The Last Lions of India

The Last Lions of India

2006, Nature  -   19 Comments
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The Last Lions of IndiaThis documentary is about Asiatic lions, which are completely different from African lions in both appearance and behavior but are thriving in India.

Their refuge is the Gir forest in Gujarat, and in the last 100 years their numbers have grown from 20 to over 300.

These lions are now spreading out beyond the protection of the National Park, reclaiming lost territory and colonizing new habitats.

It's a rare conservation success story but one that brings new challenges to lions, naturalists and forestry staff.

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19 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Edwin Vazquez

    It's both sad and disturbing to know that as I watch this, there are people out there, somewhere, that have no appreciation for this environment and would like to destroy it and build buildings and roads and stores.

    1. Micha

      I want to agree with you wholeheartedly. Greed is the root of all evil and these beautiful, majestic animals are praying for it. In fact, even the apes are paying for. It's tragic.

  2. Sherri Nashert

    Wonderful documentary... More please.

  3. Urias Wesclei

    Amazing website, Amazing video and pleasant comments. Congratulations to everyone.

  4. WilliamMarmol

    Lions in India? You learn something new every day.

    The British shot most of India's tigers, so I hope nobody blames Indians for that tragedy.

    1. Gaurav Mann

      we don't have to blame anyone, those who torment the weak and the poor are in turn tormented by the lord

    2. jdirtNOW


    3. Mycroft

      Totally untrue, tiger populations have decreased greatly since independence as a result of loss of habitat, that is the crucial factor. There are estimated to have been about 40,000 tigers in 1949, there are now under 4,000.

  5. Rolf_copter

    Hmm. All india needs to do now is save the tigers aswell. If it does that, i will love it for all time. Granted there are diffuculties. Thats why i sent a letter of support to their minister. XD

  6. ManjuPrasad

    Compared to last year, this year we have developed 2.6 % more forest, today we stand in 22% forest against land mass, thanks to all the people who involved in this, our constitution objective is to reach 33% I hope to see this happening in my life time.

  7. L

    you guys are amazing!!!

  8. Hakeem

    good thing i do this research

  9. kchief58

    very good doc,well done

  10. Mike

    This is hats off Documenty i have ever seen in my life. I would like to thank to Local People and Politicians for this Pride. Great to see that some this is growing...

  11. beyondhorizon

    interbreeding among the same population can trigger genetic diseases. these lions populations should be split and introduce into different parts of the country.

  12. Skye-hook

    Terrific video!I enjoyed it a lot!

  13. scorpio

    The king of the jungle finally reclaiming it's title. Great to see efforts are being done to preserve life.

  14. Jon

    I really like this site. Thanks for the video links. They are very well thought out.

  15. Charles B.

    Wonderful! I really like it.