The Fuck-It Point

The Fuck-It Point

2012, Society  -   204 Comments
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The Fuck-It Point[The Fuck-It Point]: When you have had enough. When you decide to take matter into your own hands and don't care what's going to happen to you. When you know that from now on you will resist with whatever tactic you think is most effective.

A film about the dark side of civilization, why we should bring it down and why most civilized people don't.

People from civilization are fast to point out that we cannot "go back" to hunting and gathering "stone age life", there isn't enough wild game left for us all and wild fruits and plants cannot fill our stomachs.

But look at societies with "stone age" techniques; their minimum consumption, their ability to self sustain without degrading the land or make non-human species go extinct and their ability to survive extreme conditions.

In contrast it is blatantly obvious that if the civilized continue the path they are on we are all heading for disaster.

There seem to be no way to sustain civilization any longer, but that might not be such a bad thing for the rest of the world, because its collapse is taking place due to a larger collapse: the collapse of cultural diversity and the loss of biodiversity famously called earths sixth major extinction event which is the dark side of the progress of civilization.

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4 years ago

Priceless point of view.. Thank you for appoint of view,, I agree with

5 years ago

All of the negative, mostly fallacious ad hominem attacks made by those claiming this is a bad documentary are probably motivated by a knee-jerk, defensive, reactionary thought process largely predicated on a refusal at self-evaluation. This is a very common theme, whenever a piece of literature, media, documentary, etc. presents information that asks us, as humans, to take a critical, self evaluation of our lives and means of existence, it's always met with irrational, emotional, mud throwing and venom spitting. Notice, how not one of those that are critical of this documentary present even a shred of anthropological evidence to support their denial!!! And that's because modern anthropology, specifically MAIN STREAM ANTHROPOLOGY, not some fringe theory, has come to the conclusion, that quite literally, the ONLY sustainable lifeway in the history of hominid evolution is that of the hunter-gatherer. While I have a degree in anthropology (and a PhD in neuropharmacology), it doesn't take an anthropologist to understand the evidence, which is clear as day. Homo Sapiens has existed for probably 200,000 years, and up until the most recent 10,000 years, we lived as hunter-gatherers in BAND (not tribal) society. (Band society is defined as about, but no more than, 80-100 individuals, with absolutely NO HIERARCHICAL or FORMAL structures of power or institutions, meaning NO CHIEFS OR MASTERS OR SLAVES). We were 100% nomadic and this meant we had absolutely no conception of private property, of surplus, etc, or as American Anthropologist Harrold Barclay explains: "Anarchy is the order of the day among hunter-gatherers. Indeed, critics will ask why a small face-to-face group needs a government anyway. [...] If this is so we can go further and say that since the egalitarian hunting-gathering society is the oldest type of human society and prevailed for the longest period of time – over thousands of decades – then anarchy must be the oldest and one of the most enduring kinds of polity. Ten thousand years ago everyone was an anarchist." Our pre-civilized, hunter-gatherer existence was one that did not know environmental degradation, disease (as the vast majority of diseases we know of today are zoonotic in nature, meaning they came from domesticated animals), poverty, class, race, or even religion, and most importantly, it did not know authority or hierarchy. Under this arrangement, we managed to exist for approximately 190,000 years as homo sapiens (2.5 million years as tool making, hairless hominids) and encountered not one of the problems that typify the strife and discord of modern existence. Then 10,000 years ago, a small minority developed agriculture (which civilization cannot exist without) and within an infinitesimally small window of time, civilization introduced humanity to every ill we now face, for example, War. Based on archaeological evidence, it is now a tenet of mainstream scholarship that pre-civilization humans lived in the absence of violence-more specifically, of organized violence. The current literature consistently reports that until the final stages of the Paleolithic Age-until just prior to the present 10,000-year era of domestication-there is no conclusive evidence that any tools or hunting weapons were used against humans at all. Depictions of battle scenes, skirmishes and hand-to-hand combat are rare in hunter-gatherer art and when they do occur most often result from contact with agriculturalists or industrialized invaders. The emergence of institutionalized warfare appears to be associated with domestication, and/or a drastic change in a society's physical situation. This comes about only where band peoples have been drawn into the warfare of horticulturalists or herders or driven into an ever diminishing territory. The first reliable archaeological evidence of warfare is that of fortified, pre-Biblical Jericho circa 7500 B.c. Or, consider Greed, whom uneducated, arm-chair-internet, experts blanketly claim is in "our nature", but how could greed be in our nature, if we lived 98% of our existence as nomads, with no sense of ownership over the land and no sense of ownership over nature as evidently clear by the non-existence of domestication? Also, how could there be greed, when hunter-gatherers did not create or store surplus of any kind and the evidence for this is in the fact that they did not invent numbers or any means of quantification. It is well-established that in most primal communities people use only “one, two, many” as the limit of their interest in number. In a recent example, Daniel Everett, referring to his years in Amazonian Brazil, concludes that “the Pirahã have no number at all and no counting in any form.”

The development of math is intimately involved with the development of the whole of
civilization. On the heels of domestication (and its progeny, private property), grain needed weighing for sale, and land needed surveying for ownership—and soon enough, for taxation. Geometry, after all, is literally “land measurement.” Organization and engineering certainly required the services of Egyptian and Babylonian mathematics to enable the first two civilizations in the West. It is no coincidence that it was the Babylonian/Sumerian civilization, the first real empire, which first developed the idea of written numbers.

Bottom line, hunter-gatherers work less than we do, have a better quality of life than we do, and do not suffer from the plethora of physiological and psychological diseases that nearly every civilized human suffers from....and most importantly, is this undeniable fact: EVERY civilization that has ever existed has collapsed and specifically because of environmental degradation as the primary factor or tantamount in a combination of other factors, so what makes us believe, other than the most egregious form of hubris, that we are somehow exempt from this "law of civilization"? Many like to maintain, essentially like a religion, faith in an ambiguous "they" that will magically create some silver-bullet technology to save us....yet, to me this doesn't make sense, as technology and industry is what created these problems, so I do not see how they can solve them....unless something has changed and now it is possible to dig yourself out of a hole. The epitome of this technological worship, and evidence of how maladjusted and sick our collective consciousness has become in mass society, is that the vast majority of people on this planet are more open to the idea of geoengineering in the form of seeding the upper atmosphere with chemicals in an attempt to block out the sun and decrease the rate of global warming (whose, like all techno-fixes, consequences cannot be fully understood) then they are willing to make fewer children, or consume a lot less, or to produce less worthless consider that.

10 years ago

@schrokop:disqus ... was mine. Technology is an artefact of human intelligence that can be used to sustain life for many generations. The real issue is misguided human perception which as a result produced a very unstable existence.

10 years ago

My f--k it point was at 6:34

10 years ago

stop the ( f*ck it mentality) and stop overpopulation. start working on it now. stop the sperm from reaching the egg , that will slow AIDS too , hey the governments all aound the f*ckin world saw this happening a long time ago , in the 1960s so their preparded

10 years ago

We as a people should tell the Catholic churches that promote too much of the reproduction ,,, to stop having so many third world children , the population has reached its peck in these countries and ours ,,,their children will have a grim future, or become slaves them selfs, or be dicriminated against most of their lives ,, check it out too many people !!! stop reproduction all counties especially China and Mexico . love the chinese and the Mexicans but too many are bein born unwanted or wind up dieing the first few years of their lives, one child per family , it should be enforced .

10 years ago

Love It please show your friends

10 years ago

"So I was like F*** IT!! I'm going to watch this strange low budget documentary....

Well unfortunately I wasn't very impressed. Sure, they did make some decent arguments about the nature of consumerism, Propaganda, about society."

All of that is true, and yes the ways they give to deal with our self-destructive society are ludicrous because they do not take into account there own effects, but it has a lot of potential. Turning to one extreme to fight another creates chaos. Take socialists who look to karl marx for inspiration, for example. He said capitalism is fundamentally flawed, and that socialism would be the natural progression of life, but he in no detail explained how/when this would/could happen. He doesn't tell us to riot, he doesn't tell us to live in seclusion - he says we will naturally develop. This is wholly achievable through the exploitation of our current society/system and continual pressure on those in power for change. Yes we may all be dominated by those who have money, but through the use of our technological advances to advocate change, nearly everyone in 'the west' could become aware of our plight and begin to campaign for change. Im no liberal, believe me, but if you really think about a perfect way of life it needs to have balance, we need to find equilibrium. You cannot be extreme unless your cause, our cause, is being completely repressed and crushed. Even then, through our technologically driven society, the whole world would know if a group of campaigners in London, Washington, anywhere were brutally suppressed. That in itself would spark a mass outcry, and would only aid our cause. However, without continual peaceful opposition to the system, no sympathy can be given to us - yet you advocate violence as the answer, it makes no sense. Do you think Gandhi would have had such an impact had he advocated violence from the start? Martin Luther King jnr? Nelson Mandela? The key ideas that we are essentially running ourselves into the ground with the current system, through disconnection to the world around us, are true i Believe... Honestly, you really cannot go into this subject of our significantly flawed society without writing an essay, the subject is so broad and requires so many theories, different analysis of concepts and a well informed conclusion to have any real meaning in the scheme of things.

10 years ago

Got me bug out bag no gun darn UK rules

Geoffrey Grekin
10 years ago

So I was like F*** IT!! I'm going to watch this strange low budget documentary....

Well unfortunately I wasn't very impressed. Sure, they did make some decent arguments about the nature of consumerism, Propaganda, about society.

However, the solutions advocated were extremely weak...
Lets all riot? and live alternative modes of existence??
Alternative cultures need to learn about the surroundings from an early ages. However, most western civilized people would die very quick in alternative paradigms of life because they are unprepared.
Actually that might be a good thing.. because without our western civilized technology we wouldn't be able to feed the masses...
The future world of a collapsed global society would probably resemble a MAD MAX film as people struggle and fight to survive.
Those hell-raisers that advocated change would be crying for their mothers and longing for a time they took for-granted.

The F*** it mentality is for those who've had enough and just want to create chaos! They don't give a s*** about solutions, which explains why they are so weak. These people just want to watch the world burn.

10 years ago

I have reached f--k it all point more so in my own life with bull **** from our governments. banks being bailed, corruption, cut backs, new bull **** laws.
at the end of the day, if things get too much, I can always leave this body.

But where dose acting out get anyone? the London riots attacked small shops and innocent people, the news stations and government offices where hardly touched. ?!?
the message I got from that riot was confusion

10 years ago

Very enjoyable doc. Don't let the title fool you. The images and graphics kept everything interesting.

The narrators, though quite radical, provided much food for thought.

Mateusz Bieniek
10 years ago

This is simply stupid.

Although I find it amazing how you took all the modern terms and turned them to evil ideas. This movie is so ambiguous that it makes me want to cry. In addition to the ambiguity, the author talks like a fanatic. It reminds me of a religious guy who wants to get to the garden of eden finally.

I agree, there are issues and serious problems, lots of them. But this is so one sided. It does not mention nothing about the advantages of the current systems.

The current systems are not a 'constant' thing – it is not just a way the world is. The world is changing, together with us. We influence the world and the world influences us.

AFAIK, there are positive changes in every area – thanks to the internet we can disseminate information easily, and in effect find the problems in the system. When they are spotted, action should be take to remove them.

We are educated and convinced to use less and have in mind the existing problems, and you simply say that it is a psychological mechanism created by the system so we believe we are responsible? But did you also say that the system is based on the economic laws and we are encouraged to buy more? That we are made dumb by buying more because the dopamine thing? Do you even know how much dopamine neurotransmitters must be in your brain so that the number of receptors start to decrease?

I love the ending - it is not calling you to analyze the problems in depth, but leaves you with the idea that the world is evil and you are just a sheep. And yes ... when there is many many of us ... we can ..

Please, think carefully about the good sides of our civilization, and when you're finished, do not make an obsessive movie about how great the world is the same way you created this one about how bad the world is, but combine them. Compare them to the past systems. Can you see any progress? Can you contribute?

10 years ago

LOVED THIS FILM! Even if it was only made by a couple ppl in their basement, so what?! Its good to know theres SOME people out there that don't have their heads stuck in the sand. I love how this ironically, titled film really tied in very many facits of the global issues and really showed just what a disaster these "civilizations" are doing to the planet and the people. I've been waiting and searching for a factual, honest, non-biased, doc. to compile this knowledge of all these social and environmental issues. Contrary to the title (which is brilliant because so many of us are at the f--k it point, for multiple reasons and in very different ways) I was very moved and inspired by this doc. Its good to watch docs that focus on one or only a few isolated issues but its also vital to have movies like this that make you step back and give you a wide lense view of everything as a whole. Civilizations like this have been rising and falling constantly throughout the ages. The def. of insanity is to repeat doing the same things that fail over and over again. Yet, this is what we do. Therefore, the world is crazy. The message I got was to say "Fuck it" to the insignificant, materialistic, shallow, manipulitive authorities and all of its minions, that drive us to be slaves, in this supposed "great civilization" we've created. (Ie: the corrupt police, the elite rich who run the world with their destructive, greedy agendas, corporations, monopolies, mass media, government and politicians who create things like the patriot act, etc., consumerism and greed, material items that we truely don't need but are addicted to, etc.) THESE and others like these is what we are addicted to and convinced we need. Theres a lot we can't go back to but we can start being pro-active in the good things that we know is healthy, sustainable, fair and moral. Yet, turn our backs and rebel (preferably peacefully) against the forces mentioned above, that will keep us from doing whats RIGHT and prevent us from being educated enough to know whats right and know whats really only a wolf in sheeps clothing.

10 years ago

I think that one issue that this film has neglected to pay serious tribute to, is the fear of inability -not the inability to create change, but the inability to be self sufficient. In our society, we are forced to be educated, but not educated in ways that would allow us to be self sufficient, but rather we are educated in ways that will allow is to be products of civilization. We are taught how to be "good citizens," how to be productive in society by obtaining jobs and working most of our lives towards a decent retirement. The majority of us graduate from our high schools and colleges with the basic skills of math, reading and writing, along with customer service, communication, and organization skills that will assist us in an available career, because these are the necessary skills to be successful in our society. However, most of us leave our school years behind without the slightest clue of how to do some of the most fundamental tasks of human nature and survival. So even if an individual or group sought to counteract civilization, they are first and foremost faced with the fears of inability to survive without it -inability to produce their own clothes and shelters from raw materials, inabiltiy to safely hunt wild game and prepare the meats, inability to distinguish edible vegitation from inedible vegetation to gather as food, inability to access drinkable water (not to mention our physical inability to safely consume much of the fresh water provided by streams and rivers due to our vulnerability to microscopic organisms that we would otherwise be immune to if we had not spent our entire lives drinking faucet and bottled water), inability to treat wounds and illnesses with the medicines found in nature, inability to successfully deliver a human baby into this world, and etc. Although all of these tasks are learnable at any point in life, by the time we have reached a mature enough age to decide that these are the changes that we would like to make in our own lives and for the following generations, we are already swamped with the pressures of adulthood that almost inevitably cause us to necessarily conform to the ways of civilization in order to survive in our current state. In my opinion, only the people who benefit most from civilization actually have the means of putting an end to it.

10 years ago

Uhhh what? Hunter/gatherer societies EVOLVED into the big cities and nations we have today...its called progression? Civilization isn't the problem. Without overpopulation and depleted resources, we'd probably be well on our way to space exploration, and technology and humans would advance even further and GREATER

10 years ago

I do not disagree with the video at all, rather I am happy to see that there are people out there who choose to think independently about our world and reach to honest and correct conclusions. But we need civilisation. Going back to the pristine nature will not make us better. Raw nature makes man raw too. Like animal. So, we do need civilisation; we need a environmentally friendly network of aware people who can help this world and nature be better and better. A place where people can evolve, not go backwards in the jungle like monkeys. For example, I love electiricity; it is natural (the thunder?) and it has done nothing wrong to the planet, and it has helped people a lot. Electricity through solar power is a start. Also, natural medicie is not bad at all and we should use it more often. But surgey too, is life-saving, in extreme conditions. This is what I mean. We need a more intelligent society.

10 years ago

fear tactic

10 years ago

lol. ya ya, another the world is going to end. These movies almost get entertaining if it wasn't for the fact some people actually believe this stuff.

10 years ago

WOW this could have been a really good doc if the people making this did actual some research and gotten some actual fact that were real. oh of corse i forgot there hole point is to incite violence and riot

10 years ago

It's the way it always was and it'll be the way it always will be. There is no use in fighting it, but instead to create your own greedy chunk of the pie. Nothing will EVER change! Even if we as a world have a severe de-population episode in our future, someone or some group will always be in the natural top pecking order of hierarchy. Some one, or even a set of different small groups will always assume power, regardless if any of us are bitching and whining about it. People in general, believe that being selfish is such a wrong thing to do, yet we all do it in order to survive. None of us are truly giving or forgiving to each other, especially when things go wrong. You either do... or you die! This is the way the natural selection of evolution keeps rolling! EVERYTHING is a recycling process, EVERYTHING is energy waiting to morph into another type of energy! It's all useless, so build your own bridge and stop whining that others control you!

10 years ago

The topic is very interesting, but I find the way is produced little bit annoying..It's just too busy, to many 'special' effects

Salim Dehaine
10 years ago

love this film it is all true
we need the ppl to stand up and fight for what it right.
but the west YES the west (us) are brainwashed and scared.
we need to lern from the arabs and use soical networking to organise and over throw every western leader with voilnce thats the only way we will ever be herd

10 years ago

the problem is greed

10 years ago

Global warming, ozone holes, pollution, deforestation, resource depletion, factory farming and any other global evil you can think of are all seen as environmental problems, but they are not actual problems -- they are symptoms.

The problem really is overpopulation and we need to get that under control and, ideally, reduce it to about half of what it is right now. If we can't do that then everything else we try will only delay the inevitable.

Our population doubles about every 50 years so if we reduce pollution, resource utilization, energy consumption, etc. per person to 1/2 of what it is today (which probably isn't doable) over the next 50 years the net effect on the planet will be zero.

10 years ago

its not our way of life that is unsustainable. It's the number of people living it.

You Do Not See Me
10 years ago

Mother Nature alwasy sustians herself. She will not go down without a fight! Sure as A Flower Blooms through concreat she will flourish and rise once again.

10 years ago

doomsday fad.

10 years ago

makes me cry for my children, makes me weep for humanity in all its possibilities......makes me hope that something good will come of it. Bring it on! Cause if I don't give a f--k for my children, then i am just a part and parcel.....and really what's the point if not for them?

10 years ago

You could save the planet, if you created a world war and destroyed about 4 billion people, otherwise forget it, the earth itself will be the ultimate judge, jury and executioner, THAT I guarantee you.

Eddie Diaz
10 years ago

what a great documentary (sighhhh) smh 10/10

Rocky Racoon
10 years ago

Here is what you can do. What ever church you belong to get them to put a solar panel on the roof or a wind turbine. Get your school boards to do the same thing. Make y our local government buildings do the same. If you work someplace put something in the suggestion box and do everything you can to re-cycle even if every person in the world recycles it is not going to change the outcome with co2 simply because it is just to much in the industrialized world have a look at the Canadian tar sands, And oh these hurricains and floods and forest fires......only going to get worse and worse and worse every year. When Canada doesn't have a winter 2 years running we are closer to the end than anyone can imagine.

Glen Izett
10 years ago

This documentary is so negative wtf. I mean nice message but dang. I dont wanna kill myself (24:30).. creepy. & that was about the time I stopped watching lol...

jim dorey
10 years ago

bird killing windfarms... bull. the tall slow turning ones rarely kill birds, the ones that caused all the moaning were short, fast turning, experimental ones near a californian wildlife reserve. what kills millions of birds every year is flying into office towers lit at night. the windfarms are needed, leaving the lights on at night... is that? leaving the lights on all the time means more windfarms are needed. the tall slow turning ones apparently kill bats, not birds.

10 years ago

the sane point between the absolute narcissist and the sacrificial lamb is the place to reach in the human kind of mind, before any real intelligence can be born.

10 years ago

When I was younger, I had the same attitude about life. Then I grew up and realized that folks have been screaming "the end is nigh" for about the past six thousand years, or so..

Will we run out of everything? Sure! Eventually.. Will we phuck it up for everybody? Absolutely! But that ain't gonna hurt the earth any. She's been through a lot worse than US!

I often wonder if we aren't doing the earth a favor! Think about it... The earth has NO OTHER way to recycle fossil fuels.. Without US, hydrocarbons would just go on accumulating in the earth's crust forever!

And when we've burned it all up, and all is said and done, how long will it actually take for all traces of humanity to disappear? Ten million years? A hundred million? That's a mere blink of an eye in geological time.. The BIG QUESTION is: "Can We Continue past the next hundred years, or so? It looks to me as if that question has already been decided. Obviously, that question is still up for debate; and most likely will be until the end of time.

10 years ago

This documentary looked interesting until i started to watch it, then all of a sudden i realized the best part of the documentary was the title so i said to to myself f..k-it and ended it half way...

10 years ago

Wow - where does one start the change? Here I suggest that that place is not one motivated by the negativity and fear this doco. portrays. I also suggest that positive and loving and lasting change for the better only ever happens when we change ourself. So become a vegan. Grow food - even if only alfalfa sprouts. Harvest rain-water. Buy second-hand clothes. Recycle. Join your local neighbour group. Volunteer. Help your neighbours . . . or just go meet them and say "Hi - do you need a hand?"

Ferdia OBrien
10 years ago

Really good documentary, thanks.

11 years ago

That is all true, we are aliens on this planet, not humans, when i started to compare indigenous people to us modern men, i realized, we are so very different from them! They're not anyhow dependent on technology and science or the system like we are and the most interesting thing is how they look like, we don't even share the same looks with indigenous people! And because our technological intelligence is more advanced, i wonder do we even belong to earth? Are we just visitors here from other planets? Is this why we constantly keep treating earth as just resources? But one thing is true, planet earth cannot sustain technological life and we have to go with her rules or we are dead! I really want to see my true home planet someday, i feel isolated here on earth, i love this planet but i am still just an alien here, i wonder what is my true origin... i believe my purpose like many others here is to bring peace on earth but because of lack of understanding about reality we have failed to only destroy it

11 years ago

I'm scared of trolls with less than a tweet given to criticize honest dialogue.

11 years ago

Typical false flag propaganda with complementary astroturfing sprinkled on the top.

John Cury
11 years ago

What an absurd documentary, so in order to save the planet we all have to go back to club wielding maniacs?
First of all civilization is good, without it we would not have the internet, TV, electronics, medicine, space exploration and let’s not forget all the yummy donuts! And even back during the cave man era, they killed one another far more then now. All we have to do is consume in moderation, don’t leave the water on if you are not going to use it, turn off the lights when leaving the room, use LED lighting, use solar power if you can afford it, don’t change your PC or phone to a new one if you don’t need the features it offers, support your local farmers and many other things like that. I have been using the same phone since 2007, I used my p3 computer till 2008 because it was perfectly fine for browsing and email and MS office, all the things I needed it for. I buy most products from my local farmers, Eggs, beef, vegies and fruits, sure I go to the supermarket because I need things which farmers don’t grow or produce. Consume based on needs not on trends.

11 years ago

The Planet can and has taken it.

The real question is, when the **** hits the ceiling can the human race take it?

I don't think so.

11 years ago

Our problems are not technological or environmental. Pollution, inequity and extinction are just symptoms. The illness is in the mind.

Sieben Stern
11 years ago

bird killing wind farms? *facepalm*
i agree that we need to consume less and reduce the 'economy' and it's strangle hold on the world, but here the hyperbole just seems too ridiculous to sit through.

11 years ago

to me is an agenda ,all the people is slaves they must wake up and faiht for our earth ...
they must devoted for one purpess and is save ...

11 years ago

...This documentary inciting a world rebellion? Take up arms? There will never be a solution to fixing all this; you know why.....the origins of the birth of the human race...."WE WERE CREATED BY AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL CIVILIZATION!” Yeah I know, I hear you say...."Another crackpot again" Think hard, dig out the facts from both youtube & Google, find the absolute proof that WE were started off by aliens! There is so much to say, putting it all in a nutshell....Humans have been here a short time, we are relatively new to this planet, and yet, gained a high intelligence, built over the world and killed off nearly all other species in such a short time, extremely odd! How and why? It's clear to see that how we got where we are today was not accidental chance, we were programmed to get where we are today! This programming was in planted in us from day one, a slow release of a mass of high intelligence over a long period of time. Intelligence can't be created at instance, it has to be grown, ET in their high intelligence cannot instantly produce an intelligence in short term, they can 'speed' it up, but still time length is needed in order to gain the objective so desired. We may find all this out, but then again, may not, the experimenters may have played this out here on earth many-a-time, civilizations have come and gone on earth, there’s proof of that too. Are we just a failed experiment like the past ones, or have some past ones not failed, and have joined the ranks of their creators?! Read Mike Magee’s…”Who Lies Sleeping?” Take it with a pinch of salt, take it how you like, one thing though, are you asleep to yourself and your surroundings?!

11 years ago

The universe will take care of itself...and the idiots. <3

11 years ago

Rare is the human that lives 100 years. Most of us have just a scattering of decdes left. Enjoy your life. Who cares anyway. Nothing can be done now. The Earth will survive us.

That is all. Carry on.