will find the same exact evidence. Now, what will YOU do about it. Both BUSH JR and SR, CHENEY and AQUINO were all named in THE FRANKLIN COVERUP, among others. Grow balls now.

  22. A proven fabrication? It doesn't sound like you've read the Grand Jury transcripts contained in Nick Bryant's book.
    I didn't want to believe this story. Being conscience of this level of depravity isn't an easy or pleasant thing. I decided to see if there were any similar cases. There are. Some have broke in the International media recently.

  23. "Twin Peaks" music (by NJ's Angelo Badalementi) at 01:58 - Eric

  24. You can find this on youtube by putting in the full title of the movie.

  25. Additional information on this film by Nebraska Senator John deCamp. There is a 5-part series on youtube. Put in a search on youtube for "John DeCamp"

  26. A dead link. How convenient for all the Bush haters and off-their-rocker style conspiracy nuts out there. Once again, you put out rumours, accusing the Bush family of the most heinous crimes, but fail to back it up one iota.

    1. Watch it on youtube

    2. Try this on for size.....Bush was 'elected' only because 5 supreme court justices ordered it so, destroying the voters rights and democracy as well. Bush then went on to preside over the staged events of 9-11, only to get the U.S. into a war with a country that had NOTHING to do with 9-11. (Iraq) Golly Gee! About a million casualties later, Bush joked about 'them WMD's gotta be over there somewhere' and what do you say to all those dead......OOPS? I could go on and on but I don't have a week to spare.

    3. Sorry Steve, but I don't buy a word of It. I absolutely do not believe the government is responsible for 9/11. Nor do I believe that Sandy Hook was staged.

      Before Bush invaded Iraq, the most sophisticated intelligence nations in the world all agreed that Iraq presented a threat to the world. It was enough for them to levy heavy sanctions on Iraq. I believe Saddam Hussein moved his WMD, probably to Turkey.

      Conspiracy theorists have got so out of hand that no one knows what to believe any more. I think that's a crying shame.

    4. Who is the US to decide who can and cannot have what ? US supplied Iraq with WOMD that is how they know they had them.The only country ( USA ) to drop a atom bomb on another country twice and has been in more wars and funded ( about 82 since the end of WW2 ) More than all nations combined.The US has funded and created every so called terror threat the world has ever seen along with the CIA and funds both sides of war, who profits ? The same people who lobby for Corporations and government officials.The biggest scam in history. Really ? You think some men in caves wearing sandals hijack 4 commercial airliners? All of the suspected hijackers were from Saudi not Afghan or Iraq and a few of them are still alive, how is that ? Who are the real terrorist ? If it is not clear to you than you will never get it. The only real threat to the world, has and will always be US. Sorry to burst your bubble but facts are facts, do some of your own research Turn your TV off and start thinking for yourself. We have all been lied too, time to reprogram ourselves to are inner truth no one will save us but ourselves. Be your own thinking and create your own path. It's OK to be wrong and feel hurt by the truth but you will feel much lighter when you awake to the truth.

    5. USA invade Iraq because Saddam wanted to go away fro selling oil in USD if he succeeded then the rest of the world would follow and USD would not be the reserve currency, but after all the lies and those killed it is now happening anyway.

    6. So that kind of shoots your entire theory out the window, don't you think? The war in Iraq has cost the US trillions.

    7. Funny thing is the Bush family do repute it but you do? Are you infactuated with the Bush family or do they pay you...... Myself if I was president and I was reading to some 1st graders and someone wispered in my ear that a couple planes just took out the twin towers.... So sorry but I would've jumped up appologised super quick and been out the door. Bush gave a blank a** dumb a** stare and continued reading. Look on his face was nothing but.... Holy s*it I can't believe we id that!!
      BUT DON'T GET ME WRONG!!! Obama is a piece of s*it to! Just wait till his plan goes in effect to get all Americans tagged with I.D.'s. (Laugh now but remember where you heard this!! My email is (Mod edit no e-mails addy's allowed) I have important people on tape saying stuff in documentries. Write and ask ill send em to ya free of charge. :D

    8. Hey when everybody no says the same thing there might be something to it. You ignorent pediphily loving b*tch

    9. No rumors - truth
      I had a adolescent son and we lived near was a scary time as young boys were disappearing off the addition to being taken from Boys Town.

    10. I'd love to see proof! All I've seen or read thus far is, hearsay.

    11. "Unauthorized History
      of George Bush"

    12. Nice one... u had em all fooled u weren't just a shill ;)

    13. 9/11 is so fake. Look at the damage birds cause airplanes. No way that plane survived so many hits.

  27. This isn't playing for me...does anyone have another link?

  28. Apparently some of the people commenting are still not aware that this conspiracy was LOOONNG ago debunked. This is not news. Literally, the entire thing was bullshit, especially the stuff about Clinton trafficking coke, and banging prostitutes. The guy that made it up even came out and admitted WHO paid him to say the stuff. Check out "The Power of Nightmares" by adam curtis, right here on top docs.

    1. You're naive if you think men of power aren't capable of this kind of crime. This kind of stuff has gone on since ancient Rome and beyond. Every society has an upper echelon that needs to feel as if it is entirely above the law in every way. "Debunked": how can multiple correlating accusers be truly debunked without a reasonable doubt based on their poor character and unwillingness to testify under duress. What did these young people stand to gain by outing themselves to an angry press in a hillbilly community like Omaha that they were child sex workers? Do you really believe that a a drug addicted, teenage male prostitute wouldn't easily be portrayed as "unreliable" in the press by crusty old pedophiles who also happen to be influential elected lawmakers? Are you really so gullible to think these guys live in wedded bliss with their Martha Stewart-esque wives as they portray themselves to the voting public? Have you made note of the thriving child sex industry that has emerged since the advent of internet? You're living in a goddamned delusional Disneyland.

    2. No, some people have told you that it was 'debunked' Big difference. The man you are talking about was pressured by FBI to recant. He later realized after the mysterious death of his brother he would not be silenced and told that he lied when recanting and why. He was then pressured again by prosecutors and went into hiding, before he also was found dead mysteriously. Watch the documentary. Do some actual research. There was cover-up at all levels. There is no disputing that Lawrence King ran a child prostitution ring. That's a fact in court of law, although he never was convicted of it, only of the financial fraud charges connected to Franklin Credit Union. There is no disputing that many important officials were part of it. The documents in D.C. concerning the male prostitution ring were sealed and we will never know who exactly, although many have been named. As the Washington Times reporter said "This corruption went all the way up to the white house and administration of that time: George H.W. Bush".

    3. The whole thing was a proven fabrication and the hoaxers who made it up were convicted of perjury and sent to prison. If you believe this stuff you are weak in the head. And by the way, the Washington Times has never been a credible news source on anything of any importance ever.

    4. Once something is planted in the brain of the mentally ill, it will remain fact because they need something in their lives to make them feel validated...I guess this to them is validation by proxy. NO PROOF OF A CHILD SEX RING. The snake embezzeled money and got fined though a civil case that he never paid. Owens and Bonnaci were mentally ill and Owens had checked into a hospital prior to the case blowing up. Bonacci was diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder but that's a cover up too. Convient how 'cover ups' work, no hard evidence so it's a cover up because you can't prove it. ?

    5. Jeremy Hughes You are terribly naive and obviously unread. Do some research before you even attempt to debunk anything!

  29. striking similar to the Kincora sex scandal in Ulster during the 70s ,the resulting disinfo ,discrediting of witnesses /victims strikingly similar and notorious methods used by intel agencies ....just another similarity .

  30. Ted Gunderson , hero and martyr impaled on the stake of truth...does anyone believe he died of natural causes...PLZZZZ

  31. You saw corruption at it's finest when Bill Clinton was elected president. This scumbag before he even ran for president had raped two women one was (Juanita Broadderick) and had for years had sex with black prostitutes and even had a child with one, but the kosher media failed to report this. You elected some president that paid black prostitutes and even had a child with one. Can it get any worse than that? Then we had nothing but a circus from this pervert. He had sex in the White House. Stole things from the White House and pardoned felons upon leaving office. He could have pardoned Charles Manson. Now we have someone that isn't allowed to be president. The next election I would not be surprised if our choices were Snoop Dog and Flava Flame. I would not be surprised.

    1. So, it would have been OK if the prostitutes had been white? LOL! The freaks will always feed on the freak food - and remain in their mothers' basements wearing tinfoil hats. Your ignorance comes shining through! Moderator: really?

    2. Actually, you're talking about many past presidents.

    3. It's pronounced Flava Flava.... Not Flame..... But 12 people that read that with say it Flava flame and start a WHOLE new conspiracy now that he's the anti-Christ!! Lmfao
      Seriously now I was still on O'Bama's side up till I read about the Id's he wants implanted in everyone. Now he can blow it right out his a** to!! It all isn't about those Democrates or Republicans..... It's about the corrupt things people do to become and stay rich and never stopping the want of more money and power in general. Ya better look into the FDA's latest tactic's everyday to make sure of yourself that the Department that is so precise with making sure that our food and water is clean (if that is what clean is we are eatting worse then pigs and hogs). But the Department of Ag. made the FDA but why wouldn't' they see the corrupt issues going on with pesticides used in farming ..... Or the genetic breeding that's killed most food we eat everyday???? OHHHHHH I SEE NOW WHY THE FDA ARE AROUND TO KEEP US SAFER!!! DUMB ME MY BAD!!! I guess brainwashing is effective then....

  32. When whole German cities were firebombed and wiped out and Japan was nuked the wars changed. Why go to war with any country when all you have to do is nuke the cities or just drop bombs on their cities. You can tell WWII they wanted to win and get it over. If you at Iraq that was maybe 5% as powerful as Germany and the last war lasted 6 years. Children are raped all the time If you Google Russian snuff porn you'll read about a child snuff porn ring where there were thousands of clients from the USA and they supposedly arrested anc charged them or so they say. But nothing on the news, because most of the clients were kosher. Imagine if the list were Nazis and regular whites. These people operate everywhere countries are communist or destroyed.

    1. Regular whites, as in regular garden variety whites?

  33. The government by and for the people means the citizens should make the laws and not the lawyers. In the end the government can and will rule like Commies they are. We have one option and that is to shoot them. But we can never be more than a mob. So when the SHTF the cities we built will be destroyed just like we destroyed Europe it took the people centuries to build. Then there will be prosperity rebuilding what we destroy. After every war there is plenty of money made. A cycle that will never change.

  34. I have the book written about this and I have always followed it very closely. Again, another republican sickening fiasco and it gets swept under the rug. This is so disgusting. Many, many innocent kids and others were forced to participate in this and many have been murdered since. One is in jail STILL for doing nothing but telling the truth of what happened to her and what she was forced to do. Really sick stuff here. Yay republicans! NOT! The Bush family should burn for this and be sent back to hell where they came from.

    1. Don't be gullible enough to think the democratic party is any different. ALL high ranking politicians are involved in one way or another.

  35. People just don't get it. I am seriously worried when 'patriots' start talking about Satan and Jesus. And then they expect people to believe they are wise to the corruption of the Jews in power. Jesus was a Jewish (fictitious) prophet, prophesied by Jewish scripture to save the Jews, as a JEWISH Messiah. Matt. 10:5 "Go not into the way of the Gentiles" Matt. 15:24 "I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel." And that is what the original scriptures said, and in 1536 William Tyndale was garroted and burned at the stake for having translated these facts from Latin into English.

    The Jews had been laughing up their sleeves for ages about that little story, that no one could read because it was in Latin, so the stupid gentiles were surrendering their entire lives and their love to Jewish hatred without realizing, to the cause of their own destruction.

    But now the game was up, and that is why Tyndale was punished so horrifically for risking exposing the whole scam, so they then wrote in a few extra pieces to say Jesus not only came to save the Jews, but the rest of the world too, so Jesus then somehow mysteriously starts to authorize the saving of the gentiles as well.

    Wake up sleepy people, there is no Jesus, or Satan, or Yahweh, and the Satan you fear is stated to be the God you call Yahweh anyway in Isaiah 45:7, where Yahweh IS Satan too, where He states "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things." See, one being doing all these things without a second.

    Get it into your heads and wake up, there is a God, but nothing to do with Yahweh, Jesus or Allah, as these are only fictitious and artificial constructs, at the very most only gaining limited existence as elemental constructs under conscious control of rabbis through the repeated formation of ideas on the inner planes in the minds of men, through what is a form of magical creation of these 'beings'.

    These thought forms such as Jesus, Yahweh and Allah appear real and living through hypnosis, and are used by rabbis to make fools of everyone who is a prisoner in the Abrahamic faiths. The rabbis and the rest of the Jews who are sufficiently empowered ARE Yahweh, and Allah, and are behind the illusion on the inner planes known as Jesus. They are all constructed by the Jews as a form of mind control to make fools and pitiful victims of everyone.

    There is no Jesus, just each other and thin air, unless you turn to the real God, a God that does not burn all non-adherents for all eternity unceasingly. Such a demonic creation as would hurt parts of Himself for all eternity without ever redeeming them is psychotic, and entirely non-spiritual, in fact entirely anti-spiritual. That which you call God, Yahweh, Holy Spirit and Jesus, is totally psychotic, sadistic and demonic, indeed the very Satan in fact that you think you are opposing. You are just hurting yourselves uselessly holding on to the Jewish created faith of Jesus.

    Think about it; a Jewish messiah prophesied in Jewish scripture, validated in Jewish scripture, but surely he must then be the messiah of the Jews? How can people rationalize and bring themselves through hypnosis to believe that this Jewish Jesus somehow came not for the Jews, but for their enemies, the gentiles, who are all to be exterminated from the face of the earth according to the Torah and the Talmud.

    Think about it, and for heaven's sake, do please wake up. The type of evil consciousness that can envisage and propose to burn people in hell for all eternity without ever redeeming them, without ever stopping, for billions times billions of years, is exactly the same type of insane entity to rape and kill little kids.

    You have to wake up out of the nightmare of hypnosis under which you believe that someone who burns people for all eternity is in any way connected to love, or capable of love. Such a demonic being is only the most foul of demonic entities. Thank goodness that such a hell is not really maintained by the real Lord, known as Krishna (literally, 'the all attractive' in Vedic scripture). Cling to the nightmare known as Jesus and you are patriot to no one but the Jews, as their slave.

    Why do you think the priests of the Christian and Jewish religions love raping little children in some cases? It is because they are all demonic just the same.

    1. This post is so full of BS it's embarrassing.

    2. Well where is your evidence to back up your assertion? Try to make some intelligent criticism with facts if you can.

      "Call no one Father except the Lord thy God alone" says the Bible, yet the state demands that all parishioners kowtow by flipping over for the state when it tests them by requesting them to call their vicar or priest Father, in direct opposition to the instructions of their 'God' in the Bible. Crypto-Jewess Queen Elizabeth II is head of the Church of England, and wants C of E members to bow down to the state men she puts in power in the churches.

      Queen Victoria of England stated that her family was descended from the Biblical King David, and a rabbinical scroll was made after Prince George was born in England recently, to commemorate his birth as a Jew; he was born to Jewess Kate Middleton and Prince William. The Catholic Church is just the same on this issue of requesting church members to call their priests 'Father', thereby also usurping the rightful position of God. It is a test to see if you will roll over for the state.

      A real Christian teacher would never ask anyone to call him Father, and a real Christian would demand that such a charlatan who asks to be called Father, usurping the position of God, be removed from the Church. What do you say to that?

    3. Its laughable that you go on some huge lying diatribe then have the nerve to ask ME for evidence. You are making repeated dogmatic statements w/ zero evidence and then inventing yr own religion. You are a liar.

    4. You just can't come up with any sensible comment and end up resorting to insulting language.

    5. LOL That's pretty ironic, you accusing me, "You just can't come up with any sensible comment". Re-read the drivel you posted and look yourself in the mirror. NOTHING you posted made any kind of sense and you in essence, ceeated your own moronic pagan religion. You aren't just saying "I believe this...". You are making dogmatic claims absolutely w/out any evidence. What's truly insulting is that you have the audacity to act like the injured party when you are the one spreading lies and disinformation in some lame attempt to start your own religion.

    6. Ask a specific question and debate with me point by point without using any personal insults.

    7. What is your proof that God doesn't exist? Or that Jesus doesn't exist? Or the devil? Or that they are all the same? If you want to believe that, that's fine but be honest and say they are your beliefs, NOT that this is "true".

    8. I do believe that God exists, but believe in an ancient revelation of Him in the form of Krishna; one variety of belief systems given for us to practice being Vaishnavism, another of these being Sikhism as given by Guru Nanak who taught of the same God Krishna as being the real God.

      Interestingly Nanak taught of Krishna in India at the same time as Lord Krishna Chaitanya, who remained on this Earth in that form for several decades before returning to the spiritual world, both Chaitanya and Nanak meeting with each other, and both validating the truth of their religions as essentially being the same in inner essence, and even dancing and chanting the names of God together.

      Krishna Chaitanya manifested in the form of His ideal devotee, to set the perfect example for all others to follow, but on several occasions, He revealed His actual cosmic Self to some individuals so that they could appreciate who He really was, and those instances are thoroughly documented.

      A problem becomes manifest when we are required to accept Jesus as Lord God with that understanding of Krishna being 'Satan' at the same time. Something is wrong there, and I believe that Krishna holds the bona fide position of God, rather than Jesus within Yahweh. Both Krishna and Yahweh cannot be God at the same time, not even as different aspects of the same Being. One of them must not be bona fide.

      God always supports the validity of His Previous incarnations, which are all predicted in vedic literature, just as Krishna Chaitanya was predicted in detail in several vedic scriptures, not merely one, and He manifested exactly as predicted and did exactly what He was predicted to do, to thoroughly validate His position as Lord God. People might say; 'them lyin Injuns', and I will say the same of those people who falsely claim that Krishna is not God.

      Krishna is recorded in vedic literature as having been recognized as God in a worldwide religion before the beginning of Kali Yuga 5,000 years ago. Krishna recently manifested on this Earth in Mayapur, West Bengal in 1486, and revealed Himself as the source of the entire material cosmos, and Lord God of the entire spiritual dimension, and very detailed factual literature about His appearance and teachings, which of course validate Krishna as being Lord God, is widely available, which can be obtained for free on the internet in the form of the book Chaitanya Charitamrita.

      I am not a member of any particular religious society by the way, though there are many societies teaching the same truth, but I do believe in Vaishnava philosophy and in Krishna as Lord God.

      Mankind has been on this planet Earth for hundreds of millions of years, much longer than the mainstream propaganda and fake archaeology in today's media will reveal to us. See Michael Cremo's books on this subject. You will see complex worked metal artifacts found in solid rock hundreds of millions of years old.

      As regards the non-validity of Jesus being God, or of him not even having any genuine historicity, read 'The Diegesis', 1829, by Rev Taylor.

      Also read 'Jesus, King of Edessa. The real historical Jesus, and his real historical kingdom' by Ralph Ellis.

      More detailed vedic literature naming Krishna as God is Srimad Bhagavatam.

      There is no eternal adversary of God in the form of Satan; the alleged existence of any Satan is false propaganda that breeds hatred and callous disregard for the eternal welfare of all other spiritual beings.

      The real God never ever drives away even a single soul for all eternity, as every single one of them originally and eternally dwells with Him, as part of His infinite cosmic body, Nor does He ever maintain any such place as any external hell. All those artificial confabulations are generated from the fevered imaginations of malicious people intent on scaring people to death for personal power. All souls eventually return to their eternal constitutional positions with Krishna.

      What God is and does defines His identity. Thus, if a different set of qualities is used to define the Lord God, and they do not concur with vedic literature, we can understand that the two individuals cannot be the same person, and that one is an imposter, or a confabulated being, as is the case with the Abrahamic Lord Yahweh. The real God is the Father of all souls in the entire cosmos, without any beginning or end, not just of the small number of souls on this Earth, and does not reject any soul for all eternity as the Abrahamic religions all falsely state. Those religions do that because they are all created by the same firm, and all exhibit very similar sadistic expressions describing the fates of those who are not members of their cults, with one of the Abrahamic cults having created the other two and manipulating them.

      There are no eternal children of Satan as the Abrahamic Torah and Talmud falsely state, and those false scriptures are the original basis for the supposed existence of any Jesus Messiah, a messiah intended for Jewish souls alone as far as the Jewish teachings are concerned, and as far as the original Latin Bible was concerned. (See Hugh Fogelman's essay on this).

      The Christians' only means of validating Jesus as their messiah is that he fulfilled many Jewish prophecies, yet the Christians have not been careful enough to refer to all Jewish prophecies. Those same scriptures state that all Gentile souls come not from God, but from Satan, from 3 lower, hellish spheres of creation and that all Gentile souls are eternally satanic, non-living and eternally irredeemable, evil souls that are guilty of all sin and every instance of sin even before entering in to the womb.

      And the Torah also states that when the messiah comes, all Gentiles will be exterminated from the face of the Earth and their souls then sent (back) to hell under the Angel Duma, as we Gentiles are all just demons to them, and they say they need to 'purify' this planet by totally purging the entire planet of all Gentiles in existence.

      Jesus is recorded as having said that he had not come to deny or oppose even a single word of the Law or the Prophets that include that prophecy, but to fulfil them all, and that means that he must also have come to fulfil that very prophecy that the Christians have not been informed about, the one that says when he comes, all Gentiles will be exterminated.

      Think about it. Why do you think they kept the Bible in Latin all those years, and then brutally murdered Tyndale for having translated it into English, revealing the cruel joke that had been played upon all Christians by their 'Christian' priests, who were in truth something quite the opposite, working only to Judaize all Gentiles to make them acquiesce to service to their Jewish masters in the coming NWO, to make them more slave-like before their ultimate extermination at the hands of the Jews, as the Jewish scriptures also state that when the messiah comes, all Jews will first each have 2,800 Gentile slaves, before those slaves are eventually exterminated when they are no longer of any use.

      The religion of Jesus is a Trojan horse religion, a false religion to sucker people. Just look at all the Jews and fanatical 'friends of Israel' in the governments of the world today, driving Gentiles into one war of annihilation after another against each other on behalf of Israel.

      Remember Pam Geller stating that if Iran ever attacked Israel, then Israel should blame all of Europe and use nuclear bombs on all of Europe; that is how Jews keep their slaves in line. Their criminal terrorist Samson Option nuclear weapons remain a constant threat to the entire world.

      Do you still want to place your trust in a Jewish messiah predicted by the Jews, one predicted to exterminate all Gentiles? He could only ever have been Jewish, as Jews would never ever predict a 'demon' Gentile soul from Satan to be their messiah, as all Gentile souls are held to be; that would be utterly unthinkable.

      Ask any rabbi if they could ever anticipate any Gentile messiah within their religion. And if the Jesus of the Christians is not the Jesus predicted by the Jewish scriptures, then he cannot not be genuine anyway can he?; thus invalidating the entire Christian religion anyway. But that particular issue depends on whether or not you personally consider that Jesus necessarily had to be a Jew or a Gentile.

      Why not look to a Gentile spiritual teacher? Surely there are several valid spiritual options for you to choose from amongst the pagan paths?

    9. Your religion sounds beyond bizarre to me and some of the things you accuse Christianity of are known falsehoods. But that's just my opinion. You mentioned Michael Cremo who did some good work BUT he still buys some of the fraud that evolutionists push, the lie that the earth is "MILLIONS of years old". That is a lie and the man made objects found in allegedly "MILLION year old" strata prove that. Man made objects randomly found where no known cultures ever lived are evidence supporting a global Flood. Again, just my two cents.

    10. If you could have been bothered at all, even in the slightest, you would have acknowledged that Michael Cremo is a Vaishnava, and is therefore a CREATIONIST, and not an 'evolutionist'.

      There have been a number of different races living on this Earth in the past, and there is plenty of evidence to back that up, even in the Bible, the existence of 'Giants' is mentioned; the history of the Earth is not just 4,000 years old or whatever other branches of Christian belief may state.

      Where did the dinosaurs appear in any Bible history?, surely, they must have been running around at least as early as the time the Torah was written? But most Christians say no, God is just testing Christians by creating fossils of dinosaurs for them to find. Is that what you believe also? What many Christians believe as regards that is beyond bizarre to me.

      Why can you not accept the appearance of Lord Krishna Chaitanya? After all there is vastly more evidence of the actual historicity of his coming, and perfectly preserved records of all His teachings and activities. I wonder, what would you believe in if you lived in India and someone handed you a book detailing all the evidence of His appearance, teachings and activities as recorded in extremely great detail by His devotees who accompanied Him at all times for several decades; would you then accept Krishna?

      What is beyond bizarre to me is that anyone peddles the callous doctrine that some souls are sent to hell for all eternity, just because they would not accept 'Jesus', when they already practice far more loving and compassionate faiths in the form of Vaishnavism, Sikhism, and other belief systems that actually put real spiritual love into practice, systems that would never ever say that anyone should be rejected by God for all eternity, as that really is so very cruel, especially when doctrines of eternal flaming hell are brought in.

      What is the actual object of following God? Surely it is for expanding the cultivation of kindness and compassion and love for God and all souls created by Him, and ALL souls without exception are expanded from Him. If a religion does not practice needless cruelty, then surely that is the superior religion.

      Why should people be condemned to torture for all eternity in hell just because they believe in Krishna as Lord God, and do not believe in anyone being sent to any hell for all eternity, or in anyone being separated from God for all eternity, over what are actually extremely petty issues in truth, and I am not talking of any form of hatred or any type of criminal acts having been committed, as Christians say that even if you are the most honest, moral, kind, law-abiding and compassionate person in any other faith, you will still be sent to eternal hell if you do not accept Jesus, even if you do not accept Jesus precisely because he intends to send all others to hell for all eternity if they will not worship him.

      That is beyond bizarre to me

    11. If you had even bothered to actually comprehend what I wrote instead of knee jerk falling all over yrself to defend Cremo and dog me, you would see that nowhere do I call Cremo an evolutionist. I said he subscribes to the lie of man being "MILLIONS of years old", which is an evolutionist lie. Evolutionists need that ridiculous amount of time to justify their ridiculous fantasy.
      Yes, there were giants but there were no other races, just different cultures.
      The dinosaurs are in the Bible but word dinosaur isn't. They were called dragons then. The word dinosaur was coined by Sir Richard Owen in 1842. Behemoth and Leviathan are just two dinosaurs named in the Bible. Any christian that says anything ridiculous like that is just ignorant, meaning they don't know and have been bullied and bombarded by secular liars.
      I think all false faiths are creations of the fallen angels and are demonic. The Bible is unclear on this but IMO these fallen angels set themselves up as gods and sought to lead all mankind astray and they've been very successful. What evidence do you claim supports Krishna or that it was/is a god?
      What you call a callous doctrine I would argue is just the way it is. People rejecting the Creator and getting what they CHOOSE is absolutely logical. No one is condemned to Hell, they choose Hell. Its a simple concept. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You reject God and salvation then you reap the rewards of sin which is death. I don't know how you can claim that's cruel when there is literally tons of people preaching salvation and that you don't have to go to Hell. People choose to go there, its that simple. But people want to blame God for their own choices. He gave us free will for a reason, people just don't want there to be consequences for their actions.
      I think that there is some truth to your religion because there is knowledge in their writings that could only be known by someone w/ supernatural ability and intelligence. Like the vimanas.

    12. you guys are off topic talking about your gods and demons, go to a religious doc. to do that.

    13. Its not entirely off topic. The Franklin Coverup was done (and is still going on) by a huge network of Satanists.

    14. Dude, I have just written long and detailed comments to you already describing exactly where you can obtain proof of the existence of Krishna and who He is.

      Just Google those book titles and download the entire books. There is vastly more to support Krishna being God than there is to support the idea of Yahweh or 'Jesus' being God.

      No, some little Vaishnava or Sikh boy or girl, happily praying to Krishna for the welfare of all souls in the entire cosmos, most certainly does not choose to go to hell.

    15. I didn't see any evidence. Why don't you do yr own research re: the Bible and actual archeological evidence that supports it? We'll just have to agree to disagree. But we should honor the mods wishes and stay on topic re: the Franklin Coverup.

    16. You just never looked, admit it.
      Ok yes to the Mod.

    17. Right on, David Glover!!! ???

  36. Ok, I switched off when he said Larry King corrupted other politicians.

    1. not THAT larry king.

  37. Its funny, I used to be into conspiracies, I used to support them whole heartedly, but over the years, all i've seen are angry people consantly spouting things without a shred of evidence, just conjecture, supposition and nothing. I still know that certain things are done in the shadows, but I also know that some people are just plain paranoid. Try to be diligent, constructive, and observant, not a rager, or a raver.

    1. It's truly amazing how even the most compelling documentary on anything that had been questioned as covered up by the US government suddenly becomes a debate about Israel when given an internet forum. If Mrs. Obama got caught keeping her grandma's meatloaf recipe secret, someone would comment on the article and use the word "Zionist" and "Jew" a dozen times to debate the point they are making. They make anyone who questions any aspect of the government look like a paranoid fanatical nutcase.

  38. People...were you paying me, not one of us even knows the scope or the history behind the lies we are being fed.
    The next election, might be the last and it is not going to result in a positive change, it will continue in the same direction and we won't eve recognize this place when they are finished. We are responsible for horrific suffering at this moment and it trails back in history since before our time.

    We were warned by the founding fathers, in quote after quote.

    This is supposed to be a Gov of the people and by the people and it is the job of ALL the people to keep this true!

    We are losing everything that has made this country great, they are stealing our rights away faster and faster.
    Every right we lose, makes it more difficult and dangerous to ever turn this thing around.

    It's time, United we Stand or Divided We Will All Fall........remember this is your child's future, I'm ready and willing, but it's hopeless w/o at least 1/2 the adults of this country. I think it is time to get serious!

    This future I see that my son will face, makes me feel I made the biggest mistake and their is only one solution because I will risk my life and be happy to do it, I can't take his.

  39. Oh, don't be so negaive. In the USA today, we all enjoy extensive freedoms. We're all free to do exactly as we're told.. so long as we don't have any independent thoughts while we do it. Now, shut up, and get back to work, making someone else rich.

    1. Short, to the point, and well put. You gat an A for the day. Funny, it took me 45 years before I caught on. The thing is, IF there were a "GOD," then were the FK is she?
      They have a term for those of us who question "authority and the 'status-quo"....either "trouble makers, liars, (takes one to know one), or "Rebels without a cause."
      I often wonder how SO VERY MANY "stars" seem to die in plane crashes? Did you ever see that poor-excuse-for-a-plane-wreck in Pennsylvania? If a plane really "crashed there, WHERE the HELL was the fkn plane? Jet liners do NOT just "melt into the ground" as they had claimed. Anyone with half a brain SHOULD know that. Yet time after time, from the Boston Tea Party, to the 2 World Wars, to the Bay of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and on and on it goes. It just must be stopped or this country may already be finished. It seems to be to be "self-evident" that "America" has been USED TO DEVELOPE" A World Police. Using our troops against "them" and their troops, against us! Good luck to "those of you who are without."(Jesus)

    2. Dude I am sooooo copying and pasting that into my list of other things of knowledge I steal from people to make me look smarter everyday without giving you any thanks or whom by " " like I was told to do in school way back in the day. Haha

  40. Oh, don't be so negaive. In the USA today, we all enjoy extensive freedoms. We're all free to do exactly as we're told.. so long as we don't have any independent thoughts while we do it. Now, shut up, and get back to work, making someone else rich.

  41. It was a black man.....DAMN

  42. I am simply disgusted at the US system and what it has become.There is no freedom of speech what soever in this supposidly '' free country'' and anyone who dares talk about what bothers them about the system is shut down, wheter it is by murder,blackmail,destroying their reputations or whatever means the gov. finds it is right to do to protect their corupted a**es.The FBI is scared,honest politicians are scared,people are scared.The names of the politicians involved will never be released because that would create a revolution.George Bush was named to be part of those atrocities ,maybe not by participating but by allowing them to happen,wich is as bad if not worst.God is looking down on all of you and locking the doors of heaven to you as long as you will not confess to your sins on earth, do not be caught dead without Jesus all of you involved in the Boys Town scandal.May god have mercy on your souls and i wish you wake up in time , the thing you will never do,because you do not have any COURAGE.

    1. You were doing well until you brought the fallacy of Santa Claus into it. You forgot also the Tooth Fairy. Some broad Jesus got caught my Mary with. The Federal Government, Generals, Military 'big-shots,' RICH "movie stars, etc. They are all parts of the same web. Did you read that Brad Pitt will only "act" for a MINIMUM of 20 MILLION dollars for a movie? That a football player, even a black one, can get away with Murdering his own wife and her friend too? If the entire world wasn't already 'UNDER CONTROL' of the Queen of England and her cronies, I'd move out of "America." Because it was NEVER what we were TAUGHT it is, or was...."Teachers" need jobs too.
      It is a sad shame when you realize you've voted for a Kenyian President to run things here. Well, HE's not really "running" anything but his mouth. He WILL-BE President in 2012. I'd bet my life on that. That's why he went to that little girl. Just like "Mission Accomplished." It's all about JEWISH-CONTROLLED HOLLYWOOD. Things like that get him "noticed as being human," when he has a tail as long as Bush's OR Cheney's. My heaven Cheney is such an EVIL man. Were the "God Delusion" truth, "God" would have these pigs roasted over an open fire like "Truman" did those poor people in Japan. One "A-bamb" wasn't enough. Only 3 days after the first a-bomb, the 33rd degree Mason Harry Truman, dropped ANOTHER bomb. An H- bomb. The Masons believe in BLOOD SACRIFICE. And sexual-child-abuse! Boy, I am sure feeling so much better about the SO-CALLED SINS that I committed in my youth.

    2. The Zionists and Jesuits are the ones laughing! I am not religious nut but seriously, the people we have had in power, the people with this communistic collectivist agenda as crazy as it sounds, have said they worship Satan.

    3. These bastards don't care. George Bush should be an open target who can be arrested by anyone. Or judge jury and executioneer all in one. This guy flew to Florida just to be away from Washington. He should have made business plans in Europe to be out of the country. The only hope we have is Lone Wolves in this country who are sick and tired of the garbage. George Bush is paid hundreds of thousands to run his mouth at colleges.

  43. Watch the video series of Kay Griggs. It is all still going on today, and it's even worse than you can imagine.

  44. This is terrible. Men in power raping young kids

  45. This is a interesting documentary. It shows us that when the rich are in power they can control how the laws are used for their own personal advantages. Our governments were made for one reason, to control society. When someone comes along and raises suspicions concerning political figures or well to do influential leaders they are label a enemy of the state. There is no freedom of speech. If there was wouldn't there be mass protest by us citizens to make a change. I have 3 words for you: New World Order

  46. republican or democrat, does it really matter, thats a petty subject in where both sides blame one another and never really find a solution to anything while the population suffers due to the poor choices made each time, it almost seems as they are working against us. We the People who? They give a rats ass about us, your vote doesnt matter, because if it did, the Electoral College wouldnt need to exist.

    These corrupt cold-blooded vultures work for the Aristocratic elite who's bloodline stems from the days of Nimrod and Babylon, then they moved to Europe and became the Romans at which time they tried going after the world. Once that failed, thousands of years later they use Hitler to make another push for world domination. It failed in a sense that they didnt get exactly what they expected, however they did get the United Nations to be formed and thats when country's borders started slowly disappearing. Currently the machine is operating at full force in the US, they managed to in some cases, totally eradicate the moral rights that individuals had by promoting the sense that life is about having fun, when in reality, life is a struggle.

    The problem isnt that this is a conspiracy, its always been this way for thousands of years, it will never chance, what has to change is the populous' mentality towards everyday life. Think if the whole world population didnt attend work for a single day, imagine what kind of backlash and ripple effect that would cause to economy thats fraud anyways? This is why its mandatory to keep the population busy and unaware of the operation unfolding in front of their eyes. They offer you Dancing With the Stars on TV while your home is getting foreclosed without you having the slightest clue.

    You get the idea? If they really cared, they would show you a show thats about how life should be lived in a positive sense instead of indulging in egotistical ways and pleasure that is short lived in most cases. Just because your eyes are open most of the time, doesnt not mean you see things as they really are. You're just being force-fully fed a low vibrational propaganda meal each and everyday that you wake up and go to bed with. Do me a favor, wake the f--k up.

    1. The Satanic Forces that are present in Government today have been at work since the very beginning through secret societies and agencies. There is good reason why the Freemasons were ejected(at one time or another) from every Christian country.(USA excepted)If we do not understand History or remain diligent after lessons learned we are doomed to repeat.These types of people are not Gods children,quite the opposite,they wish to destroy all things that represent and truth no matter what the means or costs.This is not a sickness,it is a well thought out plan by the master of deception and his many minions.There are many conspiracies at work that have had attention diverted from them.It is up to You and Me to help educate others about the "hidden" forces we are up against. Seek the truth and do research for yourself so you may help others.Peace and Love to all

    2. they weren't ejectex in Portugal to...they are in power we call it maçonaria in Portuguese it means masonary all minesters etc are one...and the sad part is that politic comentators in tv say its completly normal hehehe what a sad sad country this is now an americanized country

  47. Concerning the rumor about one of the victims ending up in a white house conference years later, I haven't done any research on that one in particular. But there's pretty strong evidence that CIA and some memorial hospital, I think it was Allen, have succesfully wiped out all memories from at least a few persons. Since the Conspiracy of Silence document claimed that FBI and maybe CIA, despite one CIA ex top man having been friendly to the document's maker, have been directly involved in cocering up the case by killing victims and witnesses, I wouldn't outright deny that rumor. You'll find more about complete memory erase from "The Living Dead" document under the Conspiracy category in this site.

  48. Continuous REVELATIONS - Stay Awake PEOPLE In Reference to Any & Everything.

  49. but on second thought, if you were, you'd be smart enough to use different names in the first place. hmm. i no longer think you are he. now i just think you should read more. aww.


  50. this inedible hulk guy is going around to all the conspiracy docs and saying they're bs. this is the third one i found in just one night. i know he'll just change his name but i'm just informing everybody as to my suspicions that we may have an agent in our midst. if not then i humbly apologize, but c'mon buddy, they can't all be bull! i see you.

    1. If George Bush and the FBI and CIA knew about 9/11 in advance and did nothing but short stocks and made millions after killing thousands then what is a little child rape?

    2. Rachael you must be Jewish? Some Jews must really be sick with what they see. But until these Jews put bullets in the scum Jews nothing will change.

  51. What we are seeing is obviously not broadcast ready copy of the film, but a rough workprint. This is obvious by time code, splices and missing scene cards.
    The quality of the footage does not change importance of the information, as long as it happens to be true.

  52. Wait...this half a million dollar, professionally made show that was just about to air on TV in 1994 is not even on shot on videotape? And the film apparently degraded decades before its time in the interim between filming and editing it onto tape? And the "noise" on the archive footage scenes is the same as the contemporary interview scenes? This is all pretty fishy. I think someone is making this 'lost tape' look more 'lost' than it was.

  53. we need to know who these people are,,,and get them out,if they can di this to our children then,then god help us what will becom e this we want sick people ruling us

  54. Thanks for the correction judy. In my defense after reading the transcript i have to say my head was hurting and i was in a really bad state of mind.

    How did you find the facts in the transcript? As a Londoner i initially couldn't believe what i was seeing and reading.

  55. to epicurean logic: your synopsis erred in one detail: larry king is/was a REPUBLICAN, not a democratic as you mistakingly indicated.

  56. Thanks for posting the transcript jamie, what an incredibly disturbing story.

    I had originally seen this doc at the time of Maddie's dissapearance and was torn between the fact that this kind of thing does happen and that it also seemed almost unbelievable to the extent described in this case. The low video quality and lack of major publicity didn't help either. The court transcipts really added weight to things and the mothers testimony was incredible on so many levels.

    A brief synopsis:
    Larry King democrat paedophile pimp for the rich and powerful kidnaps, abuses and sells children for the sake of political power and position.

    I am actually numb all aver. Not one for the faint hearted.

  57. Well, this might be interesting...if I could hear it. The video quality is very poor, as well. I had really wanted to see this bc there is some crazy theory about one of these kids being kidnapped, then used by this group and then ending up in a White House press conference years later. Very creepy stuff.

  58. does any one know where I can read Franklin cover up online?

  59. 1:39:00 to the end, a good watch. give him a chance. worthwhile.....