The Fuck-It Point

The Fuck-It Point

2012, Society  -   204 Comments
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The Fuck-It Point[The Fuck-It Point]: When you have had enough. When you decide to take matter into your own hands and don't care what's going to happen to you. When you know that from now on you will resist with whatever tactic you think is most effective.

A film about the dark side of civilization, why we should bring it down and why most civilized people don't.

People from civilization are fast to point out that we cannot "go back" to hunting and gathering "stone age life", there isn't enough wild game left for us all and wild fruits and plants cannot fill our stomachs.

But look at societies with "stone age" techniques; their minimum consumption, their ability to self sustain without degrading the land or make non-human species go extinct and their ability to survive extreme conditions.

In contrast it is blatantly obvious that if the civilized continue the path they are on we are all heading for disaster.

There seem to be no way to sustain civilization any longer, but that might not be such a bad thing for the rest of the world, because its collapse is taking place due to a larger collapse: the collapse of cultural diversity and the loss of biodiversity famously called earths sixth major extinction event which is the dark side of the progress of civilization.

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  1. Priceless point of view.. Thank you for appoint of view,, I agree with

  2. All of the negative, mostly fallacious ad hominem attacks made by those claiming this is a bad documentary are probably motivated by a knee-jerk, defensive, reactionary thought process largely predicated on a refusal at self-evaluation. This is a very common theme, whenever a piece of literature, media, documentary, etc. presents information that asks us, as humans, to take a critical, self evaluation of our lives and means of existence, it's always met with irrational, emotional, mud throwing and venom spitting. Notice, how not one of those that are critical of this documentary present even a shred of anthropological evidence to support their denial!!! And that's because modern anthropology, specifically MAIN STREAM ANTHROPOLOGY, not some fringe theory, has come to the conclusion, that quite literally, the ONLY sustainable lifeway in the history of hominid evolution is that of the hunter-gatherer. While I have a degree in anthropology (and a PhD in neuropharmacology), it doesn't take an anthropologist to understand the evidence, which is clear as day. Homo Sapiens has existed for probably 200,000 years, and up until the most recent 10,000 years, we lived as hunter-gatherers in BAND (not tribal) society. (Band society is defined as about, but no more than, 80-100 individuals, with absolutely NO HIERARCHICAL or FORMAL structures of power or institutions, meaning NO CHIEFS OR MASTERS OR SLAVES). We were 100% nomadic and this meant we had absolutely no conception of private property, of surplus, etc, or as American Anthropologist Harrold Barclay explains: "Anarchy is the order of the day among hunter-gatherers. Indeed, critics will ask why a small face-to-face group needs a government anyway. [...] If this is so we can go further and say that since the egalitarian hunting-gathering society is the oldest type of human society and prevailed for the longest period of time – over thousands of decades – then anarchy must be the oldest and one of the most enduring kinds of polity. Ten thousand years ago everyone was an anarchist." Our pre-civilized, hunter-gatherer existence was one that did not know environmental degradation, disease (as the vast majority of diseases we know of today are zoonotic in nature, meaning they came from domesticated animals), poverty, class, race, or even religion, and most importantly, it did not know authority or hierarchy. Under this arrangement, we managed to exist for approximately 190,000 years as homo sapiens (2.5 million years as tool making, hairless hominids) and encountered not one of the problems that typify the strife and discord of modern existence. Then 10,000 years ago, a small minority developed agriculture (which civilization cannot exist without) and within an infinitesimally small window of time, civilization introduced humanity to every ill we now face, for example, War. Based on archaeological evidence, it is now a tenet of mainstream scholarship that pre-civilization humans lived in the absence of violence-more specifically, of organized violence. The current literature consistently reports that until the final stages of the Paleolithic Age-until just prior to the present 10,000-year era of domestication-there is no conclusive evidence that any tools or hunting weapons were used against humans at all. Depictions of battle scenes, skirmishes and hand-to-hand combat are rare in hunter-gatherer art and when they do occur most often result from contact with agriculturalists or industrialized invaders. The emergence of institutionalized warfare appears to be associated with domestication, and/or a drastic change in a society's physical situation. This comes about only where band peoples have been drawn into the warfare of horticulturalists or herders or driven into an ever diminishing territory. The first reliable archaeological evidence of warfare is that of fortified, pre-Biblical Jericho circa 7500 B.c. Or, consider Greed, whom uneducated, arm-chair-internet, experts blanketly claim is in "our nature", but how could greed be in our nature, if we lived 98% of our existence as nomads, with no sense of ownership over the land and no sense of ownership over nature as evidently clear by the non-existence of domestication? Also, how could there be greed, when hunter-gatherers did not create or store surplus of any kind and the evidence for this is in the fact that they did not invent numbers or any means of quantification. It is well-established that in most primal communities people use only “one, two, many” as the limit of their interest in number. In a recent example, Daniel Everett, referring to his years in Amazonian Brazil, concludes that “the Pirahã have no number at all and no counting in any form.”

    The development of math is intimately involved with the development of the whole of
    civilization. On the heels of domestication (and its progeny, private property), grain needed weighing for sale, and land needed surveying for ownership—and soon enough, for taxation. Geometry, after all, is literally “land measurement.” Organization and engineering certainly required the services of Egyptian and Babylonian mathematics to enable the first two civilizations in the West. It is no coincidence that it was the Babylonian/Sumerian civilization, the first real empire, which first developed the idea of written numbers.

    Bottom line, hunter-gatherers work less than we do, have a better quality of life than we do, and do not suffer from the plethora of physiological and psychological diseases that nearly every civilized human suffers from....and most importantly, is this undeniable fact: EVERY civilization that has ever existed has collapsed and specifically because of environmental degradation as the primary factor or tantamount in a combination of other factors, so what makes us believe, other than the most egregious form of hubris, that we are somehow exempt from this "law of civilization"? Many like to maintain, essentially like a religion, faith in an ambiguous "they" that will magically create some silver-bullet technology to save us....yet, to me this doesn't make sense, as technology and industry is what created these problems, so I do not see how they can solve them....unless something has changed and now it is possible to dig yourself out of a hole. The epitome of this technological worship, and evidence of how maladjusted and sick our collective consciousness has become in mass society, is that the vast majority of people on this planet are more open to the idea of geoengineering in the form of seeding the upper atmosphere with chemicals in an attempt to block out the sun and decrease the rate of global warming (whose, like all techno-fixes, consequences cannot be fully understood) then they are willing to make fewer children, or consume a lot less, or to produce less worthless consider that.

  3. @schrokop:disqus ... was mine. Technology is an artefact of human intelligence that can be used to sustain life for many generations. The real issue is misguided human perception which as a result produced a very unstable existence.

  4. My f--k it point was at 6:34

  5. stop the ( f*ck it mentality) and stop overpopulation. start working on it now. stop the sperm from reaching the egg , that will slow AIDS too , hey the governments all aound the f*ckin world saw this happening a long time ago , in the 1960s so their preparded

  6. We as a people should tell the Catholic churches that promote too much of the reproduction ,,, to stop having so many third world children , the population has reached its peck in these countries and ours ,,,their children will have a grim future, or become slaves them selfs, or be dicriminated against most of their lives ,, check it out too many people !!! stop reproduction all counties especially China and Mexico . love the chinese and the Mexicans but too many are bein born unwanted or wind up dieing the first few years of their lives, one child per family , it should be enforced .

  7. Love It please show your friends

  8. "So I was like F*** IT!! I'm going to watch this strange low budget documentary....

    Well unfortunately I wasn't very impressed. Sure, they did make some decent arguments about the nature of consumerism, Propaganda, about society."

    All of that is true, and yes the ways they give to deal with our self-destructive society are ludicrous because they do not take into account there own effects, but it has a lot of potential. Turning to one extreme to fight another creates chaos. Take socialists who look to karl marx for inspiration, for example. He said capitalism is fundamentally flawed, and that socialism would be the natural progression of life, but he in no detail explained how/when this would/could happen. He doesn't tell us to riot, he doesn't tell us to live in seclusion - he says we will naturally develop. This is wholly achievable through the exploitation of our current society/system and continual pressure on those in power for change. Yes we may all be dominated by those who have money, but through the use of our technological advances to advocate change, nearly everyone in 'the west' could become aware of our plight and begin to campaign for change. Im no liberal, believe me, but if you really think about a perfect way of life it needs to have balance, we need to find equilibrium. You cannot be extreme unless your cause, our cause, is being completely repressed and crushed. Even then, through our technologically driven society, the whole world would know if a group of campaigners in London, Washington, anywhere were brutally suppressed. That in itself would spark a mass outcry, and would only aid our cause. However, without continual peaceful opposition to the system, no sympathy can be given to us - yet you advocate violence as the answer, it makes no sense. Do you think Gandhi would have had such an impact had he advocated violence from the start? Martin Luther King jnr? Nelson Mandela? The key ideas that we are essentially running ourselves into the ground with the current system, through disconnection to the world around us, are true i Believe... Honestly, you really cannot go into this subject of our significantly flawed society without writing an essay, the subject is so broad and requires so many theories, different analysis of concepts and a well informed conclusion to have any real meaning in the scheme of things.

    1. Not that I advocate violence, but to be perfectly truthful, not independance in India nor the end of apartheid in South Africa nor civil rights for blacks in America came without violence.

      Nelson Mandela was chief of ANCs armed wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe ("Spear of the Nation"). He coordinated guerrilla attacks all across South Africa. In 1961 he issued an ultimatum against the apartheid government, demanding constitutional reform, and threatening an unprecedented campaign of bombings if the demands were not meant. He made good on his word - beginning December 16th of that year, Umkhonto we Sizwe carried out dozens of bombings over an 18-month period against government offices, power stations, factories and mines, etc. He continued to head up Umkhonto through the 1980s, and was in charge of such attacks as the Church Street bombing which killed 19 and injured over 200, with a car bomb that was set to go off during rush hour.

      In India, during the war, there were thousands of guerrilla attacks against the British military, with communications, transportation, and electricity frequently disrupted and scores of deaths. It wasn't Gandhi that necessitated home rule reforms, he put a face on the independence movement that allowed those in power to sell it to the voting public in Britain - they would never have accepted it, if they imagined they were giving in to guerrillas.

      Martin Luther King enjoyed a similar position. While he wasn't responsible for the acts, the US was in the grips of severe racial tension and violence at the time. The Watts riots in Detroit, for instance, not to mention the emergence of the Black Panthers. That was the problem that necessitated reforms, not MLK making speeches. But they could not dialogue with Watts rioters or the Black Panthers, yet here was a man in whose name they could make reforms without being seen to be giving in to pressure (which is exactly what they were doing).

  9. Got me bug out bag no gun darn UK rules

  10. So I was like F*** IT!! I'm going to watch this strange low budget documentary....

    Well unfortunately I wasn't very impressed. Sure, they did make some decent arguments about the nature of consumerism, Propaganda, about society.

    However, the solutions advocated were extremely weak...
    Lets all riot? and live alternative modes of existence??
    Alternative cultures need to learn about the surroundings from an early ages. However, most western civilized people would die very quick in alternative paradigms of life because they are unprepared.
    Actually that might be a good thing.. because without our western civilized technology we wouldn't be able to feed the masses...
    The future world of a collapsed global society would probably resemble a MAD MAX film as people struggle and fight to survive.
    Those hell-raisers that advocated change would be crying for their mothers and longing for a time they took for-granted.

    The F*** it mentality is for those who've had enough and just want to create chaos! They don't give a s*** about solutions, which explains why they are so weak. These people just want to watch the world burn.

  11. I have reached f--k it all point more so in my own life with bull **** from our governments. banks being bailed, corruption, cut backs, new bull **** laws.
    at the end of the day, if things get too much, I can always leave this body.

    But where dose acting out get anyone? the London riots attacked small shops and innocent people, the news stations and government offices where hardly touched. ?!?
    the message I got from that riot was confusion

  12. Very enjoyable doc. Don't let the title fool you. The images and graphics kept everything interesting.

    The narrators, though quite radical, provided much food for thought.

  13. This is simply stupid.

    Although I find it amazing how you took all the modern terms and turned them to evil ideas. This movie is so ambiguous that it makes me want to cry. In addition to the ambiguity, the author talks like a fanatic. It reminds me of a religious guy who wants to get to the garden of eden finally.

    I agree, there are issues and serious problems, lots of them. But this is so one sided. It does not mention nothing about the advantages of the current systems.

    The current systems are not a 'constant' thing – it is not just a way the world is. The world is changing, together with us. We influence the world and the world influences us.

    AFAIK, there are positive changes in every area – thanks to the internet we can disseminate information easily, and in effect find the problems in the system. When they are spotted, action should be take to remove them.

    We are educated and convinced to use less and have in mind the existing problems, and you simply say that it is a psychological mechanism created by the system so we believe we are responsible? But did you also say that the system is based on the economic laws and we are encouraged to buy more? That we are made dumb by buying more because the dopamine thing? Do you even know how much dopamine neurotransmitters must be in your brain so that the number of receptors start to decrease?

    I love the ending - it is not calling you to analyze the problems in depth, but leaves you with the idea that the world is evil and you are just a sheep. And yes ... when there is many many of us ... we can ..

    Please, think carefully about the good sides of our civilization, and when you're finished, do not make an obsessive movie about how great the world is the same way you created this one about how bad the world is, but combine them. Compare them to the past systems. Can you see any progress? Can you contribute?

  14. LOVED THIS FILM! Even if it was only made by a couple ppl in their basement, so what?! Its good to know theres SOME people out there that don't have their heads stuck in the sand. I love how this ironically, titled film really tied in very many facits of the global issues and really showed just what a disaster these "civilizations" are doing to the planet and the people. I've been waiting and searching for a factual, honest, non-biased, doc. to compile this knowledge of all these social and environmental issues. Contrary to the title (which is brilliant because so many of us are at the f--k it point, for multiple reasons and in very different ways) I was very moved and inspired by this doc. Its good to watch docs that focus on one or only a few isolated issues but its also vital to have movies like this that make you step back and give you a wide lense view of everything as a whole. Civilizations like this have been rising and falling constantly throughout the ages. The def. of insanity is to repeat doing the same things that fail over and over again. Yet, this is what we do. Therefore, the world is crazy. The message I got was to say "Fuck it" to the insignificant, materialistic, shallow, manipulitive authorities and all of its minions, that drive us to be slaves, in this supposed "great civilization" we've created. (Ie: the corrupt police, the elite rich who run the world with their destructive, greedy agendas, corporations, monopolies, mass media, government and politicians who create things like the patriot act, etc., consumerism and greed, material items that we truely don't need but are addicted to, etc.) THESE and others like these is what we are addicted to and convinced we need. Theres a lot we can't go back to but we can start being pro-active in the good things that we know is healthy, sustainable, fair and moral. Yet, turn our backs and rebel (preferably peacefully) against the forces mentioned above, that will keep us from doing whats RIGHT and prevent us from being educated enough to know whats right and know whats really only a wolf in sheeps clothing.

    1. You have eloquently written what I was trying to express in my post

      I am grateful that I have a beautiful camp in the wilderness (no electricity or running water, cell phone service or interet) where I can runwalk to when all the oil is gone and everything in society goes to hell.

      There's nothing like a roaring fire outside on a cold winter day. Really gets my dopamine going.

  15. I think that one issue that this film has neglected to pay serious tribute to, is the fear of inability -not the inability to create change, but the inability to be self sufficient. In our society, we are forced to be educated, but not educated in ways that would allow us to be self sufficient, but rather we are educated in ways that will allow is to be products of civilization. We are taught how to be "good citizens," how to be productive in society by obtaining jobs and working most of our lives towards a decent retirement. The majority of us graduate from our high schools and colleges with the basic skills of math, reading and writing, along with customer service, communication, and organization skills that will assist us in an available career, because these are the necessary skills to be successful in our society. However, most of us leave our school years behind without the slightest clue of how to do some of the most fundamental tasks of human nature and survival. So even if an individual or group sought to counteract civilization, they are first and foremost faced with the fears of inability to survive without it -inability to produce their own clothes and shelters from raw materials, inabiltiy to safely hunt wild game and prepare the meats, inability to distinguish edible vegitation from inedible vegetation to gather as food, inability to access drinkable water (not to mention our physical inability to safely consume much of the fresh water provided by streams and rivers due to our vulnerability to microscopic organisms that we would otherwise be immune to if we had not spent our entire lives drinking faucet and bottled water), inability to treat wounds and illnesses with the medicines found in nature, inability to successfully deliver a human baby into this world, and etc. Although all of these tasks are learnable at any point in life, by the time we have reached a mature enough age to decide that these are the changes that we would like to make in our own lives and for the following generations, we are already swamped with the pressures of adulthood that almost inevitably cause us to necessarily conform to the ways of civilization in order to survive in our current state. In my opinion, only the people who benefit most from civilization actually have the means of putting an end to it.

    1. Good point! This movie was WONDERFUL at combining all the major issues and the societal ills that caused and prevents solutions to our devestating, modern Babylon. However, I agree that that is really the only point they could have touched on a bit more.

  16. Uhhh what? Hunter/gatherer societies EVOLVED into the big cities and nations we have today...its called progression? Civilization isn't the problem. Without overpopulation and depleted resources, we'd probably be well on our way to space exploration, and technology and humans would advance even further and GREATER

    1. If civilization was really progression -a natural process of social evolution -then why was it IMPOSED on most hunter-gatherer and horticulturalist societies by foreigners who only wanted to exploit the land and labor of the indigenous people to further fuel their own civilization? Never has the imposition of civilization on smaller scaled societies, benefitted these smaller societies in the long-run. The benefits of civilization have always been one sided -allowing the larger nations to become more powerful and wealthy, while leaving the exploited societies in debt and desolation, culturally degraded, and racially oppressed. Also, do you not realize that overpopulation and depletion of resources are direct EFFECTS of civilization that can't be avoided? Open your mind to more than just the luxuries of video games and reality shows, over processed foods and the latest pop songs -at the end of the day, these things don't matter at all -and it is these fantasies that prevent us from truly living.

    2. Dude, did you even watch this movie and pay any attention? Right now you are caught in the mouse-on-the-wheel circular thinkingl, which isn't allowing you to step out and look at the bigger picture.

  17. I do not disagree with the video at all, rather I am happy to see that there are people out there who choose to think independently about our world and reach to honest and correct conclusions. But we need civilisation. Going back to the pristine nature will not make us better. Raw nature makes man raw too. Like animal. So, we do need civilisation; we need a environmentally friendly network of aware people who can help this world and nature be better and better. A place where people can evolve, not go backwards in the jungle like monkeys. For example, I love electiricity; it is natural (the thunder?) and it has done nothing wrong to the planet, and it has helped people a lot. Electricity through solar power is a start. Also, natural medicie is not bad at all and we should use it more often. But surgey too, is life-saving, in extreme conditions. This is what I mean. We need a more intelligent society.

    1. I think that they do touch on what you are saying, in a round-about way. I remember them saying that its too late to do away with some of our creations civilizations have established. I think the point was (correct me if I'm wrong) and the point that you are trying to make is that we need to be "civil"; this and our intellect is what differs us from animals. However, we do not need these monsterous, ineffecient, destructive, social complex, that we CALL civilization. I mean, in the end, are we REALLY being "civil" right now, with all these wars and harmful political agendas?

  18. fear tactic

  19. lol. ya ya, another the world is going to end. These movies almost get entertaining if it wasn't for the fact some people actually believe this stuff.

    1. I thought it was just me.

    2. Denial is a form of pathology. It is frightening to observe and admit the truth. Especially when you see the majority of humans around you acting as if everything was just fine, groovy even. I have great sympathy for the youth. I am amazed at how cavalier people seem to be in bringing children into a world such as ours. What will life be like on Earth thirty years from now?

    3. As much as I'd love to be a father, I don't think I could do that, for that reason, and the issue of overpopulation as well.

  20. WOW this could have been a really good doc if the people making this did actual some research and gotten some actual fact that were real. oh of corse i forgot there hole point is to incite violence and riot

    1. Scott and Geoffrey, First, I can't believe I'm even taking the time to respond to your insanely ignorant responses. However, it says at the end of the movie that if you want sources and you are so compelled to post that this movie is ficticious why don't you create a doc. of your own, or write to the creators of this film, listing all of your "factual" information, sources included, that dispute this film. It does say at the end..."Sources: Try to prove them wrong. We all wish you could!"

  21. It's the way it always was and it'll be the way it always will be. There is no use in fighting it, but instead to create your own greedy chunk of the pie. Nothing will EVER change! Even if we as a world have a severe de-population episode in our future, someone or some group will always be in the natural top pecking order of hierarchy. Some one, or even a set of different small groups will always assume power, regardless if any of us are bitching and whining about it. People in general, believe that being selfish is such a wrong thing to do, yet we all do it in order to survive. None of us are truly giving or forgiving to each other, especially when things go wrong. You either do... or you die! This is the way the natural selection of evolution keeps rolling! EVERYTHING is a recycling process, EVERYTHING is energy waiting to morph into another type of energy! It's all useless, so build your own bridge and stop whining that others control you!

  22. The topic is very interesting, but I find the way is produced little bit annoying..It's just too busy, to many 'special' effects

  23. love this film it is all true
    we need the ppl to stand up and fight for what it right.
    but the west YES the west (us) are brainwashed and scared.
    we need to lern from the arabs and use soical networking to organise and over throw every western leader with voilnce thats the only way we will ever be herd

  24. the problem is greed

  25. Global warming, ozone holes, pollution, deforestation, resource depletion, factory farming and any other global evil you can think of are all seen as environmental problems, but they are not actual problems -- they are symptoms.

    The problem really is overpopulation and we need to get that under control and, ideally, reduce it to about half of what it is right now. If we can't do that then everything else we try will only delay the inevitable.

    Our population doubles about every 50 years so if we reduce pollution, resource utilization, energy consumption, etc. per person to 1/2 of what it is today (which probably isn't doable) over the next 50 years the net effect on the planet will be zero.

  26. its not our way of life that is unsustainable. It's the number of people living it.

  27. Mother Nature alwasy sustians herself. She will not go down without a fight! Sure as A Flower Blooms through concreat she will flourish and rise once again.

  28. doomsday fad.

  29. makes me cry for my children, makes me weep for humanity in all its possibilities......makes me hope that something good will come of it. Bring it on! Cause if I don't give a f--k for my children, then i am just a part and parcel.....and really what's the point if not for them?

  30. You could save the planet, if you created a world war and destroyed about 4 billion people, otherwise forget it, the earth itself will be the ultimate judge, jury and executioner, THAT I guarantee you.

    1. Can i like that TWICE, actually...

  31. what a great documentary (sighhhh) smh 10/10

  32. Here is what you can do. What ever church you belong to get them to put a solar panel on the roof or a wind turbine. Get your school boards to do the same thing. Make y our local government buildings do the same. If you work someplace put something in the suggestion box and do everything you can to re-cycle even if every person in the world recycles it is not going to change the outcome with co2 simply because it is just to much in the industrialized world have a look at the Canadian tar sands, And oh these hurricains and floods and forest fires......only going to get worse and worse and worse every year. When Canada doesn't have a winter 2 years running we are closer to the end than anyone can imagine.

  33. This documentary is so negative wtf. I mean nice message but dang. I dont wanna kill myself (24:30).. creepy. & that was about the time I stopped watching lol...

    1. too bad...cause after that it really gets going.

  34. bird killing windfarms... bull. the tall slow turning ones rarely kill birds, the ones that caused all the moaning were short, fast turning, experimental ones near a californian wildlife reserve. what kills millions of birds every year is flying into office towers lit at night. the windfarms are needed, leaving the lights on at night... is that? leaving the lights on all the time means more windfarms are needed. the tall slow turning ones apparently kill bats, not birds.

  35. the sane point between the absolute narcissist and the sacrificial lamb is the place to reach in the human kind of mind, before any real intelligence can be born.

    1. Bravo. who was that written by?

  36. When I was younger, I had the same attitude about life. Then I grew up and realized that folks have been screaming "the end is nigh" for about the past six thousand years, or so..

    Will we run out of everything? Sure! Eventually.. Will we phuck it up for everybody? Absolutely! But that ain't gonna hurt the earth any. She's been through a lot worse than US!

    I often wonder if we aren't doing the earth a favor! Think about it... The earth has NO OTHER way to recycle fossil fuels.. Without US, hydrocarbons would just go on accumulating in the earth's crust forever!

    And when we've burned it all up, and all is said and done, how long will it actually take for all traces of humanity to disappear? Ten million years? A hundred million? That's a mere blink of an eye in geological time.. The BIG QUESTION is: "Can We Continue past the next hundred years, or so? It looks to me as if that question has already been decided. Obviously, that question is still up for debate; and most likely will be until the end of time.

    1. AGREED. That old 'The End is Nigh' is in fact probably the Oldest Religious Chant known to Humanity.Luckily for them it fills churches and keeps the Guilt Offerings pouring in. Mankind, All of Mankind is little more than an irritating Virus for the planet. WE are the least important thing on earth and it is just a matter of Cosmic Time before She (the Earth) simply scratches that irritation away. Global Worming IS happening, just as it has happened through NORMAL Earth Cycles every 25,000 years since FOREVER. The Difference is that NOW they have figured out how to make a buck off of it. Pick up a Book on Geology from the 19th Century and they will talk about The Procession, the gathering of more Ice on an unbalanced Northern Polar Region and they will talk about 'Earth Crust Rotation'. It's GONNA Happen-Because it happens EVERY 25.000 years or so. Will that be tomorrow? I don't know. Will that be in 150 years? I don't know. But like you said, these are Milliseconds in Cosmic Time. With that in mind the thought of Carbon Tax and all of those other money making schemes for the rich mean little more than a new investment opportunity based on Fear and End of the World BULLSHIT. 'Does Mankind Effect the Warming of the Earth'? Probably. 'Does that Steak on your Plate have a Direct Effect on the Global Warming of the Planet'? Well ONLY if that Cow EVER FARTED while it was Alive. But we all need to Get A Grip and Understand that We Feed off The Earth just as The Earth Feeds Off of US. But THAT fact will never be mentioned until THEY (The POWERS that OWN our Thoughts) can figure out how to make a Buck from it, or Steal even more rights away because of it. But I have to go now, my Steak is getting Cold. Peace.

    2. Well... To add to what you just said, AND at the risk of appearing to go back on what *I* just said, let me just say this...

      While in the temples the priests tell Grand Tales of The Invisible Man in the Sky, I recognize The Lord as being The Universe itself. And while The Lord of Hosts may or may not have consciousness; it DOES, in fact, have the final say over what happens to us. It's laws are irrevocable. It's judgement is final.

      And even while all good things must end; the hubris of modern man -- who the bible refers to as 'the sons of Israel' (which, by both our history and our moral principles we, in fact, are) -- is to believe that it is within our power and our rights as human beings to do with this earth as we see fit -- without consequence, or regard for anything living herein.

      And we will pay a price for that; in both the depletion of resources, and the inevitable shortening of the time which we exist on this planet. This (as you mention) is already happening; in the form of Global Warming, Industrial Pollution, etc... One may or may not feel this is as big a deal as I. And only time will tell how severe the problem actually is. But, for the moment, I happen to believe the scientists, who warn that we are currently in dire straits.

      So... While everyone around me is arguing over the existence of the Invisible Man in the Sky -- which I think is a ridiculous argument, and a complete waste of time.. And while most are believing that someday they are going to create the United Federation of Planets, and just walk away from it all.. I have been busily trying to get people to see the futility of their ambitions, both political and industrial; and hopefully get them to realize that there is actually a problem here!

      But, all that said, the earth doesn't care what happens to us. Only WE should care. And I don't think that we do, really. All that seems to matter to most folks is The Here And Now, and about how much stuff we can accumulate in our lifetimes. Concern for the planet is all but gone. And those who still care are looked upon with disdain (if not outright contempt). It saddens me.

      OK, I'll shut up now.

  37. This documentary looked interesting until i started to watch it, then all of a sudden i realized the best part of the documentary was the title so i said to to myself f..k-it and ended it half way...

  38. Wow - where does one start the change? Here I suggest that that place is not one motivated by the negativity and fear this doco. portrays. I also suggest that positive and loving and lasting change for the better only ever happens when we change ourself. So become a vegan. Grow food - even if only alfalfa sprouts. Harvest rain-water. Buy second-hand clothes. Recycle. Join your local neighbour group. Volunteer. Help your neighbours . . . or just go meet them and say "Hi - do you need a hand?"

  39. Really good documentary, thanks.

  40. That is all true, we are aliens on this planet, not humans, when i started to compare indigenous people to us modern men, i realized, we are so very different from them! They're not anyhow dependent on technology and science or the system like we are and the most interesting thing is how they look like, we don't even share the same looks with indigenous people! And because our technological intelligence is more advanced, i wonder do we even belong to earth? Are we just visitors here from other planets? Is this why we constantly keep treating earth as just resources? But one thing is true, planet earth cannot sustain technological life and we have to go with her rules or we are dead! I really want to see my true home planet someday, i feel isolated here on earth, i love this planet but i am still just an alien here, i wonder what is my true origin... i believe my purpose like many others here is to bring peace on earth but because of lack of understanding about reality we have failed to only destroy it

    1. You are an id**t. The documentary says "We are nothing more than a species, living among thousands of other species" and that's exactly what we are.

  41. I'm scared of trolls with less than a tweet given to criticize honest dialogue.

    1. @LesterWise

      Thanks for that. You’re right about him being a nasty little troll as well. I checked out his Disqus log and found 6 similar and worse attacks. I didn’t have to look back far either. Troll off franky. Shame on you!

      The Disgusted One

  42. Typical false flag propaganda with complementary astroturfing sprinkled on the top.

  43. What an absurd documentary, so in order to save the planet we all have to go back to club wielding maniacs?
    First of all civilization is good, without it we would not have the internet, TV, electronics, medicine, space exploration and let’s not forget all the yummy donuts! And even back during the cave man era, they killed one another far more then now. All we have to do is consume in moderation, don’t leave the water on if you are not going to use it, turn off the lights when leaving the room, use LED lighting, use solar power if you can afford it, don’t change your PC or phone to a new one if you don’t need the features it offers, support your local farmers and many other things like that. I have been using the same phone since 2007, I used my p3 computer till 2008 because it was perfectly fine for browsing and email and MS office, all the things I needed it for. I buy most products from my local farmers, Eggs, beef, vegies and fruits, sure I go to the supermarket because I need things which farmers don’t grow or produce. Consume based on needs not on trends.

  44. The Planet can and has taken it.

    The real question is, when the **** hits the ceiling can the human race take it?

    I don't think so.

  45. Our problems are not technological or environmental. Pollution, inequity and extinction are just symptoms. The illness is in the mind.

  46. bird killing wind farms? *facepalm*
    i agree that we need to consume less and reduce the 'economy' and it's strangle hold on the world, but here the hyperbole just seems too ridiculous to sit through.

  47. to me is an agenda ,all the people is slaves they must wake up and faiht for our earth ...
    they must devoted for one purpess and is save ...

  48. ...This documentary inciting a world rebellion? Take up arms? There will never be a solution to fixing all this; you know why.....the origins of the birth of the human race...."WE WERE CREATED BY AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL CIVILIZATION!” Yeah I know, I hear you say...."Another crackpot again" Think hard, dig out the facts from both youtube & Google, find the absolute proof that WE were started off by aliens! There is so much to say, putting it all in a nutshell....Humans have been here a short time, we are relatively new to this planet, and yet, gained a high intelligence, built over the world and killed off nearly all other species in such a short time, extremely odd! How and why? It's clear to see that how we got where we are today was not accidental chance, we were programmed to get where we are today! This programming was in planted in us from day one, a slow release of a mass of high intelligence over a long period of time. Intelligence can't be created at instance, it has to be grown, ET in their high intelligence cannot instantly produce an intelligence in short term, they can 'speed' it up, but still time length is needed in order to gain the objective so desired. We may find all this out, but then again, may not, the experimenters may have played this out here on earth many-a-time, civilizations have come and gone on earth, there’s proof of that too. Are we just a failed experiment like the past ones, or have some past ones not failed, and have joined the ranks of their creators?! Read Mike Magee’s…”Who Lies Sleeping?” Take it with a pinch of salt, take it how you like, one thing though, are you asleep to yourself and your surroundings?!

  49. The universe will take care of itself...and the idiots. <3

  50. Rare is the human that lives 100 years. Most of us have just a scattering of decdes left. Enjoy your life. Who cares anyway. Nothing can be done now. The Earth will survive us.

    That is all. Carry on.

  51. It Sounds like "Revelations". We have been on the road to being "Fucked", for a long time now. I wish I could think about things more positively but at the present time, most of everything in this doc, rings true. We f--ked ourselves and we went about it by means of human nature. Our limited intelligence has not saved us.

    1. That's exactly right, it seems to me. Our wits set us apart by our being able to think abstractly, and to imagine future consequences for current actions, and yet...

    2. @Brennilthos64

      “and yet...”

      Please elaborate.

    3. Well, I just meant that millions of people see clearly enough some of the more sustainable directions we should be taking for our future good, or even survivability, and yet I'm certainly not convinced that more than a very few of those are really doing anything whatsoever towards that end, let alone getting together in enough numbers and beginning to INSIST, by whatever means necessary, to their political leaders that they begin to take this more seriously immediately.

      (As per Azilda's advice, I'm sparing you my bullsh*t on the particulars, lol.)

    4. @Brennilthos64

      Hi Py, thanks for your reply.
      Yes I think you’ve got it spot on there. They will O/ WAKE UP!!!! one day!!! Perhaps things have to get even worse before the actions you describe are to occur.

      O/ stolen from @Devilinwaugh. Cheers, spreading the word. Love your username too.

      Unkeep the faith

    5. As for my username, it's a Sindarin allusion to the critical principle/activity of " 'hare' Py," lolol.
      (Plus I think the word itself just LOOKS cool, somehow.)

      Again, like Az reminded me, there ARE changes that are happening, but very predominantly they are still too small to see. She used the example of a "mass," with "indiscernible activity" going on deep in the middle of it, in essence. So, of course this makes me think of a ball of Uranium 235, and a chain-reaction starting to happen!

      One of the biggest reasons (probably THE biggest...) I voted for Obama was because of his promises on the campaign trail to really work towards turning us to a green economy, to use that impetus to rebuild this country and turn around the economic disaster ultimately EVERYWHERE, rather like a new Space Program.

      Obviously, I was disappointed in THAT regard, as well... Apparently what happened was (literally or figuratively), as soon as he took office, someone took him aside and showed him another film of the Kennedy assassination, one leaving no doubt as to the real identity of the perpetrators, so that he could get immediately clear on what his priorities had better be...

    6. @Brennilthos64

      Ha ha, was going to ask you to explain but I got an illuminating vision, a bit of a burning bush as it were. Hairy harry is a dearly beloved friend. I think you might like this. Brennilthos has a Welsh look and sound. As for when Critical Mass is reached? I just don’t know. From a UK point of view, we had riots here last summer. The budget cuts continue to hit hard and there is a growing sense of rebellion, some talk of revolution even. Politicians! Bleugh!!!

      I think by voting you endorse the “system”. Our quickest, easiest, most mainstream method of sending a message to world governments would be to abstain from voting for a while. I can’t really comment on your last paragraph. I don’t know much about power politics over your side of the pond. But I’ll guess it ended “Or else”.

      Unkeep the faith

    7. Steal Bill Hick's material much?

    8. That's why IT'S IN ITALICS!
      And, anyway, why would you CARE?

      But, hey, if quotation-marks would make you less of an as*****, I'll be happy to put 'em in for ya, fella...

    9. @jusrog

      Please read your own post again and think about it for a minute. Can you see? You sound “Fucked” already. If you think that then the chances are you’re probably right. That’s the sign of a degenerate ideology. Bin it right now. Get a new one write now. Change or Accept this ever increasing “Armageddon” all around us. Stop wishing about thinking more positively and just make it so.

      I hope you don’t mind if I say you sound a little scared? Don’t be. That’s exactly what these warmongers want! They are trying to keep us down because they are scared of us. They KNOW that we have the power really. YOU have the power to make changes in your life right now.

      FEAR. A well known and well used tactic of those in Power. Though a completely natural instinctive reaction, we should not interpret it the wrong way, with our ”limited intelligence” as you put it so rightly. Fear as I’m sure you know can be overcome. It starts with facing up to it. What is it? Examine it. Turn it around. Turn a negative into a positive. Use it as a sign for action.” Human nature”? I don’t like to use this term, for me it’s too limiting. There is only Human Behaviour. Good luck with your life.

      Fear, I know not the meaning of the wrod.

      The Crucified One

    10. I'm scared of all the bad writing that goes on.

    11. @francucio

      Thanks for your wonderful contribution to the world of literal criticism. I hear you’re an expert on the subject of “bad writing”? I know it’s hard to conceive but some of us have our doubts? Perhaps you could show us how it’s really done? I’m waiting!

      The Disdainful One

  52. The creators of this awful documentary have some pretty terrible arguements at points;
    'Even Windfarms killing birds is seen as a solution' (3:45)-
    This was said in the context of Biospheric annhialation, lol. I won't insult your intellect any further on this one.
    (1:39) 'Modern agriculture affected by peak oil will create agricultural disaster for global populations'
    - Not that simple, or true. Peak means the amount of oil will steadily decline, but there will still be vast amounts. So human societies will shift from spending on unnecessaries such as luxury goods which create oil - and a shift will steadily go to neccessary's such as agriculture. Sure it won't be a walk in the park for many, but what was said is just stupid. Well, theres MY f--k it point. :)

  53. Again I have to mention that "stone age life is able to self sustain without degrading the land or make non-human species go extinct " is simply not true. It does it simply in a much slower way but nevertheless is able to wipe out almost all the large mammals in America.

  54. When philosophy dies, action begins (so dont we be apolitical- thats for status Q). +We are so&too much precious for being egoistic, to have thougts we are seperated from nature - without nature we would not exist, and short term profits are for fat asse... and people who have mental disorder. So - that is yust not right...Take care of yourselfs and others. Together we can make it! ;)

  55. Rivi makes a great point. Build a garden. That's a step almost all homeowners can accomplish. If you can't do that, support your local farmer's market. This would have more positive impacts on society than rioting with molotov's and badly drawn signs ever will.

    I think most of people think about the oil industry is over blown. There are much bigger problems in copper mining, precious mineral mining and coal production. However, the overwhelming majority of what documentaries show about pollution is in fact not actually that. They always show stacks emitting steam and lead the viewer to believe that they are polluting chemicals excessively. I have over 10 years experience monitoring over 25 different plants (chemical and refineries) throughout the country(U.S.A.). Losing that much chemical would cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars hourly. Every flange, valve, pump, fitting, agitator, compressor... all of the equipment is normally monitored quarterly or monthly respectively. That doesn't mean just looking at it either. It means placing a machine (flame ionization detection or photo I.D.) in a particular place on the equipment and measuring for a parts per million (yep million) of the V.O.C.(volatile organic compound) percentage to the percentage of ambient air. Seriously, take a step back and consider this for a moment. EVERY piece of equipment is monitored. This is different other countries but that is good reason for keeping the plants here. What other options are there for these facilities? No more oil? If you think that it is even possible you should do 10 minutes worth of research into what products we make from oil and it's by-products. I live on the southeast side of Houston, Texas. We have some of the largest plants in the world in about a 20 mile radius. We also have an abundance of jobs because of it. It's not even a give and take situation either. That is, our air is WAY more polluted because of cars, not industry. The cancer rates are not disproportional in comparison to any other part of the U.S. The whole idea that humans can cause global problems with pollution is debatable. Historically, the worst disasters have been contained locally and the long term effects proven minimal. I understand Chernobyl and BoPal and the extreme consequences of such disasters. I hate to sound like an apologist but what I'm saying is these accidents were preventable and will not happen in countries with strict regulation and new technologies. More importantly, they are the rare exception not a rule. How the companies handle disasters is a different matter though. They should be held accountable. But we are talking in a broad sense here.

    The earth will adapt. It will go on. Malthusian theory states that the problems of over population will "fix" themselves. It's harsh, I know. Sometimes the truth hurts.

  56. This film was overall pretty good; however the message it sends about rebellion is rooted in destruction. it is not always necessary to destroy the old the begin anew. Try creation instead... plant a garden to alleviate dependence on grocery stores, get a non-frivolous pet like a chicken or goat. try providing for ourselves instead of relying on the system to provide what we need and before you know it the dollar bill will just be paper! There is a way to end the stranglehold that consumerism has us in! Do It Yourself! Literally!

    1. that's not really dealing with the matter then, and if you watched you would realise the film tells us to stop blaming ourselves. a BIG change needs to happen where the POWER and decisions are made. me buying a few chickens and planting a herb garden isn't going to stop the UK from paying people a salary, taxing them, and building gas power plants.

    2. I think that the message was to similar things to what you are saying. I think they simply acknowledged the "violent rebelling" as one possible attempt towards a solution. I don't think that they were actually pushing for that...unless, of course, something similar to what happened in Egypt to occur. Anyway, I think the OTHER solution, and what was REALLY being implied, was to look around at all the positive changes that are occuring as a whole. Then become part of whatever you can. I think the message was strength in numbers. This is what I got from it at the end.

  57. Pumping water into the oil? Utter nonsense. There are some problems in many of the areas the film discusses. Most in fact. The wholesale grouping of companies together to express their disgust of unsustainable progress seems like a stretch to me. I guess that argument is like the one in "The Corporation." I love that film by the way.
    Then the philosophy of breaking down civilization and returning to a "more" natural way of living. Are not fires and irons natural? Reshaping and retooling natural resources around us is a different form of natural living. The Quakers aren't better people because the pick and chose which technology they use. No more paper for books or toilet paper. Get serious.
    Then they dismiss killing for civilization yet advocate killing for whatever "cause" you deem necessary. Sound this word out - h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e-s. How funny that they made this film and produced it with only the same tools they then demonize.

  58. I'm not a barista living in my parents' basement. I have a job, a house, a wife, and two children. I happen to agree with the filmmaker but have not figured out how I can do much beyond responsible personal choices (and I agree with him that this will not fix anything, it will just make me less of a contributor to the problem). It doesn't matter if you think it is apocalyptic or pretentious. What matters is whether or not the conclusions are correct. I happen to think they are. I won't sacrifice my family to do something wild and illegal, but in my heart I am cheering on people the E.L.F. and wishing a real life a Tyler (from Fight Club) would pull off something spectacular like the finale of that story.

    1. You totally read my mind!!!

  59. Ha! Nice title for a site where u cant say idi@t or m@r@n. Just sayin.... Ill watch it now, sounds awesome. Oh and all this nonsense on overpopulation being the cause of all the problems, and solving it would free us all? We live in a finite system of space and rescources, so even if u solved overpopulation immediately ( i guess by making people not have sex and killing off a billion or so? good luck...), It just delays the inevitable. Fresco is trying to give an extreme 1st rough draft on the most complex mission any human being has ever undertaken. And hes been doing it for multiple generations. So all the critics on their computers who have these great ideas on how the next step in human evolution should be brought about, need to start showing us their website where they explain how human beings can live together in harmony sharing resources and information and exploring space and w/e. I mean its one thing to find faults in a man's life work, but its another thing to act like you could do better when you can't come up with any solutions yourself. At least his model is better then the pit of despair which is our current society. People should stop saying how wrong his stuff is and start adding what could make it better. That's the only way it will work. If we help the idea grow and help him make it work. Just saying, "this is stupid", will never get anything done. Besides there is no way to fix overpopulation by any means other then to migrate or colonize. If there is no room for this we will experience a large scale die off. Which I'm sure he knows will happen as I hope most of you understand will happen at this point. Actually it is happening in the poorest countries right now. In fact if u look at his model of society it clearly shows a world with far less humans. So I think at the cost of not terrifying us, he neglects to mention that for his world to be made real, at least half the population will have to die off and society will be reduced to ashes before his world can grow out of them. If we were insects or robots we could do it right now. But we arent, and the people in power will go down kicking and screaming, and will take down most of us with them when they fall.

  60. Does putting together a film like this make the people who made it feel better about themselves?

    I suppose if I was a barista at Starbucks with a masters in sociology, living in my mother's basement while resenting my parents and other actually productive adults for their success, I too might glom onto silly apocalyptic theories if it allowed me to fantasize that I had some special deep knowledge that those adults I resent lack, and that only my self-righteous destructive rage can save us all from their short-sightedness.

    Fortunately, I'm not a douchebag barista with a Che t-shirt from Hot Topic. Maybe I should make a melodramatic the-sky-is-falling video complete with narrator with generic but unmistakably foreign accent about your daddy issues and how they'll doom the planet.

  61. What is dismaying about this documentary, as with the majority of those which portray our impending, inevitable fall , is the total ignorance and importance of overpopulation.
    EVERY social, economic, and environmental problem has its origin in overpopulation. Not a word!

    Reduce human numbers and the problems disappear. It's really that simple.

  62. Seriously, the amount of unsupported assertions in the first 5 minutes...I am going to finish the film with the hope that some evidence is shown, but I doubt it

  63. i liked it...a few new notes to ponder and to the point, no pc ****. thanks.

  64. consensus, sure, we have primary consensus on the primary issues; 'we' do want to survive and thrive; we do not want to continue to exploit and pollute our support systems (the planet); 'we' do not want an elite, a few individuals, corporations & the politicians & media they own (most)to have all the choices - they have proven their failures - so, when we focus on what we do agree on 'we' have points/targets for action... best quotes for me from this quiet doc: " Choice is an illusion created by the those with power for those without", " most people are still oblivious to the great events of our times", and " you survive in the long run by making your habitat better". That last is the only solution, to get there, however, we will have to tear down most, if not all of our cherished economic and governing systems, as none were designed from a philosophy of sustainability and long term stability. Awareness, and actions taken based on this awareness is resistance, is le Resistance and go'od speed ...

  65. Can we really "do" anything? We have tried resistance many times. Why not reach the actual "f--k-it" point and jut abstain from everything.

  66. Short and to the point. The soundtrack needs a little work, and it may be physically, as well as psychologically, impossible to be inspired to get up off my ass and 'resist'' by this soft-spoken narrator.

  67. Everyone should watch this. Open your mind to the world and what is taking place, not just what you are told is taking place.

  68. good if u can stand the slowness

  69. I don't believe that climate change is due to polution or similar, nevertheless we must decrease polution.
    I do believe the Earth is warming up because of its normal cycle. We are forgetting the Earth comes from the iced age, and goes towards a warm-up period since then.

    Maybe when the warm-up cycle ends (in which we are now), the cool-down cycle will start. Who knows?

    I liked this documentary.

  70. Wish you'd edit your text more thoroughly.

  71. The f**K it point for me was 17 mins into this s**t, pointing out problems without realistic fixes is easy. Not a fan of scar mongering either generally means someone somewhere is making money out of your fear.

  72. I only have 1 thing to say... The Venus Project is the answer!

    1. "The Venus Project" is close to a fix but, also ignores the problem of "overpopulation". This oversight was a great disappointment to me in a brilliant thinker like Fresco.
      It vividly demonstrates how smart people can become entangled in their own abstractions.
      Of course I must be equally guilty...but not this time. :-)

  73. No "sir" it is not "each one of us!" THEY are telling you that, so you will ACCEPT the 'GLOBAL-WARMING aka "CLIMATE-CHANGE-TAXES ""THEY" intend to put on to the entire Planet! So, it isn't "money," cars" or even," personal gain." It IS THE SUN; that IS CAUSING "claimate-change" as it is on ALL the planets of our solar system! These WEALTHY ELITIST are havig "men" like this dude, scarring the crap out of everyone; so IF the "coming POLE-SHIFT does accur, nothing will matter after that. The "wealthy Elitists" will "haide-away-in-their-self-made-BUNKERS and not come out till ir is again "safe." THAT is waht MAY happen 12/21/12. POLE SHIFT of our ELECTROMAGNETIC FEILDS!
    There ARE NO cars, or "people" on MARS! And yet, it too is "warming-up." hummmm? I wonder WHERE are the cars and garbage on Mars? What did the Russians find on PHOBOS? A word that means FEAR=PHOBOS. Phobos "shot-down" a Russian-Space-Probe 20+ years ago. Funny, you didn't HEAR about it, did you? All thsese so-called "MOON-SHOTS" were, IN TRUTH, done by none other than STANLEY KUBRICK!
    Every 26,000 years we "come around" to this "area" in the Galexy. TPTB KNOW this and aren't telling. Hopefully we won't "see" a POLE-SHIFT! HOPEFULLY the Mayans were wrong? I READ THAT BOOK "Pole-Shift" BY JOHN WHITE (RESEARCHER); 35 YEARS AGO. HE neglected to say, 12/21/12!

  74. She said, "In other words, you're all FKD?" And to think, I didn't even cum yet!

  75. Climate Change" aka "Global Warming" is CAUSED BY THE SUN! NOT by cars, garbage or George W. Bush.....Mars and the "other planets" are too, "going through the change" just as does a "woman in laybor, or "going though the 'change" "As a woman that trevailith" Jesus Christ.
    The so-called "climate-change" is JUST ANOTHER WAY, the Federal-WORLD govenment will be USING "that expression" to TAX your children. Thank Heaven I have NO kids!

  76. The fk it point?...."Im mad as Hell, and I aint gonna take it anymore?"

  77. So many that completely miss the point. So many in denial.

  78. good news. it's my birthday tomorrow. happy birthday to me..

    1. Happy Birthday! :)

  79. If you are looking for something to depress you into giving up on life, then this is your documentary.

  80. I watched the entire documentary, beginning to end. And yes, it is not the best made, it is dramatic, and all those things. But those are all distractions from the main point: any type of life which destroys the very things necessary for the continuance of life is doomed. A parasite eventually kills the host. That which is symbiotic, to mutual benefit, continues life. Symbiosis succeeds; parasitism fails. What is there about this message that you don't understand?

  81. Same bull**** as always, yeah the world is ****, but have no idea on any solutions..

  82. Do you think if the president said we are all going to deploy to Afica,India for starters he will supply ships planes and all of his resorses and he want everyone to volenteer to go and feed and build housing for the poor. We will make sure every american gives his equil share to help.. Do you think anyone would do it..::??? All faiths and all women and men of age..That pay taxes or don't pay taxes if your in this country we will go.. That would be a start..I'd like to see how many churches would pull all that cash out of that store of wealth they have been sacking away for years.. They are the ones that need prayer..

  83. All of thease docs are something good for us. This messed up world we live in has the history. We as people have not wanted change. No matter how much we need to find love and compassion for others we have not excepted this. WE take and kill for our gain and control. We live in the now. Like the doc says we will take untill its all gone until there is one left and he will not know the difference. Now is the time to take the 50's and 60,s and now and bring this to light. We have to stop the wars and learn to get along and find a way to make this life liveable.. We have given power to the wrong people. There is no reason for this mess. The people that have the control have to be removed. We need to save life remake the planet. Solve our problems with out hate. We have to learn to give so we can find the answers. There is no reason anyone on this planet has to die for lack of food or water or shelter. We must learn to live together. We have let this happen too many times.. We must stop this have and have not. When it gets to be like it is you would think people would stop this.. But they have to wake up..Now the few things that our on this planet we need to stay alive long enough to find a way to sustain us for a long time.. Our air and water and food what are you playing with? This is a mistake a big mistake. The water is for everyone and the air is for all why are we letting people control this.. We need to feed and take care of each other so we can learn to solve thease problems. Is't that a better way than just letting people die because we have to have more.. Tens of thousands of churches take billions of dollars in and when are they ever going to give it back. They want to save everybody but they have not stopped any progress since the begining.. All the faith people need to go and help people feed people and give them clean water. Stop This Killing isn't that what you preach???????? You should be removed What kind of God would put us through this.. Don't say We sinned, Man you are messing this world up.. I think if you looked up in the sky. Things are far to big to think we are all going to die because that is what God wants... I think if you took all that church money and started feeding some of the starving and get some of that wealth you been taking for hundreds of years you could make a big dent and all so make shure you tell them not to kill there neighbor.

  84. Too much doom and gloom for me. Of course society has problems. Nothing's perfect but there are good things in the world also. Lets embrace the good that we have and try to solve the problems facing us. This idea of destruction to save us from destruction is absolutely ludicrous.

  85. This documentary is a necessary inconvenience we should suffer through once in a while to remind us that our lifestyles are not sustainable in the long run.

  86. people will see this and their minds will switch to cognitive dissonance-they will refuse the evidence so they will keep there stupid way of thinking. C'est la vie

  87. Do y'all know what c-diff is?
    Do you know why Somali fishermen became pirates?
    How many of you have read Kasinski's manifesto?
    Have you watched the .doc: I Am Fishhead; Are Our Corporate Leaders Psychopaths?
    What are the implications of Caspian Basin Petroleum?

    I reached my f--k it point about 40 years ago. I became a tree farmer. I grow as much of my own food as I can. Still, at some point, if I survive long enough I foresee someone else or some institution taking from me what I have preserved and nurtured- for profit.

    I have asked myself how what most think of as civilization can be so uncivilized and short sighted. It has always come back to theism. It is justification for all the abusive environmental degradation. God gave man the earth for his own use blah, blah. Then there are the dark ages when the church suppressed science. With prisons full of christains and muslims who pray to the same god it becomes obvious that theism is not a moral institution. It is an organisation that practices forgiveness for sin if you believe, not if you make decisions based on morality.

    The answers to the questions I asked at the beginning of this rant are proof that we are in "the end times". Peak oil/energy, peak water, peak food are indicators that without a population correction decline of the environment and our lifestyles will continue. Good luck!

    1. Yes, c-diff is a bacteria that causes severe diarrhea. What does it have to do with it all? Plus the end isn't night. That's what sectarians have been claiming for ages, starting with early Christianity itself. Life will go on, whatever happens to us and our stupid civilization. Another one will appear, ours will change, life will continue its course no matter what even if there is no one left to tell the tale. Humans are idiotic animals, simple as that.

  88. It's a great documentary to introduce people to the fact that "we're F***ed" unless we do something. However, for those who already know, it's more of the same, but great otherwise.

    I would not say technology is a problem, but how we use it certainly is. It won't save us if we continue this lifestyle. I think of our modern use of technology like using a jet engine to roast a marshmallow. Ridiculously overused and undervalued. If we put technology to a greater purpose, like building sustainable housing and communities, we'd be set.

    I don't think rioting will work, especially if it's just vandalism. It could work if we simply flooded the streets or offices of our governments and corporations. That does, however, require a massive amount of people getting together, but it's not out of the realm of the possible.
    We need to be clear about our intentions and have alternative solutions to present to people. We need to get creative. We need to learn that no matter the strong will of the fat cats, we have strength in numbers, and it's our responsibility to make choices that ensure our survival. So if you're a soldier, refuse to kill. If you're a de-forester, refuse to cut down more trees. If you're a scientist, refuse to design destructive weapons and chemicals. If you're a police officer, refuse to harm your citizens. If you're a politician, refuse to do backdoor deals, etc. The sooner we realize that the engine of our current civilization depends on our participation to run, we can begin to shut the engine down. What it really boils down to is "We don't negotiate with Terrorists," and it's our military, industries, and governments that are the terrorists.

    1. You make some very good points, but complacency and greed (especially greed, probably) are pretty deeply ingrained in us. For a long while now, I've had a fear that unrestrained capitalism may have to run very nearly to its uttermost, very unpleasant, conclusion, before enough masses of people are willing to make the changes that are necessary, whatever all they might be... by which time it would be too late, of course. But at the same time, it's pretty clear that nearly everyone realizes something has to be done, but it seems the majority still feel essentially powerless, especially when it comes to long-term goals. And if one of the chief reasons they do is because of a lack of trust in the entire political process (the corruption, the BS partisanship, etc.), who on earth could blame them? It seems to me as if you are calling for a massive "strike," in essence, something that others have recently called for, too, and I definitely think it may be a good idea, because, as you say, our greatest strength is in our numbers. The machine only runs because we are running it.

      But to change things peacefully would require the political process; the current political process will not be shaken from its own complacency and greed without the (extreme) motivation of our vast numbers.

      To usurp the political process, to change things violently -for better, or worse- obviously would also require vast numbers. And when democracies have become shills for the bottom lines of corporations far above and beyond the needs of their citizens or the planet, I'm pretty convinced that sooner or later, in one form or another, a revolution should be called for. It would simply remain for us to get seriously motivated, get our ideas together, and then leave it up to the corrupt system to determine which form it has to take...

      In other words, either they straighten out their act for us and start doing the jobs they are supposed to be better qualified for, or we should straighten it out for them by shutting down the motor of the world, in precisely the opposite way that the little rat-faced Ayn Rand wrote her cardboard book about.

    2. Excellent comment Py! From my side, I would only add - perhaps a cliché - that those who created the problem can hardly be part of a (true) solution. I think it's up to 'us' ultimately. :)

    3. It's obvious our votes here in the U.S. are wasted. When members of Congress, on average, go into office with a net worth of a few hundred grand, and leave office (on their "salaries") with millions, you sure do have to wonder about their actual motivations. Even those going in with good intentions inevitably end up corrupted... frankly speaking, like a daisy fresh girl tossed into the middle of a rabid porn shoot. They set on her like the dogs they are, and turn her altruism into nothing but a focus on her own selfish interests. Did you know that Congress here actually voted to eliminate themselves from prosecution for violating insider-trading laws, IF they find out their inside information as a kind of a mere "side-effect" in the "natural course" of their work? Come on!

      Useless financial speculators, banksters, politicians, the MIC, corporations... all in a vast, steamy, collonaded hall together, and JUST LOVING the good sex they've found, masters of the universe that they are. But isn't it interesting that their imaginations and their techniques are so limited and traditional? Their partners are ever only the ones under them... And they have even made US pay for the privilege of their services!

      So I'd agree, it's time we crawled out from under this rape and did something about it, whatever it takes. I didn't mean to suggest that I really have very much hope at all that the judges will side with the victims here, and in our innocence you have to admit we've been dressed pretty provocatively...

    4. You aked for my opinion, here it is (and it can change any minute after i send it).
      I don't believe we will change the world by looking for solutions, there are no solutions that will be agreed upon by all. Try it, suggest something good (to you) and you will find equal amount of people who think it sucks and others who agree. Look at any docs here that was made with the intend of changing the world for better, and you will see that division. Most people will first look for faults and if they can't verify that fault, they will make something up saying "i heard, i read, he says (well accepted scientist), the bible says, or whatever else".
      We say we want a change but the changes we are willing to accept to have in place is often times a change others have to make because we think we have made that change already.

      I think many people have changed the world for themself, i think we are dividing into groups, not of race, colour, language, we are dividing in the way we see life. The change is happening slowly for the mass but rapidely for each individual who chose to change.
      Everything that is ripe, drops on it's own (drops out of the wheel), no matter what life style you have lived, where you have lived, how rich you were, how succesfull you were, any second can be your time to be ripe. The monologue stops and the dialogue starts.

      Not long ago someone used the analogy of the ape who left the forest, many people have used it before. Something forced the division of ape and humans. It happened one by one. It wasn't decided on tv/internet/newspapers or in politics, it probably was decided because of a must, to search for food beyond the boundaries or something or sort.
      We are dividing this time not in a physical way but in a unfleshly way. Our mind has been conditioned to the quest of the supernatural. Even the new science is telling us that what we see has an abstract quality behavior.
      The new age transcendence has been explored and talked about, but has not been proven other than by those who have proven it to themself.
      We have to stop being spectators waiting for a miracle to happen. Pick your miracle and make it happen, as i have said many times, don't tell anyone, it brakes the flow. Walk the talk in silence.

    5. My takeaway from this is: Shut yer PIE HOLE and start actually DOING whatever YOU honestly feel is right, without spoon-feeding everyone else your bullsh*t on the particulars...

      Does that about cover it, lol?

      (Forceful comment!)

    6. LOLOL
      Don't know what to say. I guess i said enough or too much. Talk about silence!
      Thanks to J.K. Rowling, the next generation might actually believe they can be magicians in real life.

    7. Ah, you don't know what a relief it is to know I made you laugh again! I wasn't quite sure (though I was pretty sure) how you were gonna take that pert analysis, lol. Feels just a little bit like coming home, to tell you the truth.

      Some might call it shallow, but look at the hippies who were lovers of Tolkien in the 1960's... For many, he had a huge impact on their views of environmental issues, and on the corrupting nature of the MACHINE over the natural world and people, and of power itself being eminently dangerous by its very nature, so, who knows? And many of them went on to put those modified views in action, too. At the very least, it seems Rowling got kids interested in BOOKS again, for heaven's sake!

    8. I am like Dewflirt...impossible to get mad with you. You got us both on your good side. Your way with women...cause i think you got WTC7 too.

    9. I'm all smiles now, I assure you!

    10. You are absolutely right about that Az, he got me, that's sure :).

    11. wait until you see all the likes by anonymous on that one! We'll know who they

    12. Don't be too hard on the poor, dumb b*stard, ok? He just (innocently!) loves the ladies, and he knows what's good for him!

  89. Such a shame that some very salient points are so poorly narrated. This doc is good in parts and dreadful in others, the incitement to violence is definitely not the answer. That’s what “they” want. That will make ”them” stronger. There are better ways to do this.

    "If you want change then you must Become the change yourself"
    Krishnamurti I think, on one of the Zeitgeist films.

    Overall the doc is worth watching for the good points it has.

    The Crucified One

  90. So, this doc is trying to tell us to go out and throw bricks?

    That won't help a damn bit, hell, it's even explained why IN the video! The mainstream media got the mainstream by the balls, and the mainstream media will most certainly picture these apes (as pictured in the video) in a bad light, (to put it lightly) which will only cause further duality, which can only lead to more destruction and mayhem. (police state etc.) Is this really what we want? To beat up those who doesn't believe as we do? When have violence ever convinced people that they are misguided?

    If this video reflects the opinion of those that (as me) believe that the corporate world is destroying society, then yes, we are truly f--ked.

  91. 3.35 well one thing that will definitely drive me over the edge is being spoken at by a child in monochrome tones, or a child at all.

    Yes, Civilisation is the means by which the few can manage, control and cull the many. Cities serve as huge prison asylums and open laboratories.

    Take man from the land and within a couple of generations he's beat. Fuck Civilisation - the root of all the problems. It has nothing to do with LIFE.

  92. Study the word (TECHNOLOGY) and break it down, then the nonsense might begin to make sense. (take away our knowledge).

    1. What, like take-knowledgey ? :)

  93. I do not think that anyone can argue that we are not destroying the planet for ourselves and every other living thing on it. We are a parasitic society, that feeds of the host relentlessly until it is no longer capable of supporting us or itself. This is not an inherent human characteristic, but rather a characteristic of the society built by those who want to control it. Hopefully, we learn to live in harmony with the earth, and more of us realize that a bit of hard work certainly never killed anyone. Technology can be good, blatent laziness, not so much.

    1. Jessica C. @ your comment "This is not an inherent human characteristic, but rather a characteristic of the society built by those who want to control it."
      Obviously whatever the reason is for our mess is a result of a inherent human characteristic as in those wanting to "control it" We all want to "control it" in one way or another even if for altruistic motives. If you say "my way is better than your way" you are trying to control "my way" That is a fact of the human condition no matter how much you wish it was not. We may need to just accept our fate like the rest of nature and wait for the next big "die off"

  94. Can't stand the narrator's voice -- can't understand half of what she's saying and it's just annoying

  95. ... technology has nothing to do with our problems, actually it is the only thing that improved our lives. It is simply the WAY we make use of it, the problem is within ourself, so please... use your logic before blaming technology.

  96. Absolute garbage...somebody reading somebody else's propaganda.

  97. This doc tells me that anyone with enough time can produce a homemade doc.

    1. Looks like the budget was 1 small computer and a YouTube account, kind of sweet in a home baked way :)

    2. You know what, i am one of the lucky few who got those things. Might do something awful myself. Maybe something that combines 9/11 and religion and some aliens.
      It´s going to make thousands of comments here:)

    3. Always make sure you add some sex if you want that many comments.

    4. Great idea! Guess a yemeni gay couple would do the trick:)

    5. title suggestion:
      Floccinaucinihilipilification. You'll get a few intellectual not interested in any of the above/or below subjects.


    6. Or maybe since we've already got The Perfect Vagina, he could make The Perfect (0)(0). :)

      edit- Whenever you get a chance, I would also like your response to the post I just put up below, to Alex Barker. It's probably not well thought out enough... but I tried!

    7. No son, it is CALLED The "Loosive snapin pussy!"

    8. @Brennilthos

      Lol, I have no idea what you mean.

    9. would do but can't find it.
      oops...found it , above not below...
      let's see.

    10. The perfect owl?

    11. Sure. Let's go with that! lol.

    12. Sounds good, if you could somehow get 'quantum' into it as well there would be something for everyone, a unified documentary of everything! I can't wait :)

  98. for cryin out loud find a decent narator...seriously I just got so frustrated with that voice and the zombie like manner she speaks I am actually mad is funny that just someone voice can make you get so irritated...

  99. Sometimes you just gotta say "Fuck It".

    1. Somebody asked a Jesuit priest what's the shortest prayer. Replied the good father: "F*ck it." Works for me. :-)

  100. Well, I thought you were just radical until you posed Ted Kazinsky(sp) as someone who is fighting against those who are destroying the earth.After this little blip on screen on ted being led off by police-FOR KILLING 3 and injuring 23, because his reclusive lifestyle was threatened and now he is a genius wasting away in his new reclusive lifestyle.And you honor him?
    I never bothered to read or listen to his manifesto-I think many did not as he killed people-he was a terrorist. I never give terrorists any listen, I also never change what I am doing because of their actions, so how does that help your cause?
    I would contend it is harder to make changes without violence, but it is real and longer lasting.Greenpeace has been around a long time and they are so pitifully ineffective because no one wants to be attached to them or agree with them in any way.
    Just isn't going to work kids, I hope you figure out a better way before you end up sitting on a bench next to your hero Ted.

  101. the girl who is talking is really boring ~.~

    1. cute ending of phrase, never seen that one before.

  102. The human brain is hard-wired for order. -Francois Jacob, Nobel prize.

    It is more comfortable to find your way in the disorder than to get lost in the order.

    Most people posting a comment here are the same primates that stayed in their dead tree rather than start walking in the savanna a couple millions years ago...

    1. @fl260

      “The human brain is hard-wired for order”. -Francois Jacob, Nobel prize.

      Do you think that by quoting a Nobel prize winner that it makes the statement any more true or profound?

      “The whole universe is hard wired for disorder” is just as true. But I guess your brain is bigger than that.

      “Most people posting a comment here are the same primates that stayed in their dead tree rather than start walking in the savanna a couple millions years ago...”

      Speak for yourself Gus. Would you like a banana? Most people here can spell Savannah.

      The Crucified One

    2. Actually savanna is good too.
      Just saying!

    3. “The whole universe is hard wired for disorder” is just as true. But I guess your brain is bigger than that.

      Actually, the universe has an uncanny amount of spontaneous order. The formation of nebulae, stars, black holes, planetoids, life and this web page are all ordered results of a chaotic universe.

      Its not the universe at fault, its us and our way of thinking.

    4. @PaulGloor

      Hi Paul, thanks for your comment, all you say is true. I hope you understand that I was not in any way stating that the universe was at fault here. It was a flippant remark not a technical one. I think you knew that? This infinite universe we live in began from a state of virtual equilibrium and the chances that there is as much order as disorder is a fair hypothesis.

      The Crucified One

    5. May i ask? ....about The Crucified One. (Odd signature)
      AntiTheist666....does that leave room for a thin slice of gnostical unexpectation? lol

    6. @Azilda

      Of course you can ask. I’ll leave an answer on Riddles of the Bible where it’s more on topic.

    7. Its not the universe at fault, its us and our way of thinking.

      That's karma for you, every time. :-)

  103. the mere paragraph detailing what this is about, is worth more then 50 of your "how it's made" documentaries. I still find it shocking that people dont care, i truly hope ignorance isn't bliss

  104. Guess now i need to cut down some trees to cleanse my soul from that hippie crap!

    1. One day, you will be my target. :)

  105. 1, nature is a system. We ARE a part of that system, It fails, we fail, we fail, it fails.
    2. Violence serves only to limit our options and increase the control that those in power have over us.

    There is a grain of truth to be had though.

    An edit in defense of point 1
    While we fail, we do considerable harm, causing failure in nature. when nature finally collapses, we will fail utterly, then nature will resume course, fixing or replacing everything that was broken with or without us. Hopefully we will survive, hopefully we will have learned a lesson.

    1. Actally, if we fail, nature will go on. It is only our ego that considers us important to this planet. Besides, ultimatly the Universe will win over us sinc as a species we only have a few millions years left and the Universe has a few billion years left.

    2. This is true, but, while we fail we do considerable harm. I, for one, really hope we can survive our mistakes and rebuild our equilibrium within the planets systems.

      Honestly, I think one of the first things that has to go is this giant 'pro life' crap. I'm not saying we all have to die in short order, but we really need to get a grip on our breeding habits. A few billion less people worldwide would, 'in theory', ease the exploitation by no small amount. We do not have natural predators, which leaves our resources and stupidity to keep us in check.

    3. I totally agree. Our species is most likely doomed, which is fine. The planet will shrug us off, rebuild itself, and continue quite happily. Who really cares?

    4. "we fail it fails" is invalid, the natural system would continue on quite productively without even a single human. The system is in no way dependant on us.

    5. ~ "we fail it fails" is invalid, the natural system would continue on quite productively without even a single human. The system is in no way dependent on us." ~

      as we fail we do considerable harm, and therefor it fails. There's no doubt that it would recover without us though. It is ignorant to think nature depends on us somehow, but it also ignorant to assume we are not important to the environment, we are a part of the natural system.

  106. We're all doomed, we must live like hippies in a commune, trash your indoor plumbing its killing the planet, bla, bla, bla.

    Thanks for another guilt trip.

    1. Is that what you call it in Greece these days ''guilt trip'' ?

    2. Im Canadian so I would'nt know, and if YOU knew ANYTHING about what's going on in Greece (and Europe) you'd know that all this B.S. was caused by BANKS speculating and hedge funds and and privatizing public sector... Just like the housing bubble and recession in the U.S. was caused by THE SAME PEOPLE, BANKERS! And all that austerity money goes right back to the bankers, just like it went strait to Wall street in the USA....Get educated before you open your mouth fellow.

    3. Not quite the full truth. It is us that took out the loans thus giving their amorality and greed some actionable potential. You are like someone who went to a loan shark and took out a loan that could not be repaid, and you are complaining because they broke your legs.

    4. Actually, the indoor plumbing is a real problem. Back in the days before indoor plumbing, water was sitting in a well. It had to be hauled up in small quantities, brought inside and heated to use for cooking or bathing. Once used, it was dumped back outside into the ecosystem to be available to evaporate up or leach down.

      After indoor plumbing, water is captured in pipes and water heaters causing each and every home to lock away 50 to 60 gallons for future use without counting all of the water from the supply water tank and the connecting pipes to your home. Flushing the toilet or sending tap water down the drain puts that water back into pipes to the water treatment facility in your county. None of this water is now in the environment to cycle as evaporation for eventual rainfall.

      I haven't even mentioned all of the water now trapped in plastic bottles and soda cans.

      Is it any wonder we have severe weather situations now instead of just normal rainy days? Think of your car. When full of gas it runs fine but as it is running out, it spits and sputters, throwing all kinds of fits until it is finally out of gas and quits. We are in the spits and sputters phase of the weather system with insufficient moisture in the system to operate properly, weeks go by with no appreciable percipitation and then heavy winds, heavy rainfall, tornados sometimes lasting only a few hours causing massive damage and once over, more days or weeks of no percipitation again.

      Electrical storms (those that have lightening) are caused by the imbalance of positive and negative charges between the atmosphere and the planet. As the imbalance grows (at least in the past) rain fall would allow the built up charge to be disipated more often than currently since water facilitates the transfer of energy. Think of the wind like wool socks on a carpet building up a charge that only releases when you touch another person or a door knob.

      Now, the build up of static is so great due to the rainfall being so infrequent that when it does finally rain, these massive rebalancing discharges cause severe weather.

    5. before indoor plumping you had cholera

  107. All of your comments prove the truth about the world we live in today, ignorant, self-opinionated computer warriors that think ,well this was a rubbish documentary . Even though ,you your self's have nothing to put out there made by your self or to contribute to a cause ,you see we are all very quick to criticise or scrutinise a point even though it makes a valid sense and its based on facts . Negativity is as it seems cannot escape us and we rather give them hell than sit down and think! LETS FACE IT ,YOU ,ME AND ALL THE SO CALLED CIVILISED PEOPLE ARE SITTING ON A BRANCH OF TREE LAUGHING ARE HEADS OF LIKE MAD MEN WHILE WE ARE OUR SELF'S ARE CUTTING IT OFF. YES WE ARE F***ED .

    1. I don't need to contemplate what the authors of this drama are saying. I am a little bit more intelligent than that.
      Are you buying their crap?

    2. Internal claims of ones own intelligence is like someone claiming "I am so humble"

    3. Completely agreed with EVERYTHING you just wrote. Your whole point was mentioned SEVERAL times in this movie. People are comfortable with remaining ignorant and addicted to this "civilization" (aka: Babylon). I call it the "mouse-on-a-wheel" way of thinking. Shallow, lazy and ignorant.

  108. I thought it was pretty good. I'm well beyond the F#ck it point. I'm ready to set this bitch on fire.

  109. One of the most ignorant doc I have seen. U fail.

  110. I'm not f--ked. I've got a cunning plan !!

    1. Seems ironic to edit my comment, considering the title of the documentary :)

    2. @Buzz Teddy Head,

      You're right about that.

    3. A plan so cunning u can stick a tail on it and call it a fox

  111. The Documentary's message is "Symbiosis" with nature from what i understand, (i may be wrong.).

    The psychological element applies to the youth, The little girl as always is the Innocence, the young man represents Logic and Rationality.

    The only thing Missing is the Old man talking about what he has seen as the passage of time takes its course.

    Overall i give it a C.

    Nothing we haven't heard before, but true.

    Humanity has grown to the point where we cant move back at this present time.

    Governments dont like to become smaller or wanto face hard topics that might make people realize that governments only keep the illusion of stability.

    I will continue to watch humanity and study it.

    1. From an old man...History repeats itself.

      When I was younger, there were the Beatnics. Their message was identical to this documentary. During the 40s and the 50s, they would sit around in coffee shops, communes, and other favorite gathering places waiting for the end of everything while bemoaning the condition of society. We had gone through a depression, the dust bowl, a world war, and were living under the threat of atomic annihilation. The double edged sword of television was making it's way into more and more homes. TV enlightened, informed, entertained, manipulated, propagandized, dumbed and numbed people down, and was otherwise, the ruination of society. Scientist in the late 50s and into the early 60s were warning of a world drought. Humans were causing the climate to dry up. There were plans to seed clouds all around the earth. Ice burgs were to be towed to each of the continents to supply water to the masses.

      The 'Beat" generation gave away to the Hippies of the 60s and early 70s. While the Beatnics just sat around and pouted, the 'sex, drugs, and rock n' roll crowd were boisterous and many times militant. The same arguments were put forth by the Hippies only about different subjects. The irony is that many Hippies have become the 'wall street " and politicians of today instituting the very actions, rules, and laws that they railed against when they were younger. Scientists of the late 60s to the early 70s warned that Global Cooling was upon us. Humans are going to have to change their ways or the earth will become a frozen wasteland by the year 2000. Plans were made to coat the icecaps and barren areas of the world with carbon black. Huge mirrored satellites were on the drawing boards to be placed in earth orbit and reflect sunlight back to earth.

      Today's complaints are much the same as those that came before.

      "The Ten Cannots" (1916) William J. H. Boetcker
      You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
      You cannot help small men by tearing down big men.
      You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
      You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.
      You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income.
      You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatreds.
      You cannot establish security on borrowed money.
      You cannot build character and courage by taking away a man's initiative and independence.
      You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.

    2. I agreed with your initial critique about negativity, but then you sort of morphed into the very negativity you decried by offering a tired serving of Global Cooling propaganda. Yes there were a few scientists who contributed to a single article in Time magazine that grappled with the cooling effects of soot. But you can't compare that to the massive numbers of researchers that have predicted Global Warming since the 1950's. Also I have to disagree with this notion that environmentalists are somehow trying to extract a free lunch from society. Au contraire, the free lunch comes from the Sun itself. Countries like Germany are decades ahead on renewable energy and will power their economies with free sunlight and wind. Unless we make an effort to catch up, they will eat our lunch too.

    3. You forgot about the Global Drought debacle. Those reckless scientists like Carl Sagan, NASA, MIT and others putting out all that false information about Global Drought and then Global Cooling, then eventually moving on to the true nemesis, Global Warming...ooops, I mean Climate Change.

      Environmentalists do not get a free lunch, they have to work hard for all those subsidies..

      As far as Germany's solar plans are concerned, the bankruptcy proceedings of solarhybrid AG (SHLG.DE), the largest German Solar energy supplier doesn't really count. Since Germany is phasing out the solar power subsidies, bankruptcy seems to be in the future for other German solar providers also but the endeavors can be counted as a successful PR anyway. With the outcome of Solyndra, I would suggest that America is catching up to Germany...soon, maybe no one will have any 'lunch' to eat.

    4. Yes. Governments, which are all owned by the super rich want us to think they have things under control. Believing this keeps the rest of us feeding them. Things never change because people in power don't want them to change. When they change they will no longer be in power. A violent revolution would only replace them with more of the same. We have to reduce our population to about a half a billion and have one standard of living for everyone. It would then be the perception of all that every problem we have we face together. We have got to stop believing that people who can understand complicated things should be more comfortable and secure than people who can't. Smart people have to shake their fear and find a better reason for being smart.

  112. This is one of the worst docs I have ever seen.

    1. And you are as ignorant as the rest of the army of sheep out there