The Last Lioness

The Last Lioness

2009, Nature  -   34 Comments
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The Last LionessA haunting call echoes across the Liuwa Plain. There is no answer, there hasn't been for years. She has no pride, no support - she alone must safeguard her own survival. Her name is Lady Liuwa, and she is the Last Lioness.

Isolated by a scourge of illegal trophy hunting that wiped out the rest of her species in the region, Lady Liuwa is the only known resident lion surviving on Zambia's Liuwa Plain.

For four years, cameraman Herbert Brauer watched her lonely life unfold, until, in her solitude, she reached out to him for companionship.

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34 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Bongumusa

    How can I get the full movie of the last lioness it been maybe years I watched it but I remember everything the meaning of surviving

  2. Naf

    Just letting you know, the video has been deleted! Please, if anyone could provide a different link for it! I remember having watched this doc a long time ago and it was indeed a beautiful story - and the previous comments seem to agree!

  3. TheProfessor

    After reading the great comments below, I am sad to see that this documentary is no longer available per the link provided :(

  4. Evans chrispus

    The documentary was awesome,but so emotional.I loved it

  5. Urias Wesclei

    Great documentary, pretty much good work.

  6. Violette Wood

    Great documentary.

    One of the introduced males was killed when the pair strayed into Angola in late 2012. The remaining male returned to Liuwa unharmed. In Oct 2011, two females were introduced but one was killed in a snare. As of Dec 2012 Lady Liuwa was spending time with the surviving female who was believed to be pregnant by the surviving male. Lady Liuwa's reproductive system had been inactive so long it appears she will not bare cubs, despite having mated. She looked healthy and content in Dec 2012 when I was there.

  7. Alex

    believe me, i'm trying not to be emotional but this is this first time i was moved to tears by a documentary. the courage as well as the sadness of Lady Liuwa is very compelling. many thanks to all who cared for her and her habitat.

    1. Pia

      I highly recommend you also watch "Heart of a Lioness". That one was extremely sad and beautiful also for many of the same reasons.

  8. Kibettigoi

    Kudos the crew, do more for the African Great

  9. patrick corso

    what an impressive lioness..too bad she did not have cubs..i read that there are two young lionesses that were introduce to her and the 2 males in december 2011 and that there will be a fil shortly on the progress of the two males and the lady and there two new companions.

  10. Ronju Khan

    Awesome story even more exciting then a film. As a Zoologist I like it very much. We think some one will make another documentary about her future.

    K M Mijanur Rahman Ronju

  11. Johanna Keka

    this is a beautifull story, she is so brilliant lion. and I opened a group on fbook about last lioness lady liuwa. I hope someone will tell us about her future :) keep our fingers

  12. ForeverDove


    I want to be a Lion, and walk the dusty plain
    feel water on my fur, and sunshine on my mane
    sleep all day til dusk, and beware the elephants tusk
    put power in my stride, while i hunt beside my pride
    hunt zebra in the night, and wildebeest in the day
    watch out for the hyenas, so they do not steal our prey
    our enemies we have defied, for our hunger is now satisfied
    and now we settle down to sleep, for us no challenge is too steep
    alas i am a Lion! hear my fearless roar!

    a quick poem by me...

  13. Marcos Morales

    despite how much they were trying to help, they pulled the usual human stupidity and killed another lion in the process. idiots! I'm sure they're haunted by that attempt. us humans can never do anything right. we destroyed them, and even when we try to help them we harm them too. retards

  14. Morten Andreassen

    may as well rub your eyes with onions, it'd be the same thing as watching this

  15. His Forever

    They also mentioned that the Water Buffalo and the Eland and the Wild Dogs were also hunted to extinction there.

    Update: upon further reseach, the Eland and Water Buffalo have been reintroduced and Wild Dogs have either moved back in or also been reintroduced. Only the lion population is stagnant unless they reintroduce more females that can have cubs.

  16. His Forever

    Everyone: She has a Facebook page (Lady of Liuwa)! If you like the doc. then "like" her page so we can keep track of her. No cubs as of September 2011.

  17. AndyA121

    A great documentary! Maybe Lady Liuwa saw that her only hope was to forgive the humans that hurt her family and that forgiving them, maybe they would also help her.To me this shows that animals can think and make decisions.
    Remember the movie, "Ghost in the darkness"?
    They were bad hateful lions for whatever reasons.

    1. His Forever

      That's anthropomorphism, Andy. I think "forgiveness" is a uniquely human characteristic. Well, maybe.

    2. marc

      Forgiveness is just a human word to describe a feeling/emotion.. surely animals display emotions and these are universal and trans species?

  18. Kenneth Hammond

    sept 2011....enough time has elapsed since the making of this movie, for their to have been a number of cubs born.

    1. His Forever

      Sadly, no. Two years later still no cubs (according to her Facebook page: Lady of Liuwa). She may be too old now for cubs. If you want updates "like" her page and any breaking news will come your way--if you have Facebook.

      The good news is that the males have stayed with her and she's no longer lonely for her own kind.

  19. Matt Kukowski

    Tagged and only 3 left. What a happy ending ... what?

  20. PaulGloor

    I love happy endings...

  21. Guest

    thanks @Vlatko!

  22. Achems_Razor

    This is a great doc. loved it!

  23. Eniki520

    Bad a** lion, damn those bastard poachers!!!

    1. His Forever

      I just can't stand needless animal killers of any kind.

  24. panthera f

    How sad. :-(
    How lonely she must have been all those years.

  25. Sertsis

    Lady Liuwa is a magnificent animal, isn't she?

  26. Angelia Brewer

    A very touching documentary! Thank you for making this.

  27. Richard T

    wtf! Why didn't the film crew wait a few more months and film whatever happens? Dont just leave the story hanging like that..

    1. Yavanna

      Exactly what I was about to say. I want to follow the story!

    2. ForeverDove

      agreed, i wanted more too, would have been a great doco had they stayed a little while longer...