The Iron Wall
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The Iron Wall

2006, Conspiracy  -   150 Comments
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The Iron WallFrom that day these words became the official and unspoken policy of the Zionist movement and later the state of Israel. Settlements were used from the beginning to create a Zionist foothold in Palestine.

After 1967 and the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, the aim of the settlement movement became clear - create facts on the ground and make the creation of a Palestinian state impossible. Thirty nine years of occupation and the policy started showing results. There are now more than 200 settlements and outposts scattered throughout the West Bank blocking the geographic possibility of a contiguous Palestinian territory.

The Iron Wall documentary exposes this phenomenon and follows the timeline, size, population of the settlements, and its impact on the peace process. This film also touches on the latest project to make the settlements a permanent fact on the ground - the wall that Israel is building in the West Bank and its impact on the Palestinian's peoples.

Settlements and related infrastructures are impacting every aspect of life for all Palestinians from land confiscation, theft of natural resources, confiscation of the basic human rights, creation of an apartheid-like system, to the devastating impact in regards to the future of the region and the prospect of the peace process.

Palestinians and Israelis began the peace process based on a very simple principle: land for peace. Settlements destroy that principle and create a land with no peace.

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150 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Palestine was Palestine when the Jews were still slaves 3,000 years before Moses crossed the Res Sea. What about the Palestinians right to exist??? Shameful, arrogant, and greedy.

  2. And they call themselves gods people, hmmm, I'm sure God wouldn't agree with what there doing. Considering, and think about it, most of those people have no ties to these lands.

    1. I agree totally.

  3. Revelation 2:9 King James Version (KJV)

    9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

  4. Revelation 3:9 King James Version (KJV)

    9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

  5. Remember that Menachem Begin is a Zionist terrorist; responsible for the 1948 attacks on the King David Hotel & the Deir Yassin Massacres. He is a Butcher in the grim reality of that definition. It says a lot for Jew Zionists that they elect a human butcher killer as their Prime Minister. The majority of Jewish Settlers in the West Bank are westerners who never suffered the Nazi Atrocities. There is no necessity or Legality for these Jews to live in Israel.
    Jews control the US Government & the US Banks & US Stock Exchanges. The Jews are vastly over represented in the USA. That has to be knocked back. American Jews are becoming ever more Fascist in the USA. American Jews went from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party to the Tea Party. They are the American Nazi Party.

  6. What Israel is doing is genius. It goes so far beyond brilliant that this is "The Operation of God's Hand". If this was "man's" idea it could not succeed. When the wall is complete any Palestinian that goes out side the wall will not be allowed back in. The result is a totally Jewish Israel, just as it must be. Read the book of Joshuah and you will realize this is God's will. Read the book of Judges and you will see why they must have a totally Jewish Israel. When the wall is complete Jews will be forced by circumstance or called by God to return to Israel and then the Church will be snatched away. The Messiah will come, the Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached and then the end will come. Glory to God, Jesus Christ to Whom the Glory forever and ever Amen.

    1. Yeah bombing innocent men, women and children really must be "God's Operation"
      Makes me sick that you think a book of made up stories, that go against EVERY LAW OF THE UNIVERSE, somehow give you people the right to someone elses country, lands, homes and history. The gospel is bullsh*t and you sir, are a f*cking sheep! Grow some balls and think for yourself. Coward

  7. To JGarbuz:

    Your say that Christians and Muslims have somehow weakened their claim to the Jewish homeland by "joining the Ishmaelite tribes". How, if they are and remain ethnically Jewish?

    Really, though, how is it that ethnically-Jewish atheists are allowed to claim the right of return while ethnically-Jewish Christians and Muslims who have lived in the Holy Land for years are to be evicted for not being Jewish enough?

    The only answer is that Israel is not primarily a secular state for a particular ethnicity, but a religious theocracy for those of a particular creed. The only difference between the Palestinian Christian and the the ethnically-Jewish atheist is their religion, nothing more, and your blatant unwillingness to distinguish between ethnicity and faith shows your true aims as a Zionist and a theocrat.

    No, seriously. If Israel were not a theocracy, why would the Chief Rabbinate be the entity tasked with distinguishing between Jews and non-Jews for the sake of state citizenship? If Israel were secular, should that not be an ethnic question, one determined on the same genetic and mitochondrial basis that first justified European Zionists' claims to a Middle Eastern homeland?

    Instead, it's a clerical decision made by Neo-Sadducees... excuse me, "rabbis". It's a decision made according to religious laws, weakening *ANY AND ALL* Israeli claims to secularity.

    There are a lot of words that could describe the institution of a theocracy on land that is holy to three very different faiths. Inflammatory, irresponsible, and bigoted all come to mind; and until the State of Israel treats ethnic Jews with the same respect no matter their religious affiliation, it will continue to be the enemy of peace.

    I'll just end by warning you this: before you ask God to curse the enemies of Israel, think long and hard about whether your policies are really in Israel's best interests; because if not, then *you* are the enemy. God's judgment once cost ten of your tribes their freedom: you would be wise not to make the same mistake twice.

  8. The world is a wasteland of scattered smoking British disasters.

    1. Quite true, but you need to the USA to the list of imperialism.

  9. They certainly learnt much from N.S.D.A.P [Nazis]. Are we here under the illusion that the Zionist jews or those who spot a good deal for an apartment just need some Living Space, can not remember the German translation for the life of me just as I do not seem to remember the name of similar footage recorded mainly in black and white all over Germany, something I think that went along the lines of Crystal Night. Short on memory, Long on hatred, Shame.

    1. Liebensrom [sic]

  10. Wow, the world seems to be populated with Anti-semites, well this little world anyway. I'm not Jewish, I'm not Christian or any other religion for that matter (isn't it amazing how if one person has an imaginary friend they are insane but if a group of people have the same imaginary friend it's a religion) but I do understand the concept of self-preservation. From the lack of historical knowledge shown by the overwhelming majority of comments here I'm not surprised by the fact that the world is screwed-up.
    One would say that the Jews first arrived in Israel in the mid 1940's and not that they were there since 1353BC when Joshua entered the "Promised Land". One would say that that part of the planet was always known as Palestine and not Judea until the Romans renamed it Palestina in 134AD. One would say that it is always the Jews that commit violence and never mind the fact that they were massacred and nearly exterminated in 614AD, 1648AD and again in 1939-1945. The Crusades in 1099, the Spanish Inquisition in 1492, and so forth and so forth. (Do your own research)
    Is it no wonder then that after Hitler (and the Mufti that actively supported him) the Jews decided to claim a piece of land in an area that has Jewish historical ties to ensure their survival? How many of you actually know that in 1917 the British promised a Jewish homeland in Palestine, or that in 1922 the League of Nations partitioned 77% of Palestine to establish Trans-Jordan and that Arab Nationalist leaders refused a Jewish homeland, or that in 1947 the Jews were offered 13% of the British Mandate area, which the Jews accepted but the Arabs rejected, or that Israel was attacked by numerous Arab armies simultaneously in 1948, 1967 and 1973 with the sole purpose of exterminating the Jewish peoples? These armies got a hiding and now they want to squeal! And still to this day there are organisations and Nations that call for the total extermination of the Jewish peoples, and you all want them to sit by and allow it to happen.
    Perhaps some of you would be kind enough to share your thoughts on the IS (or ISIS) and other Muslim extremists like Boko Haram and Al Shabaab in Africa who are waging an armed conflict to establish their own little caliphs in democratic counties or Al Qaeda which is now establishing in the worlds biggest democracy (India) with the purpose of establishing a caliph there.
    To all of you living in stolen (colonised) lands I say give back the land to it's rightful owners seen as you are so prone to preaching, put your money where your mouth is or shut-up.

    1. is sooo refreshing to actually see someone like yourself actually know what you are talking about. Just like you, I'm not Jewish, I'm not Christian, I grew up in a atheist Irish home. When i was in High School i was so naive and when people just spewed lies about Israel being apartheid and that they were ethnically cleansing the palestinians, i believed it. But then i started doing some due diligence, and as i allowed myself to see the truth, I started learning the truth about the land of Israel. And like you said, not only did the Balfour Declaration make promises to the jews almost 15 years before WW2, but when the League of Nations offered the jews and muslims to partition the land, the Jews accepted and the muslims not only rejected, but started to threaten them that if they even thought about declaring statehood, they would be wiped out. And the Grand Mufti conspired with Hitler to allow the jews fleeing extermination in Europe to come into the British mandate Palestine, so Hitler could finish them off too easily. But when Ben-Gurion declared statehood, he said any arab or anyone living inside the tiny piece they are re-establishing as Israel, that they could live there in peace, with full rights equal to anyone else, as long as they do not take up arms and fight with the invading arabs, but the ones that didn't take up arms to kill off the Jews, ended up fleeing at the request of the Mufti with the promise that they can come back after all the Jews are wiped out. And of course that didn't happen. Now in year 2000 PM Ehud Barak offered Arafat 95% of Jerusalem, all of Gaza and West Bank, not only did Arafat never answer, he launched the second intifada. In 2006 PM Olmert offered a temp agreement which Abbas too never answered to. Then in 2007 Olmert offered the same as Ehud Barak but said 2.5 million pali's could come and live inside the Jewish State, and Abbas downright rejected it. Lets not forget in 2005 when Israel completely left Gaza but it became a terrorist rats nest that has been used as a site for launching rockets at Jewish civilians, and killing and cutting the balls off of anyone who's gay or disabled. So when i hear these naive indoctrinated College kids spewing lies that Israel wants war and to eradicate the Palestinians, i suggest not being such a tool and looking at the truth. Israel has offered the Palestinians peace regardless of the fact that most Palestinians stated goal is the eradication of the Jewish people "BETWEEN THE RIVER AND THE SEA". Plus another reason i support Israel is because i'm pro gay, pro green technology, and pro women's rights. Which women in Islamic countries are tools for being baby factories, cleaning homes and are routinely treated as having no voice unless they are used in political positions to appease the naive leftists of the world. And gays are systematically put down in Islamic countries, hung in squares, stoned, castrated, and de-balled. And another thing i love about Israel is the number of green technology and alternative energy companies their government promotes or gives tax breaks for so that there is an incentive for companies to risk money in developing new energy options to save out environment.The Israeli army announced in about a year ago that by 2020, their military will be 95% green, making them the only military attempting to go completely green tech. And being gay in Israel is something that is not only expressed freely, but you can be openly. publicly gay in the military, and the military allows same sex benefit protections, meaning if you lose your BF or GF or wife, husband, whether straight, gay, any LGBT the government protects you and you will receive benefits no matter what. Something the US and many many other countries do not allow. I mean the US still had the crazy dont ask dont tell policy until 2 years ago. It's so sad that the anti-israel haters are so successful in spewing their downright lies about Israel, but Israel is a progressive Liberals wet dream. I mean iv'e been to allot of places, and Berlin was one of the most progressive cities i've ever been to, until I visited Tel Aviv last year, which completely corrected the absolutely wrong view i had on Israel my whole life. Now Ive been working for an Israeli Organisation funded by Israeli taxpayers through the Israeli LGBT centers which is based in Tel Aviv Israel called "Follow The Underground Yellow Brick RailRoad". Which is a combo of Harriet Tubmans underground railrod and Wiz of OZ's yellow brick road. We specialize in helping young gay muslims in arab countries escape alive and we get them asylum seeker papers and grants to live in Tel Aviv Israel, safe.proud and openly gay.
      Thanks, Summer Bailey

    2. Its actually frightening how many ignorant and just plain stupid people there are in this world today.
      Thanks for your kind words and more so for your words of wisdom. Perhaps the best thing that can happen to humanity in this day and age of hatred is for us all to go to war to vent our hatred and use all nukes available so that all but a few are wiped out so that humanity has a second chance as right now it appears there is no hope for us or the planet.
      Love and Peacen
      Ken Strang.

    3. I tend to agree with much of what you say, I'm not sure about all the facts that you quote, but I do know a number of them are factually accurate. I'd also add, in the 'nearly exterminated' section you could possibly also add in about 1210 BCE, from the Merneptah Stele in Egypt. It depends on where you stand on that debate on the translation of 'Israel' from that stele, and the exact meaning. . I tend to think it is a version of Israel, apparently the hieroglyphics indicate a nomadic people, unlike the city-states the other hieroglyphics on that stele referring to that campaign indicate. Which would seem to fit in with the accounts of what the Hebrew people were supposed to be doing at the time.
      I'd also add Hitler wasn't only supported by a Mufti, he was quietly officially supported by the Catholic Church too. The first treaty the Nazi's signed with anyone was with the Vatican apparently. It was decreed (and followed through with until his death) that on Hitler's birthday he would be blessed from the pulpit by the German Catholic Priests.

      One question I have, I believe the Egyptians and others including the Greeks called that region Canaan (or Kanana from the Egyptians), during the New Kingdom times of Egypt at least I think, (I believe they called a region there a version of Canaan on the Merneptah Stele for one) others like the Greeks at other times later on, discounting the Jewish and Christian Scriptures calling it that of course . Which would mean it hasn't always only been known as Palestine and/or Judea wouldn't it? (minor point, I am just interested).

    4. Hi Bob,
      That was one of the points I made. It was the Romans who renamed that region Palestinia, before that it was called Judea. I know that Canaan existed but I'm not sure at what time the name cease to be used or exactly what area it encompassed. Your knowledge of the factual history of that region stretches further back in time than mine as I didn't know about the hieroglyphicis. I just decided to do some due diligence because as you know history is simply that, his story, and documetaries are for the most part just the makers opinion.
      Personally I don't think the Middle East will ever sort itself out as there is just to much hatred and indoctrination amongst the Arabs towards the Israelis and their never-ending attacks on Israel is creating the same hatred amongst the Israelis.
      Love and Peace.

    5. Europe still hasn't completely sorted itself out! Nor has Asia. The USA is the luckiest country because there is only one adjacent country that poses any theoretical future threat, Mexico, and I doubt it will act out on any past claims in a violent manner. But few other countries are anywhere nearly so lucky, so big, rich and powerful as the USA. Certainly Israel isn't.

    6. Amazing that you seem to have all the facts and still reach an unfair, unjust and miserable conclusion.

    7. Very happy to read that at least somebody has done their homework. You are completely correct. And the islamic SS battalions in the balkan seem to have been erased from peoples memories as well...And most people also don't seem to know that palestinians are NOT indigenous to the area because they origin from Jordan...where they were deemed undesirable by the people of jordan.

    8. Long live Palestine.

  11. those Zionists don t make it easy to like them... what kind of god would endorse the defensless beating, and unfair treatment like that? it s no wonder they are not liked, they make the nazis look good by their actions.

  12. It ıs actually Amerıcan's dream to conquıre all of the Mıddle East and by thıs way acquıre a lot of luxury thıngs and colonıze the people lıvıng ın there.They didn't even give any right living in there and they got their own whatever they found at the places where they conquied.It is the American capitalism.Americans are very terrible human beings that they conquired all over the world and they spread their culture and their language wherever they conquire.

    1. Amerıca's no angel Arda, but this documentary was about zionist jews taking land away from the palestinians. No one should be letting them get away with this blatant disregard for human life. If this were a country taking land away from the "chosen people"..(Pfffft) they'd be the first to run to the US pleading for help

    2. You are just envious that you can't live in America, thank God!

  13. It is a bitter situation that the Palestinians are oppressed with these zionist jews. They are pehaps the most psychopathic people on the face of the earth. They were not wanted anywhere because they lack compassion and any other aspect of humanity; unwilling to integrate, they have this need to overpower and destroy the lives of those they infiltrate. The British were unthinking idiots to arrange such a mindboggling error. How did they have the power to do such a thing? Did the Palestinians not have any say in this arrangement? And the rest of the world allows it with their silence; even their own kind, the muslims have not offered help by word or weapon. Shame for this terrible disaster.

    1. Well written Elizabeth

    2. I trust you're not an American or Canadian living in a stolen land, or any other stolen land.

  14. Arabs didn't nail Jesus to the cross 2000 and sum years ago..

    1. You're right. The Romans, ancestors of the Italians, did.

  15. I'm disgusted!....Even the Israeli 'civilians' are armed! This was a good Documentary, it sorrowfully reveals and intensifies the sufferings of the true and only victims, which are, and for too long, always have been, the Palestinians.

    1. Stargazer_Lily,

      Go watch "Israel Next War" at PBS website.
      It could still be live & free to view.
      I seen it & downloaded it on my HD in another format.

      However, I don't think that Vlako could have it posted here on TDF. PBS wouldn't let it view elswhere. I don't think so.

      In short, crime isn't a matter of race or social behavior transmited by religious concepts or anything alike, any homosapien can be subject to this criminal frenzy.

      (Quote) : -"And how many times should one man", ... be abused & bullied before he acts againts it?

      The answer is : Until the Jewsish God comes back and destroy (VX:-Kill) all human beings that are not of true factual jewish descent.

      Meanwhile, according to Jewsish Thora specialists, all of what is consider as Isreal later saints Kingdom, should be taken (VX: Seized) from non jewish ownership.

      Because, according to Thora "Extreme" specialists, all foreign ownership of Israel land is a potent treath to Israelis.

      May we bare in mind that the Jewish God himself, once said to a famous Bible prophet: - "You see that Isreali land, as far as you can see the horizon my son? I give it to you.

      This means what it means since we now know in now days what phenomenon strands behind the end of sight of the horizon.
      Understanding that the earth is round (Which wasn't explicit in the Anciant Testament or Tora if you will), we now know that as someone walks about at least (50-100) miles, the sight of the end of the horizon gets geographically farer!

      So, sorry for the Palestinians but as so many israeli settlers (Who came from anywhere but mostly from the communist Russia, they have to move in order to make sure that they are not a treat to the Israeli nation.
      So that the Israeli wont be pushed to the sea but rather the Palestinians.

      This is the philantropy of the peacefull Jewish nation in now days and for ever.
      Quite a bit of the same beliefs seen in "Israel Next War" (Backed by USA national weaponnery debt).

      In God they trust!


    2. @Pierre

      Thanks for that, just found it on Youtube. Man, I just wish people would keep their comments short lolz.

    3. @targazer_Lily,

      Yes??? A bit surprising but on YouTube, anything goes... It'll take a while before PBS finds out.

      Oh! Just to say... It is a bit "Rough" though.
      Stunning to see who extremists are.
      They all live into their own little bubbles a few millenium ago.
      Exactly as the NAZI were when they launched their concept.

      Great teaching those facts bring to humankind. What a nation, society once blamed of lesser human beings, is now their own line of conduct. A nation of zombies.


    4. @Pierre

      Just Finished watching 'Israel's Next War'...I'm lost and confused...Don't Kahanists and the Israeli Government not want the same thing? The Israeli Government forbidding the Kahane ideology due to it's racism and violence but isn't that how the state of Israel was founded upon in the first place?...On Racism, greed, violence, Lies and so on.

      ...My God, Israel is such a mess and always will be.

    5. @Stargazer,

      I guess that if the Israeli Gov. would openly tolerate and back the Kahane ideology, they'd sure sink themselves to the face of the rest of the world.
      And they're quite aware of this.
      They are not plain stupid!

      Just to mention here: -I have on my HD a documentary where the "Native" (I really mean "Native" for generation and generations) Jewish individuals (Not really "Organized" but common citizens) manifesting their opposition to the Israeli Gov. decision expulsions of Palestinians from the Israeli territory. And of course the demolition of the Palestinian housing.
      And I mean real typical Jews with long side-burns ad long black coats...
      Sort of Hachemites, I don't know exactly...
      Who lived side by sides to Arabs and were friends through centuries long.
      They didn't want that relation to end.

      To any and all ideology on earth, there's always a core that irradiates through its follower. Out in the open or covered.

      Maybe modern homosapiens simply forgot what is the humankind organisms and where it came from.
      In principle, it came from 1 sole unit.
      One individual who by any mean you'd prefer succeeded to divide itself into more and more units.
      It reminds me of my schoolyard where we used to decide: -"Ok! We divide ourselves in 2 teams and play soccer"!
      What else does human beings are doing here apart "Dividing" themselves into more and more new units? Hum?

      - In short: Hide oneself among many...
      -Up to a point where one doesn't know exactly who he is anymore!
      And the Jews in the middle-east don't even know anymore that they well might be killing and hating their own blood.
      Because, they are in fact all genetically related. (While not to the Chinese of N-American natives)...

      When the first lines of the Thora where written, homosapiens realized what is death and they wanted to remember those who passes away. Same as the Old Testament except that the books were purged of undesirable texts for the reasons we can expect.
      So, the Thora and the Bible (For the least) are in a way the listing of peoples "Who were", their lives and anecdote...
      In facts, there's a Jewish concept for which one can check that he's from this or that ancient Jewish family.
      I dunno how they do in now days, but:-)

      Based on this principle, if a Russian Jew can bring out enough evidences that show that he is from this or that ancient Jewish family, he's intitled to migrate into Israel and is sponsored by the Israeli government to buy an estate more often taken away from a Palestinian owner since the geographical surface was once given to the Israeli nation by their own God,"Their" only God.
      Oh! Also the God of some US central regions weird Christian extremists.
      I never heard of any satellites in Western Europe.
      And it's a good thing to figure out how much money is granted by the USA Gov. to Israel in fact. (Public reports).
      It comes down to the fact that it is the USA citizens who subsidize these Israeli housing and fees to expulse and abuse Palestinians. Let me guess that it could be the reason why the whole world is that much in love with the American citizens as a whole? While lurking at the yearly USA subsides to Israel, don't forget to consider the side effect of the Jewish lobby (APEC) on the US senate among other things. Next thing thing we'll know is that the USA will be a corporate company registered in Israel!

      May we note here that most Jewish so-called settlers are indeed Russians?
      They left the Middle East a few centuries ago when there wasn't much to live on in those days.
      They grew up in a very different context compared to one of the native Jews from Israel. Would you go migrate in Russia even in now days with the corruption we know of? Or the violence we seen during the last some 150 years?
      When one push a homosapien to its limits, despise him and abuse him, what any sain human being can expect from any and all living beasts down here?
      They look at other human beings as beasts and treat them as beasts, so?

      How psychotic do you find someone who wants to ends it life once he or she knows that she or he has a terminal sickness?

      For the rest, I'd rather not come back over it. Like "Who" started all of this.
      Most if not all Jew nationalists will state that it all started as Israel became a country in 1948 or so.
      Intentionally and deliberately omitting the first acts of terrorism in modern days.
      Here, we go back to much before 1948 as a group of Jewish "Agitators" (Not to say terrorists considering that it didn't exist sometime after WWI), planted a bomb in an UK recognized hotel serving as an Embassy.
      Followed by massacres in the surrounding townships.
      All recognized as Israeli terrorist actions except of course the Israeli officials in those days. Every non-jewish historical book mentions these the latters dating to years before the becoming of Israel.

      I know, we know...
      Some day, it will need to be resolved.
      But not in my days, please?


    6. @Pierre

      You have alot on your HD.

    7. @Stargazer,

      I'd say some 2 to 4 hundreds Gigs.
      I have to move them around making room for new ones. Although, I reduced my D/L from the usenet a lot since I found good sites like TDF.
      But it does happen that Vlatco gets his docu cut off because of a reason or another, like author's rights. He can't ignore, else he could be shut down in the end.
      We'd all be losing.

      Oh! I also have these German docu where peoples gets "Plastized" after death, serving in university, for medical teaching...
      I took a few DVD and got fed up pretty quickly... Fun to begin with but...

      If you know how to use the usenets (News readers), I could offer links (NZB) files.
      Agent newsreader is a freeware and there are a few other ones.
      But you need your ISP to have an "Acceptable" news server.
      Otherwise, you'd need to pay some $(5.00-10.00 USD/month.

      I have so many, I need to view back a few when I forget things. Beside, it's only sort of an hobby, educational one.

      Going back to my present docu...


    8. @Pierre

      Lol Ok well Good Luck, What kind of other Documentaries do you like to watch? I might Follow you.

      Hey, How come I don't get any likes for the fact that I'm actually replying to your comments?....:(

    9. @Stargazerlily,

      Give me a little time & I will prepare a list of the ones I have on my HD. Through text screen capture. I will then post (Public) an HTML link where you'll be able to download that text file.
      I also need to track back that free file storing website I once used.
      It must be in my favorites at home, don't remember...
      I'll post this HTML link on a proper and related TDF docu comment list. Just watch TDF's general recent comment list for your name "Stargazerlily". But give me a little time.
      Many of these docus are in other third languages but most are in English. Especially the ones about the plastination of human beings.

      But you'll see that Vlatco has a lot on his TDF website.
      It's just that the access to the movie can be lost at one time or banned in a country from where Vlatco links to.

      Then cut the movies in pieces and post the pieces on the same pulic server. Once done, post an HTML link in a proper relevant comment list of a given TDF docu that relates to the chosen TDF docu.
      This, to respect TDF "On Topic" principles.

      Next... Could you please rephrase your expression "Get any likes for" in your previous comment coze I never heard this before.
      Find other ways to express what you meant?
      I don't understand that. I'm used to simple international English.

      I've been sort of deceived yesterday watching one docu.
      Half way, I figured out I seen it before in another language a few months ago! I shutted down my puter and went for a snack.


    10. @Pierre

      Haha never mind, but yeah send it. Wow...Interestingly, We all have a world of our own around here in TDF...

    11. @Stargazer_Lily,

      Too bad Stargazer, but it appears that link I posted here was "Filtered" either by Vlatco himself or one of his "Moderators".

      When I posted the link yesterday, a warning box telling me that my posts 1st need to be accepted by a moderator, I sort of knew that it wouldn't show up.
      I'm aware that some of the moderators on TDF have reasons to delete or filter a comment I make where there would be an "Unsuitable HTML" link.

      Posting the present, I'll see if all of my posts are filtered from on.


    12. I wonder if you know of phhpBB suggested hosting domain it appears to someone who downloaded would possibly need more suitable information and in specifics to make it suitable for one to link to the community domain of such Lol what did I just say...

      Blah Blah Too Cool For School get informed of new docs Every Week. Yep, always pressured by my Peers lol. Fine then I did it already No Reply. Hello I am Waiting hmm "Lazy" week have not checked e-mails Must be Busy shopping for Holiday Gifts lol.. I know I am in Moderation already.

      Knock Knock Who is there Hey stars How Are You
      Follow Who Who Me Who Are You
      I Am You LoL

      I always Get What I Like. Change get too many likes. I always Learn when what I Learned Is Beneficial To Moi. Not a pretender in knowledge. Nerds are cool I like nerds. Are you a nerd in engineering? I am not a nerd in engineering, but If i Wanted to be a Mod I mean Engineer I suppose I would Learn To Be a nerd in Engineeering :-D......Peace

  16. the bullied became the bully and the gaza and westbank are biggest concentration camps in the world, they should be called Auschwitz IV-gaza and V-westbank, so there is no mistake of what they are.

    And we ar all suprised about suicide bombers, selfmade rockets
    and antisemetic thinking.

    Every problem i the world right now is becuzz the west deceided to give the jews a piece of land and the means to defend it, a piece of land that they did not have any right to an did not inhabbit for 2000 years supposedly given to them by god a guy who does not even exist.

    Hell i have a better claim in givving away a piece of land, than a fictitious al knowing supreme being who nobody ever ever ever saw.
    Realy wanna be close to god take some psychedellics and see the go in yourselfs, otherwise shut up about zellot nonsense and stop kicking people out of the land they lived on for hundreds maybe thousends of years, and leave the past to the past cuzz hearing shit like my family lived there before they got expelled 2000 years ago is not a valid argument. Haven't you people grown up since then guess not, it's probbably a requirement to be stuck thousends of years in the past and to be compleet cunt to the evolution of the whole of humanity

    @Draimanformayor Losangeles yeh you know i'm talking about you and the likes of you

    people grow up and
    Namaste to everyone who can let go

  17. Only want to flag that docu...
    I guess that I'll get the emails for the new comments...
    Which will remind me to view it.


  18. Draimanformayor Losangeles says "Any restraint is counterproductive. Israel must respond with maximum extreme force. This is the only way to subdue the enemy. This is the enemy that wants to throw you into the sea"
    However, no Jews in Israel have been thrown into the sea. No Jews in Israel have been disposed by Arabs. It is the other way round. Israel is stealing Palestinian land, demolishing their property, driving them out. Israel refuses to define it borders. It seeks a 'Greater Israel, only for Jews. The documentary film shows this policy in progress.
    Under the same philosophy advocated by Draimanformayor, the Arabs would be justified to used extreme force, which mounts to extermination of the enemy. Thank God, the majority do not. They are willing to live in peace with Jewish neighbours as long as their natural rights are protected.

  19. Either we live in a modern world with values based on human rights and respect for international, or we don't. The fact that Jews, an Arab tribe from modern day Iraq, dwelt in Palestine several thousand years ago, is totally irrelevant. It is a gross violation of basic human rights to dispossess people from their land, bulldozing their homes, destroying their orchards and restricting their movements, in order to build settlements and infrastructure for immigrants, even if the ancestors of those immigrants once lived there (though , as a result of mass conversions, most ancestors did not).
    This justification for disposing the Jews from Germany was based on exactly the same racist beliefs.
    Two wrongs do not make a right

  20. Israel, no restraint, no concession to the Arabs rev1.

    Any restraint is counterproductive. Israel must respond with maximum extreme force. This is the only way to subdue the enemy. This is the enemy that wants to throw you into the sea.

    I would gladly support a major offensive against Gaza or any other Arab Palestinians that are hurting Israelis in any shape or form.

    Many years ago when Sharon was defense minister of Israel (while his wife was alive) his policy was, any violent acts by the Palestinian Arabs were returned with extreme force, and it worked.

    Why have we changed tactics, have we become too soft, too worried about world opinion. We are paying for this behavior with Israeli lives and damage to Israel's economy. With this approach, matters will only get worse, as the past has proven. The Arabs treat concessions and lack of extreme response as a sign of weakness.

    People of the world ultimately respect a government that protects its people at any cost. Not a government that causes its people to run to shelters constantly and more.

    Let us go back to the old ways and respond with very extreme force, no restraint, no concession. You will see in the long run, it will bring a much more peaceful life in Israel.

    Terror should be handled in the following manner. When a poison strikes the human body, the only way to address it, is to remove it and destroy it completely.

    If the Arabs cannot control their own people, extreme or not, they will have to pay the price.

    There is a divine statement that says “if someone comes to kill you, you should beat him to it, and kill him first.

    Let us celebrate living in safety in Greater Israel.

    Remember the Arabs are the occupiers.

    Greater Israel belongs to the Jewish people for over 3,000 years.

    King David fought many wars to bring peace to Israel; he did not use restraint at all, only extreme force.

    The expanded Land of Greater Israel from Nile to Euphrates has enough territory to settle all the Israelites together with the strangers among them! There is an opinion that the entire population of the world could be placed in the state of Texas, which consist of 268,820 square miles or 696,200 square kilometers. By comparison, the Biblical Land of Israel is not “tiny” at all. Its borders will include the Eastern part of Egypt, Sinai, Lebanon, Jordan, island of Cyprus, part of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, parts of Iraq and Turkey. It is estimated that the Promised Land is eight times the size of Texas. The population of all the children of Israel is much less than that of the whole world. It would be no problem to accommodate all Israelites on their Land. Especially, as the prophets say, all the Arab and Muslim enemy-nations surrounding Israel will have been defeated and expelled out of the Land. Their lands will be repossessed by Israelites.
    “Those who laid you waste depart from you. They that swallowed thee up shall be far away” (Isaiah 49:17, 19).
    Israel should annex Judea and Samaria immediately.
    The Qur'an 17:104 - states the land belongs to the Jewish people

    YJ Draiman

    Indeed, history shows that only a vigorous and unapologetic self-defense permits survival in a hostile world.

    1. A typical troll...

    2. This kind of mentality shows very clearly that Israel is an extremist state, no more fanatical and paranoid than North Korea...

    3. YJ Draiman, you are a pathetic psychopath.

  21. This is outrageous. There will never be peace until these settlements are dismantled. Looking at the amount of settlements and the infrastructure connecting them makes their abandonment and dismantling almost impossible. Reading though the comments I keep hearing people bring up the holocaust. What do Palestinians have to do with the Holocaust and the illegal occupation of the West bank and illegal land grabs?

  22. I'm gonna pray to pink easter bunnies and santa claus that a meteor hits right smack dab in the middle of the holy land.

  23. Does anyone else here not find it a bit ironic the Jews are the only people in the world who did not learn anything from the holocaust ? You would have thought that they of all people would not want to see the same things repeated ever again, but obviously not. First you need to prove the existence of God before you can use him as an excuse for your actions, shifting the blame onto something that does not exist does not work for me. I have said it before & I will say it again, the UN needs to go in & reset the borders to what they were in 1949 & sort out the mess that it created.

    1. I agree with you but you forgot who really started this mess. When the British government came out with the Balfour Declaration , they committed a crime against the people of Palestine. The British government should step forward and except it's responsibility for this mess and help clean it up. Maybe they could invade and throw the Jews out or give the poor Palestinians half of England.

  24. On a final maybe naive, but this people must find a peace solution soon...I FOR ONE , HAD NO IDEA IN MY IGNORANCE ABOUT MANY OF THE THINGS GOING ON THERE, NOW I KNOW...THANKS TO THIS FILM....

    1. Do some research for yourself. There have been many attempts at finding a solution but the Arabs do not want a compromise solution. Please remember that a documentary such as this is merely the makers opinion and not based on factual evidence.

  25. Simply grandma used to hide Jews in Hitler occupied Warsaw, for what so they can practice now same tactics on Palestinians. History will get this straight yet, I hope.

  26. Ok I just want to put this out there. For all of you who believe that to kill in the name of a religious belief, or think that such actions against your own brethren are justified in any way must begin to question that which you worship.

    I don't give a s*** about anyone's religion and operate off pure logic alone.

    Man has been controlled and manipulated by man for many millenia and the same theme continues to this day, except we see that the desperation of the wicked and the deeds that they do are increasing tenfold as they try to hide behind the name and existence of THE DIVINE.

    This undoubtedly is a mockery of truth, justice, and all that these tenets stand for.

    There is no way that these so-called jewish people are a holy people because all we witness from them as well as the arabs are ungodly and despicable acts.

    I truely belive that the general populace in every land is under the spell of there leadership who are in turn working together to fulfill the pact they have with some demonic entity.

    There is simply no other way to describe the acts that are taking place all over the world and all of the cover-ups we see occuring. I do not believe half the shit the news reports because this is simply an engine in which to convey their agenda. They tell us what they want us to believe and if we are not convince still violence & chaos always seems to do the trick.

    No more living in f***ing fear we have to take a stand against this wicked, corrupt, and tyrannical worldwide system and destroy all that is not righteous!!

    Mankind has simply been used as slaves to this wicked machine and it must be destroyed!!!

    By any means necessary..

  27. @jgarbuz - please keep your propaganda to yourself, your religious beliefs, be it jew, christian, muslim, or any other are the true crimes against humanity, all society needs to wake up to the lies of all religion, and realize they are moral caring beings in nature, and not because they are told to be by a religous leader.

    Grow up, and think for yourself

    1. RE:"please keep your propaganda to yourself, your religious beliefs, be it jew, christian, muslim, or any other are the true crimes against humanity".....SO TRUE....CRIMES ARE CRIMES, IN NY 911, IN LONDON 7/7.....IN MANY PLACES, LET PEACE AND LOVE PREVAIL AND STOP ALL THIS ACTS OF CRIME ......PEACE....ABOVE ALL...

    2. Amen to that.

  28. The bottom line is that America is still 75% a Christian country, and most Christians recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland. They recognize that Jesus was a Jew, not an Arab, and that His earthly homeland was Judea, not Palestine.

    As for American Jews, those who want to remain Jews will not support the destruction of the Jewish state just to create a 22nd Arab state in Judah and Samaria. As for those who do not want to remain Jews, they will intermarry and disappear.

    The reality is that the Arab world now wants democracy and is not interested in more wars with Israel on behalf of Palestinian extremists who have maximalist demands, and who refuse even to recognize Israel as the Jewish state. Right now, most Muslim regimes are more concerned with their own domestic situation and not on confrontations with Israel or America.

    If the Palestinian Arabs want a small state next to the Jewish state, they know the path they must walk along. If they still cling to past fantasies, they will continue to make trouble and increasingly no one will pay any attention to them anymore.

    1. You go to hell sub-human Jgarbuz.
      If there is any Jewish God, you sure deserve hell.

      You're a waste.


    2. And your god is? Christian? Islam? Hindi? Buddist?

    3. jgarbuz you have a lot to say without saying much.... if you cant handle sence from another race take it from your own Yonatan Shapira that a real Jew take a leaf out of his book. Peace

    4. Hi mate
      Glad to see you stopped replying on this doco - the comments you were addressing were not worth the effort - these types see one obviously propogandist doco and think they know whats happening in the world - you wont educate them its unfortunate but the majority of humans at this stage in history are only a little brighter than they were in the middle ages, still caught up in superstition and tribalism - we have I would think many thousands of years to go before we are past all the reasons and inclinations to fight.I wanted to say I apologise to you and your people for your great loss in the horrendous holocaust - I am of German blood on my fathers side and though I am not related to any who were involved in Nazism as dad's family had lived in Russia till his father was locked up by the communists for being an engineer in the Tzar's army,I feel ashamed at what was done by the Germans - there is much to be proud of having a German heritage i.e. they are hardworking and inteligent with great technical skill but it I felt I hd to say that I and I am sure there are many others out there who feel great sympathy for you and your people.

  29. Israel will persist in its current path unless The Jews outside of Israel open their eyes to the costs. Jews outside of israel make up three quarters of the Jewish population and they are the reason it continues to function. Without them their U.S and international aid would falter. Other countries could finally place trade sanctions on Israel without the dangers of Jewish reactions. Politicians could proceed in a humane manner without being name called as "anti-semites". AIPAC and all individuals involved would not allow this, for it would mean the end of their power and careers. Jews outside of Israel and Jews within Israel rely on eachother to maintain their status, but Jews outside of Israel could still function without Israel. The U.S administration values nations that follow the rules, Israel does not. It will take the mass movement of the entire U.S population to not just notice this fact, but to act.

    Bottom line is this: the people with the power to enforce international human rights law through indirect means, will not excercise that power.
    There are repeated articles that prove the U.S's involvement with Israel is counter to the interests of the U.S population at large. AIPAC continues this trend for their own selfish benefit. It will take the fading of holocaust sentiments for the U.S population, to even come close to critisizing Jewish relations

  30. First of all, learn to spell ISRAEL correctly, before you comment on it. IF you can't even correctly spell the name of the country you are so critical of, why should anyone take the rest of what you state seriously?

    As for dual nationals, there are many other dual nationals in the US including Egyptians.

    If the Arabs want to negotiate with the Jews to create a 22nd Arab state in Judah, Samaria, and Gaza, then they could start by recognizing Israel as the JEWISH STATE first! Why should the Jewish state recognize and negotiate with Arab or Muslim states, when they won't recognize the Jewish state?

    And obviously you have not kept up with Israeli news, because you obviously are not aware of natural gas and oil finds off the coast of Israel. But US companies get lots of benefits from doing R&D and business in Israel. Just ask the CEOs of Intel and 100 other top high tech companies that hire Israeli engineers and scientists to keep them at the razor's edge of competitiveness. Warren Buffet's first overseas investment of $4 billion was in an Israeli company called Iscar. Not all benefits are oil-based. Much ISraeli high tech in the military and medical fields have benefited the US greatly. The Chinese and others have great interests in Israeli technical achievements.

    1. It was a huge mistake for us the allied to get in Europe and take out of the ditch Hitler got you in.


  31. Cut off the flow of money into Isreal. Disallow dual citizenship. Remove Isreal from the statue of "Most Favored Trading Nation". This will cause the Isreali's to negotiate with the Arab population and save America and other Western Counties Billions of dollars. There is very little oil in Isreal..

    1. The only thing these Jewish abusers knowns to do, is what the NAZI first teached them, followed by the war crimes the USA shown them in Vietnam.


  32. First of all, my entire family in Europe, other than my mother and father,were killed in the Holocaust. In fact, I never met another child of Holocaust survivors, such as myself, who ever knew a living grandparent. Not one!
    But the Holocaust has nothing to do with Israel, and the right of the Jewish people to their historic homeland. The Council of the League of Nations, in 1922, some 20 years before the Holocaust, had already ruled that the Jewish homeland was in Palestine. The reason why the HOlocaust even happened was because more Jews did not go live in Palestine between 1920 and 1939. My own mother was stopped from going to Palestine in 1930s by my grandmother, who was later killed by the Nazis when they tried to escape the Ghetto. So the point is, that had the Jews not waited, and had they resettled their homeland in greater numbers in the 1920s and '30s, there never would have been a Holocaust to begin with. The Holocaust only proved to many Jews that they could never count on anyone to protect them in other countries, and that they must have their own land, army, etc. As for the Arabs who were already living there, many compromises and offers to split the country were tried, and rejected by the Arabs, who still refuse to recognize that ISrael is the Jewish state.

    1. israel?What is that?Is that something to eat?There is only Palestinian state occupated by jewish with small j)only now how to kill people and that started with Jesus and it is continuing till today.holocaust,holocaust,holocaust you(jewish with small j)bullshiting about holocaust like you are the only one that Hitler atack.More Rusians (cristian Rusians)died than jews(with small j).I newer hated anyone buth i em starting to hate you(so colled israelis)(with small i)for that that you are doing to Palestinian PEOPLE. LONG LIVE PALESTINE.

    2. This documentary is not meant to talk about country frontiers or anything alike, but simply torture and injustice.
      You want to go back ijn time a little Jgarbuz?

      Do so! I know for a fact that in those years (The 20's), some jewish fanatics have invented "Terrorism" by attacking (Guerrilla) a few Arab villages over there. I have that documentary on my HD.
      That was the reason why England stopped the jewish migration toward that "British Colony".
      The "Balfour Declaration" followed and the Brits just went home because they had much more important problems to cope with.
      You are just a "Plain Liar", plain stupid.

      And that was much before WWII as "We" the "Allied" had to go get you out of hell. Thank God, quite a few died before we arrived!
      You think there is oil in your slum?
      I've got real bad news for you. There's only hell, nothing else!
      Worst, there are fanatics like you!

      As time goes by, the USA politicians will figure out that Isreal is nothing else but a source of dept and problems as they shown their will to cause war crimes one after the other.
      Beside, they'll have enough to pay back their debt to their friends the Communists Chineses, that they seek new trends elsewhere.

      I'd be real surprised if any Chinese or Russian give any benefice of doubt to either an American or a jewish individual.

      What natural ressouces there in your slum country?
      It just can't last for ever...
      Again, if your god loves Humankind, you obviously are personnaly one of the first to be condemned by him!

      Good day sub-human waste.


  33. Hate breads hate. Also to those who have famill killed in the hollocaust, my condolences. How ever shame on you for using thier plight to argue for dinying other people innalible rights! All our blood runs red! Thats all Iwill say.

  34. Long live Palestine!

  35. Well, the UN is really good at defining things AFTER they happen, eh? The Hutu attempt to exterminate the Tutsi was indeed a genocide. I don't know if the Turks were attempting to wipe out the Armenians as a race, or just to get rid of non-Muslims, or collaborators with the enemies of the Ottoman empire in wartime, etc. I do know that it is historically accepted that they murdered over 1 million Armenians whatever the justification. But the term genocide should be reserved for massacres whose purpose is to physically totally eliminate a racial or national group. And I don't claim that the genocide attempt by Hitler was totally unique in history, but certainly the most thorough, systematic and mechanized attempt to annihilate a whole group. And gypsies as well.

    Anyway, I don't know how the Holocaust is relevant, one way or the other, to this whole discussion of the "Iron Wall." Jabotinsky's 1923 concept that the Jews must build their state behind an "Iron Wall" came about because he, long before the Socialist Zionists, concluded that the Muslim Arabs would never accept any kind of Jewish sovereignty in any part of that land, and that such hopes were futile and illusory, and that Jews must either give up their aspirations to recover their homeland, and remain stateless, or fight on behind an Iron Wall of will not to give up and to keep going to liberate what he considered the occupied Jewish homeland.

  36. According to the United Nations Council on the Prevention and Punichment of Genocide the act is defined as:

    the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.

    Under this framework the Amenian slaughter by the turks, the serbs of the Croates (or and the Croates of the Serbs), the Hutu-Tutsi genocide, and on and on and on are defined...
    How exaclty is the Jewish genocide unique "in that certain groups were singled out for extermination for no other reason than who they were born as"...You just defined genocide, and clearly historcally it is not new, it did not end in 1945 and still happens today... Basically, according to you, the holocaust was remarkable in that is was not... it was actually textbook...literally.

  37. To Random Pedestrian

    How many people in your family were killed during the holocaust? I can tell you in mine. If someone like your grandmother, brother, parent, sister or baby wasn't killed, then of course the deaths of others doesn't affect you at all.

    At any rate, the Holocaust was unique in that certain groups were singled out for extermination for no other reason than who they were born as. Jews, Gypsies, Gays, retarded people, were labelled as enemies of the race and murdered soley on the basis of that alone. As for blacks, they were enslaved and it was justified that AFricans were subhuman and only suited for manual slave labor. At any rate, what was your point, that too much emphasis has been placed on the Holocaust? If that is your argument, then I agree. It was hoped by liberal JEwish elements that somehow showcasing the Holocaust would prevent subsequent genocides. WE now know that that idea is false. We now know that you cannot reeducated human behavior. It's why I am a Zionist I believe that the Jewish people have to have their own land and army and defend themselves that we never get dragged to our deaths so easily again. I do not believe that you can change human behavior simply by education or moralizing. I believe that you have to have the power to defend your existence, or someone will take it, or enslave you. Nobody will defend another group if it will not defend itself.

  38. The name "Hebrew" means people "from the other bank of the river," that is, of the Euphrates; and it may well be that Abraham's tribe was only one small portion of the many Semites from the Euphrates who drifted into Canaan. It is certain that "Hebrew" in its widest significance was applied not only to the Israelites but to many of their immediate neighbors, the Moabites, Ammonites, and others. Apparently, also, it was only after some centuries that Abraham's special descendants, the Israelites, separated wholly from these kindred tribes and in a period of famine undertook that further migration which brought them into Egypt.

  39. My question is: Where did the Jewish Civilization begin?

  40. Jewish civilization began in the Land of Israel. It is written that Abraham was from Ur, today part of Iraq, but the Judges, Prophets and Kings of Israel were all Israelites. East of the Jordan river the Ishmaelites developed their own civilizations.

    And Hebrew is the only Canaanite language. Arabic is a foreign import, as is Islam.

  41. Where did Jewish civilization begin? Was it in the land between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates? If that is true, it means that the Jews relocated to a new location. Therefore the new land cannot be claimed as theirs, since they are not natives of that land.

  42. Pardon? I am having such a hard time understanding. All I hear is rant, rant, rant.

  43. You think? You don't know? Why don't you have set b ask his tribal council about it, he claims to be a member of the tribe, to find out what Cherokee law says about it?
    If someone came to me to ask about becoming a Jew, I would refer him to one of our tribal leaders, some Orthodox Rabbi, who could explain what is involved. Our tribe also does not encourage new membership. But there are laws on how one might become a member, if found acceptable.

  44. I dont think they are taking applications.

  45. To setb

    I want to be a Cherokee and live on Cherokee land. What do I have to do to join your tribe?

  46. @jgarbage you are full of crap. i am cherokee, and my people have ancestral claim to north America, and we were exterminated too. does that mean i think we should get America back? hell no. you guys are greedy pigs with no souls or hearts. shame on you bulldozing peoples houses while they are in them. fighting rocks with tanks. i could make so many valid points but you are too self brainwashed for it to matter.

  47. I do not rant. I am just stating basic historical facts that anyone who cares to do so can check out for themselves. As I said in my previous post, Palestine was divided into an ARab state, the Emirate of Transjordan east of the Jordan river, and the Jewish National Home west of the Jordan river in 1922. Anyone can do a few minutes of research to spare can verify it.

  48. Well I am so glad that the extent of your control in this issue is the ability to rant at nauseum on this message board.

  49. In 1922 Palestine was divided into two entities: East of the Jordan river became the Emirate of Transjordan, which gained independence in 1928. That was the state for the Arabs. The other entity was called the "JEwish National Home" west of the Jordan river. That was to be populated by Jewish immigration who were to eventually become the majority. Unfortunately, the Arabs resisted Jewish immigration, and after 25 years of struggle, the UN in 1947 proposed a SECOND division of what was left of Palestine. The Arabs rejected that as well and went to war to destroy the Jewish state. As far as I am concerned, Jordan is the ARab state in Palestine. How many states do the Arabs get to get? Two or three, counting Gaza? My solution is for the Arabs to go to Jordan.

  50. that's a very selective sprinkling of facts

    its clear that you dont consider the palestinian arabs (arabs living within palestine, many of long duration) have any rights, other than to leave the country of their birth, in deference to any old person of jewish ancestry/religion from any place else on earth.

    any way you try to justify it, the situation stinks.

    and supporting a regime which imposes such policies goes against the most important principle of the u.s regime - equality before the law, in the making of the law.

    that's an ideal the u.s. only approaches, but it is, at least, our ideal.

    what is the ideal for israel which does not exclude millions of people within its borders?

    israel needs to re-create itself.

  51. To Nevermore

    Yes, estimates of indigenous populations in what we call "North America" vary. I tend to accept the number of 15 million. Today the number of indigenous peoples is less than 3 million in the US, and 40% of tribal members are of "mixed heritage," that is mixed with recent Caucasian and African ancestry.
    Personally, I would fully support giving up 22% of US territory back to the indigenous nations to create their own countries, just a Israel is being told to give up 22% of the liberated ancient JEwish tribal lands for "Palestinian" state. The US would be more convincing if it did what it preached, and lead by example. The US has PLENTY of land. Israel is tiny and overcrowded. Let the US give up a large part of land to the Lakota and other indigenous nations who seek independence before telling ISrael what it must do.

  52. To Riley

    First of all, the Jews did not "root out" anyone. In 1920 there were 644,000 Muslim Arabs west of the Jordan river. Today there are nearly 6 million. From 1880 to 1947, not one inch of private property was taken from any Arab landowner, or anyone by the Jewish settlers. If anyone has evidence to the contrary, please bring it forth But in 1947, when the UN offered to split western into two states, one a Jewish state and another Arab state (see UN General Assembly resolution 181), the Arabs began the war to drive out the Jews, and lost. As a result, about 710,000 Arabs fled Jewish-controlled territory, and 145,000 remained. Then, about 856,000 Jews fled the Arab and Muslim countries leaving behind far more land and property. So what happened was two refugee problems, one Arab and one JEwish, and a population swap. The problem was that Arab states kept the Arab refugees in camps and refused to give them citizenship, whereas tiny ISrael absorbed the Jewish refugees from the Arab countries. The Arab refugees began to call themselves "Palestinians" and invented a new nationality. Just as English, Scots, Germans, Africans, Jews and others began to call themselves "Americans" after 1776 and created a new nationality. But there were no "Palestinians" before the Zionist Jews began to arrive in the 1880s. Only Arabs, Druze, Circassians, Bedouin, Samaritans, and a host of other splinter groups who now have taken on the label "Palestinian."

  53. Oh and this bothered me when I read it:
    "The number of Jews in 1939 was over 16 million. The number of Jews today are about 13.5 million. Jews are the ones at the brink of extinction, not these Arab “Palestinians.”"

    Just to clarify, the example I used in my earlier point... The genocide commited against the Native Americans actually left them on the brink of extinction. Many who survived have now lost their culture and their way. 13 million is not extinction, if you have any questions about this ask an indigineous person, if you can find one that is...

  54. Yes, conflict is the world's second oldest profession as it were. It is so interesting too how the same techniques and justifications are reused and recycled from one conflict to the next without the masses becoming consceious to it... I guess it is also human nature to be singleminded in one's focus. An good point was raised many comments ago abut how there are Jews who feel empathy for the Palestian people and disagree with the stance the Israeli gov't has taken on this issue. Important because it is also human nature to group all those who are disimilar to us as
    "them", and it is so much easier to hate and commit violence agaist an outgroup than an individual who might be more similar to us than we realize. This is truly the most dangerous type of group think. And it is the fuel that feeds the never ending cycle of conflict...

  55. there is that similarity. the compulsion to over-reach.
    all too human, apparently, on every scale.
    no wonder, really, we constantly have wars.

    one grievance begets another. and while we're at it....

    they took mine, so i must have yours. you object? etc.

  56. "its the greed for total control of palestine which might prove to be israel’s un-doing, which undermines the tolerance that drove the initial israeli settlement."

    This is an excellent observation. Just as the American governemtn seemed driven to squander the golbal sympathy and good will that imminated from every corner of the planet after 9/11, with their imperialistic wars with the resultant loss of life on all sides, so to does the State of Israel seem eager to squander the respect and reverance they earned after the horrors of the holocaust. No longer the plucky underdog, they are now seen as bullies, although many who feel this way are condemned to whisper their feelings lest they be branded anti-semites... I wonder how different the fate of the Native American would have been if they had had powerful friends and a strong lobby? They have a more historically relevant and RECENT claim to all of North America and yet they are still relegated to reservations and subsistence economic status. The squeaky well gets the grease, although I prefer the Chinese expression, the nail that sticks out gets hammered down...

  57. so because some jews lived in a place almost 2000 years ago, and retain a cultural memory of that possession, they were, are, and will remain in perpetuity perfectly justified in rooting out people of another culture who live there now, and have lived there continuously for centuries, allowing newly-arrived israelis to treat the other as 2nd-class citizens, free to steal their water, land, destroy their houses & possesions, fencing them in, building roads they can't use on their own territory, keeping them under curfews at the points of guns in their own towns, befouling their water with the sewage of jewish settlements?

    listen to yourself.

    there is no justification, you make none. and let me also ask you this - is it possible to criticize the state of israel as a fundamentally racist entity, in terms of its policies towards the west bank since 1967, and NOT be casually accused of anti-semitism?

    are jews, is israel to be immune to criticism? of course not. they are men, and are to be judged just as other men.
    coming from the poster i'm responding to, such accusations
    are laughable, anyway.

    i dont like aspects of my own countries policies - does that make me anti-american?

    a further point - how does the lack of statehood render the palestinians devoid of rights in the land of their birth?

    what is it about israelis that makes them feel entitled to oppress other peoples, and then complain as if wronged when outsiders object?

    if the germans had prayed to kiev 15 times in a day for three hunded years prior, and maybe lived there in some distant past, would they then have been perfectly within their rights to roll the tanks in?

    that's exactly what you seem to be saying.

    would you approve if argentinians, of european extraction, decided suddenly that indians should move to other countries, since there are many indians living elsewhere in south america, and the europeans had flocked in & momentarily wrested a majority power?

    this is where the arrogance of power comes from, and leads, in its impulse to dominate and heedlessness to the rights of the un-favored, to the very sorts of mentalities which decimated & drove jews from europe.

    you, my friend, have not thought about things much beyond what is convenient for you, your culture, the faits accomplis of israel, established on the ashes of the european disaster, and at the expense of the palestinians,
    whose very identity you charicature with quotes.

    sound familiar?

    remember something else: israel did not acheive its status, statehood & power alone. and alone, your power, your prerogatives becomes less certain.

    if the u.s. would cease its amoral, unceasinging & un-qualified support of israeli aggression, israel would immediately start to become a better, more humane regime. in the long run, they would have a much greater chance of maintaining their relatively new place in the world.

    its the greed for total control of palestine which might prove to be israel's un-doing, which undermines the tolerance that drove the initial israeli settlement.

    israel exceeds its share, its mandate. israel offers the other only a face of stone. but stone weathers.

    that's my observation.

  58. jgarbuz
    Thanks for proving my point. In my humble opinion if this issue was as clear cut as you seem to think I assume it would already have been resolved... Easy enough to wax philisophical about thousands of dead children though.

  59. Historically, when was the Ukraine EVER GErman in ancient history? Did GErmans pray three times a day in the direction of Kiev? That such utter nonsense can be propagated shows just how little time has changed attitudes towards the Jews.
    As for these "Palestinians," provide any evidence of such an ancient "Palestinian" state. The Philistines were Mycenean (Greek like) invaders, and lost in history. No connection whatsoever to the Arabs who today call themselves "Palestinians." Even the first paragraph in the PLO Charter states that Palestinians are "part of the Greater Arab nation." SO they are Arabs, and there are 21 Arab states already. The last thing the region needs is the creation of yet a 22nd Arab state.

  60. Good point riley, i think it is most likely falling on deaf ear though, this guy has been at it for months now. It must be so nice to be 100% certain in your own rightness. I do envy the simplicity of single minded sanctimony...

  61. and the ukraine was german country, as far as the the nazis were concerned.

    why? they had the power. no better reason. israelis have no better reason in the west bank than that.

    as far as a homeland, what homeland do the palestinians have, then - if israelis can use resistance as justification to invasion and confiscation, how do we distinguish between the modern israeli state and the 3rd reich?

    both are racists, both a confiscatory. i realize that this is a troubling analogy to make, and make it with little joy, but it does drive the point home.

    so yes, the 'palestinian' arabs (who've lived in palestine far, far, far longer than 99% of the israelis who terrorize and dispossess them) deserve to be worried about, too. just like anyone else. even jews.

  62. To Black

    Ethnicity has nothing to do with it. Can a member of the Cherokee tribe who joins the Apaches remain on Cherokee soil? Yes, many Palestinians are the descendants of Judeans or other Israelites, but having joined the Ishmaelites, and adopted their faith and ideology, and having resisted the return of the Jews to their homeland, many have chosen to make themselves enemies. Not all, of course. There are 1.4 million Arabs living as citizens of Israel. But Israel is Jewish country, not Arab country, as far as Jews are concerned.

  63. History repeats itself...

    Aslong as weak people cannot live without having an easy answer to why they exist , for example a GOD..they will always fight .. cause how can you reach an agreement or how can someone be proved right if its all based on imaginary Santa Claus, tooth fairy s@#$... people will always interpret man made scripture to make it fit their views...

    The Palestinians are Jews ethnically... there were converted to the Muslim faith by the conquering Arabs... so really your all the same just killing each other for interpretations of a 100% fake god , scripture whatever....

  64. garbuz the artist?
    what an honor.
    honestly i wouldn't respond to such jew haters, it just gives them room for more of their antisemitic propaganda.
    i want to see them living with palestinians themselves.
    you know, 3 day's ago a palestinian atheist was sentenced to life in prison by the palestinian authority (fatah!) because he insulted Muhammad. Maybe israel is evil sometimes, but it is not more evil than any other country and much less than the fundamental islamists who never owned the land, but try to claim it again and again unsuccessfully.

  65. Jews are a tribe, a nation in exile. The word was applied to people originally from Judea. That was the name of the country before the Roman occupiers changed it to Syria-Palestina. The Jews who fled into Arabia were ethnically cleansed out by Muhammad and Umar in the 7th century. Today there are hardly any JEws left in any of the Arab countries, whereas 6 million Arabs today live in Israel, Judea, Samaria and Gaza! Israel should give the Muslim Arab occupiers a one way ticket back to Amman, Mecca and Medina.

  66. was your mind changed about the situation in the west bank after watching this doc?

    i've watched a few on this site - they have altered my view.

    i now have a much better understanding of the situation, and a much more critical view of israel, as a nation, as a concept.

    no nation should be founded upon race or religion. or some ongepotchket of the two. that my nation the u.s., founded upon freedom and the ideal of equality, should be abetting their tactics does us no honor, no good.

  67. So much hate, cant we all sing campfire songs, caress little fluffy bunnys and make daisy chain necklaces? If we live in the past the future will never change.

  68. I could burn all the jews, but some need to be left so that people could see why I wanted them to burn

    A. Hitler

  69. Were was there balls when Hittler was about! thay lined up for it.

  70. Thay breed like rabbits tho

  71. SCUMBAGS only got balls in packs tipical SHEEP!

  72. As for the "Palestinians," don't worry so much about them. A group that has increased from 1.2 million in 1948 to roughly 12 million (a tenfold increase in 62 years) are in no danger of disappearing. It is we Jews who still have not recovered the numbers we lost during the Holocaust. The number of Jews in 1939 was over 16 million. The number of Jews today are about 13.5 million. Jews are the ones at the brink of extinction, not these Arab "Palestinians."

  73. to ccf

    Why not the seed of David? David slew tens of thousands of Philistines according to the Bible. The prophet Samuel chose David after demoting Saul for not carrying out his orders to exterminate the Amalekites to the last!

    According to the Christian Bible there is no "jew or gentile" in Jesus. But followers of Hitler don't accept that.

    As for the Holocaust being a myth, ask my murdered grandmother, my murdered four year old brother, my murdered aunts and uncles, etc. I think YOU and YOUR ILK are the spawn of Satan, Hitler and Ahmadinejad!

  74. Ok, I am convinced more than ever after watching the documentary,the jews are the seed of Hitler not Abraham or David.Hitler taught them well,what good little children not to forget the teachings of a parent.Also if they believe the holocaust was real,why do the same to someone else.Now am convinced more than ever like al qaeda the holocaust is a myth.

  75. I am sure Jesus, a jew by birth, would not condone using his name to spread hate... I feel for the Palestinian people, and feel they have been wronged but I dont feel the need to call an entire group of people "ignorant and ungrateful". My word, is this what they are teaching in Sunday school these days?

  76. Well according to the Bible there is neither Jew nor Gentile,we are all one in Christ Jesus.Also the Bible also says that God (Yahew,the jewish god) went out into the world to take out a people for his name,this is after you jews pissed him off.Also in 70AD,the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed purposely so you ignorant,ungrateful,jews could not trace your history,so please spare us the knowledgeable ones the pitiful cry about the right to our holy land.One more thing,in ancient holy land the Philistines were rightful residents,today we call them Palestians.Today we have to blame the british for the start of this confusion,america for the support and God help the poor people of palestine,as for the modern pirate who call themselves jews,your god commanded you to love your neighbours as yourself,not to kill and Jesus the messiah whom you all had killed along with all the prophets,was a man of peace and compassion. Amen

  77. The "Eternal Jew" was a Nazi made propaganda film.

  78. All human organizations are political, because people are political. Even private family affairs and disputes are political. So the UN, like every other human organization, is just a political organization, wherein Israel is heavily outnumbered by the Muslim anti-Israel states by some 57 to 1. Regarding the "legitimacy" of the UN, or its predecessor, the League of Nations, these were all just well-intentioned attempts - pushed mainly by the United States - to try to bring some kind of "law and order" to inter-state relations.
    Prior to the League of Nations, the rule was simple: if you conquered it, you owned it. Wars of conquest were the norm, not the exception. It was considered admirable and even glorious to conquer and rob the resources of your neighbor. The idea that war was wrong, or that people should have some "right of self-determination" was as radical as the abolition of slavery! The League of Nations after WWI was a truly first major attempt to seriously outlaw war, but alas, it ultimately failed to rein in Mussolini, Hitler and Japan, which led to WWII and its demise. After WWII, the US decided to try a new United Nations in which it was going to play a leading role, unlike the previous League where the US was stopped from joining the the Republican majority in Congress, and the isolationist desire of the majority of Americans. But if the UN cannot stop Iran or North Korea or anyone else from acquiring nukes in an illegal manner, it's time may run out as well.
    Anyhow, the League of Nations did rule that the "Jewish National Home" was in Palestine back in 1920, and the UN General Assembly voted to allow a "JEwish State" in 1947. Whether any of that was "right" or "wrong" is pretty irrelevant at this point. The Jewish state exists and can only be eliminated by force.

  79. @ JGarbuz
    I don't think god intended anyone to own anything except their own body and mind. Would it not be against the grace of God to force anything on anyone seeing as the only tangible gift God ever gave US was and forever will be FREE WILL?
    Here is a question, would you give a child a puppy, only to tell another child it is their puppy too? If you did, fighting would soon ensue. If you were a truly merciful and benevolent parent, you would supply enough puppies for all your children, would you not? At the very least you would teach them to share. (not that I am siding either way, I think the Jews and the Arabs are wrong on this one.)
    I think the real problem here is that not only the Jews but Man in general has failed to realize one of the most Universal Laws. DO NOT MESS WITH ANYONE ELSE'S FREE WILL. God giveth and only God taketh away... isn't that what YOUR bible says? Please ask yourself two simple questions before you take any action. "Is my motive loving and kind?" and "Am I taking away anyone's God Given right to FREE WILL?"

  80. The Israeli Woman they begin to show at about 19 minutes in makes me hate being American. Very pretty obviously intelligent, articulate, etc. Why is the US so short on women like this. To those US ladies that may attack me for that statement...If you match those traits you are of a distinct minority and you know it so take it as compliment. Sigh*

  81. The US can afford to walk away from any fight it wants, and often does. You know what they say, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." The Middle East is about as hot as it gets.

  82. To DontThinkSo

    If you know the first thing about international law, here are two articles of the UN Charter:

    * Article 2, paragraph 4

    "All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations."

    (My comment: So where was the United Nations when Israel was attacked on the day of its birth in May 14th, 1948 by 7 Arab armies? Israel is a UN-AUTHORIZED STATE! Where were the condemnations of the attacking Arab states? Where were the UN troops to come to the assistance of beleaguered Israel when it was surrounded and being invaded? )

    " Article 33

    The parties to any dispute, the continuance of which is likely to endanger the maintenance of international peace and security, shall, first of all, seek a solution by negotiation, enquiry, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, judicial settlement, resort to regional agencies or arrangements, or other peaceful means of their own choice.
    The Security Council shall, when it deems necessary, call upon the parties to settle their dispute by such means.

    (my comment: The Jews accepted UN compromise, the Partition Plan suggested by UN General Assembly vote of Nov. 29, 1947. It was the Arabs who refused compromise.)

    The point is, of what pertinence are these zillions of anti-Israel resolutions passed in the Muslim-dominated General Assembly, when the UN didn't even stick to first principles of the UN Charter? The UN lost all credibility when it did nothing while the new-born Jewish state was being attacked from every side and fighting all alone against superior odds. That is why the UN is just a bad joke in Israel. It can't be taken seriously.

  83. JGarbuz, have you studied up on international law at all? Have you read a single word of the dozens and dozens of UN resolutions passed against Israel, that the Zionist regimes have steadfastly ignored? Have you, in fact, read ANY non-Hasbara spewed history about your beloved Israel?

  84. To Dale Gervais

    Your ramblings about rebbes and gods are of no relevance here.
    The Council of the League of Nations assigned all of western Palestine (west of the Jordan river) to the "Jewish National Home" in 1922. It restored the right of displaced Jews to return to their homeland and reestablish self-government. But due to Arab resistance, the UN in 1947 tried a compromise that would have partitioned it into a "Jewish State" and an "Arab state." The Arabs went to war to destroy the JEwish state and lost. Maybe God was with us Zionists? Same in 1967. Obviously your God was with us again. The Land of Israel is in Jewish hands, but you say that Jews have no right to take it. Some might consider that slapping God in the face for rejecting His gift.I guess it depends on which rabbi you want to follow.

  85. First of all, it is ancient Jewish land, and only "occupied" in a very narrow legal sense. There was no Palestinian state, so no recognized country was occupied. Judah and Samaria were occupied by Jordan in 1950 who called it the "West Bank" and since then has given up all claims to it. And Gaza was under Egyptian control, and Sadat didn't want it back either. So there is no one to give it back to. What we are talking about whether the ARabs who call themselves Palestinians now should get a state, or should it remain under Israeli control, the way Samoa, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico still remain under US control. It is true that Jewish land has been under Muslim Arab occupation for a long time, as well as Turkish occupation, but all of that is of no relevance. The area is under Israel control due to defensive wars that Israel won, and the only question is what to do with them. I would suggest the "Palestinians" acquiesce to Netanyahu's generous offer of statehood, but under conditions that meets Israeli security needs. Israel is in possession of it, and possession is 9/10ths of the law.

  86. garbuz you claim the league of nations,and god are the justification for what the so called jewish people are doing.You obviously are not a religious man,not a believer.Jeremiah 29 7 make it clear,the three oaths make it clear god hasn't called you back, if he had you'd have peace from the beginning, the palestinians would have agreed.Your god makes it clear where is your saviour he needs to come FIRST."REGARDING THE OATHS THIS WHOLE ISSUE IS ACADEMIC EVEN IF THE REBBE WAS ALIVE,AND WE WERE TO ASSUME HE WERE THE MOSHIAC IT WOULDN'T ALLOW US TO VIOLATE THE OATHS UNTIL HE ACCOMPLISHES HIS FIRST MISSION,MAKING EVERY JEW REPENT.THEREFORE CERTAINLY NOW EVEN FOR SOMEONE WHO BELIEVES THE REBBE WILL BE RESURRECTED AND BE MOSHIAC WE ARE NOT PERMITTED TO VIOLATE THE OATHS" no calling from god no permission to create a jewish nation, how can you go against gods will and still claim your doing it with his blessing.hypocritical liars and murderers i'm sure god has a special place set aside for you.

  87. You are right that the 1800 year old occupation of Jewish land by Arabs and others is the longest occupation in history. But if you meant the legal occupation of Judah, Samaria and Gaza by the State of Israel, it is only 43 years old. The US occupied the Philippines for some 46 years before it got independence after WWII. The US occupation of Puerto Rico has gone on since 1900, or over a century now. The occupation of Kurdish lands by Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran has gone on since the end of the Ottoman empire, and the Kurds don't have an independent state. The Lakota Sioux declared their independence in 2007 after over 150 years of occupation, but no one is paying any attention to that. Maybe because they aren't firing rockets or going out on suicide missions. The Tamils were recently crushed by the Singhalese army in Sri Lanka in their 40 year war for independence. So it is not accurate to say that the Palestinians (who never had a state or kingdom in all of history) are the only ones occupied. It's just that the world has chosen to focus exclusively on this one case.

  88. Another comment to "Christians" who support Israel NO MATTER WHAT because that is what you have been taught and trained to do. You might want to go and read your bibles, 1 Cor. 13. That will tell you what you are without love. Just a lot of noise.

  89. There are many Israelis and Jews all over the world who sympathize with the Palestinians. Many Jews see Israel as treating the Palestinians as bad or worse than Germany treated them. These are Jews who can be objective. Who can see that many of their fellow Jews have become just what they hate.

    I feel bad for these Jews who do not go along with the treatment of the Palestinians, but seem helpless to stop it, other than protesting and/or speaking out about it. I can identify with that as an American who abhors U.S. foreign policy, and the aggressive, empirical arrogance of U.S. politicians, military and war mongering Americans. We do what we can, but some blame all of us for the atrocities of our government and military. This is wrong, just as it is wrong to blame all Jews or Israeli's for the bad treatment of the Palestinians.

    It is necessary to secure a love of all people in order to be objective about these situations. Then, and only then, can one be open to seeing all sides of suffering and abuse. Only then can there be rightful justice.

  90. JGarbuz, you are right. and what you are doing is also right because you are powerful and as they say might is right. palestinians do not deserve to live. they are the most backward nation on earth. no education, no progress in science and technology no nothing. such nations do not deserve to live. they are weak. and weak can not survive. i wonder if israel belongs to jews as it was theirs 2000 years ago, why not pass a resolution in UN to make this world exactly like it was 2000 years ago. but anyways might is right again. i honestly think that weak do not have the right to live. honestly. i honestly think that israel should beat the arabs like hell so that the dead arabs may realize and wake up and unite and rise again. because i think it can either be israel or palestine and not both of them. another thing i dont understand, you again mentioned halocaust, would you mind telling me what it has got to do with arabs? cuz i believe it was commited by germans. so never use holocaust as an excuse whenever arab israel issue is discussed. but as i already said you are rightfully killing the arabs. because you are powerful and you have the backing of the only super power of the world. i give jews a lot of credit as they are the most influencial people in USA and therefore they can and are using (missusing) the only super power to their advantage not only in UN but also they can have whatever weapons they need or demand. on the other hand the palestinians have no choice but to blow themselves up if they have the chance to take revenge from israel. but they are terrorists. any arab who gets out to defend his land, his country is a terrorist. thats very smart of israel. declare them terrorist. not only them but all the muslims. they are all terrorists. i have also seen a lot of documentary clips on internet on 911 and it is now becoming evident that it was not commited by alquaida. jews were involved in that. but again another very smart move to convict all the muslims in the world as terrorists. i give you guys credit. but i also tell you one thing and thats that there is one problem with the muslims, i mean all the muslims in the world, we muslims no matter where we are, we feel for each other and we take revenge. this is your time, you are in power so do whatever you like. i wish you luck. but man will we take revenge and wipe you off the arab land and that will be horrible for you. you can missguide the world but believe me we know what you are doing. keep on doing it man. its your time. and one more thing, we have nothing against christians or hindus or any other religion. especially christians are our great friends. but i give u a lot credit for you have also succeeded in creating missunderstanding between them. keep up the great work

  91. The fact is that the Arabs have NEVER wanted a Palestinian state next to the Jewish state. This was proved in 1938, 1947, from '49 - '67, after 1967, in 2000, and today. What they wanted then, and continue to want now, is to delegitimize and eliminate the Jewish state and reoccupy it. Fatah and Hamas are just two sides of the same coin. One plays good cop, and the other is less hypocritical and more up front about it. It's never been a question of "just give them their state" and that will end it! Hell no. You can feed a crocodile your right arm, but that only whets the appetite for the rest of you. The aim of both factions has the same goal, as indeed does the entire Muslim world, which is to eliminate Israel by whatever means works. Biblical Israel had to live with it, and so will modern Israel. That is to be a Spartan Jewish state and defend itself regardless of the stratagems and tactics used by its numerous enemies.

  92. Kino, 6 million jews are dead, among them the entire families of my 4 grandparents. there are proves, if you deny it you are simply stupid.
    about the hitler was right thing, if there is a god, he'll probably put you and Alen with Hitler in the same room in hell and feed you pineapples through you're as*es. well don't worry it won't be so bad, you will get to hear the master mind behind the biggest planned slaughter in human history. surely that would ease up the pain.

  93. Please do not let the Palestinian people suffer any longer! Give them their state. It is really heart breaking to see a nation uprooted from their lands. Israel has already its land, now it is time that a viable Palestinian state is created. Palestinians have already suffered enough!

  94. The science of Genomics and DNA analysis has proved that the majority of Jews (over 50%) are of Middle Eastern origins, in contradistinction to their former Polish, Russian or German neighbors. The discovery of such overwhelming genetic evidence that a majority of Jews, dispersed for millennium, still incorporate evidence of Middle Eastern origins came as a surprise to most scientists including many Jews. While it is true that since the time of Ruth the Moabitess, that the Israelites have allowed non-Jews to join the tribe under strict guidelines, the fact remains that Jews have a provable link to their ancient homeland. As for Palestinians, many are the descendants of Jewish and Samaritan converts to Christianity and Islam. By joining the Ishmaelite tribes, they have weakened their claim to the Jewish homeland.

  95. JGarbuz
    The majority of Jews living in Isreal are converted Jews meaning they are not Semite they are European! Or in better terms Johnny Come Lately Jews. White European Jews were persecuted in Europe (along with other groups of people), so why didn't Europe give them land?

  96. Well, my only answer to you is that I hope what happened to my family in Europe someday happens to yours.
    And God Bless Israel, and curse those who curse her.

  97. To Jgarbuz

    You should know that the bible was writen by jewish people.How do you excuse the invasion with that, mate.You are right Alen,
    Hitler was right even myself not believing in the holocaust,It was a excuse to give them a country, I will believe for a sec to say Hitler didnt do a good job.

  98. The simple fact is, that it's not just the Bible that says that the land west of the Jordan river is Jewish land, but the League of Nations in 1922, and reaffirmed in 1922 with the League of Nations Mandate said so as well. And the latter remains INTERNATIONAL LAW! As for the residents of these areas, they were no different than JEwish residents of Poland. Their residency did not entitle them to statehood, especially since there is no record of any Arab state having ever existed in any part of the land west of the Jordan river. The claim of the Arabs who call themselves now "Palestinians" is totally fabricated and without legal merit. If Jews or Arabs became the majority in Ireland and most Irish had left for America due to the famine, that would not make Ireland either Jewish or Arab land! The Land of ISrael was, is, and shall remain the JEwish homeland, and all others living there should have civil and religious, but no national rights.

  99. What is ignored in all of these "hit pieces" done against Israel, is that in 1922 the Council of the League of Nations gave ALL OF WESTERN PALESTINE (west of the Jordan river) back to the Jewish nation-in-exile and specifically authorized JEwish settlement in all "wastelands" and "state lands" of the former Ottoman empire west of the Jordan river, and authorized the reestablishment of a self-governing "JEwish National Home."
    So there are no "illegal settlements." They were deemed "illegal" by those who chose to ignore the decision of the Council of the League of Nations. But in fact, the UN had and has no authority to OVERRULE the prior decisions made by the now defunct League. If it did, it could wipe away scores of national boundaries that were created after WWI.
    So object to the ahistoricity of the premise that these reestablished Jewish communities are illegal. They are only "illegal" if you choose to supersede earlier legal precedent with dubious new ones. One has to provide the legal basis why a new ruling has superceded an earlier one. I have not seen that as yet.

  100. Conspiracy:
    1. the act of conspiring together
    2a. an agreement among conspirators
    2b. a group of conspirators

    1. to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act...

    Granted "conspiracy" has become synonymous with "batshit crazy" however, there are even conspiracies about that, but this is still a "conspiracy" it just happens to be Political and Religious, and thus Societal, but this site doesn't seem to support multiple tagging.

  101. THIS VIDEO IS IN THE WRONG SECTION. The Zionists' apartheid wall is not a 'conspiracy' its a reality, I've seen it with my own eyes and been teargassed by the Zionist Occupation Forces for opposing it, and the reasons for its construction (ie, annexation and division of Palestinian land to prevent the creation of a viable Palestinian state) are well-known to those with any knowedgeable involvement in Palestine. This video should be listed under 'politics' NOT 'conspiracy'.

    ALEN- saying things as ridiculous and moronic as 'Hitler was right all along' is exactly why there is no pubic debate over Israel's war crimes- they can always use the anti-semitism card to stifle discussion! Try thinking in future before typing such prejudiced stupidity.

  102. And the wall, what goes up most come down it's the law.

  103. Seems like hitler was right all along. Never thought i would type those words. But like the last guy said, palestine will be free one day. Isreal will be brought to a halt.

  104. The longest military occupation in modern history,the continuation of the Zionist dream of greater Israel,cleansed of non-Jews.When you see undeniable evidence of Israeli colonists attacking Palestinians and the occupying power standing by,not intervening or actively assisting the terrorist Jews this is By the Geneva Conventions,on the face of it,A WAR CRIME>An occupying power is required to guarantee the safety and civil rights of the occupied people,to protect them AND THEIR PROPERTY.Using cluster munitions and white phosphorous in heavily built up civilian areas,deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure,killing Police these too are war crimes and crimes against humanity.Will any of these war criminals,from the country still pursuing Nazi war criminals,ever face justice? sadly the answer is no,the world has stood by,nearly mute while this rogue state daily grinds life and hope out of the Palestinians.As the film states the US[home of the free,land of the brave]repeatedly uses it's UN veto to stop CRITICISM of it's "great friend" LET ALONE THE APPLICATION OF SANCTIONS to force Israel to make a just settlement with the Native population of Palestine.